Los Angeles Crime Is Out Of Control: ‘The Current Sheriff Is Hiding Statistics… Murders Up 56%… Property Crime Through The Ceiling’

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    (Editor’s Note: If you live in Los Angeles County or know someone who does, we strongly encourage you to share the following interview. Election Day is June 5 and it will take just 1,500 votes to tip the scales and put the power back in the hands of the people rather than the bureaucratic machine currently in charge)

    It’s no secret that major cities around the country are cesspools of criminal activity and violence. And the problem is only go to get worse according Bob Lindsey, a 40-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department and candidate for the top law enforcement job in the county.

    With the election for Sheriff just 24 hours away (June 5 is election day), over 90% of deputies surveyed in the department say he’s the only one who can effectively destroy the top-down control that has infested the Sheriff’s Office, which in recent years has spent more time attacking law enforcement personnel than it has going after violent MS-13 gang members.

    The result, as Lindsey notes in the following interview with SGT Report, is significantly higher violent crime that has empowered criminals to act ever more brazenly.

    What’s worse is that the current Sheriff says crime is down, a claim that can be completely destroyed by the actual statistics:

    What he has done is he has taken a position that crime is down here in Los Angeles County… We can look all around us and we can see that property crimes have gone through the ceiling… A simple statistic, because he can’t hide the FBI statistics… The FBI just reported that murders, homicides here in Los Angeles County since last year are up 56%… In one area that we patrol murders are up 900%… There is out of control crime here.

    …Here’s where we are here in California… If you get sentenced to a year in L.A. County Jail, you actually only get 10 days… so if you get sentenced to six months, you do one day… criminals here in L.A. County realize that if you commit a crime you don’t do the time.

    If you live in California, especially Los Angeles, then this is a must see interview:

    Learn more about Bob Lindsey and what he stands for at his web site: https://sheriffboblindsey.com/


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      1. Ain’t diversity great!?

        • Menzo: NO, it is awful, a filthy, vile, fucking plague of sorts!

          • Exactly!

            • If Italy gets their new Government set up, the first thing they said they will do, is deport the 150,000 Illegal Refugees who infiltrated their Country. LA could do the same thing and deport 2 million illegals if they wanted to.

              Dead or alive.. If I was the LA Orange Co Sheriff, I would say look you illegals in various languages, You got 48 hours to vamoose out of LA County, and head back to Mexico, or,… if you are caught, you get a mandatory 10 years prison term, in hot sweaty tent in the dessert.

              George Soros and his kind of filth are dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into destroying America one city at a time in unison. Its all about collapsing America into one big Welfare State. And selling off America piece by piece.

              Why isn’t G Soros classified as in the FBI’s Top 10 domestic terrorists? Russia considers Soros a terrorist threat and has a bounty on him. We should capture him, confiscate all his wealth to pay the victims of his attacks, and send him off to Russia for them to deal with him.

              • TSB, damn right. The DOJ statistics make it clear that minority groups and illegal aliens are responsible for the majority of crime in this country. Get rid of the minorities and you’ll soon have a totally different picture.

              • One of the main reasons that the ‘Russia x3’ delusion exists against Trump by the NWO is to prevent normalization of relations between the US and Russia. If that ever happens Soros can be extradited by Putin and executed or at least stuck in a Siberian Hell-hole like Sauron the monster so richly deserves.

                I seem to recall Hillary while on the campaign trail was saying once, “this one’s for George”. If she had won, George would be sitting in the White House right now toasting her and dictating to her. Marxists like Hillary idolize Soros. This is the main reason the Left hate Putin, because he dares bad mouth Soros.

      2. Did all this happen back when California was MOSTLY White?

        • Nope.

          • Chicago recently was caught lying about thier murder rate. It was only reported to crime statistics as murder if the victim was dead on the scene of the crime.

            If the victim died somewhere else, like the hospital, then it was not reported as a murder.

      3. LA was a filthy shithole in the late 80s when I went there. I can only imagine the amount of scum illegals, gangs and general liberal trash that infest the place now.

      4. I was born and raised in LA county. There were good parts and there were bad parts. I have lived in both. What has happened is everyone who could, moved out. LA city proper always was a sh ithole.
        For a while I lived in the Wilmington district as I worked at a boat factory there. Automatic weapons fire was commonly heard at night.
        This was in 1973.

        • Hmmm huge surprise, yet another city completely ruined by blacks, illegals and fucked in the ear Liberal trash!! HANG them ALL!! And reclaim a city and make it nice and livable for a damn change.

          • Its a fact 45% of all Federal Inmates are illegal aliens. Deport tgem back to the country tgey came from. They come here again, death sentence. They steal, cut their hands off. Rape? Cut their dicks off, Murder= death sentence. Make me Sherriff, and I’ll make America great again.

            • Illegal is not pertinent. . .what is their race?

              Are they human (White)- yes or no?

      5. Thank Goodness for Gun Control
        Thank Goodness that LA is run by liberal Democrats

        Liberalism is a demented Satanic Cult

        • I suspect it’s no accident that crime is being allowed to skyrocket at the same time “California Law Enforcement” is going door to door at 4:00 am confiscating weapons from people who legally purchased them. Their crime, the state made their registered weapons illegal, or made the owners “persona non grata” via some regulation created by bureaucrats, not even enacted by the legislature.

          Ain’t fascism wonderful in practice. California is become the New Venezuela.

          • PTPO, glad to see you back. Agreed about Cali. Anyone who comes after my weapons will just die.

      6. LA makes Mexico city look mild. Maybe because Mexico citie’s problem moved to LA?

      7. I moved (my company transferred me) to Oklahoma in 1998 with my wife and kids….. and I am so glad I left Calif and I won’t even go back for a visit…..

        And I have an Ok CCW and I carry everywhere – all the time, and my wife does too.

      8. I fantasize WHERE and WHEN Civil War 2 will begin.

      9. There is more than one kind of solution to this problem.

      10. Civil War II, the coming breakup of America….

        Read it, know it, and know we are close…

        Put your faith in the Lord Jesus and this won’t bother you…

        John 14:6
        Jesus said to them, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can go to the Father except through me.

        Amen and Amen

      11. Divide the people and this shithole is the result as planned. Putting the effort into strongly opposing war was opportunity missed. Obscene military spending has stolen this nations freedom. Played like dumb suckers, evil has won out.

      12. California is spinning out of control.There is a.bill in their Senate to tax drinking water.

      13. Any place that the white folks of European decent becomes a minority very quickly becomes a shithole. There was a little town in the delta. The blacks kinda came into power. And got elected to many positions. And became a majority on the school board. The school buildings where in poor condition. So they passes a hefty millage increase to fix the school. And then they built a new gym and football field. Didntspend a penny on the classroom buildings. The school is now defunct. The state board of education closed it down. and dispersed the students to surrounding schools. That same town generated revenue by operating a speed trap on a nearby 4 lane road. The legislature passed a law that the fines for traffic tickets written on the state highway went to the state police no matter who wrote the ticket. Now the city don’t have any police dept. And is fast becoming a ghost town.
        and they blame whitey? Is guess its is whiteys fault the white flight left the town with only parasites. They drove all the better quality producing folks away.

      14. Even though it was morally wrong. Back in the 1800,s the term was manifest destiny. and the saying was the only good indian was a dead indian. And that kind of hard line ruthless approach was the only viable solution. Texas wasn’t a safe place until we went to war and beat Santa Anna and drove and killed the mexicans out of the Republic. Until the natives where exterminated and subdued the west was not a safe place for decent folks. As distasteful as it is. It will require the same kind of hard line approach to solve the problems we now face.

        • Old Guy hit the nail on the head. If it lived in Ca (which i’m glad i don’t) I would vote for Bob!

      15. Diversity and multiculturalism have destroyed USA ! It is all part of the PC mania that was put on steroids during the BHO years !

        Until Americans wake the fuck up and get their own shit together mentally and physically, nothing much can or will change. It is always about how we think and then act on it ! It is called the mindset.

        Los Angeles, SF, Portland and Seattle are all well past PC and out of control because of democrat corruption ! Realize the entire judicial system is corrupted and every state and fed agency as well ! The unions are also a big part of it also.

        I suppose the other way to look at it is to simply watch these places collapse under their own weight of corruption as that is beginning to happen. But we still need to vote out these maniacs and then be fully ready to do whatever is necessary, given the outcomes unfolding.

        • Funny you mentioned unions, they have been withering for years and would love to have their rolls bolstered by illegals…but who would pay them $30+/hr?

          • Who is still stuck on first base. . .

      16. If someone is destined to pry anything out of my “cold, dead fingers”, please let it be from around the neck of a dead George Soros!

      17. No amount of turd polish makes that a sustainable course. Once you get past so much hooplah, the conditions being described to you, are physically impossible.

        Those who have moved away, have probably given themselves a 5yr head start, on average — if you want the measure that in terms of home prices or demographics. Then, do you move, again? Doesn’t that wear you down?

      18. I’m not surprised the LA country sheriff covers up the true crime picture there. In Memphis our libturd mayor and affirmative action police chief claim that crime is down but I know better since I live here. Never forget that law enforcement SERVES GOVT. NOT THE PUBLIC. Law enforcement is totally against the public; doesn’t care about them or crime. Their primary job is generating revenue for whoever they work for. In many areas of the country now their paychecks depend on STEALING FROM CITIZENS [BETTER KNOWN AS CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE]. Just another fancy term for theft. Cops are no different from the real criminal elements out there. Time for people to start fighting back against forfeiture and if it means hurting or killing a cop, so be it. Law enforcement has become too corrupt to save it.

      19. OK,…lets take a look….1) NYC…..Demoncrat run population and a terrible place…2) Baltimore….same…3) Chicago…same…4) LA ….same..5) Detroit..Also… these hell holes are ruled by the DEMONCRATS..The word is out to flee the cities. Really…you don’t need to go far from them. Most of the brigands will die within 100 miles of the cities. this is becasue instead of working for resources they will all gang up on the few resources they discover…and try to take their share….We have spoiled youth since the terrible 1960s….read the book ” Teenage Tyranny”…It s already too late. Flee the cities…Find some decent working people. Let them get to know you that you want to join them and their way of life. After the fall of the USA and the cities are ruins, you can come back as the brigands will all be dead. You can take a spot in the city and try and rebuild. Experts are saying that up to 90% of the usa will be killed by the scene that is coming. To be part of that 10% that survives you must learn to live with decent humans and be a productive part of the NEW USA….

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