Manufacturing Consent: How Engineered Famine Will Have The Masses BEGGING For FEMA Camps

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    In today’s Situation Update podcast (below), we discuss how events are being engineered in order to manufacture consent among the oblivious masses who will end up begging for FEMA camps to save them from starvation.

    The very same government that’s creating the problem by dismantling food and energy infrastructure will also present itself as the savior of humankind when they “rescue” people from each crisis they’ve created. In effect, as I explain in the podcast, your SLAVERS will pretend to be your SAVIORS.


    This is accomplished using the following 8-step playbook:

    1. ENGINEER the problem (create the crisis).
    2. BLAME it on someone else (it’s Russia’s fault, cyber hackers, Trump’s fault, etc.).
    3. PUSH OUTRAGE through the media, using psyops tactics to whip up anger at the party being blamed.
    4. CAUSE FEAR among the population through making it “hurt” with real-world losses of food, money, security, etc.
    5. BE THE SAVIOR by offering free food, free money (if you join the digital wallet), free vax jabs, or other interventions.
    6. SILENCE any who know the playbook by claiming they are opposed to solutions and working with the enemy.
    7. EXTERMINATE the masses via mRNA bioweapons, forced starvation, pandemic concentration camps, or other means.
    8. High-five Claus Schwab for a mission well done, China-style.

    Through this method, the masses can be corralled into participating in their own extermination and even loving it. This is what WEF globalists mean when they say, “You will own nothing and be happy.” Translated into practical context, what they mean is you will have no food, no energy, and no money and you will BEG for us to save you, and you will be thrilled when we offer you the final solution.

    Famine can be survived, and history shows us how

    One of the special reports in today’s podcast stems from a conversation I had yesterday with international war correspondent Michael Yon. He’s an avid reader and student of history, with a vast array of knowledge in famines, pandemics, and wars.

    As you’ll hear in the podcast, he gives many historical examples of how local leaders prepared their communities for famine by teaching food self-reliance and decentralization of food production. The histories of countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Ireland, and many others are replete with famine events, yet in each case, many people survived. Remarkably, some communities suffered no losses while others starved. What made the difference? Food self-reliance.

    Yet today in America and other western nations, there is near-zero food self-reliance being taught or even recognized as important. The vast majority of people acquire food from centralized food corporations (like Tyson Foods, for example, or General Mills), and they lack local food production skills that could keep them alive in a pandemic.

    Hear the full podcast, plus an interview with Dr. Scott Lively, here:

    – Today’s update is a combination of four special reports + an interview
    – Your SLAVERS will present themselves as your SAVIORS
    – Problem-reaction-solution being set up via food scarcity and famine
    – The oblivious masses will BEG for FEMA camps to “save” them
    – Those who begged for vaccines will also beg for digital currencies
    – They INVITE enslavement followed by extermination
    – You cannot help these oblivious masses, and they will eliminate themselves
    – We are at a PIVOT POINT for human civilization, a great die-off has begun
    – Good news: Famine is survivable if you have local food know-how
    – Critical skills acquisition in preparation for the accelerating collapse
    – Interview with Dr. Scott Lively on the LGBTQ culture wars against humanity




    Banned. Video: Banned. video/watch?id=63888fb20c6db771717cceb6




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