Mainstream Economists Are Struggling To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at for Birch Gold Group. 

    For many years now there has been a contingent of alternative economists working diligently within the liberty movement to combat disinformation being spread by the mainstream media regarding America’s true economic condition. Our efforts have focused primarily on the continued devaluation of the dollar and the forced dependence on globalism that has outsourced and eliminated most U.S. manufacturing and production of raw materials.

    The problems of devaluation and stagflation have been present since 1916 when the Federal Reserve was officially formed and given power, but the true impetus for a currency collapse and the destruction of American buying power began in 2007-2008 when the Financial Crisis was used as an excuse to allow the Fed to create trillions upon trillions in stimulus dollars for well over a decade.

    The mainstream media’s claim has always been that the Fed “saved” the U.S. from imminent collapse and that the central bankers are “heroes.” After all, stock markets have mostly skyrocketed since quantitative easing (QE) was introduced during the credit crash, and stock markets are a measure of economic health, right?

    The devil’s bargain

    Reality isn’t a mainstream media story. The U.S. economy isn’t the stock market.

    All the Federal Reserve really accomplished was to forge a devil’s bargain: Trading one manageable deflationary crisis for at least one (possibly more) highly unmanageable inflationary crisis down the road. Central banks kicked the can on the collapse, making it far worse in the process.

    The U.S. economy in particular is extremely vulnerable now. Money created from thin air by the Fed was used to support failing banks and corporations, not just here in America but also banks and companies around the world.

    Because the dollar has been the world reserve currency for the better part of the past century, the Fed has been able to print cash with wild abandon and mostly avoid inflationary consequences. This was especially true in the decade after the derivatives crunch of 2008.

    Why? The dollar’s global reserve status means dollars are likely to be held overseas in foreign banks and corporate coffers to be used in global trade. However, there is no such thing as a party that goes on forever. Eventually, the punch runs out and the lights shut off. If the dollar is devalued too much, whether by endless printing of new money or by relentless inflationary pressures at home, all those overseas dollars will come flooding back into the U.S. The result is an inflationary avalanche, a massive injection of liquidity exactly when it will cause the most trouble.

    We are now close to this point of no return.

    The difference between a crisis and a real crisis

    As I have said for some time, when inflation becomes visible to the public and their pocketbooks take a hit, this is when the real crisis begins.

    A Catch-22 situation arises and the Fed must make a choice:

    1. To continue with inflationary programs and risk taking the blame for extreme price increases
    2. Taper these programs and risk an implosion of stock markets which have long been artificially inflated by stimulus

    Without Fed support, stock markets will die. We had a taste of this the last time the Fed flirted with tapering in 2018.

    My position has always been that the Federal Reserve is not a banking institution on a mission to protect American financial interests. Rather, I believe the Fed is an ideological suicide bomber waiting to blow itself up and deliberately derail or destroy the American economy at the right moment. My position has also long been that the bankers would need a cover event to hide their calculated economic attack, otherwise they would take full blame for the resulting disaster.

    The Covid pandemic, subsequent lockdowns, and supply chain snarls have now provided that cover event.

    Two years after the pandemic started and the Fed has pumped out approximately $6 trillion more in stimulus (officially) and helicopter money through PPP loans and Covid checks. On top of that, Biden is ready to drop another $1 trillion in the span of the next couple of years through his recently passed infrastructure bill. In my article ‘Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control‘, published in April, I noted that:

    “Production of fiat money is not the same as real production within the economy… Trillions of dollars in public works programs might create more jobs, but it will also inflate prices as the dollar goes into decline. So, unless wages are adjusted constantly according to price increases, people will have jobs, but still won’t be able to afford a comfortable standard of living. This leads to stagflation, in which prices continue to rise while wages and consumption stagnate.

    Another Catch-22 to consider is that if inflation becomes rampant, the Federal Reserve may be compelled (or claim they are compelled) to raise interest rates significantly in a short span of time. This means an immediate slowdown in the flow of overnight loans to major banks, an immediate slowdown in loans to large and small businesses, an immediate crash in credit options for consumers, and an overall crash in consumer spending. You might recognize this as the recipe that created the 1981-1982 recession, the third-worst in the 20th century.

    In other words, the choice is stagflation, or deflationary depression.”

    It would appear that the Fed has chosen stagflation. We have now reached the stage of the game in which stagflation is becoming a household term, and it’s only going to get worse from here on.

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics

    According to official consumer price index (CPI) calculations and Fed data, we are now witnessing the largest inflation surge in over 30 years, but the real story is much more concerning.

    CPI numbers are manipulated and have been since the 1990s when calculation methods were changed and certain unsavory factors were removed. If we look at inflation according to the original way of calculation, it is actually double that reported by the government today.

    In particular, necessities like food, housing, and energy have exploded in price, but we are only at the beginning.

    To be clear, Biden’s infrastructure bill and the pandemic stimulus are not the only culprits behind the stagflation event. This has been a long time coming; it is the culmination of many years of central bank stimulus sabotage and multiple presidents supporting multiple dollar devaluation schemes. Biden simply appears to be the president to put the final nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy (or perhaps Kamala Harris, we’ll see how long Biden maintains his mental health facade).

    But how bad will the situation get?

    “Collapse” is not too strong a word

    I think most alternative economists have called the situation correctly in predicting a “collapse.” This is often treated as a loaded term, but I don’t know what else you could call the scenario we are facing. The covid lockdowns and the battle over the vax mandates have perhaps distracted Americans from an even larger danger of financial instability. That fight is important and must continue, but stopping the mandates does not mean the overarching threat of economic chaos goes away, and both serve the interest of central bankers and globalists.

    Some of the key policies within the literature for the “Great Reset” and what the World Economic Forum calls “The 4th Industrial Revolution” includes Universal Basic Income (UBI), the “Sharing Economy” and eventually a global digital currency system using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket as a foundation. Essentially, it would be a form of global technocratic communism, and if you enjoy individual freedom, being forced into total reliance on the government for your very survival does not sound appealing.

    To obtain such a system would require a catastrophe of epic proportions. The Covid pandemic gets the globalists part of the way there, but it’s obviously not enough. Covid has not convinced many hundreds of millions of people around the world to give up their freedoms for the sake of security.

    But maybe a stagflationary collapse will accomplish what Covid has not?

    Accelerated price spikes in necessities including housing and food will generate mass poverty and homelessness. There is no chance that wages will keep up with costs. The government might step in with more stimulus to help major corporations and businesses increase wages, but this would basically be the beginning of a universal basic income (UBI, or free money for everyone) and it would only cause more dollar devaluation and more inflation. They could try to freeze prices as many communist regimes have in the past, but this only leads to increased manufacturing shutdowns because the costs of production are too high and the profit incentives too low.

    I suspect that the establishment will bring back regular checks (like the Covid checks) for the public now struggling to deal with ever-increasing expenses and uncertainty, but with strings attached. Don’t expect a UBI check, for example, if you refuse to comply with the vax mandates. If you run a business, don’t expect stimulus aid if you hire non-compliant workers. UBI gives the government ultimate control over everything, and a stagflationary crisis gives them the perfect opportunity to introduce permanent UBI.

    The mainstream can no longer deny the fact that stagflation is happening and it is a threat, so hopefully, those people that have not been educated on the situation will learn quickly enough to complete the preparations necessary to survive. Countering stagflation will require localized production, decentralization, and a move away from reliance on the global supply chain, the institution of local currency systems, perhaps using state banks like the one in North Dakota as a model, barter markets, and physical precious metals that rise in value along with inflationary pressures. There is a lot that needs to be done, and very little time to do it.

    At the bottom, the fight against economic collapse and the “Great Reset” starts with each individual and how they prepare. Each person caught by surprise and stricken with poverty is just another person added to the hungry mob begging the establishment for draconian solutions like UBI. Each properly-prepared individual is, as always, an obstacle to authoritarianism. It’s time to choose which one you will be.


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      1. Being debt free should be priority #1. Work on secured debt first. I guarantee you can get some people to trade with gold/silver/goldback notes. Get some junk silver (90%) pre 64 coins preferably dimes and quarters. Goldback notes are a great way to spend super fractional real gold. You can get fools that are in the NWO system to buy stuff for you and trade as long as they get the better end of the deal (or your not to smart friends). Live beneath your means, the less the better. Never buy a new vehicle, appliance, firearm, use yard sales and online classifieds. I have lived as far below my means as comfortable for over 20 years and now I am set as well or better than anyone. I seriously don’t need anything at this point. If you have some spendthrift wife get rid of her NOW! Cut your losses and learn to live cheap. Make your own booze/smokes/suppliments and save a fortune. The time is short, GO BRANDON!

        • I am well prepared without a spouse, but with a spendthrift wife or husband all you have to do is YOU control the money and cancel the credit cards. If your spouce really loves you and not your money, they are keepers. It is best to stick together with the kids in the bad times ahead.

      2. If, or when, things collapse to the bottom there are only two groups that manage to survive and thrive, the very wealthy and the already welfare dependent poor.

      3. “If you have some spendthrift wife get rid of her now.”

        You will also be getting rid of HALF your stuff in the process.
        If you have underage kids you will also be getting rid of lots of $$$$ every month in child support and alimony payments.
        She will move her new lover into the house you once occupied and called home and there’s nothing you can do about it without being arrested and pulling time.

        • Guess how old I was when I first got married? 52! That’s right, I saw what happened to others and decided that aint for me. After weeding out all the chaff over the years I finally found a woman worth it. No kids, has her own money, prepper, conservative, smart. Good things come to those who wait. The only reason we got married (state contract) is so she would be covered by my insurance. I’m not stupid and I will never be giving away anything of mine. Our lives are great together. She was a professional and has more $ assets than me but together it makes a perfect scenario. Sorry for all the guys that think they HAVE to be married and ended up paying the rest of their life. I know a lot of guys like that and I’m not one of them.

      4. Collapse is needed an an excuse to implement the final takeover and establishment of the Dictatorship. It should surprise no one. Look for a suspension of the Constitution and martial law when the collapse comes.

      5. The article is good, the bottom line is we are on the edge of the cliff and it is a very HIGH cliff and when we go over things will never be the same again. It is coming and it will happen IF you not prepped now you might NOT get the chance to soon.

      6. Take a look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A confusing and bewildering laundry list of micro-management of humanity and the environment. That’s what they will use to control you. Everyone will have to abide by the SDGs to get UBI or government contracts.

        But there is a problem. All successful social welfare societies have been HOMOGENEOUS. The crazy polyglot society we have today, and the plan to make that worse by importing even more of the third world, is never going to get the goodwill, hard work, social harmony and honesty required to make such a system work.

        So what will we get instead? Once the SDGs are given the old college try in the wake of a collapse resulting from the Covid pandemic, the resulting chaos, unrest, wars, genocide (already happening in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Yemen etc.), famines, will lead to a much different system to emerge. That system will be a hard military-techno regime. This will be run through an iron e-gate network where nothing happens without it being signed off on the Palentir adminstered blockchain. No travel, no buying or selling, no mating for births, without having the correct code.

        This new system will oversee a world population much less than we have today. And that’s a good thing. We need this so we can go off-world with the best and only the best. The world’s resource constraints demand it.

      7. My father was product of the ” dirty ” 30’s, a WW 2 vet and a start up farmer with little to no help from anyone else and with only a eighth grade education. One thing he always harpped on, always pay your bills off, and always keep some money off to the side for emergency purposes. We always had a garden and food on the table and I never had to go hungry growing up. but one thing that I always remember him saying, save your money because sometime, somehow the piper will want his due. Meaning, all this spending by the government and the printing of all that paper money with no backing is going come back to hurt us. And everyone will be paying, some more than others. Everybody will be hurting and it will be worst than the depression of the 30’s. Not everybody has a garden like they did when Dad was growing up way back when. Grab your rear end and hang on ( another saying that Dad always used ).

      8. Lets go Brandon! The economists are definitely trying to hide something.

        However, is it economic collapse?

        The Globalist Socialist oligarchs are making a play for full control of America, and, they can’t be players on the world stage without conning American power to back them.

        Real economic collapse can’t possibly work for them.

        The Globalist Socialists are skilled illusionists, and behind every illusion is a misinterpreted reality.

        10 years ago, economists were definitely trying to hide an economic down cycle to excuse their master’s looting of wealth and power.

        However now… COVID-1984 is a definite attempt to suppress an economic up-cycle… to excuse their looting of wealth and power.

        Collapse is real yet its not; reality and propaganda are so tightly intertwined they play off one-another. But the economic cycle is more real. The trick is in perceiving where in the cycle one is.

        Offshoring from the late 1970s till early 2010s collapsed the blue-collar world of the American factory worker and workaday American right. Timed with an economic downcycle, change was far more traumatic.

        Millions found false escape in drugs rather than adapt to a market that seemed not to reward working for a living.

        However, millions also thrived, especially in white collar tech. Semiconductors were the new oil, something only now being spoken aloud. Value-added service industries flourished.

        The classic blue-collar world was doomed by advances in manufacturing. The auto industry in the U.S., didn’t offshore significantly and crashed. Neither unions or management, exemplars of Old Left corruption, were willing to change.

        The winners were those that called their place in the cycle correctly. Now its the white collar world feeling change. The Swamp especially is a very white collar world.

        America was adapting to win. Trump questioned America-unfriendly trade and defense arrangements, whether from Europe and NATO or the Russian-Chinese Eurasian alliance. He questioned forever war and perpetual welfare.

        Then somehow Trump put people to work that wanted to work and set in motion the ending of at least one Forever War.

        For blacks and Latinos as well as whites, there was a glimmer of real choice beyond welfare and crime servicing progressive illusionists. The new blue collar world is a lighter blue.

        The classic white collar world of do-nothing leftism is whats collapsing; welfare exploitation, forever government patronage jobs, RINO pretension, and Globalist power mongering.

        They didn’t want to go – enter militant leftism, threats of war domestic and foreign, and a renewed narrative of collapse.

        The left are on the wrong side of the economic cycle now and fighting the tide as hard and dirty as they can.

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