“Man Made Water Disaster”: National Guard Take Water Door-to-Door in Contaminated Michigan

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 62 comments

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    Disaster at home has once again brought out the National Guard to provide emergency relief to hundreds of thousands of people facing toxic tap water. Americans are in peril, and government agencies are scrambling to patch up the failure to provide decent conditions to its residents.

    On the upside, the government is taking the contamination of water in and around Flint, Michigan seriously.

    On the downside, effective martial law is taking over the area, as a water crisis emergency has been declared, and National Guard troops will be conducting door-to-door visits to deliver water, filters and supplies. It could be Hurricane Katrina all over again, but this time there’s no hurricane to blame, only people.

    A swarm of federal and state agencies are coming with them, including FEMA, the EPA and the CDC.

    via ABC News:

    Members of the Michigan National Guard began arriving in Flint on Wednesday for briefings on the drinking water crisis just as state health officials reported a spike in Legionnaires’ disease cases in the county where the city is located.

    …They are part of a larger contingent of Guardsmen who will help distribute bottled water, filters and other supplies to residents.


    About 30 Guardsmen will be in place by Friday, enabling American Red Cross volunteers to join the door-to-door efforts that began Tuesday instead of staffing sites where residents can pick up free bottled water, filters, replacement cartridges and home water testing kits.

    Lead poisoning can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, pregnancy issues and vital threats to long term development. Legionnaires’ Disease, a potentially deadly lung infection, is also sweeping the area, with dozens of residents coming down with the rare disease which may or may not be attributable to the water crisis in Flint.

    Flint’s tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money while under state financial management.

    The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is consulting with state health officials and local health departments in Michigan on the increase in Legionnaire’s disease cases in and around Flint… Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that infect the lungs… they can’t conclude that the increase is related to Flint’s water crisis.

    Snyder, who has also faced criticism, said Monday that the water situation is a “crisis” and last week declared an emergency.

    Bad pipes and neglected water treatment systems in the rundown areas of Flint and Detroit have made this a long-term issue that will continue to pose a health threat, and invite federal intervention.

    Poor economic conditions have now put lives at risk and created a “man made water disaster.”

    For more than a year, water drawn from the Flint River leached lead from old lines into homes after the city switched its drinking water. Exposure to lead can cause behavior problems and learning disabilities in children.

    This latest disaster – which has put an entire city and other surrounding areas at risk – should have been avoided from the beginning. Instead it has causes numerous deaths, and left citizens exposed to a series of potentially serious hazards.

    Add this experience to the list of SHTF scenarios – municipal breakdown, unreliable public utility quality control, environmental contamination in urban environment, and viral disease exposure in the water supply!

    Government can’t and won’t help you avoid these life threatening crisis. Flint, Michigan just proved it isn’t ready for everyday services, let alone resilience in a disaster.

    And Flint isn’t alone. Joshua Krause reported on Sacramento in California, where cash-strapped city officials cut back on water treatment and testing, and left residents drinking contaminated water for over a year. Texas has had a long-standing controversy over high levels of radioactive particles in drinking water.

    While the National Guard jumps in to restore order, and the alphabet agencies study what went wrong and how much to fix it, government wasn’t even able to ensure basic clean water.

    Before the National Guard has to make a door-to-door visit, it would be prudent to get your own water filtration, storage and purification system in order. Start here with the basic methods and most important priorities for water during an emergency.

    With the chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals and radioactive contaminants in most public drinking water systems, it would be wise to be using these systems anyway in everyday use.

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      1. I put the odds of 2016 being the Shtf year at over 50%.

        • FS, that doesn’t say much. It’s been over 50% for a decade now. Nobody knows when it will be. There have been signs for many years. Just keep reading your Bible and keep on prepping.

          • Thank you. I will.

            • This is how Martial Law wull unfold. How do you onow there is any water contamination. This is PsyOpps to see how the public reacts. Mam’ I’m from the Government, and here to help you; here is your Free water, but you have to hand over your guns to us for safe keeping. BTW/ your wife and kids are at the Stadium and you need to go check in there to claim your family. Sure take an overnight bag.

              Btw/ this is WWTI – 11 months at my FL BOL and thriving. The Solar Rocks.

              • If memory serves, Flint is home to a very large Muslim population. It may well be that this gives the government an excuse to open as many front doors as possible and get a peek at what is going on inside.

                • Flint is not home to a very large Muslim population (perhaps you are thinking of Dearborn). Your theory has no basis in fact and is fear/conspiracy mongering.

                  • Then I am mistaken. I was not intending to spread fear, just postulating a theory based upon an erroneous recollection. Thank you for the correction.

              • Have often wondered how things were going for you.

                Glad to hear you’re doin’ well.

              • Cool! WWTI, glad you are doing well. Thanks for the update! 🙂

      2. Why did the National Guard need to be called in? This was not a catastrophe or an emergency. This has been an ongoing problem. Something doesn’t add up.

        • 30% real problem, 30% psyop, 30% training mission for guard, 10% bookkeeping smoke and mirrors.

          Is that 30% psyop on the public that bothers me.

          Likely doctors are seeing the lead poisoning in children for them to be spending this money at all.

          Using the guard to distribute water and filters, likely comes out of another budgetary line they think they can draw from, likely without authorization by the state house. These cities are bankrupt, thus the problem in the first place.

          • Your right about the bankruptcy thing, I didn’t think of that. However why do it at all. They could just pick up the water at a designated place. Seems like a good way of collecting Intel on who and what is where to me.

            • The door to door thing stinks of a recon mission.

              There is terrible ignorance in these cities. Squatters etc who neither read or listen to any news. If the waters poison, the water is poison.

              • I live in Michigan…pre-teen grandchild visited last month and asked us why everything in Michigan looks like a movie out of the 1990s. The kid nailed it with one sentence.

                Our roads are not built to last. They repave the same roads every year, and every year, bumpity-bumpity-bump come springtime…then they repave the same roads over and over and over: Close one lane to the 90-mile-an-hour commuters (yep, it’s only supposed to be 70 max) and drag it out through the whole summer. Rinse and repeat.

                And unless you live in the uber-metro areas (NOT Detroit – think U of M Ann Arbor, Lansing, etc.) or have a business that provides one of the government mandates (insurance, etc.), a casino-dependent area, or an area that caters primarily to the wealthy vacationers, nothing really flourishes here anymore.

                Michigan is also an EXTREMELY liberal state (downstate and mid-state) with a periodic flirtation with Republican governors (although it is really hard to tell the difference between the two types nowadays)…being the home of past motor-filled glories featuring the UNION). So it was not uncommon for the average auto worker to have a home downstate and a vacation home “up north”…until 2008 said its hello, that is and everything soured.

                We have drones that fly overhead, especially late at night…being close to a National Guard base and a “try ’em and see if they work” center for drones. They sound like a cross between a helicopter and a kid’s toy….like a heavy smoker sounds.

                Cops everywhere. In one town we live by, if there is a traffic stop of any kind, 6 squad cars show up – honest truth… a rich tourist town.

                So in a nutshell, the Democrats strip-mine the state’s coffers and then the Republicans come in and strip-mine the people.

                Yeah, we are preparing to move.

                • Dem! Yet another state that’s been demned to Liberal hell.

                  Best of luck in your move. May it happen before the SHTF.

                • We moved here to Nevada 12 years ago. Like everywhere the libtards and conservaturds are doing their best to enslave us but libertarians resist much more than others. There are also few gun restrictions(so far)so that also makes for a real deterrent to the takeover of tyrants (think legal machine guns). Self thinking, self supporting patriots are always welcome to boost our numbers and continue the fight.

                • Detroit makes me think of Gotham City

          • Flint has been one of the hardest hit cities in the nation when the economy dropped and where on the verge of bankruptcy. The big problem was the governor came in and fired all of the elected officials in the city and installed his own manager. This manager in an attempt to save money discontinued the purchase of the cities water from Detroit and even sold the pipe line into town. The city then started pumping water straight from the Flint river, which contained a lot of salt which started corroding the city pipes and leaching lead from the joints into the water. When doctors and scientists started raising the alarm about increased lead levels in the children, the governor tried to deny that there was any problems and discredit the health officials. It wasn’t until the media started hounding the governor every night on TV and asking why the federal government was not stepping in, that he finally started to do anything. This is still only a minor temporary fix since the pipes are going to leach for years to come. While this is a real travesty, never forget your own government could do the same thing or something similar to anyone of you at any time. Another case of the government screwing over the people.

      3. This when the cities try to save money you this.
        You can’t keep taxing he middle class before it falls apart.

        This is glimpse at the future.

        Let us hope that this is some kind of false flag were the Guard isn’t looking into you house to se where your guns are. Take the water at the front door.


      4. Take all the water you can get. Get a Berkey water filter if you can. there are several water filters available on the market.

        • We have a Berkey even though we have a well. Best tasting water ever. Haven’t purchased bottled water in years. The filters last forever also. If anyone can afford it, buy one you won’t be disappointed.

          • Our own government is doing something already to screw the American people…adding fluoride to the public drinking water.

          • We have well water and a berkey as well. Love this system. Have been using the same filters for two years and should get a couple more years out of them. We have the gallon and a half size(?). It’s not the biggest. Wished we had bought the biggest one. With 7 people drinking the water we are constantly filtering water. To anyone considering a Berkey go with the biggest system if you can afford it. Sawyer is great too. Keep those in our cars.

        • Jim and everyone, I’ll look into a Berkey, but I also recommend Sawyer water filters. 2 years ago they came out with a Water Filter Bottle which is good for everyday use. The filter can be cleaned and never needs replacing. Rated for 100,000 gallons of water. That’s more than Katadyn and other brands. I bought 2 of them from Ready Made Resources which advertises here. They were $39.95 each. Free shipping on orders over $50. The first time I tested them at the creek and well at the BOL, they made some already good-tasting water even better. I also have the Sawyer All-In-One filer and the Mini filter rated for up to 1,000,000 gallons. I’ve tested both of those in the creek and well with the same results. I still have my old Katadyn with 2 extra filters that I’m saving for a barter item. someone will be happy to get that item in post-SHTF. Can’t go wrong with Sawyer products. you can also go to http://www.sawyer.com for the complete line of Sawyer products.

          • The Berkey is so worth it, Braveheart. We have a pond and are planning on using its water when the shtf. Our well is 440 ft deep so can’t use a hand pump. We have city water but always filter it because of chlorine, Florida, etc. helps make the coffeemaker, etc last longer too. Even filter the dogs water, preventing kidney stones. Our water has an extremely high calcium content, from the limestone.

      5. and the sad thing is
        the CORRUPT Governor of Michigan and his top aides
        knew about this for months
        and DELIBERATELY did not act

        time to impeach and imprison

        • The governor needs to be let go immediately and charged for his incompetence which has led to illness and disease. Local health departments are usually very involved when children or a community has issues with lead and can effect change. A very healthy diet is critical when someone has issues with lead. Just picked up some Cilantro seeds today. Cilantro can help with heavy metal detox. It’s easy to grow.

      6. Isn’t that an auto manufacturing city?

        Time to get out of Dodge…err…DeSoto…err…Studebaker…

      7. I have whole house water filters on the main coming into the house. It takes care of that fishy smell in the water that is ultimately sourced from a large river. I have an additional high quality filter installed on the refrigerator that has water and ice in the door, that is our primary drinking and cooking water source.

        In the whole house filters (two running in parallel) I have just used a general sediment and taste filter so far, there are other types of filters available for the filter units I installed.

        After reading this I would be probably smart to put some filter cartridges on the shelf that are rated for heavy metals and other toxic contaminants that have not previously been a concern.

        • There are Reverse Osmosis filters you can get for a few hundred bucks. They work great and the water is actually delicious.

        • Yes but be sure to get filters that are rated for lead and mercury. Most filters don’t remove lead. Berkey black filters do and so does the PUR facet filters (not the PUR pitcher filters). We have several different filter systems and depending on what is in the water, you may have to run it through a couple of different filters.

      8. The blame is a drum beat rising to blame the present governor. this problem cannot or has not developed in the last few years. This is the direct result of crooked politics that has been kept in place for decades by the Democrats and the extensive payoff system that provides profits for the businesses that contribute to the Democrat party. The media is complacent in this as well for they are all too ready to point the finger without providing any real investigative reporting. They want maximum coverage with minimum effort that requires no real skill. The governor then is the prime target and when he is a republican the blame is welcomed as another way to get a democrat back as governor so things like this is swept under the rug.

        • Surely anybody in politics knows or at least has an idea how the game is played. How long has this guy been in the political game? Seems like he knew about the poisoning of citizens for awhile but stood down and did not immediately address the problem when it was brought to his attention.

      9. Who filters my water? God himself via 15 miles of limestone and 247 feet of dirt.

        I have a well 287 feet to the bottom. The last 40ft Limestone. Its cased to 257 feet. Will produce 700 gal/hr of pristine, clear, soft water. It has a lot of manganese in it, but other than that, its perfect.

        Victims of whatever are a dime a dozen. Nobody ever thinks of these things. I did and do. Refuse to be a victim by the way you live your life. The well was a 10,000 dollar investment but I never have to depend on anyone else.

        • Yep, NetRanger. And this is what has been said over and over on this blog for years…secure a clean, reliable source of water.

          Not everyone can or will move out of the city, but those on here should know that you need water that doesn’t need active filtering or treatment to secure your well being for the future of root hawg or die.

          My supply is filtered by mother earth and is gravity flow spring water off the mountain. No added electricity or filters needed.

          • JRS- just thought it would be a good opportunity to add to your post about water sourcing. We have a section of roofing made of standing seam metal that has condensation and runoff almost every day of the year except for extreme dry periods. The amount of runoff every day is amazing and the water is clear and clean. We have it channeled to a rain chain right now… but that would be our main source of water even though we live near a lake. I heartily endorse metal roofing for just this purpose. We had a hail storm last week and many people here are getting new asphalt roofs- our Decra metal roof is just fine.

        • Good for you NR, I wish I had that kind of well. Where we live we can’t. I do however, have a couple different ways to filter water if need be and a really good water source close by.

        • NetRanger, there’s a nice deep well at the BOL I’m going to plus a year-round creek borders on one side of the property. Some of the best tasting water I’ve ever had in my life. Also a rain catchment system on the cabin. No water issues in north GA.

        • Ok. Good. You got great water, but what do you do when the power grid goes off? You use electric to pump the water?
          I had an old fashioned water pump from 1930. I went and bought a long hose to attach with clamp to the bottom of hand pump. I stick the hose in the well and can pump water. I got a great idea for you. I saw this in a magazine recently. Go to http://www.emergencywellpump.com or call 540 632 0433. Its a long thin tube you put in well by a rope you supply, so it will reach way down just make the rope super long. It fills up with almost a gallon of water, pull up, pour out the water from the other end. Real kool and cheap. $70. I’m going to get one in case my pump breaks.

          • Marie, I appreciate the thought, but the well already has a Flojak pump as backup. all my relatives have wells with Flojaks as backup. they’ve already used them in some power outages and swear by them. Plus, my land where the BOL sits borders on a year-round creek on one side; extra source of water. appreciate the concern. I’ll advise the family of the link but it’s up to them whether to look into it for their properties.

        • Having a good well is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but as I learned in Maine it is not the end all. A friend of mine started having issues with his well tasting salty, water very dirty, ETC. He had it tested and somehow it was getting surface water into it. He hired a contractor to inspect the well and come to find out, when the state rebuilt and widened the highway out front of his property, they had to dynamite some ledge and cracked the bedrock down into his well. After that the road runoff, including the winter salt treatment was leaching directly into his well water. He never did get a good resolution from the state and after a few years had to connect up to the city water that ran by out on the highway, just so he could have usable water. All at his expense.

      10. Another case of the government screwing their people. I have been following this since the beginning. This has been going on for some time now and the governor was ignoring it until the media started pushing daily for a resolution. Unfortunately, they are going to have problems for quite awhile to come since the pipes have been corroded by the salt in the water and will leach lead for years. They are going to have to have lead removal filters at each home to insure the lead is removed or replace all of the water pipes in town. Either way it will be a huge bill and the governor is going to do every thing he can to stall it. All of this to save a few dollars on buying water from Detroit,by pumping it straight from the Flint river. When it started, he was in denial and claimed there was no problem even as the local health nurse and scientists were sounding the alarm about rising lead levels in the kids. God only knows what permanent damages may have already been done to the kids. Another lesson in why we should all have a variety of filters on hand, to cover many different situations.

        Know your enemy and pick your fights accordingly!

      11. Charles Pierce in Esquire: Snyder is Even Worse Than Rahm

        h ttp://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/1/14/1469876/-Charles-Pierce-in-Esquire-Snyder-is-Even-Worse-Than-Rahm

        E-mails that finally have been pried loose from Snyder’s administration have revealed that the administration was fully aware of what was going on, and blew off the problem. And then, yesterday, in as smarmy and useless a press conference as I’ve ever seen, Snyder stood with the mayor of Flint and took a “looking forward, not back” approach to his own insensitive bungling…

        that piece of sh_t Rick Snyder and his top aides
        knew about this for at least 6 months
        and he did NOTHING

        and now he is crying crocodile tears ???

        that douche bag should be impeached and imprisoned

      12. Flint, MI is a hole. I am surprised most of the parents care if their kids get lead poisoning or not since most of the kids there suffer from poor people syndrome: aka child abuse in Flint. Seems like those crackheads might welcome their kids being a little slower than normal so they don’t get reported for neglect, etc.

        Don’t worry you can always count on even the dumbest ones to continue to breed. Ignorance and low IQ’s can still pop out a few more welfare babies for momma.

        Course you know god’s got a plan and each child is created specifically by his magical potion.

        • And just who the f@@@ are you? You sure have plenty to say about the low hanging fruit. Guess you never have to worry about water contamination, disease or contaminated food do ya?

          • Who is Marty, you ask?

            Was just telling my better half that you can tell somebody associated with the government or who has a government mentality – they must get paid by the word to say things that are incredibly stupid, yet meant to rile up the sheep so the sheep ignore the wolf smacking its lips on the fringes of the herd.

            Example: Marty blends (supposed) insults against conservatives and liberals into one single blog…interesting.

      13. That was nothing more than a false flag attack on the water supply to let the national guand go out to guage how the public would accept the soldiers on thier front lawn after martial law. Except that when the real one hits, you daughter and wife is coming with them. They will not received with such a warm welcome in some areas of the country. Its not a wonder that they are running beta test, to test people reaction.



        Trolls of January

        angry beaver.

        • From the above article:

          Texas has had a long-standing controversy over high levels of radioactive particles in drinking water.

          Wonder where the “radioactive particles” came from?

      14. Very similar situation about 50 miles north of me.
        Fox creek alberta
        We were hit with an earthquake right here in central Alberta 2 days ago I was on the road at work and didn’t feel it. But due to the fracing in that area not only is the water undrinkable you can’t bath in it because it leaves burn marks its well know you don’t drink the water.
        Point being no national guard there just life as normal.
        I wonder was there a lot of drilling some place within 100 miles.

      15. Wormwood

        • !

        • Wormwood (Bible), also called Apsinthos in the Book of Revelation, a star that falls upon Earth and poisons a third part of the waters.

          Re 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

          Re 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

          wormwood–a type of bitterness

          bitter–(of people or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one’s bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.

      16. I’d like to know what the local health department has been doing about this problem. They are involved in public water safety and addressing lead issues in the community. They sure stand at the ready to give immunizations and FLU shots.

        • The public health department raised the issue, but since they work for the governor, they were shut up and discredited by him. Everyone that brought up the issues in Flint were made to look like they did not know what they were talking about or their jobs were ended. I have a friend that lives there and we got them using a Big Berkey, but the water is so dirty they have to pre-filter it through sediment filters just to keep from plugging up the Berkey too fast. They installed a double filter housing on the house and all the water goes through two sediment filters and then they fill the Berkey for consumption. Works great, but a lot of the people in Flint can not afford to buy the systems needed and the government could give a shit.

          • Thanks JAS.

      17. This is not a new problem, the Great Lakes are contaminated with Mercury , pcb’s, it’s all laying I the sediment on the bottom of the rivers and lakes. It gets stirs up when people walk in it, or they dredge the bottom. You can go the Michigan .gov/ don’t web site and they tell you not to eat the fish, or wait men can eat it just not women and children. But the government relies heavily on the fishing industry for funds.
        When I was working on the Detroit water system the under ground storage tanks had pools of mercury floating around, this came from the measuring instruments they used to use in the 20’s, but since it doesn’t mix with water, and the public can’t see it it still is there. Millions of people drinking this daily.
        The ground water is just as bad, the auto companies used to bury their paint slugged away from the city. But now that area is the suburbs . Red Ozzie comes out of the ground at a local theater, freedom hill no less. But no one cares as long as the musics good. The deep wells have arsenic at levels higher than allowable limits,
        You could throw blame at a lot of places but , when it comes down to it. The purple allow this to coninue, as with flint, the people that caused the problem be become very rich by fixing the problem they created. I would think that they double be fired,and charges filed against them. And take the dam pension away, these politicians , go to jail and still keep their health care and pension. If a cop can be prosecuted, do can these people that think they are in charge.

      18. I heard on news some time ago, that the city of Flint, started using water from the river, and someone them the lead content was going sky high,, wasnt taken care of, because it was cheaper getting water from the river,,,, Flint was a huge car manufacturing base from the 40’s on, I had many uncles and relatives that worked it, regardless its about the almighty dollar, and to hell with the problems

      19. I had an enjoyable evening with my little one testing our water with a simple test kit from American Science Surplus. We tested for lead, chloride, copper, iron, bacteria, PH, and pesticides and heavy metals. The results were pretty good, but we still use a Berkey, anyway.

      20. The Republicans saw how much money there was to be made stealing DWSD from the City of Detroit so they took Flint out of the system thereby causing a revenue shortage of $66million to DWSD to financially weaken it. Then it’s a candidate for takeover. Poisoning the children was just an added bonus after all most are black and vote Democratic. Water bills in Metro Detroit jumped up because of that shortfall and now that Flint has to be reconnected there’s no way the bills will go back lower. See now the maintenance and construction Contracts given out for bids are now going towards Snyder’s buddies they’ve become more expensive. How do I know this? My fiancé and a couple of friends are still in key positions at GLWA/DWSDr

      21. BTW-WaPo ran an article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/social-issues/how-companies-make-millions-off-lead-poisoned-poor-blacks/2015/08/25/7460c1de-0d8c-11e5-9726-49d6fa26a8c6_story.html which explained poor blacks in Baltimore, including Freddy Gray, suffer from incredibly high lead-levels due to shoddy construction and bad water. These people, according to the article, are severely brain-damaged and barely function at a highschool level. Many of them exist on structured settlements from lawsuits against the original builders, however they’re so ignorant, there’s an entire loan industry devoted to scamming them out of their structured settlements for lump sum payments worth pennies on the dollar. It made for fascinating reading.

      22. 1. the news said 100 thousand households are affected…
        and the water bills stayed the same…
        if they saved 10 dollars on each house,
        that is one million a month…
        times 12 months is 12 million dollars…

        WHERE did all that money go ???

        2. similar problem in la belle, fla.
        they spent 5 million dollars on a new water plant, 3 years ago…
        but, something was not designed right,
        and recently, independent testing proved the water is contamanated,
        has been the whole time,
        and they say it will take 6 months more to get the parts needed to fix it…
        has to be special ordered / custom made…
        but the old water plant is still there, unused,
        and of course,
        the water bills are still the same as when the water was good.
        so we pay for quality water, and they give us contaminated water for that price.

        3. to those blaming democrats;
        reaganomics sent the high paying jobs overseas,
        and republicans always vote against raising the minimum wage,
        and they cut taxes on the rich.
        so, low paid workers do not pay much tax,
        the rich do not pay much tax,
        creating a budget shortfall.
        and reaganomics let the banks play games with our retirement money, and caused the 2008 crash.

        and the bad water is not where the rich republicans live.
        it is where the poor democrats live.

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