Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000 Troops Ready By March

by | Jan 30, 2012 | Headline News | 462 comments

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    While President Obama’s supporters hailed his withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq as the end of the war in the middle east, behind the scenes the Pentagon has been quietly massing troops and armaments on two islands located just south of the Strait of Hormuz, and within easy striking distance of Iran.

    In addition to some 50,000 U.S. troops currently in the region waiting for orders (apparently they won’t be home by this past Christmas as was originally promised), Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama is deploying an additional 50,000 soldiers to be ready for ‘any contingency’ by March:

    President Barack Obama is reported exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military and Washington sources to have secretly ordered US air, naval and marine forces to build up heavy concentrations on two strategic islands – Socotra, which is part of a Yemeni archipelago in the Indian Ocean, and the Omani island of Masirah at the southern exit of the Strait of Hormuz.

    Since 2010, the US has been quietly building giant air force and naval bases on Socotra with facilities for submarines, intelligence command centers and take-off pads for flying stealth drones, as part of a linked chain of strategic US military facilities in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf.

    The Socotra facilities are so secret that they are never mentioned in any catalogue listing US military facilities in this part of the world, which include Jebel Ali and Al Dahfra in the United Arab Emirates; Arifjan in Kuwait; and Al Udeid in Qatar – all within short flying distances from Iran.

    Additional US forces are also being poured into Camp Justice on the barren, 70-kilometer long Omani island of Masirah, just south of the Hormuz entry point to the Gulf of Oman from the Arabian Sea.

    Western military sources familiar with the American buildup on the two strategic islands tell DEBKA-Net-Weekly that, although they cannot cite precise figures, they are witnessing the heaviest American concentration of might in the region since the US invaded Iraq in 2003.

    Then, 100,000 American troops were massed in Kuwait ahead of the invasion. Today, those sources estimate from the current pace of arrivals on the two island bases, that 50,000 US troops will have accumulated on Socotra and Masirah by mid-February. They will top up the 50,000 military already present in the Persian Gulf region, so that in less than a month, Washington will have some 100,000 military personnel on the spot and available for any contingency.

    US air transports are described as making almost daily landings on Socotra and Masirah. They fly in from the US naval base of Diego Garcia, one of America’s biggest military facilities, just over 3,000 kilometers away. The US military presence in the region will further expand in the first week of March when three US aircraft carriers and their strike groups plus a French carrier arrive in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea: They are theUSS Abraham LincolnUSS Carl VinsonUSS Enterprise and the Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

    A fourth US carrier will be standing by in the Pacific Ocean, a few days’ sailing time from the water off Iran’s coast.

    Source: Debka

    Still holding out hope that we won’t go to war with Iran?

    There’s already reason enough for the powers-to-be to invade Iran based on the accusations that they are in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons. Whether true or not makes no difference, as we saw with weapons of mass destruction that have yet to be found in Iraq.

    Similarly, like Saddam Hussein before them, Iran’s leadership is attempting to trade their oil without going through the proper channels – in essence attempting to bypass the United States and Europe by striking deals with China, India, and Russia that will not require the exchange of oil for US dollars, but rather, Yuan, Rupees and Gold.

    It may very well be that nuclear weapons, like WMD in Iraq, are simply the pretext, rather than the real reason, that will be used to crush those who oppose the financiers, politicians and influencers behind the new world order paradigm.

    Make no mistake: this is serious business. They will kill as many as is needed (on our side and theirs) in order to push the agenda forward.

    This is what happens when you mess with the men behind the curtains:

    *Warning Graphic Video*

    Hat tip Steve Quayle, Stan Deyo


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      1. Yeah, here we go again. The difference is, this ain’t Iraq being point one. Point two, the American people have had enough of this horse shit.

        • I don’t think our ruling elites care what we think of them or the evil things they do. They’re very much out in the open with their dreams of empire and their despotic aspirations, and are not afraid.

          They also don’t much care about what China or Russia will do, either. It appears they have no fear whatsoever of either of those states or their arsenals. Washington’s hubris has run quite clearly amok, and may well result in the deaths of billions of innocent people, worldwide.

          We stand upon the edge of great precipice. Unless by some great miracle Ron Paul is elected somehow, we will all shortly be pushed over the edge and into the abyss.

          • We’re going in, no doubt about it…We dont put that many people in one place for giggles.(and by we I mean the peppetmasters)

            As soon as “Iran” is ready to see fifty billion in damage over a couple of days, Let the festivities begin…

            I say in and out…couple of days, no more bomb facilities..Obingo will be a hero…another MLK??

            Get some more food in the house…

            • Really? In and out in a couple days? Then what? After a couple days of ‘in and out’ bombing Iran to dust, how about flattening another couple countries? Maybe Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain because they are broke and in financial ruin. Easy pickings!! Or Noway, because they had a lone gunman who went postal on the public. Yes, surely Norway should be punished too. How about Italy? Or Germany again? Or how about Iceland, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Chile, Argentina or Canada? Yes, reasons can be found for the US to bomb every nation on earth in order to destroy that part of the human race that doesn’t wave the US flag or bows in homage to America!!
              This is a disgrace! I really do hope the United States is remembered for thousands of years to come, in future history books, for there actions against the human race. May America always be remembered for starting so many wars and instigating so many Military Actions against the rest of the world, purely for greed. I hope the history books record the number of innocents slaughtered, maimed and butchered to fund your Industrial Military Complex.

              The Mongal Horde, Pol Pot and the Nazis are soon to be eclipsed, by a Nation to be remembered for eternity as cruel, evil warmongers, intent on butchering non conforming humans different from themselves, for money.

            • I do not believe we will be in and out in a couple of days. They have alot of weapons like the silk worm missile and others, the merchant ships of the world and our navy, will take losses not seen since ww2. Iran is a mountainous country, with alot of coast line. Our army and the persians will most certainly both see large loss of life as well.

            • @nomad-
              it’s not the US. Don’t you understand that for the last 200 years, TPTB throughout the world have been dancing to the tune of the Rothschilds? Do some research and you will find that whoever controls the money controls the world. This is all part of their plan.

            • In and out in a couple of days?


              Like Iraq?
              Like George W Bush’s “we just need 90 days”?

              Iran is huge – you’re talking years, probably a couple of decades.

            • @Nomad-“The Mongal Horde, Pol Pot and the Nazis are soon to be eclipsed” you say. They have already been eclipsed! Long ago by the Bolshevik zionist communist that murder 100 million Europeans from 1913 -1980’s. Its odd how people quickly jump to Nazi’s when talk of genocide arises but nobody mentions The Bolshevik Zionist that murdered, tortured and starved to death 100 million eastern Europeans. Germany tried to defend Europe against communism, just a simple forgotten fact and the USA sided with the communist USSR. Just another war fought for the wrong reason for the same NWO “chosen people” that want war with Iran.

            • ~WessSmith~

              Thank you for defending the TRUTH! Thumbs up, sir.

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            • i’m Iranian and i think the nuclear energy is our right not nuclear weapon we don’t make nuclear weapon and nuclear energy agency has confirmed it more and more so why America starting iranphobia? my people are peace-loving beleive me, i tell it to all worldwide people

                ALL THE WORD KNOW

            • In and Out Just like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT !?!
              the evil empire, horribly riddled with greed and an arrogant superiority complex, should do just that, get back IN your own lands and keep your FREAKING nose OUT of other nations and THEIR LANDS
              starting another war will almost certainly tip the 95% of PEACEFUL People (from every nation)over the edge, to a point where a citizen of the USA will be socially(globally) be shunned, ignored, isolated and hated and despised,for many many years, that would be the worst thing to happen for Future generations USA’s children and children’s children would feel the brunt of that retaliation they then become the innocent victims all so their “gran pappy” could ride around in his big car/boat/truck.. whatever! The Evil Empires leaders do not care about, we the “peasants”, social circumstance as they do not holiday dine or frequent anywhere where the average world ‘citizen would go. The USA has its own oil, its own resource. why not spend the tax payers dollars on fixing the social mess on USA soil instead of BULLYING ? Climb back over your political fence and look at the mess you have created there! I am Australian and I know many people here love the “American people” but hate the USA and it’s Blatant, rampant corruption in all levels of their Government Unite take back your country
              Nothing is UNITED about the STATE of AMERICA

          • conjectures and speculations have been made without corrobable evidence.

            seems like their are a number of people with opinions and no facts that can be checked.

            maybe some are conspiracy theorists.

            be very careful what you believe. a lot of information is unreliable.

            i’ll believe when i see hard evidence.

            right now it sounds like a number of disgruntled individuals sounding off.

          • Scott: This is what bloated empires do; anything and everything to keep the illusion of power and wealth going. I feel sorry for our troops and the people of Iran. Iran has walked right into the trap we have set for them. Every major oil country that has tried to get out of the petro-dollar has been demonized (labeled as an international threat) and then attacked, all with the promise of “Liberation” for their oppressed people. First it was Iraq, then Libya, and finally it will be Iran. The Straits of Hormuz will likely be the reason. It will be the new “Gulf of Tonkin”, and the the U.S. and the rest of the world will support it because Iran will “Try” to close it off, threatening much of the planet’s oil supply. The leaders of Iran are so stupid, they don’t even know that they are being set up for a fall.

            • Completely agreed, Gregory. 100%.

          • The edge of a great precipice? Watch more TV, Christ… You think that Ron Paul getting elected will change anything? You just said yourself that regardless, the agenda will be pushed forward, then you go on to say that Ron Paul would thwart that? A president does what he does because he has approval, not because he wants to. Please learn how this country works before acting like the president does anything but govern the agenda from whichever side of the isle he on. Same agenda gets pushed through, just governed from the right or left. Ron Paul is just that figure of hope they need for people. He will not get elected. This parading around of candidates is only for Obamas re election. This is common sense if you have half a brain and watched the 1st debate and ever pay attention to anything, ever. Obams doesn’t have to do anything and will get re elected based on the bullshit he claims to have done in his term, while we look at these jokes that are actually trying to run for president. Ron Paul has been demonized for too long anyway, so those old middle americans think he is the worst choice. On the other hand, why wouldnt they? Fox news and CNN told them so, so it has to be true.

            • ron paul = cammander in chief = no war

            • Great response, it’s very hard to open the eyes of most to what really goes on behind the msm bull. Keep the faith, oh not in their fake stories of god but in people getting a clue and standing up for what is right for them and their families.

          • Really? Ron Paul. He is as much a part of the scam as all the other politicians, bankers, and behind the scenes elite. There are no political parties, no democrats or republicans. There all in the good ol’boy club together. Making all the money behind the scenes, dealing illegal drugs, business and banking scams, pharmacuticals, and dare I say charities. (who the hell knows where all those donations go to.) It’s the U.S people who have to unite and come together as a serious force to stop this thuggery, but apparently with the control they have, even down the local police level it will be almost impossible to achieve. Alot of organization in secret, blood, sweat and tears is what it will take.But where to start. Good luck with Ron Paul.

        • I agree with you on “the American people have had enough of this horse shit” but do you actually think anyone will do anything about it?

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting rid of everything that’s wrong with this current system, but do you honestly think Joe the Plumber is going to do anything if we attack Iran? Nope. There will be protests, oh yea, but Americans will continue life as normal.

          • I do not think we here at home will go on as usual.
            Not with price of oil going threw the roof. The last wars did not go as easy as people thought and I do not think this one will go any better.

            • I think Iran will find a way to make sure we don’t get to just watch it unfold on our flatscreens.

            • gwyn, you are right, but there are other issues also. The last couple of years there have been reports of iranians south of the border, making treaties with drug cartels, and our border is wide open. Perhaps the drug cartels we are supporting in mexico,central and south america, are fighting(along with the government of mexico) the cartels who iran, and others are supporting. I believe our problems will START with these groups, and as war spreads, we will feel ALOT MORE!

            • Iran ‘s not really the issue. S’sGHTF when China and Russia jumps in, and if anyone thinks that China and Russia together is easy pickin’s, better think again!

          • When the banks are on holiday and Joe the Plumber’s 401k is picked clean by the DC vultures, I think then he may do something. Until then, they sleep. Or, “They Live, We Sleep”.

          • The Amerikan sheeple are too ignorant to give a crap about another invasion; as long as they still can watch “American Idle” they will remain fat, dumb, and happy. My silver is on a false flag attack about mid-year so the invasion of Iran can begin shortly before the election. While this may appear to be about Iranian nukes, the truth is that it is nothing of the sort; it is about Obastard’s reelection.

            • Moon- don’t forget about the money also. Obammy is set for life on money now, I believe it is MORE about trying to make sure that the dollar retains its global status as the worlds reserve currency, as long as possible.

            • Remember these words:

              “U.S.S. Enterprise”

              You’ll know why when the time comes. It will hit you in the face like a sucker punch.

              Just my prediction!

            • We will invade on the 8/9th of March as it is one of there Gods birthday Murdok I think , anyway it is all to do with Satan worshiping that they are into

            • You better hope it does dude.

            • im not sure about a false flag man…
              you know people will be looking for it. it would have to be so well executed that even the tin-foil heads will have trouble finding evidence that it was indeed false flag.
              it would be much easier, less dirty, and just as “justifiable” to hit iran with everything weve got after finding “evidence” of nuclear weapons.
              hell, they could plant it. cops do it all the time (seriously).
              i think the american people will be safe on this particular occasion.

          • The Democratic party has built up a huge base of union members who benefit from big government, welfare recipients who benefit from big government etc. They did this on purpose. 50% of this country has their hand out to the government for welfare or union or government jobs so THEY will not vote against those who send the cash. This was all planned.
            As for Iran, unlike Iraq, Iran has the same religious affiliation as the Turks ( the 2nd largest and 2nd best equiped military in NATO) and the majority of the muslim world. So if we hit Iran, they all will react and that inlcudes Egypt ( don’t forget that the US trained and equiped both Turkey and Egypt so they know their stuff). And who here thinks that Russia and China will sit quietly by while their oil source is taken by us?
            This will not be bombs away and home we go! This will be WWIII. Iraq took us 10 years. How long will this go on and who will be safe?

            • In my area, the government is passing out FREE cell phones to the welfare, with FREE minutes, so they are not going to vote against the libs!!!!

            • Exactly, precisely and to the point.

            • Uh…yeah…it’s only the “libs” who are the problem in Washington. Don’t forget that the Defense Contractors” also have the hand in government’s pocket. Most all of those “private businesses” have no other “customer” but the government.

              If you can move beyond the con/lib game they use to keep the sheople riled up and fighting each over nothing, you might see a big picture emerge. Of course, you’re quite welcome to maintain your biases too as it’s often more comfortable there than seeing the full truth.

            • This is not a Dems vs Reps issue. It is big federal government vs the small federal government also known as the freedom of the people. Big vs small not left vs right or libs vs cons etc.
              It is Goliath vs David. Question is: Do we have God on our side?

          • In Florida just yesterday it appears 93% voted for war, 7% for peace. Americans are like the monkeys who will put their hand in the coconut to get the banana but will not let it go to escape.

        • “In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything. . .” 1984

          Big Brother is watching you

        • Here we go angain is right. Iran is a threat to the DOLLARS POWER!! It is ALL about the dollar in my opinion. The MSM allWAYS lies to us(by omission). LIBYA-it was all about the children and saving lives and humaitarian bombing, remember?? Lets look at the facts. FACT 1- jp morgan lost like 99% of libya’s money on investments. FACT 2- libya’s leader was pissed, put a hit out on the bossman at jp. FACT 3- liby’s leader wants to start an economic zone like the eurozone for the continent of africa, with a GOLD backed diner as money. FACT 4- MSM tells us it is a humanitarian bombing FACT 5-We arm and support the people who supposedly pulled off 911- FACT 6- first thing that is done by those libyian “rebels” is set up a central bank. FACTS 1+2+3+4+5+6= we did it to save monitary system, and the spoils of war. I cannot count the countries we have bombed in the last 30 years, I lose track. I believe all these campaigns over the last 10 years are for 2 reasons 1- force the little countries to accept the dollar, so the ponzi keeps going 2-keep all the patriotic good men and women serving out of country while our country is transformed, and our rights tooken away. 1+2=tyranical facist government. Did you guys notice that now members of the military will not be felt up by tsa like the pilots?? 2 reasons for this, 1- you have to make people think the tyranical laws are for everyone else, so people go along.(kinda like that congress lady who was all pissed off that she was wire tapped using the patriot act, but she voted for it. haha!) 2- the good men and women in the military would wake up and say-WOW, i’m fighting for THIS, this is not freedom, and wake up and see the rest.

        • here we go again…agreed..

          we’ve all had enough except for the die hard neo cons and fox news crowd..

          and despite our “enough” of it..they will do exactly what they are planning all along…

          timing is of the essence…
          once they’ve successfully drilled the masses into the “nuclear’ wmd propaganda..then a “perfect storm” must be created to finalize the attack..

          most likely a home based false flag of epic proportions as the “collapse” unfolds simultaneously..

          • Agreed possee, BUT, it will be,lies through the media on whats going on, or a false flag attack OR REAL attack. When war breaks out, we will have 2 parties of concern, IRAN, and alot of other countries of the world, AND a government back home in economic collapse, with corruption AT ALL LEVELS of the economy,biz, and government. I wouldn’t put anything past either of those parties. Just remember to include IRAN in your thoughts!!

        • i am sorry to say that the American people have NOT had enough of this. The Obama worshipers stand in line to vote him in again and it does not matter haw many people die for the American empire. Destruction of America is the just reward for what we do and only then will Americans understand there are consequences for our action.

        • And they could care less what we are sick of. The American people have no say anymore.

        • The base on Socotra was set up to launch drones over Yemen and Somalia. Intelligence from here allowed the Seals unit 6 to rescue two from Somali pirates. The naval base at Bahrain has plenty of facilities to launch an attack on Iran.

        • if this report was coming from any place other than Debka, I would be concerned, but Debka is a constant FAI: on its reporting, if Debka was right , even occasionally, we would have taken out Iran years ago

        • Just this morning, Feb 1, Good Morning America was rolling on the screen that US intelligence says that Iran is increasingly likely to support bombings on American soil.

          The bankcorp will be at war with Iran in less than 90 days, adding them to the “official” list of enemies of war that includes the American People.

          Romney has also been anointed and provided with Secret Service protection, guaranteeing the power to make war no matter which candidate gets “elected”.

          It is my hope that the People will rise against the only enemy we face.


        • Either way, this SHOULDN’T be available to the common person to read. We did this with Iraq and didn’t get the weapons because of it.

          We are the dumbest people when it comes to OPSEC.

      2. Who ever thought different?

        • Want to understand their war games? Watch this, Confession of a Economic Hitman. Then the missing pieces of the puzzle make sense. Politics at it’s finest art. Amazing the guys still with us and released a book about it.

      3. Leave Iraq alone. Haven’t we killed enough people in this world? The US has some baaaaddd Karma coming its way.

        • Sorry..Iran

        • you meant to say this counries adminisration…right?

          I aint done shit to any other country, or any soul on this planet, (unless they had it coming, stricly out of self defense)

          lets make sure this so called enemy knows who the problem really is..its not the US citizens.
          but we the people will pay the price for this, because the PAB will make sure of that

          • We the people, personally may have done nothing wrong, but by doing nothing, we have allowed it.
            The government still claims to be of the people, regardless of their wishes, doing as they wish, making the american public strategic sacrifices.If any blowback comes, the majority will take the brunt of it, not the administration, which will be sitting pretty in their bunkers.

            I personally do not claim to be above any one else, as I have done nothing to stop it. As they say, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

        • ~BRW~

          (quote)—The US has some baaaaddd Karma coming its way.—(unquote)


          Ain’t that the damn truth, brother!

          • My brain is getting fried with all of this war business. I love to walk in the woods. It has always been my escape but lately I can’t get all this bad news out of my mind no matter how much I walk. This country has become the most pathetic nation on Earth, and I have to live in it.

            • Israel Shahak’s book “Open Secrets, Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies” best explains what is going on with the invasion of Iran. Israel wants to dominate the Middle East economically and Iran is it’s only competitor. Israel is not worried about Iran bombing it because Iran knows that it would be a parking lot if it tried that.

      4. DEBKA is a disinformation organization for Israel. Keep that in mind when you read their reporting.

        • Yep, very true.

      5. And paranoia sets in…

      6. first ;0P suckers pssszzt

        • crap ;0(… snif not first.

      7. This is just a sideshow…..we will never go to war with Iran .

        • If this is a sideshow, then what’s your main event?

        • Israel is planning to hit Iran to prevent them from launching nuclear missles into Israel. They have clearly stated that they will not allow Iran to get that far along. Iran has clearly stated that they plan to wipe Israel off the map and won’t stop till they do it.
          Now the US has 50,000 troops standing by and another 50,000 on the way. This does not sound like a bluff. You don’t move 100,000 troops as a bluff. And who in their right mind would have thought we would go into Iraq?

          • Another fool that is suckered by the propaganda and hubris. President Afterdinerjacket never said that and his speech has been deliberately mistranslated. Mate, 100,000 is not enough to consider invaded a country with over 800,000 men under arms and a land area of over 1.6km sq.

            Only a lunatic would have invaded Iraq and the loonies are still in charge. I wonder how many good man will die needlessly this time – perhaps all of us.

            My guess is that Iran has spent 20 or so years preparing for this. Not to ‘win’ but to inflict as much loss and damage as possible.

            With Iran the proposed wholesale murder of a people and its culture is totally abhorrent. What is different between the US and the Nazi’s? Increasingly, I can’t see the difference.

          • IRAN DOES NOT HAVE “NUCLEAR MISSLES”. Iran is the nation who is $hitting their pants right now!! Please educate yourself. Who has “nuclear missiles” UNITED STATES,FRANCE,USED TO BE GREAT BRITAIN,PAKISTAN,INDIA,RUSSIA,CHINA, and drum roll please (paradidle,paradidle,paradidle,paradidle,paradidle,paradidle)…………ISREAL…………..!!!!!!!!

            • KEVIN,,,,,,,,,,,you left out NORTH KOREA !!!!!!!!!

            • But unfortunately some that you have listed back up Iran, for whatever their reason are…so, this is still no good, you see…S is about to hit the fan if the course is not changed. Don’t forget to stock up on your cases of Budwiser!

      8. i have a question for everyone… who’s gonna fight this 1 one???

        have none of you learned from the last 3 three nwo.zionist.false-flag wars???

        anyone who allows their children too enter the us military now… deserves what is coming along later on… none will have the excuse of ignorance when their kids come home burnt to a crisp and in a casket, or legless, armless, so highly radiated by depleted uranium their kids/ grand kids are born true freaks of nature with 5 arms and 6 legs turn inside out… and ALL DYING OF CANCER BY AGE 50!

        you deserve what is coming and what is gonna happen to your lil’ soldiers!

        remember that when you try to blame someone else in a few years… for lil’ johneys and lil’ suzzies death in iran!

        • Agreed!!!

          We really need to work on our own problems!!!

          When will people wake up? Oh I know, when they can no longer access their 401K or their bank accounts…

        • Spot on! I feel for the kids coming out of high school and have nothing to look forward to so they look at joining the military. I all I have to say is “hay, nice freakin parents and friends that would let you make that mistake!” Support our troups? Not this time.

          • a-hole

        • War is a RACKET

          ““War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.”

          wars of CHOICE or wars of NECESSITY

          wanna sign up some cannon fodder?
          bring a BIG Bible and a flag,the bigger the better
          soon enough you’ll have your human sacrifices

          “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

          –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

          I can’t believe that people are still falling for this crap????

          • I can. Never underestimate the power of stupidity. And the average German circa 1939 was a helluva lot more intelligient and better schooled than the average Amerikan sheeple circa 2012. The dumbing down will continue until we all have curly white coats of wool covering our eyes and endlessly bleat “Obaaaama, Obaaaama”.

            • we are superor to all other nations even tho we are broke ,we will an can kick the worlds badest meanest towel heads around i am very proud of our troops !!go gi’s some do get hurt mamed but they know this going in .we are like hitler we should protect our boarders an rebuild our work fource not by building tanks guns etc. buy american only an watch the world spinclose the boarders or at least make them join the military for 4 years the become a us citizen earn it like our forfathers did you sorry mexican beaners

          • Very valid statement. One word….9/11 Hook, line, sink!!! Bunch of sheep they are…yesssssss…

        • That is not a fair assumption. Most of the U.S. troops are great and courageous people who enlisted with the best of intentions to serve and protect there country. Maybe they are being played as puppets but then again aren’t we all?

      9. My husband was talking to one of his prepping buddies, who just happens to be an ex navy seal, early this morning. He told my husband this same thing. Time to buy more food! We are good on the ammo and guns. I know, I know…you can never have too much ammo! But soon the military is going to have to buy from me! Time is getting short folks…

        • BULLSHIT !!!!! time has been getting short for almost 10 years now so when will you wake up to the scam ??

          • Rich, prepping is not a scam, it is a lifestyle change.

        • Grit:

          Did this Navy Seal have a reason for his comment, other than the obvious?

      10. True, this isn’t Iraq. Iran has the backing of Russia and China.If we go in, as it seems we will, this is where they will draw the line. It kinda seems uncanny, the same shit Russia did before its collapse, trying to expand its empire, while the economy and standard of living at home dropped like a rock. Maybe thats what they want? dumbama leading us to another war. No offense, but I highly doubt the majority isn’t gonna be taken in by the dog and pony show. And even if they did, BHO has already shown he can go to war without congressional approval. So yeah, pretty dark times.(seems like an understatement,lol).

        • I also believe that this could trigger a response out of China and Russia.., if it doesn’t, I would be surprised.

        • I have a $100 that says China and Russia sit this one out. Any takers? Russia profits when Iranian oil is embargoed or destroyed.

          China is a full partner with the GB’s and Dual Citizens who are behind this war, regardless of anything they might say, money is thicker than oil, even between thieves, and China gets its money from US.

          Both can and will posture politically all they want, but neither are in any position, realistically, to do much when push comes to shove in the Strait.

          Reportedly, 12,000 American troops are in Libya now to protect the oil wells there and make sure it flows.

          The US and Israel have established a measure of “justification” for this action, and if Iran were stupid enough to take the bait over the oil embargo and close the Strait, they have sealed their doom.

          An air campaign will take about 90 days to reduce Iran to rubble using conventional weapons.

          If Iran can get a passing grade from the IAEA eliminating an immediate US strike, then Israel will launch independently; Iran responds in the Gulf, and the US in SELF DEFENSE, obliverates Iran.

          Either way its a shootout.

          • DK: It depends on your definition of sitting it out. I think they will fight it by proxy. They will quietly supply iran to prolong the conflict. That will accomplish 2 things for them. It will bring our dollar as worlds currency closer to the end and the US closer to bankrupcy. And it will keep those oil profits peaking.
            I think that you might be underestimating the timeline on iran. A war with iran will need boots on the ground if the goal is regime change, if it is only nuclear sites then an air campaign and some navy missiles will take care of it.

            • Mike: Other comments here suggested that it would only take a few days of bombing to pacify Iran. Iraq took 30 days (if I remember right) to destroy all aircraft, tanks, artillery, etc.

              The US Army was big on testing their capacity so the war planners left a few tank regiments for OUR tank corp to toy with.

              I am suggesting that the US air war in Iran may take a maximum 90 days to wipe out all military installations, the Iranian Air Force, and whatever naval vessels the Iranian Navy can bring to bear.

              It will be a lopsided affair.

              Whether the Ayatollahs would be targeted directly by the US, or not, I have no idea. Israel would probably target them in a First Strike.

              There is considerable opposition within Iran to the Regime. Once the Guards are eliminated and their military resources destroyed, any remaining Officials would face considerable internal, armed factions.

              A new “pro democracy government” could face proxy war for decades from guerrillas, taliban, and Al Queda.

              And that would suite the PTB / Builderbergers / GB’s just fine as there is a lot of profit in killing people over differences of opinions and Africa has to be reserved for the next big downturn, down the road.

              Nothing like war to crank up an economy. Its the alchemist’s long sought after, mysterious “Philosopher’s Stone”, that turns base metal into gold.

              Get some now.

            • DK: I agree that any mechanized battle that takes place will be lopsided. The only reason I think that it may take longer than our planners expect is that Iraq had only 10 years to rebuild their military. Their command and control structures remained in place after the gulf war, but their armour and anti aircraft weapons were destroyed. When they were destroyed during the gulf war they were out in the open too. Iran has had decades to build underground storage facilities.
              I am not sure how much the opposition will rise up against their gov’t. The Kurds learned a harsh lesson from the first Bush about American promises. They will wait until the gov’t is overthrown before they opening oppose gov’t forces.
              You are correct that in the air we are unmatched. The problem comes from the guy who builds IED’s. They can move and work individually.
              I also think that the US Gov wants this to happen and wants it to be a long drawn out affair. With military budget cuts coming, people screaming for decreased gov’t spending accross the board, alot of agencies are nervous. It is a great way to justify running the printing presses non-stop.

            • Mike: As for eliminating the Dollar as the world’s currency, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

              Remember the dollar is a FRN and it belongs to the FED. Why would the GB’s give up their most potent weapon for world domination while it is still useful?

              Not rational.

              There is talk coming from the globalists like Newt and other Alt Media sites (who obviously haven’t thought it through), BUT a metals standard is a worse case scenario for a freedom loving people.


              Because its the system that is corrupt, not the dollar. The system will allow the PTB/GB’s to drain all of the gold and silver out of America under the FREE TRADE program that WE operate under and THAT is the source of OUR economic demise.

              Instead of stealing OUR FRNs by transferring the means of production offshore, they would complete the destruction of America by taking OUR gold and silver too.

              The rationale that the GB’s use to use for having power over OUR banking system is that the politicians could not be trusted with that power.

              (As if the criminals, assholes and thieves aka the GB’s can!!!)

              In reality a paper money system is good and can be used rationally without using it as a debt instrument controlled by a third party who profits from it.

              What WE have is a spending problem.

              At least politicians can be replaced on a regular basis. GB’s get rich off of US and retire after siphoning OUR wealth.

              Even if the entire world was on a metals standard; especially if the entire world were on a metal money system, the bankers would control everything and siphon off most of the wealth (even as they do now).

              Its the next step for One World Government. Patriots must resist a metals standard.

              When the world is on a metals standard only the rich will have metal, and only those who have metal will be rich. I say that knowing I have a mountain of precious metal.

              It would usher in a long deflationary period where the masses would not have access to much money; and their assets, if they have any, would be less valuable.

              On the other hand, their debts would require a greater portion of their income: meaning less purchasing power all around. Their only choice would be to repudiate their debt and be stripped of any assets they had. This is happening now.

              A metals standard would make it worse.

              Eventually a basket of currencies may make its way to the marketplace. This would devalue OUR FRN through inflation, but would make US more competitive world wide without draining OUR metals.

              Americans could become self sufficient again by buying local and building local with a currency that did not have the global purchasing power it once had.

              Consider the Russian Ruble which is about 36 to the dollar. They are not importing cheap goods for the masses with a consuming society. They must make it themselves.

              A “debased” currency means a nation must live within its means simple because it cannot afford to import expensive products.

              WE used to be self sufficient WE can be again.

              OUR real assets would be more valuable, and OUR debts manageable. A little inflation is a good thing. Too much is a disaster but deflation would cripple the economy for decades to come.

              Buy gold it will spike.

            • I believe that China’s first move, before actual Armageddon, will be a financial Pearl Harbor, dumping its trillions of US dollars and T-bills…

            • DK- I think you are way off on the dollar thing. The world is dropping it as we speak!! The BRICS nations agreed to use their own currencies in trade between them a year and a half ago. Japan and china just made such an agreement. Now you got india offering to pay for imports from iran in gold. There are also other nations about to make the same deals with china!! The world IS dropping the dollar now. I think your not seeing the train leaving the station on the dollar deal!

            • seetaka- The chinese do not have “trillions” of t-bills and dollars, it is closer to a trillion. Unfortunetly WE do, in the social security trust fund!!

            • Mike, you’re right on point. The Chinese have been around for 5k years and have gained a tad bit of smarts over that time. Only a nation of half-wits would engage in endless serial wars. This “most collosal monkey house an astonished world has ever witnessed” (my thanks to Ezra Pound for that)has been ingaged in one stupid, needless, costly war after another since 1898. “You may fire when ready, Gridley.” I dare say, who was Gridley, where was he and who was he supposed to be shooting? Oh, yes, Amerika’s glorious war with Spain. But in the Philipines? Of course, the field of slaughter was more plump with victims, an estimated 600,000 inocent locals. And what, pray tell, did the Amerkan lumpin gain from such glory? Hmmm. Not the answer we would hope for. Well then lets move on to some of our further glories, WWI, WWII, Korea (I was invited to that one) and a magnicifent victory it was ( or is that victory still pending?) Then there was Viet Nam. Well, you get the picture, we could list our wars ad nauseum into infinity. So, back to China. As mentioned, the Chinese did in fact learn that when you are up against a potential enemy as stupid as Amerikans there’s really no need to engage him, you merely wait for the fool to exhaust himself.

            • Kevin: Thanks for your response to the dollar question. It is far from being replaced as the standard, really. It will be many years yet before that happens and much could happen, or not, by then.

              Consider that any trade that you mentioned, even in gold, must have a specific measurement for a global commodity.

              Gold is set in London by the pound and every other currency via gold, is priced that way; that is, the price of gold in any particular currency is measured by the exchange rate of that currency to the pound. So whether the trade occurs in dollars or rubles, it is priced as pounds.

              Likewise, the price of oil is set in dollars by Saudi Arabia, which has a symbiotic relationship with US. Any transfer of goods and/or currency in exchange for oil will be measured against the dollar.

              That is not going to change anytime soon for many political reasons evidenced by events in the Middle East.

              It is natural for other emerging countries like China, Brazil, Russia, India, and others as they come along will have fungible world currencies, like the Euro and the pound; or France, Italy, and Germany before the euro, with their respect currencies.

              This is a natural phenomena that the USA has INSTIGATED by helping to develop these economies and is to be expected, even welcomed.

              Why welcomed?

              Because the currency market is the largest market in the world, anchored by the eight pairs. A few more pairs mean more investment opportunities, and more commerce.

              The US Dollar doesn’t have to be the ONLY currency of significance to be the most dominant.

              The dollar has benefited every nation of the world since WWII; including Russia and China. Especially Russia and China.

              When these currencies finally get up to standard, and with any luck, the dollar will drop in value and more Americans will go back to work. If the dollar does not drop Americans will not be going back to work. Its that simple. That is the way the world works, economically speaking.

              If India wants to pay for oil from Russia with Gold let them have at it. Historically, and until recently when overtaken by China, India has been the world’s biggest consumer of gold but produced NONE!

              Now for the first time EVER there is a gold mine under development in India, but I do not believe that it is producing gold yet, and it is a private company developing that mine, so any gold that India uses to buy energy or weapons from Russia, is gold that the Indian Government has purchased on the open market anyway.

              Eventually there may be a basket of currencies or a basket of currencies backed by metals after a Bretton Woods III which I expect to occur after the world is made safe for Crony Capitalism. But that is years away.

              Any of the naysayers who thumbed me down and who believe that a metals backed dollar is the answer to OUR economic problems, feel free to explain your reasoning and edify me. Don’t be a Sheeple and accept the reasoning that does not work in the modern, interconnected world.

              As long as the system is corrupted paper is OUR best hope. Even if every country in the world was using a metals backed currency it would do nothing to benefit the American economy.

              The American free enterprise system has been compromised by the GB’s. Until that system is fixed … WE are fucked!


            • Hey “Cromwell”, yeah, I’m sure the South Koreans absolutely HATE the fact we stepped in to defend them. They must really hate being an independant nation today! Shame on us! [end sarcasm]

          • I doubt Russia and China will sit this one out. They have been patient, and have a mutual defense treaty. China has stated they will defend Iran. You underestimate them…

            • JustMe: No China has not said it will defend Iran to the point of going to war. You are mistaken. Both Russia and China have been neutralized.

              China would defend Pakistan and go to war over it, and has publicly stated that. China cannot project any power to the Persian Gulf even if they wanted too. You are mistaken. They don’t.

              Russia will not even go to war over Syria, which is under assault by proxy through the Arab League. You can expect an increase in hostilities there by the Arab League soon, maybe by Valentines Day. This is why all Observers have been withdrawn.

              The decision and preparations to oust Assad were made before the Observers went into Syria. “Observation” was only a formality.

            • justme- dk is 95% right on this statement, the only thing I believe is incorrect is about russia being neutralized. That georgian bull$hit stopped pretty damn quick when russia moved those medium range, nuclear tipped missles into the area. BUT- that was on their border. Every russian I know(about 12), are crazy mofo’s and its hard to predict how they react to situations at work and life stuff. I guess we should all find out soon enough.

            • DK,
              Both China and Russia have made it clear they support Iran, and will defend it.

              Russia has not openly stated they “will risk WW3” by defending Iran, but China (some question the veracity of Gen. Zhaozhong’s statement, but he was speaking as an official representative of China) has. Russia is now sending the S300 air defence missle to Iran. They are by no means “neutralized”.

              China now has control of large tracts of land within Iran, and there are 11,000 Chinese living there. You can bet many are military. China and Iran recently concluded an oil and gas deal that will go for more than 50 years.

              This is not going to be another Iraq, Russia and China will not sit back and do nothing, this one is bad.

          • DK brings up some very good points. I would say it is 50/50 and I only bet on sure things. What would keep them out is her thyness (we came, we saw, he died) hitlery clintbone telling the chinese- WE’LL NUKE YOU YOU B^STARDS!!! Cynthia mckinley, press tv, and an alt news source are the ones that reported about the 12,000 troops in libya. WHERE IS OUR MSM?????? Interesting note, she was saying we were using apache attack helicopters to kill the people we were supporting before!! Things that make you say hmmm!!

            • Just Me: It is not going to go down that way. Russia and China will not get involved and they have NOT said they will will go to war with US over Iran.

              China cannot project its power by air or naval forces if they wanted too. They don’t want too. They couldn’t even get an army there overland and assembled before hostilities would be over.

              I have $100 that Mac can hold if anyone wants to put up their $100 that Russia or China become directly involved as an outside power and engage US directly.

              Neither will engage US directly over Iran in what is essentially an Israeli and Iranian conflict. There is no advantage, politically, militarily, or economically for either to engage US militarily over Iran. They benefit and WE lose from an American victory.

              Neither want Iran with nuclear weapons anyway. Nor do the Arab League, which is why it is not only co-operating with the West, but insisting that the West eliminate Iran as a military threat to them.

              The Arab League will move, is moving, against Assad to eliminate his threat to Israel. That radical Islamic threat to Israel threatens their very existence as well.

              Israel told both Russia and China in specific, direct talks, at the highest level in 2010, that it would not allow Iran to become a nuclear power under any circumstances; as they perceived that as a existential threat.

              For Israel, that is a red line that cannot be crossed regardless of the ramifications for the rest of the world. They have made that plain to the Russians and the Chinese.

              It goes down one of two ways:

              1. Israel attacks Iran with drones and cruise missiles packed with thermalite and other nanotechnology high explosives. It is a targeted strike on only nuclear sites.

              Iran responds against US because it cannot reach Israel except from Syria and Lebanon.
              When Iran attacks US, WE destroy their entire military industrial complex and their Republican Guard, in self defense.

              Once the Republican Guard is removed from the equation, the conscripts disperse. There is considerable opposition to the Regime within the country. They will move forward to assume control and sue for an official peace.

              I agree Iran is not Iraq. It will not be necessary to have armor on the ground in Iran. It will be accomplished from the air. The armor on the ground in Iraq was an opportunity for the US Army to test its armor in a combat situation. It was not necessary.

              Troops on the ground in Iraq were necessary because there was no opposition to Saddam. Iran has a well organized opposition to pick up the slack and gain control over the country.

              In the meantime, Israel eliminates the threat from Hamas and Hezballah while Syria is engaged in civil war. Gaza is brutally leveled.

              2. Syria unleashes 150,000 rockets and missiles on Israel when it becomes obvious that the Arab League, at the urging of the western powers, will remove him from power.

              Under this threat of annihilation from Syria, Israel responds with the Sampson Option on all of its adversaries, wiping out every Arab and Islamic capital.

              Its game on. No one wants that.

              3. The western powers attempt to embargo and blockade Iranian oil this summer, after talks fail. Embargo is an act of war. Iran attacks US to break the embargo.

              Under either option one or three, the US is attacked first, responding in self defense.

              Its a lopsided affair. See option one.

            • DK,

              I respect your observations, and your scenarios, but if I had the extra $100, I’d take your bet…

              The Russian President Medvedev has recently placed portions of the Russian miltary on alert. He has openly stated that Russia will not tolerate the conflict on thier border.

              Perhaps you are right, there are always many reasons why people and nations do not want any war. But, we know who is really driving this coming conflict, and they are bent on it. Under such cercumstances, anything is possible and can go wrong.

              All Russia has to do is nuke the US, and it’s over. The Russians are real wildcard here. And while it would take China some time to mobilize the bulk of thier military, they really don’t need to.

              Again, you articulate your position well, but I do not think Russia and China will sit back this time. We shall see…

      11. theyre trying their damdest to to keep our men hostage..
        All one has to ask about our administrations activites is.. What would a child do?

      12. First!

      13. It’s coming…I have awoken a few more sheeple these last few days. Went to the gun store today and couldn’t decide between a Remington 870 pump or a Romania built AK-47. Both about the same price. Any thoughts?

        • yeah, buck up and go with an AR-15. Better gun and ammo is more common.

          • The M-16 and the ammo for it can be picked up from the lifeless corpses of former police thugs/oppressors after you kill them with whatever weapon you prefer. My choice would be the Kalashnikov, because its bullet should be capable of penetrating ordinary bullet-proof vests. My military issued improved bullet-proof vest had to have heavy ceramic plates in the front and rear in order to defeat AK rounds. But alas, I don’t have a Kalashnikov, just a bolt action .300 WinMag fed on a diet of handloaded 180 grain ballistic hollow-points for dealing with police thugs.

            • ~Moon~

              I’ll bet some bourbon that you’re a “Long Distance Operator” too…Kudos!

              I’ll stick w/ a .308 w/ 168gr & 190gr HPBT-Match(Sierra’s), I don’t think I’m up to 1MOAs @ +1k yds anymore. The .308 is good for +700 & I can still do that!

            • Gunsmith 168smk’s suck past 750 yards, the go subsonic and destabilize. I use 168smk’s to 700 yards in my .308’s but also load 175smk’s for those shots that are 700 to 1000.

              Try some 175smk’s for those long shots you’ll be surprised they will out perform both the 168 and the 190’s. You can also play around with 155 scenars, if your gun likes em…its hit or miss depending on your twist rate. But if your gun will throw them, they to are great to 1k as well.

              The reason I shoot 168smk for the short work is I get much better accuracy than with any other bullet I have tried, but like I said they don’t cut it past around 750 yards.
              175smk’s have a very different ogive, and can stay sonic to 1k maybe even 1100 that’s why I load both.

              If you do it just remember to mark one or the other so you don’t mix them up, I learned that the hard way lol.

            • ~RWS-III~

              Your right about very long shots w/ 168gr(smk), but I’ve had good experiences w/ the 190gr for “reaching way out there”!
              I’ve shied away from the 175gr match-kings simply because I tried Hornaday 178 A-max & wasn’t satisfied w/ the results(most unimpressive IMO).

              I stick to 2 powders (Varget & N550) for the match stuff, ‘cuz my rifle really likes ’em.

              Any recommendations for 175smk’s…? Let me know & I’ll try them out.

              Thanks much for the advice!

        • buy em’ both… ;0)

          you only live once…


        • ~MustangBob~

          Sort of depends upon your tactical situation, sir.
          Are you urban or rural?
          Very close(urban) combat will favor the 870 scatter-gun to a point, in a personal home defense scenario, its nearly unmatched!

          For rural/semi-rural environments go w/ the Ak-47.

          For what its worth, nearly every single retired(noncom) SF trooper I know, has a com-bloc Ak, a shitload of 20rd mags & at least several 75rd drums in their collection! Everyone has a few 30rd mags too, but they’re usually disdained/shied away from, because of prone position accurate firing problems.

          P.S.) 20rd com-bloc Ak mags are getting rare as hens teeth nowadays, mainly because knowledgeable vets have snapped them up by the carton. See link below for what used to be a good source, they still sell ’em when they can get them imported….best of luck to you!

          • On the mark my 870
            and all my large bore long range arms

            still working on the AR and AK’s

            • I like my Mossberg Mariner 500.

        • Go for the WASR Romanian AK…just got mine last month and put a Vortex strikefire on it. Awesome!

        • Get the rifle. Shotguns are heavy, low capacity, have brutal recoil, difficult to manipulate, slow to reload and short range. They are a speciality weapon.

        • “When Western Civilization melts down, I want an AK-47”.-Top 10’s

          Get the AK, then go back and get the 870…

        • Both!

        • Why compare shotgun apples to rifle oranges? In any event, always consider buying used over new, and consider buying a military caliber if you go with a rifle.

        • Romanian ak chambered in 5.56×45. You can shoot 223 through it also. Certain ar’s CAN have jamming issues with 5.56, if you ever get an ar, make sure its chambered in 5.56×45. Romanian ak will be a stamped receiver, and expensive magazines (the down sides) but the ar has MANY down sides also. Mine fell into the colorado river recently in that tragic swimming kitten induced boating accident, but never had a problem with mine.

          • I was not to clear on that statement! I meant certain ar’s chambered it 223 can have jamming issues with the 5.56×45 round.

        • GET the AK47.

        • Shot Gun has one purpose,rifle another.Get both over time,first the AK.Low maint,reliable,and can get the job done,period.

      14. The Model T ran on Hemp. Then the Corporation Outlawed Hemp.

        Now we have Corporations and War.

        Ron Paul 2012

        • ~Iowa~

          You know, I ran on hemp when I was rather young, it never hurt me either!

          • 🙂 HEE HAWWWW !!!!!!!!! 🙂

            Thumbs up !

      15. Socotra and Masirah? That seems absurd. For one, there are plenty of nearby bases, so there’s no need for reconfiguring deserted islands into new bases. Secondly, look at the map of these islands, they are so sparse even a goat herd would be considered a crowd there.

        That report is just to make some alternate news organizations seem like tin-foil hats. This is TPTB way of discrediting organizations that they don’t already have in their pockets. I recommend you think twice before printing that junk, otherwise you’ll have egg on your face.

        • @Gavin,

          I just looked at Google Maps for a view of these islands. Socotra is pretty good sized but Masirah is small enough that I could get a good idea of what could be there. I am convinced that something is up; there is an enormous runway for what is a pretty small island and the signs of US construction at the airfield are pretty obvious. Military semi-permanent hangars, what appears to be a really large aircraft parking pad for such a tiny island, and the thing that clinches it in my mind, the image of the airfield is from Nov 2005. Lot of stuff can be hidden in the intervening years; there is definately room for it, and our government leans on Google and tells them not to post updated views of the island and voila! there is your hidden base. Come to think of it, how do you know if the dates on any of the images are actually the correct dates? Unless you have personal knowledge that a structure which should be there is not there, anything could be hidden behind a doctored date.

          • I am not finding these islands in google maps…….any other name to put in besides Socotra Island or Masirah Island?

            • type socotra island into google EARTH!!(not maps) scroll down options, you could see it last night.

        • I did the same moon. I almost had the same exact thoughts. Its in a pretty stratigic location also. I am not alone, others think the same way as I do. I do not care what the polls say!! I do not CARE what the media tells me to think.

      16. Win the Dark Side cannot! Fight for the Republic we must!


        • Right you are, Master Yoda. And we must be careful not to be lured towards the dark side by becoming dark ourselves. We must always defend, never aggress, even towards the NWO puppet masters. They are out, loose, and naked for all to see. We must bring awakening to us all, and justice to them. The people here at shtfplan are quite aware of this.

          As Dr. Ron Paul stated when asked what sort of timeline would he have for bringing our troops home….he stated plainly, “As fast as the ships could get there.” I concur.

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • And fight for the Republic I will…but I will not lift a finger to save the Federal corporation of the United State,nor will any member of my family…USA INC and its corporate sponsors start a fight and get their butts handed to them so be it!I own no stock in USA INC…I am complety divested…all my money is invested in LIBERTY!

          • Bang on, REB. Hunker down and get small. Wars are simply fighting for a bank, lining the pockets of Ben Bernanke, not for liberty. And I too, am divested from the US. Not hitching my wagon to the Titanic. It would just be like rearranging the deck chairs.

            In Liberty,
            This is Gold Leader standing by.

      17. I don’t see how this cannot be obvious to the simplest of minds.

        The US has sent it’s clunky old rust bucket carrier into the danger zone, basically saying “Nananananahhhhhh….you can’t get me!” to Iran.

        The US is calling Iran on like a bully on the playground gets in the face of the nerdy kid. Just pushing and pushing and pushing until Iran has no alternative but to respond.

        The US has already marked every man and woman on that carrier as “disposable”.

        How many people are going to be sacrificed for the agenda this time? How much money is going to be thrown away? How many people are going to come back from this, physically and mentally beyond repair?

        It’s funny, you don’t see too many children of congressmen in the military getting all shot up.

        • You don’t know what you are talking about Daisy. Sit down.

          • @anonymous … actually ms.daisy does know what she is talkin’ of, as a daughter of a American War Veteran… so why don’t you have yourself a nice tall glass of SHUT THE PHUCK UP! Peice of Fed Troll sheeit… come Phuck with me… ya phuckin coward… or do ya only like hurtin’ abusing Women?

            • you must be a U S MARINE… just like my neighbor in CFALLS MONTANA… he likes hurting women and children too.

            • Sit down. You don’t want to go there. I will let you burn yourself.

            • anytime @anonymous … for a “peice of you” I will make time.

            • Calm down nina, we all know Daisy can handle this.

            • Classy.

            • @pickersnifferlicker… “you must be a U S MARINE… just like my neighbor in CFALLS MONTANA… he likes hurting women and children too.” After your earlier comments this does not suprise me out of you.

              But Sir I am a US Marine. I served and protected this country and got out with an honorable discharge. I now work in security defending all those at my assigned post. Off duty I carry a concealed firearm, to protect all those around me. I do not enjoy hurting women and children but, not only men hurt/kill people.

              We service members both prior and current, already have an presidential administration that hates us for what we have done for this country. We don’t need you to join them.

          • Anonymous, I’m just wondering which of my points you disagree with?

            I’d be delighted to engage in an *intelligent* conversation if you have some criticism that you can back up. However, I suspect you just have an issue with the fact that I’m the one who said it, not with what I actually stated in my post. This, of course, would rule out much in the way of intellectual discourse.

            (And thank you, pickersnifferlicker, for coming to my defense 🙂 )

            • Your second mistake was in replying.

            • Yeah, that was pretty much what I thought.Just keep thinking – I’m sure you can come up with a valid point if you work on it long enough.

              Have a great evening, Anonymous.

            • Keep wondering & thinking if you are so sure.

            • Daisy: You are right on target. Good analysis.

              “Remember the Maine!”

              Naysayers should google that. It works every time to rally public opinion.

            • I have heard daisey views elsewhere, andI would not put ANYTHING past our government AND the governments of OTHER people. False flag events OR lying about what actually happened through the press about particular events in history DOES happen, it is a historical FACT!! DK is right REMEMBER!! I would like to add to that by saying lets FORGET ABOUT all these wars!! Bring em home!! Lets lick our wounds and TAKE CARE of the vets!!!!! Alot are getting F^CKED OVER BY THE VA!!! YET WE TAKE CARE OF THE BANKERS! I am SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!

        • That’s exactly what this is. The Western Anglo Empire wins either way. Either through intimidation and subjugation, or the cornered nation feels so threatened that it lashes out. This is a power play strategy that I have used in Chess many times myself after picking off a bishop and knight. The player is less armed and can be bullied into a futile engagement. It always ends badly for the weaker player, but losses are heavy on both sides.

          Also, let’s not forget, if that trick doesn’t work, unlike the game of Chess where you can only poise a false threat, they always have the false flag option in their bag of tricks. I wonder which nation will dress it’s aircraft up like Iranian bombers and tag a carrier or two? Yeah, we all know which one.

          Additionally, looking at this from a global perspective, all eyes are on Iran in the public view. As others have mentioned, this leaves Africa wide open for all sorts of shenanigans. Remember, these swine have thousands of people on the payroll that just sit around thinking this shit up. Whatever we think it may be, it always ends up being something different. Stay on your toes.

          • Daisy, you are exactly right. WE have tons of navy steel that was headed for the scrap yard…and now it is “refurbished” and heading to the Persian Gulf. False flag is imminent. And probably not just with respect to “our disposable naval units”, but to up the “anti”, I fully expect a 9/11 event on our shores…which will add additional fuel to the fire.

            And of course, Iran will be the designated culprit in both scenarios. Batten-down-the-hatches, THEY intend to stuff WWIII up your ass whether you like it or not.

            And another round of misplaced American bloodlust will once again rule the day. The problem with our military today is simple: THEY have their guns pointed 180 degrees in the WRONG direction.

            • I think your analysis is correct here, Yental. Basically, they’re getting their middle east ducks in a row ready for when the next false flag hits. This time, however, they’re going to use it to keep The Obama in power. After all, the first two false flags worked and were big enough to cause national changes (OKC & 911) so why not try it again? After 911 people still believe the buildings went down from a fire. HAhahaha. I still laugh at that one.

              But, each time they had to wait because things weren’t really ready. So, this time, they’ve got gun ban legislation ready to go and carriers off the coast of our supposed enemies’ shores. In effect, as soon as the balloon goes up, they’ll get the party started instead of having those pesky wait times for legislation.

          • The Persians invented Chess…

            • While the Persians are definitely responsible for a variation, evidence points to India as the point of Origin, near ancient Mohenjo-daro. At least the earliest mentions of a “Chess-like” game was invented there and interesting artifacts have been recovered. Dice were used in the early game to determine which piece was to be moved, which added a sort of chaos to the game. To top it off, this was a four player version.

              Anyway, from there it migrated into the Arabic speaking nations where it was refined, then later into Europe. In Europe the game was refined to include moves such as Castling and En Passant (In Passing). Nope, not a copy and paste, I’ve been playing this game most of my life. The history seems to come with the territory.

              So, yes, the Persians had their hand in the middle refinement of Chess. However, nobody knows exactly for certain where the game originated and what person(s) is/are responsible for the game’s invention. The earliest findings are in India though, the best anyone can tell. Maybe a cave from 10,000 years ago will reveal a new origin, who knows?

            • Thanks Joe, interesting, will research.

          • Which nation??? I get dizzy some times, can’t think, oh, it’s comming back to me, I remeber now, REMEMBER THE LIBERTY!! Just DON’T say that nations name. You get labeled. You get attacked. You get shouted down by the trolls and ignorant and uninformed, who are manipulated to think of that country before our own!!! Poor souls!!

        • Iran has repeated threatened the US and Israel with annihilation. Ahmadinejad said that he has to take out the US and Israel in order for the 12th imam to return. He’s an evil nut case. We should destroy Iran’s nuclear sites even if we have to use nuclear weapons.

          • sarc. off.There ,FIFY

          • @Barn Cat, you are apparently a “big fan” of the LAME-STREAM-MEDIA”. Because only there will find support for your comments. Ahmadinejad has not threatened either the U.S. or Israel as you indicate. (I’m speaking of the real world, not the LSM world of propaganda and gooberment endorsed LIES.

            Of course, that would require that you actually read the “actual” presentation in the complete context in which it was originally presented.

            Israel and their “lapdog USA” are the only “REAL” threats to world peace on the chessboard. Do some real research.

          • Barn Cat, can you cite some sources for these threats against the US?

            Using nukes is NOT the answer. Let’s just poke everyone in the eye until we’re all blind!

            • God save the queen.

          • does upper level Iranian leadership really believe this pablum about the 12th imman,or is that just espoused for public consumption?

            look how how all our leaders claim to be “Christians”
            and their deeds never match their lofty rhetoric

            • Our leaders NEVER claim to be christian they say they are doing Gods work but to them Satan is God check out Bohemia grove and there god Murdok the God owl (also on the $1 dollar bill, along with the great eye of Huros)

          • @Barn Cat:

            You do realize that the words purported to be those of Ahmadinejad are nothing more than an intentional misinterpretation of what he actually said. Additionally, recent intelligence reports, state that Iran is not close to nuclear weapons capacity. Even the IAEA has stated that their report hinged on one man’s verbal evidence and that evidence has been effectively dismissed. The first warning from our government about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, if you are old enough to remember, was back in the late 70s…they have been playing this card when needed.

            This was planned over a decade ago, as was Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria…in fact, according to General Clarke, the entire Middle-East scenario is playing out exactly as planned, but the consequences of our actions cannot be foreseen and there will be dire consequences. You and your children, as well as mine, won’t have a pot to piss in if this government continues down this reckless road. We have been technically bankrupt for over a decade, this country hasn’t had a real GDP for well over a decade and we are moving into an effective bankruptcy, thanks to the crazies in D.C.

          • Know why you have 19 thumbs down?? Because it’s nuts thinking like you that scare us…really scare us!
            So, your neighbor’s son threatens your son–you gonna go blow up the entire community??

        • Daisy is factoring in the fact that over the past decade people have been hard at work in their bomb factories to make bombs destructive enough to put a whammy on large naval vessels among other war material. No doubt about that. The US isn’t the only weapons dealer in global town anymore.

          It is a dangerous move if one factors in reality.

        • “I don’t see how this cannot be obvious to the simplest of minds.” You are simple & your reading comprehension needs more work. At least you admit that “I (YOU) don’t see how”

          “The US has sent it’s clunky old rust bucket carrier into the danger zone, basically saying “Nananananahhhhhh….you can’t get me!” to Iran. Tell me where CVN-65 is at? That “rust bucket” is U.S. sovereign property where ever it sits or while moving. You claim to be an American while living in Canada. Which side of the border are you on? “Nananananhhh….” is the best you can do?

          The US has already marked every man and woman on that carrier as “disposable”. Have you ever been on the “Big E”? Have you ever been on a carrier? Have you ever been in the military? Have you used a search engine to the Enterprise webpage? Do you know how far a carrier can travel in 24 hours?

          • Really, what you are saying (after prolonged effort) is that you have no actual rebuttal except personal attacks. Let’s break down your response, shall we?

            You started off by calling me simple minded. No real reason as to why except that YOU disagree with me.

            CVN 65 was scheduled to be decommisioned until an opportunity came about for her to be sent into hostile waters as nothing more than an irritant. We have newer carriers with more capabilities but we send the VERY OLDEST ONE. Your response to this assertion is to ask me where I live? Hmmm…..Well, good try.

            Your response to my claim that the unfortunate members of the military on that ship are basically marked for death is to quiz me about carriers? To ask me if I’m in the military? How does this possibly refute what I said? It’s 20 questions, not a logical rational point of debate.

            It was a really good effort, Anonymous, but you’ve proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that what you said is simply a personal attack and has absolutely nothing to do with the veracity of my initial statement. You are clearly out of your league.

            Bye, now!

            • Unless you are currently on the “BIG E” I’ll eat my words and have my husband send you a gold one ounce eagle. Jan. 11th 2012 it pulled out of port with a fresh coat of paint, top and bottom. Air Wing One is onboard. Shall I continue?

            • Anonymous –

              You can go on if you’d like but what your saying is absolutely irrelevant to the points I made that seemed to set you off.

              Your big evidence is a new coat of paint? That’s going to bring this vessel to the level of other carriers that are available?

              I’m killing brain cells with this conversation. I’m done.

              No hard feelings on my end Anonymous. I can certainly agree to disagree with you. I hope you have a nice evening.

            • ANON: With all respect to you and your husband if he is deployed IN the Gulf; he is a target.

              You can put a new coat of paint on the Big E as easy as putting lipstick on a pig ….

              but its still a pig.

            • You give up so easy…… What other carrier(s) are over “there” now? You think a carrier has to be new to go to sea? The “Big E” will pull into it’s home port here in a few days. Do you even know where it’s ported at? I didn’t think so…….

            • You lost Daisy.

            • Agreed Anon and RICH. A carrier is about it’s people, that keep a carrier moving, launching aircraft with their capabilities (their only function). I don’t think you are getting it DK. Women serve on aircraft carriers. If you go to Janes Blue Book you will see that any U.S. aircraft carrier has the same capabilities. Daisy, suck up and admit that you lost and another woman let you put yourself in your place. There’s more than one Anonymous that I can read. Go back and re-read Mac’s read: “The US military presence in the region will further expand in the first week of March”

            • What stupidity! The age of the “hull” of the Enterprise is IRRELEVANT, as most ships undergo routine upgrades in the “critical” components: Electronics, radars, weapons, etc. After all, a carrier is just a steel runway for its real weapons… the aircraft and weapons they carry. Those, my friends, are very up-to-date and so are their weapon systems. GEEZ!

            • How could you see anything all the way up there. That nuclear energy and hull is probably getting old and thin. That flag and anchor too.

            • “Really, what you are saying (after prolonged effort) is that you have no actual rebuttal except personal attacks.”

              Daisy, Daisy, Bueller, Buelller. She loves me, she loves me not.

              You are un-American. I’ve seen a few rust buckets. One is sitting on the bottom over in Pearl Harbor.

          • Anon, you rock!

            • “Big E” is pulling into Florida “this” morning. Anonymous knows what she is talking about.

            • Perhaps all this buz on the internet about the enterprise, opened the powers to be’s eyes to the fact that, anything can happen out there and another nation (I am not going to say any names) could benefit from an attack on the enterprise(iran sure as hell wouldn’t) and then there would be loud voices back home, I am speculating here, just saying!!

          • Anon-Why don’t you provide a link to WHERE the carriers are physicaly located, the ones I looked for last night that worked a year ago are wasted(not that I believe a link). Enterprise will be comming back to port that soon after leaving you say?? Thats a pretty short “excersise”.

            • and subscribe for a small fee.

        • DAISY your a fool and you too will be wrong…..they arent using any aircraft carrier as a tool so stop being a parrot of those youtube videos !!!I saw that video too and your just parroting that video so how many times are they gonna cry false flag and it doesnt happen before DIPSY DAISY wakes up and stops being a DOOMER ?

          • Let us go through the lies that have gotten us into war before shall we. THE MAINE-Many believe by looking at the wreckage,and the plans for the ship show amunition stored behind the boilers caused that. LOUISINTANIA-We were told the evil germans sunk that ship against the rules of war, munitions have been found in the wreckage. We WERE LIED TO, we entered ww1. PEAR HARBOR- It is a historical FACT that the japanese code was broken BEFORE the pear harbor attack, and some feel it is strange that ALL of the carriers(the weapons of the future) were at see at the time of the attack, and the old style ww1 battleships were ALL there, recently moved from san diago. Japan THOUGHT the carriers were going to be there, and we knew that (by our placement of the chess pieces) so the gubment KNEW they were comming.( speculation on my part, but it adds up….1+1). THE LIBERTY- was attacked by isreal NOT egypt, so again LIES. GULF OF TONKIN- MORE LIES!! IRAQ- weapons of mass destruction, WHERE ARE THEY! I do not know if I subscibe to the enterprise theory, I have seen that video also, BUT, I would NOT put anything past ANY government of ANY country, they(all gubments) all just care about 2 things- STAYING IN POWER, AND ENRICHING THEMSELVES.

        • Daisy,

          1) There are NO “clunky old rust bucket carriers” in our
          Navy! Some of them may be old, but none of them are
          clunky or rust buckets!

          2) The word is not “disposable”, it is expendable.
          Every man and woman in our nation’s armed forces is
          expendable. We are tools to be used in the event of
          war. We all know that when we take the oath.

          Having said that, I think putting boots on the ground in Iran would be an unbelievably stupid thing to do! However, I might support a bombing campaign. I’m still sitting on the fence with the bombing campaign. I would be inclined to say leave Iran alone, but I am afraid that Ahkmadenijad just might be crazy enough to use a nuke if he gets his hands on one.

          • Navy: Question for you? When they drydock those big beasts don’t they get refurbished with the latest electronics and weapons systems?

          • If Daisy cared to look up “rusty bucket” carriers, she would see that the people that have served on these “old carriers” have proven more than any new ship. She needs to sit down.

          • navy91- You are NOT expendible to me, you and ALL vets are a national ASSET, to be tooken care of, and cared for when damaged by duty, not to be F^CKED over by the VA, and you should be used to DEFEND our constitution, which right now is under attack by internal forces as our dollar is being attacked externaly. I do NOT support a bombing “campaign” because I believe all of this is due to the currency war, and NOT nuclear weapons. Such a “campaign” to us means ALL OUT WAR to iran, and they WILL use every asset available including any biological weapons they have , on OUR shores. god bless!

        • “Crusty Old Rust Bucket???

          It carries the most advanced fighter squadrons in the world including the new Super Hornets. The fact that it is old has nothing to do with its capabilities.

          Thats like saying an old truck carrying the latest M-1 Abrams Tank has anything to do with the tank’s capabilities.

        • Wanna bet the Enterprise is loaded with old planes or most of them are away when it is “attacked”?

        • Daisy, you wouldn’t know a rusty boat if your OBGYN showed you a mirror. Ouch!

        • Evening Daisy, We have a warship out there and another on the way. Talk at the hospital is that lots of people will be “on rotation” very soon.

          Take care

        • Why don’t you talk about Canada’s affairs——or just come home and complain. You really haven’t changed a bit. Your ex-husband asked about you.

          • The first one.

      18. To the Iran Prez.
        You are next dude.

        Threaten us with Nukes…fuck off.
        We’re a waring nation and we like to fuck with assholes like you, just cause we can.

        Coming at you as i type this.

        Love from America.

      19. The eonomic policy journal has some interesting insights on war with iran.

        I think that the buildup on these islands is possible. They wouldn’t be able to stage mech troups there, but light infantry and spec ops would be able to mass there. I was reading about this on another site, someone there had an interesting thought. He was talking about watching shipping lane traffic on the internet. Had some good points about logistical support they would need to build before an invasion.

        This may sound far fetched. I think before we see an attack on iran, we will see a major “Terrorist Attack” on one of the western cities that will be linked to Iran. TPTB will need support that I think is questionable right now. But after another 9-11 type of event it would be easy. I am concerned about the olympics. Buckle up, it’s going to get bumpy.

      20. see its just like I have been saying..this government do not want any country to sell or buy oil with out including the US dollar..there will be hell to pay for that (wrong as it is) but thats how these thugs roll..

        if we dont want war , were going to have to stop it over here.

        heads are going to roll over there if any oil gets sold with out the US currency being a part of it.

        there will be war wadged over it, as it has been somany times before

        (gadafi, sadam) leaders , no matter how corrupt they were , this government never cared about their crimes against their own people or humanity..but oh! dont you dare not sell or purchase any oil with out the US dollar being the form of exchange, or they be exicuted by our military.

        people who paid to have this person we have as our leader put in place owns oil rich have been struck..

        this chipping away at our rights and our arms and our ammunition is all on purpose people..its to stop us from stopping them

        • see..i hit a nerve


            • Ive known about reality before the best part of you ran down your moms thigh…dip shit

            • Seriously, I think that was a compliment to you VFR. You can’t get too many ding dings in one day.

            • Oddball,

              thats a strange way to compliment someone..very much a back handed compliment if thats what that is..

              coming from that guy somehow I doubt it,,he has a problem with the truth for some reason

              but if he is complimenting me,, than he needs to learn how to respect a man when he does it. otherwise he gains no respect in the action

            • She’s one hell of a women. I got a feeling her man is a sailor. Maybe even a SEAL.

          • But you are absolutely correct about the petrodollar.

            • yep..probably be 4 to 5 bucks at the pump by summer..they gotta pay for this some how..and it will be us funding this action against their own people..that hasent changed either.

              who prints the US dollar?..yep..follow the money, and those with enough to play war games with our lives

            • I may not have it all right, but I do know it will be us that will be screwed in the long run, if something isnt done to stop this

              its been war for oil way too long , and Im getting sick and tired of it

              you cant keep poking the bear, even if its not the biggest bear..sooner or later its going to come out of that cave fucking pissed as hell and anything in its path will be mowed over, and eaten

          • ~VRF~

            Game, set & match to VRF!!! Thumbs up!

            Regarding the Bear….well recall that it was mega-zionist/traitor Jonathan Pollard who passed tons of ultra-classified CIA/NSA/NRO/US military secrets/codes etc, to the Mossad/israeli intelligence.

            Whereupon, those greedy bastards in Tel Aviv promptly “SOLD” that info to the Russians…resulting in the death/elimination of over 120 CIA agents(all American citizens) & over 1600 informants/friendly foreign operatives, in the span of a few short weeks. Yeah, the KGB was ruthless…

            The damage inflicted upon this nation via Pollard & israel’s treachery is still reverberating thru our intelligence/defense realms to this day. Its gonna produce ‘terminal blow-back’ should we allow ourselves to be conned/pushed into yet another war for israel.

            Sure, the launch codes/procedures etc, have been changed & certain DEFCON protocols have been modified…but the compromising of sat-intel capacities & the destruction of decades to establish ‘humint’ resources is incalculable!

            What the Russian Bear gained was beyond their wildest wet dreams and should those controlling this regime in DC, succeed in starting WW-III w/ a nuclear flavor, millions of Americans will die as a result of the loss/compromising of critical technologies/nuclear war-fighting capabilities.

            FYI, its the same sorry-ass crowd that bought us the Federal Reserve, loss of liberty, manifold wars, national bankruptcy, abortion, domestic-Marxism, 9-11, Patriot Acts I & II, the NDAA etc…etc.

            And now they’re hell bent upon ensuring mega-gallons of American blood is to be spilled/shed in an effort to sustain their evil hegemony over global commerce & monetary exchanges!!!!
            I don’t think Alfred Hitchcock could come up w/ a more nightmarish plot.

            Y’all might want to pay some attention to the israeli effort along w/ various US based groups & now, all the dual-citizen congress critters, campaigning hard for Pollard’s release, so he can immigrate to israel. The lame-stream media is pretty open about the whole episode, so it shouldn’t be difficult to check.

            FYI #2,…he’s currently serving a life sentence in a federal prison in BUTNER, NC…(Just off I-85/Creedmore exit, maybe???)

            ———SOB should have faced a firing squad——–

            • agreed, and thanks for your support, as it is if this goes down, we wont have to worry about the ammo grab, or the home town will get huge fast.
              we may have our own front line right here at home

              wishing you well your 6

            • I posted this the other day here at shtfplan, This congress women is pissed she got wiredtapped , and she voted for it. Related to what your talking about with that traitorous pollard. This congress lady is tratorous also!!

          • What’s the matter with Rich…lack of legover or what?

            Take care

      21. Source is as reliable as a 1974 Jaguar XK-E V12 Series III

        • Just to set the record straight, the XJ40 is the jag to have. Some of the ones I have had were “bullet proof”, including my current drive. As good as BMW easily, but with better “everything”! Of course, when you buy one, you have to fix all the stuff that the previous owners haven’t, but that isn’t the car’s fault.

          Bit like the state of the world really… It would be great, if we all just paid it some attention, and put some effort into regular maintenance. Maybe.


        • Rich, what is your problem? Are you trying to be an obnoxious jerk on purpose, or is that your normal winning personality. If you disagree with everything said on this site, then why are you here? Go play in some traffic

        • Rich,

          Let’s see…I mean this in the most pleasant sense….but…wakey, wakey, my friend. You’re right, this isn’t Iraq we’re referring to. But WTF? How many times will our government spin the same tried story and endanger our lives by being the bullies of the world? It’s the bullies of the world that we USED TO fight against. Now, it’s us.

          It won’t take long, if we keep poking the bear, before we’ll get our asses handed to us all in the name of playing world monopoly. As if our culture somehow has some superiority to the rest of the world, by some f#cking divinine right. Again I say “wakey, wakey” Alice. Wonderland was just a dream.

          • …and VRF….you hit it on the head as well.

        • ~Rich99~

          Calm down lady!

          Damn…..why don’t you take a break, slap a fresh set of ‘energizers’ in your BOB-(Battery Operated Boyfriend)- & indulge yourself in some quality/personal time!?!

          You’ll probably feel much better afterward & it might just mellow out your attitude here for the rest of the night….kinda hard to shout/scream w/ the caps-lock key when you’ve got a good afterglow going….right?

          ——————–Relax girl————————!!!

          • LMAO!

        • Been to both…they are very alike actually.

          In fact, you could swap one for the other and barely notice

      23. And when the band plays hail to the chief, ou they point the cannon at me. It ain’t me, it ain’t me,I ain’t no senators son. It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I’m no fortunate son. CCR.

      24. Ok I believe we are going to go into a fight but only to bring down the worlds population. See we have too many “useless eaters” sucking off all of the governments and they are all going broke.

        Sooo to get themselves more money it is obvious that killing a bunch of people would free up much needed jobs. While getting people off welfare or unemployment.

        See I think it will be almost like WW2 as that is what took us out of the great Depression.
        Also with this war I believe that the US will take some heavy shelling this as our info structure is falling apart that was not the case in WW2.

        But that was why all the other country’s were heavily bombed what a better way to get your info structure re built .

        Either way war or no war something is going to give. We are all on a ride to hell whatever the outcome masses will die. That is the reality.

        May God bless us or even better intervene.

      25. pickersnifferlicker your sir are a fool.

        My son just joined the marine reserves against my wishes. I begged him, I offered him a brand new car not to join. Sir I would have sold my soul to stop him, but 18 year olds sometimes have a strange idea about the world. He thinks he is brave and noble
        and helping our nation.
        Sir you should think before you open your unaware mouth. NO ONES CHILD SHOULD BE KILLED FOR RICH TRASH.

        • ~GGN~



          Nor should they be unjustly disparaged!
          I will pray for your son’s safety, madam. Do the same.

        • girl getting nervous, My eldest son is joinig the NAVY RESERVES with hopes of obtaining active duty status. The “conversations” we have exchanged would melt the sun itself. Sometimes all we can do is hang on to the last vestige of sanity. I hope for the best, and daily prepare for the worst. BEST OF LUCK TO YOURS AND MINE!

          • I get torn when it comes to military enlistment. I like many others have come from a long line of family members that served and looked at it as a right of passage for a young man to leave home and travel and grow. I did 2 stints with a separation in service while in college and the death of my father. One in the 90’s and the other after 9-11. Much of the man i am today is because of my time in uniform. Much of the tolerance I have for different cultures is from experiencing them. Much of the confidence I have is from being in the most stressful situations or going until you think you are going to drop then pushing yourself farther. I talked my neighbors daughter out of joining the military and wouldn’t encourage any of my friends kids to join. But when I compare where I was emotionally and physically before joining and then how different I was after that first enlistment, it was a positive experience for me. Even through deployments. Now my second stint after 9-11 taught me that either it changed or I changed. Maybe a bit of both, I would guess.

        • Girl Getting Nervous ~

          Your son sounds like a brave and idealistic young man. He’ll be in my prayers, as will you.

        • @ggn – i very seriously suggest you have your son visit a fertility doctor and put a few cups sperm on ice now… before he becomes poisoned by the military intentionally tainted poisoned shots , anthrax ,influenza and the other 30 shots they give you in the service. not to forget the poisoned environments he’ll soon be killing in… with fuels , depleted uranium and other toxins… thats if he wants normal kids some day!

          do the research…

      26. Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.

        And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

      27. First of all,this comes as no big revelation to me.War is coming to the middle east, and very soon.Do not confuse this war with the battle of Armageddon.They are Not the same…this war is needed to balance the books,trim the population,and restructure the balance of power.This is only the beginning.

      28. blackriflewarrior said:

        “Leave [Iran] alone. Haven’t we killed enough people in this world? The US has some baaaaddd Karma coming its way.”

        Thomas Jefferson said the SAME thing, when he said: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”
        Thomas Jefferson

        Read more:

      29. Cheer up Lads! The situation is gonna get worse!

      30. March makes sense as Greece has to get another bailout or default on its debts on March 20. Good way to distract the sheeple.

        • Beware the “ides of March”. Traitors on all sides of US.

          The real “gut-twister” that apparently isn’t well known on this site is this: The mullahs of Iran and the Likudist Zionist in Israel have already “agreed” behind closed doors to “trade punches” designed to drive up the price of oil. The benefit to Iran…THEY have it (oil). The benefit to the Likudist psycopath leadership and THEIR banksters: THEY have already purchased “futures” contracts far above the current “price/barrel” now listed on the “stuck-it-up-your-ass MARKET price”.

          Chew on that one for awhile. I will stack my sources on this against opposing theories anyday.

          • ~Yental~

            Henceforth, I’ll always spell your w/ a capital “Y”…!!!

            Excellent analysis, sir!

            • —addendum to above—

              ***forgot the word “name”***….my bad!

            • Understand that on this occasion…an actual word “mirrors” an actual name. Hope “Nina” gets the message. I have no jewish heritage that I am aware of. Better than 50% native American.

              The SHTF “handle” is truely transparent. While “unusual” (have yet to meet another), a name is in the “mix”.

            • ~Yental~

              Copy that!

              1/8 Cherokee & Celtic/Dane on my end.

      31. ALL IS WELL.. NIET!!

        • Umm, that’s NYET. 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

        • That’s spelled “Nyet”…

        • “нет”

          • Good comeback, I meant the “Anglicised” spelling, but you are very correct.

      32. Not a huge DEBKA fan, however daughter’s boyfriend and his USAF unit (he’s a techie) ship out in 10 days for “Africa”. Never have known of a strong USAF presence in Africa.

        • has some merit
          BO’s fund raiser in cheif,(the one who bought his presidency) owns interests or oil company there..Im going by memory, of something i read , possibly on here.

        • ~indy~

          Start keeping tabs on ‘NIGERIA’…you’ll figure it out!

      33. Hopefully Bush, Cheny, Blair, Rice, Rumsfeld, Pearl, et al. will suffer the same — soon! You’ll notice that Sadam didn’t cower like a rat, as I’m sure that little punk Bush and the rest of scum of that team would do!
        How about that, more american-style democracy!

        • Michael More and Barney Frank lover.

      34. This is a dumb question, but why in tarnation, if the whole world is dependent on the Strait of Hormuz, just build a number of freaking PIPELINES thru the UAE and Oman, bypassing the strait? Heck, they could build the Alaska pipeline thru permafrost and Artic winters almost half a century ago, at 3 or 4 times the length. I’m sure the world controllers and bankers could find someone to own everybody even without a war with Iran. I just find this very strange.

        • It’s one of the reasons the USSR was in Afghanistan and why were there too. The “Stans” have oil and it needs to get to a warm water port.

          Reason two is a line in the sand drawn with US Military footprints between China and the oil rich Middle East.

          The order may be reversed.

      35. Where is freaking Cindy Sheehan and the “No blood for oil” chanters??????

        Freaking hypocrites

      36. Come on Mac, while we didn’t find the WMD’s we found over 800 metric tons of the material used to make WMD’s in Iraq and the mobile labs. We know they have them, they have used them on the Kurd’s. We just couldn’t find the assembled goods.

        Iran unlike Iraq has the potential to make the three biggest kids on the block to fight. Watch out for the Chinese and Russians in the area. While no one talks about them I can guarantee they are there.

        For the most part the whole middle east is really nothing more then 7th century tribal nomads that have gotten really big. Left a lone they would kill each other as they have for thousands of years.

        In my opinion the idiots running Washington now have all our troops sitting on small islands isolated. Could you ask for a better setup to use air power of tactical nukes to wipe our troops out in the blink of an eye. This is a very scary situation that really has no good ending, but don’t worry it’s not about money or oil!!

      37. africa probably has oil to

        • Among the largest new “discoveries to-date”. Any questions as to why WE and our “allies” will be a constant/dominating presence in the near…and extended future. The potential supply found there threatens the current global state of “business as usual”.

          African coastal waters are literally in this “game” up to their ears. Keep watching the “humanitarian efforts” soon to accelerate in this geography.

          One of the largest emerging pieces of the global oil jigsaw puzzle.

        • Sudan has lots of oil

      38. Thought I might chime in, if a ass kicking is comimg to Iran, it’s about 30 years overdue.

      39. let me sum it up for everyone…..OH, SHIT!

      40. This blog is starting to get fun. Where did you go Daisy & pecker sniffer?

      41. If there really is a troop build-up, it probably has something to do with keeping the Straits of Hormuz open.

        As for “selling oil through improper channels”, improper to whom? As far as I know, Iran can sell its oil to whomever it wants.

        This shit is why I rode my bike today, probably saved $10 which I’d have used in gas if I’d driven a car.

        • improper to our governments way of running things

          its the only reason Gadafi was killed and Saddam..they wanted to sell their resource for another form of payment,,gold, you saw what happened to them, right?

          the PAB, and the money people dont play well with their number got pulled, they didnt want to play along they got snuffed

          as far as “they” are concerned..Iran cant sell it or trade it off the US dollar..or at least thats the game thats being played.

          Im not sure if you were mening this hypotetically or not
          and im not here to poke anyone in the eye with my thoughts , its just so obvious to me, and im sure many others

          this is an oil war just like the many before it

      42. I think Daisy’s heart is in the right place even though she’s scared to drive through Detroit from Canada. She just learned a valuable lesson {for a couple of minutes}.

        Pecker licker, NOW that’s another story!

      43. Iran. The last holdout from the Rothchild’s hegemony. The psychopaths will get their wish. War with Iran is imminent.

        • Bingo! We can talk Republican/Democrat b.s. or about secondary issues until we’re blue in the face, but they’re all part of the game meant to distract us. They’re just tenatcles of the beast; the beast of the Rockefellers, Morgans, etc….and at the top….Rothschild. We can’t beat the cancer by treating or masking the symptoms. We have to completely extract the cancer itself. Otherwise it will continue to flourish elsewhere in another form.

          Don’t waste time on issues, perspectives, or 99% of politicians….wake people up so they can see the head of the beast.

      44. Just a thought. . . .
        What would happen if 10,000,000 Americans told their Senators, Congressmen and the Pres., that if y’all start a war with Iran, we (10M people) don’t pay taxes due in April?

        We will not finance another war! Hit ‘em where it hurts.

        Y’all Beware!

        • nice idea, but we cant even get enough people to tell the potus that if he signs NdAA, that we would lock his ass up for being the first traitor and domestic (yet to be proven if he is domestic)terrorist..

          But I like where your going with this Idea


        • 10 million? Are those the same 10 million who pay 90% of the taxes?

        • I have been sayin this for years wanna stop the beast? do not feed it. If everyone went into HRrequested to stop payin there taxes on their pay check for 1 week even just one day it would starve the beast, make a statement that we the people are in control… why has not anyone took a step to organize tgus, peaceful yet a REALpoint??? any reasons why nobody has headed this up

          • Don’t you think that the “powers that be” haven’t prepared for this already. If anyone starts up a revolt like that, they would be squelched out immediately and thrown in concentration camps with no contact to the outside. Welcome to the “new” reality of Americans laying down and getting screwed by the very people they voted into public office. We are now into the time of “facing the facts” and accepting that it’s too late for changing the game. What we have left has all come down to individual decisions. I say, Shape-up,Shore-up, and most importantly, STORE-UP!

      45. I belive the genie is out of the bottle again looking for a place to land..Iran would be a perfect country to use that damn neutron bomb we have been holding back on.War is about how fast you can make a country say uncle….

        • Don’t be ridiculous… wars are not for winning and certainly not about how fast you can make a country say uncle. Wars are for making money, and the longer they drag on, the better it is for those who finance them. Those behind the Vietnam war had no intention of winning it. Those behind the war on terror have no intention of winning it either.

      46. It’s coming folks – get ready to implement your plans.

        • ~S. Mike~

          You’re right!
          BTW, nice web-site. Its book-marked now & I’ll be back.

          • Thanks Gunsmith. Appreciate the feedback. I figured I was out there each day reading these sites myself and thought others might be interested in the same stories.

            Working on the blog section as I continue on my journey to build a solid SHTF plan.

      47. Perhaps the government and its corporate sponsors will bite into more than they can handle and while they get their heads handed to them and the machine is occupied elsewhere the American freemen can occupy DC (FOR REAL)…arrest barry and most of the federal govt and reinstate the rule of law….you never know what could befall the best laid plans of these rats….

      48. Just another thought. . .

        Save all of your preppin’ receipts and anything else associated with your efforts. Start a company and write off the expenses of preppin’ as you can offer a service be it information on CD, internet, product swap and or exchanges. Check with a CPA.

        You sure could rack up a lot of money and put it on a Schedule C. You could end up in the negative side on your 1040. The government has a choice let me live off my preps or put me on food stamps. Hmmm, wonder if you could use the cost of ‘not using food stamps’ as a deduction, too much of a push huh.

        Hell, if a person goes out into their backyard and picks dandelions what’s the difference in that and arugula?
        All I know is they look alike and are both edible. Sell the info

        Y’all Beware!

      49. I think we may be missing the point regarding this buildup to war…

        first of all, i have a son in law on the Enterprise..i pray nightly for his safety and those of his shipmates. They may not be the cadillac of the fleet…but they arent exactly a Yugo either…

        second of all, if Iran wanted a nuclear weapon, why didnt they stand in line with the rest of those who purchased nuclear technology when Pakistan’s Doctor Nuclear was selling it? Are we supposed to believe that everyone else got served, but Iran didn’t? This dog and pony show about nuclear inspections is simply a show for both sides….Iran is building up its nuclear technology for power generation. Do you really think they would open up their nuclear weapon projects? So these inspections will be useless to the discussion.

        The powers that be know that they have to find SOME scapegoat for the economic collapse. They sense the anger and disillusionment that is building in this country. They hoped to kick the can longer, but even they can’t control every component of the world’s financial systems. This war will be to mask the loss of liberties and financial solvency that is about to hit us.

        Those of us who adopted the prepper mindset will be the foundation for the rebuild that will have to follow this collapse. Because we will have adequate food, fire and protection, we will be able to devote our efforts to this. Isnt that worth the time and effort alone?

        Keep up your spirits….and your efforts to prepare…God willing, we will be standing together when the SHTF….

        • Oregon Prepper

          Following the collapse..

          I’m sure TPTB have already laid their plans for the rest of us..

          and it ain’t gonna be pretty..

          • no, it wont be pretty….but those who are prepared will have the clearness of mind to make good decisions….no guarantee….just the improved chance of surviving and then perhaps thriving…

        • I served on the BIG E for a few years. She’s no Cady but more like an ol Dodge Power Wagon. She’ll take licken an keep on ticken. Little known truth the BIG E is one of the fastest ships ever built. Your son in law and his shipmates will be just fine. Thank him for his service for me.

      50. Ameri-Karma!! Do unto others as you expect others to do unto you!
        Karma always wins in the end.

      51. So anyone think a draft will be implemented if this does really happen? Not that I’m hoping for it, because I’m not. But if the army won’t except me with a felony and tattoos now, they can shove that draft up their A holes. If they won’t let me in willingly, no way in hell I’m being forced because of some power trip these fools is pulling here.
        God bless All!

      52. OP…Ill join you in prayin for all our sons and daughters,husbands and wives,Moms and Dads…ALL of them…may God keep them safe and may this insanity and its authors cease to be.

      53. Has anyone looked at the possibility of moving to Alaska?

          • @Mac

            …..but it’s a dry cold…lol

          • Mac: Over The Edge must be snowed in, probably won’t hear from him until July.

        • Alaska is too dependent on resupply of basic food items and fuel. It is also way too cold. It has a very short growing season. In a collapse, Alaska will simply not get anything from the lower 48 states and will wither away.

          • What’s for dinner: meat

          • Agreed, stay away from Alaska!

            -An Alaskan.

        • Lots of times!

      54. Regarding Iran’s capability to close the strait of Hormuz, I offer you two words… “supercavitating torpedoes”.

      55. That sounds like a good name for a rock band.Seriously really who knows ,what is really going on in the Strait.O.H. right now ?We are at the mercy of the press,via our crooked government.I,m sure we have got the shit to back it up,as far as military tech.I spent many moons in the Military.We have got the firepower advantage, but i agree with others who posted ,we don’t need more war .We need to get rid of our present co
        ngress and our present Idiot calling the shots.I don,t want to lose anymore rights.Lets fight for our Constitution. Don’t forget about a water supply.

      56. Thank you Mac ,you just about talked me out of Alaska.Even thou i still want to go there sometime.(summer)

      57. In my opinion, we will not go to war with Iran. Too risky right before an election.

        However, we will continue to bitch and harangue, bluster and strut.

        But no war.

        • One of my other sources quoted a government official who said (in December), “when we strike Iran it will not be in the next three months- we need that long to prepare. We can’t wait longer than nine months because by then we won’t meet our objectives.” So that sounds like March through August. Time for an instgating event and time to build public opinion. Close enough to elections to maybe prevent rising gas prices from having an impact.

      58. It is time for the S*** to HTF in Iran. Time is running out for America and Israel. These two countries are, and have been, well blessed by God; but, the time for pandering to an oppressive and evil country is up. God warned us to control them or they would become “pricks in our eyes” and “thorns in our sides”. Believe it or not, we, the USA, are the policemen of the world. We cannot allow insane people to threaten any chance of a normal and peaceful existence, by blackmailing the world with nukes. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be a two or three day event. If you believe in biblical prophecy as truth and factual, then be prepared to witness over 2 billion deaths in a war against evil. Sadly, there will be collateral damage, but peace comes with a price.

        • Micheal
          Do you know anything about Iran other than your bible prophecies? You are correct that we are the policemen of the world…of course your way off in thinking its to protect a normal and peaceful existence.

          Please do some research and then tell me you still believe 2 billion souls need to die.

          • My research is complete RWS 111. It was conducted thru the only truthful writings I need; the KJV Bible. When God says something will happen you can take it seriously. God said, thru his prophet St. John, that a battle will take place in the end of days, and with that battle “a third of mankind shall die”. This battle, or war will take place around the region of the great river called the Euphrates. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure a third of the world’s current population is over two billion. Yea, I should have expounded a little more, for sake of the slow-minded, on what was meant for “a normal and peaceful existence”. For bible prophecy to come to fulfillment, The antichrist, must have a platform for bringing all the religions of the world together to stop the killing and have any chance for a”normal and peacful existence”. If; and I do believe it will happen this way, the world has just witnessed a third of the population killed; how strongly will they want peace? They will want it strong enough to fall for a “fake” Peace plan, and a one world religion to tie it all together. I don’t know if you read the bible or not but, or if you believe it or not, but it will, has, and is coming to pass, just as we are told. Get ready all you naysayers, it is coming soon!

        • YOU are insane.

      59. Its strange everyone here has a problem with what is going on in the U.S. This website is a place to vent. Everyone encourages each other to arm themselves. I have this gun get this gun by ammo. Yet more then likely those with arms will shoot each other scavenging for food or materials before they defend themselves from their own goverment. Has this come to anyones mind? It’s shockingly ironic and tragic. But I guess all anyone can and will do is vent until change is inevitable.

        That was me venting. Anyways Mac what do you personally suspect will cause massed chaos for Americans before anything else? The economy, militized ruthless rule of our goverment, war, overpulation, famine, energy consumption, insufficient resources to create energy? what will cause every American irreversible change?

        • Passingby:

          Respectfully; if it isn’t guns and ammo, people will find another way to kill each other for resources.
          Also, we would kill each other before the government even shows it’s face in our neighborhood.

          Would like to hear what Mac’s opinion would be. 🙂

          Thumbs up.

      60. Amazing. Despite millions of years of evolution man is still relatively unchanged from the prehistoric barbaric homo sapiens who ate raw meat, hid in caves, and killed with their bare hands. Strip away the layers of modern contemporary trappings and we are still surrounded by barbaric savages who just happen to be elected into public office. What does that say about the population at large who vote for these degenerates?

        • BULLSEYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      61. I do not believe that Iran should be allowed to achieve their nuclear goals, but I also understand that they have been given ample time to prepare their retaliation to our attack. What if… the first of our bombs striking their soil, they launch an EMP attack on us from a freighter off our coast. Will our forces recognize the home they come back to…..

        • CHANE
          Why shouldn’t Iran be able to reach their nuclear goal of powering their entire nation off nuclear energy so they don’t have to use their oil?
          Oh my guess is your falling for the talking heads that repeated have been saying their close to nuke weapons for the last ten years.
          Know how Iran got started with its first nuclear plant?
          Yeah that would be with much assistance from the USA.

          • RWS 111, I take it you haven’t known anyone who was wounded or killed while fighting for our freedoms (what few we have left) in this once great country called America. I take it you are defending the religious fanatics of Islam. You must think we are to forget about the 3000+ innocent lives snuffed out on 9/11; snuffed out, murdered, by the extremist religious fanatics from the Middle East. I say nuke them out of existence before they nuke us and/or Israel, and hang any citizen of USA that supports the Islamist and let God sort them out.

      62. Can anything be done to stop the pop-ups, I live in texas and these messages are very annoying to getting onto the site, I need to close all the pop-ups then go to Bing and type in the address. Would appreciate your help.

        • susan,
          use firefox as your browser and then ad the app NoScript. All popups and scripts will be disabled unless you allow them.

      63. Boy, I get busy and all sorts of interesting conversations go on! Dang.

        First of all, let me apologize to anyone I insulted by calling the Enterprise a crusty old rust bucket. I was making a point but could have phrased my description differently.

        My point, and I continue to stand behind this, is that the people calling the shots are using a vessel that they had planned to decommision. They are not using one of their updated expensive top of the line carriers. They are thinking about the economics of what they can more easily afford to have blown to crap.

        I still believe, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, that the American people are being set up for a false flag event in the Gulf of Hormuz. The officials calling the shots are attempting to either antagonize Iran into attacking us, or they will create a catastrophe and blame it on Iran. I may not understand every last military detail, but their goal is transparent.

        The PTB are thinking of the almighty dollar and the eternal barrel of oil, not about the sons and daughters in the military, not about the civilians of another country who will be harmed, not about the loss of innocent lives. Money and power are the only words in their language.

        • Good mornin daisy. I was going to say something bad about the boomers this morning, to stir the $hit, but it looks like you have already stired it up pretty well. SHTFPLAN comment hangover can suck, I have had a few. Freedom of speach is for the little voice at a wisper, not the screaming mob. All opinions stimulate conversation and thought.

          • Good morning Kevin. 🙂

            I’m not trying to stir the pot – I’m just pointing out that in my opinion we are being manipulated, and I, for one, refuse to wear a blindfold.

            Everyone that disagrees with me is certainly welcome to do so. So far, we are still allowed that right, although I’m not sure for how long, especially if we continue to be propelled by mass media propaganda.

            I feel passionate about this particular topic and sometiems that causes me to be less than diplomatic. I apologized sincerely for what I said that was out of line – if they want to hold a grudge about it that’s beyond my control.

            Off to work now – you have a great day Kev – keep your baby boomer spoon outta the pot!!! It’s bubbling enough!

            • OH, $HIT, the W word, I have to return to the day job today myself. You will be without my drivel filled rants in the morn for a while. How will daisy and shtfplan survive!!

        • Like it or not, we and the other civilized countries have to protect the Straight. The world’s economies depend on oil. This site is much appreciated for informing and the advice to stock up, garden, etc is taken seriously. When shipping food becomes harder, and deliveries are interupted, you will be glad that someone is doing something. We cannot sit back while evil gets a foothold in the world, like communism and fascism did and millions of innocents were killed. It is not every man for himself – if that is the attitude, we’re sunk. The WWII generation would never have thought that way and fought for freedom – it is no different now. Have courage (and bow your head and ask for wisdom). God bless all and thanks for this blog.

          • Fascism- “the merger of corporate and government powers” Look around you? See it anywhere?? But I understand where your comming from.

          • It was the WW2 generation that handed this country over to the parasites who have created this mess.

            How long do continue to send the military aound the world to control other people’s resources? Will you be happy when another million veterans’ lives are ruined irreperably?

            Do you not grasp that TPTB have used thier oil-addiction to stop every valid attempt to create alternative feul sources?

            Oh, and true evil already has a foothold in the world. It is in the form of a parasitic NWO, controlled by those you don’t dare mention…

          • At least there is someone else here making some sense. I do agree Linda, and I think people will have a big change of attitude when they are held hostage by the Middle Eastern fanatics. When they see $20.00 per gallon fuel and their cupboards empty because they were too busy spewing their message of “leave the Iranians alone, their not hurting anyone”. Look how the lunatics treat their own people; killing thousands in Syria. Hell, they can’t even have a little fun without killing each other. A soccer match ends in many deaths because most of these people are not civilized. They will never be, because they believe in a false religion and pray to a false God. Any religion that doesn’t have Jesus Christ as the Saviour, is a false one!

            • 1. People in the Gulf just want to sell the oil. The people who sell the oil want the best price they can get, but they’re just like anybody else selling anything else. Business is business.

              2. I visited Syria in 2005. It’s a very civilized country, with very nice people–more polite and milder-mannered than in most countries I’ve seen. Damascus was a safe city a few years ago–no muggers, no beggars, no drunks. Mind you, the men did like to smoke quite a bit of tobacco.

              3. Syria’s having a civil war right now. Civil wars are about politics. Every country has politics. Most countries have had civil wars at some point in their history. Just because the politics have gone bad, doesn’t mean the people are bad. The worst things can happen to the best people.

              4. You guys in the States, and maybe even us in Canada, will have deal with our own rotten politics at some point in the future. Will that mean that we’re bad people doing everything wrong, or that we’re good people trying to make things better? Or maybe we’re just people, dealing with the same sorts of political crap that people everywhere have to deal with from time to time?

              In Syria lot of people are fed up with their President getting in their face every day telling them the way their world should be. If Syrians are different from us, it’s mostly a matter of degree. One of these days, Americans will get fed up with the exact same thing.

        • Wrong again!

          “My point, and I continue to stand behind this, (SIT DOWN) is that the people calling the shots are using a vessel that they had planned to decommision. They are not using one of their updated expensive top of the line carriers. They are thinking about the economics of what they can more easily afford to have blown to crap.”

          Ships are planned for a shelf life before they are built. We only need so many carriers. We can only have and can service so many carriers. Do you know which carrier the U.S. is building now to replace the Enterprise for unknown reasons to you? What other countries can even utilize a fixed wing aircraft carrier? None!

          • Anonymous, I get it. You’re knowledgeable about CVN aircraft carriers. I like them too although I’m no expert on them. I consider myself an expert in areas pertaining to Transport Category jet aircraft.

            You’ve made your point. To correct you on your statement,

            >>”What other countries can even utilize a fixed wing aircraft carrier? None!”<<

            China, Russia, France, England, Japan and maybe a few other counties either have fixed wing aircraft carriers, have had them in the past, or will have them in the near future.

            The U.S. is about to find itself in the company of blue water navies from developing countries some of which may not be very friendly to us. Luckily we will still possess a technological edge over our adversaries as long the dollar does not suffer from a fatal dose of stimulus and loses its position as the world reserve currency.

            At that point when our economy implodes we'll be forced to eventually park most of our Navy and Air Force as Russia was forced to do when their economy imploded. Don't say it can't. The Russians are still nursing their egos from that embarrassment.

            My thanks to your husband for his service to the country.

            • China has a carrier but no trained pilots or capable fixed wing aircraft-purchased from Russia-Commissioned yet?, Russia-same VTOL only successful-sold to China to study-they can’t even shoot a torpedo without it spinning up before launch, France-OK maybe-you’re not really counting them are you, how many Rafale’s?-show of support. Japan-history books-deck run aircraft-bottom of the sea?

            • @ Anonymous, the point I’m trying to make is the fact that the U.S. does not hold a unique place in history with regard to the operation of aircraft carriers. It would be the height of arrogant and inherently dangerous for us to think that our carriers are impervious to attack.

              Yes the carrier is well defended by its accompanying strike group. China supposedly has land based anti-ship missiles with a 900 nautical mile range capable of wreaking havoc on a carrier. I don’t know how effective the missile is or what phase of testing it’s undergone, but I hope we have an effective counter-measure for it.

              As for discounting the naval forces of other nations, keep in mind what happened to the USS Cole. A couple of terrorists in a tiny boat took that entire ship out of action killing 13 sailors and wounding 39 in the attack. It’s not always about the brute force of your adversary.

            • Your words, not mine. Didn’t say it can’t. I thought we were talking about capabilities of countries to operate an aircraft carrier. In aerodynamics there is only give & take.

              Ships are only safe out at sea with a good crew or in a well protected port.

          • Anonymous, I’ve apologized for being insulting towards the ship. That’s all I can do.

            We must agree to disagree regarding what’s going on over there, and the motivations therof. I certainly can understand your adamant defense, particularly if your husband is over there.

            I’m not interested in being involved in a feud over this – truly. Have a good day and I hope your husband remains safe and sound.

            • Thanks but my husband gets sea sick eating seafood. He runs the family florist shop.

          • To all, The CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford is being built at the Northrup Grumman Newport News shipyard.

            She is scheduled to become part of the USN Fleet in FY 2015. She is the first carrier in the “Ford” class.

            CVN-79 John F. Kennedy being built at the same shipyard is scheduled for 2018. (MM)

            • I’ll bet somebody tries to change the name or canx it.

            • wish they would name one after obama……..

            • You’ve been busy Bill.

        • Agreed Daisy, its all about oil and money to which our country is addicted to.

          All the carriers are Nimitz class with the same design. Since they have an estimated 50 year life, they are constantly upgraded. Not much difference between them.

          It will be several years before the new X class carriers come on line. The last of the Nimitz class carriers has been built.

        • ~~~They are thinking about the economics of what they can more easily afford to have blown to crap.~~~

          ‘they’ being our team??

      64. 100k is not enough. 2003 they attacked saddams oldfashioned army with 300k. so 100k wont do the job against the iranian military.

        • … maybe the united states isn’t suppose to win.

          maybe the 100,000 nwo.goyim.soldier.slaves DEATHS are meant as a nwo soldier sacrifice false-flag… to BRING “US ALL” INTO THE FIGHT!

          ONE HUGE GLOBAL SLAUGHTER AND eugenics 90% POPULATION REDUCTION by full theater global Holocaust like ww1 an ww2…

          hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i’m thinkin i need to did a deeper hole to hide in… ;0P pssszzt da’ nwo!

      65. the us is preparing the sieze the straits which will lead to ww3 for china and russia will not like being blackmailed.

        yep, our government is evil and we are the bad guys this time. absolutly no way I will support any war this government does no matter how many false flags they let loose.

        I may not be able to stop what this government does but I’m sure as heck not gonna support it eaither.

        • Rachel, this country may not be what it once was, or ever will be again; but it’s still America, Land of the Free, and if you don’t like it or support our right to protect ourselves, then leave. See how you like living in a communistic, atheistic controlled country.

      66. I took an oath in the 80s that meant something to me, it still does even today. That oath was, “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

        When I took that oath I never considered the fact that later in life that I would be more afraid of the domestic terrorists in Washington D.C. than outside the borders. If Thomas Jefferson was alive today you would have to visit him in Guantanamo Bay Cuba prison.

        • If Thomas Jefferson were alive today I would be in a cell next to him in Guantanamo Bay.

      67. I don’t think Russia or China will truely support Iran if USA attacks Iran. They claim so but what are they going to do? Can Russia and China send their navy to Hurmuz strait to help Iran? I don’t think so, so Iran shouldn’t not count on help from Russia or China

        • Went to your linked blog,but even after it translated it was very difficult to understand(translation was terrible).What is your opinion on US agression in the Middle East?

      68. The invasion of Iraq began on March 19th, the day after Purim in 2003.

        Purim is the most joyous of Jewish festivals, in which “G-d’s” chosen ones celebrate the brutal slaughter of their enemies, and engage in such “inspiring” rituals as eating symbolic representations of their enemies’ ears and gleefully recalling the slaughter of the ENTIRE family of their “enemies” leader, Haman.

        On Purim, today’s descendants of the ancient Hebrews also celebrate the slaughter of 75,000 Persians who they butchered in a general purge of the Persian Empire, which they were given leave to initiate by the puppet Persian Emperor Ahasuerus, whom they controlled through the Imperial “advisor” Mordecai (a real Joe Lieberman type if ever there was one…) and the Imperial concubine Esther (Monica Lewinsky, move over).

        You can tell a lot about a people by studying their folk customs, particularly those which give them the most JOY.

        You can also tell a lot about the false Christians who violate the commandment against bearing false witness, as they flippantly mouth the lies and distortions about Iran’s NON-EXISTENT “threats” against the nuclear armed, Amerika-betraying, false-flag attack practicing, ethnic-cleansing zionist entity — as if that was something impoverished AMERIKANS were obligated to lay down THEIR lives to PREVENT.

        By the way, Purim falls on March 7-8 THIS year….

        • so….hate Jews much do you??

          • Don’t bother trying to refute the veracity of my comments… instead, make me the subject. Nice try, but you people need to try a new tack, because the “hate” canard (and your attendant boo-hooing and whining of “why us?”) is getting really tired from the way you overuse it.

            The real issue is the “hate” emanating from the racial cultists and dual-citizens who are dragging Amerika into another egregious act of mass murder on behalf of their shitty little country, which spies on an betrays Amerika at every turn. YOU PEOPLE want to see piles of dead Persians and dead Amerikans, leading possibly to WORLD WAR III, and we’re supposed to believe that it’s because you are overflowing with “love” and humanitarianism? Make Aliyah if you wish, but get your hands off of MY country and fight your own phucking battles.

            • Why don’t you go fuck yourself you muslim turd.

            • I am a white European, descended from Crusaders and of the same stock that built Western Civilization, and one who knows who my people’s REAL enemies are. Read the Israeli Martin van Creveld, who boasts that Israhell has plans to nuke all the capitals of Europe and solve the “White Problem” for good, or look at US immigration policy that was designed by “G-d”s” chosen and is intended to make Amurika a Third World majority country.

              What are you, other than an illiterate and degraded piece of flotsam with a scatological fixation that appeals to a moron’s need to believe that Amurika and Israhell are synonymous?

          • i just HATE the ones who killed “jesus” and their offspring and descendent’s… thats it… the only good nwo.zionist bug… is a dead nwo.zionist bug!

          • Don’t bother trying to refute my comments by pointing out factual or other errors. Accuse me of “hate” to make me, the messenger, the issue. YOU PEOPLE do need to try a new tack, because your endless whining about “hate” and “why us?” is getting very tired from overuse.

            If you want to see HATE, try looking at the shitty little country and its agents in the US who rabidly seek to drag Amerika into another act of mass murder, which may culminate in World War III itself. Consult the learned rabbis who debate on when it is permissible to murder gentile children, and then ask the Zionist fanatics who want to see piles of smoldering Persian (and Amerikan bodies) if their demand for another massive bloodletting for Israels sake is motivated by “love.”

            Make Aliyah if you wish, but YOU PEOPLE need to get your hands off of AMERIKA and stop using it to fight your wars of Jewish racial aggrandizement.

            • Stick it up your allah loving muslim ass.

            • ~Ahab~


              And while we’re at it, we need to get rid of all the dual-citizenship govt servants(congress-critters/cabinet posts) & insure our reps put America, its citizenry & our Constitution/BoR 1st on their list of priorities.

              ————–Screw israel————–

            • Thanks for the backup, Gunsmith. Meanwhile, let us marvel at the eloquence of that connoisseur of all things brown and scatological who is also posting here, who is obviously a product of only the best Yeshivas.


            • Good Morning Gunsmith
              Just to clarify, I am not Jewish, I am a Messianic Gentile. I’m French/German and English…..not sure what all. I take what you said as a complement as I consider myself to be “grafted in”. There are good and bad in every nation/country………. I support the good.
              Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….Psalm 122:6

              KEEP PREPPIN’

          • ~DnT~

            Let us touch upon this subject from a ‘neutral ground’ perspective…ok? I’m not slinging mud.

            I read every single one of your posts @ this site. I give you a thumbs up (easily) 85-90% of the time. Because, I agree w/ your thought process on a given subject/opinion!

            I recognize & accept that myself & a few others here, do NOT fit into your “likable folks” category. But hey, that’s life…right?

            The thing that perplexes me, is where you stated some time ago, that you’re of jewish(DNA) ancestry…and yet announced still later, that you’re Catholic by faith(as am I). Yet you take severe umbrage when one gives testimony to solid/documented/factual truth(see Ahab’s post), if it highlights perfidious jewish history/behavior/actions! Why is that?

            An opposite case in point would be my own ancestry…some were Celts, some were Saxons, some were Danish Vikings & one was a Cherokee Indian….and all were for the most part pagans…& long ago, quite blood-thirsty rascals, I’m sure!!!

            Yet, I don’t get pissed-off if someone points out those facts as truth.
            Nor do I hold it against you or ‘1-Happy-Country-Mom’ for possessing jewish DNA, as neither of you are a threat to my country, my liberty or me personally.

            I do take seriously the threat posed by the nefarious jew types who in positions of undeserved power, wield the controlling influence over govts, corps & financial centers (ours included), to the point where the bulk of humanity, is now at risk of extinction via their lusts/hubris possibly culminating into nuclear war.

            We both understand that one cannot choose their genetic composition, as its the initial hand we’re dealt @ birth.
            Its how we play the hand later in life, that counts!

            The big problem I have w/ modern day judaism/zionism is its racial-genetics based supremacist/exclusiveness mindset, disguised as a religion & allegedly divinely sanctioned by the CREATOR of the Universe, as evidenced by the Rabbi’s oral & written traditions (see the Talmud & the Kabalah for details).

            On a final note…if you’re a real Catholic/Christian, then research the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas & specifically, see his dissertation of the nefarious jew-types(i.e. Rothschild/Soros/Kissinger types etc).

            Here’s the short version & I’m paraphrasing too…

            …”as the Christian potentate(leader/king) is steering his ship of State through troubled waters, the jews are below decks boring holes in the hull and looting the hold”…

            Try as I might, I have yet to come across a more accurate description of what is an ongoing reality, here in the 21st century!

            —-Thanks to J.F.A. Davidson for the above quote—-

            • AWESOME POST… simply awesome.

            • Maybe we can agree it’s not necessarily the jewish religion per se that is the problem, but the ZIONISTS.

        • Ahab,

          Are you related to Hitler?

          • So you believe that it takes a Hitler to speak factually about Judaism and its tenets? You display a woeful lack of historical knowledge it that’s what you mean, since “G-d’s” chosen experienced “difficulty” — I believe that’s the word — in such widely disparate societies and cultures as Pharaonic Egypt, Zoroastrian (Pre-Islamic) Persia, Ancient Pagan Rome, Pagan Hellenistic Egypt, Medieval Europe (including expulsions from almost ALL European countries), Byzantium, Czarist Russia, Catholic Poland and Spain, the Lutheran Baltic states — I could go on and on. Do you suggest that all these cultures were “Nazi,” particularly the ones that existed 2500 years before Hitler was even born? By the way, after G-d’s pets start WW 3 over Iran, you can add Amurika to the list of places in which the chosen have made themselves less than welcome throughout history.

            In the spirit of informed consent, I just want Amurikans to know the nature, traditions and beliefs of the people they are about to fight a world war for. And while we’re at it, perhaps you can enlighten me as to the precise meaning of the Talmudic precept “The best of the Goyim should be killed?”


            • Ahab,

              Who the hell do you think you are? You are just a little worm spreading you vile hatred upon whomever will buy your crap. You make me sick to my stomach. You are full of hatred for God’s chosen people and one day you will know the real truth. Nothing you say has any credence with me. Your are sick and twisted, therefore you are dangerous. Your ranting is disgusting and pathetic.

            • @ Justice 100 — I don’t recognize their “G-d”.

              Are you usually wont to spew hatred and invective toward “worms?”

            • Ahab,

              I quote you,(Are you usually wont to spew hatred and invective toward “worms?”)

              Speak english man! I hate people worms, they tend to be slimy and elusive.

            • Ahab,

              You should proof read your rants.. quote: ( You display a woeful lack of historical knowledge it that’s what you mean)

            • @ Justice100 — I am speaking English – the King’s English, as a matter of fact, you half-baked self-chosen cretin. Look up “wont” in the dictionary, you clown.

              This kind of illiteracy in English is what happens when Hebrew is your first language and/or you’ve had your Levantine proboscis buried in a Talmud your whole phukking life.

              Your grammatical critiques are straw-man non sequiturs. What’s wrong with my facts? Any comments on the facts I presented? Your silence is deafening! And we’re still waiting with baited breath to hear FROMM YOU why “the best of the Goyim should be killed.”

        • great post @ahab ;0)

          • @ make love not nwo.banker war — thanks.

            Notice how the zionist internet brigade swings into action immediately, to return discussions on the web to a direction more amenable to Israeli political objectives. They are working from a single playbook of tactics, which has worked until now to keep the sheep well-herded and controlled by the wolves.

            These tactics include diverting discussions from the topics and or facts presented toward discussions of the person making the comment. They do this by using “Branding” and “Linkage” (a tactic employed by 60’s Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky and outlined in his “Rules for Radicals”).

            The “Branding” tactic entails labeling people as members of despised, socially beyond-the-pale groups, thereby invoking all the media-generated associations that take place in the conditioned minds of the sheeple, such as the scat boy who called me a “Muslim” in an earlier post.

            Linkage” is exemplified by the Hasbara who asked me if I was related to Hitler (who occupies the position of the the “devil” in the NWO world-religion and thereby enjoys an almost supernatural status in the mind of the sheeple), in order to create an association in the minds of the Goyim that would trigger a conditioned FEAR/HATE response. This conditioning is intended, again, to shut off the cognitive function and invoke AUTOMATIC EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL responses to preclude any consideration of the actual CONTENT of my remarks.

            Both tactics evince a profound contempt for the truth and especially for the intelligence of the Goyim they are trying to corral and herd. Of course, when this fails, they resort to their old ploy of supposedly “shocking” obscenity and filth, which I have seen employed time and again in online discussions. But it is a documentable cultural phenomenon that “they” are obsessed with bodily functions, especially with all aspects of waste and elimination, and the body parts involved therein. If you’ve ever seen anything by Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat,” “Bruno,” etc.) you’ll know what I mean.

            And yet these squalid and vicious beings arrogate to themselves the right to morally judge the entire world, destroying entire peoples at will and changing the lives of ALL humanity to suit themselves. Once the Amerikans WAKE UP, “they” will lose their muscle and no longer be able to do this.

            • @ahab ;0) another awesome post… i’d buy you a beer any day. please keep it up… the masses must learn the truth!

              whats crazy is most of the zionist.trolls here are actually college students , paid by AIPAC and the SPLC both pro israeli jew , israeli sponsored and bought organizations with american tax payer money… these students make 2500. a month to come and harass us here part-time…

              not a bad gig for a college puke!

              gotta love the game… it’s corrupt to the core.

              best of luck @ahab…

            • ~Ahab~

              (quote)–And yet these squalid and vicious beings arrogate to themselves the right to morally judge the entire world, destroying entire peoples at will and changing the lives of ALL humanity to suit themselves. Once the Amerikans WAKE UP, “they” will lose their muscle and no longer be able to do this.–(unquote)


              Absolutely correct! Thumbs up.

              To which I would add the distinct likelihood of the ‘mother of all pogroms’ following closely upon the heels of their said loss of power (in the US).

              Unfortunately, I also think innocent jews will be unjustly targeted as well, amid the future maelstrom of justifiable gentile vengeance!

              Yes, I’ve crossed paths w/ many arrogant jews…but I’m personally acquainted w/ a rare honorable one…& am grateful to another, a surgeon whose skills saved my mother’s life many years ago.

              I also appreciate the honest ones who’ve authored books/videos condemning & highlighting the wickedness of their much more numerous & nefarious brethren & the lies of the holohoax*.

              *= There’s no business, like ‘shoah’ business!…(sing it).

              I’d hate to see the good ones suffer/eliminated.

        • KY….Thanks for the link. I too, have noticed the warmer weather here in the NE. I grew an early and late crop this year in my garden. They grew until a couple days before Christmas when I harvested them.I could have left them in longer with covering them at night.I’m not sure that this is due to the shift of the magnetic pole,however.Our magnetic poles are constantly shifting but this does not affect the earth’s tilt on it’s axis which would mean that the PHYSICAL poles had shifted.The latitudes won’t change unless the physical poles change. I’m thinking this is just slight warming period the earth goes through over time. This is just my opinion. Someone with more knowledge can call this out.

      69. Very interesting how Google Earth has made portions of that Island ‘unviewable!”

      70. War makes for great TV entertainment, the ultimate reality show! Bring it on, with football season coming to an end I need some entertainment. Bread and Circuses, Bread and Circuses.

        • it’s All fun and games…

          …till american sheeple mom and dad loses (DEAD) lil’ johnie whopper junior jar-head soldier marine to friendly fire or burned to a crispy critter , an lose their legs and arms to I.E.D’s… or lil’ suzzy soldier comes home telling sheeple mom and dad she was Gang Raped BY AMERICAN security CONTRACTOR’s or Her Own Marine/ ARMY Team Mate’s… or some towel heads kid gets run over by a Tank Tread cause U S Soldiers Marines threw Candy under it… or a innocent towel head child is MURDERED Blown to thousands of lil’ tiny red blobs by 5000 pound bombs… or your veteran comes home mentally phucked up from killing innocent brown people and lil’ brown children and has a few physically mentally deformed babies children from intentionally poisoned anthrax influenza military shots or depleted uranium exposure…

          OR a american soldier is killed by their own Comrades at arms to shut em’ up as the U S Pentagon Did Pat Tilman and Seal Team Six’s whole Crew… covering up the NWO War Lies!

          yeah… war is … just peachy.


          • you are as stupid and fucked up as ahab

            • How is it “stupid and fucked up” to write about the reality of what is about to happen? You’re not refuting anything that anyone is saying, you’re just name calling.

              Maybe Make Love Now War’s post is less than tactful – not very diplomatic – but it’s true. And unless you support the wholesale murder of people just because they happen to live in a desert across the world from us, you can re-read his post and see that.

              Just because you don’t like how it’s phrased doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

      71. Greetings Everyone!
        All I can say(with historical facts to back it up)is that when Iran had a legitimate,popular elected government in power,it was the USA that took covert actions to overthrow it.Only because they(the Iranians) wanted to control their country’s resources(oil,minerals,etc.)It was the US that via the CIA put the Shara(king)into power.It was the people of Iran that removed him finally.Is there any wonder the word USA leaves a bad taste in their mouths?The PTB will do whatever they have planned,no matter what we think.In spite of that,it’s nice to have REAL sources of news(like this one)instead of ABC(comcast),foxy non-news and their Ilk.By keeping in touch,we can ALL benefit by being informed and (once in a while,and sparingly so)telling others who might benefit and use what we tell them.
        Athens,Rome and other “great empires” have collapsed under misgovernment and corruption.America,China(spectacularly so!)and others will also.People will get hurt in the collapse(see Greece and Argentina).Being prepped for such dark times that are always a prelude to said collapse is the best thing we can do on a local and very personal level.There is nothing that the PTB and their clown party shows aren’t willing to do to legitimize their course of conduct.But there IS a “Higher Power”(I call him God,call it what you will)watching,and he is noting everything they do and will make them render an account for their actions.
        Hope Everyone is safe and warm.

      72. Israel will strike first the US is there to back Israel unless Iran closes the Hormuz straits but that won’t happen, the US doesn’t want to upset china or russia so they’ll let Issael do there dirty work, lets hope the other Middleeast Nations don’t look at this as the bully picking on the little guy, Isreal has been waiting for an opportunity and this could be it, do you really think obama wants to cut the defense budget?

        • No offense intended….but it’s spelled: Israel

          • Stop nit pickin’, respect misspelled it one time

      73. For all intents and purposes…we should all consider the USA to be completely infiltrated with fifth columns from every country that has grown tired of our economic and strategic methodology.

        If and when we do hit Iran…I expect to see Iranian, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Cuban, Pakistani (rogue or state-sponsored), Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist cells pre-positioned in our hemisphere to begin hitting our infrastructure where it hurts.

        I am not suggesting anyone go vigilante against suspected enemy militants….that’s for the DHS industrial complex to handle….what I am suggesting though is to top-off your preps and consider the needs of your sheeple extended family and your sheeple neighbors if the enemy succeeds in disrupting our real-time supply infrastructure.

        • So, you are a big promoter of “Homeland Security” and the various myriad internal security agencies?

          An Attack on Iran is likely to be preceded by a series of false flag attacks on US domestic and foreign security interests all emanating from a certain “democracy” in the Middle East that is very eager to draw us into their conflicts.

          MOSSAD is the master of Car bombs and false flag attacks.

          We all know the score here.

      74. The real problem is the people in this country that allow this nonsense.

        “WAKE UP AMERICA!” – SAVE YOURSELF. Stop waiting for democrats and republicans to save you.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        • Communism is dead. It is not the answer.

          • Communism has only killed 100 million people. Give it more time!

      75. i hear Arlington national cemetery is a beautiful place to bury the dead crispy fragged bullet ridden soldiers and jar-heads from the illegal nwo.zionist.banker.wars…

        all you sheeple moms and dads of american nwo.goyim.soldier.slaves should contact arlington cemetary now for lil’ suzzies and lil’ johnies death burials!

        before they sell out! they will be busy here real soon…

      76. Could you please assist in getting rid of the popup for Texas — it is so annoying and time consuming to get rid of. thank you

        • Susan
          I replied to your earlier comment but here you go.
          Use firefox for your internet browser, then install the app NoScript from the addon page. Now all popups and scrips will be blocked and show only if you allow them.

          Just remember tell you get the hang of it you might have something blocked that you don’t want blocked. The fix is easy you just give it an allow and then your off.


        now work for the nwo.zionist.cia.fbi

        i suggest everyone… finds secure ops systems like linux , ubuntu … finds secure browsers like , secure search engines like and secure email like HUSHMAIL.COM

        fred the nwo zionist fed is now listening recording everything you say and type… 1984 is now here in 2012! it’s just gonna get worse from here…

        don’t be a sheep … people eat sheep!

        • you are a paranoid delusional idiot

      78. This is a case of a nation electing a moron for a President then proceeded to invade the wrong country. You get the government the voters give you.

      79. Balls on all your faces.

      80. From where I stand it looks like America is going mad with its political/financial corruption, the abuse of its ‘current’ position as holder of the world reserve currency and its self-seeking deluded military activities. Your current ‘leader’ doesn’t appear to have any longer term vision and its difficult to see what he stands for except those who support him.

        If the silent majority don’t come to their senses it will end in tears. Ron Paul appears to be your only hope. He looks like he might bring some integrity and commonsense back to America.

      81. We need to leave everyone alone. We have big problems of our own! There are consequences to our actions. Ours is gonna be a doooozzzzy!!! Shit sandwich for everyone! We’re BROKE!!!!!

      82. This entire article is nothing but Alex Jones fear mongering. Why don’t you folks wise up to the dire predictions that never come true? Ever notice that none of the stuff he rails about ever really happens? Go back and check for the last decade and don’t take my word for it….

      83. NinaO and others,

        If you read this remember history. It does repeat itself.
        Shocking but true.

        Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by General Smedley Butler, USMC

        War is just a racket. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

        Another quote same speach:
        Take our own case. Until 1898 we didn’t own a bit of territory outside the mainland of North America. At that time our national debt was a little more than $1,000,000,000. Then we became “internationally minded.” We forgot, or shunted aside, George Washington’s warning about “entangling alliances.” We went to war. We acquired outside territory. At the end of the World War period, as a direct result of our fiddling in international affairs, our national debt had jumped to over $25,000,000,000.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @ya’ll nice… ;0) i added em’ too my shtf library.

          thanks mucho much!


      84. Mac,

        Sorry, this is taking way to long with over 300 posts.

        NinaO and all others,
        Grab onto this for your reading tonight:
        Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933 by General Smedley Butler, USMC

        War is just a racket. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

        Another quote from same:
        Take our own case. Until 1898 we didn’t own a bit of territory outside the mainland of North America. At that time our national debt was a little more than $1,000,000,000. Then we became “internationally minded.” We forgot, or shunted aside, George Washington’s warning about “entangling alliances.” We went to war. We acquired outside territory. At the end of the World War period, as a direct result of our fiddling in international affairs, our national debt had jumped to over $25,000,000,000.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @ya’ll great posts both, need more like it…

          and yet… young naive patriotic men and women line up generation after generation in droves to be the next innocent adult-child to be rendered into a bloody pulp by the american industrial war machine… driven by a psychotic genocidal zionist oligarchy banker mafia crew.

          and are actually encourage too by their own parents…

          that is my example of madness…

          these parents send their children to the military to learn to KILL… then get angry and point fingers when their precious children come home DEAD or All phucked up in da’ head or crippled for life by military drugs or exposures to depleted uranium or other toxins on the battle fields!

          just how ignorant are these american parents? did they not have their eyes opened when they served themselves or from news stories… you all deserve what is coming and what is already here… none of you deserve to be TRULY FREE!

          sheeple the whole lot of you… baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      85. After 320 responses.
        I ask the question, “What does the U.S. do after an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities?”

        Are there U.S. air strikes on other Iranian military targets? Think ‘shock and awe’. Neither 300K nor a 500K U.S. military force could invade, conduct operations, and occupy Iran Period.

        This is not Iraq. A ‘false flag’ operation in Europe or the U.S. would have to be many magnitudes larger than our 911 to work the American and European public up for a war and invasion of Iran.

        So give me your ideas opinions as to what happens after the bombs stop falling. Yes I want to know!


        • Montana Mike: That is why I think the 2012 Olympics will be targeted. It is a world stage, with potentially very large amounts of casualties from multiple countries. I have no information to back that up. But I think like you do, they will have to do something BIG and that is the biggest stage I can think of that would get the results the NWO wants. The sad result would be the entire world would then back an invasion of any country that could be linked to the attacks.

        • The US does nothing after Israel hits Iran. And if Iran is smart it does nothing in response, but bides its time.

          If Iran takes the bait and closes the straits, or attacks “US interests” it is toast. Regime change becomes reality, and in “self defense”.

          If it is smart it engages world opinion against Israel and starts anew to develop nuclear power.

        • @v.a. psych doc montana mike…

          i believe there will be NWO.ZIONIST.MASSOD.FED.CIA.FBI FALSE-FLAG “biological gas attacks” ANTHRAX in the usa and some multiple fed false-flag terror bombings across the usa… this will cause the american population as one to rise up and support the nwo.cia.puppet.prez osama barack obama / barry soetoro in whatever his cfr.nwo.zionist.oligarchy.wallstreet masters want him to do… AND ALLOW THEM TO COMPLETELY LOCK DOWN AMERIKA! SEIZE GUNS… IMPRISON MORE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

          american patriotism MOB MENTALITY will allow the feds to do whatever they want to do to the ignorant sheeple.goyim.debt.slaves of amerika!

          target cities… look for who recently built de-contamination hospitals like CHICAGO ILLINOIS…

          but whadda i know…

          GOT BIOLOGICAL GEAR AND GAS MASK??? no… well… yah might wanna get em’!

          cause your government wants you all, 90% of you at least… D E A D !!!

        • 500,000 troops wouldn’t have a hope of taking Iran. Even if they based hundreds of US and NATO jets in Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait. and had four Carriers in the area to support ground troops. I think you could do it with maybe a million troops. But they’d have to completely isolate whole areas of the country and force millions from there homes to create a humanitarian crisis.
          Force 20-30 million Iranians from there homes and all heading in one direction for safety and create a massive refugee crisis with starving, thirsty and desperate civilians (men, woman and children) and then they might have a chance of taking Iran

          But, then there’s a pretty good chance that if the US and NATO try and take Iran, then China, Russia and Pakistan and a few others will open a can of Whip Ass on everyone and back Iran.
          The casualties will be in the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions!! And who knows how many casualties on the “enemy” side? Not including civilians. This is pushing things to far.

          This war isn’t winnable. It’s going to be the anialation of many countries and it’ll make the death and distruction from the Civil War and WWII look like a fairy picnic. Nowhere will be safe.

          • Cyclone, Thank you for your comments. You have a very perceptive view of what would be unleashed if that theatre of operations was to ignite.

            I am an old man with children and grand-children. It scares me to think that the Western Powers are on the verge of starting WW3. Yes, I am a prepper, but for this event can anyone be truely be prepared. Lived with fear thru the days of the Cuban Missle Crisis.

            This, as your describe, will be a crisis of epic proportions. It seems almost inevitable. So whether this unfolds in March or any other our people will die.

            Is this what the TPTB really what?? The decimation of the US and European populations.

            I can not find the words for my fear for what is coming for us.

      86. The only way Obama wins in 2012 is to go to war with Iran? I’d say 50/50 chance, because his base would go apoplectic, and I really think he would like to see Israel destroyed.

        Personally, I don’t see how the US could pull it off. The army is simply too small. It lacks any meaningful reserves, and everything has been through multiple tours. The Iranians have had dry runs in Iraq and Afghanistan and would simply fade into insurgency.

        • Quite a dreaded chance to take. I look at the odds with a lot of reservations. I think if we began losing, we may push the buttom,and in one week the nuclear fallout could change life forever here…That is probably being optimistic. Needless to say…no winners this time..

      87. don’t forget Russia has promised to get involved, so look for WW III if we push them. This is still an east-west balance of power that will only be upset if Israel is involved. Don’t mess with Israel, the apple of God’s eye.

      88. Was it Einstein who said ‘I don’t know what weapons they’ll use in WW111, but I know they’ll be using sticks and stones in WW1111’

      89. Saddam was negotiating with the EU to sell them oil in Euros instead of US$.

        Col. Qaddafi was talking about selling oil to African countries but not taking US$ for it.

        Dominic Strauss-Kahn (former head of the IMF) wanted to replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

        Strauss-Kahn got off light – he’s still alive but no longer has anything to do with running the IMF.

        Bad things seem to happen to those who threaten the US dollar’s supremacy.

      90. First off, the idea of “secretly” amassing 100k troops anywhere is ludicrous. The Russians have photo capable satellites and they have been more than a little helpful to Iran lately. Second, putting them on islands in preparation of invading Iran is a whole different kettle of fish than using Kuwait as staging for Iraq. Even I know it’s a little bit easier to march on solid ground.

        • ~make love…(aka Nina)~

          Kudos pal!!! I understand & agree w/ your point & appreciate your “recon” abilities.

      91. How about some common sense.

        Almost the entire world, including all Muslim countries in the Middle East, is terrified at the prosect of Iran obtaining nuclear capability. It has little to do with money, political hegemony, or any ruling elite. If it comforts you to think so, then babble on.

        If there is military action by the US and/or others, it will likely be restricted to destroying Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

      92. Was Einstein not of Jewish descent?If i’m not mistaken Einstein took asylum in the U.S. and that was the the begaining of the Fall of the Third Reich.E before I except after Y unless you speek German , and than that’s out the window…

      93. Those People over there have been throwing rocks at each othe since the begining of time ..Let IT BE , Let It Be.

      94. I read some of the comments here and it looks like US Americans are basically cowed. They just accept that someone else is going to make all the decisions for them. Or they whine about leaving.

        What happened to real men? This is your chance to protect the nation. There’s a lot more of average citizens than these clowns that have been allowed to take totalitarian control.

        Americans just get high off the social media and XXX sites while they let these clowns do whatever they want.

        It really is the American people’s fault. All these websites plastered all over the internet for at least 10 years or more and the clowns in Washington are just as dirty as ever and going strong.

        What a sick nation. There’s no place to run to, the US is everywhere. Debka is thought to be an Israeli front. Not sure, but I don’t think you could hide a mass build up of US ships and military idiots all over the place.

      95. As much as I back the RON PAUL drive I will go as far as to say ,that , i WILL vote for anyone butt The Idiot In Charge Right Now.I Would Vote For The SHITHOUSE Lawyer at this point.Spend Spend Spend.

      96. The history of Ililinois Politicians speeks for itself.The Bullls ,White Sox,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Drop your cocks and grab your socks Wake The Fuck Up

      97. I Used to kindaa like the guy , but when he promised to raise taxes on the Elite Rich , and now he’s going to try to use that same thing again to get reelected, WTF?Fuck Him And The HO He Rode In In.

      98. Evidence comes BEFORE belief, have a look:

        “it is Western propaganda that keeps on saying that Iran is seeking a bomb, but it is not true.” -Ali Larijani, chairman of the Parliament of Iran.

        “If Iran turns into a nuclear power, then no one dares to challenge it because they have to pay a heavy price.” -Ali Larijani, chairman of the Parliament of Iran.

        They want nuclear weaponry because then they can’t be challenged!

      99. 50,000 U.S. forces on the ground and adding 50,000 more–USAF, USN, and USMC.

        Among those 100,000, assuming the number is correct, about two-thirds would be support personnel, doing everything from laundry and cooking to aircraft maintenance. MAYBE among those 100,000 you have 33,000 combat troops. MAYBE. IF all of those were SPECOPS forces, THEN it is possible that they would be in-country Iran, lasing targets, gathering intel, etc. But seriously, this ain’t no invasion force, folks.

        What it looks like is an opportunity to:

        (1) gather intel on Iran;
        (2) gather intel on what is happening in the SOH;
        (3) run some drone ops;
        (4) identify air defense systems;
        (5) prepare to prepare.

        When the USN has three full Strike Groups in the Arabian Sea and Arabian Gulf (formerly named the Persian Gulf), the USAF has tens of thousands of forward deployed forces in support of air ops, and the U.S. Army is staged in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and so forth in the hundreds of thousands, then we will know that the cruise missile, B-52, and stealth bomber attacks are about to take out key comms and air defense nodes. THAT is when the real shooting begins. IF ever it does.

      100. Socotra is like an Indian Ocean version of the Galapagos Islands – a nearly virgin, unique ecosystem.
        RIP ecosystem.

        One of the things that disturbs me most about the Iranian situation is the lack of protest compared with Iraq in 2003. I remember the crowd in London that marched – every segment of society was there – an amazing experience. Now? It seems like even the pretense to give reasons has gone.

        From the recent interview with Ehud Barek, he seems to see himself as having a loaded gun pointed at his head. He seems a well read, intelligent person who has got into a truly paranoid psychotic mindstate.

        AFAIK Iran said they wanted to ‘erase the zionist entity from the pages of history’. This meant regime change, it didn’t mean killing Jewish people.There is no phrase in Farsi for ‘wiping off the map’. The Iranians Jews are treated much better in Iran than the Arabs in Israel.

        I am no fan of the regime in Tehran btw; I do think they have been VERY carefully considering multiple scenarios and lessons learned from the Iran Iraq war and Hezbollahs conflict with Israel.

        The wargames that were conducted by the US military a few years ago did not show a good outcome for the US.

      101. Save your money, stock on food and get your gun annie…. A show of force, a little sabre-rattling. It happens all the time. It is an election year, by the way. Or is it armageddon? Russia’s army is weak and china’s army is hungry. Iraq took 10 years to build a new infastructure and new gov’t. Also, to establish a presence. We’ve been in Europe and Asia for 60 something years, now we will be in mesopotamia for the next 100. Oil comes through that area for the world, not US, we are making surethat the oil flows. I will be surprised, surprised if a war breaks out over there in Mar….

      102. war with Iran is WWIII

        and the protests in the US would be amplified to 1000 times
        the Dow would crash bringing the economy to it’s knees
        Israel would be destoyed

        and the list goes on and on.

      103. Searcher08–Can you provide some concrete examples that reflect in what ways Jews in Iran are treated better than Arabs in Israel?


        “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

        Woodward and Bernstein The Final Days in chapter 14

        Prison Planet | September 21 2005

      105. “In and out in a couple days” sounds kinda like what they thought would happen in Iraq…

      106. You guys would make a great bunch of screenwriters for Fox Movie Network.

      107. Russia and China are massively building up their military’s. Lt. Col. Lunev (former GRU – Russian Military Special Intelligence) and Major Anatoliy Golitsyn (former KGB and co-author of Soviet Long Range Stragety – still part of Russia Military Doctrine) both defectors to the USA, among many others, have informed our Intelligence that Russia intends to attack Western Europe and America soon. Secretly Russia has been 24/7 mass producing its most modern weaponry in preparations for the cominig war with the West. Faking weakness and economic shortfalls, all the while Russia is secretly preparing its military. Lt. Col. Lunev stated that only antiquated equipment and bottom line infantry troops were disbanded in the so-called collapse of the Soviet Union whereas it will only take a few weeks or months to refill all the manpower for their combat division. Also, Russia has not only maintained but increased its training and personel in all its needs for well trained and technically trained and educated positions in the military.
        Counting on and assisting the greed of the western bankers, Israeli world aspirations and the desire for profit in oil and minerals, Russia has secretly planned to move the West into depleting its military and monetary resources pending its move on Europe with China. It is in Russia’s interest to let the west attack Iran in order to deplete and occupy both the Iranian and Western military resources after which Russia will attack a weakened Iran which is a need geographical and tactical necessity in order for its forces to move south.
        When this war starts there will be repercussions like, economic collapse, large civil disturbances in the Western Nations as its peoples realize the real motives behind this war and the consequential sacrifices they will have to make.
        Imagine – most of the Western armies will be occupied with Iran/Syria/Lebanon which are the last targets of these New World Order plans. If there are revolutions or large scale disturbances in America and Europe, with the majority of their military’s occupied, these nations will appeal the the United Nations for peace keeping troops – meaing Russian and Chinese troops in American policing our cities. These will be part of Russia’s plan for a forward element to be “invited” into the West and America ahead of their main attack.
        Some religious prophecies mention this very fact and some visonary’s have seen Russian troops arresting Americans, separating the men from the women to be sent to the “detention” camps – they also were working off of weapons lists of people armed.
        FEMA is advertising for personel to maintain and service these camps for this summer.
        “They entered the US with help from within”
        See and google “KGBGATE Obama”.

      108. Hey Mac, thanks for all the info you place on your site…was wondering the Debka weekly report ( that you listed is no longer available via click the link….can you repost entire weekly report or make link available. Thanks again for your effort. Much appreciation to you and your family
        stay safe and strong

        • Albert, thanks for your comment. debka may have an issue with the copyright here regarding the excerpt I posted…am waiting to hear back from them… There are still full reports available online of that story which you can access… Copy and past the first sentence into google and it will pull that article… At this time, the debka story via the diret link I sourced has been put behind a pay wall.

      109. So, the sh.. is finally hitting the fan?

      110. Can we all stop picking on “Countries” for a moment? Consider the fact that it is the ideas of a few, with the powers/money to enable these wars of profit that war even exists today. Money enable war. And money comes from…? I’m curious what banks financially backed every war since WW1.

      111. Why do you think neutron bombs were invented?

      112. Lol, we haven’t even gone to war with Iran and people like Nomad are screaming and moaning about America being this big horrible evil nation worse than the Nazis and Pol Pot and on and on and on….

        Please, sir, immediately go through your home, in whatever perfect country you live in, and start collecting iteams that have any amount of American influence. That includes cell phones, computers, televisions, radios, light bulbs, music, movies, clothes, food, medicine and on and on.

        Take all of these items and give them away. You’ll find yourself living in the 18th century again… but no worries, at least you won’t be a hypocrite standing on your soap box screaming about the evils of America, while living in a modern world that was basically created by the US.

      113. disagree with all of you on possibility of war against iran. Rheatoric asside (US and Iran have been calling each others names since 1979 and dealing with each other under the table starting with iran contra on)The mulla’s in iran have been providing great service to the “great satan” in both iraq and afganestan. If it were not for the iranians, the US would have been out of Iraq since 2006 but iran intervened to save US’s ass (its militias took part in the sectarian war that started after the bombardment of the “markad Al Imamain” in samurra and helped in massacaring a very large number of “suspected terrorists”). Their services are still needed in a possible subdivision of the middle east along secterian lines. Also, their services will be needed in case of war against Pakistan (a much larger probability and troops in socatra will help in case of such war to ridd it of its nuclear weapons and to deprive china one of its allies (ultimate goal is war against china).

      114. I served aboard the USS Enterprise between 1982 and 1985, attached to an A-6 squadron (VA-95) while in the Navy. It was based out of Alemeda California at the time. My hats off to all of your patriotic children who have joined the military to defend our freedoms. I too will pray for there safety and well-being.

        The thought that the author believes that the US would sacrifice the Big E and all of it’s Sailors and Marines to get us in a war with Iran is as repugnent as much as it is wrong. Those who believe that the US government fabricates these kind of “false flag” events and then use them as a pretext for war are simply delusional! We are a superpower in the world. If we truly thought that bombing or invading Iran was in the best interest of our nation all we would have to do is act. Sure Russia and China would appose us, but guess what, they will anyways.

        • pateriot

          “Those who believe that the US government fabricates these kind of “false flag” events and then use them as a pretext for war are simply delusional!”

          The Gulf of Tonkin was not delusional. WMD in Iraq was not delusional.

          The military actions post WWII by the US have dollar bill signs wrote all over them and are in the interests of Wall Street not main street.

          Sacrifice the Big E; no. The US body politic can be motivated with a lot less push with a lot less loss.

          Occasionally it may be in the best interests of the US when we do Wall Streets bidding: When it is it’s merely accidental. Bankrupting your nation and killing your youth must be reserved for very serious threats not just business conquests.

      115. Do you have any evidence supporting this article? This is journalism at it’s worst, on one of the most sensitive topics you could be talking about right now. Imagine if some of the uneducated in Iran read this and take it at face value as factual reporting. They would start a suicide bombing campaign before any actual build up actually happened. This is irresponsible journalism and should be shunned for the trash that it is. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. You should be ashamed of yourself Mac Slavo. Or better yet, you should go to these places and do a little research before you report garbage.

      116. Simple solution; When the warmongers say “go,go,go” Just sit down and do nothing.
        Simply put, our Armies, theirs and ours, pack enough weaponry to just drag these war mongering Swine we call Leaders from the shadows and put bullets in them.
        problem solved.
        Then what? I guess a peace, a worldwide peace would envelope the entire Globe for a very long time.
        Anyone see any issues with this idea?

      117. “There are major indications that the vessel of choice is to be the USS Vincennes. The fourth USS Vincennes (CG-49) is a US Navy Ticonderoga class Aegis guided missile cruiser. On July 3, 1988, the ship shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 civilian passengers on board, including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children.”

      118. My President.
        1. Is man named Barry Soetoro… check.

        2. We know not where he comes from or his true past… check.

        3. Promised no more “signing statements” or “executive orders” yet they continue… check.

        4. Immediately upon taking office he signed Executive Order 13489 sealing his records… check.

        5. Still has not prosecuted a single person on Wall Street for the housing fraud and financial collapse of 2008… check.

        6. Has an administration filled with Goldman Sachs execs… check.

        7. Gave $535 million to Solyndra, who then filed for bankruptcy and fired 1,100 employees… check.

        8. Gave $529 million to an American car company called Fisker to manufacture cars in Finland by Valmet Automotive… check.

        9. Referenced Ener1 Company as a successful energy investment during his SOTU speech. Two days later the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy… check.

        10. Failed to veto the 2012 NDAA which authorizes the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial or evidence… check.

        11. Won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”… check.

        12. Killed two innocent boys, Tariq Aziz and his 12 year old cousin in a drone strike… check.

        13. Has a secret committee that drafts a kill list… check.

        14. Ordered the assassination of two American citizens without trial or presenting evidence… check.

        15. Started an unconstitutional and illegal war against the people of Libya… check.

        16. In Nov 2011, sent troops to Uganda to fight against a rebel group… check.

        17. Continued the illegal war with Iraq started by George Bush… check.

        18. Said he would put all legislation on the internet for five days before it comes to vote but still has not… check.

        19. Promised to close Gitmo within a year of taking office but still has not… check.

        20. Promises amnesty for illegals… check.

        21. Promised to walk the picket line with the unions but failed to do so when Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin went on a public union busting spree… check

        22. Decided to sell massive amounts of weapons to Sudan’s People’s Liberation Army… check.

        23. Negotiated with Asaib al-Haq terrorists in a hostage exchange releasing Laith Qazali and his brother Qais Qazali… check.

        24. Was detained by the Russians in 2005 under suspicion of being a British agent… check.

        25. Staged a false flag operation known as “Fast and Furious” in an attempt to undermine the American people and 2nd Amendment… check.

        26. Has ordered 15,000 plus troops to Kuwait as a precursor to invading Syria/Iran… check.

        27. Is expanding the military’s role in Australia, Guam and the Philippines…check.

        28. Killed Osama Bin Laden, who according to FBI, was never wanted in connection with 9/11… check.

      119. Gold is fast becoming the world reserve currency for oil trades between Iran and the rest of the world.

      120. Thank you so much for that pdf link to the Weimer Hyperinflation book.

        When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse

        I’ve sent it on to my Teen cousins in Washington State with instructions for them to read it and send me a “book report” of their thoughts within a fortnight. The parallels to today’s scenario are scary – except this time the scale of the potential disaster is so much larger.

        Simple country folk got to eat – at least until WW11 destroyed everything – a lesson there for us all. As is the attitude to the “jews” who were educated in compound interest etc so didn’t suffer as much as those without a financial education – they paid a harsh price in the holocaust for “showing off” while so many of the middle class went hungry. Don’t whatever you do, when it all goes down give the perception of “flaunting” your full belly or the mob mentality could turn against you.

        Lastly if war does commence – forced conscription was a harsh reality for ALL sides of the conflict in WW11, excepting those in really essential roles such as miners, munitions workers, farmers etc. If your child is of an age where conscription is a risk for goodness sake don’t let them do a College degree in “sociology”! My stepson is training as a children’s nurse, make sure your youngsters are too valuable to society to be used as mere cannon fodder to an elite that does not value human life.

        One can study philosophy in one’s 70’s, however the chance to get a trade in an essential role that keeps your son off the battle field should be undertaken as an educational priority if he is young and fit potential soldier material. Consider it an essential prep if you want your family line to survive what’s coming.

      121. until you went off the planet with left leaning bs i thought it was an intresting artical

      122. formenting civil wars so you can profit from a country’s oil reserves while seeing hundreds of thousands die is the greatest sin. Its genocide.

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