Mark Cuban On AI: ‘If You Don’t Think A Terminator Will Appear, You’re CRAZY!’

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Forecasting, Headline News | 35 comments

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    Billionaire Mark Cuban didn’t hold back when he recently discussed the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Refusing to mince words, Cuban said, “Let me scare the s— out of you, all right? If you don’t think by the time most of you are in your mid-40s that a Terminator will appear, you’re crazy.”

    Cuban is a billionaire entrepreneur, a star of the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He is also certain that a version of the Terminator is coming thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics weaponry. Speaking to an audience of high school students at the High School Leadership Summit Turning Point USA event in Washington D.C., Cuban laid down several serious warnings about the future of artificial intelligence and among them was a reference to the 1984 movie, “The Terminator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg assassin.

    “For weaponry, we already have the ability to have weapons think… They’re only going to go further and further as technology progresses,” declared Cuban, according to Observer. “If we don’t win this battle, the world is going to be upside down and that scares the shit out of me.”

    Back in November, the billionaire warned that the United States should not allow countries like China and Russia to pull ahead in terms of developing artificial intelligence. China’s government has said publicly it plans to be the global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 and Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, “the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.”

    “And our defense organizations are starting to, but as a country, the administration is barely even acknowledging that it is an issue,” Cuban said to Charlie Kirk of artificial intelligence research in the United States.  Kirk is the 24-year-old founder of Turning Point USA, a right-wing non-profit organization which is aimed at promoting conservative political ideas among high school students.

    During his speech, while promoting the belief that politicians should “leverage” technology in their campaigns to best discover what drives voters and constituents, Cuban gave President Trump credit for “always challenging the status quo.”

    “I do give President Trump credit for always challenging the status quo,” conceded the billionaire, before encouraging high schoolers in the room to “go break shit” in reference to entrenched power structures and processes.



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      1. I suppose he’s probably right. It’s just a matter of time before some devious mind invents a killing robot and turns it loose at the mall or stadium. Then somebody else will try to top that and before you know it, it will be a sports event on TV. Mr. Cuban makes a dark statement on the human condition.

        • The future will NOT be worth living in.

          1950 America to 1985 was the best of times and I am so glad that is my best times, as well.

          I am ready to die.

          • That is part of the problem.
            Far too many people had it too f’ing good for far too long.
            Now that they got, and had theirs, screw everyone else.

      2. Mark Cuban is a friend (an investor) of a friend. So I know first hand that Mark is actively involved with the great genius of our time. He knows stuff.

        As for artificial intelligence, it interests me. I don’t fear it. What I fear is the misuse of technological (and biological) advancements.

        Shockley, who was a racial realist, was upset that his transistor was instrumental in the popularization of music which did not represent high Western and European culture, but rather that coming from the jungles of Africa; quickening the genocide of his own people.


        • Informed use of the N word comes to mind. I’m a musician. I was brought up on classical music. I’ve played and studied some of the best music humans have created. While I understand popular music and even like some of it, what I know about music itself has brought me to understand that most popular music is the result of what really should be called “Africanization.” Blacks sat down at pianos or picked up guitars and they have changed a lot of things. “N*****ization” is a word that I often think of when I’m traveling in my car and listening to a lot of popular music. I’m not just talking about black musicians. Rock and Roll is a term that originated among black people to describe what happens when two people engage in sexual intercourse. The use of certain structures in the form of musical ideas has also been widely modified by them, and not for the better, rather these are primitivizations of more highly advanced abstract structural concepts that were originally developed by white musicians over a period of many centuries. To anyone who understands what was going on in the best music of the civilizations of non-Jewish white Europeans and their descendants, today’s popular music is perceived as being grossly incompetent, juvenile, ignorant, and thuggish in its nature. There is no way that such differences in our people’s most fundamental and popular art can fail to affect our people spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and our society generally. It already has.

          • Excellent post! I’ve written many similar ones over the years. You are exactly correct. ‘couldn’t be better put!

        • I do not like the guy at all for many reasons. But I agree AI is not what many seem to think it is, as the common “tech will save us” thesis. Like everything, technical or supposed scientific advancements, humans have used all of it to destroy themselves and or degrade the entire planet one way or another. Mostly because we use it all wrong.

          I have little use for guys like Cuban. He will die young and miserable, just like Steve Jobs and many others for the same reasons ! So maybe there is karma and forms of justice built in , hey ? Look at H Reid, Hillary and Bill ? All dying quickly and all very miserable !

          I think we would be far better off to take some steps backward and perhaps rethink and clean up what we have done ? The floating islands of plastic in the dying oceans are one good example and the use of chemicals to an extreme is another. Realize much of what we call our medicines is not medicine at all , but toxins ! Seems to me tech is actually killing us, not saving us at all !

          • Just an FYI.

            90-95% of the plastic in the oceans come from 3rd world countries in Africa and SE Asia. Those people throw their trash in the nearest stream.

            We recycle or bury plastic in landfills. Very little reaches the oceans.

            Think of our share as being a small piece of 5-10%, which figure includes all of North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Russia.

            I don’t need to do a thing about plastic. Neither does the US.

            Maybe we should teach 3rd world countries how to dispose of trash, like we had to teach them how to grow food and find drinking water.

      3. Anybody seen the Netflix movie “Extinction”?

        Were already there…

        • Sure did. It surprised me at the end though.

      4. I don’t think a terminator will appear… I’m counting on it!

      5. Once again, with feeling this time folks, “We’re all gonna DIE! In history, men have developed all kinds of ways to kill each other. And then used them. No matter how horrible and merciless (the atomic bomb was used less than a month after being found viable) and random they work. AI Terminator robot going a little haywire one afternoon after watching The Terminator on TV, and bingo, Sarah Connor, housewife, gunned down in her door way by an unknown assassin. And I can see a lot of people being gunned down by those who THINK a Terminator is walking up the steps to their home. Only it turns out to be grandpa, or Uncle Ed. Man is just about smart enough to wipe himself out. To paraphrase Sigourney Weaver in an “Aliens” movie, you’ll see people ******* each over for a percentage. Didn’t make that last mortgage payment? Ding Dong, and it’s not Avon calling. Unpaid bills and failure to appear in court for that domestic abuse citation? The cops will be the least of your worries. Hey, that’s it! Replace the cops with Terminators.

      6. The GOD Partical is the why we have what is know as the Spark Of Life . This power source is the why there will never been robots POWER for it requires batteries and it like cars trucks and toys is only as good as it battery pack. And last but not least anything man make is made from here on earth and is known and by a MAN IT WILL BE DESTROYED when it is sent against any MAN .

        • MIKE DAY, the God particle is just another myth created so you do not know what is really being created by our governments and control freaks we call scientist ! It has all morphed into grand control mechanisms and black ops at the highest levels. Cern is a total sham and deceit on the world !

          Ponder these tidbits. Can anybody on the planet actually define gravity and do black holes actually exist ? And are these supposed scientist already using anti-gravity devices and sources of power that could easily change the world for the better ? Yet it is all kept secret for a reason ?

      7. The terminator will not be called a killing machine. It will be called medicine, civic duty, or keeping the peace.

        • Beaumont, just as things already exist today in spades, yet few seem to grasp much of it ?

          Humans have a propensity to fuck up everything they touch and are the most destructive species on the planet, nothing new at all !

          • Aways for a good-sounding reason, though.

            There is a joke, that whatever you have named the agency, or rescue mission, or corporation, is usually the opposite of whatever it is doing, in real life.

      8. Of course this is a done deal development in the near future. The people will never be as free as they are presently so the inability to do anything now despite the police state total dominance setup does not bode well for change of any kind as time unravels.

        • aljamo, as negative as it may sound to some, a complete meltdown is likely the only thing that can save us from ourselves (I am referring to the ignorance and arrogance of humanity in general as a whole ) ? It has happened at least 4 times prior already on this planet and I suspect it will again.

          Thin out the populace and remove all technology and start over is not a new event ! Humans have been on this planet for far longer than is accepted by what we call science or academia. Highly advanced societies have come and gone for a very long time. We are not special in that sense at all, quite the opposite actually.

      9. Mark needs to get back on his meds .

      10. Can’t stand Mark Cuban….He’s a pinko-commie leftist scumbag.

      11. terminator has a name. T-R-U-M-P

      12. No fan of Marky – but he is absolutly correct on his AI fears.
        It is coming and coming fast now.
        If you are not the leader then you will be the loser.
        We have the minds and resources – we need the leadership.
        Calling on SUPERDON

      13. Tyrants have created or at a minimum capitalized upon social / political / economic conditions to get human beings to behave in a fashion quite inhuman for their benefit; granted some cultures are easier to manipulate with this than others. They need to demonize, de-humanize their intended victims; this takes time and effort. AI affords them instant warrior capability circumventing the difficulties in the aforementioned.

      14. People think AI means Artificial Human Intelligence.

        It really means Alien Intelligence,there is very little Human about it.

        People better realise this, before it’s too late.

      15. Kevin2 , That is precisely what the many illusions and control mechanisms are I speak of often !

        Most people are afraid to acknowledge all of it for various reasons of their own insecurities and ignorance. But until we realize the many illusions and control mechanisms created for us we will be controlled by them ! Simple as that. Also understand we sometimes create our own illusions, not just the ones created for us affect us greatly.

        This is why our mindset and thinking capacities are critical to our over all well being and every human endeavor we engage in.

        • Given sufficient effort using false flags, main stream media manipulation and demonization the US public would support an invasion of Canada to thwart the “Maple Leaf Menace”.

      16. I thought we already had one.
        “Good old” Zuck

      17. What’s Cuban talking about?

        The Terminators are ALREADY here and I’m talking about 5G, GMOs, ChemTrails, Hijacked Vaccines, Toxic Smart Meters, AutoDriven Cars, and much more.

        Yes, sooner or later they WILL take MACHINE form but Cuban fails to realize what has ALREADY been “sent” to maim, injure, weaken, and kill all of us.

        What is sad is that some people (who knows if Cuban is one of them?) don’t see the “Life Destroyers” all around them that they keep looking around the corner for the inevitable machine form.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D. in People of the Lie

        “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Louise Allport

      18. Technology is out of control. Period.

      19. terminator is not going to kill you, he is going to replace you at your job, or probably replace immigrants that replaced you; you will have been dead a long time most likely from your own govt before terminators rise up.

        at that point, the only ones needing to worry are people like Cuban, those at the top because they cant enslave them in debt like an immigrant.

      20. Terminators and AI aren’t ending the human race. Video games and porno ARE. Demographic trends show we will not reproduce as fast as we die. Because we are perfectly happy never leaving our rooms. Kids don’t drive, they don’t date, they don’t roller skate… they sit around playing video games and have replaced girlfriends with porno.

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