“Looming Catastrophe from Diseased Rates”: Billionaire Icahn Warns of Danger Ahead

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    Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who is something of an economic rock star, is releasing a video Tuesday that warning of potential looming financial catastrophe.

    Carl Icahn has drawn attention recently after reportedly endorsing Donal Trump’s candidacy for president, and apparently being recruited by Trump as his potential Treasury Secretary.

    But now he is warning in “danger ahead” that the plague and “disease” from prolonged interest rates from the Federal Reserve, which has in turn forced people into risky high yield markets – where investors are seeking return on their investment – is doomed to a fail, and poses a risk to that is system wide in its scope.

    The long term icon of finance says he has worried in particular for the last five or six months, and that it is not a matter of if, but when:

    “I want to speak out now, I know this may sound corny, but because I grew up in the streets of Queens. I love this country and I feel so strongly about the dysfunction that is going on both in Washington and the board rooms of corporate America”

    The danger ahead, according to Icahn, is based around problems with the high yield market where investors have become more desperate. “Low interest rates… that’s what’s pushing it,” Icahn told CNN.

    CNBC reported:

    The activist says low rates caused bubbles in art, real estate and high-yield bonds—with potentially dramatic consequences.

    “It’s like giving somebody medicine and this medicine is being given and given and given and we don’t know what’s going to happen – you don’t know how bad it’s going to be. We do know when we did it a few years ago it caused a catastrophe, it caused ’08. Where do you draw the line?”

    “The Fed may have backed itself into a corner. They should have absolutely raised rates six months ago,” adding it’s difficult now because of global concerns.

    Speculation about a potential rate hike by the Fed this year has caused apprehension in the markets, while many experts are equally concerned that the system is at a breaking point if the Fed doesn’t raise rates – and that financial contagion from China and other troubled economies could spread and harm American markets.

    Yellen’s queasy waffling over a rate hike decision has hardly eased worries about a collapse or downturn, and even the World Bank cautions that any decision to raise rates would risk “triggering panic and turmoil”

    Icahn is hardly the first to sound the alarm, instead joining a chorus of many experts on Wall Street and investigative journalists who see a “uniquely crash-prone” market ahead.

    Read more:

    “Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates

    “The Market is Uniquely Crash-Prone”: Experts Fear Financial Collapse Imminent

    Fed Tightening “Could Have Profoundly Destructive Consequences for Economies”

    Will the Fed Hesitate? “Everything is Too Vulnerable” for Rate Change, Says Ron Paul

    “Everyone Preparing for the Wrong Outcome”: Schiff Says QE4 is Coming, Not a Rate Hike!

    Fed Official Admits Zero Interest Rate Undermined Economy: “QE Has Been Ineffective”


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      1. Icahn did not get wealthy by being stupid…

        Buy when there is blood in the streets, and get out before the top…

          • Acid.
            Do you think the blue light would cure us of the stinkin’ pork and their attitude problem?

            Keep your posts coming bud.

            This site wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of Acid fuckin’ Etch.

            Acid Etch kicks ALL ass.

            Don’t you just love him.

            Acid Etch… Fucking over you old fat people one at a time.

            Dig out your own graves you OLD 55+ fat fuckin’ coffin dodgers.

            AGENT SKINHEAD.

            • AS, I agree acid has been making some good posts lately but you need to get off that shit about us old people. This ‘old fart’ is still in good enough shape to kick your ass if need be.

              • Ha haah… Thanks Brave.
                I wish you well.
                And I know you will be old man.
                Best wishes Brave.
                A S.

        • Where is the joke hold? I mean choke hold!… We can’t as a society support the non-working, yet they continue to grow with gov blessings. It’s gotta break like Rome did, we can’t learn from history so we suffer it’s lessons.

          • We also Need to learn from History on a similar aspect- Illegal Immigration. We can’t keep letting people in and paying them in form of welfare and freebies!!!. Imagine if the Native Americans had stopped the immigration of Europeans??? The Hunting and Fishing would be a lot better Right? Their Cultures would not have become the victim of genocide. We could venture to say that the Native Americans Way of Life would have been A LOT Better had they stopped illegal immigration in it’s tracks instead of living relegated to poverty in some reservation Couldn’t we,???
            WHY do I bring this up? WE need to learn from past mistakes!! Stop Allowing massive waves of Illegal immigrants into These U.S and rewarding them with taxpayor Dollars BEFORE the American way of Life and THe Constitutional Republic are lost in the same way that the Cherokee, Creek, Iriquois, Delaware, Souix, Crow, Choctaw, Apache, Navajo and many other Tribes lost their Ways of Life. America WILL BE LOST If we continue down this path and Don’t fight back.

            • We successfully made the Native Americans (and I use that platitude with full knowledge of it’s narrow application – they migrated here from Asia)dependent on the whites to destroy their culture and independence. On the plains, the first were affectionately known as “Laramie Loafers”, cause they hung out at the fort waiting for their freebies all day. Seems we’re still doing it today with the Millennial generation, the illegals, the blacks, you name it.

              The European and more specifically the Russian Jews used immigration to take over Palestine, from a bunch of camel herding nomads…and for the better. The started irrigation, farms, towns and civilized infrastructure and in doing so took over politically as well.

              Doubt not that the current wave of illegal immigration into the US is an effort to take over this country from within, and we’d better take a stand here or start diggin holes, and not just for us bald-headed 50+’ers. Many of us have the means, and fortitude to remove the threat one round at a time. Most Millennials can’t even wipe their own noses – from Momma’s basement.

            • Great post. My Heinz-57 ancestry includes some Cherokee blood. You hit the issue on the head. Unfortunately the free sh** army doesn’t have the will to survive nor the sense to pour pi** out of a boot even when the directions are written on the heel.

          • Nels, I have pondered over this a very long time.
            We know the non-working producing only more ‘takers’ is a problem as they only require more support from the govt.
            However, the ‘stupid’ in America in the congress and administration are still looking at the economy boost when recharging those EBT, etc. cards.
            “”Look!! See?? They are spending those dollars!!””
            Nope, they are adding billions to the China ledger sheets and central banker’s ledger sheets, not America’s.
            I truly believe all these do-gooders failed basic economics 101.

        • Someone here suggested about a month ago that the FED will raise rates 25 bp after September when government refinancing is over.

          Just saying. Its in the archives. 🙂

          • @DK

            LOL… You call 1/4 of 1 percent a “raise” in interest rates?

            While technically it is, it means absolutely nothing.

            It’s a dog and pony show!

            I ran out of gas the other day so I put 1/4 of a gallon of gas in the tank. Look, I’ve got gas in my tank!

            • YMWW: Well, you are absolutely right about that. 25 bp is NOTHING !!! And I have said so here several times before.

              It might even stimulate the economy as the multi-nationals and the Uber Rich rush to get the cheap money and make additional leveraged investments while it is still available.

              That has happened before under the Volcker regime. People were scrambling for 11%, 30 year mortgages and thought they had a bargain when the loan closed.

              It will however draw additional cash out of the Emerging Markets as they are sucked into that Black Hole: a deflationary Depression.

              Can you say, “A Swirly for China, Brazil, Venezuela ???” 🙂

              • @DK

                The Fed ain’t gonna “raise” shit!!!

                Come December, any rise in fund rates will be put off… yet again. (kick the can down the road)

                Any talk of tightening is theater for boobus.

                We seriously need to get on with the collapse!!

                A reset is what is needed at this point… Along with a shipment of Chinese made nooses!!!

              • durangokidd says:

                “It might even stimulate the economy as the multi-nationals and the Uber Rich rush to get the cheap money and make additional leveraged investments while it is still available.”

                Translation: Rush to get the cheap money (because the Fed creates it), gamble with it (because you can), and when bets go bad, hook the taxpayer for the loses (that’s just how it’s done in the FSA). Privatize profits. Socialize loses.

                Attaboy DK. Please continue to enlighten us on the cronies fascist Modus operandi!!!

        • I have not seen this slow of a night in a while. Six posts in 2 hours.
          Some time ago, I posted a well written incident someone had in a Ryans Steakhouse.
          I am not going to post it, but here is the site. For the newbies…

          ht tp://www.ihos.com/steakhouse.html

          Be well all…

          • A woman was telling her friend, “It is I who made my husband a millionaire.”
            “And what was he before you married him?” asked the friend.
            The woman replied, “A billionaire.”

            Not bashing females…

            • “…incident someone had in a Ryans Steakhouse”

              I remember reading that one.

              Too funny ! Hubby and I felt kinda sorry for ya.

          • Maybe somebody knows something we don’t…

        • Icahn is a POS and a corporate predator. He’s what’s wrong with this country.

          • Carl Icahn has made a fortune fixing broken companies. It may not be pretty what he does, but there are millions who would have been out of work otherwise. Yes, companies he has remade had huge layoffs and many people lost a lot. The world has never been a nice place. Why do you blame Icqhn and not the dirtbags that ran those companies into the dirt, raiding their treasuries? Instead you blame the man that fixes things?

            I suspect Carl Icahn is trying to give something back here, I for one will check out his web site on the 29th and give it a very careful listen. In the financial world, Carl Icahn is one of the foremost preppers! He has made billions by being prepared for the bad times.

            Meanwhile the stock market continues it’s downward plunge!

            • Plan twice….. I hope you are not serious with your post. If you are then read the post by boiled frog below specially the last sentence.

              • Icahn is a corporate raider and the carcasses of all the businesses he’s plunder, proves it. There is little good about that man. But I guess those like the previous poster who thinks “Icahn is an icon” must also listen to Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh thinks being conservative means you are successful at business NO matter how you achieve your wealth.

                Guys like Icahn and Buffett have created business vertical business models that prey on the small businesses. There once was a time when mom and pop shops rule. That’s now been replaced by your Walmart’s, Target’s, Home Depot’s, Walgreens etc.

            • He did point out something I have missed since visiting this and other sights. He gave some clarification on people losing 30% of their savings…I thought what people where stressing was that the government or banks would actually be able to take 30% of everyone’s accounts? If, I understand what he was saying, due to inflation our buy power of our savings would decrease by 30%. This makes a huge difference? For instance, if you are within a year or so from retiring, taking funds out of an account where you would be penalized for early withdrawal and having to pay the penalty out you could lose 30% or close to it right of the bat? If, this is correct…it could be a game changer for us who are close to retirement! Be kind to me with respones!!!!

              • I think he’s talking primarily about people with 401K, IRA’s or managed accounts.

                Just as Lehman Bros. had been packaging bad underwater home mortgages in derivatives that were then bought as part of mortgage based index funds, which lost huge value in 2008. Black Rock has been bundling corporate junk bonds into derivatives that have become part of bond investment mutual funds and index funds.

                These bond funds are sold to people who don’t understand their risk. They often do well in a strong economy, and look attractive because they produce a higher return, but in a down market like we have now these funds can lose a large percent of invested money if the underlying junk bonds default. In an economic crash people in these bond funds will lose their shirts. This is what Icahn is warning people of.

                In a market crash there will be a scramble to sell these bond funds, like a run on a bank. There won’t be buyers for these bonds, their value could go to near zero. This is one of the inherent weaknesses of mutual or index or bond funds. They suck in a bear market.

                Do I use index funds, absolutely, I have an IRA. In a good economy they work well. Currently I exited all these funds and the money is currently making zero as it sits in cash. Yup making zero is better than losing money.

          • I am suspicious that he may be working nights as The Most Interesting Man Alive!

        • Does anybody wonder why so many articles involve “billionaire said this” “Billionaire said that” by being a billionaire does it suddenly give me two ounces of legitimacy? I would think most people who make the billionaire club have squashed quite a few of their fellow men and thereby introduce themselves into the asshole club. just saying…we all kiss ass and pander to these likely psychopaths without thinking

      2. A billionaire tells us that this isn’t going to end well. Hell, anyone that balanced a check book with an IQ above 100 can see it. Its not an if but a when. When, when, when.

        • Kev:

          Every college course has a 101 after it. My professor told me that it is code for “If your IQ isn’t over 100, don’t take my class”.

      3. Icahn… Don’t worry about the peasants. Although you are part of the master race but you and your billionaire buddies need to worry about yourselves since no matter where you go or no matter how remote your positions would be, someone will locate you. Small world indeed.

      4. europe is overrun with refugees, europe is destroyed, the same thing will happen to the usa, are ya ready,

        • Refugees by themselves are not a problem.

          The problem is refugees with a political agenda!

          Watch for it!

          One word….. sharia!

          • Wrong.
            Islamic immigrants will change your neiborhood, County, State and Country at each and every opportunity apportioned to them by weak spineless leadership.
            Don’t make the mistake of seeing the Muslim immigrants as ordinary folk.
            They literally want to dominate you.


          • how about a religious agenda, in the name of allah.

      5. Any dipshit can shout the sky is falling. I would be more impressed with this guy if he offered a solution.

        I think what is really going on is a change in government and society. We are going from capitalism to communism.

        What better way to usher that in than a total economic meltdown.

        • We are beyond simple solutions. The solution now is a crash/correction. The upside will take decades. Figure out how to survive it!

        • Oh, never thought of it that way? They have to have control all the way down?

      6. When I was a kid, I worked and saved money. I got perhaps 4.5%. There was almost no inflation. Then we let Liberal Democrats into the system. You know them, the people who spit on Vets, like me. Someone elected them, gave them life terms as judges, and hired the scum of the earth and placed them in positions of power, based solely on the color of their skin.
        A day of reckoning will come.
        The Democrat culture will die.

        • Can’t happen soon enough for me !!!

        • relllk

          The writing was on the wall in August 1971 when the US abandoned the Bretton Woods agreement pegging the USD to gold at a fixed $35 oz. The US spent money on defense, war and “The Great Society”. France called us on it and demanded gold, we reneged on our agreement (our promises aren’t historically kept). Instantly it was money for nothing. Whatever moderating force a standard had (and there were uncounted ways to circumvent its disciplining intent) we’re now gone.

          Its not a Democrat or Republican cause as they’re both guilty. This being said don’t hold your breath for a solution to come from them either. They’re not foolish or stupid; They’re just working for someone else not us.

      7. just keep working for the greater good. The balance of power is off and in favor of socialism. The pope preaches self sacrafice to help the poor. This is a man who lives in a palace and wears handmade slippers around. Too many poor folks voting and liberals promising free shit for votes will keep them in power. Hillary is Teflon she cannot do anything wrong and if she fails it’s Biden or Bernie sanders a socialist. Either way it don’t pay to be a worker nowadays. Better get used to living poor and being happy with it. Personal financial success is not looked at favorably in America anymore. The agenda is redistribution of wealth so all people are equal. Pope said we are all equal in gods eyes. This is supposed to bring comfort to folks that are having their wealth confiscated through fees taxes and paycuts.

      8. It is what it is! No doubt things have been interesting concerning the market, but that’s what I like to call a so what moment. Until a reset happens, the system will feed itself. Red in the evening and the next morning, the numbers have changed and we’re green again. The whole system needs a reset, and it needs an over haul of elected officials. Until that event happens the system will continue its manipulation of the markets, and precious metals. So like the old saying goes it has to get worse before it can get better.

      9. Hcks please come back and put these agency ads clowns in place.

        • lolong.

          Hcks is zombie food.


          • Correction, I have NOW become a pile of zombie shit. Oh well, Texas still has the gold and Dave Hodges rules!

        • Hicks blagged himself into a blind corner.
          He’ll be back soon with all his scenarios blazing no doubt.
          Just give him some time to settle and to reflect.

          You know the phrase lolong…


          Don’t you just love it.

          Hcks will be back.


      10. I love it when Billionaires tell us the SWHTF! Like they care. Last time it hit the fan they lost maybe 5% of their wealth. Where the common man lost 50%.

        If it falls apart they will only loose a little again. The common man will loose an other 50%, and we only recouped maybe 15%.

        If it does happen there isn’t a DAMN thing you or I can do about it.
        PREP, PREP, PREP.


      11. We now have Tropical Storm Joaquin getting ready to sideswipe NC by the end of the week.

        The only thing I have to do at the last minute is move loose things, such as porch furniture, plants, and bird feeders. Everything else is always ready.

        • Wishing you folks the best, hope it doesnt get too bad.

          • I don’t think we’ll have any problems, except for some flooding in low lying areas. We’ve had wind and rain pretty often in the past couple of weeks, so the ground is already wet. The wind has already pruned some of the trees, so maybe the storm won’t litter the yard up too badly.

            Joaquin is only predicted to get up to 65 mph, which means we might get 30 or 35 here. We get that much or more in a regular thunderstorm.

      12. The Asian markets are all down significantly right now. I think the Dow will follow in the morning.

        • The Asian markets ended in the red last night. A couple of the European markets are in the red, and the rest are barely in the green. Experts say the Dow will go up today, but I don’t know.

          Since about noon yesterday, we’ve had seven more M-class solar flares. The strongest was only M3.0. The rest were in the range of M1.1 to M1.4.

          • The Japan market was at it’s annual high on June 24th of 20,868.

            Today it closed at 16,930. That is nearly 4000 points lower, or about a 20% drop, which means they are essentially entering a bear market.

            I still believe something will happen with japan that will set off a big sell off on Wall Street. I haven’t researched to see how much manipulation is going on in Japan, like is happening in China.

        • Dow futures at +43 (opening). As time goes on, they might be firing blanks before closing.

          • Yep, they will ride the see-saw until it snaps. Why? Because the board they ride on, is “rotten”.

      13. Any one know if a metal surefire flashlight would survive a emp?

      14. Regardless. Everybody is going to feel the hard landing when it happens and be impacted in some degree.

        Change(s) are coming and every aspect of our lives will be affected in some degree.

      15. when someone tells says to you that you are crazy for believing in Conspiracy Theories

        I give you this

        CIA prompted false testimony
        In 1990, a woman named Nayirah al-Sabah spoke on the floor of Congress and testified that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers removing Kuwaiti babies from hospital incubators and leaving them to freeze to death. Her testimony created a public outcry against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and helped spur the United States to invade. It was later revealed that Nayirah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that her testimony was false. She even took acting classes at the behest of the CIA so she would be more believable.

        The FBI poisoned alcohol during Prohibition
        Frustrated that the consumption of alcohol wasn’t going away (shocking), the FBI decided to contaminate alcohol with fatal impurities. Some of these impurities included methane, formaldehyde, and ammonia. This denatured alcohol got into the hands of bootleggers and thousands of people would die from it.

        The CIA has a ‘heart attack gun’
        Following the Watergate scandal, US Senator Frank Church held a committee to investigate the goings on of the US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, and NSA). One of the things that was revealed is that the CIA possessed a gun they claimed would give someone a heart attack and leave no identifiable trace. The gun worked by firing a small poison dart (made of frozen liquid) that would penetrate clothing and skin. The poison would melt inside the target’s body and cause a heart attack.

        Gulf of Tonkin Incident
        In August 1964, there were two highly publicized incidents in the Gulf of Tonkin off of the coast of North Vietnam. The USS Maddox was attacked by patrols of North Vietnamese patrol boats. These incidents were used as justification to increase US military involvement in Vietnam. In 2005, it was revealed that the second incident never actually involved North Vietnamese forces. The USS Maddox seems to have been firing at nothing in particular.

        Operation Snow White
        Unhappy with the scrutiny that it was receiving by various international governments, the Church of Scientology began Operation Snow White, which infiltrated various governments with covert agents. The Church of Scientology placed 5,000 covert agents inside of the US Government alone. The Scientologists engaged in wiretapping, espionage, destroying and confiscating government files and much more. Eventually Operation Snow White was found out and 11 high ranking members of the Church of Scientology were convicted of various espionage charges.

        The Business Plot
        The Business Plot was a conspiracy in 1934 to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt and replace him with a fascist military leader. The plot had the backing of many Wall Street bankers, the powerful DuPont family and Prescott Bush (the father of former President George H.W. Bush and grandfather of former president George W. Bush). The conspiracy was found out when the conspirators approached retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler about acquiring the military assistance to complete the coup. Gen. Butler immediately reported the incident. None of the conspirators were ever charged for the plot.

        COINTELPRO Against Activists in the 60s
        COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and often illegal projects conducted by the FBI to disrupt, discredit and infiltrating domestic political organizations. 85% of COINTELPRO’s operations focused on “subversive” groups, many of which were deemed to have communist or socialist leanings. Among those targeted include the NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr. and various other Civil Rights leaders. The other 15% of COINTELPRO’s operations focused on disrupting white supremacist groups, including the Ku Klux Klan.

        Operation Mockingbird
        Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the CIA to influence the media (both domestically and abroad). This was accomplished by recruiting American journalists to present the views of the CIA to the public. The CIA also funded student and cultural organizations and influenced foreign political campaigns. Operation Mockingbird helped influence American public opinion by restricting where journalists were allowed to report.

        Tuskegee Syphilis Study
        In 1932 the Public Health Service began a study where they monitored 600 poor sharecroppers (mostly black). 400 of those studied had syphilis when the study began (but were unaware of it). The participants of the study believed that they were receiving free health care from the government. Unfortunately for them, the PHS was only monitoring their condition and even actively withheld penicillin (which is used to cure syphilis) from the participants. When the study was revealed to the public in 1972, many participants had died from syphilis, along with many sexual partners who had contracted the disease. In addition several children were born with life threatening congenital syphilis.

        MK Ultra
        MK Ultra was an illegal program undertaken by the CIA to develop methods of mind control and various torture methods. The CIA used human subjects for experiments, often without their knowledge or consent. Some of these experiments included experimental chemical compounds such as LSD. Overall, the scope of the project was very broad with over 80 different institutions participating, including universities, hospital and mental institutes. When the project was outed to the American public, the director of the CIA ordered most of its documentation destroyed. So our knowledge of MK Ultra is limited. However we do know that the program has ties that include several Nazi scientists, (along with several other CIA projects).

        all of these have been proven to be 100% true

      16. It does make you wonder if this crisis is designed to introduce a one world currency.

      17. Enemy of the State:

        Penicillin was discovered in 1928 in England. People began using it to treat infections in 1942.

        So how in 1932, 10 years before use by the public, would penicillin be used to treat syphilis?

        • good question

          Im not the author of such findings above , I just bring shit like this to peoples attention

          and IF that was all you could find, out of all of the above that you thought was wrong , my point is still made with the remaining articles

          thanks for playing, catch you next time

          • Apparently the study started in 1932 but continued into the 1940s. The people in the study were not given any treatment used at that time to inhibit the bacterial infection. Sulfa was a useful antibiotic at the time although far less effective then the later spore antibiotics. The study group we’re not told the truth. The worst part is below.

            “The 40-year study was controversial for reasons related to ethical standards, primarily because researchers knowingly failed to treat patients appropriately after the 1940s validation of penicillin as an effective cure for the disease they were studying.”

        • Because the govt/military does what they damned well please–without any oversight, esp. the Federal Drug Admin.

      18. From wikipedia:

        The Tuskegee syphilis experiment (/tʌsˈkiːɡiː/)[1] was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African-American men in Alabama. They were told that they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government.[1]

        The Public Health Service started working on this study in 1932 during the Great Depression, in collaboration with the Tuskegee Institute, a historically black college in Alabama. Investigators enrolled in the study a total of 600 impoverished sharecroppers from Macon County, Alabama. Of these men, 399 had previously contracted syphilis before the study began, and 201[2] did not have the disease. The men were given free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance for participating in the study. None of the men infected were ever told they had the disease, nor were any treated for it with penicillin after this antibiotic became proven for treatment. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the men were told they were being treated for “bad blood”, a local term for various illnesses that include syphilis, anemia, and fatigue.

        The 40-year study was controversial for reasons related to ethical standards, primarily because researchers knowingly failed to treat patients appropriately after the 1940s validation of penicillin as an effective cure for the disease they were studying. Revelation in 1972 of study failures by a whistleblower led to major changes in U.S. law and regulation on the protection of participants in clinical studies. Now studies require informed consent [3] communication of diagnosis, and accurate reporting of test results.[4]

        By 1947, penicillin had become the standard treatment for syphilis. Choices available to the doctors involved in the study might have included treating all syphilitic subjects and closing the study, or splitting off a control group for testing with penicillin. Instead, the Tuskegee scientists continued the study without treating any participants; they withheld penicillin and information about it from the patients. In addition, scientists prevented participants from accessing syphilis treatment programs available to other residents in the area.[5] The study continued, under numerous US Public Health Service supervisors, until 1972, when a leak to the press resulted in its termination on November 16 of that year.[6] The victims of the study included numerous men who died of syphilis, 40 wives who contracted the disease, and 19 children born with congenital syphilis.[7]

        The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, cited as “arguably the most infamous biomedical research study in U.S. history”,[8] led to the 1979 Belmont Report and the establishment of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP).[9] It also led to federal laws and regulations requiring Institutional Review Boards for the protection of human subjects in studies involving human subjects. The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) manages this responsibility within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).[10]

      19. Iiiits got one wing… iiiit’ll still fly… come onnnnn… 😀

      20. Let’s see,

        1. Interest rate issue
        2. Debt issue
        3. Loosing the good jobs issue
        4. Civil unrest issue
        5. Commie president who hates America issue
        6. Dumb #$% public who voted him in TWICE
        7. Lost the last lead smelt plant in America
        7. Loosing our last unranium centrifuge in America


        If you are still in denial on whats going down I don’t know what to tell you.

        People get ready!

      21. I watched Icohn’s full video. It was light on facts, he seems to have a problem with Black Rock and thinks they will be the creator of a black swan event with the junk bond derivatives they have been selling. Essentially Icahn believes there will be a crash soon and it will spread to the junk bond business which will in turn destroy any businesses that depend on those investment instruments to operate specifically bond index funds.

        Watching Jim Cramer’s “MAD Money” tonight, he’s now calling a bear market. He’s looks a bit flustered! He’s expecting more downside.

      22. A man was unemployed and desperate. He went from one building to another asking for any job. He would do any job no matter what it was. Finally he found himself in front of a house that was said to be a brothel. Being a descent man he only reluctantly went inside. The owner of the establishment told him that indeed he could pay him generously as he was in need of a bookkeeper. The man lowered his head and said he would take the job but he could not read or write. The owner of the establishment told him that in that case he could help himself to the fruit in the back of the house anytime but he could not employ a man as a bookkeeper who could not read or write. The man filled his hands with fruit and after eating one he went to the corner and sold the rest. He returned everyday. Got fruit and sold it. Soon he had a fruit stand. Then a store. Then a supermarket. And then he had a chain of supermarkets and he was a billionaire. He was being interviewed on T.V. by a well known journalist who said, “You did all this and you couldn’t read or write. Imagine what you could have done if you could read and write.” The man answered, “Yes, If I had been able to read and write, I could have been a bookkeeper in a whore house.”

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