Maduro Kicks CNN Out of Venezuela, Following Trump Resistance to “Coup By Fake News”

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 55 comments

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    Embattled Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro is following in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump – in dissing CNN and calling them out as “fake news.”

    Indeed, it seems that world leaders are now officially onto their tricks.

    Only weeks ago, President-elect Trump denied a CNN reporter a question at his first press conference, after ranting about things he indicated the network has done, before accusing them being “fake news.” No question for you:

    President Donald Trump Slams CNN and calls them Fake News!!!

    It turned out to be the shot heard ’round the world.

    As Zero Hedge reported:

    Two days ago, we reported that Venezuela’s President Maduro threatened to take CNN off the air as a result of accusations it was spreading propaganda and “fake news.” Well, it is now official because as AP reports, Venezuela’s government has officially suspended CNN in Spanish, shutting off the news channel after a report on fraudulent passports that drew angry criticism from officials.

    The country’s National Telecommunications Commission announced Wednesday that it initiated the “administrative sanction” because of news stories it considered “direct aggressions” against Venezuela.

    As we explained on Monday, over the weekend Maduro said he wanted CNN out of the country, accusing it of spreading fake news, misrepresenting the truth and meddling in issues that are not of its concern. According to a PanAmPost report, Maduro’s anger was the result of a student demand on national television that the president improve the conditions of his school, asking for security, infrastructure and food so his classmates wouldn’t faint from hunger anymore. CNN en Español visited the high school and talked with the staff about the student, and whether Maduro had made any improvements since that incident only to discover he had not.

    CNN has been exposed as a propaganda outlet, and identified as such – an unofficial but very direct arm of U.S. State Dept. propaganda policy. Thanks to some tweaks in the law passed under President Obama, propaganda was officially legalized within the borders of the United States, expanding the previous mandate for ‘official’ propaganda only being broadcast in overseas targets. Now, covert ties, and conflicts of interests need not be tended to, nor a check on bias and facts.

    Propaganda is legalized, weaponized and a potent, and regular weapon of population conditioning both at home and abroad. CNN has proved to be a particularly flagrant example, and have no doubt spun some webs for the corporate empire, some of which is based in U.S. power.

    This is interesting because of the pattern that is developing.

    This is a cross-stitched, ingrained pattern – it cuts both ways.

    CNN has now been officially outed as a weapon of state. Its propaganda line favors some rather obvious interests, from the general establishment line, to scrimmage against anti-vaccine news to defend pharmaceutical sponsors, to partnering with foreign governments and granting favorable coverage, to allegedly manufacturing stories and events with a dubious basis in reality. The network, strapped for cash to continue its operations has even gone so far as to create PR items for sponsors that appears to be, or could easily be confused with, actual news coverage, that instead touts positive associations and talking points.

    Al Jazeera reported on the phenomenon, asking CNN to broadcast corporate propaganda as news? A cynical but witty observer would point out the obvious lack of distinction between this new policy, and every other day of broadcast when corporate interests are promoted:

    On June 8, CNN unveiled “Courageous,” a new production unit and an in-house studio that would be paid by advertisers to produce and broadcast news-like “branded content.”

    “This isn’t about confusing editorial with advertising,” CNN executive Dan Riess told the Wall Street Journal. But a corporation going beyond advertising on a channel and funding the network to produce PR segments made to look like news is exactly the kind of confusion Riess is referring to.

    It is a difficult line, but CNN should, in fact, but painted with a scarlet letter “P” for propaganda so that everyone can see them approaching.

    In this case, CNN has it coming, and we can only chuckle at seeing them reprimanded. But other cases might not be so funny. Harsh rules could chill free speech and stifle legitimate investigative journalism, in spite of the fact that many of these outlets and fronts are being used in attempt to destabilize foreign regimes, or, let’s say, help pick the president in a given American election. The fact that Trump fought back against CNN was justified, but not the lawsuits that have been filed against journalists for reporting about alleged scandals in his wife’s past.

    In point of fact, the false narrative about “fake news” that was propagated by the left, and the supporters of the former Secretary of State, who was in a sense, once the premier U.S. official over the use of propaganda, succeeded in stripping advertising revenue, You Tube monetization and other financial supporter for many alternative media outlets, both big and small.

    I know from personal stories that people have been hurt by this – without any specific charge against their website, but because they were included on the ProporNot blacklist of “fake news” alternative media sites, many of whom supported Donald Trump in the election.

    This is an information war, and the pendulum will swing in both directions.

    At one end is total state control of the media and media censorship. This happens in a clumsy, but complete sort of way in many authoritarian regimes, and in a subtle and crafty way in democratic societies. Individual rights are at risk; freedom of speech is violated even in places that should guard it. Data and information have become just another avenue for police, customs and border or civil authorities to investigate, examine and control. But intellectual thoughts and expressions should remain protected in the right to say them, and private in the transfer and storage and free from data collection unless there is a specific warrant for a specific case.

    And on the other end, stealthy covert warfare has been ongoing through the fronts of philanthropy and charity organizations, think tanks and protest coalitions and the indirect funding of proxy groups. Vladimir Putin set the tone by kicking out hundreds of NGOs and diplomatic organizations that he rightly branded as “undesirable” – these groups chiefly centered around their connections to billionaire George Soros, who has admittedly been sponsoring color revolutions since the string of rebellions that split up the Soviet Union.

    via Washington Times:

    Two pro-democracy foundations launched by liberal U.S. billionaire businessman George Soros have been officially banned by the Russian government, the Kremlin said Monday, which charged that the groups pose a threat to Russian national security and public order.

    The decision by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, which extends a crackdown on foreign nongovernmental organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House begun this summer, puts the Moscow branches of Mr. Soros‘ Open Society Foundations and an allied foundation on a so-called “stop list” of foreign NGOs that are no longer allowed to operate within Russia’s borders or give money to Russian individuals and civil society organizations.

    “It was found out that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation poses a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitutional system and security of the state,” said Marina Gridneva, the spokesperson of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, in a statement Monday.

    More recently, Soros, and partners like former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have been using foundation front groups and artificial protests to agitate and overturn ‘undesirable’ regimes. Much of the Arab Spring consisted of such phony uprisings, which advanced covert policy objectives of the U.S. State Dept. and the private whims of an eccentric villain. Russia has been the major target of this work, though much of it has been conducted at indirect targets. NGOs have been positively connected to protest movements in Russia, outspoken critics of Putin and attempts to stir a color revolution inside the Russian state.

    While testifying to Congress as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton noted the rise of information warfare – a battle which she claimed the U.S. was losing, in part to lobby for more State Dept. propaganda funds – and the multi-polar world where RT and Al Jazeera have become counter-propaganda outlets, carrying information that (often rightly) contradicts the falsities and fictions of the official government mouthpieces and corporate media sycophants.

    Hillary identified Venezuela, Russia and China as “enemies” whose propaganda should be met with increased funding for U.S. counter-propaganda and broadcast efforts. Hence, Maduro’s ban of CNN, just like Putin’s kicking out the Soros-linked foundations, is actually proportional to clear activities directed against it. Though Maduro is not a good guy, he is certainly justified in suggesting that U.S. corporate media is attempting to undermine his authority, and further, it would not be radical to suggest that a sustained campaign was intended to fuel his ouster.

    Later in her 2016 campaign, a bitter Hillary Clinton would also label alternative media outlets inside the U.S. as enemies and/or deplorables. Where she was able to, she and her surrogates also connected alternative media to Russian propaganda strings.

    That narrative chased candidate, then President-elect, and now President Trump all the way into the Oval Office, and attempted to delegitimize Trump’s victory with the false narrative of Russian hacking. With the firing of Gen. Flynn, the narrative takes a new, and strong turn, suggesting blackmail and intrigue with Russian counterparts inside Trump’s cabinet.

    Who controls this narrative? With a free and open Internet, we can hope that the truth will always out, in one way or another. In fact, it is countless ordinary Americans, outraged at the things taking place in their name and insider our borders who’ve been speaking out, holding political leaders accountable with tough questions, taking elected officials to task at town hall meetings, driving alternative media blogs and You Tube accounts, fighting IRS and Obamacare corruption, etc. etc.

    Slapping down CNN and the other news whores is long overdue; but not if it infringes on legitimate free speech.

    Information is a powerful weapon of regime change; and it should remain that way, with everyone equally armed.

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      1. why didnt the CNN people get arrested ?




        • Because this report is fake news…….

      2. Good By Clinton News Network!!!
        Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass on The Way Out!!!
        Stupid shits. Play with fire and you get burnt. And you got 3 degree burns.

        • Yeah I posted this headline story here 2 days ago. Trump needs to get the FCC to revoke CNN’s Broadcast License for Over the Top in Reporting Fake News and declare them a Threat to National Security.

          Trump also needs to bust up the entire Main Stream Media’s Lock, and give the airwaves back to the People, which is a Public Domain Product. The Airwaves belongs to the Public, not 5 Monopolies in the world, creating a Massive propaganda tool for the lefty elite. I have also been saying this here for several years also.

          I have been calling for the breakup of the MSM and voiding out broadcast licensing. If you lie or fake news over and over, you loose your broadcast license. Otherwise we lose the truth in reporting, and its all just propaganda. We have allowed this Monster to grow and grow and it is way out of control for truthful reporting. The Broadcast license needs to give equal time to opponents for rebuttal, then let the public weigh in, and decide. So when companies like CNN broadcast, the other 50% of the time, the Public can come on and discuss the issues. We as Americans are fed Propaganda 100% of the time for decades and why Americans are so dumbed down and conditioned. Just look at this last election cycle’s slant on the news reporting. 100% for Hillary. 100% Trump bashing and lies. Bust them up President Trump, Drain the Media Swamp of scumbag liars. Start placing massive fines and penalties like weeks of Broadcast License Suspensions, on CNN and other who Broadcast Lies.

          • Not good.

            Using government agencies to attack political opponents is a thing done by totalitarians, not free people in a free country.

            Perhaps you’d like to be investigated and prosecuted by the IRS if you someday speak out against some future President or Congressthing?

            If not, don’t set the precedent of this being a legitimate action.

      3. CNN the voice of propaganda from the ALT LEFT . Nothing worth watching ever. Anytime you go anywhere that they have CNN on , complain to the management. Tell them that you are offended that they are playing FAKE NEWS. We all need to stand up & voice our opinions. The Lefty Loons get things done because they use action , not just grumbling to themselves as a tool for change. We need to do the same. Also , if you want to see Trump succeed in turning this country around .. invest a couple minutes . Go online to the white house web site, find the contact us button … & send President Trump a message. Tell him you are behind him & dont believe the fake news. Tell him to build the wall , deport the illegsls, close down all immigration until further notice. Prosecute the leakers. Fix the IRS. Lower taxes. Get people back to work. Amaeica First. Etc… etc . Being President is the most difficult job in the world. I sure would not want it. If we all send a posative message every couple weeks… it could make a big difference in what gets done. Otherwise all he hears is all the Marcist Nazi’s that continually attack him 24 hours a day ..:.
        Getting off my soapbox now…
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      4. CNN and MSNBC mad that President Trump won’t call on them for questions during press conferences. They compare him to Hitler and print fake news about him and then they have the audacity to think he would really want to call on them. Just read US Intel officials are with holding information from POTUS because of concerns it might be leaked. Really! Can they really do this? I don’t see how they can do this since he is the Commander in Chief. He cannot operate effectively without Intel. I think this maybe part of the plot to impeach him. I’m going to see what I can find out about this; it may be considered treason on the Intel’s part. The DOJ needs to get on this and get these jerks out of there. We do know that the CIA is Deep State. The FBI is coming down on POTUS too. F–k CNN, MSNBC, ABC….Heck F–k them all. I hope all people will now see through this fake news…..but they are part of the Deep State too. If POTUS has the power to fire the CIA and FBI he needs to do it NOW!

      5. I just found out something I did not know before, and it floored me. Dec.6,2016 Obama told US soldiers during a briefing at Mac Dill AF Base to openly ignore Donald Trump and question his authority when he becomes President. This was tantamount to initiating a coup d’etat against incoming administration. This explains what’s going on right now. The coup d’etat is evidently taking place still yet. Obama still has plans on being dictator of the USA. The FBI came out to support Trump to keep this from happening during that time ; but my question now is…..Is the FBI going to save POTUS now? I hope so; this should prove that the Deep State doesn’t want President Trump in office. If it happens, the coup, the I guess we know what’s next…. you guys are going to get what you want.

        • MacDill AFB Tampa FL Needs to be shut down as well. MacDill Air Fraud Base. That’s where Gen Petraeus was banging that b!tch reporter. The entire base is a cesspool of war whores and riddled with fraud. I spent 7 years investigating that POS facility. They have never produced a valid EIS Environmental Impact Study yet since the early 1980’s while they keep adding more and more aircraft and infrastructure. Its Massive fraud. They backdate EIS studies like a shell game to hide their true impact for aircraft hazards and noise. And the Main Southern runway is less than 5 Ft above sea level. Oh yeah I got the dirt on these scumbags. Who builds an Airbase in the flood zone? which can receive up to 8 Ft in storm surge. It will flood one day and about 3 Billion in infrastructure will be under water. Brilliant!!!! That’s politics and Fraud for ya. Fleecing American Tax Payers. I need to get that book written.

          MacDill AFB Massively violates this EO-11988

          Executive Order 11988: Floodplain Management

          Executive Order 11988 requires federal agencies to avoid to the extent possible the long and short-term adverse impacts associated with the occupancy and modification of flood plains and to avoid direct and indirect support of floodplain development wherever there is a practicable alternative.

          Like who dumps Billions of Dollars into an Airbase located in the flood zone? The US Government does.

          They can run the war on terror from some FEMA trailers with no ingress or egress to the facility when flooded. Brilliant!!! And we wonder why we have not won a single war since WW2.

        • Remember what little Chuckie Schumer, one of the main actors in the deep state said, that Trump is “being really dumb” by taking on the intelligence community because “they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

          There is an internal war in progress inside the intelligence community, an outright insurrection within the intelligence agencies working with the news media to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

          Meanwhile, a Russian spy ship off the East Coast is monitoring what they perceive to be an implosion of the US nuclear super power.

          The Kenyan and his globalist cohorts are not through with their attempted coup of America. The traitors of our country need to be arrested and charged with treason.

      6. Fuck CNN. Someone stood up to them. Finally.

      7. After checking my somewhat fake news re: MacDill AFB, Obama did say that about questioning authority, but did not mention President Trump’s name. Pays to fact check. What I first read sounded worse than it actually was.

      8. Adolf Hitler writes an entire Chapter on the subject of Propaganda and how well his opposition utilized it. He talks about how harsh they would be while the Germans were trying to be fair and balanced, which is not effective as propaganda.

        He talks about how big lies are believed by good people because they simply can not conceive of lying like that. A little insignificant lie is therefore suspect, but an outrageous lie is accepted as truth.

        Six million, the great hoax, is still believed regardless of the evidence. The bigger the lie…

        __ btw – free online book available

        • Mien Kampf


          • You failed Spelling, didn’t you, bigot?

            • Mein Kampf

              In English the rule is: i before e, except after c.

              Apparently the rules are different in German.

              Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are usually caught by secretaries. I’m doing this without the help of my editor. Oh, well.


        • Six million, the great hoax, is still believed regardless of the evidence. The bigger the lie

          You comments started out interesting, but then you discredited yourself with bullshit statement at the end.

          Why would you think the Nazis would not kill 6 million Jews?

          Ethnic purges were common place during those years.
          Remember the Soviet purges of the 1930s, Communist purges under the Great Leap Forward.

          Eisenhower made thorough documentation of the death camps because he know people would deny it ever happened in the future.

          • I believe Hitler killed six million, maybe more. After all, he was at war.

            Cyclon B is a disinfectant used to kill fleas.

            Typhus is a disease which claimed many victims in Germany. It causes wasting. Sick people become very skinny. The disease is spread by infected fleas. The international Red Cross visited the camps in Germany to insure that people there were treated appropriately. Records show that the Germans made a valiant attempt to control the spread of typhus, and save the lives of the people living in the work camps.


            • Prior to WW2, in 1939 there were less than 2.6 million (chews) in Nazi occupied territory.

              In 1939 before WW2, there were less than ten million (chews) in all of Europe.

              In 1939, before WW2 there were less than 400,000 (chews) in Germany.


        • Thing started out well for him, but he made a fatal mistake along the way.

          1. The Fuhrer re-arranged his banking system by eliminating usury.

          2. The German economy once again flourished.

          3. Germany became the envy of the industrialized world.

          4. The Fuhrer made Man of the Year…twice…on the cover of Time magazine.

          5. The Fuhrer pissed off the kayak bankers and sealed his fate.

          6. The Fuhrer was no more and kayak usury was once again the law of the land.

        • My father, the Master Sergeant, was there ……He saw the bodies staked as tall as buildings. The 6 million were not only Jews, but other “undesirables such as homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. They did kill millions. The American soldiers saw the aftermath of all this killing. It was so atrocious these battle hardened soldiers even were outraged to the point that some lost control and executed 50 German guards who had surrendered. One Colonel had to hit another officer with the butt of a riffle to get to stop beating to death a fifth German soldiers, he had already killed four. Some American soldiers were brought up on charges, but General Patton got them dismissed. Yes it did happen. It was not a hoax.

          • Thank you, for your witness.

      9. Incredible, it just dawned on the liberal commie Venezuelan left that they have been played by an even more leftists globalist movement, authored by Obama and Hillary? Yes it’s that simple.

        Yuk yuk yuk.

        • No matter are far left you go, you’ll never be right.

          • Plus ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars, great answer!

        • Plan twice, prep once,
          wha has happened in Venezula was done by the CIA, they were there and caused this country to collapse it just did not turn out as they expected, OH and WHY did this happen, this country was NOT playing BALL with the oil companies! IF your wondering, yes I personally saw most of this occurring in my many travels abroad. IF you get my meaning! OIL is the SCOURGE of this world and they have made everything dependent on it!! follow the money and find the scumbags everytime!! the CIA is a NWO controlled group!!

          • Venezuela was not destroyed by the CIA, they were destroyed by communism from within.

            Communism is great until they run out of everyone else’s money. Venezuela depended too much on a single product, oil. Their government nationalized business and industry and ran them into the dirt. The country was systematically looted by its communist dictators. When the global price of oil fell, so did Venezuela.

            Venezuelan oil is nasty stuff, it’s toxic and high in sulfur. It requires special refining processing to make a useful product from it and it produces a lot of toxic waste. Venezuelan oil requires a high oil price to make it profitable.

            • Plan twice, prep once,
              THE CIA is who caused this to happen, they ARE the route cause BUT they lost control of the situation and THEN the COMMIES, took over!!WE were suppose to end up with getting the oil, yes the oil is a high refining cost oil, but there is plenty of it and at that time we had access to a refinery that is set up to process that type of oil. BOTTOM LINE and MY POINT!! our CIA started this countries problems they were doing GREAT and ALL was good until we stuck our noses in and then the left took control and it ALL went down the toilet! I was there and I KNOW the CIA operatives !! if you know what i mean!

      10. We should encourage the MSM and liberals to go on a hunger strike until Trump leaves office.

        …Be safe….stay the course….BA.

      11. Hey Preppers, Wannna live Off the Grid? Go buy some remote land and buy one of these Shed Cabins. See video link below. This is pretty similar to what I bought. I have 2 of these buildings, One for shed storage tools etc and the other for living in. The building I am living in, I fully completed the inside with Insulation, wiring, fuse box with tons of outlets, flooring, finished walls, paint, and built out kitchen w/ sink, plumbing, Wall A/C unit, Small fridge/freezer, etc. Its really nice. I have about $15K into my living building.

        I want to buy another smaller side building I will attach with a deck porch for full bathroom and laundry. Dig a septic and well and then I am done. I then hooked up 1200 Watts of solar for electric and am off the grid completely. Granted I am doing this Solo, so with 2 people you may want to get a larger building. In a few hours they deliver the building and slide it off a trailer onto Cement Blocks and level it off, then you can get working on it. These are great tough buildings, with 2×6 walls studs and rafter, metal roofs that will last 50 Years. I have 2 8×6 ft lofts on each end of the building for more storage , etc.

        Tiny Homes- $10K

        So Buy a few acres for $10 to $20K, get a few Buildings for $20K, add the solar, well and septic, and you are done for $50K Off the Grid. Sell your houses in the shitty City take the equity and get started. Explore your New Freedoms. I’ve been out here for 2 years and its cheap living, remote, loads of nature, fresh air, quiet, and secure.

      12. Oops, the lofts are 8’x12′ wide in the living building 12’x24′ with a front porch. The Shed 10×16 and I built shelves and that too has 10×6 lofts on each end, for more shed storage.

        This is a way better deal that living in some flimsy trailer with no insulation or storage and it feels like a real house. My walls are R19 and the ceiling is R27 total with batt and Styrofoam insulation as well. Super insulated.

      13. This Saturday Trump is holding a rally in Melbourne, FL. This is smart. The left wing is mobilizing their forces to resist Trump. He is going to the people directly to demonstrate his support. I suspect the turnout will be overflowing.

        The left is digging in for a battle and Trump supporters, like me, are digging in also. Do the liberals have any idea how badly they are out gunned and the anger that will be unleashed on them for screwing up this country?

        • People actually showing up at anything other than major events are rare.

          For the Right side of the aisle.

          The leftists show up anywhere and everywhere they have the chance.

          And usually attack those o the Right at major, minor, or even contrived Right side events.

          The Left talks and acts. The Right talks and then talks some more, usually while attacking each other.

          The overall winners will be those who act, not those who talk. We need to start acting (and I mean legally, not illegally).

          Report back what you see in Florida if you get the chance, many people would be interested in hearing something outside of what the MSM will be reporting, I’m sure.

      14. TRUMP domestically should
        stop all ngo’s, pull ffc license of cnn, disallow status of all 501.3(c)’s and make them reapply.

        bring all troops home, step up nationalistic policies at home and encourage them in abroad.

        purge internal top three tier levels in ranks in the bureaucracy.

      15. Trump should send out new Directives to all agencies and make them stiff to the point of painful. Any detractors are charged with federal offenses. Give regulated companies a pass if records meet requirements, held on site, to prevent production delays.

        Open a public comment line, feed to WH, were citizens can report bureaucrats for investigations. Those under investigation are sent home on unpaid leave until union rep is available for representation. (It is a supreme court right) Keep these folks busy. Apply pressure.

        Defund NSA close shop. Give rights to elected sheriffs and citizens.

        CIA to be vetted and reapply processes. CIA only to work internationally not at home. Violations met with swift federal prosecution.

        Turn the tables! Play the game.

        Investigate and charge elected officials working against the interest of the United States.

      16. Things are getting bad and something bad is about to happen.. All the public death threats against the president is not a good sign..Trump needs to start taking out and moving them by force, those people who are threatening his presidency..


        • Yup…The media would have been over the top insane nuts if anything like this had been said concerning Obama/Clinton…. The coin has flipped then new president MUST mold America according to his beliefs and stop holding back against the violent leftists. protest FINE, Threaten though they deserve to be smashed flat permanently.

      17. Why watch CNN when you can read The Onion….

        • CNN is more creative, the Onion has gotten way too true to life to be amusing any more.

      18. I got up this morning, turned on the news and what did I see? “a day without immigrants” and what did I think of? A YEAR WITHOUT CUSTOMERS sounds alright to me.

      19. Pontius Pilate asked “What is truth”. Apparently, you won’t hear it on CNN or from the left!

      20. 8 AM this morning, I turned on a TV and every single news channel was running anti-Trump stories. That’s eight different channels. Even Fox. The republicans, lead by John McCain, are shutting down the Trump presidency. Overturning the election. If this continues, I would like to see the president arrest and execute McCain, Graham, and the Editor and Producer of CNN and Fox. The deep state isn’t going to let us have representation. Force is all they understand.

        • Him,
          IF WE wish to survive they are NOT leaving us much of a choice!

          • Apache54, force is the only language the deep state understands. We know how to use force for our own self-defense.

            • So, the communist regime in Venezuela expels the commie CNN news outlet for ‘fake news’. Poetic justice you might say.

      21. Unfortunately, the media has always been a tool for the deep state.

        “There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinions. The business of the journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell himself, his country, his race, for his daily bread.

        We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks; they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the property of these men, we are intellectual prostitutes.”

        –John Swinton, chief editorial writer for the New York Times, 1860 – 1870–

        Same as it ever was…

      22. No big deal. But this isn’t really a “prep” website anymore. Almost exclusively political economic analysis. Some others are better if focus is specifically prepping.

        • The time for preparation is over, if you aren’t already fully prepared you’re too late.

          You don’t have enough time left to do anything so there’s no point in it.

          No sense discussing something that no longer has a real reason for it, better to discuss things that might have at least a chance of heading need for it off while there may still be time to do it.

      23. Khemp, we focus of assholes who cause SHTF, not just shtf itself, but all the causes and symtoms of the so called SHTF PENDING EVENTS. It is to a certain extent, political.


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

      24. Socrates described tests of logic — logical fallacies — so was forced to drink poison.

        Is the establishment concerned, primarily, with embarrassing opinions or with embarrassing facts.

        Opinion or fact —
        the conditions of his school
        need for security
        food so his classmates wouldn’t faint from hunger anymore

      25. In my country we don’t like Trump due to his foreign policies. However he is greatly respected as he is possibly the first western leader to keep his campaign promises. We also don’t watch CNN etc.Waste of time,we visit sites like yours to get real ,on the ground news. As a soldier I also want to point out that America is ripe for foreign aggression against her. Her people are divided and not United. We estimate 50 to 60 % of yr society will not defend yr state and will pursue treasonous activities against yr state. Already we see those activities go on being unpunished. We outside see this,yet you don’t. We are astounded,and we are taking notice.

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