Max Igan, SILENCED For Speaking Against Slavery of Governemnt

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Max Igan’s YouTube channel has been permanently removed from YouTube for shedding light on those who are trying to take over the world. It reminds me of a quote I heard in a video a while ago, and I’ll never forget it:

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes

    It’s become quite clear that the elitists in power, who are pushing the New World Order of tyrannical dictatorship want people distracted and living in fear. So when a person like Max Igan says things like “stop living in fear and leave the Matrix [the system these psychopaths set up]” he cannot be allowed to speak anymore.

    Mass censorship has been happening all over in the previous years, but it’s really ramped up in 2020 as people wake up to the fact that they are being lied to and mind-controlled by the mainstream media. Since Igan’s video that we shared not long ago was removed, here it is from the Bitchute platform, a centralized way to share information and opinions that the ruling class doesn’t want to focus on or know about:

    Honestly, I don’t care if you like Igan or don’t. The fact that he was censored for speaking out against the ruling class is what should stick in people’s craw. Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante made a mention of Igan’s banning in his most recent video that he says will “probably get deleted off of YouTube at the very least:”

    “Just another day of exposing the system and getting attacked by the system,” says Berwick. Of course, anyone who speaks truth to power is used to the condemnation from statists and the shadow banning and censorship that comes from the ruling class. Later in his video, Berwick opines about the occultic ritualistic symbolism of the face masks.

    Pay attention, wake up, stop asking for your own enslavement. You are free, you were born that way.  You had to be taught to be an obedient slave, and the mainstream media along with the public government indoctrination system we call “school” has helped push the world toward a totalitarian dictatorship where the few control the many.

    I will continue to expose this system for what it is. No amount of angry comments will sway me. Once you see, you cannot unsee. Wake up. Prepare, and refuse to live in fear.

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      1. While I am opposed to the BLM vandals, looters, thieves, and arsons, the police forces are already far too heavily militarized, and they have let that power go to their heads and are every bit as lawless and destructive as the BLM protesters. How is supporting an abusive tyrannical militarized police state considered to be either fiscally or philisophically conservative in any way? Do not forget all of the civil asset forfeitures that have been enacted by police across the country. It is theft, plain and simple. Isn’t it fiscally conservative to reduce spending on bloated tyrannical bureacracies? 

        If the lockdowns had not occured maybe those murders would not have occurred. The lockdowns increased poverty in this country in the most barbaric way. 

        The coronavirus conspiracy, systemic corruption, societal collapse, international insanity based on outright scientific fraud and and fraudulent math, total tyranny in the U.S., the IDF takeover of U.S. intelligence, domestic, economic, and foreign policy, the pathological lying media that is responsible, the schools that are responsible, all of it is just such a major pain, it is not surprising why 584,000 have now died as a result of the AMA, FDA, congress,  and deep-state induced opioid epidemic. This is a world unfit for survival. It is like being at a Mad Hatters Tea Party with George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Hannibal Lecturn, Dracula, Frankenstein, Godzilla, King Kong, and the Blob, and I am really not liking it too much!

        The psychopaths in control have constructed a symbolic Tower Of Babble in America. Everything that they are doing is totally senseless. They are all literally just babbling. Their policies do not make a single bit of sense, and are full of contradictions, like trying to save lives by starving people in which now more people are dying from the lockdowns which led to starvation, than the virus which they used as a reason for the lockdowns. 

        So this is the way that the Free Masons and Jewish Cabbalists operate. 

        They are destroying our country and the world right before our eyes in a symbolic gesture that turns into a physical manifestation. 

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Thanks for doing what u do. Every day it seems the system tries to shut us up & shut us down.

      3. You can censor and ban. But truth can not be silenced.
        Watch this video. Watch before Banned.

        ** Dr. Richard Bartlett
        ** Says: This steroid is a cure/treatment steroid called
        ** “Bewdehconide. Put in a machine that vaporises.”
        (i’m not great speller. so look up spelling)

        Website location: Banned dot video
        Title: “Texas Health Task Force Doctor Has Found The Cure For COVID-19”

        Website location: Banned dot video
        I saw saw this video titled:
        “Texas Health Task Force Doctor Has Found The Cure For COVID-19”

        WebSite: YouTube dot com
        Video title: “The Alex Jones Show Thu 07/09/20 Full Show 720p”

        IMPORTANT: SHTFplan staff
        Mac please look into this.
        I’m not a writer. Not a actual MD Doc. “Just patch’em up to send to docs.” If the drug mentioned is cure.

        Mac you can Write article and Save the world.
        — – -thank you for hard work on this site

        The Truth Shall Set Us Free

      4. I reported Igan’s youtube channel for anti-semitism. No matter what he has to say, that is inexcusable content.

        • Youre forgetting what the ju’s are currently doing to palistien. Also, half of the Russian communist leadership were ju’ish and killed at least 60 million christians, or that they declared war on Germany in 1933 declaring an international blockade of Germany, or from 1860 or 1880 they periodically claimed in their press that there was going to be holocost, or their stated goal of destroying Europe by shipping in people who dont belong there and therefore stopping any racial integrity or solidarity – which is a good environment for them.

          Somebody, and a lot more people, need to speak out about these people and what they are doing.

        • Antisemitism? What’s that? Are jews sacred?

      5. To be less hyperbolic, max has only been removed from ju2ube (although I understand he was already removed from FactlessBook) he can still post videos and still has a voice elsewhere (which he prepared for by moving his content to other platforms).

        I’m not saying its good, but we need to view what we view using these other platforms.

      6. Are you saying that Igan is anti-Arab? A “semite” is “a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs”

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