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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Get ready for the MOST TURBULENT period of your life. Between now and the November elections, you will be subjected to BLATANT LIES and to WORLD-CLASS BULLSHIT from every which way.

    The office of president has never been so TARNISHED by the interests of the shadow government than it is today.

    You are not going to believe how VICIOUS AND CRUEL the media will get in their attempt to influence the result.

    Courtesy:, Deutsche Bank

    The agenda should be VERY CLEAR to you: quarantine Main Street, vaccinate the populous, track with GPS more and more regular citizens (“for their own protection”), prop up Wall Street and get back to globalizing the workforce, weakening the American middle class, which is the wealthiest generation of non-elites to ever exist.

    When America’s millionaires and billionaires own the equities, the reasoning behind many of the Federal Reserve’s programs becomes VERY CLEAR.

    The next stage is SCARING EVERYONE that the 2nd wave is here. The way they’re attempting to do this is by RAMPING UP testing, which will reveal that tens of millions are infected and then use that as the excuse to close down again.

    Notice who profits from shutdowns; the low-wage earners are the BIGGEST VICTIMS, while the Trump administration, which up until February could have bragged about the lowest unemployment rate ever, lost all grip on the jobs market, especially of minorities.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    Obviously, with this as the BEST QUARTER in 22 years, you understand that there’s a PRIORITY PROBLEM in this country.

    Companies are laying off employees, an act that has now been coined under a new term, “Right-Sizing,” which is a codeword for giving one person the workload of five – and shareholders are celebrating.

    In the next few days, if states aren’t SERIOUSLY REALIZING how much hardship closing businesses back down will be for countless households, we will see BACKLASH AND REVOLT.

    There is NO NEED for life to stop because of Covid-19. We can both continue functioning normally and protect the segments most at risk.

    Don’t be pressured into thinking that you are the WEIRD ONE for wanting to get your life on track, while the virus keeps on spreading.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    While the retail public and the pension funds GO BACK into buying the most expensive stock market in American history, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Ray Dalio, Paul Singer and central banks themselves, are BUYING GOLD and predicting that 12 months from now the price will be north of $2,500/ounce.

    They’re hedging this unsustainable bubble.

    Closing down bars, restaurants, and gyms, on top of other recreational areas, DOES NOT only depress the mindset of the country, but leads to riots, looting, militias forming, and FURTHER DIVISION.

    We are entering a DARK PERIOD in which you’ll be tested as a person.

    Don’t lower yourself to their level; STAND FOR what you believe in, even as personal liberty, free markets, and privacy laws will be portrayed as unpopular.

    The media is SPINNING HISTORY, American heritage, and anything they can think of in their favor. It’s shameful and you need to RESIST IT.

    We have no time for propaganda; we search for truth and facts.


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      1. Their policies are contradictory. On the one hand they claim that they want to depopulate the planet because there are not enough natural resources, while on the other hand they mine, export and sell natural resources, in addition to notoriously using engineered obsolescence, which is the leading cause of resource depletion. They do not give a damn about anyone but themselves. Maybe they have somehow compartmentalized their policy contradictions as a way of coping in order to evade the displeasure of their narcisstic injury from so many policies which prove what reckless homicidal hedonists and heathens they actually are. Think of all of the natural resources that will end up being depleted with the unnecessary PPE personal protective equipment. 

        So if they are such alarmists that are panicked that we are on the brink of ecological collapse, it just so happens that they are doing nearly everything imaginable to exacerbate and speed it up.

        The truth is, that they feel absolutely no remorse or fear in wasting resources if it benefits themselves, and this is sheer resource wasting. We cannot ignore how many of these individuals happen to be referring to others as climate change deniers, and seem to believe that protecting the environment is an international priority, unless it happens to have anything to do with what they demand. 

        They are Eugenicists that want to murder people. Bill Gates came right out and stated that he planned on eliminating people with vaccines at the Davos World Economic Forum. 

        Do you actually expect bleeding heart Fabian Society liberals like George Galloway to admit that they support Adolph Hitler’s agenda? 

        Andrea Iravani

        • The message is befuddling only if you take them at their word. The elite have long wanted to get back to ‘global normal’, which is for the bulk of humanity to have disposable lives. Until they get there, they are happy to push the current system of resource waste to the max.

          They know a point will be reached where human life will return to the cheap and disposable level it was for most of history. And that’s when the culling and pruning will occur. Like a rich man manicuring his garden, a snip here, a snip there until everything is in its place.

          Gene science has advanced so far that we can cultivate humans just like we splice tulips. And that means we don’t need all the violent and unpredictable humans. There is not enough time or enough planetary resources to wait for some races to catch up in intelligence, or physical resistance. Gene science shows us intelligence is an inherited legacy from our ancestors. Two things matter for inherited intelligence: nutrition, which allows for greater brain function, and achievements. Learning and achieving build on itself and this is encoded in DNA. Achieve nothing more than a spear and a grass skirt, and your brain cognition will stay at that level for generations. Go to the moon, develop a literate culture, and your race inheritance grows.

          • Those were some really idiotic statements that you just made, on so many different levels, including science, biology, ecology, sociology, ethics, economics, and philosophy.

            How many hits of LSD did they take when they convinced themselves that they would be capable of being masters of the universe, and that the will that they have decided to forcefully impose on the entire world, would benefit anyone anywhere, when they are not even capable of mastering themselves to the point of controling their own violent criminal impulses, and then how is it that they intend to take care of the entire global population?

            You really do not understand natural selection, the evolutionary process, and adaptation to unforseeable changes, and the way that certain genetic traits fall in and out of favor in natural selection for reasons of adaption to various things in the environment that change over time.

            They are the war mongers that are mass murderers, who do you think that you are kidding?

            Andrea Iravani

      2. BLM has reminded us that race is everything. Race is the most important characteristic about a person, not their character or accomplishments. Without first judging based on race, you are ignoring the key science and indicator of their behaviour.

        In the last 5 decades all the science shows that we are genetically determined by race. And the last 2 decades of genetics research we know that each race has its positive and negative aspects. And we know intelligence is determined by race as well as propensity to civilisation and discipline. And you only have to look at the world and see which races can build civilisations, advance technology and science, and which races can’t. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can shake your booty and demand respect all you want, but people can see how you live and how you behave.

        And China will ensure the future will be the restoration of race territories and an end to the failed American experiment of diversity. People can now see it leads to violence, high rates of incarceration, and mass unhappiness.

      3. Why is the font of comments so tiny ?

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