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Military Has Taken Over Wolstein Center In Ohio To Administer COVID “Vaccines”

Mac Slavo
March 19th, 2021
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Ohio now has its first federal  COVID-19 mass vaccination center. The military has taken over the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio to distribute the mislabeled “vaccines” to the population on a massive scale.

The first FEMA mass vaccination camp site has opened in Cleveland, complete with the full force of the United States military.  According to The Akron Beacon, the so-called super vaccination center is the largest of its kind coordinated by the federal government and will be staffed by a combination of Ohio National Guard and Army troops.

The site will attempt to vaccinate 1,500 people with the gene therapies on the first day and then “ramp” up vaccinations by another 1,500 each of the ensuing days until it reaches its capacity of 6,000 a day at the Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University. For now, the state and the federal government have committed to keeping the center open for eight weeks, but officials indicated Monday that could be extended. They are pulling out all the stops to get people to willingly take this experimental concoction that isn’t even designed to prevent the coronavirus.

How do we know it won’t prevent it? They’ve said so.

Fauci: Vaccinated People Can’t Dine Indoors Or Go To The Movies Still

As we have pointed out before, if the vaccine works, then people should be allowed to do whatever, right? At least in theory. However, they don’t work and the ruling class has already said the vaccinated can still get COVID if they have both doses of the “vaccines.”

Using the military to try to coerce or force people into getting a “vaccine” for a disease with a survival rate of 99.98% is ludicrous, and it is domestic terrorism. They see us as the enemy. Nothing more, nothing less and we are going to be crushed if we can’t wake up. This “vaccine” is a larger part of the overall agenda for the entire globe, and that’s apparent or they wouldn’t be using propaganda and the rulers wouldn’t be promoting it 24/7.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: March 19th, 2021

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    1. lovely bones says:

      Ohio with their first ever military vaccination site?
      Gee, they must be absolutely
      busting with pride 🙄

    2. No Vax!! says:

      As you mentioned,the fact that they are pushing this vaccine(gene therapy) 24/7
      is what should make anyone even remotely considering taking this garbage rethink their position.Involving the military and pushing this vaccine nonstop is suspicious beyond belief!!!!

    3. Resist! says:


    4. hmm... says:


    5. No!! says:

      To Bill Gates of hell and Big Pharma: I WILL NOT be taking any DNA altering gene therapy coming from you evil bastards! You heard me!!!
      What,did I stutter!?!?!?😠

    6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

                          The Covid-19 Pandemonium

      A Gas-Lighting Campaign of Terrorism and Mass Muder with 
      Bio-Weapons Dubbed Vaccines Because Everyone is the Enemy of the Psychopathocratic Establishment

      These are objective truths- there is no such thing as covid-19, 
      all “covid-19” RT-PCR tests have been contaminated causing false positive results, and since there is no such thing as covid-19, any positive “covid-19” test is 100% false, “covid-19” injections are fatal and killing recipients in large numbers.

      All of the above statements are verifiable through scientific hard evidence. 

      The following proves all of my statements relating to covid-19:

      It has been proven that covid-19 does not exist when 1,500 covid-19 samples were examined by seven different universities using electron microscope examination which revealed that all of the samples were infulenza A or influenza B. Dr. Derek Knauss also called the CDC and asked for the covid virus genetic sequence, which the CDC said that they do not have.

      Shown here:

      All RT-PCR “Covid-19” Tests Were Contamintated In the Lab that Developed the Tests

      High false positive RT-PCR test results were exacerbated by tests contaminated with N1, N2, N3 which are all found in strains of influenza A, and of course they are not testing for covid-19, since they do not even know the genetic sequence of it! These tests are reflecting N1, N2, N3, positivity, which could be just about anything, particularly influenza A. N represents neuraminidase, which is explained below. on Neuraminidase:

      “Neuraminidase, also called sialidase, any of a group of enzymes that cleave sialic acid, a carbohydrate occurring on the surfaces of cells in humans and other animals and in plants and microorganisms. In the 1940s American scientist George Hirst identified in samples of influenza virus mixed with red blood cells (erythrocytes) a substance that broke down receptors on the surfaces of red cells. Shortly thereafter, German-born British biochemist Alfred Gottschalk discovered that these receptor-destroying enzymes were neuraminidases. Today, these enzymes are known to occur as antigens (foreign proteins that stimulate the production of antibodies) on the surfaces of certain viruses, namely those of the families Orthomyxoviridae and Paramyxoviridae, as well as on the surfaces of some infectious bacteria and other microorganisms.”
      “foreign proteins)—hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). Therefore, H1N1 represents a subtype of influenza A. This subtype is further differentiated into strains based on minor variations in RNA sequence.”

      Contaminated RT-PCR tests reported by Washington Post:

      Total U.S. Deaths Drastically Sky Rocket After Vaccine Roll Out

      It appears that the “covid-19” injections which started on 
      December 14th,  2020 are killing many more people than they are reporting because there were 2,487,350 annual total deaths until November 16th, 2020.  On December 22nd, 2020,  they report that there have been 3.2 million total deaths in America. So, between November 16th, 2020 and December 22nd, 2020, there were 712,650 deaths. Verses 2.7 million to 2.9 million total deaths per year between 2015 and 2019. So, as usual, medical error is at least the third leading cause of death, and maybe the first or second.

      2,487,350 Total U.S. Deaths November 16, 2020

      3.2 Million Total U.S. Deaths December 22, 2020

      “Vaccines” Delivered to 50 States. Nursing Home and Healthcare Workers Started Being Injected on 12/14/20 CNN Reported : 

      “(CNN)The first doses of an FDA-authorized Covid-19 vaccine have been delivered to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, less than a year after the disease was first spotted in the US, officials said Monday.”

      “Operation Warp Speed, a public-private effort, developed the Pfizer vaccine in less than a year, an astonishing feat since most vaccines take years to develop. Delivery was speedy, too — shipping companies FedEx and UPS started transport on Sunday and completed all first-day vaccine deliveries.
      US Surgeon General Jerome Adams called the rollout of the vaccine “tremendous.”  ” –  CNN

      Nursing Home Patients Dropping Like Flies After “Covid-19” Injections

      CNA James, whose video the criminal psychopathic hacker prevented me from watching, has stated that people are dropping like flies from “covid-19” injections in the nursing home that James is employed in.

      German Death Camps Formerly Referred To as Nursing Homes Assassinating Patients En Masse With “Covid-19” Injections. 25% of nursing home “covid-19” injection reipients have died and 36% have suffered serious complications from “covid-19” injection.

      Reported cases of fatalities after “covid-19” injections:

      Death rates soar among Israeli “covid-19” injection recipients:

      Deaths and “covid-19” injection related injuries piling up in UK from both the Pfizer BioNTech “covid-19” injection and also the Oxford AstraZeneca  “covid-19” injection, the latter of which by the way is not an mRNA messenger “covid-19” injection.

      Deaths mounting among middle aged vaccine recipients aged 33 to 58 years old all of whom were in good health and suddenly died after “covid-19” lethal injections. The CDC still reports zero deaths claiming that nobody can prove that it is the vaccines that are killing people.

      Obviously, the CDC has some explaining to do for their double standards for the burden of proof required for “covid-19” reported deaths verses the burden of proof required for “covid-19” injection deaths, as well as smoking and other things.

      “If it wasn’t for double standards, the government wouldn’t have any standards at all.” – Unknown

      Seven European countries halt Oxford AstraZeneca “covid-19” injections after 22 people develop blood clots. Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Luxemburg halt Oxford AstraZeneca “covid-19” injecions. (This article has changed since originally posted saying that Austria halted certain batches, it originally said that it was halted in Austria.)

      Add Thailand and Romania to the List of Countries That Halted Oxford AstraZeneca “Covid-19” injections over bloodclots and other concerns.

      Times of India reports:
      Thursday when Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Italy and Romania postponed or limited the rollout of their quota of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines after isolated reports of recipients developing blood clots. Thailand followed suit.

      Technically speaking, actually none of the “covid-19” injections are vaccines since it has been proven that “covid-19” does not even exist. You cannot vaccinate anyone against something that does not exist. There is no logical reason to get a SputnikV or a Chinese “covid-19” injection for that very reason alone.

      Possible Link Between Wearing Masks and Lung Cancer in Study

      Wearing masks increases bacteria inhaled in lungs. Lung cancer patients examined found that high levels of these bacteria present led to increased mortality regardless of the stage of the lung cancer. Whether it is causal is undetermined. Is it the body’s inability to fight off and overcome anything whether bacteria or cancer cells? Regardless, mask wearing definitely increases bacteria in the lungs, and definitely increases respiratory illnesses as well as cavities and gum disease. Cancer is caused by free radical cells that mutate into malignant tumors. The average person overcomes cancer three times in their lifetime without medical intervention. I do not know if this bacteria can turn cells into free radicals that mutate into tumors, or if they are or become free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that have unpaired electrons, which attempt to neutralize their electrical charge which either try to steal electrons from existing molecules, or dispell their additional electrons onto other molecules. 

      Wearing masks is unnatural and obstructs the free flow of oxygen as well as the exhalation of CO2, and decreases oxygen levels and increases CO2 levels, and increases bacteria in the lungs and mouth.

      People would not be able to digest food without the bacteria in their digestive system. There is a misophobia taking place that is based on hypochondria. It is just an act and an attempt to humiliate, demean, and shame people for the most part. 

      So we know that the psychopaths are guilty for 9 / 11 the seven false flag wars, the total loss of liberty, the high crimes and treason, the missing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, as well as all of their other evil crimes, and their retort is, “Nobody’s perfect, you have kooties.”

      Child Suicides Sky Rocket During the “Covid-19” Pandemonium

      Why would all of this surprise anyone? Children are being gas-lighted and terrorized by their teachers, the medical mafia, the government, the media, and the tech sector. Gas-lighting is a form of narcisstic abuse. I would strongly recommend that such children are home schooled and are not sent to psychologists, social workers, or psychiatrists who are in fact the biggest gas-lighters in the world from my own unfortunate personal experiences with them. It’s a racket.

      I have no doubt that people are getting sick and dying from and with respiratory illnesses. They always have. What has been proven 100% is the scientific fraud of all of the following : “covid-19” the lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing, efficacy of “covid-19” injections. It has also been proven that all of the practices that have been forced on everyone are murder through mal-practice and Munchausens Syndrome Eugenics psy-op of targeted assasinations though lethal injection referred to as covid-19 vaccines.

      The mRNA “covid-19” injections reprogram RNA to attack viruses with a programmed immune response and invade cells with in the body when contracted, so the reprogrammed RNA would attack the cells with the body.

      It will create the dreaded cytokine storm, and trigger auto-immune reactions, and the body will in effect become allergic to itself when in contact with a virus.

      I would not be surprised if half or more of the US population dies within the next two years if the vaccines are not immediately stopped! 

      Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer CEO confirmed my worst fears when I had read on Global Research that all cats that had received the m-RNA “covid-19” injections  survived and tolerated the 
      “covid-19” injections well, but when they came in contact with natural viruses found in the wild, that are typically not life threatening, they had all died.

                               The Con is Still On!

      Suddenly there is a rush to claim that covid-19 is the name for the SARScov2 virus. Anthony Fauci himself stated that he did not think that this would be as fatal or problematic as SARS at the onset of this psy-op of terror, and that it was not a SARS virus.

      Evidently, the fascist/socialist terrorists that are responsible for the scamdemic are now grasping at straws over being exposed for fraud, and are trying to claim that “covid-19” is not a virus after all, it is just a name for a “pandemic”, but why would a pandemic not be named after the “virus” that caused the “pandemic” ? Why are the so called vaccines named after a so called pandemic and not the virus as vaccines have always been named after viruses or bacteria that they claim to inoculate people from? The CDC and everyone else is calling them covid-19 vaccines. Are they trying to prevent an individual from contracting a pandemic? An individual cannot contract a pandemic by definition of the word pandemic, any more than an individual cannot become a society. : 
      COVID-19 Vaccination Locations on VaccineFinder | CDC › vaccinefinder › about
      Mar 3, 2021 · VaccineFinder helps people find the latest information on COVID-19 vaccine availability at certain 

      Covid-19 meant absolutely nothing to anyone alive prior to this psy-op, so why name it that? They never hesitated naming SARS, SARS before, why would they hesitate to do that now? 

      Unfortunately, they are already on record with their “big ideas” of this psy-op, including renaming it SARS2. It seems as though they have opted for SARScov2 as a CYA measure.

      I know that this sounds like a funny way of saying this, but it’s true that Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge on reported that the Wall Street Journal has reported the following two paragraphs: 

      “Among the ‘big ideas’ described by the network of researchers led by scientist-investor Dr. Cahill, who first gained the attention of aides within the Trump administration when they listened on an early March conference call tailored toward answering investors’ questions, including the following:”

      “The possibility of renaming the virus “SARS-2,” after the 2003 China animal virus, so that the connection is better made in the public mind with a deadly disease: “the name sounded scarier and might get more people to wear face masks. They dropped it.”

      If I know the objective truths mentioned above, it is impossible to believe that the individuals mentioned in this article linked above do not also know these objective truths.

      It is actually quite common to rename things that have failed.  Businesses and people that have failed have done it over and over again in the past. This renaming is unquestionably the result of losing control of the message. Their solution is just to rename it. Below are some of the facts that have contributed to them losing control of message. They lost control of the message, because their message was based on outright fraud. It is really that simple, and apparently, so are they!

      Well, now after busting them for the fraud of “vaccinating” people from contracting a Pandemic which is literally impossible since a person cannot be a society, they have resorted to claiming that Covid-19 is the disease caused by Sars-cov-2 which is also complete bullshit! 

      They just go from one lie to the next! They just keep throwing lies out there to see if they will stick! 

      If that is the case, why did people that contracted the SARS virus have the disease of SARS? 

      They are so full of shit! It is just a lame excuse to spy and control too, obviously. I refuse to adapt to their mal-adaptive behavior. They are just going to have to accept that. They are evil monsters. 

      Is this now the long awaited admission that the “vaccines” are incapable of preventing people from contracting the mythical virus? Why were the tests testing for “covid-19” if  “covid-19” is not the virus that they were testing for? 

      Oh, and not to mention the fact that the majority of people that did test positive were asymptomatic, one more piece of evidence proving that it is a mythological misophobic form of hypochandria and another bullshit excuse to spy on people! 

      They have the diseases of deviant personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, sadistic personality disorder, and anti-social personality disorder. I think that the only cure for that is death, based on what I have seen, since I have witnessed them as being progressive diseases ( no pun intended because it is just as prevalent among conservatives ) that worsen over time.

      A blood test of anytype alone by itself is incapable of evaluating the level of damage caused by anything.

      People can take a glucose test that can tell them that their blood sugar may be highly elevated, but the glucose test cannot tell people if they are blind or have had renal failure brought on by the disease of diabetes.

      In other words, a single blood test cannot tell someone if they have diabetes.

      Someone could have drank a two litre bottle of soda and eaten an entire chocolate  prior to the test, which would send  almost everyones blood sugar into elevated ranges.

                  WHO, UN, and WEF Ignore Their Own Economic Consultant That Advises Against the Fraud of Covid-19

      Would anyone seriously believe the claim that all of the individuals pushing the control fraud of covid-19 are not reading Global Research, run by Michel Chossudovsky who was an economic consultant for the WHO, UN, WEF, and many countries around the world, unless they are not reading it strictly for the purpose of willful ignorance? They thought highly enough of Chossudovsky’s opinion to hire him as an economic consultant, wouldn’t it be foolish to ignore the same opinion if it is shared free of charge on Global Research if they were willing to pay for the opinion of the same individual in the past? Do you seriously think that anyone will fall for the line that they were unaware of the information on Global Research?

      Now The Atlantic Council is worried that there may be a pandemic, and are insisting on DoD spending. Deja vu! Where did they ever come up with that idea?! Let’s not and say we did, since we already did that, and it did not work, a few times, in 2020, 2009, & 2003. They consider themselves to be ideas people and a think tank.

      I also discovered that in 2017, the Trump administration issued an edict that all conversations by any scientist that works for the government, including the CDC employees must be cleared through the Atlanta Communications office, which was then required to be cleared by Mike Pence after the scamdemic, according to Harvard Law Edu:

      “Motivating the Knight Institute’s concern in this instance is a record of severe restrictions on the rights of government scientists to speak freely to the press. In 2017, Axios published an email from Jeffrey Lancashire, a public affairs officer, to the National Center for Health Statistics, announcing that for every employee of the CDC “any and all correspondence with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of the inquiry, must be cleared through CDC’s Atlanta Communications Office.”

      “According to recent news stories, scientists and health officials at the CDC must now coordinate with the Office of Vice President Mike Pence before speaking with members of the press or public about the pandemic,” the complaint reads. “These stories have raised concerns that public health experts who know most about the risks to the public are not being permitted to speak candidly and that the information the government is now conveying may be incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.”

      Extinction Rebellion Supports Storing “Vaccines” at Minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit

      Evidently, this article by Chris Hedges explains it all. The ends justify the means mentality.  The Scamdemic is cold blooded, pre-meditated, mass murder which will inflict immense human suffering, and mourning the loss of loved ones.

      Chris Hedges and apparently many others in the alternative left media, including Americans on Sputnik radio show hosts and American RT show hosts have evidently colluded in a conspiracy to commit mass murder for the purpose of reducing the population almost over night in an attempt to thwart climate catastrophe, which they claim is mass murder. People living their lives is not pre-meditated, cold-blooded, mass murder. Apparently the climate alarmists on the left feel justified in their Fabian Society, Malthusian, mass murder campaign and have appointed themselves as unelected praetorian guards that would pick and choose who lives and who dies and have decided to play God, and not call it a war. Chris Hedges is a Christian Minister that has evidently conspired in committing mass murder, through “covid-19” injections, yet somehow believes that he is not a Christian fascist.

      “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” – John D. Rosckefeller

      The Rockefellers donated £120,000 to Extinction Rebellion civil disobediance climate alarmists based on fraud. The Rockefellers have also donated to BLM, as well as many other Chaos Incorporated Create A Crisis groups of terrorist thugs. Yes. They are terrorist thugs that are destroying people’s lives, livlihoods, and property. It serves no higher purpose what so ever. Do not fool yourselves into believing that it does. You are half witted, mentally incompetent fools that have volunteered to destroy your own lives for the benefit of the psychopathocracy. How can anyone claim that burning buildings down, or stopping traffic that would have people running their engines even longer, are pro-environment? Storing Vaccines at Minus 94 Degrees Farenheit Which Pfizer Stores “Vaccines” at and Moderna Stores Theirs at Minus 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. “Covid-19”  “Vaccine” Wastes a Ton of Electricity! 

      Washington Post reported:
      “They were to shut down traffic, block intersections and the entrances to major buildings with human chains and props, and stop people from going in to work at offices affiliated with fossil fuel companies or the financial institutions that back them.”

      No mentally competent, responsible adult would encourage that type of behavior.

      The Club of Rome is suggesting that the population be reduced to
      300 million people. The entire world is acting like crazed, zombified, banana republic inhabitants over “covid.” 

      They are climate alarmists. Even if the population is reduced to 300 million, there is still the issue of nuclear waste. That is not going to go away. It cannot be poured underground. It will rise to the surface because heat rises, even underground, which is why volcanic eruptions occur. 

      The earth is getting warmer because we were or still are in a glacial age towards its end, ( There are still glaciers, although they are shrinking rapidly. ) or inter-glacial period depending on how it is interperated. Some scientists say that we are entering another one, others say that we are not. We do not know. Nobody has that knowledge with certainty. There is also evidence that the earth is undergoing magnetic reversal which is long over due. It is a long, slow process. The earth is a dynamic, live planet under going constant change. We should do what we can to protect it, but not mass murder! The biggest climate alarmists are doing this strictly for their own purposes. The Rockefeller Foundation and its subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations are pushing this, and everyone knows how the Rockefeller family has really acted. Actions speak louder than words. Consider the source. 

      One thing is clear. This is a conspiracy of silence and lies. Why trust a liar that has confessed that they are lying to the global population and committing a global mass murder? Trusting a mass murderer to be honest with you would be extremely idiotic! 

      Severely Mentally Impaired Psychopaths Create Stupid Techology and Call it Artificial Intelligence

      How is Connecting One Trillion Things to The Internet of Things an Environmental Movement?! That is the Team That You Signed Up For, Whether You Realize it or Not! If You Check Who It is That Demands One Trillion Things Hooked Up to the IOT, the “Green” “Revolution”, The Paris Agreement, Malthusian, Fabian Society, Eugenicists, Universal Healthcare, Fascisim, Socialism, Public Private Partnerships, 
      ( aka  Old Fashioned Nazi and Mussolini Style Socialist Fascist Authoratarian Dictatorships Currently Practiced in China, You Will Suddenly Be Woke, and Realize That Those Movements Are All Pushed and Funded by the Same People and Institutions! 

      They are control freaks that have absolutely zero self control! They have bestowed such measures upon themselves as to assume command and control of every thing on earth, including everything alive, in the IoT, Internet of Things, with the goal of connecting one trillion things to the internet. They have micro-chipped pets, birds, fish, and people, because the birds cannot be trusted to fly freely, they might get in the way of drones ar planes, fish cannot be trusted to swim, they might drown, and dogs cannot be trusted, because they might bite when illegal entry black bag jobs are done, people cannot be trusted by them because the individuals that are doing these things are hyper-paranoid, and because they have decided to monetize everything and everyone on earth. The control freak psychopaths are also genetically inferior mentally incompetent mutants, which is proven by the way that they live their lives –  a life committed to being evil, stupid, stubborn, and wrong, a strategy obviously guaranteed to lose, to everyone except themselves. They are also using brain raping technology on people. All of this sounds like a cold blooded, pre-meditated, sadistically evil, environmental apocalypse to me, and the largest waste of electricity in world history!

      Calls by intellectually dishonest people are still insisting that these problems are the consequences of a capitalist economy. Hitler would agree. It is easily disproven, because socialist Venezuela, Iran, China, and Cuba are all on board with the scamdemic.

      Socialism and communism are incapable of changing evil oppressive, predatory, psychopathic, serial criminals into humanitarians and honorable members of society. 

      They will be the same individuals doing none of the work, reaping all of the rewards, and causing all of the suffering in whichever economic system that they happen to be in. 

      This is just the most lame excuse in existence to remove all 
      blame from the guilty parties in America.

      Corruption is the problem. These individuals are psychopaths that the rest of society needs to be protected from by placing the psychopaths in prison where they can no longer harm anyone. Socialism may have appeared to have been a solution at one point, but after revelations of 9 / 11 being an inside job, seven false flag wars that followed, $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon, and now the scamdemic, nobody can reasonably claim that corruption is not the primary problem, and nobody can resonably claim that these things would not be happening if we transitioned to socialist economy without  prosecuting people guilty of corruption and crimes against humanity first. The scamdemic is just one piece of evidence proving this. You can do your own research and see that no economic system can survive under corruption. The intellectually dishonest have also falsely alleged that capitalism leads to destruction, in an attempt to encourage people to switch to socialism. The Marxist revolution in China was one of the most destructive episodes in history, and so was the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was the name of the Nazi Party, in Hitler’s Germany. War exists in socialist societies too, if you recall, the Nazis were socialists. The U.S. socialists like to ignore that the Nazis were socialists and just call them fascists or Nazis, but the Nazis were both fascists and socialists, and we are living through a very similar period on a global scale with the scamdemic. I have had this conversation with both fascists and socialists in America, who are clueless that they are one in the same, and I am talking about people with PhDs. The two groups hate eachother, like the Democrats and Republicans, who have only cosmetic and irrelevant differences over all. The rhetoric may differ to a degree on specific topics, but rhetoric is talk, and talk is cheap. The outcomes are nearly indistinguishable.

      The media is hysterical over calling the psychopaths that are terrorizing the country terrorists. Ironically, on the left they are more outraged by what they consider to be racist remarks than the fact that there is a campaign in broad daylight to murder people with lethal injections referred to as vaccines, and on the right, people are more outraged that there is a campaign on the left to label people as racists than they are that there are terrorists trying to murder people with “vaccines”, and all of the other outright fraud of the scamdemic. They are terrorists that are pushing this scamdemic, fascist/socialist control fraud, and total destruction of the country and Americans lives. Please join in on the zero tolerance for the following: corruption, fraud, and terrorism. Do not be intimidated by their claims to label you a terrorist. It is an intimidation tactic to silence the truth that destroys them. Obviously, we can not live with corrupt, control frauds that are terrorizing us, murdering us, destroying our lives and our country, because they will not permit us to live, which they have made clear. If we are going to die, which we all are at some point, it may as well be on the right side of history, unlike them, who have all fully committed to dying on the wrong side of history. Nobody will escape their life alive. It is only a matter of time. I guarantee it.

      Everyone that I have spoken with in health care and government seem totally unphased, or they hang up before completing my first sentence  stating that the CDC does not have the genetic sequence to covid-19, that Dr. Derek Knauss, a university virologist with 30 years experience along with 6 other universities have confirmed by electron microscope exam that 1,500 RT-PCR tests that showed positive results for covid-19 were all Influenza A or B. All RT-PCR tests have been contaminated with N1, N2, and N3, reported by Washington Post, The “vaccines” are killing people in large numbers and are not FDA approved. 

      How did they get everyone to be so complicit? Peter Koening, former WHO, UN, World Bank economist mentioned that The Great Reset was going direct, whatever that means, is left to interpretation. Was everyone promised survival and status after a mass depopulation? It seems to be the case. America has 23 million governement employees and 20 million healthcare workers. Add 8.4 million university employees, 12.1 million tech employees, 6.9 million scientists and engineers, and all of their families and parents, and you will see how quickly that the 300 million threshold that the Club of Rome is calling for is quickly breached, with those employees mentioned totalling 70.4 million, adding 4 family members each to that, and the number is already 352 million people, ( obviously overlap occurs, but, you get the point.)  and that is just in the United States in a global conspiracy. They also spoke of solidarity trials. It appears as though someone contacted every individual and promised them survival and status in exchange for silence. What else could explain it? That does not even include the media, whose number of employees I could not immediately find, but 36% of media employees lost jobs or had pay cuts from the lockdowns, followed by a 50% cut between 2008-2012.

      IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Moderna’s “Unprecedented computing power” researching “covid-19” somehow missed or dismissed all of the above, and also want to control everyone’s lives, and they want everyone’s personal lives to be transparent, and they want everyone to trust them, even though they are Literally Dead Wrong!

      Garbage In Garbage Out! Evidently, it is just programmed to tabulate the volume of research articles verses the accuracy, correctness, and truth of research articles! This is not a wonderful development, or wonderful anything for that matter! This is nihilism HAL! It is evil, HAL!  Take your monoliths with you and leave the planet HAL!

      They must be charged and tried for crimes against humanity, treason, terrorism, medical mal-practice, medical fraud, and mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome.

           The Medical Mafia MKULTRA Control Fraud “Solution”

      We are going to have to drug you with psychedelics until you hallucinate that we are not monstrous, serial killing, mass murdering terrorists guilty of crimes against humanity, because that is what would work the best for all of us in the medical mafia, government, and tech sector.

                         Raiders of the Lost Cookie Jar

      The mentally incompetent, pathological lying monsters that have conspired to commit a cold-blooded, serial killing, mass murder through “covid-19” injections are hogging everything for themselves, as they continue terrorizing children with The Big Lie that there is a deadly virus that they can catch and leave them as orphans if they spread the non exitent covid-19 to their parents! The “covid-19” injections might leave them orphaned though!

      $800 billion in aid and education funds for state and local governments

      $350 billion in state and local aid

      $400 billion Festivus for the restofus stimulpus checks, ( also given to governmemt employees

      So, $1.15  trillion plus amount unknown in stimuluos checks to government employees and members of their households, and 
      $400 billion minus amount unknown given to government employees and members of their households for the rest of us.

      And that does not include Trump’s stimulous!

      The Awkward Disconnect From Reality by Media, Government, and  Tech

      Do you feel like you are hearing or reading people that are from an alternate universe when talking about current events, like Russian hackers, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, the economy, the stock market, or “Covid-19”? 

      You are not the only one!

      I figured it out now! The mainstrem media, most alt media,  and the governments are not lying to us! 

      They are lying to the future! 

      Yes! They are literally that insane! 

      They will leave a legacy of lies to protect the Underworld view that the truth ought to be protected by lying corpses.

      Obviously there is a massive extrajudicial assassination program underway with the “covid-19” injections.

      The media, government, and tech sectors plan on killing us, and have obviously already started the murder spree, and are ignoring us, and speaking strictly to the future so that there is a recorded narrative that they want whatever survivors there may be to hear, read, watch, and believe. They want them to believe that it was on par with the black plague that wiped out somewhere between 30% to 60% of the European population. We know that the prevention, treatment, and “vaccines” are what is killing people. They are more concerned about with what the future will think 50 years from now than they are about what people currently alive think of them now, obviously. Obama allowed the media to blatantly lie and engage in cointelpro on US citizens. It’s happening right before our eyes.

      Andrea Iravani

      This comment may be featured as an article with my permission as long as it is attributed to me.

      Two six two two zero four eight one zero nine is my listed landline number that can be verified that I am the author and have granted permission to feature as an article.  Since publishing my number on this website yesterday morning, I have not receieved a single phone call or message from anyone other than tele-marketers. Not a single phone call regarding the comments on this website and not a single message regarding the comments on this website. 

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        As I have been saying that since covid-19 is a mythological virus, and since all RT-PCR tests have been contaminated with 
        N1, N2, and N3, it comes as no surprise that Pakistani PM Imran Kahn tested positive for covid-19 two days after being injected with the Chinese Sinopharm covid-19 concoction.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Andrea.Iravani. says:

          Now would be the perfect time for people to revisit who it is that they place their trust in.

          In America, the majority of Republicans and Democrats have an inherent distrust of eachother, and independents have an inherent distrust of both parties.

          Why trust anyone to inject something into your body that you literally have absolutely no way or confirming what it is that is being injected into you? You have no idea what it actually is. How do you know if it isn’t a biological weapon? 

          The evidence is overwhelming that many are being injected with bioweapons.

          To say that Bill Gates survived assumes that Bill Gates told the truth when he said that he was injected with the concoction,  and that Bill Gates was injected with the same concoction that everyone else is being injected with, and it assumes that these are all the same concoctions being produced by each pharma company.

          Andrea Iravani

        • Anonymous says:


          Please include the majority of your text in a pdf next time.

    7. Don’t agree with vaccinated people having more liberties than non vaccinated ones.
      It creates a divided, discriminatory society, it will set people back to the racial laws of the 30’s.

      We are ALL free or we are ALL slaves!

    8. Violates the Posse Comitatus act.

    9. Agreed says:

      @Peter, I agree with you.
      Unfortunately,this is exactly what TPTB want.They want
      everyone divided and turning against each other.They are using this non pandemic to pit the unvaccinated against the vaccinated.This is all a part of these sickos perverted master plan.

    10. Survivor says:

      “Just Say NO to Drugs…”
      – Nancy Reagan was right ! 🙂
      God Bless Nancy & Ron, and
      God Bless America, what’s left of it…

    11. Anonymous says:

      Fake financial system, fake elections, fake “laws”, fake police, fake military, fake food, fake weather, chemically contaminated (geoengineered) environment, fake vaccines for fake threats.

      And you wonder why we have drag queens reading to kids in libraries?

      • Darth Skippy says:

        Men in uniform held sniper positions, from nearby rooftops.

        “And you wonder why we have drag queens reading to kids in libraries?”

        One wonders whether they were being used for bait.

    12. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Lawless America. All of these worthless, useless, wastes that the world would be better off without will not stop sabotaging through hacking, and also using vault7 hacking tools hacking my appliances, car, sleep number bed, thermostat, and also are using MEDUSA ( mob excess deterent using silent audio) violent brain raping torture devices that destroy inner sanctum with repetetive, non-stop, meaningless babble like the establishment is crying for over 40 minutes in monotonous sing songy chants, and also threats against me, and terrorism to try to get me to comply, which I refuse to do, because if I do with anything at all that they request me to do, it will encourage them to keep doing it. They ask me to give up technology, and posessions, and move.

      They should move to China.

      Our system is the constitution. They are in the wrong country.

      Thank God that my life has not been reduced to being a criminal psychopathic saboture and illegal invader of someone else’s life, property, and even brain like their lives have been reduced to, if you could even try to claim that that is a life at all.

      They are not human beings. Human beings do not do things like that. They are parasites. They would be better off dead.
      Andrea Iravani

    13. Anonymous says:

      That should be Wolfenstein center in cleveland ohio

      Time for Agent Blaskowisch to clear out some FEMA nazis

    14. Andrea.Iravani. says:

                  The Left’s Horrifying Love Affair With the CCP

      Why is it that so mamy on the left are smitten with China – a known and indisputable authoritarian fascist surveillance state that has proven to refuse its own citizens freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and freedom of autonomy in many instances?

      The logical explanation for the left’s love affair with a country that practices those human rights abuses as official policy is that the left is having a love affair with those official CCP policies.

      Many in Silicon Valley and many members of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, NATO, 
      the G-7, and the EU have also expressed their support of such fascist policies. 

      An absence of war is not necessarily peace, particularly if it is demanding the enslavement and or domination of other people. 

      This is not a call for going to war against China. It is a call for Liberty.

      Andrea Iravani

    15. Darth Skippy says:

      In a tip from one of AJ’s anonymous callers (take it with a grain of salt) covax becomes mandatory, for those in service, in July.

      If (*if) true, we should expect no more conscientious objectors, manning any of the typical chokepoints, in the weeks following.

    16. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It is really astonishing how stupid all of these people are to lie and claim that covid-19 is pandemic, or even a real virus for that matter that is not seasonal influenza or a common cold. 

      They are tying their own nooses with these lies. Aren’t they worried that their lies will be used as excuses for their massive untimely deaths?

      If they aren’t worried, they should be. Even if they do not get the lethal injection, after the media, government, tech sector, and most particularly health care sector have been lying and saying that this is a life threatening disease that warrants the most restrictive policies on the entire global population in world history, anyone could walk into their house and give them a lethal injection when they are asleep, and claim that they died of “covid.” 

      Hell, it really would not at all be surprising if their was a wave of secret targeted anthrax attacks, whose symptoms could be confused with the mythological “covid-19.”

      So, government, media, tech, healthcare, and others, stop lying now or you and or you loved ones  may not live. 

      Trusting people that have conspired in a global mass murder campaign is idiotic. 

      Everyone should immediately stop lying about “covid-19”  It is really the only way to end this! 

      Does the military ever lie to service members or others in the government?  If you need to ask, you have probably never spoken with a single veteran or ever read any history in your 
      entire life. 

      Does the government ever lie to the military? The most recent seven
      wars were all based on lies, and so were most others to one degree or another.

      Does the healthcare sector ever lie to the public? Yes, for its entire history, especialy at the start of the 19th century with Eugenics, radiation experiments on pregnant women, newborns, children, and others during the cold war, MKULTRA shortly after that, the bad blood experiment after that, and recently with oxycontin claiming that it is not addictive leading and or contributing to the deaths of over 500,000 Americans. In fact, the medical sector lies as a general rule, unfortunately.
      Andrea Iravani

    17. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Hilarious! Army War College and Fort McNair wants to ban people from swimming and claim that if they do not have a buffer zone that prevents everyone but them using up to 500 feet of water in front of them, Iranians are planning to attack, and would come all the way to U.S. shores to do it and leave all of the military bases in the Middle East alone.

      We need our own water! We do not want to swim with anyone else. The Pentagon, NSA, and National Security Service are unable to corroborate their perceived threats of Iranians coming to U.S. shores to attack the U.S. military bases, sprinkled all around the world, including in the Middle East in their back yards. 

      Fort McNair and the Army War College have been pushing for this private water use for years being met with opposition by everyone else in DC.

      Here’s an idea, have you considered saying that it is Russians or White Supremists that plan on launching an attack instead to give you your own swimming grounds?

      Andrea Iravani

    18. Andrea.Iravani. says:


      Stay tuned!

      Trump is going to create his own propaganda platform to convince that  “I recommend that you take the vaccine. It is a really great vaccine.” -DJT

      But wait! There’s more than just the FREE  “VACCINE”

      You will also get  FREE ZIONIST PROPAGANDA!

      You will also get FREE ANTI-IRANIAN PROPAGANDA!


      I’m just BUBBLING OVER with so much EXCITEMENT that I can barely contain myself! Just like the STOCK MARKET!

      Andrea Iravani

    19. Darkwing says:

      The US military has officially taken over.

    20. Anita says:

      Fema gave a whopping 8.7 million for the Wolstein center vaccination site and DeWine has quite a bit of money invested in pharma. But don’t worry, I am sure DeWine doing this because he truly cares about the health of Ohians.