Market Analyst: “Nothing Is Real… All Of This is Being Played To Keep People Believing The System Is Working”

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    The stock market may be hovering near all-time highs, but according to Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice that doesn’t mean the valuations are actually real:

    We exist, beyond any shadow of any doubt, in an environment of absolute fakery where nothing is real… from the prices of assets to what’s occurring here with regard to the big Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve, interest rates and everything in between.

    …All of this is being played in a way to keep people believing, once again, that the system is working and will continue to work.

    Full Interview with USA Watchdog:

    President Obama has suggested that people like Greg Mannarino who are exposing the fraud for what it is are just peddling fiction. And just this week the President argued that he saved the world from a great depression and that the closing credits of the 2008 crash movie “The Big Short” were inaccurate when they claimed that nothing has been done to fundamentally curb the fraud and fix the system under his administration. But as Mannarino notes, the President and his central bank cohorts are making these statements because the system is so fragile that if the public senses even the smallest problem it could derail the entire thing:

    Let’s just look at the stock market… there’s no possible way at this time that these multiples can be justified with regard to what’s occurring here with the price action of the overall market… meanwhile, the market continues to rise.

    Nothing is real. I can’t stress this enough… and we’re going to continue to see more fakery… and manipulation and twisting of this entire system…  We now exist in an environment where the financial system as a whole has been flipped upside down just to make it function… and that’s very scary.

    We’ve never seen anything like this in the history of the world… The Federal Reserve has never been in a situation like this… we are completely in uncharted territory where the world’s central banks have gone negative interest rates… it’s all an illusion to keep the stock market booming.

    Every single asset now… I don’t care what asset… you want to look at currency, debt, housing, metals, the stock market… pick an asset… there’s no price discovery mechanism behind it whatsoever… it’s all fake… it’s all being distorted.

    The system is built upon on one premise and that is confidence that it will work… if that confidence is rattled the whole thing will implode… our policy makers are well aware of this… there is collusion between central banks and their respective governments… and it will not stop until it implodes… and what I mean by implode is, correct to fair value.

    And when that confidence is finally lost and the fraud exposed – and it will be as has always been the case throughout history – the destruction to follow will be one for the history books.

    In a previous interview Mannarino warned that things could get so serious after the bursting of such a massive bubble that millions of people will die on a world-wide scale:

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    There’s no way out of it.

    And that may be why governments around the world are preparing for nothing short of Armageddon that will see rioting in the streets, violence, civil war and regime change. In the United States, the Federal government and Pentagon have been war-gaming large scale economic collapse scenarios and those preparations began in earnest shortly after the collapse of 2008.

    Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin explains:

    I’m going to tell you what I think is going on.

    I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. They simulate multiple scenarios.

    I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating.

    The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.

    I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse, when people are desperate, when they can’t get food or clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protect themselves.

    There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the earth to adequately handle a situation like that.

    I suspect, that just in case our fiscal situation collapses, our monetary situation collapses, and following it the civil society collapses – that is the rule of law – that they want to be prepared.

    There is no other explanation for this.

    The entire system is built upon a fraud. The losses have been hidden and papered over with trillion dollar cash infusions by governments and central banks around the world.

    It is only a matter of time. That we can be sure of.

    If you’re reading this and haven’t yet done so, it’s time to prepare for a collapse of a magnitude never before witnessed.

    The elite are feverishly building bunkers for a reason, just as the government is spending billions of dollars on food stockpiles, assault weapons, and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.

    Why? Because they know.


    For more interviews like this one visit Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog.

    For commentary on financial markets and trading tips in a volatile environment check out Greg Mannarino’s free web site at

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      1. Fiat currency is all about faith in the system. The moment you question it, that’s when the reality sets in that it’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Just ask the Chinese who were the originators of fiat money.

        • Hmmmmm, no one is interested in what really can save you stupid asses but economic crap instead? You fuckin retards probably cant grow a tomato for fucks sake. There’s a lot of good info on the thread before this about herbal medicine (if you have enough insight to look)be well mien hier!

          • Ha ha ha, my fookin cat is smarter than most of you! She goes out and smells what herbs she needs and eats them! Like an herbivour she knows what she needs! She figured out how to climb an 8 foot straight ladder (90 degrees) by herself! And how to get down also. She has mastered the art of camoflauge and can kill anything within range. She can brainwash you with kindness, then try and kill yer ass in the next moment, She is a cat…. the ultimate cat…. she is THE CAT! I wouldn’t sell her for 10 million dollars 🙂

            • Genius:
              Well Genius, we can’t all be geniuses.
              So, you wouldn’t sell your cat for ten million dollars. I believe you when hundreds wouldn’t.
              That reminds me. When I was a child, this couple wanted to give my parents ten thousand for my little sister. My mother said no. The woman replied, “but you have four others”. My mother turned around and waked away saying, “I wouldn’t take a million dollars for one of them”. She walked a little further, turned around and said, “or give you a dime for another one”. Funny thing is she almost adopted a baby right after.

            • I like cats…to sight my rifle in on.

              • Tigers can be dangerous, but I’ve heard a little pussy never hurt anyone…

            • your cat may be smarter than you and you may not want to sell it for $10 million but……… you will eat it when you are starving

              • a genius you are not, you are definitely not a genius with your trolling so move along, sonny.

          • …….who are you calling retarded, twinkie? You come off kind of nasty and arrogant. Now really, who wants to listen to or take advice from a snot like that? The planet is in bad enough shape to even take folks like you seriously. Seriously. I’ve been a tomato growin’ mf’er for over 50 years now.

            • I think it’s the home brew talking…look at the hour

              • Kula, your right. Sorry bout that…..

          • I read that thread 2 Articles back about: “DIY Antibiotics”: What To Grow to Protect Your Health In a Crisis. Sure read up, it may save your hide.

            ~WWTI… And the Bonus is Genius posted a Free Cough Medicine Recipe (wink wink) in that article.

        • Mannarino’s last official job was working as a foot nurse.


          Multiculturalism is our strength in the formerly picturesque Mediterranean island resort of Corsica.

          Why do I care about Corsica?



          • It’s so, so true and sad. The US will FAIL! There is no doubt in my mind. And a big part of the problem is that they have allowed all the worthless foreigners and blacks to come here and to do as they want and to breed like wild cats and dogs and unfortunately all us decent white people will now have to suffer and pay the price. I mean, come on, look around, especially at the big cities: Chicago, NY, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Baltimore, DC…blacks and foreign trash everywhere and destroying it all from the inside out. Thanks Uncle Sammy, you have done a swell, swell job…what a true disgrace and waste of once a great nation, a great land, a great people.

        • Rodster:
          Came back to tell you 30 million dead Chinese must be rolling in there graves, along with the millions of Vietnamese/Cambodians, Ukrainian white Christians, white Christian Russians and all the other victims of Communism in Germany, Korea and around the world; because today is the People’s Workers Party (Communist Party) May Day holiday celebration and people have come for a peaceful parade to celebrate Workers (suckers), progressive (code for Communist) goals/agenda. Isn’t stupidity and ignorance wonderful. Happy May Day. See ya when the cycle and hammer is lowered and the face of the monster is revealed beneath the smiling friendly face of lies, genocidal hate, patient deception of the deliberately dumbed down mass of humanity.

          • THEIR graves

            • B from CA – a cycle is either a period of time or (usually) a two wheeled vehicle propelled by muscle power. A sickle is a tool that is used for cutting grasses with.

              Couldn’t resist correcting you as you are so keen to pull others up on their useage of English! So yes, stupidity and ignorance is very evident in your post.

          • Actually the Vietnamese were largely killed by us because of their support for communism. France and its “capitalism” was totalitarian in respect to them. The political fall out of US involvement created Pol Pot. Vietnamese communists ended his carnage.

            The Vietnamese were never our enemy. They were nationalists that wanted an independent Vietnam. They took no marching orders off of neither the USSR nor China and actually fought China in 1979. Long the underdog, they had a history of fighting any invader regardless of political persuasion.

        • I know it seems like a delay, but eventually the rubber does hit the road. IMPLODE !!!!!!!! XXXXXL

      2. To some degree, everything is an illusion.

        Even our blip of time in this dirt bag of meat we are stuck with for decades, it is just what we percieve to believe.

        In the end we are just a soul.

        But at least enjoy your time here on this 3rd rock from our star…

        • time for a joke?

          One afternoon, a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men
          the road-side eating grass.

          Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and got out to investigate.

          He asked one man, “Why are you eating grass?”

          “We don’t have any money for food,” the poor man replied. “We have to eat

          “Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I’ll feed you,” the lawyer

          “But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under
          that tree.”

          “Bring them along,” the lawyer replied.

          Turning to the other poor man he stated, “You may come with us,also.”
          second man, in a pitiful voice, then said, “But sir, I also have a wife and
          children with me!”

          “Bring them all as well,” the lawyer answered.

          They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as
          the limousine.

          Once under way, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said,”Sir,
          you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you. ”

          The lawyer replied, “Glad to do it. You’ll really love my place. The grass
          almost a foot high.

          • Ha ha ha, good one butt!

            • Bcod sends killer emails too…

              • why, thank you, eppe….that’s quite an honor,coming from the best jokester.

          • LOL! Im saving this!

          • BCOD, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one. Been hanging around Eppe?

            • been collecting jokes for a few years now, and i gotta be CAREful, so i don’t send one here i got from eppe….he’s the best! laughter IS the best medicine,…..SOMEtimes…. people laff at me all the time,….but not because of what i SAY………..

              • buttcrackofdoom

                Being able to laugh at yourself is the best humor. It also shows you have confidence and like who you are.

                • you’re a wise man, mike!

        • Eppe

          We have only one life. I always try to enjoy it. It is great to have friends like you to add enjoyment to it as well.

          Unless people have already been in Godforsaken places where conditions are miserable they have no clue how valuable plain humor is.

          Have a great day my friend.

        • Good read…

          ht tp://

      3. How do people not yet see how bad it ALL is? Are that many people really that dim?

        • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…”
          Everybody knows all that stuff on the internet is just crap.
          Narratives. Propaganda.
          Powerful stuff.

          My BIL, is one of ‘them’. He loves ‘the best system on Earth’, and this is mainstream wisdom; “Quit looking at all that crap on the internet, nothing will ever happen HERE, this is AMERICA you idiot.”

          Of course, he probably has a million bucks in the stock market… he HAS to defend it, or his mind would break.
          Multiply by millions.
          Remember the Germans before WWII?
          Slow steps to take your mind.

        • Because most people lack the capacity for questioning and critical thinking. This is why politicians learn how to manipulate people’s emotions rather than presenting cold, hard facts. All anyone wants is to feel good, which is why we have such an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse in this country. Tell them something that makes them feel bad and they will hate you-no matter how true it is.

          • Winston, I drink and I love truth! I am all about truth! I have no small bubble paradigm to shatter I am open to anything! Want a shot of whiskey???

                • …and when the 5ths near empty, I break out the STRAT-n-Orange(amp..very old mind you!!!)…plug in and try to keep up w/ Rory on “MOONCHILD”…(enjoy)…


                • nah – metallica is the best for whiskey in the jar

            • I was referring to excessive drinking to the point of addiction. As far as that whiskey goes, I’d be a bad drinking buddy as I don’t like the taste or effects of alcohol and prefer to be sober 100% of the time. However, if that’s your thing, I am not opposed to occasional drinking or to being around others who are drinking (unless they are drunk and violent). Heck, I’m not even opposed to occasional pot smoking so long as I am not expected to partake in it myself. For me, fun is in my own thoughts and in my ability to solve problems. Anything that takes away from that is less fun.

              • Winston Smith:

                I like what you are saying and I agree. You are intelligent. Most people think being happy is the most important thing in life. So they do everything in an effort to become and remain happy. Then they can’t figure out why they are miserable.

                Knowing that you are a problem solver and enjoying your own thoughts, you sound like a winner.

            • Drink?? Love unvarnished truth?? Question established paradigms???

              …such are the few, who’re “Keepers of the Light”…(crank-up the volume & enjoy Genius))!!!


          • Winston, what happens are these Corrupt Politicians think just because they are elected, they are then Free to Rape our Country Blind at free will or a blanked A-OK to do what ever they want, which is Not usually in the Public’s Interest. Donald Trump has tapped into that frustration and why he is so Popular. The Public isn’t stupid, just helpless to act against it. These politicians trading Wall Street stocks with insider info before a bill becomes law, and enriches them unfairly, and should be Heavily Fined and Placed in Prison. But hey when those who cheat the system make the laws, always seem to keep their actions exempt.


      4. Both gold and silver have broken free of their FED chains and are up over 15% this month.

        Keep watching, this is big.

        The Chinese just launched a new banking center that sets gold prices in Asia. It runs in direct opposition to the crooked London gold fix. Deutcha bank in Germany just paid a huge fine for its roll in fixing Gold and Silver and they are naming names.

        The western gold cabal is crumbling.

        I gotta see what Obama thinks up next to kick the can down the road.

        • Yes, the same Chinese who rigged their own currency, who rigged its eCONomic data, who rigged its unemployment data, who rigged its own stock market. The same Chinese who dumped over $30 trillion of monopoly money into its system to fraudulently paper over its problems. The same Chinese who’s shadow banking system dwarfs that of the West.

          Yeah, those same Chinese will sure as hell make everything, right. 😉

          All we will have achieved is moving the Ponzi scheme from West to East.

        • caught a spellin’ error there, plan…i believe it’s spelled douche-bank…

          • You got me there! Damn that autocorrect! LOL

      5. If you think about it, it really is surprising that it has lasted this long.
        A dollar bill is printed on the same piece of paper that a twenty dollar bill is printed on. The only difference is a little more ink.
        Confidence is all that keeps it going because we know we can buy a little more with one than the other.
        But in reality neither one is backed by anything solid.

      6. It is all part of a giant plan. The idea is to create an economic collapse so it justifies the wars they want. They are playing us like a great big piano. In the end they want to emerge with absolute power. If Countries would each mind their own business. Return to Nationalism. Establish independent currencies. Freeze out the globalist financiers, prosperity, not devastation would result.

      7. I have read hundreds of articles since 2008 on the interworkings of these systems. Also about the manipulation going on right and left. This guy is right in that it is all smoke and mirrors. Yet now the smoke is thin and many mirrors are broken. The system is broken…

        The main thing to watch for now is the trigger or spark.

        • Why are the candidates ignoring the coming recession/collapse and not talking about it? They should be telling their supporters to seriously prepare with our GDP sinking to only .5% growth last quarter unless they are in the fraud system, or all of them or are completely stupid.

          It is the independent people who prepare because they see the world and know what really is going on. The trigger has already been pulled.

      8. BANG!

      9. I’ve said it before the only thing that keeps the facade up is people’s needs being met. It doesn’t matter how this happens be it programs or working. When that breaks down then the ugly fighting will begin. the numbers they report are cooked and we all know it. If you haven’t been employed for a year you’ve been out of the loop and don’t even know what’s going on really. It’s amazing that some people don’t get it. Believe all of what you see and none of what you hear. What I see is less work less pay for the work. My whole working life wages have been going down its at the point you should just go on the dole really. That’s if your lucky enough to have a job. For those that are chronically unemployed and on programs you are being kept up by the saftey net. You are literally in danger of getting the rug pulled out from you. When that happens you are on our own to meet your needs in a sea of people just like yourself. If the elites are building bunkers and hoarding gold and guns then it’s gonna collapse. They built the system and they know the real numbers and they know it’s failing. anyone not prepared has blinders on.

        • Asshat, great post!

        • Asshat

          I am blessed up to this point with my employment. But in the last six years I have received an email that said I must go to 58 to be able to get insurance. Now they are trying to change that so that everyone goes on Obamacare. Then I was told we were converting to gas due to the environmental regulations. I would either lose my job or go back to being a control room operator.
          Then at the last minute I get a call at 6:20 in the morning. I was told you are now a supervisor at two different power stations. I got no raise or anything for it. Just more work. Then last year they changed the pay regulations. No more comp time. I now have to work 156 hours more a year for the same amount of pay.
          All new hires no longer have pensions. I am blessed to be grandfathered.
          I am still blessed with the job I have. You are right though. All things are changing. The last position we had hoped over 200 people applied for it. New hires are expected to go on Obama care automatically at retirement.
          It keeps getting worse and worse.

          So many people are not as blessed as I am at this time. They are struggling for just food.

          It is only a matter of time until all that will matter is food and water for us all.

          • Hang in Mike!

            • Thanks Jim

              It’s frustrating but I really am blessed compared to most.

              When the electric company constantly cuts back it is a bad sign. I am still ahead of most when it comes to pay and benefits. The point is it will all come to an end. The way we look at pay and other things. Those of us who have prepared will be blessed in the future compared to most as well.

              Thanks for the good wishes my friend.

      10. Yes it’s fixed and so is the whole voting system where banker puppets in Congress need to grant permission for the number one puppet of the day to wipe his/her’s arse.

        GAAP reporting for corporations is not being used and they now cook the books to make out that in average the corporations had a 6% increas in profit but that 6% becomes a loss of 11% if you apply the GAAP rules.

        Silver being up 15% is no big deal because it dropped 300% from the top and I can see it going lower so don’t bet the farm on it yet.

      11. This young man gives me a bit of hope for the future,really living off the land and actually going to other countries and teaching/learning each others skills of living a more primative lifestyle,here is link,you know the drill to avoid moderation: ht tp://,pretty good story,enjoy!

        • I’ll check that later on. Who among us, if you were a kid in the 70’s, didn’t want to go into the wilderness like Grizzly Adams? Minus the Dr. Doolittle bullshit of course. Some guys actually have the balls to do it. Alas, with a wife, kids, and a mortgage, I’m doomed to remain a wage slave for the foreseeable future. Hard work for fiat currency. We’re so screwed as a nation.

          By the way, I read your post the other day about breakfast/lunch meet . Agreed. I don’t know how to use the methods you mentioned though. Eppe’s email, was it? Failing that, there’s always the prearranged meet up but you know if we posted where and when every other patron in the diner would be a fed.

          • Over,either one of us could be feds!Or,given fed actions lately both of us!That said,we watch what we say but you knew that,whatever I say here will say to anyone though,really don’t give a rats ass.

            I will hit Eppe direct,he has a e-mail circle going,see if cool to put up that connection here,believe how I originally got in the “inner sanctum”!Have a good weekend you and all here and we will figure it out.

            • To let everyone know, all I am doing is letting the planners have a way to email each other.
              We have 13 planners on the system.
              Has anyone had and problems?
              I am not a russian spy, or part of the NSA.
              War was the first to join.
              Email is in moderation….

              • No problems,,, other than my sore everything and lack of motivation!

                • Kula, I am still envious of the pic of your place.
                  If you hit my email, you get connected to the planners here already.
                  The nsa knows us already by IP addresses, so what can we lose by emailing each other.
                  Wide range of posters…

                  • Why do Jehovah Witness hate Halloween?

                    They do not like strangers at thier door…

                    • Unless you dress up as a Johovah Witness.

                    • My wife and I were arguing about how to say Nakodoshis going down the road. I got so mad I said ” We are going into the first place we get to in that town so someone can settle this argument”.

                      We pulled into this place. Walked in. I asked the lady behind the counter to tell me how to pronounce this place. I said ” please say it real slow. ” She leaned over the counter and said ” Buuuurrrger King. ”

                      We are still not sure how to say Nakodoshis!

                  • Im pretty sure we dont even matter to them, and if we do they are one buncha sorry mofos,,,
                    Personally i feel there are far bigger fish for them to fry. I pretty much just stay out of the way and plan on keeping it that way.

                  • These guys know who the real threats are,,,it aint us,
                    The reality is there is a lot of propaganda on all sides, alt media is pushing a whole nother line of BS, fearmongering,,, best taken with a grain o salt. Ive been talked to, but had nothing at all to do with anything recent. The reality is these guys know lots of folks are disgruntled, they also know that most of us are civil. They arent worried about a buncha grumpy middle aged men blowing off some steam on a website, believe me, there are lots of folks who really are a threat, who they are definitely watching. It aint us.

                • Kula, get a smaller chainsaw, it will help lol.

                  • G, really wish you would join…

                    • eppe, I don’t use email for anything but replies from craigslist and a few other things. I might use it to communicate with others 3 times a year or so. I check it maybe once every 2 weeks or so unless I am running ads. I don’t trust communication with email (sorry) or phone. (like I should trust posting here lol). A chatroom would be cool but I can’t find a good one. Sorry my friend but email isn’t my thing, thanks for the invite though!

                    • Dopey is blowing his OPSEC again and yours for his little email circle jerk. And you can sure bet he blows all your OPSEC to others without your knowledge. Bait andHook Stupid is. Hey Dopey.. To all: My 16 year old daughter just won ‘Miss Teen Gwinnett County’ beauty contest. Blew my mind, all the 15-19 girls were lookers….

                      Dopey dies it again.


                    • Wwti, in the last 20+ months, you have said the same thing over and over.
                      You have got to be the most parinoid mofo Here.
                      Did not think this bol thing out too well.
                      Build a cabin 5 foot above sea level, with no wheels underneath?
                      Not as brillant as you think.
                      But you think they do not know who we are?
                      Your neighbors have figured you out, and are waiting for the right time to take you out.

                      Sleep well…

                    • By the way, Who, I have never had a complaint on the email circle jerk.
                      Why? Because we trust each other, sometimes actually talk to each other.
                      Why bash a good thing???

                      Oh, I forgot who I was talking to…


                  • Ha!
                    Wish it were that simple,,,
                    Stuff just catches up with you, believe it or not i get more sore if im sitting than if im working and doing,,, its the down time that is when everything is sore

                    • Kula, I hear you. I get sore sittin around too. It sucks getting old, I can’t imagine how you must feel! (joking my man, I aint no spring chicken either). 😛

                    • There was a chat room awhile back but believe the operator was a nsa operator/plant that just scooped up names ect.,vanished,and now has large dossiers(that even a word anymore?!)on all of us,all I could figure anyhow!

                    • W.C. If you have a website you can get a free chatango side chat. You used to be able to get a full page chat but thats gone now 🙁

              • I have not had the feds show up since I joined the email. You can trust Eppe. Hes a great guy.

                • They can show up if they want, will show em the farm and my unfinished projects and send em home with a few dozen eggs,,, like i said, pretty sure they know us and dont care.

                  • Kula

                    I quit caring a few years ago. They have bigger fish to fry than little ole me in the beginning. If you look at pure logistics it would be impossible for them to do that to us all. If they tried in the beginning the word would spread like wildfire. They just don’t have the man power for it. I have flown recently as well so they just don’t care about little ole me.

            • War, I’m about FED up lol…. I bet the feds love my shit. Giving them my info and thoughts. Ehhh fuck them, I still have worse tricks up my sleeve 😛

              • Have a chat room and miss out on the scintillating conversation here?Never!Actually,as soon as done working this gig(move to your new warehouse and set this horse free!)will look into setting one up,along with road trips,back to home to resucure/build a bit/maybe finally get a ham license/whole lot needs to be done with my fought for/earned the hard way time off Dammit!

                I appreciate work and all but just a carpentry machine cutman and could easily take off summer,the 6-7 day a week thing tiring ,soon……..

                • War, when ya tire and broke, I would offer ya my self contained camper propane included and sum grub, because yer a good man and it might do me some good to have an intelligent refute to my thinking once in a while. You might like it here, lots of space and animals and exploring. I don’t hunt anymore (unless shtf) because I love havin the critters around more than I need the meat. I can teach you how too be a good shot too lol. Jus sayin…..

                  • Eh Genius,as muchh as I appreciate our neighbors to the north(enjoying Beavers adventure)I just CANNOT live in Canada,but thanks for the offer!

                    • Well don’t say I never offere’d and thanks for the opsec lol 😛

                    • The great white north eh

          • OW, as a kid I used to get Outdoor life magazine and read it cover to cover. I was fortunate to live next to a marsh and large creek tributary where muskrats abounded. I trapped and fished those waters from age eight to eighteen until the “bran-muffin eaters” vilified the fur markets and caused them to crash. But yes, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t dream of heading west to trap and live that life.

        • I read that article too. If I was 16 again, I’d do it in a heart beat.

          In the 1960s my fam would spend summers in Canada on Big Canyon Lake in a one room log cabin. No running water. No electricity. Had to go by boat to the local grocery store.

          Wonderful time we had as kids!

        • I lived off the land when I lived in a 14 ft Tipi in the north woods wilderness for two weeks out of the year for many years. I ate only what I could only find in the wild for the experience which was plenty in summer.

          This boy is an adventurer more than a survivalist, and he had Mum’s food from the house to sustain himself as he had flour and cereal. I didn’t, and I made it a full primitive experience. Take away that food given him and see how well he does on his own.

          • Actually,believe the young man would do just fine,seems his calling and at moment living on moms grits for breakfast as that is near his area,seems to be really surviving on the local nature supply,he seems to have travelled far and wide for a young man.He wants to learn to ride so he can add that to his skill set and teach others and have his own school of old world skills.

            Jeez,a little hope in young folks and you still have to find something wrong!Here is some good news,Genius invited me to visit his home in Canada!

      12. After 35 years of trading, I can add this.
        While I see trouble in the markets and the society in general, I also see that this is a planned demolition with several WELL KNOWN key dates. The first date is very, very close now.
        Only a few weeks away.
        However, the end date, ALSO WELL KNOWN, is close as well. It will be over before the year’s end.
        The controllers can’t afford to drag the misery for too long. It must be a short lived crisis if they want to keep control.
        The problem is the nature of the coming calamities but I can only speculate on the subject.
        No, it’s not the economy stupid. We are not broke, remember what I wrote above, it’s a planned financial demolition. Money is not the problem.

        • So spill the beans. What are the dates and the reasons you have focused on those dates?

        • if these are so well known, why don’t you share with the class ?

          I’m thinking you don’t have any idea when anymore than anyone else.

          • I can’t tell you the date because this is a public forum. However, I gave a fairly good answer about it, to one of Rabbitone posts, see below.
            It will take you just a small effort to find out the date. If you still can’t figure it out, I suggest you go and talk to an experienced trader. A market (SP500) technical analyst would be better.
            Here is a FINAL HINT: it all starts on a Sunday.

      13. The end result of the looming crisis will be a vastly different world.
        Contrary to many opinions, it will a positive change.
        One world currency.
        One world government.
        One world army.
        However, I also believe that the planet’s ecosystem will be compromised amid a true climate chaos.
        Keep in mind that our present financial system was designed more than 100 years ago; designed to fail in advance, this was done because of the known coming calamities. Yes folks, they knew what’s coming centuries ago.

        • With one self appointed demigod in charge, are you ready to pray to him, because that’s what he is going to make you do…

        • You seriously think your one world etc is a positive change???
          Knock yourself out with that one, i and many many many millions of others wont go along with that, sorry but just isnt going to happen. But now we know where your head is at.
          Progressivism is a disease

          • You really bought the “horror picture” of one world government without ever thinking that it could be all done in an effort to create a hate reaction.
            Then, go and fight the ghost…
            I am a coward. I will be into hiding.

            • The argument can be made both for and against all of the things you mentioned above.
              In an ideal world everyone and everything would live in harmony and carry the buden fairly.
              But, the reality is humans are greedy and evil and will use their fellow man, this is the reality my eyes have been open to and the reason i prefer not to have these things happen, IMHO the good will never be realized and only the usory will unfold. Until there is a monumental shift in the way humans behave society as a whole will continue to degrade. Just look at what is going on around the world and within our own country,
              Personally i have no interest in working my butt off to carry some other schmuck who could care less about my wellbeing, so therin is the problem as a whole, many will simply ride on the accomplishment of others and will continually expect more. This is true of government and true of the millions who game the system for personal gain.
              Myself? Who is John Galt!

        • You ARE Talking about the Beasts One World Government System; and it WILL be literally Hell On Earth. A Nightmare Without End. A Vast MAJORITY will REJECT it in full.

        • You are ‘suggesting’ that no matter what, the New World Order is going to be the next “world horror” that will actually be wonderful.

          Your ass sucks canal-water asshole. The United States is not “up for grabs” …so dream on.

          (Even the best laid plans….)

      14. Once this tragic crisis will be over, a long period of “tribulations” will follow. The masses will be subdued.
        This is all known in advance. All dates are known for the next 45 years.

        Those who are still interested, just the few of you, can find the dates for this year in the video called ‘231134421 be ready’.
        It’s all in the title…!!! All dates are in the title…!!!

        • I call bullshit on this post. Spell out the dates and put your reputation where your keyboard is. Otherwise, take your mystical revelations elsewhere. Have a nice day.

          • Mar mar, you are a lazy bum… Look at all my posts on this thread and you’ll see my answer.

            • Not lazy, just exhausted with dealing with smug individuals. Math is not my strong suit and I am not into game playing. I am a physician and a teacher and have learned that to be effective at my job (getting sick people well as quickly as possible) I need to communicate using words that patients understand. Do you suggest that I call my patients lazy bums because they do not understand medical terms that took me years of education and training to fully understand? I am willing to bet that most of us here are just trying to do the best we can to take care of ourselves and our families and just want a little help in creating order out of the chaos around us. So, if you are going to teach us something, please consider reworking your lesson plan. Regards, Mar Mar

              • Not everyone is in mom’s basement.
                I live in the mountains of a jungle on opposite side of the globe from north america. I did it to avoid the coming chaos. Believe it or not but professional traders have seen the date since 2009. We knew it back then and left!
                Not at all. Most of those that I know live in total isolation where getting anything is problematic.
                Snakes, scorpions, spiders, ants and more is something that we would rather have as neighbors than live through what’s coming.
                I am talking about an EMP/CME so HUGE that it will move the Earth out of it’s place. That’s written in the bible and that is what I think is coming.
                Gamma rays, space debris, falling satellites, meteorites, hail, fire etc…
                Mar, mar, it’s already very, very late.

                • The worst is that this will be only the beginning in a series of several “natural” disasters.
                  Curiously, north/south America and western (capitalist) Europe will be hit the hardest.
                  This is only my opinion and my own interpretation, so take it very lightly.
                  One last detail.
                  I noticed a significant rise in temperature during the last few months. As much as 2 degrees Celsius…!!! Here in the jungle it means sweating until midnight instead of until 7PM.
                  There is a cause for this and there will be a remedy for it! A drastic remedy…!!!
                  I am only speculating again but if I would live in northern Europe, I would be ready to move on a moment’s notice.
                  Drastic global cooling coming…

                  • Funny ,
                    I’m having the coldest spring I can remember in most all of my life , so much for your “warming” scare

                  • If indeed an EMP is “planned” for the very near future, then that would most certainly answer the greatest number of questions that are presently “unanswered and up in the air” – good grief.

                    Should the world get hit THAT frigging hard, which is doubtful, it would take more “ass” than we would DARE explode close to earth to “move the planet” (and even if we did, there would not be tons of debris raining down upon us …it burns up in the atmosphere upon re-entry remember? (Aside from the moon there is nothing orbiting earth that would NOT burn up completely upon re-entry …so THAT is a “crock of shit” period.

                    Now, an EMP large enough to take down the entire US of A? Yeah, it could easily be done and in the long run take the planet down with it, or so it seems that it would tend to lean that way.

                    People do not hide in bunkers with large food supplies awaiting an economic collapse, and so I doubt they’ll any such thing (other than ‘fake events’ to keep the sheeple off balance and believing everything is ‘hunky-dory’.

                    So, that points to a ‘calamity’ of SOME kind, that is rather destructive since people, even countries (russia), have been digging huge and deep shelters for years ….”in preparation of what?”

                    We’ll be finding all of this and more out “when it happens.” So, if you are ready for everything, anything can happen and you’ll get through it just fine.

                • Bobane

                  “Gamma rays, space debris, falling satellites, meteorites, hail, fire etc…”

                  So the Universe is going to take a big shit on Planet Earth? LOL.

                  I just Love It. Tell me. Is it better to run or stand still to decrease the chances of being nailed by cosmic debris.

        • With all I can read/see what is happening believe the idea of a new world order/one govt./one currency less likely to happen daily,which,I believe is not only good but excellent!

          • +1

        • All in the title. Sure is. It’s called the Book of Revelation.

      15. Fear is your enemy and they know it. It is all about keeping people in fear. Once the peddling of fear is gone the games up. They are finished and they know it.

        • Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

          Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
          Dale Carnegie

      16. Bring it on! I, for one, am tired of playing their games. If I am one who doesn’t survive, so be it. It was my time to go anyway but it won’t be from lack of preparation.

      17. So please all stop feeding of off the fear. As the more it is being spread around the internet it is just destroying everyone. Don’t succumb to it, laugh in the face of adversity as they say, post jokes like some do and just look at it for the ridiculousness it is. Peddling fear just keeps them winning. We get the message we understand things are not good. But the record is worn out. 5 years of the same stories and no one seems to listen, we have tried and now it is time to stop. Must stock up must stock up etc. Talk about panic and what is panic, fear again. How is your radiated food and body’s going to help you if they do decide to end it. Really does everyone own a bunker. Talk about whip up a fear frenzy. The elite have got bunkers, big deal they will have to live in them for years with their tinned food etc, and I guess the sheeple whom all work for the sheeple just cannot manage to operate the machinery and grow the food like they have been for years and years. Regardless of a government or not. I am sure I saw old man bush the other day serve me a burger in McDonalds. Please..huh.

        • So let me guess John. You come from a family that ignored the warning signs before the depression started in 1929 then when the worst hit everyone in your family maintained great jobs and they never had to suffer? Well most sheeple did not listen then and most are not listening now.

          It is not about bunkers! It is about warning signs. Tell me why ZIRP since 2008 normal!! Why did our financial system around the world add $20 Trillion in debt since 2008? Why have global Central Banks have printed over $14 trillion in new money to buy bonds via QE? In Japan, a single QE program equal to 25% of GDP was launched in April 2013? The Fed’s balance sheet is over $4.5 trillion, larger than the economy of Germany? Now half of Europe is on NIRP to the tune of $7 Trillion? The Friday before last, the Bank of Japan cut interest rates to NIRP for the first time in its history. And for the first time since 2008, a major Central Bank’s policy didn’t have a single positive outcome? And you call these normal economic times??

          In short, Central Banks are in far worse shape than they were in 2008 to deal with another crisis. And that’s too bad, because the coming crisis will be significantly larger than that of 2008 (again there is over $20 trillion MORE debt in the system than there was then).

          • Rabbitone I am fully aware of the depression and Weimar republic and the money situation of fiat currency and the warning Signs all around like they have been since Lehman bros etc.
            The point I am simply making is the fear factor that this has now caused with a lot of people that are running to the hills.
            Have you even considered what like might be life after the worse possible outcome? Have you considered the quality of life afterwards? Etc. You see you probably have and those things are a reaction to survival, which is fear driven.

            • I have traded 40 years plus and I have seen more fear in markets then I can count. People who are rational about markets do not gauge markets or economics using fear. A better process is risk vs reward. If you understand risk than you can hedge against them
              You asked “…Have I even even considered what it might be like after the worst possible outcome…” answer yes. I have a prepped my primary site fully and and a partially prepped backup site if I need to run. None of my planning was fear driven. I estimated the risks of worst case and plan monthly to add to what I have. I am always evaluating changes in risk.
              The point is not that my wife and I survive the worst case but that I evaluated the risks and was pro-active in planning for them. If my plan is way off I may pay the ultimate price with millions of others. But my point is it is not fear planning but estimated risk planning.
              You asked quality of life. Try a fox hole crawling with slimy, squirming blood-sucking leeches and ticks in ‘nam compared to life today. There is no comparison. You will do what you must to survive which is not fear driven for people who plan based on risks …

              • Rabbit one
                If you traded for 40 years, you should then know the date when it will all start. It is clearly indicated on SP500 chart. Make an effort and you’ll find it.
                Hint, start date: 4th of June 1997. Then use horizontal Fibo ratio going through 6th of March 2009. The date reveals itself with 99.95% precision.
                It’s only a few weeks away and it will be horrible from day one.
                Now, don’t say nobody told you.

                • so SP500 will be going down to around the 729 mark as indicated by your two dates above??

                  That will be quite a drop!

                  Why only a few weeks away?

                  • ht tp://

                    Fibonacci And The Golden Ratio

                    ‘fraid it was Greek to me. 🙁

                    • aaaah, the Fibonacci sequence and the flower of life. Not mentioned in the buybull. As so many ancient things aren’t. As above, so below…. A lot deeper than the buybull my friend… It is life itself!

                    • I have seen it personally on a way different level than you are on. I guarantee it is real…..

                    • I was rasied hunting and fishing. I loved it for years. I have killed more animals than you would believe…BUT.. it came to me one day…WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS? I had no answer…. I didn’t need the meat, I just liked killing….. Like many will say the same… the thrill of the hunt… I ask a favor of you… stop the hunt and let them live please!Theres nothing I love more then a trophy buck eating my grass : 0

                    • ya cant say shit aboot it can ya?? Grandee, you will pay with you life! hunting is fun ya…..

                    • deeper than the Holy Bible???

                      Naw. ’cause you can’t take it (gold&silver) with you.


                      James 5:3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

                      Nice reminder for the Lord’s Day.
                      Thanks Genius~peace

                  • Have a second look, we are heading down to 565 (not 729) on $SPX and then… THE END.

                      How do you think Peter came to this date several months ago?
                      Answer: he used the same method all top pros use.
                      By the way, he is a late catching shmuck.
                      We all know how he did it but we would rather not advertise it.
                      That date, 28th of May 2016, is almost accurate.
                      He was decent enough by NOT being precise.
                      There are several methods how to find THE DATE.
                      None of them related to the markets. If I wouldn’t be able to counter-verify my conclusion, I wouldn’t post.

                • Bobane, they have been posting charts like that on StockTwits $SPX and $SPY for months and months. It comes in many forms besides Fibo ratios. There is the 7.5 Yr cycle with the MSCI World stock index trends. The Armstrongs 8.5 year cycle. The Monthly chart I see every day called the Trillion Dollar Question made up of rising wedges from 1995-1999, 2003-2007 and 2009-2015 that asks will we get the same outcome? So yes they all technically say the same thing. The fly in the ointment is Yellen. Can she slow the outcome through November?…

        • being prudent and prepping for bad things is not fear. Its being rational and wise. We always avoided debt and lived within our means. and it has worked quite well. Its not that people cant do things. Its that they have enablers that make it not necessary to do anything. I have a neighbor who has a elderly parent. The government provides meals on wheels and home health care for free. they could take care of their parent but why if the government is enabling? many boomer parents enable their own children & grandchildren. Its a pretty sad state of affairs. And there shure as shootin isn’t any viable political or ballot box fix.

          • Yes old guy prudent rational and wise I do not disagree at all. I am only pointing out that fear drives people in the first place before all those rational and wise thoughts. I am not trolling or anything like that I am just as prepped as the next person on this site. For fear is a part of human nature like it or not. That is fact.
            Why do you think the twin towers happened why do you think the false flags, fear to control peoples minds with fear. I think the late great bill hicks had it right when be said tptb want you to put bigger locks on your doors etc.
            I think my point is being mid interpretated. Why do you think they want your guns, so you cannot defend yourselves. Because tptb also live in fear. Its one great big fear based problem.

            • And that is a good point. The bosses are scared to death that the people will rise up and call for their pound of flesh.

              This is the whole point of Homeland, militarized LEO and the NSA.

              Reminds me of a story about Nixon…

              President Nixon and Sec of State Kissinger were in the White House in 68 or 69 or so and Nixon had busses ringed bumper to bumper around the White House to keep the protestors out.

              Thousands of war protestors were demanding his neck. Nixon says, “Henry, they’re gonna break through and get us…”. Scared shitless.

              Now, they’re even more scared. Look at the new plans to raise the fence around the White House to 14 feet or somesuch height. Obama says no fence at the borders because there is no threat to us, yet he needs a higher fence around the “people’s house”.

              Yes, the bosses are scared shitless.

              • Good post, I love it when TPTB are scared.
                Hope it’s for real, and that they’re terrified.

                • Funny we haven’t heard from the religious tribe…. Hmmmm. Well I will tell you what I think then… I will die by some means (hopefully taking out some assholes) and I will return at some later date to complete my training. Reincarnation is virtually a proven fact. I want to be a dolphin as they are way smarter than humans. But in the deadly waters of the pacific (thanks to man) it may not be that great. Kula, have you ever had the chance to swim with the dolphins? If not please do it before you can’t…. you will never forget it and it may change your outlook on life. If you or relik want to and can’t afford it I will chip in to pay for it. You live there, do IT! maybe I will come back as a worm lol or a slug. I will at least be the smartest worm in the dirt! Man is man and life is life, the creator has in store for you (or perhaps you choose) WHERE YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE WILL BE. ooops caps lock. But I bet my life, you WILL live on…..

                  • Hey Genius, speaking of Reincarnation and taking out some assholes. I bet in your next go around you come back as an endless roll of toilet paper.

                    • NGIC, about time you came back. How’s it going?

                    • Everything is going great down here in the BOL Cuz, when you gonna check out of that ratrace and come on home?

                  • Say Genius, it is a fact that when King James ‘forced’ his translators into creating The (now) JKV …he most definitely had them delete anything and everything about reincarnation that existed. The only copy of ‘the real thing’ is ‘deep under the Pontus’s ass, in a forgotten archive, in the last bible (The Bishops Bible). None are supposed to be extent as that would blow the lid off religion …as it stands today as compared with way back then). So, one might say that even parts of The Holy Bible are lies (when much of it is simply ancient history). Revelation is allegedly a book that the early church fathers had and had no idea what to do with. It ended up being the last book of the new testament …since it defies all logic or interpretation (except from evangelical liars).

            • I know personally i am not really afraid of much, the reason being i have skills and supplies live in a good area and have a ton of connections, i have minimized my risk on purpose and along with that have minimized my reliance on outside inputs, i could pretty much just shut everything down to a minimum and get by no matter what. This, is not out of fear but out of looking objectively at our world and my own personal situation and taking the simplest path possible, it doesnt keep up with the Joneses but its comfortable and simple. Not fearful. Pretty much anything could happen at any time, mother nature being the biggest variable in the room, just need to cope, use good common sense and not be overextended.

              • Funny we haven’t heard from the religious people… Hmmmm. Well I will tell you what I think then… I will die by some means (hopefully taking out some assholes) and I will return at some later date to complete my training. Reincarnation is virtually a proven fact. I want to be a dolphin as they are way smarter than humans. But in the deadly waters of the pacific (thanks to man) it may not be that great. Kula, have you ever had the chance to swim with the dolphins? If not please do it before you can’t…. you will never forget it and it may change your outlook on life. If you or relik want to and can’t afford it I will chip in to pay for it. You live there, do IT! maybe I will come back as a worm lol or a slug. I will at least be the smartest worm in the dirt! Man is man and life is life, the creator has in store for you (or perhaps you choose) WHERE YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE WILL BE. ooops caps lock. But I bet my life, you WILL live on…..


                • When i was a kid we used to dive off the south point of the big island, there was a school of dolphins that hung out close to the area we dove, was a huge shelf and got real deep real fast, i liked them because i always had to drag the stringer, so when the dolphins were checking me out and swimming around me i didnt worry about sharks, they were the coolest creatures, would swim right up to us, give us a good looking at and swim around us, were a real good omen for me.

                  • Meet you in heaven man! You wont know be bytheway lol..

                    • I did not believe in reincarnation in my last life, and I sure do not believe in it in this one…

                      Makes one wonder…

      18. The burger at McDonalds with all the non food additives to hold the cost at around $4? Like wood pulp, it’s in most of the menu, shakes too.

        • Indeed, but you get my point. Corporation over took everyone. It does not mean no one can take back the power and work for each other, corporation is just the middle man the same as the government and banks, just the middlemen. Whom push fear around.

      19. What I learned from disasters during Vietnam of bombs dropping for days and then again when the Chicago River rose over the banks and burned up the computer (whose databases I was in charge of) in a basement of the bank in Downtown Chicago is that the human mind will not envision beforehand what really may happen when things go wrong. It is part of the human nature of “hope” to prepare no further each day than enjoying our shelter, getting dressed, eating and doing our simple work for the day. Our mental stability is the illusion that nothing disturbs our “basics” and what we hope for that makes our routine better.

        So…when the facts immerge slowly that our society is breaking down, our governmental institutions have been subverted, family structures disintegrating, financial institutions corrupted our first instinct is not to prepare for disaster but instead fortify our daily routine. Fortifying our daily routine helps us overcome the constant “bad” news and make us strong willed in controlling our minds for the tasks we “focus” on each day. We now shutoff warnings with a verbal “…That is the same thing as yesterday…” or “…Heard it before. It never happened…’

        Those of us who have been through disasters know there is a different mindset to be acquired. You have to be like a general in a war (collapse). Yes, you need to keep the troops doing their daily drills to keep camp life running. But for the coming battles (economic blips or black swans which may or may not happen on your front) you need to have things prepared for a siege (system collapse). Remember, it could be something as simple as running out of socks in cold weather that derails your whole battle (prep) plan.

        Again, the idea is your mind does not want you to admit to a possible collapse (war)…and we cannot accept its presence (the constant denial) and maintain the status quo. We would rather revel in our wallow than plan (prep) for the worst case of being destroyed.

        Note: Half my hearing is gone from that blasting noise and I was known to hit the deck when something fell onto the floor of the office with a thump. In the Chicago disaster I found the adrenaline from war keep me awake in 22 hour stretches (with 2 hours sleep) and in 5 days time we were back up and running 300 miles away.

        • ^ this ^

          and when it does hit people will still be trying to the same things they do everyday (to comfort the mind), going to work and taking kids to soccer practice.

          • Hmm
            Your right
            Be tending the garden, minding the chickens, grinding blades, loading shells, mending stuff, cooking,
            Sounds about right

      20. “The Fourth Turning” written some years ago. Extremely prophetic book on cycles in history. totally predicted the current situation. A must read analysis. A sad prediction: if the GOP convention cannot be rigged against Trump he will be assassinated. I suggest reading the alert at Quayle’s blog about the 50 million provided by DHS to the Ohio DOT to buy large front loaders to remove cars blocking roads.

        Everyone: watch your six… get a dash cam for your vehicle. And a gas mask. You may well need both.

      21. WELL NO SHIT NOTHING IS REAL in a country built on fantasies and lies. Nothing is real in a country controlled completely by psychopathic criminal filth like the world has NEVER seen, and nothing is real in a collapsing hell on earth with a population of brain dead dumbed down waddling toxic waste dump coward fascist boot lickers who care nothing about their children’s health and future.

        • …”living is easy with eyes closed
          misunderstanding all you see…
          let me take you down
          cause were going to…”

      22. The same people also start wars, whilst the poor blinded people do their bidding for them. Fear again.

        • Fear has two meanings
          Face Everything And Run
          Face Everything And Rise

          I am prepared to Rise

          • If you RISE then you have no fear.
            If you HIDE then you do.

            • Or you prepare because fear drove you to prepare.

              • Exactly, fear.

                • Risk floats, fear sinks.

                  • A lot of people won’t wake up.They do not want to believe because it shakes to the core of everything and they get a little fear and dismiss it. Fear is something that is in grained in us as a race of beings. It is just the way it is, sorry you do not see it the same. We beg to differ as they say. Good luck with the prepping though and I hope you come through the otherside of this mess.

      23. The source of this mess?

        “It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt … that they are incapable of exercising the sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and an usurper soon found. The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin…” —James Monroe (1817)

        “[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” —Samuel Adams (1749)

        Welcome to post-modern, post-Christian. According to Pew Forum, the number of people who claim to be religious in America is declining as the country becomes more and more secular. “Research Center finds that the percentage of adults (ages 18 and older) who describe themselves as Christians has dropped by nearly eight percentage points in just seven years, from 78.4% in an equally massive Pew Research survey in 2007 to 70.6% in 2014. Over the same period, the percentage of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated – describing themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” – has jumped more than six points, from 16.1% to 22.8%.” The U.S. is beginning to look more and more like ancient Rome before it collapsed.

      24. Speaking of corruption and stupidity…

        “The latest trend towards insanity in liberal America comes to us from the West Coast, where California has just instituted one of the most maniacal prison rules I’ve ever encountered. In an attempt to remain consistently insane with their liberal politically correct rationale, the government of California has decided to allow any male prisoner who says that he is a woman to spend their incarceration inside of a women’s prison!

        Interestingly, the most recent estimates of California’s prison population finds that there are 363 men who identify as women, but only 22 women who say the reverse. The public will be on the hook for transferring these people to new prisons, but there will also no doubt be a surge in spending to help protect the biological women in these women’s prisons from the new influx of transgendered guests. There will likely also be a surge in “transgendered” prisoners once word of the new policy begins to circulate. But that’s not where the insanity ends… oh, no! California has also mandated that the taxpayers of California must pay for any “transgendered” prisoner seeking to surgery for sexual reassignment.”

        Cited from

        Well, alrighty then. But I just want to know if I go to jail (I’m sure the campus speech and thought police already have my number), and I claim I am a mermaid, I DEMAND to be incarcerated in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. It’s only fair.

      25. The entire MSM is a thick wall of propaganda. If you believe what you see on TV and in the press, every opinion you form will be based on bad info. That’s the goal of TPTB. Most people have fallen victim to the plan. It truly is an info war.

      26. It is the nature of people to rationalize. If going to court and one loses, and one jury member voted against the loss, that is enough for a person to believe they are innocent. This article tells it how it is. Mark Levin has proven to be an establishment republican, and it is difficult for me to believe that Mark Levin is really for the citizens of the US. Mark claims to be a constitutional attorney, yet, he hated Ron Paul, the only rep that actually practiced the constitutional laws as a representative. Mark is supporting Ted Cruz, yet the information that Ted Cruz is in the house of the Bush’s is overwhelming, with Ted’s wife working for the CFR, and it just goes on. Levin is a plant from the Bush or Clinton crime families, there is little doubt at this point, in my mind. Levin is a plant, with a job of blinding the people that listen to him.

        • Yep…add Glenn Beck to that gang.

          • And shaun hannity and rush limbaugh and savage and… and…

            • Yep…

              • And they all get checks cashed into Skekels that are paid for by their zionist israel firster bosses.

                None are for the people that they so always act as if they care so much about….Levin and Hannity and Beck and Rush always, everytime, instantly Hang up on ALL phone in callers the very moment a caller mentions Israel or zionists or that forbidden Taboo word that begins with a “J” and ends with a “W” and contains a single vowel between those two letters.

                Then after the hang up of callers, bitch and whine about “Evil nazi phone in callers”, then, switch fast to a commercial break, and once back on air again…Change topic to anything other than what the prior caller guy said…So to make folks that listen in forget all mentions of the Real true problems and nation wrecker bunch.

                Everybody should read the short Book by Henry Ford written in 1922 and titled “The International Jew…The World’s Foremost Problem”, for the best ever insight and truth never found within msm tv nor ever spoken of by said Talk Radio neocon zios. (Henry Fords book is a Free Read online too so no excuses to remain dumbed down eh!)

                Then read the protocols of elders of zion that was orig wrote at end of 1890’s era…Just read their protocols and then compare to what You Know has really happened the past 100+ years since it was written..Unless you can believe in close to a 100% factor of “Coincidences”?…You shall be astonished like Henry was and he read them only 19 years after it got publsihed in english!…Imagain how many more protocols have since been acomplished as written to do now after over 100+ years.

                Now talk about fear? Real abject FEAR! thats the type real Fear encountered when in person you tell folks to read such books and infos!

                One meere mention of that Taboo J-word in any public or private setting and you will create abject Fear Panic!

                Once all goyim present have reached the limit of holding in that deep breath they gulped down quickly upon hearing that forbidden taboo word spoken out loud…

                you shall hear from the crowd faint whisperings such as “Gee did he really say what I think he said?”

                Another will whisper an answer similar to “I do not know for sure?…But all I know is Where did our host place our overcoats, as we simply Must be leaving now and Fastly”

                And No they aint leaving fast to obtain a copy of them two books I mentioned by Henry Ford and the elders of zion….That, they never shall consider doing…They will leave based upon abject Fear of being associated with a location that actually had some “nazi” speak such truth!

                They always call all truth tellers a nazi…Even here we have a reg poster guy that always first writes of the horrors of marxist communist mass deaths etc…but then he always Conflates that with calling all such marxist leftists “Nazi Brwon Shirts” and “facists” which is implying he wants folks to think all forms leftist kommie marxist are nazi brown shirt facists.

                Because his main concern is, what if folks actually figure out that Marx and all or close to all of his Ilk were really not nazis nor germans but rather were and Still Are jewish….I rekon some could call that being a Gate Keeper type guy eh…Which is the same thing all those talk radio jocks are…High paid zio gate keepers that decieve folks and channel folks into any Other thoughts but what they need to really be thinking of, when figuring out whats really wrong in america and why or how and whom has caused it mainly and mostly.

      27. WAnted to bring this up it seems the Zika virus has a confirmed death it was a 70 yr old man and he pretty much died from bleeding out cus the virus now attacks your platelets and you can’t clot so instead of just birth defects by development it is now a hemophilia virus either they haven’t told everything or its mutated either way I can see it playing 2 ways by killing off the population or giving reason for spraying the population in a more concentrate manner than Chem trail like when the mosquito truck would drive down the road in neighborhood and don’t go out at night or you will get bit or a new vaccine now being hemophilia in nature and people get bleeding of the brain well there is the Crazies remember that movie and mosquito breed via water so all our water supplies could get infected their is a game on Google play store called Plague Inc it is a sinerio game where you create a plague with different ways of it spreading and mutation all based on real life knowledge and factually if we all had bunkers like tptb guess mosquito wouldn’t be a problem and also why not so long ago all the concern and grabbing of the Antarctica artic by Russia ect and building bases could it be cus mosquito would not be a threat there check out the game it’s probably alot like what cdc may use for scenarios

        • Vast rual areas could be off limits and evacuated so as to control the spread of the virus also on the game mosquito is one of the delivery ways in the scenarios

          • It is now an auto immune virus and with that no cure vaccine cus if that was so they would have cured aids by now but that was the first attempt at a die off but it diddent kill fast enough or mutate like they wanted and was dependent on human to human body fluid contact and was a slow kill also mad cow was a failed attempt also

        • If your a troll get back in the flower bed or ill rub your head in the dog crap on my lawn from the neighbors dog

          • Godsoldier, Just scoop the poop up in a shovel and fling it back on the neighbors roof. Geeez man, try and be more creative lol.

            • Put it in a 5 gallon bucket right next to their house somewhere where you dont have to step on their property to deposit

              • Ya Kula with a fookin pipe bomm underneath lol. Repaint the place if ya know what I mean ha ha ha….

                • Sorry I’m bad. back to my corner now with my still lol….

                  • Friend of mine used to get sick and tired of the neighbors dog shitting in his yard so he would toss it all by their back door in the middle of the night, fookers would come out and step on it every time, one morning the guys wife slipped in it when she was all dolled up headed to work and landed right on her fat ass in a mound of dog shit, dog disappeared the next day

                    • back in the fifties there where these dog lovers that had about thirty dogs. Mangy wormy nasty looking mutts. the slept and raised pups under their house. and that pack roamed at night. A farmer laced a dead sheep with poison. possibly arsenic? and that pack of dogs got it and drug it home and ate on it under the house. The dogs all died under the house. And it was hot summer time. The stench and flies where terrible. they didn’t remove the carcasses just let them rot under the house!

                • I do have a potatoe gun i made years ago hmm?

        • Sounds like Ebola by mosquito.

          • PO’d, yer right! I better get my antivirus drink NOW! I hate needles so I use the oral stuff lol. Pump enuff of that in me and I will be BULLETPROOF! Gawd it would be great to be neighbors 🙂

            • Would it not be cool to have a bunch of the posters here in one subdivision?
              Think of the block parties….

              Be well all…

              • eppe, don’t know if I could bear the strain.

              • It would be a fortress

                • That sounds alot like Them Guys…Ie:…Them Guys are everywheres! Like most have heard before…things like “Who Are them guys?” and “who Were them guys?” or like “Did you see them guys”? and “Be carefull out there and watch out for…Them Guys!”

                  This is due to the fact that, we of Them Guys, are everywheres and nowheres at the same time. Everybody else always inquires, who were them guys? etc etc…

                  Sooner or later them guys will grow to such numbers nationwide that every such question will be self evidently answered eh…Thats when most everyone else shall wish to be a them guys too.

                  However I must caution that them guys are very attuned to reality and kinda very fussy on just which folk are capable of becoming a true them guys…Perhaps we at them guys HQ can fund a usa Post Box address, and potential new them guys can mail in a resume’ for our consideration eh….in the mean time recall moms warnings and “Stay Away from Them Guys!” (which always causes them to seek us them guys out once warned not to).

            • Genius, I hear ya! At least when that skeeter nailed you he’d get drunk enough to just fall off without getting his “pizen” into to you.

              • Skeeter Alert!

                According to the Newspaper. The CDC stated that the ASIAN TIGER mosquito now carries the Zika Virus and it can go as far North as Boston.

                Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods.

            • Genius… I hated needles too, now as an insulin injecting diabetic for 20 years those shots in the stomach are really nothing, don’t feel them. However, try to inject me anywhere else and that’s a flat out NO. No vaccinations, that’s what concerns me about the VA wanting vets receiving care vaccinated or no VA healthcare. Somehow I steered around the many shots given to people shipped to Vietnam at Ft. Lewis Washington, evaded them all. I told my present VA doctor that I read diabetes can be reversed, he shot down that possibility as BS. It’s criminal that VA healing is all about pill pushing profit.

              • solomons seal plant can be of benefit to those who have diabetes.

      28. Just by simple math, the usa should have had to declar bankrupcty by now.

        Using generous numbers, the usa is bringing not even one trillion dollars in taxes yearly and has a debt of over 19 trillion.

        if anyone had that kind of debt ratio in their personal life, they would be told by every creditor to declare bankruptcy and spend the next 7 years trying to figure out how to manage money.

        Fools. We are all fools for letting it get to this.

        • lena

          In effect the US was bankrupt when it refused the terms of Bretton Woods because it had insufficient gold reserves to back up the currency already created. That was in 1971 but its largely speculated that this imbalance of currency created v gold was out of balance by 1958.

          When you have to use your military to keep nations using your money your system is falling apart.

      29. We are going to go through this and yes it is going to be bad. Personally, I am trying to focus on keeping a calm cool collective mindset.

        Panicking is not going to help any more than hoarding. You cannot prepare enough for this scale of failure.

        What I am doing most is forgiving those who have hurt me. Serving others before myself and finding peace with the one on the throne. I will go through the fire, can’t stop it. I just want him on my side until I am called away. I want to finish this race well.

        I hope everyone here will determine what is most important for them going forward.

        • Gary Orlic;
          When you mention making peace with the one on the throne, surely you don’t mean Obama.

      30. Some people are gonna hurt even in good times. They just always live beyond their means. Let’s face it if you make $20k a year your lifestyle isn’t gonna be anything to brag about. i have been poor so I know all about it. Basically my lifestyle didn’t change because I landed a better paying gig. I still drive the same vehicle still do things to save a buck. Basically live like I make far less $. It has paid off. I don’t feel poor cause I drive an old ford or buy my clothes from Walmart. I don’t give a fuck about keeping up with the joneses the joneses don’t pay my bills. Your needs are relatively easy to meet. Your wants and habits that cost you $ aren’t. Smoking cigs is a rich persons habit to me but stupid poor slobs somehow scrounge up $ for them. Around here cigs are $9 plus a pack. I don’t know about you but $63 a week. That’s $250 a month. That is a substantial amount of $. Here is another buying lunch everyday during work for $10 a day. That is $50 a week. These are not small numbers folks. Anyone who is not prepped is a loser and doesn’t deserve to be helped at all come shtf. It would suck for shtf to hit and your kids are starving because you needed your stinky cigs and take out lunch everyday. look even when I was poor living in an apartment in the city I still had the things I needed. The economy sucking is no excuse.

        • Asshat, you’d be proud of me lol. I make my own gigs for about 1.50 a pack and a fifth of wiskey for about 4.50! Learning to do things yourself save thousands but people are just lazy I guess. I have lived below my means for many years, thats why I have no debt and a paid for retreat fully stocked and land and cash. I too drive an old truck, have old 4 wheeler, buy a lot of used stuff. I am actually better off than the jonses because they have a shitload of debt.

          • Another great thing is that by doing these things I fund my demise less by not paying the assload of taxes on cigs, drinks, new vehicles, permits, sales tax on new stuff, credit card interest, loan interest, etc. It’s a win/win 🙂

      31. “We are all fools for letting it get to this.”

        As if we had any say in the matter……

        • Yea, whats this we shit,,,

      32. Mosquitos will begin to transmit Chickamuga and Zika viruses in the south. Kind of put a dent in all those outside barbecues this summer. Lymne Disease and Rocky mountain spotted fever are possible.

        Now that Flesh Eating Bacteria is one bad bug to catch.

        Have a nice summer.

        • I will have a great summer thanks! We have no mosquito’s! Some no-see-ums (they suck worse than mosquitos) but are only here a short while. Taking a good dose of garlic daily will repel no seeums and mosquitos both fyi. The only issue is fookin rattlesnakes, around here they don’t rattle unless you about step on them. We have none around the cabin area but if we go out into the rocky areas they are a threat. And by the way, 9mm and smaller snake shot is a joke. I emptied 5 rounds of 9mm snakeshot into one and that fooker was still comin at me. A nice .45 acp to the head fixed it asap!

          • Genius, I think you’d need to take better aim, snake shot to the head should have worked..? How far away were you?
            Back to the range for you, boy!
            (and face yer fear! 🙂 )

            • Ha ha ha, I did shoot for the head at about 8 feet away. Headshots on an alarmed snake are no easy task. I was using a compact 9mm which wasn’t to accurate to start with. I have made good headshots with a browning buckmark .22 though. Snakeshot is a joke, I just use reg. boolits they work a lot better. I shot a snake one time 7 times with a 1911 all body shots and I ended up (only had the 1 clip) getting a big rock and smashing it to kill it. Other times I made the headshot and that worked but I have NEVER been able to kill a rattler with snakeshot. Maybe I just need to stick the barrel in it’s mouth??? 😛

              • I’m not the worlds greatest pistolero by any means either lol. I’m ok with a 1911 or .357 but 95% of my practice is high power rifle stuff.

              • For killing snakes a Browning auto5, with a Lyman Cutts compensator choke is your friend. My grand pappy left me his. It belongs in a museum but it rarely misses.
                It is also good for birds, rabbits, trap shooting, and burglars.

          • Rossi and H&R Coon make a small single shot .410 shotgun. We have the Pygmy Rattler, Water Moccasin. Eastern Diamondback and the Coral snake. North of me are Copperheads and Cane Breaks/Timber Rattlers.
            Below me are the exotics that people have let go into the wild and Rock Pythons/ Boas could come North. Have not encountered any, YET.

            • anon, ya but if Im out hiking or dirtbiking I aint carrying a shotgun. Besides, If I want a shotgun it will be a real one, 12ga. pump or auto 🙂

      33. Speaking of snakes the Burmese pythons are killing and eating all of the native animals in the Everglades. Can’t kill these snakes in the national park. I’m sure some people saw that on PBS. As for mosquitos, I never go out without being completely clothed before and after sunset. They are on the screens of the windows trying to get in to find some blood to suck.

        • aljamo, it’s only illegal if you get caught 😉

          • That’s right. Three of my favorite sayin’s are: “There’s always a way to beat the devil around the stump”, “Catchin’ comes before hangin'”, and “There’s a method to my madness”. BTW, the last one pisses my wife off big time when she questions me about something I’m about to do…..

      34. World War Three is coming because we have traded Truth for lies
        World War Three is coming because people ignored what is prophesied
        World War Three is coming for we have failed from evil to turn away
        World War Three is here; are we not already embroiled within its fray?

        There is so much that a righteous people should be fighting for and yet we do not
        Evil agendas have been fighting and their victories have been our loss
        This evil has dominated the leaders of nations and religions
        Open your eyes people or be crushed into submission.

        By Randy Conway

      35. Right now we have your regular run of mill mosquito. A few years back we were introduced to the Asian Tiger which is very aggressive. Now we have one, where ever it came from, that is about the size of a quarter and when it bites it feels like you are being pinched and leaves a wealt. I have not been bitten by one but that is what Mosquito Control has put out last year. I expect sooner or later they will become as big as a small bird.

        • How many milirads is a mosquito at 100 yards?

          • Genius

            The same as it would be for anything else.

            • So about 1/10000 mil ok. Good to know as I measure things in mils not MOA like a lot of folks do, MOA scopes suck ass especially the 1/4 moa adjustment ones (for rookies) as they are only good to about 2oo yards at best (even then they suck). I saw a good deal on a lepould 1200i rangefinder. Small as hell but good ratings! Would be the perfect compliment to the .300 winmag with milrad scope! Got armour? too bad the 300 will blow your ass away! With 2 tons of muzzle energy, you will die just from the impact! 😛

      36. That’s what I’m saying genius if your gonna smoke cigs you gotta roll your own so ya save $. The papers are taxed around here hard for a book of zig zags it’s almost $10 that is fuckin rediculous for rice papers. id suppose you can get em cheap somwhere. a guy I work with does that. He told me he saves a lot of $. Ya the truck needs work it needs ball joints upper control arms shocks all the way around and alignment tried to get it inspected today and the guy said needs the ball joints done and if I get it done within 30 days I don’t gotta pay for another inspection. He told me all the work would cost $1400. its a 2004 ranger with 80k on it. It runs good and still looks great just got a hole in the front corner of the bed. Bought it new never abused it. I’ve been thinking of getting a new truck. Want a f150 but might end up getting a Tacoma with 4 doors. They aren’t cheap anymore. I think I paid $16k for mine and I thought that was a lot of $. These new trucks are double that now. It’s a lot of fuckin $. I don’t wanna drop the $1400 and have the tranny go shortly after. That’s the risk with older vehicles you get into fixing them too much and it’s throwing good$ after bad. Your truck is still old and you dumped a lot of $ into it which doesn’t bring up the value of it. ? Don’t know what I’m gonna do right now. Hate payments.

        • Asshat, I have a 93 F-150 with 240k on it and I rebuilt the tranny and replaced the usual shit but it still runs like a champ! At 140k I replaced the radiator, water pump, starter, alternator, hoses, belt, battery, put in some duralube, and it has been great ever since… Now I am replacing the windshield wiper motor and 4×4 transfer case motor and fan ( total cost 220.00 for new parts on ebay). It is a great truck and a LOT cheaper to maintain than a new one. That fooker will dig with the best of them (every factory option including factory posi rear end). Think about it….. 35k vs. 1k in parts…. the answer is easy. I paid 4k for it in 2008 it’s priceless now! For every 1k in price of new you pay .001k in parts to keep yer old one! And no tracking shit or over computerized shit! Get an extra comp chip from a junkyard and keep it emp proofed and it’s all GOOD!

          • Asshat, I have to agree with Genius. I’ll even say you’re throwing good $ after bad if you buy a new one. If your Ranger has only 80k on it and is the V6 instead of the 4, I would keep it and spend only what you have to in order to keep it going. The older trucks will run forever. I just bought a 2000 Honda Odyssey from the original owner for only $1800 in Feb. Only money I’ve had to spend on it so far has been for an alignment and a whole new set of tires, including the spare. All the tires had wire starting to show on them so I had to go ahead and replace them. Only 124k on the van. Not bad for a 2000 model. I took it on a test run to Nashville and back last weekend and performed like a champ. Engine still runs smooth and powerful. I may drive it on the next trip to the BOL in June. If you really want an F150, get a used one for somewhere between $4-8000. Braveheart has never had a stinking car note and never will. That takes away from prepping and my prepping is my top priority.

          • Genius, still keeping my ’95 F150 running. Getting ready to replace the brackets for the leaf springs(rusted) and since I got to drop the rear gas tank, gonna replace both tanks and pump assemblies. Put historic tags on it this past March ($51.00 as opposed to the normal $125.00)

          • Im with you on the wheels, can do a whole hell of a lot of repairs gor the cost of new, my 96 F350 only cost 5k when i hot it about 6 years ago, looked at a new one and they wanted 74k for the damn thing, its nice but not that nice, no thanks. New wheels are just too damn expensive now, not sure whst the deal is with that, they cost more than a house in some parts of the country.

        • Heck I drive old 60,s and 70,s chevys. I convert them to electronic ignition . and put a ethanol compatable kit in the carb. add a quart of diesel to every tank of gas and drive them. I have several and use some for parts. can buy any new part I need from LMC truck.

          • Asshat,you should hook up for either breakfast/lunch me and Overwatch are trying to setup,I have shit loads of papers from when I get American Spirit tobacco in cans,you are welcome to em.

            Ball joints not a big deal you do em yourself,though if 4×4 a bit more of a pain,get a haynes(not chilton!)manual for said truck,will walk you thru.Buy em at autopalace get free loaner tools to pop the little buggers out,really,could be done I believe for under 200 for all 4,tis one part that goes while driving you really are a bit fucked

            As for a tranny,pull yourself and divorce if $X$ from transfer case,not too bad and swap for a rebuilt,you stay up on fluid levels/change filter/fluid every 40,000 should be good.

            The most importent way to keep a auto alive besides aforementioned fluid is when warming up truck set parking break and put in nuetral,allows pimp in tranny to kick in and warm up tranny to tolerances,you turn key and just go when cold you wasting a auto(hate em as a manual guy meself!)way too soon in life,what is a extra 2 minutes unless a emergency?!

            • Sigh….,allow pump in tranny to warm up tranny,not pimp!Between tranny and pimp this post really going south!

              • I was going to say bud, getting kinda kinky there.

          • Old,assume adding diesel to lubricate upper end of motor a bit,good with carbs but not sure good in fuel injected newer engine,hope you kept the old ignitions with good points/condensor ect.Still have a kick ass timing light and dwell/tach meter,yep,aged meself a bit!

          • Old Guy;
            I too still have old chevy’s and love small blocks and C10’s. I have done some business with LMC but they are a little pricey. Unfortunately the wrecking yards have been picked but they will keep going for my lifetime plus. Nothing like a nice running 350 in a pickup with no seat belts, a cold beer in your lap and 18 gallons of hi-test fuel behind the seat! I don’t need no stinkin dolphins!

            • In running some with the 250 six engines. The diesel is to lubricate the valve seats with the unleaded gas. have a couple with 283,s and one 71 with a 454. Ive stil got the 55 chevy I drove in high school. We take it to the drag strip a few times each season. and everything I drive is stick shift . I keep the original dist & cap coil and wires under the seat in a feed sack. I buy things like new windshield rubber & the rubber brake lines from LMC. In total ive got 75 of those older chevy trucks.

              • Old Guy;
                On a serious note, where approx. are you in this big country of ours. I often need parts and can pay for them. I grew up on chevys and still keep them but have started aquiring old fords with flatheads. I’m enjoying the flathead stuff and wouldn’t think of putting an overhead in one. Before I die I want a 40 ford coupe with a blown flathead. Have to settle for an f1 and a custom for now. If I remember correctly you were the one who got my comment about Lucas refrigerators. No matter if your a commie, nazi, religous fanatic, gun happy mofo, and I don’t know that you are, you”re ok in my book. Talk to me about your old cars.

          • Thanks for the tip on that website, good source for parts.
            I want to strip all the electronic crap out of my 96, go to carbuerated with a straight up mallory dp ignition, mechanical gauges etc, a bit o porting and polishing and some headers and that 460 will blow

            • Old guy,among all those trucks don’t suppose you have a old chevy apache with a napco kit?Would like a decent frame body,mechanically could be junk and can handle that work easy,guess you have one I couldn’t afford it.I have a lot of friends/family in Cali./Co. so though getting harder can still get me hands on a late 60’s/early 70’s 4×4 good frame/body,back then loved the dodge/chevy/amc’s/ fords/international so not too picky along with the gmc ect.

              I will either get another one or a decent van body and drop on say a f-250 frame like I did last time,not too hard and much cheaper then a pathfinder ect. conversion buy even used.

              • I have a 66 3/4 ton with the factory 4 wheel drive, it has a huge gear drive divorced two speed transfer case. 456 gears and 292 six. and its not for sale.

        • My husband has an old 1970 Ford Ranger that I have no idea why it keeps running. That old bucket of clinking clanking parts just keeps going. It has been our salvation through the years, running when newer used cars and an occasional new car has let us down. In our family it has developed a persona, we named it ‘Ol Blue. Our daughters are in competition as to who inherits it when we check out. Lol!

      37. These doom prophets keep saying “the bubble will burst”. What exactly do they mean by that? How exactly is it going to happen?

        Another term they use is “crash”. What does it mean? How is it going to crash? Describe it in clearer more accurate words.

        • james, you just need beer goggles to see clearly!

          • Gotta get somea them rose colored glasses old Bill W used to talk about,,,

        • james, google “housing bubble” 2point OH(or 2 point UH-OHHHH, if you will), and spend a few hours reading on it. if you own a house and yer in debt on it, you probly SHOULD wear an adult diaper, because it’s gonna scare the SHIT out of you….if you really ARE serious, just read patrick dot net’s housing crash page…read all 3 pages, and you too can be an expert on the housing bubble. i will spell it out for you if you really DO want to know what’s coming…houses at half their current prices…..because, you KNOW, we make WAY less than we did in year 2000(last year for “normal” house prices), yet we pay double for a house now(it’s the too-low interest rates, stupid!)…happy readin’!

          • Damn man, buttcrack on one side, asshat on the other, my niehgborhood can’t get any better!

            • Clowns to the left of me, Jokers….sorry I couldn’t resist.

          • Out here we got the median home price for maui at 480,000
            The only thing youll get for that is a shithole repo that you wouldnt let yer dog live in. The majority of homes are selling at close to 1mill or more. And these are average homes by mainland standards, maybe not so cali, but elsewhere.
            People buy these damn things and have 3,4,5k/month mortgage payments, one guy i know pays 6400/month for a 2200sf dump that has a 700sf cottage on the property, nuts, and his mortgage has a baloon at 15 years,,,just mental.

            • Kula, that’s just friggin’ insane those kind of payments.

              • Thats what my head says too but lots of folks have those, subprime mortgages, just retarded

        • James:

          Since no one knows except those who create the financial mess in the first place, my guess is that there will be some event and the stock market will lose value (crash). So all the ordinary middle class and upper middle class who have invested their money in it will suddenly go from being millionaires to being broke. Some people have way more than they can afford to lose locked up in the stock market. They would be wiser to buy goods with their money because if the stock market “crashes”, inflation follows; just like in the “crash of 29”. Also happened in Italy and Germany.
          Food becomes so expensive few can afford to eat properly. Those people who have gardens and fruit trees are blessed because food is now much more difficult to acquire. Chickens, rabbits, goats: these make great pets. They can be your source of nutrition but they are also hobbies. If there is no financial Armageddon, so what. You haven’t lost anything by planting an almond tree. They are beautiful. They flower in spring. And they provide shade just like a tree without edible treats.

          • Yes all I wanted was to be able to quit working for another person. Draw my social security Ponzi check and play hobby farm the remainder of my days. And at present in doing just that. However I cant just set back and dwell in my own little world. I have grandchildren who I am concerned about. Their Parents don’t & wont prep. They think I am stupid old man. My own children think I should get rid of my livestock and sell everything and go live in town. They are plotting against me. I had to change banks because they started a online account and where keeping tabs on my checking account. So ive cashed stuff where only me and the pack burro know where its at. Not even my wife knows. She thinks the canned goods and stuff we have in the house is all their is. My mantra is DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. So If there is a collapse or whatever I will feed only the grandchildren. the adults will just be out of luck.

            • Old Guy.

              “The Stupid Old Man”. I know how that feels.
              Preps are slowing down and are mainly upkeep and fine tuning areas. Opsec minded, my concern is placing materials, hidden in plain sight, in their proper defensive positions and that takes time and energy.
              I believe conserving time will be important. Insuring plans go a smooth as they can so you can complete all of them and insure they work.
              Many of us say we prepare for riots and financial collapse but we are preparing for War and nothing short of it.
              I do a lot of looking at war photos and have found that a small periscope is a “thinking outside the box tool”. Watching a story about signaling, using a hood/tube over your flashlight is a method to conceal your position. You have to be looking straight at it to see it. Also a small hood over your scope can prevent
              a flash of light from sun reflection off the glass.
              I hope you all have some type of stealth and concealment like a ghillie suit. (Remember to camo your face.) ;0) A form of deterrent, detection and warning. Night vision and silent kill weapons like a compound bow.

              If you can purchase fireworks in your state. They can be used as a divergent tactic. I am sure they will be outlawed after the Fourth if we make it. I’ll bet road flares will make the Ban List.

              Get Ready. It’s a coming.

              • The grand kids are little. My sons have guns and where brought up knowing hard work. They both got women who run them. It simply they are trying to make unhappy wifes happy by buying them stuff. And I don’t believe in the sawmill dollar thing. The daughter in laws get together with my wife and then it gets catty. So I found some caves that I pretty certain that no other human has ever be in. And stored lots of things in them. If there is war. I will just take the grandkids and hide. I know ive got enough food to last a year. 100 pound bottles of LP for heat & cooking. I place a 100 pound bottle in the V atop the pack saddle and about 25 pounds of stuff in the panners on each side. It looks kinda funny. any way ole jack is a big old tough guy. and I move stuff under the cover of night when its moonlit. I don’t try and tell the other family members anything. They are too dammed smart to learn anything from some one dumber than them! And they come to my bought and paid for place in their financed high dollar vehicles. And then try and tell me what I ought to do? And I don’t say nothing. Then they think they have won. They state you know we are right because you haven’t got any argument. And I have to bite my tongue and tell myself don’t say it! What I want to say is I don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level. And eventually they go home to their debt fueled lifestyle. They have us baby sit . The grandkids stay with the wife and I more than with their parents. Ive changed more diapers on them than my own kids. Going out to plant sweet potatoes. The sign is right to plant root crops today & tomorrow.

                • Anon,@ least for ACOG’s they make a honey comb filter to prevent said light reflection on scopes,will look into whether made for other pieces of glass also.

                • Old Guy

                  I do envy you having a pack mule/burro. I am sure animals make better friends than humans.

                  They hear better, smell better and feel things we don’t and at times give you warnings.

                  Do they like watermelon?

                  • Burros are cheap. They can be bought at auction for less than $100 and they are commonly for free on craigs list. I live in the Newton & Searcy county area of Arkansas. Lots of national forest and abundant wild caves. Its steep rocky terrain that most fat land wales couldn’t traverse. the burro can go places that no wheeled vehicle can. And if push came to shove it could become food. I have a pair the jenny cost me $30 and she is smallish. Ole jack cost me $65 and is gentle and broke to work and ride. Mine do pretty good on grazing pasture in the growing season and hay in winter. I only feed grain to keep them friendly enough to catch them. I trim their hooves twice a year. I suppose the issues with my family have made me impatient. They brought this lady here once. And I spotted what she was pretty quick. She started asking me who was president and what day of the week it was all the stock questions for a mental evaluation. So I did know those things. Then I asked her what the firing order was on a chevy V8. and the gestation period of a pig and goat ect. She got the hint pretty quick. and I was at the time wearing a hand gun. so I took her out and let her shoot a 22 rifle. She didn’t need to be messing with a 44 mag. Any way she showed me her report. She stated I was a bit eccentric. However I was a reasonable and prudent person and no danger to myself or any other persons. Like I stated those you know even family members will stab you in the back if you have something they want. My eldest son was looking in my gun closet. Dad What Happened to your SKS and those 1000 round sardine cans of ammo you had? I lied and stated I took that to a gun show and sold it for a $1000. Shit like that’s why I really hope Nibiru is real.

                    • Old Guy.

                      Man, you have to have a wee bit of Irish in you. LOL.

                      Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth.

                    • All in all it was kinda enjoyable to out smart them.Yep I figured out what was their plan get the old man declared incompetent and become my guardian. So I made quitclaim deeds to my land right after that eval lady was here, deeded all my land to the grandchildren jointly and kept a life estate. got the deeds notarized but never recorded them. That way its a deed made when I was deemed competent. and the date notarized. all that would be necessary is for anyone record them. and the grandchildren get my share of the land only after im dead. Cut those greedy sons wifes out of the picture. a will isn’t worth the paper its wrote on. A recorded deed is irreversable. and I gave the sons a copy of the deeds. they know they fucked up. I have already deeded them paid for land with no strings attached when they married. Not my problem they no longer own it free and clear. The stuff ive got stashed if I die the location dies with me. I might have some irish. My Viking ancestors sometimes stole women from Ireland and England.

                    • Old Guy — I feel your pain. Family troubles are heartbreakers. But I do know this: your reward and your wife’s reward in Heaven will be very great. The grown kids & their spouses — well, not so much.

                    • I hear ya Old Guy,,,
                      We need something monumental, unstoppable and indiscriminate to wipe the slate.

                    • 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2…

                      hahahahaha. That’s been burned in my brain since the 1960s Old Guy.

      38. Hey Buttcrackofdoom, I noticed you haven’t posted in awhile. Your timing is good.. we have fallen into the precispiss.


        To the buttcrackofdoom of doom we go..

        • oh, i get on here once in a while…seems i usually am responding to an older post, so most don’t benefit from my sage advice,ha ha….and yes, i agree, we goin’ DOWN!

          • OHHH, the precispiss!….pfft!….and i was sittin’ here thinkin’ i pissed my pants….that explains a lot.

            • Too many Heinekins bud,,

        • Oh ssheet, I;m fookrd !

      39. I went MGTOW.COM

        zero debt, done with women….a life trap once you wake up.

        Much happier.


        • omg 🙁

      41. Brave I had a Honda Civic when I was younger it was a nice vehicle. I remember the engine ran like a nice watch does. I could see it running for 200.000 miles. The Odessy minivan has got to be good. I got a Kia Sedona minivan I like it we take it to Florida a bunch of times no problems. It is only 4 years old though. Gotta agree with you on the used truck thing for about $10,000 can get a decent f150. Have always had good luck with fords.

        • Asshat, the Odyssey has a 3.5L V6. I won’t go any smaller than that when it comes to an engine. all of the rear seats are removable and PRESTO CHANGO, it becomes a small cargo van. What little I have left with me can be packed into the van and BOL, here I come. Got another trip scheduled for June and taking up more supplies. If circumstances dictate, it might the BUGOUT trip for me.

          • my ex had an 01 oddity, so when I deevorced her and sold my house, I bought an 06….both served me VERY well….my last wife turned her nose up at it and didn’t want to be seen in a minivan….she’s gone too….damned americans that buy what looks good, instead of what WORKS good.

        • The only issue with Hondas of that age is that their automatic transmissions were quite failure prone. The engines were well made, as were their sweet shifting 5 speed manuals but I never knew of one with any real miles on it that didn’t have some kind of issue with an automatic transmission.

          As for me, my current high mileage champ is a Nissan truck with just shy of 400,000 miles on it (original engine). It now serves backup duty and utility duty though as I bought a new car for business use as I drive around 36,000 miles a year. I figure that if life gets tough, the new car can get repo’d and I will still have a worthless (on paper) truck that is 100% paid for and I can service by myself. Right now I am repairing every little thing that is wrong with it as time and money allows to optimize my fall back plan. I will never have a car with a payment as my one and only vehicle.

      42. Have any of you tried Plague inc yet on Google play its free and a good scenario tool

      43. My scientist friend just got told from a legitimate extremely reliable source that Texas will be booked up into 5 separate regions because the cabal is taking over areas of land a d taking control of cities.. for example Austin will be separated and targeted, so will Houston and other major cities then it will cause a regional split.. t this is if Donald Trump is focal me removed and does. Or get the nomination..i am telling you what I have heard and don’t give a rats ass how i get criticized on this topic…I just told him that I am posting it a.d he said to do it and watch how I will be told that this is buklsh…t..he says that nothing has changed with the outcome according this inside connection with the black ops scientist friends and I know the name of his contact who is on a lot of shows and has been interviewed by a Steve and by Doug hagmann…so you all can call BS all you want.. the country, the food supply being cutting off and the farms taken over, the military attacks on the population, everything is on schedule and will begin to go down by Feb of 2017.. they are going to wait to see if they can get the wrong candidate in the white house and get this folks, according to the source, NO ELECTIONS ARE COMING, NO NEW PRESIDENT AND GUESS WHO STAYS IN OFFICE?. WELL YOU GUESSED IT.. could this be all bukksh…t?.. he told me, watch and see how the people will be caught off guard with. o food, month water, , now job, and mass repossession of cars, expensive cars, homes, mass callapse of the real estate market, I am phucked since I work in it, and I have noticed a down turn and met with investment lender partners and they have admitted to me that they knows what’s up and not to say anything to scar off the customers..i have agreed to keep my mouth shut.. one of them said to me.. it’s all going to sh..t by years scientists friend keeps telling me, the first thing is the economic callapse followed by mass car repossessions, followd by ma’s evictions from. All the major apartment complexes, a lot of high rise condo evictions, then the run of the grocery store follows. If Trump gets in, it will be stopped, if they remove him, it’s succession. Callapse and all our intercontinental civil and revolutionary war, martial law and the first state that will face military action is guess where folks, Texas. Yes folks we are the first. ALEX Jones had mentioned that his sources told him of the mercs coming for everyone.. Jones is nor lying, this is going to go down, from the moment you hear that a false flag just took place, clean our as much food and water from the store you can get your hands on because you won’t be eating an this from that point on..ladies who don’t prep.. you are in deeper sh..t than you can every imagine..alot of you all wen for the Hollywood dudes with the sports cars.. good luck, because succession means that currencies will not be taken by our state, so food will not be coming to Texas..thos show have BOL, you have to leave now and evacuate, THIS IS REAL.. Unfortunately I can’t do crap so I will be stuck in the city will all the thugs, gangs, but I am clearing out from my condo, and will be locate to predominantly White hostile area for my woman’s safety.

        Scientist- no it not looking good I am going to know by July. July is and interesting month because you can see where things are going by then. If they can’t pull the false flag by then. Then Trump of going in and from what I was told, he is the real deal and is on the side of the people.

        Me- are you certain..what the hell am I going to do..

        Scientist- nothing, just rode it out because it’s going to lay for 4 months… it’s what wik go down during that time frame that is unknown.. to the level of how bad, and who will do this what or that is not a certainly.. you notice to live out in the middle of bum phuck, eh..

        Me- yes, I am am in city.

        Scientist- well your phucked like most even with preps. You really can’t go far, you have to hunker down..the first think that affects the average apartment dweller is a lack of food and water

        Me- my cop friends told me the same think..interesting the complex has emailed us tenants telling us to get survival food and water for 3 days and this was the MGMT company, telling is to go on to the fema busses and follow government instructions.. I have to laugh..cop friends said phuck fema and don’t go anywhere..

        Scientist- nibiru is affecting the environment and causing mass flooding and it’s going to get worst and we are going to see it of damage, it’s not Haarp that’s affecting Texas it’s the normal weather patters much more enhanced that’s causing the floods.

        Me- sh……t..

        Scientist- I just hooked up My solar and free energy device to My house that pumping my well water, got everything secured and let my local know that I have energy and work with me to ally with.. told all my distant neighbour’s to come by to see what I got and some of them even threatened that they would take l my sh…t .

        Me- that won’t be happening, help them out and avoid confrontation.. since i am heading your way.


        • HCKS –

          Interesting post you put out here.

          You mentioned – no elections possibly coming, food/water not being available, nobody will be working, homes/cars being repossessed … etc & fk’n Nibiru.

          Sounds to me like an early stage to a SHTF Scenario, and if that is the case … Then my question to you is …

          “Who the hell is going to repossess Cars & Homes when society is in the process of collapsing onto itself?”

          Answer is …

          Those are “material things” and the Bankers could care less about having a Home or Car being Repo’ed in a SHTF SCENARIO!

        • HCKS. Thanks for sharing more writings. Some people (referred to as assholes) fail to recognize your intellect. Some “assholes” dismiss you outright as a lunatic, mentally ill, low grade idiot etc. Well one person here (referred to as “me” or “I”) is impressed with your tenacity amidst naysayers. I look forward to your short articles and highly intellectual arguments.

          Some “assholes” think your writing needs help, mainly spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and general poor skills. Some people think you are mentally ill and often refer to you as “a nut”, “in need of hospitalization” and other insulting borderline vulgar terms. Some question if you have friends sans made up friends who you assign different professions to make your arguments valid.

          I think “assholes” are wrong about you. A person like you simply can’t be bothered with stopping when you are on a roll. The bean counter assholes don’t understand greatness. The only time you disappoint me is when you blame spell check and poor writing skills when assholes attempt to take you down a notch. Be yourself and DO NOT conform with assholes who request you cease or make sense. You have pride and should just say the truth. Some brilliant men are known to have addiction problems. Although you write as though you are on heroin or huffing paint, don’t sell out and change anything about yourself.

          I look froward to years of continued writings. But then again that would mean you lived longer than you predicted which would make me lose faith in your arguments. Ah fuck it, just keep them coming.

        • Why aren’t you out of the city already? I figured out 50 years ago that I was never going to live in a city. The ones I saw, even back then, were nasty, crowded, noisy, and full of low-lifes. They were full of the “people of Wal-Mart.” I have visited DC and Philadelphia. I hope to never have to go anywhere near NYC.

          I have always lived in safe and slow eastern NC, where even the poorest people are friendly and are willing to help anyone. We all know each other, we are mostly kin one way or another, and I just feel safer here. Even most of the black people I’ve talked to are just trying to get by like everyone else. Most of them are wise to how everyone in DC is screwing them, including our dear leader.

          Everyone who knows what’s up should get out of the cities no matter the cost.

          • Here’s a link:

            ht tp://

          • Most of the people living in cities no longer create wealth and are just mooches. The reality is this: the majority of the work force commute in from outside the city and then leave. As for innovation and new technologies, nearly all of it happens outside of major cities. Major cities are now just holding tanks for Muslims, refugees, and the dark ones.

            • HCKS I don’t care what anyone else says about you, I bet your articles are really interesting, if I could only understand what your saying. Are you really in Real Estate, if so do you writeup contracts? If you write up contracts I bet you give those Big Bankers fits, you really should be a Hero on this site. Trekker Out.

      44. I think HICKS needs a mental eval? Perhaps there is already a nut house looking for him? LOL

        • Old guy. You and your petty name calling is thwarting HCKS ideas. He may be a genius but everyone wants to belong. A mental evaluation? Really? Why not just skip the eval and send him straight to the mental hospital? That’s right old man, HCKS is so far above you that you are jealous. Leave HCKS alone and be nice.

          • Well,Hcks,if you are right and no election then it is shtf time right there.I do agree things get much tougher any bank repo people will literally be killed.As for mercs,well,they can also be killed as can anyone from a infant to the most elite/hardened combat vet in the world,not suggesting killing anyone but if things go south seems then inevitable.A list of locals that were puppets with strings of gold also a good thing to have.

          • Just my opinion. His incoherient ramblings present the appearance of a looney. I really don’t give a rats ass what you think.

            • It was a joke old man.

              • sorry copper I actually thought you where Hicks using another name!

            • Anybody can write as well as Hicks does…Just obtain a scientist pal that works at an airplane model Glue factory and get him to bring a few tubes of glue home.

              Squeeze out entire large size tube of model airplane glue into a small lunch/sandwhich sized brown paper bag.

              Roll down paper bag a bit and cup bag around mouth and nostrils….Then…Breath Deeply!…Hold glue breath in as long as you can before you exhale….Repeat untill colorfull dreamy like visions of gloom and doomery appear, or untill you feel as if upper lip has been welded tight to lower nose section….Thats a sure sign to stop inhaling the glue for a while.

              Then…wait for it!…Begin to Type on a forum!!!

              And be sure to save remaining glue in bag for a few booster breaths if your posting becomes hazzy so to renew those deep thoughts like jack handy is so famous for.

              Glue sniffin enhances ones mind and has been totally misunderstood and vilified by typicl fed dea agency ass clowns in order to keep these pontificators from revealing future trends like hicks is so good at doing..

              But Hey! what do them dope agents know about glue sniffing anyways right?

      45. oh this is rich

        CIA director: ’28 pages’ contain inaccurate information

        h ttp://

        now that it looks like that the 28 pages might be released
        suddenly “official ” sources are saying the info is inaccurate ???


        the info hasn’t been vetted or checked out yet ???

        and 9-11 happened how many years ago ???

        John Brennan is the lying sack of SH_T
        that gives other lying sacks of SH_T a bad name

        oh yeah
        and did I forget to say F_CK the Saudi’s ???

      46. Human extinction risks: people more likely to die in an extinction event than a car crash

        h tps://

        looks like,statistically speaking,a pandemic is the greatest risk

      47. Well, I know some of HCKS writings are a little hard to read, but I believe that any invasion will probably come through Texas if it indeed involves any foreign troops.

      48. as your mother probably told you “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and “if you can’t afford it, save up for it”. Have some cash, some gas, some seeds, some ammo, some hand tools, some silver. PS–a great new BOL has been discovered, Vale Oregon, it’s full of affordable nice little houses and the town is in a nice agricultural area and the people are mostly Mormon so they are preppers by nature, going over to check it out later this week.

        • SSHHHHHH!!

      49. Futures do not look good for tomorrow. Lots of red on Bloomberg.

        • The Nikkei market is presently down just over 600 points or 3.6%.

        • down just 3 points a minute ago!!!!!

      50. Archivist I made the mistake again of going to Walfart today the first of the month. The people of Walmart get freakier by the day. I’ve never seen so many useless eaters in my life. But the store was well stocked food wise. So got some good stuff today.

      51. On the subject of Crazy.

        I don’t think we have seen crazy yet. Crazy is when you see Wal-Mart people riding their cripple carts trying to dodge comic debris while eating fast food and texting with one hand.
        Ride, Wal-Mart people. Ride!

        • Comic or cosmic???? But then, most of the so called comics out there now are pretty much debris.

          • 2isone

            Cosmic. ;0)

            Too many brain farts.

      52. Archivist, I Will answer your question.. I am in the same shoes as most preppers.. most of us will not be in a position to leave because it cost money to buy the land and to move out of the city.. I know I cop and his wife that moved away to east Texas less than a year ago because he was told something was getting ready to happen and didn’t like what he heard so he moved out of the city and went far east.. I have a plan to leave..but may not be able to. So I may be stuck here like most. I don’t give a crap about grammar and what trolls are saying.. if you noticed this website was over run by trolls and it used to be really bad, look at it now.. this financial callapse I am told it will be causing trolls to loose jobs at the agencies, so you will notice a disappearance of many of then on this site after October..lets see what takes place over the next 6 months. Another false flag?.. just took place in NY, and what is that church burning down?.. was it a fire loads from and electric panel shorting, or was it a false flag beta test for the real thing?.. you tell me.. like I have said, I will just suddenly disappear from this site the scientist told me after read the post following my post, let them keep laughing because this is the year the laughing stops..its just May..we got the whole year to see what will happen.. enjoy the suspense. Know Larry Nichols is not real and Russia did not attack isis in Syria, none if it happened it’s not real..i know the spetsnatz that was up in my face in the galleria area did not happen just a nut job that needs mental help..keep laughing and criticizing….look from when major Ed Dames called out. the fact that we will be having the last election of the United States as we know it..what to know when you guys will know what’s up, when you don’t see me posting anymore and just vanished then you know that I done wasting my time on here.. this who know what’s up and read my post and take it seriously, you all are very smart will stop coming into this county by next year of 2017 and this is just a fact of life.. a run on the grocery stores will set off a panic all over the country.. NY, less than one hour supply if food, Texs, less than 4 hrs, California less than 4 hrs of food left.. notice I am not saying sayibg days yes I mean hrs.. within 12 hrs of all the major cities, war breaks out in all the major cities on the country.. 90% of the population is not prepped.. and yes me and my woman have decided to we are moving out of this area to another subdivision that’s better and did not like the fact that management companies are emailing tenants telling us to get survival food and water ready..what the hell was that about..well i more multi Apts and we need to get the away from that type of living.. I woman can influence a man’s thinking and this time I am letting her so son use that.. the brawl At that Donald Trump rally got her attention and now her co workers are talking about calapse and people around her are also talking the same crap that I am response to her was I told you. I know people who taught I was full of crap that are prepping now and are panicking…some of them have Ben laid off and are loosing there homes and loosing cars, you will see mass repoes of car in the month of July, 2016.. it happened in 2009, s. it happen to me an the house was taken also, and I almost lost the business, this time I won’t be keeping the business, I will be loosing it..from callapse. This time I won’t be homeless.. this is the good news..i have got her..


        • HCKS. What is a loose car, loose house and loose job?

      53. HCKS, when it goes down in just a short period of time there will be all kinds of homes available to just move in and home stead hell alot will prob be fully furnished even have inground pool and hot tub all the bells and whistles just have to be able to provide electricity to run the pumps ect so dont worry to much about a place to stay there will be plenty may even be able to score one out in the country

      54. If the predictions of Hicks (scientist Friend) are true and NIBIRU is real. all of Houston and most of texas will be under water.

      55. I enjoy reading HCKS comments quite a bit. Kind of reminds me of Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.

      56. Nibiru, I’m not really buying it even though a lot of the pics out there look like there is a possibility that something is there, computer manipulated graphics? It makes me wonder why the Hubble telescope is not aimed there to settle if something is there. On Ociaplotter being declared King for whatever reason, that would not surprise me. It’s already clearly established that Killary is a criminal through and through. Ditto Cruz. More of the same straight ahead. The people have no voice, really they have never had one. Talk about mind control of the US masses, it’s a head scratcher.

      57. Yes Nibiru is possible however there isn’t any real proof. Im not certain they landed on the moon in 69. I would rather be skeptical and just do what come,s first. Im actually certain about one thing. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution.


        Nice try oldguy. You aint white, you are not and American, and you have no reason other than what i will sate below. All preppers will read this site and support what we do because they are smart. You old guy is a lying piece of shit and you too copper. You lie, you mislead and you lie to your customers and you are dirt. How dare you pass judgement on me and tell people that i have a mental problem. You think my girlfriend is fucking me because i am ugly and stupid. Think again.

        You have problems dont you.

        Read this link and watch the vidoes. HCKS IS Just and insane idiot babbling lies and other BS. Since most you attacking me work for the Mutual funds and annunities type of accounts. You may have noticed that you clients are cashing out these accounts including the profit sharing scams and other bullshit. Keep it up, you going broke and they are reading these sites that you like to blame for you loosing through your ass. You see i work in Real Estate and Provide service for people and most are cleaning out those accounts and callapse is enevitable. Now Old Guy, you can see why i am making sense now, its obvious. YOU WORK IN FINANCIAL SERVICES.


      59. Comment3557304 is all you need to read to read to know a delusional person wrote it. I draw a $1075.00 Ponzi Scheme check from Social security. And Im a redneck racist White Cracker. And I mostly worked construction and Drove semi truck. Like my momma always said you give a person enough rope and they will hang themselves.

        • Old guy. Somehow I got lumped in with you by HCKS. Undeserved and outrageous. Somehow he said I lied although I really didn’t do anything other than defend and admire HCKS. I you are responsible for HCKS hating me.
          It is obvious by his high class writhing style, ideas, punctuation, and sentence structure, that he is one smart cookie.
          Ugly is relative and HCKS girlfriend is obviously gorgeous and his relative. Eye of the beholder, and if she has all her limbs, teeth, hair and absence of a hair lip he is living the dream. My only concern is that HCKS is convinced he is going to die in a blaze of glory and soon. What a waste. People like you have made it impossible for HCKS to live amongst the losers he is surrounded by. He came here to enlighten and has been treated poorly. He is obviously a high roller real estate tycoon. For all you know HCKS is Donald trump.
          He is to be revered and worshiped due to his association with a scientist. He deserves respect and God help you if he takes his intellect elsewhere. I will never forgive you and genius is often ridiculed and mocked.

      60. Logic tell me that If you even have a girlfriend? your girlfriend is fucking you because she is uglier and stupider than you are. Boy woul I hate to see what that gene pool creates! Are we having fun yet?

      61. The world is over-populated, full stop. That so many spend their time on earth mooching and adding little of any value, is a great sadness. We could afford to lose 5 billion and the world would tick over just lovely. Take the US for example, a country whose ‘exorbitant’ privilege is based on stolen Nazi technology from WWII, used to preserve a population eating junk food and talking crap all day long, is not a contribution to civilization.

        Despoiling the earth and its habitats to what end? Laying waste to coral reefs, killing off the great apes, dumping toxic chemicals into the air and water, all so some punk with a bad attitude can buy some Nikes, eat some fried chicken and slap up his ‘bitch’? Sad…

      62. “You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.”
        -Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed

        Why do you doubt?

        Let’s hear it for Washington!!!

        “….Organizer Gavin Seim made the extraordinary nature of the rally very clear, “This isn’t just a protest. We are here to openly violate the law.” Attendees publicly transferred their guns to each other in violation of I-591’s background check provisions, and some even bought and sold guns just a few feet away from law enforcement. A fire pit blazed throughout the rally, and at the conclusion, gun owners lined up to burn their concealed weapons permits. A petition was circulated affirming gun owners’ refusal to follow I-594, which ended with, “We pledge our blood. We will not comply.”..”

      63. I once read that our steadily increasing debt is masking the truth and keeping reality from happening.In 07-08 we should have just faced the music and let things fail.The people who brought this upon our country havent changed their ways.
        It’s nice to pretend think that Trump could do something about our debt.While at the same time he will have to deal with the same people who voted for all the spending.

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