Military Secretive About GPS Blackout Over California: “Testing Something That Disrupts GPS Over a Huge Area”

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    Screen shot 2016-06-08 at 3.57.05 PM

    The U.S. military is planning a series of tests near the West Coast that will result in GPS outages all across the area.

    The FAA put out a notice warning about disruptions that may affect aircraft in general, and particularly those reliant upon GPS that testing based at the Navy’s China Lake Naval Weapons Center, some 150 miles north of Los Angeles during  June 9, 21,23, 28 and 30.

    As AVWeb noted:

    A Notam (PDF) is warning operators of “all aircraft relying on GPS” of widespread GPS outages starting Tuesday throughout the Southwest and especially southern California. Although the FAA doesn’t go into detail, it seems the military is testing something that can disrupt GPS over a huge area, centered on China Lake, California, home of the Navy’s China Lake Naval Weapons Center. On Tuesday, June 7, the FAA is warning that GPS signals down to 50 feet AGL could be “unreliable or unavailable” between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. local time over a radius of 253 nautical miles, which includes the L.A. Basin, Bay area and Las Vegas.  There will be further outages of similar potential duration June 9, 21,23, 28 and 30.

    The circles expand with altitude and at 40,000 feet the interference will affect a circular area of the Southwest 950 nautical miles across, reaching central Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico. The tests will potentially knock out all GPS-reliant services including WAAS, GBAS and, notably, ADS-B.

    What kind of electromagnetic interference is the military messing with that will result in GPS outages all across the Western portion of the U.S.?

    The Navy and its other military counterparts aren’t specifying and have so far refused to release further information about the scope of the tests or the type of technology being used.

    According to Tech Times:

    The mysterious part of the news, however, is that there is no indication on what kind of device will the military be testing that would lead to such GPS outages in the southwestern United States.

    The tests, which were announced by the FAA and not by the military, are centered near the largest installation of the United States Navy in the Mojave Desert, specifically on the 1.1-million-acre Naval Air Weapons Center in China Lake, California.


    With the FAA and the Navy both keeping their mouths shut on the experiments that will be carried out… the military will be testing more potent systems that are able to disrupt the GPS of unmanned and manned aircraft.

    Whatever it is, there is a spooky sense about the secrecy and the vulnerability of so many gadgets that are reliant on technology which militaries can so easily disrupt over such a widespread area.

    GPS location services in car systems, cell phones and other electronic devices all operate on the same basis, and are essentially hackable.

    It is interesting that the the outages could particularly affect certain private business jets:


    Radar jamming and other disruptions using radio frequency have been in use for decades now, but are becoming more sophisticated and targeted. These signals have also been weaponized for use in disrupting crowd behavior and could also affect the weather or shut down electronics activities for entire geographic areas.

    There have been plenty of strange events in recent times that have raised questions about how far the U.S. and Russia have gone back down the road of Cold War.

    Are these weapons and devices being used covertly against adversaries and conflict zones?

    Could they account for disruptions and other events here in the states?

    Don’t let any electronic device put your life in jeopardy if it stops working or can’t get a signal. Know what you’re doing and where you are going, and be prepared to continuity in the event that none of those things operate.

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      1. I’m curious if they can screw up GLONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, and BeiDou, nav systems also.
        I still have a compass and Topo maps. I can take a noon sighting and can read a chart.
        Keep on preparing. Stock up on red wheat!

        • I’m good as long as that testing doesn’t silence the many voices in my head. 🙂

        • Rellik, I never use GPS anyway. GPS is very over-rated to me. Give me a good old-fashioned compass and topo maps and I’m good to go. I’m less dependent on electronics than most people.

          • I have to admit that I really don’t need a topo map or a compass. If lost, just head down hill, it is a feature of local geography. But on the mainland, compass and map is indispensable. I like my tech stuff, I have 4 or so computers with Linux OS, just one smart phone( Android), a GPS or two, Ham radio, SW radios, GMRS(secure) radios. All EMP proof.
            Use every tool you can.

            • I wonder how many hikers in the Cali area get lost and creates emergency rescues? Military doesn’t give a damn. They manipulate the weather and everything else. Smart Preppers already have the Rand McNally Nation Maps, State and detailed County maps. GPS will Jam everybody into the same roads during evacuations. Know the back roads and practice driving them and rural short cuts. All those Preps GEO Cashed with Tag points are now screwed or off by 50 ft or meters.

              Always have plenty of paper maps and make copies. Keep them in a water proof sleave. Also have multiple compasses as redundancy. Unless these Pricks can change Magnetic North, F-em. You will be good to go. I have a whole leather briefcase full of many paper maps. Boating navigational maps and I have a GPS Garmin 550T that is a pretty good electronic navigation. Just zeroed it in elevation and everything the other day and charged all the batteries and put it back in my faraday cage. JIC- Just in case. Also go to Google maps and hit screen Print and get all the Topo Maps you need now for later. Find the water holes closest to where you are and bugging out to.

              Stay safe from these Pricks.


            • Being a truck driver, a trucker gps is invaluable. A map and compass ain’t gonna cut it for me, however, I like using a compass when my son and I are in the woods. I have a question about flour. I plan on vacuum sealing a bunch of flour and I was told that I should freeze it for a couple of days after its vacuum sealed to kill any critters in it. Does it really help to freeze it? If the O2 is being removed, wouldn’t that kill whatever’s growing in there?

              • Wheat beans lasts forever. After you make it into flour, Read the others on this site, they are more experienced than me. Personally I keep all my flour in a freezer. I don’t vacuum, just yet, but as money permits I plan to.

                • Jacknife,

                  I agree with rellik that wheat berries are the best way to go.

                  Mrs. hillbilly would NOT agree. : ) She would have to grind them. Soooo… that will not happen. We buy the sacks of flour.

                  What I can tell ya is from Jackie Clay over at Backwoods Home.
                  (she is my goddess of self suffciency) 😉

                  She writes, that she has used the same “Bleached” white flour that was 5 years old and keep in a steel trash can,
                  (plastic lined)and the only thing she does is double sift it before use. It does compact over time.

                  For personal results, we are still using bleached white flour from 2009 that I vaccuumed pack (5 lb. sacks in the vac. bag) and have not notice any problems. Since 2011 we now use the mylar/02 method.

                  One note that I can point to, is a issue with corn meal in mylar and 02. 2 years ago we put 40 lbs. (8 – 5lb. sacks) in mylar/02 and placed in a very cool area. (temperature never gets above 65 deg.) All the corn meal started to ferment. 🙁

                  The mylar bags blew up like ballons. (they had sucked down tight when they were first packed)The sacks had just reached their best by dates when we noticed that they puffed up.

                  Still have not figured out what went wrong, and still have not resealed any. I’m thinking that the next time, we will also place dessiccant packs with the 02 packs. It’s just that I’ve read over at survivial blog they say not to use the 2 packs together because the 02’s work better with the Lil’ bit of humidity left in them.

                  Like I said, not sure and have not redone that test again.
                  Hope this helps. 🙂

                  Y’all play nice.

              • I haven’t vacuum sealed any flour I have only vacuum sealed wheat berries. I have bought a lot of flour on sale though and I always put it in the freezer for at least a few days to kill the eggs. I am not sure if removing the 02 will kill the weevil(sp?) eggs or not. It wouldn’t be a good thing to open up a bag of flour and find it full of bugs. I’d take the extra step of freezing it just to be sure.

              • Jacknife – Unless you have a really large freezer, you cannot store flour for very long. Even vacuum sealed, it will go rancid which will make anything you use it in taste and smell awful. It’s the oil in wheat that goes rancid after it is ground into flour if it is not kept in a freezer. I lost some 50 pounds of flour when I first started prepping. I had vacuum sealed it and had it stored where it was cool and dark but it all still went rancid. Like the others have said, wheat berries are the way to go. They keep far longer than flour will. Also, get yourself a really good grinder, preferably one that can be hooked up to a motor or even a bike to make grinding easier, and grind just what you need at a time.

              • i live in the desert of so cal, and i keep flour in a five gallon bucket with lid, and it’s been almost 3 years now, and i still don’t see anything wrong with it.

                • Rancid flour smells and tastes horrible. Has yours not changed in smell or taste? I had flour vacuumed sealed for only about three years and it got so bad, the only thing I could do with it was compost it. Now, I keep wheat berries, grind what I need and put any leftovers in the freezer.

                  • Do the wheat berries need to be frozen? Can they be vacuum sealed and stored in a bucket? The plan is to make some kind of biscuits to eat with a meal. I’m not gonna try to make bread because of the limited shelf life of yeast. The “just add water” biscuit mix probably won’t work either because it’s processed with oil as well. Any suggestions? Where is Ky Mom when you need her?

                    • No, you do not have to freeze the wheat berries. They can be stored in buckets with O2 absorbers. That’s one reason why they’re better than flour, other than they don’t go rancid. If you buy them from places like Emergency Essentials or other prep places, they come already packed with O2 absorbers. If you buy the wheat in bulk somewhere, just add the O2 packs as you pour them into your buckets. I’m not sure where you could get wheat in bulk that’s not already packed in buckets. Not all breads call for yeast. There are any number of flat breads that are good and don’t require yeast. If you keep yeast in the refrigerator in an air-tight container, it will keep for a year or more. Mixes like Bisquick, the ‘just add water” kind, will most definitely go rancid due to not only the oil in the wheat flour but the added shortenings as well. I would suggest getting a good book on breads. My two favorites are from King Arthur Flour Company ( – Whole Grain Baking and Baker’s Companion. Hope this helps.

                  • i just made bread with it a month or so ago….everybody commented how good it was…i don’t use mylar bags for ANYThing…just my personal “testing” of what people say out there HAS to be done to keep things fresh….my food will last me and my son for at least 2 years…just hope it don’t end up to be food for 50 for 2 weeks, and ME not being ONE of them.

            • Panaewa forest, more than one person went in and never came out.
              Over here it would be pretty hard to get totally lost, have gotten stuck waiting for fog to lift so i could find the trail again up on the mountain though.

          • Braveheart, I’m with you, no batterys needed, that’s why i paid attention in Boy scouts when they were teaching land navigation using a Lensatic compass.

          • As for sea-going vessels, most still have LORAN-C as a backup or secondary reference to verify their GPS ‘numbers’. THAT will not be affected, yet I am ignorant if planes and such have or can even “see” LORAN-C ‘waves’ from any appreciable atltitude.
            There is a fairly good possibility that those “arrays of dish antennae way up in Alaska are bouncing off the ionosphere at varying frequencies as they “test and evaluate” …

            Being “tight-lipped” is standard military MO, as it must be, like it or not. However, there are a zillion tiny red-flags going off in my head about this one, none of them good, and a couple of them precisely what I was told just last week (which I am sorry but do not dare to post ….hell, I’m a newbie here).

            I will say that many of you users have MANY “open ports” in your computers. That is not a good thing and truly would be in your favor to close-them-up-quick! Why make “their” work easier for them? Mel Gibson has (or had) a site that will tell you what is open and how to fix it/block it …easily found on Google.

            • Moose : I can’t give you the exact time, around 5 or 6 years ago now, but NO more loran. I do fish in the gulf and had to switch all of my numbers over. A notice was put out and the loran system no longer works. No longer supported.

          • Yep, good ol fashioned land nav!

        • Gadgets are nice to have. But if you cannot navigate using a map and compass, and being able to read the terrain, you’re hosed.

          • Wilson, damn right. I learned with map and compass way back as a teenager. I can still do so even today. It’s just like riding a bicycle; you never forget how to do it.

            • As a teenager? way to go. On the other hand why do the printed letters and numbers get smaller and the contour lines dimmer as I get older?

              • That sounds familiar,,,

                • PO’D : Forget that. Get one of the three magnifiers out of the back of a projection TV. Bonus, you can get the Fresnel out of the front. Anyways, the magnifiers are huge. Start a fire in 7 seconds and can see print real good.

          • Somebody explain why this testing couldn’t happen out in the Pacific ocean where there are very few people and navigators who would be affected??????


            • They might be getting data to fine tune selectivity. What does that area have? Lots of different users. Obviously they can make it work to take out a given area but its real useful if you can select who, or what, in that given area, leaving others unaffected. Maybe its for civilian control all but government or just government and not military. The usefulness of the possibilities are endless.

              • Watch when they take over your vehicles OnStar and make all the cars take a left turn or stall out at 12 Moon and create massive accidents like in Cali. This is all very possible. Or direct all cars GPS to FEMA camp check in Points.


              • When the government purposely ensures they have drawn your attention to ‘one’ area, and even given dates for such, you can rest assured something bigger is taking place elsewhere they’d rather NOBODY picked up on. I would guess The Beltway or Gulf as two possibles.
                Remember these ‘rail guns’ are dependent on GPS quite heavily (or they were at the onset). Maybe they are only testing to ensure their “insulation” from disruption radiation (funky radio waves and such) are in good order and can’t be screwed up by enemy tranmissions? We won’t hear about the latest tech for another decade …but you are already well-aware of such things.

              • Or maybe they got an ultimatum from Russia back out of Syria .or we black out the west coast. What else makes sense ? Telling everyone with a small plane we are going to endanger your life . For how long . For a test?

      2. “Don’t let any electronic device put your life in jeopardy…and be prepared to continuity in the event that none of those things operate.” THAT goes for
        ANYTHING made by anyone other than yourself and with stuff provided by anyone else! They own you and control you if you depend on them.

      3. I take from this a weapons system designed to be used against a “first string team” like Russia and China.

      4. “GPS location services in car systems, cell phones and other electronic devices all operate on the same basis, and are essentially hackable.”…Including external control of passenger railroad locomotives? Is that how they can cause an excellent, dutiful engineer of a train and his conductor and brakeman to not be able to slow a train that’s speeding twice its authorized safe speed at a curve? …Sure helps as propaganda to foment the clamor for even more such external control over trains–the most efficient overland transportation mode, and therefore the most hated by Big Oil, Big Auto, Big Aviation, Big Insurance, Big Highway Contracting, Big Medical and their other Big Business accomplices that rake back in all the paltry pittances they pay Americans (if they even hire them for anything) to drive and fly themselves into ruined health, ruined environment, and bankruptcy while further enriching and therefore further empowering those elites who won’t hire them, and who will fire them and who will lay them off in case they don’t accept “Made in China”‘ working conditions while ruling over them?

      5. Since this map shows Baja California del Norte and Sonora being affected, that could be seen as an act of war against those Mexican states (if Mexico were not in cahoots with and in the pockets of the U.S. elites…).

      6. I can still read a map. I only use GPS to find a place TO EAT.


      7. oh man
        no GPS ???

        I’m SERIOUSLY directionally impaired,it’s almost like a learning disability
        I carry two GPS systems with me just in case one malfunctions

        if the GPS goes out on a trip I’d drive around till I ran out of gas and they’d find me dead on some back road !

        and in other news
        Kenya’s electrical grid taken out !!!

        solar flare ?
        terrorist attack ?

        da monkey he did it !

        How a monkey caused a nationwide blackout in Kenya

        ht tp://

        I do have it on good authority though
        that this particular monkey was once the pet
        of Osama binLaden

        • here in Dodge campground, the water is off. the bath houses closed. no water at the camp sites.

          power outage at the park’s water treatment plant.

          nice test. were we prepared?? yes. a full tank of water on the RV!! we can still go potty and cook and wash hands, though will not take shower till the water to the park is back on.

      8. Just give me a paper map or just a list of roads I need to travel, a tank of gas, and I’m gone. Don’t need no GPS!!

      9. They said anything above 50 feet . Is that off ground level or elevation?

      10. What if your on the side of a hill? When it doesn’t make sense it’s probably a coverup. AGL approximate ground level ? All those different days. .?

      11. OMG, without my GPS I’ll never find the nearest Star Bucks?

        Have a paper map folks.

        Traveling with the grown kids in the Rockies and everyone had advice on a better route until their smart phones stopped working in Gods country. Then it was just me and my GPS.

        I have a real compass in very car.

        I sold one old used car to my niece for a dollar, I left a good compass in the car. Her son thought it was stupid, ripped it off the dash and tossed it out the window. Two weeks later was the discussion about how they got lost for fourth minutes and nearly ran out of gas, because they went the wrong way on an East, West road.

        Yup I’ve already counted this young man as lost, if the SHTF. I can’t fix stupid.

      12. With fewer planes, it should be easier to intercept the Nola Gay and Big Boy flying over the Build-a-burgers meeting.

        Make sure to keep directions in your car. A map is not what you want in an emergency.your directions should look like this:

        Adams Ribs (333 Willowwood, Galveston)
        Left Broadway for 5 miles
        Rt Stevens 3 blocks
        Lft Second Ave. 7 miles
        Rt. Willowwood to 333 buildingA17

        • There is an Adam’s ribs in Galveston TX?
          Damn! I missed it.
          If I followed your directions I’d be in the bay.

      13. Cmon emp , cmon emp , come on solar flare

        I pray tomorrow is the reset. Its time

        • Cap
          Your abject misery in your worthless life does not require the death of 300 million people, so put on your big boy pants and go solo to your father, Satan.

          • And Rebecca gets two points for the bitch slap.

          • Yeah I don’t buy those fairy tales.

            Good luck with your little garden when it all kicks off. It won’t save you.

            The reset is coming. Emp is the fastest most fair way to do it. Emp resets everyone to 1800. I’m prepared , are you??

            • Capt. – Bergied says Howdy!!! Stay out of the event horizon…

            • Capt. Relate the EMP info to the EBT card situ in So. Calif… Obama warned Americans to begin prepping. FEMA also launched a website app program for people to find a nearby FEMA camp. For 8 days people in So Calif cannot get $$$ from EBT cards. Funny, now we’re having a GPS “blackout”….. connect the dots (False Flag???)

      14. I though most of the People’s Socialist Workers’ Paradise was already mostly non-function, GPS or anything else.

        Besides, without GPS, how will the illegals make their way to the land of freebies?

      15. Sun shows east and west.

      16. military people just following orders…looks like the serve-tards are at it again.

      17. I don’t know why they are testing this when the damn GPS doesn’t work properly anyway. I drive from coast to coast and can’t tell you how many times I have passed my exit and almost wound up in a cow field.

        I say give free GPS units tot the Jihadists and let them get lost too.

      18. The US occupation force in Europe told us that if we did not shut down out GPS system when told to by the USA then it would shoot the satalites out of space.

        Who needs enermies when you have freinds like that and this was about 20 years ago and before Poland was being pumped up with made in USA “Defensive Weapons”

        People all over Europe are being arrested and jailled for not wanting US based missiles over here but as usual the press is presenting another picture as if we all just love the yanks being over here.

        • maybe mr smith should go to washington….

      19. This testing has been going on every few months for at least a decade. Always amusing to have 4 pilots land in Vegas and head straight to the shop complaining all their gps’s died. 🙂

        The problem with the Phenom is the low of signal causes so many faults the autopilot and yaw damper shut off and they like to go into a Dutch roll.

      20. The test locked up my touch screen on my Lexus. The radio, blue tooth, nav, etc. wouldn’t work. I went to the Lexus dealer morning of the 8th and there over two dozen other vehicles with the same problem. Seems only to affect Lexus. I didn’t see a line at other dealerships. FYI, this was in Tustin, CA near the pacific coast south of LA and fairly fair from China Lake.

        • My Lexus went out too but I’ve not yet taken it to the dealer. Was your dealer able to fix it?

      21. I doubt anything they do will stop my series 3 rover.? she is old in years but absolutely new in condition..

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