Martial Law at Republican Convention? Riot Cops “Preparing For A Siege Rather Than Political Event”

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 92 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: It looks like RNC 2016 could end up being as chaotic as the DNC in 1968 – and potentially as violent – as the system then clamped down in an arbitrary and over-blown way in order to send a message that dissent will be stifled, and that state power will be defended at all costs, and against all principles.

    By all accounts, the Hillary and the GOP insiders are taking it farther than ever – preparing to bare their ruthlessness in order to stop Trump and quell the angry masses who’ve had enough of the status quo rulers, and would rather the novelty of being fooled by someone new.

    What is going to happen in June, and why are the police preparing as if for civil unrest and widespread martial law?

    Here was ’68:

    Cleveland Stocks Up On Riot Gear For Republican National Convention

    by Joshua Krause

    As the July Republican National Convention looms, the city of Cleveland is preparing for any eventuality, including civil unrest. In exchange for hosting the convention, the city has received a $50 million federal security grant, and they haven’t wasted any time spending it on all kinds of goodies for their police departments. In fact, when you read the list of gear they’re trying to acquire, it sounds like they’re preparing for a siege rather than a political event.

    That list includes 2000 sets of riot control suits, batons, and bags to carry it all in. Plus another 310 sets of riot gear that are designed for bicycle mounted cops (I bet you can’t imagine a cop riding a bicycle in full riot gear without laughing). Last week they ordered 300 bicycles, 15 motorcycles, 25 sets of tactical armor and two horse trailers. To top it all off, the city is going to rent 3 miles of 3.5 foot tall steel barriers, and 3,250 feet of 6.5 foot tall barriers.

    Welcome to America, where a supposedly free and open electoral process must be accompanied with barricades and an army of stormtroopers.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. Iran getting ready to walk away from the nuclear deal, North Korea targeting the U.S. with nuclear missiles, and a leadership vacuum in the United States government….Gee, I wonder what could go wrong?

        • Oh come on now…Liberals are inclusive and tolerant…they’d never make waves when Republicans come to town.

          Oh God, I can’t even type I’m laughing so hard!

      2. just remember, you voted for what you have now, suck it up and deal with it, you pretended all these years that you have a great deal of power with your vote, and look at the country, it has been overrun by illegals, all manner of diseases by illegals coming over the border, now refugees and they are bringing the crime with them, a large percentage of muslims bringing islam into this country when islam should be outlawed in this country, drug and crime gangs everywhere, the country is broke, your rights and freedoms are being taken away from you because your govt and police are now afraid of you, stop yer fing whining you voted for it all.

        • Here is what the Electoral Scam is all about. RE: Host Cities for the DNC and GOP Conventions. Each Host City gets about $50 Million Dollars in Grants to to basically buy Military Grade Equipment to Protect the Conventions, wink wink.

          Lets talk about Tampa, FL that Hosted the 2012 GOP Convention cause that’s where I lived then and saw first hand the roll out of this. Tampa too got Approx $50 million dollars. Most went to feed and house the 1000’s of private contractors, uniforms, yada yada, but a lot also went to feed the Police State. They set up Cameras all over the down town area, and this was a lively debate at the city council, allowing such cameras. They promised this was just for the convention and then the cameras would be removed. Well that didn’t happen and in fact Tampa still has these cameras set up all over the area filming and spying on peaceful people today. So that was a scam. The rest of the money was spent on Military grade hardware, real assault automatic rifles, ammunition, grenade launchers, riot gear, MRAP type vehicles, etc. So what happens after the convention. Each host city gets to keep all this Military hardware, including cameras, and storm trooper gear.

          So when there is a new convention you would think they could just ship all this gear to the next city. Not, it is a scam that keeps perpetuating across the country until every city is fully geared for Martial Law. That right.

          And what really pisses me off is that this is Tax Payer funded and the GOP refused to let Ron Paul into the convention to speak. A verified Candidate legally entered and they would not let him speak. This Nazi BS needs to end. So yes, here we go again in Cleveland. Watch the protesters get pepper sprayed and beaten for their right to protest. What a great Fuckin country we live in eh? Free elections my ass!! And that Punk Mayor Bob Buckhorn (DEM) tried to circumvent the constitution and ban concealed carry permit holder their right to carry their guns in most of down town Tampa. That was beaten down by FL Governor Rick Scott.

          ~WWTI… BTW/ I moved out of that Nazi Town called Tampa last year, no thanks to spy cameras or red light cameras on most every corner.

          • WHoWTFKnows… says:
            “it is a scam that keeps perpetuating across the country until every city is fully geared for Martial Law.”

            Cleveland is either gathering more or using the RNC to release to the public its arsenal. The surrounding areas are also loaded with decommissioned equipment.
            I think that the reason they picked Cleveland is that it is in a location close to an airport and more than capable of becoming a bottle-neck that will help with trapping protesters into a kennel/pocket. Cleveland is like 45-1 hour away from nearly a Brigade size force before we even discuss the 5K planned to be assembled.

          • WWTI, also Jade Helm was to pre position a shitload of mil hardware around the country. Have you seen them moving it back where it came from? They are getting ready for something right under our noses. I also see a LOT of barriers out along the interstate and highways just sitting there for the last year and a half. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get a dual sport motorcycle with the biggest gas tank I can get. A Honda XR400 would fit the bill nicely 🙂

          • WWTI, you did exactly right to get out of Tampa. The number of cameras in my city has been on the rise over the past year. This weekend I finally get back to GA for another supply run and some R&R.

          • They might have a right to protest but they will initiate violence,be somewhat armed and they will willfully destroy property and injure some people. These people have been here before,trained for it,are financed and won’t be handing out flowers and candy to anybody. Keep them blocks away from the center. You can bet some of them will show up at both conventions and anarchy will be the word of the day.

            • Dude you are talking crazy. If the GOP establishment dumps Trump no force on earth can hold back his supporters if they really get mad and go nuts. They will walk over the police like a steam roller. The GOP establishment best wake the hell up and fast or they may just get us into a Civil war. This is going to get scary real fast. Thanks GOP for getting us into a full blown civil war.

        • C2Dog, Only Democrats voted for that. I didn’t.


          • until you understand that everyone that voted for them is the problem, you are one of them

        • Thats Hilarious

          best satire I’ve seen on here in a long time

        • charlie2dogs: That’s right man! I went out on voting day and checked off the “I want to be EMP’ed box” – then I voted for “convert American christianity to muslim”, followed by checking off “replace Constitution and Amendments with Sharia Law”, and EVERYONE UNANIMOUSLY voted to have as many STDs and other diseases “trucked in to The USA” in as great a quantity as possible (plus we also voted for stuff that wasn’t mentioned, such as we voted to make 28 vaccines with the elements within them to kill millions over a decade or two.
          It’s a crying shame that folks like you did NOT stand up when you saw everyone fixing to vote on ALL OF THE ABOVE nightmares you have listed …and, at the very least, have warned us. So, it’s all YOUR damned fault. (Who pee’d in your Wheaties this AM)?

        • *I* didn’t vote for that clown. Just wanted to let you know!

          • i have been warning the fools and idiots for over 40 years, it was a waste of my life you cant tell brain washed fools anything.

            • Why is the entire world’s establishment so afraid of Trump and trying their best knock him out of the nomination and make sure he can’t be voted in?

              • Anonymous, here’s why:
                Listen to Lindsey Williams (who has been privy to ‘elite’ info). At the :59 minute mark, he tells about congress and inside trading, the corruption in ALL of congress, how the Patriot Act got passed. The elite shadow government controls congress and actually writes the bills. The elite wrote the ‘healthcare’ bill, not one congressman read it, nor did obama. They called it “total control of the American people”. The Patriot Act and the ‘healthcare’ bill allow the elite to bring the NWO into America.
                Also in this video, how Reagan was forced by the elite, against his will, to choose George HW Bush as his running mate.
                America CAN defeat them IF we know their modus operandi.
                Lindsey Williams – Secrets Of The Elite DVD 1

            • The commies aren’t brainwashed, they’re commies and they love communism.

              Let’s hear it from you commies.

              f ’em

        • If you voted for them, you’re a commie.

        • I doubt that many posting here ever voted for that gay marxist…

      3. “Welcome to America, where a supposedly free and open electoral process must be accompanied with barricades and an army of stormtroopers.”

        This statement says it all, and good comments by Mac on response to trolls like bimbo (you know who you are) that constantly say the same ole blathering, belittling things, and never actually get around to adding something worthwhile.

        Mac confirmed what I knew all along but could not confirm…. most of the disparaging and disruptive posts were made by the same warped individual that was just using different handles/monikers. I use colorful language to express my disdain for stupid anti-christian people, but not ever using the Lord’s name in vain. I apologize to all the ladies on this site for using the “C” word, but some people are just deserving of that connotation. Especially those that make an inference that i am a devil worshipper, as she did.

        Now, it is time to move along, and get back to business as usual. Yes, I am still working on my two books, but I come here to unwind and take a break and hopefully add something to the articles and comments. We are blessed to have a place like Mac has provided, and as eppe always says, some of us are appreciative and don’t take that fact for granted.
        Thank you Mac!

        The article here puts forth an image of huge importance in American history, and essentially world history. These same kinds of protests and revolutionary stances, are what got our freedom fight going for independence. It has, and is happening across the globe, as people are waking up to the evil that lurks within political circles.

        The fox is no longer guarding the hen house, the foxes are already inside the hen house. The jig is up to the tactics of, and by the liberals that put them there. It has also become painfully clear that the repub/conservative party is as corrupt as the liberals. In fact, they use evangelical votes to keep their evil empires going full steam.

        I use to think that voting for the lesser of two evils made a difference. But, when getting down to the brass tacks of it all, evil is evil, and there is no lesser.

        We were warned by our Creator of this very thing in the last days. We were even given the heads up by biblical symbols of using foxes to describe the Kenites, (evil by birth/blood, offspring of Cain, synagog of satan linage)…and their associates.
        Their associates are those that want to kill Americans so they can take our land and way of life, and impose their satanic worship in place of our God given right to worship and honor Yahweh and Yashua, as we see fit.
        Their associates are those that empower the evil ones through manipulated legislation. We the people gave them that authority, unknowingly and blindly.

        The blinders are off, and we the people are pissed, and ready to make a final stand. We the people need all our Christian brothers and sisters to stand together for the sake of what is right and true, for our God given freedoms, to defend our property and families.

        Will it turn ugly? It is already ugly on the enemies side. it was ugly from the start, because it is all based upon evil from within. Greed and power is at the heart of them and instilled in their own families/bloodlines. Most have turned God’s word upside down, and decided that Satan’s plan is best for them in the long run. They are deceiving themselves and have fallen for the same lie that Adam and Eve fell for. They, the evil corrupted, and destroyers, “will” surely die in the lake of Fire.

        How many will make a stand, and how many will hide or take a side?

        • And these are all the reasons I’ve been harping on here that it does us absolutely NO good to keep rehashing the same-ole-stuff regarding the atrocities that are being introduced into our society …most all of them ‘calculated implantations’ meant to destroy whatever they seek to destroy (which is EVERYTHING).
          It WOULD do MUCH good if We, the people, STOP “any and all” adherence to laws that are obviously in place to ‘squelch’ We, the people. IF, We, the people, would first spend ONE day reading The Constitution and “quotations” that were made by our Founding Fathers (and even carry it around with you should you need it), we would find ourselves in “constant and open opposition” to all of the ‘bs scenarios’ that “they” keep pressing us with. (Such as all the insane little laws that decidedly DO INFRINGE upon The Second Amendment). Screw them. THEY are little more than public servants and DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO TELL US WHAT we can or can’t do. No, no, and no.
          Until the day arrives that We, the people become REALLY PISSED (and I am at a loss to determine how large of an event would cause such a thing), all we are doing is enabling ‘them’ to make it incredibly difficult for us to “come into collusion” with each other, (combine our efforts and invoke them on a given day and hour). Since some folks think the feds are scared of us, then good …they’d better be.
          The government doesn’t want anyone having a gun anywhere. Don’t let that bother you in the least. Openly defy ANY laws that are NOT ‘grounded’ within The Constitution. (Hey, the ONLY WAY that they can succeed against us is to use their “lawless laws” and “unconstitutional protocols” in their efforts to bring us down. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION WE CAN ALLOW TO BE USED AGAINST US AND SO WE MUST “REBEL” (at which time “they” will of course dub us as terrorists, (to the sheeple of The USA) …and THEN there will “be a rumble”.
          Otherwise said; People of America, our country, values, beliefs and lives are under attack as I type this, and we have been under attack (planned and slowly implemented for decades). We, the people are the only remaining ‘weapons’ that can be used to oust the cancer that has taken over most all ‘key’ offices. Bitching will not stop anything nor will allowing ourselves to be divided.
          The Time Is Now For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of Their Country. (Remember: even if you are on the right track, if you just stand there you’ll get run over). Either we find collusion amongst ourselves (and all other like-minded patriots) …or let them have America and be either enslaved or die.

          If I am wrong I’d sure love for someone to explain it to me.

          • Your not wrong

          • Equorial, you took my thunder but that’s OK. Good post.

          • your not wrong..its coming and all hell will break loose.

        • Will it turn ugly? It already is ugly,

          On soooo many levels, what the hell happened to the country

          • you aint seen nothing yet, you arent afraid yet, wait till it really begins.

          • What happened to America is the 16th and 17th Amendments to the constitution. Been going down hill ever since then.

      4. I’ll go fishing in your stinkin’ lake of fire.

        • I rest my case. Once a prick always a prick.
          Best have your asbestos depends on.

          • once again passin speaks like a real man of God.
            Can dish out religion like pablum, but resorts to crass insults when disagreed with.
            There will only be a lake of fire in your mind.

            • Hey, don’t you guys know that “I” am the deluded individual for pointing out everything I’ve previously said about Passin. Yeah, I used different handles, my posts kept getting deleted so there wasn’t much of a choice. And I never resorted to infantile name calling, or, as some would say ” colorful language”. I love how there’s always a good ” reason” to openly curse at people and try to hide the fact it’s just an insult without using any real logic to defend their positions. And for the record, all the comments I have made about passin are TRUE, they can be verified by looking it up in the archives, which is something some people here can’t say. So, with said, I’ll stand by everything I’ve ever said and won’t have to resort to threats or temper tantrums, which is more then can be said for others.

          • passin, just shake his dust.

            • Oh I do, but for gits and shiggles i keep them pulling more rope.
              bimbo has so much pulled off he has it wrqpped around his nards, so that every time he opens his pie hole, his voice raises about seven octaves.

              His life is so pitiful, that he and wwti are scanning this site continually to find my posts so they can drool over it.

              They are like rabid coons that scavenge for anything to prop up their paltry little egos, and proley 1/2″ manhood appendages.
              Sad excuses for human beings.

              • Says the expert on everything he just mentioned. I can honestly say ” God” never told me this was ” my” site instead Mac’s either, but I never heard voices inside my head either. You always have to drag everything down to the toilet level of potty humor don’t you? Now THAT’S a sign of real intelligence, or at least it was at the freshman level of high school. And why do the biggest ” Christians” have to insult people with toilet talk instead of any real intelligent counter point? So go ahead passin, why not stun everybody with your superior 3rd grade poo poo jokes and I’ve always heard the guys who talk about somebody else’s penis usually are covering for their own ” shortcomings”.

        • Ketchup. Pissin is learning to suck up too, to get his babble nonsense posted. Its is pitiful watching those get down on their knees and bow in the suicide posture.

          Some will always be a slave to their misguided belief system.


        • Will you “Babies” please stop…

          “Opinions are like A$$hoiles, everyone’s got one.”

          Get used to it

      5. Conservatives nowadays are more moderates. If trump means what he says he’s more conservative than all candidates. The hard right conservatives like myself have not had a voice in such a long time. We have been divided and people are fed up. I don’t believe trumps gonna do what he says. He’s a fish to me and gonna flip flop. But everyone else is a establishment puppet. Jmo.

        • those on the left and those on the right are nothing but fing idiots, why do you think we are in the mess we are?

      6. I would never of thought I would live in a police state as such. I hope when the time comes texas secedes.

        • After which it will rapidly become a part of Mexico.

          Might end up that way anyway, almost is now in some parts of it.

      7. LEO and Military Community,

        Its time to decide whose side your going to back, because it will be too late once this thing begins.

        • BoneforToona, damn right. If they stand against us, they’re signing their own death warrants.

      8. Wow go away for a few days & miss all the fun?

        What happened ?

        • SOSDD

      9. If anything, it is really refreshing to see the establishment candidates get kicked to the curb. I learned a lot about little Marco recently, and it speaks volumes to me that he is so pushed on us and yet has not developed a base. A GOP Obama that comes out of nowhere? Sorry. Been there, done that. Puppet on strings. Cute, like a puppy. Probably a little too cute.
        I Can’t envision Trump, Cruz, Sanders or Hillary on Mt. Rushmore- what a sorry set of choices are laid before us. But, when the old guard is threatened, societal upheavals are expected. I am not surprised the police are preparing for the worst
        In the meantime, the political circus dominates every “news” channel and the rumbling machinery of a developing war goes unnoticed.. looks like my SIL is going to get called up for a second go round in the ME very soon. My daughter is very upset and may end up here with us, which is the ONLY silver lining in that cloud.

      10. Watch Chicago starting this Friday as a precursor to the Republican Convention – Trump is walking into the mouth of the lion ….

        Trump has scheduled one of his campaign appearances at the UIC Pavillion in the Near Westside … the liberals have failed at getting the college to back down on the rental …

        protestors are planning on enough violence to force the CPD to cancel the event by pulling the permitting ….

        the early weather bonus is already causing ghetto shooting problems for the CPD – this weekend could be one of these weekends without Trump being in town …

        • I.W
          Crap- coming down the line is that Shitcago/Chiraq is going to be used as a test site for Ohio.

          I would leave if I lived their. Or put together an army to fight off any protesters/rioters. There also a hint of STAND DOWN in the air.

          Watch your 6 up there.

          • Illinois is a shithole, full of commies. Playbook right out of Trotsky, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and bommie the commie.

      11. Meanwhile the borders are wide open, they’re bringing terrorists here by the plane and boat load calling them refugees while militarizing against the people. Transplanting the mid-east battlefield to the USA.


        The nwo insurrectionist politicians have installed people foreign terrorist organizations in the DHS while they stockpile weapons, and ammo, and equipment. Brainwashing law enforcement that Americans are the terrorists.

        • Enemies foreign and domestic

        • Stephanie, any cops that fall for federal propaganda without questioning it are fools in uniform and it could get them killed.

      12. Puppets on a string.

      13. Just wanted to say- off topic as it is, I have used two of the advertisers that usually pop up on the right side of the screen and I want to give them credit for fast service and good products. JMBullion and the Camping Supply store are great. No, I don’t get paid for sayin that 🙂 The only reason I am naming them is that I remember how scared I was when buying fish meds for the first time, and then, actually using them to see if they were truly effective. Same thing with PMs…. I had never bought anything other than a few coins at a shop and was worried about the packing and delivery of my order.I always call my suppliers to place orders and both companies have truly professional personnel. Don’t know why I feel compelled to praise them, but I remember coming out of denial and the learning curve being a little steep. I can vouch for these two vendors at least. If you are a visitor who is on the fence about getting basic supplies, I encourage you to get these things while you can. The day may come when you cannot access them.

        • I’ll back you up on that 2isone ! I have bought from both those venders many times. Also northwest preparedness antibiotics vendor also

        • 2IO: I have made several purchases from JM Bullion. The service is excellent and I have not had any problems. My next silver purchase will be from them but I always double check prices and compare with Kitco and SD Bullion.

      14. “The Greatest Generation” is a term made popular by journalist Tom Brokaw to describe the generation who grew up in the United States during the deprivation of the Great Depression, and then went on to fight in World War II, as well as those whose productivity within the war’s home front made a decisive material contribution to the war effort, for which the generation is also termed the G.I. Generation.

        thanks from Germany

        • FrankI watched about 30 minutes of video. Very sad but I don’t understand your purpose for posting it. Is your point that Allies were as bad as the Nazis. It was war,do you understand what that is. The marquis of queens bury takes the day of during real war. Germany lost we won, that is really the only moral to the story .

          • Absolutely right.

            And history is written by the winning side, not the losing one.

            • Anon, the winning side has the worst habit of not writing about what really happened, just their own biased and unproven propaganda.

          • The only moral to the story??? What Amerika and the Soviets did to the German CIVILIANS was totally atrocious! It makes me hate amerika more now after seeing this. I am in my 60’s and i have never ever heard of this or knew of this. What total animals humans are to torture and hunt down innocent German women and children and then what they did to the soldiers. It was definately Genocide and yet the truth of it all was kept from us. Always lies and more lies. It was war yes, but what they did was totally uncalled for. I am so disgusted at amerika now after seeing this……..

      15. Out smart the A’holes and have it somewhere else ! They can have a convention without all the dickhead protesters .Just the Candidates and the Cameras is all they need . Let the absconders and vermin stomp Cleveland into the ground !

      16. The Stealth B-52 Electric Bike -The Shape of Things to Come.

        I want one. If your interest is peeked, watch. The price is revealed at the end of the video.

        I want one!

      17. I actually think the author totally misunderstood the reason for the gear. It is because the black lives matter and full blown race riots not plotting by the elites to stop trump. The elites trying to subvert the will of the people is a totally different issue.

      18. From what I saw on TV in 1968, it was not a police riot. Sure, the cops were rough, but they were being pelted with nail-spiked golf balls and balloons/condoms filled with urine and feces. The “peaceful demonstrators” also broke many a window.

        The dumbest I saw was a young National Guard guy, scared out of his wits and pointing his rifle at a woman who was trying to drive in and collect her daughter. He couldn’t process what she was trying to explain.

        I’ll give odds that while the majority of protestors are willing to be peaceful, there WILL be agents provocateurs who will eagerly start some serious rioting and then fade back into the crowd. That was common in the 1960s/1970s. Gonna happen again, and the public will get sucked in again to blaming the cops.

      19. All to those who remember when, BI,was around,

      20. More violence by the leftist fascists. What a surprise.

        Given that the left MURDERED over 100 mm last century, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press, by Courtois, et al, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised…..

      21. think this through. if someone like trump or cruz gets the majority of primary votes, then is cast aside by the party, aren’t impassioned protests in order? bypassing the people’s vote, isn’t that reason for protest? lord knows they have done it stealthily in the past. look at the gun buying statistics for the last 4 years. that stolen election in 2012 is the main reason everyone has stocked up. why? because a lot of folks woke up to the fact that the ballot box was just as broken as the jury box and with all the SJWs hogging the soap box or threatening anyone else that tries to use it, we are down to one box – the nasty one.

        what if this time, it (the steal) is ‘in our face’? just as in our face as the execution of a peaceful protester rancher out in oregon? at some point, the american people will need to actually demonstrate that they will not continue to be stepped on. i would say that a stolen party convention would be as good a place as any to start.

        • Bypassing the will of the people should be cause for revolution IMHO

      22. The tolerant and diversified left couldn’t possibly be planning on violence against Americans they don’t agree with politically, could they?

        Say it ain’t so, man, say it ain’t so.

        • Smokey, that’s some nice sarcasm.

      23. BLM, the bowel movement, THATS WHY!

      24. You beat me to it. No tolerance on the left. Hypocrites.

      25. It’s another great day in “Shit Hits The Fan Plan” land.

        Garden is in and with some TLC might get a few veggies.

        I’m dirty, sweaty and smelley. Love it. For a short time I was doing something positive. Positive Thinking.

        All right. Back to being grumpy. ;0)

      26. Mmmm MMMM good!
        Spam and rice and scrambled eggs for breakfast,,,
        SHTF wont be so bad,,,
        Only diff will be the sandbags, rifles leaning against the wall and sounds of screaming in the distance

        • And lack of sleep.

          • And that too,
            Actually already got that, is normal

      27. I can see why they are preparing for the Crap to hit the fan.
        Let see. You have Trump against the Republicturds. You have Sanders against the Demoscum. So TPTB will do anything to mess this thing up.

        Then you have The Jihadi scum, Black lives matter Scum, The Republicturds and the Demoscum loosing their grip. What would be better if there was full scale civil war in Ohio in July. Obullshit would love it. This might be the only way Hellory the lying, murderess scum gets to the White House.

        Oh ya! I heard the other day that there was going to be more Black violence, rioting. Muslime scum with more attacks this summer 2+2=4 (old Math)

        • SD: I have said this in other places, that I fully expect there to be widescale black riots in urban areas this summer. I would not be suprised to see the riots worse than the black riots in th 1960s. I lived in Southern California during the Watts riots, it was scary.

          Throw in terrorism and that is a bad combination. I will not be venturing out into any crowds for the foreseeable future. The risk is too high.

          • Philo, I’m in an urban area and know all too well what you mean. I remember the trouble we had in Memphis during the sanitation workers’ strike in 68 and then the riots that took place the day MLK was shot. My Dad and I were caught up in that riot; another story for another time. This weekend I head back to the BOL on another supply run and a few days of R&R. Eventually I’ll relocate to it permanently.

        • You left the commies, Sgt., get in the game.

        • Sarge, I think this summer will be ‘interesting’. MORE interesting than we’d like.

      28. Potential disturbances at the convention is always there. My concern is with the people who will protest and how far they will take their grievences.

        Another concern would not be with any of us protesting because we are fully aware of the issues at hand. But most importantly we are prepared to weather the storm that may follow. Like Martial Law.

        Don’t get me wrong as there are many good people who have not done one thing to prep, so how would they be ready for Martial Law. And if so, for how long. If they can fathom that Martial Law can happen in the first place.

        Too much shit. Not enough sneaker.

      29. WhoWTFknows… Tampa is another southern craphole. I should know as I was born in Plant City and grew up in Tampa. It was a poor town, that’s what I always saw it to be. The state was solid democrat and had been for decades. Flash forward, now it’s republican dominated, a crooks dream. Scott a prime example.

      30. If the establishment tries to steal the nomination from whoever has the lead in delegates, they will need more than riot gear.

        I do not believe they are that stupid.

      31. I declare war on United Kingdom and Russia. USA and Germany crush them. Prepare your weapons for activation. Let’s start warfare. Trump, Merkel get ready! USA and Germany I am on your side.

        • REally?!? Merkel? She’s a carbon copy of obozo.

      32. Man, if I was a gov’t. spook spying on this site, I’d be overwhelmed with all the “subjects” to investigate. All you freedom loving people would keep me in work forever! cheers!

        • What do you mean…”IF”?

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