Map Of Ebola Quarantine Stations: Here’s Where They’ll Send Those Suspected of Ebola or “Respiratory Illnesses”

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    Despite concerns around the globe that the Ebola virus may continue to spread and mutate into something even more deadly, the director of the CDC attempted to assuage fears about the possibility of an outbreak on U.S. soil.

    “It is not a potential of Ebola spreading widely in the U.S.,” director Thomas Friedman told reporters on a conference call Thursday. “That is not in the cards.”

    But while the CDC downplays the potential threat, emergency planners behind the scenes have been getting ready since as early as April of this year. In a report presented to Congress while the virus was spreading in West Africa, the Department of Defense said that it has dispatched biological detection kits to National Guard units in all 50 states with the capability of diagnosing the virus in infected patients in as little as 30 minutes.

    And, in a move that raised some eyebrows this morning, President Obama amended a 2003 Executive Order that gives the Federal government, as noted by Paul Joseph Watson, the power to “mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness.”

    Although Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities.

    Though the government and media are doing everything in their power to keep the panic to a minimum, going so far as to suggest that the possibility of Ebola spreading in the United States is almost non-existent, the fact that over 750 people in six West African countries have died from the virus suggests otherwise.

    Even the World Health Organization recently claimed that the virus is out of control and all attempts to contain it thus far have failed.

    Michael Snyder’s recent analysis on what is going to happen if Ebola comes to America sheds some light on how the government might behave. Though Obama didn’t sign the Executive Order allowing for the rounding up and detention of Americans suspected of respiratory illnesses until today, Snyder correctly pointed out just 48 hours before the order that “isolation would not be a voluntary thing.”

    The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held.  It wouldn’t matter if you were entirely convinced that you were 100% healthy.  If the government wanted to take you in, you would have no rights in that situation.  In fact, federal law would allow the government to detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.

    And once you got locked up with all of the other Ebola patients, there would be a pretty good chance that you would end up getting the disease and dying anyway.

    It turns out that not only is the government prepared to identify, isolate and detain potentially contagious individuals, but they already have the facilities in place.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control there are twenty (20) quarantine centers actively prepared to accept patients as of this writing.

    The following map provided by the CDC shows where these centers are located.


    President Obama’s recently updated Executive Order gives the organization the authorization to detain anyone suspected of having been infected with a contagious disease.

    CDC has the legal authority to detain any person who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order to be quarantinable.

    Such “quarantinable” diseases may include Cholera, Smallpox, Plague, SARS, Hemorrhagic fevers (like Ebola), and now even “respiratory illnesses” that may have symptoms similar to those of deadly viruses.

    It was no accident that President Obama added the Executive Order amendment this morning. They can downplay the seriousness of Ebola all they want, but the fact is that hundreds of medical workers, including the World Health Organization, have failed to contain its spread.

    In anticipation of the virus hitting U.S. shores, President Obama has set the legal authorization to essentially declare martial law in stone. The U.S. military, including the National Guard, also has contingency plans in place.

    The minute this virus is detected in “the wild” on U.S. soil these directives will be executed.

    Though what happens next is unpredictable, preparing for a pandemic ahead of time may be the best way to not only avoid contracting a deadly virus, but staying out of a government run quarantine station.



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      1. I think there will be active cases of ebola in the US. So my question to all of you – What will it take to make you decide to bug in?
        Will it be ebola outside of Emory isolation area? Will it be a city/town that is in quarantine because of ebola?

        • Colloidal Silver

          Make it, take it, be safe from ebola.

          If you get tired of me mentioning this life saving miracle from God, just remember that if YOU felt 90% sure that something could save BILLIONS of lives at little cost, you would have an obligation to try to help as many people as possible by SCREAMING ABOUT IT at every opportunity.

          That is how I feel about my situation. I know with every fiber of my being that this stuff will save your life if you are exposed to ebola. If the public were educated on how to make it, BILLIONS of lives could potentially be saved.

          I don’t care as much about the masses as I do the individual families that this could help. Many will follow the masses to death. If I save only one family, I hope it is yours.

          For those who continue to be nonbelievers, best described as those who have not yet tried colloidal silver, you have nothing to lose by trying it. But you have YOUR LIFE to lose by discounting me.

          Within 3 days anybody with 30 bucks can get everything they need to make gallons of the stuff. Or you can wait around for the medical establishment to take care of you.

          • Well…

            “When Dr. G.L. Rohdenburg published an article in 1915 on the benefits of colloidal silver in treating tumors, he likely had no idea that this product would have such staying power. Nearly 100 years later, colloidal silver is used by some as a dietary supplement, decongestant and a treatment for all kinds of ailments and illnesses.
            Although colloidal silver has been called a cure-all, its healing properties, as reported by the companies that manufacture the supplement and its related products, haven’t been published in reputable medical journals [source: Zeratzky]. It’s really not known if colloidal silver cures ailments, and the side effects include everything from seizures and kidney damage to fatigue and skin irritation.”

            Yeah… I’ll take isolation over possible seizures and kidney damage.
            There is no cure for Ebola as of yet.

            • When I first saw this it freaked me out, taken away on the premise that you MAY BE ill, or for other insidious reasons that the government haas plenty of excuses for.

              BY the way I found a link that shows the number of people killed in the Gaza/Israel war to be about 1500 as of today. The chart shows all 1500 people that have died as different symbols of a person. It takes about 2 seconds to scroll down the actual human symbols that represent one person, there are 1500 of them. So each 750 people it takes one second to scroll with the computer.

              This number is tiny to just how many a super plague, WW3, a world wide EMP, etc, would cause in shear deaths. You can say probably about 5 billion people would die with the Mega SHTF events. It would take a computer scrolling down at 750 people per second like this link has, about 6.6 million seconds to scroll down all 5 billion human drawings showing the deaths of this many people, or 1850 hours, over 77 days.


              When you look at 1500 drawings of people, men, women, and children that this shows you feel for them. When you think of just how many can die from a mega catastrophe very quickly and how many 5 billion actually is, it is a real eye opener just how close the world is to true Armageddon.

              • BI are you kidding me? So you minimizing the 1500 Murdered in Gaza, which 1 of every 5 is a child. If it were you or one of your family members murdered by the psychopathic Zionists you would think it was a big deal. However the Great plague in the dark ages killed one third of the human population.

                • @WHOWuddaThunkit. I am in no way minimizing anything. Or trying to say that a human life is any less important. I am trying to show the shear volume of just how catastrophic a mega SHTF will be. Most people have no idea just how many a billion people are and the shear horror of what is going to happen when the ball finally comes down. All this is was a comparison or analogy to the massive number of people that will likely die when this happens. By showing people just how many a billion or 5 billion people is, it maximizes just what a nightmare is coming and the extreme level of what a mega event really is.

                  • It almost goes without saying that anyone who is suspected of Ebola infection will probably not be leaving these quarantine facilities, regardless of any possible recovery. Patients who show advanced symptoms will likely be humanely euthanized, followed by rapid cremation of the infected remains. Any who are fortunate enough to survive the infection will become much too valuable to the US Corporation to be allowed to simply leave the facility. The Ebola antibodies in their circulatory and lymphatic systems can be isolated and synthesized into a possibly cure for the infection.

                • Largest health emergency drill in history underway in New York City.

                  Medications dispensed; bioterrorism response

                  Drudge Report

              • @BI

                sir, excellent analysis. WMD will surely take us all in every minute of the fight.

                • Not exactly sure if this was supposed to be sarcasm.
                  Often it’s hard to read the intent of a message without an expression to match

                  CBS is covering this if you prefer more–maintstream infotainment. I closed one article recently though, even despite the fact the basic presumption of the article agreed with my intuition on where we are heading. Rejecting information, even info you agree with, based on the messenger, is not, in fact always a bad idea.

              • Why take the 1500 number of Gazan killed during the last month? Take the 2500 which is the number of Syrian killed in the last Ramadan month which just ended (see which is just a tiny fraction of the more than 200,000 already dead there. It seems the Syrians have decided not to fall for Ebola and take population decimation into their own hands (with generous support of members of the Affirmative Euthanasia groups from all over the Middle East)

            • “””Yeah… I’ll take isolation over possible seizures and kidney damage.”””

              Follow the masses to their death. Your propaganda (an authorless quote that pretends to be from doctor by placing a Dr. GL right up front of an “opinion” that carries no merit whatsoever.

              Even the FDA and EPA know that silver is NON TOXIC.

              I don’t care what people like you post trying to convince people of dangers that do not exist, it doesn’t change the facts about silver and what I HAVE PROVEN TO MYSELF about its effectiveness and versatility.

              Unlike your doctor, I keep my oath to first do no harm. Colloidal silver does no harm to anyone who uses a pure product in a sane manner.

              The biggest problem people have when trying it is that they dont take nearly enough of it to do the job they are asking of it.

              Colloidal silver is nothing to be afraid of. It is not rocket science to make, and for a short term cycle of 7 days you would die from drinking too much water before silver would cause a problem.

              Don’t let the corp schills sway you away from Gods own medicine. It is a mineral, just like any other minerals you take in. The difference is that silver is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungus, and kills them all, instead of being basically inert in the body.

              I have nothing to sell anyone but the truth, and it’s free. Your life is on the line. Learn to make colloidal silver yourself now before it is too late.

              Besides, it’s the best investment a prepper can make. One that will probably save your life at some point even if it is just needed for water purification.

              • I have taken home make colloidal silver short term, too, along with a family member, with ZERO problems. The other family member took a LOT, still with no problem. Short term, I would sure want to try it in an emergency. The blue skin issue is with silver **nitrate**, which you should not take.

              • I agree GC
                For the doubters , look at what other heavy metals absolutely need to be in our diet
                The proof for it out weighs the so called proof against it

                Been and have taken CS for many years , never had any of the supposed ” side effects”
                Now if you want to talk side effects just look at the phamicuticals we have these days and the list of side effects of them and it would make one wonder why anyone would take the chance with any of those meds
                Hell some of the side effects are worse than what your trying to “cure” with them
                I’ll stick to Mother Nature thank you very much
                Heathy as a horse
                I take no meds no pharmisuticals what so ever
                And I’m past 50

                • Also need to bring back brass door knobs , real brass
                  Read about what it used to do
                  Kills shit on contact and so many hands touch door knobs
                  Hands are the worst at spreading shit
                  These fake brass , chrome , stainless etc knobs and railings are just a harbor for nasty bugs

                  • Mustard and Cinnamon also have antibiotic properties. They won’t kill germs in the body, but they will kill them in the throat.

                  • Someday I will give you a story on all my personal experiences with colloidal silver. I can buy a experience verify most of what VRFand God’s creation are saying.

                    Since I’ve been doing four things I have not had more than a cold for a day or two. Those four things are as follows:

                    2000mg of D3 per day
                    Eat some fruit every day. Orange, apple, cherrie, even canned
                    500mg of C supplement per day
                    If i feel a twinge of anything coming on i will snort or gargle CS.

                    Not only have i not missed a day of work because of viral or bacterial illness, i absolutely refuse tonuse the hand sanitizer, …and I WORK IN A HIGH SCHOOL!!! There are kids running around with all manner of diseases, serious and non. The network op center is there and im there.

                    I owe my super immunity to the steps above.

                    7 years ago i had bacterial pnemonia. They gave Me some shots and I got all better. But, the gal that gave me the shots said she would see me next flu season. I asked her why? And she said once you get this you’ll be back! Every time I feel something coming on I gargle and snort that CS and that drops the hammer on it. Havent been back.

                    Nobody anywhere can tell me that colloidal silver doesn’t work.

                    I can give you some tips on making it: use lower voltages and longer and exposure times. The silver particles in the water will be much smaller and it will be much more effective yet much less actual amount of silver in your body. There are people that spend their entire life trying to refute these findings. The fact is medicine in general would be in much better shape and much lower cost if the truth about CS were allowed into modern medicine.

                    Ive made and used severall gallon of the stuff. Cheap and super effective.


                  • Oh? Did i mention? For the last five years i refuse to do other stuff to…

                    I dont worry about typing on sick peoples keyboards.
                    Don’t care if i drink after someone.

                    I do observe some basic sanitation like washing my hands before i eat or after the bathroom.

                    Did i also mention that in years past i would get the flu at least once every two years and i wou have several really bad colds EVERY year? Now, not ever!

                    Im thinking CS might just deliver a Thor’s Hammer blow to an ebola infection.

                    If you understand what CS is and how it works, you know its very possible that a CS loaded person could possibly face off an ebola infection with nothing more than a clean handkerchief.

                    …or that a person could be very much on the verge of death and be pulled back in just hours after dropping Thor’s Silver Hammer.

                    CS is one of those things that proves the medical business is mostly a con when it comes to most common ailments.

                • VRF,I have plenty of heavy metals in my diet,here is some I recommend:Van Halen/Motley Crew/Salty Dog/Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden/Guns “n” Roses/Led Zeppelin/Deep Purple,well,you get the idea.I though as my moniker suggests am Jethro Tull fan first,but hell,they won a metal award over Mettalica!Any who say the guitar riffs from Minstrel In The Gallery or Aqualung ain’t metal,well,their diet is lacking!

                  • Amen Brother!!!

                  • The Blind man shouts let the creatures out we’ll show the unbelievers

                  • What about Iron Maiden!!

                • I’m ready to make some. Problem is. I see a variety of PPM and dose sizes.

                  Whats a PPM and dose size you recommend?

                  • 10ppm.

                • The better water filters have silver impregnated inthem for reareason. It kills the germs. It works when used in this application.

              • @Gods Creation,
                Whats your recommendation on amount daily? For wife and I and also for the kids? They are 7, 5, 1.5 and newborn come August 14th.


                • Good question looking for help on this also

                • I give my four year old 2tsp daily! Hubby and I drink half a cup. For safest msmts use a cough medicine cup although it will not harm you. If it tastes too much like metal, its too strong. There should be a slight metallic after taste. Good luck and god bless

                  • That’s a good way to do it for prevention.

                    Just remember that if you feel sick, or ebola gets into your area, that more is better. Don’t be afraid to take a lot. If you get it and start having symptoms, the virus was already enough to overwhelm your immune system AND the amount of silver available to fight it.

                    It’s not that your body and the silver combined can not cure whatever ails it. You can not adjust your immune system, but you can adjust the amount of silver available to assist it.

                    Make sure you take enough to do the job, just don’t go with heavy doses for more than 30 days, and take a pure fresh product.

                • BJ, congrats on the upcoming blessing….hope you are homebirthing…;)

                  • Wish we could….no one will touch you after C sections

                • Go to, and use the calculator for proper dosage.

              • Oh, gave a bottle of it to a gal at work. Her son had pinkeye three times in a summer and he tended to get it at least once every year. I told her to just splash a little in his eyes in yhe morning and evening. Three years running: no pinkeye.

                Some doctor is going to miss his yacht payment if i dont shut up!

              • Hey there GC

                Just wondering, do you have a reputable supplier of colloidal silver that you could share?

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                • GC, please include me in the email with IMPCALGI!!!! Thank you

                • “”””Just wondering, do you have a reputable supplier of colloidal silver that you could share?”””


              • I have been wanting to get more info on this, If I may bother you to send me what it takes and how too, as I do believe what your saying.


              • I want to make co sil but where do i get the pure silver ? Do i have to buy silver coins ? Thats the only thing keeping me frm making it

              • My mother got our family into colloidal silver. It cured my husbands allergies and has kept every single one of us free from sickness of any kind. My hubby gets pneumonia twice a year without fail and hasn’t had even a slight cold since taking colloidal silver. I attest to the healing properties of it! Remember, people who act like sheep will be eaten by wolves. I suggest you get right with Jesus and do your homework on a site that’s not government ran lol

              • Hi, Please comment on where we can all get the best pre-made colloidal silver.

                Also what is the optimum PPM (parts per million) to kill all viruses, fungi, molds,bacteria? And where can we get genuine 999,9 fine silver, with what size nano silver particles to be most effective?

                List the NAME OF COMPANY THAT SELLS THE BEST AND THEIR WEBSITE/PHONE NUMBER so we the public can aquire it ASAP in preparation for whatever comes our way.

                Thanking you in advance. To your continual health and longevity.


            • Show me what a reputable medical journal is and I will believe it to be a miracle. No such animal out there. I will take my chances with the silver before any vaccination touted by and supported by the World Health Organization.

              God have pity on those poor Africans who are the guinea pig for the mad scientists.

              See nomorefakenews dot com today for more info on Ebola.

              • These statements are troubling:

                “President Obama’s recently updated Executive Order gives the organization the authorization to detain anyone suspected of having been infected with a contagious disease.

                CDC has the legal authority to detain any person who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order to be quarantinable.

                Such “quarantinable” diseases may include Cholera, Smallpox, Plague, SARS, Hemorrhagic fevers (like Ebola), and now even “respiratory illnesses” that may have symptoms similar to those of deadly viruses.”

                Now, there are many “hemorrhagic diseases” that effect animals and as of “yet”; haven’t been known to be transmitted to humans.
                For example; the Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease that affects deer populations in the US every year, and is spread by biting flies/gnats, and mosquitos. There are “six” known sub-strains of the disease, plus one called blue tongue.

                What if, one person is “assumed” to have contracted the disease via a biting insect like a mosquito,gnat/no-see-ums, or a fly; and then that disease is determined to be transferrable/contagious via humans?

                Katy bar the doors! Anyone could then be in trouble of being rounded up and quarantined; “for the good of humanity”, and the possibilities are endless.

                We had an outbreak in our county, and many surrounding counties, here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns. a couple years ago. The EHD was so bad in some areas that the deer herds will take decades to recover. There were many public meetings held by the State Wildlife Agencies.

                They tried to downplay the whole thing, and that was a “flag up” for some people. They stated that there were only a couple hundred confirmed dead deer in the whole 6 to 10 county range.

                That statement blew up in their face when one lady stood up and said. “I am not here to brag; but, I am pretty well off, and educated, and own about a thousand acres in this county. I am retired and own and ride horses on my property almost daily. Your numbers on the dead deer do not add up, because i have located, hauled, and buried 50 dead deer total, in the past 6 weeks. If you want to see them you can come and dig them up”.
                Wildlife agent closed the meeting.

                Something stinks about that whole situation, and it isn’t just the rotting deer carcass.

                Consequently; just prior to the outbreak, in late summer; helicopters were making nightly manuevers from a small local airport for the two month period preceding.

                Was it just a coincidence?

                Seems very strange since we live on the path of travel to and from the airport, and were awakened regularly on their return trips in the wee hours.
                There was nothing similar to this two month period of activity prior to this, and nothing since.

                We had never seen an outbreak of EHD in our deer herds, such as this, since I remember, and that is since the 1960’s.

                Ironically, when I had mentioned these nightly helicopter manuevers to someone; they responded with, “maybe they are releasing millions of ladybugs, like they did years ago”.

                Anyways, see how easy it would be to start an “epidemic”, or at least the “idea” of one.

                I trust no one that works for, or with, government agencies. They will do almost anything for a dollar.
                The majority of folks today, have no problem looking at themselves in the mirror and finding justification for doing horrible things that affect other humans lives.

                • The CDC’s Director of Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases, Anne Schuchat. According to Wikipedia: – Schuchat grew up in a Jewish family in Washington, D.C.
                  The Director of the Center for Disease Control is Dr. Tom Frieden — both are Jewish, so you know you can trust them implicitly.

              • A free on line book about vaccines:

                POISONED NEEDLE

            • 》》 .
              There is no cure for Ebola as of yet. 《《

              Actually there IS. It’s called Lasin, developed by Vasili Livitsky, Rostov-on-Don, Russia (father-in-law). Iodine that can be safely ingested without toxic shock while retaining the properties of normal liquid iodine. It globally goes after bacteria and viruses, without harming (or being recognized by) the body.
              Tastes like crap, though. 😛

              • Breathial: Link?

                • There’s no link. Found out they closed production down (building land was in was sold out from under them).

                  Talking with my wife- debating whether to post ALL information including how to manufacture and use… will update if c we get going on it, as several specialists and translators will need to be involved to make it happen.

            • rede2lead: Seriously?

              “Bob Smith: All of the attacks on silver are unfounded and not backed up by any scientific evidence. Actually it is quite the opposite. Silver is shown to kill disease-causing organisms within 6 minutes of exposure. In the medical journal the Lancet, they examined the many uses and successes with colloidal silver. Brigham Young University tested colloidal silver against a host of different bacteria and found it effective against: Lyme, Herpes, Legionnaire, Staphylococcus, Aureus, Samonella, Choleraesuis, Streptococci, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Neisseria, Gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Gangrene and Candida.

              And unlike antibiotics, bacteria do NOT become resistant to silver. Why?? Well, it’s really in the way that the silver actually kills the bacteria. Silver is a catalyst that disables the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungus, and viruses use for their oxygen supply. So in effect, it suffocates them! But it doesn’t harm any of the body’s normal enzymes or any of your good bacteria because of the charge put on the silver when put into solution.”

              Actually the list I have of cures with silver is much longer….I don’t know what sites you are looking at…but the PROOF you want is out there….


              • PK, actually you are not quite correct. CS kills the “good” bacteria too, which is why you should supplement your CS intake with pro-biotics, such as acidophilus and yoghurt.

            • So you would rather take your chances on a disease that has a 90% kill rate over the “claimed” side effects? Thats stupid and given that if your ever in that scenario.. then yeah take your chances… it leaves more colloidal silver for those with common sense. Hell, most everyone takes some type of synthetic drug with those stated potential side effects. Fact is I have used colloidal silver. I believe it helped save my one year old daughter who contracted whooping cough. The medical doctors turned their back and said there was nothing they could do.. that it had to run its course… I didn’t buy it. Mother nature came through again. The established medical community will demonize anything they can’t patent for profit. Same with this ebola outbreak.. “There is no cure”… BS!! They could save people by giving the option to try colloidal silver if death is knocking at your door… There is even an African root nut called Bitter Kola that has been used to successfully treat patients with ebola. But they won’t ever acknowledge it because they can’t patent it.

          • I noticed that there is no quarantine center for Wyoming. I can only cringe about what would happen if the FEDs show up and decide to detain people.

            • I don’t see a quarantine center within about 1,000 miles of Wyoming.

              I can understand no qc for a state that has 5 people per square mile. We are all pretty much quarantined. And I bet they would have a hard time rounding up all those people in Utah. Mormons like to take care of each other.

              But why no qc for Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Boise, Reno, Billings, Albuquerque…..?

              It looks to me like they have qc’s for Democratic areas and minority areas, and don’t care what happens to the people in the red states in the center of the country.

              • There are no quarantine stations in billings, Kansas City and. Boise due to the fact most people would rather die a slow painful death than to go there. Phoenix and pretty much all New Mexico would be a tough choice. Rot to death or….pretty much rot to death.
                Seriously, I think they target hubs and places where the disease would likely spread. (Spread in a similar way to hep c). Aids is a little harder to get. Ebola would be like hep c. Just don’t hire prostitutes and don’t shoot drugs. Live your life normally. All about nothing.

            • I notice that the ‘ebola’ thing won’t jump the 49th…good lord almighty…does everything stop here? this is a continent..remember…people do live above the 49th and since the us epa has authority here why not the cdc?

              • The map was made to show US facilities.

          • GC .. I know (I think I do anyway) from some of your other posts on CS that you make and take it. Could you post some links to articles from your research that you have tried that detail how to make CS and how much to take?

          • It did not save me from having to go to the hospital for phuemonia for 5 days and I use colloidal silver for years.

            It does work on cuts and sore throats and maybe the flu but to fend off a 60-90% death rate bug is pushing it too far.

            • Slingshot, There are times when a couple of ounces a day will not handle the problem.

              For tooth abscess I will take three or four 12oz glasses a day for 5 to 7 days, of 10 to 15 PPM fresh made silver. It is no different than running a cycle with any other antibiotic.

              For this ebola crap, should it appear in my neighborhood, I would take a quart three times a day because it does appear to be a potent foe and my body needs all the help it can get.

              Odds are you would never kno you got it because the virsu would be eliminated long before the symptoms.

              • GC.

                I would never put bad info out. Like I said I do use silver at 10ppm. It has done wonders on sore throats, small cuts and before I got sick did not see a doctor for fives years. I was in their dead file. Now all I take is a teaspoon a day. I do eat yogurt to keep the good bacteria in my stomach going for silver can kill that beneficial germ.

                The problem is that we may have a good defense against sickness but you have to cut through all the bullshit.
                You know what GC? I believe there is already a cure for cancer. Maybe all the food that causes cancer keeps them in business.
                It’s BIG MONEY! That is why there is no full cure on the market. Good reason not to make silver the Silver Bullet. Cause it is simple to make . Eh? Cheap too.

                • Jethro Kloss cured cancer in the 20’s, Cancer Society would not hear of it, CS saw a cash cow and have played it to the max…. Look it up….

                  • I’m not sure Vitamin D cures cancer, but it does prevent it.

                  • ST! You understand what cancer is! Most people do not. Actually, a combinational attack on three fronts has the potential to cure cancer in a flash.




                    They each use different mechanisms to kill cancer.

                    If cancer were a weed, alkalinity change would be like making the soil hostile to the weed, D3 would be like a sharp hoe in the hand of a skilled gardener and CS would be comparable to putting a bucket over the weed.

                  • Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) kills all cancer in 2 to 4 weeks
                    University of Calgary Dr Evangelinos Michaelakis..its true because my girl used it and survived the big C going on 3 years now…$100.00 for a 100 grams at the dca cures not addresses symptoms…already FDA approved for child hood metabolic disorder…

                    Live Free or Die

          • @Gods Creation when you discuss colloidal silver, for those who do not want to make it, which brand of pre-made colloidal silver do you recommned and how many PPM , I ordered Colloidal Silver 500ppm Natural Path Silver Wings 8 oz Liquid, is that good enough and should take colloaidal silver every day? here is a link

            • You have to learn how to make it, otherwise it is too expensive to get enough to do you any good.

              I wouldn’t trust anyones label to be accurate for PPM. I do trust my own TDS meter to ensure quality and consistency.

              It’s important to gain control over the production. That way no one can ever take it away.

              • GC

                What PPM solution do you make? I do believe silver has its place. I use 10ppm and my solution has a slight yellow tinge.

                • SLingshot, I make between 10 and 15 PPM. Same color, that is a natural occurrence

                  I don’t take it every day, but a few days a week. When I feel a problem coming on, I will take what many consider massive doses, but I prefer to call them therapeutic doses of up to four 12 oz glasses a day like you would a pharma antibiotic.

                  You will feel maximum effect on the third day, where if you continued on with your regular teaspoon a day both your body and the miniscule, insufficient amount of silver are not strong enough to beat the virus or bacteria.

                  People who take a teaspoon a day of silver will not be protected from an aggressive virus. Those who take three 10 oz glasses a day if near or in an affected area will. Silver is like any other medication in one way. If the dose is wrong the results are not what is intended.

                  Two unremarkable idiots have the world afraid of turning blue if they take a drop of it. The truth is, it is NON TOXIC and there are NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS to taking silver.

                  The side effect of ebola is a gruesome death in front of the ones you love, possibly taking them with you.

                  While the odds of getting ebola today are practically nil, that may not always be the case. Best to be ready. It may save your life even if you do not believe it will.

                  • GC.

                    Yes I am ready to increase production and dosage in the event of a breakout. 10 to 15 ppm for three 10 ounce glasses of CS per day sounds practical and logical in a hot zone.

                    Worse case scenario this goes airborne. The leap of faith to CS is a no brainer as there is no cure as of now. So CS will either save you or you possibly die from Ebola.

                    I will agree that this is a preventative measure and if you do get the bug, before you start the CS dosage, its curtains for ya.

                  • Note: store CS in glass containers ONLY!!!

                    Thought this was silly when i first tried it. Plastic is like a silver magnet and will pull the silver RIGHT OUT OF YOUR SOLUTION!

                    My mistake proved to me that i CERTAINLY was getting silver into the water.

                    …but it also led me to create what i call “super slime”. The slime that the plastic quickly develops is the best wound and burn paste on the planet. Lay that stuff in a cut or on a burn and witness a miracle. People wont try it. They dont believe me.

                    While i dont like the exposure of the superslime to the plastic chemicals, it doesnt seem to matter.

                  • @Netranger

                    I’ve also been told to keep it in dark colored glass bottle or keep bottle in the dark

              • TDS Meter? Is this the instrument that tells you ppm? I don’t have a way to check that. I just have instructions on how long to leave electric on it for 15ppm.


          • GC,I realize one can at least at moment get .999% wire,what do you use to make the colloidal silver,does a form of electrolysis work,read somewhere something about distilled water and at minimum 24 volt charger.I am very interested in how you make yours as long as home made style,i.e. no expensive gadgets to buy,thanks for any input.

          • GC….Show proof that colloidal silver is effective against Ebola virus

            • I would say make some whether it works against ebola or not,any pandemic will have all sorts of other health issues quickly arising that if not against ebola would perhaps colloidal silver useful for other health issues.I have done a lot of reading about it to be willing to make some at 30 bucks or so that would last a long time,will not though buy expensive toys/gadgets to make,hence,why I asked for a home made solution.

            • Tacoma, show me someone with the ebola virus….

          • Gods Creation says: “Colloidal Silver”

            Hi Gods Creation, et al,

            I’m a newbie prepper, just started at the beginning of this year really.

            I never even heard of colloidal silver until reading prepper blogs. Just googled it just now.

            First one that came up was a link to “Colloidal Silver: Risk without Benefit” by a Stephen Barret, M.D. for a site called QuackWatch.

            Then there was another article expressing skepticism by the Mayo Clinic.

            I’m neither a believer or a disbeliever, I’m just a “let me find out more” kind a guy. And to be transparent, I want to be a believer in colloidal silver. I’m just not there yet. But I want to be!

            • I have purchased silver wire for the fan, but currently buy my CS. The CS I take is 50ppm. I do not take it all the time. When I feel something coming on, I take 1 ounce in the morning and 1 ounce in the evening for 4 days. Cured. I have not called in sick in 5 years.

              My buddy makes his own. He uses a 9 volt battery and 2 pieces of silver wire. The only problem is, you don’t know how many ppm you have.

              The brand I buy is ” Ultra Colloidal Bio Silver Concentrate ” from
              I get 2 16oz. bottles delivered for $40

              If you don’t think silver works, ask somebody that has been seriously burned. They will perscribe you silvadine cream. It has silver in it and it kills all bacteria and germs.

              I am curious though how GC makes it, and where do you get a $30 generator, and how do you know how many ppm you are making?

              Thank you GC in advance.

              • Making silver requires the following:

                3 cheap 9v batteries (a buck apiece, 3 bucks)
                1 foot of 12 or 14 gage .9999 fine silver wire(20 bucks)
                A set of jumper wires (3 bucks from walmart)
                A glass jar
                Distilled water
                Coffee filters for straining (2 bucks)
                Green scuff pads to clean the silver rods (3 bucks)

                You should also get a TDS meter for quality control.

                Hook the wires over the side of the jar. Connect the batteries to each other, and then attach the clips from the jumper wires to the battery on one end, and to the silver on the other.

                That’s it. Put it in a cabinet or other DARK place, clean the electrodes every 30 minutes or so and check the PPM with the TDS meter. If you don’t have one, when it starts to turn yellow you will be at around 10 PPM.

                There are some better things you can do, but out in the wild that is all it takes to make it. I have made it with 12 through 45 volts. Right now I am using 4 batteries for 36 volts.

                BIG TIME SAVER

                The first batch will take a long time to make. Depending on the size of the batch, several hours.

                To speed things along for the next batch, you can cut four hours down to about one by putting 10% of the first batch as a starter for the next.

                Distilled water has 0 dissolved solids, so there is nothing to help the reaction and conduct the current flow. The reaction gets exponentially faster the higher the PPM gets. It will take half the time it takes to get to 5 PPM to get to 10.

                • GC,

                  Try keeping your voltage down to lower levels and increase the cook time. I think youll find even 5ppm stuff will be mor effective than your 15ppm stuff.

                  They call it micro silver. Was skeptical at first but has proven true. It increases the batch time dramatically.

                  Atomically, the idea is that a lesser charged electron displaces a smaller silver molecule. These smaller molecules are easier to metabolize and are less likely to congregate, which should make the heavy metal paranoids less freaked out by you drinking it!

                  By what they say you should have been dead ten times over.

                  Just remember this: liars never won anything because they cheated. They can revile you and attempt to discredit you but the truth does not require their alkegiance!

                  • I used 12 for a long time, and 18, 27, 30, 36 and 45 as well. I didn’t find any difference in the effectiveness with a recent BAD tooth abscess. Worked exactly the same as the last toothache when I was using 12 volts instead of 36.

                    What I did find is the electrodes “burn” cleaner at the higher voltages.

                    Scientifically speaking, the particles separate from the silver rod (or any other metal) at 1.26 angstroms, all the same size regardless of voltage. At least, that is what my most trusted sources say.

                    I always make mine fresh as needed, and do not store it. That is when it is the best and most potent.

                    The KEY I am trying to get across more than anything else is that you must take what would appear to be massive doses if you believe the label on the health food store crap that says a teaspoon a day. Anybody who tries to fight an infection with that will surely fail, but it MIGHT help prevent some more minor bugs.

                    The doctor is not going to prescribe 10 mg capsules of penicillin, he is going to give you 500 mg capsules. 10 mg of penicillin is no more effective on an existing bacterial infection than two teaspoons of silver is going to be.

                    I don’t suggest that you take large amounts daily, every day. You don’t need it. But If ebola comes near my house, I will be drinking at least a half gallon a day for up to one month of 10 PPM product.

                    In short, I will drink it like water without fear because I know it is effective and I know it is safe to do that for SHORT periods of time. After 30 days, there will still be significant amounts in the body for weeks afterwards. I read an article by a guy who did his own testing on himself and found that it continued to be “removed” from the body through the urine for about the same amount of time he took it. My personal experience indicates that is true because I notice continued improvement even after stopping.

                    Stock up on distilled water. I am now getting a gallon or two every time I go to the store.

                    When the time comes, don’t be afraid to take enough to win the war your body will be fighting. If you take two teaspoons a day and die from ebola, it will not be the silvers fault. It will be your fault for not taking it like the disease warrants.

                    I think I will write an article and send it to mac.

                  • GC and NetRanger: Would either of you put together a short how to video, maybe write something and send to Mac to post?

                    I like ASAP (in the blue bottle) purchased from Costco. And have an (inexpensive) machine that runs on current or battery. CS30 machine = colloidalsilver-supply(dot)com


                • Thanks for the info GC,will give it a shot.

                • Could you be a bit more detailed or give us a link? I’m not mechanically inclined at all. How do you connect the batteries, what do you mean exactly by hooking the wires (I would assume the jumper wires) over the jar. When you say ‘put in a cabinet’, well what part of the contraption goes in the water? So confused, and I’m really not a stupid person…just need more of a visual!!! Thanks for all your info. I totally believe in CS…if the FDA, Big Pharm and CDC told us the truth about colloidal siver, it would literally put Big Pharm out of business as well as take away $$ Politicians get to run their campaigns. Med schools would fail because so many of them are heavily subsidized by Big Pharm. Big Pharm WANTS to keep us sick and coming back for more…stay off the crap and stay healthy!

                • Thanks Everyone,

                  I will try colloidal silver. I am looking forward to building my own cs generator.

                  What can it hurt?

                • You are making Ionic Silver not a Colloid.

                  • To a large extent, yes. The positively charged ionic particles of silver still suspend in the water making it a colloid. It is the ions with the positive charge that do the work by attaching to pathogens with a negative charge and killing it by depriving the pathogen of an enzyme required for it to survive.

                    The science is clouded by conspiracy intended to create confusion and fear. Really, it is not relevant to discuss the science of something so simple.

                    Put the rods in the water, run a low voltage dc current through the rods, and the rest just happens. I don’t need to know exactly how every molecule of every part on a car works in order to drive a car.

                    You don’t have to know the science of colloidal silver, or ionic silver, in order to make it or experience the benefits. It is only overly complicated to those who make it that way for themselves.

                    Every question that has been asked so far is easily answered with a little searching. Focus on following the recipe and don’t concern yourself with the science part of it.

                  • pretty much the same thing.

                • how do you connect the batteries and when you say jumper wires are they the same as jumper cables for a car or something smaller. Also do you filter the water through the coffee filter before drinking? Thanks for all your input.

                  • Look at walmart in the electrical section where they keep the black tape. You will a small package, with a black wire and a red wire each with an alligator clip on the end of it. They are about 2 feet long and less than 3 bucks.

                    And yes, filter through a coffee filter before drinking it.

                • G C will silver dollars work in place of the wire?

            • FreeSlave: Welcome, as a newbie, go thru as much of the previous articles here and other sites, and get an idea of what to do, and what not to do. Do not be overwhelmed, there is alot to read and do. Yes, a lot of bantering goes back and forth, expected on a ‘free forum’ such as this. Ask any question, some of us oldtimers will give you info, no question is dumb, so ask away, and do not be shy. I hope you do not have a thin skin, because you might get bashed, but ask away, we are all here for each other, some not so much…

            • Freeslave, what else would you expect Google, the corp search engine, to put at the top of its listing?

              Try Steve Barwicks

              He sells a generator, but also has a lot of useful information.

              The main thing is to LOSE THE FEAR. It is not bad for you in anyway. The worst that could happen is that it will do nothing for you.

            • I can tell you as a healthcare professional we use silver coated catheters and silver imprergnated dressings for non healing wounds.

              As to the healing rate ingested, I can’t vouch for that. However I can tell you this with certainty. If one has a relaxed mind and an expectation of healing, your immune system works much more effectively. Stress impairs your immune response. Period.

          • If you feel so strongly about this being the want all and be all of preventing any kind of illness then the least you can do is go to the CDC and volunteer to be their lab rat. Come on, you are always pushing that colloidal crap. Show some real faith and volunteer. Put your head in the lions mouth. You think they would not have already tried something as basic as that? Oh that’s right all they care about is making money and medical people never get sick. Right? You sound like Obama with his BS homily about a doctor cutting off the wrong foot just to make more money.

            • JW, I grew up with a twin, who’s father was a pharmacist at the VA in Tucker, GA. He told us horror stories from there. He said if we had a wreck in front of that hospital, naver, never step foot in, you may not come out alive…

              • And yes they did cut off the WRONG leg in the 70’s…

            • JW: Here is your joke for the day, Enjoy…

              Why females should avoid girls night out after they are married:

              The other night I was invited out for a night with “the girls.” I told my husband that I would be home by midnight. “I promise!” were my last words.

              Well, the hours passed and the Margaritas went down way too easy.
              Around 3:00 a.m. and a bit loaded, we piled into a cab and headed for our respective homes. Just as I got through the door, the cuckoo clockin the hall started up and cuckooed 3 times.

              Realizing my husband would probably wake up, I quickly cuckooed another 9 times. I was particularly proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution to cover my tardiness.(Even when totally smashed …3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals 12 cuckoos .. MIDNIGHT!)

              The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, and I told him midnight. He didn’t raise an eyebrow or anything and continued to read the morning paper. Whew! Got away with that one!

              Then he said, “I think we might need a new cuckoo clock.”

              When I asked him why, he said, “Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said, “Oh, shit,” cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat,
              cuckooed another 3 times, giggled, cuckooed twice more, then tripped over the coffee table and farted.”

              • Eppe, you’re still the best. Keep them coming.

            • John W, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.

              I would be glad to send them all of the silver I can make right here from home, or send them the silver wire and distilled water. There is no need for anyone to go there to prove the effectiveness of silver. There only needs to be colloidal silver there to prove itself. I will, however, prove it’s effectiveness should it ever get close to the small town I live in.

              Do I think they have not tried something so simple? I KNOW they have not. It is not a pharma approved item and a doctor could lose their license to even bring it up or discuss it.

              You are too far asleep to see the truth, so I will leave you to your slumber and wish you well. I am sure they will come out with a vaccine for you if you make it long enough. They have to get the survivors infected as much as possible so I am sure they are working hard on it.

          • Thanks, Gods Creation…..

            • Aw…

              I see my faithful redthumb friends follow me everywhere. Even a simple “thank you” brings them out. Proof positive I will always have a “following”.

          • How do you make it for $30?

            I’d like to pass it on to my sister. We buy ours. Thank you.

            • See my post above for your answer….

          • I’ve been thinking about Vitamin K (amongst many other items)for those affected.
            “vitamin K has been investigated as a critical nutrient for protecting cells that line blood vessels, including both veins and arteries.”
            It’s mostly known for its blood coagulative properties.

            • Very careful with vit K. For people with irregular heart rhythms, bad heart valves, family history of stroke from blood clots you do NOT want to increase your coagulability. There are people walking around with conditions like factor V Lieden that have no idea they have it and could develop serious life threatening clots.

          • G C where do you get the equipt and supplies

            • has it all.

              Atlas Nova, through amazon, for the wire, which last time I looked was about 15 bucks for two six inch pieces of .9999 wire (note the FOUR NINES).

              They also have TDS meters for less than 15 bucks.

              The rest is batteries, wires, and distilled water from any walmart. Pickle jars work great, but you can buy a mason jar if you need to.

          • While I agree with silver do not limit your medicine chest just with that. Do research on Lomatium roots, Oregon grape root, arrow leaf root and old man’s beard, and for respiratory also keep in Mullan. Grind in food processor, soak these for six weeks in 100 percent vodka, strain juice and store in quart jars preferably in dark places. Lomatium was used by Native American’s during the Spanish flu epidemic.

            • how do you take this, and what do you use it for? thanks!

          • G.C. Question on the colloidal silver. I just started making it and my son came down with strep. I gave him about 10ppm twice a day for two days with no improvement and he got worst and had to take him to the Dr I didn’t want to chance his health if it was me I would have tried to stick it out to see if it made me better. Typically how long should it take to see improvement and how strong should it be for something like strep. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

            • When one of my kids (13 and 8) starts getting a sore throat (and they both have) I give them about 4oz two or three times for a couple of days. Neither has been to the doctor in years now, to the point the insurance they are under is sending letters about well check ups so the corp can spy on them.

              If you were giving them a teaspoon twice a day for an existing infection, I would expect no results to be seen.

              High doses for a short term cycle is that is needed to knock out strep.

              The doctor no doubt gave you an antibiotic to give them for 10 days, probably amoxcillin. You could give them 5 MCG a day of silver, by giving them .5 litre of 10PPM silver, for 7 days. There is no risk associated with that small amount and that short a period of time.

              Silver works, but requires adequate dosing. If you are going to err for the short term, it is better to give more than less.

              The health food stores and online marketers are afraid to recommend the proper therapeutic doses to cure existing problems. All they can really advertise is prevention, not curing anything.

              A small daily dose, which I would consider to be one ounce, is fine for keeping you healthy in the face of most virus’ and bacteria, but by the time you notice symptoms it is pretty far along and you need A LOT more than that.

              You wouldn’t try to blow up a city with a hand grenade, so why try to kill a well established virus with a spoon full of colloidal silver?

              • Thanks for the info GC

          • STOP with the colloidal silver bullshit you quack jobs!

            • Most are relating personal experiences, and none of us have anything to sell.

              When Big Pharma starts giving away it’s pills for free and the FDA approves drugs independently in their own testing and refuses to allow any drugs with death as a potential side effect to be sold, maybe they will come out and be truthful about the effects of silver.

              Til then, I would suggest you look at who the real quacks are, and it’s no those of us on here who relate personal stories.

          • to… Gods Creation says; How do you make it or do you have a referral link or a book name? Thank you, Joanna

          • How do you make it and what is the dosage to use?

          • i’ve sent this link to Mac.. .hopefully he posts… colloidal silver may not be the answer… but rather very high doses of vitamin C…

            by the way, last year, when filling out our health screening paper work at my place of work, there was a question on there that asked, “Do you experience a lot of phlegm?” All I could think of was, “huh???” I remember it because it was a totally whacked question.

          • I totally agree, and I am a licensed primary health care provider.

          • BS on Collodial Silver! Go see what it did to this woman!

            It is metal, duh, and collects in your skin and turns it gray (called argyria – look it up!) and there is NO CURE for that. NO proof whatsoever that silver cures anything, it was an old quack selling point that was disproved years ago, disappeared, and now showing up again. IN FACT, alluminum and other metals have been found in some formulas AND some are just plain expensive mutilevel water! PLEASE do your research before recommending this!

          • And where do I find how to do this?

          • thanks for reminding me of colloidal silver, i used to drink it but had to stop because i wan unemployed. Fortunately i got a shitty job and bought some !!! ty

        • The problem of deciding when to bug in will be hampered by our government’s and the MSM’s collusion with the penchant for lying about and suppression of the news of anything of importance about this or any other “hot” topic to “prevent panic”. Perhaps the only real decision point will be when rumors of dead and dying in the streets appear on alternative news sites.

          I had to laugh at this: “The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held.”

          First, they don’t have enough SWAT Teams or any other type of law enforcement to effect this. Second, when news of this tactic becomes available to the general public it’ll be game on time for anyone wearing a badge. Third, how many of these so called hero thugs in uniform do you really think will respond to the call when they know that end result will be an encounter with the a disease that will kill 60-90 of them?

          • That last line should read …kill 60-90% of them.

          • Guess they’ll have to assault in full NBC gear. And then strip in some kind of decontamination unit. Otherwise they’ll probably get it after a few encounters over a week or two.

            Couldn’t happen to a nicer(sarc) bunch of guys.

            • Hmmm…,once again the small but mighty karambit,I would guess would cut thru most of the suits handed out very easily,and yet,hides very well on person!A few with open suits should cause consternation among these teams,get em infighting to a large degree,gives honest folks a chance to skedaddle.

              • I have to add this to the general discussion. How many LE will want to be apprehending supposed Ebola infected people? Won’t they insist on some kind of protection?

                Presuming the Ebola starts spreading. Won’t cops balk at the thought of apprehending infected individuals? How many DO have access to some kind of NBC gear?

                IMHO, if the Ebola starst spreading. They will want to stay home and we might have a breakdown of society. Heck, people might look up Ebola online and then fake having it with makeup. Watch the cops turn tail and run if your spitting up fake blood and splattering saliva everywhere.

        • jack- For me, im bugging in when
          A)more than 10 people have it in my state.
          B)more than 5 states have it.

        • Please take note. Recently I listened to an interview By Dave Hodges. It was the show with Dr. Jim Garrow but the guest was in the third hour. (Sorry I can’t remember the mans name)
          In this interview the guest said that if there is a revolt in the USA the government would release a biological to stop the revolt.

          I believe the massive invasion from the south is a cover for this biological release. Add in the new Ebola fears and you have recipe for a false flag.

          Also please do not put your entire hope on Colloidal silver. It’s my understanding that by the time you get a blood serum level of colloidal silver high enough to stop Ebola you will probably already be dead.

          The only thing that I have heard about being immune to Ebola suggests that people with a Blood sugar level of 85 or lower seem to be somewhat resistant to the virus.

          I have heard of a plague tonic that’s supposed to help that contains Colloidal Silver, Myrrh and something else but I cant prove it.

          Just for thought

          • Interesting, blood glucose of 85 or less….could you post link or elaborate? Thank you very much…

            • It was a doctor in an interview on the john moore show that made the comment about Blood sugar levels effecting a persons ability to resist the Ebola virus. The doctor is a regular on his show and has a practic in StLouis.

              I have found that NANO silver at 10PPM is considered to be effective on Ebola. This comes from Dr. Rima Laibow, she is qutoing a study from 2009. I dont know the dose but its interesting

          • Please understand that I beleive this Ebola issue is very, very serious. There are a lot of good people on this site and we need to look for the best possible answers to Ebola or any other disease.

            I’m like a lot of you i dont trust someone telling me they have a new and greatest vaccine. I remember the swine fu vaccine in the 1970’s. More people died from the vaccine than the flu.

            Just my thoughts.

            P.S> Do any of you think you will be allowed to leave a camp. What do you think your chances are if your are put into a camp?

            • Freeillinois.

              They way this government is treating its people and all the lies and deceptions.

              Go to the camp and you will die there.

              • I agree!!!
                That’s why we need to work together an find a solution to the problem.

        • Jack you asked what will it take to make you decide to bug in.

          About 2 weeks.
          Give it 2 weeks and well know for sure.

          • More like 5 but I agree with the premise. We’ve had a few months of stewing already.

        • I’m already making plans…

          As far as it coming here to the US, Sanjay Gupta on TV said there was no doubt it would come here but it would be contained.

        • “WHO warns– Ebola out of control; High Risk of it spreading to other countries” at Zero hedge.

          Oh, and about the Apocalypse coming: Not just famine (due to extreme water shortages, needed for agriculture) and Ebola and WW3… but also, stock market crash. coming soon.

        • This is brilliant!
          If the feds cannot get our guns away from us, they can get us away from our guns by forcing us to live in some FEMA ebola camp.
          NEVER leave your homes!

        • Is it just me or does it seem like we are setting up for the perfect storm over the fall? Between the dramatic rise in food prices due to the western crop failure to the economic risks to the dollar system (I feel another crash coming on), to bozo trying his best to isolate Russia and provoke war (we have no business messing with nations traditionally in the Russian sphere like Syria, Libya and Ukraine) to now Ebola, it just seems like something(s) have to break.

          As far as food goes, have you looked at the prices lately? I just went shopping for ground beef and they had two price tags. One they accidentally left up that was dated 7 days ago and one dated today. The price had gone up nearly a dollar a pound-that’s 25% in a week! I hate to see where it will be in December. Buy food and essentials NOW. Freeze it, vacuum pack it and do whatever you need to preserve it. Even if the world doesn’t burn you will still be money ahead in the long run.

          • WSmith: Hubby bought 2 lb cheese about 2 months ago….on sale for 5.99. Today it was 8.49 per bag….stock up on everything now…


          • Winston,do agree with prices on a rise,that said,did get a great deal on burger which I bought as a treat for myself,that said also bought another 20 pound bag of rice.

        • when it’s bad enough to interrupt re-supply of food to grocery stores,gasoline to gas stations, and air travel is either heavily restricted or banned…

          When travel into the US and out of the US, crass state lines, and from one large metropolitan area to another is either discouraged, restricted or outright banned….

          when people are being told to stay at home and wait for the authorities to come to them by the lame-stream media instead of going to ER’s, hospitals and clinics…

          When checkpoints between metropolitan and rural areas are stopping everybody looking for signs of illness….

          When first-responders, hospital staff, fire, police and EMS are either dying, contracting the illness, wearing space suits while on the job, or are quitting or not showing up to work en masse’ out of self-preservation….

          When postal and parcel delivery stops because postage and packages are disease vectors that carry germs across time zones… also, USPS and private mail and parcel services are very labor intensive requiring communal workplace settings and public contact which will create higher chance of exposure…

          When the uber-rich take private transport out of the country via yacht and private jet…

        • did I forget to say this?….

          If Obama…the BLACK LENIN himself….does a presidential address from the Oral Office telling America that things are under control….

          I’m going to DEFCON 1 right away!

        • Coloidal silver will not protect you from Ebola, that is a fact.

          • Jeffro,
            State the authentication for your comment or…stfu.

        • CDC bringing ebola to u.s.a in order to weaponize it and release it on the american people. This is all part of the globalist elite plan to reduce world population by 80%.
          Welcome to the New World Order. Freedom is an illusion.
          Heil OBAMA! Our great and powerful Fuhrer!
          sieg Heil! sieg Heil!

      2. Um… WOW!

        Compare the population densities to the locations they are shipping these patients to.
        Almost as bad as building that level 4 bio facility in tornado alley.

        DoDo birds are extinct…and THEY are smarter than these idiots!

        • The very fact that the quarantine centers are in populated areas should tell you exactly why they’re placed there. Logically, the Bonneville Salt Flats would be the right place, not NYC, Boston, Houston, Dallas, DC, LA. Where exactly in those areas would they put sick people? Central Park? Fenway Park?

          • Wrigley Field might be better. Cubs have been playing with stiffs for years. No one would know the difference.

          • They put them where the medical facilities are.

          • New York’s quarantine center is located at JFK airport

            A friend of mine who is a pilot who flew international flights. He mentioned to me that many airports have sensors that can read passengers temperatures when they get off the plane at the airport. This procedure came into being when SARS was breaking out. I would imagine that this is occurring now

          • The sad fact is that they are only prepared to deal with a limited number of isolated cases which are contained quickly. If it gets out of hand then there is no way the government can control it. The probable reason for putting these high level containment hospitals in these major cities is that the large populations make them statistically more likely to see a case of one of these diseases than more rural areas and so the need for fast containment is most likely to be seen there. It will be “interesting” to see what happens if the worst-case scenario is realized. After all, they can’t even contain it in small African villages. How the hell are they going to contain a mass panic of 20 million New Yorkers?

      3. Someone tries to round you up, send them to hell.

        • Amen

      4. It is so apparent that you will get Any I repeat Any truthful news from any MSM bar none. Yes I know I’m preaching to the choir. The Government is broken, the banking system is broken, the news media is broken, and there is not enough duct tape and bailing wire on this third rock from the sun to fix any of it. Folks the few of us that see what is happening are very luck to still have our eyes open to see it. There will be no groups get together; we are stretched too far and wide to band together in any size to matter. We just might as well get a mindset that what comes our way we will be facing it alone with our families. Draw close to your family. For what it is worth the river is beginning to dry up. SAD, oh so very SAD, for USA. Time for the RESET has come and gone. America We’ll miss you!!!! No I’m not defeated and have not given up, just looking at reality. “NEVER STOP THE FIGHT” Lt. Murphy. I’m still breathing so it isn’t over yet!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • Could not have said it better. You are exactly right River Rat. However if an opportunity to team up presents itself, take it and fight back hard. Remember – Kill a commie for mommy, only this time be sure to kill them all.

          • MaddogZ:

            “Kill a commie and be sure to kill them all.”

            Hmmmm…..DC will be turned into a ghost town.

            • Maddog:

              Sorry for the ‘Z’. Guess it means you are ‘Z’ man. You and River Rat are spot on with your posts. Wish you both were my neighbors.

              Everything is coming at us at such a pace that it gives new meaning to ‘Fast and Furious’.

              The PZTB are moving in for the kill and they think they can smell victory. Thank God for the information in Revelation that says THEY SHALL NOT WIN THIS TIME. However, things are going to get more hairy than they are now before Jesus says “enough”.

              • Unfortunately we both received t’s-down for speaking the truth. I just love how one can be put down but there are no cahonnie’s to do it in the open. Probably know they can’t win the intellectual battle.

        • That’s right, However the Govn’t will fear 300 Million Lone Wolfs more than any organized Militia they have been tracking. Let er’ Rip!!!

          • WWTI,

            They’re called “Scooters” as in shoot-and-Scooters. Its 4th generation warfare and its the kind of war that governments lose before it even starts. It is why there are so many lies. They have to cover up their complicity or the population will turn on them with 4GW. Thank The Creator that the founders had the wisdom to set us up to know when to and have the tools to fight that kind of war. The 2A was never about hunting.

            The coverups continue. Lie, Steal, Murder… Its what government does. We have the LSM (Lie Stream Media) and LSM (Lie Steal Murder) government. The truth will never come from an official source unless that official source will benefit from it. In that you can believe.

        • River Rat,
          Wish you and many more regulars were my neighbors.
          I read y’all every night here by candle light currently.
          I depend on y’all to make me both live, learn, laugh and often cry.
          I pray for each and every one on this forum.

          No other site on the internet do I check more frequently than this one.

          And you folks teach me plenty.
          And yes,
          There’s always good jokes.
          @ Eppe.
          Gawd you make me spew coffee.

          Thanks much Mac too for all you do.
          God bless us all out here wondering what’s next in this world gone insane.
          Not One More Inch

      5. I counted 17 quarantine stations. That will not be enough if the pandemic is real. And look how far flung they are! No one single one in flyover country, only Ports of Entry
        We will not be going to any of then-ever.

        • Honestly, the quarantine points are located in what can only be described as the rectal orifices of the USA. Thats where the biggest support for government is. Crap begets crap. No mystery here.

          • Those rectal orifices are about to have diarrhea. Incremental release, then a full blow it out their ass splatter..mix your ammonia and bleach and get ready.

      6. Quarentine people with respiratory Illnesses? Sound like they want to round up the smokers…

        • Looks like a good excuse to confine and eliminate those who give them a pain in the butt.

      7. I could give it all up and walk away. But I don’t want to. Not yet. I have a house and 50 acres pd for in rural ms. But I’d rather have my va land paid for before I leave the godforsaken communist hellhole of CT. My husband wouldn’t be able to tolerate the MS heat with his MS or I would leave now.

        • Ugh. The People’s Socialist Republik of Connecticut.

      8. What would you bet that the tea party, conservatives, prepper/domestic terrorists are going to be disproportionately represented in the “coughing” group? How conveeeeenient. Stay out of the snitche’s office, sorry I mean doctor’s offices.

        • … and I’ll bet they’ll get Lois **A&&holes** Lerner to run the roundup. BTW, she is currently “on vacation in England” as of last report. On your tax dollars. I think she might be better of “vacationing” in Leavenworth

      9. Communicable Disease Center aka Burnside Ave, Portland Oregon.

        • Burnside Ave.where Powell books is located. Also the Burnside area that used to be where the skid row was located.

      10. “Never let a crisis go to waste” Otherwise known as “we’ll pick those domestic terrorists up under the cover of ebola and fema camp em!”.

        What a great excuse to have the feds come look for us.

        • What they look for and what they find may not be to their liking.

      11. Yesterday’s Executive Order removes influenza from subsection b.

        Illegal Aliens with “influenza” no longer need to be quarantined.

        “Influenza” has been removed from the list of “Quarantinable Communicable Diseases” by Executive Order yesterday (7/31/2014).

        Is it possible that this EO was created to let the federal government continue distributing diseased illegal aliens invading the southern border of the United States “to cities near you”?

        • Early symptoms of Ebola mimic influenza and other common diseases. Uum, confusion, chaos, and misinformation. I believe these are tactics of psychological warfare. Believe it or not Ocommie and his hippie pals are waging war on you and your children and have been for 6 years. Is anyone ready to fight yet?

          Never mind, I know that ass on Kardashy is entertaining to watch. Or maybe the gay football player kissing his boyfriend will occupy the brains of the masses. Anything but looking out for their freedom, that’s to much like work.

          • Damn straight, maddog.

            When the shtf, anyone going to any medical facility with a fever/flu like symptom/respiratory problem, will most likely never return home.

            Best to fight it out at home and/or, die at home.

            Phuck the commies.

        • Very good catch daveposh! Interesting how we are hearing reports of TB within the groups of illegal immigrants being detained. Are they quarantined? Your point about those with influenza being allowed to go about their business is well made!

      12. This article is completely out of date. At least two Ebola stricken people are on their way to Atlanta as I write.

      13. Coming soon to a city near you, a plague like you’ve never seen before.

        • If you mean all the fucking illegals it’s been here in So.Cal for years. The rest of you will now be getting your chance to experience some new diverse cultures. Enjoy suckers! Not so funny now is it?

      14. Im thinking its a set up

        • FEMA coffins by the thousands just a coincidence ?
          This has planned written all over it

          • Planned for years VRF. They are just putting the last pieces of the puzzle in. Their Bolshevik Komrades from Russia have been living here in the US; giving instructions on how it can and will be done.

            • sick bastards aint they?

          • VFR,stop being so paranoid,those are not coffins but large cake molds.These are needed to make welcome cakes to all the happy campers coming to fema camp this summer!I will say am not sure about one thing,I understand the camp doors hermetically sealed sealed for our comfort,to keep mosquitoes out and such,….but a cake mold?

      15. just bought 2000 more zombie rounds of .22cal today.

        topped off the bunker at 10,000 .22cal rounds now.

        it’s a great cheap round to keep the diseased zombies away up to 200 yards from your front doorstep.

        if it gets hot and heavy i’ll switch over to the harder hitting 5.56cal nato round. not gonna tell you how much i have of that.


        • Screen Silencer
          Here is one that is very effective for .22 caliber weapons.
          2 Pieces of screen, 6 inch and 8 inch wide by several feet long, some tape and an ordinary
          lead pencil are all the materials required.

          • Astro, how does one make this? Any video links? Have seen some on taking an oil filter and adapting…
            P.S. poison tip those hollowpoint .22’s with garlic and other things, wicked stuff…

            • got a neighbor who lives up on the north border as a hermit, he uses mercury and wax plugs on his .22 hollow point tips.

              shoots coyotes and prairie dogs with em’. and is a widely known off season poacher and trapper. enjoys killing a lil’ too much.

              he’s one i plan to either avoid by a few miles or bury deep when the shtf, still not sure yet how dangerous he is.

              • That’s the one guy you want to be friends with, you never know, the physcos are the ones who could be your best buddies, I know, I got quite a few, and I stay on thier GOOD side, in a pinch they could save your life. Amazing what a few ‘gifts’ will do to make them think you are cool, and could become your good friends….
                Makes you think, eh????

                • i’m thinkin’ you are the better man eppe.


          • Astro: Don’t forget Sub-Sonic ammo.

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!


            • use the old metal type window screen.

              the pencil is your .22 inner barrel form, wrap the 6 inch screen around the pencil tight, tape it tight with three pieces of tape around the rolled screen, towards both ends and middle of the roll. rubber electrical tape.

              then roll the 8 inch around the 6 inch screen roll butt mated to the barrel of your .22, use the pencil to line up align the barrel with the screen roll.

              you may have to cut a notch in the 8 inch screen roll for your .22 front site.

              once rolled tight and aligned, tape the 8 inch roll tightly rolled. tape it end to end with a tape cover. leaving the butts un-taped of course.

              (you can also use a knitting needle to properly align it, insert the knitting needle through the silencer and into the barrel.)

              then secure the silencer to the .22 with either tape or clamp, checking your alignment.

              i have screw on barrel extensions on my .22’s so i mate my silencers to the barrel extensions. makes it easy to screw on or off and carry concealed.

              *to the feds reading this… FUCK YOU!

      16. Ebola is just one more front of the multi-front attack on the US that is now 100% in full effect. Those waiting for nasty shit to happen to hapless Americans will need not wait long now. If you are not prepped by now your time is up. That’s all folks, now back to extreme prepping. Good luck to all.

      17. Now is a good time to consider home schooling your kids. If it breaks out here then last place you want your kids would be school. Kids already pass around all their crud, know what I mean Vern?

      18. When Twitter and Facebook go down… better be ready!

      19. [Ted Kennedy’s plan for post-bio survival involves living underground with a 10:1 female-to-male ratio]

        General “Buck” Turgidson: Doctor, you mentioned the ratio of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn’t that necessitate the abandonment of the so-called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned?

        Okie: Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the human race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious… service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature.

        Ambassador de Sadesky: I must confess, you have an astonishingly good idea there, Doctor.

      20. Ted,don’t forget the pilots kit,Colt .45 and three extra magazines,100 dollars/gold coins/rubles/pantyhose,a man could have a good weekend in Vegas with that!And,remember,you may have to answer to the coca cola company!Fluoride in childrens water<(the movie was actually on to something there!).

        • War child believe it or not that line in Dr stanglove had to be changed originally it was Dallas ,
          When the movie was released in 1963 the Dealy Plaza incident was still fresh in peoples minds they dubbed in las Vegas , the whole scene was actually ad-libbed by Slim Pickens. Just a little bit of movie trivia.

          November 22, 1963 was the day the republic died we have been in my opinion living on borrowed time since then.

          Things are about to get real interesting it seems art is imitating life , watch the movie outbreak and see if you can’t spot similarities .

          A strange thing happened at work today we had to apply for electronic code authentication generator fobs to be able access our .gov networks in addition to our PIV cards. It’s really getting weird now got the message in an inter agency email to call such and such number and talk to the network security servicing element. Fobs to be issued by a specified GSA / DHS authorizing agency. Seems like everything is going to be tracked at work now , no more sneaking peaks annomsly at lunch for SHTF plan.

          Semper Fi 8541

      21. Just lead a good life. Try to uplift yourself and others. Don’t get caught up in fear being sold as “normal”. That is where disease hibernates then flourishes. Stay strong and bask in the Light. And most importantly, cultivate a healthy immune system. Those who hang out here know what that means.

        Have a good weekend and make sure you smile at others, that’s the infection we want to spread to others, it’s in short supply at the moment.

        • Now everyone knows why I post jokes. Yesterdays THEORY was just that, a theory. Sorry, Ga Doc, I should not have said inept… Just have had first hand experiences, and relatives and friends in the industry, so I hear the inside skinny…

          • Since it is Friday night, here is a second one, wish I could get out of moderation prison, takes a few hours to get these to you using my WiFi on this computer…

            Jesus & the Democrat

            A Republican in a wheelchair entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus sitting over there?”

            The waitress nodded “yes,” so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.

            The next patron to come in was a Libertarian with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus over there?”

            The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, “My treat.”

            The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Democrat on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered,

            “Hey there, honey! How’s about getting’ me a cold glass of Miller Light?”

            He, too, looked across the restaurant and asked, “Is that God’s boy over there?”

            The waitress once more nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give Jesus a cold glass of beer. “On my bill,” he said.

            As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Republican felt the strength come back into his legs, got up, and danced a jig out the door.

            Jesus also passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Libertarian felt his back straightening up, and he raised his hands, praised the Lord and did a series of back flips out the door.

            Then Jesus walked towards the Democrat.

            The Democrat jumped up and yelled, “Don’t touch me, Jesus!! I’m collecting disability.”

            • Eppe, that was so fitting for the democrat. keep them coming.

      22. EA,eh,chin up EA,there are though concerned plenty of happy folks,enjoy life while you can!

      23. On the other hand, here is Jon Rapoports take:

        Imagine what would happen if WHO released a statement in which it substituted “Ebola” for “regular seasonal flu”:

        “There are 3 to five million cases of Ebola worldwide. Between 250,000 and 500,000 people are dead.”

        The world would go crazy.

        But again, there ARE 3 to 5 million cases, every year, of regular seasonal flu, and according to WHO, between 250,000 and 500,000 people die from it.

        And the world does nothing.

        People would respond, “Oh, but you see, Ebola is different. People hemorrhage. They bleed out and die. It’s horrible.”

        Now we’re talking about the process of dying, as if that really matters.

        And, with flu, when people die, they often drown in their own mucus. Is that vivid enough to rank alongside Ebola?

        Ebola is a propaganda operation.

        • 250-500000 dead is NOT a 90% death rate.

      24. This is the way that the MSM is of course distorting the truth about what is actually going on over in Israel.

        This is from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists which are not the type to distort anything like ballistics. Basically trying to shoot down a bullet with another bullet is not as easy as it sounds. 90% kill ratio is grossly exaggerated and mainly to attempt to discourage other enemies of Israel from attempting to fire missiles. It is also a pride thing that this Iron Dome works so well. As stated in this article much of the success is because the people are able to get to a bomb shelter throughout Israel. Like the Blitz in England, when people got to safety when the Germans were lobbing rockets over there, the civilian death count dropped significantly. Israel has the best civil defense in the world, probably better than Switzerland.

        Just more false information given out by the MSM. Let’s hope they are not also withholding life and death information about Ebola also.

        • “Let’s hope they are not also withholding life and death information about Ebola also.”

          When have you ever known them to do anything else? We will never be told the truth by the MSM. Matter of fact whenever they report anything its a good bet to do the exact opposite if you want to live or prosper.

      25. “Sin entered into this world and along with it death”.

        Pray for God’s Grace, pray for peace, pray for a noble death which honors our Father in Heaven…..pray

        • Some day. Poof! You’ll be in hell.

          • BC, Is that a picture of you over on the ‘Daily Sheeple’?

      26. Why are all the holding centers in major cities? I would think you would want them in the country.

        • That’s where the medical facilities are.

        • Absolutely these facilities should be located in a rural environment. At least that’s what the thinking was in the 20s clear up to the 50s. Consider the Texas sanitariums. They were used to TB patients for decades. Most are still in place but have been re-purposed. I suspect they can be repurposed again if needed. I would bet contingency plans are in place.
          Maybe putting the CDC facilities close to cities is a method/function of logistics. 1)most likely place for an outbreak 2)quickest place to put suspected patients for triage and subsequent transportation to isolation facilities if needed. No telling.
          Not feeling the great sense of dread based on new knowledge of these facilities. Seems that someone is prepared vs getting caught with their pants down. Can you imagine what things would be like if we had no preps in place. Now exclude Ebola and move on to biological warfare…. Yep. These facilities are in place for a reason. Jus’ sayin’.

      27. Mac, can I get out of moderation prison? I will be good, I promise. Yes, I was a BAD MAN, just trolling some trolls…

        • Imprisoned,seems you have had plenty of posts,a bad man,obviously I missed some of your humor!

          • Bad joke for the night. A man infected with Ebola a man was flying commercial. The stewardess asked “What’s bugging you?” …..

      28. I remember quite a few times on this site, many said that the goobermint doesn’t have the ‘manpower’ or boots on the ground to effectively silence everyone. True that.

        What was also stated on many occasions was ‘What would be the vector or method they will us against us?’ Many plausible variants were discussed and it’s hard to pick ‘just one’. So pick them ALL.

        With all of the things going on *right now* I would not put it past them to hit us with everything they have at their disposal to perform the ‘killshot’ on the U.S.

        There are just too many coincidences happening so fast, to sort them out anymore. The grains of sand in the hourglass are vanishing before our eyes, it seems.

        Things just went to 11 on the Spinal-Tap amplifier of massive infectious disease outbreaks. As AP reports, the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 700 people in West Africa is moving faster than the efforts to control the disease, the head of the World Health Organization warned. Dr. Margaret Chan pulled no punches in her direct statement, “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socio-economic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.” Time to panic?

        Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization, said the meeting in Conakry “must be a turning point” in the battle against Ebola, which is now sickening people in three African capitals for the first time in history.

        At least 729 people in four countries — Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria — have died since cases first emerged back in March. Two American health workers in Liberia have been infected, and an American man of Liberian descent died in Nigeria from the disease, health authorities there say.

        While health officials say the virus is transmitted only through direct contact with bodily fluids, many sick patients have refused to go to isolation centers and have infected family members and other caregivers.

        The fatality rate has been about 60 percent, and the scenes of patients bleeding from the eyes, mouth and ears has led many relatives to keep their sick family members at home instead.

        “Constant mutation and adaptation are the survival mechanisms of viruses and other microbes,” she said. “We must not give this virus opportunities to deliver more surprises.”

        “I believe we’re only seeing a small portion of the cases out there … The virus is getting to large, dense, city areas. We’re now getting samples (to test) from all over,” he said Friday.

        • Socrates my speakers blew when they hit 11 a few weeks ago w/ the illegal invasion.

          Even more coincidences now. No Ebola vaccine. Over at Nat News, an artical said Monsanto was donating research funds for ebola vaccine. (can evil fight evil?)

          Then I just read a short piece at Reuters saying this: The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday.

          The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.

          My speakers blew a few weeks ago. My bullshit meter is spinning fast now.
          Aint no such thing as coincidences like weve been seeing.

          • It is good business for Monsanto to get on the Ebola research bandwagon. To the more moderate opponents of Monsanto, it might come across as a gesture of good faith that will change their minds.

            And besides, it’s hard to make money when 60-90% of potential customers are dead.

            But I maintain that the majority of fatalities even in the case of an Ebola SHTF will be caused as consequences of the collapse that will follow and not by the disease itself. After all, it stands to reason that the medical system and first responders will be hard hit at first and things will go from there.

            Ie: the paramedics responding to a call will contract it and pass it to the rest of their crew and the firefighters who share their shop and the cops who respond to calls with them. And all of them will spread it around potentially to everyone they come in contact with. And so forth. So before long, 911 is just going to be a memory. And then, there is all the other patients and staff in the hospital they’ll go to who can potentially become infected. And so forth, and so forth. This will lead to hospital closures and therefore people dying of otherwise very treatable conditions, even some that aren’t generally viewed as life-threatening.

      29. Will these be like the summer fema camps?Once again,don’t mind the hermetically sealed doors,they are there for your personal comfort!

      30. The more uses I hear for colloidal the less I believe it’s useful for anything. There are no magic supplements out there. It’s like the crap I used to hear about cider vinegar and honey being some stupid cure all but it turned out to be worthless.

        • you are a ma’roon.

        • BC…please look at DCA…its a compound not a drug and less hassle and continual expense than CS..this is the real deal…please research this..please

        • Barn Cat, after you understand the way CS kills you understand why its effective on such a wide variety of problems.

          There are actually two mechanisms, so to speak, that play off each other t make it the amazing product it is. Here is a quick summary:

          1. The disease killer is the way the silver molecule attaches itself to certain enzymes and makes them useless for the virus, bacteria or other single cell organism to use as its method to extract food from its environment.

          2. CS creates the perfect solution for healing. Tissue regeneration and repair starts with the setting up of matrices of water and mineral composition. Guess what mineral just happens to be perfect for that? You guessed it! SILVER!

          One if the things i didnt understand at first was why CS stopped the pain of cuts and burns. Once i realized that it creates the perfect environment for tissue creation with the available silver for tissue generation and disinfectant, the body stops sending out the protect and defend impulses (pain).

          You can dismiss it all if you want but the advantages and the economy of it, to me, are irresistible.

        • hey Barn Cat. true story: last week I talked with an elderly woman & she told me she uses ACV for leg cramps & arthritis. now @ that very moment, my hips were killing me and I mentioned this to her. she told me I needed to try it. she cuts it with water. I drank it straight up. hip pain diminished. I’m just sayin’…

      31. I’m sure other people have said it before but I’m sure a pandemic would be perfect cover to round up undesirables and enemies of the state.

      32. This smells of a false flag attack…. Anyone remotely suspected of being infected (in other words- Enemies of the State) will be confined against their will…

      33. Watching faux news. They showed dr from Emory university giving a press conference. I urge you all to watch it and see if you come to the same conclusion I did. IMO he doesn’t want these patients here anymore than I do. AND he came right out and said only 4. That’s right, 4 hospitals in US equipped to handle these types of patients.

        Read em and weep folks.

        • Then the other 12 centers are BS.

          Now that does not surprise me at all.

      34. The only ones confined against their will are ones who will not fight like a rabid/cornered weasel,tis their choice.

      35. Fox news is reporting that NIH and FDA have an experimental Ebola vaccine that has been tested on primates. They are planning on human tests in September. And I thought they were bringing the infected Americans home for treatment out of the Christian goodness of their hearts. I can see it now, turn in your food and guns, get your micro chip and enter the showers, oops, I meant vaccination line. Obama is here to help. More preps. Heads and groins, people. Godspeed.


        • YAWN, you bitch, where you been? YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNN

      37. Re: comments about the map. It is color-coded into zones. Wyoming and northern Calif are pink, for example. Each color zone has one isolation center for that region. I wonder why PA is the only yellow state, NJ the only dark pink, and Delaware doesn’t match any others.. I counted 20 dots. My zone is assigned to Detroit – ugh.

      38. New ancient aliens show on Tesla on History channel tonight….

        • Cool,will watch that for sure,a great man and a great band that took his name and got him a little justice with the song”Edisons Medicine”.Actually if the world allows going to try and work on a generator that is in small part based on Teslas work.

          • War, Tesla was far more advanced than where we are now, and given free reign, where could we be now????

            • war, starts at 10 pm, H2 chnnl…

              • War, looks like H2 blew smoke up my butt, sorry…

                • Eppe,you must still be in prison somehow!I saw it,started at 9 though,watch free streaming on prime wire or other such site,interesting in that Tesla said technology that pollutes/harms the earth is not progress,i.e. his cleaner energy transfer ideas cool,was ticked that they listed many things his work inspired but never mentioned the band Tesla!Still,was a ok watch but reading about his work much better as even a engineer dolt like me can with some time start to envision to a tiny degree what he was trying to accomplish and even a tinier degree actually how he accomplished these goals.

                  • War, on the same page, I wish I could see what Tesla saw, what could be done, electricity made from the electromagnetics of the earth, look at what else could be powered, homes, cars, businesses, etc. It would change the world as we know it… Still have the idea of a new way to make bullets, you remember my email from the Shoot-a-palooza entry from 2+- weeks ago? Look it up, shoot an email, this could change the lead reduced scenerio, and could make money, if patented, though TPTB would knock it down ASAP….

      39. Perimeter Alert system
        Solar powered
        check it out

        ht tp://

      40. Just had to share this that was posted by MSG Chicken on BIN.

        “Demoncraps like chaos and crisis! It is a form of control to them. This is how they insert it, slip it in, unseen and unheard.

        They are the most sinister bunch of bastards you could ever be around. And I have hung around Demoncrap supporters and did not like ANY of them.

        The most selfish, hypocrites, mean bastards you could ever want to know and now they got a negro in charge. Good luck America.”

        What a great review of demoncats. The same can be said for mainline re-pubic-cans. They are one in the same bought and paid for traitors and need to be lined up by the nearest tree with there media pals.

      41. First we hear how the CDC has mishandled smallpox and anthrax samples. Soon after we hear that patients with Ebola are being moved to the US for treatment. I hope we are not being set up for an outbreak on our soil.

        • Swinging Richard, we are being set up for an Ebola outbreak on our soil. The people who authorized or permitted the entry of Ebola victims into the US should be charged with treason.

      42. This is brilliant!
        If the feds cannot get our guns away from us, they can get us away from our guns by forcing us to live in some FEMA ebola camp.
        NEVER leave your homes!

      43. As for the Silver solution, my kids got a nasty stomach virus a few weeks back. I started silver drops on myself. No one else wanted to try the silver drops. I was the only one that did not get the bug out of the family. I have a total of 5 kids. So out of 7 of us I was the only one that did not get the virus. My stepdaughter got it from baby sitting her cousin. It ran the course of her sister, both my boys, my daughter and wife. So it made a believer out of me.

      44. Jesus told John Leary [] that the one world people would unleash a Pandemic Virus that had the potential to kill up to 90% of humanity.

        And these people are on record stating they wish to reduce the 7.5 billion population to just
        500 million people.

        God the Father told Maria Divine Mercy that He would Not permit that.

        Though I might be wrong, I, for one, believe Ebola, while nothing to minimize, and quite tragic and horrific and endlessly painful, is the prelude to that virus, a test case, if you will, so they can situate another virus into weary infrastructures and a populace that is so frightened that they will agree to ANYTHING “just to FEEL safe”.

        (Remember that trick by the former President who would have had us choose giving UP our Liberty in order to FEEL safe, by giving us the ANTI-‘patriot act’ which EVISCERATED our Constitution and our Bill of ‘Rights”?)

        It’s all about control, and control is one weapon of the evil one.

        So what do we do?

        We pray– for those who are sick, infected, those yet to be, and for everyone else.

        We get right with our God.

        We choose to refrain from any form of panic.

        We remain alert.

        We remain sensitive to manipulation and any taking away of our “rights” that is not rational, that is irrational, that smacks of any form of tyranny or lie.

        We remain sensible and open minded.

        We refrain from any form of recklessness– healthwise or otherwise.

        We remain vigilant.

        And we remember, that ultimately, GOD is in control and has Almighty Power, not a virus, not a bug, not a government, not a tyrant, not the evil one.

        And we pray that God in His Infinite Power will bring forward every Truth to unmask Every lie, falsehood, and deception.

        May God bring healing to all those who are ill, and remember God loves each and everyone of His children, even those who do not love Him.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Love one another, as I have loved you.” – Jesus

      45. Net Ranger.

        The electrodes should be 1.5 to 2.0 inches apart for good results. Yes, only store CS in glass bottles. Dark color preferred.

        Silver slime paste?

        We know that some plastics are porous and absorb liquids. Like mike containers. They can also leach the absorbed liquids back into the solution when warmed.
        Never use milk containers for water storage as you run the risk of getting sick from the milk leeching back out if it warms.
        Also with cheap plastic water containers you can taste the plastic chemicals if it is warm. My suggestion is a for a food grade plastic container to produce silver slime paste and to limit the contamination of plastic chemicals.

        Interesting, external antibiotic paste. Home manufactured.

        • I also use the silver gunk that hangs off the electrodes as paste. I kepp a test tube full in each BOB and GHB. Makes drugstore stuff look weak.

      46. “Those who aren’t killed by the virus, will probably die in the fighting!”

        -dawn of the planet of the apes 2014

        • Well I hope I die by the fighting then. I didn’t but all that 7.62-39 for nothing!

          • *buy

            • No worries Earnest,I will gladly use your extra in my rifle!

      47. Ghee what could possible go wrong with bringing infected dying people to centers in highly populated areas? We have the technology and bio field units to treat them over there so why bring them back to CONUS?

        My guess is we have an outbreak some time before the elections, to cancel the elections. What do you think??

        • Patriot,like the t-shirt with the rifle says”When democracy becomes tyranny,I still get to vote”,that is what I think.

          • Wanna watch some wild shit????

            h ttps://

            • How about some Rammstien?

              ht tps://

        • Can’t have proper elections with all the street folks dead. No way democrats could get re-elected.:)

      48. Not about Ebola at all. This new EO by our dungbag-in-chief was about super tuberculosis carried by illegal aliens. He plans to flood America with them, remember?

        • It’s all about the Anti-White agenda. Burn up whitey’s resources. But they call it “wealth redistribution” because it sounds nice.

          Interesting read about illegals and diseases.They’re bringing in sXXX that we pretty much wiped out decades ago. Our public healthcare is “pretty much an HMO for illegals”. We can’t take care of our vets but we can take care of everyone else.

      49. ebola informative…

        As a 26 year hospital RN, half of that time in ICU and Trauma I have followed the reports of the epidemic in Africa daily. Viral infections have alot to do with viral load. How much virus got into your body before it overwhelms your own immune response.
        Lower viral loads can lead to lighter infections. The tribal practice in Eastern Africa of family touching the dead has helped to spread this disease farther. The longer incubation time has allowed it to make the jump into population centers.
        Ebola used to be self limiting by killing it’s assumed hosts (humans) so quickly that it burned out in weeks.
        Here in the US it is unlikely to become an uncontrolled explosion of disease because we have better protective gear for the average healthcare worked and infection control practices that exceed what is done in the bush hospitals in Africa.
        Tribal superstitions such as blocking the roads and attacking infection control teams that are occurring there will not happen here.
        Personally I am more concerned with drug resistant TB coming from Central American illegals than I am Ebola. Yes it is only one plane flight away and had he not become symptomatic Sawyer was planning on taking a flight here to see his daughter. But it would be contained quickly.
        One concern that I do have, there have been no studies done that I am aware of regarding if the disease can be vector transmitted. (Ticks/mosquitoes)
        When foreign trained healthcare workers started getting the disease in spite of their protective actions I thought that this might explain it. Especially if their initial viral load was small.
        A mosquito is a flying hypodermic syringe. And they have already been proven to transmit virus’. This might cause milder versions of the disease due to less exposure.
        One last thing, your eyes must be protected from droplets with goggles. Splash exposure is more likely to enter the body via the eyes than the nose/mouth.
        Our “Ebola gear” is plastic fluid resistant gown, common face mask, goggles, shoe covers and heavy gloves like what we use for chemo. Common hospital gloves may not stop virus’.

        • Astro … You stated “Here in the US it is unlikely to become an uncontrolled explosion of disease because we have better protective gear for the average healthcare worker and infection control practices that exceed what is done in the bush hospitals in Africa.”

          Please explain your theory on how the two Americans that are infected with Ebola, one of whom is an American trained MD, who should be well versed in “US style” infection control practices, became ill with this disease while using protective gear that is supplied from the US through Samaritans Purse, the US organization for which they work.

      50. hmmmm…doctors knew about silver healing/protecting burns at least 20 some years ago. a doctor used it on my daughters burned arm. silver is good.

        • I have used silvadene (spelling screwed up?)cream decades ago on a burn.I still have the container with left overs that still use on smaller burns and still works!

      51. Put Obama and his old lady right in the front of the line.

      52. this is VERY IMPORTANT and no joke.


        if you live in california on the southern coastline you will soon possibly be using DESALINATED RADIOACTIVE public tap water in your homes.


        that radiation from the pacific ocean will be pumped directly into your homes by the local county water works dept. water you will be cooking drinking gargling brushing your teeth with swimming in and bathing showering in daily.

        think about it. they can remove the sea salt during desalination process but not the pacific ocean fukushima radiation.



      53. So, at the moment there have been less than 3000 deaths from this disease confirmed for ANY version of it worldwide. That’s throughout history, since it was discovered in the 70’s.

        Yes, the symptoms are horrific, and people who get it seem at best only 50% likely to survive. It’s a bit like an airline crash or terrorist attack. Horrific, but comparatively rare.

        And yet people are acting as if it is poised to sweep the planet and kill everyone. Yes, it’s a very good idea to take steps to eradicate, minimize infection, isolate victims, and find the reservoir of the disease and control that. Yes it’s a very good idea to research treatments and/or vaccines to maximize survival.

        But it’s not a very good idea to panic and miss many other important things that are happening right now that these breathless, hyperbole-laden fear-porn stories are distracting us from.

        Worth remembering that WAY more people die of various versions of flu every single year. You are currently far more likely to die by car accident, heart attack, stroke or cancer, in the US, than from Ebola.

        Now, maybe the most recent outbreak is a new weaponized hybrid, it’s too early to tell, but if the number of new cases never starts growing exponentially, it isn’t worth worrying about other than the obvious of not sharing bodily fluids with people you’re not absolutely sure are healthy.

        • Joe,we wait long enuff will mutate to non lethal virus like others thru the eons have,tis insanity a virus kills it’s host,like us just purposefully ruining our garden/farm.

      54. Obama and Congress must be drooling over this unexpected way to destroy America.

      55. From July 24 to July 27 there’s been a 122 new cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) for a total of 1323 reported cases. Um, my basic math skills say thats a 9% increase in three days!! Three days!!! Obviously they have things well under controll there and its not even in the cards to become a problem here so go back and turn on the cartoons and smoke another blunt, See…..No worries mate,

      56. Joe.

        But it’s not a very good idea to panic and miss many other important things that are happening right now that these breathless, hyperbole-laden fear-porn stories are distracting us from.


        Like what?

      57. A poster on a forum has a friend who is a virologist and writes this about the Ebola outbreak. Take it FWIW.
        (I sincerely hope that this is all B.S.)

        The reason the media keeps repeating that mission medicine groups are pulling out is because they’ve never seen an outbreak in this scale before. Why they aren’t flying this patient to Fort Detrick containment facility first before Emory is unknown to me other than Emory and CDC have sequencing capabilities and Fort Detrick does not. I received a tweet from a colleague virologist in the field, Africa. His comment, “Much much worse than media is saying…. coming home”. I ask…..why wouldn’t they set up shop inside the massive BSL 4 facility at CDC? Emory? This virus has a 65% mortality rate not 80% which means it has traded off pathogenesis for the ability to “jump” i.e. move from patient to patient. Currently all that is known about this virus is that Blood or body fluid to mucus membrane direct contact, however, I now question that guideline recommendation for safe handling because the DOCTOR and NURSES who went straight away to the HOT ZONE are now infected and 2 nurses dead already that were trained to handle this virus infection in patients with “barrier protection” as recommended by CDC.

        Bottom line: I believe this virus is traveling on micro droplets of lung water vapor thus the virus is airborne and bio-safety training for airborne virus means RESPIRATORS of which none of the personal on site are wearing and people are coming home from service in Africa who won’t know they are infected. This virus has a 21 day infectivity period. All virus in this class are limited for spreading and jumping because Ebola, Marburg, Lasa etc all KILL their host too fast i.e. 7-10 days and that includes primary infection to crash and bleed out. This virus is 21-30 days? Huge difference in number of people an infected person can get close to with an incubation of 21-30 days vs 7-10. I believe this virus is a mutant thus reason they are taking the patient to Emory so the CDC and Emory labs can sequence it. Fort Detrick does not have that capability. Call me crazy but I’m not leaving it to chance even with a minute chance of it happening. Be prepared my friend!

        • Thanx BJ!

      58. This sign cannot be in America. “Centre” is the British spelling.

      59. “Anything you’re diagnosed with can and will be used against you in a ‘fusion center'”. “Healthcare” is now their new “law” that they use to get around what few restrictions the Bill of Rights weakly places on the otherwise government-supremacist Constitution that they don’t obey anyway. Is this why the CDC unleashed this plague in Africa, so they could incubate it so their elite masters can use it in America or elsewhere to round up and segregate the populace to be “re-educated” as abject slaves for their global “company-and-government-town” completely controlled economy and totalitarian police state? Anyone feeling sick would need to take it as an attack on oneself and consider anyone attempting to capture one as one’s mortal enemy.

      60. (1) Steve Quayle was contacted by a 4-star-general from the USAF
        in early July 2014. This contact warned of a prepared plan by the
        global elites to release a bio-weapon to reduce population after
        economic crisis in America due to a complete collapse of the dollar.

        (2) Around two weeks later, an Ebola outbreak in Africa was reported.
        The outbreak occurring in Sierra Leone.

        (3) A day later, it was reported that two Americans had come into
        contact with Ebola and were infected. One of them has died.

        (4) Later on, there were alerts issued by the CDC that others may
        have come into contact as well. It is confirmed one patient has been
        sent to Germany for treatment. The other American is now being flown
        to Emory Hospital in Atlanta run by the CDC.

        (5) The CDC issues a travel alert to major airports regarding Ebola.

        (6) According to Reuters, more that 100 health workers were infected
        with Ebola in Africa. Where will all these infected works be sent?
        There have been unconfirmed rumors of up to 30,000 people now being
        infected – federal governments worldwide are now on alert due to the
        global means of transportation via airports.

        (7) Later the CDC redacts their guidelines for reasons unknown.
        The original guidelines have been backed up and posted online by
        independent investigative journalists. After which, the CDC issues
        another alert telling people not to panic about Ebola – and again
        for reasons unknown.

        (8) US prez Obama amended and signed an Executive Order by George
        W Bush (originally thought to be related to an this Ebola outbreak)
        now confirmed by a CDC document that Executive Order 13295 has been
        planned to stifle new types of influenza flu viruses. This EO has
        granted government agencies, law enforcement and medical staff the
        right to detain anyone suspected of having influenza based on any
        kind of “respiratory illness.” Controversy remains high and debated
        due to the level of repercussions this has on our freedoms.

        (9) Maps of CDC-run quarantine stations around America leak to press.
        Quarantine Stations are located at 20 ports of entry and land-border
        crossings where international travelers arrive.

        (10) Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport reseaches the scene of
        where the Ebola officialy broke out, in Sierra Leone. A shocking
        discovery was reported with documentation to back these facts –
        US Fort Detrick associates and Tulane University researchers were
        doing tests aka experimental treatments for the last two years up
        until the Ebola virus broke out. These researchers work with other
        institutions including the US Army Medical Research Institute of
        Infectious Diseases, a well-known center for biological warfare
        research and bioterrorism defense, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.
        The Kenema Hospital is one of the centers of the Ebola outbreak –
        also being the same center where this same research occured.

        (11) It was soon after discovered that the Sierra Leone Ministry
        of Health and Sanitation ordered the shutdown of all US research
        in Sierra Leone hospitals!

        Did I miss something?

      61. They’ll send them to where they have all the FEMA coffins stacked up waiting for occupants. Like Atlanta…hello anyone awake!

      62. I have been making colloidal silver for a couple of years using one 9 volt battery and 10 gauge 999.9 silver wire. I use a laser light in dark room to check the clarity of my distilled water, and then afterwards to see the actual silver colloids in solution. No meters, my laser light tells me what I need to know.

        • Wow! Never thought of using a laser to test the solution.

          There never was a day i regretted reading SHTFPlan comments.

      63. UNDER JSC HOUSTON TEXAS NASA building 47 is a underground lab system and living quarters that was built self sealed in case astronauts came back with a disease from first moon landing. This could be used safe area from exposure from EBOLA and keep people safe. I know cause I was a fire protection specialists at NASA.

      64. Intravenous Vitamin C 500,000mg daily plus massive amounts of oral vitamin C will take care of Ebola once you have contracted it. Ebola removes 100% of the vitamin C from your body. That is why the symptoms are what they are-common to scurvy.

      65. Maybe there is some crisis acting going on with the recent arrival of said virus in Atlanta.

      66. Articles this audience might be interested in –

        7/31/14 Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

        7/31/14 Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters

        8/1/14 What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?

        8/2/14 Ebola: covert op in a hypnotized world

      67. as of july 31 there are 1440 supected cases from this outbreak with 826 fatalities.

        this is an outbreak that has been active since february. with a population in liberia of 3.4 million ,sierra leone 6.1 million and guinea of 11.4 million thats an infection rate of about .01% or so in a 6 month time frame for all 3 countries showing infection. serious but not out of control.

        hopefully that puts a little perspective on this out of control rampant “epidemic”

        bacon kills more people each year than ebola

      68. Hey all- Grandson came last week (early) on my way
        from Denver to New Mexico…. Gone one month.
        Let’s hope we all stay safe. Xo

      69. This worthless President of ours is to blame for the future outbreak of Ebola. He is trying to destroy our country. How much you want to bet with the first outbreak, he uses DHS, CDC, etc. to round up conservatives like he used the IRS to persecute conservatives. This guy is pure evil and he will not let this “good crisis” go to waste. Mark my words he will make an attempt to round us all up before it’s all said and done.

        Good Luck to you all,

        Mr. T

      70. Remember there is up to a 21 day incubation period. Although supposedly not contagious if not showing symptoms. You could potentially be infected several weeks prior to knowing. Stopping the spread will be difficult. Because of this incubation period the number you hear that are showing signs is 3 weeks behind the real number infected.

      71. Despite government denial, there is both a cure and a prevention for Ebola. It is safe, effective and inexpensive, already available is non toxic. The EPA has already approved it for disinfection of surfaces in hospitals and food service facilities since it is so effective at killing both viruses and bacteria on contact and leaves no toxic residue.
        In fact, it was the United States Department of Defense Defense Threat Reduction Agency which conducted the research that established that there is a safe and powerful agent with ability to kill the Ebola virus. The work was declassified in 2009 and can be seen here:
        What is the agent? Nano Silver 10 PPM (which is NOT the same as colloidal, ionic, protein or soft silver, by the way) Higher concentrations of Nano Silver were less efficient.
        Why are WHO, the US Government and other supposedly authoritative agencies claiming that there is no cure, no treatment for the disease? Important question.
        Whatever the answer may be, however (and I am inclined to think that the answer is not a very pretty one)the fact remains clear:
        Nano Silver 10 PPM’s lack of toxicity is well established as is its ability to kill the Ebola virus.
        I have written a protocol for its use which can be had without charge by entering your email information at
        Please share this information as widely as possible. The more people who have this protection available to them the fewer people who will get Ebola.
        Yours in health and freedom,
        Dr. Rima
        Rima E. Laibow, MD
        Medical Director
        Natural Solutions Foundation

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