Market Analyst Warns Your Survival Is At Stake: “Most People Aren’t Going To Make It When This Thing Unfolds”

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    Financial market analyst Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice has previously warned that when the debt bubble bursts it will lead to the deaths of millions of people around the world.

    In his latest video report Mannarino doubles down and warns that your very survival is at stake when the house of cards comes tumbling down:

    There is no doubt whatsoever that we are in a recession right now… we are heading straight into the second Great Depression which is going to be much, much worse than the last time… war, as well, is coming… all the pawns are in place… you can see where this is going…

    People are going to be so blindsided by this… They’ve been so indoctrinated and so pushed into the box that they can’t see outside of the box… they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time…

    Most people are not going to make it… And I mean literally make it… survive… when this thing unfolds…

    We are going to have social unrest around the world and in the streets outside your house if you live here in the United States unlike anything we’ve seen before in history.

    It’s epic to think about how this is going to unfold…

    Watch the full video report:


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      1. so pop the bubble already; I’m tired of waiting

        • Need to sell more silver and amazon products first.

        • Paranoid, lol I know you’re serious but you crack me up

          • Something happened last week and it really clarified things. Some may not think much of it but I was in DC last week making a delivery to one of the NOAA facilities. The front guard was a black female. She had a very broken accent, I could barely understand what she was saying. She may have been Haitian but I’m guessing somewhere in Africa. What bugs me is that she obviously wasn’t born here and may not even be a citizen but she was armed. I’m just takin a shot in the dark here but I’m thinkin maybe there’s at least 1 or 2 people out of that 94 million not working that probably qualify and would do that job. All the while, da gubmint is looking to outlaw hand guns, yet just hand a job like that to someone who probably hasn’t been here very long.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • I so agree. I think we are teetering on the edge. They are steadily bringing in outsiders. our sovereignty is at stake. We are in deep deep trouble. I sincerely hope that people are ready for what is to come. (And willing to do what is right.)

      2. So we do what we can.

        I don’t have a bunker so if someone drops a nuke on me its bye bye time. Personally, I’m more concerned about the food I get that’s been nuked by my favorite restaurant. I got rid of my own microwave. I have a toaster oven and several crock pots/slow cookers/steamers/rice makers. I worry that somebody is going to nuke my groceries. But I only hope that if they nuke me with a nuclear, I’m right in the middle of the blast doing something I love to do. I don’t want to know what hit me. Fast and it’s over. Of course, it would suck to be just close enough to sustain burns or Cancer caused by radiation. But, I have no power to prevent it, except by fighting the Creators of Chaos, the you know Who’s. Keeping Killery away from the RED BUTTON, too.


        • You do know that there’s nothing “nuclear” about a microwave oven, don’t you?

          • When this all goes down Im going hunting. Keep Mental lists. Sexual predators.. Dead. Stupid people dead, ugly fat Slobs dead. Theives and liars dead, Hoodies dead, meth druggies dead. Smokers and drunks dead. Those POS Punks with those loud thumping base car stereos, surely dead and the stereo speakers full of holes. One of my old Attorneys that ripped me off back when, dead meat if I can find him. It will be hard to find the corrupt politicians, Tyrants, the Tribe, Bankers as they will all be in hiding, But if I can.. All Dead. All walking dead. Its plenty high time to thin and cull the herd, the space wasters the corrupt parasites who contribute nothing. And any religious freaks get into my face and preach that crap.. See ya. End of the world as you know it..

            -WWTI… How about you, got any lists?

        • SHOULD have a dutch oven on that list… it.

      3. For the sake of my brother please tell me that this conflagration won’t cancel the Super Bowl.

        • I would not be the least bit surprised to see Turkey-Day ‘ousted’ (due to lack of money), Christmas has been devolved into a money-making ‘end-of-year’ scheme (plus it’s a Christian “thing” though many aspects of Xmas came from countries that never heard of Xmas).

          New Years? By then we may well be sick of seeing ‘flying, exploding objects’ in our skies.

          Super Bowl. Not if we are at war (because war will mean we’ll have already been EMP’ed or nuked), thus NO “grid” and everything you and I know ceases to be “as is” and becomes “used to be”…

          Besides, if The Super Bowl is within your priorities, you may wish to rearrange your priorities …there’s a storm headed this way my good man.

      4. If We get nuked I still want to live as long as possible. Even sick & dying In going do my best to get even with those I hold Responsible. I will commander the biggest drill rig I can find. Go to MT Weather and Start drilling . Pray & hope to perforate that bunker. Fill it with whatever and detonate it. I want to ring there bell! Im certain Ill gather the needed help along the way. I will do my best to make certain they never emerge. Countinuity of government My ass. They cause me& mine to become nuked what do We have to lose. I actually think I will just be a shut off of the grid. And a quick regression to the stone age.

        • Amen to that, I’ll join you.

          • Well Shroom If their is a nuke event or even hicks NIbiru. And you see a big drill rig with a sign MT WEATHER or BUST join the convoy.

            • Old Guy,you know how to run the rig,I personally don’t have a clue.That sai,did a little gold leaf work as a helper.I survive promise down the road to leaf the rig in memory of patriots!

              On a more serious note,will they make my neck of the woods try and help orphans and such,that said,they on me road with violence will help em to the next chapter in life or at least die trying.

              • If I have someone to catch the pipe I can run the rig. Ive drilled water wells through the Arkansas blue dolomite. It would take a few men you need the rig ,a water truck, A fuel truck a truck load or two of drill steel, a supply of drillers mud. a truck load of casing a welder. and generator. and extra diamoned core bits. set up lights and run 24 x7 until you get done. Pump in diesel fuel gas LP whatever is available and set it off with Tannerite.

                • I’ve been a driller for eleven years I’m in.

                  • I believe I will be able to obtain the needed like minded help. I am for the most part a lone wolf. But you gotta know your limitations.

                • Here in east Texas good water is at only about one hundred seventy feet. Most people use a air compressor to bring the water up to a holding tank. A generator is nice after a hurricane to run your well on but I have used a small engine from a rotor tiller to run my air compressor. Worked very well. Ground water is at about eighteen foot where I live and in a day you can hand drill a well, sink a pipe and strainer and put a check valve and hand pump on it in a bind. Good water is a real treasure says the old swamp rat.

                  • Swamp,we have a lot of shallow wells in area,seriously,a regular hand pitcher pump and good to go.The Bison hand pumps are good on some models to 500+’,you want a ball valve so not a lot of repriming on those bad boys!You can in many areas hand drive a decent well,of course other parts are really going 100’s of feet down.

            • Old Guy, I’m no geologist, but wouldn’t a “pounder” work better on solid rock (and steel later), than even a commercial-diamond-bit?

              Also, instead of drilling from atop, why not think outside the box and “drill-sideways” (several ‘bores’), until you reach their ‘inner shell’, then ‘load-the-bores-and-detonate’ (clean up and repeat until that mountain loses considerable altitude)? 🙂

              The only reason I say “pounder-type” is because they are older, and most have that diesel-type of engine that ‘fires up’ using a shotgun shell to roll the motor over (versus a starter motor engaging the flywheel. Also, a nuke won’t prevent that type of engine from running as they have a ‘diaphragm-type fuel pump’ and not one computer/electronic that isn’t “by-passable”.

              • I happen to own a starting unit. Its a 10 hp koler with two 12V generators. It can startany 12or 24 volt engine without batterys. Those cable tool rigs are slow. And they bust rock. Cracks and fractures occurs. They only drill vertical and follow cracks and softer rock (path of least resistance. Yes it would need to be a older rig that the injector pump has direct throttle and can be put on manual. trying to drill sideways presents problems. You gotta try & lean a tall rig. the cable will not line up the next drill stem with the one already in the bore. Working on anything other than a relatively level surface is not feasible. We always used a level and blocke up the rig so the base was level and the tower was straight up vertical I wouldn’t attempt anything but straight down hole. The track drills they use to make tunnels drill a 2 inch hole about ten feet and they blast away and drill again.

          • If I’m an elite, drop the grid and come back in 3 months, half my problem is gone.

            • Sod buster is correct. I think during the bitter cold would be the most effective time. population reduced usless eaters culled and not a blue helmet needed.

              • Old Guy, I too believe they are going to attempt to use Winter’s harshness to “murder” as many as possible, and that the grid will be irreparable for at least one decade, if not two. (Which means the wife and I would ‘pass’ during “The Second Stone Age” at some point, not for lack of food, but simply old-age).

                • Yes Im 65 and still healthy at this moment. However to be realistic A little thing like a infected wound or bad tooth could easily kill anyone. Lifes a gamble. I just worry for my grandchildren.

        • I’M THERE!!!

        • Careful they don’t come take you away…big brother and all

        • Old Guy and helpers….
          Gentlemen save your energy, normally I’d join in but
          according to an ex-CIA agent (don’t remember his name) those bunkers have been wired by the KGB to blow so no need to exert yourself. Karma is a b-t-h!! What goes around comes around!!
          Oh and about COG – who are they going to govern – each other? hilarious!!!
          So glad I’m looking in from the outside (6 million in 6 cities)- left the fascist state long ago. Came there for the dream, worked very hard, paid taxes, raised a family hoped to retire and enjoy the beauty of America and the American people BUT left when the Neo-Con puppets brought their agenda to a crescendo. Stupidity runs rampant in the political arena – when their master no longer needs them they take them out – idiots.
          So save your energy they’re grasping for their last breath, they’re done.

      5. WTF ???

        5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired for creating over 2 million phony accounts

        h ttp://

        • Wow, and having to pay out 190 million…..

          • After making 500 million. Cost of doing business and won’t stop until they jail some bankers. Time to starve the beast, get all but a minimum amount out of any account.

            • Hi TN Andy,
              I knew you from the old website.
              I’m sure you remember coming to Greenville and plastering
              Ron Paul banners all over town.

              I hope you’re doing well.

              • ron paul banners?….he’s alright by ME then!

      6. While I don’t necessarily disagree with him, who is he exactly? Credentials etc? His voice and presentation make me feel like I’m listening to a bookie tout the Sunday NFL line-up. He doesn’t add anything new and essentially repeats generalities from any/all prepper sites. In other words…he’s a dime a dozen. Just wonder what he’s done/accomplished to stand out from the pack as the clarion voice?

        • He is a regular at USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter.
          An excellent site to get the news.

        • He has a shirt and tie, an office chair, and a webcam.

          I have those too. Does that mean I should become an authority?

          • Archivist.

            Why the hell not!
            Obama has a suit and tie. The Government website and the biggest damn web cam in the world.
            The New Channels.

            • I’ll have to start a Youtube channel and monetize the heck out of it.

              I’ll probably need some clickbaiting lessons.

      7. So whats NEW. We are all going to die. I’m going to die standing up. If a nuke takes me out it will only hurt for a second. If it burns me I will still die maybe by my own hands. If it kills me slowly I will go out kicking and scratching!!!!

        If it is a collapse I’m ready.




        • Amen Sgt.

          Same shit, new day…


      8. Government wants us down to 160 million. What happens to the other 160 mil? They have a plan.

        • Jim, (((THEY))) only want 66 million…6 million people in 11 mega cities… that’s (((Agenda 21)))

          • I believe 6 million is the right number The Chauffeur.

            What is with these zionist parasites being so emotionally connected with number 6 million?

            • It is the chosen number by the chosenites for choosy zionist choosers who chose that chosen number because of the 6 sided star of david. Just a guess IDK lol.

              • Hey theres a NBC bunker for sale on the right hand side>>>

                Just over 1 million chosenite debt notes! Maybe we could pool our superchosen debt notes and buy it 🙂 (more like rent it from the govt.)

              • Genius….LOL. I really can’t type reading your reply laughing. Thanks since I needed a good laugh.

              • (((666)))
                (((Them Guys)))


              • newspaper Archives online now contain exact scanned copies of original old newspaper headlines.

                And you can now view online at least Two Dozen different eras/times of the main headlines of “Six Million Jews Holohoaxed!” or some read/claim it as, “Six Million jews Will all be dead in a mass holohoax event, unless at least $35-Million us dollars get donated” etc etc..then headlined articles goes on to report that some area deep in russia or east euro zones has rounded up Exactly six million jews and all shall die within just Two short weeks from when You read this newspaper! unless of course enough Cash gets donated to Pay for the release of all six million innocent souls etc etc etc! never ever was it five million or 5,900,000 or 7 million or Any other number. It always Must remain at six million or you are an evil antisemietic nazi hitler lover whitey guy!

                And YES! A Vast Majority of royally duped usa folk bought it lock stock and barrel as true and factual, and did so each time over and over again and again! Six Million! Six Million! Untill it has become a sacred number of sorts.

                These headlined newspaper editions dates at top of paper corner document and prove that such fanatical six million jews claims has been going on since at Least 1868!

                With most being started at around the mid 1890’s era!

                Ironicly they ALL stop occuring as headlines after 1945 era!….Then they began brand new fanatical claims that revolve around Reperations Cash $$$ for so called “camp Survivors”…Which also very ironicly, back in 1945 era so called survivors actual numbers were at aprox 42,000 that remained alive out of a grand total of aprox 60,000 real actual camp survivors documented and counted as jewish survivors. But aprox 20,000 died within a month or so after liberation from various camps, and it is for ALL camps in total…most all of those 20,000 deaths were also documented as due to Starvation or Typhus disease.

                Which also has been documented as haveing happened mainly due to relentless carpet bombings(sound familier eh?) by a Combo of mainly the USA and England’s allied bomber planes doing 24/7 sortee’s bomb runs for 40+ days straight! Which has been documented as being primary cause of the total Loss of ability to provide foods and meds to all camps and “campers” within camps. Which also includes NON jewish campers never usually mentioned for some odd reason, probably due to they were just lowly goyim folk eh.

                Also ironic and well documented, Todays stats at HOAX-HQ in Jeruselem israels main largest Hoax museum that contains the main list of so called jewdeo survivors.

                That orig number of 42,000 has Grown to an astounding number of so called survivors that Now today number close to 4,000,000!!!! And each gets aprox $1,000 in us dollar value per month for life with it all being totally Tax free cash!

                Aprox a year ago the chief honcho of said israel Hoax HQ Museum is ON record in NY times etc papers as haveing requested Help from computer programmer experts at Hewlet Packard, to get help in revamping those massive 4 million survivor numbers since massive amounts of names are Duplicates, Phony’s, and a vast portion of survivor names are names submitted by various relatives or firends etc of ANY dead jewish person regardless When or Where said death occured!…Many such names are of jewish deaths that died just a year ago and died of heart attacks via old age etc!…but up till now since 1940’s, every jewish name ever submitted was added to the main list of so called survivors…Which in turn authorizes a monthly check from germans to get sent, and 99.99% of such checks get cashed and spent!…But cashed and spent by..Whom?

                Ahhhh…Now there goes a damn great question that’ll likly Never Ever get answered eh…For if Anybody should even Dare to ask that question or a similar Hoax/survivors Issue?…They fast will get shut Down, stiffled and silenced by a Global Cabal of MSM and Hoax officals extremly Loud voiced reply by calling the questioner person an, Vile Insensitive Racist, Mean nasty white seperatistic skin headed neo Nazi Antisemite!

                So that the, Shoa can go On and On and monthly stipend campers checks can continue for the next 10,000 years or longer yet!

                Meanwhile back at Reality Based HQ of all concerned Goyim folk, also known of as “Them Guys”….Other questions also abound…Questions such as “Why when almost every goyim from WWII and etc events and era are now all dead and gone or close to being so very very soon now, why is it that Only Hoax jewry seems to keep Gaining vast huge additions to their population numbers eh?”

                Caution when contemplating this latter great question as it too shall gain the questioner person the exact same vile labels and name calls as the above description entailed!….But never let that become Fear that causes one to stop asking great questions such as these are eh.

                Remember as is written “Jesus then Feared jews trying to kill Him, so He never again went or traveled into jersulem…So that You will Not have such Fear of them!”

                We need Thank the Lord for so assisting Us in doing away with Fears of truth speak, and show it by Speaking Out Often and louder then the whole tribes is able to do.

            • If you look into it, (((THEY))) have been using the (((6,000,000))) since 1889 in the (((media))). Control the message and the propaganda…

            • Stolz …if you dig deeply enough you’ll find where it (eventually) will be tied into the satanic ‘666’. But the “number of man is SIX” …and I’ve never delved into the 666 ‘studies’, preferring to let such things lie untouched nor thought of.

              FOR EVERYONE: On my visit to the above mentioned site, I noticed an “alien Grey” pic in the upper right corner. I have posted this once before (I think), yet one more time as I feel it may tie in eventually with all this other ‘shit’ coming down.

              I grew up in Maine, (extremely rural Maine where the growing season is about 3 hours) …meaning ‘far north’, and on-the-line. We lived in Maine but fished from a Canadian body of water 200 feet from our house. lol… (Good ole days).

              Anyway, I believe it started when I was about 9 or 10 years old, seeing ‘craft’ making no sound in the night skies. One evening we came home, got out of the car, and immediately the entire property (house, barn and lawn-area but not the fields), LIT UP! Not 100 feet up were several “weird looking floating ships” (no two were alike), we could see ‘things’ moving from “port window to window’ within these ships, and this become commonplace for the entire summer, to include watching these craft OFTEN “land in the woods, just inside the tree line (where we KNEW there were “open LZ’s” (cuz we’d cleared those areas ourselves). One day the neighbor’s son and I both took our horses riding and decided we’d go check out one of those landing zones. Everything was totally normal as the horses were picking their way through uncut field grass when suddenly both horses ‘reared up’ on their hind legs (eyes like dinner plates), then hauled ass as if they’d never been taught a single spoken or ‘inflicted’ command).

              Now, if anything had NOT been out there, I doubt the horses would have spooked, and no, there were not any bear in the area (trees were sparse and visibility into the woods was great). Anything man-made wouldn’t have spooked a horse either, yet given all of what I’d witnessed that one summer, plus having watched more than one ‘flying saucer’ land or take off (my uncle used to have hundreds of 30mm film of these events that were never given to anyone, for fear of ‘big brother’ mostly).

              What I’m saying is there is little to no doubt in my mind that aliens do exist. (We don’t have the tech today that I witnessed when I was 10 (from those ships, like totally silent and floating with the usual ‘spinning lights’ (on the bottom), as if driven by LightDrive (or ???).

              So, I’m ONE prepper who is expecting a bit more than most everyone else. I’m expecting the announcement of aliens if not an actual “landing event” and THEN the commencement of something NOBODY ON EARTH could have seen coming. Now, if these visitors were aggressive, we’d already have been zapped or otherwise erased from the face of the planet. So, assuming government is knowledgeably assisting/working with/getting tech from?/and assisting or in ‘lock-step’ with these ‘real aliens’, what in hell is the most likely probability …I wonder? Concern that the only “water planet” with the greatest diversity of life-forms is on the verge of self-destruction (due to the love of $$$)?

              For those screaming BS – check this out then tell me how such a thing would be possible WITHOUT ‘alien life’ paying us visits over the milennia:

              w w

              Just telling you what I know to be true, as I saw it time and time again …and it was not anything ‘of our world’ we were watching ‘way back when’. (Black and White TV was still the norm, and Maine had two TV stations! Channel 3 and 5 ….(wonder what they use those old tv frequencies for these days)?

          • Still a wild number…I’ll go down fighting. To hell with agenda 21.

      9. This guy always talks in this generic sort of meandering spew, without ever having a specific or defended thesis.

        • yes….i’m SURE everything’s OK, right?………right?

      10. The thing is when they start thinking that A nuclear war is survivable for them. That makes it all the more likely to happen. The actually think they will be safe in their bunkers (built with taxpayer dollars) Like the one at Mt Weather. We need to let them know. If a nuclear war happens no matter who what or why causes it. Some very determined folks are coming for them. I hope Im planting seeds. If I cant drill the hole and blast their asses to hell. I pray someone will be able to do it. They need to realize they will not be the ones to survive. We need to make certain those Countinueation of govt. Bunkers all become Toombs. If that means the extinction of the human race so be it.

        • Mt. Weather info:

          ht tp://

        • Most preps are only covering the elites and preppers for a short period of time. You may have two 50 pound bags of rice, but if you ain’t got your own rice paddy – you will run out. And if you grow your own food but can’t ‘can’ your own food using a pressure cooker over a wood fire – you won’t survive winter. And if you are an elite, sitting in your bunker with 400 other people, you will eventually realize that you are going to run out if supplies – but if the outside world is nuked or even if the world is in economic chaos and wars – no more supplies will be coming.

          • NorseMan, nobody could have stated it more clearly. Having ‘stores’ is just grand (and smart too, but of course), but not having any way to replenish (as soon as possible), each and every item you use off-the-shelf, your shelves will quickly dwindle along with your chances of survival.

            The only key (that we’ve been able to nail down after years of trial and error, mostly error it seemed), was to gather the knowledge to replace virtually everything we’ve put away for “rainy days’ (to include a REAL ‘rice-paddy’ area (no diff than the ones Arkansas started using (next to The Mississippi), in the later 80’s or so? Of course, it’s a blessing to having multiple springs, yet even ‘driving a Sand Point’ into the ground for water is often a good option (barring rock-laden soils). There is a farmer in these parts with a rig (a PTO-driven post-hole digger), that he rewelded so that he can ‘drill’ a well up to about 75 feet deep (after that the solid-steel bars that he screws together for gaining depth start ‘twisting’ (and one rock negates the entire effort). Still, he’s managed to find more water than anyone else with bigger rigs (at a price one can afford). 100 bucks for ‘wear and tear’ and fuel.

          • Yes living on stored supplies is not surviving. It is just enduring. However it will require enduring first before you can get to the surviving & thriving part. And for a time It will be a stone age survival. Radiation is the real unknown problem we face. It could kill the livestock & wild game. Man and most life on the planet could cease exist. That’s really a almost unthinkable thought. However We are not our physical body. Our Souls will still exist.

          • Norse man
            Lactofermentation has been around for millenia. No pressure cooker required.

      11. Just saw article. More Syrian ( refugees ) in Boise ldaho then in LA. And New York City combined. WHY? Put a federal police uniform on them and send them to the hills to smoke out the ( white supremist ). . With drone support and command and GPS. Coordinates. RPGs in case you try to hold out in a cabin or cave . Americans would never fly drones against Americans. Muslem ( refugees ) will be flying the drones. Their probably being trained right now . As a condition for welfare and citizenship. Will American soldiers obey . If they don’t they get the firing squad. And no more money to their families. If they desert. They have to take their wife and kids. Or never see them again. When you have 100 heavily armed Muslem ( refugees ) with infrared spotted drone GPS coordinates of you BOL .? In cold country you better have an infrared camouflage suit . And no camp fires or chimney heat signature. Their is probably ten thousand or more in Boise we have no idea. And WHY else Boise ? Isn’t it obvious?

      12. O poor mans infrared camouflage suit. Get high quality. The most expensive car windshield heat sun reflector. Duct tape a vest. line a hat. Glue ( tile adhesive in bucket) or? Glue to inside of coveralls. Small heat signature your a coyote . Big ? Bear deer or man. ?

        • Or just wear a yamika and they will pass you by lol.

        • There’s a product called “Shoe Goo” (sold at WalMart shoe departments. It is “the cat’s meow” as it sticks to anything (even glass), and in a previous post I believe I made (maybe not?), this is what we did for making ourselves safer “in the dark”….

          The wife purchased two huge boxes of Camo-Yarn and knitted it into simple but gigantic “Granny-Squares” (anyone can learn to knit these in about one minute or less). The idea is to make a Pancho with “hoodie” that will conceal body heat AND rain.

          1. Depending on your size, knit a large granny square that will wrap around you ‘slightly’ and affix a hood of the same.
          2. Using Shoe GOO and a trowel of any type, smear the GOO all over black pool-table felt and press mylar sheets into it, making three layers of mylar GOO’ed together then covered with another layer of black felt (GOO’ed completely to the mylar to “shut it up” (crinckly-sound is apt to get you filled with lead right)?
          3. Mix several caulking tubes of Silicone II into a five gallon pail and if you have a drill and mixing “paddle” (or whatever), just keep mixing the silicone with acetone or mineral spirits until all of the silicone ‘lumps’ are dissolved into the liquid.
          4. Soak the shit out it for a week, in the same bucket (oh, 1/2 bucket of “the mix” will suffice).
          5. Hang it up OUTSIDE (anywhere away from heat or flame) for at least a week to ‘destink’ and thoroughly dry your new Pancho. Once dry, water will run off for years (and no lingering odors)! *If so, soak in baking soda/water to rid yourself of the stench of mineral spirits that didn’t go away…
          6. Use Iron-on Camo patches (or black ones) and arrange the inside of your pancho to suit your tastes and needs. (CAUTION: These things can be like Ghillie’s and have a propensity of possibly catching fire, yet to hide you only need to do 1/2 of a ‘twirl’ and drop ‘flat’. My night vision and thermals can’t see a thing so I am assuming our enemies equipment sensitivity isn’t any better than ours (we pray).

          Total cost is about 30 bucks or so (silicone prices tend to be high, and you don’t want the cheap stuff since your life is on the line). You can also buy spray cans of silicone and “soak her down (everything) that-a-way …but it requires “repeated spraying performances”(we discovered), after several ‘tests’ under a water hose sprinkler.

          Naturally, one would want to decorate their new pancho with local fauna and such to assist the knitted camo (English Ivy is what I chose to use, with some roots in small zip-bags of dirt to keep it green and viable. (Plus, the vegetation assists in hiding your thermal-signature too).

          MOLON LABE (and if unsure – ATTACK)!

      13. so when will theses banksters be rounded up and put on trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY???????

      14. Mannarino *may* be right, and one day he *will* be right. Moreover, his diagnosis of the symptoms is right. But whether a catastrophic disaster is immediately around the corner, I don’t know. They may be able to manipulate their way around a meltdown for many more years… or not.

        So, for me, I continue to prepare in all ways (financial, social, war, etc.) , while hoping and praying for the best. The issue is that the weak and poor will be hurt the worse (think babies, mentally retarded, etc.)

        If you don’t have silver or gold, get some.

      15. Or wear a burka.

        • You could wear a burka if you are short like a lady. Me being 6 ft 6. I dont thunk I cpuld pass as a mussy woman. Naw.. Aint happening.


          • If you lived in Canadastan, you could. This is what happened, at voting, sorry selection, time, this past Nov.
            A 6ft man , dressed in burka style, and no id was required..
            This was a test to the system, showing how weak it is, that many have no clue about

      16. Most people aren’t going to make it when this thing unfolds. Separating the wheat from the Tares is a bad thing ? What is the red line that if you cross you can’t be allowed to live here.? Canibles , serial killers torturers. What type of people are not going to make it? What type of people are not going to make it? Do we need that type? Do we need that type? How much lower are we going to let that type drag us? Is there a bottom? What’s next? How low? What’s next? The bottomless pit . HELL. Were do we draw the line?

        • Lone wolverine; shouldn’t we draw the line with The Law of The Land, The Constitution and Amendments (Bill of Rights).

          If anything falls outside those basic laws, or opposes them, then they are not laws at all. The government biggest headache is that the people are aware of The Constitution (after years of us screaming about it), and IT is our only recourse, and is the wisest choice since it would NOT be difficult to return matters to “those ways that have been buried by those seeking total control.”

          The government in no way can declare our Constitution to be “outdated” and thus no longer followed. (That will be Hillary’s lie of the century just as is her ‘take’ on The Second Amendment. She’s actually smarter than all of those ppl who, two times, sat down and determined that The Second Amendment was FOR THE PEOPLE (yet Hillary states “they got it wrong twice” because she wants YOU to believe it references soldiers only (at a time there were no ‘official soldiers’ (warriors only) …so her argument is ‘weak’ at best.

          Last thought on this is that if it ain’t Constitutional, I’m not going to heed it (and it’s a given we’ll be inundated with zillions of new dumb-ass rules, limitations, rations and all other life-interfering efforts will be employed as well). No doubt, every angle has been thought of (on their end), but since they are human, it is “a given” that their plans for us are full of holes THEY cannot see (money and power clouds the mind no differently than fatigue, dehydration or extreme cold).

          We have a Constitution. It won’t do us a damn bit of good if we do not start exercising our rights as described within it. THAT is where We The People must start …the sooner the better. If we do not, we’ll lose The Constitution due to overwhelming opposing forces (because TPTB are NOT going to take any chances of failure on their end, and there’s nothing they won’t do to ensure they reach that end).

          Their only error, a fatal one, is their underestimation of The Power of The People (and the number of weapons we have amassed, which indeed has them scared sh*tless, (((which is why it is rarely mentioned))). However, being that it is always on The Forefront (of seemingly everything that happens), NOT letting go of your weapons is the wisest choice you’ll ever make. The other choice, is ‘servitude’ to those who least deserve such things, and would kill you for non-compliance with their insanities (no diff than Kim Dung Un).

          • Final thought: Do NOT be listening for the words that Martial Law is in effect (as they won’t use those words, but something much different to again ‘dupe the people’ into believing yet more lies that will lead to their demise. Above I said “servitude” …when it most likely more like death-on-sight of you.

            War is nastier than hell …thus one has to be meaner than a snake in order to survive in such a hostile environment, and you MUST have the ability to overcome ALL of your fears, by necessity, or that alone will be your demise, meaning: yourself or ‘failing yourself’ which is as senseless as giving up when your lost or stranded.

            NEVER QUIT!

      17. Just watched a Mark Dice video asking so cal Hillary supporters if they agree with her policy to repeal the bill of rights. If we don’t get rid of these people soon . We will be a third world shithole soon. What alternative is there? Do we just lay down and watch our nation be destroyed . Because we must show mercy to the dangerously stupid? Do we let the retards take over because they deserve equal rights? What will be the end result? Retards rule. We are being slowly outnumbered . Then what?

      18. This guy has it wrong, the shit already happened.
        I wasnt prepped well enough.
        Didnt have time to say До свидания

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