Martial Law Exercise? Feds Going Door-To-Door In Florida Asking For Urine Samples Amid Zika Outbreak

by | Jul 30, 2016 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    Officials have said that at least four people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus and warn that the virus now appears to be spreading domestically either through contact with mosquitoes or direct human-to-human transmission. Until recently, the virus only appeared in individuals infected outside of the United States, primarily in South America.

    In an alarming development, according to CNN, federal, state and local officials have been deployed to canvas neighborhoods in Florida. The stated purpose is to ask questions, request urine samples and determine the spread of the virus.

    Officials believe the local transmission is confined to a small area north of downtown Miami within a single ZIP code. However, local, state and federal health officials are continuing their investigation, which includes going door-to-door to ask residents for urine samples and other information in an effort to determine how many people may be infected. Additional cases are anticipated.

    As noted by Erin Elizabeth of it is not clear whether officials are asking or “demanding” these samples.

    Folks, you read this correctly. The feds and other local authorities are going DOOR TO DOOR to private residences asking (demanding?) urine samples.

    What if a resident does not comply?  What else are they testing for? Would you comply?

    I can tell you right now I am not giving any local or federal agent my urine. If arrest were the alternative then let them arrest me. I have nothing to hide, but no way would I submit to such a test if the feds showed up at my door. Some experts I’m speaking with are saying they’re asking for urine under the guise of “Zika virus” when it is, in fact, for something much more sinister. This is very disturbing to me.

    While many Americans may consider the actions of officials as looking out for the interests of the public, this is the first time in recent memory that the government has deployed teams of officers and agents to personal residences following a contagion concern. Perhaps the most recent example of a similar response by the federal government was when they declared a de facto state of martial law after the Boston Marathon bombing.

    Given that Zika is not necessarily life threatening, and no actual captured mosquitoes in Florida have been shown to be carrying the virus, it is unclear why officials found it necessary to deploy teams to personal residences.

    Perhaps they are doing it out of an abundance of caution, though for the reasons cited above that makes little sense.

    One possible reason behind the moves is that, per President Obama’s Executive Order #13707 entitled Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People, the government is using this crisis as an opportunity to collect behavioral data on how residents respond to government officials knocking on their doors.

    The ultimate goal of such studies and procedural exercises could have something to do with another EO signed by Obama and dubbed the Executive Doomsday Order. Under that order, the President merely needs to declare an emergency in order to implement a variety of responses including the allocation of health resources, the manpower to support health initiatives, detention of individuals considered to be posing a threat to the public, forced health testing, and the security to ensure the Secretary of Health and Human Services can implement its plans once ordered to do so.

    Zika does not appear to be the kind of virus or deadly threat that would require door-to-door visits from government officials.

    Thus, one can, arguably, conclude that, as Erin Elizabeth noted, there is something much more sinister at play.

    Anytime the government starts knocking on doors their actions should be immediately suspect. In the words of President Ronald Reagan:

    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

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      1. Something doesn’t smell right about this.

        • It never smells right when the scum feds are present. It always smells of death.

          • Just whip it out and pee on their shoes! 🙂

            • Or perhaps offer them a handful of these candies ha ha ha ha… ht tp://

              • Or hand them this public servant questionaire (Great to have copies printed for all occasions)!

                ht tp://

                take out the space in the t’s of course 🙂

                • File not found. Looks interesting enough to review as this shit is going down in my motherfuckin backyard. THE FEDCOATS ARE COMING! THE FEDCOATS ARE COMING!

                    • Thanks, don’t know why it failed for me, repeatedly, after removing only the space between ht and tp.

                  • In case nobody noticed…..Everybody wants your DNA as of late! This is a fine cover for that….Expect this type of thing to ramp up.

                    • I think that the federal officials should go around DEMANDING blood samples to determine who is infected with HIV/AIDS. Let’s see how well that is received when the explaination given is that it is in the interest of public health.

                    • Will the infected people be quarantined? I meant the ZIKA infected people?

                      GOT A WWARRANT MR. FEDERALE????????????

            • I was going to post that, but I made other remarks. Well said!

            • ha, brilliant minds think alike !

        • Piss on em… Literally….

        • they can have MY piss, but it’s gonna be WARM, and in their FACES.

          • Holy shit! 4 people infected! Better declare martian law NOW! AAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK… 😮

      2. Guess I will see what happens.

        “No piss for you”.

        • They will get my piss, just not in a cup!

        • The Piss Nazi Bwawahahahahaha

      3. Just like the police were searching homes looking for the Boston bomber. On the contrary they told people stay inside with the doors locked. If this Zeka is so bad don’t you think people would show up to emergency departments and be detained if they contagious by order of health department. People walk around with viruses everyday and spread them too. Rarely are they deadly and widespread. My daughter wasn’t eating wife to her to doc he said nothing wrong with her but keep an eye on her there is a virus that causes sores in the mouth and suppresses the appetite. She didn’t have the sores so had to watch her for a few days. He said it’s not fatal. This stuff never used to happen but since they let people in the country without checking their medical history and giving them a physical evaluation it happens all the time. Infants with sky high fevers is common if they have been in public places. Public places are petry dishes for viruses and bacteria. Filth. Sanitation is paramount and more so after an event.

        • Why aren’t they doing this to people with AIDS or the illegals who are bringing in TB and all other kinds of diseases? Guess four Zika infections are much more important.

      4. Having worked in mosquito control I know Florida has one of the better programs for control. Remember the West Nile Virus? Killed some birds and a few humans but most of the humans were already having health problems and generally were older. Zika has been around awhile in the Caribbean…I’m wondering why it took so long to get here. Something isn’t quite right.

        • My experience has been that the quality of mosquito control varies greatly by county. My county does a particularly good job and I can take an hour long walk and not get bitten once whereas the county to the south of me (about 5 miles) does almost nothing. I was pumping gas just south of the county line a few days ago and the station was swarming with them.

          As far as giving the government a urine sample goes, they had better get a warrant if they want something that personal from me. While I understand the need to stop this thing before it gets started, that does not mean I need to give up my privacy and potentially expose myself to legal consequences should my sample get mixed up with one from a member of the indigenous pill head population.

          • They know the spray will probably kill you first.

            • Well, I must be close to death by now then, seeing as how I have been exposed to it for the last 20-30 years. Sorry, but I am far more worried about things like Malaria and Zika than I am about most of the modern products used to kill mosquitoes.

      5. No, never would I give them anything. I’m not afraid of this zikita shit.

      6. When women start popping out wedge head babies the state will spray like hell for mosquitos. Mosquito prevention and protection will be a household topic.
        Checking your piss will quickly become an insult for they should be out spraying.

        Remember the Cabbage Patch Kid. It will the Zika Head Kids.

        Another multi million dollar drain on the state and medical resources that is preventable.

        Gov. Scott ask for more money from D.C. to combat Zika but didn’t get it. AFAIK.

        • Washington state has had this problem for more than ten years, but they don’t have any Zika virus.

      7. Defend your piss at all costs.

      8. So if you do not comply do they arrest you. Then in jail take your blood or stick a catheter in you to drain your bladder.

        May be the time to stick a No Trespass sign in your yard.

        • I like this sign best… ht tp://

          again take out the space in the t’s

          • In fact narlo dot org has a couple of books out on how to fight the govt. over property issues. Check them out if you own property.

        • No, just have your favorite toy in hand that goes bang bang bang bang bang bang and they’ll get the message pronto.

      9. I would comply but i just drank my urin sorry have a nice day

      10. Just saw a brietbart story with a bimbo called fht4usa she was talking about Cristian bashers and haters. I would like to ask the bimbo . Do you hate serial killers . Do you hate child molesters . Do you hate torturers. Do you hate murderers. Then you are a hater .Bimbo. And you are also stupid. Get use to it bimbo.

        • Could you please tell us where you read in your constitution that serial killing, child molesting, torturing and murdering are guaranteed to be protected from government and civilian interference? You are deceived in many ways if you think there is the slightest correlation between heinous criminal behavior and worship of the living God. Did you learn this lunacy in public school or from television?

      11. Keep a small pop-top can of apple juice in your bathroom. Then if they come calling for a urine sample, give them a cup of apple juice. If they are only testing for Zika, it will come back negative. If they come back and complain, it means they were testing for something else, such as DNA.

        I think it was Alan King, the comedian, who said he did that in the hospital one time and freaked them out.

        • Id say sure, I’ll give you a urine sample you freak, just get on your knees and open your mouth.


      12. I will really be pissed off if they come here.

      13. Remember when they were looking for Osama in Pakistan, they were giving away HPV vaccinations – but weren’t really.

      14. Drug tests could be given to insure all citizens take their State required meds.

      15. Give me urine liberty or give me death

      16. Can DNA be obtained from a urine sample? I remember growing up every few days in the summer the mosquito spraying trucks would drive by, got use to the nasty smell. I haven’t seen one of those trucks in decades, probably spraying poison detrimental to human health the reason they stopped. As far as Rick Scott, he loves to park that smug mug in front of a camera, he being firmly planted in big electric and big sugar pockets, those and all forms of graft known to political crooks who when asked a pertinent question just smile. As big a crook as Jeb. Zika, the latest bamboozle to show who’s boss, papers please, urine please. I don’t have to piss now, come back later after I hook up my whizinator.

        • Yes they could get dna if certain types of cells were in the urine.

      17. Scientists are on the verge of a zika vaccine. I’ll pass
        on that.

      18. And you guys think I am acting up, think again.. this shit is getting so insane, all we can do is prepare..all that was is just them testing and gauging reaction to see what we will put up with, I have to laugh.. you will never see this happen in Houston or Texas to that matter..i challenge anyone to tell me that we will have an election this year.. I have to see it to believe it.. of it happens and Trump wins, what happens next, the EMP, bio weapons deployment, or V the gorilla economist info from the 4 star general commenses…seems that they are trying to convince the masses that a outbreak is about to happen. Greenspan the zionist warned us a few months ago that things are about to get tough by October.. thanks for the warning..


        • They’re getting desperate and will try anything to keep their puppets in power. No matter who gets elected, if indeed ‘they’ allow an ‘election’, either The People or the enemy of The People will be extremely POed. ML may very well need to be implemented to restore order. The ramifications would be either positive or negative, depending on who is the Martial.

          • Screw ML, let’s fight it out on the streets and see who wins. Fookin libs will die by the droves! But then the ass kissing j%w loving braindead asshole military will step in and restore the j&w control of course. You know, the more I think about reality the more I hate you fookin so called defenders of the usa. Wake up you braindead fools your on the wrong side!

            • And here’s a few questions for you military folk:

              Why did you join the service?
              Do you feel like you served your people?
              Did you question at all why you were compelled to serve?
              Did you research any facts about conflicts before joining?
              Did your machismo overide your mental capacity to think clearly?
              Did you like killing or being supportive of the killing machine?
              Did you join just so you could kill people you were told you should hate?
              Did your masters allow your so called enemies in our country by the droves?
              What did you accomplish?

              Answer these questions one by one and see…..

              • Thats 9 questions in all… please answer all of them

              • Hey G. Many join the military because they are too dumb, unqualified or lazy to get a real job in the private sector. Many don’t join because of any of the reasons you listed above, or besides that cool uniform with the flag patch so they can pick up more women. That info thought stuff doesn’t even cross their Low IQ brains. They join to get a paycheck and are willing to kill anybody they are told to kill, for that paycheck. That’s the real danger the human military poses.

                Like unskilled drones, with no brains, just a joystick with a trigger finger and air beneath their wings, sent off to slaughter the innocent. In war, the casualties are 90% innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, and the rest are enemy combatants or friendly fire.

                Even Obama is willing to kill 99 innocent women and children for one suspected terrorist with his killer drone scam. It would suck to be shot in the back by a frightened Low IQ friendly fire. But of course that fact, does not sell well at home to promote an unjustifiable illegal war, so they call it a training mission or some heroic feat to kill terrorists, to make the family of the dead fell more patriotic. Patriotic Heroism propaganda theory sells war.

                Remember Pat Tillman, Pro Football Player. He too was shot and killed by Low IQ friendly fire, and the US Government covered that up, and came up with some BS Story to make it look patriotic.

                War is the cover-up of Fraud and Theft. Don’t forget that. Just like 9-11, the cover-up of $80 Billion?? in Gold theft from the Twin Towers. As the war profiteers lined up to line their pockets for a few decades.

                Its all a BS Scam, costing Taxpayers and our attack on our freedoms. Remember GW Bush saying “They attacked us because they Hate our Freedoms.” In reality Bush and his lying pack of psychopaths attacked us so he and his cabal could consolidate power to attack our freedoms so they could rule over us minions and enrich themselves. 9-11 is the biggest costliest crime committed to America in 240 years, and these criminal bastards are still walking scott free enjoying their lavish lifestyles. There isn’t enough rope to hang them all.


                • I was in the military over 30 years ago and i’m quite comfortable with all the reasons I joined. I don’t think I’m too stupid or any of the other condescending adjectives you like to apply in your venom so go fuck yourself. Hey duncecap, it’s the end of july and silver ain’t nowhere $26.50 an oz. Who’s too stupid now?
                  Stay quiet Be smart. But you’re not smart enough to stay quiet. Fuckbag

                  • You must be sitting on your jackknife. $26.50 is what the fundamentals say for silver to gold price ratio. I daid that many times here. We are half way there. I have no control over the paper shorters manipulation. There was no war 30 years ago nuckle dragger. The military is different today full of loosers. So what did you do in the military? Polish door knobs? Grease monkey? Sounds like to still have shit for brains as you did 30 yrs ago.


                    • You said in several comments that the price of silver would be $26.50 by the end of July. You are wrong, it’s that simple. And I never said anything about being in a “war” when I was in the military. However, I was in a couple high tension areas/ hostile fire zones. So whatever you have to call me cause you’re jealous and stupid, go right ahead. The only reason you live where you do is cause no woman will have you so you gave up. Still masterbating to that poster of Farah Fawcett? Fag

            • I am a retired LEO, and as an observer and student of human behavior, I can tell you that the base of the population, including those who enlist in the military, has been totally clueless regarding the fact that the United States of America has been hijacked by the globalists/illuminati.
              I do know many who have enlisted in the military with the altruistic idea of ostensibly “fighting for our freedom”. This is the lie the entire populace has been fed, to propagate the continuation of endless wars to line the pockets of international bankers.
              While a strong military is indispensable for the protection of a nation and its citizens, our military is being USED for the purposes of furthering the NWO agenda of destabilizing nations and installing dictators.
              America is finally waking up to the truth, as we are currently witnessing in The People now speaking out against the establishment ‘elite’. This election is literally about America’s Freedom and Sovereignty vs. the abject tyranny of a global government.

      19. Urine jail because you didn’t cooperate and that pissed us off! As a citizen, it was your NUMBER ONE duty to comply. You did not. So now you have been sent to this PEEnal Colony.

        Pee-S: Let this be a lesson to you and all others out there. COOPERATE and ask NO questions. Or we will WHIZZ you right back here!

        • good one, BX!

        • play along now, or you’ll have a wee-wee bit of a problem!

      20. Seems Amendment 4 Search and Seizure (ratified 12/15/1791) would easily come into play here.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        I would think I could be secure with my urine. Without an unreasonable seizure of my urine. That the .gov would have to have search warrant describing my urine was to be seized.

        So I would have to give them a copy of my pocket Constitution and just say “NO”.

        But I also like the Public Questionnaire from Genius. That was great. I now have a copy of my very own. 🙂

        • grandee, glad you like it, everyone here should have copies of it. Screw the man everyway you can man lol.

      21. Are you required the answer the door when they knock? It seems that it might be difficult for them to get your urine, if you don’t answer the door.

        • Exactly
          And that would be my response or lack there of
          Civil Disobedence needs to be the rule of the day

      22. The real reason why the USA is at war with it’s own people and is starting to call everyone terrorists and picking fights all over the world is because the government is ran by Congress and they are just greedy banker puppets that are all taking bribes from bankers who’s homeland is Israel.

        Something about building heaven on earth and the end times is what feeds these religious nut jobs and we are being forced into WWIII just so they can rule the earth.

      23. You all had better wake up! Not going to be any elections! Martial Law is coming and that right soon. Obama is not going to give up the keys to the White House to anyone. The elephant eared mullah has other plans for this country. Freedom for all is not part of the plans.

      24. Genius… I suppose you are talking about this latter day non draft time period, people who feel gung ho to mow some government declared enemy down. Or they feel opportunities for advancement are slack in today’s overall job outlook. I was drafted in May ’70, sent to Ft. Jackson SC after being inducted at Jacksonville, Fl, where I told the interviewer that I didn’t believe in killing and was then stationed at Ft. Jackson after basic training. Then I got an Article 15 for not signing out on leave after midnight the day of my leave, I left an hour early. Busted from E3 to E1, fined a couple hundred and 1 month later orders to Vietnam. I did not have to face combat, being placed in support printing propaganda leaflets. the danger was still evident in the surroundings. I’m just saying I was lucky, unlike so many young men that did not return from America’s disgrace upon humanity.

        • You’re so right about Vietnam being America’s disgrace upon humanity. Our Federal Government entered the Vietnam War to benefit from blood money and Agent Orange profits. Imagine that, The United States used chemical warfare on thousands of innocent Vietnamese people and exposed the deadly chemical on American soldiers. Now, are all of you American’s out there proud of the Vietnam war? The United States lost the war effort and making things even worse, went back into Vietnam after the war was declared ended, and rebuilt the infrastructure of North Vietnam.
          Enter the military at your own risk!

      25. They can have my urine when they suck it from my cold dead crank. Semper Fi.


      27. This is Obama’s way to stay president for a 3rd term. Imposing Marshall law taking away all our rights. It will start with just Florida then other surrounding states eventually all states. Shut down all airports put military in every city set up check points confiscate all weapons and food stockpiles. Oh yeah it’s coming.

        • Btw/ This Zip code in the Miami area is not even part of the USA. Miami is a shitpot of mostly illegals who dont speak English and Sleazy JewYork condo owners. If Miami went up in flames it would be no loss to Florida or America.


      28. It is sad that the FBI would have to go around and “Force” people to test for a deadly virus?? I mean I would willingly give it if it meant they were testing me and my family for a deadly virus as well as give them what they need to try and make a cure or help the population from a deadly virus!!?? Well on the other end I would be upset if they were threatening me or gonna arrest me for me telling them know. Tells you how little we can do against the feds! So messed up to force a “FREE” country to do anything really!

      29. Could this be a test? To monitor the public reaction. And, If certain people were considered a threat could this be a means to contain them?

      30. If the Republican controlled congress had given the CDC the funding they requested, we might have been able to prevent ANY outbreak. But no… once again these obstructionists say “Screw Obama- We ain’t givin HIM no money”

        Well thanks a lot…

        Now it’s here…

        You see, the money wasn’t for HIM…

        It was for US !!!

        Taxpayers who don’t want to have babies with birth defects if it can be prevented with common sense. Taxpayers who don’t want to see their children have babies with birth defects. Taxpayers who expect their representatives to behave with common sense and act in their best welfare. Taxpayers who will AGAIN be let down when the Do-Nothings refuse to fund any medical services/insurance for the parents of these soon to be special needs children.

        None of you would be so “brave” (stupid) if this was happening in your back yard, as it is in mine.

      31. Tell them that unless they have a warrant they are trespassing and to leave your property immediatly.

      32. One Trump-Publican who wrote a book that says Trump supporters are rural white and poor hillbilly’s who are mad at Washington for stripping them of their living and putting them on welfare. The book was written by a person who grew up in a hillbilly life-style. Since Trump started his messages of Washington hate and hate for everyone not white, those rural whites jumped on his bandwagon. Only problem is that their local rural economies were ruined by corporate republicans. Major corporations that have closed rural factories, relocated them overseas, or sold their interest to foreign companies. What has hurt U.S. citizens is U.S. corporations and republicans are pro-big business and for Citizens United. Over 90%, I believe, of all garment industries are located oversees in poor countries where workers get paid $2 to $3 a day. Corporations have clothing made so cheaply, they sell it at low prices in the U.S. and make huge profits. I can understand rural america’s frustration, but they need to know and study all the real facts before letting their anger make them make a bad political decision. Fox News represents Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers and other billionaires who use the program for corporate republican propaganda and disinformation rural Americans eat up everyday. They want to make them democrat haters and keep them ignorant to take attention away from what they’re doing. There have been two presidents who were wealthy by inheritance who became U.S. presidents who fought for justice and fairness for all the people. Both were Roosevelt’s. One a republican and one a democrat. And Donald Trump is no Roosevelt. He doesn’t even come close. When a man doesn’t know the Russians are already in Crimea, when he doesn’t know which state his vice-presidential opponent is from, when he asks Russians to spy on democrats, when he insults minorities, religions, women and members of his own political party, believe me. He’s no Roosevelt. He’s an embarrassment to our country. I’m an independent who has voted republican in the past. But, since about 2010, the republican party has gone through extreme changes I cannot agree with.

      33. Piss off of the 2nd story balcony and tell them it’s raining.

      34. For the so called genius. I volunteered for the military. I also learned more about life in those years than most so called Americans. I have no regrets or disappointments. Some on here should get off their assed and get to doing things. I haven’t seen another site with this many j#w haters,military haters and just generally people who bitch about the stupidest shit. There are some grounded folks here and you know who you are. And as far as your short sighted-never been with your real brothers in real troubling times ass, you are a failure at understanding what real service means. And you are full of shit on your silver forecasting. But I am sure those are only the failures we know of. Someone like you only blames others and bitches about why you are what you are. People like me, we learn and adapt. Rangers lead the way.

      35. Let’em come.

      36. I would have Boomer my dog pee in the bottle.

        What is the big deal with this. If you are a man or a woman you can only get flu like symptoms. They are saying that it can be passed through sex?

        It only effects pregnant women. Now this is a big deal. A smart woman that is pregnant would wear proper clothing and other protection.

        So why do they need Pee Pee samples. I’ll bet it ain’t for ZIKA!


      37. Welcome to the new US of A

      38. That’s ONE dirty job, Mike Rowe.

      39. Glad Mac picked up on this as it’s the single most disturbing development I’ve seen in a while. IF you stop to think about the potential implications for individual freedoms are terrifying. I too think this is a test of the public reaction to an outrageous encroachment upon people’s rights.

        If it’s really a purely public health issue then why did we not witness anything close to this behavior in relation to Ebola? Only a fool would assume that invisible enemy isn’t lurking out there somewhere waiting to attack humanity once more.

        As preppers we need to stop the grandstanding, race baiting etc and pretending to be bigger than we are, and instead start thinking about how to best to our protect our kids or how to handle things if they knock when Great Grandma is home alone. So far the only real strategy I’ve heard is staying silent and not opening the door – a strategy with more flaws than I’ve had hot dinners. Pre-agreed mass non-compliance with your block or neighbours seems to me a much smarter way to go but that’s totally reliant on having a vast majority of critical thinkers in your locality. Given that Pokemon Go has demonstrated of late just how many idiots are out there – this isn’t gonna be a realistic option for everyone on this site.

      40. If America were not infested with third world people there would be no third world diseases in our nation. Time to seal the borders.

      41. Expel these third world invaders and you eliminate the carriers of these wonderful and exotic third world diseases. No more third world immigrants!

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