Mark Taylor: ‘Obama Was Corrupt; Will Be Stripped Of The Presidency’

by | May 29, 2018 | Forecasting, Headline News | 39 comments

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    The author of the Trump Prophecies book, Mark Taylor says that not only is president Donald Trump not going anywhere and he’ll win a second term, but he’s predicted that former president Barack Obama will be “ripped and stripped of his presidency.”

    Taylor has previously predicted that Donald Trump would win the White House long before the first GOP primary. Taylor made many other predictions that involved martial law and the prosecution of corrupt government officials.  According to USA Watchdog, it has come to light that many top Obama officials were involved in framing Donald Trump in an attempt to remove him from office while exonerating Hillary Clinton for actual crimes.

    Taylor recently sat down with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter to let everyone know that God is still speaking to him and using Trump to do his work.  Taylor says “the time is up for those who are corrupt.”

    “Well, first off, Donald Trump’s not going anywhere, he’s here for two terms—period. He will win the second term; it won’t even be a contest.  If they thought the first one was a runaway train, wait for the next election.  The second thing is that when I had prophecised back in November of 2015, I prophesied that ‘time is up for those who are corrupt’  is the word God shared with everyone.  It also said that this sitting president (Obama) was corrupt; basically, he was a lying deceitful thief and would be ripped and stripped of the presidency.  This had nothing to do with him being impeached.  I caught a lot of flak for that.  I always sensed that the Lord was saying that after he (Obama) was out of office, he would be charged with treason, and he would end up going to prison.  He will go to prison along with a ton of other people.  This word that God gave ‘time is up for those who are corrupt’ talked about judges, Senators, Congressmen and women at the state, local and Federal levels, that God himself was going to expose.  People get angry with Donald Trump for all this stuff.  This is not Donald Trump’s agenda.  He’s being used by God.  This is God’s agenda to expose this corruption and take it down. . . . Righteous judgment is not coming, it is already here.”

    Hunter then said that in previous interviews with Taylor, the self-described prophet said that entire sections of the government may come crumbling down.  He asked Taylor if there could be martial law in our future because of this.

    “Trump could be forced to do martial law in certain parts of the country to get control of it.  I said just before he got in, I said he would have to be careful about how they deal with this corruption because it could literally take down parts of government.  I’ve been telling people ‘put your seatbelts on.  We are in for the long ride here.’  There is a plan at play.  The plan is brilliant and taking place right before our very eyes. . . .These are powerful people, and there are certain things that have to be in place.  Look at the FBI and DOJ.  They’ve got to be cleaned out.  You can’t do a fair investigation when they are corrupt Obama holdovers.

    The length, the width, the breadth of this corruption is global.”

    Taylor than explains why we are seeing the political landscape boiling over because of something called the “full moon effect.”

    “What is it about the full moon that does this to people?  The Lord says to me, Mark, the full moon effect is this:  He says the area of operation the enemy works, the devil himself or demons, is in darkness.  The Lord says when you introduce the light from the full moon, it agitates the demonic, and it brings out the worst in people.  That is the first time I got something that actually made sense about the full moon effect.  This is what is happening right now.  What God it doing right now with the arrest of these sex offenders and exposing all of this stuff.  He is introducing light into the darkness.  It is agitating the demonic.  This is why you are seeing all this backlash . . . this backlash from the enemy is because we are introducing light into the dark.  People have to understand this is a threat from the enemy, and there is no time to run in fear or to cower because God is on the throne.  He is in control, and this stuff is coming down.”


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      1. Form his lips to God’s ear.
        This would be a miricle of major biblical propotions.


        • ” … the Lord was saying that after he (Obama) was out of office, he would be charged with treason, and he would end up going to prison. He will go to prison along with a ton of other people. ”

 …. said this in 2012, and more …..yet it is no longer listed by SHTFPLAN as a go to site. 🙁

          • Here is a more valid prediction.

            Nothing changes, nothing will happen.

            Same shit, different day.

            • Same shit. Same day. Obama is Punxsutawney Phil. Who knew ground hogs were racist.

              • Blame-e, that’s an insult to Punxsutawney Phil. Phil has way more brains than the Kenyan.

            • Yup, afraid so..

      2. If corruption was the measure in politics almost all of them would be in prison; its not and they won’t.

      3. Obama is going to stripped of his presidency ?

        I can believe that because i’m also expecting kate upton will divorce her world series winning husband and marry me any day now.

        • That’s crap. She is supposed to marry me!

      4. None of these “prophets” can arrive at a novel and falsifiable piece of information.

        Dictatorial tyrant figures from the Bible might have held such a person in confinement, until he could perform his job, correctly.

        “That is the first time I got something that actually made sense about the full moon effect,” Taylor said.

        Although ancient Israel used the sun, moon, and harvest to reckon time, it is generally assumed that the sun represents gentiles, and the moon represents Israel. Signs in the moon, such as, say, a blood moon, or eclipse, are supposed to be precarious omens, to superstitious Jews.

        There are many reasons, online, why prophetic, or Mystery, Babylon, cannot be the Vatican or geographical Iraq, which instead to point to America. Incidentally, they call T a type of Cyrus, who would have been king over the first Babylon. A new half-shekel is supposedly being minted, in remembrance of the Babylonian king, who funded the second, Jewish temple. Did Cyrus set ancient Babylon straight, as per this analogy? Or, did it go into receivership, when all the migrants and riches were sent away?

        Most of our jurisdictions are not farming, manufacturing, or earning money, at subsistence level. (Thus the supposed need for economic migrants.) Where is the money coming from, to placate all of these world leaders? They are nation building in Palestine (who broke the factories and businesses, on entering the land) while our infrastructure is in advanced decay.

        • Also, in regards to time and dating —
          While heathens do venerate the moon (and everything else) pivotal holidays are supposed to be held at (solar) cross-quarters

          Even if you are not pantheist or animist, who finds religious significances in alignments, comets, etc, a sign in the sky would still be a universal means of synchronizing every calendar and time zone.

          “Righteous judgment is not coming, it is already here,” said someone who is not on his feet, much. We should be grateful for a roof and four walls, faucets, outlets, and what passes for food. This is not an ideal universe, philosophically, but not judgment by a longshot. Filmed, online, are examples of judgment.

          • Earthly judgement and eternal judgement are two totally different things.

            • I think, if you are fat and comfortable, like most of us are — even to the point of suffering rich peoples’ kind-of diseases — we are not under Earthly judgment, for the time being.

      5. Pure fantasy that past presidents will be criminally charged after having held office based on past misdeeds. Railroading is for those who speak the truth and fight for the people’s rights. Liars, murderers and thieves run this cesspool, no others need apply or will ever be considered. People still vote when the results change nothing. Slick Willy, Shrub Bush and the Kenyan intruder fakeout were re-elected. It’s a joke right?

        • aljamo, yes it is a joke.
          Shades of “passing in the wind”, the former poster who said similar things like God will reappear in a giant silver spaceship and other drivel.

          This guy’s selling something and until you see someone BIG, or formerly BIG, like Comey, Clapper, Hillary or any of 100 top tier crooks and traitors being perp walked in handcuffs don’t believe a thing this guy says.

      6. I didn’t know that God uses English for Rhyming???!!!

        • Did you know that God was white?

          He said to Moses, “I am who I am.”
          Not,”I is who I is.”

          • Nor did he say “lets my peoples go”

            • Again, another weird slang term. Who is that supposed to sound like?

          • Pardon me J.Stiner, Moses knew English just fine. That comment is pretty silly if you’re trying to express Moses speaking in some kind of slang.

      7. Yeah. He so trusted his “prophetic word”, that he didn’t publish his book about it until after Trump was elected.

        And please, don’t confuse the flotsam in the Swamp, with the Deep State. You’ll see a major false flag/war if and when the Deep State begins to feel fire.

        • P.S. I can now see when that “man of peace” comes, how easy it will be for the MAGA Trump worshipers to fall for him.

      8. Just remember were this guy from nowhere was launched from…
        The Jim Bakker Show? Question everything that comes from that platform? Research the Zionist Attorney that got him out of prison…just saying?

      9. The ‘Roseanne’ show has been cancelled by those chews at ABC because of some remarks Roseanne Barr made on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett. That was a race-based decision ABC made against Roseanne.

      10. I don’t know if Mark Taylor claims to be a Prophet or not, and I don’t know anything about his past predictions, but if your a Prophet of God you can’t just be correct 50% of the time, or 75% of the time, or even 99% of the time, but they had to be correct 100% of the time or they were to be executed. What say you Mister Taylor. Beware, don’t follow false prophets! Trekker Out

      11. MT, I also don’t know if claims to be a prophet but anyone who speaks the truth about Obama can’t be all bad.

        • Anybody who speaks the truth about Obama is going to be called a racist. Just ask Roseanne.

          • Blame-e, the only people whose social media accounts get shut down are white people. Try to do that to any minority people’s accounts and see what happens. So it IS race-based censorship.

          • Do you mean a black person who knows the truth about Obama is going to be called racist against Obama? Seriously, some people know the truth about that traitor, whether they’re black, or white or another ethnicity of American.

        • Braveheart the worst part about false prophets is that there are many Atheist and Antichrist on this site and in the world, and when every people claim to get there predictions straight from God and they don’t come to pass the atheist and antichrist then use these predictions as ammunition to discredit God and the Lord Jesus Christ, when the claims made by false prophets didn’t actually come from God. That’s why I said beware of false prophets. I did watch the Video and it was interesting, but I’m afraid it was wishful thinking. Trekker Out.

      12. Do not believe any thing you read or hear on the media and only 50% of what you witness first hand.

        • My uncle was blind. He believed nothing he saw and half of what he heard.

      13. ” It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” — Mark Twain

      14. At God’s judgment, yes, Heck the treasonous scum are now going to be big movie stars thanks to Netflix.

        These people are the original Teflon Hybrids!

      15. Obama CANNOT be “stripped of the Presidency” Obama NEVER HELD the Presidency. Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud and subterfuge. There is NO “President” Obama: In 2008 John McCain and Barack Obama conspired to usurp the Presidency. NEITHER McCain or Obama are “Natural Born Citizen[s]” as required by Article II, Sec. 1 Clause 5 of the USConst. BOTH are felons. Obama was our nation’s second Presidency usurper. Chester Arthur did it first. In 2016,Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, et al, attempted to be the third. See: Imposters in the Oval Office by me.

        • I always said Obama was not President, and never backed down. His birth certificate was a fake, and I still stand by that. John McCain is a liar and a traitor, and I still stand by that. I doubt there is anyone left in the US government who is working for this country or its citizens.

      16. Retarded…..

      17. Mark Taylor is a racist, a no-body and all he’s trying to do is make himself famous by saying these unproven statements about the 44th President, Barack Hussien Obama. Maybe mark taylor should go the the Starbucks Sensitivity Training on race relations. He also needs to face reality and admit that vladimir putin had donald j. trump elected as president of the united states. But mark won’t.

      18. When are people going to get it? NOTHING is going to happen to those of the “leftist” persuasion. No one is getting arrested, no one is going to jail…. There is no “Plan” to trust! And Obama will continue to run his “shadow” government in the background, doing everything he can to destroy Trump’s Presidency. Trey Gowdy and Judge Andrew Napolitano are but 2 of the latest to leave the “Trump” ship…..

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