Mexico’s Drug Violence: Six Corpses Found Hanging From 3 Bridges Near Tourist Location

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 18 comments

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    Well-known tourist spot Los Cabos in Mexico was currently the scene of a gruesome sight, but it’s unfortunately all too common for the area. Six corpses have been found hanging from three bridges and authorities believe the deaths to be drug cartel and gang-related.

    The popular resort of Los Cabos is on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula and incorporates the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and Jose del Cabo – the latter of which is the municipal seat. The economy of the area is highly driven by tourism and welcomes millions of foreign visitors every year.

    Authorities first discovered two bodies on Wednesday, December 20 swinging from a bridge in Las Veredas, near Los Cabos International Airport. They then found another two on a different bridge on the highway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Later on that day, two other bodies were then found on a third bridge near the airport, local prosecutors said in a statement.

    Carlos Mendoza Davis, the governor of the state of Baja California Sur, condemned the incident on Twitter, saying: “I condemn these acts and any expression of violence. Today more than ever in #BCS we should be united.”

    Homicides have more than doubled in Baja California Sur this year. 409 people have been killed through October, compared to 192 in all of 2016. Just last week, Los Cabos police chief Juan Manuel Mayorga was even shot dead, according to Reuters. Drug-related violence is set to make 2017 Mexico’s deadliest year in modern history, according to the Guardian. With the rise of the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel and disputes between other criminal groups fuelling the murder rates, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to suspect a lull in the violence. 

    The Los Cabos area also made news earlier this year when authorities said they had found a mass grave in the nearby mountainous region of Valparaiso, where they discovered the bodies of 11 men and three women.


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      1. They were just bungy jumping, but didn’t realize the rope goes around their feet.

        • It should happen here except it needs to be politicians swinging. Send a real message!

      2. So obammma compared DJT to Hitler,,,,,
        Why because he is white? Because he isnt a ni gg er? Why huh?
        Obammma is a POS

        • And whas wrong with that? We would far better off if Hitler had been more successful at cleansing the population. It’s time for another purge. Let’s hope the muzzles step up and level Israel once and for good. Make America white again.

          • we can start by purging filth like JAS.

      3. Feliz Navidad… just string some twinkle lights on them and call it what it is – non-potential immigrants put up as ornaments. We ought to emulate and adopt the custom at our border stations.

      4. Go to Borderland Beat and Blog Del Narco websites and get a good look at the business south of the border. Send your kids there on spring break.

      5. What? No pictures?

      6. I live 50 miles from the Border and will never cross it again. I carry a pistol daily and an AR15 in my vehicle as well.

        • you live 50 miles from the border? I live 4 hours on the other side. Have been here for almost 7 years. You always hear how people got killed and beheaded down here, but it is always people that were doing something they should not have been or messing with someone they should not have been. If you live your life normally and do not get messed up in stuff that you have no business in then you will be fine. Like I said, been here for almost 7 years and never had an issue. Prepping away…….much cheaper here.

        • Which side of the border?

      7. prohibition has done society so much good.

      8. What do six murderous members of a crime cartel have in common with a thousand drowned lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? They both are a good start!

      9. I’ve been to Playa Del Carmen area of Mexico and felt safe there. Took a bicycle from the hotel and just toured around. Its common knowledge that the drug gangs are massive in Mexico but I was under the impression that they did not commit atrocities in big tourist areas. Antics like that cost tourism, that has influence with the Mexican government too. Greed and power is overtaking logic.

        • Kevin, feeling safe and being safe are 2 different animals. Not picking on you. It’s really dangerous there. Make a wrong turn or a mistake in the tourist area and go missing. Kidnapped by the police for the cartels. A lot of crime is not published. Bad for tourism. I know of kidnappings that took place on our side of the border with the victim ending up south of the border. Teen age girls, especially.

          • I rode the bicycle through working class areas. I’m observant. No eyes on me at all. People working on cars, mom and pop convenience stores. Papaya Del Carmen was modern, clean, the locals worked hard. Been to Jamaica, thats another story, never leave the resort, “soon come”, “Your on Jamaican time mon”……definition….. I’m too lazy to serve you.

            • I have always felt safer on vacation in Mexico with Mexicans than in the Bahamas w/ the shakedown begging scam Nig-gers that follow you around everytime you leave the hotel. Been to Playa Del Carman and took the ferry to Cozumel. They know full well not to mess with the tourism trade or resort areas. In Cozumel Ive seen the Army ride around in Jeeps with .50 Cal mounted machine guns and soldiers with M16 in guard on street corners. The cat houses were pretty good to. Any place w/ Nig-gers, stay away from. Shitcago to Grand Bahamas.

          • Ever been to Chicago? Gees! This site gets dumber and the comments get more racist and full of shit! America has more crimes going on a slow weekend in the big city than does the entire nation of Mexico. It’s just the same filthy media hawks are more filthy low down dirtier down there than here and have an agenda to keep people divided so they blow up a crime and plaster it every where. The cartels are just as dirty so they play the part too. All of this works together to hurt people either way. And keep you from going down there and establishing a getaway plan from Amerikkka. The wall is to keep you in. You owe and you will have to pay. When the time comes they will make you pay.

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