Long List Of Weather Control Patents Prove Technology Exists To Manipulate Storms

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 34 comments

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    With major storms such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hitting the United States with ferocity, questions have arisen by those mainly dubbed “conspiracy theorists.” But according to an extensive list of government patents, technology does indeed exist to control and manipulate such storms.

    According to Natural News, a quick perusal of the government’s many patents and trademarks for weather modification and “geoengineering” suggests that the powers that be, indeed, have covert tools at their disposal that are capable of affecting and perhaps even controlling certain elements of the weather.

    The Oxford Geoengineering Programme claims that this kind of manipulation is all done in the name of counteracting the invented science of climate change. But if that’s the case, could the world’s governments use this technology to cause destruction? It certainly appears that not only is the answer “yes,” but also that they already have.

    A list, compiled by GeoEngineeringWatch.org, dates back to 1891 and offers some keen insights as to what the “deep state” could be up to in terms of creating or manipulating severe weather events. The earliest known patent designed to manipulate the weather was filed on July 16, 1891. It is titled, “Method of Producing Rain-fall.” It explains how the rapid evaporation and air chilling can be used to create condensation in the atmosphere, or cloud-seeding, so to speak, thusly producing more rain. A man by the name of Louis Gathmann of Chicago, Illinois, is credited as being the inventor of this technique.

    Of course, that older technology. Several decades later on August 6, 1913, another patent was filed by a man named James M. Cordray for a Rain-Maker” balloon that can supposedly produce rain at any given time, even during dry seasons. All of the earliest known geoengineering patents pertain to creating artificial rain, clouds, and even fog, likely not as destruction, but to aid in the cases of severe drought.  But these patents also include making rain from moving aircraft, as is the case with unexplained “chemtrail” emissions.

    In 1951, a patent was filed to specifically modify weather. The patent is literally titled “Process for controlling weather,” and was officially filed on April 24, 1951. The patent plainly outlines the procedure done to manipulate and control weather patterns. Numerous patents filed after this one detail the apparatus for disseminating weather modification “material.”

    By the 1970s, patents for “biologically active chemicals” become to pop up, as do patents for artificially altering atmospheric precipitation. There’s even a patent that was filed on August 11, 1987 for “HAARP,” also known as the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

    HAARP is considered by many to be a covert weather manipulation program and most who dare to look into the program are immediately dubbed “conspiracy theorists.” But this particular patent proves weather manipulation is a reality, and since this is true, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory – it’s a conspiracy fact. Its very title explains that the purpose of the HAARP patent is to serve as a “method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere.”

    These patents all suggest that humans, likely the global elite, can manipulate the size and frequency of hurricanes such as Harvey or Irma.  They can even dictate to the storm which path it should take. This can’t necessarily be proven yet, but the patent list suggests that it’s at the very least possible, that should someone want to use this technology they can…and they probably have.

    It’s entirely possible that the general public will never truly know the extent of these types of weather modification techniques, including how effective or useful they are or if and when they have been used. But the patents exist for a reason…


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      1. Trump is now part of ‘The Elite’ who are all a part of controlling the intensity and direct path of hurricanes. Watch and see. Within 2-4 years, resorts, high rises and towers bearing the Trump name, will be open for business all over every one of the recently destroyed US islands. Trumps main reason for wanting to be President was to enrich himself, not to MAGA, which we will never see.

      2. While on Guam,
        I supported typhoon chasers.
        the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane
        is which side of the date line you are on.
        these cyclonic storms are huge heat engines
        driven by the heat stored in the ocean.
        Oceans heated by the sun and not by
        insignificant humans.
        Most small hurricanes/typhoons consume more energy
        (in BTU’s) than mankind has created
        or will create in our
        foreseeable future.
        The idea that man can control
        that much energy is absurd.
        Yes we can make it rain,
        but can we stop it?
        Can we control billons of tons of
        moist air, no.
        We can’t even begin to influence
        where it moves.

        • A simplistic, naive view. You are underestimating the technology. They can control more than you believe.

        • Yes we can seed rain clouds and make it rain. But if there is not sufficient moisture in those clouds seeding them does nothing. I seen first hand a sort of coud seeding or rain making. Near Newark they built a coal fired electric plant. built two huge cooling towers to cool the water and recycle most of it. Now those towers emit these clouds of steam continually and the wind blows those clouds west toward Jacksonport Ar. And when those clouds of steam hit the black river it starts pouring rain. There is never a drought in that area. The evaporation from the river triggers those man made steam clouds to let go. Also ive seen on hot summer days when those center pivot irrigation sprinklers where going. a cloud would pass overhead and when it got above that evaporation from the irrigation it would start raining. It looks like simple technology to me. Now creating clatyclismic events that’s pretty far fetched.

          • Old Guy, this is not about cloud seeding, it is about HAARP and other weaponized weather phenom our government maniacs have created. It is all very real and very destructive forces that control freaks are unleashing on this earth.

            I am not saying for a certainty that these recent events of the hurricanes were all caused by such, but I am saying these weapons exist and have been tested and used in the last decades. These maniacs of the deep state apparatus are trying to manipulate the weather to control people and events ! John Brennan admitted it, so you know it is a deep state phenom. Also aerosol spraying of the atmosphere is quite a real phenom as well, which he also admitted is taking place actively. Do your research/due diligence and find many truths.

            • What Haarp does is send radio waves horizontally thru the ionosphere until it hits a grid that is sprayed by airplanes. that grid contains barium and other stuff. When it hits that grid its directed downward and maps whatever is below the surface and how deep it is located. Its a exploration tool. They want to map every natural resource and drop of water on the planet. HAARP does not create hurricanes and other clatyclismic events. Its simply a shifting of the earths magnetic poles. Possibly a magnetic reversal. Its not a extinction event. Its a end of an age event. Quite a big deal but not caused by mans actions.

        • I totally disagree with everything in your post. You either have your head up your a$$ or you are senile. I too am a relic thus I have been around long enough to know that the weather can no longer be read, as was common in my younger years. Are you one of the scientist that has worked with HAARP and NOOAH? I ask because thou dost protest to much.

      3. Mother nature control the weather. We might be able to have some effect, but Mother always wins.


        • Sgt. Dale, mother nature is being raped daily by the control freaks and humans general ignorance. Nothing new at all. And yes there is always some sort of counter affect or action from such stupidity.

      4. Are we that arrogant?

        • Yes mankind is that arrogant. And evil. Jesus is returning to destroy those who destroy the earth. Revelation 11:18

      5. For a small fee of 19.99 and 7.99 for shipping and handling, I will send you directions on how you to control everything from hurricanes, tornadoes, to where lightning strikes. Hate your in-laws or ex-wife, no problem. Poof create a tornado and blow their house away. Can’t make your house payment. Poof create a thunderstorm to hit your house with lightning and burn it to the ground. Hey, imagine the possibilities. All for the simple price of 19.99 plus shipping and handling.

      6. I spooked a butterfly the other day…. oops.

      7. Yeah, no shit;

        They have known since the 50’s how to do it…

      8. Where is my conspiracy theory badge of doubt, every imagined government lie is questioned by free thinkers, those thinking outside the box have a long history of acknowledged lies revealed after the actual truth emerges. The list is endless. Conspiracies rejected is government believed. Without conspiracy theorists people would be forever stuck as cloned automatons unable to think for themselves, TPTB ideal citizens. To think that with todays technology the weather is not manipulated can be called a conspiracy theory.

        • aljamo, it is also a simple reality created by the control freaks we have called our government. They are the deep state apparatus that has morphed into the nightmare and matrix we see today we are all affected by greatly!

          This is why they must be defeated and destroyed and that can only happen if they are exposed for all to see. As always I am disappointed in how slow Americans are to grasp many matters. They have been seriously dumbed down for the same reasons and by the same people.


      9. Now I can’t find it again but there was a news story from the 1920’s I think where a guy duplicated Nicola Tesla’s tower and caused a massive deluge flooding the town and the town sued him for damages.
        Goes to prove weather modification is real and was done a century ago!

      10. First, we don’t control enough energy to really change the weather on a large scale.

        Second, the patent for HAARP says nothing at all about doing anything that would affect the weather. Also, I’ve read many patents for things that don’t even work, as the patent office employees aren’t qualified to check or even understand much of what they stamp “approved.”

        Third, I’ve never seen “chemtrails.” Until I see them, I say they don’t exist. The photos I’ve seen (if not photoshopped) seem to be near big cities with big airports, which of course would have a lot of regular contrails from jets. The photo of the inside of an airline with tanks that conspiracy sites show off is actually from an airline manufacturer brochure showing how they test their planes for variable loading and stability by pumping water from tanks in one part of the plane to another.

        Fourth, if someone was able to make and/or control hurricanes, how come no major hurricanes hit the US for 12 years? How come the hurricanes that we do have still form in the same regions they always have and follow similar paths as in the past? Most of our worst ones form near Cape Verde Islands, and that’s been so for many, many years.

        This is nothing but a false conspiracy. You’d think Democrat-level intelligence was at work here.

        • What do you mean by your second statement claiming there is no mention of weather manipulation in the patent link? You obviously did not read it and skipped to do so because of arrogance. The link explains very thoroughly how HAARP can perform weather influences through manipulating the various levels of ionosphere. Very technically put, too. Leading scientists who are the ones to understand these processes can agree weather can be manipulated technologically. And why not so? We have always succeeded to invent great things that normally SHOULD seem impossible. If not today, then in a few years, 10, 25, 50 years from now?? Who’s to challenge gat the future isn’t really now ? This tech would be a closely kept secret anyways, one only for the privy of a ‘ deep state ‘ style of government.
          So, stop feeling that such things should not be possible and begin rather to think why such a technology would be possible and useful towards a bent agenda for warfare and gain. Governments are corrupt and lie constantly about the technology they protect. Anything one can think of as unique and newfangled, they already have 25 years ago.

      11. Controlling weather? Total bullshit.

      12. Your attention is directed to “the John Moore Show” September 13.2017, on Youtube.I offer no opinion,form your own after listening to Prof.James McCanney on weather control.

        • Good interview. Also see this report
          ht tp://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalarwar02.htm
          U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen Warns about eco-terrorism using scalar electromagnetic weapons
          “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves…

          • You believe it because Willian Cohen says so. Isnt Cohen a Jxx? Many countries are not covering up the fact that the Magnetic pole shift is occurring. China has built ghost citys. Russia has built it citizens underground bunkers. The good old USA has built places like Mt Weather for their countinuation of government plans. Even the elete wealthy have made preps for the looming pole shift and possible reversal. Yet they refuse to enlighten the American citizens so that they might prepare themselves for whats happening. Those assholes like Cohen are part of the NWO. They want a 90% die off. They try and blame some others (terrorist) so as to keep their war mongering funded and accepted by the sheeple.

        • http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalarwar02.htm
          Scalar interferometry, Tesla howitzer, Tesla dome, heat/cold, dudding, 10 nations have them, dead-man fusing & Insane Systems, scalar strategy, earthquakes and weather wars, solar storms, mind attacks, leased to Yakuza, many examples of testing, quantum potential weapons.

      13. Patients Prove? Come on we are smarter than that. There are all sorts of patents on things that do not work. anything can be patented .What is happening with the planet is not mans doing. Its a naturally occuring shifting of the planets Magnetic poles. And It would be happening even if man had never walked the earth. Lately the shifting has speeded up and the clatyclismic events have increased significantly to go right along with that pole shifting.

        • Old Guy, we were smarter than allowing Obama to be president also weren’t we ? So what happened to the smart Americans then ?

          We are manipulated in a myriad of ways here in USA !

          • I wasn’t referring to the general population of sheeple who vote in the US elections. I was referring to the skeptical think for themselves folks here at SHTF who are not gullible. We want irrefutable proof. You seem to believe it actually matters who is president. Most who post here know there is not, hasn’t been, and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution.

      14. deplorable infidel, I read all of that last night,it was quite involved, to say the least.I kept following the attachments until I damn near went blind,the Health Ranger had an interview with Dane Wiggens of Geoengineering watch.org and they had an attachment to the same web site.Very interesting,I think some of the doubters should at least read up on the subject before discounting it.

      15. You can’t be serious…you do know that even if something doesn’t work you can get a fucking patent for it, right?

      16. Yes, geo-engineering is a tool they hope to use to mitigate Global Warming as a “band-ade” until they can come up with technology to extract carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere… which, will have to be done in order to have a livable climate… otherwise, we are all dead meat.

        However, no, they do not use this technology to “make storms’!! (duh!)

        Its a scientific fact that the hotter the ocean water, the more violent the storm (when hurricanes form). Global warming does not cause hurricanes but the hurricanes that form are much more violent, the hotter the water…

      17. Click you’lls heels together and say, “there’s no such thing as global warming…there’s no such thing as global warming”.

        And in the years ahead, when the wild fires have consumed all your material goods, when the ferocious 400-miles-per hour winds scatter your stuff 50 miles down the road, when the sea surge has come ashore and washed all your ammo, food and water jugs and Lord knows what else, out into the ocean… then, don’t say I didn’t tell you so… BECAUSE IT IS COMING!!!!

        Everything– all our material possessions– will all disappear when Mother Nature in the form of Global Warming gets aall disappear when a wild fire comes

      18. Human Extinction By 2030 -An Ice Free Arctic… A Reality …
        An Ice Free Arctic… A Reality Soon (w_ Guest Prof. Peter Wadhams ScD) was uploaded to highlight the overwhelming about of scientific information pointing …

      19. PLEASE SEE HTE VIDEO– “Human extinction by 2030– the reality of an ice free arctic”… if you have thirst for knowledge.

        Its an interview with professor Peter Wadhams of University of Cambridge… Professor Wadhams, ScD, professor of Ocean Physics, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group, Dep’t of applied Mathematics and applied theoretical Physics of the University of Cambridge…

        Or, just ignore the interview and believe the above article, written by a no-body.

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