Madness Coming To Gold Market: “There Are Thirty to Fifty Owners For Each Ounce of Gold That’s Out There”

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    gold-trapThough the price of gold has seen a significant drop over the last two years from it’s all time highs of about $1900 per ounce, many experts and analysts believe that western central banks and their colleagues at major financial institutions have been manipulating the price. The rampant manipulation is believed to stem, in part, from the formerly Rothschild owned London Gold Fix, an organization made up of five large banks that make a daily determination of what the price of gold should be.

    It is this unilateral control by western banks that recently prompted the Chinese to create their own Shanghai Gold Exchange. What separates the two is that the Chinese will be using their currency, the Yuan, as the reserve rather than the U.S. Dollar. Moreover, unlike their European counterparts, the Chinese will be trading in actual physical dollars.

    The Daily Coin explains:

    The product is gold. When gold is bought or sold [on the Shanghai Gold Exchange] a person actually takes delivery of the gold.

    That is not the case in London. In London the price is based two factors:  1) the “futures” market in New York. This is where people buy a contract for future gold. Gold that may or may not exist today but they are willing to purchase today and take “delivery” in the future. 2) The other factor is a very small group of banksters sitting around and determining what the price should be. You know, good-ole-boys club.

    It is this process by central banks in the west that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the paper gold market as it exists today.

    The banks operating in these paper markets do so with gold that they don’t own. They trade in paper receipts. The reason that’s a problem is that there are anywhere from thirty to fifty “owners” for every ounce of gold out there.

    Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report discusses the western gold scheme in a recent interview with The Daily Coin and says that when the music finally stops there are going to be a lot of people who think they own a certain amount of gold but all they’ll really be holding is a worthless paper ticket:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    There’s a lot of central bank gold…and even privately held gold… that has been leased through these bullion banks. These bullion, they say ‘we’ll pay you one percent because your gold is just sitting there collecting dust but we’ll pay you interest if you lease it to us.’

    And then they go and they dump it, they move it physically in the market in the hopes that they’ll be able to, when that lease comes due, they’ll get the gold back and then repay it back to whoever loaned it to them in the first place. And they try to match all those up.

    And the hole that they’re digging just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    There was news last week that now after about a year and a half after Venezuela repatriated their 80 or 90 tons of gold that now Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are down there trying to talk them into leasing it back out. Boy, they’d be crazy if they did.

    That’s all part of the process.

    ‘Hey, give us that and we promise we’ll give it back to you a year or two from now, no problem at all… we can manage this’

    You know, the first rule when you’re in a hole is to stop digging. Right? That’s not what they’re doing. They’re digging away frantically trying to maintain the status quo.

    I firmly believe there are multiple… thirty maybe fifty beneficial owners for each ounce of gold that’s out there… Thirty or fifty folks that think they own that ounce and they’re all going to show up when the music stops thinking that they’re going to take delivery or lay claim to that ounce.

    And that’s when the madness really starts.

    When will that be? Probably not tomorrow. But as any confidence scheme eventually unravels, and this one will unravel too. It’s just a matter of time.

    The problem is easy to see. Should just two people show up claiming the same ounce of gold one of them is coming home empty handed.  What Craig Hemke describes is a scenario where as many as fifty different people are going to claim ownership for the same ounce of gold. The same is likely true for the silver market.

    And now that the Chinese are dealing directly with physical gold it is only a matter of time before the entire scheme collapses. In fact, the Chinese and Russians know it’s coming and that’s why they’ve been furiously purchasing gold on the open market.

    The solution should be obvious: If you invest in gold make sure you hold the physical asset in your hand.

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      1. Don’t buy PMs. It’s a fucking racket. The only person you can sell it to is back to the PM company for insultingly low prices.

        If you have a few bars that’s enough but don’t make it a priority.

        • There is a we buy gold and silver sign every where I go !

          • There are those that own the guns
            and there are those that own the gold.
            Maybe those that own the guns end up with both.

            • Amen

              • There’s only one owner for my gold…ME.

                • It’s childish and naïve to think that owning gold and guns is mutually exclusive. It’s not.

                  • Of course not. Everyone should own some of both.

            • I don’t expect any significant change soon in the price of gold unless there is a black swan event. The Chinese have been added to the board of the NEW GOLD FIX.

              The Chinese Central Bankers will also manipulate the price of gold down with their Brethren Central Bankers while quietly buying all of the physical gold they can get their hands on, and buying it very discreetly.The more things change, the more they remain the same.

              Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes. Be there to get there. 🙁

              • I would call metals that make up firearms and their ammo as the number one investment. Somewhere after silver, is where gold belongs on the list.

                Don’t believe it, just ask all those that have made huge purchases around the time it was hovering at $1500.00.
                Not much of an investment at this particular point and time.

                Two points to consider for large purchasers/owners of gold:
                What will the conversion rate be for the NWO currency, when the dollar meets it’s demise?

                Will TPTB/gov/UN, invoke an “ownership of all gold” as part of an almost sure to come martial law event?

                Popular calibers of ammo will always be worth more than the original wholesale purchase price in a shtf event, if the dollar is still relevant. At any rate, the popular ammo like 22 cal can be one of the best barter items, anywhere.

                Before the Sandy Hook Sham, If someone would have told me the same 50 round box of 22 ammo i was buying at $2.50 a box, would be costing double in less than a year, I would have said, “yea, maybe if the s has htf and the grid is down, but not in a regular everyday economy in USSAG. But it did.

                It has stabilized some, but I don’t ever see it as a bad investment. If kept dry, 22 ammo will last for decades. I found a box of Winchester that had slipped to the back of the gun safe, that was purchased in the early eighties. It still fired like it was purchased yesterday.

                If I have all my preps in place, and have more cash on hand than I know what to do with, pre-65 junk silver is what I might invest in as a barter back-up. I won’t take my chances with gold. That ship has sailed for me.

                I cashed out when it hit 1500, and don’t regret it for a minute, especially when i see all those containers it bought, with #s and cal. written on the label. All components needed for the shtf scenario that we all plan for, but pray it never comes to. Well, most of us.

                Happiness is a warm and fuzzy feeling of having the ways and means of producing quality ammo for all your weapons at your very own workbench.

                Invest and hoard reloading components/ammo, speculate with silver, and don’t worry about gold. Gold is for rich feeling bitches to decorate their bodies, and black hip hoppers/ dealers. When shtf, that very gold around a woman’s neck can become her noose. The women that have $5 k worth of gold wrapped around all their digits, may loose those digits to a whacked out thief/druggie, at any given moment after shtf.

                Just the way I see it from the “real” side of the tracks.


                • Yeah it was nice bubbly manic goodness. If you bought in at 500 and sold at 1700 you wouldn’t have squeezed all the juice out of the turnip, but it would have been a damn good run. People told me back when it was 500. I didn’t listen. Stupid me.

                  The worst thing you can do in this culture is get too attached to anything that’s having this huge run up. This shit always happens. Houses, gold, martians, whatever, don’t matter.

                  Bitcoin was like this too. Back in the day you could mine it yourself with a $100 mining rig and it popped up to like $400 a unit or something like that. Now that’s all played out. Now you actually have to buy the crap and the valuation is doing the hokey pokey all over the place. Yeah no thanks. Too late on that one too, sadly.

                • PITW: Invest in gold because gold will always hold its purchasing power; preserving a measure of your family wealth over time and through the Changes.

                  Speculate with silver because the spreads are bigger and the swings more frequent.

                  The dollar will not “collapse”. There will be no “demise” of the dollar. That is total propaganda and a false internet meme from the dollar haters and Russian Cyber Warriors. Think people think! Use a little fucking common sense!

                  The PTB are not going to destroy their most powerful weapon and the fiat in which they create, hold, and manipulate their wealth, (which they extract from US), using the dollar.

                  Anyone betting against the United States of America over the past 238 years, has been wrong. USA! USA! USA! 🙂

                • “Don’t believe it, just ask all those that have made huge purchases around the time it was hovering at $1500.00.
                  Not much of an investment at this particular point and time.”

                  Gold is NOT an investment. It is money! Know the difference. See Aristotle’s definition of money for a clearer depiction and understanding . It is a tangible asset used for preserving purchasing power over time. It functions as both money and currency. Nothing on the planet can perform this very vital role. It is fungible,divisible,durable and a store of wealth that is internationally traded and universally recognized and accepted anywhere on the planet. It can’t be created out of thin air or printed into existence. For example in the 1920’s paper currency was backed and redeemable in both Gold and Silver. A $20 dollar bill or Gold certificate could be redeemed for Gold coin at the bank and both had the same purchasing power. You could buy a suit, shirt, belt, shoes and a tie with the $20 dollar bill or the $20 Gold piece. Fast forward 100 years. Gold and sound money have been removed from both the monetary and financial systems on purpose. We don’t have money any longer by Aristotle’s definition. We have only currency. Fiat currency to be exact. Today, A $20 dollar bill might buy you the tie, but certainly not the suit, shirt, shoes or belt. However, that $20 Gold piece from the 1920’s is now worth $1,200 and can buy the entire wardrobe with change to spare. See the difference? Get the point? Over the long term Gold was a store of wealth and purchasing power, while the paper currency lost its value and was no longer backed by any sound money, while losing 98% of its purchasing power over time. You can make the same correlation with almost anything. Gold is MONEY!

                  • Ex-DEO: “Gold is NOT an investment. It is money! Know the difference.”

                    Everything else you said about gold is true. Its also “insurance”. You make a great case why people should buy some gold.

                    Its a great investment, its preservation of purchasing power over time representing (ROI) return on INVESTMENT. 😉

            • And for those that own both? Why is your concept mutually exclusive? Why not both? and food, and a garden and….. you get the idea.


            • OW,

              Personally, lead is my favorite precious metal. Gold is for fixing cavities and adorning my wife’s gorgeous body.

        • Spoken from the level of poverty consciousness. It’s only a racket if one doesn’t have any or a few ounces with nothing else.

          If one has all the sustainable, tangible provisions necessary, within reason, first, to ride out the proverbial storm, plus a small arsenal to keep it protected, then spend the rest on PM! When the (gold) dust has settled and if one has made it to the other side, PM’s will be THE TICKET to live a fairly safe and sound lifestyle.

          How long the storm lasts though, is anybody’s guess.

        • For once, AE, something I agree with. Buying and selling PMs is always a win for them lose for you. Buy at a premium over spot, sell at a loss under spot. Good to own a little of it, but only after you own everything else you need.

          • i got gold, and i’m BETTIN’ I don’t starve. but of course, i got guns/ammo/water/food….and all that OTHER shit too! when, in the history of MAN, has a person with gold starved…..not too damned OFTEN!

        • I’ll sell you food, water and shelter for PM. Others will sell you much more than that.

          Toilet paper fiat is toilet paper.

          Everything is a racket to you. You are a bitter thirty something, your wife left you, and you don’t pay child support for your kid. You are angry, but mostly at yourself.

          You are admonished by most everyone, yet you remain. Speaks volumes of your character. I have not seen a direct sales quote under the guise of prepping for a while…

          Say there Acid, what kind of jacket did you wear this winter?

          • Well, I’m a sweet 70, and for once I have to agree with that idiot. Gold is a racket, just like playing the slots in Vegas. The house always wins.

            • Coach-

              Been drredging since gold was at $350/oz troy. If that’s a racket…keep brining it! If you’re saying it’s rigged, well then, I agree. Question is; what do you invest in that ISN’T rigged? Stocks?? Seriously??

              • Ammo. More upside potential than gold, silver, and guns.

                • Silver last run-up was a 1200% move.

            • But i don’t need to sell back to the system when the public are quite happy to buy my gold or i am happy to buy it from them if the price is right.

              Gold/Silver is real money and yes i can see prices dropping more but mine is for when the laws of maths come in to play and the banks all crash and then i woon’t be selling but trading these coins for goods.

              Good look keeping pace with me over the long term on the negative saving rates banks pay you and with all the money printing going on at the same time.

              Maybe you should buy some of the bonds that the US government keeps selling back to itself !

              • The only problem i see with that logic is that you are betting on the dollar as a viable source of currency.

                If the dollar is dead, than what are your “public buyers/traders”, wanting gold for? To replace their rotten teeth.

                I can see silver being a possible bartering tool, if it, along with gold, hasn’t yet been determined to be the property of the gov/PTB.

                Until shtf, all gold and raw silver holdings are nothing but a security blanket, that may, or may not be worth it’s weight.

                On the other hand, all pre -64/65 silver coins are still accepted as payment almost everywhere. Try making payments with a gold or silver bar.

                Just sayin’

            • Really? 70? Ok…how much would you be saying that if you had bought gold when you were 30? I believe it was selling somewhere in the vicinity of $140 per ounce…it peaked last year at almost $1900 per ounce…Gold is not an investment for a quick buck…

            • Gold and silver is a racket…my ass! That is why for thousands of years people all over the world have been scratching in the dirt, panning rivers, fighting wars, robbing, murdering, manipulating, and scheming to get their hands on it. You will be wipeing your butts with fed notes and wondering how you could have been so foolish as to think it wasn’t a good idea to put some PMs in your preps.
              If you dont have extra cash to buy PMs with that is one thing but if you do have a surplus of cash now is a good time while the price is down.
              Also, extra ammo is a good store of value.

        • I don’t know where you live but your statement isn’t true here where I do. I’ve sold and/or traded silver and raw gold (stuff I mined) for “things”.
          To say; “Its an f-ing racket” is wrong. Might be a racket where you live or who you delt with- fine, say that.

          I teach college economics (among other things) and I’m for them (very long term) ALL you have to know is; if they’re such a bad investment, WHY is China buying so much of it (gold)?
          I agree with many, if you don’t own other things you can eat, wear, keep warm/dry with, protect your family with etc, THEN they’re a waste of money. GET THE IMPORTANT STUFF FIRST.

        • James Rickard’s excellent book Currency Wars highlights just this situation.

        • Spoken like someone who doesn’t have any gold and probably can’t afford it. Yeah, I own it. AND I started purchasing it in 2006 after I had large amounts of dehydrated food, ways to purify tens of thousands of gallons of water, plenty of guns and tons of ammo. PEOPLE, some of us can’t put every worthless piece of fiat currency into food, water, bandages, bullets, brass, beans, etc., etc., etc. Where else are you going to go with your toilet paper dollars? Fixed income? Yeah right. The rigged equity markets? Sure. Real estate at these levels? Please. Yes, the paper gold market is manipulated too, but good luck trying to take my physical. Gold for me is storage of value, nothing else. Stop with your stupid you can’t eat gold comments. I can’t eat paper either!!! Just sayin’

          • Well said, Sickofhandouts… I feel the same way and also am tired of idiots coming back with their stupid “you can’t eat gold” crap. Fact is, all preppers have a lot of stuff that they can’t eat but that does not make any of them one bit less useful. I can’t eat my truck, my tools, my clothes, my boots, or the gas, propane, and kerosene I stock either but they will become VERY valuable if the SHTF.

            I own both gold and silver and for the following reasons: 1) they are a hedge against the inflation that is built into our fiat money system; 2) they are a financial insurance policy against an “Oh, S**T!” economic event; and 3) they are my long-term savings plan. Note that none of these reasons calls them an “investment” because that is not how I see them, any more than is any no-cash-value insurance policy an investment. Others try to ask “Who will buy your gold and silver if the dollar collapses?”. Answer: anyone who has vital goods that I need and want. I will trade these to anyone who have what I want or need and who is willing to accept REAL money for it instead of butt-wipe FRNs. After the 1st or 2nd US$ devaluation, there will come a time when people no longer trust fiat money to hold its value or the banks, even over the short term. When that time comes, a lot of business will be transacted in gold and silver and perhaps even in foreign currencies of various kinds. Silver will be good for daily purchases while gold will be good for buying big ticket items, such as a home, land, cattle, horses, etc.

            • Great minds think alike, 41MagMan! Oh, and let’s not forget Warren Buffet’s “gold doesn’t pay dividends crap.” FRNs as you so eloquently described are just as they say “notes”. They are debt plain and simple. People need to go back and look at a dollar bill while it was still backed by gold as opposed to how it is labeled now. Gold is the ONLY money that isn’t simultaneously someone else’s debt.

              I have no faith in this system anymore. There is not one body in DC who has the backbone to do the right thing anymore. We are spiraling out of control and this game will soon end and end badly. I’ll take my chances with the yellow barbaric metal…

        • Shut your nasty, shit eating mouth faggit.

        • Precious metals in your posession are good hedges wether gold silver or lead and brass primers powder for the ability to reload ammo that The system is trying to regulate out of existance! Yjose who have them will be able to get stuff through barter or other means

          • Remember what Ron Paul warned us:

            If you don’t physically have it, you don’t really own it.

            This applies to EVERYTHING in a fiat system, not just gold.

            If you cannot grab something with you’re hands, then you DO NOT own it.

            • It is also true that if it is taxed, we don’t own it. This can be proved by watching what happens when someone stops paying the tribute… er, property tax on “their” property.

      2. Feminists bitching that all video game girls are huge-titted and scantily clad, while ignoring the fact that all video game males are the prince or the king or the big boss, never is a normal nice guy the main character.

        • AE. So I’m guessing from your comment that you’re forming your personality based on what you admire about the main characters in vid games? That sure would explain a lot. Hmmmm… Most intriguing!

        • Damn, it’s getting crowded in that basement…..

        • Yes’ you’re attracted to guys and children, we know already.

      3. I put this question to the table:

        What is the red line for you?

        And what are the rules of engagement?

        Because if our community had a publicly-known red line, TPTB might not cross it.

        • You’re joking, of course.

        • The Red Line for you is when you call the wrong guy an old crusty stupid asshole.

          You’ve done it before. One day, you will cross that Red Line. You will not be around to contemplate the mistake.

          • Well said Townsaver.

        • Gun confiscation is the RED LINE. 🙂

          • And the PTB know it. 🙂

          • People say that but gun confiscation went live with katrina and nobody did squat.
            A city was under full blown APCs in the street martial law in Boston and nada.
            They locked down part of PA for 40 days looking for Frein and didly.

            I call that 3 strikes.
            The US population has been tested and failed, failed, failed.

            The few who will stand will die alone and villafied by the press.

            Game over man.
            Game over.

            • Thank you hill hermit, truer words never spoken. Neither did any of the neighbors who saw it going on did anything either.

            • Hill Hermit.

              They like to do things when the advantage is in their favor.

              If they just upped and started going door to door for weapons confiscation, I think it would be a different out come.

              Boston is Gun Control.
              Pa. Is mostly Gun Control.
              New Orleans. Who is going to put up resistance when the whole city is underwater with a corrupt Police Department. Looting on T.V.

              • Is there a better time to resist than when tshtf?
                City in ruins, looters in the streets, and a known corrupt police force.

                APCs in the steets and door to door warrantless searches in Boston.
                Sound like what endgame will look like.

                Or PA checkpoints and militarized police wandering at will through your neighborhood for over a month.

                The truth is simply that it sounds good to talk tough but when swat comes knocking people roll over. Not being mean. Just honest.

            • I look at them as wake up calls

              a lot of people woke up to the game because of these events .. its not over .. so dont count your fellow 2nd supporters out so soon.. the fight is just beginning

            • I believe the gun confiscations post-Katrina is what resulted in the rise of Oath Keepers.

              But yeah, the Boston test was an utter societal failure typical of liberal-minded stupidity.

              • Oathkeepers (five solid minutes of laughter)
                You know someone is a liar when they go out of their way to try and convince you they are not.
                Or is one oath not enough?
                Do you really buy the “take another oath saying how much i really mean to keep my first oath”?

                If there had been intention to keep their oath they would have never joined a standing army to begin with.

                But don’t take my word for it look at their actions.
                Any OKs in Boston?
                Any OKs in PA?

                Maybe they were too busy?
                Maybe next time?
                Maybe when pigs fly.

                • By no means am I stating any advocacy of mine for Oath Keepers. I am not a member myself. Personally I’d rather see a group of citizens unite and stand against tyranny with the primary focus of refusal to obey or submit to any unconstitutional laws.

                • hill hermit: Spoken like a true government shill / disinformation agent of the Cyber Squad in Chantilly Virginia. Or are you working at home today?

                  Why would Oath Keepers need to be in Boston? No reason to be in Boston. Another psy/ops post I presume?

                  Would that be “Capitol Hill” Mr. Hermit? LMAO!!! 🙂

            • Valid points, and you forgot about Kent State, Waco, Big Bear (Chris Dorne) and Bundy Ranch.

              Oh, wait… Bundy Ranch ended badly for the thugs. There’s your “line”. You just have to have a few armed citizens and the thugs turn complicit.

            • hill hermit: It’s one thing for a few LEOS to move house to house in the middle of a natural disaster and demand the guns of the property owners dumb enough to remain behind after a city wide evacuation.

              Its a totally different game when a Rogue Administration unilaterally declares a universal ban on gun ownership. Not gonna happen without civil war.

              You can acquiesce if you want. Many others are waiting for the Starter’s Pistol to discharge. Game on! 🙂

              • HH: BTW, Hurricane Katrina hit 10 years ago this coming August 31st. The American psyche towards their government has changed considerably in ten years.

                Lets remember that Obola was only elected 6 years ago, taking office in January of 2009. The mood of the American people has changed considerably since then and is TOTALLY different today. Bring your perspective up to date!

                Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional !!! 🙂

        • My red line is my business. I feel no need to prove anything to anyone, especially when you’re just trying to goad people into an answer, so you can act like you are somehow superior.

          Home girl ain’t playing that.

      4. Asshole Itch…Gold is a racket? Go explain that to the Chinese and the Russians and the Indians…the largest gold consumers on Earth. Tell the miners to quit digging because gold is a racket…wow…just wow. I have no problem selling gold at a profit why can’t you? Cause you don’t have any?

        • AE just says that it’s a racket because his mommy won’t give him money to buy any.

          AE is like Eric Cartman of South Park.

      5. At least ten percent of your retirement savings should be kept in physical silver and gold.

      6. If you think end is near hundred percent in metals

      7. I look at PM as wealth protection.

      8. Thank god I only have silver and it fell into the river.
        Time to buy!!!

        • I also lost all my silver and guns in a tragic fishing accident.

          Anything under $20.00 is a sale price on Silver. Has been for a long time. The Stackers will be sitting pretty, mostly because I will take silver in exchange for goods.

          Trade partners make for strange bedfellows, but also think on this. If your trade partner is a source of strategic resources, it is in your best interest to protect said trade partner.

          Anyway, off to bomb people in the ME with my drone pilot simulator. It is a simulator right?

      9. Paradoxically, China and India all too happy to quietly go along with this manipulated low price for gold- it lets them purchase even more on the cheap while at the same time allowing them to get rid of their soon to be orphaned dollars.

        • Just because Johnny lay down on the railroad tracks with a train coming doesn’t mean you should, too.

          Gold is the money of central bankers. They want it all, and when the time is ripe, they’ll come for yours, carrying M4s and grenade launchers.

          If rule of law ever does fail, I for one won’t trade your gold for anything I’ve got. The only money here would be sweat equity. Dig trenches, build battlements, hoe my corn, and I might feed you, but only enough to keep you alive for one more day. Not willing or able to work, I have only one use for you. Fertilizer.

          • ” Not willing or able to work, I have only one use for you. Fertilizer.”

            I don’t even know what to say to that stupid shit. Glad I’m not related to you.

            • sixpack

              Given the injustices that will be put in place by government to keep alive the free shit army.

              He might have a point.

              • Yes, but only up to the point where they don’t NEED the FSA anymore. The FSA is the means by which they sew discontent, cause riots and drain our money by force, and create myriads of new laws to control everyone. Without the FSA criminal element, we wouldn’t have half the invasive, unconstitutional laws we have now…and stupid people begged for those laws, hoping the govt would keep them safe.

                They use socialist “humanitarian” BS to justify everything they take from the rest.

                When they no longer need them, they’ll be left alongside the road to die. Right along with the rest of us.

            • Yessum, I had the same thought.

      10. Ok, a lesson wealth protection. About 2000 years ago a one ounce gold coin would buy a cow. Today at redemption for US dollars the wealth from that coin will still buy you a cow. Now take a dollar bill….. In 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed $1.00 would buy about 3 days of grocery staples. Today that single dollar won’t get you a soda from a vending machine. So if you have any money left over from prepping and retirement where would you logically think of investing to preserve wealth for an eventually stabilized local economy?

        • A ounce of gold will not buy a cow today. Cows sell for $1500 to $2000. gold $1200

          • Depends on where you are and what you are buying. In my location you can get a cow for $1200.

          • That kinda tells you that gold is underpriced in dollars or cows are overpriced in dollars. They are still in the same ballpark though.

            The example I always use is a good suit. You could buy a good suit for an ounce of gold 100 years ago, and you can still buy a good suit for an ounce of gold today.

            As with cows, suits come in many different grades, so you can buy a really cheap suit, or you can buy a really good, perhaps overpriced, suit.

      11. I like pm s cause I can hold it in my hand and store it to use as $ later. I bought some silver to sit on for my kids really. But in a situation I will use it if needed. Basically it’s like stored $ to me. Cash is always king to me. It is the one thing everybody wants even the sellers of pm. Forget that paper slip metals I’d just rather have real$ instead. In my state there is no tax on metals I could literally sell it to any jeweler pawn shop gun shops take it. So where I’m at it’s a great thing to have. As long as you have it in your hand to sell your good. My wife had some old broken jewelery scraps so she sold it to a buyer in the area. She got a bit of $ for it and it was junk. I don’t know where ass itch lives that he can’t sell it easily. If you get it when the market is up for you which means price is good for you. You should be able to make some $ on it . I wouldn’t have high profit expectations on it . Just wealth protection really. I think things people use everyday have more earning potential. Guy once told me to get a job in food distribution I said why that he said everyone eats you have a secure job. Especially good advise after a collapse. Think about how to make$ after collapse jobs will never go away in vital areas. Maybe invest in the beef industry or Perdue chicken how much of that gets consumed on a daily basis I’d say this right up there with oil.

      12. “tee hee hee!”

        “when it all crashes and gold is $20,000 an ounce , i’ma gonna cash in me gold!”

        “then i’ma goin’ to Adult DisneyLand, Vegas Baby!”

        “an find me a real purdy christian young woman hookin’ her way trough college and ask her to marry lil’ ole rich me!”


        ;0p pssszzt

      13. Kyle Bass. 2-minute video. He talks about the Comexes being fractional reserve operations and why he got UT’s gold out of the Comex.

      14. The picture above shouldn’t be of gold coins bating a mouse trap but of one where the mouse trap is sprung with and IOU slip in its clutches.

      15. MIC

        The precious metals market that keeps on giving…perpetually..

        Had I any extra wealth aside,I’d invest heavily in Grumman,Lockheed, and all baskets of military you’d have the bankers increasing your profits…Ukraine, Afghanistan,and now Yemen for just starters..hell we abandoned millions in military hardware a few weeks back and now those weapons are (as we speak) being simultaneously used against the House of Saud who also is using our weapons against our weapons…it’s a win win…and no end in sight…!!



        • oh..and let us not forget the ongoing weaponry that continually falls into the hands of ISIS/ISL/IS on a weekly basis….of course meant for the moderate freedom fighters…ooops..

          MIC is the pm market…


          • Lotsa truth there, possee.

            This is why the small arms treaty will never be ratified. The Anglo-Zionist Empire builders would be banned from selling arms to all their sponsored coups and subversives they back around the world.

            Too much profit to lose.

            • JRS..

              It’s only just begun…

              After all,the Red Sea Strait is the 4th largest petrol lane in the world..conveniently located @ Yemen and Djibouti..most likely the reason we cut and ran quickly and let the House of Saud do our bidding for military action..of course we supplied them with the arsenals..

              Just in ….

              “as part of the “Decisive Storm” coalition against the Yemen rebels, Saudi Arabia has deployed at least 150,000 soldiers in preparation for what appears to be a land assault next, an assault that already has the preemptive blessing of the US. As a reminder, Saudi Arabia will be fighting US-armed rebels, but that’s a different story.”””””…Tyler Durden

              Damn..this Kabuki theatre evolves more interestingly by the hour..

              Stay tuned..

              Enjoy the day..


            • No they would be exempted from the treaty. It’s only designed to impact the peasants and servants.

      16. Someone please tell me this! After the SHTF and the FRN (Dollar) collapse, what are you going to sell your PM’s for, another FIAT PAPER CURRENCY? Oh the Chinese and Russians etc. will be backing their paper money with physical Gold. If you believe that then you just may have drank the Kool-Aid, folks the new currency of the world will be FIAT TOO. They will not back their money with PHYSICAL GOLD, SILVER or anything; it’s only on paper that they say they are. Again after some kind of recovery what will the currency of trading be? For me the future currency will be the basic items needed for living not some FIAT DOLLAR (Money) again for a very long time. It will be trade or barter for the basic item. The most precious trade item to own is a source of CLEAN DRINKING WATER!!!! Don’t fall for the PM scam for the future wealth unless you’re a Central Banker. All this is IMHO.

        • I’m afraid post-WW3 currency may be stones, beads, and clamshells, until they re-invent paper again.

        • what are you going to sell your PM’s for,

          Food. Clothes. Property. Weapons. Ammo. Livestock. Tools. Building Supplies. The list is as vast as your imagination and sadly it appears yours is completely empty and void of thought.

          • BH: So you going to give me 1oz for a pair of jeans? Hey how about 5oz for some slacks. I would not take any PM for any of my goods. If you think you will live long enough to be rich after the SHTF dream on my friend. Gold may be used as fishing sinkers in the future.

            • Copper-
              No one KNOWS for sure since you’re speaking about the future, however 5,000 continous years of human history says you’re wrong. Just say’n

      17. “Can you say rehypothication. Sure, I knew you could.” Mr. Rogers.

      18. precious? meh…

        I’m a bitcoin millionaire.

        Off topic…

        Seems funny they can come up with and release so much info up to and including cockpit voice recordings from this Airbus 320 crash, yet we have “crickets” about the Anglo-Zionist backed puppet government shoot down of the Dutch airliner.

        • My gold is EMP proof and the Germans just learned about the gravity of the situation.

      19. I wonder why no one ever points out the obvious?

        That an easy way to control the price of metals is to create paper contracts against them so that more demand only means more paper contracts (like stocks) and when everyone tries to get out all at once because the price goes down…

        Death spiral. Gold is worthless. You are suckers.

        • Eventually science will discover how to artificially create gold through nuclear fusion of certain other elements, just as it is created naturally when a star explodes. Once a laboratory is able to create gold, it’s value will plummet.

      20. Gold is like any other commodity in that anyone trying to make money by speculative trading in it without really, really knowing what they are doing will most likely lose some or all of the money they put into it.

        Trading -almost always done on paper- is for the professionals and insiders that have information you don’t.

        Physical possession is a different story and should be done for a different reason. You don’t, or at least shouldn’t, buy physical gold for short term profits. It can happen, of course, but long term appreciation is the goal here not short term spikes (you’ll never pick tops and bottoms by anything other than sheer luck and almost everyone seem to want to buy a spike upwards for some reason instead of a spike downwards).

        For those that don’t understand this and seem to think it (gold) is a loser, let me ask this question: How much will I loose today if I sell that gold I bought at an average price of $330 an ounce (or silver at three dollars, platinum at 400 or so, and palladium at 130)?

        Likewise, and being hypothetical since this deals with the future, how much will someone buying today at 1200 or so an ounce lose when selling it 20 years from now?

        An ounce of gold is always an ounce of gold, it always weight the same and no one controls that after its minted.

        Buy and hold for the long term is the only way to go on gold and other PM’s, paper trading is for gamblers (and most paper accounts aren’t really gold, don’t have to deliver gold, and contain specific language allowing them to pay off in currency instead of gold if you demand it. A shortage of gold on the markets doesn’t mean you’ll see a spike in gold prices to get delivery, it means you’ll get bought off in someone’s currency instead of getting the gold you think you will get).

        There are many good reasons to hold (real) gold and other PM’s -jewels too if you know the market well enough as the Jews demonstrated in WWII- but getting rich is not one of them. It might happen, but you shouldn’t be counting on it since it probably won’t.

        • Patriot terrorist #1:
          “Ammo’s out, oh shit, here they come”.
          Invader if you let me go I’ll give you this bar of gold and show you where there is more.”
          Patriot terrorist #2
          “Invader if you let me go I’ll give you this pocket full of FRN’s”.
          “You, off to the civilian labor camp.
          You, come with me”.

          Moral: When things get stinky having options can be priceless, keep more than one stash and carry several carrots.
          Use mans inherent greed to your advantage when you find yourself overwhelmed by corruption.
          Root Cause:
          You did not protect your Constitution.
          Remedial Action:
          You have to vote first to be able to read it.

      21. Fifty people lay claim to the same ounce of gold while One Hundred people have a claim to one ounce of silver.
        Today gold at $1200 and silver $17.00 and many because they could not afford it will call it a racket.
        But what if gold was $250 and silver $4.00 an ounce
        Would you buy then? How I wish I could of brought when Gold was $180 and silver $1.50 an ounce. As bad money chases out the good money. Many did not see what was happening when the change to Copper Clad Coins started. Regular People (Not Preppers) will find them once in awhile and many will put them away in a safe place. Why is that? Are there many that would not accept a free gold or silver coin.

        I will be bartering items with gold and silver as trade. No Paper!

      22. It’s all manipulated IMHO. There will never be another gold rush. The rich will find a way to take control and exploit labor to make huge $ while you remain a slave for a living. It’s getting to the point where you will have to rob the rich because they are not giving it up. There will always be a loop hole for them to exploit. You can’t trust your employer the gov your lawyer the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Revolt now or forever hold you piece.

      23. Like throwing a rock in the air and saying “fly and be free”.
        Don’t it seem like there are so many catastrophic scenarios now hanging over our heads that IF and WHEN any one hits, they ALL hit us at the same time?
        Like someone planned it just like this? So NO matter what you do to try to fix one problem you will be guaranteed to be blind sided by another problem. Some say it’s the New World Order, Illuminati, Satanist, Big Bankers, Politicians, Big Business. It don’t matter WHO did this to us, but we do know one thing SOMEONE DID THIS TO US. Our politicians have practiced treason against the American people for the last 20 years or so. So who do you blame?
        All you can do is to TRY to survive, see “I Plan to Survive” the Ultimate at home survival guide at:

      24. I understand the value we all put in precious and, until my unfortunate accident, I bought myself.

        However, as I mulled over what exactly “money” is, I began having my doubts as to what it’s value would be in a SHTF scenario. I suppose it all hinges on the severity of TEOTWAWKI situation. I predict total collapse and root hawg or die.

        Only about 1 or 2 percent of Westerners believe precious is money. How will you convince them that your Mercury dime is more valuable than a clad one? Will you open a history book to page 145 and show them? Just remember that on page 143 tally sticks were used as money. And on page 140 a man’s word was his “money”. Will you travel the countryside to find a fellow gold bug to trade with? Chances are, the local potato farmer will level his shootin’ iron at you and threaten to feed you to his hogs should you attempt to fleece him with a silver OR a clad dime. They are the same to him.

        How will you value it if there is a total collapse of the monetary system? I notice that everyone quotes the value in FRNs. This reeks of “I’m gonna get rich” speculation. Precious metals require that you have a functioning monetary system to determine their value or you will end up arguing it’s worth.

        Money of any kind is only a representation of surplus. If there is no surplus (my SHTF scenario) there will be no need for money. You will be spending your days surviving…not looking for someone that wants to accept your gold. You will be bartering for things of real value unless you are lucky to find another goldbug.

        I’ve been watching “Bering Sea Gold” to learn how to salvage my precious. I’m off for my scuba lesson, now.


        • JRS.

          We are so far remove from what retains wealth that it would be hard to do transactions in precious metal. Even paper money has its limit with credit cards and now your phone can be waved and payment made at the store.
          What will happen is people will decide what they will accept for payment. Not this coinage or paper that circulates today for me.

      25. The perfect Ponzi scheme has no reason to unravel. The players are all in on the game, and if someone has to walk away without their gold, they print enough paper to make them happy. Now China and Russia have gained seats at the table, so the goldless one can walk away with fistfuls of dollars, remnibi or rubles. Everyone has the same ante – keep the masses churning the fiats and the real money will be handled only at the game table.
        The ONLY thing that breaks this Ponzi is for the people to begin to use gold and silver in daily transactions, or beans and bullets, whatever. So long as they can paper over the shortage of physical and then rob the people of their labor by paying them fiat, the game stays afloat at any absurd paper / physical disconnect in PMs.

      26. Ha-Ha I own you all!

      27. WTF Mac? Pop ups to get us to sign up for your newsletter? What happens if we already do? We STILL have to look at that crap?

        Geez. Mayhaps I need a break from this place.

        • I am also sick of those stupid popups every time I visit this site.

          • A lot of time and money goes onto creating and maintaining a site like this. There is no free lunch in America. Someone has to pay.

            Want to subscribe to the site instead? Just asking. 🙂

      28. Well…any idiot can tell you that IF you invest in gold…the WHOLE POINT is to procure PHYSICAL GOLD. If you take the coins and lock them in your safe…there is but ONE owner–YOU.

        Otherwise you might just as well be buying stocks. What would be the difference!?

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