Marked: “Schools Assess Students’ Threat Level” From Kindergarten Up in PreCrime Society

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 84 comments

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    Minority Report, eat your heart out. The real system is worse than anyone could have imagined.

    By now, everybody knows that the NSA and a host of other alphabet agencies are spying on Americans, collecting virtually every piece of communications data they exchange, regardless of whether or not they are “doing anything wrong.”

    But what are they doing with it?

    Apart from its value in consumer and marketing fields, the data is used to create “threat assessments” and put a black mark on the record of anyone who the authorities deem troublesome that will follow them throughout their career, and make it harder for individuals to get a job, qualify for a loan, travel, or enjoy the rights of a (now once) free society.

    MassPrivateI reports:

    Our government want us to believe that EVERY student is a potential threat and we need threat to stop them.


    Every student is given a “THREAT ASSESSMENT” by police and school administrators!

    Schools and police are using V-STAG to assess a ‘threat level:

    “The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines (V-STAG) is a school-based manualized process designed to help school administrators, mental health staff, and law enforcement officers assess and respond to threat incidents involving students in kindergarten through 12th grade and prevent student violence.”

    The war on terror is out of control! Watch out that kindergarten kid could be a threat!

    This program and others like it have been developed at the federal level, with FBI involvement, and coordinated across local, state and private organizations. The idea, unfortunately, is to implement this watch-and-flag surveillance grid across the system at every level, and with every institution that people must participate in.

    Hey, if it works for prisoners, it would be great for a once free society.

    The intent of schools to nurture children and help them to learn and grow into responsible adults has been subverted by an intrusive and paranoid surveillance system that considers every mistake to be a warning of crimes and misdeeds to come.

    And by treating everyone as a criminal before they even do anything, it probably creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The Secret Service has the audacity to call threat assessing of kindergarten students a safety concern. “The Final Report And Findings Of The Safe School Initiative.”

    “The Safe School Initiative” was implemented through the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center and the Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program.

    Every student is being PROFILED and given a risk assessment rating, according to the Secret Services article titled “Evaluating Risk For Targeted Violence In Schools: Comparing Risk Assessment, Threat Assessment and Other Approaches.”

    What’s really being said is police and school administrators can put your kid(s) into mental health counseling which will follow them throughout their adult lives! Oddly there isn’t any mention of the school-to-prison pipeline!

    Meanwhile, this system is designed to expand throughout a student’s life and merge with other emerging “threat assessment” systems that follow adults in the general population as well.

    Colleges nationwide are using ‘Campus Teams’ to give their students sexual threat assessments, there is a “Legal Compliance and Sexual Violence Prevention Training” being held in Boston this July 27, 28th.

    “This training will address the critical intersection between compliance with federal laws to address sexual and intimate partner violence, and the role that threat assessment can play in effectively addressing these issues.”

    In adulthood, police departments and private employers are now also using threat assessment scores to profile and target against individuals who have raised red flags.

    Think it’s just those have committed crimes and demonstrated what bad people they can be? Think again. Dissidents, outspoken critics, competitors and opponents will all get flagged as the system is abused by its controllers and used to hammer down any nail that dares to stick up.

    This system will create a society of compliance and fearful people, not a free society free of crime and trouble.

    Whether or not this system can actually prevent crime remains unproven, but its ability to tarnish the record of individuals and place entire populations under preemptive suspicion is certain… and likely dangerous.


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      1. I think this is a great idea. My kindergarten reports always said I don’t practice self control, talks inappropriately and has a problem with authority. I could have been put in a program where I could have been beaten and brainwashed. I would be a good, gentle citizen now. Damn, missed my opportunity to be a mindless drone.

        • Things aren’t the way they were. If you love your children, home school them. If they attempt to stop that, I predict lots of enforcer heads being blown off in people’s yards. The absolute number one reason I would kill with no hesitation or remorse.

          • I agree. We home school all of our (ahem more than five) children and have from the beginning. The oldest two have their own guns and bows, the oldest four have their own knives, and yet no threat assessments have been done. Unless you consider “how soon until the third is ready for their own Ruger 10/22 take down?” a threat assessment.

            For those who are skeptical about giving guns to children, I assure you they are very well trained and understand safety and responsibility. It’s not any different than letting our oldest (16yo) drive a car or truck. Both are big responsibilities yet I see so many parents flinch from the guns but think nothing of letting their teenager drive a 3000 pound vehicle at 65mph.

            Our oldest has a black belt as well, but never been in a fight outside of the dojo. We teach our kids how to fight (I like Krav Maga personally) and more importantly when to fight. Do you think any of your kids get that from their government run school?

            • Their U.S. military gives 17 and 18 year-olds guns and access to many kinds of weapons of mass destruction. I have much, much more trust in you and your family army than in their soul-less one!

            • Rebel in Idaho, good for you! Really good for your kids you are right. Teaching them at a early age makes them respect them in a sense with the right parents.

              I’m waiting for the day thousands or more of us come together and we go and arrest people and get our country back and stand up to this corruption in numbers. I wish we could I really do but its going to take a sacrifice from all of those people who do. It’s only going to get worse with the corrupt courts stealing our money and giving people long sentences or jail time and total theft of peoples property. To me that makes them a rogue group of people that need to be put back in check.

            • Rebel in Idaho, can I offer 1 piece of advice on the 10/22? The new TAKEDOWN 10/22 has some issues. On my last supply run to my cousin’s BOL back in March I tested a takedown 10/22 she received for Christmas and that sucker jammed up on me like an AR. I had my old stainless-steel 10/22 with me that I bought back in 1999 and NO issues with it whatsoever. I recommend either a standard 10/22 or an AR-7 if he wants a takedown rifle. that’s the only takedown I’ve ever tried that’s any good. The newer Ar-7s come with a Picatinny accessory rail and 2 8-round magazines. Any extra mags you would have to buy separate. But at least with the 10/22 you can get a scope mount and high-capacity magazines. i have a scope with red-dot laser on mine and several 25-round magazines. Avoid the 32-round mags. I tried one once and had feeding issues with it but no trouble with the 25-rounders. The standard 10/22 I have has never let me down. I also had a version of homeschooling as a kid and learned how to fight. I lost count of how many times I got suspended at school for fighting in self-defense and nothing ever happened to the bullies that attacked me. I came within inches of hitting the principal once. i take my hat off to you for teaching your kids right. you’re definitely the RIGHT kind of parent.

              • BH ,
                If you want a takedown consider the Browning Auto .22 it’s a little pricy but it will not jam or fail when used with quality ammunition. Ruger Sadlly is not the company it used to be .
                I had a 10/22 I. Bought new in to 70’s ran it till the reciever finally cracked at the midpoint ( early aluminum alloy ) must have put at least half a million rounds thru it . You can get from brownells an after market stainless reciever I did , until I lost it similar to SGt Dale ( earth quake ) 😉 it still was going strong .

                If you can get one, a single shot survival rifle two barrel
                Over / under made by Springfield all stainless steel ( BRNO manufacture ) is pretty neat and it folds . Presonally I would go for an NFA stamped Short barreled piston AR or something along that line by HK if you want something that will fit in a pack ( going this way by getting a stamp I would also apply for a can at the same time , be prepared for an up to year wait if your state laws allow such items ) There is a really neat take down lever action in Tactical configuration complete with a picatinny rail system out there also.

                For me I will just stick with a longer barreled 6-1/2″ to 8″ magnum handgun for a Shtf Egress pack when carrying a long gun in a non permissive environment is not viable .. ( para stock for your M1 carb? )

                There are a lot of options out there .

                Semper Fi

            • Rebel in Idaho.

              I have two standard 10/22 and love them, but recently I bought the 10/22 TALO version. It’s a 10/22 attached to a polymer stock, pistol grip, adjustable butt-stock with places to store two extra 10 round magazines.

              I’ve put 500+ rounds thru it so far without a single issue.

              Check it out, $335 at my local gun store.

          • And I forsee that a lot of parents will have their children forcibly taken from then via SWAT squads ala Branch Davidians. After that; none of you will be able to raise your kids because either you submit to the system or be eradicated.

            There’s no winning this; there’s not even any fighting this. You must deny the enemy resources; don’t have kids that they can take away. If you don’t exist; you cannot be oppressed by any government.

            That’s just how I see things; existence is terrible and should be destroyed at every turn.

        • FROM AOL NEWS… this is what we have to look forward to in the (near?) future:

          1. The drones are not actually robots. With the opening of the latest installment of the Terminator movie series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger this summer, non-specialists can be forgiven for thinking that drones are Terminator-style, autonomous deathbots with minds of their own. In actuality, the U.S. military and CIA prefer to use the term “Remotely Piloted Vehicles” to stress the fact that human pilots are in the “kill chain” and ultimately control the drones. A two-man team consisting of a pilot and a sensor operator fly the drones remotely, usually from specially designed trailers located at U.S. Air Force bases in the states (often in Nevada) or at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Drone pilots surveil their targets from afar via high resolution cameras for up to twenty four hours a day and follow their “pattern of life” movements. This provides an intimate knowledge of the target that was never had by manned jets flying at great heights and at high speeds (the drones are slow and propeller driven). The U.S. military is now training more drone pilots than pilots for manned aircrafts. There have been widely reported cases of drone pilots, who are not in harm’s way of course (in military terms they “project power, without projecting vulnerability”), suffering from combat stress due to the intimate nature of their tracking and killing of their human “targets” on screens.

        • my elementary grade report card had evaluations such as plays well with others, follows directions, etc. I won’t mention what my ranking was.

          Ironically this article starts off with a picture of a bunch of school busses. Next week the local school district starts their training for new bus drivers. I’ll ask around and see if drivers are involved with giving input on the threat assessment. As for the schools-to-prison pipeline comment, in Colorado they count the number of students who do not read at grade level at the end of third grade to help determine how many prison beds the state will be needing in the future.

          Maybe it’s time to do threat assessments on US students who attend ANY mosque here in the US. They may very well be trained and radicalized. or maybe they will be a poster boy like the one in this story:

          • Problems like these are predominately problems with government run school, and to a lesser extent at private schools. Every child is different and won’t progress at the same rate or time in every subject, yet the government expects them to.

            Most people would freak out if they heard that our second child barely knew the alphabet at 6yo and didn’t really read until almost 8yo. Fortunately for us our first could read so well at 4yo that she could scan ahead and imitate voices and correct inflection, based on punctuation, while reading out loud to their sibling. “Like which way did they go? Shaggy asked” would be done in an impersonation of his voice and as a question, at 4 years old! So we stayed calm and catered to our seconds individual needs instead of some “grade level” approach. Today, at 12yo, she is reading at a college level; “Human Accomplishment” by Charles Murray is her current assignment.

            Plus our kids now how to milk cows unsupervised, feed chickens and collect eggs, how to properly build a campfire, how to knit stockings and caps, how to shoot, how to kill and clean a chicken, and of course how to cook.

            None of these things are taught anymore in government schools.

            • Of one thing you can be sure—once they get rid of US, there will be no more resistance. It will have been programmed out of the entire population.

              • correct

      2. If you are still sending your kids to public schools, you are being very, very, very foolish.

        • No matter what you may think, no matter how hard nostalgia tries to convince your brain otherwise. When you look around today, at mindless consumer driven robots walking around with their eyes glued to their phones, walking by all the cheap drab modular buildings filled with disrespectful teens inpatient adults and screaming children getting their everyway……Do not ever forget….

          This is what PROGRESS looks like…………… 🙁 🙁

          • The book, “1984” is beginning to look rather mild…

            • Anon, 1984 is looking like a walk in the park compared to this BS.

        • Have ya seen some of the “environmental” charter schools.
          Believe me , its bad .
          I am far enough out in flyover that the teachers in our PS system still insist on the pledge of allegence (i know) and teaching about the constitution , the RIGHT WAY .
          So every school is different and as a parent you gotta be involved and nose in on these people filling our kids heads with ideas .

          • Why would you send the most precious things in your life, your children, to a place that you don’t trust to do the right thing?

            Please consider that you are entrusting the government to shape your children’s minds.

            Can you name one single thing that any government ever has done well that didn’t involve force?

            • REB
              My point was that i DO trust the teachers , and i personally know them.
              For whatever reason our school is still “old school” .
              Our teachers are our nieghbors , members of the board ( myself included) are all home grown local people.

              Ya just gotta stay involved and on top of it , because someone is always wanting to adopt a policy or program that hasnt been completly thought through .
              Not all public schools are government re-education camps , just sayin .

              • Same for our school. And why we moved here. And why our school is one of the top in our state. !!!

              • I know a teacher who’s been using non prescription pain meds every day in her classroom for 12 years! Nobody cares. She teachers Special Needs kids everyday while she’s off her nut. No one cares. Her face and arms are covered in meth scabs all the time. When people question her, she tells everyone she has a rare skin condition!! And she gets away with it!!! No one cares. Her fellow teachers don’t care. The system doesn’t care. Parents don’t care.

        • I have lost respect for parents who know the gov schools are bad yet keep sending them there. Yes these loser parents want their kids to grow up being useless mindless drones. Too lazy to home school or send them to a private school.

          • It used to be that the worst things you had to worry about in elementary school, was keeping shoelaces tied, keeping bugs, frogs and other crawly things out of the classroom and making sure every kid got a lunch.

            I’m so glad I don’t have any family still in school these days.

          • My children went to public school. Some people can’t afford private schools and are not qualified to home school. But we did teach our children right from wrong. They knew that what they were taught was not always correct. Our son is military and I’m proud to say it’s because of what we taught him at home. We fought the school when we believed it was wrong. Their school had religious times and said the pledge of allegiance daily. Sure there were bad times but also good times.

          • Yeah never mind those parents who worked jobs and the parents who just can’t afford the private
            Schools. I hate to say this but you sound just plain ignorant. I have two kids
            That go to public school because they have a mother and father who work 60
            Plus hours a week each to provide for them. The key is to not leave all of it up to
            The schools. What anyone who is in my particular situation needs to do is
            Supplement anything the school teaches and correct when and where needed

            • I’ve never made over $32,000 a year in my life but I found a way to put my children through private school

              Should I assume you that are claiming you can’t just aren’t as smart as me?

              If you’re not, then you should listen to what I say.

      3. Its backwards…the schools are a threat! Stick a fork in us,we’re done.

        • Jim,
          This reeks of Hitler youth programs. The government wants inflation so that they can have more two income families. That way the government can start raising your children earlier and earlier. It was like the time when that bitch Melissa Harris Perry said something to the effect, “We have to get over the fact of owning our own kids. Blah, blah…the community owns them.”

          • This is the crap we should educate liberals about. I don’t think anyone wants to lose their own family.

            • Thats funny, educate liberals,, pffftt

              • Kula, some people really know how to dream, don’t they? Educate LIBTURDS? No way, Jose!

            • You don’t educate turds—you bury them.

          • Dont forget Hillarys “it takes a village” BS either.

            Another spoonful of socialism , YUM YUM .

            • Hammerhead, it would take a village to prevent me from kicking Hillary’s ass.

          • “This reeks of Hitler youth programs”- It is the government indoctrination program to completely brainwash and control your children.

            I am probably younger then most on SHTF and unfortunately I attended public school. Took me years to shake off all the mental colonization. Thank God my parents were free thinkers and encouraged questioning what were told. Schools in the USSA are truly horrible.

            • Actually government run schools are performing exactly as designed and accomplishing the government’s goals. From their point of view they’re great and there is no problem at all.

              For government educated students note the use of their, they’re, and there in the preceding sentence.

              I even accomplished this while drunk 🙂

              • Idaho rebel- where abouts in Idaho are you located (no need to answer if you feel uncomfortable)?

                The reason I ask is that I sold my house in Las Vegas months ago and I’m escaping this shit hole ASAP.. My goal is to be in the Boise area by October. Just curious if you had any opinions on the Boise metro area.

            • I’ve seen schools in third world countries where the level of education is very high. They aren’t being bombarded constantly with TV, iPads and iPhones like our kids. And they aren’t being drilled with mindless political dribble.

      4. Mac, one of your best articles yet. This profiling BS is all over society now. The theory behind precrime is just as flawed as can be. I doubt such a system can prevent crime but it’s good at tarnishing people for life. One look at the judicial system speaks volumes. My only problem with authority in the schools back in the 60s and 70s was when it was used for an illegitimate purpose, like punishing me for acting in self-defense against thugs and bullies that the school officials REFUSED to do anything about. Most of the things that pass for “police work” these days have no legitimate basis, ESPECIALLY the profiling and asset forfeiture. If I was a kid in any public school today, I would’ve already been expelled.

        • I’ll second that . . . though I’m a bit younger and started school in 1980.

          • In 1980, I was married with one child.

            • In 1980, I was still 5 years away from being born.

              • In 1980 I was a lance Corporal in the USMC , full of piss and Vinegar !
                man I am getting Old!

                Semper Fi

                • Oooh Ra!

            • 1980, just getting out of college.

      5. Those who don’t care about their children send them to public schools.

        Those who do, don’t.

      6. Damn I wish they would have given it to me. When I was in 1st. grade. They would have kicked my little ass out.

        When I was in 1srt. grade I just wanted to be John Wayne, Kicking the asses of the Japs and Germans. They would have tagged me as a WAR Monger. Hells bells I had my toy Thompson and my 45 then, with my rubber K-Bar knife.

        This is getting to be or is just more Bull Shit. They want every little boy to act like little girls in school. Boys are not wired that way and when they figure it out our schools will be better off and the grades will go up.



        • This is a great point you make sgt. Though we home school, if we were to consider sending our kids off to school it wouldn’t be to co-ed schools. Boys only and girls only schools outperform co-ed schools in just about every metric, though neither beats home schooled kids overall.

          All kids are unique, though boys will have more in common with other boys than with girls. The trick is to individualize their education so they can achieve their potential. Government schools and standardized “education” cannot achieve optimal results.

        • My little girl was more of a boy, than most boys are today…and she ain’t gay, just tough.

        • So you’re telling me my 5 yr old will grow up to be “Sgt Dale”! This ought to be an adventure. I don’t worry about brainwashing him cause I can’t even tell him what to do. Given choice A or choice B he always chooses Neither. 🙂

          • “BA”
            But to tell the truth. I wouldn’t want my life any other way.
            Just keep telling him when he does something good HOW PROUD OF HIM YOU ARE!

      7. I’m in a wide open space I’m freezin’ You’ll never get to heaven with a smile on your face for me.

      8. The vast majority of people use public schools, video’s, video games, TV, cd’s and who know what else to raise their children. Most people could care less what the children are taught, because they feel that children are no more than a consequence from having of a good time. So you see they will allow anything done to their consequence’s as long as they themselves do not have to do anything with them, because it might interfere with their time for fun. The world sure has changed for the worse at break neck speed for when I was raised by caring parents and not let run wild to be raised by someone else. Sick, oh so sick world.

        Time for:: CTRL_ALT_DELETE


        • Yes. It used to be that you wanted your children to help take care of you when you were old. Now, instead of family, people look to the government.

          As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I deserved every whipping I ever received and a few more they never found out about. I’m thankful that my parents cared enough about me to teach me the way the world should be, though when I was younger I struggled with the disconnect of how the world should be and actually is.

        • Six children and we still don’t have gaming devices. I cringe when any child tells me it’s “my favorite hobby”.

          We worked so hard to keep that crap away from them as well as movies and TV.

          Yesterday, my 11 yr old had to acolyte for church then we came home. Didn’t take long for him and his friend to get the bb guns for target practice, then swimming, then riding the Quad. All without a TV. Imagine that.

          We’ve had company where the kids bring those stupid handhelds and by the time they leave, they forget the device and I’ve got to mail it back to them. Why? Because they are outside being kids; building forts, tree stands, rebuilding motors, plinking, riding bikes, surfing, swimming. I really think every child would improve if their parents would take away all the screens. Parents have to stop using those things as babysitters. Kids need to discover what interests them to be adult who bring economy to this country. They have got to learn buy doing.

      9. The morons who come up with these ideas have no idea what life-force is. There is a reason nature is chaotic. Flies beat against a window screen, moths get inside what we thought were tightly sealed light fixtures, caged animals pace and get crazy. Every living thing will fight against confinement. That is why prisons don’t work. All the plans of government alphabet stooges, require that humans be what they are not. They have been trying to get us “domesticated” , like cattle, since before 1984. We will NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!!!!

        • Kyra, I couldn’t have said it any better. No one ‘domesticates’ me, ever!

        • “The morons who come up with these ideas”

          Its called socialism/ fascism and it always fails , just as your post implies .
          People must live free or die tryin , its been the same way for centuries , and it will continue .

          • Hammerhead, how right you are! Like Copperhead would say, let’s hit CTRL_ALT_DELETE on socialism/fascism.

      10. Time to get right with Jesus…glad my God Almighty pulled my wretched ass out of the miry clay.

        People will mock me and scoff at me…but I know when Jesus comes I’ll be safe and secure in my new eternal life and glorified body.

        If you get the knock don’t be afraid to open the door…there is hope and you too can be saved by Gods grace. Once you have been saved you will see this world is only temporal and the new outlook is amazing…People will say this is BS…but I say the life I used to lead before being saved was bs…if you’ve been saved you will know what I’m talking about….ain’t nothing like the feeling of being saved.

        • I know you are right Russ!

      11. They want to monitor people like Communists, but Torontonian female doctors are doing despicable conduct in their practice:

        On July 21, 2015 approximately 09:35am to 09:55 am on the premises of the Ryerson Medical Centre, one of the physicians Dr. Sabeena Bala Chopra Registration #87545 uttered some unethical remarks which could put the safety of her patients, in particular, disabled patients and and minors at risk.

        Two appointments before July 21 2015, Dr. Sabeena Chopra was with a patient. This patient informed Dr. Chopra many times of allegations of childhood sexual abuse when he was a child. The patient was also diagnosed by a Psychologist of having a learning disability and possible developmental disorder which made his maturity level as one of a young teenager.

        However, Dr. Chopra decided to go into the Ryerson Medical Centre that day with a low cut top which exposed a questionable proportion of her breasts to the patient. The patient informed Dr. Chopra that he was feeling unwell with her breasts showing like that, and he encountered a sexual feeling which came back to the days he was sexually violated by allegedly his Grade 2 teacher.

        However, Dr. Chopra looked at the patient and told him, “What are you going to do about it?” and then she suggests that he take chemical castration measures to “lower his sex drive” . Kindly note that chemical castration is only done on repeat violent child molesters, and even in that case, many courts in the United States have viewed this to be unconstitutional as cruel as unjust punishment violating the 8th Amendment.

        On July 21, the patient tried to explain to Dr. Chopra that she acted recklessly. However, Dr. Chopra insisted that she has the right to dress how she wants in her medical office when dealing with patients.

        The patient then asked Dr. Chopra if she would dress like that in front of minors, in which she responded by implying that shouldn’t be an issue.

        Dr. Chopra persists with the patient that “she will find a way to make him less traumatized by her breasts” and the patient became very concerned because if she is showcasing her body in a sexual way to her patients and then using her authority as a physician to chemically castrate them and sedate them with other drugs, it is better to be safe than sorry and report her to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons because her medical practice involves children, and children will not have that power to report inappropriate incidents such as those.

        A complaint was lodged to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, pending investigation.

        In the United States of America, local law enforcement would already be involved because a Psychiatrist who specializes in child psychology should know better than to expose her breast areas to adult victims of child sex abuse, blame the victim and then use her authority to drug the patient so that he/she would not complain about her.

        The Ryerson Medical Centre has received copies of the complaints, but the clinic has not responded because it appears that the clinic condones such behaviour by their Physicians.

      12. When I taught my first math class in 1970/71 in High School the seeds of liberalism where everywhere even back then. I never forget one female dufuss and her “…society needs mindless morons (sheeple) that listen to authority (schools, government).” By 1973 I had seen enough. I was done with school BS (and had a great career in IT)

        Many public ‘teachers in today’s schools’ seem more like Hitler youth guides. It appears they have finally reached their goal of developing ‘mindless morons’ who are each ‘wonderful’. I hope the inoculation of the real world twists their little minds back in to being human…

      13. “Hey, if it works for prisoners, it would be great for a once free society.” –That’s why they all root for a policed prison of a society for everyone to have to live in (“for our security”, of course). Those guards on the walls are there to keep you in, not to protect you from anyone else. Only you can protect yourself–including from your “protectors”.

        • BUT IT DOESN’T WORK FOR PRISONERS. Inmates come out more violent and smarter. They come out more determined to get payback. No, subjugation only works on small minds, either physically or mentally.

      14. And by treating everyone as a criminal before they even do anything, it probably creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        …that’s the entire point, isn’t it?

        • Absolutely.

      15. At the end of 1st grade my child had a written response question of what would you do if you were locked in school. My child said he came up with a Plan A and B, the first was to dig out and when that didnt work, he threw a chair through the glass window doors and escaped. He told me he purposely didnt divulge what he would do next which was run to our house. We had already discussed emergency plans of getting out of the school and running to the back of the school property which is in front of our neighborhood in the event of a school shooting. That question creeped the heck out of me and rallied a couple of moms to call and complain about the question. Profiling at its finest.

        • We had our fill of public school after 2nd grade when he despite my letter asking him not be placed in an inclusion class(13 max special ed kids with 7-8 non special ed kids) was placed in one. Kiddo ended up testing into gifted at beginning of the year and definately was the odd kid out. We are going homeschool hybrid this year because of our experience this past year and because of common core (common crap if you ask me)

          • Sorry to break it to you but my friend who’s been a principle and super in a couple districts told me “Great schools are more about the kids”. Sadly, no matter how great the teachers are, the kids have to be great/have home support/etc. So, you probably need to move somewhere with a great school. IMO. Home school is of course great if you can do it and there are tons of supporting sports leagues and stuff for it around here. But, the charter schools are great here too. And the public is even better. Quite a contrast to the city where we lived before. Quite a contrast.

            • No. Charter schools a public schools in disguise. Never enroll your child in one.

              When we first started homeschooling we joined a charter. It didn’t take long to realize that they were just public schools. We notified them in writing we were removing our two children effective that day. We stopped submitting work and began with curriculum we had purchased ourselves. We received a call a week later from our charter group leader that we were going to be reported for failing to provide an education by the teacher overseeing the charter because we had stopped submitting assignments.

              We were put in a position where we had to comply with all their requests before they would release our children. It took over 6 weeks.

              Being in a charter just means they’ve got your number and they are focused on your family.

              HSLDA no longer covers charter school families. It’s a conflict of interest.

      16. We are all being spied on to prevent the truth from being spread. It has been official policy for decades. Go back to May 22, 1949 when the first secretary of defense James Forrestal died in what was called a suicide, jumping from the 16th floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital to his death. Read the account, he was murdered to shut him up because he voiced disproval of U.S. direction following WW2, insisting that communist influence was heavily controlling America. He was also against the creation of Israel. He kept extensive diaries that were withheld after his death. His brother was going to bring him home the day of his death. The government held him as a paranoid schizophrenic which was a total lie. After reading this I am convinced that the U.S. and the Soviets are in cahoots to subjugate the world under communism. The major players are the U.S., Russia, England and Israel. A planned war with Russia is the stage to take us all down and out. There is a long post at which makes this clear, “who killed James Forrestal”.

        • “He was also against the creation of Israel.”

          Well, that’s enough to get one killed, going against the interests of—israel…but that’s not a “jewish” issue…is it.

      17. The best way to deal with all the stupidity would be to abolish all of the alphabet agencies.

      18. Did anybody ask why the Secret Service is conducting a study on theat assement of schools?

        Was it because DOE couldn’t find anybody else?

        • JB, I’ve already done my own threat assessment and evaluation on authority figures and discovered my life is in danger and they must be removed.

      19. I was suspended from kindergarden twice!I can only imagine what they would do with me now,a long but entertaining story will tell this weekend with time,enjoy the day and prepare for tomorrow.

      20. This is from the people who kill babies and sell the parts. Be AFRAID.

      21. I don’t know about kindergarden but by Jr High you can name with reasonable accuracy what kids are going to prison at some point in their life. Conversely you can pick a lot of the successful ones too. In that regard a few are a real surprise.

      22. Welcome to the St. Obama re-education and sensitivity camp, which is administered by the Bureau of The Gulags. All who have physical infirmities please follow the yellow line. Those who have or have had mental health issues, please follow the red line. Those who are healthy please follow the blue line if you are male, and the green line if you are female. All children below the age of 12 please follow the purple line.

        You have been summoned here to ascertain that your Security and Threat Assessment scores are now at an acceptable level. Previously, you have ranked unacceptably high on these tests, and have been sent through appropriate therapy processes. Now we will administer an advanced version of that test. Some of you may remain here for life. The rest will return home, and must Notify the Bureauu of any change of address within 5 days. Failure to do so will be recorded as extreme hostility to the The Gulags, and you will be returned to the System immediately.

        St’s. Hilary, William, Barack, Michelle, and many other brilliant people have worked to create a process design that is infallible. We wish you the best.


        Mao, Adolph, Josef, Idi, Saddam, and Baksheer

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