Media Says Russia WILL Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine

by | May 18, 2023 | Headline News

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    in a recent article titled: Why Putin Will Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine, Russia Matters claims that Moscow will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

    The reason for this claim is that Russia has exhausted other options. “Recent developments” suggest that the Russian military commanders have exhausted their ability to effectively respond to a Ukrainian escalation in fighting. An influx of 300,000 new soldiers over the winter has done little to improve the fighting of Russian units, and the reported appearance of 1950s Russian tanks near the battlefield confirms that Russian materiel is running out.

    President Vladimir Putin’s bombing campaigns have not broken Ukraine. It is becoming clear, in my view, that the only way he can meet escalation with escalation is by introducing nuclear weapons.

    Additionally, The Daily Mail reported that Putin will probably turn to nuclear weapons after Kyiv “humiliated the despot” by downing his supposedly “unstoppable” hypersonic missiles, a retired United States Army Brigadier General said today. This week Ukraine announced that it had shot down six of Russia’s hypersonic “Kinzhal” missiles just days after the U.S. military confirmed Kyiv had downed another of Putin’s hypersonic missiles using America’s Patriot defense system.

    Is The War In Ukraine About To Go To An Entirely New Level?

    Kevin Ryan, who served as chief of staff for the US Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command, said now that Russia’s missiles are being destroyed, a decisive victory is getting further and further out of reach. Ryan warned that if Putin cannot force a victory with conventional weapons, the frustrated ruler will “probably turn to nuclear weapons.”

    “Putin is running out of ways to escalate the war in a way that would force Ukraine – and the West – to back down,” Ryan, a senior fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center in the U.S., told MailOnline. “Russia’s conventional (non-nuclear) forces are already showing themselves not up to the task in Ukraine. That is why Putin has relied so heavily on nuclear threats,” Ryan added.

    Russia Suspends Operations At Nuclear Power Plant Citing “Provocations”

    Russia Matters wrote that the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian regime is imminent as the build-up and desensitization continue. During the past 12 months, Putin has laid the groundwork for using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. He has removed domestic and operational barriers to doing so and has created justifications, fabricated and real so that his people will support him.

    Ruling Class Warned Germans To Prepare For “Nuclear Emergencies”


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