Maybe We Should Make This Man a U.S. Citizen and Elect Him to Congress

by | Jan 22, 2011 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    What we need in America are Statesmen (and women), not politicians. And, while we can’t give Mr. Nigel Farage, UK’s representative to the EU Parliament, automatic citizenship and then elect him to our Congress, perhaps his words and actions will one day serve as inspiration for the next generation of America’s Congressional representatives.

    In this short address to the EU Parliament Mr. Farage once again points out how government control of our so-called free market economy leads, not to liberty and happiness for the common man, but rather, “chaos, discord and misery for millions.”

    He might as well be speaking to the American people and our own Congress, as it is becoming abundantly clear that our government, central banks and policy makers engage in very much the same activities right here in the U.S.A.

    Flashback: Nigel Farage to EU President: “Who are you? We don’t know you; we don’t want you”


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      1. When I listened to this man speaking it reminded me of some of the timeless and sound principles described by Rudyard Kipling so many years ago in his poem “IF”.  The world is always better with men and women like this. Bold, honest and with tireless drive and intelligence speaking out against wrong and following the right path.

        If you can keep your head when all about you
        Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
        If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
        But make allowance for their doubting too;
        If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
        Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
        Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
        And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;
        If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
        If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
        If you can meet with triumph and disaster
        And treat those two imposters just the same;
        If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
        Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
        Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
        And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools;
        If you can make one heap of all your winnings
        And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
        And lose, and start again at your beginnings
        And never breath a word about your loss;
        If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
        To serve your turn long after they are gone,
        And so hold on when there is nothing in you
        Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;
        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
        Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
        If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son! ”
        Rudyard Kipling

      2. EXCELLENT!  I see a lack of leadership running our country & the bill is coming due.

      3. Comments….. I love that guy.  One of his most famous speeches had the words “Just who in the hell do you think you are?”  I could listen to him all day long.

      4. Goldefoxx
        Have you seen this idiot that was elected for the E.U. president?
        He looks like a weasel or a snitch.
        One would like so much to beat him but his stupid face stops you from doing that.
        Another instrument for the N.W.O. and the British monarchs.


      5. I love this guy.
        We need some like him in the states.

        Ron Paul is an assert, unfortunately he’s not enough of an attack dog to really stick it to them.  Alan Grayson had a mean streak (hey, he’s a lawyer) however aside from being out now, he also seemed to be playing both sides of the fence (hey, he’s a lawyer).

      6. Mr. Nigel Farage  is a lone voice, in the EU.

        In one speech I heard Farage,   coin the phrase, “We’ve got ourselves into bit of a dogs dinner”

        Now, I use that myself.  LOL

      7. this guy would be very lonely in the american congress……..

      8. And, while we can’t give Mr. Nigel Farage, UK’s representative to the EU Parliament, automatic citizenship and then elect him to our Congress..:  But we can make him president!  I’m SURE I saw a Hawiian Birth Certificate on line…

      9. And let’s not forget Nigel Farage was involved in a bizarre plane crash on General Election Day in the UK in 2010.

      10. Stay out of all paper investment.  Only buy silver and gold.  God’s money.  This is the age of theives.  Stock your basement well with things that will sustain you in times of collapse.  Know that we are being slowly enslaved.  The Arizona shooting was bad.  Yet it was the tell tale sign of a people that are frustrated.  Not just the actions of a crazy man.    Seems it’s the beginning of a French Style revolution.  Peacefully vote out of office those that ignore us.   Avoid the violence.  Note to the elite…I will never give us my guns as you cannot be trusted.  They are a right and requirement of a free people.  I predict the Tea Party movement will evolve into militia or organized tax protests.  People are waking up to the fraud of the war on terror. 

      11. Comments…..mushroom

        this guy would be very lonely in the american congress……..

        Maybe so, but he’s getting all kinds of positive press here.  He’s really what this country needs–someone with some balls.

        Manos said:  Have you seen this idiot that was elected for the E.U. president?
        He looks like a weasel or a snitch.

        Yes, and I think the same thing every time I see him.  I just love how Farage gets in their faces and tells it like it is.  Spain will be next for sure.

      12. Mr. Wise: I pray that all you say comes to pass.

        Farage just won’t shut up, will he? He just keeps saying what they don’t want to hear, on and on and on and refuses to be silenced. He’ll die a tragic and mysterious death. Good men in government always do.

      13. I’m only 18 and you all scare the hell out of me. What you all say is true.


      14. Comments…..Even though I’ve been following this site for some months now,this is my first comment on any subject. Wow,what a breath of fresh air!  To be fortunate enough to have an american politician to stand up and present himself in this manner would be a  dream come true. Also,  thanks to all of you for great ideas,fantastic commentary, and excellent humor!

      15. Just don’t know what to say…it’s all so over whelming.  They really fucked up America.  In about 75 years when the whites are the minority…then the NWO anglo folks will start to be hauled off to death camps.  It always happens.  The minority are exploited.  Glad I won’t be around.

        • Maybe not. USA as we know it won’t exist in 75 years. The multiculturalists will have overplayed their hand before then and ran into serious pushback.

      16. Yeah…this guy is solid.  I’d give him a seat in Congress right now…if for no other reason than dramatic effect.

        However, he does remind me of this guy from the recent, and lame, Mummy movies:

      17. Comments…..Farage is a troll. Napalm is not an substitute
        for great ideas a stateman fights for. IMO, he`s dropping
        in his pants.

      18. I suspect that what goes on in this empty chamber is shaping the future of the one-world government more than we could ever imagine.  If so, Mr. Farage is one of freedom’s greatest unsung heros.

      19. Let’s not get too crazy . These are just words, which are cheap and plentiful yet they fall through your fingers like sand. Words are the fiat currency of the political class, which have less value with each passing day.

      20. Comments….. isAac

        I’m only 18 and you all scare the hell out of me. What you all say is true. ents….
        Don’t be scared be prepared.  Being scared immobilizes you, being prepare is being free of being scared. JMHO.

        • The fact that it concerns you at your age gives me hope for the future in the FUSA.

          Today it scares you. Tomorrow it will anger you and you will take action.

      21. Actually, we’ve got a spokeman every bit as good right here on our home turf! Ever hear of newly elected U.S. Congressman Lt.Col Allen West? Probably haven’t seen or heard much because of the biased, leftist, big government-arse-kissing media. They definitely don’t want the masses to hear guys like him.
        Take a look and listen to this man (This is just one example).
        He IS a United States Congressman. I think we’ll hear a lot more from him. He’s head and shoulders above what we’ve currently got in the White House. Stayed tuned.
        P.S. There’s a lot more videos of him. Just do a quick YouTube search.

      22. Mr. Farage is not alone. He’s got good company. More on our own, Lt.Col./Congressman Allen West. THIS is GOOD!

        Don’t be scared, don’t be hopeless, there’s some good strong courageous leaders out there in the wings.

      23. Maybe what he was talking about was when governments try to RIG the capitalist system to favor their rich buddies……For instance, approx 8% of our current unemployment rate in the USA is the direct responsibility of major banking corporations and their raping of the American Taxpayer via the “packaging” of sub-prime mortgages for unknowing investors.  Or, he could be referring to the tax breaks given to major multi-nationals as a “reward” for off-shoring American jobs (most all of them blue collar jobs) to third world nations.  As an added bonus, these major multi-nationals get to keep the “Made in the USA” logo, while their products are in fact, made by virtual slave labor in some third world shithole (Mexico, Guatamala, Vietnam, China, India, hell just take your pick….).

        The especially appalling part of this is that the American worker and taxpayer has had this mess (NAFTA, CAFTA, whatever) blamed on himself, and the large part of the American public is so stupid and easily manipulated that they ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT.  That’s the same thing as being ass-raped, and then the rapist gets to blame the whole thing on the victim and not only go free, but get financially rewarded for his “time and trouble”; (major multi-nationals being the “ass-rapists” here, just in case you’re an idiot….).

        The die is cast here and we are headed for revolution and beheadings by the tens of thousands of bankers, corporatists, and every politician the mob can get their hands on.  Think your favorite republican or democrat or tea partier is safe?  Think again.  That politician is directly and personally responsible for the downfall of America, no matter what they say, or how much you like them.  The time of blood is coming and there will be no mercy.

        • I know several (low-to-midlevel) banksters/financial advisers. I suggest that anyone who works in the financial “industry” at any level not advertise that fact and keep a change of clothes handy at work in case your workplace is the one on TV being attacked by enraged citizens. Mobs are not rational, and will be in no mood to hear “But I am just a teller!!”.

      24. +1000 on Col. West… bad he or someone like him weren’t the first (half) black president of the U.S.  Unfortunatly obama probably fucked up his chance for another generation…

        • In 2008 I said I have no problem with a woman or black president, I just have a problem with the ones who are running this year.

      25. Lets look at the other side of this coin.  I will only agree to part of this .  We still need someone to keep their eye on big business . “Free Enterprise” will not work on its own.  Any body remember when gas companys used to raise prices all over the US in less than an hour because of shortages, but when gas supplys were plentyfull and the shortage was no more the same companys would say ” Well, we have to keep the prices at this level until we sell off the existing stock on hand before the new prices can take effect”  Wink, Wink .  So as for me , Free Enterprise…Yes , as long as someone looks over the sholder of big business.  Thats only one example, I could fill up pages with all kinds of things that the big biz folks do to rip us off  in the name of “Free Enterprise”

      26. The Euro is just a glimpse of what a NWO currency would be like.  In 10 short years it has caused massive problems in the EU. Imagin that pinhead in charge of a world reserve currency.

        Sovereign Countries need sovereign monetary policy and a sovereign currency. Sovereign in no way means collectivism.

        A sovereign state (commonly simply referred to as a state) is a political association with effective internal and external sovereignty over a geographic area and population which is not dependent on, or subject to any other power or state.

        Can anyone tell me if we eliminated the Federal Reserve and got back to a Sovereign Currency. Why shouldn’t the dollar be the world reserve currency?

        Tell me what other country in the world has done what The United States of America has done for Liberty and Humanity?   

      27. Patriot one,

        There are foundamental differences between euro and dollar.
        Differences that basically derive from culture and politics rather than economics.
        Just take a look at E.U. partners. Each country has a different culture, religion, attitude, laws, financial models, political models, background,etc.
        It was a currency which was dead-at-birth.
        The N.W.O. managed to collapse this model, by sending thousands of illegals to settle, work, and integrate. Slowly those illegals managed to enter each different culture and national unity, and alienate each nation.
        You still have the potential to change this stream. Not through violence but through unity and education. Teach your kids your history. Tell them about the proud people who build your nation. Give your kids a reason to wake up.
        If you forget your history, forget your future.


      28. Just left this on an older, more appropriate topic that relates to this, but its too important I think. Here it is again. Mac, we need to look at Walmart’s place in all of this. The video below supports many6 of the recent actions and statements of this administration, regarding Walmart, and the shortage of freeze dried product they are so desperate to now acquire.

        An important video I just found this morning. Very well articulated, and pieced together. It speaks most directly of a coming catastrophe to the New Madrid fault area, as well as the actions of FEMA as of late, the animal die-offs, and weather modification.

        What struck the greatest chord in me, was the current actions of this administration, seeking to acquire MUCH MORE in terms of freeze dried product, of levels Mountain House can not meet. It’s like they bought MH out, and are now seeking enough product to ‘Feed 7 million people twice a day in the New Madrid area”!

        And here’s where it gets a little spookier, as it aligns with the strange statements on the MSM lately. They are looking to make Walmart THE only distribution center/store where you will be able to get such help when such a catasrophe happens. Look at what the FLOTUS is doing lately. Championing Walmart as such a great institution (That happens to get 95% of their products from China). The telescreens. The new statements about the pricing of their foods, veggies, etc. And NOW, she the DHS is casting a net for ‘capable producers of such foods’ to please ‘respond by Jan. 26th of this year’. Something is imminent.

        So, does it not look like Walmart is being prepped as a governmental hub?

        Please watch the video. And Mac, maybe a subject on this topic alone would be a good one:

      29. Mac,
        Thanks for making that video of Lt.Col/Congressman Allen West much easier to view.
        What a clear distinction between him and what’s currently in the White House. What a PROFOUND difference!
        Colonel West speaks from the heart, gut, experience and total conviction. The other one speaks what the teleprompters and speech writers guide him to say– feeding the latest time-released, toxic pablum to the masses who are willing to slurp it up at the propaganda trough.

      30. You may very well see the obituary of this speaker quite soon.  Some mysterious “accident” or unexpected “suicide” may befall him.  Very odd how that happens to people who speak up against tyranny…

      31. Comments….. since the creation of universe every thing goes on so it will go on
        who knows there the guy having more intelligence than the one in subject is there to run the country
        so wait and see
        don’t doubt the creator he is there to take care

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