Massive Government Preparations and Stockpiling Point To One Thing: “An Event Is Going To Happen”

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    The question is subtly Malthusian in nature: how to deal with the world’s teeming billions in one fell swoop while maintaining the existing social and political orders in all of the countries?  That order needs only to have one facade now: as Draconian an order that can be accomplished without throwing the world into a revolution against every government in existence.  The Draconian nature is as follows: CCTV cameras monitoring and cross-referencing every purchase, every bank withdrawal or deposit, every movement, and every social engagement.  The Draconian nature is one of continuous monitoring, with a rise in prices and a steadily-declining world economy, as natural resources are quietly siphoned off by the politicos and the oligarchs to stockpile for their use when the plug is pulled.

    As much Draconian repression and control under a “soft” police state with continuous monitoring…while those in power lay the groundwork to collapse the system and kill off most of the world’s population…while they remain safe, and in power.

    The question of the existing social and political order being maintained is being addressed in all of the countries of the world.  In the 1990’s the oligarchs rose to power after the Soviet Union’s collapse: since Putin came to power, the oligarchs who delved in politics against the wishes of the Politburo were crushed.  Those who knuckled under were given a slice of the pie with impunity and the “sign off” of the politicos, and are “big” today, even with partial or complete nationalization of their private industries.

    In the United States, we have seen a great deal of stockpiling by the government agencies and the administration under Obama.  Secret warehouses in undisclosed locations have been filled with medical supplies stockpiled across the country in the event of a catastrophe.  Cheyenne Mountain as a fallback command and control center has been reopened once again.  Extensive networks of tunnels and bunkers have been constructed in, around, and leading to Denver, Colorado with secret deliveries night and day for more than eight years.

    Billions of rounds of ammunition have been ordered and purchased by the DHS and all of the other alphabet agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service (which does have a role to play in COG and post-war “reconstruction”).  Emergency drills, to include catastrophic plague and nuclear war/terrorism have been gamed extensively over the past several years.  All of these things…the stockpiling of food and supplies, and the preparations for some massive event point to one thing: an event is (eventually) going to happen.

    We have the “flash points” around the world, in North Korea, in Syria, in Ukraine, and with the second Cold War that is forming between the U.S. and Russia.  Those flash points are artificially created.  We have some that are artificially created that can be blamed upon nature, such as the Ebola Virus and the looming disaster of Fukushima.  War is the easiest way to bring it all about, plain and simple.  Vladimir Putin just recently announced that a nuclear war between Russia and the United States would leave the world destroyed with no winners.

    Not so: The governments and their elites of politics and business win in the end.

    The governments of the world have to keep their citizenry under control until they execute the plan that eliminates the majority of the populations.  War is truly the only way to do it in one fell swoop that leaves no one accountable at the end.  We’re going to see a “reset” and the most likely thing to accomplish this is war.  Historically it is the vehicle for which governments beleaguered by their citizens have been able to bypass controls in the open to subvert democratic processes and inculcate martial law and eventually totalitarian control.  We’re halfway through the year, and the situation in the world and domestically has not improved: it has worsened.

    Many people have documented and filmed FEMA camps and preparations for martial law, the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) projects and tunnel works filmed and reported on by Jesse Ventura and halted by the government, and the systematic grafting of procedures to be followed after an apocalyptic war or event.  Such procedures include garnering of all human and natural resources under executive order (President Trump didn’t repeal that one yet, now, did he?), the pervasive surveillance system, and the negation of Posse Comitatus and the control of the United States domestically in the event of a war or collapse of the government.

    All that is lacking is the crisis.  No government truly allows a crisis to go to waste, and all of the crises are contrived or crafted beforehand to allow them to occur. War has always accomplished the resets of all countries and empires in ages past, and this era will be no different, no matter who is at the helm of the ship: especially when the course is purposefully charted right for the rocks.

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    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. After 2008, I saw that their response was going to be to reflate the economy one more time. This time using Government debt to grow the ponzi scheme. I didn’t think they would/could prop it up this long. Well now that they are reaching the debt limit and this “recovery” is looking long in the tooth thing are about to get interesting. When just one domino falls it will send all the others crashing down.

        “They” have used the intervening 9 years to set up the control grid for when they choose to reset the economic system. I truly feel that this collapse will be unprecedented in scope and severity. Consequently, when they start loosing control they will kill us off. The one thing I know for an absolute certainty is that “THEY” will not give up power and control.

        • They just want you to beg to be a slave, that’s all.

          • That is why they love H1B visa workers. They treat them like slaves and brag about, “they’ll do it or we’ll send them back home”. I have seen it with my own eyes. They literally get off on the power. In my life, I have observed that the lust for power is much greater than the desire for money.

            So yes, deep down they do want us all to be their slaves!

            • War isn’t the answer for depopulation. Since the modern war machine emerged, far less than 1 billion have been eradicated out of nearly 8 billion still existing.

              A viral pandemic of epic proportions will be their answer. It won’t leave the devastation of full on nuclear war nor the radiation it leaves behind. Brought on by the effects in the wake of a high altitude EMP, the pandemic will run rampant and allow the proliferation of FEMA camps with the suspension of all freedoms and liberties and coupled with race and civil violence, the virus will work its way through the masses.

              After the virus dries up and runs its course, the Deep State will emerge from their bunkers with their tactical minions and clean up the survivors that resist their new and emerging utopia of socialism and ultimate global control.

              • SterlingSilver

                Agreed, war breaks things, disease just removes people.

                • The narrative is that global warming has released a long dormant virus with fatal consequences. That’s what we get for not listening to the snowflakes.

                • So do neutron bombs, which is why they were developed. EMP also does something similar

                  • EMP breaks things. Neutron bombs indirectly breaks things as the immediacy of death removes vitally critical workers such as nuclear power plant operators, airline pilots (plane crashes into what), chemical plant control operators. This can have catastrophic environmental consequences. Disease more slowly erodes those operating the preceeding facilities/jobs like it allowing for an organized and contained shutdowns that are far safer. Disease can be selective with a little bit organization the people meant for survival, the technically useful, get the cure while the useless eaters get the placebo.

                    • This seems the most likely, since the control grid is part of the takeover. Virus attack on grid infrastructure and viruses on the human.. Which can be transmitted via those crazy new cell towers no problem. Sounds crazy? Yup. True? Yup. WiFi DNA viruses exist.

              • Plausible. I read “The Hot Zone” when it first came out many years ago. There are plenty of universities with various types of viruses on hand for students. Bubonic plague is found in rodents in a many states throughout the US. Every year a few people die from this old disease. How hard would it be to weaponized bubonic plague? I don’t know.

                Smallpox and the Spanish flu from around 1917-1918 could also be weaponized. There are still laboratories in various parts of the world that keep smallpox on hand. Would someone decide to do some gene splicing and let a weaponized version loose?

                I thought the last Ebola outbreak was an excellent way to beta test for a highly infectious disease in order to see how people would react around the world. Basically Europe and the US have open borders and what that outbreak proved to me is that the government would do nothing until it was too late.

                • Some small points of order, from someone who lives in the Western US:

                  *The Plague (and its cousin, Hanta Virus) is indeed common in rodents out here. Antibiotics/Antivirals usually clear it up in short order if you get the victim to a doctor in time. (The reason millions died during the 17th century Black Death outbreak was that antibiotics weren’t discovered yet, nor was sanitation, decent hygiene, etc.) Weaponizing it would require a target that had no access to (or ability to make) antibiotics.There have been no instances of drug-resistant strains of either type of disease.

                  * Spanish Flu is nearly extinct, with only a few remaining samples in certain labs. Same story with Smallpox. Now Bird Flu? Yeah…

                  * You are somewhat right about the Ebola outbreak – good news is, it was highly limited, and showed that infection is a lot harder to accomplish than estimated – so long as the population being infected has access to modern sanitation, practices at least passable hygiene, etc. The reason Africa gets slammed is because most places on the continent lack these basics.

                  Now if you really wanted to weaponize a disease? Hop up West Nile with a few genetic splices, or perhaps do the same with Zika (though neither is particularly deadly in and of themselves, they can kill, and with enough genetic engineering, can be real deadly.)

                  • You are correct that bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics. It is still the case that several people die every year. The cases I recall occurred in Colorado and New Hampshire. Carriers are any kind of rodent from rats to mice to various types of squirrels.

                    I think it was on Drudge, yesterday, that six pregnant women in Texas have tested positive for Zika. Very sad situation.

                    • There was an incident of a woman getting a broken arm in India, came back to Nevada and died in the hospital because the bacterial infection she caught was immune to all known antibiotics. So there is always that.

                    • I’m wondering if the defects in the babies are due to the spraying that goes on to fight the mosquitoes.

          • pfft, that chart didn’t show the two horns of the beast……

            democrat/republican conflict

        • “We have the “flash points” around the world, in North Korea,…. Those flashpoints are artificially created. ”

          North Korea is not an artificial flashpoint. 🙁

          • All of the Great Powers and a few of the near great are seeking to expand their territory, the number of client states they have, and expand their culture, power, and influence at these flashpoints.

            History shows that a power that is not expanding by hard and soft power is in decline. That’s reality for well and ill. 🙁

          • Precisely, though this is usually due to political/diplomatic incompetence and laziness.

            After all, who wants to try and get elected by promising to stop Boko Haram, when you can instead sing the panem et circenses song and get lots of votes… (look it up 😉 ).

        • “When they start losing control the will kill us off”……
          They will “TRY”….Do you think we are going to sit back and let that happen? They will fail…Miserably. They are P.I.G.’s we are H.O.G.’s

      2. I posted a comment about 6 months ago saying that there getting ready for a pass by from Nibiru. I still stand by that. I think it’s going to be visible bymid september. There is a 1 in 7000 year celestial event that parallels revelation.

        A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days. The Virgin is Virgo and the 12 stars are the 9 stars of Leo plus the 3 visible planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and mars.

        • Green tip 4 u: You are so right on target, you & me both know a secret that 7 BILLION PEOPLE don’t know about yet, but we all are going to go through this 6 months of the Great Tribulation Period. Everyone keep your eyes to the skies. Yes, the system is here..


            — ‘The Thing From Another World’ (1951)

        • Are you going to catch a ride on Nibiru bob-a-loo?

        • Jupiter is in the womb of Virgo as of now until Sept 23,2017. The 3 wandering stars with the 9 stars of Leo is Mercury, Mars, Venus. (Just to help you out re-clarify).

          • Thanks my mistake with Saturn, there is a lot of info to keep track of. How bad do you think it’s going to be? Where are you going to try and make your stand? Any good solid sources of info on the topic? Bpearthwatch on YouTube is very good, along with suspicious0bserver, dahboo77, and mrmbb333. Very much so sciense and observation based. I think we have a wild ride ahead of us, good luck brother.

            • LOL you just discredited yourself citing that fucking hack daboo77.

              • Dmonic, dahboo77 is about as nutty as Alex Jones.

                • I took apart a green tip ounce . A tapered flat point steel pill. I tried to cut it with new bolt cuters and it chipped the teeth . It’s not mild steel.

                • I trust dahboo77’s analysis exponentially more than CNN, Fox, MSNBC, combined.

                • dahboo77 like Alex Jones are exposing a lot for the corruption going on here in the US. You 2 morons add nothing to the subjects, but for your daily rants how anybody threatens you, will give them lead. You are both losers. DBH was walked all over when they stole his guns in his home invasion. Your mouth is bigger than your IQ. No wonder you got into a lot of fights in HS. Probably still got the broken crooked nose from it.

                  When have you Deplorable BH wannabee ever added any info to the conversation here with facts or links, other than your personal BS opinion which means nothing. Go do some research and get a life. You still living out of your van as your Cuz house in SO GA BH? Still door shaking in your security guard detail at wally world in TN?

                  Both Dahboo77 has brought a lot of facts to many situations with his indepth investigative curiosity. Same with Alex Jones. The are both Media Heroes in my Book for more factual info than any other news organizations out there. They are not afraid to expose the criminal in the world. Thank Goodness we have them and we need may more like them to not be afraid to step out and expose all the cockroaches in the world.

                  What articles or Facts have you ever produced Deplorable BH to bring to light corruption? BIG FAT ZERO – just your 2 cent lazy uninformed Opinion moron?

                  • CSS, go f#$% yourself,

                    • That comment D BH was worth only .01 Cent and it shows.

                    • CSS, I’ll admit that I don’t really understand you. A lot of times you make some good sensible posts that I have agreed with and you offer a lot of good prepping advice. I’ll give you top marks for those two things. But why do you just on occasion attack me? I don’t recall doing anything to you. What’s your beef?

                  • What’s wrong with him giving his opinion, his opinion is as good as yours. BTW that’s a rhetorical question, don’t care to here your answer. You sound like a person who enjoys putting other people down. I second his response GFY. Waiting

              • Dmonic, if your tastes run more scientific check out suspicious0bserver or mrmbb333. Also why don’t you try actually adding something relevant to the conversation as opposed to just posting the ad hominem attacks. Take for example that we have been in a unknown meteor shower for the last 5 days (mrmbb333 documents this) or that NASA’s SOFIA (advanced infrared telescope housed in Boeing 747) has been flying along the west coast for the same amount of time.

                • 10° below the elliptic. Near Neptunes orbit, inside of Pluto.
                  Sept 23 is just another sign, it has happened before, will happen again.
                  You need to have preperations finalised before the August-september-october part of this year.
                  Beware of SO, he isnt what he makes out to be, dig deep you will find it.
                  Crunch time

                  • Thank you, and good luck.

                • That mrmbb333 is a real loony tune.

                  Just check out his video:
                  ht tps://

                  He actually thinks he’s found a photo of giants in Egypt. He can’t understand perspective and that closer objects look larger. The people are normal size, but he’s amazed.

                  One of his recent videos doesn’t even make sense. He shows that it’s real hot and sunny where he is, and then shows a bunch of other places that aren’t quite as hot and sunny. What was the point of the video? I know. It’s the advertising money. Waste of time click bait.

                  • Giants have been found in many other places Archivist Moron. If you think it is all a Hoax think again. Go educate yourself. F*ck you people are stupid.

                    18 Giant Skeletons And Pyramids Found In Wisconsin [Video]

                  • Giants are/were real. They populated North America before the Indians migrated from Asia. Many giant skeletons have been found all over the US, but their discovery muted by the PTB to protect their narrative.

                    Some things never change. 🙁

                  • Archivists, he is documenting the increase in ultra violet radiation getting through our atmosphere

                • Dmonic and Deplorable are daily trolls here puffing up their chests, but add nothing to the conversation with any facts or investigative info. BH in particular will agree with anyone to find a friend. He is a Suckass to find a friend. Probably why he gains no respect. Oh chime in here with your .02 cents and tell us how you are going to deliver lead poisoning. DBH is a keyboard coward. He is still living in TN shaking door handles for a job, while his Bug out gear is getting moldy in his Cousins shed in her back yard in the N Georgia. That is not a Plan. That is a Plan to fail.

                  • CSS, once again you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re starting to make trolls look good. You’re such a prick.

                    • CSS, you’re a real joy. [SARCASM] How do you live with yourself?

                    • Whaaaaaaay!!! Post something worthy or STFU!!

                    • CSS, I deal with people better than you do. You may have a lot of other talents but one talent you lack is dealing with people.

                  • You are definitely a troll. Waiting

            • Hello, Here are 3 really good long videos you may want to watch to get a better understanding on what’s coming.. Hope this helps you & others out..

              1. Caravan To Midnight – Episode 305 Incoming: Planet 7x with Gill Broussard

              2. Gill Broussard & J7409 Planet X7

              3. Dan Page On Preparing For The Financial Collapse & Martial Law

              4. The Takedown of America- Paul Martin- The Common Sense Show 5/7/17 (Hour 3)

              • Try to use this free program & write-in the date Sept 23,2017 & you should see this placement in the stars that is written in rev 12:1-2 make sure the time is 2:00 p.m. in the daytime sky, not the nighttime..

                  • Visible from the planet in day time sky,what part of planet can view?

              • Watch The Higher Truth channel instead.

            • I agree that NIBIRU is coming. I just don’t believe that it makes it’s pass in September of this year. That’s only 90 days away. If so, it would be much, much larger in the sky already.

              But it IS coming. Keep packing and stacking. 🙁

        • Some Nibiru crazies will never let it go?

          • Yeah… of all the things that can (and likely will) cause civilization to go ‘splat, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to worry too much about a rogue planet -by the way which no private entity, holding any of the thousands of rather powerful telescopes out there, has seen even the slightest evidence of.

            • Hey there
              Have you ever looked through a telescope?
              I have many times. When you look into deep space with a quality scope you would be amazed. What youre looking at can be compared to the area covered by a grain of sand a hundred miles away. The point is that trying to find something in space is difficult. It took me hours to find Saturn without a goto scope. Just knew where it should be with respect to other known stars.
              Another thing is Nibiru isn’t visible to most people in the mothers hemisphere. Why do you think the Vatican owns a infrared telescopee? What would the Vatican be looking into space for? Why is there a huge telescope built on Antarctica?
              It’s easy to say blah blah blah… that’s BS. Most things that you think are BS are likely true. Truth is stranger than fiction.

              Get right with God and Jesus is the most important prep.
              SolarGuy out

        • I agree that NIBIRU is coming. I just don’t believe that it makes it’s pass in September of this year. That’s only 90 days away. If so, it would be much, much larger in the sky already.

          But it IS coming. Keep packing and stacking. 🙁

      3. Very concerning my fellow citizens of the U.S.

      4. The shooting at the ballpark was the beginning of Gun control. But this time abated by the Republicans.

        • Just don’t pay it any mind Ann6. They got a take them first and it’ll make Alexandria Park look like a pink tea party.

          • Ann,would hope it means some gun control,that was some damn lousy shooting.

            • Lousy shooting doesn’t even come close!!!! That nigga had surprise! Surperior fire power! And still got his ass kicked!!! Lousy liberal piece of shit! As far as suspicious observer he’s a go. Shill me thinks this nubiru stuff is bull shlaca!!!

        • It doesn’t really matter but I think that shooting didn’t really happen. Just like Manchester and London, this was a freemason coded hoax. Rand Paul said he climbed two fences and jumped 2 more. He didn’t sound traumatized at all. It’s bullcrap! Old men playing baseball at 6:30 am?

        • If they had any brains or more importantly good
          intentions for our citizens they would push a
          reciprocal concealed carry law among all states.
          But no,90% of Republicans are of the uniparty,,
          as useless and dangerous to our country as the
          Dems -Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain etc need
          to be fired right along with the
          Schumer/NastyPelosi/Warren/Sanders gang of no good shystera.

          • shysters

            • No BD, you were correct the first time

              SHYSTERA – from the Greek meaning a large collection of low life scumbag, BS ing Lawyers…<bb 🙂

        • Ballpark incident. Too bad MILLWALL wasn’t there. Probably would have risked his life to get the injured off the field.

      5. None of it would surprise me.

      6. The whole purpose of 2nd Amend. Is to fight tyranny from govt so that is why the NRA wants you to need govt permission. Hahahahaha

        • You just proved yourself stupider than most. I’ve been a member of the NRA about 50 years. Without them(Us) there wouldn’t be a gun in the hands of the public. We fight for the best we can get, how much have you given for the fight? How many miles have you driven. Trump was at our convention;; I was there, were you?
          Go to the Radical gun nuttery site; see the progress we have made. What have you done, loudmouth?

      7. But, Putin Is CORRECT; the nuclear winter will depopulate, but the “elites” will not survive the remaining (up to) 4 Billion year worldwide nuclear contamination ! (See, “0n the Beach”). :

        • Come on, nuclear winter is Cold War propaganda. The elites don’t believe in it and all Putin is doing is maintaining the pretense that WW3 = the end of humanity.

        • Sorry but “On the Beach” was interesting reading, but BS. I was on the edge of that business 40 odd years ago, read: “Effects of Nuclear Weapons” If you want real data. And your 4 Billion years is totally stupid, Radiation wise the longer the half life the less dangerous. Put a mattress pad on it and you could sleep on depleted Ur and that’s one of the few things that “lives” that long, Need a pad because, wow, would it be hard otherwise.

      8. I have not seen conclusive proof of FEMA camps. I went and investigated the supposed on near me. If it is going to be a FEMA camp I can tell you a couple of rednecks with a four wheel drive truck will have everyone free in ten minutes.

      9. Now tell me again, why is it that were in Afghanistan. Sorry to say I’ve been a Hawk most of my life, but what exactly is the reason we’re in Afghanistan, and now we’re starting to ramp up that war again and send in more troops, the Donald seems to be all for it. WHY! Trekker Out.

        • MT, damn good question. I say bring all the troops home from wherever the hell they are. we need them at home far worse than overseas.

          • Yes and no, lets just switch our troops in the sandbox with everyone inside the DC beltway. I’m sure all those smart lawyers could figure out exactly what to do.

        • “Now tell me again, why is it that were in Afghanistan.”


          That is the “main” reason – is it any wonder that Heroin is basically the cheapest drug on the street these days?
          Before the illegal invasion of Afghanistan – Heroin was very expensive – due to it’s low volume of distribution into the U.S.

          This is why the U.S. Government deemed the Taliban as being evil savages – not for reasons told to us … but because they were the ones destroying the Poppy Fields.

          Follow the Money – the answers to the questions become abundantly clear.

          • I read that they have lithium. For all the cell phone batteries.

          • FTW, you are exactly right. To ignore the correlation between our opium epidemic and Afghanistan being a major supplier worldwide would be ignorance and lunacy. It also fits with an above comment about begging to be slaves. If the US wanted to win the war on drugs, it could easily be done. And the bullshit narrative that “as long as there’s demand, there will always be supply”, is a crock of shit. What’s coming is gonna be blistering and you better damn well be ready.
            Stay quiet Be smart

          • Amen baby!

          • Exactly–Follow the money–

            Have increase in my area of Heroin use/addition

        • to Mountain Trekker, the answer is: Their plants. Read Mike Ruppert’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon”. Also, other books mention it as well… we want the Opium– drug money!! (Their little, green plants!!)

        • Don’t be silly, Trekker. We are in Afghanistan to rebuild the mud huts, and bridges, schools
          and hospitals. We want the little muslim girls to get educations. We want to improve the lives of the impoverished tribal clans and show them what a wonderful and generous nation
          we are. We want to give the people in Afghanistan a sense of hope for the future. We want
          to capitalize on the abundant fields of poppies which is such a valuable commodity to fund
          the black budgets of our illustrious intelligence organizations. Oops.

        • That’s why the CIA hates Trump so much because
          he’s taking away their livelihood. Drugs, sex
          trafficking,toppling regimes and CIA go hand
          in hand. It’ll take time to get himself unstuck
          from the muck of the PTB but he’ll geterdone.

        • @Mountain Trekker…..

          I was just asking myself the same question today.

          In my opinion, we should just pull out of there and let them know that if they can’t keep it together and let the Islamonazis set up shop, we’ll just drop some MOAB’s on the place and let them sort it all out.

          Screw those hajis. I’m sick of seeing our people come back in coffins or without arms and legs.

        • Trouble at the poppy fields??

        • “why is it that were in Afghanistan”

          Resources energy and otherwise.

          The control of them, the geography around them (Afghanistan is between China and oil fields). If the Middle East main export was coconuts we wouldn’t be there.

          • Opiates. The drug companies need more raw materials to keep killing Americans, supplies running low.

        • One of the reasons is for the Opium production for the CIA. When we invaded the Opium production was near zero. After we invaded its up over 2000 percent.

      10. I wonder why there are no leaks concerning the DUMBs or food storage piles. Or what HARP is about. Makes me suspect the leaks are controlled. I’m talking emails and maps and supply lists.

      11. I’m not depending on the govt. Doing my own lists and wants. You have to take care of yourself and your own,nobody else will or can. You’ll need everything you have to protect what you do have.

      12. Massive Government Preparations and Stockpiling Point To One Thing: “An Event Is Going To Happen.

        What is wrong with that?

        If you aren’t prepping for a rainy day you are NUTS!!!!


        • Sgt,
          If the gov hasn’t prepped, then they would have to raid the people the way Venezuela is doing now. I for one want the government to have lots of food and preps. We know the gov has no plans to help Jane and John Doe citizen, it’s my hope they don’t have plans to go out of their way to hurt us.

          I’ve prepped for my family, and that’s it. It is not realistic for neighbors to expect me to feed the neighborhood or the local government. I will be actively telling the useless eaters in my area that the government has preps, more than any individual could ever have, if you are in need go talk to the gov.

          Even if we don’t see a large event manufactured by the gov, like collapse, or war, there’s still all the other crap hsitory shows us can and will happen. Only fools don’t have some level of preparedness.

          • I’m seriously afraid if I don’t share my stockpiles with the neighbors they may not speak to me…oh, wait.
            Never mind!

            • There are so many Americans that don’t have a clue. To prep or not to prep.

              Have lots of jars of peanut butter, millions are allergic to peanut butter. Want some?

      13. And while they are ‘prepping’ they are are still trying to further control us.
        Check out the bill just introduced in the senate:
        ‘Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.’
        Not only is it tightening down further on cash, but now they want to control Bitcoin,

      14. I think something everyone should let sink in good is the Walmart shooting . The girl followed 20 feet behind the guy . When a CW holder pointed his pistol and ordered the guy to freeze . The girl 20 feet behind got the drop and dropped him.

      15. Its coming, and I am not taking any chances. I will never forget what happened to me. Now that the heat, hot swamp of city is now in full swing, it kinda reminds me of what it was like to drive my SS Camaro with no AC, in the heat, sleeping in the heat. And this was economic city collapse. When I war gamed the real collapse, war, etc. I saw myself with the clothes on my back and nothing, no prepps.


        • Yeah, Houston, I had a dream years ago, that I had gone back home and was hiding in ditches, etc., trying to escape the notice of black, miitary helicopters overhead.

          Obviously, I was homeless in the dream, collapse had occurred and the government was out to get us. Hope it doesn’t come true. Weird thing was, when I had the dream, I had no idea I would eventually leave my town (which I did!) or have any reason to return (which I am planning on doing)!! 🙁

        • At least the gasoline is cheap because all of the refineries around there. No? 3 of my 4
          power windows are broke on my vehicle so I kind of understand the no A/ C thing. They can
          stay broke because those cheap Chinese regulators never seem to last me more than one
          year. I thought Houston was a bustling place. Did the economy change down there? I got
          more preps than I can haul on foot. Suppose some streamlining is in order. I love how peeps
          break down their preps. Theres a get home from work bag. A 72 hour kit ( as if they know
          something will only last for 3 days). A get out of Dodge kit. Start a new life at the Alamo kit.
          Then theres the bug in kit which has so much crap that you would be out oodles of money if you had to leave it all behind. You have to be a logistical and situational analyst just to
          figure out how much Chigger-X and Germ-X and dehy food and ammo and dental kits go
          with you on your excursion. I laugh so hard when I see the lists published on this site. Its
          great to have all that crap but dammit, you better have some roll-flat tires on your Denali/
          Suburban/F350 with a 60 foot trailer attached and cargo rack on the roof. When Cochise and Geronimo and tribe bugged out to Mexico they didnt bring the kitchen sink with them.

          • Gas is $1.97 here now. Just about time to fill up some gas cans I recently got from a yard sale. Almost a dozen. Less than a dollar each.

            • Hope they were the old style cans. You will waste a 1/2 day emptying 12 new ones.

              • I’m all set for when the Schumer Hits The Fan. In the last 2 days I got a new sheath for my Leatherman Super Tool, a new Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster for my S&W Shield, and topped off my propane tank with 500 gallons of propane at 89 cents a gallon, and picked up an Aladdin kerosene heater that looks almost like new for 14$ at the 2nd hand store. Trekker Out. Bring It On!

      16. Wow! Sounds just like the book I’ve been reading– “The Final Day” by Forsche. (Forgot his first name).

        He’s written three books about EMP’s… “One Second After”, “One Year After” and the one I’m reading now– “The Final Day”.

        • Anonymous, that’s William Forschen. I’ve read ‘One Second After’ but not the other two. “Lights Out” is also a good EMP read and is available for free online.

          • Anon,have read the first two,gonna check me library for the Final Day,ending of second was not looking good.

      17. Seems Trumps going after the pedofiles ( soddomites ). The Bolshavik satanists won’t like that. They know the more time Trump has ? They need to do something big soon?

      18. That is one funny headline. I thought the government was too broke to stockpile anything.

      19. Simply look to South Africa where white people went 500 years ago when there were no people living there. These Dutch Settlers did not go to rob from industrious black Africans. They were there because it was a vast wild Continent without humans. They worked and developed it into farms, producing so much food, that they wound up feeding the blacks who migrated from the North to enjoy the harvests. The whites found the blacks to be like children, unable to perform complicated tasks, but able to do simple things if we’ll supervised. For hundreds of years the whites completely controlled everything. The blacks lived peacefully but apart from whites. It worked so well that blacks were able to have many children who in turn produced many more. Still things were OK until the you know who Communist began telling blacks they were oppressed by the whites. They kept agitating not only in South Africa but they promoted hate for white South Africans in Countries all over the world. The Communists were finally able to get laws passed that took power away from the whites and handed power to blacks. The Communists forced the white people to end the separate and apart policy.

        Soon the killing, torture and rape of white South Africans began and has not stopped. Many of the wealthy and the instigators have left. Those remaining are asking for asylum as refugees either in Europe or America. They have been denied refugee status in favor of black North Africans who are not in danger.

        As the horrible murder continues, the blacks in power claim that within five years there will be no white people left in South Africa because they will be killed and their farms stolen. Based on what has happened in the cases where whites were killed and farms stolen; the food production stops because even when blacks attempt to farm, they fail. Black South Africans have much lower IQ than American Negroes, for whatever reason. The blacks themselves realize in some cases that white people not only do no harm, white people help them to live. So some white farmers are determined to stay and continue to farm. However, the threat of murder hangs over them. There are plenty of blacks waiting for an opportunity to kill them.

        So, what happens when there are more minorities. They become more aggressive. They push native white Americans to the side. When there are enough of them, they will either kill the white people or white people will mount a lethal defense. If this happens, it is all out blood and guts everywhere. This is the plan. We’ve been played. Opening the doors to immigration is intended to cause a bloody collision of cultures. This is why the elites prepare. They know it’s coming because they’ve planned it and produced all that is needed for civil war, in order to force a need for Government to solve the problem. The SOB’s are setting us up.

        The question now is how can we stop this insane Muslim refugee program? What do we do to stop it before the horse is out of the barn. We can. We must. It is life or death. But HOW ???


        • B, when Trump tried to stop the flood of immigrants from 3rd world countries, the left came after him with a viscousness unseen in recent politics.

          They openly speak of the day that the US is no longer a white country. They look forward to it because they see white people as standing in their way towards making everybody the same. The way they see it, we white people think we are better than other races and cultures. So they think we must be taken down! I’ve come to realize, seriously, that they want us subjugated!

          I could hardly believe that at the end of one of Thomas Sowell’s articles he said; ‘White people better start defending themselves’.

          • B, no one can explain to me why only white countries are being subjected to the wonders of multiculturalism?

            Also, millions of people a year is not immigration, it’s INVASION!

            B, we’ve already lost. In the Washington area it seems most girls are dating or are married to minorities. In one generation 20-30% of the children will be mixed race. That’s what they want and it’s happening right before our eyes.

            It is proper that you use South Africa as an example because that is our fate. What fool believes that diversity is a strength? Unity is STRENGTH!!!!

            • United we stand Devided we fall. In unity we stand in diversity we fall.

          • Justice, Thomas Sowell is right. Civil war 2/revolution is on the horizon. We have no choice but to fight for our survival.

          • “The way they see it, we white people think we are better than other races and cultures.”

            When I look at the situation we find ourselves in now, I tend to believe that. My wife is a red-headed, Nordic-blooded pastor of a black Church. She tries to tell me that’s wrong and points out all the really great black people that have lived and are living now. I agree with her that they truly are or were great but they were exceptions. The average black person is of sub-standard intellect. they can run, they can jump and put a ball through a hoop but that’s a fairly small niche in this life. We’ll have to wait and see if they can win the upcoming version of the Ethnic Olympics

      20. Getting a spare alternator ,starter, fuel pump. Autopartswarehouse.

      21. Anyone running 15 inch tires try . Kumho 215/75/15 8 ply. Also if 16.5 you can get humvee tires military surplus . I heard they will run flat on lite trucks?

      22. Regarding foot wear. I have a pair of Rachle full grain cow hide boots . The only stitching is up the heal on the lowers. All stitching fails. If you can afford 300 $ boots . Sell your wide screen while it’s still worth something. If not , coat the stitching with gorilla glue it protects the thread and keeps it from pulling through.

      23. Check out eBay mountain climbing boots . 300$ boots for 50$

      24. Who assassinated the last Congressman to die performing the duties of of his office? Jonestown Communists. Who fired a shot at Gerald Ford? A Symbionese Liberation Army sympathizer who, in her own words, tried to start a “revolution.” Who assassinated John F. Kennedy? A Communist who renounced his American citizenship and moved to the Soviet Union. Who assassinated William McKinley? An anarcho-communist compared to Brutus by the assassin’s acquaintance, Emma Goldman. Who assassinated James Garfield? A Communist crazy who lived for five years within the group marriage at the Oneida Community.

        Notice a pattern? James Hodgkinson falls into it.

        Cited from American Spectator

        • @TEST…..

          Agree with most of what you posted there……BUT…..Oswald didn’t kill JFK……the CIA did.

        • TEST,
          Re: Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?

          Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey … Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics
          What else is in the Warren Report not made public?

          EXCELLENT read!
          h ttp://
          h ttps://

      25. More doom porn, this article is little more than a copy of earlier articles going back more than 5 years when an imminent invasion of vast Asian armies on North American soil was predicted. The only reason this stuff gets published is because readers eat it up, and they eat it up because it feeds into their fetish for national disasters. Any disaster will do; EMP’s, nuclear war, economic collapse, pole shifts, Ebola pandemics, or civil war to name just a few the readers feed off of.
        As far as stockpiling is concerned any gov’t that is able to accumulate resources is something that’s been always been done; read Genesis chapters 41 & 42 if you want to see an early example.
        Sure, I am a prepper, and have some serious concerns; like gov’t bankruptcy, loss of rights, gun control, allowing GMO food, etc. and work against those, but when people start talking global or even regional mad max scenarios they lose credibility.

        • I basically agree with you, Bill. But beware of normalcy bias. There indeed WAS a time that the plague came, that the Little Ice Age started, etc. I agree that this MAY be doomer porn if you read it that way. I think, though, this site is you an early warning report for one’s consideration. I don’t think we will all have, on Oct. 23, 2017, Cascadia go off at the same time as New Madrid AND the stock market drops 1000 points AND both Ebola and the plague start in force AND what the heck – Niburu, which has been hiding in my closet – makes an appearance, along with Cumbre Vieja collapsing.

          I take this site as one to provide POSSIBLE issues to keep on the radar screen, not as doomer porn

          • Test,

            I do not have problems with the ‘far fetched’ scenarios because it is a form of ‘gaming’ and makes one think of and prepare for different types of catastrophes.

      26. zzzZZZZzZZzZzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzZZzZzzzzz.zzzzZZZZZZZZzzzz.z.z.z.zzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzz….zzzzZZZzzzZzZZz…

        Some one wake me when the planet is turned to glass…

      27. Please everyone study @ join the movement to restore Common Law in every county across america. Learn the difference between admiralty law (false) and common law (which we the people on the land are owed) ALL BAR-members are committing “Treason” judges and attorneys they have all been told. BAR= BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY, their allegiance is not to our country. We need the organic constitution and the original 13th amendment- (no lawyers to hold public office) everything is on her site. The timeline shows you what they have done-when and how-unbeknownst to the people. Common law will bring personal responsibility back in a big way. The federalist papers #9/10/11 You are a traveler-not a driver! The right to travel is free. Your permits, licenses, are not required.Except commercial haul. The web of deceit and lies we have all been told is HUGE. Everything is on her sight to educate yourselves.

        • The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the amount of evil in their country. And when the truth finally comes out.,,Their gonna be pissed.

          • More like their hearts will fail from fear.

        • Tina:
          Thank you.

      28. Also excellent site to find out how when and why if you live in ca- actually most states have the same corruption study The null and void imposters need removed now. They’ve had enough time to resign and do the moral right thing. Not one has stepped forward. All governors are totally aware, most committing blatant abuse of power- Jerry browns case /blatant treason. Most by their own admission.

      29. Also excellent site to find out how when and why if you live in ca- actually most states have the same corruption study The null and void imposters need removed now. They’ve had enough time to resign and do the moral right thing. Not one has stepped forward. All governors are totally aware, most committing blatant abuse of power- Jerry browns case /blatant treason. Most by their own admission.

      30. There are no winners in a global nuclear war. The fallout radiation will circle the globe and last 100,000 years. The global “background” radiation just from nuclear testing has increased measurably. Just as a comparison, nothing human built is older than 10,000 years. Do the math…

      31. Good one OldFart, that’s summing it up to a T. What a new age of a cluster fuck of a society.


      32. Even if the government were populated by good, moral men they would be stockpiling for a catastrophic event because they would be able to see the same signs we see. If these flashpoints were organic, or at least caused by real economic and genuine political tensions, the sense of danger is the same.

      33. Government officials and main stream media portray preppers and survivalists as loonies but they stockpile and prepare for SHTF more than anyone I know. In an SHTF situation, we will be labelled “hoarders”.

      34. The great challenge is not so much building the stockpile – it is distributing it. In places like Africa and Haiti and India, the world was able to send millions of pounds of ‘stuff’ – but there was no way to get it off the docks, or airfields.

        If we really go into chaos, there won’t be any Cheetos (or anything else) moving by truck. Either gas/diesel won’t be available or the “river pirates” will blockade and steal everything that moves.

      35. It’s called “the tribulation”. We are in the doorway.

      36. The left has been strategically positioning there pieces on the board for 50 years. They are ready to strike, there really is nothing we can do at this point to stop them, that ship has sailed. All one can do at this point is survive. IMO they will lose control of the little revolution they have planned. Evil men have attempted world domination as long as there have been men, and always ultimately failed. The trick is surviving the failure, it will require preparation AND luck.

        • Bigbluedrew, 1,000,000,000 THUMBS UP!

          You win the ALL-TIME best post on a prepper web site EVER!

          You just said what I have been wanting to say for a long time. Thanks.


      38. If past events are any indication, absolutely no this is gonna happen. Things will stay shitty

      39. I have been reading since 1997-98 the Government purchasing much freeze fried food and for a period #10 cans were unavailable.

        Plus reports to major procurement of GP extra large tents and cots. Pictures have been posted on the internet at that time of large cache’s of casket liners, they called them but the size would indicate that multiple bodies could be placed in. Pics mostly posted from Georgia and Alabama.

        It was about that time or so that John Casey published his book “Cold Sun” and on the past couple years “Dark Winter”

        The Government knows that Global Warming is about to be
        canceled by The Sun and it is reported that during inactivity by the sun, lack of sunspots, is when earth has had its greatest earthquakes.

        No doubt for Government Camps for people to stay if unable to return to their local area.

        Yes much is discussed regarding social matters, people are forgetting about the significant earth changes are upon us.
        Not caused by humans but from the inactivity of the sun.

        Some people may speculate about Planet X, the tenth planet in our system? I will not but just looking at our moon, the asteroid belt(destroyed planet?) and Mars, it is clear that a major catastrophic event has occurred in our solar systems distant past.

        It is this situation that will catch many preppers unaware.

      40. one more point

        Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

        Validated by Augsons Farms who produces emergency food that
        they have already been contacted by the government that in the event of a national emergency, taking their food to include fod sold but not mailed.

        Will be same for all other known suppliers of survival foods and major food chains

      41. I started prepping back in 2011. I thought for sure something was going to happen any day! The worst thing to happen was my Mom passing away in 2014. I miss her so much and it has made me realize that we need to live for today. I still have most of my stock pile but could careless now. I don’t have any kids so if the time ever comes I will give away what I have to family and be done with it. I am 55 and don’t have the will to live in this crappy place anymore. I will let the younger generation have what I have but to be honest I do not believe anymore that anything will ever happen. When you live in a Monopoly money world to begin with it just continues to run on Monopoly money.

        • Pessimistic, I am very sorry for your loss. Yes, “we need to live for today” and try to treasure them. When my loved ones are gone, most of my will to survive will go too.

          I hope you keep your supplies and like you said, make the most of everyday we are given.

        • Pessimistic – I’ve been prepping since 2000 and we all thought something would happen any day and the time period you mentioned, indeed was much fear mongering and could have. Much Hype, still is in some cases. Some of it meant to cause people to take action just out of fear of what they believed was going to happen and it didn’t.

          It is better to have it and not need it and to need it and not have it. Depending on what a person is waiting for to happen and it doesn’t, severe inclement weather sure does make having that stockpile worth having/

          Also, a point of concern, a persons needs to have a reason to live, a goal, if not they begin to die mentally which affects their bodies and that begins to die.

          I am 61 and still work although have not suffered the loss
          of my mother but still, life goes on.

          And you must

        • Pessimistic,
          I had a similar experience my mother passed away on the ^th of June. I was at her side and held her hand as she passed.

          Its an experience that is Life Changing , nothing will ever be the same again , things are different now.

          Never give up Its not what she would have wanted for you to do. Believe you will see her again she’s never far from you only temperately separated.

          You have a purpose here and now to help others when the time comes with the KNOWLEDGE you have accumulated.

          Survival is not a game its a struggle to prepare , plan and execute.

          Always remember we are not in control of this life, learn to listen to that subtle voice in you mind it will not lead you astray, prey daily, ask for guidance and remain humble.

          Its hard I know , but despite everything Its still a beautiful world with many mysteries and great things to be experienced.

          Be grateful for what you have and the (good) times remembered.



      42. All of those doomsday conspiracy profiteers are missing one important fact.

        There won’t be anyone around to fleece .

      43. So many foolish virgins.

      44. The present situation of the world today can’t survive. The worsening of existing problems will bring about a disaster. Even if someone(other than God) knew how to avert these SHTF scenarios, it is too late!

      45. Canvassing everyones opinion what is the first and second most likely event that is triggering this governmental preparation?

      46. Nibiru 17th June 2017 RED HAZE NORTH EAST, SO I WENT OUT TO SEE.
        This night time video was posted just a few hours ago. the red planet 7x is here..

      47. Will we be as surprised as the Russian people when the bolshavics kill the royal family . As Anastasia screamed in vain? Who were the bolshavics . .? Rev. 2:9,3:9 John 8:44.

      48. Carl Marx ,real name Moses mordicia levy, Leon Trotsky , real name lev Bronstien , stalins real last name translated , means son of Jew. Eisenhowers year book nike name , the terrible Swedish Jew. FDRs real last name, rosenfeld. Jack rubies real name Rubinstien . Andrea mitchel married to Alan Greenspan Victoria Nuland , real name Nudleman . 90% of MSM is owned by a certain religious group. Hollywood, the porn industry, the banks. Duel citizenship of government employees? Rev. 2:9, 3:9 John 8:44 ? Wake the Up.

      49. Watch, Hellstorm. Or The greatest story never told.

      50. Cracksomeskulls, Dmonic is a fucking troll, and I already know this. Braveheart is not troll. Brave is one of us, in FACT. But Dmonic is 100% TROLL. The stuff about the giant skelletons is 100% true. I have heard all about it, and those sons of bitches are still living in the DUMBS that they build over 12,000 yrs ago, but after the asteroid hit, they lost their technology, and the decendants could no longer come up form underground and live on the surface out in the open everywhere is homo sapiens technology was now far superior to thiers, so the giants are know using axes, swords and spears. See Giants of Afganastan and hear what the soldiers encountered at a near by cave. The ones with the technology awakened from stasis in Antartica, and have the technology to come up and take over, so that’s whats causing the rush toward that area to keep them from entering developed areas,. Huge dues from 20-35 ft tall will not easily explained to the general populous. That photo of that giant is 100% real.


      51. These are all distractions, North Korea distracts some of you, Snowflakes others, finance others, politics more so, the environment and supposed global warming, and others sports and the entertainment industry. Everybody has a side. These sides are all fighting sometimes in the streets for the dominance of their own truths. Every single one of the problems we face today are not only connected but also being thought engineered to keep people from seeing the big picture. The Ross ice shelf is breaking but the other side of the Antarctic is building up more ice, North America is warming, but Russia is getting colder. These are two different data points but are intricately connected to a global shift.
        The problem is that the average person does not even own a globe to compare what a real shift would do. The data that was stopped half a dozen years ago from being published showed the North Pole shifting at an accelerated rate towards Russia. The Russians know it. That’s why they continued building bunkers even at a time when they were still our buddies. This did not fit the narrative, nor the massive empty cities in China. So cold war II begins. For the average North American they just have one more reason to arm themselves. Why is the United States and Canada allowed to arm the populace? The population density is low in both those countries. In the event of collapse the people will be able to survive in significant enough numbers that when the elite emerge from their bunkers they will be confronted so there is discord mistrust and hate sown throughout the land. The tensions that are being raised to horrible levels will ensure a mass die-off. It will not be the event that causes the large numbers of fatalities but the overextended carrying capacity locally. Europe without imports will starve. Japan will starve. South America and Africa will devolve into chaos. The Russians and the Chinese know how to read historical records and are preparing accordingly. That’s why we cannot be friends anymore. Once we could read a compass and take a bearing on a sight line on a given day and know where the sun will rise, now unless we have an app not very many can. The Earths orbit has roughly an extra 1/4 day every year, yet daylights savings time varies by weeks from where it used to. If the orbit is stable why the variance it should be clockwork. The cycles of the sun are affecting our magnetosphere, we have all been experiencing the intense UV days. The cycles are lining up and we do not make the connections because we are not looking at the grand pictures. Why are some banks limiting in North America ATM withdrawls to $200 per day? Is it the financial collapse or that should enough people start waking up and buying supplies too many will survive? This has happened before in recorded history, but to control the narrative those in power do not want you to think for yourself. The more that live through the next cycle the more people will be sitting waiting at the entrance of the bunkers pitchforks in hand asking the question of why did you not allow us the chance to save ourselves. President Trump now knows this, I cannot claim to know his heart, however I think this knowledge burns in him and he wants to tell it like it is so that people who can will do something to save themselves. Love him or hate him He loves his country. The last minute pull out of the Paris climate accords is evidence that America may go it alone. The global carbon tax which will do nothing to help the environment is bribe money to the rest of the world to not spill the beans on what is coming. Guess what, MR. President Donald J. Trump has your best interests at heart and we should all be expecting his revelations.

      52. Ok, its a theory. So lets test it and see if it still holds true. Assumptions —

        * The Pols only think of themselves, natch. As a result all the bunkers, bomb centers, and hidey holes are filled with them and no one else.
        * That the exchange is nuclear in nature.
        * The major MSA’s are leveled.
        * Stockpiles are good for 2 years.

        Ques1: What is the minimum population size to maintain an economy comparable to say 1950?
        Ques2: What critical skills are required to achieve Ques1?
        Ques3: Why assume that if there are survivors they don’t fire up a Cat dozer and turn a bunker into a tomb?

        Bottom line is few Pols know how to farm, run an oil platform, run an engine lathe. Lacking those skills you can’t build a 1950s economy, period. The other consideration that unless those bunkers hold food for 5+ years the nuclear winter in years 2,3,4 will most likely kill them off.

        The US no longer has a viable CD system. The author I would assume would say that is by design. I would subscribe it to stupidity. So lacking a viable plan for say 15-20% of the non-Pol populace to survive, the Pols die too, just later.

        • Great point! I have always held the belief that the ruling class, ie the 1%, does control most world events but they would never do anything intentionally that would greatly change their status quo. I also believe that they will need more than 20% of the general population to continue their lifestyle. They need minimum wage backs to stand on so to speak. Otherwise they might have to get their hands dirty. They are much more likely to engineer events that will increase their wealth and power than events that destroy the system that made them rich and powerful. This leads me to believe that the most likely engineered events are non-nuclear war and economic collapse. In my opinion (yes everyone is allowed one) these events are the easiest to capitalise on. The other possible events are natural in nature, not engineered. This category includes everything from natural disasters to nuclear events caused by human error, droughts, celestial events and things we never even though could occur. I always tell my kids that anything is possible but not everything is probable.
          As preppers we all decided for ourselves what scenarios we think are most likely and prep for that. Luckily most scenarios will require the same basic preps; food, water, shelter, defense/security. I guess we can argue all day about what is going to happen but in a lot of ways the “what” is irrelevant. The fact that we are preparing for “it” puts all of us on the right path. Even if I disagree with what you think are the most likely events, I still agree with you on 99% of what we need to do to be prepared. Don’t fight, prep!

      53. Nothing new here, like the earthquake article just the same old fear news rehashed.

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