Los Angeles Resumes Face Mask Mandates

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    In order to continue the charade that is this scamdemic, Los Angeles “officials” rulers are not just reimposing the face mask mandates, but they have left the door open to force the public to wear the muzzle permanently.

    Los Angeles County has resumed ordering residents to wear masks indoors, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated or not, thanks to an eruption of cases halfway around the world.  They are also desperately needing to keep this scamdemic alive until enough of us have had the experimental gene therapy shot.

    The professional scolds in Los Angeles County have warned that there’s no reason to know everyone’s vaccination status when authorities can just treat everyone like they’re a biohazard instead. Best to act like no one has had the jab and continue masks and social distancing indefinitely – just as the weather gets maddeningly hot and tempers are sure to flare! –RT

    Nothing says “freedom” like being forced to wear a ritualistic shame muzzle all the time! When will this end? They have told us.  Not until the world is so afraid of the “invisible enemy” that they all line up to get the shot:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    It is important to remember that county rules are not legal mandates, meaning Los Angeles County has no power to actually enforce them, but citizens are obeying regardless. Nevertheless, residents appear to be ‘going along to get along,’ falling in line to avoid causing trouble despite the state government and the Centers for Disease Control both issuing guidance contrary to LA County’s. Federal guidance absolves vaccinated people in “certain public indoor settings” from having to wear masks, while unvaccinated individuals are still barred from wearing masks outdoors.

    Actually, no one has any power to enforce any mandate against any other human, it’s simply our belief that some humans can violently dominate and rule over others that keeps this scam alive.  The solution is to wake up to the cold truth that government is slavery. If anyone has any “power” over you, you are not free. It is past time to shatter the illusion and move on from having a ruling class and a slave class.

    Stay alert, prepare, use your discernment and really take the time to figure out if you want to be ruled or if you want to be free. There is no gray area. The illusion of freedom has fallen away, and we all need to make a decision. The “solution” everyone continues to ask for is to realize that you are not a rightful slave and no amount of votes can put a rightful master over you.  Nothing else can happen until enough people realize this simple fact.



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      1. You know, this is way past the point of insanity. They are being sadistic and just making this shit up as they go along now. Reinstating masks mandates? What the hell type of shit is that?
        This nightmare we are all living through is never going to end – these evil creatures will make sure this lasts forever or until we’re all dead
        whichever comes first. smdh

      2. Hopefully, they’ll put a face mask on gruesome Newsom preferably a full face mask that covers his entire evil face.

      3. GOOD! Call all kalifornians back home and lock it down permanantly! We have had way too much of those commies in the other states. GTFOOH and never come back!

      4. If people don’t start seeing a real reason to avoid the vaccine soon, real as in observable negative effects among the vaccinated people they actually know, resistance to it is going to disappear and those promoting its dangers considered total nutcases.

      5. Hmm, after reading about California and their ” new ” mask mandate, this reminds me that Calif is the land of the brave and the home of the ” FREE “, yeah right. not anymore. And another thing, all these people who are leaving the east and west coasts are bringing their bull s— ideas with them. I had conversation with a contractor from Billings MT some time ago and he said that this year and the last year or two has been some of the busiest years that he has had in a long time He then told me that these people moving in from Calif, Oregon, Wash state have some really goofy ideas and things should be done. And some of these ideas, things they want done really don’t make sense, but it pays his bills, so what the heck. ( I hear stories like this and I sometimes wonder about the old saying about the ” customer is always right “. It does make you wonder sometimes )

      6. “Los Angeles Resumes Face Mask Mandates”
        ….making it easier for Democrats to vote multiple times without being indenified in Gov. Newsom’s recall election!!!

      7. Los Angeles Resumes Face Mask Mandates
        …. making it easier for Democrats to vote multiple times in Gov. Newsom’s recall election without being identified as cheating.

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