Mainstream Narrative: “The Economy Seems To Be Heating Up Faster Than People Think… Incredibly Impressive”

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Headline News | 233 comments

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    If you’ve been following the establishment media this morning then you’ve no doubt seen the most recent headlines about today’s jobs report. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our economy added 204,000 jobs last month, well above the expectations of most economists.

    The perception being painted is one of excitement, and stock markets are responding in kind.

    Reporters at CNN could barely contain themselves, referring to the reports as a “surge” in job growth, despite the challenges of the government shutdown last month:

    Job growth strong in October…

    “The economy seems to be heating up faster than people think. It’s incredibly impressive,” said J.J. Kinahan, chief strategist for TDAmeritrade.

    Economists were expecting weak job growth due to uncertainties created by the budget battles in Washington.

    The numbers were also strong enough to get Wall Street talking once again about when the Federal Reserve should start slowing its stimulus program. The Fed has been buying $85 billion in bonds each month since September 2012, in an effort to strengthen the job market.

    “Once again the U.S. economy appears to be overcoming a summer swoon,” said Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist for Capital Economics in a research note. “In our opinion, the data would justify the Fed reducing the pace of its asset purchases in December.”

    First, the notion that the Federal Reserve will reduce it’s $85 billion a month stimulus is laughable, simply because doing so would instantly collapse the economy.

    Second, to suggest the economy is heating up is a bald face lie, and the government’s own numbers prove it. According to the Fed, the economy grew at a rate of about 2.5%. During the same period we saw the Consumer Price Index, the government’s measure of inflation, grow at roughly the same rate. What this means is that the economic growth is solely based on price inflation, and nothing more. At best we are in a no growth environment, at worst, and the much more likely scenario, is that we have seen negative growth rates, also known as a recession, since before the 2008 crisis every took hold.

    Finally, while the media is heralding a new economic era based on 204,000 jobs “created” in October, the unemployment rate actually rose. Yes, you read that right. While this supposed job growth far exceeded the expectation of the best and brightest, the unemployment rate rose from 7.2% to 7.3% – and that doesn’t even include the people who are no longer counted because they aren’t eligible to receive unemployment benefits or haven’t been able to find a job for the last several years. The real unemployment number is rapidly approaching 25%, fully one in four Americans without meaningful labor.

    So how is this happening? How is it possible that the unemployment rate is rising while at the same time we are seeing such amazing growth in American jobs, most of which are actually dead end jobs paying near minimum wage?

    As Karl Denninger of Market Ticker notes, we need to be looking not at the number of jobs created based on the BLS report, but rather, the total number of people employed and the employment rate of our population:

    Let’s look at the household numbers, because when you do this report is a disaster and in fact is now saying we’re on the cusp of a recession if not already in one.

    The total number of employed people decreased on a month-by-month basis.  The trend may be up, but not by much.

    total employed

    The employment rate of the population is following the same pattern of the last four years, and is declining again.  This is a flat-line — there has been no improvement since 2009.

    employment rate

    Population-adjusted, the employment situation took a steep header this month.

    Temporary layoffs went up by about 300,000, but all other loser categories decreased.  So much for the “terrible” federal shutdown — the facts say it was good for the economy, not bad.

    Charts Courtesy of Market Ticker

    So, on the one hand we have government officials and highly educated economists telling us that we are well on our way to strong economic growth.

    On the other hand, we have reality, and when basic arithmetic is applied to the underlying fundamentals we end up with a completely different picture.

    In the real world, nearly 50 million Americans have no choice but to accept nutritional food assistance from the government, and another 50 million are taking some form of distribution from the government.

    Those that don’t require government assistance are running up personal and business debt which is very rapidly approaching the same levels we saw prior to the credit crash of 2008.

    All the while, home sales have plunged at an alarming rate, even though we’ve been told the real estate market is stabilizing.

    It is absolutely critical to your personal and financial well being that you understand that nothing is as it seems.

    They have, once again, set up the American people for a major fall and financial wipe out.

    How long they can keep the scam going is difficult, if not impossible, to predict.

    But eventually nature will balance the mathematical equation. This is a given. That’s how nature works.

    Be ready for the day this happens.



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      1. Gonna keep this job as long as I can…it’s paying for preps…

        • Economy heating up?!

          It just goes to prove how figures lie and liars figure. 😉

            • It is how they “present the data”…

              The adult population grew by 213,000. The number of added jobs are NOT keeping pace with population growth.

              From the article…
              “In spite of the gain in jobs, the overall number of Americans with a job FELL by 735,000, to less than 144 million. Just 58.3% of adults were employed in October.”

              • There you go using logic and math again. Don’t you know that’s ‘racist’ and has already been outlawed by the DHS.

                Next thing you know you’ll be sayin’ inflation is way up, Ft. Knox ain’t got a grain of gold in it, the commies have stolen all our military secrets, and the long-legged mac daddy is a liar.

                Expect a “no-knock” at your door in 5…4…3…

                • That’s for KY Mom

                • US, DHS can get f#$%ed.

                • Unreconstructed Southron,

                  LOL! 🙂

                  • I gotta say, that “unreconstructed” remark was pretty funny. Yet another graduate from my non-existant on-line school of political commentary.

              • And the stock market Gained on the great job market news today. What a crock. I havent been useing the Market as any indicator for a few months now since it is manipulated and propped up by the FR.

                • Hey, the stock market is up, manufacturing is up, housing is up, employment is up. What’s not to like? Well, except that Caterpillar, one of our best economic indicators reported one of the worst quarters in years.

                  • Good! Caterpillar backs the establishment GOP.

                • Gone under. Caught your reply to my post yesterday as to your retirement from EBMUD and leaving the State. I’d leave in a minute but my wife won’t budge. So having watched the California Dream turn into a nightmare, here I am. All stressed up and no place to go. I swear….lol

                  • Calif once had Ronbo Reagan as governor. The Libs are like locust, they ruin one state, then move to the Colorado. Texas is next.

                • There are two Americas. There is one America for the highly educated with technical and professional skills. That America is doing quite well in certain geographical locations throughout the country. That is the information showing up in the data.

                  Anyone who had been absent from Tempe and Scottsdale Arizona for the past ten years for example, would not recognize the area from where it was then. A lot of opportunity has been created in other suburban areas of Metro Phoenix as well. North and South Dakota might be another such location. Parts of New York, California, and Texas may also qualify.

                  There is another America for everyone else: and it will get worse not better as long as the NWO PTB Status Quo continue to run this country. As long as they hold power, nothing is going to change.

                  This is why it is imperative for everyone to participate in the political process, and infiltrate the existing parties. Free Trade legislation created this economic environment and only Fair Trade legislation can begin to restore America. Until then, you must create your own job. You must offer your own service or skill. You must have your own corporation in a world that is tilted toward corporations.

                  Left to reach its logical conclusion under Free Trade, and given the rate of technological change, the “middle class” will be non existent in less than a generation and there will be only those that have and those who have not. Robotics will continue to evolve to eliminate menial jobs and repetitive actions.

                  Many will be left farther and farther behind. 🙁

                  • I cannot believe you garnered some ‘red’ per this ‘absolute truth’!
                    Modern day Luddites, indeed.

                  • Hunter: That is probably Yo Mama and Clark. They love me! 🙂

                  • The shopping centers out here are packed, all the time! 🙂

                • Call me crazy but for all intents and purposes it seems to me that TPTB idiots are again playing the sheeple for the dummies they are as they get ready to castrate what little remaining paper “funds” that folks with an IQ of a swamp rat are pumping in the market thinking all is well. Well, all is well for them and their build up of this façade as they lure the *#%@ing sheeple into this liars den that wall st calls the stock market. Hang on to your hats, and your money, cause there is a storm a comin… pray, prep and protect…

                  • So true, and when the market does crash, they (TPTB) will justify starting the national retirement system. Saying it’s for our own good, then drain what people have left in their IRA’s and 401’s. Of course there will be exempt groups. But everyone else will be expected to contribute. Thus taking over the 85 billion the Fed is printing every month to buy Govt securities. It will work like obamacare and will include subsidies for those who make below a certain income. So they too can enjoy retirement as much as the working man.

              • I once read that over 100,000 immigrants come to America each month. Wonder how that factors in and how they expect to provide them jobs and benefits?

                • Chad: They intend to give them YOURS! 🙂

              • Unless the people who “left the workforce” got on SSDI or something similar, I don’t see how they “left the workforce”.

            • This reminds me of my friend’s wife in Vegas…

              Her: “I just won at slot machines!”

              Me: “Really? How much?”

              Her: “$40!”

              Me: “How much did you put in?”

              Her: “$100…”

              Me: FACEPALM…

              Her: “But I WON!!”

              Me: DOUBLE FACEPALM…

            • The jobs report, where government gets to spin lies into truth by eliminating facts……

          • The economy heating up is only from all
            the methane gas coming from the government
            manure pile.

            Oh….. excuse me for living, I just fell
            out of the hearse…..

            • The Titanic is making great headway….

              …to the bottom of the Atlantic.

          • I came here after (stupidly) reading the comments on the NY Times take on the food stamp cut. The Times “picks” as if they were good posts were 100% unhinged from reality. According to them, this crisis is because the Republicans are making ‘cuts’ to SNAP (actually it is the end of stimulus spending) and because “women are denied contraception so families are large” and this thanks to “family values politicians.” It really frightens me to see this level of fictional rhetoric being promoted as if it has anything to do with reality. It is this sort of fiction which lead to the gas chambers and crematoria of mid-20th century Europe. The liars are trying to top each other with how much crap they can push down the public throat. This cannot continue.

        • As one Buzzard said to the other: “I’m tired of waiting; Lets just go kill something”

          • Thanks for that… really needed a laugh tonight..

        • Wallimiyama, I’m also doing the same thing; pays for my preps. Since I’m debt free, I can buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. My prepping is continuing all the way up to the intial SHTF moment and possibly beyond if I can beat the crowds to certain stores. I’m doing a lot of shopping this weekend. Everyone get everything you can like yesterday while you can. Early bird gets the worm. braveheart

          • brave – souds like yer in panic mode, take a breath .
            We still got till after the 2014 midterms, then we can panic LOL.
            I am so sure of this i could just sh….t.
            be well

            • hammerhead, thanks for the concern, but i’m not panicky; just continuing prepping. We might make it to the mid-terms but It’s another question whether they’ll really take place.

              • and even if they take place the results will be rigged to *&(k us even more…

            • I’m not to sure we have that long hammer. Ocommie’s lie’s about healthcare appear to be effecting him. At least that is what the numbers show and I’m sure you know they will sacrifice you and I before they let him go down.

              Bring on the “reset”!

              • I get it , but he has to fullfill the needs of his handlers , the NWO , whoever that maybe.
                probably the EU .
                Obammy aint goin nowhere, ……………yet

          • I’m finally out of debt.


            Ok… since I wouldn’t do debt for preps… because I suspected debtor’s prison soon enough…

            And… sadly… I have limited space…

            And I can’t afford a boat…

            What’s the best thing I can do… given I’m in Los Angeles?

            Yes yes I know, cyanide tablets for myself… that’s the trivial part… how about something that would help me live?

            • DIG… with no excuses.

            • Get out of LA any way you can. Sell what you don’t need and fly, drive or walk away.

            • Go down to the thrift store, buy the ugliest beat up old bag of clothes you can find, hook them on a rope and drag them behind the car for a few miles, get a scumbag wig, and be prepared to do a makeup job on everyone that makes you look next thing to a down and out zombie. Practice so you can do it quickly, hide a bunch of your stuff, as advised above, and learn to turn yourselves into a picture of someone nobody wants to even steal from. then keep low.

              • Oh you mean like I did when I was a teenager after I got mugged…

                And again when I was visiting San Pedro (also known as the 4th level of meth addicted hell) all those years…

                Yeah… I can do “looking like poverty” to stay under the radar extremely convincingly. Years of practice already.

            • You already know the answer but you wont admit it to yourself yet.

              • I can’t admit it to myself until my parents are no longer in this world. There is no way in hell either I or they can afford the $40,000 per year PER HEAD nursing home costs, and they just. Won’t. Move out of State with me.

                God knows I’ve tried to convince them.

                And tried… and tried… and tried…

            • Well, LA is on the West Coast, so for the last two years you and everyone from Alaska to Baja have been sucking on Fuckushima rads, so your already dead. The North Pacific is now a dead zone with most of the food chain destroyed. The Japs are about to decommission reactor 4, if they make a mistake, Japan goes up in a plume and the entire North American West Coast will have 6 days to be evacuated as the projected radiation from the equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima’s engulfs Hawaii and the West Coast. You won’t need preps, because you’ll be dead.
              I’d head to the Southern Hemisphere, at least down there, they have a chance.
              The thing to remember, radiation doesn’t dilute in water, so even if they are successful cleaning all the rods in reactor 4, all the radiated water from reactors 1,2 and 3 that disappeared on day one will continue to destroy the Pacific and possibly 200-300 milles inland West Coast US/Can/Mexico
              I think your last sentence makes sense.

              • Apparently so.

                Well… shit. That blows. I always planned on my last sentence for retirement anyway… why bleed out all my cash and leave any of my dependents holding the bill? Yeah that won’t happen.

                Great, how long have I got before I grow three eyes and my pancreas explodes? 10 years? 20?

                If the plume goes up I’m getting in my car and driving, parents or no parents. Sorry but that’s just how that’s got to be, much as I hate it. I warned them. Repeatedly.

                • How long have you got? Who knows. There was already a 5% spike in deaths in the US in 2011 just weeks after the disaster. What it is now is anyone’s guess. And the wall of radioactive water from Japan is expected to arrive around March/April next year. If you haven’t stopped eating Pacific seafood, including West Coast Salmon and Alaskan crab then you might want to look into it ASAP!!! But from next year onwards, swimming and surfing in the Pacific is probably over for the next few centuries.
                  Nuclear experts like Dr Helen Caldicott have been sounding the alarm bells for a long time now. The SHTF in 2011 but nobody has realized just how bad it was. Forget all the childish scenarios like EMPs, blackouts and economic collapse. It’s already started. Now it’s up to you the reader to figure out how you’re going to get out of the mess you’re in.

        • Economy heating up, what a bunch of bullshit! This is the crap that really pisses me off.

          It takes 350,000 new jobs, full time not part time, to keep up with the population growth.

          Of course the stock market looks good. Look how much money the Fed is printing each month that is going straight into the bankers profit line. To them and to governments who hate us.

          We have the strictest EPA laws in the world but do we ask or demand the same from anyone else? Hell no. China and Russia our two biggest competitors have no environmental laws thus putting a disadvantage on of course the American exports.

          The unemployment figures have been jury rigged for the last 20 years to make them not look so bad. The American people are stupid enough (or un-educated) to pay attention.

          There are now three federal entities that do nothing but watch the DOW Jones and if it appears to be losing ground they have the fiat currency to pour into the market to keep up the lies.

          Yeah, things are picking up. The federal government through Obama Care, ACA, has just screwed up 1/6th of the American economy. Nobody saying jack anything about that are they and you don’t see the stock market reacting to that do you? Again, 1/6th of the economy!

          Nobody is telling you about the amount of foreclosed homes that are sitting empty around the country that are owned by HUD’s various components. Little or no intent to sell them as it would crash the equities market. Instead through the primary insurance program which the federal reserve. again are using fiat currency to pay off these defaulted loans, again straight into the bankers pockets.

          The you have the Fed Reserve buying and selling bonds and treasuries to themselves, say what? Isn’t that by definition a Ponzi scheme?

          The list could go on and on. I will just add one last thing which really chaps my ass and that is how the lawmakers have re-passed a law in the dead of the night that allows them the ability to do insider trading where any constituent of there’s would go to prison for the same thing. Pass a bill for a government contract and right before it is passed buy stock in the company getting the contract.

          I have said it before and will say it again, excuse my French: Those Fuckers!


          • I agree. Unemployment stats and rate of inflation stats are all lies, but what can you do? Drudge had an article about BO bloviating about “executive orders” to fight global warming. If you think things are bad now, just wait until electricity skyrockets as he wants it to do.

          • I read news, come here and read news, get pissed as hell, read comments, get more pissed then feel better cause Im not the only one pissed, then get fired up, then get back to serious prep work.
            Got half a paycheck to spend this weekend and a set of shelves to build. Yesterday we figured this place would be better served as one big closet area w/ a few tables and chairs. This week we buy more food and some buckets and wood.
            Next paycheck goes to more rabbit hutches. Thats good eatin. And another can and a gas fillup.
            All money in goes back out now so the bank only sees it come and go. Soon theyll charge us all for that benefit.

        • Someone please tell me how this math works
          we added over 200,000 jobs and it didn’t make any difference in the unemployment stats,,its still 7.3 last month over 100,000 were added and nothing changed,,,,,
          seems to me if it smells like shit there is a pile somewhere,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this stinks


        • All you gold bugs will love this.
          This clearly points out the end game of the United States.
          They sucked all the gold out…now they will trash everything and bring in the next currency enslavement. GOT GOLD AND SILVER? IT’S INSURANCE…NOT AN INVESTMENT. Better to keep what you’ve earned. Anything paper is severely FUBAR!

          PREPPING MUST HAVE… Stick this in your stocking!
          And the #1 trading prep I feel….highly useful in everyday life…

          PS. Stop trying to convince everyone about SHTF…. Screw ’em.
          If they are not awake by know…forget them.
          NOW… you need to keep your mouth shut!!!

          Good luck.
          We’re all going to need it.

        • Just go to the street, union hall, unemployment office, or your food bank. The goverment is lieing and skeewing the numbers….. oh and you can keep your doctor and health insurance,…. and that thing in Libia… that was due to that film….. and so on……

        • “Chocko ration’s going up, eh?” – George Orwell’s 1984

      2. You’re never all ready. Keep it up folks the day is near! Load up ,top it off,think barter!

        • Yup i’m holding out to trade a box of Mac-N-Cheese for a gold coin. 🙂

          • When someone finally offers you one for it, you want take it.

            • You want WON’T to take it.

          • Betty Crocker Mac-n-Cheese is yucky. Don’t even trade a 90% copper penny for that junk.

            • Sigi

              by God you are not hungry either let your belly button start bumping your back bone and you`ll trade all your pennies for a box;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


        • Great barter items –
          weed killer

          • The best weed killers have 4 legs!

            • Also provide milk, meat, and an unmistakable “alarm” when needed. “GOATS”, it’s whats for dinner…and able to survive on ANYTHING with minimal or NO supplementation. That means alot where I live. Chickens with a proper night time roosting/laying facility, are a very close second…if not equal.

              In my “neck of the woods”, cabrito is a much sought after delicacy.

              • @ YENTAL

                What breed do you recommend?

                • I have LaMancha and Nubians. They are the best milk…absolutely delicious! The secret is not letting a buck near them…bucks stink and their constant rubbing on the females makes their milk taste bad. My females are excellent and there is nothing funnier or cuter than a baby goat. Not only are they good for milk and meat and lawn care, their poop is excellent on a garden….scooped up a bunch today and dumped it on mine.

                  • Couldn’t have expressed it better. Goats are the “live stock bomb”…Just don’t “name them or otherwise personally get attached”…cuz the “babies” are hilarious and easily embraced as “family members”.

                    Make no mistake, these are intelligent and potentially mischievous critters. If you have a “soft heart”…get Nubians and just go for milk/cheese.

                • Where I live, the “Spanish Goat” is hard to beat due to their incredible versatility and hardiness.

                  Of course, it ultimately depends on what your primary desire via this livestock is. Some are preferred milk producers, while others are better meat producers. In my area, Spanish is predominate, but there are also hybrids with Spanish/Boer goats, and some “pure” Boer goat stock in the area.

                  I am aware of ONE local ranch that strictly raises and breeds “Nubians” for local sale of milk/cheese. Hope that helps.

              • I’ve got 21 hens and 1 rooster. Gathered eggs today, and in a day & a half, they provided 30 eggs. I love my chickens!!!

                If s doesn’t hit the fan before, I’m gonna get a nice piglet to raise to butcher. The rest of the property will be gardened. Still have zucchini, acorn squash, peppers, tomatoes and green beans producing! And have the green house ready for seedlings – cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Oh yeah, and have a large turnip bed and beet bed planted. Life is good!

                • Can I move in with you?

      3. We are headed for a depression that will dwarf the “Great” depression of the 30’s. And with so many more people in the cities than on the farms it will be exponentially worse.

      4. Study military tactics (easily found via Google) with your neighborhood in mind. Neighbors joined together can keep the looters out.

        • Silversax….except in neighborhoods where the neighbors are the looters! Did I just say that….

          • Same thing applies. Organization will keep ’em at bay. They’ll be afraid to start something with lots of armed citizens patrolling.

        • I live in Florida, most of my neighbors are elderly and use walkers, now down the road a few miles there are a lot of healthy young men hanging out by the liquor store waiting for it to open so they can use their EBT cards to buy beer and lottery tickets.

          • Jack

            What you learn from that is to stay as healthy as possible and buy a liquor store.

      5. Too late. The bankers ate the seed corn for 20 years.
        Financial and social collapse are written in stone.
        Not a matter of if…..but when.
        Frankly, I’m suprised they’ve staved it off this long.

        • Me too Old wise one. That carved stone is in Georgia. I think 500 million is optimistic.

          • I think that was meant as a top goal after a nuclear war, from what I heard recently. Either way, it’s just one rich guy’s opinions.

        • They haven’t got enough of us bent over yet, but it’s coming.

      6. It is a true statement though. The main question is for whom?

        • Tactical:

          On the last subject on shtf you gave me one of the nicest complements I have ever had.

          I would also trust you with my life.

          Thanks Tact

          • Well deserved POG. It was from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.

      7. The American people have more power than they realize. The power of the purse, the ability to boycott government’s gravy train of subservience to whatever corporations want. This is the goal of the TPP, to make citizens weaker, under the heel of worldwide corporate dictates. After big business moved millions of jobs out of this country, the people should boycott all products from those that took American jobs out of country for greater profit.

        • Instead, we have people who lost their jobs because of Walmart, etc. shopping at Walmart, etc., and then bragging about what great deals they got on the crap they don’t really need. This is how stupid America is. We have people who can barely pay their bills going out and getting 8 year loans on new SUVs that get 15 mpg. This is how stupid America is. I could go on and on.

          • These are also the ones who spend $200 a month or more smoking cigs, complain their broke.
            It’s ok because u can get food stamps no matter your vehicle or payment. Pay $400 a month on a truck, get free food stamps. They should be forced to get a cheap vehicle before getting food stamps. Were paying for their nice cars, $2000 wheels and tires, etc.

        • Your key word there was “should”. Most people are clueless and would die without the crap they buy. The boycott you are talking about is a dream….

          • Yes, and to tell you the truth, I am actually looking forward with great anticipation to the day these idiots can’t get their electronic gadgets to work… talk about panic…. just imagine the expressions and reactions… oh, yeah… these mindless children will melt down before our very eyes… thank God for small or large favors…

        • Wonderful idea, but good luck getting the vast majority to follow through. We try very hard to buy all “American-Made” and from small companies. It’s harder than one would think. Also, keep in mind that MOST of the takers like to take and they have no interest in self-sufficiency. This group will always be the first to panic and the first to loot. That seems to be “fun” and not work to them.

      8. The heat they feel is the radiation from Fukushima.

      9. Where will the next mass shooting be?

        • Don’t ask us, ask George Soros.

          • Or ask Zbigniew Brzezinski since he is the 0’s handler.

      10. I just read “inferno” by Dan Brown. The book is about how a secret organization brings the world population to a number they are happy with. The book reads like a “Alex Jones” radio show. I thought Dan Brown was a libtard but I’m having second thoughts now.

        • Shooternv: wasn’t that a great book? Read it when it first came out and thought wow, no deaths just less people able to reproduce. Some thinking went into writing that book. Perhaps the elites have already done something like this!

        • ” I thought Dan Brown was a libtard but I’m having second thoughts now.”

          …I just hope he’s not a prophet…

        • Gravlore, what is money velocity?

          • SilverSax…that’s the speed that it flies out of your wallet! LOL

          • That’s wquestion deserves a serious answer. Money velocity is a term for the frequency with which a dollar changes hands per day, or month, or whatever. What’s important about it is that higher velocity is fnctionally the exact same thing as an increase in the money supply, or inflation. This is one mechanism for hyperinflation. As prices rise due to inflation, everybody starts to get rid of any dollar they get as soon as they can. Higher velocity makes the inflation worse. This is what happened in Weimer Germany.

            Opposite situation is hard times. People are afraid to spend money because they might lose their job, or whatever. Velocity drops, and you get a DEFLATION, absent other factors. Today the other factor is the Treasury and the Fed generation money like mad. Why? Because they are absolutely TERRIFIED of deflation. Deflation collapses banks and hedge funds, and it can happen literally overnight. All their pals in Armani suits would be broke like Humpty Dumpty. No money to pay their bodyguards. . . . . .

            Without writing a novel about it, the mountain of bad loans held by these financial geniuses also act like money, but only so long as people believe that the loans can be repaid. The minute that faith evaporates, that money disappears, “POOF!” Big deflation. Bad times, consumers stop spending, velocity of money slows, more deflation. A deflationary spiral. In the 19th century this side of the cycles was called a “panic”. Not without very good reason.

            • The Old Coach

              I explain the velocity of money like this. A dollar buys one dollar worth of goods. If it passes through 100 hands it buys $100 worth of goods. The faster it goes through those hands the more it buys; hence its multiplying effect.

              • Exactly.

        • Gravlore

          Thanks. Great information.

      11. Wait until the low information voters find out this is an Obama lie too. The U6 says the number is 13.8%.

        • TPTB depend on the fact that most sheeple CAN’T do the math.

          • Or that they get their grasp of reality from the New York Slimes.

      12. Another thing not mentioned is that the 204,000 jobs are part time low wage jobs for the seasonal holidays. Most of those jobs will disappear come January.

      13. America’s main stream media does Goebbels proud

        I turned it off 10 years ago

        good riddance to bad rubbish

        • says CNN is no longer going to do the news.

          • Hahahahah as if CNN ever did the news to begin with

            • Oh, they’ve been ‘doin’ the news (and us) for a long time.

              • And without a condom, too.

          • Well, considering the fact that CNN hasn’t “really” been doing the news for quite awhile-no surprise!

            • The Communist News Network only put out communist propaganda anyway, so they’re no loss.

        • I wish I had turned it off that long ago. I only recently turned it off.
          I’ve learned much since then.

        • Absolutely….because they are no longer counting the people whose unemployment has already expired and have quit looking for jobs!

          • or died trying.

      14. THE SOLUTION:

        “1125 AD in this year before Christmas King Henry sent from Normandy to England and gave instructions that all the moneyers…be deprived of their members…Bishop Rodger of Salisbury commanded them to assemble at Winchester by Christmas. When they came hither they were taken one by one and each deprived of the right hand and the testicles below. All this was done in twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany and was entirely justified because they had ruined the whole country by the magnitude of their fraud which they paid for in full.

        The Laud (Peterborough) Chronicle

        • Imagine being the last one in line, knowing what was coming!

          • GAWD!!!!

            Ya reckon we can dig Henry up, import his remains hither & then elect him???

            Dude’s got my vote, already!

        • JRS my friend ours don’t have BALLS


        • JRS:

          Since then we have a whole new crop. What a merry Christmas it would be to turn on the TV and hear that TPTB had been deprived of the hand they had in the cookie jar and the organ they have screwed us with.

      15. Why do you think they call them ‘bubbles?’ They’re biggest and brightest just before they pop.

        And this bubble’s the biggest of them all. Nothing to compare to it. You could call it a ‘Biblical Bubble.’

        And when it pops, it will make the trumpets of Jericho sound like one of Barry Soetoro’s gutterballs.

        • Exactly. Look at all the recent stock market records.
          That is one big bubble.

      16. I havent built a new home now in two years , just sad.
        All the bigger jobs are for attorneys and well to do retiries with cash . not one project where the homeowner had (or could get)bank fianance.
        That should tell everybody something , if i had more land i would farm fulltime and forget carpenter work.

        All i here is that the markets are up and home building is up , well thats BS.
        The only housing going on is condos and multi-family rental units , i call them “UN shoebox’s” , because all these tiny little units sure remind me of a FEMA camp.
        Stay out of the big cities !please

        • Same over here, im not bangin nails anymore but have lots of friends in the trades, all the work is either high end homes or small remodel and repair stuff, the commercial jobs are all big corps taking advantage of things being slow. Know lots of tradesman just taking county or state jobs so they have bennies and a paycheck.

          • kula-
            I see you are gonna have company visiting from china to help celebrate the grid x test .
            be safe……

          • Kula,
            Worked for me, used to work in architecture/ engineering, company failed in 2007 , next company failed in 2008 , out of work for a year , got a job with DHS …. Pattern developing here ? Waiting for this job to fail too quite spectacularly .

            You guys that have a farm are really lucky , wished I lived in an area where I could do this.
            Grew up on an island off the NJ coast there were only 3 choices for employment , commercial fishing , building trades, Military.
            Did the later two, do not want to do the first at my age.

            Who knows what the future holds .
            May be after the dust settles I will move to a free state, where I live now nothing’s going to be left after the coming festivities.



            Semper Fi 8541

        • hammer

          one of the guys I work with a lot lives in a subdivision southeast of town. he has 7 new specs being built in his sub. everyone by a different builder.

          no way I would ever build a spec house again.

        • Exactly what we’re seeing in NW Ohio and I’m sorry to learn you have been hit so badly. My son-in-law is in the building trades and wishes he had chosen a different line of work. It was a good idea when he started. Everything that comes out of Washington is a lie and they never get called on it which is frustrating. He does get quite a bit of nursing home work, but the company for which he works has gone from 32 employees to eight and the company will soon fold.

        • I haven’t built a new home in 2 years. Garages, remodels, and fix it jobs. Working on my own stuff, decks, painting, and hanging rock for a friend. Glad I have a day job.

      17. Going over my SHTF plans and stores (a min. of 18 mos.), reality struck me. What is really needed; Land: to grow enough food to last a year and live off while growing the rest, a 25’x50’ garden to live off of many be, but you’re going to need some acreage to produce a year’s worth of food. Look up how much food just one person needs a year, now for every person with you that same amount is needed. Now we are talking a lot of beans, onions, potatoes, corn etc. Now throw in any livestock (chickens, rabbits etc.) and the land mass is getting bigger than you think.

        You’re going to need some sort of Fuel to cook, process and to heat your shelter. Wood is by far the most common and easiest to obtain. For those that have cut, split and stacked just one cord of wood can tell you how much labor and time is needed now go to 5 to 6 cords a year or maybe for you +/- (remember one amount used cut a year ahead). You have to figure in the distance you have to go to cut it and how are you going to do it, and get it back to the shelter.

        No matter where you are at, you will need Water. How much you will need is based on numbers; people, livestock, and the size of your crop area. Everything needs WATER.

        It all gets down to renewable resources. Food: Fuel: and Water.
        LAND: for Food and Shelter.
        FUEL: most common is Wood.
        WATER: must have a continuous source of clean water close by your shelter.

        I don’t care how much PM’s you have (plant some and see how they sprout and produce, oh and how much will they be worth in the future), guns and ammo (this you will need for protect 24/7). Is there enough hours in the day to everything you need to do; no way for one or two people. How many people do you need, 6 to 8 min. maybe. Truthfully how many people do you trust with yours and your love one’s life? So going it alone or with just your spouse is not enough.
        One bad year or some sickness, injury etc. game over.

        Remember renewable Resources.
        LAND: you will need a fairly large piece for food and shelter.
        FUEL SOURCE: needs to be as close to your shelter as possible.
        WATER: reliable source and close by very close.
        To me Land-Fuel-Water is the 3 true wealth’s you can have.

        Next is the skills to do what needs to be done and just good old commonsense, are all good trump cards to have in your deck.
        Land, Fuel, Water; without a doubt WATER IS THE GREATEST ONE, because without it the others mean little.

        So how are the mass’s going to be controlled by the NWO, they will get control of the land that FOOD can be grown on, FUEL SOURCES for the ability to be used for production of material things, WATER= life period, that’s how they will control the mass’s.

        Just look at the elites; why are they buying all the land that will grow food, have large sources of fuels, and last, but the major one huge freshwater aquifers.

        This is my dose of reality. So just sit down and due your own reality thinking, but be truthful with yourself.
        I’m I going throw up my hands and say screw it, no way, the way I see it the odds are against me, but I never went with the odds my whole life. I will stand my ground no matter what comes my way!

        • Good for you, and good summary. We have ten acres, more or less, a well with pump and several acres of trees. We’re also getting older which makes every-thing harder. The future doesn’t look good, but like you, we’re willing to fight for it.

        • Also, my husband is an “old vet” and/or terrorist, depending on who’s calling names. Plus, he’s a Christian vet which makes him more sinister. He has great skills, as do I, and we should be okay if left alone. Good luck to you!

        • Well, when you are right, you are right… You’ve laid it out as simple and plain as can be expressed and if I were a betting man i’d bet you’ve been reading my mail… We purchased a place WAY off grid on 12 and a half acres, punched a well and set up a reliable solar array with batteries as well as a couple LARGE propane tanks, one for the house and one for the propane generator, 12K watts. That all sound real nice but like you said, you need folks to help out. We aren’t young any more (Viet Nam Vet and a Christian so I know i’m on someone’s naughty list…) but the only help I’ve been able to convince or foresee coming along are the kids, their spouses and grandkids. Not that that’s bad in and of itself, I would and do welcome the help, but they are not serious preppers and what little they’d bring to the show would not seriously add to that which is needed to survive a prolonged (and I know it will be) SHTF scenario. Anyway, like you said, I’ve thrown up my hands, not in a “I give up” kind of way but in a “that’s what we’ve been able to get and we’ll make do from here.” Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to prep but like I’ve read on other posts, our health insurance went up to where we are now paying $1566 per MONTH so the income that I used to throw at preps is severely impacted…. Pray, prep and protect… dj

      18. Wow, what a good day. Dollar Index went up, Au/Ag went down…

        • Nice sarcasm. Both are indications of Big Government manipulation.

          • You seem to have some skill SS on previous remarks. Eco 102. They are still taking fiat promise debt bills for real money. Normally spot Au goes up when Dow goes up or vice versa. Nice to see the hedge on paper Au/Ag wasn’t norm today. No sarcasm previous but I might pay more attention to & read what you have to say in future. Keep me interested…

            • “Some” previous remarks. Week Killer? Bullshit…

      19. The past year and especially the few months in my business (most of my customers are well-off) the few people who are buying are regular, working folks like myself. My normal, high-end customers are not turning loose of any money right now. My overseas customers are not spending $$, either. For twenty years, I’ve had a good, steady business…now…we’re barely covering payroll. My vendors are saying the same thing. The rich know what is coming, it’s the rest of us who’d better get ready.

        • I’m buying as little as possible and we’re all planning to make Christmas presents this year. Sorry to kindred spirits in retail, but it’s already come down to this.

      20. Sorry all..O/T but it made me laugh

        it also reaffirmed my thought that a lot of this heavy armament could very easily fall into the hands of the public..more so in a SHTF scenario

        The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the return of 2 rifles that were, as O’Ryan Johnson of the Boston Herald reports, “stolen from an FBI SWAT emergency response vehicle.”

        The weapons were an M-16 and a “sniper rifle” in .308 caliber. The kind of scary looking guns that we are told must be kept out of the hands of irresponsible civilians and entrusted only to wise, trained professionals.

        The FBI’s “SWAT emergency response vehicle,” was in Andover, Massachusetts when the guns were pinched. The town is known, chiefly, as the site of an expensive and prestigious prep school and one does wonder why the FBI needed that kind of firepower to go in there.

        One also wonders if you will be read your Miranda rights before or after you get the twenty grand.

        • And WE’RE the dangerous ones.

        • Ever since Andy Griffith quit the force in disgust 40 years ago things have gone out of control.

          These days you’re either an LEO or a perp…there is no in between. Never talk to a cop.

          • JRS
            I’m sorry my friend I’m both. Its hard but I have been a prepper for 35 years and cop for almost 30 years. I know that the SWHTF, so I’m getting ready.
            When I tell you there is a line I won’t cross I mean it. You are just going to have to take my word for it.
            Never talk to a cop if you think for one second you could be in trouble.
            We cops are just like you we put our pants on the same way you do one leg at a time.
            You might want to get to know some cops you might find out you are wrong. I wish you could get to know me because I believe in my heart I could change your mind.
            Stay safe out there.

            • @ Sarge

              Respect sir!

              All your posts have been consistent.
              I believe you’re the real deal.
              Unfortunately, its a damn shame that guys(LEOs) like you are a dying breed.

              “YOU” stay safe out there!

              • Hunter:
                You may be right maybe I am a dying breed. I just hope I/WE planted enough seeds that a new croup will come up behind us.
                If I did and I see it before I die. I will meet Jesus a very happy man.
                Again! THANK YOU!

            • HE said “perp”…not prep.

              • Chris
                You are correct. Having one of those days! Being a little defensive.
                Thanks for pointing it out.

                • Hey Sarge,could not for whatever reason respond to your post lower,not saying all cops/leo’s ect. tax collectors,just what the powers want them to be and how many view them,will not unless proven wrong lump a certain group of folks into one category no matter what their background/profession/religion ect.

              • Nice catch,really does make it a different post,one that I agree with.

            • Sir: You are both right and wrong. The Police Chief of my old home town is going to come hunting and stay at my house, next year, if all goes as planned. He’s a good guy. Was having coffee, a few years back, he came in and commented; “He had three kinds of officers, one kind always wanted to be cops, to serve the public; one kind just wanted a job; and the third, wanted to carry a gun and boss people around. His job was to sort out that group and get rid of them. Unfortunately, they then went to the nearest big town and got another cop job.”(That’s Cleveland) Sorry to say that’s true.
              I persume you read where the Cleveland cops shot two people 10-15 times each or so and found no gun. Apparently just a backfireing car. Already fired a few, most got time off, but the people are still dead.

          • My oldest son is an LEO. Regardless of the jerks with an attitude problem, the great majority of LEOs are fine men. They’re the good guys. I’ve met many of them on a personal basis and I know what I’m talking about.
            Besides, many preppers on this site are jerks. Look above here – I got several “thumbs down” for mentioning that fertilizer and weed-killer are good barter items. They’re the same jerks who “thumb-down” everything I post.
            Some LEOs are jerks. Some LEOs follow the Big Government Agenda because they’re young and/or inexperienced.
            Most are stand-up Christian family men. The Good Guys.

            • Your son and sarge may very well be fine men…

              My point being they are enforcing unconstitutional laws and there is NO mandate for a “police” force in the Constitution. The most law enforcement should be is a duly ELECTED sheriff.

              Are these Constitutional?

              Unlawful assembly
              Disturbing the peace
              Public drunkenness
              Obstructing justice
              Helmet laws
              Failure to obey a lawful order (WTF?)

              There is no violation of a Constitutional law if there is no victim to the alleged “crime”.

              And I have been called one of those no good sovereign citizens (whatever that is) on here before for stating my feelings on this. Some reading up on common law and natural rights is in order.

              Of course most are “just doing their job”.

              • You’re right JRS, but the majority of the prosecutable “crimes” on the books today are INCHOATE” crimes, or victimless crimes.

                This happened on our watch, one tiny step at a time.

                Almost every new law aimed at some “criminal”, real or imaginary, earned our applause and support. Criminals need to PAY for their CRIMES, we cried…even when those crimes hurt nobody but the criminal himself.

                We supported the erosion of privacy in our castles, well, more accurately THEIR castles… you see, we never imagined those same laws would ever be turned on US (the law-abiding citizens).

                After all, LAWS ARE ONLY AIMED AT CRIMINALS… THOSE PEOPLE, not US.

                Now our chickens have come home to roost.

                All of those invasive, punitive regulations of human behavior DO apply to us, after all.

                We just didn’t see it coming, because after all, WE ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE.

                ..and ONLY criminals break laws…But we have a DUTY to disobey “unconstitutional” laws, don’t we?

                If we feel a law is unconstitutional when we break it, will that make us any less a criminal?

                Welcome to Amerika. Home of the slave.

              • JRS:
                Let me try to answer your ?
                Vagrancy. in acted in the 20/30s during the depression. people were steeling what ever they could.
                Loitering. in acted in the 60’s because of all the problems with youths standing around damaging things and selling drugs.
                Unlawful assembly. again the 60’s, people where blocking the streets. This one I have a problem with.
                Disturbing the peace. That has been around for ever. What gives some one the right to disturb you during you son or daughters birthday party?
                Public drunkenness. This is for their safety and who wants to see a drunken turd puking up on the street.
                Jaywalking. This is for your safety. If you aren’t smart enough to cross where it is safe I just guess you have to make a law to protect you dumb butt.
                Obstruction of justice. You can’t obstruct if a law hasn’t been broken. So if you obstruct you are an accessory after the fact.
                Failure to obey a lawful order. Ok drive into the washed out bridge. we will find you in about a week.
                Prostitution. Can’t be taxed.
                Pot. Can’t be taxed.
                I added a couple and tried to answer this the easiest way I could.
                I hope it helps you!

                • I find noisy children annoying yet live with it,they are disturbing the peace though!I disagree with these laws,too damn many of em,,believe they are there to tax people with armed collectors,just the way I and many in this country see law enforcement many times,armed tax collectors.

                  • Warchild.
                    Damn straight. That is what they want us to be!
                    But there is a back lash in my department lately. They just are not doing it any more.
                    Some of them guys learned a lesson from me. When I told them we don’t get paid to be money collectors for the City. We get paid to put our life on the line every time we put on the Uniform! More warning are being given and the citations are down almost 50%.

                    So for the rest of you LEO’s start looking around and smell the coffee. You are not money collectors for the City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Sgt, it would be cool if that was all they really use those laws for. Let’s recount…

                  Vagrancy: Businesses and lofty rich people didn’t like smelly, dirty poor people in their way and in their line of sight–out of sight, out of mind.

                  Loitering: Used not so much for people standing around selling drugs, but more for homeless people with nowhere else to go, and harrassing protesters.

                  Disturbing the peace: A “catch-all”, used when they can’t find any other reason to run a person to jail, and arresting protesters.

                  Public drunkenness: Not used all that often, but it works well to get homeless bums off the streets for a while—out of sight, out of mind, and since when is puking a crime? How about bleeding on a sidewalk after an accident? No one wants to see people’s loose hair either, so why not make a law against shedding in public too?

                  Jaywalking: Crossing in the middle of the block, even if there isn’t a car on the road for miles is still “jaywalking”, but is there any benefit in regards to safety? Whose safety, the lonely street crosser, or the cops? Often just another catch-all for when no other crime has been committed.

                  Obstruction of justice: Most commonly used against people standing on the sidelines, taking pictures or video of cops beating people down in the streets. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH “JUSTICE”.

                  Failure to obey a lawful order: Do I really need to get into the long list of abuses this law is responsible for? Not enough space here, so do some research.

                  Prostitution: A large majority of people who are labeled as “sex offenders” are so for consensual prostitution or sex”related” crimes. This has been a real boon to the database-making crowd. Sex between consenting adults is nobody’s business but their own.

                  Pot: Again, it’s only about REVENUE. Smoking pot harms no one, but the govt misses the tax money, so it just taxes it in a different way, but jailing users/sellers.

                  The list of abuses these laws spawn is so long, it boggles the mind, even if it was evenly applied.

                  The bottom line is, PEOPLE HAVE NO TOLERANCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S MISTAKES, and people use THE LAW to make themselves feel more empowered, in a society where they now have none.

                  • Yes I know. Some folks just take thing too damn far.
                    Got to go to work.

                  • Prostitution makes me think of my local police dept. Been in the newspaper, they’ve been going after the craigslist like site prostitutes at hotels, chasing after the cars that drop off the girls also.
                    What about the drunks driving around town, the 80 teens racing, burning tires in the McDonald’s bus lot every weekend? Much more important crime to deal with instead of prostitution.

                • If those are enacted at the local or state level and not the federal they are constitutional.

                  • Fair enough…
                    You make a good point.
                    However, the Constitution of the Commonwealth where I live says the same thing about indefeasible rights in life, liberty and of pursuing your own happiness and security in your persons, houses, papers and possessions as the Federal Constitution.

                    It was originally ratified Sept. 1776.

                    I also think that the Federal gov. tries to supercede states’ rights by way of the Commerce Clause.

                    So, maybe I am speaking of only the Commonwealth where I live and not the country as a whole, since I don’t know what other state’s Constitutions say.

                    It’s good to see some debate on this that doesn’t end up with name calling.

            • Silver Sax, I’ve had relatives in LE myself and they’ve all either retired or been forced out by the ‘politics’ in LE now. Sgt. Dale is one of the ‘old school’ cops like my relatives. I know which line he’s talking about that he won’t cross. Same line my younger relatives in LE refused to cross and were fired over it, but they have no regrets. They had some ‘training’ from the old timers before going off to the academy. I believe Sgt. Dale is the real deal because he sounds like my relatives. I have no problem standing with good, honest cops. It’s the jerks who have had too much federal koolaid that need to be avoided at all costs.

      21. Mac
        You always come up with great articles and as usual the comments are very entertaining!
        Couple of things
        1 has anybody heard from our friend in Greece? ( can’t remember his name)
        2 I have heard various opinions regarding the unaffordable care act–on websites etc
        I truly believe the whole point (besides the rest) is the last and big blow to bring the middle
        Class to its knees. Once that fully kicks in then no one will have ANY disposable income
        3 As a Christian that studies the bible on a regular basis and reader of many Christian websites
        and comments it seems that so many are dreaming dreams and visions that point to end times
        also so many just try to describe a feeling or uneasiness that they have had for a long time
        4. The economy. I am a veterinarian that has been in practice for 25 years. I have owned my own
        practice for 21 years. In my area–Indiana — we compare our gross income based on the years before it has gome downhill–07 08 09— no one has reaches 2006 numbers. We talk about a percent above or below those years. Not how great we are doing. For the past 5 years graduates from vet school are carrying a debt load of $100-300,000 and only 50% of graduates can get a job. So this is the true story here in real life. We always were told that our profession was recession-proof!
        Only the doctors like myself that have been in business for a while have job security. I feel real bad for the ones who are just starting 🙁
        So just my take on the reality of what is going on
        Regarding prepping –I have given up on preaching to people. Their heads are in the sand

      22. Oh yea. One more thing I’m way out in the country and its gonna stay that way
        I’m from New York so I know that crowded city feeling
        When I have to go back I can’t get out of there soon enough!!

        • Know what you mean about the “city.” Every year my bride of 43 years sister throws a “Christmas” party/family reunion a couple weeks before Christmas. Two things, they are atheist and have stopped saying grace before the Christmas meal (I say it anyway out loud, screw them. Yeah, I know that a real Christian attitude but….) and the second thing is these “people” live in the Fullerton area south of LA near Disneyland. I want to go there about as much as I want a colonoscopy but the wife insists we go so we’ll be driving out the day before (Friday) and coming home early Sunday. If I/we are lucky the Grid Ex will shut everything down and we won’t have to go (or maybe they’ll fall into the ocean would be bad as I retired out there in ’05 and moved to AZ as fast as the GMC 4×4 would get me out and therefore my retirement checks come from there. I guess if I thought it out it probably wouldn’t make much difference ’cause if cali dropped out of sight then the whole show would be over anyway. Thanks for the insight on the vets as that is an eye opener. dj

      23. You know its funny only 12000 of those jobs were in manufacturing so 12000 was making some thing the rest was selling or services if we donot start producing something soon we will not have an economy we will be a giant retail store with no one buying anything we need manufacturing jobs by the 100,000’s soon or we wont make it

        • Sadly Brian, TPTB will not allow us to produce anything but a whimper, as we are led to the FEMA camps.


          • I’ll go, after I use up all my stuff, and if I can take a pickup truckload of guns and ammo, and my cannons. Anybody know if the FEMA camps have cannon parks?

            • I’ll go, I’ll go, like hell I go!

      24. The economy is so good here they just announced the closing of one of our grocery stores.

        • But they’re opening one in China and one in India, so it’s o.k.

      25. Heating up BULL SHIT. (I’m sorry for that)
        liars can figure and figures can lie.
        Tell this to all the folks that have lost their jobs because Obullshit care, and because he is letting jobs go overseas.
        This is some much B.S. I’m going to put on my waders.

      26. Let them spew the positive news. Lower fear will lower the price of PMs and it will be a buying opportunity for those that are into PMs. Get on the band wagon and push the narrative of jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere. I’ve been thinking about starting to pick up some PMs beginning with silver eagles. I’ve been sold on their multi purpose and
        I wont need many to suit my needs but being the cheap ass bastard that I am, the lower the price the better.

        Off topic:
        It’s getting to be the holiday season, the helicopters are flying around the christmas tree farms and hauling in the harvest. The migrant farm workers cut the trees and stage them, the helicopters hover over the staged trees and a higher paid employee hooks them up to the helicopter. The helicopter flies them a short distance to where the truck are waiting to haul them away to market. Yes it is the “haul a day” season.

      27. Geneva fallout: Iran becomes a nuclear power, followed by Saudis. Israel loses trust in Obama

        Falling-out between two allies over nuclear Iran
        DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Nov 8, 2013, 1:34 PM (IDT)
        Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slams the interim nuclear agreement with Iran as “burying the possibility of a peaceful final accord.” He said: “Israel is not obliged by this agreement and will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and its people’s security.” DEBKAfile: This was a dual warning: 1) Israel has abandoned its trust in Barack Obama ever complying with his pledge to its security and will henceforth act on its own. 2) Israel may yet exercise its military option against Iran’s nuclear capability – whether openly or covertly.

        • As far as I’m concerned if Israel nukes Syria, Iraq, and Iran and they ALL nuke Israel, it’s a big win all around.

      28. Lie, damnable lies. The say we are rising, but we are sinking. The replace bitter for sweat, and say evil is good…all lies all the time from these Lucifarians and dullards for satan!

      29. Sorry for so many letters falling out… Got to get used to this iPad!

        • Yeh happens all the time to me also replaces words with auto spell
          Sometimes I think the person that did the coding program had english as a second language.

          Semper Fi 8541

      30. Each day I listen to BO sh#$ about just how wonderful things will be. Each day I listen to the lies and deception of so much. What is incredible to me is just how few people have yet to catch on. I keep telling myself that there has to be more than 1% of the people that still retain their brains, yet each day I find that optimism to be fleeting and unrealistic.

        Then I see yet another record broken for a geophysical event, the strongest EVER records land falling hurricane in the Philippins. The strongest earthquake recorded in Japan, the strongest ever deep focus earthquake, the most powerful strike slip earthquake every recored, the most power tornado and widest one ever recorded, the strongest north hurricane ever recorded making land in Sandy, the most rainfall in 24 hour periods all of the world ever recorded, the strongest radiation storm ever recorded. This all in the past 2 years. Is it just me or all these events kind of pointing to just how f’ed times are going to get in the future?

        You see this along with the catastrophic debt and other financial disasters looming, and it looks like human civilization is in a lot deep manure than most realize. Then you have the prospect of war even more of a chance than in decades. I am surprised that 10 times more people are not coming to SHTFPLAN as SHTf and then some is coming. Of course then we are talking about the 99% that don’t prepare for much of anything past the local party they are planning for. A most depressing day isn’t it?

        • Stay strong my friend. When the NWO takes over, we’ll need clear-minded individuals like you to provide leadership.

          • Be informed

            It’s not just you, your insight is above reproach.

            You might also add; the most bestial president the
            country has ever endured, bar none.

            • Really? Even if you figure in Woodrow Wilson who had people arrested for disagreeing with him?

              I’m beginning to think they are correct who say that Obama’s not the one in charge, that he’s just a puppet for someone else. I’ve often felt that he may even be somewhat a captive. His body language says that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying every time that his bottom lip goes up over his teeth, which is the end of just about every sentence when he’s making a speech. Of course, it could be that his handlers are holding him back from being all that he would be if left to his own devices- the real Obama may be far worse.

        • @ B.I.

          You know, I think I’ve finally figured it out.

          You see, most of the posters here(you included) are conservative in nature, to one degree or another. Yet, the bottom line is that, TPTB considers ‘us’…to be so “right-wing” in ideology, that our beliefs & opinions are now measured on the RICHTER-SCALE!

          (-wide grin-)

          • I hope there comes a time when our “conservative” opinions can be measured in ground-pounding intensity.

            That’ll be the day we all put our foot down at the same time.

        • Was visiting daughter #2 and family a while ago. SIL is an Obama voter, and she’s fallen in line. (Sigh, and he seemed like such a nice young man!)

          Something I notice every time I’m there. There is NO NEWS coming into that house. They don’t watch TV news, they don’t take newspapers, they don’t read blogs, they never evenb turn on a radio. Nothing. All they go on is what they pick up at social gatherings, which are predominantly school affairs, and the (private) school their kids are in is opaque with liberals. They know absolutely nothing about anything past the school and SIL’s job.

          Don’t ask me about their preps. They have NONE. New cars, fat mortgage, expensive schools, sure. But preps? Nothing’s going to happen. Obama will see to it.

          • Did you inquire as to what kind of flowers to put on their graves?

        • BI, I generally scroll thru the comments to read a few selected ones. Your comments are always well thought out and instructive, and I look forward to reading them. I have noticed a change in your presentation on the subjects on the site. In fact, the first time I noticed it I thought someone may have posted and used your name. You used to be upbeat and optimistic, but now you are projecting a depressing attitude. I think that this same malaise is overtaking a great many who oppose our current political maneuvering by all elected officials. I see this same effect on many people I know. I feel the same way occasionally to the point that I wonder if we are being medicated, or are we being overloaded mentally to the point of confusion.

          • I’ve noticed the same thing about so many of us, not just Be Informed, and I think it’s due to trying to deal with the cognitive dissonance in our lives. The lies coming out of Washington are enough to make you dizzy and trying to reconcile what you’re told with what is actually happening is intellectually confusing and emotionally harmful. The more aware you are and the more informed, the more difficult it is to deal with all the bullshit.

          • I think we’re all getting to the point that we’ve had enough. When it seemed that justice and truth still mattered it was easer to be optimistic. When evil liars succeed day after day and no accountability is meted out; when extremists are elected mayors of NYC and Seattle (to name two) and other ties; when the hard left carries too many other elections, bleakness begins to overcome hope that something will change for the better. No meds needed to produce this. I do believe it is intentional and towards a goal. They want someone to snap. Somehow the LAX shooter wasn’t sufficient, I think they are angling for barricades and militias so they can declare martial law.

        • Read “Sent to Earth, the return of ancient chastisements.” Yes it is a Christian book but it very plainly lays out what happened in the past and why and the kind of disasters God delivered to get their attention away from themselves to where it should be. I don’t intend to distract this thread so don’t take this wrong but God is far from pleased with His “children” here on earth and from what I’ve read on numerous posts and prophesies He has had enough of our mischief and is going to judge us accordingly. Pray for wisdom to know when to do what you need to do, prep like there is no tomorrow, ’cause there isn’t, and protect with all that is in you all that has been given you… dj

        • BI ,
          Remember you said to comment if animals were acting stangely.
          I have two cats they have been howling in the night and hiding all of the time in strange places , behind furniture in bottoms of closets , in bottom of the gun safe when the door is open ( I have to check before I lock it) they dart from one hiding place to another and are extremely jumpy .
          A friends dog goes out to do his business and barks at the sky until brought in , I am not talking one or two barks , barking like something has invaded his territory.

          No Canada geese in the area there used to be hundreds at the lake year round.

          Could they be sensing a pizo- electric field ? Earth quake precursor ? I am on the North East US coast.

          This is definitely odd behavior.


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Detox Mom?!The heck with that,have a friend that has a running still for himself and friends!Things end as we know it last thing I am going to do is give up booze!

        • Good article. Thanks! I read that olive oil is the second most adulterated or mis-labeled food product sold on the market (honey is the first) and that the only brand tested which was “real” is the Trade Joe house brand. (I don’t work there, btw, nor do I own stock)It might be worth a visit to stock up on pure olive oil for preps.

          • Colvita, by the fridge test, is the real thing and Grocery Outlet sells it. I’ll have to go put the Trader Joe’s Spanish Olive Oil out in the shed and see if it gets cloudy overnight. Thanks for the link JayJay!

      31. Just more tripe coming out of the mouths of fools and liars. Low wage jobs, part time jobs,no insurance,high prices. These people have to be appealing to the dumb-downs. They have made slaves for themselves by throwing scrapes to the brain dead. The ones pushing these lies while they wear their thousand dollar suits look like stage clowns. IT REALLY IS PATHETIC!

      32. It is depressing BI. I may take up drinking! I am old and I never did drink but I can see the benefits of a blurred mind.

      33. Anyone who can add and subtract knows the numbers are lies and the ponzi scheme cannot continue forever.That said gives folks perhaps a little more prep time.I have really got the desire for a crosscut saw after looking at and reading crosscut porn for hours,gonna pull the trigger on a saw this weekend and after I get it and try it will review for those of you into wood.Enjoy today(saw porn!)and prepare for tomorrow,have a good weekend all.

        • Have used a cross cut saw for years. Yes I have the skill and other “electric” saws for various uses (i’m a handyman kind of guy) but frankly a good quality crosscut saw is a life saver when you need it. Also pick up some other “hand tools” as they will be a life saver (maybe your own) after TSHTF… Good decision… dj

      34. Thoughts create mass and can also change the mass that exists, perhaps all those with a positive attitude are just trying to change things the only way they know stands a chance. Instead of complaining about what they are doing, why not try, just for one day, to join those thinking positive and see if we can reach critical mass and really change our economy for the better for all involved.

        • […just for one day, to join those thinking positive…]

          There-in lies the problem. Positive thinking is not the same as comfortable denial.

      35. Sweet we added 204,000 jobs last month. Hmmm I didn’t know that McDonalds opened that many new restaurants last month.

        • Maybe they forgot to add that those were 204,000 part-time jobs. Probably from the same 204,000 that had their hours cut….

          or, 204,000 lost their full-time jobs in September but found part-time ones in October….

        • It’s not Mcdonalds…it’s the navigators for ACA!!! 🙁

      36. Strange weather and record extremes do seem to indicate a changing environment BI. It is probably TPTB up to no good perfecting ways to off the people quicker.

      37. I agree BI I have been wondering the very same thing. I often say to my wife “are we the only ones upset about all the shit the commie government is doing”. She say’s most of the sheeple either watch the LSD news channels (abc,cbs,ect.) or none at all so they really have no idea of what is happening and the few that do don’t care. After all there EBT cards are still working. It is very terrifying to witness and I truly believe there is no correcting the situation as long as they remain brain dead. This is why I now am simply calling for a reset. I personally don’t believe a “reset” will directly benefit myself, but if it ends in returning our country to a free nation for my kids and grand kids I will have no problem paying the ultimate price.

        • @ Maddog

          Per the ‘high’ price tag.

          Agreed and so be it!

          But worst case, such requires one to likely check out – the same way they checked in…fighting and screaming and covered in someone else’s blood!

          Thumbs up to you.

        • man im glad my wife and i are not the only ones going what the hell we have been getting ready for 4 years and i agree their has to be some kind of reset and what it takes to get their i dont know . take this for what its worth my wife had a dream a week ago and she was told in it that their was 70 days which is about 66 now until a collapse not complete but worse than 08 and in may of 2014 the goverment as we know it will collapse . when she has these dreams and they are specific it comes to pass .

      38. Everyone here when speaking of the economy needs to be referring to “As being in a Greater Depression”.

        We are in a Greater Depression because the true unemployment numbers, almost 1/3 of the population gave up looking for work and the amount of those working part time who are struggling are at or worse the the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

        So when we talk to others we should say the economy is bad, we need to yell out we are in a Greater Depression! Don’t go along with the brain washed lies of the media…

        • Hey Cujo, we are in The Great Debtpression

      39. Most economists agree the US needs to create about 300,000 jobs a month just to keep up with college graduates, population growth, etc… Anything LESS than that means a weak job market. Those folks at CNN are idiots.

        And the other thing they’re not telling you is that most of the jobs ‘created’ are part-time, not full-time positions.

        Just more smoke and mirrors…


      40. interesting bit of news

        Gov’t Cancels SNAP Cards: Louisiana EBT Free-For-All Might Come at a High Price

        the only problem I have with this is
        this douche bag
        “Sen. David Vitter urged Louisiana officials Wednesday to pursue charges and strip food stamp benefits from Wal-Mart shoppers in north Louisiana who turned a technical glitch into a free shopping spree. ”

        David Vitter
        got caught CHEATING on his wife
        with PROSTITUTES
        while wearing DIAPERS

        and he’s giving Sunday school lessons to food stamp cheaters ???


        • Satori:

          One day there is going to be a shortage of ropes in the hardware stores and it aint gonna be because there is a rodeo in town.

          What a stinking perp! Probably needed the EBT story to get the press of his back and onto theirs.

          Is the fool still a senator?

        • I couldn’t care less about his sex life or his marital issues. What I want to know is, where does he stand on issues THAT MATTER?

          Is he pro-second amendment?
          Has he been working for big corporations/banksters?
          Does he cast votes against the people?
          Did he vote for the patriot act, the NDAA?
          What’s his position on obamacare?
          Does he advocate FOR the UN small arms treaty takeover?

          I don’t give a damn who he sleeps with, or how. I’m more concerned about who he’s IN BED WITH politically. This is the same senseless crap TPTB use to smear good people and, keep Patriots out of positions of power. They use such rhetoric to keep the dumbed down sheeple distracted from THE REAL ISSUES.

          The NSA has shit like this on virtually EVERYBODY… get used to the fact that shit like fetishes has no place but in his own private life.

          The same privacy WE hold so dear, protects everyone in private acts that do no harm to others against their will.

          We ALL have skeletons, and I for one, defend our universal right to personal privacy…even his.

          • I care whether he honors his vows, not how he breaks them.

      41. Sarge, you very well could be a stand up guy and a good father too, but you work for a bunch of lying sacks of shit. All you stand up guys have put 3,000,000 of your fellow citizens in the slammer and not a day goes by that I don’t read about an innocent person getting murdered for nothing, tazed and shit kicked for some triviality, or locked up to meet some for profit prison’s quota…all by our friends, the police…an extension of our friends the bankers and the politicians. And every frigging time it is ruled justifiable. Too many power tripping assholes. I would not trust one of you as far as I could throw you. No different than any other macho gang. But that’s just me. As a career “criminal” who has never stolen anything and who has never done another person violence (I smoke pot)…I’d have to say you are the enemy.

        • Free,while I agree with you in many ways(end the war on drugs especially)some cops are good,know a couple personally.We never see much when cops do the right thing as not great news(try and have put a few stories in here)and the ones who do wrong should be prosecuted and if guilty off to the slam,there does seem to be a free pass in many areas.The good cops better break the wall of silence or folks will view em rightly or wrongly as the enemy or minions of the enemy.I have said this to the cops I know many times,luckily they are small town folk and usually have non eventful jobs.

      42. I recently recieved recieved a free 5 hour energy extra strength with an order I placed. I was suprised with the results after drinking half the bottle. Everyone should add a couple to their prepps and their BOB. I probably wouldn’t drink the whole thing at one time or you might make the nightly news.

        Happy FRIDAY!!! the job grind pauses for 2 days!!

        PS: UFC fight night tomorrow on Fox 1 Belfort vs Henderson
        Nice for a free fight.

      43. They probably did not show the entire equation–It usually goes like this.

        Total Job Growth = [(Job Growth) – (Job Losses + People not looking anymore)]….


        TJG = [(JG) – (JL + PNLFW)]
        -23,000 = [(204,000) – (207,000 + 20,000)]

        You see, no lies, JG is 204,000

      44. I believe the economic numbers coming out of this administration as much as I believe:

        obama is not a marxist and is not trying to install a marxist agenda….

        Chris Christie is a conservative (despite the fact he calls himself that)…

        The RNC wants to win an election against the dems….

        The current military purge is a good thing….

        DHS and your local Police Dept will not conduct gun raids….

        The unemployement rate is going down due to job creation…. (trying finding a job when one is over 50 that pays more than $10/hr…..

        And I could go on…..

      45. Yea I got one of the 204,000 jobs.
        It pays $7.95 per hour (part time) at Walmart.
        After taxes, insurance, stock, 401K I take home (for 20 hours per week) about $158.00 (every two weeks)
        Thank You Obummer
        NOW we are IN THE MONEY…

        • TP,@ least you are working for a living,hope times get a tiny bit better where you do what you did in the past(with the pay!).

      46. America has died.
        There is nothing anyone can do.
        A once proudly independent country, will soon have to rely on other countries sympathy and generosity for global welfare and food stamps for bags of rice.
        On the bright side, no more Obomaphones for the leaches.

      47. I know I never exceled at math but answer me this. Most weeks there are 300000 =350000 first time filers for unemployment. I realize that some of these are getting called back to work but about 1.3 million a month getting laid off and 240000 new jobs last month. what part of this equation am I missing ?

      48. I just went from 80k a year to 45k a year. I am sure I will feel this soon.

        • If you don’t let me know if you need a carpenter,thanx!

      49. The last recession never ended. Everybody is either part time or no time. the Fed keeps putting billions into the markets and nothing gets better.

      50. Sadly the public that listens to government run TV(MSM) believe the lies they are telling and that we are in a great recovery but people who actually work for a living and pay their bills know better than this and many of them who are wide awake become preppers like most of the great patriots who frequent SHTF.COM!:)

      51. “First, the notion that the Federal Reserve will reduce it’s $85 billion a month stimulus is laughable, simply because doing so would instantly collapse the economy.”

        In accordance to Bismarkianism, this is precisely why the Federal Reserve will eventually yank the injections:
        Wait for limited government, sound money, and liberty minded camp appears or acquires 2/3rd governmental power-structure and then go Cloward-Piven aka IMF Riot and then Weimar. They get demonized and kicked out, and Bismarkianists control the rains under the national socialist stage of Bismarkianism transitioning public-private partnerships into full mergers to ‘save’ the economy. Government merged with banking, medical, and agriculture aka GMO would pretty much seize 2/3rd pillars of civilization.

        Makes sense don’t it?

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