Mainstream Media Downplays and Obfuscates North Korean Threat: “Pay Attention To The Western Consumer-Marketing Spin”

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    The question to pose is that if North Korea does not constitute a serious threat, then why is the United States sending a naval armada to the Far East to confront it?  Many have expostulated “profound” theorems, such as “Un is just a fat POS,” or that “We’ll wipe them off the face of the earth,” etc., ad nauseum.  Despite such scornful and contemptuous statements denigrating North Korea’s capabilities, the fact of the matter is that we have upwards of 35,000 Americans deployed in South Korea and at any given time Un can decide to nuke them.  It is also a fact that North Korea does possess nuclear weapons and are advancing their capabilities to deploy them by the day.

    There was a Daily Mail Article posted last week entitled Could this ballistic missile one day nuke the west coast of America?

    Pay attention to the Western Consumer-Marketing spin that spends 90% of the article decrying the capabilities of North Korea…reassuring everyone how North Korea doesn’t have the ability to nuke the U.S. yet.

    “Yet” being the key word.  North Korea must be kept in people’s minds as a threat, but not too much of a threat that it scares everyone away from their shopping and taxable pccupation/employment.  Presented here are excerpts of that article that show the mindset: “Be concerned but calm down, because it shouldn’t be a concern.”  Especially notice the emboldened parts:

    “The missiles, which have not yet been flight tested, could one day reach the US”

    “Arsenal suggests the country has been plowing ahead with its goal of putting a nuclear warhead on an ICBM that can reach the continental US”

    “North Korea unveiled what appeared to be a new intercontinental ballistic missile.”

    “…increasing fears it’s trying to develop a model that could hit the United States.”

    “North Korean state television showed what appeared to be several KN-08 (above) ICBM’s on Saturday – which are theoretically capable of striking the continental United States, West Coast, and Alaska.

    If the Korean missiles actually work, and have a similar range to the Chinese missile, they could hit the continental USBut it’s very unlikely that North Korea has that technology at this stage.”

    Just the wording, “…plowing ahead…” is meant to psychologically trigger thoughts of barefooted North Koreans plowing through rice paddies with wooden ICBM’s mounted to their front…a primitive allegory meant to make the readers discount the capabilities of North Korea.  The articles are also a CYA/disclaimer for the media.  In other words, if the missiles do have the range and are employed by the North Koreans, the media can’t be blamed for not warning about it with their pseudo-alert.  The disastrous mindset of “the missiles have not been tested yet” is the most profoundly ignorant comment of all.  What test?  For an American city to be burned to a crisp?  Is that what needs to happen before this threat is taken seriously?  That would make a great story for the media, complete with “heroes” sacrificed by the news networks who “bravely” covered any area struck by a nuclear bomb.

    Bottom line: nobody wants it to happen; however, that is not a reason to deny that it can.

    Everyone denied the abilities of Nazi Germany, but that was before they “annexed” Czechoslovakia, “absorbed” Austria, and took Poland, France, and the rest of Europe in the blink of an eye.  This situation is also one that is being denied.  Perhaps the denial is worse in some ways, as the intelligence capabilities today are above and beyond what they were in the 1930’s.  Although not in all instances: Melissa Hanham is back in this Daily Mail article.  If the name doesn’t click, she had surfaced before in September of 2016 with the Korean nuclear test that was conducted just as Obama was leaving from his trip in the Far East.  Here’s what she just mentioned in the Daily Mail Article on April 15, 2017:

    “Pyongyang is working towards a ‘new concept’ of ICBM.  However, North Korea has a habit of showing off new concepts in parades before they ever test or launch them.”

    Melissa Hanham, Senior Research Associate,

    Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterrey, CA

    This same Melissa Hanham (as mentioned in a previous article with SHTFplan back in September of last year) where she decried the miniaturization capabilities of North Korea, as such:

    “We would need to see it tested on a missile, like China did in the 1960s.  Nobody wants to see that. There is no way they could do that test in a safe way, and it could easily start a war.”

    Prior to the North Korean test (but after Hanham’s brilliant proclamation), her company (the one that monitors the North Korean missile activity) was taken out of the picture completely by a DoS (Denial of Service) hacking attack that rendered her company (the one the U.S. and other nations depend upon to monitor North Korean nuclear activity) unable to process any satellite feeds.  Reference the article DoS Attack Crashes Website Monitoring North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site, by Eric Niiler of Here’s an excerpt of the article, and guess who surfaces?  Melissa Hanham who reveals her helplessness and inability to do her job, as her company was “zapped” and taken out of the loop prior to the North Korean nuclear test:

    “It’s suspicious timing.  It’s also really frustrating.  We are restarting and our security company is looking into as much information about the attack.  We are going to get it up as soon as possible.”

    This mindset carries through and is pervasive throughout all the MSM (mainstream media).  It damages the public’s ability to see the true threat as it exists.  When experts such as Dr. Peter Pry and numerous generals and heads of the military and American intelligence say there’s a threat, it’s time to assess the threat realistically and prepare for it.  I have been in complete agreement with the assessments of Dr. Pry, General Scapparotti, and Admiral Gortney.  Just to refresh the memory, Admiral William Gortney, Commander of US NORTHCOM briefed a Senate Committee on March 10, 2016 on the potential North Korean nuclear threat.  The Admiral stated it was “prudent to assume Pyongyang had the ability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead” and deliver it effectively to strike the continental U.S.

    What these men have said over the years is a realistic assessment based on credible intelligence and studies gathered tenaciously over the past decade.  Such intelligence is hard to come by, as it is not easy to insert operatives into North Korea nor develop human assets on the ground.  The United States cannot nuke North Korea effectively without causing collateral damage (in the form of radiation) to Japan or South Korea, and potentially for China and Russia.  The problem is much more difficult than it may appear on the surface.  Dropping a 21,000-lb. bomb is not going to solve this problem, either.

    We’re going to face down North Korea with an armada of ships for what stated objective and purpose?  There was a suspected sub off the coast of California last week.  Whose sub was it?  And why didn’t we nab it?  Does North Korea possess one of those stealth, Kilo-class converted subs from Russia?  Do they indeed have more than one sub in the area, with SLBM (Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles) on board?  There are a lot of unanswered questions here; however, to discount North Korea as a threat is not the answer and it is not realistic.  We’re probably going to see the test, all right…a test that will also be the actual strike.  It will be too late, then.  Hope you and yours are out of the potentially targeted areas.  You can believe that the leaders of each side will be safe when and if such a strike occurs, and the media will act as if they knew all along that it would happen.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. North Korea is an annoyance, Russia is armageddon.

        • Jerry,
          About that “armada” heading for Korea, I’ll take the Navy version.

          ht tps://

        • Kev2- If we waited to join WW2 until Hitler got nukes it would have been a different outcome. Turn a blind eye and it won’t go away (NK). Do we wait to act until he has
          ICBM’s that can reach your front porch? When we try to appease despotic, paranoid
          regimes they only become emboldened. Yes, he is no doubt soiling his fat boy panties
          because he knows we now have a real commander in chief. North Korea is a serious
          threat. You can downplay it all you want with your ” GTFOOH ” sign offs at the end of your
          posts. It’s getting realer than real. TPTB want regime change over there. It won’t be easy
          because the problem festered for too long. There may be catastrophic consequences for
          us over here. Thats war. Do something now or wait until its too late. Do you let the drunk
          guy sucker punch you when you know for a fact that the fight cannot avoided? Hell no.
          Hit him first. Hit him hard. Don’t stop punching until you separate him from his senses.
          Thats where we are at. Russia IS Armageddon. No debate from me on that.

      2. The threat is real for South Korea and Japan. If I lived in those countries, I would be concerned. I have heard reports that North Korea’s arsenal include missiles from China. Those are the ones you need to be concerned with.

      3. The Koreans like the Russians before them used to parade “empty” missiles through the square making us think there was something there. Korea is far from there.

        • yet, the last parade they had,,, had fake missiles on display

          if you know what to look for , its quite ridiculous

          The NK is still parading empty war heads on fake missiles

          • Yeah I think those were hollow fakes too. NK doesn’t worry me, it’s what the US might do to NK that in turn prompts a retaliation from China that worries me more than NK.

            • Ah, so you think the ChiComs will double-cross Trump? Those NK missiles are not fakes.
              After NK learns how to block our cyber attacks you will see even more launches from them.

        • Jim in Va.- HELLO!!!!! Of course the PARADE MISSILES are empty shells. Those are for
          display. That is the point of a parade. The former Soviet Union did the same thing. So
          does China and Russia today. They have real, functional and operational ones as well!!!!
          Get your head out of your 4 corner contact. Asinine statement on your part. Same goes for
          your buddy, Enemy of the State.

      4. This article is fear porn.
        What the writer doesn’t bother mentioning is the fact that if the U.S. military can detect a missile launch in Korea, they can easily shoot it out of the air. This capability is well known.
        If there is a nuclear detonation in an American city to be blamed on North Korea, you can rest assured that it was allowed to happen and probably helped along just like 9-11.

        “…as it is not easy to insert operatives into North Korea nor develop human assets on the ground.”

        We already have an operative in North Korea. His name is Kim Jong Fatface.

        “Prior to the North Korean test (but after Hanham’s brilliant proclamation), her company (the one that monitors the North Korean missile activity) was taken out of the picture completely by a DoS (Denial of Service) hacking attack that rendered her company (the one the U.S. and other nations depend upon to monitor North Korean nuclear activity) unable to process any satellite feeds.”

        So, I’m supposed to believe that Melissa Hanham and her website are the sole source of monitoring capability the U.S. has to keep watch over North Korea?
        Does NORAD know this?
        Does the military know that their entire monitoring grid of North Korea is down?
        Because that’s not what they said a few days ago when they detected the launch and subsequent explosion of North Korea’s latest missile attempt.

      5. THE technology to construct a low kiloton fission weapon (as was used on Japan) is 70 yrs old. NK already has that technology, and can easily wipe out Seoul with a half dozen crude scuds armed with a 15KT warhead. Its only 30 miles away. Millions dead. I don’t want to hear about empty missile launchers and just an annoyance. Get your heads screwed on right.!!!!

      6. Why doesn’t the US government create a new department that does nothing but monitor NK, and then hack them? Keep NK from getting anything off the ground. I’ll bet there are some teenagers who could do this job.

        • Who’s to say the US isn’t already doing that? Or something very close?

      7. Yes, the article is fear porn. But NK can be a direct threat to the USA if fat face loads one of his firecrackers onto a sub and sneaks it into one of our less guarded sea ports and blows it. So he doesn’t need a functional ICBM capable of carrying a warhead across the ocean. (He is far from that.) But everyone in the area around NK is certainly in serious trouble now. So we have to shut him down one way or the other. Hopefully without too much slaughter of the NK commoners who have been brainwashed into this madness. I think china is fed up with the problems fat face has caused and has given the go ahead to act. We shall soon see!

      8. N Korea has rare earth minerals in abundance! Its a gold mine of sorts!

        Also China can move for the S if allowed to enter the N. Hence, why Japan is concerned…

        To solve NK follow the MONEY. But also send back Dennis Rodman they like him, easy peasy.

      9. But, but, but Trump said he would shoot any missile down!!!

      10. I agree totally with JJ and note that no one is talking about the very real threat of biowarfare. Of the probability of NK sleeper agents are in the US with weaponized pathogens. Let me tell you it is now quite trivial to make a bacterial pathogen resistance to all antibiotics. Read up on Yersinia pestis. I note that the DNA sequence of the smallpox virus is public knowledge. It is trivial to chemically synthesize the DNA for small pox and infect human cell cultures with this and grow up all the smallpox one wants. Some years ago some Aussie scientists did a fascinating experiment with terrifying results. They stuck the gene for Interleukin 11 into mouse pox virus and infected both naive and immunized mice with this modified mouse pox. They believed the gene for this immune protein would keep all the mice alive. Not so, over 95% of BOTH the naive mice and immunized mice survived. I’m a Ph.D. biochemist. This is not fear porn, this is today’s reality.

        • Agree: I also know the science and how easy it is to create bioweapons these days. I am sure the North Koreans will have got their hands on these off-the-shelf kits to edit genes/cells etc. Easy to create race-specific bioweapons. As an example, create chaos in the US by targeting sickle cell anaemia ‘folks’ and watch the inner cities go nuts. It is not hard to turn up the rage with those of African descent while also suppressing the amygdala. Just put it in an aerosol can and spray away. You could even get them to do it to themselves. They already do hits on each other for nothing and spray each other with acid in vengeance attacks. There are no depths dumb won’t sink.

        • Tennesseean:

          As a PHD, you are probably aware that America has so many labs doing research in biowarfare that it will be a miracle if there is NOT an accident or an act of deliberate sabotage by our own. So let’s get real. Americans are being chemically assaulted already with the second most lethal poison on planet earth, Mercury. Mercury causes brain damage. Mercury is in vaccines and flu shots. Thermarasol is Mercury. Mercury causes autism. How and why do they get away with it? Because the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is both the policeman and the criminal hired to make sure the criminal is caught and prosecuted. It is not going to happen. The CDC profits from the sales.

          It is true that any idiot can make and release a deadly pathogen. Those idiots are already doing it! Wake up, everybody. Watch “the truth about vaccines” today on the Internet.


      11. We are advising all clients to put on hold or cancel any travel plans to the US and also to suspend all contracts and purchases with US companies for the foreseeable future. The reasons are simple:

        1) You do not want to undergo the level of harassment and intrusion and possible detention and abuse you will receive trying to enter the US for travel
        2) You do not want to be caught in a US city and/if a North Korean strike hits, or if there is wide-scale civil unrest
        3)You do not want to be holding any contracts payable in US dollars with so much uncertainty over the status of the US dollar and the ability of US payment systems to even function. Think about how serious this is if you have to make a payroll or purchase large items for your business

        In short, we did a risk analysis on doing business with the US or US entities and found it did not come up positive. Something to think about is the legal implications. Imagine you advise somebody to go to the US and they are detained indefinitely or are even killed or seriously injured? Do you want to have to pay the lawyers for that or the healthcare for that?

        • Franky: Come on, are you flipping serious? I think it’s a bunch of fear-porn bullshit nonsense. In fact it makes my testicles hurt and my sphincter tighten quite a bit.

      12. N. Korea hasn’t attacked anybody for at least several hundred years. S. Korea attacked N. Korea with the urging of the US back in the 1950’s. Hence, the Korean war. Yes,it was horrific and N. Korea bore the brunt of the suffering. This explains their paranoia. Still, there is no reason to think N. Korea will, without serious provocation, attack anybody. The US has no reason to have any troops in S. Korea. They are vulnerable only if the US provokes another war.Otherwise, they should be sent home.

      13. So how many conflicting stories are out there concerning the whereabouts of the Carl Vinson and the rest of the strike group? I certainly cannot tell from the many different tales reported by all kinds of media.

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