Micro Doc: New World Order Truth: “Do People Really Not Understand That Our Nation Has Been Under Attack?”

by | Oct 16, 2016 | Headline News | 59 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A new micro-documentary from SGT Report exposes the New World Order and its modern day figureheads.

    Would you have the courage it would take to look the New World Order in the face – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons – and tell them exactly what you think of them?

    That’s exactly what happened at the Sunday night debate. You can say what you want about Donald Trump but one thing is absolutely certain… the man has courage… I don’t think the significance in the exchange with Hillary Clinton can be overstated… The statements of fact that Trump shared are statements of fact that millions of Americans want to say to Hillary’s face…

    But Trump is the one that said them on a global stage… You have to realize that Bill and Hillary Clinton are members of a global cartel… an international banking criminal syndicate… and standing up to them and speaking truth to them on a global stage is a moment of historical significance.

    (Watch at YouTube)

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      1. Most people can’t reconcile the fact that the Globalists are the NWO. Globalism doesn’t mean international trade. Globalism is the NWO Empire enforced by the US military. The expansion and enforcement of the NWO Empire is what destroyed our currency, our demographics, our standard of living. And they’re not done with us yet. When I hear people say we should go after those pesky Russians, I say, no! The NWO is after them, not us. The NWO is going to do to the entire world , what they’ve done to us, if no one stops them.

        • Him, One of the best post. Thank You. Personally I’ll be on the side of any force who is anti global order. Sadly that includes being against my own country. Many posts on this site by the Awaken American has shown one tribe in the center of the NWO. Such tribe must be destroyed violently and such day will arrive soon.

          • Stolz, same here. My enemies are in DC, NY, Hollyweird, City Of London.

          • As it is said SV — “got your back” buddy. Now, who we got to act flank?

          • I’ve been pointing this fact out for years here, on this subject. Example after example. And why Russia kicked out all Joows from any meaningful government positions and re-strengthened Christianity in Russia. He saw first hand what the tribe has done to America. That’s why Russia has no need to Attack America, all he has to do, is make up a big batch of popcorn, sit back and watch the US implode all by itself, as it is currently doing. Some get this Fact. And some just want war and more enemies cause they hate everything. Miserable psychopaths.


            • Preper Tip, FYI: I do Not ever yet recall this info posted here so…Just remember when you see various Photo’s and Video’s of Foriegn folks and source’s.

              And they hold signs or protest signs and slogans etc…

              You Must be Very discerning when you see such photos and images, and by discerning I mean.

              IF said protesters signs and the videos show wording written in English….Well, Unless it is a Certainty and a Fact that a particular Video or sign held is pointed Directly At Americans as some type Message they wish us to know or realize?

              Like for example an Iraq citizen at a huge protest holds a sign or many hold protest slogan signs written in English?

              Unless some type info or fact is first presented that shows it is directly meant for americans to understand it..

              Then it is very likly a Propaganda sourced scam swindle sign…You see this in most Every Geroge Soros’ Paid provocetuer carried protest signs regardless which nation it is done at…Now Why would Any protester person have any signs written in English if they and their entire nations peoples speak/read/write ANY Other language besides English eh?

              Only One reason can make any sense at all as to why somebody would hold a sign in a langage they do not speak nor understand…Ie: In order to Propagandize YOU the American viewer!

              Example: I’d expect we soon shall be seeing Many various globalwide mass protests in odd places, with many protester signs held that have an Anti-Russia and Anti-Putin type wording that is written in English.

              Even though the persons doing that protest and holding said signs speak and write and read Swahellie!

              or French or Arabic etc etc.

              I have witnessed this phenom many times when viewing various protests in Other countires on TV news shows, and seen it also in yutube videos and website type videos of protesters around the world.

              Yet I never as yet have read or heard it anywheres mentioned as to what I stated Here now about it.

              Why is that? This Fact alone also causes me to suspect Foul Play when it is never discussed on the same tv news shows that air these protesters and zoom in the tv camaras at precicely those english written signs eh.

              So just a FIY and Heads Up so You and Your’s be very discerning and do Not ever get bamboozzeled and scammed into belief that it is just another, “Coincidence” those NON english speakers carry signs wrote in English and its being Broadcast To USA Homes Tv sets!

              Just picture in Somolia Africa, on FOX TV hannity show, ten thousand afrcian somlolians at some anti war protest, and every Tenth sign is written in Bold lettered English and fox tv camaras make sure You see plenty of it too.

              And by sheere “coincidence” Every english writen sign a somolie tribesman holds is a Vile slanderous anti-Putin statement! Like maybe “Get Russia and Putin OUT of Aleppo! or out of Syria!”

              As if some backwards somolian cannable even is aware of where syria is on a Map! Or he spells perfect english on his protest signs!

              Wakey Wakey whiteboy do Not get fooled again!

              Today, 99% of Everything as seen on TV or as spoken by usa or EU polititions and msm media speech or print alike, is almost always the exact opposite of real Truth and facts!…

              ps: Remember to teach them Little ones aka Your children these important issues also, otherwize why even bother to worry for the usa’s future eh?

          • but its not against your own country . It’s against a rogue government that has stolen the country from us . A lawless bunch to say the least and they are hell bent on destroying us . We represent free thinking and prosperity and that cant be tolerated by a global government . I hope there are enough of us with the back bone to take them down . I hope its not to late . Our country is filled with pussified slackers who are perfectly content to be led by this bunch

            • Islander: Yes what you stated is true…That, IE: it aint We the People in usa but rather it IS them what has Hyjacked usa fed govnt controls etc and sociaty and usa cultural controls.

              Yet same as when the Rain falls it lands upon Both the good and bad folks land and homes and heads.

              So to shall the Wrath when it falls upon the usa due to those few Hyjackers and nation wreckers doing it all.

              And this goes Double whammy reality if usa ever is attacked or bombed by any other powerfull nations in order to, put a final Halt once and for all to whats being constantly done by said nation wrecker hyjacker bunch.

              In laymans terms…Expect Much more overall national dammages and deaths besides just done to those few in control. it is just the way it always is and has been and likly shall be here also if it ever happens.

              Just one More great good reason usa folks Must act in some way soon to avoid the inevitable via failure to act.

              And its going to take somebody far smarter than I or probably most everyone else here at shtf, to come forth with a workable real plan or true leadership others will follow. Let us Hope it or he surfaces asap soon eh!

              • collateral damage is what keeps those of us with loved ones from starting this fight .We have seen the destruction over seas and cant imagine it in our own back yard . I wish to spare my kids and grand kids that horror .

        • @ Him,

          Yeah, my enemies aren’t in Moscow. They’re in Wash DC, London, Bern, NY, etc., etc.

          My awakening began it seems like forever ago, but I can pinpoint 1996 when I read The Creature from Jeckle Island.

          I try to be patient with those still slumbering and subject to the Cabal’s Hegelian Dialectic. But how long? Can we all wake up before the bastards obliterate the planet?

          Not a lot of time left….

          • Slap, the dialect has worked for a long long time. I don’t think people are going to wake up to it anytime soon sad to say. Too few, too late, I love humanity, it’s people I hate lol.

        • The New World Order can be eliminated overnight … and at 500 yards.

          We are all SEAL TEAM AMERICA !!! 🙂

          • Roger that!!! Seal Team AMERICA!!!

            • Chicago Gets Serious About Sky-High Murder Rate By Banning WESTERN COWGIRL PLAYSET, Other Toys

              ht tp://dailycaller.com/2016/10/16/chicago-gets-serious-about-sky-high-murder-rate-by-banning-western-cowgirl-playset-other-toys/

              • Ky Mom, thanks needed a laugh this morning!
                That ought to work,lol!Damn!How stupid can people be?
                Be well all!
                Maniac –out

                • KY Mom: And I bet that anti violence plan was spearheaded and/or promoted huge by none other than Chicagos Mayor!

                  One,Mayor, Rohm Emanual! AKA Back a few years ago when Rohm finally finished his college degree in Ballet Danceing!! Complete with yutube videos and photos of Rohm Attired in a Pink Fluffy TuTu like ballet female dancers wear!!

                  Once he earned his dance degree, a masters no Less!

                  Rohm decided it was high time he joined the Military!

                  but not just Any old miliarty no no no folks.

                  Rohm exited usa and went straight to Join the Israeli IDF army for Two full years duty of shooting Dead tiny 4 and 5 year old Palestinians and a few of their parents too for much Fun and Sport! oh and also due to them small little kiddies were tossing stones/rock’s almost as large as their tiny hands at a few IDF soldiers who force barred them kids from Passing thru various gates and check points designed to fuck with and demoralize palestinains that refuse to leave their homelands formore jewdeo settlements being built, at usa taxpayer fundings.

                  And NOw hes Mayor of usa’s worst black savages violence ever yet seen! And bans on girls cowboy toysets is going to be the real deal fixit agenda eh Rohm?

                  How in the world did Rohm ever get elected to ANYTHING at all?..One gander look see at his very black beedy eyed stare, and overall demented disheveld discombobulated appearence generally as seen on tv is enough to make any normal folk Puke and Puke till they cannot Puke any longer eh!

                  Chicago Rohm, savage blacks, and all the rest there is the worldwide Joke city bar none. Nobody can Pay me enough cash to ever drive thru it even! Unless I was installed in an armored truck at the helm of a big .308 Belt-Fed with its barrel hanging out the side of truck and with at least 50,000 rnds .308 ready for use!

        • That is correct simply because PM Putin has denounced everything that an NWO would bring upon Russia, and all nations, and he’ll have no part in it …and so they’ll press him into World War 3 if they must, BECAUSE THEY MUST – – or they’ll lose all of the billions already spent thusfar on all these insanities. This is another ‘staged play’ – – and not to be taken seriously or something would have erupted by now, and it hasn’t.

          I ain’t eff’ing believing that ANYONE IN THE WORLD actually thinks they are somehow better than the next guy and therefore the next guy needs to die, in fact, about 90 billion need killing or we are going to run out of oxygen, and the sun is going to roast us like a Weiner Dog and Jesus is coming and man is He PISSED! *Let us hope he has a sense of humor there…

          • “…in fact, about 90 billion need killing…
            We better get the birth rate way up first since there’s only about 7 billion alive right now.

        • Even the best laid plans have flaws. The question is, are those that have access to EACH countries military machines BRAVE & INTELLIGENT enough to fight for planet earth against the Satanic NWO?

          I state my question in that manor in hopes that everyone will take time to analyze what I’m revealing to them. Simply stated, if America falls, so goes the rest of the world. So if your with the UN Armed Forces or any armed forces for that matter, Even ISIS, it is in your best interest to fight against the NWO masters. It doesnt matter which country your from because the NWO intends to pit each country against itself snd others by creating False Flags in each country in order to inject UN troops into the mix.

          Simply stated again, being from different countries these UN troops will have little sympathy toward the civilians of other countries because “It’s Not Their Country”
          that their attacking. Matter-of-fact it will only be when their country is up for take over that they will realize that they have litterally committed suicide on a planetary scale. The end result will be exactly what the Satanic NWO set out to acheive, World dominance.

          However, there is a way to prevent the NWO take over. Simply spread the word among all soliders, regardless of which country your from, that once you start the wheels moving in the wrong direction there is no stopping the NWO take over. Therefore you must act on the side of caution and refuse to attack any civilians in any country.

          Matter-of-fact all soliders from all countries must rebell against any of their superiors issuing orders that requires turning on civilians of any nation. At that point, rather than fighting each other, every solider from every country must assist every other soldier from every country to defeat the NWO politicians and the 1%ers who control the banking cartel.

          At that point the entire world will truly belong to the people of each nation and the benifits will present themselves. First there will be an entirely new form of international understanding and harmony. Those who created all the turmoil for financial gain will no longer be in controll. Second, each country will have opportunity to establish its own economic path without international banking interference which will end interest on Fiat currencies. Thats just the tip of the iceberg.

          With that said, what we all must watch for is y he first False Flag. Luckily the NWO is so arrogant that they have already exposed themselves. It will begin in America under the false guise that Russia has placed Malware in American voting machines. Well the Malware is already there but it was put there by the current NWO tyrants, not the Russians. This False Flag will be their excuse to start a war between Russia & America. The Middle East and China will see this as an opportunity to take over the world thereby expanding the war. The result is these major powers will fight for world dominance. The NWO will freely push their “FIAT” currency into the mix until they are in complete control. Simply put, We The People of planet earth will have committed suicide because the NWO Conned us with a worthless Idealogy know as a “FIAT” Currency.

          So I ask all the people and soliders of planet earth, is it worth billions of our deaths to establish a Satanic New World Order to which the few remaining survivors will be enslaved to that NWO? Perform your analysis and pledge your word to the Almighty that We The People of Earth will destroy the NWO before we will take a single civilians life from any nation.

          Here is PROOF for RESOLVE of what I’ve just revealed.
          Under American Law, LEGAL PROCEDURES are established to resolve all discrepancies which includes VOTER FRAUD.
          Under international law LEGAL PROCEDURES are established to resolve discrepancies which includes VOTER FRAUD.

          In this process, even if a foreign power is involved, no one looses any of their rights. No one is forcibly removed from their domicile and relocated to any government holding facilities. No one is imprisoned without due process. And above all No one is killed or sent to war to kill others.
          So, if you have an entity such as the DNC & NWO threatening violence or war for tampering with an election without having any proof for the world courts, thereby purposely disregarding due process, then that entity is guilty of instigating ILLEGAL acts of violence. The inescapable evidence of their guilty can be established by review of historical text which references such acts.
          Exhibits A: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.
          1. False Flag Occourance.
          2. The More unbelievable (Bigger) the
          lie the easier to convince others.


        • Spot on! I and many others who have researched and studied the NWO, have known of this collusion between the Wh. (Obama was placed in the ofc. through the chicanery of the globalists). WTP need to Wake Up and realize who the real enemy is to America and her freedoms. If Hillary wins (only by Voter Fraud), civil war will raze this country like never before.

        • Yes, and under the same banner of globalism comes the same marketing of the same idea’s from the 1930’s designed to appeal to the idealism of youth. These include the Global Warming meme as man made instead of a natural solar system wide event. It includes the planting and seeding of the idea that individual rights are not as important as those of a majority, which is pure communism since the Bill of Rights is all about the supreme rights of the individual. Hillary has virtually quoted the same words of national socialism when she says that the rights of the individual are not as important as those of the rest of society. That’s about as Un-American as you could possibly get. Globalism is disguised socialism, which is a disguise to make all individuals servants of the self appointed overlords and to reduce every individual to the lowest common denominator. We know this cannot work. German proved what happens when a war lord gets control over such a society and Stalin proved what happens when a psychopath gets control over such a society. Now we are faced with the same threat and it’s coming from the mainstream media as propaganda and from politicians who have no place inside a free society.

        • Do you believe that Trump will stop them with his constant blabbering about Israel (who are the catalysts behind the NWO)?

          Its Kabuki and Trump is the Likudnik POTUS candidate, which means anything and everything for Israel (by extension, for jews).

          Nothing changes.

          Americans are idiots for not seeing the obvious.

        • I don’t have ear plugs (at library)… would love to know what Trump said!

          I did see someone on the bus wearing a “Hillary for Prison” shirt. On the back it said “prisonplanet.com”… would love to buy one like it!

      2. Sad but they probably will steal the election from the People and Trump. After that lock and load…

        • Time to demand safeguards to prevent the election from being rigged.

        • That is one thing for sure. Civil war worse than the first one.

      3. one factor that isn’t mentioned. The USA military and government pays for the NWO wars. The USA funds NATO And The USA goverment is broke and deep in debt. So that’s the silver lining if there is a finiancial collapse. The Whole NWO Agenda 21 plan is over. They only ruined Venesualias oil industry and are against Russia becoming a world player in the oil exports to prop up the UN petro dollar. The world would be a better place today if commie Churchill and roozevelt had never been born.

        • The Beast is not dead. Any entity that can create money out of thin air has a perpetual funding machine. If that money “dies” they have the authority to create “new money”.

          No “Financial Collapse”. Financial Change.

          The coming crash is only a Deflationary Depression to impoverish and control the masses, cull the herd of the non-compliant, and transfer the wealth of the leveraged into the deep pockets of the deep state New World Order.

          Deplorable isn’t it ??? 🙂

          • DK, agreed. Just like the last depression, they will bankrupt everyone and steal their assets at firesale prices.

      4. Didn’t Donald promise to abolish FRNs and issue usury-free money?

        Oh, wait….he didn’t say that?

        Then you are still a debt serf and will continue to be one for the forseeable future, Donald or not.

        As long as the coin of the realm is a private bank debt note, you will continue in your slavery.

        If no one running for election is talking about this, they are not proposing any real solutions…only more of the same. Picking around the margins instead of tackling the REAL problem is not going to work.

        • @ JRS,

          Hmm, more controlled opposition? I must admit, they’re putting on a good show; attacking the Don. Like the bankers ‘attacking’ the Federal Reserve legislation in 1913?

          Gotta wonder…

          Well hopefully mankind awakens & reclaim their power.

          • I think most people will be awakened when the artillery fire wakes them up.
            God bless the early risers!

        • JRS, as usual you hit the bulls eye.

          • You can claim that Trump is managed opposition but to date no one has opened more eyes to TPTB / NWO than him. TPTB have historically preferred far less exposure. Regardless I’ll take what I can get with Trump and will not vote for a fake Libertarian, Green or anyone else.

            • Kevin2, Ron Paul did a lot himself to awaken people to TPTB/NWO. Ron Paul opened the door partially and Trump opened it the rest of the way. TPTB threatened Ron Paul and his family with death before the Republican convention in 2008. I appreciated the man’s efforts but he didn’t really stand a chance back then. Trump is our LAST CHANCE for peaceful change in this country. He’s more of a marked man now than ever before. I believe the next several weeks will become more ‘interesting’ than we’d like. I’m willing to give Trump a chance.

              • Congressman Larry McDonald MD predated them all. No threat with him as they got him and took a couple of hundred with him. Ron Paul another physician certainly was at the spearpoint and Rand, coincidentally another physician was by far my first choice. I do wish it was Rand Paul against Hillary. Try to get dirt on a man that performs eye surgery for free in the third world. He would be getting 80% of the Sanders supporters too.

            • Boy I sure hope the Secret Service can keep Trump safe for a long time. He will pick up where JFK left off. Rest his poor soul. Murdered.

              ~WWTI… And we funded these POS $38 Billion. WTF?

              • I LMAO on that one. Secret Service! To the rescue! A subsidiary of the Treasury Dept.

                • Dept. of Treasury… A Fed Reserve corporation all rights reserved…

        • Actually, should the next president be coming to the table with exact plans and goals, meet-a-ble ones, to ensure all that needs doing gets done – kids and women and seniors first. He’s going to need a list of things that need to be created because he’ll need to create a need for whatever it is we’ll be creating. Looks to me he’ll be made to be the most useless president as he’s hardly the Country Boy type that can work this country back up and into pulling her own load, from our own steel, cars, tar, coal …every damned thing that has been removed from America should be replaced (and everything brought in should have their asses run right back out). *Hey, they wouldn’t be any nicer to me if I were in THEIR damned country. (Mexico IS a mean-ass place to be, Mexico City is beyond belief …and I though Miami was insane with their ‘high-way fire-fights’ (that’s what I call Road Rage)! Gawd!

      5. People are Lazy unless Trouble is Biteing on the Ass people Just Refuse to See it

        • sam

          90+ % of people think at things (if they think at all) and not through them. This makes false flags highly effective. Most people desire to believe those that have power over them if not the individual than at a minimum the system its in. Its a collective Stockholm Syndrome. The alternative, regardless how much proof is presented, is ignored and excuses of, “They’re dumb” generally directed at the other party keeps the faith in the overall institution. Even when you point out that we have been governed by every possible combination of Democrat and Republican including all of each including the While House to no avail our decline is not systemically linked. The idea that the government has been hijacked is just too damn frightening for them to accept.

      6. On September 23, 2010, Clinton emailed Lynn Forester de Rothschild (an email chain marked by heavy redaction) saying, “I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full court press on keeping the Middle East negotiations going …”
        Read more at ht to://thefreethoughtproject.com/searched-hillarys-emails-indicted-win-presidency/#3dBiDVaafS5Lm7rP.99

        Satori, Why would our Secretary of State have to explain to anyone what her plans are? The educated know where her interests lie.

        If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit..

        • My oldest says AIR CAV ,but to each his own!
          Be well!
          Maniac –out

      7. Personally, I think Trump is controlled opposition. Billionaires don’t reveal anything unless the trillionaires allow it.

        As for these Satanists, at least to some degree, they will tell us the truth because they need our compliance to carry out their agenda. It also has something to do with the rules they play by.

        Just like Obama, the Satanists will give the people the one that most represents a Savior as this mentality can easily be manipulated into believing any bullshit the Savior tells them. Strong emotion and adulation of the Savior overrides the rational mind.

        There is no Savior to make things right. Each individual must be their own Savior and at all levels not comply with orders handed down by Satanic psychopaths. This is the only way to have a chance at living in peace and harmony with one another.

        The Great culling awaits. If you think Trump is going to save you from it, you’re kidding yourself. If this megalomaniac is given the power, he will help instigate it.

        That’s really the only difference between Trump and Hillary. He has yet to attain the malevolent status she has had due to having the power of unleashing the trained killers of government to enforce her Master’s will.

        If you have someone kill another as a private citizen, you go to jail. If you have someone kill millions while being part of the government hierarchy, you get a medal.

      8. I watched that video all the way to the end.

        I already knew that President Truman had received an offer of surrender from Japan prior to his bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I already knew that Truman was a Mason of the 32nd degree, and directly after the bombings he was rewarded by being inducted as a Mason of the 33rd degree. What I did not know was that the target of the bomb was the largest Christian Cathedral in Japan along with the largest assembly of Christians in Japan.

        This only further indicts Free Masonry as an Anti-Christ powerful club, beating down the world.

        Also, some interesting info on Rothschild’s control of weather and dissemination of weather forecasting via their ownership of the weather channel; along with implications for controlling populations (FEMA camps?), making money, effecting elections.


      9. The two detonations were “pissholes in the snow” compared to the destructive powers of the largest warheads atop those ICBMs (land or sub-launched). I believe that those who are wishing for such a thing would be screaming ‘don’t do it’ if they could have a sneak preview of the devastation that would ensue. At such a point in time, survival would become an absolute need (any and all aspects of it), and not something “nice to have.”

        This is cause to worry for the many…

        • One Russian “SATAN” ICBM can destroy the State of Texas +. Just one.

      10. Most Americans also do not understand their nation has been attacking other countries for a long time

      11. Wow. So many chest puffers, so little time. I have one simple question for the chest puffers on this site:


        Yeah, that’s what I thought. At home in your comfy chair watching NETFLIX/NASCAR/DANCING WITH THE HAS BEENS.

        You did NOTHING. Nothing to stop any of this.

        But keep on counting your beans and bullets and puffing your chests. That always works.

        • I was wondering where they were when Bush was elected.

        • No chest puffer here but I couldn’t agree more with you, big examples of chest puffers here who wouldn’t know what to do if someone shot a paint ball at them, never mind a live round.

        • Well Stormy you also did NOTHING? Where the heck where you when the halfrican was elected? Im 65 and this shit started way before I was born. I like many others did the best we could with what we had to work with. And will continue do so until something better comes along. Your critisism accomplishes nothing. Get out there and show us how its done. Your likely nothing more than a armchair quarter back also.

      12. “Our lives are controlled by a small group of psychopaths.” That small group of psychopaths are behind and financing Hitlary Clinton. To find out (SO MUCH) more, go here:

        THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, Hillary, the Pope & the NWO/JWO http://sgtreport.com/2016/10/the-final-destruction-of-america-jfks-1961-prophecy-exposes-obama-hillary-pope-the-nwo/

        Read the comments. Follow the links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

      13. Can’t just preach to the choir got to get the word out better.

      14. the nation has been under attack for 50 years where the hell has everyone been? you are too damn late now to the talking about it, the damage has already been done to destroy the country and it is happening, oh well it didnt matter then and it dont matter now because america is full of fing traitors

      15. I am a great admirer of Nazi Germany: it was the most innovative, modern society in its time. They broke new ground in all areas – science, engineering, medicine, geopolitics, genetics, rocketry etc. This was why the US and the Soviet Union both stole this intellectual property and used it to create the prosperity periods of the 1950s and 1960s. Name it – landing on the moon, US global hegemony, the Vietnam war etc. – and it could not have been done without Nazi thinking. We have been living on the fumes of that period today and this is the main reason why we are seeing dead economic growth and social and economic decline.

        And this is the main reason why the Reich must rise again: the world needs to enter a new renaissance of thinking and doing. Glorious architecture that levitates the human spirit; heroic deeds that raise mankind. Intellectual feats so far unheard of. But this is being blocked by many ignorant groups – the so-called ‘deplorables’, the kneegrows, the third world gimme dats etc.

        We need the one true global candidate to get in and auger in this special period. So many technologies need driving forward, so much science is being squandered by the current stagnation brought about by the iron grip of interest groups and a fear of offending minorities etc. We can eliminate all genetic diseases; no longer do children need to be born with handicaps or mental or physical deficiencies. They can truly all be supermen and superwomen. We are there with the science. We can also bring the global population – finally – in balance with our planet and its resources. We can focus on the best people and truly make the human experience a wonderful one. None of this is possible if we allow populations to continue to grow out of control in much of the world. It is not possible if people are allowed to be born with low IQs or from poor quality groups. Today, the only country that even comes close to these ideals is China.

        No longer do populations need to be ugly or obese. High quality human forms can be guaranteed when the egg is fertilized. We are at a cross roads: create a renaissance like the Nazis did with the one true global candidate, or see the planet boil over in ignorance, filth, hatred, war and violence.

        I know who I would vote for to make this happen.

      16. Frank, I am inclined to agree. Why have a planet overpopulated with low IQ mudsharks. Most people freak out at the mention of such an idea and they are the ones that perpetuate the death of earth and the acceptance of stupidity and ignorance. Let those who are alive now live out their life and save 4-5 hundred million exceptional people to replace them. Dig all the banned tech out and have free energy and planet friendly goods. It truly would be as close to paradise as we will ever be but the mudsharks won’t hear of it. Thanks for posting this ideology, it is in reality about the only way to ever have a long term planet supporting, healthy, educated, happy (as long as it isn’t ruled by psycos)place. But it seems we are doomed to wallow in shit forever because of the ignorance and irresponsibility of mudsharks 🙁

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