Merry Christmas: May the Spirit of the American Stand in Bastogne Be With You All

by | Dec 25, 2015 | Headline News | 232 comments

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    The current world situation is grim, and the predilection of the results seems to sway heavily in favor of the ruling elites, those nabobs who are ruthlessly trying to dominate and enslave us.  In no other time in history has the fate of the known world been absolutely at the brink of precipices human.  Akin to Eloi and Morlocks in the film, “The Time Machine,” we are heading toward two separate destinies…the enslaved and the enslavers.  Never before has the technology existed to destroy the world and the technology to create virtually unlimited surveillance, to the purpose of dominating the world.

    The dominance is far more, however; far greater than can be measured in simple geography or one singular culture.  The paradigm seems to be leaning toward the dystopia outlined in Orwell’s “1984,” with the creation of three super-states and a contested piece of territory that also served to justify the complete social order and economy of the three states: property that was never truly controlled.

    We are even beyond that, now, with the rise of the drones and the mapping technology to be able to see a dime in the Amazon jungle with the cameras and satellites that exist.  We have been censused with GPS’s, the newer cars have the “black box” to record data, the NSA built that monolithic data collection center to record e-mails and telephone calls, there are cameras on every intersection recording with facial recognition software and license plate identifiers.

    The data from cameras in shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, public buildings, schools, convenience marts…all of these places ad infinitum are recording and “sharing” data with their “partners” in law enforcement and government.  Drones are recording, satellites are recording, and even our appliances, computers, and cell phones are recording and storing, monitoring, and listening.

    By all indicators, we’re standing upon that precipice looking into the abyss of the next dark ages… with “dark” better describing the character and lack of humanity of the coming world systemic collapse.  The darkness referring to the character of men’s hearts, not a lack of technology.  Just as in “1984” our technology is not meant to serve men and make it easier on mankind: it is meant to keep us corralled and under control, with the advances in technology that do improve human life and conditions being reserved for the elites.  A film that characterized this type of society was “Elysium,” where the planet Earth was basically a fourth-world garbage heap, and the oligarchs and controllers lived in an aseptic, controlled, orbiting “world,” free of the ravages of the savages: the ultimate “gated” community.

    So, with all of this doom and gloom, you may ask, what is the point of the article?  Well, those facts were merely meant to elucidate the current state.

    But that is not the purpose of the article.  The meaning I wish to share with all of you, believe it or not, is our basics, our fundamentals, and an ongoing salute that I give to you.  This is a time for reflection, a time of family, and you, the Readers, have superb comments and outstanding input.  I learn and glean much information from you, and for that I’m grateful.

    You are the heart of the United States, and what is left of it.  I give you this, that you may remember:

    1944, and the world was at war; the end was drawing nearer with fierce fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.  In a town surrounded by the German forces called Bastogne, a General by the name of Anthony C. McAuliffe told the German commander that we wouldn’t give in.  You know the details and the results: the fierce fighting for every inch of ground, and the average GI Joe to face the best the Wehrmacht and the SS had to offer.  Once again: citizen-soldiers, sent away from home to fight in a war that would determine the future of the world.

    I found this photo that I believe summarizes it all more than words can say:


    That was “us” then: the can-do spirit that enabled average guys that cared for one another to do the things that define moments of greatness.  And here they were, with all of the destruction raging around them, with a Christmas tree, and more importantly, with each other.

    I wish to say that we face such challenging times again.  We do not know when it will all happen, or the exact manner, but if we stand firm with one another, try our best to do the right thing, and believe in each other and in God, perhaps He will see us through it all.  May the spirit of the American stand in Bastogne be with all of you in these trying times.  May your families all enjoy light, and life, and the spirit of togetherness and caring.  May your holidays and Christmas season bring you and your families closer.  May you prosper in all you do.  May you stay strong, and determined to keep giving your input, keep preparing, and above all, never lose faith in yourselves and in God.

    So Merry Christmas to you: to the Readers, my fellow Americans!  May God bless and protect you and your families in all that you do.  Stay frosty and keep up the good fight.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Merry Christmas all.

        A long time friend of the family is on her deathbed, only 46 years old…

        Tell your family and friends how much you care for them, they may not be around tomorrow…

        • Eppe,sorry to hear about friend,as you know travelled that darker road too many times last couple years,learned to live like a dog in the moment from it if any good came from it.I hope in all that you and family have a otherwise enjoyable Christmas and you forum guys meet at waffle house next week for a breakfast,just too far for me!Oh,and us yanks prefer pancakes over waffles,must be due to our superior/world renowned maple syrup!

          • Eppe, sorry to hear about that. At least she’s going to a better place than what we’re in.

            • Just got news she passed away.
              And my girls was there, I did not go, I prefer to remember her in earlier days.

              Mary Williams – Rest in peace…

              • My condolences on your loss. Hugs to you from cyberspace.

                • AS the General said: “Nuts”. A better new year.

              • eppe.

                Sorry for your loss of your friend.

                • Thanks all.

                  Things happen in life that makes one wonder about the fragility of humans.
                  Mary was a friend that you would do most anything for her.
                  I roofed her house, helped her move twice, landscaped her yard, you get the idea.
                  Used to give her neck, shoulder and back massages,(her eyes would roll back in her head) she cut my family’s hair for years.

                  Thanks for letting me vent and the call from a poster.

                  Be well all…

                  • Sorry to hear about your loss.

                  • Sad to hear of your loss, especially on Christmas Day.

                    But, you know eppe; if the lady had her priorities in the right place, and was covered by the blood of Christ, she is better off than the majority of the people on earth.

                    The sting of death is a small price to pay to be with one’s Saviour and Heavenly Father. She is surrounded by many legions that are celebrating another good soul making it in to the eternity.

                    • You have that 100% spot on, PWW

                  • May God provide His Grace and Comfort to you and your girls.

                    May He be close to you in a special way at this time.

                    You were special to her and cared. May God bless you.

                  • Sorry, Eppe. God bless your friend and God bless you for being her friend.

              • Eppe, my condolences. May she rest in peace.

                • Eppe,
                  sorry for the loss, holidays and family are suppose to be great but seems more and more there is lots of loss of life duriing this time.

                  may she rest in peace!

                  • I have a hard time with the holidays. Most of the most devastating personal blows and greatest losses I’ve suffered in my life have come during the holidays. Just the memories dull the celebration for me.

                    I hope you don’t suffer the same fate.

                    • I know what your sayin’ six.
                      We somehow manage to put on a “all’s well face” but inside it’s aching so bad.
                      Christmas time is a double edged sword.
                      You’ve gorra be alive to feel pain.

                    • Sixpack, I lost my wife only 10 days before Christmas in 1981 so I know from where you speak. The only way this Christmas has been decent for me is being at the BOL right now.

              • sorry to hear it friend…going to be a LOT of that going around soon…..daaaamn! try to keep yer chin UP, and yer head DOWN!

                • Don’t forget to keep the buttcrack down as well, buttcrackofdoom…

                  • if you see the crack….you can always turn away, you know….you ALWAY have that right to “say no to crack”!

                    • Buttcrack, are you a plumber lol?

                    • no, genius, but i HAVE laid my share of PIPE!

                    • Ha ha ha, great answer!

                    • If ya wanna know how good that apple pie drinky poo is just read all the shit I posted last night below (damn)…

              • Dear Eppe,

                My heart goes out to you, and I mourn your loss with you. You’ll be in my thoughts through the days, and I pray that all of the good memories stay with you.

                Because when these memories are in your heart, so is she, and she lives in you.

                May God heal your heart and the hearts of all your loved ones.

                Respectfully and Sincerely,


              • Sorry brother. May God rest her soul.

              • Sorry for your loss Eppe. I know you are a man of faith and you can take comfort in knowing your friend is in God’s hands.

              • Condolences; sadly enough, I kind of figured it would turn out that way.

                If it’s any consolation, it’s something we all have to eventually do.

          • WD , maybe one day circumstances will bring us close enough together for a meet up. I was stationed in Mass. for a while in the early 70’s and I remember to log cabin shaped, green and white colored cans of maple syrup. Can’t get those in Western North Carolina. Eppe, sorry to hear about your friend. 46 is to young. As a man of faith, you know where they are. Take comfort in that my friend.

          • Eppe, sorry to hear about that.

        • Agreed… wish your friend good luck and good journeys for us, will you?

          Got a bit of good news that may cheer folks up – I *finally* found a permanent Doomstead. Now I just have to pack all my stuff and move out to it next month after closing. It’s 15 miles from the nearest town of any kind, and 90 minutes’ drive to the nearest metro area. I figure that kind of distance (plus being far away from any major highway) should be more than sufficient. Well (that can be pumped manually), septic, acres of good year-round-green grass for animals… I think we’ll do okay.

          It’s a pain in the butt to camouflage all the stores into wardrobe boxes and such, but worth it, I think. Will likely pop up again once I settle in.

          Merry Christmas, y’all! 🙂

          • Good deal Odd,get to know the area layout quick,free topo maps available for the whole country,which,in itself is a good thing and as Jeremiah pointed out can be a bad thing!

          • OQ, good to hear from you and congratulations. I’m at my cousin’s BOL for the holidays and having fun. Heads up everyone: I know it’s Hodges but I felt the story was too important to pass up. MOLON LABE

            • Brave I read that right after I read this:
              ht tps://

              Merry Christmas everyone. Next years gonna suck a lot.

              • “Next year is goona suck a lot.” Citizen, there’s an understatement. I just finished reading the bill. 2016 will be the year that war breaks out in this land and this bill will definitely bring it on. EVERYONE, GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME. Next year will become hell on earth in the US.

                • It will never pass

                  • Agree with “Man on the inside..” “It will never pass” way this side of hell would it pass. Just another failed attempt is where that is headed. Quite likely it will be “played to the people” (to incite anger) yet their Agenda always seeks to keep “the peons” in complete disarray and confusion. So much happening all at once with none of it remotely legal (let alone Constitutional) …and since there are MAJOR $$$$$’s riding on this one, I believe it is a safe assumption that 2016 will be far worse than 2015 …far worse ( imho…).

                • It will “suck a lot”, for the majority. But, those prepped for the coming storm will have a good chance at a somewhat normal life…albeit removed from the worldly commercial side.

                  In fact, that side will become the dark side. Everything worldly and politically, including commercially driven systems will grow darker. The workings of modern Babylon are dark and sinister. As in the 1984 song by John Cafferty these words are in reference to Heroin (I believe), but they resound to our world…. “The dark side’s callin’ now
                  Nothin’ is real
                  She’ll never know just how I feel
                  From out of the shadows
                  She walks like a dream
                  Makes me feel crazy
                  Makes me feel so mean

                  Ain’t nothin’ gonna save you
                  From a love that’s blind
                  You slip to the dark side
                  Across that line.

                  That is why the voice of the Holy Angel said in Revelation….Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

                  As preppers and Christians we should be gradually pulling ourselves out of the worldly systems of sustainability.
                  In other words, stock up on those things from the world that help us to support our self sufficiency, but continue to set ourselves separate, and not dependent upon the world, especially the political/gov part of it.

                  Strive to become self sufficient as our forefathers did in the 18th and 19th centuries.

                  • You again passinwind? Lemme tell you what moron, take yer buybull and shove it! You are the biggest liar and hypocrite there is! People here have called your shit everytime. Get lost retard, Im sure you can get some praise from a sheep site! Bye now idiot scammer!

                    • Genius, I think I hear what passinwind is saying, though he may not be particularly articulate at saying it. I admit I do not follow the comments on this site regularly, so I know only what I see posted here, but there WILL come a time when we’ll not be able to buy or sell without worshipping the powers that be, and all we’ll have to lean on is the Lord, ourselves, and our preps.

                      Learn to read between the lines as well as the lines of print. It’s enlightening.


                      Son of Liberty

                  • I will stick my head out in defence of passin along with the brave SOL.
                    Genius, It takes allsorts to make-up a world.
                    I know some people get right under our skin, but you’ve gorra cut a little slack my friend.
                    Keep it real matey.
                    JESUS the MAN… JESUS the MAN… JESUS the MAN.
                    Oh, I so wish I was a disciple.
                    Try to imagine all that hardcore shit that people endured back then.
                    God bless you in this new age Godless world.

                  • passin.
                    A Doctor has told me my mom only has a couple of weeks left.
                    I dunno if she is saved or not?
                    She looked so fine a couple of months ago, she’s only 46.
                    She loves me very much.
                    I don’t want to hurt her as she is so weak and seams to agree to anything…
                    What should I do?
                    I want to help her.

                    • Agent, may I??

                      If it doesn’t feel right to ask her straight out if she is saved.
                      Or if she expressly asked you not to.

                      Turn to God in prayer and ask Him to open an opportunity for you to speak about her Salvation.

                      Ask Him to make His wishes known to you.

                      I dealt with this when my mother-in-law was passing from cancer.
                      I was forbidden by my husband to speak to her about her salvation, so I honored his wishes and didn’t.

                      But prayed for her salvation.

                      A man she had worked with some 10 yr before heard she had cancer and came by to see her. He was the one who asked of her salvation, found out she felt she was not, and arranged for her to confess and be baptized.

                      She is safe in Heaven with her Lord. Praise God for His mercy.

                      I do pray for you and your mom and for God’s divine intervention
                      with His wisdom, mercy and comfort.

                    • I just happened to drop back in briefly and saw your post.
                      sorry about your mother and all you are going through.

                      As grandee said, there is a thing called intercessory prayer, and it can be used by a christian, to pray for, and on, another person’s behalf. I can’t tell you what transpires between their mind and the Holy Spirit after it is prayed, but I do know the Lord works to the benefits of those that love Him.

                      Now, on the comment above by Genius; He is the one that has made his bed, and needs to be getting on his knees and praying the sinner’s prayer. Otherwise; he is in for a heap of hurt.

                      God Bless you agent skinhead, and I will say a prayer for you and your mother.

                      PS, thanks grandee, and may God Bless you as well.

            • Brave, we are snowed out of our BOL so it would be snowmachine or snowshoes. Hope yer havin fun. I also hope we can drive in before june lol.

              • Genius, what region are you in?

                • redoubt.

                  • Fuckme… I’ve just had all four clips playing at the same time… FULL VOLUME… My friends cat shit itself.

                  • hahaha, motte and bailey.
                    Raise the drawbridge… No one is gittin in here…EVER.
                    Protect what’s dear to you in a perverted wicked world.
                    I with many know what your heart yearns for.

                  • Genius, you mean the American Redoubt, PNW?

              • I live in my BOL and am in the middle of a blizzard until tomorrow night. So far so good, maybe 14 inches of snow and halfway through, expecting 22 inches and 3-6 foot drifts. I am not going anywhere for a couple days! If the electricity goes out I will have a trial run.

          • Make friends with the locals. In my opinion that is very importent. It might be hard.

            • ’tis always important to make friends with the locals. Be there for them, they will most likely be there for you.

              • I have lived in 2 small communities. I make extra effort not to offend and to find what we have in common. I also express my gratitude about the opportunity to exceed city life… true. Life is too hard to fritz with the neighbors. For what we think may happen, skills are more important than degrees anyway. Then again, I am a Hick from the sticks and appreciate the life skills from my family.

        • Eppe,

          We in Louisiana send our condolences, thouhgts and prayers to you, your daughters, family, and other family members of your friend.

          Louisiana Eagle



                • Genius, are you a hippy?
                  I hope so.
                  Had some of my best trips with hippies xXx

                • It’s okay Genius, as much as you might want to offend us, we’re not offended. We care about you, who/what you worship, and where you will spend eternity. I do know one thing, one day EVERY knee will bow and recognize Christ as King of kings, and Lord of all lords.

                  You will not hear me say, “I told you so,” but you will hear your own conscience accusing you of failing to see beyond our faults to the truth we (however poorly) are attempting to convey it to you.

                  Blessings upon you regardless of how you feel about us. In Christ Jesus we love you, and care about you.

                  Son of Liberty

                  • Son, how in the hell can you watch that vid and say that? You don’t care about you sons and daughters? You are an evil son of a bitch! We have sacrificed ENOUGH for the Altar of satan and his oooow war machine! You fuckin piece of shit, I WILL take you out if it’s the last thing I do! Son of liberty my ass!

                    • THE HAND OF DOOM!

                      Hand Of Doom Lyrics
                      Whatcha gonna do?
                      Time’s caught up with you
                      Now you wait your turn
                      You know there’s no return

                      Take your written rules
                      You join the other fools
                      Turn to something new
                      Now it’s killing you

                      First it was the bomb
                      Vietnam napalm
                      You push the needle in

                      From life you escape
                      Reality’s that way
                      Colours in your mind
                      Satisfy your time

                      Oh you, you know you must be blind
                      To do something like this
                      To take the sleep that you don’t know
                      You’re giving death a kiss, oh, little fool now

                      Your mind is full of pleasure
                      Your body’s looking ill
                      To you it’s shallow leisure
                      So drop the acid pill,

                      Don’t stop to think now

                      You’re having a good time baby
                      But that won’t last
                      Your mind’s all full of things
                      You’re living too fast

                      Go out enjoy yourself
                      Don’t bottle it in
                      You need someone to help you
                      To stick the needle in, yeah

                      Now you know the scene
                      Your skin starts turning green
                      Your eyes no longer seeing
                      Life’s reality

                      Push the needle in,
                      Face death’s sickly grin
                      Holes are in your skin,
                      Caused by deadly pin

                      Head starts spinning ’round
                      You fall down to the ground
                      Feel your body heave
                      Death’s hands starts to weave

                      It’s too late to turn
                      You don’t want to learn
                      Price of life you cry
                      Now you’re gonna die!

                    • Genius,

                      I respect you for all that you contribute to this forum. You are a good man and gifted with a lot of commonsense. Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your question about the burning of the witches. I assume they were considered something to be feared, perhaps, they were looked upon as contagion. Burning is still practiced in some parts of the world, especially if the individual is connected to the occult. I believe ISIL and some of the various African factions prefer burning as a form of execution. The Germans roasted folks in big ovens just over 70 years ago. We used flamethrowers, napalm, nukes, and other incendiaries to destroy our enemies. Didn’t the British burn buildings and churches full of men, women, and children during the Revolutinary war? I really don’t know what can be done about it now.

                      I guess in a broad sense, we, the living, are in one way or another responsible for the many crimes agaist humanity that have been committed since the dawn of time. That may be why the Good Book says “All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” We have all been found wanting when measured against the ideals of God.

                      Happy New Year my friend(s)!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Genius, simple.

                    They weren’t CHRISTians.

                    Just cause they say so, don’t make it so.

                    They gotta walk in The Way, not just say.

                    • I call em Xtians.

              • What’s got you G?

              • PS… I ask in soft tones.
                Life sucks.

              • Acid has chosen his own path. God bless him.
                Thought you would welcome that?
                Beat me up with your fine words ‘n’ all…I’ll retreat with my tail between my legs for sure… But I’ll still respect Acid for his own free choice.
                Life is too short for name calling.
                Be well dear G.
                Wish I could be with you to enjoy a real chinwag.

                • Uh leetle too much apple pie lol. Im not a hippie but occasionally go on a trippy 🙂 Old 70s rock is my fav. The good thing about shine is ya don’t have hangovers…

                  • Burn a woman at the stake . And what happens her clothes burn off first. They were just perverts. Soddom and Gomorrah .

        • EPPE

          Sorry for your loss,

          I do not know if this is if this is a right thing to say.

          Like a wind crying endlessly through the universe.
          Time carry’s away the names and the deeds of the commoners and the conquers alike for all that matters is that she came this way for a brief moment peace be with her and God be between her and harm in all the places she walks now.

        • Jeremiah ,
          I had a close uncle ( passed 2006 ) that was with the 101 st / 506 PIR , Normandy all the way thru to Germany . That scene in the mini series where they take out the German SS officer on the horse in the snow , my uncle was the one who took him out . As I type this the Luger is sitting next to me that he captured as portrayed in the Mini Series .

          I hope we have the same steel in our bones that this generation had to accomplish what is before us . I have faith in all here on this site , we will do the right thing when the time comes .
          God willing

          We owe this generation no less ,
          May 2016 be our finest hour .

          Semper Fi

          USMC 3 RD RECON
          ” AL KHAFJI ” 1991

      2. Words of wisdom eppe,

        God bless The United States of America…

      3. JJ: Thanks for your words today. Also for all that you did this year.

        EPPE: You know how I feel. Merry Christmas.
        For your Friend My Jesus take her into his bosom, and my Jesus be with them and take away their sorrows.


        • Sgt Dale – I always try to read everything you write. Would that every single policeman in the world were like you (I have one close friend who is recently retired IL. state trooper, and just like you – great guy, honest, freedom loving, etc. etc.), and another friend who was a Hoffman Estates cop – same type of excellent person – a true PEACE officer, committed to the historic American freedom and rights.

          God bless and protect you in 2016!

          • TEST
            I want to thank from the bottom heart. Stay the Trooper and H.E.P.D. Cop. They will help you and yours through the tuff times ahead.

            And my the Good Lord watch over you in the coming years.


              Someone here recommended the alaskan bootleggers bible so I got it and tried this…
              HOMEMADE KAHLUA
              Boil 1 lb. of coffee in 1.25 quarts of waterand simmer 40 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth. Dissolve 3lbs. sugar in 1 quart water and boil 5 mins. Mix coffee concentrate and sugar water and cool. Add 1.25 quarts 180 proof shine (I used 150) and 2oz. vanilla extract. MMMMMM good stuff!

              APPLE PIE DRINKY POO:
              Take 4 tablespoons cinnamon, 2 tablespoons nutmeg, 16oz.. (2 cups) 100 proof shine and mix and let marinate overnight. Filter the mix for sediment and add 1 can of frozen concentrated apple juice. Stir well and serve over ice! MMMM yummy! 😛

              • Genius is at it again! I wrote down the Kalua recipe and will give it a try. Thanks!

              • Genius:

                Thanks for the recipes. I have “shine” so will try them out. Might make 2016 look a little brighter on New Years Day if I consume enough.

                For a real chuckle look back on the last thread for Themguys response to Barncats post on how to disappear/hide. It is priceless!

              • I had a me a feelin’ you and ‘ol “John Barleycorn” were keepin’ each other company.

                • Ha ha ha, and you were right. Enjoy the recipe’s lord knows I did 😛

      4. Good one Jeremiah. I keep trying to tell my peers how serious the situation is and the women keep coming on her questioning what I am being told. It’s all true, the trolls constant attacks on me for fh last 3 months have been intense. It’s obvious and it’s proves that the scientists that I am friends with heard the truth.. it goes beynd that. Not only do the bastards have Mars colonized, they have the moms of Jupiter Ganemede…and triton. occupied with bases all over the solar system, and the volcanic moon Io,has crustasins..crab like creatures living in the volcanic vents..the bastards have star gate technology and have new colonized planets. All over the milky way.. Jeb Bush who runs the secret space program does not want Trump blowing his cover on on the whole operation since Jeb runs the Black Ops space program.

        Neptune has large oceans with dully developed aqua life on it, islands trees land life etc..europa has developed aquatic life and get this a very high oxygen content in its atmosphere..there is a lot more causing these ruling elites to act up..

        . they have reason to kill us because if the people ever found our what we have done, our bodies would be hanging from lamp poles in the streets, Quotes George Bush SR.

        That explains were the 3,000,000,000,000 keeps going with the crap from Bernanke talking crap about, I don’t know were it went, it’s Just money.



        Sorry trolls I just spilled out sensitive info..too late fools.

        • HCKS, MERRY CHRISTMAS. NEVER apologize to trolls for anything. You don’t owe them shit. I’m at the BOL with family for a whole week and having fun.

          • Did the scientists mention anything yet about Batts in the Bellfry?….Waht till you discover That! It will drive you Batty!

            • Let alone the bats in your head lol.

        • Dear HCKS,

          Thank you for the compliments! I wanted to ask, have you ever read any of Zechariah Sitchin’s stuff (Stairway to Heaven, etc.), and if so, what do you think? Does any of it tie in to what you mentioned?

          I hope your X-mas is going well, and that you and your family are in good spirits!



        • Happy Haanuka trolls 🙂

          • Best damn 3 words that I have read within this past week.

            Nice job Genius – calling it out as needed!

        • Scary to think omg what if somehow this guy is not a a nutter but maybe just maybe he has been briefed on the truth…. Mind blown

      5. Merry Christmas everybody.

        I had the privileged of being good friends with a WWII veteran who served in the pacific theater for 3 years starting when he was 18 years old. He fought in a number of major engagements. He was a heavy mortar infantryman. He did not get shot but he did severally injure his knee and caught malaria. In the three years of fighting he never got a furlow to go to the States.

        That is a lot to ask of an 18 year old drafted strait off the farm.

        I don’t think America could survive something like that today.

      6. “NUTS”

        • Ha haaaa, good one.
          Wonder what the Krauts made of that?

          • Hey genius the Pacific Theater as the man states above was the island hopping off of the coast of Japan in preparation for an invasion that never occurred during WW2.The only “Kraut” within a thousand miles of those islands would have had an American Flag on their uniform. Read some history.

          • I’m sure you will make up something lol.

            • You speaka de Deutsch? lol.

            • Jesus ist der Herr xXx

      7. I was fortunate enough to know many WWII vets as they were the fathers of my friends. One was in the 101st at Bastogne and another in the 1st Marine Division from, “The Canal”, up to the end of the war as he insisted the day after Pearl Harbor. Both were riflemen. I asked both of them separately who had it worse telling them about the other (they probably already knew where they each served). Both were gracious and pretty much said, “It was rough everywhere”. One, the Marine, is still alive at 93 years old. Bless them both.

        • enlisted not insisted……….damn

        • Wow 93.
          Use to love talkin’ to old folk about WW2.
          We’re losing a special generation quick fast.
          We’ll be the poorer without ’em.

      8. Excellent reminder, JJ!!
        To all my brothers out there, we will find the means to stand together. It would be my honor to suffer a modern Bastogne to restore our country to what it should be.

        Merry Christmas to you all!! Cherish every moment you can spend with family and friends. It will soon be our turn to stand the watch.

        • We are in a worse position than Bastogne.

          In other words, as Col Chesty Puller said when in a similar situation in Korea, “(The enemy) is in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away from us now.”

          May we have half the courage our forebears did then, on the Normandy beaches, on Iwo, Saipan, Guadalcanal (a HORRIBLE battle!), in the air over Germany or over the Japanese fleet at Midway, the Coral Sea, or under the sea in those tiny subs in the Pacific, etc., in the jungles of Vietnam and worse.

        • Thanks C.B.!

          I agree with you 100%. We’ll do all we can until we can’t do any more, and then? We will stand together and make it right, or die trying.

          Merry Christmas to you, and may God bless you and your family in everything you do!



      9. Been through the death of elderly mother and father in law health decline mentally and physically. It’s something old folks do and I’m very understanding of it. My mother is almost 70 now and her mental status show signs of struggle for her. Her patience isn’t what it used to they get crabby and harsh. My wife seems to be the target even her own mother was mean to her just because she was trying to help. Life is cheap nowadays to many especially if it isn’t theirs. Nursing homes rob the elderly of any assets they have so they can’t even will their house or car to their kids. It’s sad that these nursing homes do this. The $ bump in life for some doesn’t come through. The jobs don’t pay enough to establish ones self and give them the security of a house of their own. Rents are as high as mortgages. Been through the whole shpiel lived in the ghetto with my wife and infant son worked herd for peanuts with no hope for a better future. Keep your head up eppe.

      10. Meryy Christmas Jeremiah and all here,good writeup,we have on our side many with great comm skills,believe when needed a lot of the tech used against the people will be screwed with by on the inside and out.Things go really wrong believe some of the rich/elites minions will turn on em,not much to lose then and may suddenly develop a idea that they were on the wrong side in their little noggins.

        On a side note,the dust clears,country getting back on track and you realise you survived,well,don’t forget to take the Christmas lights down,i.e.,take the heads you planted on the fence posts and bodies you strapped to trees as a warning to others down and give em a decent burial then,they at one time were kids also and could have in childhood even been a friend.We do not want to restart and get things back on track and have that as the new normal long term!Plus,a bit embarrassing to not have your chores in order when good folks come by to visit!

        • Dear W.D.,

          A very Merry Christmas to you, too! Thank you for all of your great comments throughout the year, and the stand that you’re taking. Your words ring true: although it will end up akin to the movie “The Road” after the dust settles, you’re absolutely correct..that we need to bring it back from that horror show.

          I believe in you guys, here, and it gives me hope to know that you are all awake, taking a stand, and have the resolve for the long-haul.

          May God bless and protect you and your family in all of your endeavors, and may your times together be spent in happiness and joy.

          Respectfully Yours,


      11. I hear your Brave..your will make the 3-5,000,000. More power or you, I am heading to My BOL, this weekend.. need make sure all my SHTF crap is still secure. Phuck the trolls. So much horse sh….t is going in all over the country and we haven’t even made to 2016 yet,. 110,000 metric runs of methane being pumped into the atmosphere in California.

        I am sure Yellowstone is next on their list to cause nuclear and meltdown to get back at texas… I am shopping for gas mask already and a chemical coat.. as you guys can see my ass ain’t 100% SHTF prove just yet. Most of the good stuff is expensive so I have to hold some cash to make it through this month much besides prepps.. I am looking forward to meeting my scientist friend next month assuming ly that we are not in SHTF in next few days since we almost got the phuck nucked our of us two days ago.



      12. Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year, if we make it that far..



        Unward to the second revolutionary war of 2016-2017.

        • HCKS and everyone, go to the link that citizen provided for the proposed assault weapons ban. War is coming next year. Count on it.

          • Braveheart1776,

            If ANY part of ANY of those 10 ‘items’ indeed get written on an EO, then I agree …some places will be knee-deep in blood (everywhere else will be worse ….as there’s no place like home).
            Take everything occurring globally and then consider the incredible number of idiots in America who ARE going to vote for Hillary (and if the polls are indeed rigged she’ll be the next POTUS – – she acts as if ‘it’ has been already promised to her …sort of a “let me finish them off” request from a former “first lady” (lady my ass…).
            C’est la vie …if it must be, then sobeit. Let’s get’er done and rise above this shit soon eh?

            • Equorial, I agree and couldn’t have said it any better. It looks like the chimp-in-chief will at least attempt to finish us off. Not if I can help it! “First LADY?” GMAFB! More like “First Commie/Feminazi Bitch”. MOLON LABE

      13. Remember back to WW2 when america went and helped the. Clustmass murderers who threw europe into a 2nd world war and help russians cover up their crimes of murdering millions of their countrymen and neighbors… yeah let’s remember that we almost avoided this clusterfuck.

      14. In 1984, the torturer told Winston Smith the future was, “a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

      15. The country is deep in 18 trillion dollar debt, two wars with no end in sight, random killings in malls and on streets, millions of people unemployed, rampant illegal immigration and yet all these folks at the top end of the food chain are throwing darts at each other over a bathroom break and bladder status quo instead of focusing on problem solving. Aren’t we making a butt joke out of ourselves?

        I feel that 99% of the shit that’s posted , news , current events , trumped up bull shit
        Is all to keep us occupied
        Even some of this 2nd amendment, 1st amendment hype black lives matter etc . is also to get us off target
        And that target is cleaning out this current and passed regime out of our government
        They are trying hard to blur your focus , as hard as they can
        Flooding your head with as much crap as possible so you can’t focus

        What will be next

        Hope you all have a safe one

        • Last I looked, according to Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff at Boston Univ., and who served under Reagan in the Treasury, if you count ALL unfunded liabilities (Federal, state, pension, municipal, etc.) the TOTAL is not $18-19 trillion, but rather $222 trillion. Just google Kotlikoff’s name to educate yourself…

          Yes… $222T. And recall there are only three things you can do with a debt that size: print money, raise taxes, or cut services (you can combine, of course.) Recall that raising taxes will kill even MORE economic activity and/or drive it underground, so they really can’t raise taxes much more. And historically, there has always been a ceiling on how much blood they can tax out of the turnip in any society. So, yes, they will do that, and all kinds of hidden taxes, but that will still be limited. Now you are down to print money and cut services (and anyone say Zeke Emanuel’s “Die at 75 you stinking oldsters” comment?)

          Jim Rickards thinks we may well go to using SDRs to pay for oil, international trade, etc, which would be inflationary (or we could end up back on some kind of gold standard of some sort). And recall that Reinhart and Rogoff’s book “This Time is Different” showed that once debt has reached ~100% of GDP, there has NEVER been a good outcome, ever, in history.

          IMHO, I think buying gold silver and platinum is still the way to protect yourself. The least you can do is buy pre-1965 silver coins (“junk” silver) a little bit at a time. Platinum is a particularly good deal right now.

          • I bet your closer to the right number than my sources were
            Either way , THEY really got a problem to figure out now font they?
            We the people didn’t create all of this

          • That’s only $600,000 or so each, No PROBLEM, just put it on the VISA card.

            • When I die I hope my last check bounces lol.

        • What will be next?
          I can hardly wait for whatever it is, more BS for sure.

          • Neutron bomb depopulation. Dial a nuke . It’s the only way to be sure. They want it all we are in their way. We don’t understand extreme greed. They are money junkies. They can’t get enough.they will destroy everything to get more. We don’t understand them. It’s genetic. Maybe a a extreme survival instinct. Do what ever to stay on top. Can’t be reasoned with. No pity .no remorse. And they will not stop. Survival of the richest?

            • Lone Wolverine:

              Interesting article at Rappoports nomorefakenews dot com.

              His take on how they plan to depopulate the US goes something like this:

              They will take a small community in the middle of nowhere, use some kind of gas to kill all the people there, cordon off the area so no one is allowed near, use the MSM at a distance to report it as a PANDEMIC of some kind. Then they will come up (very fast) with a vaccine for all in the US. Refuse to take the vaccine? You will be sent off to never never land, never to be seen again.

              Take the vaccine and you will go to the same never land.

              Everyone should sign up for Rappoports free emails. He makes more sense and has more truth to his articles than most subjects here at shtf. His article on Trump is certainly worth a look also.

              nomorefakenews . com

      16. Wonderful article. As we fight the fascist left (recall, fascists were the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party who – yes – adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention in Munich, Feb. 1920) remember:

        – George Washington’s crossed the Delaware River night of December 25–26, 1776

        – Jimmy Doolittle’s courageous raid on Tokyo right after Pearl Harbor. Lotta good that did, you say. Not quite. What you don’t probably know, unless you are a historian, is that this attack forced the Japanese to pull back a LOT of their forces to protect the Emperor, as any attack on him, let alone killing him, would destroy the Japanese war effort

        – Recall the RAF pilots, who in the Battle of Britain, who single handedly stopped the onslaught of the fascist left, who at that point had the whole worl in thrall

        – After Pearl Harbor, when Wake Island was also attacked, defenders were radioed to see who was left (if anyone). The reply from the Marines? “Send more Japs!”

        – Guadalcanal, Saipan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, the Normandy beaches, the guys at Bastogne cited above? Can we do no less? The battle will be different – this time it is one of education, communication, information – recall, these nasties cannot do ANYTHING unless they have the ***people** to carry out their misanthropic will. That is exactly when the Fabian socialists/Frankfurt School fascists/vile Alinskyites, etc. have tried to take over the media, the educational system, the news. And they have done a good job at it – EXACTLY like Hitler did a great job, too.

        But they have forgotten: Just like Hitler, they have misdiagnosed human nature. Man is not infinitely malleable, man is in fact fallen, and there is a desire both for freedom and God in all but the most degraded humans (there ARE some of those out there).

        You job, and mine, is to find people who are intellectually honest, who are willing to think, who have not gone over totally to the dark side…

        • Dear Test,

          Thank you for the Kudos! Great comment yourself…you hit the nail on the head. Many times bad things happen because people don’t remember their history as you eloquently outlined it.

          We have found some of each other, on this site. I glean an infinite amount of great information and ideas from all of you guys and gals.

          You all help keep me going, you really do.

          Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may God give you all the blessings and happiness of the season.



      17. There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.

        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.

        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.

        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)

        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

        Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown!

      18. eppe- I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. You will be in my prayers.
        And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
        And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were sore afraid.
        And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
        For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
        Gospel of Luke 2:8-11

        • Thanks Smokin’ for your post. We need to remember HE is in control of it all!

          Merry Christmas to all.

          And to Eppe, losing a loved one is never easy. Been there, done that. Seems time is the only thing that helps ease the pain.

        • Amen, SOkie.

      19. My father-in-law, now deceased was at Bastogne. He was a different veteran from a different era. He won a Silver Star for wiping out a German machine gun position on the Saar River in March of ’45. All of us knew he was in the war, but none of us knew about his extreme heroism until after his death when an ammo box was retrieved from under the bed and lo and behold inside was his citation. Even his own children, nor the people in the community had a clue as to his combat accomplishments. As far as I know he never ever mentioned to anyone that he was even in the war. Compare that with your modern day, constantly complaining, ptsd veteran looking for a government check every month. Do you see a void?

        • Andy

          You have to hand it to The Greatest Generation. The depression hardened them and they showed their tenacity in WWII. Of course we had a real threat, a real enemy as opposed to the wars of International Globalist Business Interests of today. In reality though the WWII GI Bill Of Rights was luxurious by any subsequent standards. An Iraq or Afghanistan vet has no where near the college money as the WWII guys.

          If your going to fight for Wall Street you deserve to get paid and taken care of.

        • Andy

          Amen to that, I’ve been saying the same thing. Although I honor their courage and commitment to serve…Still they should act like honorable men when they go home too. I’ve got a family member who recently got out of the military, never saw action never even left our shores, and his ass is drawing a monthly check in the sums of hundreds, for carpal friggin tunnel syndrome!! It disgusts me how he could so easily and selfishly without any honor or integrity, cheat the system and the men who depend on it. Men who fought and inherited real problems. I asked him how he could do that, and basically his only response was…everyone else does. I guess all his buddies told him how and what to do before he got out. Hell maybe it’s part of their debriefing now? ARMY OF ONE!!!! ?

      20. merry crissmuss all!

        • Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
          the smell of mash cookin drew out a mouse
          it came and it sniffed the smell of good stuff
          it chewed through the lid it was pretty tough
          it dove in and swam in all the good grain
          as he gulped down the goodness it went straight to his brain
          his courage it became more than 10 fold
          he thought cause Im small I still can be bold
          he crawled out of the big plastic pail
          his voice got real deep as he let out a wail
          “come try to get me you stupid old cat”
          “your geetin old and slow and so fat”
          the cat heard the mouse and sneaked his ass near
          then cornered the mouse with eyes full of fear
          the cat said “you did what I never could do”
          “get into the goods my hats off to you”
          the mouse said “thank goodness your welcome my friend”
          “we’ll drink till its dry until the end”
          they both got their paws on a couple of straws
          I guess as friends go they’re aren’t no laws
          the rest of their lives were spent gettin drunk
          the cat and the mouse now who woulda thunk? 🙂

          • I hope someone here is saving my poems and quotes. I could be famous 100 years after Im dead lol.

            • G: good poem, until the last 3 words…

              Thanks for all the well wishers!!!

              Be well all…

              • eppe, who woulda thunk? Why in the world would you not appreciate my redneck humor lol. In other light, I am sorry for you loss as I have had many, many friends die at a young age. I have become calloused as you would say to it. It’s how do I say…. like I am living a russian rulette wheel. My best friend died at 46…. my next best friend died at 45….My next best friend died at 51…. I have not had one since. Oh and my most recent best friend died at 52! For fucks sake what is the deal? The best people you will ever meet in your life DIE YOUNG! Evil fucks live forever it seems. WHAT THE FUCK! I have had an assfull of death around me and I HATE it! ASSHOLES live forever it seems while good people are doomed! Maybe the reason I am still alive is because I can be an asshole? Eeehhh whatever at least I will die being a truthful man! So glad Im not 18 years old damn. Be sure and tell your kids why you brought them here ok?

                • genius, if i ever meet you….could you do me the favor of letting me know RIGHT AWAY whether you like me or not?…BTW, good prose there…

                  • buttcrack, man I love you lol. Your a man that tells it like it is!

                  • buttcrack. Who gives a shit?
                    You’re entitled to your own opinion.
                    Why give a shit what some other prick thinks?
                    Keep on posting your thoughts no matter what others may think… This is what makes Mr Macs forum so interesting.
                    Don’t worry about hostile replies… Your thoughts matter.

                    • sorry, agent, i missed the hostile post…but then i don’t have that keeeen sense of the obvious that SOME posses. but thanks fer lookin’ out for me!

                • G, if you remember, there was a certain poster here named that, and gave me tons of shit, called me ever name in the book, and basically an asshole to all.
                  I am glad he is gone from here, he thought he walked on water, healed the sick, and had more knowledge that anyone here. I almost gave up coming here because of that jerk.
                  I do appreciate your redneck humor. We would make great neighbors.
                  Ex-prex runner Herman Cain seyz that phrase all the time…

                  Wount you be my neighbor??? Fred Rogers.

              • The moral of the story is we all want the same thing! To be left alone to our private lives! The people of different countries do’nt want war, they want the same thing as us! For their tyranical govt. to leave them alone! People around the world aren’t that different, they just wear a different hat….

                  • G, You’re a diamond.
                    My life is a field of stones.
                    Thank GOD IN JESUS’ NAME FOR DEAR GENIUS xXx

                • well leave us alone then asshole. YOU CAUSE NEEDLESS SHIT, YOU LITTLE UPSTART.

      21. Great article J.J, our will to resist tyranny is in our D.N.A . I just did some research on Daniel Boone who was a relative of mine. To my amazement he fought along side w General Washington and fought in the last battle of the revolutionary war at Blue Licks. Boone was also friends w President Jefferson. All of this to say that all of us in the resistance if we do a little research come from serious anti tyranny bloodlines. I know that J.J must have come from a warrior class bloodline. We will resist cause we must we can not help ourselves. This war for progeny is not over and we will never surrender. Merry Christmas, Shalom, Happy Hanaka, and keep your powder dry.

        • Dear Phenias,

          Thank you for the comment; I’m glad you liked it. The can-do spirit is in our blood, and this is what we need in the face of the oppression that incrementally creeps upon us, until the moment it becomes “full blown” in our faces.

          Merry Christmas to you, and I’m with you: when in doubt, we’ll empty the magazines! I’d be honored to cut those sector stakes with you.



        • Imagine that. One of my ancestors followed Daniel Boone to Kentucky. Some of them are still there but my branch ended up in the Pacific Northwest. Small world.

      22. People an assault weapon ban sucks but it is not the end of the second amendment. Second amendment was written when cap and ball guns were around. If your that worried get what you want now. I feel it’s unessasary really myself. Been walking around the streets with no gun and have never been in a situation where I wished I had a gun. I hear all the scenarios people talk about needing more than ten rounds. It’s your right but I just don’t see a need myself other than a total shtf which is possible but highly unlikely. Tptb will keep the scheme up good enough that a controlled descent is in the cards. I wouldn’t worry too much about this I’d focus on being prepared overall. Self sustainable as possible wins guns are just tools like knives. Tell me how many times in life have you needed a gun to deal with a situation. I like guns just being realistic.

          if you don’t THINK there’s a reason for more than 10 rounds, then you better watch this video….actually, you should watch it anyway…i HOPE everyone’s seen it already.

        • Fool. If they ban one style of weapon then they can ban them all. Just like the push for banning m855 “armor piercing” rounds when in fact all 5.56 rounds will penetrate standard issue body armor. If they ban one round they can ban them all. It doesn’t matter how many times in life you’ve had the need to defend yourself with whatever arms you deem necessary, it’s about the right of every citizen to defend themselves, their family and their community from all enemies foreign and domestic. These are the rights bestowed upon us by our creator the government has no right to infringe open.

        • 1 and 1/2 times. The half, was in a parking lot late one night in Cleveland. Fellow startd coming toward me and I didn’t have one. Put my hand in my pocket and started grinning like a fool at him; He took a hard left, and left.

        • H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 – 114th Congress (2015-2016)

          Read it.

          If this treasonous piece of legislation is enacted into law, it will be pointed to by future historians as the waypoint marking the start of the Second Civil War – when widespread civil disobedience gave way to open insurrection. Bracken was prescient.

          • That’ll go over like a lead balloon.

            The Second Amendment weathered Sandy Hook. The terrorist threat has little or no traction as anyone with a three digit IQ realizes that terrorists get weapons and no law prevents that as was seen in France.

        • Asshat

          “People an assault weapon ban sucks but it is not the end of the second amendment.”

          If one looks at the intent of the Second Amendment it ended with NFA 34 as protection from criminals was never its purpose.

          • K2, my definition of “CRIMINALS” is anyone opposing my freedom just as the fathers intent was. If you want to talk 2nd ammendment then it really means bearing the same arms as the military. I know you know but just had to say…

            • Thats my point with NFA 34. It kinda renders that mildly important part, “Shall Not Be Infringed”, moot and therefore negates its intent. In essence it keeps the wording while eviscerating its substance.

              The First with “Free Speech Zones” and the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth throughout is just another example. The USSC will be addressing or more likely avoiding the Tenth in the next decade.

              In the end it all appears to more closely resemble a movie set than brick and motor reality.

              • K2, yep, we live in wonderland. I wonder what will be next? Maybe I should ask alice when she’s 10 feet tall? (been there)

                • The facade will not only maintain but grow as fantasy across the spectrum is displacing reality. An example is the youth fascination with technology as opposed to what is real just feet away from their obsessive virtual world. A nephew was showing off, “Look what I made”, on MindCraft. It was impossible to get him to understand that what he made actually doesn’t exist. An entire society is morphing into an Outer Limits episode focusing their attention in a realm that doesn’t even exist while ignoring that which does.

                  The above is like a narcotic for many. Religion is not the opiate of the people, opium is not the opiate of the people, just wait for virtual reality as technological fantasy will become the opiate of the people.

                  • You my man, are on my welcome list (no others without maximum screening) 🙂

                    • Genius

                      “You my man, are on my welcome list (no others without maximum screening) :)”

                      Thank you.

                      I seen in the MSM that the Administration is recognizing the threat of a solar flare destroying parts of the electrical grid and electronics. That’ll tend to throw some sand into the gears (gears? what are gears?) of worshipping technology. “See this is a shovel, the metal end is inserted into the soil to move it”.

                • Drink Me… lol, very trippy.

          • My Pa youstoo play this shit when I was a livin’ at home.
            How I long for happy days gone bye.
            Fond memorise G.

        • asshat

          In a free society, free men and women have access to the same small arms as military and police. So called “assault weapons” are nothing more than modern day weapons technology. Tell me is my 22 caliber rifle an “assault weapon” it hold’s 17 rounds and semi-auto. And I guarantee I could ASSAULT the hell out of a room full of unarmed lambs. And what about a 12gauge pump full of 8 rounds of buckshot. That is IMO a more devastating weapon than any “assault rifle” But old uncle joe biden says “get a shotgun” If anyone has been paying attention, then they would know, these bastards want us disarmed and they want them and the police heavily armed like an invading military.

      23. ECOPREPPER YOUR ASS HAS BEEN BANNED..just red your comment, on a previous post. Trying to sneak one in eh. Talking crap about Michael, when in fact mike’s post was right on the money..

        Your banned for agency ass clownry.. don’t post on this anymore..phuck off fool.. your ain’t no prepper. Preppers don’t attack others in this site.



        Agency ass clown super moderator., so phuck off trolls.

        • Psssssst!,,,guess what Katy, you have no authority.

          • Troll-e-O, anything you say doesn’t count, so f#$% you!

            • So why did you feel the need to respond Boreheart?
              Shooting from the lip again!

              • Troll, go eat shit and die.

      24. Go to War 1 last time..!*

      25. Because it is the spirit we are going to need as a country.

      26. America is now a totalitarian fascist freak show, when you understand the coward Zombie trash of America spend an average of 5 hours on their I Idiot 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11….so-called “smart phones”, so they are now developing an “I HUNCH” or “TEXT NECK’, these are actual REAL TERMS they are using to describe these fascist boot licking hybrid human chemically altered brain dead dumbed down coward Zombie trash roaming by the hundreds of millions in the “land of the free, home of the brave”…..Please tell me how anyone can walk around in a metro area cesspool hellhole full of these hunched over Hunger Games looking coward Zombie FREAKS?????? There is no fucking way I could live in that environment….How do awake REAL CARING HUMANS live in the midst of that madness????? It would be way, way, way too painful for me to witness that Hunger Gmaes and Brave New World complete INSANITY up close.

      27. So we made it past Christmas and The New Year’s Holiday is next.

        Thought Christmas Eve would be quiet but NO! Some idiot fired a gun in the neighborhood. No police sirens. Others were less fortunate. Four people shot and one was a 2 year old. Another family had their home shot up a few days back and the son knows who did it and will not tell police.

        Can’t wait till New Years to hear and all those shots fired in the air.

        Body armor. Does the body good. ;0)

        • You must live in Detroit!

          • I live in North Florida.

            Lived in my neighborhood for over 30 years and things have changed. One of the significant changes is when a spouse dies. Many of the stable families who had children and grew up and left home. When the spouse dies the other person ends up selling their home. Then came the section eight and renters. Don’t care about the property and undesirables began to roam the neighborhood.

            When I was young and would throw a candy bar wrapper on the ground. Your neighbor would come out of his home and tell you. ” Pick That Shit Up and put it, In The Trash Can.” Today the kids say Fuck You old Man.

            My area is zoned somewhat agriculture but it is being squeezed out.

            I do check my roof after News Years for holes.

            No holes in my walls yet, but God help them if they do try it.

        • And i bet you live somewhere that has stiff gun laws,,,
          Or at the very least is heavy democrat,,,,

          • Kulafarmer.

            Two Points.

            “Stand Your Ground” in Florida.
            “Stand Alone” Capability.

            • Kulalfarmer is insulated from the mainland.
              God bless him when reality hits.
              None sarc meant.

        • Sling, I’ve been at the BOL since late afternoon Christmas Eve. One of my neighbors called me yesterday and told me several shotgun blasts were fired in my area that same night. It’s a shame I have go back before New Year’s Eve. On that night it’s going to sound like Syria in my area.

      28. Brave, I just read that link. People think I am full of ah…t and worry too much. Think about what happening now in Ukraine. Nato is massing troops and so is Turkey, yes in Ukraine while nato is heading toward the Syria Gulf.. this is ww3 because the Muslim jihadist army of Turkey just attacked the PKK, the Kurds..and thousands of women and children and civilians are being massacred. The ingredients are here in the US. Now the rat nasties are trying to mass 180,000 rebel jihadist fighters to be the police force to attack people and take the guns..

        I have to agree with you on this one 2016 is all out civil and revolutionary War in the US..over 2016-2017 period..i am a pessimist I just can’t see any other way our of this..



      29. Katy. you and bravesuck posted the shtf was to happen by sept this year..get a life assholes….. and get a safe for that junk gun you just bought bravesuck before the nigs get it and whip your old ass with it.

        • Anon, maybe I oughta come and whip YOUR ass, so get a life yourself, useless troll!

      30. My late father was part of General Patton’s army that did the 48-hour forced march on Christmas Eve, 1944, to relieve their fellow American GI’s at Bastogne. From what my father told me, Gen. Patton combined the men of several Army units (my father was part of the VII Army), turned the entirety 90 degrees, and marched to Bastogne. Apparently, Gen. Patton did all this without the prior approval of Army high command: he asked for approval after they had set out. You can have no real idea of how much respect these thousands of men had for Gen. Patton unless you talk to someone who was part of that march.

      31. Merry Christmas and Happy fooking New Year!

        Here is a picture of what is soon coming to the USA.
        A planned progressive agenda instigated by the ptb and the sunni dictators.

        The following comes from a recent Bloomberg article…..

        Crime is rising, home prices are falling and food banks are overwhelmed in Calgary as job losses spread. And the worst isn’t yet over in the heart of Canada’s oil patch.

        “Some of the city’s largest employers are poised to cut more jobs in 2016 as they reduce spending for a second straight year, adding to an estimated 40,000 oil and natural gas positions lost across the nation since the crude price rout began 18 months ago.

        “We all know someone who has lost a job,” Naheed Nenshi, the city’s mayor, said in a speech this month, lamenting the “funeral”-like atmosphere in the business community.

        When we start digging into some of the hard numbers, things get even bleaker. Just check out these statistics…

        -A total of more than 63,000 jobs were lost in Alberta during the first eight months of 2015 alone.

        -Over the past 12 months, the official unemployment rate in Calgary has shot up from 4.6 percent to 6.9 percent.

        -Home sales in Calgary have plummeted 21 percent so far in 2015.

        -Just since September, the number of school lunches for poor children provided by Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids has risen by 16 percent.

        -Food bank use in the province of Alberta overall has jumped by a whopping 23 percent according to the most recent numbers.

        -In Calgary, the number of commercial break-ins has nearly doubled over the past year.

        -The number of bank robberies in Calgary has increased by 65 percent in 2015.

        -The number of home invasions in Calgary has risen by 52 percent in 2015.

        -Every time there is an economic downturn in Alberta, the suicide rate shoots up, and this year is no exception. It is being projected that the suicide rate will be about 30 percent higher this year than it was last year.” End.

        When a society has become too much oil & gas dependent, it has become slaves to the oil and gas producers. Throw in the electric utilities, and the recipe for disaster is complete.
        When the costs of electricity production goes down, the utilities throw out a few crumbs and bank huge profits off the customers backs.

        Profits of major electric utilities are huge right now and they are using fuzzy accounting methods to hide it, for the most part. The sheeple are being ripped a new asshole, and can’t even see it.

        We have to become less dependent on these crony corporations, in order to handle the upcoming economic collapse. Don’t even get me started on Big Pharma. The medical establishment is the biggest killers of all. Murderers and thieves.

        Now is the time to make New Years Revolutions, against the Beast system. Start with lists of where you can begin to shrink and possibly eliminate payments to the Big Corporations.
        Every little bit of shavings of expense to them results in more savings for prepping foods.

        • I do what I can. I try to avoid the Bigs but still they get money. I can now live on 25% of what I lived on in 2006. I have done a lot to choke them out of my life. I like my new lifestyle way better than the old one.

          I am having a blizzard here in New Mexico! North of my fence it measures 14 inches, but my shed only shows 6-7 inches.

        • Cradle to grave you in canada cus we need that 762×39 chicom copperwash steel core ammo you have up there need need nèed

      32. Nope kula I can get drum mags and 30 rnd mags it is heavy democrat here which I hate. I’m ok with so called assault weapons I feel it’s up to the individual how they choose to defend their selves and homes. I just never saw a need to have a street sweeper myself. I feel if your in a gunfight it’s gonna end within 10 rnds either you’ll be standing or the bad guy will. I support the second every time. IMHO the niggers have the problem with gun violence not white folks so they need to be checked. I’ve been a gun owner for years and never had a problem I’m a cool headed person but of course will do what I need to do in a pinch. I will always let the police handle shit if it’s possible it is their job after all. The gun is just in case they show up late the bad guy will be dead not me. Not gonna be a statistic if I can help it. Laws are stiff for ccw it’s damn near impossible to get a ccw permit but not impossible. Gotta know people in gov and police community. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s who you know and who you blow.

      33. Cradle to grave I agree with you entirely these corporations are killing us all. The black lives matter protesters know this and blocked all the retailers in shitcago during the peak retail season. I feel a war on corporations is coming. People are fucking tired of building the wall that oppresses them. Corporations and unions are in bed with gov while the worker foots the bill. I work for a major motor freight carrier as a local peddler and they are bitching about not losing the fuel surcharge that was put in when diesel prices were high. Now that it’s cheap again they can’t charge customers this surcharge. All corporations cry poverty whilst CEOs get unheard of bonuses for keeping shareholders happy. It’s fucking bullshit my ass is sore with contract concessions. I hate corporations and have said it numerous times on this board. They need a reality check. New Years revolution against the corporate machine is needed badly but people will continue to spend $ on useless junk instead of hoarding their $ and keeping it out of corporations pockets. I’m doing my part now if we can get a movement started to boycott consumerism that most people will get behind there would be hope.

        • I am boycotting corporations… have been for year now. I get boycott emails but hat’s purchased from some of the worst offenders for years. Some are buying new corporate names and selling under those names. I am shifting as fast as I can. They are the succubus.

      34. Bout time you hosers started catching up with us lol!

      35. How about some shipments of mexicans, negroes, syrians, and unknowns just to make it fair. I’m sure the Queen will love it! I’m just funnin ya my frozen friend, we need to unite to take the whole northern continent back! Canadians are welcome at my place anytime 🙂

        • Genius,lets take a deep breath,easy there guy!Look,am good with having Rush/BTO/April Wine occasionally cranking on the stereo,realise times getting tough,but still,canadians in our homes?!That is a walk over the precipice we must really think through,as there is no turning back from that decision!

          • WC, ha all good bands from the north! But yes you are right we must use discretion! All frozen items are irradiated by fukashima so they are safe from germs ya? But ya think dat der frozen ones are butter then der ones from der south? Good god man, geet yer head on strate, Der frozen hosers are a lot like us! I hav meet a few of dem und zey are cool peeple (literally). EEf zey look suspicious zen don’t thaw zem out ya! 😛

            • Take off eh

          • WD, I’ve been to Montreal. I’d welcome those Canadian strippers anytime. Do I hear a second for a road trip ?

            • Over,am permanently kicked out of Canada!Tis a entertaining story that will share when we can fix a breakfast/lunch ect. meetup.Am working in Mass. at moment but need to head to the rock and visit me mum later this week,we need to get Posse if we can and hell,any other New Englanders if we can find a decent common spot.I will say was in Montreal at the now closed Le Brique rock bar on Catherine when ejected from country,leave it at that!

      36. Paranoid did you actually pull your piece out or did the would be perp get scared thinking you were packing because of your aware posture. I think you out witted him like when a man stands with his arms up and yells when he’s facing a big bear. The bear could rip his ass but bear is just scared himself and knows he can run away to fight another day. As long as no gun is shown they have no idea if you got one on ya or Not. I mean when was the last time you actually pulled your gun and fired a round into a bad guy. I’ve never myself so the street sweeper is not nessasary I do like my lcr 357 though you’d never know if I had it on me and it’s double action only hammerless so can be fired through a jacket pocket. No shell casings left behind. I love this gun smooth as butter. You could hide it in your ass crack if you wanted.

      37. Sad to say that the America represented by the spirit of those that fought across the Pacific and in Europe are not those that are currently running and destroying the US.


          • I LOVE GENIUS.

      38. WWI vets have all gone.
        WW2 vets are rare.
        NWO PRICKS are many.
        Lord have mercy… Not all of us want what’s happening.

      39. Throughout the history of man there has been many sieges.
        I keep my mind at peace through reciting the words of a battle field hymn… What a friend we have in Jesus.
        But when death comes… You’ll call out for your dear mom… Oh MOM…
        Peace to you all dear people. Jesus is Lord for ever xXx

      40. To old to cut and run, but not to old to FIGHT the BASTARD’S where I stand! The question is are they prepared to die; I AM! Long live FREEDOM!!!!

      41. ——————-OFF TOPIC ALERT—————————— Does anyone know of a good REASONABLY priced piece of equipment to have as an alternative to the grid. I hear solar panels will go down in a grid failure because of their diodes which are grid dependant. Generators are out ’cause of obvious drawbacks including noise which will bring uninvited and unwanted guests. Thanks

        • Southside-
          If you own solar you are right about diodes. Get extras and keep them in a cage. What do you want to accomplish if the grid goes? You’ll have a lot more problems than worrying about electricity. There are a lot of us here that can help you out. Just ask.

          And HCKS might have some ideas if he could spell and talk in complete sentences. Don’t put much into his long redundant rants.
          molon labe

      42. Candles work everytime south side anyway we need a new thread. It’s the 27 th. Need another serving of fear.

      43. Free shit useless eating bums who do nothing for society but consume resources need to die. This is the only way to correct America. Close the borders and only let people with skills and education in. No more laborers we don’t need another landscaper or Mexican gardener. Parasites are ruining us. Imagine if everybody did their part working and I don’t care what it is the country would be in better shape. There is no excuse to not hold employment there is no work beneath anyone. You don’t like your job you do something about it. Don’t complain everyday for 10 years about how much it sucks blah blah. The losers in jail are out everyday picking up trash from the highway they are doing more than the useless eaters do. How can somone look in the mirror at themselves as not being a bum if they don’t work. I would feel like a piece of shit if I wasn’t working. You gotta do something with your life. Gotta have an agenda like saving up for a car or land or college education. Some people are a waste of space sucking away from resources. They need to go to the furnace. Think this is extreme if you like swimming with a heavy chain around your neck your a fool.

      44. Southside, let me talk to my scientists friend to get some info he uses solar..he uses free energy generators that are EMP catalyst proof..

        I won’t have and answer for you until January thinking, thinking that i will still be alive by then..For new preppres new to this site, your phucked.. get started write away. First thing your need to do right now is build a bug our bag, if you can’t then go biy 3 of then right now..add 100 rounds hand fun ammo to it, and get sh…t loans o lithium batteries and use heat rap plastic to seal up all its contents, because it’s looks like the company who makes these bags don’t see to under under rainfall, water and flooding issues.. just see what just happened in Brazil and the UK..see….for regular preppers, you need to seql up the bug out bag contents asap..i cannot stress this enough.. IF YOUR BUG OUT BAG CONTENTS ARE NOT SEALED UP, YOUR BUG OUT BAG IS USELESS AND CAN’T HANDLE THE ENVIRONMENT..

        New preppers, see add on the right upper are if this site, order 10 life straws.. every bug out need one, yet comps are customizing bug out bags and they have not life straw. ..a bug our bag without vitamins, D3, minerals, iodine, ammo and a fun is not a bug our bag.. its for recreational camping.. its taken me one month of sever processed recently in my buddies bank yard to learn to start a fir to maintain it, and the wood takes 2 hrs to become a free block that maintains heat.. if you ar not in shape, you will not be able maintain that fire..because you have to blow air at the base to keep it burning and maintenance of the heat.. if your bag does not have and ax and a shovel your bag is also unless because you can’t chop for wood and you can’t escavate the ground to clear leaves, grass to prevent a forest fire in the middle of bum phuck nowhere jungle. I am in it for the long run beyond 30 years, assuming that the radiation and bio weapons don’t get me. A Lot of preppers are sticking up on crap and don’t even know how to use a flint.. you think your ready but until you do it the way I do it, as in literally test it in the field, and live at you BOL or bum phuck nowhere then you lack the skills..being homeless was bad, it the time since it was just 2 yes ago, I didnt even know to start and maintain a fire..i hope my fellow peers don’t laugh h5:oe asses off at me but at least I am m being honest about it.

        I highly recommend SHTF school… this course let’s you know when and how you are going to die between now and 2017..recently I met man from Selcos region that survived SHTF, he is now prepared and tells me that it’s coming to Texas that he is prepped because the Muslim, his word is the problem and that they are the ones who is causing all the problems in America, a no Brainerd for scientists friend told me a few months ago that by the time June roles around, that now one, not a single family member or critic will be able to laugh or criticize anyone on these prepper sites and that you will see the trolls disappear and that this is the first sign that within weeks, shtf commenses.

        2016 is when people will learn the hard way..none preppers are in for one hell of a ride..

        2016, the year that everyone who does not prep will learn that we are not crazy. Then they will do a run on the grocery stores and the survival food. And then all of prepper comps is run our of food. And that the survival companies will be forced to stop taking orders and then refunds will be issued sometime around April of 2016… this could change or may not be in that month, just trying to let people on this site prepare for the worst..the November webbotts predicted military action on patriots from jets and it’s 100% war next year..this not debatable this is just a fa t of life and I accept this fact. The average cave man 100,000 years ago has a PhD in survival.. while women want to tell me that I know crap.. how many women in the state of Texas I’d given the task start a fire with a flint in the jungle could do it.. the answer is less than 1,000.. cigarette lighter a eventually run out of fuel.. if you don’t have a flint your plucked and if your give them one they still can’t start one much less maintain that fire. Luke I have said before the statitics on women survival in SHTF is minor looking good..i have leaned a lot firm that least my girlfriend was smart enough to pick me..ovet suit an tie bodybuilder metro faggots from the Houston Galleria area..since I am a bodybuilder, I find your guys laughable, not to give you dudes a hard time since I have to dress like that to look that because of my career but off with those dean clothes when I get back from work..and back to reality you can’t tell the difference between me and north East Texas Red Neck on the weekends.



        • HCKS, I’ve also taken Selco’s course and highly recommend it to everyone. One of the most interesting sites I’ve ever been to. Selco’s already been through a societal collapse and survived it. He’s got a lot of valuable info to offer to people.

          • yup! to all you newbies, read every word selco writes on his site…tons of great info…and houst, would it kill yuh to use spell-chick, fer CRISE-SAKES?!!

      45. Looks like a 50 post dump on the site.

      46. Any idea on how to get chicom copperwash steel core ammo 7.62 x39 here from canada

        • Godsoldier.

          Nobody going to give up copperwash/Steelcore.

      47. Thanks for y’alls input. Candles are god,but I got cats running around the place and I don’t want them knocking them over. Any more ideas about free-power would be appreciated

        • I have six solar lights on my patio. They are designed to hang on the wall. I have six corresponding nails inside where I can hang them for light inside. I have also used battery powered lights, push on push off. You can recharge batteries with a solar charger. I get free heat from sunny windows by covering part with foil… I use bubble wrap foil 24″ wide from box store. I allow 1 inch at bottom to pull cold air from floor. 4 inches at top allows heated air to rise. I have one east and one west. It warms my 840 sf trailerstead on sunny winter days so I can shut the heat off for 6 hours or so. If I had insulation, it would last longer.

      48. Sling and God soldier, you guys have me cracking the phuck up..funny how you mentioned that GS, Canada is now in their first crash, look at the crime stats, see quayle for the article.

        Armed Robert up 65 %, suicide up big time, people running our of food and water. GS, the only way we are getting any ammo from those chi come to kill the phuckers.. and take their stuff..



        Phuck zu jun ping, phuck his generals, phuck then all..

      49. Anybody like the auguson farms powdered milk eggs and butter products. Have not put up any dairy foods yet. Just wondering if they taste good or like shit. Anyway south side I’ve seen people build wind turbine out of truck alternators if your not in a hurry for your own power supply I’d try building one of these with some deep cycle batteries and an inverter. It would be completely independent from the grid. I’ve seen people build their own hydroelectric wheel from a fast running creek or small waterfall. It’s another option. Those little solar patio lights are nicer than I thought they can be brought in at night to use get em cheap at Wally’s. Really just depends on your power needs.

        • I have used Augusson dried milk for three years. What was my perceived one year supply. Went a little overboard there. I like it better than other brands. It in a finer powder and can also make Dream Whip if you use more powder and whip it. Add vanilla to whip.

        • For butter, I turned it into ghee and canned it in 1 cup jars. Keeps pretty much forever and tastes fine. Anyone know much about Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

      50. They have it for sale on line but wont ship to U.S. its same price as wolf here in us just wishfull thinking should of could of would of all them yellow boxes of norinco for 2 bucks back in the 80s. Damn

        • Godsoldier

          How about 6 to 8 cents a round back then. SKS was about $75 and Polytech Legend was $350. Armor’s Kit was $300. All the springs and included an extra barrel. No receiver. After the Ban the prices doubled and parts began to become scarce.

      51. Please notice the level of fear in tptb that they want Americans disarmed. It would not be necessary if they thought Americans are as passive and sheep like as most of you believe they are.

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