Mark Your Calendar! Stand for Freedom: Protest the Mandates Walkout Scheduled For Nov. 8-11

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Once we abolish the last acceptable form of slavery, we should never look back. Government is slavery, and therefore immoral whether it’s a democracy or a republic or a communist government makes no difference. A slave is a slave.  And we do not need slavery to survive on this planet. Humanity is finally waking up to this reality and we do stand a chance now!

    Is your employer demanding that you get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to continue working? If so, consider joining the tens of thousands of health freedom advocates from all across the country who will be participating in next week’s Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom event.

    Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, a California-based non-profit group founded by attorney Leigh Dundas, along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD), have together organized a voluntary work strike across multiple key sectors of the economy, including healthcare, education, telecommunications, supply chain, transport, and government. The strike will take place for four days from November 8-11.

    Anyone is welcome to participate, of course, but these key industries really need to feel the heat as they are among the worst offenders when it comes to forcing Fauci Flu shots on their employees. The following flyer has more details about the four-day no-show event, which aims to put an immediate end to the Biden regime’s fascist jab mandates.

    “This nationwide walkout has spread like wildfire, with white-collar professionals joining the supply chain workers and truckers – and employees from every industry and all faiths, creeds, races and political affiliations – now pledging they will strike during the week of November 8, as a statement that jobs should never be conditioned on medical mandates and tyranny,” Dundas is quoted as saying.

    Will you stand in solidarity with America’s workforce to promote health freedom?

    Up until this point, there have only been sporadic walkouts here and there that have had a nominal impact, but not enough to end the tyranny. Freedom-loving Boeing employees, for instance, started a grassroots movement where they are now skipping work every Friday as part of a routine “sickout” protest.

    Employees at Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Amtrak, among others, are doing much the same thing, which is believed to be the reason for continued flight and train cancellations.

    All of this is voluntary, just to be clear. Nobody is encouraging any employees to do anything illegal. The goal is simply to take a stand for what is right and hopefully put a stop to the escalating government overreach when it comes to people’s bodies.

    Forcing people to get injected with mystery chemicals that they do not want is a form of medical rape that must not be tolerated. My body, my choice must always be preserved when it comes to the practice of medicine, as anything done to someone without their consent amounts to medical violence.

    Among the supporters of this event are Clay Clark and General Flynn, who co-hosts the Re-Awaken America Tour, Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), Ann Vandersteel, and Doug Billings, among many others.

    “A couple weeks ago, I started getting calls from the blue-collar guys,” Dundas is further quoted as saying. “You know, the folks who actually run this country. Because Americans don’t often have cause to reflect on this simple truth, but the fact is that this country does not run on the backs of people like you and me. It runs on the backs of blue-collar workers who make products, and who move products.”

    “The blue-collar folks I talked to were working at large companies that were 40%, 50%, and often as high as 75% unvaccinated – and willing to hold the line. These guys are drawing a line in the sand, making a stand for freedom. And I believe in my core that the week of November 8 will go down in the history books as the day that freedom rose up, tyrannical mandates went on the run, and history was changed for the better.”


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      1. I will call off Monday and Tuesday

      2. Everyone, especially while out protesting, remember vitamins D, C, K, ad B12 with zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not, germ theory denier or not.

      3. Everyone, especially while out protesting, remember vitamins D, C, K, ad B12 with zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not, germ theory denier or not.

      4. U.S. Marshall’s show up with federal injunctions in 5….4….3…2..

        • And what would Federal Marshals have to do with this and under what jurisdiction would they be under? Injunctions of What? Obviously you are a troll of the misinformation that the misinformation regime is trying to stop … Let’s go BRANDON … get rid of the Brandon Administration!

          • An injunction is a court order, issued by a judge, that prohibits an individual, business firm, labor union, or other type of organization from engaging in a specified action, or that requires them to resume an action. …


            1 Employees subject to the Railway Labor Act (RLA) (including railroad and air carrier employees) may have different rights related to work stoppages under the RLA.

            ??? ????? ??? ??? ??????????? ??? ?? ???????????? ???? ????????.

            Carriers may lawfully replace strikers engaged in a lawful strike but may not, however, discharge them except for misconduct or eliminate their jobs to retaliate against them for striking. It is not clear whether the employer can discharge workers for striking before all of the RLA’s bargaining and mediation processes have been exhausted.
            The employer must also allow strikers to replace replacements hired on a temporary basis and permanent replacements who have not completed the training required before they can become active employees. The employer may, on the other hand, allow less senior employees who crossed the picket line to keep the jobs they were given after crossing the line, even if the seniority rules in effect before the strike would have required the employer to reassign their jobs to returning strikers.

            Don’t worry sleepy Joe
            Is between a rock and a very hard place

            I’m just war gaming …
            as Darth says…the possibility of demographic replacements

      5. They don’t care anymore it’s been that way for awhile. They aim to go ahead with their agenda and dare us to do something about it. Let’s not forget about the 25,000 drones that will be put in our skies with thermal and ground radar systems. Some will be assassination type drones.

      6. So, it’s now November 8th.

        How many of you have walked out?

        • What happens if nothing happens this week?
          Then what?
          Is it back to the same unproductive routine of complaining on the message boards?
          On the plus side we don’t have to wait long for the answer.
          Should know something by Friday at the latest.

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