Lynette Zang: ‘The CRIMINAL BANKS Know Something Is VERY WRONG’

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 11 comments

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    Lynette Zang from ITM Trading recently joined the SGT Report to discuss the economy, precious metals, and the disastrous storm that’s brewing. According to Zang, the criminal banks have stopped lending to each other because they know something is very wrong with the economy.

    The interview jumps straight to the point.  The big banks are not lending to each other.  What is Zang’s take on the drop in interbank lending?

    “During the 2008 crisis, it absolutely plummeted but they’ve been trying to keep it a little supported at the levels back in the 80’s and…it’s plunged below where it was when they came out in ’73; and what I find interesting…is that banks don’t trust each other. They know they’re insolvent. They’re not gonna get the money back.”

    Zang is then asked about Deutsche Bank.  Since it’s leveraged “to the gills” is it the first bank to go?

    “I don’t know whether Deutsche Bank will be the first to go, but their leverage ratio remains at 3.8%, which means if the value of their assets falls 3.9%, they are insolvent. But that can really start anywhere. It doesn’t have to start at Deutsche Bank, but Deutsche touches every single financial product in every bank. I wouldn’t say this is ‘the canary in the coal mine,’ because I’ve really been talking about pattern shifts that I’ve been witnessing since October. The pattern shifts really started in 2017. People think nothing happens until it becomes visible, but you have to look a little below…to see what you’re not seeing…the banks know that they’re not loaning to each other. And the central banks know that they’re attempting to support the mortgage markets and keep everything floating.

    We’re inside of a great experiment…this is an accident that’s in the process of unfolding.

    And then the big question comes up. What do rising interest rates mean for a country that is $20 trillion in debt?

    “Now, you’ve gotta understand, we’ve once you run really perpetual deficits, which we’ve been doing for a long time, what you’re doing, is you’re not touching any principle but you’re also likely not paying of all of the interest. With interest rising, all of that debt went real short term…you wanna know what it looks like? Look at Greece. Because if most of your income or all of your income goes to paying interest then you have no money for services. You have no money for teachers, you have no money for police, you have no money for retirement plans..what they’ve been doing since 2008, is transferring risk…so it didn’t look like we were in crisis mode.

    Pension plans were severely underfunded in the most expensive stock market in history.”

    When the crash comes, it’s going to wipe the whole thing out, says STG Report. “They are crime cartels fleecing the people.” What can president Donald Trump do to stop the banks from crashing the market?

    I don’t think there’s anything that anybody can do. They’re a lot more powerful…once we started to transition into thisdebt-based system, the transition is complete.  That’s why everything is so precarious…a reset is inevitable. It has to happen.”

    The good news is that if we stand together, those in power, the global elitists won’t be able to get away with a world currency that they are desperately trying to force on us. Zang also suggests accumulating some gold and silver as a way to protect yourself financially during the upcoming crash.


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        A: Because his little pecker was stuck in the chicken.

        • Best laugh of the day!

        • CJ
          Very good!!!

        • Shoot CrackJack, I thought it was because ‘allah snackbars’ were on the other side of the street.

      2. If banks are legally allowed to hypothecate wealth, out of thin air why do they need to talk to eachother.

        The gas stations and delis don’t do that — franchises, which operate autonomously.

        • Beaumont,

          If the banks are not talking to each other, they are not working together in a unified manner to screw over the people.

          • Hmmm, no Kfilly – it could be that they ARE working in unison. The not lending could and most likely is an agreement to not parcel out risk to each other. Sort of like when a wave is coming ashore all the clams shut their shells up at the same time. For at the time of the surf hitting, each is on their own; and then, they all spit out the excess water and any debris and open up again. Basic survival.

      3. Its like small businesses cooking books say you start up or buy a small business that makes 50k yr or a failing business you then claim makeing more money than you actually do and you file it on your taxes and you pay the tax on the money you diddent actually make. Do this for a couple years showing increase in profit and boom you now have a business that makes hundreds of thousands a year and can sell it for a shit load of money cus a business value is calculated on revenue profit and potential growth. Banks are a business thats why they have solvency test but even that dont mean squat. Gov knows this but they get their slice of pie in taxes so they dont care

      4. Another infro-mercial here to sell you shit you don’t need. Buy my metals, buy my seeds, buy my beaners in plastic totes, buy my book, visit my web-slight and pay a membershit… some idiot scares you into buying gold from her con-pany. If the end truly was near and it was a certainty, she wouldn’t be selling gold at any price!! THINK!! These shysters think the dollar is crashing and burning, YET they sure want all the dollars they can con you out of bad enough, don’t they?

      5. why arent the criminals in politics, legal system and religious system being arrested and tried for treason,

      6. ” This sucka is going down “

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