Military Movements On The Northern Border: “It Is Reminiscent Of The Soviet Union”

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Headline News | 213 comments

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form.

    This article is going to detail some of the increased movements by U.S. military forces in Northwestern Montana, particularly in the Flathead Valley as observed by myself and others who live in the area.  Upon the conclusion of this article it would be greatly appreciated for any and all comments to be submitted pertaining to similar movements noticed in the home states of the readers.  With Jade Helm in its preliminary stages, one cannot help but notice these comings and goings.


    C-130 Hercules flights are running out of Glacier International Airport on a regular basis, with a minimum of three flights during the day and two at night, the latter usually occurring around 11:00 pm or later.  They usually fly east and cross over the Continental Divide, heading toward Malmstrom Air Force Base.  The helicopters have been more alarming.  For the past two weeks, there has been a minimum of two sorties per night, paralleling the north-south railroad line and following it through the mountains and crossing the Divide.  These sorties bear a minimum of (2) UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, and I have seen as many as (6) per over flight.

    Most of the cargo shipped on the rails is comprised of container loads, oil tanker cars, and livestock.  Recently a friend who lives next to Whitefish, Montana told me that he had seen a train packed to the gills with APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers) heading East from Whitefish toward the Divide, and they were painted tan/desert camouflage.  One of the problems here with photographing them is that these movements are taking place primarily at night.  These chopper over flights are running just above treetop level and they do not only make one pass: the sorties fly by on average 3 to 5 times.

    An Army Reserve unit on 93 North coming out of Kalispell (just one mile north of the city) has been receiving large shipments of concertina wire and pickets.  Interestingly enough, engineer and repair/refit units that have been deployed in the Middle East are now in the process of returning to this Reserve station.  This Reserve post has seen more activity (arriving supplies and personnel) in the past two weeks than in the past five years.

    Other things worth mentioning are the fact that some of these military units have been operating stripped of unit patches (partially sterile uniforms) and have been accompanied by/accompanying U.S. Border Patrol Units near the Canadian Border.  A man who works in Glacier National Park reported that the Canadians are allowed almost unlimited access into the U.S., but U.S. citizens departing the country come under the closest of scrutiny.  It is reminiscent of the Soviet Union, with the only thing lacking (for now) being an internal passport system.

    Over the course of the next several weeks, reports are going to be made concerning this “semi-lockdown” at the border.  For this reason, anyone with any photos or information pertaining to such (for entry points into Canada) are encouraged to write SHTFplan where they can be compiled and released for use by the readers.  There are currently an unspecified number of Special Forces teams that have been deployed to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area for training, and this training is operational in nature rather than for qualifications related to professional development (Army schools).

    Much of the Border Patrol has been touted as working “to combat drug trafficking” on the Canadian Border, although truth be told, the drug trade is nothing compared to the staggering numbers of arrests in cities on the coasts and the southern border of the U.S.  Once again, though, the focus is not on stopping people from entry, but rather those who wish to depart.  Last week the Border Patrol agents were conducting rappelling operations with helicopters at Glacier International Airport, and the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department was also involved.  Noticeable were several uniformed members of the military.

    Foreign military units (squad to platoon sized elements) are being reported by local people on an almost weekly basis now, and these have been accompanied by DHS agents as well as Border Patrol agents in some fairly remote areas (Trego, Libby, and Eureka, Montana).

    So many of these events bear witness to the rampant federalization of the local and state law enforcement agencies, as well as the utilization and/or training of troops in conjunction with their activities.  More Humvees and convoys of military transport vehicles have been seen in this year in the Flathead Valley than at any other time.  Where are they heading?  What are their plans in relation to Jade Helm?  Once again, this investigation is ongoing and virtually inexhaustible due to the size and scope of the events transpiring around us.

    Follow up reports on this are going to be regular as information and photographs come in.  Now is the time for everyone to “tighten the shot group” on keeping their eyes and ears open and taking note of any and all activities they observe.  Nobody can be in every place at every moment; therefore it is essential that everyone does what he or she can relating to this collection and gathering of intelligence.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions on these matters, and encourage everyone to keep up the good fight.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to


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      1. Maybe we need drones to fly into the intakes and take ’em down with thier own technology…

        • June9th.. Train load of humvees, armored vehicles, Lots of other stuff, covered trucks, trailers with covers, stuff on two wheeled trailors, don’t know what it was. all military with ( NO MARKINGS,) headed Northeast. On tracks in Binghamton N.Y.

          • Once a Prostitute Government Bootlicker always a Prostitute Government Bootlicker. Never trust any current or former Military personnel. Most are still on the Government payroll and receiving benefits from their pimp master and plenty live close to their military whore house bases so they can buy products tax free at the BX. The Government Keeps these Prostitutes as their lifetime bitch tools. Many go under cover and try to blend in like one of the boys. You know trying to play the brave hero status scam role hiding behind the stars and stripes flag. Your flag is the MacDonald Flag the Exxon and Coke Fascist flag. You are not a hero. Zero credibility in my book. Your life is a lie, a big fraud, and why many comit suicide cause they know damn well they are lifetime prostitute Bootlickers and always will be as they report back to their masters with intel.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

              From which government agency did you type that from?

            • DAMN!!!! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Just what makes you such an authority on this subject since you submitted ZERO proof with your rant?

            • Where the f do you get your information from. I’m retired from the military, everything you said is pure BS. I’m just as concerned with what is happening to this nation as everyone else. What I’m seeing is the destruction of a once great country. I’ve been prepping for many years for the inevitable collapse of the USA and other nations. I dont want it to happen but from what I see there seems to be no way out of this mess. So the next time you want to rant, rant on the bullshit government/bankers that created this mess not military!
              or I WILL F YOU UP!

          • End of June, UN is issuing “NYC ID” cards to anyone who wants them- irrespective of country status, immigration status, whatever. they are working with NYC local agency to do this- in fact the Mayors Office. Consider this the start of the trend folks. they’re even coming out and calling it “UN hosted”. Legal ID to open bank accounts, entry to state gov facilities, jobs, etc. Foreigners esp encouraged to apply.

            Reports are the news, and none- even in the alt media who should know better on this- are picking up on its implications.

        • I am reminded of the Idaho panhandle in the 1990’s. There were probably as many feds as freedom lovers.

          Western Montana likely has the same problem—the disproportionate interest of the tyrants and their best-equipped and trained bully boys.

          • Up here in northern Buttfuck, Michigan today,
            a Humvee followed by two triple axle cabs with
            no trailers, bigger than any semi’s I ever saw.

            Last week it was Chinook helicopters and F-18s,
            with a large state police and coast guard presence.

            What’s next, a nuclear sub in Lake Michigan?

            • Oh my a Green Beret, a hired gun mercenary tool of the Rothschild banking crew giving advice to the masses. How about we get Charlie Manson to tell us about off the Grid living? Walk the walk bitches. Are you the problem or the solution?

              • Couldn’t agree with you more. Our tax dollars pay him to sit on his ass and live the good life with free medical benefits for his family while we toil endlessly in the tax enslaved work until you die civilian world. Glad someone sees this crap besides me. thanks

              • the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

                • If you could ask Alexander Kerensky (a Freemason and Socialist leader of the May 1917 Russian Revolution), he would tell you that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a foolish aphorism. He was ousted in the Judeo-Communist revolution of October 1917.

                  Be very careful who is in the “foxhole” with you. Be very wary of those who will turn on you.

                  That is why I tell practicing Christians to be VERY careful about dogmatic “free market” libertarians. Kerensky was lucky; he was just exiled. Many others were not so lucky.

            • What it all is, is the massive build up waste of war machines that they have no idea what to do with, so they start a skirmish or some trivial threat incident to justify the parking of more crapp war machines. Every Federal Military base is a pig trough for the Military Industrial Complex Mafia to feed out of Trillions of our money is squandered to keep the well connected fat pigs often military mafia Corporations well fed. So every troop movement, they make money. Its scam sham and theft of our Nations and peoples wealth. Military bases sre a pig trough of fraud. $5 Trillion in our tax money can not be accounted for by the Pentagon. Its a whore house of rape and fraud by gun and fear. As long as they can keep the war machine moving the MICF Mafia makes money.

              • WWTI, not one thin dime of our “tax” money has ever funded ANYTHING…It’s ALL an illusion…Since 1913 the Powers that run the game have just “printed” whatever they needed to finance the collapse of this country. The “tax” we pay the irs is just interest on the loan…We’ve NEVER paid a DIME of principle in over 100 years. Soooo, how much debt are we REALLY in??? Who the hell knows, that’s why there’s NEVER been an audit and NEVER will be…Think about that… 😉

            • It is a foregone conclusion that there are MANY ‘states’ or nations, if you will, that have already (months ago) openly declared “death to us” and there is no reason to doubt that they’ll eventually get organized …and most likely about nobody will take a stance anywhere to do anything. PREP for one ..get more ammo for two. There is war coming to our soil and the feds KNOW they are helpless to stop it – so, they are going to hide out in hidden, long-term survival facilities while the rest of us deal with the mess they’ve made ..because NONE of us have a thing to do with why “they” (once allies) want to see us dead. We need to take the USA back, impeachment has become a necessity and priority. We obviously have a man at the helm that is doing as he pleases and everyone around him is just as “alien” and “dirty.” I took an oath to protect The USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well then, we have a few domestic enemies and there is only one way of dealing with them. Is anyone waiting for engraved invitations? Get it set up and do it fast. The 2nd half of this year will see myriads of changes unless I am just totally ‘out there’. Cheers everyone.

              • you might want to re read and qualify your post. If you took the same oath I did it was NOT to protect the USA. It was to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Sorry to have to be that guy and call you on it but words have meaning.

            • Two weeks ago a noisy F-18 flew directly over my home, appearing to land at the airport 1 1/4 miles from my door. Never happened before. This is a small Michingan town with no apparent vv@r raging in the streets.

              • Only the US Navy flies F-18s. Are you sure it was one? IN Michigan?

                • Actually I am wondering that as well. We were overflown about a week ago, and it was low. When it turned around and flew back the other way, I lost sight of it behind the ridge for a while. (This is northwest Wisconsin, not exactly the land of mountains.)

                  I can’t confirm an F-18, because I didn’t get outside until after it flew over us, but when it turned, I watched it bank and it looked like an F-18 to me. Twin tails, twin engines, wings with launch rails on the tips. And it was not blue. (Blue Angels have a show on Independence Day about 50 miles to the south, so I wondered if they were looking for a practice area, but Blue Angels A/C have a pretty distinct paint scheme.)

                  • Sorry for the repeat, first comment didn’t seem to post when I submitted it. Moderator, if you could delete the earlier comment, I think the second post is more concise.

                • About two weeks ago, in north-western Wisconsin, we were overflown by a fighter. I didn’t get out of the house in time to confirm up close, but I watched it bank and head back south. Twin tails, twin engines, launch rails on the wingtips. It looked like an F-18 to me, and it wasn’t blue. (Blue Angels have a show about 50 miles to the south for Independence Day, so they may have been looking for a practice area, except the Blue Angels paint scheme is pretty unique and obvious. This one was standard gray.)

                  Maybe it’s nothing, but this has never happened before in the four years we’ve lived here.

                  • I dont know what you saw, but I’m in the same area and I’ve seen an F-22 a couple times! and I know planes so I’m sure of it

          • In North idaho now. It’s tamed down considerably since the “malitas” of the 90’s we have been getting routine flights of hueys at midnight. We think they are flying from spokane AFB over to Montana, but are not sure. You can set your watch by them though…

            • Rex….There is a new game warden in boundary county. Seen him on Solomon Lake road on the last day of Bear season. The N Guard in Bonners Ferry is still quiet.

        • why does everyone go batshit crazy when the ANG and reserves go out every summer..?

          • Dear clueless asshat:

            Some of us WERE in the ANG or reserves at one time or another, and in addition to this have been living in some of the same places for a period of years, and are thus capable of speaking with authority on what is or is not normal in our area.

            Thank you to everyone who is sharing their information.

        • just get a metal pole and ied with rocket and shoot it up to the level of the copter like they did in Iraq.

          • Now that Germanys Merkel gave/built 6 nuke powered and nuke missile capable subs for Israel, I am more concerned zio mossad/israelies may pilot one or two of their new nuke subs into Lake Huron near Mich and do another False Flag as their war mongering sequal to 9/11 events.

            From Lake Huron or even off east coast they could launch a few nukes at various cities in usa, then same as 1967 when israel jets tried to sink the USS Liberty ship with aprox 300 usa naval men on board,and Blame it All on Egypt! To get americans pissed enough to start WWII against egypt….But that event was halted due to even after 18hrs constant attempts to sink liberty ship it simply refused to sink!….Them israelies did however manage to kill about 35 usa naval men, and severly wound another 170 or so…I wonder which other nation israel would blame this time if another false flag similar to that one of 1967 or the more recent events of sept 11 2001 were to occure?

            Them so called best friends and allies, Israel were so ruthless back in 1967 uss liberty ship events, they even shot out the rubber life rafts so more of usa wounded men got eaten by sharks!

            A couple months ago, RT tv news had an hour long two part documentary on it all…It even had many of orig sailors who are still alive and had to remain silent due to severe threats to theirs and familys safty if any ever spoke out etc….But they all now agreed its been silence far too long and they have basically zero to lose by violating prior orders to stiffle it and remain silent.

            It was very heart breaking to see and hear live interviews of those navy men. Most were unable to contain their tears when recalling that horrible day when americas bestest pals of mid east, Israel killed their navy pals, and kept returning with fresh ammo trying to fully sink their ship and blame egypt.

            Who knows? Perhaps if israel was succesfull and did manage to sink it and all on board, WWIII just may have kicked off back in 1967! Ironic that all our leaders and congress etc still so trust and love/worship israel eh.

            To me the concerns of summer nat guard practice for couple weeks each year, which much of this jade helm appears to be is far less worry when compared to Israel and dangers it can pose to usa.

            • On the east coast there would be lot of places to hide just like pirates did in days of yore or frigates did during the Civil War when crossing the patrol lines to furnish supplies to the South or carry goods to sell away.

              The Great Lakes, however, pose the problem of being shallow in some areas even though dredged for shipping. One area is Lake St. Clair where much of it is only 20 ft deep; not sure how deep the channel is dredged but a sub would have to be on the small side to get through.

              Thanks for making me get my marine hat on for a while. 🙂

      2. The last two or three months my gut is repeatedly telling me something is wrong. I could be wrong, but the feeling won’t go away. Gonna be interesting to see how the rest of this year goes. Boy I hope it’s just indigestion!

        • MommaD , I have been having same feeling your not alone in this. Pushing my preps harder now

        • Same here. Exactly the same!

        • mom

          I know how you feel, as I’m sure many of us here have had the same ominous, if not imminent feeling. I know my sense of urgency has grown over the last 4 years or so. What worries me most though, is the fact that so many friends and family of mine, that were always so positive if not blissfully ignorant of the state of this world. They too have seemed to develop that same gut feeling that just a handful of years ago they would have considered crazy and paranoid. One thing I’ve learned is that when I get that feeling, the kind you can’t quite put your finger on, you can’t explain it but you can’t explain it away either, the kind of feeling that just won’t go away, that gut feeling, It has never been wrong. There’s a storm coming, no doubt in my mind. I pray we are ready for it. Trust your gut folks.

        • MommaD

          My gut feels the same. Always trust that feeling. We will all need to be in touch with our gut feelings when whatever this is happens. It is the same God given feeling that is given to all animals. We as humans have that instinct which is actually much stronger than what is given to the animals. Train yourself to be in touch with those gut feelings. They will save your life and be a valuable tool in whatever is coming. I know it sounds kind of crazy. It is the same fight or flight instinct given to all Gods creatures. People need to learn to not doubt it. If you feel something is wrong then it is.
          Don’t worry about taking any antacids. They will do no good. Have the best day Momma. May God richly bless you.

          • I have a sister who is retired, widowed and lives alone. She has always been very independent. In the past, she has been very vocal that my “prepping” was silly and would never be needed. She called me this weekend asking me about how much food and water I thought she should have on hand. When my brother-in-law passed away, she sold all of his guns. I happen to have bought a couple of them. she asked if I still had the guns she sold me and amo for them. She also asked me if something were to happen(as in shit hitting the fan), could she come to our house. I told her, if she can get here, we would welcome her. For my sister to ask me this is monumental! I think many people who thought nothing bad could ever happen are beginning to think other wise.

            • Good for your sister, for waking up, and good for you, just me, for not rubbing her nose in the past.

            • and good for you in not being one of those who brag about turning family away. you sir have a good heart.

        • Thanks everyone for uplifting comments. I pray for us all everyday!

      3. “Biker lives matter. Show us the tapes.”

        “Prosecute the guilty (pigs)…Leave the innocent (bikers) alone.”

        “.gov pigs hate freemen”

        Military, alphabet, or local…they consider you the enemy.

        • Very wise and just plan 😉

          Prosecute ALL the guilty. Leave ALL the innocent alone.

          • Hah, they’re probably looking for those two convicts from N.Y. Hell, these two clowns could have bicycled to Montana in these last 12 days.

      4. Momma D; I get the same feelings in my gut. A lot of events going on at the same time almost like it is planned(maybe it is). Too many fishy things happening overseas and here and begs you to connect the dot. Meanwhile we’re being distracted by lesser happenings to take our eyes off the ball. I think things will come to a head in Sept./Oct.

        • Jim, yep, it’s like hearing the thunder but the storms not quite here yet.

          • It might be just a mild case of flatulence.

              • PO’d Patriot,
                That was supposed to be one of those pink cheeked, embarrassed smiley face!

            • Speak to me, asshole !!

        • I agree–something in the air is not right–I’m in Michigan and the sorties of blackhawks in multiples of a 1/2 dozen or more seem to quite prevalent as of late–you can almost feel the tension–something is definitely amiss–aim small miss small when the time is right and that time is coming quite quickly me thinks

          • Where I live, I’m just not touched by any of this yet. I can’t see the highway from here and this is a dead end. I’m almost sequestered here.

          • Im glad many fellow Michigan patriots are watchful… i too have noticed many many chinook 47 dbl whirlybird gray colored helos in and out of selfridge aur base around port huron.. im in s e Michigan. Weve also seen a regualar daily handfull of blackhawks from north to southbound. Almost daily here lately…ive been feeling exactly as you all have the last few years. The hate toward the American way of life makes us all sick to our stomach.. by the end of 2015 im sure we will all know whats up by then.. God help us all.. God bless you all!!!

            • I saw a news story that a store, Sperry’s, in downtown Port Horn was damaged with some part of an exercise. Sperry’s has been there since forever. If you wanted something nice, you shopped there. The picture showed a corner of the store’s overhang/awning torn off at an angle and a few of the big plate glass windows broken. The establishment next to it appeared to have slight if any damage.

              Port Huron is a quiet town. This must have been a horrifying thing to add to the creep factor of an exercise occurring there.

      5. More Fear Porn

        • Well quit wastin time jerkin off to it, and get geared up!!

        • Yes, the US is effectively being occupied by its own army, but it’s nothing to worry about and if you do, it’s “fear porn”. COINTELPRO shills couldn’t have posted it any better.

          • Never understood why folks in the UK care about what happens here. I’m not trying to be rude or mean, I just always wondered why Brits seem so invested in the happenings of America.

            • Brits for the most part think their way of Governance is better than the good ‘ol USofA. In reality, there is very little difference, but they like to think otherwise. Same structure, but with different names and faces running the show.

              • You’re unfamiliar with either the British government or the American government.

                One is a Parliamentary Monarchy form of government, the other a Constitutional Republic, one has subjects the other has citizens.

                • No, I’m very much aware of the forms of these Governments. Different names per structure, but the same agenda applies to both. A small ruling class of people reigning their hierarchy upon us.
                  The United States hasn’t been a Constitutional Republic in decades, that was lost a long time ago before any of us were born or thought of. Ever wonder why the US Government keeps referring to us as a Democracy? Much like you Brits and your Monarchy illusion, you yourselves fall into the fascist democracy roles too. Ask yourself this ‘do you feel free?’ Chances are you don’t, and if that is the case, then there is something wrong with the works in your Government.

                  Just because you may live in a different country, don’t think that the laws and structure of your government is any different than anybody else. It’s a cruel and evil joke onto the people on this planet that this small class of self proclaimed higher ups are doing to us.

                  All structures of Government are corrupted, some worse than others, but the agenda of a Global Governance will be what their pushing for and attempt to implement.

                  • I thought tossing around the “we are a democracy” was to convince us our votes made a difference. I’m not sure when that change in language came around. I learned way back when that our country was a republic–just like it said in the pledge of allegiance–with a democratic process.

            • Probably the same reason we ancestral Brits left the UK, and before it was the UK. Some freedom-loving Brits are still fighting William the Conqueror’s curfews there. That’s what we’re all fighting here as well. It is the same system, Srsly??? Americans’ Revolution against it was hijacked and neutralized (“neutralised”, in English) by Alexander Hamilton’s and his puppet George Washington’s and his co-conspirator James Madison’s Federalism.

              • Technically the American Revolution was lost. Yes, the British went back home, but the political system became corrupted quickly with your Monarchy Form that you seem to like so much.

                • FYI, the British didn’t go back home, WE were the British at that time until we formed a new government independent from them.

            • @ He: Why do Brits care about the US? Several reasons – because you are our cousins, because we have more in common with you than with the EU, because what happens in the US affects the world, because some of us are as passionate about liberty as you are… If liberty can be crushed in America, we can only expect the rest of the West to follow.

              • Yes Jay, we are cousins and I appreciate your support of us, thank you

              • I agree with Jay. If the Us loses freedoms the rest of the world will too. It has been the way of things for a long time now.

              • @Jay… well said, brother. And thank you.

          • Truly said, Jay!

        • Why don’t you go over to move on .org PPod, or better yet just fuck off!

          • If only you made sense when you type, Bigbluedrew…

      6. New jersey residents have been complaining about state police and unidentified black, brownish helicopters flying around in unusual areas that never get this kind of activity. I personally witnessed 3 flying in some sort of formation very low over my neighborhood. Jersey isn’t on the list of states for this training but I’ve lived her 30+ years and never seen anything like it.

        • Last 2-3 years I noticed more choppers of all kinds in CT. Now it’s waning.

          Now an uptick in F-15’s

        • @everyone: I wanted to post something I just saw and it is ironic the topic. I just watched 4 chinock helicopters fly overhead my house. I live just north of Pittsburgh. I’ve been here for over 20 years and have never witnessed anything like it. I took video on my cell.

          It may be nothing. Opinions?

          • @everyone: I forgot to mention they were headed northeast. If you look at a map that would be in the direction of kittanning, Punxutawney, etc.

            • Npgh – I live just south of Lansing Mi. Though an Air National Guard Unit is about 15 miles northwest from me and normally not much activity going on over there. Increase chopper activity has become more than usual over recent years. Been kinda quiet the last few days, but for awhile on any given night around 9:30pm there would be one or two Apache’s flying from or to an east and west direction. Don’t see much of the typical Bell UH-1, which is what was usually seen flown for years in these parts and nothing else.

              About three or four weeks ago, something really surprised me and I had never seen or heard around here. I thought it was a herd of Apache’s until I looked up and it was a Chinook, heading due East hauling ass but flying unusually low, low enough it shook my home and rattled my windows.

              I’m pretty sure there was some kind of unusual flight exercises taking place that was kept quiet to the public. Time and day didn’t seem to matter much for about 2 months straight, been quiet for a good week or so. My best guess is these pilots ended up going over to Flint, because now that I think about it, I haven’t heard any chopper activity since that episode has taken place.

              • @tm: Yeah, these were flying pretty low too. We here regular helicopter activity because the hospitals life flights but the sound of these 4 was distinctive. It was about 4:45 when the roar got louder. I went to the front porch to see and when I saw 4 of them I ran in, got my cell, and ran out back to get the video.

                • Npgh – live where you do. within probably 20 miles.

                • I live within 20 miles of you Npgh near cranberry mars, butler.

          • It isn’t verified (that I know of), yet this Jade Helm bs is supposed to “suddenly” appear in every state and town and not just the very few that are advertised. That will be like freakout time and will not go over well, possibly igniting civil war …maybe that’s what they want. Screw that, just go after DC and NATO first.
            We live under a military flight path ‘inner country’ and when you compare the last 13 years to the past year THIS year has already had more air traffic than the others combined. Mostly at night-so you can’t see what is being air-lifted in and night-vision (or mine that is) isn’t good enough to see anything clearly. …but it will “do” anything on the ground without a prob. Dunno….

            • “this Jade Helm bs is supposed to “suddenly” appear in every state and town and not just the very few that are advertised”

              I said that a couple of months ago, and was called a paranoid, nosy bitch. Guess I’m not so paranoid now…

              • One day, the righteous ones will be remembered and vindicated, of this I am certain. Hang in there sixpack.

              • Well then, we shall dub thee Sixpack…The Clairvoyant…;)

            • I live in Virginia along the I-95 corridor. I’m accustomed to seeing the heavy choppers that run from Quantico up to the Pentagon or back. I used to count the numbers going up or down to figure out how much trouble was happening in the world. Depending on the president, 3-4 of them always meant big trouble. With the current administration, 2 was enough for me to search the news more thoroughly. And, these chopper groupings could fly at any time of day or night.

              Lately, the patterns have changed. Different choppers doing different flight patterns. It’s not like the news choppers hovering over accidents to report or the search choppers like when the prison was open. (Used to be a federal pen a few miles away.) Also, it seems like they do more flying at early evening or night. I wouldn’t notice except my job keeps me so I get home late and see these when exiting my vehicle.

              As noted above, my guts have an odd feeling that’s not related to an intestinal situation (know those too well LOL).

        • I’m in south jersey, and I noticed 3 Chinooks at different times flying ,by my area,

        • Big increase in aerial activity on CA north coast near Oregon border. Chinook, Apache, and Cobra choppers flying in formation. Some increase in high altitude jets, too. We seldom see such activity here. I guess we’re not even flyover country!

        • Tony, new jersey is an open sewer…Nazi police state…just look at nj state police uniforms…draconian gun laws, ruled by progressive Marxists, that’s why we bailed out in ’91. Oh, and taxed to death…:(

      7. Have been monitoring the National Guard Armory in Tampa for several months now. At first they had a couple of trucks and standard HMMWV’s. Equipment has been sent in over these months to where the place is now stacked and packed tight with gear. MRAPs and up-armored HMMWV’s, more trailers, gen sets, fuel bladders, comm and decontamination vehicles. When I first drove past the place months ago the lots were almost empty. Now they are parking armored vehicles on the grass strip between the parking areas because they are running out of room.

        • SemperFido,
          Our local sheriffs office one how what looks to military type vehicles. They came in a few months ago. We’re not supposed to be part of jade helm, but strange the timing.

        • SemperFido: No Sh*t Sherlock, that’s what happens during a drawdown; all the remaining men and equipment are returned home. It’s obvious that you were never in the Military, or you’d know this. Go back to your video games kid.

        • I believe Tampa, or perhaps Miami, will be where prisoners from this DHS zone (including Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, etc) will be housed. See if you can find the “DHS zones” map which shows the different zones and where they are controlled from. Atlanta is another central control point. Somebody needs to be prepared to overrun these places and free the prisoners, and it might as well be us. If we stand idly by it turns into another Auschwitz.

      8. I read that Jade Helm begins on 15 July in the south and southwest states. I also read that there would be 1600 Sp Ops involved. The politicians and news media are on the defense and they are pointing to “conspiracy theories” and looney tune, tin foil hat types running a muck.

        But, I keep reading articles which say military training is going on in other states in the north west and north east. I also read that there are train loads and convoys of military vehicles all over the country. It seems there will be at least one vehicle of some type for each of the 1600 members involved in this exercise, plus a helicopter, C130 or drone supporting each one of those 1600 people.

        I’m just an old retired guy, not the sharpest nail in the board any more and I’m no threat to anyone, but it seems there’s a lot of coincidences happening right now. Not only within the US of A but also in all parts of the world. Mr. President has his head up Iran’s a$$, the Joint Chief of Staff has his head up the president’s a$$ and Jordan, Egypt, the Saudi’s and Israel are fighting ISIS.

        The Good Book prophecies say no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the devil. Then I read the Bilderberg Group is plotting to force a “bail-in” directly from private bank accounts, throughout Europe and create a “cashless” society. More strange coincidences.

        Sorry for the ramble; I forgot where I put my tin foil helmet?

        • Supposedly some s*** is about to go down with the VA hospitals (involving VA benefits). Add to that that Yellen is about to raise rates and essentially that the markets are currently balancing a bull on a pin point, we’ve pissed off Russia beyond belief, ISIS is just itching to screw with us, media is creating a race war, etc. We could very well see a full scale systemic market collapse and this is the way the govt is preparing to deal with it. But, I could be wrong.

          • Kynase, I’m afraid you’re going to be right. A lot of people swear up and down that Sept./Oct. is the time frame for the balloon to go up, but I doubt it. I don’t like the way it’s looking.

            • Braveheart: You mean just like last year, and the year before that, well I’m sure you get the picture. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to remind you just before Thanksgiving. Perfect timing for your “turkey”, wouldn’t you say.

              • Higgins ,
                For all our sakes I hope you are right , but it appears that something foul is brewing and I do not have confidence in it not becoming kenetic .

                Semper Fi

              • At some point in the near future, Hell IS going to break loose. We do NOT have years, let alone decades. Do not be so smug, “Professor.”

              • Professor, what are you doing back here, you bloody limey bastard? People like you will end up being the turkey, old boy.

            • Yes Braveheart and Kynase , I must agree with you both. To many things going on at once , there is a storm coming sooner than we expect ! Gut feelings are getting stronger everyday, hope it’s not true

          • [ISIS is just itching to screw with us]

            Well…isn’t this interesting??? ISIS will screw with us when their masters (CIA/MOSSAD) gives them their marching orders to do so. Just like Al-Qaeda and its collaborators, ISIS is just another Governmental Sponsored Program to instill fear into the World.

            If ISIS hates America so much, why haven’t they inflicted damage to our so called allies in the Middle East? Seems to me they would start there and make their way here, yet no harm has been done to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain.

            Lots of potential targets for ISIS to attack, yet these places are untouched. Like most things in today’s world, the War On Terror is a huge FRAUD.

            • Great points, Tony. You stated everything I believe on the subject of “terror”

            • The ISIS agenda isn’t world domination but the establishment of a Caliphate governed by Sharia Law using the original teachings of Muhammed. Their appointed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed (by ISIS members) to be the successor of the prophet Muhammed and the integral leader of Islamic faith and said governing body (the claimed Caliphate).

              The mission of ISIS naturally stands against Western ideologies and cultures but rest primarily against Shia Muslims, non Sharia followers, and supporters of other Islamic (Sunni or Shia) governments; monarchies such as Jordan or Saudi Arabia are apostates as claimed by ISIS (non-Islamic following). To ISIS, these are the worst and most disgusting individuals and should be destroyed at all costs, most especially within their territory which they do not intend to expand, but eradicate of the infidels as they await the upcoming prophecy.

              The next order of business is against said neighboring Sunni or Shia governments beyond the fault lines but geographically reachable. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, collectively or individually may be drawn to conflict at their borders.

              Crusaders, as al-Baghdadi refers to the United States remains a thousand meter target. The stated lone wolves notoriously made famous by media portrayals of terror lurking in the shadows are realistically, a bunch of dip shits who likely couldn’t get out to the “promised land” who’s operations are just as amateur as their tactics.

              The United States and allied nations remain a thousand meter target, the war on terror however, is quite real I assure you.

        • Hmmm

          Actually the Israelis have been directly and indirectly supporting “ISIS” since day one. You will notice that since their mysterious and sudden appearance a few years back, ISIS has done nothing but kill Muslims and Christians where ever they appear. Nary a single dead Jewish sole anywhere.

          • Yes, and who pays Israel to support the likes of ISIS?

            Answer: American Tax Payers

            All because Washington D.C. loves Israel so much and they are our friends [sarcasm added]

            Washington D.C. pours more money into Israel than they do to America.

            Who does Washington D.C. really care about?
            Rhetorical Question – answer is pretty obvious, even to a blind person.

            Are you a person who supports funding to Israel from the good Tax payers of America? If so, do us a favor and move to Israel and help them to support themselves for once.

            • Srsly, not one thin dime of our “tax” money has ever funded ANYTHING…It’s ALL an illusion…Since 1913 the Powers that run the game have just “printed” whatever they needed to finance the collapse of this country. The “tax” we pay the irs is just interest on the loan…We’ve NEVER paid a DIME of principle in over 100 years. Soooo, how much debt are we REALLY in??? Who the hell knows, that’s why there’s NEVER been an audit and NEVER will be…Think about that…

          • Too many folks take faux tv news as gospel fact and do not realize that over 3 Million mid east christians of iraq-syria-and several other areas have been made into a huge mass of refugees.

            Most also do not realize that in Iran and Syria both, there are communities of Judiac jews resideing within those nations, and that By state Law their judaism religion, as well as christianity is allowed.

            About the only restrictions are they cannot proselitize either religious views publically to muslims.

            But when compared to Israels state laws, which also most folks aint aware of, in israel state law carries a 5 year prison sentence for any christians handing a copy of new testement to any jewish israel folk, or also if any christians attempt to spread the gospel of Christ/new testement to any jewish folks there…

            It seems many folks in america actually believe the fox tv propagandas that the entire mid east regions, other than “modern” israel of course, has people all residing in caves or mud sided two story dwellings the same as was back in 800 AD era.

            Them type need turn OFF fox tv rabid propagandas, and watch a couple great yutube videos such as “Persian Nites” and a few more like it.

            Terahn Iran looks to be as large and more modern than Houston Tx!….plus that persian nites video is about 25 minits long and besides showing overhead color shots from a plane of terahn citys skyscrpaers etc and shopping centers that rival Calif Rodeo Drive in appearance and Prices!…But the video also contains over 1/2 its length of aprox 15 minits worth of photo after photo of Persian iranians that look to be Whiter than most white americans are…Complete with Blonde-Redhead-Brown haired, Blue and Green eyed Georgeous women like none others globally.

            You will swear them iran folks are more white than You or Your neighbors!…..With ZERO black human tent dress worn. Women only wear a head scarf and most are bright colored scarfs barly covers the head at top.

            Maybe due to such white type folk and those few nations continue to reject Rothschilds ziojewish bankster Usury and policy etc is real reason for so many Rabid wars america has ZERO Buisness doing eh.

            Its no secert the bolshevik jewdeokommies desires to fully exterminate all whites…Think it matters weather those whiteys are christian, atheist, or muslim?

            It does seem that christianity and its white folk are the number one target..but them bolshevik zios sure hates non christian whites any place found.

            Perhaps even if jade helm turns out as no big deal, it still may cause many so far delusional and non wized up types to finally research things a bit and finally awaken fully to these issues eh…What then?…NuttyYahoos Rabid Bloodlust for more Wars will need be fought By He and his rabid co-bloodthirsty tribe eh..And 50 million americans sez “About Time” them whinners and rabid war mongers do their OWN war fighting….That’ll be the day eh!

      9. Mark my words, Jade HELM has everything to do with the TransPacific Partnership Treaty.

        • Then it’s the Republicans doing it so it’s OK, nothing to worry about.

          As long as Obama doesn’t get involved we’ll be fine.

        • PWYPreach; Please explain, in rational terms with verifiable facts, I mean.

        • I second that… and the isil bullshit pulls the elite allied forces from protecting their home bases also, the likes of Australia NZ Britain and Canada.
          Places where they took most of the registered and unregistered firearms off the public years ago.

      10. Thank-you Jeremiah, Here is the facebook page for the Counter Jade Helm exercises. They do a nice job of filtering out the misinformation. Please get in touch with Pete Lanteri or Bill Silver Eagle.

      11. have seen a few brand new chevy tahoes all blacked out , no stinking badges (lol for those who get it)

        also saw a very unusual make and model all decked out with red and blue lights that were inside behind the glass of a blacked out 2000 ish jeep Cherokee limited, also had the lights behind the grill , side windows and back glass

        sucker lit up like a X-mas tree ,, no one was around him on the side of the road but his lights were flashing

        • Those lights are going to make great bullseyes, one day.

      12. Hey JJ!

        Thanks for the post. I am in the Shenandoah Valley and 1.5 months ago or so, saw a military convoy pulling into the Walmart shopping center. I was leaving at the moment, and did not investigate further. However, what was even more disturbing was a few moments prior.

        At the local starbucks, I got out of my Jeep in full redneck array…Jeans, flanel, bb cap, and dark sunglasses, gotee. Fully uniformed Chinese officers and their attache were hanging out in front. And they looked at me very, uh, discerningly-like, as in, “you are the ones we have been warned about.”

        It is a look that you get when you are the enemy, but the looker is unsure about you.

        I quickly made my way in to get my coffee and saw several more officers in the store, using the bathroom and speaking Chinese. I was disturbed by that look, but tried not to let it show. When I pulled out, several minutes later at the main traffic lights, is when I saw the military convey pulling in.

        I waved at the serviceman driving the truck, but his response was to look away, as if in a hurry with things to do.

        I was freaked out by this incident when it occurred, because I knew I had been singled out as an enemy by these people, though none of it seemed to make sense, until I read Hodges article last week on the Chinese adopting the US material resources as collateral for the debt.

        I might be more of a skeptic on that except that I know a hostile foe when I see one, and was like WTF, a bit shaken, and then pissed that this even happened.

        Anyway, I have since looked for a cache of military items and activity around that walmart, but have seen nothing.

        As air activity goes, I have seen a major increase in night ops in my area over the last 3 years. Sources vary on the intent, but if it is not military or a rescue chopper, it’s the ATF looking for pot farms, according to some of the locals.

        Anyway, I worry for all of you in the redoubt. The bad thing about the redoubt is that it is an identified prepper palace, not that I wouldn’t mind being there. With that said, wishing you the best and thank you for the intel. I enjoy your posts immensely.

        • ht tps://

        • Interesting story about Chinese in uniform on US soil. My mom told me that the nuns in Catholic school back in her day used to say that it was written somewhere in the Bible that “the yellowman will oneday rule the world.”

          The chinese are very superstitious- a good example is the aversion to the number four because it sounds like the word for death in Chinese. Many buildings have no 4th floor, they go from #3 to #5.

          But technically speaking, China is a Godless land- there is a State law against religion.

          • Your mom was right get the book called the APOCRYPHA ,it is 14 missing books that was taken out the Bible in 1925 by the Vatican they did not Cannonize it because it speaks of Asia ruling the world after the Daughter of Babylon aka America falls ,you can find it in 2ESDRAS 15:43-47 in the APOCRYPHA ,the book is still in many Bibles.

          • “But technically speaking, China is a Godless land- there is a State law against religion.”

            There may be a law against it, but China is far from Godless. Christianity is growing in China by leaps and bounds, with greater growth there than in anywhere else in the world.

        • SteelToe,
          Hear ya, Brother.

          Here in Akron, OH, we have gun-shows at our county fairgrounds.

          Well I’ll be: Chinese (unmistakably military, buzz cuts, ramrod straight gait, one barking orders in Chinese at others) checking the show out. Hanging around nthe tables selling AKs and AK ammo.


          • I believe it Seasoned Citizen.

            Another story, albeit third person but from a reliable source, supports your point.

            In my neck of the woods, we have a high-end Chinese half-way house of sorts for high school aged kids. At 50k a pop, they receive lessons in American manners, language, and custom, after not having achieved at the private schools in the DC area, or so I am told.

            One of these older kids was asked by a local curious professor, what the Chinese fear the most about America.

            Without hesitation, the kid responded: “The armed American Citizen.”

            Which brings me to my soap box, and I think JJ and others agree. No matter how well planned a takeover attempt might be, there is always the human element and Murphy. After months, nay, years of planning, at Pearl Harbor, the third wave of planes was never sent and consequently we were able to recover in the Pacific and roll back the Japanese empire.

            What I am getting at is that we should not overestimate the enemy’s capability and underestimate their fallibility. No matter perfectly they plan, let us take heart and remember that Murphy will at times take our side.

            One other thing: Chinese property buyers have purchased a variety of properties of all types in my area. One such property is derelict farm house on acreage near a friend. They hardly ever visit the property, but research on the investor shows that they own property all over NoVa. Interesting and may be nothing, but I think it’s a general trend.

        • Dear Steel Toe,

          I thank you for your kind words and the info. Any more stuff you find out you can e-mail me if you wish; I will welcome all information with open arms.

          You have a good day and stay safe.



          • Thank you Sir. Will do. Cheers!

      13. This country has been financially gutted by the banking class over the past 40ish years. Contrary to the corporate media whores lies we have been in a depression since 2008 when the markets crashed and hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. The economic policies of the FED are only for the banking industries benefit and have done nothing for the middle & lower classes, the only way a government has ever gotten out of a depression is to go to war. If we look at history the US has never seen a mass modern war event on our soil so now it looks to me that the controlling powers have decided it is time for some death and destruction on the north American continent…share the pain so to speak.

        All of this equipment being shipped east from west coast ports is returning from the middle ease to the reserve bases across the US, I guess they are figuring out a new use for it. Now let’s see if they paint it all urban digicam.

        • The “Fed” is a private banking system owned by its member banks, who would you expect their policies to benefit?

      14. Witnessed a flight of three apparently unmarked helicopters flying northbound in formation over Coos Bay, Oregon last Friday (June 12.) I didn’t recognize the make or model but they appeared to be single-engine rather than the dual-engine Blackhawks. They were flying low and relatively fast so I had very little time to properly observe them.

      15. The game is up. The government knows it. This is usually when they start a war. A big war. A really big war.

      16. Surprisingly, no unusual activity in my region yet, but that could change at any time. Been checking 2 old military bases in my area once a week; nothing happening yet.

      17. Yesterday we got 3.5 inches of rain. The urban drainage failed again. The entire city of Chicago was nearly impassable. Cubs game cancelled. But there was no stopping the Hawks. They beat a really good Tampa Bay team. We salute Tampa Bay. We also had tornado warnings and funnel clouds. Lucky there was no tornado. It was PM rush hour when the sirens went off. Casualties would have been huge.

      18. I stick to my gut feeling and I’ve said it in many comments that I’ve posted before. Keep your eyes to the north that is where the true threat is coming from and/or the huge false flag that will cause ML to be declared.

      19. Frederick, MD FEMA place going towards Buckeystown on Rt 85 right off the railroad spur. They have several fuel tankers and a lot of RV’s. RV’s have been there for a while but the tankers are new.

        • Frederick md- 4 humvees with arabic plates on I 70 going towards bmore

      20. Military vehicles have been spotted driving around Indiana, lugging around howitzers and the like.

      21. I am not sure what is going down but tis reason folks prepare to best of ability.With all this and perhaps trade treaties passed with hidden provisions say you want ammo(more)especially foreign or foreign firearms buy now.

      22. I have seen (on two occasions – within the last 3 weeks) a small convoy consisting of 2 HMVs, followed by two flatbed loads of wire, followed by a lowboy with a large (D6?) Cat, followed by 2 HMVs. Both Northbound on I82 between Yakima and Ellensburg, WA. I’m told by other observers that they transitioned to Eastbound on I90 towards Spokane. My tinfoil hat is beginning to bind a bit in the crotch.

        I would also report some very dangerous driving on the part of a convoy between Ellensburg and Cle Elum (about 4 weeks ago) wherein a large flatbed drove onto the shoulder and forced me back into the left lane as I was merging to the right inbetween members of the convoy. I have pictures of that toad.

      23. Have no idea what’s going on in Montana, but it is FTX season. Since JH15 will get mentioned please look at where the majority of JH will take place? Along or near the Mexican border. Why there? Why the Special Operations people?

        They didn’t share that with me but the Zeta’s drug cartel is the most violent cartel. They are better armed, equipped, organized and trained than most Border Patrol and local law. Zeta’s founders (now greatly dissipated) were Mexican Special Forces.

        Any how,

        To accomplish any dastardly JH action as predicted here and elsewhere, the government must first or simultaneously neutralize a huge proportion of the 300 million Known privately held firearms from the 57-120 million citizens. Why?

        If the many organized shooting and hunting clubs are not fully disarmed, or if any of the 800 known militias mostly anti government bent retain a significant portion of their weapons, no treasonable government action will succeed, period.

        Now, let’s not leave out the most fearsome gun owning group, the 23 million veterans, many with extensive combat training and experience. A good many are connected to each other via a large network military veterans’ organizations. There are more former “Special Operations” men and women than currently serving. Veteran’s can’t be ordered to do anything and would take particular offense at having their sweat, blood and tears disgraced. Oh yes, many of these men and women keep in contact with active and reserve comrades.

        A weapons confiscation operation? Please…Logistically there are insufficient military active, reserve, Guard to do this, and still not doable reinforced by every local, state, federal law enforcement down to Park Rangers and CAP.

        If any one seriously believes the vast majority of the armed forces would violate their own morality, the law, the Constitution, and their sworn oaths to obey any treasonous order against the American people, shame on you. If you think military members are ignorant dolts and could be mislead, shame on you. A required training program for every military member is their legal status including that they will disobey an unlawful order and what is an unlawful order. Then too, explain how a corrupt officer will compel armed subordinates to obey an unlawful order.

        Not only are numbers woefully insufficient, I doubt such a move could be kept secret. Secrecy is paramount. There are too many forms of personal communication available to every military member to warn their families. I really don’t believe some PFC who does not want his Dad arrested or be injured in a confiscation operation will keep silent. Shutting down the grid/communications, confining to base (yea like that’s ever worked) would alert the media.

        There are all these tales of vast trains chock full of armored vehicles, but how many reports that military installations housing combat units have been emptied? None and I’m on one of those bases weekly and there is no sign or indicator of any deployment preps, in fact every US Army base housing combat brigades has combat units folding their colors and disbanding.

        Oh, due to Putin’s antics NATO is currently being reinforced by now surplus Bradley’s, Abrams, and other armor-at least the equipment for pre-deployed bde.

        Ah, the UN? The Russians? The Chinese? What do you think will be the reaction of the entire American populace on discovering foreign military? Even the anti-gun, peace at any price folks will go ballistic

        • The CIA owns/operates those mexican drug cartels—where do you think they get their black ops cash from? JH will not interfere with CIA assets.

        • So your argument is what, exactly? That things aren’t playing out exactly as they ARE playing out, because it’s too difficult for you to accept? Better pull your head out of your ass, and soon.

      24. Mean while on Rt-81 heading south on I-81 every day I see a convoy going through Md. WV. Va.

        Talked to a State Trooper and he said he was fishing in HANCOCK Md. and saw a fully loaded that’s with Extra Fuel Tanks, and MISSILES Attack Helicopter orbiting around the city of HANCOCK Md.

        mmmmmmmmmm ??????????????

        • Dear Straight Shooter,

          Thanks for the info. I have heard many things about convoys running through MD on I-95 and West on 795. Any more updates you can send are appreciated.



        • Damn, that’s in the middle of BFE! Thanks for the post Straight Shooter!

      25. The Dalles, OR 4/10/15
        2 Apache AH-64 Helicopters traveling east on the south side of the river against the hillside. Elevation approximately 2000′. At Dallesport they banked south and traveled 1/2 mi then banked back toward the west and continued with the contour of the river.

      26. Oldfart,
        I live in So. Oregon and have seen a few unmarked helos too.

      27. I have lived on Lake Jordan in central Alabama for 10 years and observed strange chopper traffic on Saturday 5 June. Although C-130s routinely fly over the lake on weekends using the Jordan and Mitchell dams for ground waypoint navigation training, it is extremely rare to even hear a chopper over the lake.

        Around 10 a.m., I noticed the sound of military choppers flying to the southeast of my home. From the sound, it seemed they were flying back and forth across the lake.

        After about 30 minutes, I noticed that one of the choppers was flying to the northwest coming up the lake. As it passed my home and flew out of sight, I noted that it was a UH-60, painted black with NO service designation, not even a number on its tail. While this was going on, I could still hear the chopper to the southeast but was still unable to see it due to the trees.

        After another 30 minutes, I heard the chopper which flew to the northwest coming back so I grabbed my binoculars and watched him for the next 30 minutes. As the chopper was coming down the lake, he was flying a rectangular search pattern over the lake and would progress 1000 yards to the southeast with each grid pass and always stay about 50 yards off shore. As such, when he passed my home he was at most 75 yards away horizontally and maybe 150 feet elevation. Through my binoculars, I saw what I consider to be the most unusual thing about the chopper. On a UH-60 Blackhawk, the first window behind the pilot and co-pilot is the gunner’s station, but instead of 2 mini-guns, cameras were mounted in the gun mounts. These completely blacked out unidentified helicopters were extensively filming the homes on the shorelines of the lake. I guess they got a good picture of me watching them. As soon as this chopper met the chopper coming up from the southeast, they flew off to the west in formation.

        Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I thought maybe Goggle Earth filming but they don’t use UH-60 Blackhawks.

        • Appreciate this info. I live in a small dip in the topography, where fog usually blankets the area. Cell phones, radios and other comm devices do not work very well, where I live. Anyone photographing this area from the air, best be very good at dodging large birds, major trans-continental power lines and trees, in heavy fog…

        • Dear Aubie,

          I have to match this up with some other stuff coming out of the area. They’re probably mapping us and mapping the routes so it will be much easier for them when they “go hot.” Their advantage is they can get away with (in the U.S.) what they would not get away with in a foreign country.

          Any more info you can send is welcome and I’m grateful for you. Thank you and God Bless.



        • Thank you for the intel, soldier. I’m in NE AL. Not sure what they were doing. Very curious.

      28. Humboldt County, Ca. Apache helo’s seen last week, coming and going, refueling at the local airstrip. Local aviation bureaucrats claimed it was routine. We don’t have a military base for hundreds of miles. Where are they going to, from whence did they come -? Scary. Hmmm.

        • they are looking for your skunk weed in the Laytonville area.

      29. Been through Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky on road trip. Not seeing anything. Cousin came up from new Mexico to Colorado. Saw convoy on I25 going south near Colorado springs but can’t recall the number. Brown camo paint. All we know.

        • Grandee – I-25 from Denver south to Colorado Springs or vice versa is pretty much normal behavior. Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, and north of Denver area Fort Collins. I-25 is the only direct route for traveling north/south between this area. Brown Camo (desert) has been used since the early 1990’s, they fazed out the jungle/green Camo in the late ’80’s.

      30. Saw a flight of 6 twin rotor Chinooks fly over Beloit, KS last Sunday heading south. Never seen that in my 50 years living here. Maybe a B52 at 100′ every now and then but that has been years ago………

        Guess that is to be expected when you spend 900 billion dollars on defense……..

        • And cannot account for 8.4 trillion dollars.

          • Grampa: Per Pentagons Missing Loot $8.5 Trillion! research Top Pentagon comptroler/accountant etc…One..Dov Zakiem aka also Dual citizen israeli, and ordained Rabbi of the super-Ultra-orthodox, Chabad Lubavitchers rabinical sect.

            Besides the chabads DC sect having 24/7/365-Instant Oval Office access to usa prez for any reasons chabads deems important…Their sect has aprox 2600 seperate Orgs in most every nation on earth. With a huge tremendous yearly budget that is in the Tens maybe Hundreds of Billions per yr!

            Chabads in Russia alone annual years budget exceeding $20-Million. Some chabad orgs in other nations may be even Larger yet…Multiply 2600 seperate orgs of same group by tens of billions per yr….Aint No small chickin feed eh.

            Oh they are also who are THE Main top HQ Rabinicals/leaderhip globally….Israel Is fully Run by them…As is also the USA fed govnt. Lubavitchers hold Bi-weekly or, is it, Monthly(?) “Teaching” sessions at the US Capitol Buildg. Which is usually attended by Most all of the over 35,000 us reps and senates official aides, as well as Many us senators and reps in attendance also.

            Talmudic Teaching sessions for the usa leadership!

            No wonder zero Christmass Manger scenes are allowed any longer on Lawn of whitehouse and govnt properties eh…Somehow though, they Do allow for a 95 Foot Tall Menorah display every year at same location on WH-Lawn prior xmass scene was…

            Step right Up folks! see the amazement! of the former Christian/White run usa Capitol and Whitehouse….Now Hyjacked by Chabad Lubavitcher Ultra-Ultra-Orthodox Judaism!

            And what could possibly go wrong with that…Right.

            As of 2015 the infestation has swelled so large, that even high paid Orkin Man opperatives woud be hard pressed to rid america of it.

            but like the man on TV ads sez….”But…WAIT! Theres More! Much More certain to soon come!” see their soon arrival of antichrist for more info updates.

      31. I thought last week end was just me being paranoid with all of the heavy electronic type vehicles going to the Guard ground.
        Now after ready most of these post maybe I should have let you guys know before now.
        There must have been at least 20 of these large vehicles with some type of equipment on them and at least 40 to 50 Hum-Vee’s as escorts.
        This is the first time I have see this type of unit.

      32. Revelation 12:12 12Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! WOE TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH AND THE SEA! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

        Can you see that it’s ALL coming into fruition THIS Summer? Listen to the audio and review the PDF writing titled “Satan’s Short Time” here:



      33. I assume we can safely guess that the “concertina wire” wire mentioned here is not going to be used for the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra rendition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to be played at an outdoor concert in Whitefish?

        • I still wonder if this JH thing isn’t a fine distraction for the TPP being slipped past us in congress. So far, they’re just moving scary looking things around in plain sight. They have our attention, don’t they?

          Our war with Russia is coming along nicely too. We’re at the point of positioning missiles on borders now, pointed at Russia who is getting ready to move theirs in to point at us.


          Something isn’t right here. They need that TPP passed BEFORE they have authority to move on the people. Prepositioning of arms should direct our attention to congress, because THAT is where it will begin…not with a few hum-vees and Chinooks in bumfuck Montana.


      34. I live in Canada. We have the longest unprotected boarder in the world and I think we all should be proud of that. Id hate to see a build up of governmental mistrust create a cold war era border, needing “the proper documents”. Thats horseshit.

      35. I live in SW Wisconsin. I hardly ever see or hear a plane here in the last four years. Four times last week military choppers flew over at low altitude shaking my home. Today two came over on the same flight path heading sw. Strange indeed.

      36. Frederick md- – 4 humvees with arabic plates on I 70 going towards bmore

      37. I am not too worried about reports of foreign troops, if something gets started they will all be dealt with somehow.

      38. Where are the Montana Militia?

      39. There is a fairly strong military presence here: the US Army Presidio of Monterey, the Naval Postgraduate School, US Coast Guard, the former head of the CIA lives here, etc…however I haven’t seen anything unusual in that regard.

        We have a good deal of Geo-Engineering of the weather here (Chem-Trails) and we are in the jet-stream and ocean currents nearly directly across from still-leaking Fukushima.

        For the first time ever, after living right on the ocean for decades I’ve been seeing green tinged foam left on the sand after the waves go out with dead small sea creatures deposited. The food supplies are impacted so that baby seals are sick, underweight and stranded on the sand and then taken to a sanctuary where they are rehabilitated.

        The green foam is not constant. The chem-spraying I believe has caused and/or worsened the drought. This coast is the “Salad Bowl of the world” and some believe it is being orchestrated so that Monsanto can drive out and consolidate all the smaller farms. Who knows.

        I’ve noticed for the last couple of years when the green tide is visible it is accompanied with a sickening scent and feeling by the sea when for decades it was normally fresh and reinvigorating.

        Fukushima is situated on liquefaction condition and has been pouring irradiated water into the Pacific since the Tsunami/Earthquake, so I don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about a positive outcome there.

        Sailors that have made the regular crossing from AU to Japan to Hawaii, perhaps a leg to San Francisco and return…state there is a lot of irradiated junk in the sea and no signs of life where before there would be birds, fish that you could easily catch for lunch/dinner.

        Maybe Donald Trump could rope it all together, spray it green, and erect condos.

        To escape the Fukushima poisoned air/sea one would need to go relocate in the southern Hemisphere…where the northern air/sea currents don’t penetrate…which is probably why the 1% are buying redoubts in New Zealand with landing strips.


      40. I live in the boonies in N. calif. Last week I heard a loud thump thump thump of helicopters, a very unusual sound that I had never heard here before. The windows of my house were rattling which has never happened. I quickly ran outside and there were 4 big copters- (I don’t know what kind).
        They were headed north.
        I keep hearing that the Gov. Is planning for a war with China & Russia, but if that was true,why would their troops be here training side by side with ours?
        I frequently see young Chinese men in red jackets, black pants, in Redding. They are here taking flight instructions at the airport- does that make anyone else nervous??
        I would be interested in hearing from some truckers, they have to be seeing more than we who are stationary. ???

        • “I keep hearing that the Gov. Is planning for a war with China & Russia, but if that was true,why would their troops be here training side by side with ours?”

          I think you nailed it perfectly. I think it’s a ruse to keep us focused on JH, when the real attack is simultaneously being conducted in DC.

      41. All I can say is, your nailing it. Get ready, because something big is about to go…..

        It won’t be long folks.

        And the sad thing is, this one is going to be multi-faceted. We will be hit from within and without. Enemies foreign and domestic.


        • Well Sgt.,would say then we need to be prepared to fight from within and without,they have you surrounded all sides and retreat is not even a reasonable option to fight is the only choice no matter how bad the odds/outlook.

      42. Shasta lake,north Ca, last week I saw four or five military type helicopters, they were a color I’ve never seen before. Kind of dark tan, but shiny. They looked kind of like a Blackhawks but smaller. I’m no expert but I think they were foreign. Traveling north. We don’t see much military aircraft around here. Lot’s of vehicle’s on trains is normal, Humvees,APCs and MRAPs.

      43. C-130’s, BlackHawks, and Hueys flying sorties out of Camp Guernsey, Wyoming for the past month. They have been accompanied by ground troops including regular Army Airborne. As well as Federal Agents in pickups marked as Federal Police and unmarked white vans, reminiscent of those used in the roundups in Florida.. Yesterday, paratroopers could be seen coming out of the C130’s between Guernsey and Wheatland Wyoming. Open top troop trucks have been seen with people in the back dressed in civilian clothing. Buildup of Equipment icluding APC’s, light plants, portable latrines, water tanks, heavy equipment such as dozers, graders and triple axle truck tractors.
        The Hueys have been flying what appear to be search missions while the Blackhawks have been flying below tree top level up and down the North Platte and Laramie Rivers.

      44. I live near In Phoenix. About 2 months ago while dining at a small airport in North Phoenix I overheard a conversation. A private pilot and plane owner of over 30 years said that it has been strange around the airport as the FBI has brought in Chinese planes and Chinese men to train to fly. The FBI has a facility within one mile of this airport.


        • Perhaps an antenna, recording any and all radio transmitters in the area?

      46. Conversely, military activity has all but stopped here in Victoria, Texas. We had all sorts of stepped up activity the first three months of the year: Convoys, UN vehicles, pilot training night and day which used the Victoria Regional Airport as one of their “touch and go” runways. However, come Easter weekend it all came to a screeching halt. The convoys were gone, the training flights {white and orange turbine powered T-34s) disappeared, and all has been quite. Nary a clue as to why, but it’s been over two months without so much of a peep out of the diaper corps dandies. thanks

      47. On at least a couple days recently US CBP was stopping and checking cars leaving Detroit via the Windsor tunnel to Canada. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. Normally you just drive to Windsor and Canadian CBP chats with you for a moment.

        Also last week, three military helicopters were flying very low over downtown Detroit. One GM HQ worker tweeted “are we safe?” to which building management replied “@michaelsavoni Keep calm and work on. They’re running military exercises out of Selfridge this week:

      48. The military used to train on bases supported by the taxpayer. I hope this shift is not to control the civilian population.

      49. I am an hour so that of Duluth mn. The military air traffic has been unbelievable lately. Also have a few small planes circling tHe property. All have been low enough to give the the finger.

      50. Stevens County, WA – yesterday evening saw the usual chem trails, sprayed by large jets only this time their was what appeared to be a Chinook helicopter following closely and flying quite a bit lower in same direction. Could not make out the color because of the low sun setting in the west but appeared to be maybe white or silver instead of the normal olive drab that flys north by south and back every day.

      51. Maybe Canada has come to a deal with Russia and does not want to be nuked as the USA moves on the Russian border whilst using the Ukraine as an excuse.

        I can see lots of kids will stop playing with the play ground bully because they can see that he’s got it coming.

        Europe needs to kick the american military machine out of europe and they can take the assisination list with them

      52. Jeremiah good info. I have seen multiple deuce and a halves and about 10 humvees in convoy in southwest va. Definitely not typical. Got a question though for you guys. Looking to move to Montana. Should I reconsider? Honestly it looks like the entire country is about to go on lockdown anyway.

        • Dear Screamin Eagle,

          By all means, if you can swing it, there are alot of reasons to want to come here.

          Write me at my e-mail, and I’ll tell you more about it where there’s more space for me to go into detail.

          Knees in the breeze, Airborne!



        • Idaho is better….less state gov freebee’$$, so the gimmedats rather stay around JJ’s neighborhood as Montana has 3x’s the handouts as Idaho.

      53. The last stand of the American People is upon us. “I am just telling the truth now. I don’t have to run for office again so I can just, you know, let her rip”. Barack Obama

      54. Here in the high country of Colorado I have seen a definite increase in the amount of military movement. We would typically see the c-130’s and maybe 2 black hawks fly over on a regular basis. In the last 1-2 months I have personally seen an increase in the amount of black hawks seen flying over head, up to as many as 8-10 flying in formation. I have all so witnessed an increase of military vehicles on the backs of flatbed semi trailers along the I-70 corridor. Friends of mine have seen the modern rubber tired personal carriers fueling up at a Denver gas station multiple days in a row (that was in May)

      55. NE Illinois National Guard unit is receiving lots of wheeled armored vehicles with machine gun turrets. For urban warfare. What’s up?

      56. coastal SC A-10’s buzzing beach, plenty of blackhawk & apache choppers always C-130’s doing touch and go

      57. This is good stuff right here. We should do this weekly.
        Keeping our eye’s open across the country. I doubt the GOV has this many open eyes…

        • Agreed Hillbilly!

      58. hey jj ever hear of commander’s call ‘rumor control’ assembly?

        any photo’s or video?


        well i’ll start worrying when they actually put boots on the ground.

        till then it’s just a bunch of hot air and fear porn!

        to the 3% – if you are serious about fighting back against the Zog, you need to invest in either a .338 lapuamag or a .300winmag or you will be outranged and outgunned!

        how much is your freedom worth?


      59. Some must clearly be summer training for ER and NG units. But some is out of the ordinary. When beer sales in your area sky rocket, you know beyond a doubt that the National Guard is on the move!

      60. Operation lock down is almost complete ,as Christ said Luke 21:20-21 When you shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies flee into the Mountains because know that the Desolation is nigh!That means when you see military every where that you are not used to seeing leave ,or face being destroyed ,it happened in 70 ad when the Romans invaded Jerusalem ,and Christ was also talking about a future prophecy!Shalom

        • That train was southbound but within a couple of miles it could have headed north, south or east. It wouldn’t have gone west unless there had been an uprising at the Tillamook Cheese factory.

      61. i live in north central MN,near brainerd, which isnt far from camp ripley, about a 60,000 acre military facility, we have had ever increasing chinook,blackhawk and C class plane traffic here for probaby 18 months or so. my gal manages a convenience store, and see’s much through traffic,including troops. but besides american troops, she has mentioned having what she believed to be small packs,4-6, of russians, going by accent,insignias on big fur hats,this past month marked the first time ive seen/heard fighter jets passing over too….i scouted ripley with earthcam,and still do often,and since last year, there have been 3 of what appear to be double fenced,guard tower encircled,central located housing units ,fema camp looking areas,as well as a mock village that just went up…they also had an ad in craigslist (brainerd MN) last month looking for role players to train pre deployment troops, smells rotton to me…..i have some pics as well..right now they are training ,90 days, for what they claim are excerises to support fed/state agencies…but the troubeling part is qualifying with 155 mm howitzers is included

      62. This afternoon, 4 diff times and 4 diff choppers. All for were coming or going in same east to west or west to east. Im in Appalachia area so were talking WV, VA, and DC region.
        Two choppers w/in 1 minute of one another above our property, on same path in opposite direction. Never seen that happen before.
        Last one was 30 min ago at 16:00 – it was obvious military, flying very low. That aint normal or routine around here w/ the mountains and valleys. Didnt have my glass to see the # but could have gotten it.
        All my years here, never seen a military chopper fly this low. Never seen 4 choppers in one day either.
        Got my hackles up.

      63. Last week, I noticed a convoy of 18 (plus) wheelers in Army green heading north of the U.S. border on Hwy 61 through Thunder Bay, Ontario. Looked too new to be Canadian trucks; must have been American, but no markings other than a small shield on the cab door.

        They were carrying green-colored modules and judging by the small size of some of the modules, number of axles and open deck space, some of them were VERY heavy modules. No idea how many rigs as I just saw the last dozen of the tail end of the convoy.

      64. Here in Decatur, il noticed this near the NG reserve training building located adjacent to the airport. They have small storage yard that has been repeatedly filled to capacity, even parking on airport grounds,then nearly emptied over the last few months. In the past it usually had one or two clapped out heavy trucks and a few hummers. Now trucks trickle in during the week, then all head west in a convoy. Seeing lots of NG and regular army at the nearby gas station in govt passenger cars too. The Air guard has a small hanger on other side of airport to repair, calibrate and test the equipment on LUH’s equipped for search n rescue and keeps 4 blackhawk stationed there. A few months ago they were looking for more hanger space but the old hangers here are to short even for these small coptors. Used to be 2 LUH coptors fly over just after dark, then it was usually 4 at a time 3-4 times a night. Now it’s very quite, like one a week. Railyad here in town has had a few convoy trains roll thru to west. Caterpiller plant in town builds heavy earth working equipment. Their storage lots were full of desert camo equipment for months, now it’s empty, all shipped out by rail.

      65. Boise, Idaho
        Chinook helicopters are seen occasionally in pairs over the last few months, never seen them here before.
        Lots of Blackhawks in the air flying low, I see a couple a week.
        Apaches are flying low over Boise as well, they are stationed here, but used to be over the desert mostly.
        F15’s are being “temporarily” stationed in Boise from Mountain Home, to arrive 2 weeks after Jade Helm starts, and to leave 2 weeks before J.H. Ends. They are flying here now though, and two buzzed the city late at night last week.
        A10’s flying a lot, but this is fairly normal.
        The local Pizza Pie Cafe restaurant was filled with almost all military personnel last week.

      66. So, looks like we are being hemmed in from the North and the South.

        Are we going to be contained for some reason? Are they going to infect us with something? Or they just don’t want US to get out so we can be a nice fat juicy target?

      67. Trying to keep abreast of all the information on the internet is very taxing….yet…you have to ask yourself, can this many people be telling lies about what they see? I think not. Those with smart remarks or come backs to make people look like panicked idiots is hardly fair. We have the right to take the information and use it to the best of our abilities. It is like educating a child….all you can do is give them the information and the advice….then it is up to them to use it to the best of their ability. It is only logical to believe something is coming down the tubes….we may not know exactly what it is at this time…economic collapse? ISIS invasion across the border? our own government and martial law? We are all guessing. Better to have it and not need it as to need it and not have it.

      68. here in Georgia , I see a good bit of military equipment moving up and down i75, but lately it does indeed seem more transports are running both ways ,north and south. some of the equipment is not what I normally see. if fact its damn strange on some of the equipment

      69. NE Tennessee 3 low flying Chinooks last week no lights on the next day small all black choppers flying a grid pattern dont know what they were but I could sure see the gun hanging under it plain as day they were low no markings and tinted windows. 2 days ago local Walmart by the railroad tracks closed down they said they had a power outage but were pumping gas rite out front at there gas station and the parts store and strip mall all had power going to speed up my plans big time hope we have a year or two God help us all

        • Blockhead, did the Walmart reopen yet?

          • yes they did open again when I asked what was going on one guy said he didnt know he was on vacation another said he didnt know what I was talking about then asked a chatty gal that said the power was out for some reason all the computers burned out and had to be replaced along with the security cameras and the a/c that she said was not working yet but it sure felt pretty good in there so dont know if she new for sure what was going on

      70. have noticed that two years ago St Cloud has a small airport there where alot of double rotation large helicopter movement from east to west throughout the summe also local driving drills being done with sheriff and over looked by black helicopter last month over the twin cities 2 black and one double following each other going east alot of military movement around mn for 2 years me thinks that the banker’s the government have a robbery going on and everything else is gust smoke and mirrors for satanic forces to take hold of the mind stay strong in your Fath and never give in to this lusafearen night without a fight trust in Jesus

      71. Saw numerous US Army vehicles in the last few weeks on the road in East Syracuse, NY heading north (likely to Fort Drum in Watertown, NY). This is by a CSX railroad hub in East Syracuse.

      72. This is for the guy who posted on here about the Chinese solider .

        My 1st cousins son graduated from Ranger school a year ago. He was in ROTC all 4 years of his college time.

        His 3rd year was spent at the University of Beijing( He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese ). Now the whole time he is there I asked my cousin how in the hell do the Chines let a guy who is an ROTC cadet attend one of their Universities ? Never really got a straight answer ?

        I was supposed to go with his family to Beijing but some family stuff came up and I couldn’t go . Would have been interesting to see for myself what the deal was .

      73. Observations while traveling Monday, June 15, 2015, from San Diego to Cedar City, UT:

        Just north of Barstow, CA, at approximately 1300 hours, we observed a train loaded with a variety of armored vehicles, including several dozen tanks. The train was stationary at the time we passed by. The part of the train we could see from I-15 was at least a mile long. All of the vehicles loaded on the train appeared to have a fresh coat of desert camo paint.

        At approximately 1700 hours, while stopped for gas near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we watched as several aircraft took off from Nellis AFB and headed directly west. First of all, a C-17 took off. Based on the shallow trajectory of its ascent, it appeared to fully loaded. (Incidentally, although I frequently have occasion to drive by Nellis AFB, I don’t recall ever seeing a C-17 either taking off or landing there.)

        Immediately after the C-17 took off, we watched, with great interest, as 14 fighters took off in rapid succession. They appeared to be a mixture of F-16s and F/A-18s. ALL OF THEM WERE FULLY LOADED WITH ORDNANCE. All flew directly west.

        I have frequently observed F-16s flying out of Nellis. I don’t recall ever seeing F/A-18s.

        Also, over the course of the past several weeks, I have observed both F-16s and F/A-18s landing and taking off from the Cedar City Regional Airport, almost always in pairs. I have also seen, on several occasions lately, a USAF (NOT National Guard) KC-135 circling above Cedar City. It comes in from the west; makes several passes, gear down, over the main runway at the airport, but never lands, then it disappears again to the west.

        I’m not suggesting that any of this is out of the ordinary — it may not be. Simply sharing my observations.

        • Since we’re all guessing here, let me toss this into the pond and see what it brings up.

          Nellis is almost exactly east of Lemoore Naval Air Station in California. Those aircraft (not the C-17) may have been a flight of carrier planes returning to Lemoore. When a carrier is in port for an extended period, the aircraft continue training at a nearby air base. I have no guess, wild or otherwise as to the purpose of the C-17.

      74. My wife just called me: At about 17:45 she observed a train loaded with military gear passing through Milwaukie, Oregon on the Southern Pacific tracks. This may be the same train I reported on a couple of days ago. It might also be a different train. She also reported that the last two cars carried individual very large guns.

        God help us!

      75. The Communist Chinese will have no opposition, seeing how their allies have free rein to roam with impunity.

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