Michael Savage Warns: Civil War Could Break Out If Trump Is Removed From Office

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    There’s no doubt at this point that America probably hasn’t been this divided along political lines since the Civil War. And that of course raises an obvious question. Does this mean that we’re on the brink of another civil war in this country?

    So far it has appeared that if there is to be another civil war, it will likely be started by the Left. That has been made abundantly clear since Trump took office. The political fueled violence that we’ve seen on the streets of America this year has been initiated almost exclusively by the far left, and we hardly ever saw that kind of behavior from conservatives when the legislative and executive branches were run by liberals. They’ve clearly been the most aggressive and intolerant force in America for a long time, so they are the most likely to spark a war.

    But the populist-right shouldn’t be ruled out in this regard. Just because they’ve been largely peaceful, doesn’t mean their behavior won’t turn on a dime under the right conditions. After all, everyone has a breaking point, and for them the most likely breaking point would be if Trump were forcibly removed from office by any means.

    Conservative talk show host Micheal Savage recently offered a similar sentiment last week, when he spelled out how the “deplorables” who helped elect Trump would likely respond if the media and the political establishment managed to unjustly pull Trump out of the White House.

    Referring to a 1939 novel, Savage told his listeners Friday that “The Day of the Locust”  will come and people will “resort to mob violence” when they “are finally aware of the fact that they’ve been tricked by their society, and that no matter how hard they work as middle class people” they are denied.

    “That is what’s going to happen in this country,” Savage said. “You have not yet seen mob violence in this country. You’ve seen some mob violence instigated by George Soros’ mobs. … But you haven’t seen the thing I’m telling you is coming in this country. You haven’t seen the ‘Day of the Locust’ yet.”

    “The Day of the Locust” is a 1939 novel by Nathanael West that features an artist from Yale who comes to Hollywood and creates a painting called “The Burning of Los Angeles.” The painting captures the despair of Americans who worked and saved their entire lives but failed to realize the American dream, prompting anger that boils over into destruction and mob rule.

    Savage added that if Trump is pulled from office, the people who voted for him would “turn this society upside down.”

    The civil war, he said will “start slowly, but it will be like Fort Sumter, which started with one cannon shot.”

    “I’m warning you. All of you leftists who think you’re going to steal our vote, you’re wrong,” Savage said.

    “We’ve had it up to here. We’ve put up with your garbage in the universities. We’ve put up with your filth coming out of your filth factories in Hollywood. We’ve put up with your hatred that comes out of your newspapers. We’ve put up with your filth and your hatred coming out of CNN,” he said.

    “But if you do the next step and steal our president, I warn you. You’ve seen nothing yet. You will see the ‘Day of the Locust’ in this country.”

    It’s easy to see how that could happen. For many Americans living in what most liberals would call “flyover country,” those who have been left behind by globalist policies that only benefited the affluent liberal urbanites, Trump was a vote of desperation. They had tried voting for establishment candidates for decades and watched their communities rot away nonetheless. They’re tired, angry, and poor, but finally have a glimmer of hope that their situation could improve.

    Trump is their last chance for a modicum of prosperity. If he’s pulled from office, or as Savage might not like to consider, if he becomes co-opted by the establishment or completely fails to achieve what he promised, they may not have much to lose.


    The “Extremism Experts” Who Used To Fear The Right, Are Now Worried About The Left

    It’s Getting Ugly: Portland Police Confiscate Knives, Bricks, And Brass Knuckles At Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally

    The Simple Reason Why A Second Civil War May be Inevitable


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      1. Target rich environment

        • Micheal Wiener (savage) is nothing but a bullshit fake assed chew lover. He screens his calls and anyone who has an uncomfortable topic is hung up on. I tried to call him once about the fed reserve and his buttboys that filter anything important said they would tell him and hung up. This asswipe is such a fraud with his stupid stories of growing up and other shit. If he even tried to broadcast any real evidence he would be dead. But then the masses just think he is so smart and parrot his bullshit because they aren’t smart enough to develop their own theories or investigate anything it’s pathetic. OH IM DOCTOR SAVAGE? You mean wiener don’t you? (his real name). So being a “doctor” means your smart? Fuck him and his curtain of bullshit, he’s a punk for the nwo….

          • This fookin fraud hangs up on EVERYONE that poses any serious questions he doesn’t want to answer. I used to listen to him for a while and he just pissed me off with his absolute censorship of any real questions. Not me but EVERY CALLER THAT POSED A GOOD QUESTION! What does that tell you about his credibility? HE HAS 0!

            • Yup and the little perv used to ask women who called him up while on the air, what color panties were they wearing.

              • I didn’t know he used to be a Liberal Left Mental Midget, asking about a woman’s under garments! I knew that Liberals were perverts like that but…..

          • Grow up. It’s his show he can do what he wants. Nearly every caller is an imbecile and his hanging up on callers is a shtick for the show. It’s entertainment. I started listening to him years ago when he was local in the Bay Area. He was a hippie liberal when he was young and turned himself around. He’s a Jew, a good one, and super rich from Rock Star energy drinks (his son runs the company and mom and dad invested heavily).

            Stop whining like liberal crybabies. Get your own show. See if millions listen. Write a dozen bestsellers. See if millions read. I sincerely doubt it.

          • I think he has a doctorate in nutrition. Whooptie shit.

          • Does he ever mention what group owns our media, Hollywood, Big banks, 40% Supreme Court , ?% congress, circuit judges ,federal judges and the FED? And their obvious incompetence?

        • Watch what you say here, as this is another Daniel Lang CIA Psyopp, Honey Pot article to suck you into saying something stupid. Don’t believe anything you hear or read, and only half of what you see.

          Our Tyrannical Government has been ripping off ALL Americans and Polluting the minds of half the population into Commie Socialism in part for divide and conquer the population strategy. Been doing that since the 1950’s -60’s “Operation Mockingbird” And the Media Lies. They can’t help themselves. Any Civil War? Its going to be the US Citizens removing this “Off the Rails” Government including the CIA. Not a Right/ Left fight. We will remove all the American Hating Parasites like the Deep State from this country, and politicians. By Hook or Crook. I am not sure why the CIA hates America so much??? They need to be defunded and defanged permanently. They Killed JFK so they could get their permanent War machine off and running. The US has attacked nearly half of all Countries on the Globe in the last 50-60 yrs. And most instigated by the CIA who hates humanity. The CIA created ISIS. The CIA is the worlds largest drug dealer.

          • It hardly matters at this point does it?

            Fat Boy Kim is gonna do a head fake with nukes and then have some of his boys take out a few power stations and release biochem weapons in our ports or some shit or another.

            LOOK AT THE NUKES LOOOOK!!!!!!!!

            And in the magician’s OTHER hand???


            And we won’t be able to do dick about it because Russia and China will hand us our ass if we do.

            It’s that or we’re going to do a pre-emptive strike and China’s going to respond by dumping all our Treasuries.

            Either way… this is all sorts of bad shit about to go down. And I thought this guy ran on an “anti-war” “isolationism” platform. Well that… lasted for… months… sigh.


            Just great.

            Rioting is the least of our problems. LOL riot why, to make us that much easier to invade? Good plan…

        • Best thing to do if Kim Jung Un-stable nukes you is to stack all of your 20mm ammocans full of cases of 22 long rifle ammo all around you and above you and hide under it for 2 to 3 days until the secondary radiation lowers. The steel, lead, and brass will shield you. Best use for 22 lr stock pile I know of.

        • Speaking for myself, but just knowing in my, that millions feel exactly what Savage has said – when you consider the ‘ state of no return condition the Nations in fiscally, politically, and just how many of the enemies within there actually are and how their socialist ideology has been allowed to rot America from the inside – most have such a sense of loss that there really is no going back..all we can do now is survive the coming chaos and hopefully, dust off the Constitution and Republic for which it stands and start over !


        • Wrong. The American People never learned sh*t. Not after JFK. Not after Bobby. Not after Martin Luther King. Not even after Nixon. Not after the Clintons. Not after the Bushes. Not after the Crash of 2008-09. Not after the Obamas (Michelle is up for the presidency in 2020 “’cause it’s her turn.”).

          It is the professional politicians that need to get straight with the American People. And that will never happen — even if Yellowstone blows. Even if a 10.0 hits California. Even if ten Hurricane Katrinas hit New Orleans. Even if North Korea, China, Russia and Iran nuke the United States.

      3. I just learned something from an interview with Dennis Wise, documentarian who produced “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told”, one on Communism, and one on Free Masons.

        When Hitler put Rothschild in prison, he negotiated with the Rothschilds for money. The Rothscilds offered a couple hundred thousand. Hitler countered with some hundreds of millions. The offer was accepted. Hitler rebuilt Germany and Austria. Not a bad deal.

        So there you go, Trump. Find a Rothschild and MAKE A DEAL. The price has gone up. We are in the trillions now.

        If this bs government deep state keep f_cking up, it won’t be civil war, it will be a coup to take back our government, our Country, our currency.

        Then the dominoes will fall. Europe will push back, and South Africa, around the world. It will be either the death of the NWO, or …


        • B from CA, are we Patriots vs. Survivalist/Preppers. Because it seems to me that the two are at cross purposes.

          I thought prepper sought to be the “Grey Man”, invisible, not a target. While Patriots will be targets because they oppose the NWO powers that be. That promises to provide a shorter life expectancy.

          All I’m saying is that there seem to be two groups of people on this site and they have different GOALS.

          • Justice: With all due respect. You have been watching too many American Revolution and American Civil War movies (all staring people like Mel Gibson, Daniel Day Lewis, and other foreign actors).

      4. Micheal Savage is a joke.
        Unfortunately we probably won’t be having a civil war any time soon. You’re all going to have to learn to live with your liberal neighbors for another few years. That means you, Donny.
        Here’s the situation. One side has literally millions of firearms and billions of bullets. The other side can’t even figure out which bathroom they should be using. Ya’ll do the math.

      5. These are the most stupidest comments I have ever read, what a bunch of morons

        • Try saying something intelligent yourself. Jackass.

      6. Let the facts of “Dr.” Savage speak for themselves: (from Wiki) Savage was born Michael Alan Weiner in the Bronx, New York, one of three children of Benjamin and Rae Weiner, Jewish emigrants from Russia. Education – Queens College(B.S.)University of Hawaii at Mānoa (M.A., M.S.)University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.).[University of Hawaii in medical botany and medical anthropology, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in nutritional ethnomedicine.] So? Even if you don’t like him, he is who he says he is. Unlike many who comment.

      7. B of CA nails it. If this bs government deep state keep f_cking up, it won’t be civil war, it will be a coup to take back our government, our Country, our currency.

        Then the dominoes will fall. Europe will push back, and South Africa, around the world. It will be either the death of the NWO, or …

        I pretty much said the same thing above before I read your comment B of CA. We get it, and so should you. Been connecting the dots way too long here to convince me otherwise. They hate us posting daily facts and observations. That means we are right on target calling out their shit.

      8. The CIA works on behalf of the Deep State Globalists and Banksters. They follow the Money and who keeps them fed. They do not work for in any form, on behalf of the American People, nor our US Constitution or Bill of Rights. Way too much power and money in the wrong hands of Psychopaths. All they are focused on, is creating conflict, chaos, death, genocide, psyopps and poisoning populations with harmful drugs, and setting up dictators who will allow their coutries to be raped and pillaged for the Deep State. Want to know why G Soros is not sitting in prison? He is destroying Nations so he is a friend of the CIA. The CIA hates America and as one EX CIA official who recently confessed on he deathbed, his job was to set up the demolitions to blow up WTC 7 o 9-11. They do not ask questions, just follow orders for paycheck. They are loyal to Greed only.

        Any Real Patriot in their real right mind would have exposed the 9-11 Scam.

      9. Nobody is going to man the barricades for Trump. He campaigned as a populist and nationalist, but once in office has wasted no time being subsumed into the swamp. While he’s still a vast improvement over Crooked Hillary, he is shaping up to be a severe disappointment and an erratic, blustering buffoon. That does not inspire trust or confidence in the man. Rabble-rousers like Savage cynically spew their bile and doom-mongering, and make good money doing it, but don’t believe a word of their own bullshit.

        • Hang in there with Trump Young Otis. You think Trump could waltz in there on day one, flip the switch on the drain plug, so your ego would feel good about itself and how you voted sooner than later?? There are obstructionist operatives on all levels of Government fighting Trump including the entire MSM. Sometimes you need to Hire a Swam Creature to expose the swamp creatures. Since their motivation is money and not loyalty, they will easily flip or go to Jail. If there is a anybody who is highly motivated by winning, it is surely Donald J Trump, and we all chose the right Guy last election, so don’t let your guard down ever. Just keep preparing for more bad stuff coming down the pipeline as the Deep State keep losing, they will burn America to the ground if we let them. So Defend and protect America, Just follow the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the game rules are clearly written in there for our benefit. Anybody violating the US Constitution is a Traitor to America. Including the 1st and 2nd Amendment. If the 1st Amendment isn’t working then the 2nd will enforce it. Our Founding Fathers were Brilliant!!

          • CSS, you know I’ll hang in there with Trump. We all knew from the start he would face opposition everywhere he looks. Not much a new POTUS can accomplish in just six months. The libturds and neocons are working hand-in-glove against Trump. That unholy alliance is going to push us straight into civil war 2. Anything happens to Trump and I’ll be hunting libturds and neocons.

            • But weren’t you castigating your dearly beloved leader only a couple of months back? You were ready to dump the trump then (it’s in the records folks). Sheesh…make up your mind who you’re backing…again.

              • Anonymous, I never said a word about dumping Trump. You have me confused with someone else.

                • Yes you did Brave. I agree with Anonymous. I also remember reading your posts from a few months ago and you turned against Trump. You did.

                  You talk out of two sides of your mouth and all you ever post here is shoot them nigs idiocy and your 14 yr old boy Cowboys & Indians war nonsense about killing people who come after your preps. You don’t need to announce that on every single thread. We all know what we have to do to those who come after our preps. Your old and tiresome.

                  You want war or catastrophe so in the midst of the anarchy you can walk out your door and pump everyone you hate full of lead and not serve a day in prison. That’s all your about. There’s nothing Brave about you but you sure are Deplorable.

                  • Marie, you’re a liar along with anonymous so STFU.

                    • Marie, Braveheart is anything but brave. He called you and me liars – yet, as you noted, his comments are on this web site for all to see! So he’s the proven (and proveable) liar. Two things I can’t abide – proven liars, and fake heroes – and he’s both.

                      Go to his latest posts and he’s anti Trump again. He bends with the wind – trouble is, like all reeds, they eventually get broken. Not the sort of fellow you want watching your back in a SHTF scenario is he?

                  • Marie, Braveheart is anything but. He called you and me liars – yet, as you noted, his comments are on this web site for all to see! So he’s the liar. Two things I can’t abide – proven liars, and fake heroes – and he’s both.

                    Go to his latest posts and he’s anti Trump again. He bends with the wind – trouble is, like all reeds, they eventually get broken. Not the sort of fellow you want watching your back in a SHTF scenario is he?

            • You won’t be hunting anything. You are all talk. Phony Tony.

        • Otis,

          You shouldn’t let the MSM and Elite Establishment control your thinking.

          • Anonymous, Bad idea, bad advice. I disagree. For the same reason you “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” you should watch MSM (especially MSNBC weekday evenings)and listen to what they are saying WITH AN OPEN MIND so that they can’t brainwash you, and so you know what is being said and going on with them.

            That doesn’t mean believing them, it means knowing what they are up to. If you can be brainwashed that easily, just by watching and listening to what these libtards are saying you’ll never survive a shtf because that means you are highly capable of being easily misled and bought with lies. Keep your enemies closer.

            If you don’t know what the other side is saying and doing you only have half the information you need and are acting on it that way, arriving at conclusions without all of the information you need to arrive at an accurate conclusion.

            We can’t come to ACCURATE conclusions with only half of what we need. I keep up with what ALL sides are saying and extract the truth from it. You can actually learn alot from liars, so there’s that too. Awareness is key.

      10. Where did the CIA Get the multiple $600 Million Dollars here and there, and the Approval to run this Sham with Amazon or Washington Post? Who approved this? Just do phrase searches and watch the Screen light up with search results. $1.2 Billion wasted to destroy America and Trump. And its our money. Stop feeding the Beast.

        CIA to Pay 600 Million for First Private Amazon Cloud☑

        Amazon Web Services was reportedly tapped to build the spy agency a cloud of its own.

        ht tps://www.hpcwire.com/2013/03/25/cia_to_pay_600_million_for_fir…

        CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation …☑

        CIA PAID $600 MILLION TO WASHINGTON POST TO PUBLISH TRUMP DISINFORMATION. … The CIA paid $600 million to use Amazon’s computing cloud, …

        beforeitsnews. com/alternative/2017/03/cia-paid-600-million-…

        How the CIA Partnered With Amazon and Changed Intelligence☑

        How the CIA Partnered With Amazon and Changed Intelligence. … a $600 million computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services for the Central Intelligence Agency …

        defenseone. com/technology/2014/07/how-cia-partnered-amaz…

        Amazon, ‘The Washington Post’ and That $600 MIllion CIA …☑

        Amazon, ‘The Washington Post’ and That $ … amazon-washington-post-and-600-million-cia-contract/ t … from the CIA. That’s at least twice what Bezos paid for …

        ht tps://steemit.com/cia/@mikerowerules12/amazon-the-washingto…
        More results

        CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation …☑

        Home News CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To … The CIA paid $600 million to use Amazon’s …

        yournewswire. com/wapo-publish-trump-disinformation/

        Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Paid $600 Million American Tax Payer …☑

        » Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Paid $600 Million American Tax Payer Dollars By CIA | Silvanus Publishing, Inc.

        silvanuspublishing. com/amazon/cia/

      11. In the hypothetical situation we have a civil war. I propose the next Constitution(Keeping all the good points). Adds the right to shoot any communist/socialist/fascist/Anti-gunner who sticks their head up.

        • We’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed we have forgotten all about the domestic enemy. And what eventually becomes nesesary.

        • … Adds the right to shoot any communist/socialist/fascist/Anti-gunner who sticks their head up.

          That would be approx 95% of congress and the House of Reps. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

      12. It won’t be a civil war , It will be a race war? Do people driving foreign cars hate America? Many will think so? Justifiably? Foreign accent? Refugees welcome bumper sticker.obama Hilary bumper sticker. Rainbow flag. Lots of piercing. Rosie odonald typs. Anyone unarmed is a second amendment gun confiscation traitor. Anyone non prepped is a head in the sand friendless cheapskate that will suck the blood of the responsible caring family supporters. If you’ve made no effort to protect and provide for your own family in a crisis ,how much could you possibly care about others families. Non preppers don’t care about anything.

      13. People can say what they will about Savage but he’s telling the truth on this one. Libturds and neocons and working together hand-in-hand against Trump. Hillary called us ‘deplorables’ and ‘irredemable’ back during the campaign. Let anything happen to Trump and the libturd/neocon coalition will find out the REAL meaning of deplorable.

        • I believe we are heading for a civil war if the left try to remove our president it will be game on look how the left is already trying to destroy our historical monuments they must be and will be stopped.

      14. What is it that the existing establishment does not like about Trump? What has Trump done and what does he intend to do for the benefit of the American people? I miss all that relevant info. He self serves his own class first and foremost. He is not going anywhere, a warmonger just like the rest at the top.

        • Trump is an outsider in Washington, not an insider.

          And there is no reason to believe he is a “warmonger” like the rest of the Republican and Democrat establishment is.

      15. Civil war…. Ha!

        The american chattle are toooooo CIVIL to start a war… And just who would this war be against?

        The blackies? The brownies? The poor? The mentally ill? The terminally ill? The rich? The gays? The straights? The binaries? The politicians? The voters?

        Fukin pound sand retards… THERE IS NO CIVIL WAR COMING! It’s all in yer over medicated heads… Prep till yer hearts content…

        Best thing you can do is love your family, enjoy your friends while you still can afford to do so… Get a good glass of wine and grab a seat…

        The show is just getting started… The plot is thick, the actors are so-so… The ending is not what you’s expect… I give it 3.0 out of 5.0 stars…

        • According to John Adams, for the revolution, 1/3 of the colonist were patriots, 1/3 for the British and 1/3 could care less and just wanted to make profits and tend to their own lives. The numbers could be skewed, but not by much. as there were a good deal of fence sitters.

          It’s also believed that a majority of southerners did not favor succession, either. Again, lots of fence sitters.

          I guess war is unpopular with most average people, (when given the choice). Who knew?

          However, war/market crashes/crisis, etc. happened anyway, didn’t it? Bah, logic. Such a wasted term.

          Pass the popcorn and try to act surprised.

        • Relax, go and stroke your wee-wee, you will feel all better junior.

        • Orion what are you smoking? I want to try some.

      16. This is absolute nonsense.

      17. Yeah, it could cause CW, but it won’t. We’re fat, dumb and lazy. Or worse yet, have jobs and family’s we have to take care of.

        Highly doubt whites and employed lat’s will leave their homes and jobs to go fight nig’s.

        • There will be no CW..the Men of 1776 were real Patriots and they are no longer around.

          • @ Really, You are probably right, but if the nigs are in front of your house you had better lock and load. Some white men are going to be hard to kill.
            My question to all commenting here. If Trump calls for 100,000 armed men to come to Washington to stop a coup who is going? My grandfather always said “Talk is cheap, Takes money to buy Whisky. Beowulf

            • @ Beowulf..excellent question.

      18. For a Civil War to take place you need an opposing side, an enemy to fight with. Otherwise there’s no war.

        All it will be is a bunch of out-of-control rioters and some social justice warriors, along with some criminal-minded thugs who have no priors on their record, all revved up and excited over the impending anarchy that will only occur in small, contained, isolated pockets here and there.

        Demorats and Hitlery supporters who trash or shoot up the place or commit any acts of violence will be arrested, just as the Trump supporters will be. So much for the Civil War that isn’t going to happen.

        Realistically, it’s all talk but will be no action. Anyone who thinks this is realistic in smoking crack. Who are they going to fight — each other? A Civil War between two opposing political parties, Demorats and Republicans is laughable.

        The anti-Trump and/or pro-Hillary people (because some anti-Trump people also hate Hitlery) aren’t going to come out in droves to fight off Trump supporters, trashing their businesses or shooting up a storm like a WROL. Riots and crimes yes, but Civil War, no and last time I checked they are two very different things… sorry, not gonna happen.

      19. At this point 56-60% of voters are not for Trump. That doesn’t mean they are pro-Clinton. They just aren’t happy with Trump whether or not they voted for him. Sad but true. It’s no longer true that the majority of voters are currently satisfied with Trump. Like every other POTUS he let down a percentage of his voters. Any war about Trumps removal is a mute point. I can see people being angry and protesting his removal but that’ll be where it begins and ends. It will also end with some of them being arrested.

        • Anonymous, you know damned well Trump faces opposition everywhere he turns, both libturds and neocons. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

      20. Truth is there aren’t enough real Americans (and brave enough) left to take the nation back..just ain’t gonna happen.

      21. The US fell a long time ago…there is nothing left to fight a war over. Just go to your jobs (if u have one), drive your cars, drink your coffee & beer and smoke your doobies, play with your cell phones too while your watching sports on TV.

      22. I am the Grey Man…silent…unobtrusive…but will shatter the lives of those who threaten my existence. At 800 yrds… its only a whisper!

        • I am the Walrus..coo coo ca choo!

          • Coo coo ca choo Mrs. Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know. Woe woe woe.

      23. A civil war means destroying/taking over govt. that is screwing with the people,we have not had one yet in this country,at least one full blown/open violence.Violence is a small part in many ways of civil war,as govt. keeps fucking with people daily more workarounds come thru be it economic/news ect.The best way to bring down a govt. is to keep putting monkey wrenches in the gears/showing the citizens that they are being screwed.Bringing over citizens is hard as even as screwed up as things are at moment most people live better then any others in this country throughout history,that can change very quickly.

        Sopt using goods/services that openly admit they spy on you,many times for the powers that want to be,dump your microshit/rotten apple products for say,Linux.Stop using goog/bing ect.,stop buying products from companies that admit their say tv can spy on you like samsungsahit,there is a lot you can do to not feed that beast.

        Prep,even if not a man made event a asteroid say non planet killing will still dramatically change life here,skills and goods a great thing to have for personal hard times also.

        You hate the state/town you live in,fucking move!You get to a place you like get involved with local issues even if just being a eye watching accountant,make them follow laws like open public meetings ect.

        A majority of citizens do just this could potentially change things for better or force the hand of evil to open violence,then,fight it like hell.

      24. There will be no civil war.

        People, as exemplified in forums like this, like to talk big but do nothing.

        In the end, they talk big to alleviate their fears, like whistling while walking through a graveyard at night, and will do nothing when something happens for the same reason.

        • Anon,the things I suggested are a good start/don’t involve blowing things up/folks lives will be the same except get enuff doing it you starve the beast a bit,no need to talk,act on what I mention as a start.

          Or,you have nothing to offer why the fuck are you even here?

      25. Michael Savage is completely clueless and batshit insane. The only way Civil War or any large scale protests will ever breakout in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America is if the booze stops flowing, the porno is cut off, the golf courses are closed, the mindless entertainment is shut off, the “bread and circuses” sporting events are stopped, and the consumption of useless garbage can no longer be enjoyed by the dumbed down toxic dump coward pussy New Babylonians, then you might see a few civil disturbances at best. Michael Savage is one of those batshit insane COWARDS, who is not mentally at peace or emotionally mature enough to understand New Babylon America has already been CONQUERED.

        Sorry Michael, it is over, there already was a Civil War, you were drunk and missed it COWARD, by the way, the treasonous criminal psychopaths won and are now fully in control of your country and the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government.

        There will be NO Civil War in a country of dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum coward pussies, who already whored their children out long ago, and now all the coward pussies want to do is get drunk, drunker, drunk again, and then drunk some more, pop some Big Pharma, and then get drunk again, just drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, and then have sex with anything that walks and breaths, so they can get drunk again….that is all the already conquered coward pussy New Babylonians have left, GET DRUNK AND HAVE SEX WITH ANYTHING AND EVERTHING, and it is all that will ever be on their programmed, indoctrinated, dumbed down, engineered minds of the damned and doomed soulless COWARDS.

      26. The revolution will not be televised. haha

      27. Civil war: What a joke. All the government will have to do to stop a civil war is to turn all traffic lights to red. Most people will die of thirst or exposure while waiting for them to change. If that fails just run constant sporting events, and rock concerts on TV.

        • RVN, red lights get run all the time somewhere everyday.

      28. What is sad is that America will be attacked and is being attacked by external forces outside of America and will be on our land after the internal chaos is fully established. Divide first, destroy within, and then external armies and nations can attack as the people were NOT united!

        • Sam. You are correct. It won’t be the police or the U.S. military protecting the U.S. government from the wrath of the American People. It will be all these mercenaries.

      29. well.
        savage is RIGHT, because i am one of those so called DEPLORABLES.

      30. Civil War breaking out if (President) Trump is removed from office? I don’t think so. You’re kidding, right?

        First, the American People are too stupid to know that removing a duly elected president is the same as the as the professional politicians, MSM, and the Deep State telling the American People that their will (and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), does not count.

        Second, the American People are cowards. In the event of a coup d’état, the professional politicians, MSM, and the Deep State will show so much force (their 6-billion hollow point bullets), that the entire country will pee in their pants.

        Think of it: A measly few hundred (Most of them so old that they have wear Pampers. Brain tumors are the least of their problems.) in control of a country of over 300-million and the American People rollover and say: “Okay Boss, you take it.”

        I don’t which I hold in greater contempt — these professional politicians, the MSM, and the Deep State, or the American People. Pathetic.

      31. Woe to those who plan treason. IF they can take out Trump Pence will follow shortly. Then who rules not Hillary. Obama has stated he is ready to roll. Wowie more Obama President for life. Despite all the lesser people there are those who are vets and who are patriots who will stand for Trump not on barricades but in the forests and mtns where they can survive among a supporting population Once organized they will make known their opposition to traitors not as a rabble but as an army

      32. Why do we think the President has surrounded himself with the most respected Marine Corps generals of their generation? Mattis and Kelly are both among the finest military officers the last 50 years. Dunford will not kowtow to the elitist Progressive-Fascist cabal, either. As goes the USMC, so goes the Navy and almost certainly the Army and USAF. So, if the elitist Progressive-Fascist mob attempts this coup, and they will, either via violence or impeachment, decent, working Americans should be pretty comfortable that key leadership is with them and not the cabal. It will be ugly, in any case, and in the end, no matter what happens, the country will be much worse off for it.

      33. Sometimes, I think M. Savage is a bit over the top, but on this particular subject, I feel he is DEAD ON TARGET with his thoughts!
        I’ve had this same discussion with several of my friends, and we’re ALL thinking on the same track as Savage. Make no mistake about it, if President Trump is forced out of office for any reason, the “quiet conservatives” will rebel against the left wingers!

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