Media Claims Violent Charlotte Riots Were Actually “Peaceful Protests… Hugging One Another”

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 121 comments

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    So Charlotte was the latest city to descend into total chaos.

    Mobs of people protesting against the shooting of a black man by a black cop spiraled into violent anti-white riots, complete with looting, beatings and a man shot dead.

    And yet, how did the media treat the issue?

    One side showed the videos underscoring the thin veil between civility and total disorder taking place. They showed the criminality and thuggish tendencies of many of those who showed up.

    And the other side – well – pretended that everything was peaceful and loving. And that it was just a “protest”


    Check out this video by Paul Joseph Watson:

    The world is turning towards insanity, and the corporate, mainstream media is content to just keep on whistling, using carefully-chosen politically correct language and framing the issues as if everything is just fine. And that’s even with several credentialed journalists being attack by the crowd. This CNN reporter even get knocked over on camera.

    It isn’t fooling anyone, but it does reveal the media for who they are and the role they play in public perception and control.

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      1. It is possible, but historically highly unlikely, that such a number of black youth, could assemble for such a purpose, without violence occurring; its just a question of degree. Such is their Achilles Heel.

        • @Kevin2,

          So when white boys riot because their favorite football or baseball team wins or loses what is that an example of?

          • Nat,

            An example of your ignorance, perhaps? How many buildings have been burned after a SuperBowl or World Series?? Yesterday, a black protester shot another black protester? Care to comment on THAT??

            Truth is, all lives matter. And if black lives matter so much (and make no mistake, they do) then **why aren’t black FATHERS staying around with the babies they sire, if these selfsame lives are that important????*** Or don’t you have the intellectual honesty to answer that?

            Truth is, BLM is just Marxist gambit using poor, ignorant black folks as cannon fodder for a globalist agenda. Has nothing to do with valuing the infinite value of all lives, black included.

            The truth is that the welfare state has destroyed the black family, and left black men with NO sense of self worth (how can anyone have a sense of self worth living on the dole???). The truth is, it is the LEFTISTS who have put blacks back on the plantation, and are now trying to get other races there too. But worst of all, blacks vote 90% for the very people that enslave them.

            Besides, if the fascist left were THAT interested in black lives, they wouldn’t be aborting massively disproportionate percent of black babies.

            You show some somewhat trenchant reasoning abilities. Why don’t you follow through on your logic above and consider the real questions?

            • So whay youe are saying, Test, is that black guys desert while white guys stay with the mom and the kids? THAT IS THE STUPIDEST COMMENT I EVER HEARD!!! Off the top of my head, the memory of an Hispanic lady comes to mind, who just gave birth and the dad disappeared…

              Yes, oh, brilliant one, it IS true that some black dads desert their kids. Just as some white dads desert and some Mexicans desert. But your comments are just too stupid to even address fully.

              • No, anonymous. You are utterly ignorant of the facts. STATISTICALLY, per even leftist CNN, fully ******* 72% ****** of black children are raised in single parent families. Or you can check the US Census… not that you appear honest enough to do that. And just to illustrate how dishonest you are, here is the link to help you:

                SEVENTY TWO freaking percent. Get a clue.

                If you had a shred of intellectual honesty, you would review Dr. Ruth Dafoe Whitehead’s seminal “Dan Quayle Was Right” in Atlantic, which you can easily google. But it looks you are more interested in being an ignorant smartmouth than actually learning facts. Turns out that FACT does indeed appear “stupid” to ignorant people.

                And of course you won’t address my post. You have neither facts nor intellectual honesty on your side – quod erat demonstrandum.

                I will grant you this, though: White fatherlessness is catching up (thanks, femininazis!), with the same predictable results.

                You are great with insults… but woefully short on logic or fact

                • You can not argue facts with people who do not recognize facts (as such) but see everything in COLOR. Color matters to them because they have no concept of Humanity.

              • And, oh yeah. Check out abortion percentages of black vs. white babies. The numbers will shock you.

                Black lives matter? Not to the abortionists, who are led by the fascist left in this country. In fact, black women are 3.6 times more likely to have an abortion in 2012 than non-Hispanic white women per the CDC.

                Stupid comments? Methinks you have a serious problem with psychological projection

                • And Test gets 2 points for the bitch slap.

              • The average IQ of a negro matters rioter would probably hover in the 60s.

                • You mean low IQ pavement apes. Yeah Who’s your Daddy???? 75% have No Idea.. Generation after generation of low IQ Apes raised by their grandmas, imbreading, No Skills, No Education, even when that was given to them for free.

                  The war on poverty for Blacks, is just more Reward for Failure. Time to cut off ALL EBT and Welfare. These BLM’ers, will have 2 choices, steal and get shot or go to prison Vs. go get a frigging job and be somebody, and you won’t have time to go riot and burn the cities down.

                  Blacks are so stooped, have no idea when they are being played by Soros. Low IQ Pavement apes. I laugh.

                  ~WWTI… Thanks for the entertainment.

              • Who is behind the riots? Charlotte police say 70% of arrested protesters had out of state ID’s.

                “They were coming in on buses from out of state.”


                • Soros pays these animals to travel around to these hotspots and raise hell. They are bailed out quickly and put up in hotels. Rinse and repeat.

                  • Bingo. I would also add that it is likely that not all of them are Soros funded agitators. It is likely that many people came in when they heard about the tragic shooting because they knew they would get to loot and destroy and would be able to get away with it. Others still are regular people from the community who were shocked and outraged at what they believe to be yet another case of police overreaction where they shot first and asked questions later. It is likely that most of the locals were not inciting violence and that it was instead initiated by either the actions of the Soros funded agitators or those who came in of their own volition seeking only to destroy. So, once again George Soros had blood on his hands.

                  • The Daily Sheeple says,

                    Some people out there are still under the false assumption that BLM, which works to divide the nation on race lines in a new civil war, is an organic movement that sprang up as a response to police shootings; however, these two headlines expose the truth:

                    Manufactured Race War: Ford Foundation Just Gave Black Lives Matter $100 Million (to Go with the $33 Million from George Soros)

                    Well Whaddaya Know: Black Lives Matter Leader Lives in Home Owned by Soros’ Open Society Board Member

                    And really, that’s all there is to it.

                    Why manufacture a race war? Glad you asked:

                    George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and Manufactured Civil Unrest: Leaked Docs Prove the Real Goal Is Federalizing America’s Police

                    It was all going according to plan… but some people just weren’t getting on board the BLM race war train. One of those people is Darren Seals. Who was murdered for slamming Soros.

                    ~WWTI… The truth sucks for Low IQ Blacks and SOROS.

                  • Menzo, they can’t get enough protestors from the local ghettos. too lazy to go.

                • QED. The whole schmeer is a Soros setup

                • The truth is that these animals are being bused into N.C. Like Judge Jeanie said on Fox news “They are trying to start something”. They (the globalist) want these riots to turn into some Real Violence. It’s all planned out!!

              • Black men do abandon their kids–this is a simple fact based on empirical data over decades.
                Almost 90% of black kids are born to an unwed mother and almost 3/4ths of the kids will be raised in a home without a father–this is fact, go to any census figures–even the leftist govt BLS can’t hide that…

            • The Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ is not about Black lives or anything that matters to the Black community. It was born out of a lie (hands up, don’t shoot), created by the same group of anarchists that formed Occupy Wall Street. Soros funds them both.
              Most Blacks I know are very hard working men and women who take care of their families and are an asset to our communities. Only a small minority seems to get all of the press, leading some to think this is typical of all Blacks. The leftist media does not hold that minority or their ‘sponsors’ accountable for their actions.

            • Right on.
              AT LEAST (Somebody gets it right).

          • Nat Turner, all I’m saying to you is NEGRO PLEASE! Only your sorry-ass tricks go out and burn their homes down when they’re upset about something. My people don’t do like yours do.

            • so what if the protest turned violent? Weren’t our forefathers violent- throwing tea into the ocean, etc?? I’m not saying its ok to hurt white bystanders– but really, do you think a protest is effective without there being some kind of violence??

              During the 60’s, we marched at capital hill in DC, shouting, “1,2,3,4… we don’t want your FU– WAR!!” That was violence speech and the kids were smoking pot, waiting on the side of the hill, so that when the cops chasing the first round of protesters down the hill, swinging billy clubs as they chased them… then a second wave of protesters got up, saying something similarly.

              there are “protesters” here where I live: they stand there silently, holding their hand made signs, which no one cares about. How effective are they? NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE SO-CALLED PROTESTERS VIEWS– particularly the elite!!! NO ONE cares!!! Real protests block traffic, say curse words and interrupt the flow of commerce.. otherwise, they aint no stinking protest!!!

              • Ummm… throwing tea in sea water isn’t exactly like shooting someone… just in case you didn’t notice.

                And you are equating burning down your own neighborhood, shooting one of your fellow black protesters, etc. something similar to the Revolutionary War (notice: it is called a “war” not a “protest.”

                I see why you used “anonymous” as your name.

              • Soo… Anonymous appears to think the Revolutionary War was just like Charlotte, and fatherlessness doesn’t exist as a massive blight in the black community.

                Perfect example of why we are where we are: willful ignorance.

                And yes, Anon, fatherlessness is catching up in the white and Hispanic communities… with the exact same results.

                I truly wish people like you, who apparently have enough moxie to come on sites like this, would follow through and actually start thinking for **yourself** rather than parroting the PC line.

              • In the end it’s all judged by if you won. This generally infers that you were right and the ends tend to justify the means. Jefferson, Addams, Monroe and Madison would have went down as terrorists in a small footnote in a British history book if the colonials didn’t win. While their may be moral justification for civil disobedience there has never, and cannot be legal justification from the incumbent government because if such occurred it would be addressed in the courts. One can sum it up by saying that if the system worked honestly, if wars received a declaration, if authorities did not abuse their power, if corruption was diligently prosecuted, if there was “Equal Protection Under The Law”, all of it would be unnecessary.

              • Well the british Put Tacks in that Tea and it is the main reason patriot americans tossedd it into the sea.

              • They are gonna mess around and block the wrong bunch one day and then they’ll be negro matters martyrs that no one will give a shit about. Some of us carry rifles with drum magazines and we can actually hit our targets when we aim. You know, the ability to hide your plate number and your face is a wonderful ability as well. Food for thought for the negro matters.

                • Menzoberranzan…so you carry long guns with drum. Do you take this gun to the bed and master bait or you actually is man enough to screw your white wife or she ask for a black lover. Which is it?

                  • What makes you think his wife is into bestiality?

                  • My, my, you sound jealous.

                  • Anonymous, f#$% you! Useless commie troll.

                  • I get off by making people like you suck on the barrel before my weapon jacks in your mouth. Does that satisfy your particular lust? I hope to run into you one day soon.

              • Here is a real live leftist protestor who got all worked up over someone with a Trump sign in his yard, in addition to a “Hillary for Prison 2016” sign. This SJW seems like a noble person, a real role model for the best that Western civilization has to offer:


            • Blacks which account for 13.3% of the US population (in 2015 Census Stats), and commit 75% of the crimes and murders in the entire USA. (US justice Dept FBI Statistics) The Murders which they mostly kill their own black race of people.

              Get rid of the Pavement Apes and we get rid of 75% of the crime in America. Seems like a simple solution for me. Time to Break Out the mandatory “Sickle Cell Vaccines” for Blacks. lol You want your EBT card?? you take this Vaccine.


          • Far Too Much Alcohol

            Regardless I haven’t seen looting coming from that scenario.I haven’t seen third party’s, not connected, attacked. Riots such as that are certainly far more uncommon as every weekend, in several cities, such games occur while riots do not. One can therefore say that such occurrences do happen, but are unlikely, by any reasonable comparison.

            I’ll give you this. The motivation to commit civil disorder over some sports team, winning or losing pales in comparison to the possibility of government authority committing murder. If some evidence emerges, that the man in NC did not have a gun and it was planted, which has damn sure happened in the past, its going to get very very ugly.

            • kevin,planted gun ect. has crossed my mind,if it was a case of that,agree,will get very ugly if proven.That said,it went down that way do not attack innocent homeless folks,burn your neighborhood ect.

              Take the battle to those that did it,police/city hall ect.Hell,burn down city hall might be doing community a favor!Fight your enemy without purposefully taking innocents out and you might not only get some traction but actual country support,as it stands,your on your own.

              • Warchild Dammit!

                I’m pointing out reality not agreeing with the behavior of the rioters.

                I think Police misbehavior has been going on since there have been Police. The power that they’re entrusted with coupled with the gang mentality of needing your partner and by extension anyone with a badge is overwhelming. I get very suspicious when the initial contact with someone they shot did not result from a crime alleged to be committed by the person. I have little faith in honest answers and official reports or testimony from Police officers that have the potential to adversely effect another cop. If there is one single truism in US society its that cops support other cops.

                Where the hell are the body cameras? As small as they are they should be mounted on police firearms and engaged as soon as the weapon is gripped.

                • I was looking at an ATN digital scope. Amazing that it can record video triggered by recoil. You can tell it how far in advance of pulling the trigger and after the shot you want recorded. It essentially continuously records but only permanently saves the specified length video.

                  There’s no reason a small camera can’t be designed that does this, attaches to the forward rail of a pistol and activates the moment the pistol is pulled from the holster. Or it could just record video from when pulled from the holster until the memory chip is full.

                  For all the effort Obama wanted put into smart guns, designing this for police makes much better sense. This with existing tech it’s already doable. It could record all shootings from the shooters perspective, and isn’t that what is needed for assessing a shooting?

          • EXACTLY, NAT… these people who post comments here (most of them) are just too stupid to even deal with… I don’t even know why I come to this stupid site sometimes… guess because my sister referred me here. I do like the news stories sometimes, but these stupid (and I DO MEAN STUPID) people who post comments are just pathetic– a waste of time. If people want to entertains stupid thoughts in their mind, I guess it should be their business… Just wish there was a place I could go to post comments with half way intelligent people… gesssh! 🙁

            • Great. All you have is ad hominem invective. Zero facts, zero logic. You have not answered a single question other than to call people stupid. How Einsteinian of you.

              I would say you are right, this site is not for you. You’d be better off at those junior high school sites, HuffPo or Daily Kos. Both with the level of journalistic acumen of something a 10 year old might compose. I have cited facts, given you links, and more. And all you do is call others here “stupid.”

              Well, as Forrest Gump would tell you, stupid is as stupid writes. Look in a mirror. And try showing some intellectual honest… just for once.

              • Anonamous: is PRIME Example of a PC brainwashed Liberal dem that greatly suffers from vast huge amounts of whitey GUILT!….These type believe that if only they can appease and defend black savages enough, then someday soon, some famous al sharpton type negroe or negress is going to walk up, stand at the guilted whites side and give em a huge Back-pat and tell the idiot how they have now well proven self as a “Good White”.

                Yet it never really does happen that way eh. Because the more one appeases such militant minded savages and sub human animals, the More they Demand! and NO amount of anything and everything handed to them is ever going to be enough to satisfy their abject Lust for More and More of YOUR stuff/cash/taxes/Rights/etc etc. Period.

                PS Just WHICH anaonamous are You anyways eh?

                My guess is this particular idiot anaonamous is that Female dem lib that claims she resides in her old jaloppy Car and has all her pitifull stuff’s stored away at cost in some storage locker site 1,000 miles from where her Car/Home is usually parked at.

                is My guess correct? or Lord Help Us all is this yet another equally duped fool idiot anonamous here now?!!

              • Tee hee,
                The reason liberals come to sites like this to comment is liberal and prog news sites, as a general rule, don’t allow discussion of any type.

                These commie pinkos don’t grasp the irony of them coming to conservative sites because it’s the only place they can engage in a discussion. They can’t grasp that should the progressives win the next election, all free discussion and freedom of speech will likely end.

            • anonyous You are so stupid you actually think your Smart. Do this go to U tube and watch the Doctor Of Common Sense. He is a Black Man that tells it like it is. Watch his videos and then come back here. And I happen to have a IQ of 140.

            • Bye bye. Now go on and get boy.

            • Anonymous, why do you still come here if you don’t like the site? Go home; your j*w master is calling you.

          • Nat Turner – you’re wasting your time trying to get your viewpoint across on a web site like this!

            Sadly, Kevin2 is one of the more “liberal” posters here so you must be masochistic thinking anyone here will take you seriously!

            I’ve offered to donate various sums to charities if posters here can prove/validate their statements.

            No one has had the balls (or access to their “truth”) to take up my challenges. And yet they continue to repeatedly spout the same tired, ill thought out lies and rhetoric. They truly are the “sheeple” they profess to despise.

            In the main, posters here are bitter, failed old men, with minimal education, who held nothing jobs when they were working.

            They were, and continue to be, minions, the serfs of the 70’s and 80’s whose jobs have been outsourced to Asia right under their noses because they were sold a lie and did not have the wit or intelligence to notice! They failed to notice that the world didn’t need their outdated “skills”. They truly are latter day Luddites.

            Now they live on a pittance of a pension haunting yard sales and Wally world for bargains and hate anyone who has made a success of their lives…so much for the American dream…old people’s envy!

            • Debunker

              “Sadly, Kevin2 is one of the more “liberal” posters here”

              Actually I’m quite conservative in a Libertarian Constitutional sense but certainly not from the Neo-Conservative perversion of the USA perspective. I call it Jeffersonian.

              “I’ve offered to donate various sums to charities if posters here can prove/validate their statements.”

              What would you like as evidence in my postings? I would like a nice fat donation to the NRA-ILA Political Victory Fund in my name.

              “In the main, posters here are bitter, failed old men, with minimal education, who held nothing jobs when they were working.”

              To address this I supervised a 60MW power plant in a 200,000 bbl / day oil refinery and held a coveted Gold Seal Stationary Engineers License that got many a BSME to take note and listen over my three decades of employment.

              • Kevin2 – Did I have a go at you personally? All I said was that you were one of the more “liberal” posters. I didn’t say that you were liberal. Would you have preferred something more macho?

                I offered (on two occasions) to donate money to charities to people here who had made outlandish and palpably false statements if they could prove those statements were truthful. They never responded, ergo they were and are liers, yet still post their lies here.

                Never having challenged the veracity of your posts why should I donate to your chosen charity? In the main you speak sense. Although I do now doubt your reading comprehension.

                Again I never attacked you personally re your educational levels. I said “in the main” which is a generalisation and not a personal attack on your undoubted and superior engineering abilities.

                For someone with Supervisory experience though, you’re a wee bit hyper sensitive to the faintest imagined criticism about yourself and I do wonder how you managed your workforce in times of crisis.

                • “Sadly, Kevin2 is one of the more “liberal” posters here”

                  I clarified the “Liberal” title as I’m a Libertarian, their shouldn’t be but “Liberals” hijacked the word and altered its inherent objective; their is a substantial difference.

                  “Never having challenged the veracity of your posts why should I donate to your chosen charity?”

                  Excellent, if you haven’t challenged the substance in my posts then by default you agree; welcome aboard.

            • Debunker ? you haven’t debunked anything. You are one of those types we because you don’t agree with a post. And cant debunk the post with facts. You try and discredit the poster. You so far havent done anything but call people names. Nothing more than childish behavior.

              • Old Guy; Bingo! Correct call out on this debunker clown eh. And it is a 100% waste of time trying to actually provide vetted proofs or links to info and valid documented facts etc. Because these debunker types Holy Grail issue always revolves around either unquestioned defense of savage african black militants, or nation wrecking ziojewry and their first cousins jewdeobolsheviks.

                And while every time they Demand links or proofs etc…Each time it gets provided for them, they either ignore that reply totally, or reply back that they are far too above the fray to ever Dare to research any such proof infos or documented facts.

                They Must act this way always, in order that they can remain always in an abject state of Denial of such uncomfortable facts that so well prove all they thought was truth is no better than total huge LIES!

                Huge Lies such as the famous sacred Six Million thats been fully Debunked for Real! and even so admitted to by some of The tribes very own voices and writers too!

                SHTF Past forum archives are litterally Filled with such proof and documented facts and links etc..Yet why do they never ever research these shtf archives eh? For answer re read above few sentences!

              • Old man – and what do you bring to the table? Sour grapes with a big helping of bull?

                Go back to your nursing home and get nurse to change your old man incontinence pad, your dribbling is showing through.

                • Debunker makes old mans point. Childish bullshit in the face of legitimate arguments. Nursing home comments regarding a person with the old guy screen name are juvinile. The comment isn’t funny or well thought out. The pad comment is much the same. The taunting from an ignorant ass. You sound like you are about 12 years old. The comments you make a predictable and simple. The sour grapes and bull are at least unrelated to the old guy jokes. They are still simple and stupid.

                  • Tunkcuf, you’re just another moron like debunker and anonymous. go home, your j*w master is calling you.

                    • Come on now Braveheart do you really want to start a bunch of crap over people calling out someone over childish name calling?

                • And you just proved Old Guy’s point by performing EXACTLY as he said you would. Calling names like a child with literally NO facts debunking a single thing. Pathetic.

                • There you go no valid rebuttal Just a childish personal attack. So I will get down to a rebuttal on a level you might understand. the childhood taunt that is actually a fact. It Goes Im Rubber and you are Glue Everything undeserved you say about me just bounces off and sticks to you. Actually its KARMA or Just Desserts take your pick.

            • Debunker … one day soon you and POS’s like you will be put on their knees and get a nice head shot. I would love to do that very much. In your case I’ll start with your family members and make you to watch and then will have my fun with you mother fucker.

              • Anonymous – and the other idiots who can only swear and cuss and threaten me and mine with murder. Your rather infantile remark proves that you are emotionally retarded and probably clinically insane.

                Once more the keyboard warriors hiding behind the cloak of anonymity show their mock bravado. I’m trembling in terror (not)!

                You defend the right to free speech and yet deny it to anyone who uses it that you disagree with! Where’s the logic in that? You prove my points every time your fat little fingers hit the keyboard and the jumbled thoughts that live(?) in the dark recesses of your tiny brain are spewed incoherently forth.

                And to think that cretins like you have the right to carry arms! I wouldn’t trust a moron like you to carry a grudge, let alone a weapon.

          • Nat Turner.

            Example of White Power?

            Hello Nat. ;0)

          • Touting themselves as “peaceful protesters” desirous of “social justice,” the mob went after a man on life support, stripped another white guy innocently walking back to his care and beat him in a parking garage, and viciously kicked an aged, homeless white man to the ground. In the latter two cases, the rioters laughed riotously at the barbaric behavior.”

            As one commentator who lived thru the French Revolution put it, “it is never very long before oppressed people, once they gain power, to put on the very robes of those who formerly oppressed them.”

            These blacks are no intellectual or moral heirs of someone like MLK, that’s for sure.

          • Stupidity

          • You’re going to compare some white and black fans celebrating in the streets and turning over a few trash cans or climbing light poles after their team wins a big game— against the open shooting, the looting, the store, home and old folks nursing centers torched…the racial assaults and violent unrest that the paid BM crowd is engaging in?
            That may be one of the most obtuse or ignorant comparisons I’ve ever seen in my life.
            One group has their drunken revelry get out of hand—the other is an angry mob set on hate and destruction, chanting racist, violent and militant slogans with the intent for destruction of society—Nat, you are a dumbass.

        • WHEN I HEARD ABOUT THE VIOLENCE I WAS GLAD– WHY? BECAUSE THE COPS AND THE SYSTEM 9GOV,) NEED TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT IT REALLY IS NOT OK TO KEEP ALL THESE BLACK PEOPLE CONSTANTLY… I know, they kill whites too. But MOSTLY– MOSTLY– they kill blacks. I’m white and I say, you go, brothers– don’t let them keep getting away with this shit!!!!!

          • Anonymous and Debunker, if you don’t like this site, why do you still come here?

            • Braveheart1776

              They add a certain color a flavor to this site.

              • Braveheart: They show best ever Proof as to why one should never ever Fall for PC and whitey GUILT!

                For those two Tools have been used for over half a century now to cause every white that has fallen hard for pc and guilt complex crap to then become totally Mentally Deranged!…Which is also labeld as a Lib Dem lefty by many.

                ps: for one of worlds best ever examples of end resuts of pc and especially whitey Guilt effects?

                research what happend to…HATI!! Back a couple hundred years ago, when Hati’s white 10% that were its ruler class folk Fell Hard for all that new ‘enlightenments” happening stateside in France!

                Soon that 10% white hati ruler class decided to heed calls to Give the VOTE to hatian Blacks too!!!

                Soon after getting the Vote rights, the 90% Savage canabal black hatians did vote! they voted OUT former white rulsrship, and voted IN fellow black savages!

                Soon after getting black savage cannabals elected as new hati ruler class…

                Those new elected Backs Voted to change laws!

                Main Law changed was to make it 100% OKAY and legit for the hatian 90% savage canabal Blacks to rise up against and Mass Murder EVERY white in Hati, and then to, Wait for it!!!!!

                Then to LOOT-STEAL-DESTROY-and BURN DOWN Every fuckin thing and home and farm and plantation to be found on the entire island!

                Soon after, around late end of 1790’s and early 1800 eras…Hati then became what we today see of hati as the most third world banana republic failed state to exist globally! and still run by Savage canabal black militants and Voodoo practisioners and whichcraft ‘experts”!!

                Got Tribal medicine man? Hati does! and Many many of them to boot!

                • Them Guys: lol

                  I finally figured out what is wrong with American Black people. They really are dumber than I thought. I’m a little slow. It took me a while to figure this out. The more intelligent a person is, the faster he will be to admit what he doesn’t understand, what is over his head or out of his field. He will more than gladly delegate responsibility to one more knowledgable on the matter at hand.

                  Stupid people on the other hand will never admit their shortcomings. They will argue with you until you are exhausted and finally allow the idiot to think he outsmarted you in a verbal duel. Trying to reason with idiots is an exercise in futility. They don’t have low IQs because they’re less gifted, they’re not inadequate, the test is biased. It’s never their own fault for anything. Every criminal blames society. For the most part, blacks have a criminal lack of personal responsibility for anything and everything that has happened in the past 500 years. Take slavery away from them as an excuse is harder than the 6million excuses of another bunch of turds.

                  The difference between these two groups: The 6million wouldn’t have burned down the houses and buildings. After killing every man, woman and child; they would have had the sense to move in if they had better homes.

                  _. Now if I was a practicing Catholic I’ld go to confession for insulting the poor disadvantaged black people and their 6 million dollar sponsors. Do Blacks know how much the 6million can’t stand them. They hate whites because they’re competition, but they look down on blacks more than rednecks do. At least that’s my experience.

                  Anyway. Your post is tragically funny.


                  • All of the posts by Them Guys truly reflect his knowledge and high IQ level. Just imagine having a world with folks like him, you, Genius, Lone Wolverine and many many more on this site.

                    • Oh no. Seriously? You are kidding aren’t you? You must be. That’s it, you’re just kidding around. Foolin’ us with that high IQ and knowledge stuff, back slappin’, atta-boy statement.

                      Ok, I can take a joke. hahahahaha

                      I know him for who he is.

                • TG, I already know about Haitians from personal and painful experience. I had trouble with them all the time when I was in Miami. so did my wife, her family, and the rest of the Cuban community there. To this day there’s still nothing but trouble between all of those groups down there. My wife was killed by a POS Haitian drunk driver. The Haitians are the same as American blacks; they think the world owes them something, but with one difference. the Haitians do practice voodoo and really believe in that shit, I’ve heard a few stories about the original Haitian uprising against the French. Only a handful of French managed to escape from that island with their lives. There’s a story somewhere of one Frenchman who escaped to the US and gave his story on the uprising to Congress. And you’re right about Haiti being nothing but a dump ever since they gained independence. totally useless as people.

                  • a Huge Thank You to All Three of you guys! B/CA+Stolz+Braveheart….You guys are all too too kind.

                    And I am just very Glad that I have been gifted with a mind that can comprehend real truth, and retain it in deep memory for later times when the need arises for me to relay that info to others as I try doing here at shtf forum.

                    Yes I fully admit my spelling is a real huge probem for me and others to read it. as Greg Allman famously said on one of his best ever songs.. and This is for all those spelling Nazis here not for you three guys of course!

                    Allman in a song said: “Please don’t remind me of my failiurs….I’m aware of them”

                    I quite public schools at age 15 completed 8th grade level, later much later got a GED aka good enough degree.

                    And acording to those kalifornia and iowa IQ tests we all took back when I was 12 yrs old and first started Jr high 7th grade level class…They told me when I quit school, in order to get me to remain in school thay said, they told and showed me my overall test scores.

                    I did very swell in every subject except for spelling ussage etc! I scored four and a half to five grade levels above at time of took tests. so acording to school officials I was at first year college level in all Math-english-histroy-reading levels…BUT a full Year behind with a D-Minus grade in…Spelling and usages of commas etc etc…oh well so what eh?

                    I figure as long as folks can get the main jist of whats wrote by anybody else, then thats good enough for me.

                    I also read some article that scientists has proved that a humans mind and brain is fully able to read and comprehend the word writen, NO matter How the words letters are arranged…so long as the very First word letter and very Last letter of a word are correct.

                    They discovered that the human mind is so asstute and so computer able like, that no matter how long a word is or how many letters a word contains, as long as first and last letters are correct…most folks will fast rearange the letters in their mind and then understand what they are reading.

                    So that fortifies my attitude more yet! I appoligized repeatedly for my terrible spelling and errors…But hey..Nobodys perfect eh.

                    Plus if we dealt in numbers in-stead of word letters?..Then I’d be a real whizz kid…I can remember numbers like nobody else can…Even phone number when I was three and four yrs old home phone number we had then.

                    Anyways Glad at least a Few solid folks here are so awake and knowing of real truths like you guys are…And if you enjoy whatever I write thats even better yet!

                    Just never ever quit trying to awaken others..It is Our Godly Mandate we were commanded to do.

                    Learn discernment, then learn truth, then spread truth far and wide to awaken those deluded souls before its too late to do so. but Beware for as Christ stated.

                    “They hated me and desired to Kill Mr for I speak Truth, and They also are going to do the exact same for you when You also speak my Truths to them!”

                    And remember also as stated by Him “To Speak Truth to your enemys, is akin to throwing a heaped shovel full of red Hot Coals unto the top of enemys heads!”

                    Now is That last statement real truth or what?!! We see it proved truth every Day here at shtf forums when the many troll naysayers and deluded souls so oft complain about what we types post info on eh…it just Burns their head tops and frys their small brains!

          • You drank seconds of the BLM and MSM Kool-Aid didn’t you Anonydiot–
            FACT: The Tulsa shooting and Charlotte shooting were the 129th and 130th blacks killed by cops this year. There have been OVER 200 WHITES killed by cops this year…nowhere near “mostly” that you’ve been brainwashed to believe.
            It’s a simple reality if you’ll just look at reason. When a white thug who has robbed a store, waving a gun around or tries and disarm a LEO –if he is shot and killed, the white community is glad and says, “thank God that piece of S%#@T is dead”
            When a black thug, drug-dealer, violent felon with a long rap sheet, or ties to gangs is shot and killed, the black community mourns him like a pillar of their community and turns him into a symbol of their “cause.”
            This is true–face it. Where are the honest, hard working black people who are willing to stand up and say, “Thank God the police killed that gun wielding thug (in Charlotte) before he could kill an innocent in our neighborhood.”

      2. Just more proof you cannot trust the mainstream media to tell the truth.

      3. What? The leftist media is lying again, just like Hilary? Say it ain’t so!

        Six facts the lamestream media won’t tell you about Charlotte:

        1. We have a black President, who not only stopped the oceans from rising, but instituted an era of racial healing
        2. For the Charlotte district, they have a black Congressman
        3. Charlotte also has had a black mayor (current mayor is a white female Democrat, of course – think Detroit, which hasn’t had a Republican mayor since ~ 1960)
        4. District Attorney for Charlotte? Black
        5. Chief of Police? Black
        6. The officer involved in the shooting was black, and last night a black protestor killed another black protestor, while burning down part of their own community

        So whose fault is it when the perp gets taken out? Oh, that’s right. Gee, that era of racial healing instigated by Barack Hussein Soetero Dunham Obama is truly remarkable (so is that ocean he stopped from rising!). The truth is, if black lives matter (and they do; ALL lives matter) then perhaps those same black lives ought to matter to the men who father these babies, then leave; these lives also ought to matter to Planned Parenthood, who abort a VERY disproportionate number of black babies (whom PP founder called – in her own words – “human weeds.”

      4. So did the North Carolina National guard get called in to bring the marshmallows or the weenies for sing along around the arson fires ….

      5. well, if the protestors are killing innocent white people, then obviously, that is NOT OK. (I’m white!!) However, the idea that the blacks are tired and fed up with this horribly corrupt system and are fighting back– that makes my day!! You go, brothers!!

        • Fighting back by killing a fellow protester, like they did yesterday?

          Brilliant strategy.

          Truth is, some of these shootings are in fact bad by the police (the KS one a day or so ago was unjustified, and thankfully they are now prosecuting that for manslaughter), some are just black thugs (Ferguson). Truth is, we have issues with BOTH a police state/police overreach AND black thuggery. A In fact, we have a broader issue with just the general disregard for human values by both sides, both the police and the black community. And lets add in the amoral banksters, and Hilary Clinton.

          As Solshynitsyn wrote, the line between good and evil runs through EACH OF OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL HEARTS. The issue is not race, or male/female, or something else. It is much deeper than that.

          But Underneath this all, from Charlotte riots to the banksters at Goldman Sachs, lies a whole culture that is corrupt, and winks at it.

          Where to start? Red, yellow, black or white, start being honest in your OWN dealings. Don’t cheat on your business expenses if you thing the banksters are bad. The feminazis are truly evil, but by the same token,how many men use women for their own ends? Black families heavily fatherless, but if you are white, are you cheating on your wife? And have you seen how fatherlessness is gaining in white and Hispanic cultures? How exactly do you think that might end????

        • Anonymous, so you support black rioters? Let’s see them break into, ransack, and burn down your home, and we’ll see what kind of song you sing afterwards.

      6. I just now saw the video— LOL!!! Hilarious!! 🙂

        • Most of those rioting in Charlotte were bused in from elsewhere. By guess who?
          Take the space out between ht tp.
          ht tp://
          Comment, Anonymous?

          • Ketchup; 72% of those protesters were from out of state. My guess is they are being paid to fan the flames and if allowed will move on to the next violent destination to create chaos. they are trying to influence the election and would love nothing better than to have martial law declared.

          • Ketchup, I caught your reply on yesterdays post. I feel I must defend mushrooms. I have taken shrooms at least 100 times and never had a seriously bad experience. I did laugh so hard once that I sheet my pants (but thats another story). The people who have bad experiences (just like with lsd) are people who do not like themselves or have some mental issue. Psycadelics bring issues out and for some people that is really bad. I love shrooms because it gives me deep thought and connection with the universal intelligence. I like myself and therefore it is never a problem. It shows me the coolest things creation, fibernace sequencing, in depth looks into structure, etc. It is not for the weak minded or mentally fooked up people, it is for a killer learning experience and a lot of fun. Ya it pumps your heart rate up but only real bad if you have some sort of fear attack because of some issue. A gram or 2 won’t hurt the average no issue person at all, in fact it helps in many ways. Thats my testimony and I’m stickin’ to it.

            I am just repeating this because maybe you have never had this experience. The indians and the ancients did it all the time. I love it from time to time because it makes me aware of a whole new aspect of life and this planet. An aspect the knowledge seekers seek! If you have never done it, you are missing out on an entire other dimention of life.

            • Genius, I’ll look back but I don’t remember saying anything about mushrooms…
              maybe I was under their influence and don’t remember? 🙂
              I did my share of mind altering stuff back when and came through with all brain cells intact.
              I’ve known plenty of people will addictive personalities and I’m glad I wasn’t cursed with one. Too much damn damage to reckon with. Don’t need that.

              • You were talking to Warchild…
                All is well.

      7. I haven’t EVER been able to get a comment on here… why not?

        • It takes a while for the robots to know you.

      8. Race-smace. Let ’em burn the cities down. Come rural, where there are no ROE’s, lay down withering fire, fallback, repeat as necessary……problems run away.

      9. This video about the violent riots in Charlotte, NC; which have been portrayed by the main stream media as a love-in in stark contrast to the reality, are exposed herewith as the bold faced liars they in fact are proven to be with dark humor. Show the video and share on social network.


      10. Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Brinkley, Huntley, etc. are spinning in their graves. Bought three more months of freeze-dried food today. Looking for a good deal on automatic rifle but I will save it for “peaceful” protestors like this.

      11. The love in last night was brought to you by the National Guard. Dey gots big guns?

      12. Dr. David Duke announced his intention to go tomorrow to stop a group of people who intend to take down a statue which is a famous symbol. This is a felony. This is illegal as hell. The police are refusing to stop this crime. The mayor of New Orleans refuses to do anything to stop this from happening.

        Many of us have complained about the Federal Reserve System. We know that President Jackson took a bullet because he stood up to the Banksters. President Jackson was a war hero fighting the English for American Independence. His memory is being besmirched and eviscerated. His image on the twenty dollar bill has been replaced. Now, the historic and artistic masterpiece of one iconic President Jackson on horseback will be destroyed if these vandals are allowed to tear it down without resistance by patriotic Americans. Talk is cheap. This is the time to stand up and be counted.When I talk about “collapse”, I am talking about a process. Collapse is not an singular event, it is an ongoing series of events. The U.S. has, for example, been in the middle of a collapse since 2008. The end of this collapse will come when the final economic bubble propping up our system has burst and the process of rebuilding begins. The most important questions is, WHO will do the rebuilding
        ? The globalists with their power agenda, or common people seeking freedom and prosperity?

        If you go to the Dr. David Duke Show on the Rense radio archives, Dr. Duke talks about it in detail. Duke has bravely stood against the assult on White European Western Culture. Now, he is asking for your help. This is going down tomorrow. He needs you there.

        Contact Dr. David Duke at his website:
        [email protected]

        • The best way to kill a plant is to sever it from its roots, and one of the quickest ways to bring down a nation is destroy the remembrance of its history.
          Exactly what is happening in the state schools of propaganda with commie core, now teaching our future citizens that the Founders were nothing but racist slave traders.
          Just one more scheme in the Leftist agenda to destroy America’s culture.

          • Sarge.

            Got that right! That is if the schools teach U.S History at all.

            Damn bunch of Commies.

      13. Every black that I have seen shot by the police have refused to follow the demands of the police.

      14. Moderation yet again simply for stating “nigra” chimp#out””…

      15. Nat Turner, you are a white liberal troll, posing as a Chicongolese, just trying to get under the skin of people with whom you disagree…An ignorant troll at that…If you weren’t such a dumbass, you would agree with these good folks…We have have your number A-hole.

      16. Hey Guys:
        I hate to say it, but the Blacks ‘African Americans’ have a valid argument.
        Only ‘VIOLENCE’ will get results. That’s the way the real world works. Peaceniks will just be ignored.
        But, on the downside, “Violence begets violence”.
        And so the World turns.

      17. I wonder if we whites will one day be protesting even worse.

      18. Oh media.

        So then my fist is merely kissing the side of your faces is that it?


      19. Watch . The Coming Days. Esoteric truth. To see the coming days. We will be at war .

      20. Academic thugs with books. All white people are Devils ha ha I love it. Gonna get a t shirt that says white devil. That bus they destroyed carries poor black people around. Stupid thug niggers destroy their own community like an angry child breaks his toys. Their is no reasoning with apes they get all loud and belligerent. I’ve read somewhere their skulls are thicker than white folks. Definetly less evolved than whites they resemble apes. This explains the behavior. Definetly inferior.

      21. Nigga PLEASE!


      22. In the Middle East wars weather right or wrong they soon learned that that little 5 year old boy you didn’t shoot . Is now 15 and just put a bullet in your chest. Were you right to not shoot the little Muslem ? Well now you are right and dead . Congratulations . Your kids will be fine without you. They didn’t really need you anyway . Mommy can raise them to be politically correct without your help . Mommy knows what’s best. Suck on it. And her secsesion of boy friends will help. I guess I’m a sack of crap . But any man who intrudes on another mans children is the worst form of human garbage in my view. That means step fathers. I had one . They don’t give a shit about some other guys kids. And you know it. They just want to do mom . And get rid of someone else’s kids as soon as possible. Who are you going to feed first your kids or someone else’s . If you disagree you are fooling yourself. It’s not wrong . You can’t save everyone. No matter how much you want too. Save what you can. If you can.

      23. The only chance blacks have is in America. The Mexicans kill them on sight. They can’t live in any other country except the west . The Africans will eat them. No country wants them . Asia . Russia. You name it . They are not wanted. We are stuck with them. We can’t get rid of them . So what do we do? Is economic collapse our window of opertunity ? If so come soon.?

      24. Certain Teutonic methods can be easily adapted to remedy this problem. Why a final solution is possible.

      25. So how does this all play out?

        There is a very high probability that this country will have a race war. The Black on Black Crime is Horrendous. Black of White crime compared to White on Black crime is disproportionate to say the least.
        Keeping that in mind should Blacks increase the violence on whites, to include those that Protest with them, a more violent country will emerge. Incursions into white neighborhoods would be met with resistance as with black or other minority neighborhoods. Reprisals will be the game of the day.
        My point being is those who have been injured or killed by minorities in the past that are now silent. Will mobilize once they see the frequency of engagements. As that plays out we will know if we go to a full blown Race War.
        That is why we must see if “Black Live Matter” can muster the burning of 100 cities. Until then it is all bullshit. It might not happen if Hillary wins.
        To remind us all, there has been preparation on all sides for a race war. WROL, old men would rather shoot you than argue with you. Keep that in mind. That pretty much goes for everybody in that case.

        Funny. A while back I would be in the thick of it with many comments. I have gone mello.

        46 days to go. Anything can happen before that, so put the finishing touches on your preps.

      26. How does this play out? When there numbers grow from 15% to 50% the low income whites will end up like the low income South Africans . Tortured to death. The rich whites will have the money to hire 24 hour bodyguards. And build walls around there homes. But eventually the rich whites will suffer the same fate. And we will have a chocolate planet. Kind of like a hell on earth.

      27. Saw this observation yesterday. Tulsa, white police officer shoots unarmed black man in the back, no riots. Charlotte, black officer shoots armed black man, riots for days. The difference? Oklahoma is already in the Trump column, North and South Carolina are still undecided. Soros pushes black civil unrest in order to stir the black voters to go Hillary. It’s that close there.

      28. Light Green or Dark Green all the same to me, what matters is do you love America as founded, or want to change it?
        1. If you want to transform it to something else you are the enemy.
        2. If you like it when the innocent good police officers are hurt or die in the line of duty, you are the enemy.
        3. If the first thing you think of when a muslim shoots innocent people in a mall is “what did we do to deserve this” you are the enemy.
        4. If you believe all of the worlds problems are because of the Jews, you are a racist, and an enemy.
        5. If you are sympathetic to Nazi’s, commies, socialists, jihadies, you are the enemy.

        White, Black, Asian, Latino, does not matter one bit.

        “We must all learn to live together or perish as fools” MLK


      29. USMC1982…. Just Shut the fuck up. You are a useless POS and I really doubt it that you even served rather you are on a payroll to market agenda of the low DNA species named Joooo’s.

        • Hit a nerve Stolz? You doubt that I even served Stolz? I cant believe that that still allow a Jew hating TROLL like you on this site.

          • Ok usmc 1982. Rosevelts real name was rosenfeld .eisenhowers year book name was the terrible Swedish Jew . Stalins real name translated means son of Jew. Trotskys real name Bronstien . Look up Ilya Ehrenburg . Or Yahoda and the holomodor. The greatest mass murder in modern history. Or watch. Hellstorm. Or . The greatest story never told. O jack Rubys real name was Rubinstien . And wonder why they never tell us that? O and our favorite the man who started it all. Carl Marx . Guess what marine.? You ready? His real name was Moses mordicia levy. The loving son of a Jewish rabi. Not to mention 5 out of our 6 news outlets are Jewish owned that would be fine if we weren’t turning into soddom and Gomorrah .The FED and major banks are Jewish owned . That would be fine if our economy wasn’t imploding. Hollywood Jewish owned and perverting our minds. And children. And to think that Jews are only 2% of our population . No non Jew is allowed to be a citizen of isreal .And no isreal citizen is allowed to marry for immigration a non Jew .Isnt that racism marine? Are you calling all isrealies racists. I call them smart.

            • Hellstorm . You will like the best. Also eisenhowers death camps. And rosenfelds forced gold buy at 25 and sell at 35. I’m sure he and his buddies didn’t keep any of that? Before rosenfeld it was a matter of honor to only serve two terms. He had to die. Then after they made a law you could only serve two. And regardless of all the talk and history lies. The bottom line is . Our Jewish dominated government. Rosenfeld and the rest . Our Jewish dominated military Eisenhower the terrible Swedish Jew. Helped Stalin who’s real name translated means son of Jew. To rape and enslave half of Europe. Can anyone deny those facts? Semper Fi. Marine No disrespect meant.

      30. The media will pay for their alliance with the Demonrats. Hopefully it will be after this election when Trump is elected. If he’s not elected we may all be dead before the media is payed back. I’m really disgusted when l see where we’re at in this country. How in the Hell did we let these nuts take control of this great country!!! It’s truly mind boggleling to see what’s happened in just the last 8 years to this country’s demise.

      31. The 2% that you distain holds about 60% of Nobel Peace Prizes in Science, Math and Medicine.

        • Kevin 2.. elaborate with facts please.

        • The 2% that you distain holds about 60% of Nobel Peace Prizes in Science, Math and Medicine.

          How about 100% financial crimes against humanity?

          How about crimes against Palestinians kids and woman by killing them for sport and destroying their homes.

          I always respected your posts Kevin2 but you need to tell the truth.

        • And who hands out the Nobel prizes? If you want proof of how curupt that is . Obama got one. They give them out to every idea stealing rat. Other obamas. And I never said I distain them . My last words were. I call them smart. They are the best crime family on the planet. Look up. Italians in uproar over chid porn. Then look up. Live leak blood libel. Then . What famous men have said about Jews. Then what llya Ehrenburg wrote during WW2. And it goes on and on.

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