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Machine Guns, Swords, And Tanks: This Colorado Man Definitely Has More Guns Than You

Mac Slavo
June 26th, 2017
Comments (77)


Because of America’s fierce reputation for being a heavily armed nation, it would probably surprise most foreigners to learn that the majority of American’s don’t own any firearms. And of the people who are gun owners, most only own a couple of firearms. What makes America such a heavily armed nation are the private collections belonging to “super-owners” (who gun control advocates love to complain about). This demographic, which amounts to 3% of the population, owns half of the firearms in the United States. Each person in this group owns an average of 17 guns.

That may sound impressive, but there’s another level of gun ownership that blows those numbers out of the water. That level is occupied by Mel Bernstein, also known has Dragon Man (the image above explains his nickname), and he likes to brag that he is the most well-armed man in America.


It’s a well deserved title, considering that he owns 3,000 weapons, including machine guns, bazookas, and swords.




Bernstein estimates that his collection, which is on display at his sprawling privately owned museum in El Paso County, Colorado, is worth $10 million. The museum nets him roughly $600,000 per year in visitor fees, is reportedly the size of a typical Walmart, and takes several hours to walk through. However, his collection isn’t just limited to firearms and swords. It includes tanks and other military vehicles.




In case you know anyone who doesn’t think that America is the coolest place to live in the world, feel free to show them this. Where else can a private citizen amass an awesome, multi-million dollar collection of weapons?

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 26th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. durangokidd says:

    I’m green with envy !!! 🙂

  2. Kevin2 says:

    The singer Warren Zevon had a song, “Lawyers, Guns and Money”. To obtain this collection one just needs money and lawyers because then comes the guns.

    • CrackSummSkulls says:

      Yeah just read this article over on Fr-PH site. This Guy sure Blew his OPSEC.

      I like the story of the Guy Buying an Iraqi T45/69 Tank for $30,000, and later found $2 Million dollars in Gold Bullion stashed in the Gasoline Tank when he was restoring it. That is like 1800 Oz of Gold, or 4.5 x 400 Oz Gold Bars.

      British collector finds $2.5 million in gold inside Iraq tank’s gas tank

      Monday, April 10, 2017 3:10 – ht tp://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/04/british-collector-finds-2-5-million-in-gold-inside-iraq-tanks-gas-tank-3498573.html

      Its pays to collect war relics. Where is Ukraine’s Stolen Gold, or Libya’s stolen Gold. Somebody has it. Probably hidden in Hillary’s and Bills basement or John Kerry’s hidden enclave basement digs in Antarctica.

      • CrackSummSkulls says:

        The full article said this Guy lost his wife on the shooting range when she was hit by some smoke bomb grenades while filming some show. He said he lost his best friend.

        So who puts their best friends on a hot range, where smoke bombs are hitting and going off? Something strange going on here.

        • BigDaddyJ says:

          They were filming a TV show when the accident occurred. I don’t believe Mel would ever put his wife in danger. She was a very nice woman and was very helpful every time I went to their shop to buy guns or ammo.

      • Kevin2 says:

        “Somebody has it.”

        Corruption / theft at that level isn’t a Bernie Madoff type scam but rather one orchestrated by the very highest level.

        Who has it? The Federal Reserve. Why because far more gold has been sold (on paper) than exists. Certain entities demanding their gold held in safe keeping make it very difficult to stall forever.

        • CrackSummSkulls says:

          Preppers want to pick up your game,.. We’ve talked about the Art of War, Sun Tzu The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the 5th century BC and is attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (“Master …

          Check this out. The Mind is the battle to win.

          Propaganda, How this all started here in the states.

          37% of the population will go along with the crowd.

          Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

          • Anonymous says:

            Situational Awareness. Did you know that during a building fire, about 90% of those in the building will all try to go out the same door, they all originally came in? Its True,.. Many all running to the same door will gather and follow in a herd mentality. Many will be crushed and killed all trying to flee out the same door.

            Think Situational Awareness when you go into a building, or mall or a store, find the exit doors lights with the exit doors below. Play what if, how would I get out of here besides the door you came in, if you needed to in a hurry.

            I went to a Prepper conference, once, and in the entrance doors of the big auditorium where this event was held. The staff locked all doors with chains, but a few that were unlocked for entry. They just didn’t want people going in those doors or sneaking in they said.

            I summoned the management and told then to take those chains and locks off all those doors, as that is a Fire Violation code. If a fire were to take place all the exit doors should be operational. Not locked up that’s how people die. They took them off, and I said if they didn’t, I would call the Fire Marshal. Idiots. SO have plan B and C and D what if.

  3. PO'd Patriot says:

    As soon as he dies the feds will swoop in and collect all that up. I hope all that hardware is missing firing pins or non-working and his real stash is somewhere else for his kids or good friends. He damn sure has some mighty fine toys.

  4. Jonny V says:

    That is fucking cool!

  5. California Resident says:

    Send him to Chicago, Furguson, and Baltimore.

    • Gandhi says:

      He is a junk collector. Try finding a video of him fireing his bazooka or tank. They have been deactivated thanks to the NRA and Heston hahaha what a ?

      • Jonny V says:

        You’re full of shit and your pathetic anti NRA jive is sickening. You’re nothing but a freeloading deadbeat and you keep your rights due to the valiant efforts of those you despise. I’m actually thankful that you aren’t a member as you would merely give further reason to those looking to try and paint up good NRA members as toothless single-wide dwelling boobs. Go back inside your trailer and shut up libtard.

  6. Gandhi says:

    I have seen that tank, the barrel is plugged and the ammo is fake. It is nothing more than drivable antique yard art.

    • Private citizens can’t have live ammo other than non-exploding practice rounds for those types of weapons. You can own an M79 grenade launcher but you can’t fire exploding rounds. Same with main gun tank rounds. A licensed manufacturer of ammo for destructive devices can have the ammo. But they are inspected mercilessly by the Feds. Over the years, small businesses that thought they could get into that line of manufacturing got a big surprise. It looks like the big guys don’t like competition from newbies.

  7. Boink says:

    The whole time I was reading it, I thought: What a F’in Idiot! Why would anyone be SOoo Stupid and advertise an arsenal like that? Gotta be the Biggest Bullseye a person could have. Might as well put up a flashing neon sign saying: Welcome Cabals, Jihadists, mercenaries & psychos to the supply house, oh and did we mention we were remote and isolated???? F’in Moron!!!! Pride goeth before the fall… Jeez!!!!

  8. He probably works for the CIA, NSA, or some other government agency or Bankster Group.

    I hope I’m wrong.


  9. rellik says:

    “What makes America such a heavily armed nation are the private collections belonging to “super-owners” (who gun control advocates love to complain about). This demographic, which amounts to 3% of the population, owns half of the firearms in the United States. Each person in this group owns an average of 17 guns.”

    Average of only 17 guns ??? Plus, I usually keep a minimum of 1,000 rounds per gun. I need to get to work!

    • Kevin2 says:

      I can’t deny nor validate any of those statistics because everyone I know owns a gun. It must be the company I keep.

    • Gandhi says:

      The NRA made sure you have to register any working machine guns. Plus that tank was decommissioned and rendered useless by plugging the barrel. Plus it is illegal to mount and shoot a machine gun from a vehicle. This is fake news that people have this stuff that works. You can only have stuff that is rendered useless by welding the action and plugging the barrel unless you have govt permits for small arms. Notice that ? Didn’t post a video of firing his “antique tank”

  10. TEST says:

    Guess that is ONE house that won’t be burgled any time soon!

    • Kevin2 says:


      Actually he is quite the target and regardless of all of that firepower he can only effectively handle one at a time. Street gangs, crazy’s domestic or foreign, a false flag designed to intentionally arm nuts to demonize gun ownership. The list of potential threats are endless and his security is unlikely comparable to a military or law enforcement armory that houses similar weaponry.

      I feel far safer.

      • rellik says:

        My nephew once took me on a tour of an National guard armory. he only used three keys to get to everything and there was nobody in the armory except us. Tanks, cannons, MA Deuce’s, SAW’s, M4s, ammo, vests, et al.
        This stuff is everywhere in America. Un-guarded.
        Even in Hilo there are three Black hawks sitting at the airport.
        anybody who knew how to fly one could walk up and take one. If someone is keeping an eye on them I’d bet they are not armed.
        The reserves make up a large portion of our military and most are not located on a guarded base.
        If you have the balls, in Anacortes, there is a Coast Guard boat with two .30 cal machine guns. It is parked most the time. Easy pickings if you want to go for it. There is no one there to stop you at 0200 hrs.
        My point is this stuff can easily be obtained, by people that have decided to make a point.

        • Kevin2 says:


          This story is verified from several people.

          Shortly after the US entry into WWII they armed the tug boats with a Lewis Gun fore and aft in NJ ports. By 1944 the aft guns were missing, at wars end they were all gone. I know one was recovered in the attic of a deceased longshoreman foreman when the home was being renovated by a couple in the 1980s.

          I thought that in todays time they were more secure than your story describes.

          • Kevin2 says:

            The above was relayed to me by a NJ State Trooper.

          • rellik says:

            We are the militia. I once took and oath that did not have a time limit on it.
            Realistically we can’t afford to keep everything manually guarded 24/7.
            America has lots of guns and “stuff” stashed away under lock and key only, everywhere.
            That may be our saving grace if a SHTF event occurs. You just have to know where to go.

  11. The realist says:

    He’s now up for a homeland security full cavity check … it only takes 1 staged police involved incident for this guy to loae his rights to have ANY of this crap he’s so proud to be showing off.

    And let’s get real here… in a shtf world.. your on a constant shooting, (if you want to live) taking Ammo and guns from the guy you just killed and repeating the process until a better shot takes you out .. and the process continues..

  12. WhiteWolf says:

    I think I just found my spirit animal….

  13. Rebel Son says:

    All that , and probably not one live cartridge

    Typ museums aren’t anything but a display
    Chances are , nothing different here
    Or every one of those weapons is disabled in some way

  14. Neal Jensen says:

    Put all your business out there in the internet and then wonder later why you get robbed and persecuted and prosecuted and investigated…

    If you are going to go and seek attention, don’t whine later when it all backfires in your face because of an incessant need to be interviewed photographed and paraded around like a freak. The problem with modern day society, narcissism and public confirmation of your business…and they go crying boo hoo later when someone royally screws you because you gave them all they needed to do so. You know why private people don’t get victimized, because they are PRIVATE and exercise restraint on putting their business out their in the public realm. Interesteing story, but this guy is headed for a major ball buster when the gangs or others govt agencies suddenly decide use him to push an agenda of gun control…or angry white men and reason why they all need to be killed off that they are gun nuts and bible thumpers and insecure (on and on ad nauseum of Obama talking points and racist insults.)

  15. Logicrazy says:

    That would be me if I had the money for it. Lol

  16. Rockmanr says:

    Since the founding of the country Americans have owned firearms. compare our history to Europe or Asia or Africa and you will note that we are very peaceful compared to them. where freeholders live they are armed and the country is peaceful Look at Switzerland No one messes with it the people are armed. the Japanese in WWII did not invade the US because they said there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass we were armed as a people

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dragon man is a Colorado Springs institution. He is a dealer, has shooting ranges, paintball courses,and has days you can go out there and fire a 50 cal. or other machine guns. The museum is cool as hell too. I pity anyone who tried to enter his property uninvited after hours.

  18. 4th ID home says:

    Dragon man is a Colorado Springs institution. He is a dealer, has shooting ranges, paintball courses, and has days you can go out there and fire a 50 cal. or other machine guns. The museum is cool as hell too. however, I pity anyone who tried to enter his property uninvited after hours.

  19. GETTING REAL says:

    I bet if the balloon goes up ATFE will be at his door first.
    Must be nice to have money though.