Prepare For Total Economic Disaster: “We Are Going Down And Going Down Hard”

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    Editor’s Note: There’s no more hiding it. The global economy is at a standstill – almost literally. The Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the price of moving raw materials across the ocean has completely collapsed to all-time lows. Last week it was reported in China that not a single container ship was transporting materials across the sea. Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, announced that they are laying off thousands of people and closing hundreds of stores across the country. Consumer spending through the holiday season was abysmal and some of the countries leading companies are confirming these results in their latest quarterly reports. Stock markets around the world are crashing. Governments and central banks are in panic mode. While they will no doubt attempt to save the system as they did in 2008, it may already be too late for our immediate future. As James Quinn of The Burning Platform notes in his latest article, “we’re going down.” The recession is here.



    Consumer Drowning Sorrows At The Bar
    By James Quinn
    The Burning Platform via

    Month after month I watch as the MSM mouthpieces try to spin declining consumer spending in a positive light. They are practically out of excuses. They are befuddled, because month after month they report “awesome” job gains and can’t understand why all these gainfully employed Americans aren’t buying shit they don’t need like they used to. These faux journalists, spouting propaganda for their ruling class bosses, are willfully ignorant of the fact the job gains are in low paying part-time jobs and the fact that Obamacare and record high rents are sapping any discretionary income households would use to buy stuff.

    Despite the propaganda from the media and happy talk from the Liar-in-Chief, the country is currently in a recession and the Fed has no ammo to fake another recovery. We are going down and going down hard. When 70% of your economy is based on Americans buying shit they don’t need from China on credit cards, a dramatic slowdown in consumer spending equals recession. When sales actually fall from November to December during the holiday season, you are in recession. We’ve arrived.

    The December report was a disaster and portends horrible retailer results coming down the road. More ghost malls coming to your neighborhood. The annual results were pitiful, with the more recent months even more dreadful. So after adding 10 million jobs, according to Obama, spending declines? They must be great jobs.

    I think the results are even worse than portrayed in the results presented by the Census Bureau. Retail sales grew by only 2.2% in 2015 versus 2014. That is significantly less than the real inflation being experienced by real people, so on an inflation adjusted basis they fell. Even the 2.2% increase is artificially pumped up by the Fed induced auto debt fueled boom in car sales (or long-term rentals in reality). The 7 year 0% auto loans, subprime auto loans to deadbeats, and record levels of auto leases have created fake demand that will end in tears when the defaults skyrocket. If you remove these fake sales, then total retail sales are up a pitiful 0.9% over 2014.

    When you realize that two of the few strong sales categories were autos (7.5%) and furniture stores (5.8%), you can put your thinking cap on and realize the 7 year 0% financing scam is solely responsible for these sales. Reducing credit score criteria and extending loan terms always works. Right? The other relatively strong area was internet sales (6.3%). Amazon and the rest of the on-line retail segment continues to destroy the bricks and mortar retailers, but even these sales are slowing. They were up a weak 0.3% from November. Before the states started taxing internet sales and it was still a newer concept, the annual growth rates were 15% to 20%, so the 6.3% growth rate is rather unimpressive.

    And this leads me to the strongest spending segment – restaurants/bars. Sales were up 8.1% over 2014 and continued strong in December. I know this is true firsthand as my wife is a waitress at a restaurant/sports bar and business was booming in December and continues to be good in January. My thesis for this strong spending is that people are so miserable about the economy in general and the direction of the country (reflected in Trump’s support), they have decided to drink and eat, for tomorrow we die. Dining out or getting loaded at a bar takes your mind off your troubles for a few hours. It’s not a huge expenditure and you just put it on your credit card and worry about it later.

    When the mass layoffs start hitting in 2016, even this category of spending will contract. If you think the 2015 consumer spending numbers were atrocious, you haven’t seen anything yet.


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      1. Most people that frequent alternative sites such as SHTF, have been preparing for this outcome for some time.
        God bless and keep all of you.


        • thats the first I heard about Walmart being in that bad of shape. I go to a couple of railyards everyday and the empty containers are stacking up and not being cycled back in. Our company’s volume, and I work for a very large trucking company, is down about 30% so far for this time of the year. Yeah, I’m thinkin were past the point of no return. Think basic needs. Stay quiet, stay mobile and stay away from crowds.

          • Walmart put a lot of money into fighting food stamps. As soon as they got their way, losses every quarter. Ignorant management.

            • Smart people profit in a declining economy. Silver OZ is at its lows. Back up the truck. I bought 300 lighters on Amazon @ .20 cents a piece, they are being sold by a 23 yo chick I know who want me to teach her about business. I said here is 50 lighters that you need to sell in 5 days for no less than a dollar each. She sold all of them in 3 days. One homeless guy bought 9 of them. This chick giggles at the profit. It was a basic business learning lesson she executed well. And now understand the basics. Buy low sell high. Giddy up folks, this is basic supply demand shit, like the Author writes about. With Walmarts closing this re-opens up new neighborhood Mom and Pop Shops again and nitch players. F*ck ChinaMart.

              WhoWuddaThunkIt. 11 mths now at my off the grid bugout.

              • Yep. Jacknife’s General Store is fixin to open for business.

              • WWTI, good to see you back. How’s it going in your area?

            • I have always said that for layman terms, when Walmart starts to down size things are going to go down! of course there are LOTS of other things that have more meaning like the dry baltic index and more but for the most part Walmart is a good indicator!

              • Especially if they shut down at night.

              • Less than one year ago Walmart put in a little neighborhood wally-express grocery in my little middle Tennessee small town.

                Announced today: they are closing it Jan 28th.

                Good I say. I said I wouldn’t shop it and didn’t want it here in my small town.

                Bye bye 🙂

                • Grandee, I agree. I never shop at Wally World. Ever. The customer service is terrible and the places always look dirty to me. The one Union I support is the grocery workers union. It is a hard job. Unlike the Federal Employees union which is a scam. The Feds are already fat and happy. I think once they have a hiring freeze or start to lay off or offer early retirement to federal employees that will be a clue that times are bad.

                  • In DoD-land, they aren’t replacing some personnel slots or when personnel retire, they are trying to replace with interns or lower-level personnel on the GS scale. More work is being pushed to contractors but they aren’t hiring more of them; there’s just more work. Their budgets overall are constantly being trimmed–a few percent here and there. Did I mention that equipment/software is only being replaced when it’s no longer supported by the manufacturers?

                    Times aren’t all that fat and happy.

            • Rebecca, could you elaborate on this please? It’s the first I’ve heard of it and I’m interested. Thanks.

              • Back when the government wanted farm supports, they createx food stamps, which were designed to support farmers, not poor people or children. With corporate importation of food, the farmers lost a lot of support from the food stamp program; however, the advent of mega grocery chains like Walmart became the beneficiaries of the food stamp program.

                With pressure of potential taxation, Walmart started fighting not only minimum wage increases, but social programs like food stamps that they had recommended to their own employees as if they were part of their benefits package. They put money into lobbying against food stamps, which were pulled out of the farm package and lowered. Oops.

                Walmart earnings dropped immediately. They have been struggling financially ever since. They made a public statement about Americans not being able to afford food anymore. The jump in employee wages by $1 is expected to land back in their pockets. Ditto they are now selling employees required uniforms.

                The last I read, Walmart is dumping the too poor to eat former food stamp customers and going after the high end market. This was reported in the Money sections of CNN, WSJ, etc… with a lot of laughter against Walmart.

                • Actually, I think Walmart is fighting food stamps (EBT Cards) because of the violent Obama voters. About 18 months ago, when the EBT payment system suffered a hiccup, Obama voters got those noses out of joint, and took shopping carts filled with food out of the store without paying,threatening cashiers who attempted to stop them. If I owned a retail food business, I wouldn’t want those people shopping there either.

              • As for Walmart planning to open a bunch of stores, my guess that is hype to soften the stock market drop in share price. If they open a store here and there, it is unlikely to be hundreds, for one, the market is pretty saturated and they are losing market share to a new bag it yourself chain out of Europe that is cleaner and has good prices. Walmart has not put money back into maintenance, so they are fairly ragged. No possibility they will pull upscale with that old filth. Most of what they are saying is a diversion. Silly nonsense.

                • I’m a European, and always bagged my own shopping until I got disabled by a stroke…

                • Aldi’s doing well down here. They are sprouting up all over, even in on WMART parking lot!

                • I think the US has reached ‘peak big box’. Consumers are struggling to make ends meet and the economics of large floor space stores and shopping centres probably looks bad. If that creates a resurgence of local suppliers and businesses that would be good.

          • hey jacknife there is a site; cant seem to transfer the site info here for some reason, that shows you where the stores are that are being closed. You might be surprised to see that at least 75% of them are located in southern states. Also they are closing ALL of their Walmart express stores

            • Walmart is struggling. My local store has empty shelves. So does Home Depot. Right before Halloween Walmart added a lot of people to stop theft, which is bleeding them dry.It was supposed to be permanent. A few weeks later… nada.

              • snowman,
                This site lists layoffs, bankruptcies, and store closings. And they link to the primary news sources’ reports on those.


        • The following to headlines were taken from the MSN home page at 12:40 pm (pst)

          “The Bear Market In Stocks Will Be Over Before You Know It”………Marketwatch

          “Retirees: Don’t Panic. Invest.” ….Marketwatch

          How low can the MSM go?

          • Heck when everything collapsed in 2008 I had friends calling me up trying to get me to invest in this and invest in that all the while everything was spiraling downwards.
            Most of them lost everything yet were bullish to the very end.
            Couldnt see the destruction while they were watching it happen.

            • Ed,
              You are a very smart and insightful man.

            • 2008 was only a minor dip and finance still worked along with supply chains. The next one will be many times worse with the potential for banking system ‘locking up’ as ‘interbank lending’ seizes. Might we worse than that if the banks bankrupt. That will flow into commerce and businesses won’t be able get liquidity to run their operations.

          • Gringo I’m even more cynical.

            With zero percent interest rates, people are forced into the ‘market’ to get any return on their savings.

            Also believe zero percent interest rates are a ploy to get people to spend.

            Now we hear talk of ‘negative’ interest rates.

            Sounds like theft….

            • Bailins comin! How long before there are runs on the banks, pre-savings acct donation to the firm?
              GET YOUR $$$ out now. Possibly even before long holiday weekend is over, if you can

            • Idaho, negative rates are theft–legal or not. I don’t think Americans will put up with that as nicely as happened in Europe.

              $3,950 is the average savings account amount in the US. The average amount saved for retirement isn’t much farther ahead at $35,000. (Hat tip to With such paltry pickings, who knows why banks would try bail-ins.

              I think bail-ins would crash whatever remains of the US economy. It would appear that unpleasant times are here.

          • That is evil.

        • I got a call from my buddy in northern New York State
          last night. He told me that Canadians are descending
          upon Plattsburgh and buying large amounts of food.
          Even though the Canadian Loonie is worth less than
          70 cents US, there are food shortages in Canada such
          that availability of food is a problem at any price.
          With Montreal being much larger than Plattsburgh, food availability at an affordable price in the US may effect all boarder area towns. Thanks SHTF for allowing the free flow of boots on the ground information. God Bless

          • I’m Canadian blue collar and our grocery stores are full lol most of our cities are surrounded by farm land and being in western Canada our fields are full of grade a Alberta beef yum yummy

      2. We need a new hunting season.

        • Stolz, sounds like that hunting season is not so far off anymore. When wallyworld says they’re closing stores, you know the ship is sinking.

          • As I mentioned here before, my sources tell me that Wal Mart is going to shut its doors on the graveyard shift, closing at Midnight.

            They hope to push overnight shoppers into late night increasing productivity, and save employee and utility costs.

            When you consider the number of stores they have nationwide, that amounts to a considerable savings with little loss in sales.

            BTW, MASSIVE layoffs in tech and banking were announced last fall. No news here, move along. 🙂

            • About the only thing saving most Americans right now is Cheap Gas!!


              • tell that to the 100,000+ oil company office workers & field hands let go due to declining profits.

              • Naaah. Most of them are too stupid to realize that it’s transient and have used it as an excuse to get bigger, less fuel efficient vehicles like SUVs. If anything, now is the time to buy a Prius or a small car as they are sold at a discount and will be a prudent investment once gas hits $4 a gallon in another year or so. Then again, most people don’t think, they just emote. Thus they wind up running out of economic room very quickly when things change as they have no cushion other than the one under their ass in that shiny new Tahoe.

                • At least, when it comes time to get out of Dodge, it will be easy for them to run right over those Priuses and “Smart” Cars…

            • I used to always shop at 3:00 am at wall mart. Generally they only had a single checker ther. The people who were there were the stockers (Lots and lots of them) and the guy moping the floor. Cant really get rid of anyone of them. So closing overnight really wouldnt save anything.

              • Ed: You move those workers to the evening shift. A lack of demand PRODUCES a lack of work and is evidenced by less traffic and a drop in sales. If sales are down 10-20%, or more, you should be able to cut 5-10% of your workforce, cut your lights, and lower the thermostat over night.

                In a company the size of Wal Mart a 10% cut in expenses nationwide is a significant savings. 🙂

                • And that savings goes DIRECTLY to the bottom line. 🙂

                • When they are stocking, you cant move around in the store. If you are carrying what you are buying it is ok but a cart is out of the question. The isles are completely packed with pallets and boxes and carts of this and that. Get up early sometime and take a look. It is pretty amazing.

                  • I’ve noticed that and it is annoying.

                  • Ed: Not true. Lame defense. 🙂 At 3 am it is likely restocking is already over, but when I go in between 10pm and 12am there are pallets on the floor and in the isles, and while it is a bit of an inconvenience shopping continues as usual.

                    Finally, with the pallets on the floor prior to re-stocking it is possible to locate those hard to find items that are out of stock like:

                    Lays, Sea Salt & Vinegar chips for only $1.18 Get’em before they are gone !!! 🙂

                    • I used to stock years ago. I never go to Walmart, have not been there in years. But I do shop at a regional 24 hour larger grocery. store. They dont hire enough stockers to get it done by 3, not even close. I pop in now and again at 6:30 and they are still stocking.

                      Im with Ed. They need to stock overnignt and it takes all night, I know this from first hand knowledge. And there is no way they can stock seriously before midnight, talk about losing customers.

            •…car sales are up! That means everything is all good…right?


              • Thats because the gov is buy them up and letting sit in car graveyards to help prop up to big to fail auto companies.

            • Walmart is struggling. My local store has empty shelves. So does Home Depot.

            • Walmart is struggling. My local store has empty shelves. So does Home Depot.

          • Brave, I was at a wally super center a couple of days ago and found some shotgun shells that didn’t have a price on them, and believe it or not I walked all over half of the store to find a clerk for a price check. So I do believe they are cutting back on help. Trekke Out.

            • MT, we have 8 wallyworlds in my area alone. I’ve also noticed fewer employees in them since Sept. They’ve been cutting back for some time.

              • Sometime last year, Wally World proudly announced that they were increasing the pay for all their hourly workers… Now you know how they paid for that.

              • MT and Braveheart,
                Here in the Midwest our Wally World alleged “Super Centers” have durn few “Associates,” and what little there are, act like palmetto bugs to a flashlight–once they see you, like a cockroach seeing light, they scatter asap to their cracks and crevasses never to be found again.

                Great service.

                The big, over weight Wally World Associate black Dude at the sporting goods counter was playing with his iPad and didn’t even acknowledge me when I walked up to him for a price check on some .223.

                No bother–I just went home and ordered a bunch on line. Even with UPS shipping it’s cheaper (but I gotta watch the recent “Porch Pirates” that now follow Big Brown and swipe doorstep deliveries.)

                • Seasoned, I thought that the “Porch Pirates” were a phenom of large metro areas (such as Wash DC). I haven’t ordered online in some time for that reason. Some of the problem in my area may stem from the fact that there are too many pockets of “Free and Reduced Price Lunch” people nearby.

            • i can NEVER find help at wally world…maybe LESS often than that…it’s about the same as that do-it yourself store, home depot, which SHOULD be renamed the do-it-yer-god-damned-self store.

              • BCOD

                Hahahaha! Know what you mean.

          • That hunting season could be closer than anyone knows. Oathkeepers and several other orginizations have banded together and said there will be no free Waco in Oregon.
            As to what this means you can all decide for yourselves. I am just sounding an alarm bell.
            Several white SUV’s arrived there yesterday. It was also reported by the fire chief there that he caught several people dressed as melitia faking a break in to the national guard armory. They turned out to be FBI dressed as melitia.

            If this goes sideways in a bad way, and it could, then look out. Things could go south in a hurry.

            In another side note. I got a call from my boss today. The large Electric company I work for is going to try to stream line leadership. That means there are going to be lay offs at all salaried levels.

            The next few months should be taken so seriously. Keep alert and have things in order.

            • Mike,

              When the Feds roll in the armor- like they did in Waco- the bloodbath will be over. Then we’ll hear MSM tell us that tear gas doesn’t create any sparks.

              • Marcus

                I agree. What worries me is what comes after that.

            • Another interesting thing is that there’s not a peep of this news on any MSM. It takes trolling the internet to get info.

        • Explain this comment????

          • Vote Hillary…. The comment refers to the Walmart closing. Many of us are dependent on their low cost GMO infected food so once they are closed we must go PIG hunting since the PIGS are the nuisance with an all year open season.

            Please have Hillary to stop the Walmart’s closure. Thanks You and best of luck on putting your new leader in the WH.

            Braveheart….Please add if I have missed anything to educate our Hillary lover. LOL.

            • Stolz, LMAO! There’s all kinds of things to educate the Hillary lover about. If you want to make the effort that’s up to you.

            • Cankles likely doesn’t even know what a WalMart is except as a line item in stock reports.

          • Suggest you and others go see the movie 13 Hours.

            • Looked for it today. Not in my town at this time. A friend in Texas just saw it.

          • hillary….should she be in the whitehouse(or, SPITEhouse, while obammy’s in there)…or should she be in the COURThouse…one hell of a debate on that right now, but maybe the WHOREhouse would be more appropriate. but the OUThouse would probably be the BEST place for her….HEADFIRST! i suppose there are those who would say she should be in the BIG house…but if I am elected king, even though there are many that don’t believe in the electric chair…we will have electric BLEACHERS, and when the courthouse is done with HER, she would be the first customer…but there would be MANY to follow, as there’s no shortage of traitors and thieves on capitol hill…but not much chance of ME being elected. we already HAVE a king, now don’t we.

        • It should be open season on banksters and bureaucrats all year ’round.

          • One day the dumb assed public will finely get a clue & it will happen. Just not going to hold my breath waiting for it.

      3. Meh

      4. Walmart is closing 269 stores and laying off thousands of employees.
        The move will affect more than 16,000 employees, including 10,000 in the US. The shit is going to go down fast. The toilet has been flushed.

        • But they are opening a bunch of new bigger super centers…..these are all stores that are close to bigger locations they don’t need….and the are going to keep all the U.S. Workers and move them to the bigger stores close to the one they worked at!

          • Wrong! For quite some time now Walmart has been shifting towards smaller stores. They may still be called super centers, but they are a lot less square feet, therefore less sku’s. And guess what? Fewer employees.

          • My understanding and I may be wrong as I do not follow Wally World closely, is that they are going to be opening more, new, SMALLER, neighborhood stores and cutting out some super centers.

            This allows them to cut the number, volume, and scope of the products not turning over fast enough in some locations. 🙂

            • Idiot

            • they are going to take the dollar stores out of business! soon wallyworld will own ALL the stores

              • TacoBell won the franchise wars… 😀 Everyhing is TacoBell

                • Ed: Maybe, but the “ground beef” is enhanced with food grade PLASTIC !!! Get the chicken tacos only, but if they will put PLASTIC in their beef, God alone, knows what they are doing to the chicken.

                  And its FUCKING legal !!! 🙁

                • Ed,

                  How’s ’bout CHIPOTLE?

                  Been food poisoning customers left, center, and right. Now their bright MGMT tells them to “spend a few hours figuring how not to poison customers:”


                  …good ole gristle and grease + pizzen…

            • Dk I’m still listening ty for the financials. Still trying to figure out up to a horses bridle, what that means? Is that like,when you got him in the river and his neck is stretched , blowing water out of his nostrils? Anyway keep us up on financials ty again I’m still listening.

            • They are closing the small ones

          • Opening up bigger stores close to bigger stores they don’t need. Okay.

          • I shop sometimes at a baby wallmart in Rawlins Wyoming. It is about half the size of a regular wall mart but still quite large. Rawlins and the surrounding area only has a population of about 20,000 people. Its hard to imagine that that could support the store. But it is not one of the stores being closed either.

            • ED I don’t know about Rawlins but where I live in Wyoming, 100 miles is a surrounding area for Wal Mart, and I spect thats so for Rawlins, I meet all my neighbors at Wal Mart on the weeekend, and it’s a fur piece away. Trekker Out. No Golden Hoards Here!

        • But plan on opening 400 or so in other locations. Not sure what to make of it. A net gain in stores. Culling the weak and starting in better locations.

          • Plans are exactly that, they can be changed or cancelled at will. Sometimes these plans are put up just to keep the stock prices up. The fact is world stock prices and world trade are dangerously falling. The falling oil prices will cause many to go bankrupt in the shale industry etc. which will have a bad effect on the banks.

            • Banks will foreclosure on the underlying O&G assets and MAGICALLY, the price of oil will bounce, eliminating the need for the Gangster Banksters to write down those “losses”.

              I have seen this magic trick performed before, but keep your eyes peeled on China: the smoke is dissipating there and soon you will see in the mirror that the Emperor has no clothes!!! 🙂

          • Or, closing stores so they can be used for containment centers…???

            • Like… our tax dollars bought them. They are concentrated in the south. Not to mention 25 in Texas, with a fairly strong economy.

      5. Walmart also announced the closing of 115 stores in
        Latin America

        oil at $29.53

        • Satori,
          Even at that price, the terrorist nation, Saudi Arabia, makes a profit. They’re profit point is at $20/bbl.

          Oil needs to get to $10/$12/bbl and we’ll so no more funding of world-wide terror from the Saudia ragheads. KAPUT!

          • The Saudis can pump oil right down to $8 a barrel.

            No one else can.

      6. Don’t know when, possibly now. TPTB have been pulling a surprising number of effective rabbits out of their hat of tricks in the past. I’m inclined to believe that a helicopter drop as the previous Federal Reserve Chairman suggested will indicate when, “The jig is up”.

        Low oil prices gives them additional room to increase the money supply w/o inflationary pressure.

        “Can’t say yes, can’t say no, just say maybe”.

        • Low oil prices gives them additional room to increase the money supply w/o inflationary pressure.

          That’s a positively terrifying thought. Because as we all know, oil price isn’t volatile at all. Nooooooo of course not 9_9.

          You think we’re fucked now… what if they do that and then oil hits 140 a barrel?

          • Exactly!

            • I used to invest in oil alot. I even work in the industry. But a year and a half ago I was driving down a road in North Dakota looking at all the new wells going up and remembered when My grandfather told me that the rich only allow you to invest when they are done. When you see everytone else investing, the jig is up. So I sold off everything and got slowly finished up jobs.
              My grandfather was right about a lot of things.

              • I put in 26 years in an Oil Refinery. Made out very well in compensation and investing. I never understood E&P (Exploration & Production) as I was in M&R (Marketing and Refining). If oil breaks $25 I’m jumping back in 100% in probably XOM. They fight wars over oil. It isn’t staying down forever.

        • I thought the problem was money velocity not supply. With consumers not spending (cash or credit), that leaves only the big fish (businesses and the wealthy) to spend. Not sure how much spending they are doing but it doesn’t appear to be much.

      7. Hmmm,
        Know of certain high ranking gov employees family who will be visiting certain wealthy talk show hosts remote homes next week,,,, something big afoot?

        • They will also find out that there will be no place to hide, you can crawl down the deepest hole to survive but you will never live the same again and the rich sure love to live it up.

        • Farmer…

          Can you expound on that? I am sure all of these wealthy talk show hosts will know long before they tell us… I think it is here. Toast.


          • Hildweller,
            WE the people are ALWAYS the last to know, bee that way since time began and until WE the people decide we have had enough it will stay that way! well I have had enough and it is time to change things!

      8. “The winning stock market strategy right now”

        BC commenter RagnarD:

        5 to 10 acres in a defensible place with an off the grid water source. Greenhouse. Fractional precious metals in .223, .40, .45, .22LR, etc. Some stock like chickens, a pig or two, beef on the hoof. Hunting skills. Stashed starches in enough quantity to live for at least two years. Heirloom seeds.

        Hard times are coming. Harder than most Americans can even imagine. Harder even than The Great Depression. Root, hog, or die, and the weakest go to the wall. Those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members.

        I hope that’s what the unculled do. Hope is not a plan.

        • Nailed it

        • Seems a bit parinoid…don’t panic the market always bounces back…stay the course!

          • VH: I was laughing so hard my tears ran down my leg

            • ‘long as it wasn’t good whiskey.

              • wellllll he filtered it first

                • vote hillary?????????

                  You have got to be kidding me????????????????

                  All of you wonderful “we live in a village” donuts need to get together and light the torches and while holding hands and singing “we are the world” march off a cliff at the Grand Canyon screaming “what difference does it make now” as you free fall to the ground below…

                  I nominate hillary for eight to ten in San Quentin…

                  • any body seen the duct tape???

          • Methinks VoteHillary is a jokester.

            • More like moron.

          • Vote Hilliary

            Seems to me you were raised by a village. lol

            • who was it said a while back, “it takes a village to mind yer own goddamned business”?…those “vote for hillary” people are the ones that never grew up. i’m reminded of my last ex, that still believed in sandy claws, and the toof fairy. i alway DO wonder what it’s like in their world. how do these grownup children process things so wrongly, as to believe that money grows on trees…maybe they DO have it right, that there never WILL be a reckoning…PFFTT!

          • @ vote hillary

            I sorry your a worthless piece o sh*t. I am guessing you
            don’t know what ” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” means and I am guessing your to stupid to figure it out.

            • WTF, Hillary is a CFR agent, CFR is who JFK referred to as secret society-see utube billary n cheney CFR members to 911 put option CFR banks to CFR chain of command r all Ashkenazi to 6 9 members of the warren commission r all CFR members

          • VH,
            Your opinion is irrelevant at this point.

        • Like a “Perfect Storm”, a whole bunch of seemingly-unrelated things are unraveling all at once.

          DOW is down 475 currently today.

          1/15/16 – Baltic Dry Index has fallen to 373

          Demand Recovery Could Now Be As Far Out as 2018

          “Dry bulk companies had taken huge debt to finance vessel acquisitions with some hope for revival in the sector,”

          “Ship owners are unable to meet even their operating expenses at the prevailing freight rates, forget about servicing debt.”

          Bulk shipping bankruptcies are expected to continue as the Baltic Dry collapse continues.

          • @ KYmom…Hey D…good to see you! Things are going South here in Canada as well…our dollar is now below 69 cents US..not good for us, but lots of Americans coming here and spending. Soooo good for some CDN business. However, fruits and veggies gone sky high….califlower last week was $7.00 for 1 head….asparagus, $9.00…needless to say, I did not buy it!

            Thank God my house is paid for and lots of preps….enough for my 3 sons and their families if need be….When Daisy left Canada, she left me buckets and buckets of beans, rice, oatmeal, wheat, etc.etc…What a gal! We are blessed! take care all, CC.

            • Canada Canuk,

              Keep your pantry stocked!

              Maybe one of your sons can build you a greenhouse, so you can keep supplied with fresh veggies in the winter.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              • @KYmom….I would lv to have a greenhouse…..and I do have something in mind, and yes, Darren is the guy to build it…in fact he has done a few out buildings for us. take care, CC.

                • For an inexpensive yet sturdy greenhouse, put up stud walls and entry doors at both ends, either on gravel or a slab, and wrap the stud walls in a couple layers of translucent plastic. You can put a roof on it, either more plastic wrap or a standard 3-tab roof. You need to brace the stud walls for shear, put horizontal plywood around the bottom of the walls, then either wrap that with Tyvek or add regular siding if you want to make it look good.

                  • See Farmtec n USDA Grants of $8,600 for greenhouses. go as wide as u can, spacings of gothic rafters can be to 6′ on center, learn to square it up n see to SARA for added grant $ for solar heating. Here in ND I am “In The Field” inside my greenhouse by March 20 as the frost level barely goes 3″ deep. any advice [email protected]

                  • @Smokey….thanx for the info….but why wrap the studs with plastic wrap? just wondering what the benifits are? thanx again, CC

            • Think rabbits – they do not announce their presence like a chicken and you can bring them inside from time to time as needed for their safety and yours. No domestic noise is a good thing.

              Also, think well trained dog – medium size, medium weight coat NOT SPAYED and an unrelated NOT NEUTERED friend if you can manage.

          • Sounds like a convergence to me. Plenty more coming.

        • Only problem is that the ‘new’ government will be in charge then and you will either assimilate or die and they will have the technology to search, destroy and enslave.

          • Hillary for PRISON 2016

            Anybody see 13 hours Bengazi movie?


          • So do we… Come on give some faith to the people. Not all of them are controlled by the gov.

        • I wish I had exactly that! I have 5 acres of not farmland in the mountains. It is becoming a food forest. I have a garden and inadequate rainwater collection but growing native edibles that are great for opsec. I am starting an indoor garden also, I can grow a fair amount of greens and such in the extra bedroom. Planning a partially underground house with passive solar… to start April/May. Maybe not soon enough!

          I think those with no debt are best off, especially if they can grow food. Defensible? No one has an army, best ya can.

          • Most people would walk past crops and and unless there is something bright red and obvious they will walk past and not even realize what is beneath their feet. Many people have no clue as to how to grow food. Many don’t even cook using real ingredients now. I buy organic beets with the tops and always plan on using the greens that night for dinner as the tops do not last while the beets are fine. Try and find out what plants go wild in your area when left untended. In my area grapevines and filbert nut trees do just fine once established although the grapevines can become invasive. Potatoes, carrots, beets, and asparagus don’t look like much. It is hard to grow plants indoors unless you spend a lot of money on grow lights. The plants end up too leggy and weak. Fine to start plants inside but they need to be moved outside to grow well. There are portable greenhouses you can make or buy. Old windows make decent cold frames. I have heard about using hay bales to keep plants warm. Passive solar sounds great but make sure it is worth it and will work in your location. Having a house below ground level sounds great too but may require extra work to maintain depending on the water level in your area and the amount of rain and snowfall. There is a reason some houses with basements always smell musty and this is due to excess moisture. It depends on your area and the conditions.

        • DANG! sound awake hit it outta the park!

          ROOT HOG, OR DIE!


      9. As the great mr crabs says on sponge bob “ahhh all me money’s gone” not mine i pulled out years ago and im not talking birth control either. Then i see this new bird flu we have now here in indiana it just keeps getting better and better. Think i should fill up one of the freezer with chicken while its still cheap guess its like the commercial for indiana beach “theres more than corn in indiana”

        • USDA reports first bird flu case since June, different strain than last year

          “The USDA said state officials had quarantined the facility in Dubois County, Indiana. Depopulation of the flock has begun to prevent spread of the disease.”

          “In last year’s bird flu outbreak — the worst in decades — infected flocks prompted the depopulation of 7.5 million turkeys and 42.1 million chickens. The cost to federal taxpayers has already hit more than $950 million.

          To help contain bird flu, the USDA has been planning for a worst-case scenario in which 500 or more commercial flocks across a wide swath of the U.S. could be affected.”

        • Not trying to have you violate opsec, but whereabouts are you in Indiana?

          • Brazil

            • Howdy neighbor… I’m a CC resident also.

            • Godsoldier –

              We are almost neighbors. About 40 minutes west of you.

              • Godsoldier,

                Close too–

                Very Southern Indiana

                Country Girl

        • @godsoldier. you KNOW, like my wife used to say, “there’s a substantial PENALTY for early withdrawal”!

      10. I don’t get the doom and gloom. I am in sales for 29 years and had my 2nd best year ever. I earned $283,000. The economy is good in most areas, stop focusing on the negative and get out there and hustle.

        Built a new house 2 years ago….got 3.25 percent loan, life is good for most, stop bitching and Make the changes you need to and you will succeed….Vote Hillary and keep the recovery going.

        • To votehillary- you must sell guns and ammo.

        • Vote Hillary.. Do you sale dildos? What size your beloved to be president is using?

          • Yea he she is in sales but what is he she peddlin? Probably sunglass sales.

            • I recommend this really stylish pair of rose colored lenses for day wear and at night a pair of really dark,fab shades. Yep only a sunglass salesman could peddle that B.S.

          • hillary…she puts the cunt in country!..seriously though, shtfplan is no place for hillariats, why dontcha’ take it somewhere else?…i suspect even if you DIDN’T have vote for hitlery in your screen name, EVERYone would STILL see you as a simpleton, but why does a troll come right out and expose yourself like that with the screen name you have?…i say send this simp to the “witless protection program”!

        • Jesus fucking piss, 283k in a SALES position?

          Boy oh boy did I ever bet on the wrong horse for a college major. Should have known PT Barnum’s Circus here doesn’t care if you produce shit or not.

          • Sounds like Pharmecutical sales in a pain medicine clinic. Fessup what ya selling that does not have some sort of Goverment / Corporate Fascist backing?


        • What is it you sell?

          • Bullshit would be my guess. Probably just a another dirt merchant salesman. Plenty of them makin’ the rounds.

            • I sell software solutions and cloud storage.

            • Grow up…I work my ass off and get paid well on straight commission.

              • real purty hookers and politicians make THAT kind of money…

              • You work your a– off. You come off as unique You are not.

        • You must be in the business of selling gov weapons or financial BS. Either way, you’re a piece of you know what and should off yourself.

          • Wow…you must lack self esteem….because I am successful and have a different opinion, I should kill myself? You are a simple person with a simple brain…go read a book and educate yourself and maybe you can make more than the minimum wage…Fool!

            • Hi there- we also are fairly successful but you have to realize that there is a real storm brewing. Do you not know this?

        • vote Hillary, what are you smoking? Maybe I need to try some.

        • I have a nephew that sells commercial insurance and makes better than $150K with bonuses on top of that. Probably comes within spitting distance of $200. It shocks me too having put in long hours on rotating shift work overseeing the entire power department worth $100 million in a refinery worth God knows what for considerably less.

      11. Bird flu swine flu brown bottle flu so many can get ya on the bright side we got cheap gas only thing is i have no place to go

      12. Oil under 30 dollars, how come it is over $1.85 a gallon here still. So now capitalist gouging has no limits across the board. No wonder Oliar is antsy and quick to sign the TPP soon. “Peddling fiction” should be tattooed on his forehead. He’ll never tell the truth.

        • Better to drop an anvil and “ACME” will be tattooed on his forehead.

          • meep-meep!

            • I just realized that the operation of our government is very much more like Looney Toonz than it is The Constitution.

              What a shape we’re in…

        • Refineries won’t get the lower price for 2 or so months as they pre buy. They do immediately raise prices when it goes up as the next shipment will cost more and they’re not taking the bite. This is why refinery stocks will zoom up rapidly on a crude price increase.

          • Gas stations also raise prices immediately as the very next shipment will be more costly.

        • $1.64 in Casper.

          • $1.99 here, dropped 15 cents in 3 days.

        • Hmmm… WalMart making adjustments in the coming year and TPP in the offing soon… Wonder if there is a connection.

          Side bar: When I see TPP, I tend to see the TP to equal toilet paper and then have to fill in the blank with the extra P which could mean pusher, process, parcel, proposal, etc. My brain goes goofy now and then. (Have a fertile imagination and creative streak.) Then I stop chortling when recalling the seriousness of it.

      13. Hope this guys articles will be replacing Snyder’s crap.

        • snyder tells it like it IS…i say snyder for PREZ!

      14. It is like driving in the winter up north, when the roads are
        snow covered. You are just driving along just fine, listening to your favorite song on the radio, & as you approach a bend in the road….you apply the brakes. That is when you realize that you are driving in a 4,000 lb ( or 50,000 lbs if you are SmokinOkie ) missile, and you are along for the ride. The crazy part is when you push on that brake pedal & the vehicle does not slow down….Your mind plays a tricks on you. It actually feels like you are accelerating ! You are really not going faster, but I believe this is a condition caused by an overworked sphincter muscle….trying to grab on to something to slow the missile down. You can see that big oak tree 10 feet off the road, past the wooden fence on the bend. You crash through the fence, across the field, & into that big old oak tree. I believe that is what we are all about to experience. We know the road. We know that there is a bend up ahead, & a big oak tree that is not going to move to avoid the crash. The only question is
        when we will each feel the need to try to slow the economic crash down. None of us want to be a part of this coming disaster. We have tried to warn family & friends that there is a storm coming. They don’t see it. They don’t think the road will get icy, they don’t think that they need to purchase snow tires to protect themselves. They are focused on all of life’s distractions like TV shows & Football. They have no idea. I hope that all of you are working to prepare for the coming storm…& can avoid being part of the big wreck. It is a beautiful day here in Texas. Keep on prepping, & take some time to enjoy the day. Someday you will look back on this time as “the good old days” !
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

        • Hi Random- not too far from you in Walker county. What a gorgeous day we had here today, yes? I find your analogy pretty apropo:)

        • well now, random, if you were an EXPERIENCED driver(like the FED)…you would know to step on the gas, instead of the brakes. and turn that wheel into the spin, and when you get some steering response back, THEN turn into the curve, and you can recover that wreck you were about to have….oops, no,….wait. we(the FED) ALREADY stepped on the gas to go faster to recover that steering input…and we went faster EACH time…not slowing down, because we THOUGHT this curvy road would end and we would be on a straightaway again…if it wasn’t fer them damned decreasing-radius curves, we scream, as we hit that tree at 150 miles an hour….maybe we shoulda layed off that whiskey bottle a LITTLE sooner….you know, lynyrd skynyrd warned U.S. soo many years ago….

          Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
          Oak tree you’re in my way
          There’s too much coke and too much smoke
          Look what’s going on inside you
          Ooooh that smell
          Can’t you smell that smell
          Ooooh that smell
          The smell of DEBT surrounds you

          Angel of darkness is upon you
          Stuck a needle in your arm
          So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
          One more drink fool, will drown you
          Ooooh that smell
          Can’t you smell that smell
          Ooooh that smell
          The smell of DEBT surrounds you

          Now they call you Prince Charming
          Can’t speak a word when you’re full of ‘ludes
          Say you’ll be all right come tomorrow
          But tomorrow might not be here for you (yeah you)
          Ooooh that smell
          Can’t you smell that smell
          Ooooh that smell
          The smell of DEBT surrounds you

          Hey, you’re a fool you
          Stick them needles in your arm
          I know I been there before

          One little problem that confronts you
          Got a monkey on your back
          Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick
          One hell of a price for you to get your kicks
          Ooooh that smell
          Can’t you smell that smell
          Ooooh that smell
          The smell of DEBT surrounds you
          Ooooh that smell
          Can’t you smell that smell
          Ooooh that smell
          The smell of DEBT surrounds you

          Hey, you’re a fool you
          Stick them needles in your arm
          You’re just a fool, just a fool, just a fool

          you shoulda’ listened, america

      15. I actually did buy one of those new cars at low interest. I chose it for it’s known reliability, low fuel costs and low maintenance costs. When asked if I wanted to trade in my old truck I told them no thanks. If the economy turns south and I can’t make the payments, it gives me a fall back point after I give them the new car back. The guy didn’t quite know what to say to that.

        • Wise…

          Nobody thinks of “fallback”.

          You just made a statement: I will use credit. I will not allow credit to use me.

          Its what I do with credit cards. I’ve had half a dozen in the past few years. Get special offers for signing up, use it for the offers, pay off with electronic transfers. I said years ago that I will use the banks, I will not allow the banks to use me.

      16. Yes i work in financial services and i can feel the pressure ripping off the top my frickin skull already with rate increases with carriers ripping my customers off and calapsing them, and foreclosures are kicking into high gear in Houston. Here comes the next calapse since it now year 7, the ending of the 7th year cycle. Anyone without prepps, you are totally completely screwed. The newly pregant women all over Texas and Houston will advice you. Don’t listen to the imcompetent fools like HCKS, he is and idiot. Well folks, lets see if he is really and idiot, because i know for a fact that we will not be having and election. If the election comes around and passes and we are in 2017, this would be a miracle. We can change the future, some of us, but it requires over 50% of the global population to change in that direction, and realistically, this stands no chance in hell of happening.

        California had environmental calapse, and its oceans off the coast had broken open and more gases are escaping at a level never seen before. Then Nibiru comes around in March April time frame. Get ready to see the wonder and beautifull read and blue lighting all over the major cities of the world. Like the good ole bible warned, men’s hearts will fail them at the sight of things in the heavens and you know that the end is near. Not for me, i am a long term prepper..



        And from the the ashes we will rise to build a Type One Civilization.

        • Shut the F up with your religious BS. If god was real and good, he wouldn’t let this crap happen.
          Hope you don’t make it arsehole.

          • Feel the Bernsteinberg

            If you are not religious then fine. I have no problem with you believing whatever you like.
            I am sick and tired of people like you criticizing those who are. It is my right to believe whatever I wish.
            Give it a break.

            All you are doing is causing division and hurting our cause. Playing right into what the government wants.

            They want us all divided.

      17. Thank you Heavenly Father.
        After keeping a closer eye on the DOW & DBI since the 4th… I earned enough at my job yesterday to order a few pounds of sprout seeds and a Bioset Germinator so as it will be easier to shit that Mountain House freeze dried food stuffs I put up. It is all now quickly tumbling down and hard. Looking like much sooner than later. More garden seeds next weeks pay check…get it while you can my friends and keep your head on a swivel…just wish I’d spent more time collecting team players…oh well one can only do so much.
        Peace and God bless you all that are getting ready!

        • Lol Markinaz- I have been thinking the same thing about trying to get some fresh produce into our diet to help the MH along. That stuff, though tasty… can’t be anything but a close encounter for the colon past a few days.

        • God Bless You and All

          • AMEN!

      18. As economy worsens, it may be a set up for ISIS coordinated attacks, then gov. call for martial law to keep the Bozo in office as a dictator. The EU is about gone, a caliphate will emerge and change the course of history forever. Will Canada and the U.S. follow suit? Will we go down the rat hole like the EU is now? Only if Americans remain stuck in stupid and seems they will from my observation.

        • @laura

          “Stuck on stupid” Yup, just look at who we’re considering as our next Pres. Hitlery Rotten Clinton vs Forrest Trump, really?

          Choose Cruz in 2016!

          • Alfred E. Meuman is a better choice than any of them.

      19. Great article and great comments. I read a lot of comments about having two years, etc. worth of supplies. That’s good, but for most folks who are broke, that’s like saying you should have ten thousand dollars in savings. Why not start with a one week supply, then when you get that, start working on a two week supply and so on. I think that’s much more attainable for the average person. If this things goes down, and it probably will, if you can survive just 90 days, you’ll probably outlive at least 50 per cent of the population. That’s a terrible thought, but it means a lot less strain on resources that are available. Another thing, if you are worried about the grid going down, why not invest in a Deitz cooker lantern (with extra wicks) and some lamp oil (it’s cheap at Wal Mart). You get heat, light and the ability to cook without a lot of hassle and it’s easily transportable.
        God Bless, stay safe and focused.

        • Phil has a point. If it goes totally south and 90 percent are gone… the rest is cleanup.

          • Phil and Rebecca,have a link that have posted many times(ad naseum to some hear!) on feeding a faminly of 4 for 300. bucks for a year.I keep checking it against “current”market prices,can be done.You need water/safe place but then doable.Boring/bland ect.,yes.Life saving if needed YES!

            You alone or a couple cut in half cost or quarter it,or,enuff for say a few months.A wise poster here has stated many times”The smalls add up!”,muc to the chagrin or regulars!

            I will post link if any interested,you can keep prepping till it hits,even then can prep,just different and more challenging,you can do this folks!

            • Warchild, please do post.

        • Filled the tank outside.
          That fuel is only for the gas stove, will easily run it
          for 4 to 5 years easily

      20. Mac’s article last year about stocking up on fuel is probably even more appropriate now

        Stock up boys and girls

        • Learn how to make fuel with a still. An older book called “Alcohol can be a Gas” is out there and used copies still available and easy to find. Carbohydrates from spoiled food to cattails can be used to make alcohol that can be used as fuel.

      21. We need to put the situation into perspective. Why is the economy so important? If we are about to go off of a financial cliff then who do we have to blame? This country just came through forty financially good years, minus a few hiccups, but overall, very, very good years. Yet, everyone is broke, and if we had another forty good years everyone would still be broke. So who cares! Virtually no one saved, invested, prepped, or did anything except spend, spend, spend. There has been a famine in the land of America for decades: A famine of common sense and reasoning. Now that famine may be home to roost. We did it to ourselves, and not only ourselves, but the generations that are to come after us. And we dare to complain about our punishment!

        • The spend, spend, spend is why we have an economy. However what changed was that we no longer buy from our neighbors and support them. We send our money away to support others. So what has happened is that 100 years of investment into our friends and neighbors has been dis-invested and the money ran out… We are truly broke.

        • SPARTAN,
          I get so tired of we did it to ourselves wah wah wah. Your boy Romney spent his entire bloodsucking career killing US companies and restructuring them offshore. My itty-bittie self did it? Really? Massive Walmart pushed US vendors to shut US operations and outsource to China. My itty-bittie self did it? NAFTA trashed US jobs and Mexican farmers, who flooded the US by the millions. My itty-bittie self did it? GE wanted overseas markets and their countries negotiated manufacturing plants to let them in. My itty-bittie self did it? Quit eating propaganda. We bought Chinese? Nothing else on the shelf… it was when I started buying used. You can slurp up this nonsense, I will pass.

        • does no good if THEY shut off the ELEctricity

      22. Laura, you are 100% on target. You are on the top of the evolutionary stage. I see that coming, and believe that, that very plan is being implemented.. make sure your ready and armed up, and know what to do, where you going, and have effective firepower to backup yourself and put up with unprepped roaming violent men and thier bullsh..t. Every day they are on TV fighting for womens right and dont give a rats ass about womens lives and safety.



        Same sht… different day.

      23. Sound awake, everytime the damn .22LR shows up, the same day all of it is gone, Jesass korerist. Just went to go get some at lunch and my local red necks clean out the inventory.




        • LMAO! Saw this comin’ HCKS. Started stocking up on 500 round bricks a few years ago buying 1-2 each month @ 19.95 each. Ended up with 37k at last inventory.

          • Me and “Marine4life (God rest his soul, just like a brother to me) would go to Walmart and get them.

            • i got a call in december that dick’s had 22lr for 25 bucks, so i went down on christmas eve, and it was pretty busy with their pre blackeyeday sale, but i got mine handed to me(2 bricks) and paid at the register…got back to the car and realized i had a lot of clothes, coats…so i changed coats and put on sunglasses and went back in, sure enuff, that girl handed me two more…got a different checker, paid, went to car…now i’m thinkin’ i’m on a roll, so i change coat AND hat, back inside…handed 2 more…now i get the same checker i had FIRST….didn’t even give me a second look…back to car…change coats, this time NO HAT…back in…2 more boxes…this time the girl says “didn’t you just get some of these”…i say to her “oh, that musta been my BROTHER, how long ago was he here, can you point him out to me”…i laughed all night…hell, i’m STILL laughing about it! i guess that black girl handing them out must think us crackers all look the same..bwaahhhhahahahahaaaaaaa

              • Extra coats & clothes in the car…. Don’t you just love American Ingenuity? lol !!!

                • i always carry warm clothes for everyone in my family…i remember a couple years ago my son(12y/o) went on a field trip at school. it was early october, and the day before, it had been 90* where we live in hi desert, but next morning…at a thousand feet higher altitude, it was 35 degrees when we got there, and it didn’t go over 45 the whole time we were there!…so, all the kids had no jackets(even one parent)…and that field trip would have been absolutely ruined if i hadn’t had 8 jackets and blankets with me…it was funny to watch a couple of those “to cool for school” kids that turned down a jacket, only to come asking a few minutes later…my FINEST hour!

                  • BCOD, back when I was in Boy Scouts with my son, scoutmaster and assistants (I was an assistant SM)would bring all sort of extras. When someone was cold enough, they would happily take even my spares and they gladly bore the ribbing of wearing something from a chick.

                    We always had extra food, too. Don’t know why their moms thought a few lunchables packs would fill them up. (Those were often gone by the first morning of a weekend trip.) We adults caught on to their mooching and decided to make rattlesnake soup one time. The snake was sausage in one inch pieces to emphasize the roundness. They were so hungry they decided even that couldn’t be bad. We told them what the “snake” was the next day.

                    Anyway, I digress. The point here is that people are generally unprepared.

                    Yes, I still have my scouting books. Lots of good info in them.

                    • yes, i hear my s/m say to the boys all the time “EVERYthing you need to survive is in that book”, and for the most part, it’s true…they rib me all the time about having this or that when we go camping…”randy’s ALWAYS got what we need”, they say…to some degree it’s true…summer camp at high altitude, my son’s partner put his swim suit on my son’s sleeping bag…i had 4 extras, so no biggie!…had radios with me, so we got to hear lots of things going on that nobody else knew. and as far as moochers, a friend of mine tells me he got tired of his brotherinlaw always showing up for dinner, so one night when done with dinner, they put the plates down on the floor and let the dogs lick them clean, and then put them back in the cupboards, unwashed….they never ate there again…

          • PO’d Patriot, I was stocking up on .22LR even before Obama came along. I picked up some more at the last gun show last weekend. Have another gun show Feb. 6-7 in my area and pick up some more.

            • knavesfart
              now tell us all how yer gonna ‘kill feds’
              you planted sack of nsa shit

            • last gunshow turners was selling 22lr for 35$, and no limit…that no limit was pretty damn surprising. so nobody ELSE was willing to sell for less than 50…same thing with guns, turners was selling them waaay cheaper than anyone else…there was a LOT of pissed off people there(sellers). you guys be careful buyin’ ALL the walmart ammo, trying to resell it at the gunshow…there’s a LOT more of it out there these days…BTW, turners most always has it for around 10 cents a round, but on thursdays they got 500 for around 37$, i think. meanwhile, party like it’s 1941!

            • this gunshow in victorville ought to be real interesting in end of feb.!

      24. Maybe I’ve gone nuts, maybe I’m around the bend, totally lost it, possibly irredeemably insane; but, the sense of relief watching it finally begin to come about sort of feels…… good.

        Am I ready for ‘it’? Hell, who is? I’m more than most, less than some. Good enough for me. I’ve already admitted it, so call me crazy. I think that I’ll make it. Maybe not all that ‘fine and dandy’; but, make it I will. Less a distance to fall than most of those clutching their mobile devices, worrying about “losing their life savings” in a stock market geared towards greed and the already rich. I know how to ‘do’ things. Not just sit and fret over intangibles. Good enough for me. What I hope all of you hold within – abilities and skills that will cause your chances to beat out the parasites.

        Probably time to go and get that last box of 96 rolls of TP @ Sams, another big ol’ bag of rice and another of dried beans. Might be boring; but, as I think of it – I’ll make it.

        Like ‘markinaz’ up there said, “Peace and God Bless you all who are getting ready!”. The same sentiment from the West Coast of Florida to you all as well.

        • “Might be boring; but, as I think of it – I’ll make it.”
          As best we can with what we have to work with.

      25. 15 bigass Turkeys roamed into camp today. Of course just 10 days after crossbow season ended. If I had to? Yep.. I’ll wait till spring season in a few months though. I have tons of canned food with 2016 exp dates on them. Canned smoked salmon over a bed of rice and green beans is tasty.. No food famine here.


        • I have turkeys hanging around my house all the time. But when hunting season gets near they just disappear….

          • You weren’t aware that turkeys can read the games laws? All the ones around me can. We educate all the Keki. It is Hawaiian Dept of Education union rules.

        • Don’t worry about the 2016 expiry dates whoknewit. Everything I’ve read indicates that the only thing you need to worry about expiring is acidic things like canned tomatoes which will react to the can after awhile. Of course if they are home canned in glass they are good for a loooong time. I’ve read that canned meats will last pretty much forever – chicken, spam, canned hams, tuna, dried chipped beef etc. Creamed tuna or chicken over rice sounds good.

        • Shit I’da killed one or more anyway. I like my turkey like my eggs…poached!

          • like obama, i would KILL for a PEACE PRIZE!

      26. HCKS, you are correct about 22lr. We also have a shortage of 22wmr. Locally 5.56 is getting hard to find. I did get a die set for an M1 carbine.

        • Sportsmans Warehouse had about 30,000 rds of them ,223. stacked in the ammo dept tonight along with close to 50K .45 and a lot of 9MM and 38. They had had 1400 rd buckets of 22 for $99 for the last week but sold it all. Didn’t buy any 22, to costly for my blood and I’ve got a lot.

      27. Don’t feel too bad for them….At least not for the upper managment…look at their pay…But gosh darn it…don’t raise that minimum wage..that’s crazy talk!

        Name and Title
        C. Douglas McMillon
        President and CEO
        Charles M. Holley Jr.
        Executive Vice President and CFO
        Neil M. Ashe
        Executive Vice President
        Rosalind G. Brewer
        Executive Vice President
        David Cheesewright
        Executive Vice President
        Gregory S. Foran
        Executive Vice President

      28. I started to wake up around 2002, started setting a few things aside around 2007.

        Being prepared is a mindset, and accumulated skills.

        I am a former Marine. Engineer.
        An A.S.E master automotive technician for 12 years.
        2 Factory Master auto certs as well.
        I was raised by a carpenter / builder.
        I was raised by Parents and Grandparents that had a good size garden most years.
        The women canned food from the garden every year.
        We made home made ice cream with a hand crank one, ( the kids got stuck with that job )
        Same thing for apple butter, women prepped the apples, men got the copper kettle fired up, kids were the stirrers and we took shifts on that.
        Watched my Grandfather tap maple trees and make maple syrup.
        For the last 20 years I have been an Operations Manager for a major telecom company. Managing Installers and Repairmen.

        So, I can fix a car, build a house, grow a garden, preserve the food, Hunt. Basically get things done in general.

        Having things set aside is a small part of what will be needed, especially if you plan on helping as many as you can. The real prepping is being able to sustain. Plan A dosent work out, then have a plan B and C and D.

      29. Problem is vehicles are$40.000 and sofas are$4500. Most people gotta finance that kind of$. I myself was gonna get a new f150 but when I looked at the prices and what my payments would be I decided not to. Put a few bucks into my truck it runs great anyway. I’ve said it before the only way to have $ is to live like a Jew. Don’t eat out this is a huge expense for a lot of peeps. Take a thermos with coffee piping hot in it. I’ve found this is way cheaper than dunkin. Just because gas is cheaper don’t mean to change your driving habits and go farther out than you need to. Walmart is not cheap for most stuff. Ammo is cheap and wrangler jeans and stuff like tshirts. Dollar tree has a lot of cheap stuff. Pocket change adds up. Grow your own produce and raise meat animals. Buy staples in bulk like flour rice coffee beans. Burn wood for heat. Use a line to dry your clothes. Don’t use air conditioners in the summer. Find other ways to stay cool. If you don’t have your ammo now it’s way too late. Should’ve thought about it sooner.

        • Already doing that stuff. I bought seeds even though I have plenty. Who knows? In any event, keep seeds for sprouts… better than vitamins.

        • @Asshat…the things u posted above is the story of my life….but is a good feeling to live within our means….

          I still can’t believe the new and used clothing people send off to the thrift shops…..I lv it when someone comments (favourably)on some of the things I wear…and I usually tell them “yea, picked up at the thrift store(I call it my secret store)…you should see the look of surprise on their face! Have a great day all, CC

      30. On Monday I am going to go to the bank and buy a cashier’s check for my mortgage. The banksters are going to bail in this time.

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