“Major Escalation”: Israel Carries Out “Large Scale Attack” On Syria After Israeli F-16 Shot Down

by | Feb 10, 2018 | Headline News | 111 comments

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    Update: According to Al Masdar, the Israeli pilot whose warplane was shot down by Syrian air defense forces on Saturday morning has died from injuries sustained during the engagement.

    While according to initial reports both crew members ejected – the weapons operator with light injuries and the pilot with ‘severe’ injuries, according to subsequent, still unconfirmed, reports, the Israeli pilot with serious injuries has died in hospital. No further details were given according to Al Masdar.

    This report however is being denied by the Times of Israel  which reported that the pilot suffered wounds to chest, abdomen while ejecting from jet; co-pilot set to be released home Sunday.

    The condition of the pilot, who was seriously injured after he was forced to evacuate the plane, stabilized Saturday morning, but he was still unconscious and connected to a respirator, doctors at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center said.

    The condition of a seriously wounded Israeli pilot began to improve Saturday, after he underwent surgery for injuries he sustained while ejecting from his plane over northern Israel, in the midst of a severe confrontation between Israel, Syria, and Iran, the ToI reported.

    The F-16 jet he was piloting took part in Israeli airstrikes in response to an Iranian drone that entered Israeli airspace from Syria in the early morning hours on Saturday.

    As reported earlier (see below), a major battle broke out on Saturday between the Israeli Air Force and Syrian Air Defence Force over the occupied Golan Region, south Lebanon and the west Damascus region. During the confrontation that lasted for hours, Israeli warplanes and Syrian anti-aircraft systems traded missile fire – literally dozens of such munitions were fired – as the latter launched a general attack against ‘Iranian and regime’ bases west of Damascus.

    And in a major escalation, one which has the potential to escalate into all out war, at the beginning of the battle, a Syrian surface-to-air missile downed an Israeli F-16I fighter jet over the occupied Golan Heights (described as ‘northern Israel’ by Israeli sources).


    Open war has now essentially broken out between Israel and Syria. Israel confirms through its IDF spokesperson that it has carried out “a large scale attack” consisting of at least a dozen strikes on Syrian and Iranian military targets inside Syria, in what Reuters dubbed a “major escalation of tension“.

    What we previously described as Assad’s strategic “waiting game” and reluctance to respond to repeat Israeli violations of Syrian airspace while launching unprovoked attacks appears to be over as Syrian air defense has shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet near the Golan border region in what is a major escalation in the conflict.

    Though details remain murky and are still developing, Israel has confirmed that its F-16 jet has crashed in Israeli territory after it was struck carrying out operations targeting locations in Syria. The IDF spokesman quickly stated in a tweet confirming the shoot down that “Iran is responsible for this severe violation of Israeli sovereignty.”

    The two Israeli pilots ejected, landing inside Israel in the northern countryside of Galilee and were rushed to a hospital, according to local media reports. Israeli military statements have indicated that one of the pilots suffered severe injuries as a result of the emergency ejection from the aircraft.

    Video first posted on social media captured by onlookers in the area appears to show a pilot parachuting into the northern Israeli countryside of Galilee.

    Early unconfirmed footage of the F-16 crash and subsequent rescue have emerged on social media. The following shows multiple scenes currently circulating from the early morning incident: 

    This is the first time in the 7-year long Syrian war that an Israel jet has been shot down, and after promising a swift response, Israel has launched multiple retaliatory strikes against Syrian military bases in the southwest countryside of Damascus.

    Beirut-based Al Masdar News reports that the incident occurred at approximately 6:30 A.M. Saturday morning (local time)and that the Israeli F-16 fighter was hit while flying within Syrian airspace near Damascus.

    Official Israeli statements claim multiple of its jets were scrambled in response to an Iranian drone launch into Israeli airspace, which the IDF says was intercepted amidst “massive Syrian anti-air fire”. The F-16 was engaged in an operation to destroy the Syrian ground base from which the UAV was launched.

    According to the Israeli version of events issued in real time by IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus:

    The Syrian military has stated that its air defense missile system further struck an Israeli drone shortly after the F-16 was downed, which had been launched from the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. There’s not been immediate Israeli confirmation of this second aircraft downing.

    In response to the F-16 downing, after 8:00 A.M. local time the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles targeting the Al-Kiswah area near what is said to be an Iranian base outside of Damascus. And shortly after this initial Israeli retaliation strike, a more massive wave of missiles hit a mountaintop Syrian Army base in the same area. Regional sources are reporting that multiple Israeli missiles struck the base, while others were intercepted by Syrian air defense.

    It appears that Israel launched missiles on locations in central Syria as well, with casualties reported among Syrian Army forces and their allies. The Associated Press cites a Syrian opposition monitoring group to report the following:

    A Syria war monitor says Israel has struck targets in central Syria and the southwestern suburbs of the capital Damascus in two separate and successive waves of airstrikes.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the first round targeted in the central desert area where Syrian troops and their Iranian-backed allies including Hezbollah are known to maintain bases. It cited unconfirmed reports of casualties among Syrian government forces and allied militiamen.

    The Britain-based Observatory, which monitors the Syria war through a network of activists on the ground, says the second round targeted outposts in the southwestern suburbs of Damascus.

    Syrian government media reported multiple missile intercepts, likely through its sophisticated Russian-supplied anti-air defense system, and confirmed the large-scale Israeli attack on Syrian military locations in central Syria.

    According to Syrian state-run SANA:

    The army air defense confronted a new Israeli aggression on one of the military positions in the central area and hit more than one aircraft…

    Moreover, the Army air defense confronted another Israeli aggression on Damascus Countryside on Saturday morning…

    Meanwhile, media of the Israeli enemy admitted that the Syrian air defense shot down an F-16 jet over Galilee in occupied Palestine and that its pilots were injured, confirming the closure of parts the Israeli airspace for aviation after downing the warplane.

    As a result of escalating events airspace closures have been reported over northern Israel, as well as multiple Israeli air defense warning sirens sounding at the Golan Heights and throughout lower and upper Galilee.

    Israel’s Ben Gurion international airport outside of Tel Aviv was also reportedly on lockdown for some period of time after the exchange of fire between Syrian and Israeli forces.

    Meanwhile, the Israeli military has blamed close Syrian ally Iran for today’s F-16 shoot down and escalation. The IDF issued a threatening statement which reads“The IDF will act determinately against such severe violations of Israeli sovereignty by Iran and Syria and will continue to act as necessary. The IDF is ready for various scenarios and will continue to act according to situation assessments.”

    And according to a statement issued to the AFP, Israel says Iran and Syria are “playing with fire” but that Israel does not want escalation. However, regional media reports indicate Israel has continued to pound the Damascus countryside throughout the morning. The Syrian government has condemned Israel’s actions as unwarranted “aggression”.

    It must be remembered that the Israeli Air Force has acknowledged striking targets inside Syria at least 100 times over the past few years of the conflict, with the last attack prior to today’s events happening just earlier this week. Syria has frequently taken its case before the U.N., calling for official condemnation of the unprovoked attacks, but has been just as frequently rebuffed.

    In its now ‘open secret’ of a years-long pursuit of regime change in Syria, Israel has given covert support to al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria’s south – near the vicinity of today’s F-16 shoot down – which has involved weapons transfers and treatment of wounded jihadists in Israeli hospitals, according to The Wall Street Journal. As former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell once directly told the Israeli publicIsrael‘s “dangerous game” in Syria has involved getting in bed with al-Qaeda in order to fight Shia Iran.

    And as Israel has long sought ways to justify attacks on Iranian assets in Syria while at the same time undermining and destabilizing the Syrian government, the downing of an F-16 may have given Israel’s hawkish leadership the excuse they’ve been looking for all along to escalate toward a final confrontation.

    Middle East based journalist and analyst Elijah Magnier says we could be witnessing the tipping point that will ignite the entire region. Magnier reports that according to a “private source, all Syrian military and intelligence and their allies’ (Hezbollah) positions in Syrian and Lebanon are on full alert.”


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      1. Oh Vey!

        • I think you mean Oy Vey!

          • =oh oy vey and sheitzz?

        • The israehelli land thief squatters in Palestine deserve to be nuked into a sheet of glass. Russian satellites caught Israehell working with ISIS tosteal oil from Syria. ISIS stole oil loaded tanker trucks from Syria drove then to the shipping port in Turkey and off loaded them onto a ship that then sailed directly to Istaehell to off-load. Its all tracked and recorded on Satellite as proof. We know who the cockroaches thieves are.

          Israehell is the most hated group in the world. Constant chaos makers.

          And never forget the USS Liberty Attack and the 5 Dancing Israehelli Mossad agentd sent to NY City to film the planes crashing into the Twin towers on 911 then caught dancing with joy. Know who our real enemy is.

          • Red Russia, which was also the source of the USS Liberty narrative, and which committed pogroms, is not an impartial observer of Israeli politics. (Nor, of politics, which come from WW2 Germany.)

            Israel technically comprises 1/6 of 1% of the Mid East landmass, where the fake refugees were offered full legal status, to participate in govt, and were allowed to kick armed soldiers off the ‘freedom flotilla’.

            Were someone an actual, Jewish supremist, Zionist, they ought to be embarrassed by the lack of autonomy.

      2. Do I think it a terrible event in human history when the Holocaust happened? Yes. Same as I do when Pol Pot exterminated so many, when Mao killed so many, when Stalin killed so many. But truth? That is history. Can’t be undone. And I really don’t give a damn about Israel and anything Jewish. I’m not a Jew. Sorry ’bout that. And I’ll be damned if I can support Israel in their cause. They’ve brought so much on themselves. They have striven to destroy the institutions and moral character of my country via their media control. They have dominated the financial sectors to so many’s ruin. They are the most racially prejudiced portion of humanity on the earth. They actually think they are somehow ‘chosen by God’. They aren’t. Just people like anyone else. I see this as a ploy to suck America into their problems of their own making. Oy Vey my ass. I’m of the goyim.

        • Betcha Israel will get a brand new F16 replacement along with $4 billion dollars, compliments of the US taxpayer, sent to Beersheeba this week. Didn’t a few years ago, Yettenyahoo [The Aardvark voice from the Pink Panther cartoon] claimed Iran would of nuked Israel off the planet by now? We are still waiting. Feigerlein!!

      3. The primary players are Russia, USA, Israel, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, Free Syrian Army, Kurds, ISIS and several other Islamic terror groups.

        The USA and Turkey are both NATO members and are of opposite sides in this one and may fight each other.


        • Turkey SHOULD NOT be in NATO…what a friggin joke

          • Grizz: You damn well got that one right buddy. Turkey is Muslim TRASH period!!!

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          [Verse 3]
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          • @G:

            credit the artists…..

            ..Be safe…..Zep more popular now….timeless…BA.

        • Red Leader: More Muslims killed off yaaaay!!

      4. How long can it be before the US or Israel fire on a Russian jet or visa versa? Neither Israel or the US has any legal right to be in Syria. A misunderstanding of intentions, a miscalculation that within minutes escalates the situation across the rubicon into first use territory; may God help us, its a recipe for disaster.

        • So many have no idea what is occurring and even if they did they wouldn’t understand its ramifications and hence don’t care.

          • Yep, that sums it up nicely.

          • Kevin2, let’s all hope for the best but don’t hold your breath either. If someone had launched a drone over my place I’d shoot it down as long as it’s within range of my weapons. You just don’t go and let anyone with bad intentions toward you have their own way with you. You may not survive to talk about it.

            • As a matter of routine Israel has been violating Syrian airspace and bombing Syria. The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia (somewhat strange bedfellows) are arming the opposition including ISIS in Syria in violation of international law.

          • You got that right ‘ol boy.

          • That is a statement worth re-posting again.

      5. Yawn. When Israeli tanks and troops actually cross the Syrian border and start moving toward Damascus then call me.

        Can’t really imagine that Israel wants to go up against Assad, the Russians, and the Iranians, all at once, but “oy vey.” Stranger things have happened.

        The Israelis have gotten pretty smug and arrogant about knocking around Palestinian women and children and old men.

        • Blame-e, what would you do if Arabs or anyone else were throwing rocks or anything else at you? If they were targeting me I damn sure won’t play pattycake with them. [SARCASM]

          • TDBh – you and I normally agree. And damn man, if someone throws rocks or whatever @ ya – send them to their Maker. I would as well. But the conflict that all the Mideast is and has been in for thousands of years is not our business. I’m Christian, just a man, an American. I will not fight or send another of my own off to die for some “Promised Land”. God does not promise such things. He gave mankind the earth and life to do with what we can. Not just one group of people. I have to deal with Jewish people in business all the time. And I know of what I speak when I state as fact that they do not see us – all who are not Jewish – as equals. We’ve much to do and defend right here at home. Let those sun-addled brain-damaged inbred bastards on the Med’s east coast kill one another with abandon. Fine by me. But leave my country and countrymen out of it. They are rich by schemes beyond imagining and tell me – why do we send them money each year? For nothing. As far as I’m concerned, considering the fortune we’ve spent so far, the US owns most of the strip of ground outright. So screw them.

            • Heartless, I don’t see any disagreement between us here. I was only using that as an example. I’m not about to get involved in the ME either. I’m primarily concerned about my own country. Everyone else has to fend for themselves. I totally agree with your post.

        • All Israehell ever does is sucker punch. The cowards are to frightened to ever put any boots on the ground. And all the do is shoot at palestine children and kidnap them.

        • Albert Pike….Three world wars… the last being against Russia. WWI and II were engineered, and we are in the run up for attacking Russia, already demonizing and lying about that country.

      6. I would be very happy if a giant space rock hit and wiped Isreal from the face of the earth. That would be divine intervention.

        • You have no idea what you are saying.

        • It is more probable that you will be killed by a colored person or a Muslim. If you want enemies, look closer to home.

          • PD, it’s true that we have an abundance of enemies right here at home but we also have an abundance of ammunition to deal with them.

            • Absolutely! I advise people that are white to avoid locations with multiple coloreds. You are at high risk for becoming involved in a mob action when around large groups.

              As for Jewish people? Sorry. I haven’t seen any videos of them running around beating up old people, white people, or anyone else, for that matter. Big fan of Colin Flaherty. He moved to: www dot minds dot com/Flaherty after being kicked off Utube.

              • Wow so because of all the trolls we can’t use the word Jewish, at all? Sad.

                Idiots have infested so many sites. I understand the flagging of my comment. Annoying but sadly necessary.

                • The J’s are more intolerant and sensitive than any snowflake. Any J-related comments must meet be approved.

          • Great point PD~

            • Too many sites have been infested with this form of mass delusion. On the left it is the idea that the Russians are out there, on the right, it is this ridiculous notion that the Jewish people, and their home country of Israel, are somehow invisible masters of the universe. Both sides are equally delusional, irrational, and misguided!

              I am a survivor. I concern myself with valid and rational problems, not those that are made up! As a Caucasian person, I do have a valid and rational fear of coloreds, especially large groups of young people. There are stories, every single day, of mobs of colored youth attacking people, many times for no discernible reason. Colin Flaherty, Mele Host, Vlad Tepes, and recently Lauren Southern have been bringing to light the blatant and open hostility of colored people towards whites. Racial IQ differences are facts that can be ignored but that does not make that truth any less valid.

              It isn’t just the US, either. This is a worldwide phenomenon and I find it terrifying. Throw in neomarxist ideology and the combination, as in the case of South Africa, is nothing less than a dystopic reality of life behind electrified walls with on-demand 24/7/365 private security (if you can afford it) or living in squalor it white squatters camps if you cannot.

              It is disheartening to see signs of madness and irrationality on all sides. The western world has been successful because we were rational, because we have the rule of law, because we left superstious fallacies behind. Apparently there are still far too many ignorant children willing to wallow in childish beliefs. Children are easily controlled by lies and fairy tales but when adults believe such nonsense?

        • I couldn’t agree more, Old Guy. The crap hole state of Israel is like one of those painfully inflamed pimples we used to get when we were teenagers and the best remedy for an inflamed pimple – is to stick a needle in it and squeeze out the nasty pus.

          It is past time for the pimple that calls itself Israel to be busted open.

        • Old guy, I think you need a giant space rock to wipe your a$$ out!
          Learn how to spell. Israel,not Isreal. Let he who is without sin cast the first rock, space, or otherwise!

          • Old Guy hurt someone’s feewings.

            • apparently we got some thin skinned gxx lovers! come on Space Rock 2018!

              • AWWWE, Is little doggie butthurt 🙁

      7. The Nation of Israel currently occupies a very small portion of the land that God gave them, it’s time they took what rightfully belongs to them. Name one nation in the Middle East that has any of the Freedoms that the people of Israel enjoys, including the Arabs. Trekker Out

        • The problem, Trekker, is that Israel thinks the USA, Britain, and who knows what else also belongs to them.
          Rothchild central bank mean anything?

          • So you think it is rational to condemn the single democratic country in the ME because of one inbred family that has been wealthy for centuries? There is a reason that envy is a deadly sin. Jewish people are not my enemy. Ragheads and commies are.

            • Democratic??? ..my ass!!!
              Your reverence for “said democratic country”..is in reality, based upon either pure ignorance or willful disregard of past history.

              They are a satanist-based “Theocracy”, whose foundation is structured upon a self-aggrandizing/genetic belief that, they alone are the “chosen”..and thus, are the arbiters/deciders of what’s best for all humanity.

              ..the fact that their own ‘inbreeding’ is merely a minor magnitude beneath that of the goat-humping allah-snackbar types, does at least afford them a faux-legitimacy, per their control of the world’s issuance, of our respective currencies($$$).

              ..in layman’s terms (per Occam’s razor):

              1.) ..the Muslims f*ck goats/camels & Swedes etc..etc.

              2.) ..the self-chosen f*ck everything & everybody..and then endeavor to pit us all, against one another, whilst looting our treasuries while we’re distracted by their subterfuge.

              I give credit where credit is due…my/our real enemy is…smart.

              • ..scratch “smart”..

                Should’ve typed “cunning”. Call it a ‘Subtle’ difference.
                The intelligent here, will catch the innuendo.

              • “Salvation is of the Jews”

            • At the top of the food chain are fascists that fund them. Communists are their human resource managers, rag heads the ostensible excuse for military intervention.

              • Care to tell me why they have been kicked out of over 100 countries in the past? No one else comes anywhere close! THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! AND READ NETANYAHOOS COMMENTS ABOUT US GEEEZUS! Don’t be an ignorant dope….

                • “Don’t be an ignorant dope” – this from the ignorant alcoholic dope who believes treaties are legally binding!

                  • Anon, I said the opposite dipstick, Sober up and read it again lol.

                    • Genius you’re definitely not. Ignorant and stupid you definitely are. Keep on rotting what little brain you have left brewing your illegal moonshine.

                    • I may get drunk but your stupid. And I can sober up lol 😛

                • What 100 countries? The Crusades? Educate me.

                  I’m in agreement that the Israeli Lobby in Washington, dual citizenship of people in authority is extremely influential. Banking / Finance? Rockefeller is deep in NWO too.

                  • Here ya go K2.. ht tps://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1207719/

                    • 242 times expelled!

          • Ketchup, you might as well talk to your hand. Brainwashed people are impossible to wake up lol.

            • You should know

              • Go spend some quality time with your hand now doggie lol.

        • “The Nation of Israel currently occupies a very small portion of the land that God gave them, it’s time they took what rightfully belongs to them.”

          The Germans had a belt buckle in WWII with Gott Mitt Uns (God Is With Us) on it. God is on everyones side in war, save the Communists. In that regards only the Communists have it right. Using the same logic the American Indian can reclaim the US.

          • Kevid you have it backwards. The land thieves are doing to the Palestines what the Land thief occupiers did to the Native Americans. A systematic Genocide of a country. The 3ews think everything on the Globe is theirs to steal. The use some fraud religious claim. Kevin2 been sucking on too many Rothchild’s cough drops.

            • Take a course in reading comprehension. Israel should not be in Syria. I’ve been reading / studying NWO / Globalists for three decades. God is on everyones side in war, just ask them from Gott Mitt Uns, Onward Christian Soldiers, Japanese in WWII through the Islamic Crazies. Only the Communists get that right as they don’t use God to justify their behavior.

        • I used to enjoy a lot of your posts Trekker, but your blind uninformed support for Israel is disgusting. We should quit writing them checks and supporting them. They’re big boys and girls right? End the welfare state that they’ve become just like we should to the other parasites at home. If they’re God’s chosen, then he will look out for them.

          • Oh my, don’t put god to the test! 😛

        • Oh So now God signed off on a land deed for The land squatters? You shills crack me up. They deserve death for land theft. DNA proves Most all 3ews did not originate in any place in Palestine but originated in the Country of Georgia. Its land theft. Go do some history research research.

          • Go home to your Arab jihadist buddies dude.

            • Oh doggie dumb doggie, Who has done us more harm, Arabs Or isreal? And don’t spout off some bullshit about 911 either (no one is stupid enough to swallow that crap here). I’m waiting…..

          • You totally missed the point; too blinded by hatred for . Every country was created through wars and conquest. By your logic, the US needs to be given back to the “native peoples”. Not happening. Not here, not anywhere. Stop crying and get over it. Do you really think the “Palestinians” (a made up 1960’s era name for what’s really just a bunch of Arabs) give a rat’s azz about your well-being? Perhaps you should go do some research. I could care less about Israel or the Palestinians. Their problems are not my concern.

        • Name any refugees Israehell is forced to take in like they are doing to all of Europe. Israehelli terrorism is Global. Wipe them off the Globe and 90% of the worlds problems instantly dissapear, like Poof!! Shall we.

          • Thou shalt eliminate thy enemies that hath doneth us harm!

          • Actually there are a number of African refugees in Isreal. however they are forcing them to leave as quickly as they can boot them out. Smart move on their part.

        • Mountain Trekker … You really are a dumb Fucked.

      8. There are a number of things about the jews that people here don’t like, me included, but if you think back to the Entebbe incident, they can whoop ass.

      9. Mountain Trekker is a Kazarian Troll.

        • Yep.

          He likely hikes around Mt. Sinai w/ a vid-cam & records the massacre of the true owners of Palestine by the IDF.
          ..vids of killing kids in the West-bank, likely commands mega-shekels($$$) on the dark ‘kosher’ market.

      10. old guy your brain is dead ==you are a sickperson and in need of help

        • The fact is those folks are trouble makers. Weird religious cult. They look down on and laugh at all you folks who believe in the holy Trinity. The monopolize the scrap industry. and allways hire black,s to work for them. They are the enemie of the white folks. Come on Space Rock 2018

      11. Does America still have 50 nukes in Turkey?

        This is not going to end well….

      12. Right now, Syria and its ally Iran are so involved in fighting in Syria and other locations that Israel is enjoying relative peace. Peace in Syria and the Islamic world will mean war for Israel. Many ardent muslims see Israel as stolen muslim land and don’t recognize the existence of the state of Israel. For the Israelis the choice is to fight either on your own land or on someone else’s. Sound familiar? The US has been saying the same thing since 9/11. All of this has been going on for so long that it seems normal. Ask most Americans about the question of “Is America at war?” and they will say no. The fact is that we have been at war somewhere in the world for decades. We just don’t seem to declare it.

      13. This has the beginnings of a Major Middle East Conflict.

        And it will be bloody not to rule out the use of small tactical nuclear weapons by Israel on the larger Armies they face across the border.

        It has been reported that Hezbollah has over 40,000 missiles perhaps not all deployed/assembled for launching to shoot a Israel. Indonesia said they one million man army ready to march on Israel regarding Jerusalem.

        Japan has declared their support for a two-state solution and declares Jerusalem the captial of Palestine of which only exits because of the hatred for Israel created to wipe the name of Israel forever from the face of the earth.

        Who are the Palestinians? Remnant of the Arabs that left Israel prior to the 1947-48 War Of Independence and some fought against The Jews. They were promised by The leaders of the Arab League that once The Jews had been destroyed, they could come back and possess the land and homes of the dead Jews. They lost and Israel
        denied them the right to return. Thus the refugee issue was born and used as pawn for years against the west and Israel.

        They are really Arabs who are the Hebrews cousins having Abraham as the same father.

        But the real issue is East Jerusalem, The Temple Mount or mountain. Most prized property on planet earth.

        Millions are going to die over it. Recommend a personal study.

      14. Those folks have been fighting for hundreds of years. Only after a giant space rock wipes them from the face of the planet will there be Peace. Space Rock 2018 is the final solution.

        • Amen sir.

        • OG, yes they need a giant DISASTEROID HIT! 😛

          • We can only hope. Maybe Hick’s NIBIRU. giant disasteroid space rock 2018 yea!

      15. “They are really Arabs who are the Hebrews cousins having Abraham as the same father”.

        My favorite Fiction book begins with “They call me Ishmael”and basically ends with,
        “to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

        The book is about a Whale and hate, but is full of references to modern ills.
        Palestinians will share the same fate as Ahab. Even in death they will beckon us to join them in their hell.

      16. Ah well just be patient folks cause according to a lot of those who have been in ‘the Know’ for years, know better than us about what is to occur. Be patient. Its coming our way. Its ALL coming our way and it won’t miss anybody. That way no one will feel left out.

        • Awwe thats so specious! A disasteroid we all get to enjoy! CHEERS!

      17. C’omon guys is the hatred for ews that bad we’d rather see Muslims win. Sorry but that will never make any sence.
        That’s like cutting your nose off to spite your own face. Least you can pick out a camel jockey or thug. So what they’re good with money big deal. It’s often been said here tptb whether ewish Muslim white ect.
        It’s been widely accepted these men have NO allegence to country or religion.
        So if that’s the case how exactly is the average ew responsible???

        • AB: Excellent question! Some of the posters here are clearly delusional and blinded by hatred. I had no idea there were so many defenders of Palestine and supporters of Islam, lurking, here.

          Good luck trying to reason with them. I give up.

          • I’ve been posting and reading here a long time most posters are very well informed intelligent and quite ready to debate, and tend to quickly expelled trolls. It’s just this topic that seems to bringd up the most spirited language. As a Canadian I have a hard time understanding this level of passion. Anyone in here knows I’m not overly prejudice untill it affects me or my community.

      18. Well actually, the Khazars (not the jews of the old testament, who curretly inhabit Israel, shot and killed a Palestinian man with NO legs off of a radio tower for waving a Palestinian flag. Yes, the Khazars kill innocent people for having the balls to resist the invaders of their land for thousands of years.
        The Zionists are not the jews of the old testament. Flame away…

      19. They use their money and influence to fund terrorism. They where involved in 911. And while we and other nations must be politically correct they at this very moment are expelling the Africans. Who do you think funded Black Lives Matter and the ANTIFIA? money manulipators and land thieves. We buy our oil from the Arabs and Ragheads. We pay gxx’s to make trouble. A huge space rock in the region would solve a lot of problems. Hitler was right to target them.

        • Old guy, of all the evils in this world.
          As a Canadian I was inherently brought up tolerant to a point. I just can’t see where the deep seated hatred for that race comes from. Personally I hate Syrians overrunning our country as far as I can tell it’s the Muslims and Asians that own everything from hotels to convince stores
          Personally I would know to hate a ew unless he told me he was and even then I don’t care.

          • You know there is not anything wrong with being Racist. the KKK could run a candidate for president. wait they did remember George Wallace? and not to long ago the Racist shit skins ran a mudslime Mulatto for president and he won! Twice! I live in the Heart of KKK country. I own land in Marion, Searcy & Boone county Ar. boone county id the home of the national headquarters of the KKK. I relocated here on purpose. I don’t want my pure white grandchildren messeginating with brown skins. There is a war on the White Race. Anyone who thinks other wise is not being realistic. Im not a bit ashamed to be a white red neck racist cracker. There might be some very good folks over in the holy land? I don’t care if a big space rock takes them all out. God can sort them out. Long past due time for a culling.

            • Agreed. Make America White Again. All shitstains, liberals, and faggots can leave now.

            • Here’s to morons like dying off sooner rather than later. You sound like someone that hates everyone. I am guessing your ignorance is due to inbreeding. That explains your lack of intelligence.

              • Well Phil you the type who cant refute the facts. And don’t like the message. So you result to childish tactics like attacing the messenger. Don’t you worry Im plenty intelligent and my parents weren’t related. Ill leave you with a child hood saying maybe you can understand. I am Rubber you are Glue. Everything untrue and unjust that you say about me just bounces off of me and sticks to you. I actually Believe in Karma. And Im am honest about being being a Racist. Gee think about that. In my next reincarnation I might have to return and dwell in a shit skin body LOL.

            • Old guy, im all for keeping the races apart it makes perfect sense. Segregation worked. However times do change I don’t like it personally I have a 17 year old daughter , god help her if she brings home anyone but a white. But they are here we can WANT to purge them all we want it won’t happen. That unfortunately is reality.
              Should it actually break out how long till they learn to shoot back and there are more of them.
              I just can’t understand that as soon as a ew artical is put up 99% of the comments go full retard I understand having prejudices but to the degree displayed.i can’t understand.. Muslims polititions CEOs bankers the Clinton’s these are the enemy. Does the white race really need another one. I’m not judging just trying to understand WHY THAT LEVEL of hatred Muslims blow up our cities rape our women
              And they seem almost saints compared to the ews

              • beaver. Well I dislike all races other than my own with equal ferocity. Back during the indian wars it was called Manifest Destiny. and a horrible wrong injustice was done to the native americans. the entire group was condemmed for the acts of the few. Now the Sioux signed a treaty for the wagon trains heading west to cross the badlands on the thieves road. and all went well until a wagon train camped in a bend of the river. with the rifer at their backs and a dry tinder at the front. they where too ripe of a target for a group of teen Sioux. so they lit a fire and roasted that wagon train. a Crow scout read the sign. the Sioux where asked to turn over the guilty individuals. they refused. So the Army went into the black hills after them. killed a whole village and found gold during the hunt. farther south the Indians already on reservations whoul have a few leave and do killing of settlers. So the saying becam the only good indian is a dead indian. The mainstream media was a large player in the portrayal of all Indians are murders and thieves. At present its the White race who is at the very same crossroads. Whites are villianized. Terms like white privelage. racist and so on are used to make all white folks be seen as villians. And the influx of illegal into the country is being encouraged to further erode the white races dominance. But every place that is completely free of the white influence is a shithole country. not one city ,state, or nation that has non white majority or non white elected officials is anything but a third world shit hole.The fact is if every race other than white disappeared from the planet overnite. The remaining whites would have much fewer problems than the day before. If the Whites all disappeared those other races would have more than ever. Tell me what beast of burden was domesticated or what technology did the native americans invent before the white men arrived. Same in Africa at least in America the natives had stone tools. In africa all they had was a fire hardened spear tip. Actually my wife is 1/4 Cherokee. Her ancestors obtained wives when the Trail of tears was passing thru the Ozarks. And she is a good person wonderfull mother. I knew she was 1/4 native American. But as the oil saying goes you cannot help who you fall in love with. That’s why I fear my grandchildren marrying outside of our race. They cannot help who the fall in love with. And if they bring home some person who I don’t like That’s something I will have to deal with. But they know how I feel and why. Your closing sentence(And they seen almost saints compared to the ews.) I do not make allowance’s for degrees of undesireableness. I dislike them all with equal fevor. Now having stated all of this. The fact is a person who is a good person is a good person no matter what their skin color or ancestry & race. And a persons soul has no skin color. But you and I know there are different breeds of animals and every breed has genetic traits. And the human animal is no exception.

      20. Religion and all the other bullshit aside, Trump took the muzzle off Israel.
        There’s going to be another war over there.
        Netanyahu has the green light to do some damage.
        The Iranians in Syria are about to get their shit rocked.

      21. Fake news, the Jewish media never ever tells the truth.

      22. Is the annual blackmail payment to Israel from the US taxpayer of $4 billion due again?

        • Bert that is what really chaps my ass. The USA is expected to pay other folks to play nice with each other. We reward bad behavior. and are surprised when they behave worse and demand a bigger bribe. Fuck em. Lets hope a big space rock kills them all and God can sort them out. I need to get a bumper sticker (Space Rock 2018) I wish Hick’s Nibiru was really heading this way.

          • “The USA is expected to pay other folks to play nice with each other.”

            The US pays foreign governments to do our bidding. The results of US actions is exactly what the US wants, chaos. Dysfunctional governments do not dictate policy. Their threat is too low to be of substance but large enough to ostensibly justify US military presence. Disregard everything Uncle Sam says.

            • Israel is likely an exception to the above as their coercive lobby influence in Washington is unique. This relationship tends to lean Washington decision making in Israel’s favor.

      23. Jesus Christ Mac!!!
        What has happened to your “ONCE GREAT SITE”???
        ..once upon a time, free expression ruled..nowadays you’ve degenerated into a collective that stifles such…shame on you & the decrepit gatekeepers you employ.

        Advertising $$$ carry much weight..yes???

        Enjoy your fleeting financial success sir..but always keep in mind that the money-changers hold no allegiance to any but themselves..and cold/hard monetary assets.
        I understand it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see this post..so be it!

        That said, I notice that your -traffic- is way down..
        ..most deserving methinks, as top-down censorship tends to adopt an osmosis effect, that unconsciously seeps into the collective, that you allow past your allowable criteria screen.

        ..contact Daisy if you wanna debate further, she’s got my contact info..I trust only her..for valid reasons, of course.

        ..in the meantime..FUCK YOUR GATEKEEPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      24. Yup…and the reason why people only visit places like this keep becoming obvious.

        Two types of people on these sites: 1. The insane conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite. 2. People who laugh at the morons in #1.

        Count me as part of #2.

        Joel 3:2
        I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land

        “Yeah, well it doesn’t matter, because it’s fake and Israel will fall!”

        For a brief time, yes, but…

        Zechariah 14:1-21
        Behold, a day is coming for the Lord, when the spoil taken from you will be divided in your midst. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped. Half of the city shall go out into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations as when he fights on a day of battle. On that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley, so that one half of the Mount shall move northward, and the other half southward. And you shall flee to the valley of my mountains, for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal. And you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. Then the Lord my God will come, and all the holy ones with him.

        • Well it figures I get a big laugh out of folks like you so we are even. I come here for fun entertainment and I sometimes learn something. I cannot and will not argue with folks who I have to deal with on a everyday basis. So I do that here. I enjoy the arguments. the trick is to never give stuff free rent in your head. 99.9% of things folks worry about never happen. for over two thousand years there have been true believers who where certain that they are indeed living in the end times mentioned in revelations. And so far they have all been wrong.

      25. Hunter ive never been censored. Ive had post sent into moderation. Ive learned you gotta misspell key words to avoid moderation.

      26. Israel is the rogue state in the middle east!!!

      27. Well, let them go at it…I do NOT like any of the rats on either side.

      28. Hopefully this will be the death of all chews. The only good one is a dead one.

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