‘Mature’ EMP Weapon Ready for War: “Render Enemy’s Electronics, Data Systems Useless”

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 102 comments

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    While governments and the Pentagon are increasingly talking up the need to protect the sensitive power grid and brace for the impact of a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident, which could come naturally from a solar flare or via an attack by a foreign entity, the Air Force is ready to embrace EMP as the status quo of future warfare.

    The Air Force Research Laboratory has been working with Boeing for several years on the perfection, miniaturization and deployment of its Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), which has already been in the arsenal, but which will become increasingly central to the armed forces.

    The U.S. Air Force’s confirmation that they and Boeing are developing the Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapon, that essentially uses microwave energy to render useless all electronics in its “blast” area without causing structural damage, trended all over the Internet last month


    “This technology marks a new era in modern-day warfare,” said Keith Coleman, Boeing Phantom Works’ CHAMP Program Manager in a Boeing video on the CHAMP test in 2012. “In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy’s electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive.”

    Here’s a video simulation of CHAMP in action, including proud statements from its creators on its powerful effect during tests to use directed energy to neutralize a modern urban environment:

    In their test, the electromagnetic attack took out all the computers and other electronic equipment in the office without creating any structural damage, which would have rendered most populations and many enemies helpless in a real world conflict scenario.

    In 2012, CHAMP lead test engineer, Peter Finlay, said, “Today we made science fiction science fact.”

    Though there are ways to guard against an EMP attack, it essentially amounts to an instant checkmate for anyone who is not prepared.

    Lights out may largely translate to game over in future scenarios… bringing the masses to their knees.

    That is what the Air Force is eyeing, and why it is (pardon the unfortunate pun) championing CHAMP in its public relations efforts.

    Miniaturization and stealth deployment will give U.S. forces the edge, while similar weapons are already in the hands of rival powers and even rogue players.

    [Flight Global reporter James Drew] reported that Masiello said the technology is mature and will be miniaturized for the JASSM-ER.

    CHAMP is “an operational system already in our tactical air force, and that is really what will make us more operationally relevant.

    There is little doubt that such an attack could be crippling, as many experts in the U.S. have warned. As the Inquisitr reports:

    United States EMP Commission statement about the domino effect an EMP attack would have on the United States.

    “The primary avenues for catastrophic damage to the nation are through our electric power infrastructure and thence into our telecommunications, energy, and other infrastructures. These, in turn, can seriously impact other important aspects of our nation’s life, including the financial system; means of getting food, water, and medical care to the citizenry; trade; and production of goods and services. The recovery of any one of the key national infrastructures is dependent on the recovery of others.”

    But are its devastating effects against civil populations – even in declared wars – fair game? And how long until such an attack threatens the population here at home?

    Read more on the EMP threat and what YOU can do to prepare and guard against it in the SHTF archives:

    Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”

    What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?

    “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States

    A Green Beret’s Guide to EMP: Practical Steps to Prepare for a “Lights Out” Scenario (Part 1)

    Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack”

    Well-Connected Insiders Plead for Action: “An EMP Could Change the Course of Global Civilization By 2030″


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      1. Just zap us back to the stone age…

        • Polyester baselayers wick the best but they are only for day trips as they fucking reek from sweat. Merino baselayers are the most odor resistant. Cotton baselayers are moderately odor resistant and breathe good but wont dry out. The only time cotton should be used is in hot dry conditions, where the evaporation will actually cool you off.

          The only time wool should be used is as a marino baselayer; don’t use wool sweaters, fleece is much better at retaining heat capacity when wet. Down insulation is the warmest but retains no heat when wet (your gear can get wet from either sweat or precipitation, not just the precipitation). Synthetic insulation is half as warm as down but performs fairly when wet. Synthetic insulation is cheaper but has a short lifespan.

          • Key question: Does the weapon generate a “blast area” or is it a focused, directional weapon?

            • John Q. Public. I know you mean well and that is to be applauded but do you really think in your heart of hearts that the Lord Jesus didn’t already know about ALL that would be said and written either good or bad about himself LONG before any of it had even come about? Jesus has called us to follow him and to set an example for the whole wide world to witness. We need to be people of compassion. The world has been overloaded to its back teeth with hate, violence and retaliation and guess what? It aint working… Isn’t it time we came to realise that our petty prejudices should become less important while we gratefully allow Jesus to grow within us and carry the true message of reconciliation forward? This I believe is what Christianity is about. The work of our loving GOD.

            • John,the us military has been testing this crap on unsuspecting car and motorcycle owners all over america for TEN years I know of,BURNING out their electrical systems in the middle of no where,THE LORD says their going to EMP the whole USA,when the control is lost,and they will blast one over the east coast,one over nebraska,and one over northern california,IT’LL send america BACK INTO THE 1840’s,and most of america will starve to death,these are americas HERO’S who are going to do this to you………….

          • Acid, good tips and thank you for that.

            • The more time I spend actually trekking the more I realize the clothes are a part of your kit just like harness, rifle, filter, etc. and you got to do the shit right or else you will be miserable.

              I’m slowly becoming a real bugout expert.

              • I’ll pay attention and get there too.I still think the VC were better at it than we ever were or will be.. nuff said. see you on the other side…

            • bh laying off acid, good to see!

            • Any info on how EMP effects 30-06 ammo?

              • Yes.
                It makes it much more valuable.

          • Its only a matter of time– Apocalypse is coming in one form or another– just too much violence, selfishness, aggressiveness…

            And then Mother Nature is going to come along and kick a… and knock sense in men.

      2. Nice to know firearms won’t be affected by EMP. “Hot lead” can still fly in a post-EMP world.

        • Not if Holder compels your ass to buy smartguns.

          • Holder is gone Acid….or didn’t you get the memo.

            • You don’t say?

              Well if a new person is there then the agenda changes. Just look at Bush to the Bambi.

              Fucking idiot.

              • ACID

                Bambi stands for


            • The new bitch is holder in a skirt.

          • Acid, the way things are shaping up, I think guns will get banned altogether before we can ever reach the smartgun phase. That’s also some technology I’m skeptical of. Also, Holder is gone. Was replaced by Loretta Lynch. She’ll be the FEMALE version of Holder.

        • A good amount of military gear like night vision and smartrifles would be disabled by a homemade EMP.

          • Acid, if you keep the electronics you want to preserve in a faraday cage, they should be OK.

        • Braveheart, Yes, will be lots of lead flying.

      3. Computer! Set auto destruct time now. The reboot is coming one way or another.

      4. Let the games begin. Most of my preps are in anticipation of a “lights out” event. Let’s go back to the Middle Ages !!!

        • Something the Powers that want to be seem to forget is that during the dark ages, many a lord and king had their heads chopped off and set upon a stake.

          • No doubt we are way over due for a Great Culling of the herd.

            Shooting stoopid people is a good place to start.

            Hey Mac, How about the next article, just leave it as an Open Topic Comment section from everybody that can just vent about what really PO’s them off!! About life government people society any topic about their biggest grip of the way of life right now.

            What pisses me off is going into a DMV and behimd the counter is some illegal alien looking worker can barely speak English asking me to prove my identity. ~WWTI

            • WWTI, I’m with you on that one. NO WAY I’ll ever tolerate any foreigner trying to tell me what to do in my own country. I also like your idea about open forum. That can bring on some REALLY lively discussions.

              • I would consider our “rulers” in the fedgov to be foreigners at this point my friend…

              • Another year of Obamanation’s immigration and WE’LL be the foreigners, Braveheart!

          • I say bring back the Guillotine.

            • Done deal, Common Cents. There are some (per military/infantry reports) in the back cars of the FEMA Camp trains. Apparently the “elites” want some entertainment out of it as well: they’ve had pinhole cameras set in each wall plus the ceiling so the “elites” can watch. They FASCINATED by beheading. Twisted bastards!

              And BTW – if they’re using “microwave technology”, then a burst powerful enough to fry all solid state electronics in a given area is also going to be powerful enough to fry some people I would think. It’s also not going to do ANYONE who has any electronic implants any good at ALL. It didn’t even have to BE microwave, either! Well, our grid has been left in such a sorry state deliberately. It won’t take much at ALL to take it down, which they clearly intend to do.

      5. Wish they hurry up & press that big red reset button already.The 1%ers & the Banksters have to come out of their bunkers at some point,and people will be ready.People are beaten & broken,i have applied for over 30 jobs this month,and heard nothing back.Starting to reach breaking point.Even us Down Under are having a frigging hard time surviving

        • Like I tell all the young people I meet, if you can’t find a job, make one.

          I have been working for myself for over 10 years, genealogy, audio tape to CD, LPs to CD, VHS to DVD, historical research, etc. I can also DJ small parties. I create Power Points for technically challenged people. I install computer hardware and software. I do some computer repairs. I scan, restore, and archive photos. I have created fliers, bookmarks, invitations, and even a family cookbook.

          I just had a historical book project published last month. I worked for three solid months, plus three years of occasional research, to get that book done.

          The possibilities are endless. There are lots of trades that you can create your own job in. You can sharpen knives, tools, and chainsaw blades. You can consult and help people with their gardens. I do that for free right now, but could charge a little for it.

          Just sit down and make a list of all the things you know how to do, and mark the ones that you like to do the most. There are bound to be some that you like, but other people don’t like or don’t know how to do. There’s your job.

          • @Archivist

            Great advice. I just dropped off 8 chainsaw blades to a local good old boy to sharpen for only $6 each. He can probably knock that out in a few hours and have $48 under the table tax free. I try to do as much as I can myself. However I like to help out others with work when I have the extra money to do so. We all have to work together before/during/after the shit storm that we all know is coming. We need to return to a nation of hard working down to earth people. Not one run by the pretentious pricks and statist aholes we have now running the show.

        • Tornado….Wish you the best on the job hunt. The 1%ers are internationals. Every country has its own share of the parasitic 1%ers however the main tribe in located in the city of London extending to NY with the mother load in Tel Aviv. The So called international Zionist tribe are placing their 1%er puppets in the form of dictators in the 3rd world countries butchering innocent and defenseless citizens but if you look at it closely there is not much difference between the so called 3rd world and the western industrial military complex. All of us as human beings are suffering because of these sub humans committing crimes against humanity from Ukraine to Iraq, Syria and soon the butchering will spread to our towns and cities via savages under the name of ISIS, JadeHelm etc.

          The only option for mankind to survive is the total cleansing of the criminal tribe using an overwhelming violence by 99%ers from the east to the west and north to the south. The toughest part is to no allow the criminal elements within the 99%ers to gain power. I truly think we need God’s to guide us. It would be a very painful and difficult journey and I am not trying to simplify it but I want to see the 1%ers being eliminated by all and any means.

          • Well said!

        • Tornado, if you consider yourself a prep expert, or close enough, maybe you could be a personal ‘Prepper Coach’ and charge a reasonable hourly rate/fee. Yeah, I get that most people don’t care about prepping, but ‘most’ is not ‘all.’

          You don’t need 100’s of clients to make a living. Start off slow and build a referral-based business of some sort. And, as time goes on and you get a good reputation and referrals, heck you could even do group presentations and charge each attendee a flat fee if you get many responses.

          I’m just saying that if you’re not getting any responses after 30 job applications do what Archivist says, make one — make your own job. You must have an area of expertise that others need. My suggestion is just one of many.

          If you advertise your services in the right places, where people would be interested in your services and learning what they absolutely need to know you’ll get a decent response and can build from that and get future referrals.

          Just don’t waste time trying to convince dumb dense-heads they need to prep, only accept serious clients who truly want to learn, not ones you feel you have to convince. Just a thought/suggestion. Good luck to ya.

        • Learn to grow tobacco, weed, and make alcohol, and you will never go hungry. While you’re at it, plant a food garden too, and you’ll definitely never go hungry.

      6. Prepare and stock up on all sorts of hand tools. From wrenches to hand drills, get a good cross cut saw and a set of chisels, and get a set of metal files, to keep all tools sharp and ready to use. Even sharpen your shovel head tips. In your idle time now, organize all your tools and tool box, throw out the crap. Build a Bug-Out tool kit of essentials for you BOV. Check all the tire pressure in all your vehicles including the spare. Let er’ Rip!! WWTI

        • Many people don’t realize how much it helps to have a sharp shovel.

          • Or better yet, a mattock. Digging in clay soil is a total bitch with a shovel, but easy as pie with a mattock.

            • We don’t have clay here, but there are roots almost everywhere you try to dig in my yard.

      7. My Cuz is just lonely, I don’t know what the other 3/4 of ya’lls excuse is. Do you really just live in a fantasy world? Just remember when you go to the frig for your nightly snak and then crawl into your nice cozy bed tonight, do you really wanted all these disasters to hurry up and happen? Do you really think a RESET will just be like the EASY BUTTON on the commercial, where you will blink your eyes and all will be well and everything will be like the GOOD OLD DAYS? Call me a troll, but I don’t think I’ll just start shooting everything that moves. Now who is the Idiot.

        • NGIC, 1. You use the word idiots in your moniker so what the f#$% does that say about you? and 2. i’d rather be alone right now than to go back to any of the sorry excuses for women I’ve had in the past. One less mouth to feed, one less major headache. So now who is the f#$%ing idiot? hurry home, your crackpipe awaits you.

          • Braveheart, I feel the same as you but about the sorry men I seem to meet. It’s better to be alone than involved with a problem relationship.

      8. my take on an EMP is on autos,,, they will not start, unless it is 1983 and below (points and condenser)

        my work with auto computers are decoding vats key systems after a no go with 15 different possible values i had to let the computer reboot 4 minutes then try another value
        of the 15, i would try 13,7,11,9, once it started up i had the correct value after an EMP i would try to disconnect the battery for 4 minutes and attempt to start my auto,,, it may work???

        • Tests have shown that EMP can stop some vehicles, but some of them will restart.

        • I just have a 61′ Caddy……..Can’t kill it and no computer. I have a T & C too, but that’s my vehicle if an EMP strikes.

          • What’s that thing got, a 390? Good motors… I run the later 425/472/500 engines and prefer HEI. A spare module and replacement alternator is easily stashed in the trunk. Would like to see about building some kind of shield also, to protect both, maybe avoiding any EMP damage at all. I don’t envy those who have late model shitboxes full of electronics….

            • I have a question? I have a 2001 530i bmw.do I need a computer brain and or what else? What can I stash in a faraday just in case.?

              • I don’t know for sure, but on a later model vehicle like that, you have a lot more functions distributed out into multiple modules. You’d need at least an ECU, alternator, and probably ignition module/coils as well.

                • Thanks for the info. Now I have something I can work with. I hate the unknowns. I appreciate your help soo very much.

      9. One wonders just what happens at the nuclear power plants during an extended grid-down scenario. Station blackout is bad, it’s really, really, really bad when the fuel for the backup generators runs out or the generators don’t work at all – ask the city fathers of Fukushima.

        • Fukushima got hit by a tidal wave, nothing could be done to do a controlled shutdown.

          In a blackout situation where fuel availability was uncertain, the fuel on hand would be used to shut the reactor down safely.

          Failure of the control systems would be more of a worry, and I have no idea if they are hardened to an EMP or not (I would hope so).

          • The shutdown means nothing. Without fresh water pumped into the cooling ponds for the spent fuel a meltdown will still happen. That is major concern right now at FUK.

      10. Off topic; did you hear about the Brigader General who introduced his “husband” at some conference? The Air Force has gone to hell. Pentagon fags run things now, how pathetic.

        • I once had to call a “helping hand” due to a drunk full bird Colonel interfering with my duties on an aircraft armed with lots of nukes. I was raked through the coals and eventually had to write on paper, an apology to the NSA for my “mistake”. Fags just add a another layer of crap on the shit sandwich.

        • confederate, all of the top leadership in the military are just politicians in uniform now.

          • I’m afraid you’re right.

      11. I’ll really miss the Internet. but my computer will survive EMP. and so will the TeraBytes of data on my local storage devices.

      12. Wonder what their range is? Don’t think they can use it on a mass scale like an EMP war head. Probably only a localized area.

      13. This is quite similar with ECM, ECCM, ECCCM and then came STEALTH.

        When the technological advantage is negated, simple math prevails.

      14. Metal trash cans should be flying off the shelves at Wal-Mart after reading this article.

      15. Jesazz koverist, here we go again am going to meet the scientist asap..i am sure ‘just me’ and others are crapping on themselves and can’t wait to here what he has to say.

        • HCKS, your posts ALWAYS interest me. I’ll be waiting for the next report from the scientist.

      16. The Russians and Chinese have been developing EMP and super EMP capabilities for multiple decades now. The ‘open source’ articles they publish are interesting.

      17. This is great until Obullshit gives it to his muslime friend and the Chinese. Or the Russians or the Chinese hack our computers and steal the info.
        They are just now tell us about it. I just wonder just how long we have at it 5, 10, 15 years or so.
        I’ll bet they have even better weapons than this.
        Just remember the F117 and the B2, they had them for about 5 years or better before we knew about them.
        Looks like I’ll have to take off the laser and flashlights off of some of my weapons.
        I just hardened my electronic stuff the other day. Maybe just in time?

        • Actually the Russians and Chinese have been working on EMP and super-EMP for multiple decades. Way before the US got interested. You make the assumption that the US leads all the time….dangerous assumption.

        • What you lookin’ for, Sgt? Lights make good targets for 00 buck, can’t miss.




      19. Suggestion to CHAMP team to save money:

        If you are going to use radio waves to destroy the enemy and its will to fight, why spend all this money on CHAMP? Why not simply just fill those same radio waves with music from Smiley Cyslease, Lady Kaka and Mahdoona – and…. what the heck, throw in a little Barry Manilow just to bump off any stragglers. Why, I’ll bet you would double or triple the effectiveness of your current weapon.

        Just a suggestion.

      20. Sarge, if you got the right kind of faraday cage with the right kind of insulation and sealed 100%, everything stored in it should be OK. If you have any LED flashlights, they definitely need to be in the faraday. The LEDs have circuits that can be fried. I’ve got a shitload of batteries for all my electronics stored in a separate faraday cage.

      21. I am literally arranging the meeting to see if I can see my scientist buddy his weekend for our quarters shtf meeting..the month is half way over and bus sucks right now, but will pick up in a few assumingly that we are caught off guard in the middle of some type of planned EMP event. Last thing I need is my car shutting off on my azz in the middel of Hwy 10, or on 45 and now I have to grab the buggout bag, grab my host gun and start heading back to my condo..hopefully I an not shot at in the streets you see my equipment is disable half way so you can’t even tell that I am armed until the roaming thugs start crap in the streets. If I am on 45 I have literally 25 miles to walk, Damn. If I am on Hwy 10, 15 miles, Damn I am in shape by Damn. That a bitch.i already walked both routes twice to test the trial a.d I can tell you my angel and legs and feet ate torn up from that walk. Now I will have to walk in shtf conditions, damn.pkus being chased or shot at..One of my hit chick married friends told me at the office 3 weeks that she out in tennis shoes and her husband bought her some extra nine mil mags to carry. She is is too shape works out lie a real bitch does and is co corned about getting home. She works all over the city and would literally have to walk 45 miles, yikes. Told her to come here and hang with the red necks for protection that she can’t walk and make it, in post shtf conditions..if the EMP hits, this is going to be worse than financial calapse. Your talking no lights at night and all cities are pitch black. Can you imagine what the hell we are dealing with from that point on..

        • Imagination will not do the reality justice.

        • What in the heck are you going on about? I know the general area you’re talking about, but I don’t get your rant.

      22. WW3 will be fought with Nukes, WW4 with Sticks and Stones!

        Beware the Zog ‘EMP’ False-Flag!

        One more reason why I live in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

        • OMG!!! How old is that? Old I’ll bet and still nothing has changed. To Good!


      23. Geert Wilders on forced immigration

        Geert nails it.





        A MUST SEE!

        Armored Van Attacks Dallas PD!

        Cops Powerless, can’t stop it!

        * This is a Zog False-Flag to justify giving Zog DHS Pigs Military Weapons!


        • A police source has confirmed that someone in an armored van fired shots at Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, prompting a pursuit involving dozens of police vehicles.

          The gunman has been corneredin the van along Interstate 45 near Hutchins after more shots were fired at that location. Police were concerned about the possibility the vehicle might be carrying explosives.

          Video footage of the scene near the headquarters confirmed that at least one police vehicle had
          been struck, but Maj. Max Geron said no injuries had been reported. It appeared at least one window had been shot out of the building.

          People began reporting shortly before 12:30 a.m. that a gunman had fired into Jack Evans Police Headquarters on Lamar Street, south of downtown. Officers were patrolling the area to ensure there were no other dangers.

          Dallas police announced about 2:15 a.m. that they were implementing extra precautions at other police facilities.

          SWAT personnel were reported to be working to arrest the gunman as southbound I-45 near Dowdy Ferry Road was shut down. People were being ordered to stay away from the area, and police were prepared for the possibility that the van might be carrying explosives.

          The van had a Georgia license plate, but no details about the gunman were available yet.

          Alexis Trejo said he was parked behind a McDonald’s on the other side of I-45 about 12:45 am when he heard helicopters overhead.

          “I didn’t think much until we saw lights, then we just hear a bunch of gunshots,” he said.

          Other people gathered in the parking lot of the McDonald’s said they heard gunshots just before police shut down the highway.

          • Georgia license plate? Let me guess–somebody these highway robbers robbed at gunpoint on the highway.

            “Video footage of the scene near the headquarters confirmed that at least one police vehicle had been struck, but Maj. Max Geron said no injuries had been reported.”

            Sad to hear this.

            Next time come up with a better plan, buddy. If you don’t take at least 2-4 of them out then you’re not doing anything productive.

      25. Updates: Suspect in standoff after gunfire at DPD HQ

        DALLAS – Gunfire was reported just after midnight Saturday outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters.

        According to News 8’s Rebecca Lopez, police sources say a suspect fired numerous shots at police headquarters from what appeared to be an armored van, then led officers on a chase.

        The chase apparently ended on Interstate 45 at Interstate 20. I-45 was shut down and Dallas SWAT was called in.

        Police surrounded the suspect’s van near Hutchins. Dallas police sources tell News 8 they are concerned the van may contain explosives.

        Police Chief David Brown said officers were also expanding a perimeter around their headquarters building after explosives were confirmed in at least one of four suspicious packages.

        The South Side on Lamar apartments near police headquarters was being evacuated as a precaution. Chief Brown urged the public to steer clear of the Cedars neighborhood until the situation is resolved.

        WFAA is providing continuing updates via Twitter.

      26. Just think banking systems won’t work so all the debt i owe to the banks for my cardboard flat will be fried along with my credit card debt.

        People will die as bankers jump from roof tops and land on the people below.

        The horror, the horror and i say bring it on because we are slaves to the people who control the machines.

      27. This is why the P.D. needs equal or Superior FIRE POWER.

        I wish the P.D. had one of those jobs that goes threw the window explodes and that is that PROBLEM SOLVED.

        P.D. 1 OR 2

        SCUMBAGS 0

        SIMPLE AS THAT………

        To you guys in blue.

        PLEASE ! PLEASE be careful out there……..

        I fear that OUR nightmares are about to happen.

        GOD HELP US ALL………. 🙁

      28. Boy a lot of SH~T is happening in Texas right now WHY? Inquiring minds want to know; Hmmmmm!!!!

        Notice roughly 30 days and counting, more and more will be going down in JH-15 AO you can count on that. I’m sticking to my gut feeling friends look to the North for the main event. Obama is so F’n mad at not getting his way on the trade deal no holds barred he’ll do anything.

        Again Republican leadership are RINO’s and they have to go. Prepare: for time grows shorter.

      29. If they make the firing mechanism confirm the DNA of the operator prior to firing, it looks like there may be some prisoners after all.

      30. I can’t tell by what that video shows if it’s a false flag or not, more evidence on Waco is proving that’s a false flag. Bikers are bing held on 1 mil bonds and are not being released looks like this is the beta to see of they can indefinitely detain whites without any legal implications and them off it the concentration camp..

        This particular video and what just happened just does not make sense, so I am not jumping to any conclusions just yet. One thing is a certainly, it’s this is the crap that happening now, and EMP event with all light out permanently with the water cut off, the lights out and not food. This my friend will make that incident look like a family picnic.

        • We can rest assured our enemies have similar weapons and since an attack will not leave any visual evidence of an attack they will be more prone to use this weapon. Depending on the delivery platform, three or four strikes could turn the clock back to the 19th century, before electricity was discovered. It would take a minimum of 3-5 years to become “modernized” again. We can assume 75% of the population to have died. America would need another 50 yrs. to become a worldpower again. What purpose would a retaliatory strike have, especially if the enemy is not known? Do we attack everybody who could have attacked us? Attacking N. Korea would be useless as an EMP attack on N. Korea would accomplish nothing. Russia, China, Pakistan, how do we know they would not use a nuclear device yo counter our EMP counter attack?

      31. FEAR Mongering

        An EMP cannot work unless the device is in the right harmonics with the Sun

      32. I wonder if it’s those jihadist punks taking revenge for their rag headed buddies that got shot up by the Dallas cop. Crap is really getting out of control. This is one serious video, damn…if this is by the same jihadist group then I hope the cops hunt down this group and liquidate the rat bastards, this crap is really getting out of control..I watched the video, and judging by the sound it’s sounds like fully automatic Ak’s were used, then I listened to the return fire from the cops who stepped out of their cars returning fire with hand guns that almost sounded like 22 pistols in comparison..i don’t think that this was a false flag. It looks like some type of Muslim jihadist hit on the cops..looks like yellow tape was shown..if cops got killed, then those jihadist rat bastards muslims are screwing with fire..guys tell me what do you think this was i am guessing here?

      33. Just saw the real article, dude goes on rampage of his kid being taken over custody issues. And other interesting thing mixed up with it.

        • Karma’s a bitch, as these thugs are in the slow and painful process of learning.

      34. The Russians have been working on this for years. Recently an “unarmed” Russian jet took down the USS Cook, an AEGIS guided missile cruiser. The recent probes into US airspace is of particular concern since an EMP system scaled to bomber size could do massive damage before it was shot down. It’s even possible that it would be able to take out our systems (ground, fighters and missiles) before they could shoot it down.

      35. Texas seems to be a hot bed right now for false flag events and with Jade Helm 15 only days away, well it’s concerning. Texas is on it’s own power grid- how easy would it be for another “event” to take place and take out our grid. Then the mainstream media can report on whatever they were told happened, and we would be fending for ourselves. I have already spoke with my family and told them that if something happens- don’t believe what the news reports. The local prepper store I shop at has been really busy-We are working on borrowed time here. It’s coming. We all know it. Prep. Pray. Then prep some more.

      36. This is really scary stuff. My previous assumptions about EMPs are no longer valid. I thought solar (giving us a few days warning) or terrorist nuke (only hitting one small area). I did not think we would get any country taking out the whole US with multiple EMPs because of retaliation. What makes this dangerous is its non nuclear nature – hence there is little deterrent against actually using it.

        • I believe this EMP device has a very limited range, it looks like it can perhaps cover a few city blocks at most. There may be a recharge delay cycle between firings as well, it was implied it could be fired multiple times.

          Being targetable it looks like its big advantage is it can be aimed at an enemy, while not targeting friendly troops.

      37. This type of EMP weapon produces a powerful shower of microwaves.

        It is pretty much line of sight. An umbrella made of foil over your head, between you and the source, and a cell phone to your ear might survive just fine. Any building that you get no cell service in, but five bars outside, would be a great place to avoid a microwave based EMP.

        Anything electrical with wires plugged into the wall or a network will likely get fried, unless it is heavily shielded and has a super surge protection circuits on all wired inputs. A high end service panel spike suppressor would be helpful.

        A house with aluminum siding, aluminum screens and insulation with a foil barrier is terrible for cell service, but great protection against high frequency EMP. That same building would be little to no protection against a coronal mass ejection EMP from the sun. If a magnetic compass works in the room, a solar EMP will come right through.

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