Matt Drudge: “There Is A Crisis On Many Fronts… I Suspect There Is Sabotage”

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    Top news reporter Matt Drudge crashed the Michael Savage show this weekend to discuss the state of affairs in Washington D.C.

    Drudge recently Tweeted his discontent with the Republican Party, going so far as to say that “Republicans lied about tax cuts” and that he wants his “vote back.”

    On the Michael Savage show, Drudge doubled down on his frustrations:

    I do think there is a crisis… on many front… Is some of it of his own making?

    You don’t think Congress is deliberately sabotaging? Because I suspect there is a sabotage.

    Do you know Obama had the stimulus package on his desk before Inauguration Day? What did this Congress give this great man?


    What Trump got was a half-baked health care bill that was probably worse than Obama care, an executive order that was overturned by just about every court that touched it and nothing in the way of promised tax cuts.

    Not only is President Trump being attacked from the left, it should be clear that the “Never Trumpers” are still operating and as Catherine Austin Fitts recently warned, the Deep State will continue to attack him and take down his lieutenants at every opportunity.

    Listen to Matt Drudge with Michael Savage:


    Matt Drudge Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”

     “They Are Taking Out Trump’s Lieutenants”: Deep State Intelligence Ops Sabotaging the White House?

    Matt Drudge Unleashed: Rare Interview: “I’m A Free Thinker. I’m An American. I’m Very Concerned…”


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      1. Matt; Just continue to out the jerks that are trying to undermine Trump!

        • I am surprised Matt Drudge is still alive. He must have some really good OpSec.

          Andrew Brietbart did not think they would get to him, now he is pushing up daises.

          My prediction:

          Drudge and Wikileaks Julian Assange will be dead before the next presidential election and Hillary Clinton will run again.

          • JS, hopefully Hillary will be dead before the next election with her health issues. People like Drudge and Assange REALLY need to watch their sixes now more than ever.

          • I think the big difference between Matt and Andrew are the following: (1) Andrew DISCOVERS news, (2) Matt REPORTS on discovered news.

            • Symbolic relationship. No sense having news that isn’t widely disseminated. No sense having the means of dissemination if there is no news.

              Its Henry Ford and Walter Reuther.

              The brilliance of the west controlling people verses the east is maintaining the illusion of self government / freedom without the power elite losing control. These people are tolerated because they don’t truly threaten them. The levers of power are still in their hands. They are in effect an acceptable and necessary annoyance. In the east they use the stick far more than the carrot. I’ll bet the USSR and the Red China politburo on many occasions marveled at the smoothness of the west.

            • Excellent points and yes, Hillary and likely Bill will both be dead prior to the next election. If by some strange reason they are not dead they will wish they were.

              The underlying dynamics have completely changed and the Clintons are already irrelevant.

      2. It’s going to come down to a second civil war. The patriots will have to start and finish it. No one in DC wants him to succeed because it would mean the end of business as usual.

        • I don’t think so….

          I believe we will just deteriorate to a Mexico like state. Totally corrupt government and people that don’t obey any laws.

          The states are already doing that with marijuana. They have “seceded” via not obeying federal law. It is just not a shooting war.

          If we area nation of laws, then what happens when nobody obeys the law anymore?

          • JS, the ‘laws’ only apply to us ‘little people’. They don’t apply to the elitists or even their enforcers. The shooting war is still coming, just a matter of time.

          • The drug laws just a way for the cop/drug/court/prison cartels to steal money from citizens,fuck them laws.As for a second civil war,would be the first here.the war of succession was not a “civil war”.

            • The Second Amendment was the battle ground culminating with Heller and McDonald. I suspect that the Tenth Amendment will be at the forefront before the USSC as society is desiring more home rule abandoning “one size fits all”. It has been the most ignored of all of them since FDR repeatedly misapplied the Interstate Commerce Clause to circumvent both its letter and intent.

              “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

          • J Steiner again, not too bright. Pot cures many illnesses and it is Legal where the laws were passed.. But when moron like JS spout out BS with no backing they look like idiots. Thanks for reminding us about you.

            • Marijuana use causes serious memory problems. Of course marijuana users don’t want to hear this. It’s true anyway. By making it legal the government supports its use. They should make its use unlawful but with no punishment for its use.

              • rrrr

                Government has every right to protect me from you and you from me but not a person from themselves. Freedom is a frightening concept. People are not farm animals to be controlled.

                Marijuana has pluses (creativity) and minuses (stupidity). Its minus is not as detrimental to society as the punishments are for it. Its obvious that like any intoxicant one cannot be allowed to be under the influence impaired while in a position to negatively effect others. Beyond that its not governments business.

              • Marijuana abuse is not the same as use.

        • I think it will be the opposite way around. It won’t be the Patriots starting civil war, it will b the snow flakes,illegals, mooslims, and degenerates that start it.

        • Civil war could be avoided or postponed by declaring martial law and suspending selected civil liberties. Perhaps also limiting some of the authority of the legislature. Transfer some “law making” and budget powers to the executive.

          • How is some guy in DC declaring Martial Law going to stop a civil war? The US only has about 2 million troops, of which only about half would obey orders to fire upon American citizens. The other half just may be driving around in Nuclear submarines with ICBMs on board. bye bye DC.

            • Just a taught. A civil was is not a thing to be desired. Don’t see anything good resulting from one.

      3. No kidding there’s a crisis on many fronts:

        1) We still have the truth of the U.S. government’s involvement in 9/11 being covered up by the intelligence agencies.

        2) The chemtrail spraying continues.

        3) The Federal Reserve still exists

        4) Pedo-Gate has not been shut down and the main people arrested.

        5) Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, George Soros, James Comey, James Clapper, Michael Rogers, John Brennan, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch,……have still not been arrested and placed in prison.

        6) Out of control, 4th amendment breaking mass surveillance of American citizens continues to grow.

        And the list goes on and on.

      4. Matt Drudge is always a reliable source for info on what’s really going on. Every libturd, rino, AND THEIR MOMMAS are trying to sabotage the Trump administration. There needs to be a serious purge of all Trump opponents. They’re going to force us into civil war 2/revolution. Everyone keep stacking and make a final check of your weapons, gear, ammo, food, water, medical supplies, etc. It ain’t gonna be pretty or nice.

        • It is funny how the liberals HATE Matt Drudge, but Drudge does not author anything…. he just posts hyperlinks.

          • Matt Drudge is a homosexual libertarian and should be the poster boy for liberals. So much for the root word of “Liberal” having anything to do with “Liberty”. This misrepresentation of english definitions follows suit with “Progressive” and “Progress”.

      5. “Italy Kicks Out Muslims and Bans Mosques”

        When does America and Trump stop them from coming here?

        Build the Wall.

        Cut off all benefits to illegals. Fine employers who hire them.

        Bring the troops home and station them on the border.
        Drop leaflets. “In two weeks, anyone crossing border illegally subject to ‘SHOOT to KILL’ Order.”

        No “anchor baby”. Where’s the law?

        Love Trump but want to see him really put a stop to the invasion by foreigners who hate America.


        • Voter = “I hate gays and we should cut their heads off”

          Democrat = “you are a bigot and homophobic, you have no business in this country”

          Voter = “I am a Muslim and this is what we believe”

          Democrat = “Oh, welcome then, lets make you a citizen and give you an EBT card. Please vote for me”

        • Folks you all best wake up to these radical, violent sneaky filthy Muslims that are all over the god damned place…be very careful of those critters.

      6. That’s the thing about these people. They’re like a NASCAR Race. Always going round and round after each other. Spinning their wheels, making lots noise and going nowhere. The starting line is also the finish line. With the audience, encouraged by their announcers, to cheer on their chosen champion.

        However, because of the rules, none of them will do the “right” thing. Because if they try, they’ll just hit the wall, crash and burn.

        • Until we see hundreds of corrupt politicians that are destroying this country, laying dead in the streets, it will be business as usual. We need to take our country back now. The 2nd Amendment clearly outlines our responsibility as citizens to do just this. Not sure what everybody is waiting for?

      7. To go from 7-11 clerk, to one of the most 100 most influential people in the world, and do it performing a vital service for good gives credence to the idea that a few people can change the world. He is that small ray of optimistic hope, poking through the dark cloud of reality.

        • Everybody starts off small.

          Venezuela dictator Maduro was a bus driver.

          Nelson Mandela was a bank robber.

        • B/John/Kevin,agree with all your posts.

      8. The main stream media doesn’t help either.

        They cover no news anymore, just 24/7 the Russians hacked the election and Trump is therefore illegitimate.

        Trump has done and is doing amazing things, but to watch the news or read a newspaper, he is doing nothing, but 90% of the news is still about Trump, none of it true or relevant to a society reeling from eight years of Obama systematic destruction.

        Incredible that the media has been reporting on the Russians controlled the US election since last July, and to date not a shred of hard evidence has been provided. Nine months and this is not just the lead story day in and day out, it’s the only story.

        • I read the “RT.COM” web site. It is Russian Times. I find there is more believable truth in that paper than our own American news organizations.

          How F–ked up is that?

          • John Stiner

            “I find there is more believable truth in that paper than our own American news organizations. How F–ked up is that?”

            I’m tormented by the same thoughts and have come to the conclusion that the loss of official believability is very well deserved. I, and I assume many, have repeatedly given them the greatest latitude and still have had to face the fact that we are lied to as a matter of policy. Decades of manipulative propaganda is not easy to shake and critical thought reality not easy to accept.

            • Look up Operation Mockingbird. The entire MSM has been lying to us since the early 1960’s. You finally figured this out? If you buy Cable TV monthly you are just supporting their lies. Stop feeding the Beast.

          • RT has nothing to LOSE by telling the truth. That is the only reason that the US congress and Lamestream media is freaking out.

          • Yes, I watch the Chineese news here in Houston TX. It is much more factual than the local nees & does not look like Saturday Night Live with a bunch of laughing idiots !

      9. The only crisis is in the tyrants of the Demo/Marxist Party.

      10. I saw no white rabbit and I don’t remember falling down a rabbit hole. How did I end up in Wonderland? The world is going nuts! I’ve never seen such a group of people who think that they have the right to say whatever they want and do what they want, without regard to others. They feel that no one should say or do anthing that would offend them. Gotta go; the Red Queen is coming!

      11. Mar 12, 2017 What is the Difference Between a Fascist and an Anti-Fascist with Larken Rose

        Jeff interviews Larken Rose, topics include: defining alt right and antifa, both totalitarian, the current use of the term ‘nazi’, power cannot be used for freedom, state indoctrination, a criticism of Stefan Moleneux, open or closed borders, some perspective on the Muslim ‘threat’, the US troops are the real terrorists, the immorality of statist ‘libertarians’, ‘anarchists’ for Trump, Trump is pro military and police state, Larken’s seminars on debating with statists, bypassing statist indoctrination, ‘Candles in the Dark’, logic and evidence do not work, statism basically a cult, The Mirror to be more effective than any conversation, exponential growth of freedom, the end of the ruling class, Larken’s report on Anarchapulco and on becoming a Jeanjacketarian!

      12. What I am thinking about this time is that a majority of leaders of country have passed through an unreality of mind and are acting out within this most bleak arena. Being a granddaughter of a dairy farmer, I still have enough genetic sense to realize if it doesn’t make sense, it is probably wicked and to stay away. We can now realize that there are several factions of big money vying for world control and governing bodies have no interest at all in the people whom they are supposed to serve. Trump has his secret backers, the Dems theirs, the Germans theirs, etc. We are experiencing something never seen before so bend the knee, push the plow, and milk the cow. I can’t seem to spend any emotional energy on these worldly wackos.

      13. Yea, they ssy hes not their president,
        Well i hot news for them,
        NOBODY they insert will i pay a lick o heed to, the government is dead and ilkegitimate in my view, untill there is a complete change its Gslts gulch for me

        • Freakin phone, sorry

      14. I hope Matt watches his back, because you can damn sure bet that the turds are going to try and take him out.


      15. Their is only one enemy, the zionist world order which plans to destroy the white race…its only enemy is the white race. All this makes sense when you see it for what it is.ZOG wants white nations to kill each other off, ww1,ww2, and now ww3. Its wants white christian Russia to kill off white Americans and white NATO, that is what this is about

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