Man Who Was Jailed in North Korea Drops Bombshell: “There’s a Lot More Americans Locked up Here Than Anyone Knows.”

by | May 9, 2017 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    We should all hope that the current level of antagonism between the US and North Korea eventually passes, as it has many times before. But if it does, North Korea will fade from the news cycle. And with that, most people are going to forget about some of the crazy things that country has done, including the fact that they routinely kidnap foreigners and imprison them years.

    Currently there are four Americans who are known to be held by the North Korean regime. But as crazy as it might sound, there are probably many more Americans and other Westerners who are secretly being held captive there. You’d think that we would know about every single person who has been taken by that government, but there’s one reputable source who claims otherwise.

    While visiting North Korea, a Canadian security consultant and businessman by the name of James Leigh was imprisoned and interrogated there for several days last month. He claims that while he was in prison, he spoke to Professor Tony Kim, a US citizen who was also recently jailed by the authorities in North Korea. Kim was apparently being housed in a cell next to Leigh’s room, and the two frequently spoke to each other. Kim revealed to him that there are far more Americans being held captive in North Korea than any of us realize. Here’s what Leigh revealed in a recent interview with Newsmax, not long after he was released:

    He said during his two-and-a-half day imprisonment, Prof. Kim told him, “There’s a lot more Americans locked up here than anyone knows.

    “I said, ‘Are you serious?'”

    “He said, ‘Yeah, Canadians, Americans, Europeans. There’s a whole place to hold them.'”

    And that place apparently, goes by a very chilling name

    According to Leigh, Prof. Kim told him that many other foreign nationals have been secretly arrested and imprisoned in North Korea.

    Prof. Kim told Leigh an associate had visited the facility where the prisoners are housed. According to Prof. Kim’s account as related by Leigh, locals refer to that prison as “the house of people with no name” or “the place without a name” — Leigh was uncertain of the precise phrase due to language difficulties.

    “He was pretty specific about that,” says Leigh. “He knew about that. That was something he really wanted me to know. … There were Americans and Europeans. … He was pretty specific because that was probably where he was going.”

    And it’s not just Kim’s story that makes Leigh think that North Korea has captured scores of Westerners. He claims that during an interrogation, he saw filing cabinets brimming with large folders that were labeled with Western-sounding names. The only thing that’s even creepier than that, is how so many of these people could have found themselves imprisoned in North Korea.

    “He says there a lot more Americans than we know about being held,” says Leigh, who adds that given the thousands of U.S. ex-pats living in Asia and the limited resources available to track their whereabouts when they go missing, he does not find Prof. Kim’s claim farfetched or improbable.

    It sounds like he’s implying that North Korea isn’t just arresting Westerners who visit the country. They’re sending out agents to kidnap tourists and ex-pats in neighboring countries, before sneaking them back into North Korea. There’s actually a precedent for this. In the past, Kim Jong-il admitted that his government had kidnapped 13 Japanese citizens from Japan’s coastline between 1977 to 1983.

    Of course, it’s easy to make light of the countless abuses that have been committed by the North Korean regime. What’s harder to admit is that in the past, our own government has passed laws that allow agents of the state to imprison American citizens without trial, and make them disappear. Our own government has been caught training the military to intern Americans, and coerce them into forced labor. While North Korea has a horrific series of gulags designed to corral and subdue unruly citizens, we have plenty of FEMA camps waiting in the wings for the next serious national emergency.

    What’s going on in North Korea should stand as a warning to Americans. It’s shockingly easy for a government to make anyone disappear. And if North Korea slips away from the daily news cycle again in the near future, let’s hope that this lesson isn’t forgotten.

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      1. …The CIA’s Cheney-Bush era and their Manchurian candidate Obama-era “secret foreign prisons”????

      2. Why the hell would any sane American go to North Korea.

        Let the fools rot.

        This is about as smart as drawing pictures of Mohamed.

        • @Plan twice, prep once

          I agree with you; why would anyone want to go to North Korea! But to say “Let the fools rot” – what’s wrong with you … we’re talking about Americans.

          • PW, welcome and I have to agree.

          • I Agree, let them rot. If they are THAT retarded, they deserve the Darwin Award.

        • I guess I’ll have to cancel my vacation?.

          Why is anyone surprised, don’t you all remember the sister of a well known Asian American being arrested while getting a news story when she mistakenly stepped over the border.


        • evidently you didn’t read the story….they kidnap them across borders and take them back to NK.

          • Butt:

            I did read the article and they kidnap them from Japan and other bordering Countries, but I was referring to one specific but very well publicized case. I can’t recall the woman’s name (no joke intended), but the sister is a famous TV and movie celebrity.


            • Those women and boys are now part of denis rodman’s pleasure brigade when he visits that piece of filth Kim dung pee

        • Moohamid->?

      3. The government employees rule North Korea.The one group responsible for more murders then any other.? Wonderful government employees.

      4. I have stood on the site on South Korean soil where you can see exactly what this picture shows. They watch with binoculars, and we were told not to wave, flip the bird or any such movement. They take pictures and say in the NK paper , ” hey, look, the Amellicans love us” . So we watched them watch us. North Korea still tries to dig tunnels under the border, and it wouldn’t supervise me to find that’s how these Americans got over there. One former tunnel is blocked off and is a tourist site. It’s creepy. All the work is done with hand tools in solid rock. The South Korean side has an escalator and stairs and the walls are nicely finished, for stone. To think that the Norks starve their people so they can train the men with fake weapons just to look good makes me want to hurl. I’ve been praying for the North Korean PEOPLE ever since.

      5. This sounds plausible. Think of all the flaky Westerners who go on drug-fuelled trips to Southeast Asia – the hippies, the freaks – and how easy it would be to kidnap them and then disappear them. Nobody would care; just think they were living in a hut somewhere and smoking weed.

        Human traficking is easier than most people believe. Look at all the children who disappear, or the groups of people nobody cares about – gypsies, Africans, tribes, slum dwellers etc. Nobody really knows who is living in Europe these days, for example. Once off the radar, these people can have anything done to them.

        There is a bigger goal I think at play here with the NK: apart from keeping Westerners as bargaining chips (though nobody really cares about these people), I think it is because they engage in racial science. Race is a big deal to the North Koreans and they want to experiment in making superhumans. Kidnap a beautiful blonde and make her mate with a handsome Asian: see what you get.

      6. B from CA – That was over 5 yrs ago and it was Lisa Ling and her sister Laura. Lisa is the TV personality. They were making some sort of documentary. They were near the NK border and mistakenly crossed the line. That’s why they were taken and detained. They were released a few weeks later. If it weren’t for govt intervention, and also Oprah Winfrey’s pull, whom Lisa Ling occasionally worked for on special projects, they’d still be there, although I’m sure dead and buried by now.

      7. Still trying to demonize the North Koreans. Not buying it.

        • Right, they’re pure as driven snow.

      8. They were stupid for going there. Don’t let NK use them as pawns

      9. Actually, North Korea has a long history of kidnapping people from abroad. They’ve taken over 3000 people. Anyone ever hear how Kim Jong Il was a movie fanatic and kidnapped actors and actresses? He kidnapped Chin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-Hee, a director and actress team, in 1978 to improve North Korean propaganda movies. They even hijacked a South Korean airliner and took it to North Korea.

        I wonder what kind of vacation packages they sent them ?

      11. Ya cant fix stupid,
        If your American and your in NK you must be a special kinda stupid

      12. The only way I would go to N.K. is with the 101 and 82 AirBorne. Throw in a large bunch of Marines, and Air Force. With a ton of Navy ships setting off shore.


        • Sgt Dale

          The place isn’t worth one US life. I’m tired of freeing people from communism or other undesirable system and transferring control to Wall Street globalists that leaves nations in chaos. I’m as tired of rebuilding nations so disrupted with our money. We’re in constant war for ostensible reasons.

      13. Methodically country after country is off limits for vacation but others like Vietnam open up.

      14. There are Americans rotting away in prisons all over the world. And there are 1000’s of American woman/children kidnapped by wealthy elitists’ and held as sex slaves with no hope of escape. And there are millions of non-American woman/children lured into places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc…with promises of employment, only to be trapped into slavery & bondage. And lest not forget the 1000s of American POWs MIA, that never returned from Nam because Hanoi could not admit they exist…or face political world condemnation.
        Hell does exist, and its here on earth. When JC returns and raptures his flock, imagine what earth will be like when all the good people are gone.!!!!!

        • You are correct: white slavery is alive and flourishing like never before. The majority are taken from Eastern Europe but it also happens to white Westerners too. Most end up in the sex trade or kept as sex toys by rich Arabs, rich Africans etc. You see them all over the Middle East. It is pretty sick. As you can imagine, the blonde women fetch the highest price, as they always have. In the UK, it is to feed the sex market for the Asian men.

          It is pretty scary out there if you travel and have blonde daughter: that’s like walking around with a sign saying ‘rape me, take me’. If your children are white and blonde, definitely make sure you move to the right neighborhood and keep a close eye on them. Teach them to fight and be resourceful. We had an African dude who was openly trying to kidnap blonde school kids for months on end until the police eventually caught him after many complaints.

        • SAV, welcome and most people have forgotten about American POWs left behind. There were 35000 American, British, and French POWs who were held in eastern Germany and Poland in the final weeks of WW2. The camps were overrun by the Soviets and those men were never seen or heard from again. In Korea, 8000 Americans were listed as MIA and never accounted for. In Southeast Asia, there are thousands of American MIAs still unaccounted for. In the first Gulf War there were 35 Americans who are still MIA. The govt. just wrote them off. Just more proof the US govt. doesn’t care about its people, civilian or military.

      15. Vietnam wasn’t the start of holding American POWs after the war ended – it started back in Korea – there’s all kinds of captured military that were lifetime imprisoned in North Korea and even Russia …

        • Do not forget the 100,000+ Americans and allied POWS in eastern Germany, ‘liberated’ by the Russians that never came home, all went to Siberia and died there.

      16. From my vantage point the Vietnamese were nice people slaughtered by American demons. It seems a disconnect, hate on the Asians and tout the American military killing them.

        • right along the same lines as what they did to the native people right here

      17. Anyone who goes to Nth Korea is an IDIOT who deserves little sympathy!

      18. Tell you what fat boy, you can keep the dumb bastards.

      19. Any moron who goes to that part of the world deserves to be locked up

      20. It’s amazing to me how some Americans think that being born in the U.S.A. somehow confers upon them a special status that grants them immunity from maltreatment in other countries especially totalitarian communist ones. News flash: it doesn’t. If anything it makes you more of a target for maltreatment. Like so many posters have said here, if you go to NK and get thrown into jail you should have known you were a target before you went there. It’s not like this is any big secret.

      21. Why in the h-ll would you go to North Korea.
        You deserve to be locked up due to being a moron

      22. The North Koreans are kidnapping people from other countries in hopes they’ll get someone to design less embarrassing uniforms for them and find a crash diet to put the CRAZY FAT KID WITH THE BAD HAIRCUT on.

      23. Remember Jesse Ventura’s show “Conspiracy Theory”? He did an episode about FEMA camps, and filmed one where there definitely were people already living there. It had a playground outside, and as I recall there were kids there. But “officially” the place was empty and so nobody had any clue who these people were. This was at least 7 years ago.

      24. I live abroad and have always shunned the US Consulate’s invitation to give them my name and address, so they can locate and “help” me if there’s ever an emergency. They can just stay out of my business dammit… And there are many thousands–literally–of other Americans around here who haven’t registered with the Consulate either, probably most of us.

        So theoretically, it’s quite possible that some of us could disappear and nobody would pay much attention. I have zero difficulty imagining that in the area around Korea it’s much the same.

      25. There are lots of Americans in foreign jails. The idea of NK kidnapping strangers at random is ludicrous. And as the US won’t deal with NK they can’t trade prisoners or let people go home to serve their time in their home country as is the deal often made between Canada & the US.

      26. Mark said, “They’re sending out agents to kidnap tourists and ex-pats in neighboring countries, before sneaking them back into North Korea. There’s actually a precedent for this.”

        Yes, but blacks were first caught and sold, by their own fellows, and sent to a different part of the world.

        We consciously accept the fact that Americans can be held captive, on specious, moral grounds, and put to forced labor, and shuffled around.

        So, why can’t they arrive in a different part of the world.

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