Mark Levin Delivers DEVASTATING PROOF That Obama Spied On Trump Campaign: “The Evidence Is Overwhelming…Six Federal Agencies Involved”

by | Mar 5, 2017 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    The left-leaning mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours marginilizing yesterday’s Tweets from President Donald Trump indicating that the Obama administration was actively wire tapping phones in Trump Tower ahead of the November election. Jokes, insults and spin have been the order of the day as popular liberal mouthpieces have trashed the President, his staff and radio host Mark Levin who initially broke the story earlier in the week.

    But no matter how much they spin, it is becoming crystal clear that President Obama’s administration did, in fact, involve themselves in electronic spying of Trump and his surrogates in an effort to link him to Russian influence.

    Levin, who was  referred to as a ‘hack’ on CNN this Saturday, was no die-hard supporter of Trump during the campaign season. As a Constitutional attorney, the radio host is often found making well documented arguments on his show. In an interview with Fox & Friends on Sunday, Levin hit back at those who deny any involvement into wire tapping of Trump’s staff by the Obama White House.

    The evidence, as you’ll see in the video segments below, is simply undeniable and lays  out a devastating case utilizing publicly available documents and investigations that prove without a shadow of a doubt that President Obama inserted himself into a free election in an effort to stifle and delegitimize Trump’s Presidential aspirations. Six federal agencies were involved, including FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and the Director of National Intelligence:

    The evidence is overwhelming… this is not about President Trump’s tweeting… this is about Obama’s spying… And the question isn’t whether it spied… we know they went to the FISA court twice… it’s the extent of the spying… that is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates… and I want to walk you through this, the American people… this is all public…

    The evidence, much of it sourced from anti-Trump mainstream websites, shows that President Trump was right on target with his claims on Saturday that Obama was directly involved.

    The reaction on social media was almost instant:

    Following Levin’s report, we’re left with the same question for President Trump that we had yesterday when we noted that Barrack Obama actually tapped all of our phones. President Trump, what are YOU going to do about it?


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      1. Somebody please zap that silly ‘kneegrow’.

        • Mr. President. You either drain the damn swamp, or the demoncrats will roast you alive.

          • Of course Obama was involved. Why would he have Valerie living in his house if it was not for some kind of nefarious attack on our government. Gateway Pundit lists all the people and agencies whose phones were tapped by the Obama admin and don’t tell me that conman muslim did not have his hand in it. He should be put up for treasonous acts along with his Iran cohort in crime, Valerie.

        • there are MANY more than just him!! got to get them all, or they will just keep coming back!!

          • Obama is complicit and all involved are going to be outed. Can the MSM be outed as well? They were equally involved in this evolving national scandal to overthrow the legitimately elected president of the United States. They need to be put on notice that they cannot destroy or attempt to destroy evidence. They all need to be held accountable and justice must be served.

            I always did like Mark Levin until he started trashing President Trump but he has more than redeemed himself with this new revelation. He is definitely someone I want on my side when the verbal bullets start flying. Better yet, it would be good to be in that deep, hidden bunker with him when the world goes crazy, as it is soon to be!

            Prep, prep, prep, prep,
            Left, right, left, right,
            Look around, 360 degrees,
            The world is stirring
            With great unease
            A collision course
            of unimaginable force
            is plotted for sure
            with no detour
            Wise men have said,
            Storm clouds do gather
            Fires will burn
            and blood will pour
            It’s high time to act,
            and get shit together
            Do not get caught
            out in the weather
            Left, right, left, right,
            Pray, prep, pray, prep!

            Louisiana Eagle looking for sanctuary in the Atchafalaya

            • Well said , and very true . Prep and pray , lock and load !

              • Vet, BH,

                Thanks! A little thought I had to jot down and share.

                What is going on now is brinksmanship at its finest. Hopefully the other side will back down and it looks like some are beginning to squirm like the little worms ? they are. I agree with Trump that Sessions was too quick to recuse himself. He is too nice of a guy. The long knives are out and this is no time for the ‘faint at heart’! It is time to carve or be carved.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • Laeagle, I like that poem you posted. Very fitting.

            • All I can say laeagle is this..
              STORM CLOUDS ARE FORMING! GET READY BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA PLAY US A MEAN AND NASTY GAME OF DEFEND AMERICA!! And God forbid that “real” lead starts to fly, but, if it is to be God’s will, SO BE IT! I’LL BE THERE IN THE FRONT LINES!!

              • WMH, welcome and I agree totally. You’ve come to the right place. The libturds need to be careful what they wish for.

              • WMH,

                Thanks. When push comes to shove, there are a lot of us who think like you!

                Louisiana Eagle ?

            • 96% of people can’t figure out how many squares are in the above puzzle, Does that tell you were doomed?

              • Genius,
                YES!!! sad is it NOT!!

              • Nope! Tells me we need
                another revolution ASAP !!!!!!!!!!

            • Of course, our intelligence agencies sought to find out about Russian influence in our election.

              NYT and other good competitive journalists have reported these leaks for months. Levin nuts up and repeats exactly the same thing but IMAGINES that these are aimed at Trump. FISA warrants REQUIRE that the people tapped be FOREIGN! 12 judges, appointed by the Chief Justice, hear the evidence.

              Levin has offered absolutely nothing that hasn’t been pointed out again and again in our American competitive journalist media for months. Where have you backwoods Bubbas been?

            • Your sense of “poetry” is becoming droll.

              • VP,


                Have you ever read ‘Boots’ by Rudyard Kipling? It is one of my favorite poems. I also like the poem ‘If’, definitely one of the greatest poems ever. Check it out. Poetry is a great stress reliever too. Every one should include literature and ?books on various subjects in their prepping supplies and preparations at their BOL.

                Louisiana Eagle ?

          • Apache, damn right. All of the have got to be purged.

        • oprah

          • ” Weight loss you can believe in ” hehe

          • :Mr. President, Your Predecessor Actually Wire Tapped ALL Of Our Phones… What Are You Going To Do About It?”

            I’ll tell you what I am going to do… NOT A DAMN THING. As none of you are either.

          • Oprah? I’m gonna be sick…..

      2. Damn those pesky public records!

        • Dad burn upity naggers agin, git out the rope and the truck hitch time I guess……..

      3. Never put anything in writing, you wouldn’t want…

        What a sticky WEB we weave
        When at first, we do deceive.

        Spying? I’m shocked, shocked.


        • “What a sticky WEB we weave
          When at first, we do deceive.”

          a tangled web we weave,
          when we practice to deceive?

          i THINK that line was from macbeth?….just going by memory….but who’s countin’?

      4. For truth go to

        William L. Pierce, founder of The National Alliance

        Dr. David Duke on Rense Radio, best selling author: “The Secret Behind Communism”

        Dr. Kevin McDonald, author “Culture of Critique”

        Stormfront on Rense Radio with Don Black

        Other brave and honest white men whose kindness is with honor and love of their people.


        • Levin’s white? I don’t think so. I’m sure he could just as soon turn around and call you that a-S word. But they would like you to keep thinking that, so they put this b.s. out there for you to eat up.
          Throwing past presidents under buses is part of the scheme of things. The key word here is ‘past’. How convenient.

        • “Never Surrender” February 23, 2013

          This YouTube speech by Dr. James Wickstrom
          Is very pertinent to the current events.

          Three star General Boykin wrote the book with the same
          Title as the video.

          According to this here Obama is on point toward Communism.
          Worth watching. This particular video is not religious.


        • Speaking of people, I am working with a bunch of Germans right now mostly around my age. They are the hardest working, toughest, smartest bunch of guys you ever saw. The quality of what they do put’s americans to shame. They overbuild everything and spare no cost in labor and materials. The younger Germans idk about but these old school men are fookin awesome. They make me proud of my heritage unlike the amerikan walmart zombies that love the cheapest shit they can find. I have a love of my people….my German cousins!

          • Yep I am a little less than half German. Probably mostly Nazi. lol Cause I see clearly of the BS disaster America is in, and (((Who))) controls it by extortion. There is not much I fear.

        • LOL David Duke, grow up you stupid brain dead bigot.

      5. Trump has backed off this wire tap story. He will have something else in its place soon enough.

        • Tunckuf, I wouldn’t be too sure of that. That could be going on for awhile. In the meantime, who knows what other libturd crimes Trump’s people will uncover?

      6. Things Obama did to try and swing the election for Hillary:

        1) Covered up the biggest corruption and bribery scandal in the UN’s history because it led back to the Clintons.
        2) Engaged in divisive civil unrest and even the killing of law enforcement officers in order to create enough social tension to rally the left to Hillary.
        3) Covered up Hillary’s illness, Bill’s paedophilia, and ‘Michelle’s manliness.
        4) Continues to sow unrest in order to destabilise Trump.

        • You have to be as big a nut as the goof balls for murdering and any other negative comments that could be made so called Shedevil clinton

        • FT, very true, and Obola got a free pass because he’s one of the darlings of the left. There needs to be a purge.

        • #3, i believe it was said that she had walkin’ pneumonia, but it turns out she had LYIN’ pneumonia.

      7. So what was Trump’s secret plan to win the election that had to be found out covertly? I mean if Trump’s secret plan was to throw Hillary under every bus that went by, while catering to every issue that white Americans and everyone else that had half a brain knew had to addressed immediately, he didn’t hide it well. What he did hide well and should be made public is the fact that he wasn’t going to ever drain the swamp and Hillary was never going to be charged and jailed. I even have reservations about this supposedly coming Pizzagate investigation. Putting Ivanka’s face on it softens everything up. Yeah, she’s so loving and caring how could anybody escape her investigation. She loves kids. Yeah, the way that I see it, she was bought and sold too.

      8. After a year of listening to Mark Levin’s Daily Radio Show, he is a whiney irritating rat.. All last year, day after day he would slam and bash Trump, as he was really in the bag for his Canadian Born (((Goldman Sach’s shill))) Ted Cruz.. He whined all year about it. Then a day before the election Levin did a switch-a-roo and supported Trump. Like to some how proclaim he helped Trump Win. He is a traitor in every sense of a human being, sellout to ever pays him, like most MSM types.

        Mark Levin claims to be a conservative, that’s BS, he is another radio (((TRIBE))) card carrying spokes person hiding in conservative clothing. Levin is really a hell bent NEOCON, hates and bashes Russia for no reason. Loves perpetual war and invading countries to take them over then calls it Capitalism. Mark Levin is just trying to preserve his own legacy as a Reagan stooge, as Reagan paid off terrorists, created a massive debt and built the MIC Mafia complex Fascist state as we know it today, bankrupting America then calls it Capitalism. I just stop listening to this whiney jerk.

        Now about this Video, he has good points, but he flips and flops and he is paid by FOX news so this interviews is from his own people. I would ask Mark Levin how is strapping Generations of Americans with mountains of Nat Debt, Conservative in any fashion? Its not, its reckless and irresponsible. But its the master plan of the (((Tribe’s))) to bankrupt America into a third world country so he calls it Capitalism.

        Just my Take. Yes Obama needs to be indicted, as this reaches the same criminal level as Nixon and Watergate. Spying and wire taping your political opponent is illegal. And you know damn well this Obama spy info collected on Trump, was shared with the Clinton campaign. Its riddled with hypocrisy and criminality. Obama needs to Fry.

        • ((( GET OFF MY COMPUTER .. YUH BIG DOPE))) lol

          • Yes indeed. ! A big dope for sure.

      9. If those in government today do criminal acts without fear of reprisal by the Justice System.
        Imagine what criminal acts they will commit against us if they feel tomorrow is the time to do so.

        • you have a bunch of fing criminals ruling over you

      10. Arrest BO and his cronies and send them to Guantanamo Bay detention camp and charge many of them with Treason and some with sedition. Try them in closed military courts…

      11. Preppers are you ready for Battle?? And how to quick reload your tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun from a side saddle. You can also buy a couple of 50 rounds Bandoleers filled with 12g rounds of various types like slugs and 000 and 00 Buckshot, to grab as you run out the door to defend your property from Looters and Trespassers. Dep Braveheart will like this one. Rem 870..

        Watch this video and practice, practice these reloading techniques.

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        • Zeus

          Thanks for the video.

          • Or just get a saiga 12 with 10 round clips and slap em in. Or a drum mag if ya like a lot of wieght. Saiga is probably the most jam free shotgun too.

      12. Some notes I took from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, FYI. While not everything he says below is evil, the ultimate goal of Alinsky was utterly evil and disgusting. Similarly, not all of his tactics were evil, but many were. Posted for your reference, so you know what you are dealing with:

        1. “Men will act when they are convinced that their cause is 100% on the side of the angels and that the opposition are 100% on the side of the devil.” P. 78. Of course, given that the left MURDERED over 100 mm last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, and that Alinksy dedicated his book to Lucifer, you pretty much know what side he was on.

        2. Motivating people: “… instead I approach them on the basis of their own self interest.’ P. 88 (That’s pretty much all leftism IS… self interest, so I guess this makes sense)

        3. “The job of the organizer is to manoeuvre and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a “dangerous enemy.” This will give us power by their show of fear.” P. 100 (Guess no campus “trigger warnings” here, right?)

        4. “… if people feel they don’t have power to change a bad situation, then they try not to think about it.” P. 105

        5. “Until he has developed that mass power base, he confronts no major issues… his biggest job is to give people the feeling that they can do something.” P. 113 (“Yes we can”/”Yes we have no bananas” mindless chanting, anyone?)

        6. “The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community (Ferguson, anyone?)’ fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is a controversy people are not concerned enough to act. An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; provide a channel into which the people can angrily pour their frustrations.” P 116-7

        7. “You cannot attack an abstract system, you muss attack a person and all the others will come out of the woodwork… you must freeze your target and not let up when they try to divert blame.” P. 133 (Then, no campus “safe spaces” I assume???)

        8. “The real action is the enemy’s reaction.” (Gee, “enemy?” What about all that “hate” they always whine about???)

        9. “… tactics are not the product of careful, cold reason… Accident, unpredictable reactions to your own actions, necessity, and improvisation dictate the direction and nature of tactics. Then analytic logic is required to appraise where you are, and what you can do next.” P. 165

        Taken from Rules for Radical, Saul D. Alinsky, 1971, Random House, NY.

        • That guy from Germany 90 years ago had some ideas on how to deal with people who spawned ideas like this on how to destroy countries. He didn’t debate them. He threw them out. They then moved to the US to continue their plans here. Then back to Europe.
          These people are parasites. They don’t build great societies, because that would involve a basic trait that they don’t have. They feed off other people’s work. And unless you get rid of the termites they will continue to do the only thing that they are best suited to do.
          Demoralization is one of the first things they do. That’s why they use Hollywood and the music industry to spread their virus. Control the propaganda centers and make the courts a place where there is seemingly no common sense and there is no justice. Own the supply of money and credit. Buy the representatives. Then have a mass immigration to put the last nail into the coffin of those who have any understanding of what is being done before the can stop it. And then of course the last thing to do is get rid of the useful idiots that helped you do it. It all sounds so familiar for some reason.

      13. Only 64 days into 2017 and all of these truth bombs are coming out. Fasten your seatbelts.

      14. YES……Indict Obama and the rest of these treasonous bastards. If fact, use the very same NDAA act that Obama signed that authorizes the govt to detain “anyone” indefinitely without a warrant or legal representation…..use it to “detain” all of them. Remember, Obama is now a citizen. Would that not be the the greatest…..hang him by his own petard.!!!!!!!

        • Lynched with his own rope

      15. Hang Obama by his own petard…..Use the NDAA that the traitor signed in 2011 to detain him….indefinitely.!!!!

      16. Obullshit, off with his head! The Profiles in Courage Award, what a filthy joke.

      17. The real goal of what freedom lovers need to do:

        “The revolution was effected before the war commenced” John Adams wrote. “The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people. . . . This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.” A revolution without a prior reformation would collapse or become a totalitarian tyranny.

      18. Soon-to-be famous Obama quotes:

        “I am not a crook, I have done nothing wrong… ”

        “If the President of the United States does it, it is not illegal…”

        “Nattering nabobs of negativity…”

        “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”

      19. Also, for anyone interested, from Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., a free downloadable PDF on tactics of Christian resistance at

      20. The Obama administration has been, since Obama took office, work feverishly to destroy America, AND NOW we see the complicit conspiracy to destroy the American process to elect a new President. WHO WILL STEP FORWARD AND CHARGE THOSE RESPONSIBLE WITH SEDITION AND TREASON?

        • Most likely NO ONE. Like Levin stated in the video, BHO appointees are now in charge of the “investigation”. In other words, they won. UNLESS Trump appoints someone in a recess appointment to investigate. They (the left) are clearly on a war footing with Trump and will stop at NOTHING to bring him down. The stakes are nothing less then the total control of American politics by the Progressives for many years to come. And THAT my friends will be the final nail in our coffin…..

      21. Take a look at Drudge. That traitorous failure of an individual, Jimmy the Weasel Comey is saying that Trump’s wire tap accusation about Obama is false.

        To prison with you Comey.

      22. Seems as though obama’s chickens are about to come home to roost in the new home he and cousin it have leased about 2 blocks from the People’s House where a real President is residing for the first time in over eight years. If President Trump needs great council Mark Levin is the foremost Constitutional attorney on earth, there are none better anywhere. Moreover obama does not want to even attempt a stand against Mr. Levin in a court, he would not have a snow balls chance in hell against Mr. Levin. Unlike the pretender obama, Mr. Levin, not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.

      23. Watch out this summer…..prep up, its going to get bloody!

        • Like the summer before, and the one before, and the one before, and the one before, ad nauseum… But yes, always be prepped and don’t waste your life being paranoid. Have fun, enjoy it while you can, work to live don’t live to work!

          • I too believe that this summer will bring many “challenges”. That’s NOT being paranoid, that’s being aware of what is now happening, and about to happen. I don’t worry about all of this, but I’m smart enough to see what’s going down as we speak. As is Jim in Va….

            • Liberty556

              Why do they always start their shit when it’s 95 degrees out. Do they have a thermostat in their ass so they known when to start rioting and protesting. ;0) Clicks on and off like a ac unit in a poorly insulated southern home.

              • Shouldn’t have to explain something so obvious, but do you really see these snowflakes going out in the cold and snow to protest?? LOOK at when major protests occur. Hint, not in the dead of winter, LOL….

      24. I hate to be so blunt, but assuming that Trump’s accusation is proven, then Obama and the deep state were on nothing less than a fucking fishing expedition with this wiretap…as in what lawyers do when harrassing defendants when the lawyer has no idea why he filed the suit in the first place. No probable cause, no evidence, just hoping on a wing and a prayer that something would drop if they shook the tree hard and long enough.

        • Uhhh, if you hadn’t noticed the entire story that forced the resignation of Michael G. Flynn came from wiretaps of Donald Trumps potential appointees.

          Wire tapping is absolutely confirmed. Yet you say, ‘assuming Trump’s accusations are proven”?

          Amazing how the left demand we ignore reality.

      25. I’ve been running into more people moving into my area of Central N. FL, escaping one thing or another and they move here looking for refuge basically from the coming onslaught. One lady said she kept driving up from Miami area, until she did not run into any more traffic and said perfect. Then layed her roots down…and uying property like I did. A few others I met, while drinking beer in a local pub, and small talk conversation, and I ask, “so why did they move here?” To escape the cities and masses, then let them talk a little, and I then I say, “So let me guess, you are a prepper right?” lol They smile, laughs and say yes of course. I’ve nailed it 2 times in the last week, and all the sudden they feel relief, they feel safe now and can spill their guts to me as to why they are prepping.

        I said welcome to the area of like minded people, as you are not alone here. I see most of these people becoming friends. That’s the small town friendship you get out in the boonies and building local relationships. This would never happen in a larger city, people are either closed minded and complacent or in full denial of any collapse and think we are nuts. lol Its a whole other mindset.

        It’s great talking to other preppers locally now, and get their prospective on things and share prepping info and ideas, while still keeping OPSEC in mind. So much in common on so many levels and issues. Like we all been reading the same 20 blogs for the last 5 years, and now meeting. One guy likes to rebuild AR15’s. Said check out for lots of good info. Yep, good site. Still, watch your OPSEC, and keep all your real info in your brain, and not coming out of your mouth.

        I think it is time to create a nickname, to keep OPSEC even more in mind in public. Nicknames create more of an anonymous in person relationships simple. Just like here. 🙂

      26. If you hate asset forfeiture you will be enraged. This may be the reason DJT stated at his townhall to get rid BLM. This was published just five days ago!

        Soros, Hillary, Uranium, Mineral rights, Harry Reid, etc… Bundy’s Hammonds and lots of Ranchers! All under Obama’s watch!

        This is HUGE! You won’t believe it! This needs to get out.

        YouTube Valley Forge Network. Lots of other stuff there too, simply unbelievable!

      27. The new DOJ should not be misdirected by the BS the dcemos are pulling – instead fire the FBI Director and put a fire under the FBI to investigate and then prosecute all those found guilty including Obama and Soros. Lets put a full court press on those jackass Demos., get all. the nominee’s sworn in and then kick ass.

      28. Jan 19, 2017 President Obama Enacts OVER TWO DOZEN LAWS… All In ONE DAY!!!!

        On Fri. Jan. 13, 2017, President Obama has decided to enact over 2 dozen different presidential actions — for a grand total of 25.

      29. A couple of things to look forward to.

      30. I want everyone to really think about what I’m about to say. IF Trump plays his cards right which results in BHO actually being indicted for wiretapping and spying charges, what do you think is going to happen when ALL the groups who back BHO take to the streets ALL AT ONCE? It is not hard to see this scenario actually happening. With the EXTREAM hatred of Trump and his supporters from those on the left, one can clearly see this turning real ugly, REAL quick. I know people always like to talk about being “prepped” and “prepared”, and I truly hope you are, BUT people really need to start thinking about how THEY are going to take care of their familes, and themselves. God Bless……

        • Polls are shifting, Trump support is actively growing and Democrat support is dropping. It’s too bad there are no polls that judge RINO support.

          The mud is getting very deep and very dirty.

          What is happening is unprecedented. I absolutely agree, we are in very dangerous times.

          The progressives are absolutely dying for a conservative to go crazy violent, so they will have a cause to save their bacon. The Globalists are getting downright desperate.

          I listened to a Bloomburg interview where a world renowned economist was talking about how good the Fed had gotten at their job and they knew better than to surprise the markets. Later that very afternoon Jannet Yellen surprised all the markets with the idea that the Fed would now increase interest rates in 1/2% increments, and would likely increase rates in just a few weeks. Markets have been dropping ever since.

        • Liberty556

          Now you’re talking. Even putting Hillary in jail will bring them into the streets. Maybe your neighborhood and with the media it can all happen by flash mobs in minutes. One commentor said it only take 45 minutes till a riot happens. I’ll bet there are people ready to go into action right now. Do you think those 20,000 Obama Libtards are getting together for lunch. Do you think they are armed? A good portion of them.

          Now how are we going to get together to fight these bastards?

          All I hear is Crickets. I mean a viable plan. Oh the OPSEC has their tongues tied.

      31. That video in the article is now marked ‘Private’. Do you have another link? Or is it just me who’s not allowed to watch it?

      32. The video that’s supposed to be the “proof” is listed as private.
        Without it, this article offers nothing of value. It claims to offer true information, but without the actual evidence, it’s just another rag piece. It’s as fake news as the libs are putting out and I resent it wasting my time.

        • The video was taken down by the Youtube channel that originally posted it for unknown reasons. We have updated this post with a new video that is still available on Youtube.

          Thanks for the heads up on this.

      33. Now I know for sure people are going hard core at this site.

        I tried to inject some funny into the conversation and the come back is to bite my head off. Well I’ll tell you all. I am as mean as a snake when it comes to preps. Really don’t care what people think of me and I plan to bring Hell on Earth should things go south. I have not just been doing the talking but the walking and have the experience to know what works and what does not. Most of you know I been sharing info that is not high on the prepper list but might provide info to repair creature comforts.

        So you laugh at the plywood. What will you use to stack shit upon (over your head) in your home to provide shielding against fallout? Have to get out of town. Well how many will learn another language? Then uproot to go to another land and become an instant refugee. That sounds good. As I have also said, “Some is better than NONE”. Oh yes, the best gun is the gun in your hand to shoot intruders. Really, if I had ten guns
        hidden about my home and I had a intruder breaking in, do you think I am running to the other side of my home to get my favorite gun just to shot him.
        Some say you will either die standing up or on your knees. Also many of us will die if we are in a fortified home or on the road to the BOL.

        You pick the way you want to go.

      34. Where the hell is NINA-O and Be Informed!

      35. You are all sheep. Levin is a blow hard hack and evidence is barely circumstantial. Half of you are racist bigots, and the other I wouldn’t even call hicks because I have friends who are hicks and they are all smarter than you. You are so sad you want to blame all your troubles on Obama, when you know that Trump is a liar, a fraud, and wants to rule you, and serve his own self interests.

        Please tell me how Obama made you suffer, or tried to destroy America. Please give us proof from your life, how you suffered. Now hey, I wasn’t a huge fan of some of his politics, and I’d rather pay lower taxes than having some of you stupid people get free healthcare, but that is how democracy works.

        In time, Trump will be shown to be a traitor, or grossly incompetent, and you can go back to your sheds and street your pistols and talk about how those smarty pants queers and coloreds took your country, but guess what…it is their country, and everyone deserves a voice, even the stupids here. I know you are sad because bud light is more expensive and gas is so pricey and you can’t work down at the mine no more cause people love clean water, but dude, get over it.

      36. If the intelligence community convinced a FISA court that they had credible evidence that US citizens where involved in suspect activity with a foreign power what the hell does that have to do with President Obama ordering wire tapping? Even briefing the President on what they are doing, he cannot order them to stop. That’s tampering and it’s illegal.

        Many of you are quick to jump on the guilty band wagon without looking at any of the data from both sides.

        How about the possibility that if there was wiretapping it was because members of Trump’s team where actively in touch with the Russians and that set of alarm bells for which the intelligence community wanted to determine the extent of those communications. The proof is in the pudding. Four (4) members of Trumps team so far have lied about their contacts with the Russians. And you all seem to discount that fact and blame the black guy.

        And you have the acidity to call yourselves peppers. You are nothing but racist and that includes Mac Salvo.

        • If this, and possibly that, but the one thing for sure is that you are not looking at the just facts because you are a racist. What do they call that line of reasoning? Circular thinking? I’ll look it up again.
          Maybe Trump’s team was talking to black Russians. Then that wouldn’t be racist right. Black Russians would want Trump out for sure. And that wouldn’t be racist, that would be just your old regular identity politics. Maybe they were trying to get black Russian citizens to vote for Trump here.
          It’s akin to having one token black friend, or if you have more than one, you’re over compensating. It’s confusing. As my answer is to your post.

        • NIghtyJazz

          Oh, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too. Dr.Pepper so misunderstood.

          We are losing our sanity and it doesn’t matter, at least to me, what you call us.

          Waiting for the big one with plenty to pick from.

      37. Encyclopedia of American Loons
        Saturday, January 18, 2014
        #877: Mark Levin

        Mark Reed Levin is a lawyer, author, the host of The Mark Levin Show, and president of the Landmark Legal Foundation. He previously worked in the Reagan administration and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

        His talkshow is nevertheless pretty popular for its rather non-original rants about Muslim infiltration of the US, and Obama and the Supreme Court conspiring to implement Stalinism in the US. In particular ‘the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our gov’t – it’s called Barack Obama,” says Levin, based on the fact that Obama isn’t sufficiently aggressive in the Middle East for Levin’s taste. He then went on to call Chuck Hagel an “Israel-hater” and a “sympathizer with the most radical elements of the Middle East” before declaring that “the president is Chuck Hagel” because he believes the same, which doesn’t make very much sense, but that’s how things work for Mark Levin – if you disagree with him, ever so slightly, you are a Muslim Nazi Commie traitor, and his “argument” against your position is going to be restricted to repeatedly emphasizing that. Here is Levin arguing incoherently asserting that Obama caused the October 2013 government shutdown to launch a coup.

        That is pretty much how his books work as well, though they have achieved some popularity in certain quarters.

        Men In Black: How The Supreme Court is Destroying America (2005) is the kind of moronic rant you risk ending up writing if you try to make up for your total lack of critical thinking skills with zealotry, rage and paranoia. The central idea is that activist judges on the Supreme Court have “legislated from the bench,” thereby ruining America. Needless to say, neither the premises nor the inferences are particularly coherent, and Dahlia Lithwick aptly, but very charitably, concluded: “no serious scholar of the court or the Constitution, on the ideological left or right, is going to waste their time engaging Levin’s arguments once they’ve read this book.” Of course, Levin never defines “activist judge”, and given the absence of any “any structure or argument, this book could just have been titled Legal Decisions I Really, Really Hate.” It’s the kind of book that ends every chapter (the first three does indeed) with the word “tyranny”, and it was popular among idiots due to being endorsed by Rush Limbaugh, the well-known and highly respected legal scholar who also penned the foreword. Given this background you can probably predict Levin’s reactions to Obama’s Supreme Court picks: “the rule of law is dead” – and yes, Levin has slogans and arbitrary classifications (“tyrannical”, “traitorous” and so on) and examples, but has yet to provide an argument for anything; that he is right is just supposed to follow from his personal fears and wishes, I suppose; and no, Levin – despite his education – doesn’t even begin to grasp even the most fundamental principles of the legal system he criticizes.

        Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto (2009) was popular as well, but hardly needs much comment as it contains precisely the stuff you’d think, backed up by nothing even remotely resembling an argument or review of facts (a few anecdotes, interpreted as Levin wants to interpret them, don’t really make for a good substitute) – but plenty of denialism, including global warming denialism, a section that was slaughtered by Jim Manzi (Levin and his fellow denialists’ responded rather predictably, by using every tactic in the book except for engaging with Manzi’s arguments; how stupid Levin’s denialism is can perhaps be gauged here). Levin has later argued that the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality is Obama’s attempt to impose tyranny as well because marriage equality is in conflict with the people’s opinions – not the majority opinion, which is in favor of marriage equality, but Levin’s opinion, which is what makes something tyrannical.

        Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America (2012), billed as a piece of political philosophy, is basically a number of quotes from famous people that Levin likes (or not), from which he draws whatever conclusions he wants. Carlin Romano, himself not the brightest of the bunch, called it “dis­as­trous­ly bad from be­gin­ning to end.” David Limbaugh called it “a masterpiece”, which is probably even more damning. The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic (2013) calls for updating the Constitution (not a particularly conservative suggestion), but was not uniformly praised among conservatives either, though these refrained, as others did not, from really pointing out the insanity of Levin’s fantasy world.

        To top it all, Levin is also into various forms of holistic therapies, and has defended homeopaths’ right not to vaccinate.

        Diagnosis: It may be argued that he makes delusion and paranoia into something of an art form, but it ain’t pretty

      38. mark, you’re a lawyer (i know, that hurts) – that’s not evidence. move along.

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