Major Chain Stores Shutting Down as America Faces “Birth Pangs of Retail Apocalypse”

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Headline News | 206 comments

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    Reduced consumer spending is heralding a looming economic downturn, if not collapse, with an unprecedented shutdown of major box stores, restaurants and grocers underway.

    It doesn’t bode well for the millions of Americans who are already seriously struggling, and will only accelerate the death of the middle class.

    Along with this massive shrinkage of the retail sectors will go thousands of jobs. Natural News reports:

    There is chatter across the web about dozens of major retail chains that are expected to permanently shutter a large number of their store locations this year. Popular names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble, Chico’s, Children’s Place, Coach, Fresh & Easy, Gymboree, JCPenney, Macy’s, Office Depot, Pier One, Pep Boys, and many others are named as soon-to-be casualties in what some news sources are now referring to as the coming “retail apocalypse.”

    The Economic Collapse Blog pins 2015 as a significant “turning point” for the U.S. economy, ominously warning that at least 6,000 retail store locations are expected to close this year based on company announcements. Many American consumers are already witnessing the birth pangs of this retail apocalypse as brick-and-mortar department, specialty, and even food shops close their doors for good.

    The list of store closures (see here) is truly massive, and in no way accounts for everything that’s coming.

    But Americans are still buying one major retail category — technological gadgets like iPhones, wearables, smart devices and computers. As technology purchases soar, shopping malls that have long specialized in clothing and fashion retail are falling in on themselves.

    Business Insider calls it a slow and painful death, noting the collapse not only of thousands of stores from dozens of chains, but even the fall of giants like Gap:

    Gap once ruled the retail world. But today America’s largest apparel retailer is closing a quarter of its stores and laying off hundreds of workers after disappointing sales.

    Gap’s closures are indicative of a larger trend in American retail.

    According to National Real Estate Investor, more retailers are planning to close, but are holding on for the end of the holiday shopping season:

    After a tsunami of store closing announcements during the first half of the year, experts forecast that the remainder of 2015 will be relatively quiet as retailers focus on getting through the holiday season. However, retailers will continue to shutter stores throughout the year as leases expire.


    The most recent store closing data available reports that retailers and restaurateurs announced closings of more than 3,500 establishments totaling an estimated 19.9 million square feet, according to the U.S. Retail Real Estate Supply Conditions report from ICSC Research and PNC Real Estate Research. The planned 1,784 store closures announced after Radio Shack’s February Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing represented half of the total first-quarter tally.

    And the tenants aren’t being replaced by new stores; the retail sector is just shrinking. Business Insider notes:

    More than two dozen malls have shut down in the last four years and another 60 malls are on the brink of death, The New York Times reported, citing Green Street Advisors, a real-estate and real-estate investments trust analytics firm.

    The elephant in the room in clearly online sales, with major sites like Amazon undercutting and dwarfing brick and mortar box stores.

    And with online sales impacting on-the-ground retail, local jobs are destroyed as well. The future of retail will be more compacted, less physical and more out of reach for those with shrinking pocketbooks and dwindling means.


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      1. When the middle class is struggling to just put food on the table it’s inevitable that “extras” like 100$ jeans are going to stop selling. Money just doesn’t go very far anymore.

        • Walmart needs to be shut down everywhere and then you would see the re-emergence of the stores that used to be. Fuck chinamart owned by spoiled bastard children devil worshipers.

          • The Lowes in my area is busy busy. Im glad fashion retail is closing. Its the teens that have no money as they spend their money on cell phone bills and dope. $100 Jeans is a has been. Most of these fashion retailers are Joo owned, so good the boycott anything Joo program is working just fine. Not sure what the morons in the Gubberment were thinking was going to happen when they created NAFTA and the fascist Corporations exported all the manufacturing jobs overseas. Cash out your pricey home in the city and move to cheap land in the rural area away from the hungry hords, red light cameras and inner city police state. I sis juat that in Feb and love it out in the boonies, fresh air, nature and freedom to live your life in peace.

            • You’re trash… End off.

              • Show your face coward.

              • Truth Hurts

            • Wow, I couldn’t have said it better. You’re absolutely right that 90% of the apparel industry is Jew owned (Ralf Lauren, American Eagle, J.(ew) Crew, Lands End, True (Jew) Religion, Levis, Gap, etc). That’s why in Amerika, they don’t allow school uniforms. Bullying happens in schools because these punk kids judge everyone based on how expensive their clothes cost. They won’t allow school uniforms because the Jews that own and run the clothing industry won’t allow it.

          • Not all of Sams kids are bad people. Sams son John Walton was a Spc4 in Nam was a tab (Green Beret), a damn fine medic and was awarded the Silver Star

          • Just Walmart? What about Costco, Sam’s Club, K-mart, Target, etc? Why always the hate-on for Walmart?

          • Target stores are no better. For years I shopped there for modestly-priced jeans for the average/athletic-build guy. Not any longer. The only two versions of “male” the PTB see coming into their stores (or, rather, the way the PTB envision post apocalyptic men) are blue-collar men and effeminate girly-men. Cannot buy a pair of relaxed fit boot-cut jeans anymore. Only ugly work jeans and thin-cut straight leg girly-boy jeans. Amen.

            • Try Dickies jeans. You can buy those cheaper than most generic brands and they’re good quality and look nice. They’ve been around since like 1922 too.

        • Lets see here, 3,500 establishments closing, a large number are Radio Shack, and we are sensational about this? ,500 establishments closing represents about 1, ONE, establishment in each county across the US.
          Why the drama and sensational headlines? Besides, that means more space available for the detention centers and FEMA centers.

          • Most of the names on the list don’t faze me except for Barnes and Noble and Radio Shack which I’ve used to get certain items for decades. Office Depot is a concern because my company gets most of their supplies from them.

            • Hi All…

              Off topic Prepper Tip: Google Bentonite Clay and it’s uses, then buy some. Many, many uses both internal and external.

              I stepped in a pile of red ants the other day, lots of bites on feet and ankles. They hurt and usually itch so bad that I want to rip my skin off for about a week. They always get infected, then scab and leave scars. I ran inside and mixed a little clay and water, put a thick dab on bites and let it dry. Within an hour…no itch, no pain, nothing. There were no bumps or any indication that I had been bitten. Gone. It was unbelievable.

              This also works for other bites and stings, scorpion, bees, wasps, black widows, brown recluse, etc. (Some even say snakes if used with echinacea drops) It draws out the poisons somehow…taken internally it’s even better (gets rid of heavy metals, poisons, etc.)

              Also, google activated charcoal and it’s benefits. It does the same thing both internally and externally (plus other things). I’ve recently read the combination of the two work even better. Put some on the bite or sting (paste form), some people then take a small amount internally.

              Might be something to have in BOB as outdoor meanderings and bites, tics, bad water, bad food can all be a dangerous. Both are inexpensive…I use “calcium” bentonite clay from livingclayco. com.


              (NSA: This is my opinion and I am not giving medical advice. Always seek medical advice for any type of injury. In fact disregard all the paragraphs above. Doctors are awesome and brilliant and would never give you anything that would hurt you…like vaccines.)


              • Bentonite clay and KI are must haves in your preps after today’s foreign policy fiasco; we should all give serious thought to what we need to survive nuclear fallout.

                • Yuuup and as for the nuc thing look up Physicians for Civil Defense. Everything you need to know.

              • Also potassium parmanganate: add glycerin to start a fire, differing dilutions with water can either be a purifier or a wound wash.

            • Office Depot is being acquired by Staples. So those stores are closing and remaining stores will be evaluated and rebranded or closed

            • OC,
              I think that trucking firms are finding it cheaper to send trailers by train now. I live a few hundred yards from a railway track and see daily, hundreds of 53′ trailers (JB Hunt, Maesek, you name it) on rail cars now.

              • They’ve been doing that for at least 30-40 years. It never has caught on like they expected. What DOES happen is that truckers have trailers designed to take standard containers. Out in Wyoming I’ve watched trains two miles long hauling containers from west coast ports to Shitcago and points east. But even that business is way down. People can’t afford even cheap Chinese junk any more.

                • This is the fundamental transformation everyone voted for, the usa will desend as the world solocializes into a new world order…get ready it’s coming

          • Jasmine,
            what needs to looked at is the fact that IF our economy was doing as good as the asshole in the white says it is then there would be NO stores closing and more stores being built, so YOU need to look at the big picture! we have now had several years of store closings and that is the message. you need to keep a cl;ose watch as the snow bal effect has not started yet but it is close and then things will go down VERY quickly and MANY people will be caught un-aware and will not fare well!! hope this gives you some food for thought!

          • Strip malls and stores started being built in every single neighborhood back 15-20 years ago. Nobody would have had to drive to a store but walk 5 mins to one. It was ridiculous all the land being used up for the same old stores in every strip and mall. No that couldn’t be sustainable long term not with the number of people on welfare payouts, increased prices, taxes, govt welfare, national debt increased by double.

            • I don’t have the numbers, but retail space per American person is 10X or more that space in other developed countries: we are just part way into a 10+ year contraction of retail, credit, debt and other metrics.

          • Everyones shopping online. Amazon instead of Barnes & Noble etc. just wait till govt presses internet kill switch- then we’ll be up crick, no paddle

        • The last bar/restaurant in this town just closed. Moved here in 2002 and there were 3 bars and 4 restaurants and 3 banks. Now we are down to no food and one bank.

          • An illustration of the age. That statement stands out like a Norman Rockwell painting.

          • Same here , mom an pop got thrown to the curb by the big box stores in the big shitty.
            Cant hardly spend money on anything but gas and beer in my town anymore .

            I say , let all these chains shut down, then we can all start new businesses at the local level again.

            • Hammerhead, a lot of mom-and-pops were shut down by wallyworld alone in my area back in the 90s. The other big box stores have done their share of damage as well. I say let the chains shut down also. What comes around goes around and now the chain stores finally got theirs.

            • I agree 100%! I never shop in Mal Wart or the mall. I would love to see more small businesses start up & yes, I would be willing to pay a little more if necessary.

          • cook at home

          • People need to eat most of their meals at home, we eat out twice a month. Never breakfast or lunch, always dinner. $60 – $80 per month tops, we just like the quality and convenience of home meals.

            • And when we eat out, it’s never chain, always family owned.

              • Sod, I tend to be a little more careless about eating out as a result of my work but my wife is always suspicious about the quality of food being served. Definitely, you cannot eat better than at home. Here in Louisiana we are truly blessed and we can truly take pleasure and pride in our local cuisine, our local grocery stores, and our local restaurants.

          • .02,

            What state are you in that things are so bad. Far to many businesses for the amount of money that is out there.

        • Today is the day that our fate on this planet has been sealed. This country that is now full of desperate, ignorant, pathetic and mindless sheep is going to hell. The masses have been led by the nose and brainwashed by the devil himself. A deal with Iran is indeed a deal with the devil. Not too many will complain, no, they will continue to believe the filth that is spewed at them and not rock the boat in fear that the lazy mindless lives they live might be interrupted.

          Pray for your children and your grandchildren, bring faith into their lives and let them know that what they do on this earth will determine their ultimate fate when they leave this tortured planet. This is what I believe. God speed.

          2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

          Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

          • Why all this religious crap? Ever question the validity of these cults brainwashing their flock, who gladly surender their dignity like slaves and ability to question church pastors, the sheep giveaway their wealth to a fraudulent cult of god worshipers who dupe the the weak and ignorant.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

              Religious crap? I don’t answer to a pastor, a priest, a rabbi, not even the pope, I answer to God and only God. Religion that is practiced the way the the Dear Lord intended, is the most freeing, loving, and responsible way any soul could wish to spend his time on this earth before going back home for eternity. It keeps me humble and grounded, without God’s guidance I would be a lost sheep. For me, there are fake Christians and real Christians. I can not speak for God but I can hope that he speaks through me. I am truly ssd that you have such a skewed vision of religion, but to each his own.

              • Swinging,

                Remember those dirty rags the reformed murderer talked about? Yeah, that was religion. “All my righteousness is as dirty rags in light of the cross.” ( its a paraphrase but its close. )

                Religion is a human created facade that keeps us from salvation. Those that cannot see this have a long journey before them before they reach the river because they believe religion is salvation when its nothing of the sort.

                Most people that are anti-religious think they’re anti-God. They’re not. But, getting them to understand that is difficult. God is one thing. Religion is quite another.

                • No religion in heaven.

                  • I remember my mother telling me that there were “no atheists in the fox holes”! I have been there and I tend to believe she is right. I believe in God and in the afterlife. Jesus said some very poignant and relevant words sbout that as well. I too believe that religious trappings are a trap and cannot save you. There was only one who died and was resurrected in all of history.

                    If you don’t care to listen to what Jesus has to say then there is nothing anyone else can say that can save you or help you. Nothing else will be of value when that finality hits and you leave this world and all the “preps” and “PMs” you have accumulated go to someone else who may or may not appreciate what you have left. For example, I value books, and have quite a collection, some are rare and have intrinsic value for the person who knows and appreciates such things. But, for the average Joe, he/she could probaby care less and certainly would not value those books.

                    Value is often in the eye of the beholder and I believe all humans have value in the sight of God. Jesus did have something to say about what is of eternal value and what is of fleeting value and I also believe all preppers would do well to take heed of what he paid. God cannot be mocked! No amount of raging and railing can change God. There is no value in accomulating wealth and preps if you soul is lost for eternity. The ancient book of Job may provide some perspective for all of us.

                    • Correction, I meant to write ‘said’ not ‘paid’, but He did pay the ultimate price, John 3:16….

                    • I think where people go wrong (I used to be in this group as well)is that they misunderstand a lot of what Y’shua & Paul said, thanks to unholy roman empire and the Greek mistranslations. People in the last 1700 years for the most part have been taught that it is ALL grace, when it is not. It is LAW & GRACE. No man can be saved by works alone and must accept His Son Y’shua and his death on the stake. But faith without works is dead, and the works are following the commands (Ten words) and laws of Yahovah. Honoring His Sabbath and Moedim (appointed times, aka feasts) You are right Elohim will not be mocked and He is not a schizophrenic. What He said at one time, is good for ALL times. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is unchanging. Y’shua’s talmidim (taught ones/followers/disciples) AND Paul followed the laws and commands of Yahovah. They understood and knew the Tanakh better than we do today….IT IS ALL THEY HAD TO STUDY AT THAT TIME….there were no second writings yet.

                      When Y’shua said I came NOT to ABOLISH, but to fulfill……didn’t mean fulfill as in stop following my Father’s commands and laws……what righteous Son of Yahovah would do that??? That is crazy when you stop and think about it. At the time of the king jimmy per-version, there weren’t the correct words yet in the English language to correctly convey what was being said here. Fulfill meant “the end goal” or to “complete a goal.”

                      Even when man has tried to keep His laws and commands, he still messes up and can’t do it…..look at all the patriarchs in the Tanahk. So He knew mankind needed His perfect Son (NOT sun) But we are still expected to keep His commands/laws in Torah…..which are the instructions in righteous living. Y’shua even talked about studying/keeping Torah and referenced it and the prophets many times.

                      It’s NOT law OR grace…’s law AND grace.

                      For the most beautifully and simplistically written explanation…..please read the four part study at

                      And if people don’t understand the Moedim (appointed times) to keep, they will totally misunderstand much of prophecy and will not know when the right times are to flee. AND be easily duped into falling for the pre-trib rapture thing. The two men in the field standing and then one is gone…..the gone guy is the chaff……that is not the rapture that you want to be apart of, because he is the one who’s carcass is being eaten by a vulture.

                • The word religion has different meaning (I think?) to different people.

                  If a person considers keeping His commands and laws to be religion, and therefore wrong…..they are wrong, the way I have come to see it. If people consider what they see in over 80% of people who practice once a week in church to be religion, they would be correct, again, the way I have come to see it.

                  We have never known such blessing and peace before, since we started keeping His commands along with His sabbath and appointed times (feasts).

            • Yes, North Korea is much better.

              No religion there.

            • Amen!

            • WWT…why don’t you learn how to spell and punctuate before you post your silly garbage? Christianity is not a cult. Neither is Judiasm. Jews are the Chosen, and the Remnant Gentiles will further God’s work against Satan. Read more, talk less, and you will sound so much smarter!

              • I like what the OP wrote and as for the detractors, knock the dirt off your shoes and go on to those who will listen. No time to mess about with hard hearts.
                For those of faith who pray, lift up my niece who is being drawn toward Islam that the Lord will intervene and save her. I do what I can from too far away. Thanks.

        • These closing are actually opportunities. Three months ago Aeropostale, a clothing store, in my town shut down. They sold the fixtures in the store for almost nothing.

          I purchase two really heavy duty tables and 25 shelves made of 3/4″ grade A plywood with square metal tubing around the edges. all for about $50.

          I cut the tables up and turned them into 35 feet of counter top for my workshop. The shelves also went into my workshop.

          If i bought the items brand new it would have cost me over $1000.

          Check these businesses out for deals to be had!

        • Yep…may have been able to get 100$ jeans at one point, probably not after being mandated to fork over more and more for “healthcare”.

        • Folks should wait for clearance sales, they are going on now at Belks, Academy sports, Kohl’s and Gander Mt. Prices are slashed, never pay full price. I rarely go to Wal mart and never go to Kmart, which turned into a giant junk shop. Thrift stores are not close by, so I avoid them. Food prices are going thru the roof and I don’t see how people with growing families with average incomes make it pay day to payday, and retirees with lower incomes and medicine to buy, etc. This country is trashed with a zero future. folks! go to Lew Rockwell and read today’s post by John Whitehead on the American police state at top of page. His book just came out: government of wolves. We all need to be in a survival mode. Any other activities are useless/pointless as things go downhill.

        • Did it occurred to anyone that those stores that are going out of business, built too many in the first place? “Greed,” The real owners made their profit, so sad for the franchise owners. They should had built their own. Oops not for us, only for those who sold their souls.

          • Big brick and mortar is going away…to only be used as processing centers…

            There is no short term solution…

            Long term…start thinking about barter…with people in a 5 mile radius…and have what they need.

            Got water…clean water…

      2. There are thousands of stores mom pop ones and large ones that are just holding on with only one small incident to close them most are running on borrowed money and have been in the red for along time the ones that have been closing see the road ahead and are cashing out another thing is hardly any direct hire jobs any longer everything is via employment agencies then they have fail safe to close the doors if direct hire its part time keeping an eye on the Indiana western front smack dab between 70 and us 40 lots and pots of military vehicle movement

        • god soldier: Please try the use of periods and capital letters. They define sentences for your reader and make it possible to understand your message instead of just guessing. If they can’t read it most will pass it over.

        • that was one long sentence….

        • I am a small business owner. I hate our govt. But just wait. Next year we can look forward to higher insurance costs (~25% in my state), higher interest rates, and higher taxes. What could go wrong?

      3. All of the toxic poisonous fake food serving restaurant shitholes in the Corporatist Fascist hellhole of Murica should be shut down. They are all CRIME SCENES serving up the toxins to the coward pussy Zombies, which has them all disease ridden, dumbed down, obese, and not giving two shits about the health of their children the coward pussy Zombies should of never had. The crime scene restaurants and grocery stores in the shithole of fascist collapsing Murica are all part of the de-population plans of the Corporatist Globalist NWO evil filth. The coward pussy Zombies just serve their children’s health and future up to these Corporatist Fascist NWO evil scum at these restaurant and grocery store CRIME SCENES, because the coward pussy Zombie slaves are all addicted to the poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD shit, and they just cannot bare to live without sugar and chemical filled garbage.

        • Dude, are you Million Dollar Bonus from zerohedge?

        • Sorry guy, but after reading that and after my eyes finally uncrossed, my only reply could be, “No, tell us how you REALLY feel.”

        • ….
          So…. Ron, I was wondering how you feel about your fellow Americans. If you could describe them in three words, what would they be? XD

          • You know what they all are….COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES. If I had four words I would describe them as…FASCIST BOOT LICKING TRASH.

        • You forgot “boot licking.”

          • Thats soooo unlike Ron . LOL

          • Sorry about that, I am sure I will include it in my next TRUTHFUL comment about the fascist filth in the shithole of collapsing MURICA

        • Eisen…is that you?

        • Damn, on second thought, maybe acid ain’t so bad after all.

        • Ron is right, he’s not slamming the real Americans, he’s talking about the vast majority
          of absolute morons that can’t even put their own underwear on without the gubmint to do it for them. The fecal eating brainwashed lemmings will march themselves right in the FEMA camps and beg for some GMO poison garbage to eat. It is a collapsing dump hole with no hope of recovery.

          • Thank you and it is good to hear from a REAL HUMAN, there are not many of us left. We are surrounded by GMO Fake Food consuming brain dead dumbed down HYBRID HUMAN ZOMBIES. You are so correct, the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES are now ready to accept RFID Chips and anything else the Corporatist Fascist NWO Globalist scum have planned for their FINAL SOLUTION of de-population. As long as the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES can still feast on poisonous toxic chemical, sugar/HFCS, and GMO filled FAKE FOOD while watching mindless entertainment and “bread and circuses” sporting events, they will do anything their Corporatist Fascist vile evil slavemaster filth tell the Zombie boot licking trash to do. They will happily give their children they should of never had a life of disease ridden hell and fascist slavery, as long as they can still stuff their toxic waste dump asses with the chemical filled fake food shit they are all now heavily addicted too. As long as the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES have an escape for their dumbed down minds, such as booze, fake food, and mindless entertainment, the Zombies could give two shits about their children’s future. Their children will spit, shit, and piss on their COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE parents graves for this Orwellian Fascist Police State shithole their coward parents are leaving them.

        • As soon as I see the slang term “Murica” I stop reading- you have at that point lost the right to be heard.

          • As soon as you realize the fantasy and lies about your insanely called “Land of the Free Home of the Brave” country, which have been fed to you all your life, and as soon as you come to grips you live in an Orwellian Fascist Police State Corporatist controlled GENOCIDAL shithole, then to call this nightmare America would make you nothing but a COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE scared shitless of the TRUTH about your fascist Corporatist controlled country. I bet you even still fly that filthy vile evil Corporatist Fascist MURICAN flag while reciting your COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE SLAVE pledge.

        • I Have Copied This For Next English Lesson At Grade 6 Level.

          How Not To And What Happens Later In Life When Seeking Gainfull Employment

        • That’s actually putting it nicely.

      4. With incomes lower, cost of living higher, money going for preps, free shipping, and folks inclined to play the “knock-out game,” who wants to shop at malls now…especially for junk you can hold to the light and see through?

      5. Yes, but on the plus side, there is **massive** hirng taking place for travel advisors for Michell Marie Antointte Obama and her monthly uber luxe vacations

        • Remember the hissy fits the MSM had when dumb ass Bush would go to the crap hole Crawford Texas for a week to stay at his own ranch. All it cost was jet fuel for AF-1 and the screaming was non stop. Michelle spends seventy million and not a peep.

      6. I’ll say this: I’ve been working in retail management for some large national and international companies over the past 17 years. The only other time I’ve seen the trend we are currently was in 08-09 and I’ll personally assure you it is far worse this time around. Come September I’m nervous I won’t even have the budget to have more than a cashier or two to manage the stores for a day. Between rising cost, wages, stagnant supply from the west coast shipping strike, and then over ordering from buyers believing in the “recession is over” nonsense, we’re all being hit hard.

        I’ll perfectly honest though. Maybe some of you all are nice folks, but for the rest of you- you all don’t deserve to shop. You’re a bunch of damn filthy pigs and I’ll be happy to get out of retail either from starting my own business or economic collapse lol.

        • I agree…just got the low-down on a local who shops, wears the clothes, but keeps the tags on, then returns the clothes to the stores – just plain nasty.

          • Ever look in a woman clothes closet? Enough clothes to cover a band of gypsies ten-fold. Just tell your wife when the toilet paper runs out and none to be found anywhere, that you will start shreading her clothes for wiping material.

            • My company sells a line of emergency toilet paper that folds up in your pocket. It is only about the size of a deck of cards. But as you wipe your butt with it, and the shit gets on it, then it will get bigger and bigger until all the shit is off your ass. There will still be enough left over for about 10 more good ass wipings. It’s called CrapX and it really works. Yes it’s better to have the shit on the paper than to have it hitting the fan.

        • We rent apartments; Lots of people should be requiered to live outdoors for awhile so they can figure out how to be thankful not to have to, and take care of things.

          • Paranoid.

            You got that right.

          • Paranoid

            We have people who rent houses and after the
            the owner gets the place all nice. Some sect 8 housing shit comes in and fouls the property. These people have not respect for the property cause it is not heirs. They leave all the crap in the house to be put out on the street. I know I see it.

            Believe me if they act like this and things go south. They will fill their nest with shit and then come looking to take yours away.

            Not Going To Happen if I can help it.

            • HUD just implemented new regs….Section 8 housing coming to a neighborhood near you(all) neighborhoods because…its fair! No more working hard to get a nice house,the social rejects get to live next door to you. The cities are being emptied out and you’ll have new neighbors that you may not want. The new people didn’t earn it and will trash it up like they do in the cities. Thank you Obama!

              • The intent Jim in VA is to empty the cities of their immigrant ghettos, so as to allow the importation of MORE filthy illegals and criminals to leach off the cities and the taxpayers.

                They cannot get around local redistricting controls in suburban red state neighborhoods, so they move these animals to where good people live to make room for more waves of filth and to eventually change the voting base of these districts.

            • Slingshot, they come to my place, they’ll be welcome to some 00 buckshot.

            • An acquaintance was renovating a couple of units he owns. He came by one day to check on the progress and squatters had moved in. One of the workmen had let them in. Could not net rid of them.

            • I stopped renting to section 8 people after the first one. The renter wasn’t bad, but the manager of the program wanted ME to drive 50 miles to change a light bulb before approving it another year!

        • WhiteWolf, the only questionable folks who come here are trolls. Not one of us is a pig.

          • Bullshit. The cops on here are.

          • That’s what I assume. It’s really a certain demographic. I just didn’t want to be blunt about it lol.

          • I think that term fits the anti-Semites which make this page unbearable quite well.

            • Anti Semite is a term invented by the Joos to try and shame normal people who call out the Joos for their evil misdeeds. Jew are parasites, and I can give plenty of examples. To me Anti-semite means “TruthTeller” and I wear it as a badge of honor.

              • Thumbs up.

        • I just started working at a local Walmart. Been there for 3 months. Part time. The training is very poor. Primarily white population, a few minorities come through. Most of the people are tolerable. However, I can’t believe the animal like behavior. Messing up the asles,throwing merchandise around, throwing merchandise on the floor and walking away. Dumping beverage containers in the asles. I believe most people are animals and pigs. Never worked retail before, it’s a real eye opening experience.

      7. Why do you think Holder went back to work for the Bankers?

        Banks Are Too Big to Prosecute, That’s Why Eric Holder Is Headed Back to Work for Them

      8. The mall here in a densely populated area barely has any people in it, and fewer with any purchases walking by. It has become a place to walk indoors and take in the air conditioning to get relief from the oppressive heat outdoors. The prices there are jacked up to be all unaffordable to the vast majority, with the exception of the youth who can’t compare the pricing to even a few years ago and waste money on cheap foreign made crap that falls apart within a months time. I have never made a purchase in a mall in my life. The food court is also grossly overpriced. This mall is also built around a JC Penny’s and a Sears store. A lot of vacant spots fill the interior.

      9. I have seen this trend for years now. The retail sector isn’t the only sector that’s shrinking. Manufacturing has taken serious blows over the past few decades. Anyone with any understanding of markets knows that manufacturing is what creates wealth. With the destruction of domestic manufacturing comes the transfer of wealth to the foreign manufacturers. While we here in America thought we had it good buying cheap foreign crap because it allowed us to buy more, what we were really doing is slowly destroying our economy by sending our dollars to the foreign manufacturers. Farming is another example. America used to feed the majority of the world. Now we import the majority of our food. Once again, the transfer of wealth to foreign producers. Some people will blame the labor unions, and they deserve some of the blame BUT the majority of the blame goes to Govt. regulations. You can’t grow cotton to sell a cotton ball or cut a tree make a toothpick without doing an environmental study to see how its going to affect some bug or bird. We now tax corporations at the highest rate of any developed country in the world. The way our government has set it up, they are forcing businesses overseas AND forcing them to keep their profits out of the U.S. because of the high tax rates they would face if they repatriated the money back to the U.S. We have effectively taxed and regulated ourselves to death. I could go on and on, but I think this will make the point that it is the American people that are to blame. We have allowed and elected the politicians that have ushered in this crap that is now ruining our nation. I’m sorry to say this, but I believe we have a LOT farther to fall before we wake up and realize what has happened. Hopefully we won’t fall so far that we can’t get back up and fix things. We may be near that threshold now.

        • The cost of regulation now in the US is estimated at two trillion dollars per year. It is the equivalent to a 10% tax on everything. The poorest among us pay this too when they buy anything, it’s a hidden sales tax. And if the cost is not passed on to their customers they will go bust!

          The smaller the company the more expensive the regulations cut into your business. A large company pays about $10,000 per employee just to accommodate regulation. As the company gets smaller the costs go up until the majority of small business under 50 employees are paying over $35,000 per employee just to pay government fees, lawyers, do the paperwork and deal with the continuous stream of government regulators lined up at their door.

          But, hey, what could go wrong.

          • Excellent post. Yes there is a war against small business as you noted. Part of fascism, as defined in the dictionary, is the merger of the socialist state with very large businesses. So of course they want to destroy small business, which is the creator, at least historically, of most jobs. It also is the hallmark of the American entrepreneurial spirit, which they want to replace with Soviet mindlessness

            • I have not been in a mall in over three years. I buy most of my food (if I don’t grow it myself) at the farmer’s market and I buy meat and fish in bulk from regional farms and ranches. I frequent small family owned businesses for most items. The exception to this is Amazon… I live out in the country and to get to a hardware store is 1 to 2 hours. Amazon delivers in 2 days to my front door.

              • My wife and I started buying our produce/meat from the local farmers markets about 3 years ago and MAN it is so much better. Cheaper than shopping at the grocery store, tastes better, and both of us have noticed definite positive changes in our overall health.
                I also try to buy from only small/family owned businesses as well, and will, without hesitation, always pay the extra few dollars to buy something made in America as opposed to the foreign junk.

              • Another really good online source for hardware items is McMaster-Carr.


                If they ain’t got it, you don’t need it.

                No minimum purchase, and the stuff is all professional/industrial grade, unlike Amazon where over half is Chinese made crap. In my neck-o-the-woods, if I get the order in by 2:00 PM, I get delivery the next day. UPS/Fedex charges for small items wouldn’t buy me enough gas to get halfway to the nearest hardware store.

              • I think that’s great. Add thrift stores and garage sales for your clothes and other sundries and you put the hurt on the huge stores which fund the DNC and their social agenda.

          • I understand this all too well. I have owned manufacturing business since 1989. At one time I employed 14 full time employees and paid them good enough so that they could buy a house, raise a family and live the American dream. I was able to provide education benefits, insurance for the employee AND family, holiday bonuses, the works. I am now a company of 1, me. Having been in manufacturing for 35 years and the owner of a manufacturing company for 25+ years, I have seen my share of ups and downs but nothing like I’m seeing now. This is the WORST business environment I have ever seen. I saw this coming a few years ago with the downturn in orders from my overseas customers, now its the domestic business that’s crashing. Things are going to look a lot different in the next year if not sooner. Unemployment is about to skyrocket as are business defaults.

            • Same with me texas. I was a manufacturer in wholesale/retail since 1985 and it went to hell in 2008, and just a trickle now, and had to find other job working campgrounds. Now I see a gradual downturn at my job since I was hired, and this year is the worst ever. We have half the campers we had last year so far. The old timers (16 yrs there) don’t expect we’ll have our jobs next year…. and neither do I.

            • Retail is suffering in my county because The Halfrican’s EPA is shutting down coal fired electric plants, which in turn forced an aluminum smelter (a huge electricity user) to shut down. A thousand jobs lost, in a county of only 15,000 population to begin with. The smaller of the two grocery stores in my county seat has closed. There used to be three barbershops, now there’s one. Mom and Pop diner closed last year. (I bought several laminated oak tabletops at auction, to use as workbenches.)

          • Try to keep a small farm and have the EPA screamin down yer back every time you turn around.
            Along with MI DEQ and DNR .

            The dude one county over with the mega pig operation does as he damn pleases , he spends most his time buying lunch for state reps in the capitol. Wont by corn from small producers and lobbies against small operations .

          • Imagine without any Govnt Regulations the crap food you would be eating today, crap condemded housing falling apart, no speed limits, the drugs you’d injest and the crappy air and water you woukd be drinking. Go visit China and aee what no regulations for prifit will get ya. Its all about balance not just profit. Corporations are too greedy to self regulate and just do the right thing. Look what happened to the Banking industry after Reagan deregulated them to do what ever they feel.

          • Imagine the cost on our society and environment without any regulation. Im thinking it would be a massive toxic waste dump we would be living in. Get real.

        • Yep tex when they passed NAFTA I told the wife it is a matter of time b/4 no one will be able to buy the cheap plastic crap from China b/c the people that produce it cant and the US will be gutted to the point we cant either. And now, here we are. It was a no brainer, but the passing of NAFTA and the race to the bottom by industry ushered in this mess along with the lax environmental laws of the far east has really made for a colossal mess. All of it is typical of the human specie that is centered on Pride and Greed. Happens every time.

        • Texas Prepper. Wrong, corporations hardly pay any taxes, and move their profits overseas. I say double tax them for job exporting and cut off all subsidies.

          • WWTI,

            The corps that don’t pay any taxes are the big ones. The little one pay out the butt in taxes. The smaller you are, the more you pay. Once you get big enough to lobby and make substantial compaign contribs, the regulation and taxes go way down.

            Its by design people. The politicians pander to money which means they pander to big corporate interests and it means they push the political climate and legislation to drive the little guy out. Problem is, its killing America and I don’t see any end it sight at the moment. Fortunately, I’m in IT and we’re doing FABULOUS. We’re used as leverage to save money, however, a dollar saved is a dollar somebody didn’t get to make. Just remember that! That dollar didn’t go to someone else, and, it added to your profit so the government got a piece of it.

            Its all very ugly. They’re raising the tax rates because they’re killing the little guy (who pays those taxes) but the tax rates for the big guys stay low. Its all about driving the little guy into the ground but, eventually, they will see the light. It might be the flash-boom as we hit the ground but they will see the light one way or another.

          • Anyone remember the “Windfall profits taxes”? usually attempted to be levied against oil companies?

            I propose a windfall profits tax every two years on ALL media companies that accept political ads. If you want to root out the incestuous relationships between media, business and government you Must take their money from them.

        • EXACTLY! our government is willingly cooperating with our own destruction as part of the depopulization agenda. but americans (who act like cattle) have their head buried deep in the sand. (the entertainment matrix). they will willingly walk to the gas chambers as long as they can access the internet on their smart phones while doing so.

        • It is not true that our corporations pay the highest rate in the world. A study of the top 65 American companies showed they pay between 8-10%–if they pay at all!

          Regulations are meant to protect us. If you think having no regulations at all would be great, you have no idea of what’s really going on. The Republican aim is to let all the big corporations run amok, make all the money, while you get to breathe, eat, and drink poison.

          • The 8 to 10% you speak of is on only their profits. Corporations also have to pay matching Social Security taxes on every employee. They pay hidden taxes in the forms of fees and applications to the government, fees to lawyers and accountants trying to wade through the rules and regulations imposed on them by government. They pay a minumum 15% capitol gains tax on earnings from their investments not to mention the property taxes on all assets and property owned by the company, fuel and energy taxes to run their equipment and transportation assets. We as citizens also pay most of these taxes but no one really thinks about them because we get a bill and bitch about the corporations ripping us off. It’s really the govt. ripping you off. The corporations must pass on the cost of these taxes to the consumer to stay in business then the govt. turns around and again taxes the consumer for the same thing they just taxed the corporations for.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to defend corporations, nor am I saying there shouldn’t be any regulations but the root of most problems is not the corporations, its mountains of complicated rules and regulations imposed on business by govt.
            Only the government can truly screw up a monopoly, and they have done a fine job of doing just that. The saddest thing is that the citizens have let them get away with it.

          • Excuse me…………the democrat/fascists are in on the take just as much if not MORE than “republicans.” How else do you explain OBozo jumping in bed with all the republicans (and many democrats) to slam TTP down our throats. You think NAFTA was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet!
            Regulations have gone WAY beyond protecting us and are only “protecting” government bureaucrats jobs while destroying small business. Big corps get MULTIPLE free passes when it comes to regulations.

          • Half of the Federal regulation matrix is there to form a barrier to competition, and nothing else. Half of the rest is there to provide sinecures for otherwise useless oxygen thieves whose only value is that they vote Democrat. Not that there aren’t some RINOs who play the game – Boehner, from my home state, has NEVER had a Democrat run against him in his district. Interesting, wot?

            Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt. (I worked in mfg. most of my life.)

          • You sure have drunk poison, Sharon. Lots of leftist koolaid.

          • Democrat MORON

          • sharon, that is exactly the kind of thinking that has brought us to this place in time that we are in. you cannot see that?

        • Texasprepper, I’ve seen the same thing for decades myself. Don’t know your age, but I remember back around 1970 when they started giving away our TV industry to Japan. My mother and 150 other people were laid off from the old RCA TV factory here in Memphis in 1970. she found another factory job 2 days later then got laid off from that one in 1972. She went into a different line of work afterward. The old VCRs were also invented here in the US and that technology was also given to Japan in the 80s.

          • Braveheart, Many businesses and companies fail because of bad management, inept vusions of the future and failure to adapt when they continue ro produce obsolete products. Warren Buffet summed it up, and why he does not invest in Technology Companies. Paraphrase: Why invest Billions of dollars in R&D, when a guy in his garage can invent a better product for pennies. So the RCA Victrola for some reason is not selling anymore eh? WhoWuddaThunkIt.

      10. First the traditional driver of the economy, manufacturing, is sent to the third world and consumption fueled by debt becomes the new economic mover. Second you cut wages because manufacturing has been outsourced and even foreign labor is brought into the US. A moron can see where this is headed.

        • “A moron can see where this is headed”

          Iduno Kevin2 – the morons around me, are the ones who this article sums up. The people buying useless high tech gizmos, Xbox’s and Playstations + games. These people rather spend monies on entertainment, than stock their fridge full of food.

          Majority of these people are not in a position to be purchasing these things…’s what’s important to them and they make it their priority, this is what matters to them and nothing else.

          They are, and will be eventually be woken up with a rude awakening when the system crashes. Fuck ’em, their self indulgence will get the better of them for being ignorant of the changing ways we are currently living.

          • TM, I agree. The morons in my area are the same way. they can’t see the forest for the trees.

        • Tony Montana

          Regardless if one preps the fall is coming.

          The economic model advanced in the last four plus decades, starting with abandoning the Bretton Woods agreement and culminating with Free Trades agreements are the cause. One eviscerated the productive manufacturing capacity of the US in specific and a great amount of the developed world in general while the other destabilized the economy. Letting the Financial Sector, historically the most corrupt to regulate themselves with the demise of Glass-Steagall was like, “icing on the cake”, not a mere guarantee but rather a catalyst for decline.

      11. Wally World announced yesterday they were laying off a thousand corporate people …. bad news when the nuts & bolts start to go …

      12. When you consider there is about 1 job per county per month being created in this all begins to add up.

      13. We now live in what Heinlein once described as a corporate society. Our politicians in every town, County, state and Federal government are bought and paid for. Every new law, every fine imposed and every fee charged is a direct result of big corporations and their desire to control where we live, work, what we eat, even down to how many children we have.

        What happened to all of the mom and pop stores, gas stations and farms? Big business either bought them out or had so many laws passed that they, the little man, can no longer operate.

        You can call it the new world order or ZOG or whatever. It is a new world we live in.


        • BigB,
          Actually you have that backwards. The politicians make exceptions for the big corporations to keep the big corporations from disappearing too. But now even the big corporations have had enough of the taxes and regulations and are fleeing to more friendly countries.

          • I agree to this video to an extent, but its not the corporations that have dumb down the American people, it’s the PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM that has been shaped, regulated, and funded by the politician using our tax dollars. They have been so successful at it the we blame the corporations. Corporations are now recruiting from other countries because we no longer teach critical thinking in this country. Our education system does not want you to think, they want you to parrot what they tell you. The govt. doesn’t want you thinking for yourself because then they can’t control the good little sheeple.

            • The gov is owned by corps, so the education is a reflection of such. Nope, I think George has it correct.

              • That may have been true 20 or 30 years ago, but now even big corporations do what the govt. tells them to do. They are so afraid of the assets that the govt. has to harass such as the IRS, the EPA, the EEOC and on and on with the govt. regulators that even the biggest of corporations are falling in line with big government or moving to greener more friendly pastures oversees.

                • You might want to remember what the Banks told the government back in 2008 and why we now live in a world of zero interest rates and why the banks received 700 billion TARP which morphed into a couple trillion and the 80+ billion per month of Quantitative Easing since then. Who owns whom?

                  • Now you’re onto something. It’s not the big corporations, but the 1% of the top 1% that control the banks. Until TPTB such as the Soros’s, Bush’s, Rockerfeller’s and the rest of the elite elite decide that the One World Government is ready to take control, the finger pointing will continue. Remember Bush Sr. talking about a new world order and his Thousand Points of light? Well, we need a final collapse of the U.S. economy for that to happen. What better way to urge it along than to get us pointing fingers at everyone and every company, fighting amongst ourselves while at the same time our govt. drains the coffers of its citizens via high taxes and regulations. They then dumb down the education system and reward the worthless welfare leaches with the very money that they have taken from the productive of our society. If the citizens of this country would rise up and cut off the source of funding for the govt., we may be able to stop it. I do believe it will get REAL NASTY when the welfare leaches don’t get their handout from Uncle Sam. The govt. is running out of money so the collapse will happen sooner rather than later. Once you see the govt. take control of private retirement funds (something that’s in the early stages now) and start slapping tariffs on goods produced by american companies overseas the collapse will be imminent.

                    • B I N G O

                    • It’s called Corporate Facisim. Colaboration of Corporations and Govt.

                    • I just read that the Rothschilds family (owners of the banking industry) are worth – 700 TRILLION dollars. That’s more than the GDP of the entire world combined, isn’t it?

                      If ever there was a reason to bring back the guillotine, this is it.

                    • Once we eraricate rhe parasites, the NWO Rothchild Joo sector will be breaking rocks on a chain gang. And we’ll tatoo “In God We Trust” on their foreheads.

                • “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

                  “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson

                  “… The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” -Thomas Jefferson

                  “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild

                  Now seriously.. who really runs things?

                  • Finally, we agree 1000% on something. Until the creation of the federal reserve we traded assets. You give me a cow, I’ll give you a horse. I’ll milk your cow, and for my labor you give me some milk. With a system like that there was no middle man (the Government) and thus no govt. control. Even early banking was nothing more than a secure place to hold your assets, gold or silver. It was not until the government formed the federal reserve and allowed them to print paper money did the system start to falter. Even in the early days of paper money, it was backed by gold or silver on demand when the owner of the gold certificate or silver certificate demanded it. Then during the depression the govt. tried to control all the gold and its price. Later, Nixon decoupled our currency from any hard assets and said it was backed by the full faith and trust of the U.S. Government. So with our currency being backed by the “Full Faith and Trust of the U.S. Government”, I ask you, who is in control?

                    • “Full Faith and Trust of the U.S. Government”. Now that is a huge oxymoron.

                    • Check out this link and tell me and if the Federal Reserve, created by congress 12/23/1913 by the previously worst president Woodrow Wilson has succeeded in any of the general areas it was created to improve.

                    • Oh you mean the dollar is backed by that fictitious ghost in the sky “In God We Trust” Now thats a fairy tail ripe for Fraud. And the dollar today is only worth about .02 cents of its original value. Oh that same ghost if you donate your money too every Sunday believe grats you ever lasting life. Prove to me just one sorry sheep follower that is more than a fww hundred years old. Smell the Fraud and lies folks?

                    • Hey .02, its “Full Faith and Credit” of the US. Trust is then placed in some holy ghost in the sky. Since that religious Fraud has been perpetrated for thousands of years and continues, why not print that on the money too. Stoopid sheep believe everything they read. May as well put “In the Weather We Trust” on the money. At least we can then look outside and see the truth.

              • Public Education teaches and trains children to be obedient Slaves to the Government and Fascist Corporations. From patriotism brainwashing to Fast Start hand free breakfast food, free bus rides, how to rat out your parents. And how to be a soldier of the freeloader, gimmy freeshit army. Vs. How to be leaders, independent free thinking responsible role models who can build a business and company.

            • Texasprepper, when I was a kid in public school back in the 60s and 70s, even then I had to learn critical thinking skills from family, so I had my own form of ‘homeschooling’ to act as a countermeasure to the propaganda from public school. All the shitheads, ah, I mean sheeple, think something’s wrong with me because I know how to think for myself. Oh, well…..that’s their problem, not mine.

            • ” Corporations are now recruiting from other countries because we no longer teach critical thinking in this country.”

              They’re not getting critical thinking from people from India that have displayed the IT technicians at Disney which is typical of what is happening. If anything they have even less free thought having been trained as de-facto economic slaves since birth. Their motive is cheaper labor.

              “Food and Circus”. When the Merry Go Round stops and the cheeseburger isn’t there look out as those that, “would not see”, ask each other; “What the hell happened”?

              • Kevin2

                Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, chips no fries. Pepsi no Coke.


        • A Greek ex-pat I knew, a good engineer, described the Greek economy as being that way, and this was ten years ago. His opinion was that the only way for a little guy to get ahead in Greece was to become a limo driver, a pimp, or a drug dealer, catering to the rich tourists. He did leave out working for the Government, however.

      14. A friend of mine owns a restaurant in a major mall. He was able to get his substantial rent reduced by 30% because of the lower foot traffic in the mall. The rent is calculated by a number of things, including the number of potential customers. Sales are down about 30% since 2008.

      15. At some point in the very near future a lot of service industry jobs are going to disappear. Brick and mortar store clerks. Fast food employees. Warehouse and fork truck operators. Did you know that the number one job in at least 27 states is driver? Trucks, delivery, cabs, etc. That’s how pathetic the economy and job situation is.

        • They are hard at work building driverless trucks also. Robots are going to replace humans in just about every industry remaining. Something has to change in the way we define economics or there will be blood in the streets.

          • And don’t believe that shit about Oh, the drivers will just be replaced by “robot programmers”. Bullshit, maybe one worker programming for every driver replaced. Scary future ahead.

        • 3 Big Products will make a comback when the Grid goes down for years. “Fly Swatters, Buggy Whips and Hanging Rope.” So stock up now and be the popular guy on the street with pockets full of gold and silver for the sale if these comeback products. Remember you got this hot tip from me. ~WWTI

      16. Some of those stores had it coming.

      17. We are a small motorcycle repair and accessory shop. We stopped installing customer supplied items (purchased over the internet) years ago. Partly due to the inherent liability from installing parts and accessories that were not up to snuff. With no paper trail to speak of, we as an installing facility would be the first in line for a lawsuit should a failure of some type occur. This is not acceptable. I will not lose my livelihood for a $50.00 repair. After explaining this to most customers, they understand. If the customer takes a different tack, we just respectfully ask him/her to have their “internet sales professional” install or repair their item. The typical internet shopper cares only about saving a couple of bucks over what a brick and mortar establishment charges for the same item. The funny thing is, they expect you to be there for them when they have problems. If they can’t allow me to make a modest living, I don’t need them.

      18. Anything I read anymore, I pretty much view as a “distraction”.

        Unemployment numbers, GOP front runners, Hillary scandals that mean nothing,
        Iranian nuclear deals, Cuba opening up… it’s all bull sh*t… There is no 2 party system,
        the die is cast and what will happen has already been decreed by TPTB…

        It would really be depressing were it not for my relationship with Christ. God fed the
        Egyptians for 40 years in the desert and will care for his children in the coming end times.
        My preps will never be enough, but I see them as my ark. (Oil for my lamp)

        The bible I discovered was not a touchy feely book of wishful, good thinking, but was an
        eye opening account of a God that judged nations and men. I’ve heard it said, “well
        then he is a vengeful and capricious God undeserving of devotion.

        God put the lifeboat out for us in Jesus, choose not to get aboard and the decision is

        I only say this because I look around and can see where we are headed ” full steam” ahead.

        Christians are already under attack and the battlefront is being moved to America as we

        Fearless men and women that will their ground are what they are afraid of. We will not
        surrender the constitutional rights afforded us by God and I look for amerika to soon deny
        the constitution and submit to a global government of sorts. No doubt, gun control will
        be a top priority.

        The sun is shinning, the chickens are scratching and I will always be grateful for the
        company here. Together we will stand, even if miles apart.

        There is something so honorable in standing up for what you hold to be true.

        As Braveheart has said before- …every man dies but not every man lives (or something
        like that?)…

        • Vet1- Why do you prep, if God will feed you for 40 years? Why just sit back in your lazy boy and pray for the food airlift droppings from heaven. Not working? Maybe you need to pray harder… stupid is.

      19. I would differ with this story: in fact what we are seeing is the destruction of ‘garbage retail’. Lousy products sold through big-box crap shacks such as WalMart, Sears, Radio Shack etc. This retail model is dead. With the internet, young people can see and compare for quality products. Technology already coming out is going to revolutionize how we consume and what we consume. Going to a big box store and buying some crap from an indifferent brain-dead minimum wage slave is going to be over. The future will be like this: we will be able to build exquisite, curated lifestyles using big data and have the products we want/need delivered to our homes when we want them. They will be produced in a just-in-time way using lean manufacturing processes. The massive factory packed with Chinese wage slaves at the other end of the world making crappy products that break or are filled with toxic garbage, will die as computers raise the game and people will want quality only. Don’t believe me? Look at how so much sophisticated technology has not only become more sophisticated, it also breaks down a lot less: the quality control is awesome. Now see this happen to everything we use and consume.

        • Frank, might want to research planned obsolescence. Ever wonder why we have windows 10? And even at that Microsuck is laying off 7000+. The utopia you envision is not a reality in a consumer driven economy.

        • Just wondering where enough people will get the money/credit to buy enough of whatever that great stuff is, to keep the scenario viable??? just wondering…..

      20. Frank,

        Although the economy DOES suck, I think you may well be on to something there.

        Local shop that sells/repairs small engines and lawn mowing stuff, for example, about 15 miles from my house. I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff there over the years, but I’m NOT going back. Here’s why:

        I ordered a part for my mower, since I bought the mower there. They have to get it in, takes a week. OK. I’m in town on a Tuesday, and get back home to find they’ve called to say my part is in…..well, I’m not driving back to town just for that 20 buck part, so I go back about week later, get there at 4:30. It was a rainy day, and I’m sure business was slow, but the place has already closed for the day, with a sign on the door that says “8-5”.

        So, few days later (nice, sunny, hot day)I go back and pull in at 12:20pm. Hand scrawled sign on the door says “Closed for lunch”….no indication of WHAT lunchtime is. So, me thinking lunch might be over at 12:30….I sit. While I’m there, 2 other people pull up, read that sign, and leave (missed business).

        Another guy pulls up at 12:50, parks by me, and I asked him if he knew how long ‘lunch’ was. “Nope…I came at 12 noon, as they were locking the door in my face, so I figured about an hour” I asked WHY he came back ? “They have my mower….I’m sorta stuck”. At 1:05 I left….never to return.

        Now this isn’t a one man shop…there are at least 4 people that work there. But someday, they will close and all will wonder why. And the WHY is customer service. It’s the ONLY thing they have going over the internet. I came home, ordered the part online, got it slightly cheaper, paid no shipping or sales tax, and got in to my door in 3 days.

        No, I ain’t going back. They can kiss my ass.

        • I have had your experience many times and that is why I try and do as much as possible online. Other things about malls and shopping streets also started to p#ss me off. The malls tended to fill up with ‘yos’ and disaffected youths who would roam around and menace people. That was a turn-off. And on the shopping street, I had to crawl over the homeless beggars, the charity fund raisers, the garbage, etc. to even get in the store.

          I think these facts challenge the traditional retail model and we are on the cusp of a revolution. And that revolution will make for better streets. We can turn those streets into communities, not places selling crap with samey-samey stores. People will not need to drive miles and miles to big box hell holes to buy stuff. This will mean people will consume less, but consume better. And it challenges people to do other things with their time: education, family, sport, hobbies etc.

          • “I think these facts challenge the traditional retail model and we are on the cusp of a revolution. And that revolution will make for better streets. We can turn those streets into communities, not places selling crap with samey-samey stores. People will not need to drive miles and miles to big box hell holes to buy stuff. This will mean people will consume less, but consume better. And it challenges people to do other things with their time: education, family, sport, hobbies etc.”

            These “people” of which you speak are possibility the ones described on the Georgia Guide Stones?

            When this shitshow goes down, if we don’t go mad max I will be totally surprised.

            • The term today is “Cacooning.” Make your BOL self-sustaining off the grid and fully independent and secure from all out side threats of dependency or theft.

              Ive been self employed for 25 years. Don’t take shit from anybody and stand on my own 2 feet. Working on my BOL, and Im walking my talk baby!! Anybody who does not get this is doomed. If you are not working your plan or goals, is going to be F*cked.

          • Many employees at Home Depot and Lowes are washed up construction contractors. Ever go into a Pawn shop where half the items for sale are power tools. The other half is guns gold and silver.

      21. And the OTHER thing is the “coke machine” theory. Just sell a few cokes per machine, but have LOTS of machines out there. That works for coke machines (maybe), but it doesn’t work for retail stores.

        Nearest ‘big’ town to me (60k) has probably a dozen places to buy auto parts, for example. Do we really need 2 Advance Auto store, and 2 Autozone stores ?

        Or within a 50 mile radius of me, there are 5 Lowe’s building supply (bigbox) stores. (And 3 Home Depot stores)(plus local places)

        I think retailers went a little nuts about 10-15 years ago, opening at many outlets (coke machines) as they could, without considering the cost of spreading the same business around to that many outlets….and with even a slight drop in business, it comes back to bite them in the backside.

        • The ordinary citizen does not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people.

          Money is the new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.

          The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it. The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled. With something so important, a deeper mystery seems only decent.

          The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

          Franklin D. Roosevelt
          (in a letter to Colonel House, dated November 21, 1933)

        • That is the way corporate world works right now. They tell us that we should have 10% growth per year or heads will roll. If you don’t produce like that, you are considered a failure. They shot the stores in when times were hot. Now they are not and won’t be for a while. Now they are stuck with their fingers up their ass wondering how to get out of the bed they made.

      22. A main part of this isn’t reduced sales, it was over capacity. Most of these stores were not needed. There were never enough sales to have Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max on the same dame street for example. The building of all these unneeded places was delusional.

        • 2 years ago 2 staples stores were opened in my area and were just closed down back in March. Office Depot merged with OfficeMax and closed down the OfficeMax stores.

          • Now Office Depot/Max is merging with Staples. That was all that was needed, 1 store. Not three. I doubt a Walmart every 3 miles was needed either. OR a Lowes/Home Depot every two miles. So much was built that was totally wasteful.

      23. This what happens when everyone is relegated to part time with no benefits. 29 or fewer hours and hundreds of their part time dollars for over expensive healthcare. There is no money left for anything but basics. This will affect loss of car sales,home sales and all the goodies people want. Greece II coming to a neighborhood near you.

        • Jim in VA. Here is an eye opener. The corporations hold people to 29 hours, thats not regulation, its Fascist Corporate Policy mandate. Big difference. And why would any body work for a Co that does that? Sheep slaves will and do.

      24. Two things that come to mind:

        1) The ongoing decimation of retail for whatever reason will only make things worse when the digital world crashes … EMP, bank failures, cyberwar, whatever) as local sources for supplies will be largely non-existent and “just in time delivery” won’t be functioning.

        2) Visit the average mall, walk its length and ask yourself, “How many of these stores actually offer any items that people truly NEED (vs. foolishly desire)?” Our culture’s fondness for infinite but meaningless variety, its media-driven momentary fads, and its narrow specialization in both throw-away merchandise and non-essential services (think “Hairbows and More” or “Divine Nails”) leave these businesses completely exposed to economic downturns when people whose finances are circling the drain finally grasp that last year’s Easter dress or a no-name T-shirt are all they can afford.

        Local retail is the last segment of the economy I would want to be involved in — at least until the brown-extract-of-cow strikes the circular oscillator!

      25. The GAP was always a crap store.
        Rat shack lost it years ago, I’m surprised
        it lasted as long as it did.
        Pep boys was always filled with cheap crap.
        We could go down the list of over hyped
        Mall businesses that should have died years ago.
        Sears and Kmart are on that road also.
        The internet allows you to shop and compare
        sell and shipping prices. Amazon and Ebay
        Fed-EX, USPS, UPS are the future.
        Costco, Target, Home depot, Lowes and Wallyworld(walmart)
        are the new(hated) brick and mortar stores.

        • I like costco (called winco here). There is something satisfying about buying in bulk, and taking it straight home to storage.

      26. I looked at the long list of store closures. I’ve only been in 8 or 9 of them. I’ve never even heard of half of them. The ones I go to seem to be doing okay in my area. The dollar stores are still building new ones. There are lots of new stores and restaurants coming soon.

        I prefer buying things in person so I can see them first and so that I can get them immediately. I do buy some things online because they’re not available locally, such as books. We don’t have a good bookstore anywhere in the area. We’ve lost our Penney’s, but we still have Radio Shack, Sears, Office Max, etc. I don’t go inside the mall any more.

        I hear we might be getting a new movie theater. Of course that will run the prices up. Our old theater only charges $4 per ticket. Maybe I’ll go see the new Minions movie soon.

        • Archive, same for me on shopping. I get everything I can locally and I do as little online shopping as possible, which carries its own risks. We’ve got 2 Barnes and Nobles in my area and only a few Radio Shacks left. As far as movies go, I just rent a DVD from Redbox and take it home to watch it and even then I don’t do that a whole lot. There is so much empty retail space in my area they almost qualify as ghost towns.

      27. Hey Brave, Sarge, Eppe, Sling, Nreb and other, proven shtf-effers. Usasecurityguard posted on another article recently warning us about the So called Red star in the sky, the so called 12th planet non other than Nibiru. That the sun will burn us up, and that he has his ticket to the DUMBS. I tried to tell everyone on this site about it, now someone is leaking info. I just read his post and commented, and he is telling me what we were told by my scientist friend. That eruption will trigger climate change. What USA mentioned is that once the environmental catastrophe hits, the russians and chinese are going to come into town to clean house. Its all real, and thats why they are getting the empty buildings ready for processing patriots, and others. I am not sure where i will be going but certainly know which side of town i will he heading to. Gone are the days when i use to live outdoors in parking lots and fields, starving in the streets wondering where i next meal is coming from. I have prepped for such and end game. When shtf strikes and they use the EMP to create the One Second After situation, we as in us, the shtf-effers will be ready to deal with the calamity. All of us must be ready to be in the 3-5,000,000 survival camp. Fat stupid lazy idiotic people and entitiled inviduals and groups will not, NOT, MAY I REAPEAT, WILL NOT BE EATING MY FRICKING FOOD. Only preppers and other shtf-effers will be getting that luxury, and they better have goods for trade. The September time frame is what we are lookin at. One more thing,. If Sepember comes around and nothing happens, then the November 2015 supprise will follow, its not going to happen all in one day. Look out for the people lining up at the banks. Those people are the dumbdown people. None of us shtf-effers should be standing in any line.

        Lets look back at the banks who ordered the survival food, remember? Mac posted and artilce on this very thing months ago. Then we saw what just happend in Greece. What has teh Greek president done to help his people so far. NOT A DAMN THING, THE RAT BASTARD SOLD OUT THE ROTHCHILD BANKING FAMILY

        • HCK’s
          Please keep us informed to any new thing that come a long. I just bought a couple more solar charges and invertor. I have the smoker ready to go and my solar over at the ready. Plus enough people to make sure we will have limited problems.
          S.T.S.F.P N. Reb

      28. I wonder how much mandated healthcare (obamacare) is impacting the bottom line for the retail sector, since consumer spending had previously been such a large percentage of GDP??

        • Mr. O……lots!

      29. “H”
        Lots of crazy things are happening. Who know what is next?
        Keep the info coming. You don’t know you just might be a just might be saving lives?

      30. I feel that we must get ready now, we are literally living in the coundown phase of what ever is coming, THE SO CALLED SHTF EVENT HORIZON.



        Its a possiblity, that me outing what i was told by the scientist, made him decide to back up my claim, that was just my word not proving to be a potential fact of life coming our way.

        I am not able to prove that he is a real White Hat, and he may be a poster who is a prepper who is posting this stuff because he may have heard someting, But his comment is backing up what i have been told, so he might be the real deal.

        Planet X, is going to disrupt the postioning of the planets in our solar system , and trigger climate change, by dropping the oxygen level of the planet and will change the eco system of our planet, and this is a fact. The damage will be either minor or severe.


        The cabal tried to EMP the SH…T out us in October 2013. Its a wonder that it was stopped by the white hats, and this time we may not be so lucky. Had it hit at the time, i was just starting to prep and was homeless at the time running my business and living outdoors after work. My skin was so tanned, i looked like the average mexican year round. The tan i got from heat exposure of the sun is still not worn off completely. Look at the homesless at your local intersection and you will see the sun burn. The homeless in the street have adapted, and will not survive whats coming, they rely on dumbdown people at intersections to give them money, then they by food and live off the streets. The Homeless will not survive, and the new soon to be homeless who is giving them money will die before the homeless dies. That leaves the 95-97%’ers who are not prepared, have not done a damn thing, the stupid women i meet that ask me, what do you do for a living, and how much money you got. I really feel sorry for them. Like i have said before, i may be single and dont have a girlfriend, and will have one very fast, in fact probably 10 of them once this SHTF EVENT COMENSES. However i wont be accepting any one of them, because they are not gettin any of my food. If food, water and supplies and the ablility to defend my strategic resources and provisions, then i am not into dating, i am into survival. The dred Lock, and hispanic gangsters will accomodate them. Women, if your reading my post. You need to get ready and stock up, my artile is not to bash women in general , its just that its a fact of life about the way your all reason, and the lack of it. 340,000,000 + people with a population of 100,000,000 starving men from age 12-50, hungry and starving in all the major cities is not going to help your situation. You need to start getting ready and form a womens prepper group, and arm up, get a bug out bag put in your car, put a pair of tennis sneakers, a bug out bag, 4 magazines full and have a GLOCK 19, and 50 rouds of ammo, because you will not make it home. Have meetings with other women of like minds, you need to start now. Stop dating stupid city men, who talk BS all day, who will leave you un prepared and will get you killed when the SHTF EVENT HITS.

        I am trying to help you all avoid a potential situation. Its that bad. I hope that you will listen to what we are posting on this site. For the women on this site who are preppers or the one who are and read this site. You have done the right thing.



        Internationally known, locally


        • Nice post HCKS – keep them coming, they are indeed very interesting.

          “America is like one gigantic pussy, just waiting to get fucked”

        • Roger that HCKS. Been there, done that.

        • HCKS,

          Digging in when the time comes. Hope to stay fluid and adapt as I go along.

        • HCKS, AMEN to all of your comments.

        • HCK’s:
          Yes you are internationally Known and Very Respected by me and a lot of the people on this site.
          keep up the good work.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      31. Israel Mossad Hacked

        Hack of Israehell’s Netanyahu’s chief of staff proves that Israel controls ISIS terrorists.

      32. Thanks Sarge. We are getting ready to meet my scientist friend again. More info is coming, more of the same with more details of what we know. Cant wait.

      33. I appreciate he support guys. They don’t call this the for no reason..

      34. I’ve said this before how much retail do we need for gods sake. There is so much retail space for lease it’s not funny they keep building it too. You can’t leave your house without driving by a big box store. All this shit fuels peoples hoarding problems. The retail jobs are the worst too they pay shit so people have to get public assistance programs to supplement the difference. Retailers are taking advantage of all of us. I remember years back when walmart came to town they had everything and much cheaper than anyone. As they put the mom and pops out of business they started increasing their prices. I’ve adopted the attitude that I’m gonna be here long after these retailers go under even my stupid employer too. Fuck them they don’t know what the hell they are doing they wonder why they are bleeding $. It’s called mismanagement. I don’t buy shit I work 10 to 12 hrs a day I’m too busy making$. I just don’t wanna be in a retail store when I’m not working. Plus I have chores around my homestead so no time for dumb shit. I got my own agenda and it’s called being less reliant on retailers and anyone that wants my$ . This country is a joke anyone that can’t see this has way too much faith in the system and is a total gov case. Down with the zog.

      35. I just gotta say, the rise of internet populatrity and use is probably a reverse graph image to the decline in society. Too much wasted time! misinformation and wasted time!!!!!!!

      36. To fix all this..they just need to zero interest all the credit cards and let people pay down some debt. We are not buying shit.

        The kid is off to college and the next 25 years, I banned all vacations…the bitch wife was hooked on disney dream vacations. Fucking women.

        Now I’m imposing soup and sandwich… all fucking year.

        Cannot wait to divorce this women.
        The reason we have debts…..HER.

        Divorce is a prep!

        I do NOT plan on wiping her fat ass in old age.

        MAC, please do a story on MGTOW

        Here’s a starter for ya…

        Youtube for MGTOW videos.
        Best site is

        The site is growing and many men are doing well there…like a lightbulb going off.

        I wonder what percentage of your visitors are men?

        MGTOW summary….
        Stop being pussy whipped.
        Do not marry.
        Marriage does NOT equal happiness.
        You just end up a slave to the wife’s whims.

        MGTOW seems to take hole well for married gents who fucked up and bought into the prince charming shit.

        Later, you end up with a land whale, no sex and massive credit card debt.

        Then you take the red pile, matrix reference…and you wake up and don’t put up with her shit and start riding her ass about debts.

        Later you realize you do NOT need this women in your life.
        Some men wait to divorce until the kids are out of the house. Make sense.

        TIP… Feminism gifted women a manless life.
        No men want to marry these days.
        SO… get rich off it… get into rental property and rent to feminists.
        There’s an ocean of manless “empowered” women to pay your rent.

        That’s my retirement plan.

        Men Going Their Own Way.

        No, it’s not the he man woman haters club.
        How can you hate something you to not give a fuck about?
        Think about it.

        They don’t matter….
        After years of boot licking… men are waking up and enjoying full lives, no debt, a nice car and housing that they are happy with….forget keeping up with the jones.

        MGTOW is about pure freedom.

        And ignore the Feminist shaming..they do that to shame you back into boot licking.

        Feminism has no solution to MGTOW.
        There is no leader. It is a life philosophy spread Fight Club style if you saw the movie.
        There is no male space for them to shut down or protest against. They cannot identify us so there’s no one to get fired.

        The Femstopo and their feminist reign of terror are powerless.
        Also. this will grow as all a man has to do is not to play their game.
        So to go MGTOW… you don’t marry. That’s it.
        Sure, go date all you want, just don’t knock one up.

        Last I checked, there was no law stating a man had to marry.

        MGTOW is cool.

        My MGTOW day…
        Hung drywall….renting to two feminist for $10k a year next month.
        Went to a nice strip joint, had a steak and a few lap dances, then drove home
        in a nice car. Peaceful, enjoyable

        MGTOW lets you realize that you have been living your life for everyone else.
        Time to live it for you and piss on feminist and family shaming.
        Funny, all those fucks who wanted you to get married and have kids, where are they when you need them to watch the kids for an hour.


        • I think you are on to something there! With the direction the economy is going, family life makes no economic sense: just a lifetime debt sentence. Also, with the way that women in the US let themselves go (obesity rates at record levels; rising diabetes cases etc.), who wants to be married to that for the rest of your life? Take the money you save and get to a country where the p#ssy is cheaper/healthier and acquire what you want when you want.

          The happiest guys I meet are the ones who live outside the US.

      37. Large business park here in Tucson 2/3 empty. Too high rents, no customers

      38. funny how all these stores are closing yet big malls are being built throughout the mid west and examine all those being built resemble prisons with guard towers.A place that can hold many people when the time comes

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