Military Forces On “Near-Wartime Alert” Around Washington D.C.

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The Pentagon has ordered military forces and bases in the Washington D.C. area to “Force Protection Condition Charlie,” a threat condition that indicates “likely” targeting of military forces and or terrorist action and the second-highest alert level available.

    Are we still “trusting the plan?” Because that seems like a poor idea considering the military is “likely” to start shooting at us. We are all terrorists now, not just those “crazy conspiracy theorists” (who have been proven right, by the way) and we have all just been declared enemies of the state. It’s a war on us.

    According to a report by Newsweek, the state of “higher alert” was ordered as of 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. The order follows a rapidly moving and confusing set of statements and threats coming out of the White House in the previous 24 hours. During this period, President Donald Trump has threatened state governors with federal intervention and appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley as the commander of federal forces—a legally questionable order. Under the law, the chairman serves as the principal military adviser to the president, not a military commander.

    Isn’t martial law, or at the bare minimum, a set-up for it? And one step further, all it takes is one paid agitator to fire at a soldier, then there will be a war. It’ll be us vs. the government. It was best said by Ritchie From Boston on YouTube yesterday. The government (of which Trump is the head of) has forced us into a catch 22.  If we respond to their violence with self-defense violence, they will “light us up.” If we do not respond with violence, the military will “light us up.” We have been backed into a corner:

    The government and elitists have engineered the chaos in order to maintain a grip on power. If anything, Trump is feeding it now as well. If he cared one iota about the public, why is he putting the military on alert to go to WAR with the American public? These are tough times and require critical thinking.

    In his most recent video, Ritchie From Boston talks about how the system (the entire system, republicans, and democrats) has been used against the American public for so long, and it’s so effective that you can show people absolute proof of something, and they STILL won’t believe it. It’s called Psychological Subversion. Why do you think there’s a push to convince people that “anarchists” (remember, the word simply means an-without, and archos-rulers, so without rulers) are labeled as violent and people are told by everyone that not having sociopaths control their every move and steal from them is a bad thing? The government needs you to believe that without them ruling over you, there would be chaos and disorder. Yet, the government is putting military in the streets to fire on Americans.  I’d argue that the ruling over us by people who only mere humans themselves has led to the horrific disorder and chaos we are all now living in now. It is time to wake up and start to figure out what’s been done to you for centuries. This is all a psychological war and most Americans are losing it.

    The media has been very effective at getting people to actually bow in servitude and enslave themselves to the ruling class and political elitists. Ask yourself one question: why do you need someone to rule over you? Why should you be the slave? Start using critical thinking because it’s the only way out of this mess.

    Be safe, everyone. Godspeed.


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      1. Anarchy also means without law. Why would I want an absence of law, which is the constitution, that if all abided by, America would in fact be great if the 13th mendment would be amended to outlaw slavery in any circumstance, and amending the constitution to remove all debts to be paid with gold or silver?

        If anarchy exists, the same psychopaths that are decsending upon the protestors will then be free to continue doing that without even the possibility of any repercussions, other than possibly bigger psychopaths with bigger weapons, who might be even worse than what is currently taking place.

        You can say that in anarchy that you want to abolish the government. It is irrelevent what you call it, because throughout history certain individuals have always assumed command of the societies that they live in. If you think that that is likely to change, I think that it is extremely naive.

        I am keeping my constitutional rights and demanding equal protection under the law. I will continue to hold the guilty parties accountable. I have paid for equal protection under the law, and I am entitled to equal protection under the law, which also guarantees my constitutional rights. I refuse to compromise on those matters.

        Esper amd other Pentagon officials have spoken out against Trump imposing martial law, and very strongly. Trump can impose it. Whether the military will obey Trump or not remains to be seen.
        -Andrea Iravani

      2. Who is behind this attempted Insurrection and Pre-Planned Destruction of America?
        The commie state Politicians/Mass Media/George Soros-Bill Gates and Friends/Leftist-Communist-Globalist ENEMIES WITHIN Amerikka/-ChiCom CCP.
        The Plandemic Scamdemic Lockdown Hoax. Now riots. ARE ALL INTENTIONAL PREPLANNED EVENTS.

        “THESE are NOT Protestors that are destroying the cities.
        These are Anti-American globalist communist anarchist.
        George Soros is funding some of this. They are Anti-American CRIMINALS. Not “protestors”.

        1. Plandemic. Scamdemic.
        2. Lockdowns. With US Media SUPPORT. With TYRANT Politicians support.
        3. INTENTIONAL Economic Destruction of small business.
        4. Made up Food crises. THERE ARE NO SHORTAGE OF LIVESTOCK or field crops.
        5. Now we have Riots Looters Burners. Civillian Authorities are Allowing this.
        6. Now they are Federalising Law Enforcement and calling for US troops to move against American civilians.
        (Tyrant Lockdown Gov Abbott just did this in Texas. What right does ANY Gov have to say people can’t go to church, families “not allowed” get togethers, or conduct business to feed their families? Is Texas now Communist China, ruled by despots?).


        * * * * Do you still think this wasn’t ALL preplanned for years?

        Politicians/Globalist/Bankers will use these riots by the communist anarchist criminals to justify more TYRANNY. They will Steal/TAKE everything from you: -Freedom -Liberty -Right to worship God -Job -Business -Value of your money -Good health -and they will then TAKE your Life.
        The Beast System is HERE.
        Are you going to allow this?”

        –so censor that Tech Monopoly Tyrant Nannies–

      3. “War on us”? If it means those of “us” looting, burning stores, murdering police, and beating store owners to death…then let it be War.

      4. “War on us”? If it means those of “us” looting, burning stores, murdering police, and beating store owners to death…then let it be War.





        -Andrea Iravani

      6. STUPID and inaccurate article. Trump is NOT going to war against the Americans. …. only the COMMIES! DUH …….

      7. Something has to be done to stop those who are destroying businesses, and looting.

        I remember seeing the front page of the Indianapolis Star the morning after the Kent State shootings.

        If the military is fired upon, they will fire back.
        If I am fired upon, I will fire back.

        Those who are doing the looting are putting themselves in harm’s way.

        I will not be anywhere near the looting.
        The chances of me being fired upon by the military are very slim.

        Those doing the looting should get what they deserve. Those who accompany the looters, and get killed have no one to blame but themselves.

      8. If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.

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