Luxury Bunkers For Sale: The Wealthy Are Buying Multi-Million Dollar Bunkers With “Highest Level Of Military Grade Security”

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    After Donald Trump was elected president, a lot of the fears and concerns that were once so common among conservatives and libertarians, seemed to fade. That state of relief was proven to be temporary, but fears of financial collapse and social disintegration still aren’t as prevalent now as they used to be. A lot of people have let their guard down, because they think things will be alright since “their guy” is in office.

    But they should be concerned, because while they’ve been breathing a sigh of relief, wealthy elites and celebrities have been prepping like crazy. And it’s not just America, it’s people living abroad as well. So when high profile individuals are getting ready for the worst, you have to wonder if they know something that we don’t.

    It’s a question we should be asking ourselves as more and more people in the upper class begin to buy luxury bunkers that can survive anything man or nature can throw at them. That’s what we’re seeing deep in the heart of Kansas, where a company called Survival Condo has bought a decommissioned nuclear silo, and is in the process of turning it into an underground condo complex with multiple residences that can be sold for between $1.5 million and $4 million.

    According to the owner of the company:

    “What we’re looking at is there’s an increasing array of threats like tornadoes and hurricanes and solar flares and pandemics and terrorism and food shortages,” Mr Hall told ABC News’ 60 Minutes. “There are so many things that happen every day all around the world and people are just hoping it doesn’t happen to them. But what if it does?”

    Survival Condo claims that they “have the highest level of military grade security that offers both lethal and non-lethal measures in order [to] protect our residents.”

    Additionally, the apartments have a full fibre optic intranet, data-streaming capabilities for education, information, and entertainment, as well as silo-to-silo network links and communications.

    Not only are these compounds ready for any fathomable disaster, they are fully decked out in amenities designed to appeal to Survival Condo’s customer base. The compounds consist of a cinema, indoor pool and spa, medical first aid centre, bar, rock climbing wall, gym, and library.

    “We’ve got a kids waterslide and waterfall in here, so it’s a little piece of the tropics right here in Central Kansas,” Mr Hall said.

    And to give you an idea of just how sophisticated this bunker complex is, it will be able to feed its residents for up to five years by raising fish and growing food with hydroponics and UV lights. The condos are filled with LED screens that can portray outdoor scenery, presumably to keep wealthy residents sane while they sit around in a concrete bunker for several years.

    There’s even an armored vehicle for picking up condo owners who are up to 400 miles away when the SHTF, so they can be whisked away to their new home. The owner of Survival Condo was interviewed by CNBC news several months ago, where he revealed several other impressive details about his vast shelter, which is expected to be completed in 2018.

    That’s an astonishing level of preparedness that only the wealthy can afford. Some would even call it overkill, though they don’t realize that disaster like an EMP or a nuclear war could plunge our nation into darkness for years at a time.

    The rich however, know how bad things can get, and they’re gearing up for it. Are you?


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      1. You had better hope that armored vehicle picks you up and drives you 400 miles to the bunker…what a crock of shit. 800 mile round trip…I suppose the gas stations will all be operating for the 4 refueling stops minimum. 5 years of food, fuel, WATER, sewer system, air purification…bs

        • Don’t ruin it for them Dave. Maybe if we’re lucky the elite will remain underground and we serfs up top can reform the country into a non PC version of itself, and thus make it great once again.

          Or better yet, let them dread coming back up for air into a world that Islam controls because we were too much of a pussy as a society to just nuke the problem once and for all in the first place.

          • You can fill those hell hole bunkers with gas down the vent pipes followed by a lit road flare. Or pour water down them and flood the place. Buckets of human waste down them. See how long them stay down there. Or weld their doors shut and they will never get out. Park an abandon car in front of the exit door and shoot the tires out. 1000’s of ways to defeat any bunker or house or fence or what ever. Grid down, the power is off, and so is the security. Using solar panels Shoot them full of holes also. Done, dead meat. Better to stay on top and be the gray man and involved with the local politics so you have a fighting chance like a Patriot and not a skeered sheep.

        • Hey dave in idaho, my brother and I are thinking about relocating out west when he retires this August. It’s either that or Kentucky. The whole Justice clan is relocating there for some reason. Actually I think we are like elephants returning to where we were born, to die.

          Maybe I should relocate to Eastern Kentucky where I could dig into those hills like an Alabama tick on a hound dog.

          How do you like living in Idaho? Would you recommend it? Is there a specific area we might want to check out?

          • Love it. I am from Stockton Ca. I looked at MT, WA Nevada, UT, OR, before settling way up here. I liked MT a lot too, but there is too many free shit army people there and they vote dem/socialist, which in turn increases property taxes and LAWS. I only considered north as the population is scarce, and the gov services is very minimal, which means you are on your own and that keeps the lazy useless eaters away. Here is a few reasons I prefer N ID. Rural (out of town) building permit..35$. Building inspection 160$ to hook up to the grid. No helmet law, Ride your atv and snow mobile down the road, no vaccines for school (must sign a waiver), Farmers markets on Saturdays, fresh raw milk sold, fresh Honey, beef, pork, etc without hassles. 8.8 people per square mile in my county. Rough winters keep the gimmedats away. open carry OR concealed carry without permit, which means almost no violent crimes or rapes, as a bullet will deter that. This is the reasons I moved up here. Western MT was real nice too, but I can’t stand dems/rino’s, and Laws.

            • Sounds great, thanks. Idaho is high on my list. I hope I get to visit out there this fall or the following spring.

              • I recommend north of Sandpoint, or central around St Maries.

            • How expensive is the property in idaho?, or the land per acre?
              I live in a 1200 square foot house, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and it is too hot for me in this forsaken heat in AZ.

              I want to have a sandbag house with a cellar and a good size garage for my 69 Nova the rest of my tools. I have enough solar panels to run a 4 ton a/c


        • I still want one of those bunkers. It would make a great coffin.

          • HO HUM! Mac, how many more articles about ‘the elites’ bunkers’ are we going to see? I’ll still take mychances ABOVE ground any day.

      2. It all sounds good but…remember all those experiments where people locked themselves into self sustaining bubble worlds.
        They ALL failed miserably and quickly.
        These underground retreats will likely do the same and then what?

      3. Learjet leftists of the world, unite!

      4. Would I invest 3million into a bunker 400 miles away?

        Only if I was the one starting the nuclear exchange. Either this is bs or these people expect to be given a heads up.

        Not everyone showed up on 9-11-2001. Coincidence? – or did someone warn them not to go to the twin towers?


        • B from CA, “Would I invest 3 million into a bunker 400 miles away?”

          That’s a good question. If I had 3 million to spend I would rather build a house in Western Canada. Because nobody will nuke our goody-goody neighbors to the north. Plus they’re up wind from us.

          I don’t think it’s a good idea to crawl into a hole and try to wait things out. But that complex sure is a nice “spider hole”.

          • Justice…visit western socialist mooselimb ass sucking Canada first, then decide. There is nice exspensive property there, and some good people, but the gov is all over their ass.

      5. I am ready to move in. I would live there full time. Is that possible? Sign me up!

        By the way I love that this is being called a silo. If you want the nightmare version read “Level 7.” Or read the newer version, The Wool Series by Hugh Howey. It will make you think twice about living in a silo after you read that series.

        Smart to have a jail or time-out location. Too bad he didn’t mention the morgue or funeral area, too. I imagine locals know about this area. It has a huge target on it. Better not piss them off or they will be breathing cement fumes.

        • Philosopher,
          Exactly what I was thinking – they should read Howey’s trilogy! I wonder if the silos have a mechanical level, medical level, plans for long-term social systems, etc. Great book series: Wool, Shift, and Dust by Hugh Howey!

          • OR: Nice to meet another Hugh Howey fan! I read all all three of his books and actually bought a few other books that are fan fiction based on Howey’s story. He is very generous that way.

            I had heard that Ridley Scott was supposed to be making the books into a movie. Can’t wait until it comes out! I would love it if Howey kept writing the series. I was bummed when he said Dust was going to be the last book 🙁 on that topic / time / place.

      6. Don’t have the money for one of these locations? Relax! If you have $150,000, you can come share my basement and preps for 30 days. Picture yourself sleeping in a top-quality sleeping bag with a luxury pad underneath! Oil lamps aplenty! Loads of 5 gallon bottles of water! Protected by a shotgun and pistols and surrounded by razor wire fences and every fiendish defense system possible! All this for the measly price of $150,000!!!

      7. Ok..They think that the social structure in there will not break down to “survival of the fittest”? The so called security wont turn the guns ON THEM? What a waste of time and money.

      8. Mac, thanks for this article because when I read it I thought that they will be tramped in there like rats. That reminded me to order rat traps. So I went on Amazon and ordered these: made2catch Classic Metal Rat Trap Fully Galvanized – 4 traps.

        Now I have to stop at ACE hardware store and get some rust proof paint or coating. I don’t want them rusting up on me.

        • Justice, every time I see one of these articles I think of the movie “The Dirty Dozen”.

        • Why do you need to rust-proof something that is ‘fully galvanized’? Isn’t that the point of the plating?

          Just wondering…..

      9. While there is concern about the future a lot of this is driven by the insane concentration of wealth that has concentrated in the top .01%. They’re running out of things to buy.

        • Kevin2, good point. They are so rich that a few million is inconsequential.

          Meanwhile, my poor *ss is going to Costco today to pick up 6 more jumbo bags of charcoal because it is on SALE from $19.95 to $14.95. Then I will have 12 bags and that should tide me over until I can get some wood pellets this fall.

          My Kelley Kettle came yesterday and she is a beauty! I am so glad I pulled the trigger and bought one. I almost didn’t because I already have a good Rocket Stove and they both kind of do the same thing.

      10. If I were going to live in one of those silos I’d be moving in now instead of waiting and hoping I’d make it before something happened. I saw a special on that particular shelter and I could get used to living in it. I’d make a beer run just to be sure.

      11. Regurgitated story, we know the rich have bunkers and us little people are screwed. Except many of us have actually tracked down your bunkers and included it in our list of places to visit when things go tits up. Hope you’ve prepped of our prep. At this point I’ve got all I need but I’m still gonna come take yours Richie rich

      12. My compliments to the salesmen. They are to be congratulated.

      13. Nuclear, Niburu, or Switch-a-roo. There’s lots of things to consider for ones “entertainment”. However, critical thinking suggests that more natural changes are afoot and more likely, not to mention secondary technological and pollution issues.

        This requires a wholistic, see how everything fits, approach. Crop and livestock reduction, changes in the weather, changes and/or reduction of nutrients in the food supply, etc. Not to mention failing infrastructure, job losses, store closings, (reducing access to goods and services), etc.

        Even so, there will come a time when there is simply more people with less to share. It’s simple math, (one would almost think that the Georgia Stones was a mandate by higher authority for survival of the species. After all, were the only species that defies natures basic law of survival. But, I’m going too far left field, right? Ok).

        It’s really hard for a well distracted, average Joe, to fathom these very basic warnings.

        What I’m getting at is, given time, we’ll have to face the question:

        “Do I want to live a life of isolation in a concrete tube?”

        Before you answer that question, ask yourself this: “Am I already living a life of isolation?” I don’t talk to my neighbors, my dull drum routine “making the donutes” and habits keep me locked into a shell.

        If I knew that life as we know was going to end soon, then should I working on a bucket list of life experiences that will be lost, or should I just keep making the donutes and stack tuna?

        I’ll leave you with this: Ignorance stacks regrets.

      14. I wonder what those that bought into one of the silo condos will think when they show up to find that the guy that was supposed to come pick them up has locked them out and he’s on the inside with friends and family enjoying the safety and security that these “rich” people bought for them. I guess they will find out out effective those lethal and non-lethal means of keeping intruders on the outside will work.

      15. QUESTION ????

        What are you going to do when it’s time to come out ?
        What are you going to COME OUT TO ??????
        Go spend your money, and make someone rich.
        Have fun if you are able.

        But you have to live to spend it.

        I hope I WILL ALREADY BE DEAD.

      16. Concrete Root cellar cost less to build than a small older used car or motorcycle…get your priorities in order..needs, not wants.

      17. So you are a guard at this bunker. You and your family live nearby and its your daily job to guard this place from the outside snoopers. You and your guard buddies make $11.00 an hour. In a real shtf event what is to stop the armed guards from bring their loved ones to your paid for bunker and deciding that it is every man for himself now? Why would they let a bunch of fat rich snobs who expect all of you to do all the work and feed them the now very limited supplies in the door? What is to stop the first people who arrive deciding that more supplies for them means they need to lock you out? Even if you arrive and are let in what is to stop those who have guns from deciding that your cute daughter can live but the rest of your family must be eliminated because you are just eating all the supplies and offer nothing that is needed?

      18. I am a firm believer of the “happy trails” plan… if the world ends as we know it id rather be looking down from the big toga party in the sky.. I hear that the salad bar up there is to die for !!

        • I heard, there is nothing in Heaven, but all out cannibalism, People eating people, cause there is no food there, and if the clouds get too heavy they just lighten the load and have a BBQ. All cooked by the sun. So prepare to eat others or get eaten if you believe that crock of Babble BS.

      19. The world’s most expensive tomb.

        I wonder if the Russians bothered to change the targeting data when they heard the silos were decommissioned?

      20. Off grid indefinitely, for 70 people? Sure, maybe when they put dynamos on a stationary bicycle in overpriced gym in negative 13 floor. Sure, the deep cycle batteries last for ever as well as inverters.

      21. Deep, deep, deep in the bowels of the earth is where all of the anti-God pagans and Zionist (not god chosen Jews) belong.
        Can you name a ‘New World Order’ or ‘Establishment’ leader that may be a Biblical believer? Never.

      22. And they ask the mountains to fall on them to not have to see the face of God….Kind of the same thing and like their security wont turn on them and take all their cool stuff…

      23. CBS has 60 min not ABC get you bullshit facts together

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