Man Kicked Off Plane, Jailed for Wearing Pajama Pants; Passengers Evacuated

by | Jun 21, 2011 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    We’ve spent many hours travelling through airports the world over and have often noticed, especially on those early morning flights, individuals who choose to wear their pajama pants on the flights. Let’s face it, flying isn’t exactly the most comfortable experience one can engage in. Usually, and this is stereotypical of us, those pajama pants are being modeled by female college co-eds. Not once has this ever been an issue. Up until now, that is.

    It turns out that if you’re a black male wearing pajama pants on your flight, however, you are violating airline dress code policy, subject to a citizen’s arrest, and in criminal violation of some non-existent law. Deshon Marman, a college football player with a full athletic ride at the University of New Mexico was removed from a U.S. Airways flight and subjected to the above for doing just that – wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by the pilot.

    Marman first told ABC, he wanted to apologize to all of the passengers that had been disrupted from their travel plans because he never thought this incident surrounding his pajama bottoms would have escalated to this point. But he felt he was a paying passenger who didn’t present any cause to be removed from the plane.  He told reporters that a flight attendant asked him to leave his seat and then the pilot asked for his boarding pass.

    But Marman refused to de-plane and the situation escalated with Marman and the pilot which resulted in the pilot making a citizen’s arrest.  Marman said, “I’m just like everybody else on this plane. I’m human, and the pilot said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re not like everybody else.’

    We’re glad he gave his side of the story. Prior stories made it seem like he was wearing sagging jeans when they were baggy pajama pants. We’ve seen plenty of passengers walking around in pajama pants and much less on flights throughout the country. We’re not sure what the pilot meant when he said Marman is not like everybody else.

    Source: The Root

    The pilot subsequently deplaned the aircraft to protect passengers from Mr. Marman and his pants.

    Apparently, Mr. Marman refused to be handcuffed in the jetway after leaving the plane and an officer was reportedly injured in the scuffle. Marman was charged with trespassing, battery and interfering with the duties of a police officer. No video of the events after he deplaned has been made available, but given the recent string of artificial and trumped up charges by police and private security guards around the country and the fact that Mr. Marman was fairly controlled in his encounter on the airplane, we won’t believe the charges are legitimiate until we see the tape.

    Mr. Marman faces up to 4 years in prison for battery and one year and six months in county jail for the two other charges.

    A video of the encounter on the plane has been made available. It depicts a frustrated Marman, yet a man who seems to be completely controlled in his argument and demeanor:

    It was first reported that the pants he was wearing were sagging and baggy. We have since learned that they were actually pajama pants, according to Mr. Marman himself.

    The Chief Deputy District Attorney, when questioned about the charges, replied:

    “We’re not deciding how somebody wears their clothing is a crime. Because it’s not. What we’re deciding is whether or not there was an interaction that occurred (where) there was conduct by Mr. Marman that violated the laws in his dealing with the police and with the personnel there. That’s what we’re looking at. This has nothing to do with whether it’s inappropriate for somebody to wear their clothing in a certain way. That’s not of interest to us.”

    Source: KQED

    The fact that Mr. Marman was initially detained and then arrested for comitting no crime is of no significance or interest to the DA. The Supreme Court of Indiana recently ruled that individuals have no right to defend themselves from an unlawful entry by a police officer, essentially throwing the fourth amendment in the trash (*note, that this incident occurred in California). It seems Indianda isn’t the only state that finds it OK to seize a person without probable cause. It is our view that if Mr. Marman committed no crime to begin with his detainment, arrest and jailing were in clear violation of his Constitutional protections to be safe and secure within his own body.

    A spokesman for U.S. Airways also responded to the incident in a move to clear any wrongdoing on the part of the airline. In an interview with KQED News:

    Is it a policy of U.S. Airways to remove people from planes for wearing pants that expose their underwear?

    (In) this particular incident, the individual was removed from the aircraft after repeatedly ignoring crewmember instructions.

    What was the safety concern related to his attire?

    The safety concern was repeatedly ignoring the crew members’ instructions.

    How does that become a safety issue?

    The safety of all our passengers and employees is our top priority and it’s important to adhere to crewmember instuctions, which is paramount in ensuring a safe and comfortable traveling environment.

    Regardless of the content of the instruction, you mean?

    That’s correct.

    There’s been some question about your policy, whether it is an explicit policy about attire?

    US Airways does not have a specific dress code. But we do ask our customers to dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our passengers.

    Where is that written?

    We don’t have a specific dress code.

    When you say you ask passengers, where is that ask made?

    I’ll have to find that out for you and let you know.

    This entire incident stemmed from the pilot of the aircraft deeming Mr. Marman’s pajamas a safety issue and potential threat to passengers.

    The following apparel, however, is just fine:

    (*Note: We are not attempting to single out Islamic dress, but simply wanted to point out the ridiculousness of it all. We are aware the Muslim Americans have also been kicked off of airplanes in several instances because of their clothing. However, for the most part, dressing in full Islamic apparel has not led to the same treatment as what Mr. Marman received)

    Mr. Marman boarded a plane after having attended a funeral for a friend. He wore pajamas. He was accosted and stood up for his rights as a Constitutionally protected American who was being singled out for absolutely no reason that we can discern. The state is now prepared to take away the life which he has built through hard work and dedication.

    The arrogance and egos of those involved will not allow this individual a fair trial if they have their way, especially if we don’t get to publicly view the TSA security tapes from the jetway and the events that occurred after all the passengers deplaned and the personal video recording was shut off.

    This serves as a warning to us all: If and when the agents of the police state (and there are many of them, many don’t even realize they are agents of tyranny) get their talons in you, you’d better comply – with a smile, or face years in prison in the interest of justice being served.

    They will take your freedom, your livelihood, your money, your family, and your life if it serves their interests.


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      1. Life is much more simple.
        Why the hell some people want to make it so complicated?
        The guy wanted to fly with his fucking pajama.
        So what?
        Who on earth was annoyed other than this idiot pilot?
        Was the pajama a flying terror? Was there a potential for the pajama to hijack the plane?
        What if the black pajama guy, was instead a blondie with a miniskirt without panties? What the reaction would be then?
        I think we have totally forgotten the meaning of life..

        Be safe. Wear your pajamas. Only at bed.

        • He wasn’t kicked off because he was wearing pajama pants. He was kicked off because his pants were hanging below his butt. He wouldn’t pull them up so he got kicked off

          • It is rude and disgusting to see a guy wearing his pants so low to reveal his underwear. We are civilized and don’t live in the forest.

      2. Ive seen plenty of men wearing their pants down , exposing their underware, and getting on and flying in commercial airlines flights and nothing was said or done to them..

        seems he was singled out..period.

        But on another note…People this wearing pajamas in public is really not a good look, no matter how sexy you think you look , you look like a lazy ass lozer..just my 2 cents

        Now the wearing of garments that completely cloak your identity..thats a problem..look at the picture of that Muslim look at the picture in her pass port..
        how are you to know thats even her..or even possibly a man dressed like a woman? I know they wouldnt let me on looking like that..try it and see what happens

        If you have to have it off for an official picture , than you need it off to identify yourself..end of story

        Screw the TSA, And The airlines..we all should boycott them both and let them know where their paycheck comes from

        • dont get me wrong, im not saying wearing your pajamas gets you a trip to jail..Im just saying its not a good look and it needs to go, along with a few other types of dress..have some self respect.

        • Wait a minute! Most people don’t wash thoroughly around their asshole after shitting, in fact most don’t wash it at all. Continental Europeans have come farthest as bidets are in most bathroooms over there.Most people smell around there and some really dirty people don’t change their underpants and old shit on underpants is the worst smell of all. So that could be an excuse used in the aircaft incident if more than the usual was on show especially with that baffling new fashion fad among certain young people.

      3. Many articles state that whatever he was wearing was very far down, showing the outline of his buttocks, covered only by his underwear. The embedded video didn’t show whether this is true – I expect witnesses on the plane will clear this up in time.

        If it turns out his pants were very low, pajamas or pants makes no difference to me. Depending on how low his “bottoms” were, I might be inclined to side with the airline, for asking him to pull his pants up, then asking him to leave the plane when he refused.

        If his pants weren’t very low, then I suppose it might be a case of gender bias if it can be proved that females are allowed to wear pajamas on board.

        Either way, wasn’t he asked to leave the plane by the person in charge of the plane? Refusal to comply generally causes the police to be brought in.

      4. The crux of the problem is that the ‘authorities’ demand to be obeyed, regardless of what they tell you to do or why. And the peasants, in their misguided belief that they have some ‘liberty’ are asking questions which the authorities deem inappropriate to ask. We are moving into the phase of amerikan history where authority is manifesting itself as pure force. They are beginning to say ‘You will obey me because of my authority (represented by a badge, gun, uniform etc) not because of ANY legal, lawful, moral or rational obligation to obey. Simply because I am authority and I say so.’
        Most amerikans, who were never very good at following orders anyway, are starting to ask the unaskable(why must I comply?) and to question the unquestionables (those weilding power). This is a situation that can only lead to further confrontation and eventually one side or the other will have to retreat. We know the power-hungry egos of the authorities will never let them do that. And the peasants, even if they wanted to retreat, and mostly they don’t (even your typical cocoapuffer doesn’t like to be harrassed by the cops), will just be pushed and pushed til they are backed up to the wall. At that point it’s the old ‘immovable object/irresistable force’ scenario and things start to get really loud! This gestapo mentality always leads to utter tyranny, and that always leads to resistance or revolt. We’re not there yet, but moving quickly in that direction.
        In the meantime, I’ll go buy some chinese-made fireworks to celebrate the 4th! Oh…wait. Better ask if city ordinances will let me do that. Imagine the absurdity of asking a gov beaurocrat for permission to celebrate your “freedom.” It may be time to seek out one of those ‘bible in this hand, gun in the other’ nutty Christian militias and see if we can join up!

        • You’ve characterized the situation quite well. Remember that every cop’s primary goal is to make sure NOBODY challenges his authoritay. “Contempt of cop” is punishable by instant execution.

      5. I am starting to dispise the police and the police state. Someday soon they will break down our door at night and conficate our guns or gold or money or any picture we have they don’t like. Someday if you say for instance, “Obama sucks”, ( which he most certainly do) then you will be arrested and executed without trial.

        Btw, this is etched in stone. Not a damn thing we can do about it.

        • Won’t happen Stan…there aren’t enough of us to do a house by house confiscation….and too many of us are Oath Keepers……
          Only way government could do a gun grab would be a “voluntary” turn in of your guns…..
          “Stan, we see you have a 12 gauge, .40cal glock, etc…unless you voluntarily turn them in your power, water will have to be shut off..”

          That’s the way it would be done…..

          • how do you think that will work out?
            Not being a smart ass, Its a legit question , in your view, how well do you think this will work?

            by you saying “us” im assuming your an “Oath Keeper”

            what would your actions be if you were asked to start on this path?

            Also, In my stste, the only gun (s) they really know about are the ones that are registered, typically pistols..
            none of my long arms are registered, or shotguns..or black powder

            and some of the ones i could have may have been given to me by a family member that has since passed..

            So ,, I could give them what they “know” about..and still have what they dont..

            • IF this were to happen, I think the “turn them over or else” is what would happen…..of course, only if there is a file on what you have…

              Confiscation of guns has been a frequent topic in a group of us, and what will happen when we don’t go along with it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of my co-workers who will go along with a gun grab.

              Fortunately, I can pass on that there is a well organized effort of highly placed police personnel who are already enacting counter measures to any future gun grab orders or legislation…

          • 11 Bravo: And of course once water and power are shut off the municipal authorities will claim you must vacate the property because it is not fit for human occupation.

            So they will not only pursue your gun collection, they will try to take your property too. Sounds like alot of citizens and cops will be shot in the process …..

            Engage your government NOW people, or be enslaved by it. All politics are LOCAL! Get involved in a tea party in YOUR neighborhood and make your voice heard before YOUR rights are taken and YOUR voice is silenced.

            Its not too late to reverse the trend. It is only to late for YOU if YOU believe it is too late.

          • what are the odds of having an Oath Keeper around when you need one though. I don’t remember hearing about any while people were getting killed and locked up in the dome during Katrina. Just saying..

          • We all better pray that forced or coerced confiscation is never attempted. 100%, we would witness an explosion of violence. Already, there are untold numbers of disaffected Americans literally clinging to their guns and whatever else they may have left. I’m telling you, the longer this decaying economy slogs along and worsens, the more this country mutates into a powder keg. Those in law enforcement will have to decide quickly which side they’re on and which choice represents the least danger. Like I said, I hope it never happens.

        • Hate Obama all you want — all the unConstitutional power he has was handed to him by Bush & Cheney.

          • hear, hear. cheney remarked in an end of term interview, “I think he’s going to like what we’ve done with the place.”

            and what do you know, he was right. obama campaigned on reigning in executive power and increasing transparency. instead we got at least three more robot wars, a continuation of the patriot act without reform, and a war against whistleblowers.

      6. Try googling Panopticon sometime. Notice that in this incident, the relevent video footage that would back up this passenger’s story is not being made available. In the world of the Panopticon, the world we currently live in, order is enforced through constant unseen observation of our every movement. No one knows when they are being monitored or when the jailer is watching but everyone knows that the possibility exists. Through this means power is exercised and we become compliant for we do begin to regulate what we do ourselves in order to avoid punishment. The use of videocameras on cell phones to monitor the warden by the prisoner turns the model on it’s head. This cannot be allowed to continue because tyranny cannot exist in the light of truth. It hides in the darkness, observing us from unseen portals, punishing us when we step out of line and forcing our meekness and compliance to it’s will. Look for more of this kind of behavior, ensuring there are no witnesses to disprove it’s version of events. Expect cell phones with video recording abilities to be banned from more and more locations. Don’t be surprised when laws are passed that strictly punish those who continue to video in defiance of the prohibitions. And expect technologies to be developed that will allow our jailers to shut off, disable, or block those recording devices we attempt to use at the locations they do not wish us to observe. There is a lot more to this story than just some guy who was hassled for the clothes he was wearing.

        • Jeremy Bentham would be proud!

      7. Another thought; didn’t the PJ man make it through security and boarding station without being stopped/rejected from boarding the plane?
        Knowing we are in the change(that we can believe in) flux of this nation, never draw attention to oneself. This isn’t being sheeple, this is just common sense when one is within the mist of the sheeple with authority. Our true battle site, concerning our freedom, isn’t at the airport (the socialists public playground) it will be in and around our homes, property, and neighborhoods; which is our turf. No matter how insane the eradication of freedoms, they’ll still have to approach many of us on our turf. Then they’ll need help.

      8. I think the Elites and their politician puppets are going to be in for a rude awakening. They have no clue as to the level of anger the Citizens are feeling.

        When Costco and Sam’s are selling Freeze Dried Food for a year, prepping has gone mainstream. The regular folks, people like you and me know the Sh!t is going to hit the fan. The only question is when.

        • I think they know exactly what they are doing. They did not build this police state to protect us from any “real” external threats…. and if there is currently no internal threat… they will create one.

          There is obviously an agenda going on here.

          Why would they allow the man to board the plane, only to take him off? this is theater.

          • Nice. See this big scary black dude? Watch us fuck with him for fun, kick him off the plane and bust his ass to jail. You got something to say about it, pussy?

          • Personally I’m not worried about the police and military. Most of my tribe is current or former military and police, even the doc. and dentist.

            When you are on a ship or plane the captain is the law. If the guy had just gotten off the plane when asked the airlines would be looking to settle for a large sum of money to make this go away.

            Now the guy has a boat load of legal problems. I wish some big company and police dept. did that to me; I would retire off the proceeds off the law suit.

            Maybe next time I’m traveling I’ll ware some outrageous garb. With my luck I would never get challenged and wind up just looking like an idiot while traveling.

      9. When asked by the crew to get off of an airplane, do so. If it was improper to ask you to get off you can sue the airline. Don’t escalate the matter into a felony for which you will be going to jail. Also, pull up your f&&king pants, pajamas or whatever you are wearing!

      10. I can’t believe the airlines don’t have more important things to worry about than some guy in his PJs.

        This actually reminds me of myself when I tell my teenager to do something and she ignores me. I get louder and more ridiculous the more stubborn she gets, and then she ends up in big trouble over the smallest thing.

        Me: Take the trash out.
        Teen: Next commercial.
        Me: It stinks, take the trash out now.
        Teen: Chill, Mom, next commercial.
        Me: Take the trash out now or I’m going to turn the TV off for the night.
        Teen: Would it kill you to wait five more minutes?
        Me: That’s it – no more TV for FOUR YEARS!!!

        It’s ridiculous and we both know it, but I’m gonna prove my point – I AM THE BOSS!!! (Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this!)

        It’s admittedly silly to do that at home with your kid but totally outrageous to do this publically with a citizen just to show that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE HIM PULL UP HIS DRAWERS!!! Hope those TSA guys are proud of themselves.

        • You would think the TSA crowd would LOVE pants pulled down.

      11. Fornicate with the beast and it will fornicate you.

        Need another reason to not fly?

        Need another reason to become invisible?

        I don’t.

        • Don’t become invisible. Become visible and vocal! Help organize a national No-Fly Day. You have all heard of a “sit in” well Americans need to organize a “sit out” “no fly day” once a month!

          When you start to hit the pocketbook of the airlines, and begin to impact GDP, the lobbyists for the airlines will be hammering Congress for help.

          Resistance is NOT futile. Piss on the TSA!

          • +1 on all of that, could say it better myself.

          • Resistance is futile, when the number is one against the whole machine. Only when the masses all wake up and it is a coordinated effort on a mass scale, then resistance will win!

            • BJ: A good Christian like yourself should know many examples of one person making a BIG difference.

          • “Help organize a national No-Fly Day. You have all heard of a “sit in” well Americans need to organize a “sit out” “no fly day” once a month!”

            That’s right, Opt Out.

          • exactly right, I’ve said for yrs, people could get the air lines under control fast if they just didn’t fly, let the planes set on the ground for a few days or even a month and see what happends, look what Rosa parks done for the black people for just setting where she wanted to set.

          • Im proud to say, I have onlly flown twice commercially in my life..didnt care for it than either.

            But being a private pilot has become a serious pain in the ass too..
            Im about to quit doing that too, it cost a lot, and they been messing with us privatre pilots since 911

      12. I don’t like looking at anyone’s underwear regardless if it’s a man or a woman. Why WalMart allows people coming into their store with certain get-ups on is beyond me. Some of the stuff they wear is outright obscene. It’s no different than flying on an airplane. Check out and you will see what I mean. Some people have no class and were taught to be like that. They have no respect for themselves or for other people. I have seen men and women in the store shopping with their PJ’s and slippers on–WTH!

        • Now admit it. Some of those ladies on Peopleof are just flaming hot.

          Well, not really. Most of them are so ugly it makes me want to throw bleach in my eyes. The truth is that they have the right to be ugly.

          • You are correct, but that is one sad truth.

        • so, if you think something looks trashy, that person’s freedom should be limited? you want walmart to institute a fashion police department to protect your eyes? there is no evidence that this man did anything obscene. he was just a large black man who wouldn’t comply with some napoleon’s orders.

      13. what needs to happen, and unfortunately too many people are chicken shit..and there is no unity any longer
        is this..

        when one person is being persecuted..or wrongly beat on..every one walks off the plane..or everyone kicks the authoritys ass for stepping out of line.

        when you see one person getting their ass handed to them by the cops,(or anyone for that matter) and you know they are not wrong..why dont a horde of humanity come in and fuck up the oppressors?

        any one know?..any way we as the wronged can change this fear?..

        • like in a large group..when one guy is singled out by the police to beat on..why dont 50 people beat the ever living shit out of the cops?

          mob rule so to speak?

          remember that video of that guy in Greece getting his ass beat? and he didnt do anything but be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and everyone just let it go down..there were only like 6 or 7 cops, with shields and come a mob didnt hand them all their ass?

          • First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

            Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

            Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

        • It’s like a schoolyard bully, VRF. All the other kids are just glad it isn’t them being thumped on.

          It just takes one person to start a revolution, though. When people see one person step forward it can give them the courage to step forward too.

          If we see this kind of injustice, we have to be the one person. Others WILL follow.

          • Daisy, So true..I guess I would have some fear too..but slowly my fear is giving away to Anger!..and if i knew i would be joined..I’d be thumping hard, and raging pissed..

            chances are i wouldnt get anyone to back me up and I’d be the next one to be singled out by the thugs and beat til dead..or incarcerated

            • I bet many feel like you do, and are waiting for everyone else to stand up first so as to not be the lone guy…dead or incarcerated….I know that thought runs thru my mind too VRF

          • Daisy: I like that thought! I’m right behind you! 🙂

        • Absolutely VRF! This incident serves to show just how compliant the sheeple have become and it pisses me off. The sad fact of the matter is that very few people will speak up to defend their own rights, let alone the rights of another. I made up my mind a long time ago to never back down to “officials” who attempt to make shit up as they go and intimidate me into giving up my RIGHTS. The rule of law/justice is dead in many parts of the U.S. already. Protect and Serve applies only to the monied/ruling class of society, the rest of us are lambs to slaughter. As Daisy says below…….be the one person who stands for what is right, regardless of what everyone else is doing. Of course you have to be willing to go all in if you do……….which is why so few take that rout and choose instead to disengage…….or be flown into skyscrapers…….or sent to the gas chamber………

          • yeah, I know sucks,, this needs to start changing..and soon.

          • “”Others WILL follow.””
            I dont know about that man….. You are assuming everyone out there is like the people intelligent enough to post to boards like this.

            I was just out doing some shopping and I am very sad to report the humanity I see out there is kind of pathetic. These useless eaters may really be that. So many fat asses, so many zombies, so many rude people talking on their phones, so many people not paying attention to anything, or anyone, around them.

            I am sad to say if I was a member of the global elite and I took a trip into regualr people land, I might have their same disgust for the common people. Maybe 70% these idiots deserve to be enslaved, they are idiots.

            It may be a product of the 2nd generation of too many morons having kids, while the smarter people are not having kids. No one is minding the store, no one know how to teach these kids proper manners…. it is very sad. The movie “Idiocracy” used to be funny to me, now that I see it happening, the concept scares me to goosebumps.

            I am not talking about the good folks, the thinkers, the helpers, the doers and folks who contribute randomly to the betterment of everyone….. I am talking about the idiots who leave shopping carts to roll into other cars, or the idiots who cut you off without a thought about it, or the rude fks who are too busy talking on thier cell phone (about last night’s kardasin show) slowing down the whole process, phone on shoulder fumbling through her purse looking for money, while continuing to talk on the fkn phone … DAMN IT!!!

            I never thought I would start to see the world like that guy in the movie “Falling Down” does, but danmn it, as I drive around, look around, be around this world, it is starting to look pretty disappointing. I understand the term useless eater.

            The great generation who fought and won WWII really was the greatest.

            I guess we all are kind of pathetic. I will include myself (to be fair, I suppose) although I really do try to do my part to make it all better, but I bet the great generation would be dissapointed in me too.

            Maybe we deserve what is coming. 🙁

      14. I think for some people ..The Shit has hit the fan

        .. we have Floods
        we have Fires
        we have Tornadoes

        the floods could bring some famine or price hikes to some people that could cause some hunger,

        floods displacing people, same with the fires and tornadoes fat out killing people, and the devistation of it all..
        These things add up..and cause stress..add these power monger big heads into the could get way over their heads and snap

      15. Related story

        “”Man flies US Airways in women’s underwear””

        “”Six days before a college football player was arrested at San Francisco International Airport in a dispute that began when a US Airways employee asked him to pull up his sagging pants, a man who was wearing little but women’s undergarments was allowed to fly the airline, a US Airways spokeswoman conceded Tuesday.

        A photo of the scantily clad man was provided to The Chronicle by Jill Tarlow, a passenger on the June 9 flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Phoenix. Tarlow said other passengers had complained to airline workers before the plane boarded, but that employees had ignored those complaints.””

        • N.F.W!

      16. things such as this are only distractions to those “TRULY” free in their own mind as the creator intended…

        all I will say is, if you are a FREE man, PREPARE FOR GLORY!!… not for preps..

        if you cant understand what I am saying, then watch the movie 300 to make yourself understand what you are facing… BRING IT ON MOFO”S

      17. Pathetic,

        Our society is pathetic. I can’t understand the lack of discernment and common sense from the company’s crew. Now clients have to service companies’ moods…I thought any businesses should serve clients first… Pathetic

      18. Here is the real insult, $ 11,000 dollars bail…

        my answer is screw you I want to see a Judge RIGHT FRIGGN NOW

      19. “It just shows the hypocrisy involved,” O’Sullivan said after he viewed the photo of the cross-dressing passenger. “They let a drag queen board a flight and welcomed him with open arms. Employees didn’t ask him to cover up. He didn’t have to talk to the pilot. They didn’t try to remove him from the plane — and many people would find his attire repugnant.”

        O’Sullivan added, “A white man is allowed to fly in underwear without question, but my client was asked to pull up his pajama pants because they hung below his waist.”

        “Nuff said”!!!! says JayJay

      20. @ God’s Creation:

        Go crawl in a f*ckin’ cave. And you couldn’t get there fast enough.

      21. A few thoughts:

        1) This guy is a low-class scumbag for wearing PJs in public – confine it to your house.

        2) That said, it isn’t illegal. What are PJs? Cotton pants. How many people wear cotton pants? Tens of millions every day. Oh, wait, they have an elastic waistband? BFD – so do a lot of people’s pants. It looks ugly (I’m guessing some kind of plaid)? Again, BFD.

        3) He got through security – on that basis (having no weapons) and not bothering others or making threats or threatening moves, he did nothing wrong and should NOT have been asked to leave the plane.

        4) I hope that he sues the crap out of the airline. Women wear short-shorts a lot and expose much more than this guy did (and sometimes that makes for an entertaining flight, so I don’t mind); also, many women wear PJs (or sweat pants – what’s the damned difference????), yet they don’t get kicked off the plane.

        I am SICK AND TIRED of people acting like utter assholes just because they are wearing a uniform (maybe made of cotton – how ironic), and literally ruining people’s lives with criminal charges just because they don’t like the way they look or because someone questions their authority. I used to be quite the law and order type, but have come to the realization that the authorities are only interested in the “order” part of that phrase, with the “law” part only mentioned or used when it is convenient for them. I will NEVER go out of my way to help the cops – now that I’m in my 50s, my hearing and eyesight are pretty bad, so my testimony wouldn’t be reliable anyway. :>)

        It is time to take the country back, folks. The authorities ONLY have authority because it was granted to them by US, and only to be used to safeguard US from bad actors (foreign or domestic). It isn’t for controlling or ruling us – that’s what the bastard King George wanted to do, and we kicked his ass for it.

      22. where were the other passengers on this plane??!! they should be ashamed of themselves!! not one of them stood up for this man. im sorry i would not have been able to sit there while someones rights were stomped all over for his damn pjs. thats why nothing ever happens with these type of situations, no one else ever stands up and says anything, anything at all, not a whimper from the masses who witnessed this incident and the hundreds of others every day in this country, that is sad indeed!!

        • Amen!

      23. That’s why they were coined PIGS many years ago. They are at the trough for a weekly pay-check, not to do any good. But of course they will speciously reason that they are heros. Some may be in certain circumstances, but basically they are kids that could not get any other job that have been raised in an enviroment of other spoiled brats that get paid far too much!

      24. The last time I flew was before the TSA could molest anyone taking a flight. Even so, post 9/11 anti-terrorism measures were in effect and a passenger couldn’t breathe too deeply without the flight crew looking at you suspiciously.
        Funny thing that a lot of the people on the flights I was taking at that time were wearing clothes that many people would find unacceptable in any public school. The various clothes I observed on these flights were: pajamas, shorty-shorts, mini-skirts, see-through shirts including tank-tops you could observe nipples through (both men and women), pants so low they were defying the laws of physics (on a very large stomached older man) that showed his @ss-crack. Not a soul said a word to anyone about the clothes that were being worn on these flights. For that matter, I can go to a Wal-Mart or other store and see these same things any day of the week.

        IMHO what this incident boils down to is abuse of power

      25. I’m the last person to pull “the race card” but this looks to me like racist activity. Did the guy really have his pants sagging too far? If he did then he looked stupid. But, stupid isn’t illegal. Just looks bad. From the looks of things, I’ll never fly. As GC mentioned, its the beast and I do not intend to help feed the beast. It needs to starve along with its associated tyrannical thugery.

      26. cops are pigs, they are as criminal as the ones they arrest, biggest hypocrits of all, glad when they get offed, if they do, its because the fucked with innocents violating their rights, they had it coming.

      27. Ridiculous! If he was going to be taken to task for PJ’s…. Could they not have asked him if he had another pair of pants in his luggage? It is not unreasonable to assume that someone traveling on a plane would have a change of clothes in his carry-on luggage. Perhaps this could have been avoided if they just sent him to the washroom to change. Does not change the fact that the pilot is a bully and has psychopathic tendencies. Police just doing what they have to do because they are not paid to think. Most of them cannot think anyways. Never had to. Let’s face it, if you are a cop and you are called onto a plane to remove a patron, then you really do not have a choice of saying that you won’t, unless you are smart enough to quickly ascertain the gravity of the situation, sternly calm the Pilot (in this case) and ameliorate the situation. Most Cops are not that smart unfortunatelly (or too cowardly -Like Dr. House said in one show, they are 9 parts coward, 1 part bully). This is what leads to the type of horror that the Miami Police displayed a few weeks ago by executing that guy with a hail of bullets on the Memorial Day Weekend, then beating up and crushing the cell-phones of people that had video-taped the gangland execution! Sad thing is that the courts are completely biased in the USA and there will never be justice for the PJ wearer or the murdered suspect in Miami. The American Justice System has completely devolved into a Kangaroo Court. Tax-Payers will foot the bill for this nonsense. And so the circle goes. The only people that benefit are the Judges, DA’s Lawyers and the prisons that are paid for by the government. Let’s make sure we keep all these leeches employed in theor overpaying jobs, while the rest of us keep getting less; – Oh and while they’re at it, trample on our rights, and ironically destoy the peace from within. America’s biggest enemy is itself.

      28. Maybe he just wanted to go shopping at WallyMart (in another city).

      29. maybe he wanted to shop at china mart


      31. He got what he deserved. It’s the airlines right to ask you to leave the plane. You don’t have a constitutional right to fly. Obey their rules or don’t fly. If the pilot wanted him off he should have left the plane with making an ass of himself. It’s his own fault he got arrested. If he had left without incident that would have been it. It was his decision to escalate the matter and he got what he deserved.

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