Military Has Taken Over Wolstein Center In Ohio To Administer COVID “Vaccines”

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Ohio now has its first federal  COVID-19 mass vaccination center. The military has taken over the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio to distribute the mislabeled “vaccines” to the population on a massive scale.

    The first FEMA mass vaccination camp site has opened in Cleveland, complete with the full force of the United States military.  According to The Akron Beacon, the so-called super vaccination center is the largest of its kind coordinated by the federal government and will be staffed by a combination of Ohio National Guard and Army troops.

    The site will attempt to vaccinate 1,500 people with the gene therapies on the first day and then “ramp” up vaccinations by another 1,500 each of the ensuing days until it reaches its capacity of 6,000 a day at the Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University. For now, the state and the federal government have committed to keeping the center open for eight weeks, but officials indicated Monday that could be extended. They are pulling out all the stops to get people to willingly take this experimental concoction that isn’t even designed to prevent the coronavirus.

    How do we know it won’t prevent it? They’ve said so.

    Fauci: Vaccinated People Can’t Dine Indoors Or Go To The Movies Still

    As we have pointed out before, if the vaccine works, then people should be allowed to do whatever, right? At least in theory. However, they don’t work and the ruling class has already said the vaccinated can still get COVID if they have both doses of the “vaccines.”

    Using the military to try to coerce or force people into getting a “vaccine” for a disease with a survival rate of 99.98% is ludicrous, and it is domestic terrorism. They see us as the enemy. Nothing more, nothing less and we are going to be crushed if we can’t wake up. This “vaccine” is a larger part of the overall agenda for the entire globe, and that’s apparent or they wouldn’t be using propaganda and the rulers wouldn’t be promoting it 24/7.



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      1. Ohio with their first ever military vaccination site?
        Gee, they must be absolutely
        busting with pride ?

      2. As you mentioned,the fact that they are pushing this vaccine(gene therapy) 24/7
        is what should make anyone even remotely considering taking this garbage rethink their position.Involving the military and pushing this vaccine nonstop is suspicious beyond belief!!!!

      3. Must

      4. Fuckers

      5. To Bill Gates of hell and Big Pharma: I WILL NOT be taking any DNA altering gene therapy coming from you evil bastards! You heard me!!!
        What,did I stutter!?!?!??

      6. Don’t agree with vaccinated people having more liberties than non vaccinated ones.
        It creates a divided, discriminatory society, it will set people back to the racial laws of the 30’s.

        We are ALL free or we are ALL slaves!

      7. Violates the Posse Comitatus act.

      8. @Peter, I agree with you.
        Unfortunately,this is exactly what TPTB want.They want
        everyone divided and turning against each other.They are using this non pandemic to pit the unvaccinated against the vaccinated.This is all a part of these sickos perverted master plan.

      9. “Just Say NO to Drugs…”
        – Nancy Reagan was right ! 🙂
        God Bless Nancy & Ron, and
        God Bless America, what’s left of it…

      10. Fake financial system, fake elections, fake “laws”, fake police, fake military, fake food, fake weather, chemically contaminated (geoengineered) environment, fake vaccines for fake threats.

        And you wonder why we have drag queens reading to kids in libraries?

        • Men in uniform held sniper positions, from nearby rooftops.

          “And you wonder why we have drag queens reading to kids in libraries?”

          One wonders whether they were being used for bait.

      11. That should be Wolfenstein center in cleveland ohio

        Time for Agent Blaskowisch to clear out some FEMA nazis

      12. In a tip from one of AJ’s anonymous callers (take it with a grain of salt) covax becomes mandatory, for those in service, in July.

        If (*if) true, we should expect no more conscientious objectors, manning any of the typical chokepoints, in the weeks following.

      13. The US military has officially taken over.

      14. Fema gave a whopping 8.7 million for the Wolstein center vaccination site and DeWine has quite a bit of money invested in pharma. But don’t worry, I am sure DeWine doing this because he truly cares about the health of Ohians.

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