Massive Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela Worsen, Patterns Emerge

by | Jun 11, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 60 comments

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    As protests against Venezuela’s “democratic socialist” government roll into their third month, Dr. Henrique Montbrun, who oversees the triage post in the municipality of Baruta, says the violence in the country has reached unprecedented levels. “It’s madness,” he says.

    As more people take to the streets to demand their freedom back in a nation where tyranny took a firm hold shortly after the election of self-proclaimed socialist, Nicolaus Maduro, the country descended into complete government control, and the only people with money, are now those in the government.  Socialism is fair that way; as no system more equally distributes poverty, except maybe communism. But a pattern is now emerging in the battle for basic human rights and minimal freedoms.

    The clashes between the demonstrators and security forces are entering their third month, and even doctors say that they can no longer predict the type of violence to prepare for, but they can predict that there will be increasing numbers of injuries and death. The only pattern emerging is one of even more violence. Dr. Montbrun says that the injuries sustained at the beginning of protests were largely superficial, usually buckshot wounds. More recently, however, as protesters have gone up against an increasingly desperate government, protestors have been treated for 5cm-deep holes caused by metal marbles shot at close range.


    “Violence doesn’t surprise me but the level of hatred security forces are showing towards average citizens and the use of non-conventional weapons like loading tear gas canisters with nails and marbles does take me aback,” Dr. Montbrun says.

    According to the public defender’s office, 67 people (including minors, students, passersby, and national guards) have died during or as a result of the protests. On Wednesday, an 18-year-old died of an explosive-related wound to the chest and a national guard was murdered causing a rash of even more anti-government protests. And yet, despite the escalation of violence, protesters remain in the streets trying to demand their freedom.

    “I am not afraid,” says Rosmery Indare, 19, who arrived barely conscious at the triage post. “They threw several gas bombs and we all ran. I tried to go into a nearby mall but most shops had closed and I was cornered.” Rosmery described how two national guards clubbed her in the legs and knees while threatening to jail her. “They’re not going to stop me from marching,” she says. “I haven’t had a chance to enjoy my country because they stole it from us but this time, I am sure, we will recover [it].” –The Guardian

    As the Venezuelan government continues to starve its own people through regulations and kill for protesting their own starvation, the resolves of those living under the oppression of socialism seem to continue to harden. Venezuela destroyed their own economy with socialist policies, which are carryovers from Hugo Chavez’s reign of terror. With inflation rising by 800% in 2016 while the economy shrank by 18.6% over the same period, according to the central bank, crime has soared with over 28,479 homicides in 2016.  That leaves Venezuela with one of the highest murder rates in the world, and the worst economy. Finding food or medicine has become nearly impossible, except for the very few who can afford black market prices and the risk of death.

    Unfortunately, it looks as though Venezuela’s situation will worsen before it improves.


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      1. This is what you get when you run out of other peoples money!!!!!

        • I’m tired of seeing the advertorial for JPM and silver; as if it is going to trigger a massive price increase for silver.

          Don’t be fooled.

          Does anyone understand that JPM purchase precious metals on behalf of their MILLIONS of Wealth Management Clients…. all over the world ???

          And that a PORTION of the wealth of those clients portfolio is CLASSICALLY diversified and allocated to precious metals ???

          I know. I am one of those. 🙂

          • don’t talk sense here, the gold bug advertisers don’t like it

        • Metal Marbles? lol You mean Ball Bearings? This is what happens when your economy is a “One Trick Pony” and runs entirely on “Oil Sales” and Oil Sale Prices drop sharply for several years. The Cashola no longer rolls in.

          Kinda like the USA, where the Entire Economy is now dependent on perpetual War for Income to keep the War Machine Manufactures Flush with Cash, as you neglected all other sectors, and you exported all other manufacturing jobs out of the country for decades. Our turn is next when Peace Breaks out all over the world. Its game over for the US.

          Oh and BTW, Since Iran seems to have been one of our Governments greatest enemies the last few years, and a huge threat, and massive amounts of Sanctions have been placed on them,… Oh but wait,…except when Iran wants to buy 60 Airplanes from Boeing out of Chicago for $16.6 Billion Dollars, then it is A-OK for that trade and business to go through.

          Read up Folks, Our US Foreign Policy is a Laughing stock of Hypocritical Fraud.

          Iran company finalizes deal with Boeing to buy 60 planes
          Associated Press
          June 10, 2017 — 7:35am

          TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s official IRNA news agency is reporting that the country’s Aseman Airlines has finalized a deal to purchase 60 planes from the American company Boeing.
          The Saturday report said that the planes will be delivered in two batches and the first batch will consist of 30 737 passenger planes to be delivered in 2019.
          This is the second deal between the Chicago-based Boeing and an Iranian airliner since a landmark nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers went into practice in 2016.
          In December Iran Air, the country’s flag carrier, finalized a $16.6 billion deal with Boeing to purchase 80 passenger planes.
          In September, Washington granted permission to Boeing and its European competitor Airbus to sell billions of dollars worth of aircraft to Iran.
          Link: ht tp://

          Iran is an enemy unless they are buying Billions of dollars of Aircraft. then its wink wink shhhhh… done deal.

          Did you know that during WW2 that Ford Motor Company was manufacturing Engines for German Army Tanks, as these tanks were shooting at American Forces? Google that tidbit of Trivia. Its all an illusion folks, more fraud than you can shake a Ford Tank engine at. Hitler was marveled at Henry Fords Assembly lines and even had a Portrait of Henry Fold hanging in his office.

          For GIs, an Unpleasant Surprise

          Part of an article:
          When American GIs invaded Europe in June 1944, they did so in jeeps, trucks and tanks manufactured by the Big Three motor companies in one of the largest crash militarization programs ever undertaken. It came as an unpleasant surprise to discover that the enemy was also driving trucks manufactured by Ford and Opel — a 100 percent GM-owned subsidiary — and flying Opel-built warplanes. (Chrysler’s role in the German rearmament effort was much less significant.)

          So Old BS is Same as the New BS. Anything for a Buck.
          Link: ht tp://

          • CSS, during WW2, all of the German manufacturers were using SLAVE LABOR in their factories, people from Nazi-occupied countries. Another interesting tidbit to google.

          • On the off chance that somebody might find this remotely interesting, there actually is a difference between ‘metal marbles’ and ordinary ball bearings.

            In the 1930s (I think) there was an American company (I don’t know the name) that made metal marbles from flat sheet steel that was cut so that it could be formed into a hollow sphere, with two lines forming an equal-arm cross where the corners came together.

            The fit was surprisingly tight, and the steel marble (which was plain, unfinished steel and therefore a dull gray color) would roll without any divergence caused by the cross area.

            I have one of these marbles, which is a ‘croaker’ size of maybe an inch across. I think they may have also been made in the smaller 5/8″ size, but not certain of that.

            These marbles were not made in very large quantities, nor for very long; and they are fairly scarce these days. As you might imagine, many were lost in playgrounds, or rolled down storm drains, or simply rusted, since they were not plated with nickel or zinc or anything.

            To the best of my knowledge, this was the only time that true metal marbles were made “with intent” so to speak; as opposed to the ordinary ball bearings that were often used by kids…. back when kids actually did something other than gape slack-jawed at a video screen every waking moment.

        • here’s where we are at in Venezuela: the “good” cops, the ones who got into the police force as a way to uphold law and to feed their families are now walking away, leaving their posts in mid-protest or in the night. This leaves the overtly violent or mindless statist types who have no problem killing, maiming, or torturing in the majority. The citizens are becoming increasingly desperate and hopeless due to a lack of food, supplies, goods, and hope in their government and will be (if they aren’t already) fighting like a cornered alley cat. Anyone (cops or protesters) with a shread of hope left will soon be hitting the road and leaving this to be a monumental slugfest of violence and ugliness. One sides got to give, and it wont be the side cornered and boxed in. Eventually in its last gasp, the government will roll the troops, then its on in a big way.

      2. If we, The American Public, allow The Government to completely take control of food distribution and other aspects of our lives then we deserve what happens afterwards and we take our medicine as The People of Venezuela.

        And your voice known to your representative or recall the person, just an idea. Have to speak up. It is allowed in The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        Most of you have heard the term “Collective farming”

        Collectivization in the Soviet Union
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The means of production (land, equipment, livestock) were to be totally “socialized”, i.e. removed from the control of individual peasant households. Not even any private household garden plots were allowed for.

        It is said that in 1945, Joseph Stalin confided to Winston Churchill at Yalta that 10 million people died in the course of collectivization.

        More to the article.

        What has happened here in Venezuela is similar and perhaps not the confiscation of private property, but the idea is the same.

        If the Government controls all aspects of a society then,
        they can force a person to submit and use the products they want you to have. Live where they want you to live and even going as far as having a person obtain an ID to buy and sell.

        I believe in both The Nazi Socialist movement and The Soviet Union party members received special privileges
        because by joining the party, a person submits to the ideology thus selling their soul.

        Something to consider.

        • Excellent points. One observation: “Big Ag” and commercial farming has already done this and we are at their mercy unless we can feed ourselves, small scale, locally, without irrigation, transportation infrastructure, etc etc. massive corp farms are in the pocket of the government (or vice versa…) either way, we the public loses out.

      3. And for as hard as they’re fighting here, anti-fa and the Left will catapult us toward this same end, and then have the audacity to blame conservatives and preppers for causing it. Even in their own demise, they’ll diagnose the problem in a way only someone “feeling the Bern” could.

        • No one turns down welfare in amerika, it is their right to be given a living and healthcare. With Liberty and just-us for all.

          • Lot of folks turn down welfare. The Lame Stream does not report that as it embarrasses the lefties since they can not be self reliant. They do not know what “skin in the game” means, just how to spend other peoples money.

        • Sterling that is so true. What hope is there for mankind when we cannot diagnose the problem correctly, thereby committing the same mistakes again and again. No matter how many times Communism fails, people continue to believe the promise. Conversely, no matter how many countries are rescued from poverty by Capitalism, people continue to reject it.

          Right now the world is moving towards a Communist and Collectivist One World System. Maybe the Eurythmics had it right, “some people like to be abused.”

          • It is so important to make the right decision, to set sail in the right direction, to make the right choice. Sounds easy and simple but life is full of examples of poor choices, wrong decisions, wrong directions. We all have made the wrong choices at one time or another. In some instances, corrections can be made, in other instances, the inevitable happens. We reap what we sow!

            Every day our prayer should be: “God give me Grace to accept with Serenity the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr

            Louisiana Eagle

      4. Come to Venezuela, “The People’s Paradise. Take a tour of non-functional hospitals! Watch people stand in line for hours only to be allowed to purchase practically nothing! Be beaten up by police, military, and Maduro thugs! Why, oh why would anyone ever want to leave? Please America! Send Bernie Sanders to straighten everything out!

      5. The Venezuela mob just wants more state welfare not “freedom” so…they are the same as antifa

        • PSTY,
          Bingo give PSTY a prize!
          You are one of the few that understand what is really
          wrong with Venezuela. It is not the government,
          it is the people and what they believe and are willing
          to support.
          They do not want liberty. They want a comfortable
          slavery, but they do not understand there is no such thing.

          America will not become like Venezuela. I do foresee
          our big cities becoming like city states, Democrat run
          mini Venezuela’s, which to some degree, they are now.
          American big cities will be broke and fully dependent on imports. Their un-armed citizens will be victimized by armed criminals. The cities will have large populations dependent on Government for employment and handouts, and on and on.
          Get out of the city if you can. Do every thing you can to
          destroy the Democrats and other Liberals. Then you might survive.

      6. No need to worry about massive protests in our New Babylon Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed former America, as long as the booze, poisonous toxic GMO fake food garbage and soda poison, porno, bread and circuses, and other mindless entertainment is still consuming the dumbed down toxic dump obese drunken bum COWARDS of hell on earth collapsing New Babylon….take away the New Babylonian toxic dump drunken bums booze, soda, GMO sugar filled horror, and porno and you will see massive protests unlike any in history, but only for a very, very, very short time before all the drunken bum toxic dump New Babylonian former Americans succumb to withdrawals Insulin Shock!!!!

        • you forgot marijuana and opioids

      7. I don’t see any advantage in taking it to the streets in protest. What does it accomplish ?? It just makes the other side more self righteous.

        My neighbors had a big pot boiling. It was outside. The pot looked like a large pressure cooker for bottle canning food. There was a propane tank connected to the burner providing heat. They were either cooking or canning.

        That’s the way to do it. Grow tons of food. Buy bulk on sales and at farmer’s market. Eat and can for the future. It is some effort, but people who grow food and preserve it for future use, are way ahead. Their canned food has only good things and none of the chemicals and artificial preservatives.


        • That’s the difference right there! Freeloaders protest saying “give me something”, whereas self-reliant people do it or make it themselves. The former leads to slavery and the later road leads to freedom and prosperity.

          B, it’s a shame but I don’t think the younger generations understand this basic concept.

          • And the embarrassing part is that communism can be dismantled on paper with some grade school math. Ask these lefties what money is? Where it comes from? How it is generated? And then ask about consumerism and who pays for everything? Two questions deep wealth redistribution and socialism falls apart. Universal healthcare comes apart at the seams, and we’re all living in Caracas.

            But they’ll never look two questions deep. Therein lies the problem.

          • that is what uncovers the demoncrat….they THINK money grows on trees….and i guess it HAS for the last few decades.

            • BCOD, for the past few years it’s been coming from the Fed’s printing presses 24/7/365.

        • When it gets bad try it, ALL YOU GET IS DEAD, Using your methods we’d still be a part of England. Plus all you suggest is now illegal in Vz and will get you a visit from the not so nice policeman. People who will not stand up, just die on their bellies.

        • Pressure canner is a great way to cook dtuff too,
          Make a dish similar to Hawaiian LauLau.
          Foil squares about 1’square
          Place in square 2-3 collard leaves (make sure foil is bigger)
          In center of leaves place
          piece of pork belly
          Piece of stew meat
          Piece of salmon
          Piece of sweet potato
          Pieces should be about 2-3 in square or so
          Sprinkle with rock salt and if you want add spinach or swiss chard
          Wrap it up and place them in canner, as many as will fit,
          Heat it up and run it for about 2 -3 hours at medium pressure
          Pull one and check it, should be falling apart
          If not run it longer,
          Is sort of a trial snd error thing

      8. The government didn’t steal her freedom she willingly gave it way in exchange for the promise of free shit. The free shit didn’t happen but now you have no freedom. You even gave up your guns now you have nothing to fight back with. I don’t feel for these stupid ass people they deserve all the misery they got.
        Learn from them government is not here to take care of you!

        • Surely we can trust the Government! Ask any Native American!

      9. Mac, thanks for keeping us informed of the situation down there. It makes me so glad that I moved further away from the city. Now I’m in a town where people will help each other instead of riot, loot and destroy property.

        Check out an ORIGINAL all new prepping tip, it will appear below later. That’s right, never before seen anywhere! In honor of Adam West (the original Batman), TUNE IN NEXT WEEK. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL.

        • Not the original Batman. I have movie serials of Batman from many years before the TV show.

        • R.I.P. Adam West ~ ~ ~

      10. Cant wait for that to come here,,, it will too. Too many stupid people who believe the left and their bullshit

        • Nailbanger, it won’t be too much longer before it comes here and we’ll ALL be Venezuelans. Coming soon to a town near you. Keep stacking.

          • what’s the DIFFERENCE between venezuela and U.S.?………NUTHIN’, in a few more days!…my favorite joke, and when you tell it, people don’t realize the gravity of our situation, STILL.

      11. ALL NEW! Prepper Hack For Long-Term SHTF Water Storage


        How many of you have experienced this age old prepper problem. I would love to store more water, but I have limited storage space! Consequently most of us have turned to water filters and purifiers, but they have one MAJOR weakness; you need water to filter. So then we set up or tried to set up water catchment systems. But they were big, bulky, expensive and unsightly. Were we destined to die a slow painful death by dehydration? Not anymore!

        But seriously, I just bought an Aqupod Kit, which contains 2 emergency water storage bladders that you place in the bathtub. Each bladder is only 65 gallons instead of the WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage (100 Gallons). I took one outside and it fits nicely over the gutter drain from the roof.

        Any suggestions on attaching it to the gutter? I’m thinking duct tape or a clamp? Any ideas on patching it? There is duct tape and I will look around for a patching kit.

        Anytime you are expecting rain just go outside and place the badder over the gutter down spout. Plus, they are REUSABLE if you filter the water after collecting it or plan on using it to ONLY flush the toilet.

        • So now you have a big balloon full of water beside the house. How are you going to move it? Do you realize that it weighs over 500 pounds?

          • The Aquapod Kit comes with a manual siphon that you can use to move it to smaller containers. Plus, I have water barrels that also have manual pumps. Preppers should have siphon hoses for a multitude of purposes. Wink, wink!

            By deploying this temporary water catchment system outside you can maintain OPSEC. When I put up Solar everyone noticed. If I set up a permanent rain barrel (I don’t really have room, blocked by the air conditioner) more will notice and deduce what I may be … a prepper.

            I “lie” and say I’m just preparing for power outages. I don’t say permanent power outage. I noticed the other dat my neighbot planted strawberry plants in his front of his house landscaping. He’s a prepper.

            • P.S. If I tell people that I’m just being green, where I live, I might as well say I’m a pinko commie bast^rd.

            • people focus on the fact that preppers will be attacked for their resources. but i’m thinking EVERYONE that isn’t bristling with arms and armor will be attacked…NObody will be safe, after the bell rings. it sure is ironic that only the last three generations are NOT preppers….before that EVERYBODY was a prepper, we HAD to save up for rainy days in one way or another. the times, they are a’changin’!

            • Several years ago, I went to a community yard sale in a very nice neighborhood. I saw a house that had a 55-gallon barrel in front of the house set up to catch rainwater. It was painted white, so it was hardly noticeable among the flowers and bushes by the house. It had a faucet near the bottom with a water hose attached. I asked someone at the yard sale about it, and they said the people used rainwater to water their flowers and their garden. They said there were a lot more barrels in the back yard where the garden was.

              So I guess if you paint your rain barrels, they become more acceptable to your neighbors.

          • i bet my jogging stroller will move it.

            • buttcrackofdoom, I bought a Gorilla yard cart about 4 years ago, for the express purpose of traveling the 3 miles to the nearest pond to get water and bring it back (in a grid down situation). But it can also be used to transport groceries and stuff if gas becomes expensive and difficult to procure.

              Now that I’m getting even older the prospect of schlepping (no, I’m not drewish) water 6 miles does not appeal to me. Much less if I have to run the gauntlet of highwaymen and snipers to get it!

              • How about a yard cart with those never go flat tires and a new 30 gallon sprayer tank mounted on it with a 12v deep cycle battery and a pump. 30 gallons of water is fairly heavy. Can easily transport water to the orchard, critters, house etc. Really nice with two people to move it around. Also have a spigot and lenght of hose for when it can be emptied with just gravity.Battery and pump can be easily removed for uses elsewhere.
                Talking about water keep in mind that your critters are going to need some.

                • How about just dig your own Water well in your own yard and tell everybody to go F*ck off, including the Utility company? Get a solar panel and a 12V pump to run it. 12V water pumps can pump water from 180 Ft deep if needed to a holding tank.

                  Even in the city, if you don’t have nosy neighbors, dig a well like 30 Ft deep and install a back yard pitcher hand pump.

                • one very cheap way to transport water is food grade 5 gallon buckets. i buy 10 at a time for 1.75$ each(with lid) from a lady that has a chain of doughnut shops here in so cal….work great for storing food too….and a LOT of other uses.

              • “to run the gauntlet of highwaymen and snipers to get it!”….umm, yeah, that’s the HARD part…..GETTIN’ the water will be easy, comparitivly speakin’.

        • if you sealed it on there with tape, and forgot about it….you might just have water inside your house you hadn’t PLANNED on…i DO like your idea that we will need water to flush toilets with…i got 2 of the 275 gallon bricks with water that used to have “aquaser 580” in them….i won’t be drinkin’ THAT, but i WILL be able to flush toilets with it.

          • Buttcrack, I just researched: How much water is NEEDED to flush a toilet? Best Answer: 1-1.28 gallons. Good to know.

            I REALLY want to be able to continue to flush, as often as possible, in an emergency.

            • that will be VERY important!

        • But now nobody gets to take a shower or bath. Brilliant!!!

          I saw on dope on Youtube years back who had this bright idea to put a huge kiddy pool in his basement and fill it full of water. I wrote a comments, like after the Humidity destroys your basement and mold an inch think is growing… You will all be dead of infections. You get the point. Consider flaws in your prepping plans before you implement them.

          • we got wipies to clean with…showers will take WAY to much water, after the bell rings….but they sho am nice right now!

      12. That will teach them for asking for their gold back. No guns, no gold, no glory. The three no’s of banking.

      13. In Venezuela they have the “Organic Law of Fair Prices” that allows the Government to seize private property associated with smuggling, hoarding, civil disobedience, and everything that interferes with the economy. The language is so loose that the government can seize whatever it wants. There is no real private property. If you have bread, eat it quick. The Government seized all the toys from toy factories saying that they were charging too much. The Government set the price of bread so low that the bakers lost money on the bread they baked and sold. They started baking non-bread items that weren’t price regulated. Not enough bread was being baked so they stopped this. The bakers can’t win so why try? Working hard doesn’t guarantee success;it doesn’t even guarantee survival. It’s a great example of why socialism fails!

        • Exactly. There are the rulers and the ruled. You obey or they take what you own and then they take your life.

      14. Davy Crockett (yeah, THAT one) on socialism:

        Col. Davy Crockett, who fought at the Alamo, served in Congress. In a famous incident, Congress wanted to appropriate
        $100,000 to the widow of a distinguished navel officer. Crockett took to the House floor and delivered
        his famous speech, relevant as ever: “We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to so appropriate a dollar of the public money. … I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week’s pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.”

        Crockett was the only member of Congress who donated personally to the widow, while the members of Congress who pretended to be so caring and compassionate closed their wallets

        Cited from Stephen Moore in

      15. And WHY doesn’t socialism work? Friedrich von Hayek’s noted it best, where even the most enlightened government cannot properly manage an economy, ****because it lacks the necessary information to do so.*** Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom:
        There would be no difficulty about efficient control or planning were conditions so simple that a single person or board could effectively survey all the facts. But as the factors which have to be taken into account become numerous and complex, no one center can keep track of them. The constantly changing conditions of demand and supply of different commodities can never be fully known or quickly enough disseminated by any one center. Under competition — and under no other economic order — the price system automatically records all the relevant data.

      16. Playwright George Bernard Shaw on socialism:

        “You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed whether you liked it or no. If it were discovered that you ad not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner.”

      17. Behold! the future!

        Governments of all colours never give up power without a fight!

      18. Sad situation once the commies take over a country.

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