Lock and Load: Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest?

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    Do you get the feeling that we are right on the verge of chaos?  With the government shutdown, the congressional budget deadline of the 17th, the EBT system under threat, and assorted “drills” that, if history proves to be any guide, could be a loose cover for an upcoming false flag, we could be looking at civil unrest in a matter of days.

    These are all situations that we, as individuals, have little control over.

    What we CAN control is our response to a crisis.

    By planning ahead, we can avoid the fear, panic, and confusion that leads people to rush to the store and clear the shelves like a horde of hungry locusts.  We can stay away from the angry masses, the rioters who will use any excuse to steal, and the hungry people who are determined to feed their kids no matter who stands in their way.

    Whether the next few weeks lead to pandemonium due to the welfare strings being cut or some type of martial law, a prepared mindset, a defense plan, and a well-stocked home can help to keep you and your family out of harm’s way.

    In her article Anatomy of a Breakdown, Tess Pennington wrote:

    “When you take the time to understand how a breakdown behaves and how it progresses, only then can you truly prepare for it.

    This glimpse into a systemic breakdown is based on an isolated, limited disaster or event where emergency responders have been deployed. I must emphasize that all bets are off if the event is wide spread, affecting multiple tens of millions of people simultaneously.”

    Here are the most vital things that you can do to be prepared for civil unrest.

    Get home

    In a perfect world, we’d all be home, watching the chaos erupt on TV from the safety of our living rooms.  However, reality says that some of us will be at work, at school, or in the car when unrest occurs.  You need to develop a “get-home” plan for all of the members of your family, based on the most likely places that they will be.

    Devise an efficient route for picking up the kids from school.  Be sure that anyone who might be picking up the children already has permission to do so in the school office.

    Discuss the plan with older kids – there have been rumors that children could be moved by the schools to a secondary location in the event of a crisis.  Some families have formulated plans for their older kids to leave the school grounds in such an instance and take a designated route home or to another meeting place.

    Keep a get-home bag in the trunk of your car in case you have to set out on foot.

    Stash some supplies in the bottom of your child’s backpack – water, a snack, any tools that might be useful, and a map.  Be sure your children understand the importance of OPSEC.

    Find multiple routes home – map out alternative backroad ways to get home as well as directions if you must go home on foot.

    Find hiding places along the way.  If you work or go to school a substantial distance from your home, figure out some places to lay low now, before a crisis situation.  Sometimes staying out of sight is the best way to stay safe.

    Avoid groups of people.  It seems that the mob mentality strikes when large groups of people get together.  Often folks who would never ordinarily riot in the streets get swept up by the mass of people who are doing so.

    Keep in mind that in many civil disorder situations the authorities are to be avoided every bit as diligently as the angry mobs of looters. Who can forget the scenes of innocent people being pepper sprayed by uniformed thugs in body armor just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    Stay home

    Once you make your way home or to your bug-out location …. STAY THERE.

    By staying home, you are minimizing your risk of being caught in the midst of an angry mob or of sitting in stalled traffic while looters run amok.  In most scenarios you will be far safer at home than you will be in any type of shelter or refuge situation. (Obviously if there is some type of chemical or natural threat in your immediate neighborhood, like a toxic leak, a flood, or a forest fire, the whole situation changes – you must use common sense before hunkering down.)

    This is when your preparedness supplies will really pay off. If you are ready for minor medical emergencies and illnesses, a grid down scenario, and a no-comm situation, you will be able to stay safely at home with your family and ride out the crisis in moderate comfort.

    Be sure you have a supply of the following:

    • Water
    • Necessary prescription medications
    • Food and an off grid way to cook it
    • Or food that requires no cooking
    • First aid supplies
    • Lighting in the event of a power outage
    • Sanitation supplies (in the event that the municipal water system is unusuable, this would include cleaning supplies and toilet supplies)
    • A way to stay warm in harsh winter weather
    • Over-the-counter medications and/or herbal remedies to treat illnesses at home
    • Survival and first aid manuals (hard copies in case the internet and power grid are down)
    • Alternative communications devices (such as a hand-crank radio) so that you can get updates about the outside world
    • Off-grid entertainment:  arts and craft supplies, puzzles, games, books, crossword or word search puzzles, needlework, journals

    Be prepared to defend your home

    Sometimes despite our best intentions, the fight comes to us.  Even though we stay home, something about our place draws the attention of an unsavory person or group.  Defense is two-fold.  Your best defense is avoiding the fight altogether. You want to stay under the radar and not draw attention to yourself.  The extent to which you strive to do this should be based on the severity of the unrest in your area. Some of the following recommendations are not necessary in an everyday grid-down scenario, but could save your life in a more extreme civil unrest scenario.

    Keep all the doors and windows locked.  Secure sliding doors with a metal bar.  Consider installing decorative gridwork over a door with a large window so that it becomes difficult for someone to smash the glass and reach in to unlock the door.

    Put dark plastic over the windows. (Heavy duty garbage bags work well.)  If it’s safe to do so, go outside and check to see if any light escapes from the windows. If your home is the only one on the block that is well-lit, it is a beacon to others.

    Don’t answer the door.  Many home invasions start with an innocent-seeming knock at the door to gain access to your house.

    Keep cooking smells to a minimum.  If everyone else in the neighborhood is hungry, the meat on your grill will draw people like moths to a flame.

    Remember that first responders may be tied up.  If the disorder is widespread, don’t depend on a call to 911 to save you – you must be prepared to save yourself.  Also keep in mind, as mentioned earlier in the article – the cops are not always your friends in these situations.

    If, despite your best efforts, your property draws the attention of people with ill intent, you must be ready to defend your family.

    Many preppers stockpile weapons and ammunition for just such an event.  When the door of your home is breached, you can be pretty sure the people coming in are not there to make friendly conversation.  Make a plan to greet them with a deterring amount of force.

    Have a safe room established for children or other vulnerable family members.

    Plan an escape route.  If the odds are against you, devise a way to get your family to safety.


    Every civil unrest scenario is different.  You must make a personal plan based on your environment, your neighbors, and the type of situation that triggered the unrest.  By thinking ahead, you’ve already increased your family’s chances at surviving unscathed.

    Please feel free to share any pat of this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Personal responsibility is being vilified by the media and government. Self reliance is being sold as terrorism. Obama WANTs you to react like all those shut out food stamped thieves at Walmart during the EBT shut down earlier this week. Its all about crowd control.

        • It looks like it’s all boiling down to this simple question. Who here, and across America, is prepared and willing to give their life (if necessary) to put an end, once and for all, to this infectous, toxic, morbid, political/corporate/bankster disease running rampant in America?

          Personally, I’ve never pictured myself as the martyring type, but who knows, maybe someday, very soon, I won’t have a choice in the matter.

          (Note: Talk is cheap. Please, no “Semper Fidelis”, Molon Labe, “from my cold dead hands”, bold bravado. If that was truly the case, guns in the streets would have been doing their “talking”…days, months, years ago.)

          • Daisy, nice refresher. Your statement ‘Your best defense is avoiding the fight altogether’ is paramount. Also don’t be the aggressor, let others under-estimate you, your defenses, and your resolve to protect and defend.

            • DRD5508 – You seem to have wise operational experience. Yes, imperative to avoid firefight since none of us will have backup or a dustoff helo a call sign away.

              Yes, avoid, keep calm, don’t flash your gear, maintain resolve and planning. Wish you were in this eff’d up neighborhood. I am in the midst of the unknowing and the unprepared.

              Best of luck to you and yours.

              • 9er; thank you for the compliment. A little insight for you; I’m a Christian that is in the ministry and employed in the work force. Saying that, I constantly look for the balance of trying to reflect Christ and using military knowledge to keep my family and others safe and secure. Been around the military my whole life and spent 9.5 years of my life over seas. I’ve studied a lot of history and military tactics and seen first hand what does and doesn’t work. This knowledge has helped me in the spiritual warfare as well.
                Personally I wish I could help you opsec your area and teach you how to profile and keep potential foes from being aggressive. Everybody seems to be an expert but on this sight there are some very good and experienced people. They know who they are and they exhibit alot of military sense/experience; to them I say amen brothers and I very rarely feel the need to add anything.
                Now, what most here need to study up on is urban assault tactics by tptb, which is basically new to this country. There are glaring weaknesses in their tactics which I have said in the past ‘experienced personnel will see the weaknesses’. I’d share them but then this sight is monitored.
                Any ways, thanks and May the peace and grace of God be with you and yours.

            • Daisy or whoever she really is, has to say that since she isn’t a gun owner and doesn’t shoot. Anyone who is a gun owner and is trained wouldn’t write a defense article without talking about defense. This is too overgeneralized to be serious. She’s not the only one though and there are others like her but when face to face with an armed robber or drug crazed zombie she better have some hand to hand combat experience or the chance for survival dropped down to near zero.

              Of course there are ways to defend yourself with firearms and that includes perimeter security and set traps. Everyone thinks about the other guy and even warns “them” but the irony is that they are not often prepared themselves.

              Daisy would be best to stick with the food preps and leave defense to those who understand the subject.

              • I read a lot about the survival/prepping thing, since clearly, there is an inescapable logic to the general advice: “keep your lamps trimmed and burning”. Let me also point out that I already claim more ignorance about any topic than any of you guys.

                Somehow, “Daisy’s” comment didn’t show up for me this morning, so I have to sort of infer as to what she said about “avoiding the fight altogether”. Such a strategy would definitely save more ammo than an alternate strategy. Also, food, energy, damage to the property, as well as the pragmatic aspects of foregoing all that arduous and messy grave digging afterwards.

                Avoiding the fight is a strategy available to the armed as well as the unarmed. It does need to be put into perspective, so that one can prioritize one’s proposed activities. There’s a lot of activities to be prioritized:

                OPSEC is important, food prep is important, electricity, medicine, water, also important. Most of you all are familiar with that pretty long list, of which I highlight only a few items. It seems obvious that any survival plan would depend on a division of labor between members of a group who prefer to survive.

                Avoiding the fight altogether increases your chances of survival, and is more profitable besides. Still, if one is in one place, the fight might be brought home, even tho one would rather avoid that.

                The conclusion? “Daisy” should give heed to the defense experts, and the defense experts should give heed to “Daisy”. I’m suggesting that everyone should listen to one another, particularly if rational discussions are being held.

              • Come home Daisy. The meat is on the grill.

          • Former US Navy SEAL Ben Smith (OathKeeper) says the US government ITSELF is CREATING the conditions necessary to impose martial law here in America.


            • KFC…. What in the hell does that have to do with the topic at hand?

              • From the article…

                “Whether the next few weeks lead to pandemonium due to the welfare strings being cut or some type of martial law,…”

              • Man how dumb are you? It has EVERYTHING to do with the topic at hand. Go back to watching TV.

                • We have a high standard here and always stay on topic. Where have you been.

                  • Always stay on topic ? hahahahaha
                    good article , and i think our next homeland security chief is gonna be a martial law instigator.
                    pay close attention to this asshat when he takes office.

              • Uhhhh…pretty much EVERYTHING, Sherlock.

              • meant to read it, but clicked the thumbs up by accident.
                Peterson’s an idiot.

              • Peterson troll, back off from Ky Mom.

            • All conspiracies are not jut theories. Obama constantly violates the constitution, and he has complained how it restricts him, he has never said he admires it. Obama needs a crises to do so, if he manufactured one who would stop him, the US media or the congress? There is no doubt in my mind that he would invoke the NDAA and declare Marshall law and rule by decree if he could. Harry Reid would go along, as would many of the rest of the Senate Dems.

              • Do you think that his nasty behavior of today is part of trying to create a crisis? H’s going over the top on provocation.

                • With out a doubt Sigi. This guy wants a negative reaction for the purpose declaring himself king.

                  Hitler had the Jews. Obama has the tea party.


                  • Actually, there’s a distinct characteristic of tea perty members that you temporarily overlook. It is a particularly scary issue.

            • Watch the clip of “is the shut down Bush’s fault ” priceless.After watching that i realize I don’t have nearly enough ammo

              • Bush did deliberately crash the economy in ’08. It’s one of the Bush legacies that Obama is carrying forward with great vigor.

              • That was an eye opener wasn’t it? Those idiots have no idea what is going on around them. None. Those sheeple simply exist to feed, defecate and procreate. They have no other reason to be on this planet. Keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of these low information twits out there who vote “Black” because of their skin color.

            • Doesn’t surprise me a bit…

          • Neither. I still say the play of the day will be a .357 mag or similar. We will lose all day long if we try to go head to head with the military and military-type police forces. Taking on an MRAP, drone, of F-16 would be a very last resort if not suicide. Our fight will be slow and methodical mixed with opportunistic attacks. Up close shots in crowded areas on higher up decision makers is what will be necessary. These grunts do as they are told (at least the ones we have to worry with). Once the decision makers are dead and the troops aren’t getting paychecks, we won’t need to worry about them any longer. We will take out councilmen, mayors, state reps, federal reps, senators, right on up to whoever is available to be had. There will be no safe place for them to show their faces. Is this dirty fighting? you better fucking believe it is. And it will work. It will work a hell of a lot better than Jeronimoing your ass to an early grave. So be smart, figure out who is calling the shots, and eliminate them. Time wise, we have a while. First the SHTF has to take place, survive that and then move to get the damn country back. May even have to take out some of the mainstream media faces that are the mouthpiece of the adminstration. If we are to succeed we will need to fight on many, many different fronts. Hopefully each of us will only need 200 well placed rounds assassin-style when it all goes south. These are the thoughts on my mind these days. How will we realistically straighten things out down the road? Oh yeah, almost forgot, if we can’t win the hearts and minds of the sheep, we are toast anyway. These low information types will have to have a change of heart for us to make a lasting change back to what we once were.

            • Fair fights are for suckers and sporting events. When it comes to life and death, there are no rules. But I have to disagree with your approach. Going straight for those at the top of the totem pole will be tantamount to suicide.

              And if they are surrounded by military types, you won’t even have a chance to level your gun at bad-breath range before you get shredded by his escort. This is where IED tactics come in and a selective targeting of the chain of command. Most Western militaries could operate just fine, if perhaps in a slightly limited fashion. without their officers, but without their NCO’s? They’ll grind to a halt. Middle leadership is what yiu want to cripple to destroy their. I bat effectiveness.

              • Any decision maker should be afraid to come out into the light. If people got this message on a national scale, we could change things. If things get so bad that none of them show their faces, then the entire economy grinds to a halt. No tax income, printing presses mean nothing. Our enormous, inefficient military would have no tax dollars to operate. The machines won’t run themselves and the men behind them will be trying to keep their families alive. It really all boils down to the will of the people. I pray that the will of the people changes once they see the immense failure that will be brought about by lies piled on top of lies, liberalism, and greed that is so prevalent in our government now. Only time will tell.

                • ‘One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.’—Delamer Duverus

                  What we will have is an asymmetric war, and since we will (at least at first) be the highly out-manned, out-gunned force we will adapt “touch and go” tactics carried out by highly mobile, extremely fast guerrilla teams of 3 to 10 men. In and out before the enemy even knows whats going on. Your “up close shots at high up decision makers” is nothing short of belligerent suicide. No need to throw your life away trying to waste one piece of shit that will be replaced the next day when you can link arms with 2 or 3 other individuals like yourself and make a much larger wound to the enemy’s infrastructure. The purpose of this type of warfare is to destroy the morale of the soldiers fighting you. If the rats have no-one to do their bidding, they can’t very well implement control over us. Once we remove the support/lifeline of the enemy infrastructure, we can drag these vermin from their holes, and bring them before the American people (whatever is left) for trial and JUSTICE. This accomplishes not only the problem of their presence/control, but also sets history straight across the country and across the world about who the villains WERE and who the patriots ARE, how we (the patriots) fought for our liberty and won (again), and how we, the AMERICAN PEOPLE stand together, free, strong and willing to fight and destroy ANYONE who tries to take our liberty from us, or dares tread on our Constitution. All of this being said, before we can have a proper war, we have to wait for the animals to be out of the way (shtf). We have to let it burn before we can begin to rebuild. So all we have to do is hunker down, survive the collapse, and then we will begin to land critical blows to our enemy and take back what is ours.

                  Sua Sponte

                  • The working middle class is what built America and it is being systematically destroyed. The people who are most responsible for this sad fact are the ultra wealthy and the career welfare moochers. This could be remedied in the flowing fashion:
                    #1. CEO’s who have moved production and jobs out of America and into third world countries, must be arrested tried and convicted of economic treason against the people of the United States. All assets of said CEO’s to be seized and applied to the federal deficit.
                    #2. Any company who moved production and jobs out of America and into the third world, may no longer sell their products in the United States.
                    #3. Companies that do not pay a living wage, or allow a standard 40 hour work week, while paying CEO’s 20, 40, 100 million dollar bonuses per yearly quarter shall be closed.
                    #4. Lobbyist shall no longer have jobs, government shall be for the people by the people of America.
                    #5. Banks, Insurance companies and their CEOs who received bailout money shall be required to pay back all monies received at the same interest level they charge credit card customers.
                    #6. Oil companies who have insisted that high oil prices are necessary and good, while creating phoney oil shortages and paying CEO’s 100, 200…million dollar bonuses shall be charged with economic treason against the American people. All assets of said CEO’s to be seized and applied to the federal deficit.
                    #7. Any and all illegal aliens found in the United States shall be charged with economic sabotage, and executed.
                    #8. The entire Southern border of the USA shall be land mined.
                    #9. All foreign aid programs to third world nations shall be terminated.
                    #10. Anchor babies and their mothers shall be charged
                    with economic sabotage, and deported.
                    #11. Any person on AFDC, WIC, Welfare, SNAP, Section 8
                    Housing, SSI disability who has never worked in the country a day in their lives, shall be terminated. Unless a real,severe and provable disability exists.
                    #12 A program to restore the competitive edge of American production shall be implemented, to restore our formerly highest standard of living.
                    #13. EPA, DHS, OSHA and the IRS shall be reduced to
                    1/10 of their previous size.
                    #14. Third world immigration to the United States is to be suspended.
                    #15. CAFTA NAFTA and all other trade agreements that weaken the American economy and its people, shall be declared null and void.

                    What do you think?

                  • We can agree to disagree on some things. I think your little groups of fast 10 men are going to get droned to hell and hunted down. Their technology is not a joke and they have shown little regard for collateral damage. Hiding among the crowds and homes won’t help much with these guys. I feel that it will have to be up close warfare that makes the most difference. 5-30 yard shots in open air on political leaders and figures that are openly hellbent on rewriting the Constituion. Maybe it is suicide, maybe not. Depends on the situation. But there are so many variables as to what Amercian life will be like and how easy/hard the targets are going to be. Right now it would be easy to do. These guys are vulnerable as it stands right now. After SHTF, who knows. But as stated previously, if the country is at that point, there will be no appreciable revenues for them to work from. Hell, right now we are short $1 trillion/year. In reality, I am certain it will take some of your tactics, mixed with some of mine, only nationwide with thousands of patiriots involved.

                  • Asymmetric warfare will be the name of the game. And for those proposes you want small cells with a decentralized command structure. Period. So yes, it means working in small groups of no more than a dozen and maintaining your regular pattern of life as much as possible.

                    And if drones were that effective, why are there successful IED strikes every week in Afghanistan? You warn against underestimating military hardware but you make the other mistake: overestimating its capabilities. A drone can’t strike something they haven’t found yet. And if illiterate Afghan savages can avoid being hit by Predators and Reapers, then educated Americans should have little trouble doing so, assuming they follow some simple OPSEC and COMSEC measures.

                    You call for suicidal direct action. If you are going to go that route, at least consider the use of suicide vehicle-borne IEDs, if only to increase your chance of nailing the target, although the collateral damage will do murder to your public support.

                  • Well said.

                    “All warfare is based on deception” – Sun Tzu

                • @gonetoolong,

                  Have you heard of Secret Service? They DO NOT fuck around. I’m sorry to say it buddy but you aren’t getting anywhere near these fuckers with ill intent without getting shredded. You might get a round or two off before they canoe your dome but then that all goes back to my original point…FOR WHAT? You take out any of these high priorities and they just get replaced the next day by someone exactly the same or worse AND you are dead and can no longer make a positive difference. We fight smart! NOT stupid. We exploit all weaknesses in our enemy and completely avoid their strengths. Security detail on high priority individuals is MOST DEFINITELY one of their strengths. You’re correct that tech, including drones is an obstacle. Also, it is pretty much definitive from history that during guerrilla warfare, it never works out well for the guerrillas. However, it will be our only way to fight, and our only chance at success, simply due to the fact that we are out-manned and out-gunned. Instead of going out trying to ghost one piece of shit, how about you break them down from the outside, using fear as a weapon to break down morale of their support structure so that sooner or later all you have to do is walk up to them and put one right between their eyes. You WILL make 100 times the difference by linking arms with individuals like yourself and using your brain to conduct smart, well planned, covert ops to strike at the enemy’s weak spots. Do what you want on a personal level, but as a former specialist in this very area of expertise, trust me when I say that your plan is nothing but wasteful suicide. Link arms. Come to UT and fight next to me. We may very well get destroyed in the end but I guarantee you I’m taking A LOT of shit bags with me.

                  Sua Sponte

                  • Beg to differ on technology. If illiterate half-savages in Afghanistan can dodge drones and blow up armoured vehicles using extremely advanced counter-IED equipment, then educated Americans can definitely do the exact same.

              • Canadian Vet you are right.
                1st day of hand to hand with fixed bayonets I went perfect form against my TO. Strike parry, block then when I went for the butt-stroke that little SOB kicked me in the nuts.
                Lesson learned.
                Fight to win, not gain points or look good for the ladies.
                And the other thing, most soldiers unlike in Hollywood mistrust all officers except direct CO’s. The actual NCO’s are the lifeblood.
                Co-incidentally my stepson just made Corporal.

            • I like the way you think

            • well to start with the miliatry would not go along at least the ones I know would stand for the counstion and government

              • William, this is a wrong assumption that most people believe. When the order comes to arrest or fire upon your friends, family, and neighbors, 95% will obey those orders. Why? Because if they don’t they will be fired, arrested, or executed. Everyone around them will obey, and peer pressure works. They will be fed lies that they are patriots killing the evil terrorists, and everyone will cheer them for it.

                How do I know it will work out this way? History proves it. Every time in human history when police / military are ordered to do evil things, they obey their orders. Sorry to break it to you, but when the SHTF, the police and military will be the instruments of tyranny, not freedom, and they will be our enemy.

                • Warren, you are 50% correct. About half the military will defect if the SHTF. You loose more Americans by the current American way of life in such an environment… paycheck to paycheck living or by their SNAP card payments with no plan if it ever stops.

                  Most took an oath to protect the constitution, not to their CO. Many military dudes have common sense, most Americans do not (this is in itself another topic).

                  You underestimate the military YOU pay for.


                  Maj. Cocktail

            • There’s also Shakespeare’s suggestion.

            • I’ve had the same thoughts as you. Make a list of commies/progressives/liberals in your local county, city and state governments. Look at law enforcement too. How does the police chief stand and the county Sheriff? If they are on the side of the Obamanites then they will have to be removed as well. My thoughts are when the SHTF most anyone in uniform will be a target of opportunity. Sad to say we won’t know good from bad since they will all be wearing uniforms. But, with that said I have to think that these people KNOW they are going to be targets of a corrupt and criminal Regime and to expect it or fight against the Regime. Break out your stashes of weapons and plan accordingly when you are attacked. Also, get the home addresses of all local, state, etc people in power and their relatives home addresses. This should be obvious why. Cut off the snake heads and go after them where they live. It will be one hell of a bloody revolution.

              • Sledge Hammer: Really, so you have an IDEA, but you’ve done nothing other than ‘think’ about it. If you don’t already know who stands for what in your area at this late hour, then you’re all talk. And now that you’ve ‘spoken’ your mind, you’re a ‘known’ person to TPTB. If you’ve had meaningful military training (combat arms MOS), then you are already a target to be dealt with in the first few hours of WTSHTF. If not, then you’ll be ignored like the rest of the mall ninjas who’ve never had to pull/use a gun on another human being.

            • And if you believe that the government is snooping the way it is supposed, you just signed your own death warrant by making such statements on public forums.

          • You’re on point with your sentiments. Too many people still have it cush. You will never see a revolt until a large number of working class are desperate. Nothing shocking here, right?

          • We all know there is a line that can not be crossed. I imagine when that line is crossed, it will unify the Patriots of this nation in a way that will make the patriotism felt on 9/11 pale in comparison. It will take an event so devastating we will put our squabbles aside and unite. Until then, we will continue to use non-violence. People are waking up. The question is becoming one of time. Can the Patriots turn this country around before the Statists destroy it? This generation of young adults (20-40 year olds) is the last hope. The generation coming up will be dominated in number by government dependent, gun hating, God denying zombies ready to re-write the Constitution and give up all their rights to the benefit of the State.

            • Well, I can’t run recon anymore, but I can pluck the fuck out of chickens and keep the tar pot hot…

              • Pluck the fuck. Hmm I must still be on good drugs because that sounds good.

                • LOL, I guess that depends on how you define “pluck”. For me, to “pluck the fuck” out of a chicken means to enthusiastically defeather a bird. Your interpretation sounds like something quite different. That’s okay, at least you’re not brain dead.

          • European American

            Should civil unrest unravel today,next year,or never in our lifetimes is the proverbial quandary we here experience.

            We see the possibilities and all the right trigger points are in place,yet unlike most other nations, we sit idly by.. consumed by media fueled consumerism and hollywood, sports and political spectacles, and transfixed by palm and wall sized technologies..

            Society has no reason for unrest as all the creature comforts are provided by the state..keeping us safe and nestled in the collective cocoon from those “savages’ and other contrived “threats”across the pond..

            We are inundated and placated and medicated in a soma like stupor where any thought of protest or resistance is nullified..and for those few outside this matrix, the threat of incarceration,detention,bodily harm, or being whisked away into the night hangs ever so heavily in the atmosphere, and increases with every new executive order and legislation enacted.

            The collective either blames the illegals, muslims,welfare recipients,repubs, democrats,or some or all the above for our demise..when all along it is a well oiled and well planned design keeping everyone boxed in their repsective corners while lashing out on twitter,facebook or here on the web..and nothing ever changes..

            They have over 50 million subjugated entirely on state dependence for food and shelter.

            They have literally millions dependent on state/corporate welfare for govt ,and defense related employment.

            They have 10’s,perhaps 100’s, of millions doped up on pharmaceuticals

            They have 10’s of millions “soma’d” into complacency with fluoridated public waters.

            And the rest are fragmented and pigeonholed into the left vs right shell game..

            So what is left for any insurrection or unrest?

            Maybe someone could answer..

            I can not ..


            The business of self protection and preservation should be an inherent characteristic within us all..

            Sadly this not even close to evident in today’s so called civilized societies.

          • The problem is if you don’t put out the cancer worldwide, it will just come back with a vengeance. We need to end the threat so that it will take literal millenia for their corrupt practices to reemerge.

          • The best thing to do in the beginning is lay low, take stock of your situation, and survive the initial collapse as best as you can. However, there will come a time for regrouping/rebuilding. Who do you want to be in control of that and wouldn’t you want to be a part of it. It will be a power struggle, and we need as many sheepdogs on ours side as we can get. So unless you’re ok with the NWO one world govt people taking over, you better be prepared to fight for what you want. Liberty does not come cheap, but sure as h3ll is easy to lose.

          • How about a simple, “It’s all in God’s hands?” When it comes down to it, it all really is in His hands.

          • You said
            (Note: Talk is cheap. Please, no “Semper Fidelis”, Molon Labe, “from my cold dead hands”, bold bravado. If that was truly the case, guns in the streets would have been doing their “talking”…days, months, years ago.)

            I have to ask you.have you ever served in a combat [platoon? or been trained in basic infantry?


        • If it isn’t Crazy Daisy the Canuck telling AMERICANS how to live again.

          Yes… isn’t that perfect.

          Sell the fear, canuck………. sell the fear.

          • Rich98,

            Get your facts straight! Daisy is an American and lives in America.

            If you don’t like what you read here, go elsewhere.

            • Who cares what he likes, he just needs to keep his word an go away…it IS after October 1st.

            • Love it or leave it. Written as a true despot would,\.
              How dare anyone criticize one of us.
              Off with their head!!!!!!!!!!

              So, he is wrong about her country of origin. What does that have to do with his opposition to her treatise??
              What a pompous pain you are.
              “My familt” My family” “Go away if you cannot agree” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

          • I forgot. Only Americans have any ideas worth airing out, right? Everyone else is just a moron who could double or triple his IQ by becoming a US citizen is that it?

            Doesn’t matter where the author is from or where they live, so long as they present accurate information, the best recommendations they know how to offer and a sharp analysis. And besides, sometimes the take of someone who isn’t directly affected allows to give a perspective you are blind to because you are too close to the subject matter.

            • @Canadian Vet…pay no attention to Rich98….govn’t ‘troll’ who for some reason(known only to himself) has it in for Daisy because she spent some time living here in Canada…..Wish she still did!

              Personally I think he or she is just jealous of Daisys’ wisdom….also enveious of her writing for Mac and others!! take care, CC

            • I just want to point this out to you as a retort on a comment that you made the other day.
              I know this shop and the guys who run it.
              This is non-restricted, Actually been through the doors on more than one occasion not just on the internet.
              Many firearms have been reclassified or are new models that have been submitted for approval.
              I know that I am being childish but, I feel it is important that people understand what they are legally allowed to do. As a Canadian there is too many rules that we must follow and whenever there is a misconception that restricts what choices we make should we ever feel the want not need for “none of anyone’s business” to purchase something such as an anti-material rifle then why allow it to continue?
              As for the people who think that nothing outside the borders of those United States of America matters,
              Well we watch, we listen, we learn.
              Everything you do affects us indirectly.
              I may be some dumb truck driver who is country poor to boot, but, I see our work drying up because of what is happening down in the States.
              This week our company held most of it’s trucks North of the border because it was afraid that they might lose some of them should the shutdown affect our fuel cards.
              Just talked with a guy who was told by his company that should the shutdown occur he was to drop his trailer and beat feet North.
              Your political situation and financial situation is scaring many people around the world.
              CanadianVet is right in that an outside opinion is sometimes what is required to tell you that you did not get all the snot the 1st time with your kleenex.

              • Interesting. I thought all Barrett rifles were prohib by name. I guess I stand corrected. And they’re even better priced than the single- shot Steyr HS 50. I’m not too proud to admit I was wrong.

        • The SNAP EBT fiasco of last week was NOT a screw up as has been claimed, it was a test of human nature, Obama was testing what would happen if the system went down. Perhaps they checking to see if they have hit the critical mass of SNAP EBT dependent people for whom they can pull out the rug, cause the sufficient civil discourse to justify a NDAA declaration. It will be the US equivalent of a Reich-stag Fire.

          Watch what happens towards next fall, especially if it looks like The GOP will take the Senate, look to Obama creating a problem with the food stamp system, this one nation wide and long lasting, and then using EBT riots to raise the false flag and declare enough areas in revolt against the US he can “”Postpone” the US Congressional Elections, and when the term of the current US House expires Obama will rule by executive order, with a Harry Reid controlled rump Senate as a rubber stamp window dressing as was the Roman Senate, declaring it all legal and constitutional at which point the EBT cards will be re charged.

          • Unless he gets Impeached first.

            • Won’t matter. Impeachment holds no physical power over the president. It won’t make a bit of difference to King Oblamo. None. Impeachment is a civil ruse to make the little people feel like they can do something to a tyrant besides an armed revolt. But, alas the Impeachment of a president means absolutely nothing. If Oblamo was impeached he would say it was another “Phony scandal” and ignore it. Who is going to arrest him? No one.

              • Sledge Hammer that’s not entirely true. If the House Impeaches Obama, then it’s up to the Senate to have a trial where he can be removed from Office; he can also be sentenced to criminal punishment up to and including imprisonment.

            • Joanie, with all due respect, I think that is wishful thinking. It is NOT going to happen. Antichrist Obama has already committed enough acts to warrent his impeachment. If Clinton’s impeachment is any thing to go by, all the members of the Jackass party are going support him and in the Senate they will all vote NOT guilty regardless of the evidence against him. The MSM will do every thing it can to sway public opinion and sympathy towards antichrist Obama. And I am sure blackmail, bribes and pressure will be put on vulnerable members of the dead elephant party to swing it their way.
              And lets us supose that he does get impeached and refuses to step down? Then what? He can just declare a national state of emergency and make himself dictator. The laws are already on the books. I dont see him ever leaving office.

              • Impeachment hasn’t happened yet because Libtards still control the Senate and won’t take the final step of removing Oblah-blah. Clinton was impeached by the House, but the Senate refused to take action which is why he was allowed to continue his term until the end.

          • If the Chocolate Jesus Pulls that Shyte, we are headed for Open Revolt, all bets are off, and the Targets will be Consumed…I would not want to be a Politician, Cop or Alphbet Agency Goon..No Place to Hide the Rath of the Former Middle Class!!!!

            Semper Fi

          • The EBT “fiasco” was a warning shot from the FEDS. They were intimidating the House of Representatives, showing them what the real power of the Federal Government is. Don’t doubt for a second that the FEDS will not pull every dirty trick in the book to maintain control.

          • I agree with at least stating the hypothisis that the EBT shutdown may have been deliberate. They’ve had software upgrades before, with no ill effects whatsoever. It’s not inconceivable that the poorly written ACA software is tied into the EBT network at various points, so there may also be an element of unintended software consequences also. Obviously, we’ll never know, due to the arcana of software and all.

            Still, the EBT thing does seem like an intentional test. One of the things which struck me was that in about three hours, the social twittering networks spread the word without any overt signal from the government. Part of an operational test would be to determine, in the chosen market, how quickly would the effects be seen and verified. If one’s governmental philosophy includes never letting a crisis go to waste, it does stand to reason that one would also study the effects of a mini-crisis and remember those results for possible later use. But this is only circumstantial evidence, not proof.

            Remember that there are several governments who actively call for the destruction of the US, and they all are on the lookout for weak points in our networked infrastructure Some of them ping the network regularly in order to cause failure. The hypothesis of an externally induced failure cannot be toitally ruled out, nor can its possibility be admitted by our government either. The overt government stands a lot to lose with massive food riots happening on some other schedule than was conceived of in those secretive factional halls of our goverenment’s power.

            Anyhow. The adage that we are three days away from societal breakdown may need to be compressed, due to the rapidity with which the EBT breakdown spread.

        • Good article, Daisy.

          I’d wager not much will happen any time soon, though. Most people are too thoroughly distracted. It will take everything going down for an extended period, before most people will even look up.

        • So what if he does? Does that change anything at all?!

        • in regards to the EBT situation this past weekend. a friend of mine whom i have been trying to convince that things are going to get bad and that he needs to take precautions to protect himself and his family was at our local Walmart when this ebt thing went down.He came to my house and said that now he is convinced and he wanted me to take him to our gun dealer to buy some guns and ammo lol.while driving there he related to me how he thought i was a nut but not now he wants to know all he can about getting prepared.I told him it is late in the game but now is better than never. He has also told others like himself and now they have finally opened up their eyes. One other thing,i told him to check out this site because you guys have great info for people

        • One thing I always do when possible– find in advance what piece of furniture, stick or whatever– will make a “bloc” to prevent anyone entering the front door. (Or back door if you have one!). What I’m referring to is a wedge. If there is a large, heavy item placed in between the door and the wall, there is no way in hell anyone can enter, no matter how strong they are because they’d have to push the wall down to enter! Its the same principle as having the bar in the window or patio door. Make a wedge!

          Also, you can get some very dark sheets (dark blue) to put up at night (over windows) so no one can see inside. Or use pexiglass (like what’s put over car windows temporarily) so you can see out but they can’t see inside!

      2. If you could choose only one rifle would you choose 5.56 or .308?

        • 5.56

          • Outlaw

            Pick a .308 of your choice, and never look back.
            I have an M1A, a finer battle rifle never made.

            • OutWest, same here or a 7.62.

              • Same .308 / 7.62 cal (M1A. PTR91) good all round caliber , good penetration on vehicles and cover .A little heavy on load out but the trade off is better terminal ballistics.


                Semper Fi 8541

                • Hands down .308

                  • Ditto

            • The M1A is like a trusted spouse. Maybe not the sexiest looking or ltest, greatest thing on the gun market, but it will be there for you. Always. Rugged, reliable, hard hitting. Like the article years ago said: “Make mine an M1A”.

              • M1A All the Way…
                Semper Fi

                • Does an M1 qualify ?

            • Almost purchased a Remington 700 from a private party a week before the ammo run began. Called a day after it started and surprise, surprise it was sold. Still kicking myself in the ass over that. The reason I am posing the question is because I have got the other 2A depts covered. It is going to be a big stretch for me to budget in a rifle at this point. I can find the 5.56 locally, but the .308 is still a little harder to come by, and a lot more expensive. I figure I could stock a little more ammo w/ the 5.56. I am essentially wanting it for “the big battle” plus I would like it to fill-in for a hunting rifle. I would prefer the .308, but just not sure I can afford the rifle and a reasonable amount of ammo to go with it. Perhaps I should just wait it out a little longer and maybe pick one up after “the big battle” begins? if you know what I mean… I just keep thinking back to the bible verse about selling your cloak and buying a sword.

              • Outlaw, when the big battle comes there will be all kinds of weapons laying around for the taking. Grabbing some extra weapons, mags and ammo for same won’t hurt anything.

              • outlaw, when the big battle comes, there will be all kinds of weapons laying around for the taking. Extra weapons along with mags and ammo for same would be prudent.

              • Outlaw –

                Take a serious look at the AK-47; 7.62 x 39. A quality AK is still around $500 and the ammo is a lot less than 7.62 x 51 or the 5.56. Most of your ‘action’ is going to be at less than 100 yards.

                There are still adjustable rear sights of East
                German manufacture available for a reasonable price that make the rifle much easier to zero. Otherwise get a Tapco front sight adjustment tool; the cheaper ones break all too easily.

                Enjoy your new friend.

                • Since Outlaw already has a 5.56 NATO, adding an AK only adds another caliber to stock without significantly increasing his range or lethality.

                  If he is going to stock a second caliber at all, he should choose something that gives him capability lacking in his 5.56.

                  • Sorry John, I was under the impression that Outlaw was looking to buy his first rifle and wondering whether to choose .223/5.56 or 7.62/.308. My mistake,

                  • Indeed, MadMarkie, the reliability of the AK rifles and their inexpensive ammo are strong points in their favor.

                  • MadMarkie, you were correct. Thank you both for the input though, much appreciated!

                  • Outlaw since you already a ar platform ,look into a 308 upper. That what I plan for my Stag.

                • ^^^Agreed, AK47(7.62×39) Russia, China, N. Korea and pretty much the rest of the world outside US and Nato use this ammo. U.S. and Nato use 5.56 rounds. Choose your rounds wisely. IF a Red Dawn scenario happens you may want to be able to fire what the bad guys bring w/em. Just my .02cents worth. An AK is considered one of the most indestructible weapons available.

                  Not knocking the AR platform, I have one of those as well but if I had to pick one Its an AK

                  • As someone once said, “If I could chose any weapon if I was stranded on an alien planet it would be an AK-47”. I think of an AK as being a handy high capacity M1. From a design perspective that’s pretty correct.

                    In reality a simple Model 92 lever action along with a pump 12 gauge and a high capacity handgun your comfortable carrying all the time would be sufficient. Given the realities of life I would prefer having a J Frame Smith with me than a 1911 in the nightstand at home.

                    The above being said the best defense is to have distance from danger, shelter and provisions.

              • Outlaw –

                Take a serious look at the AK-47; 7.62 x 39. A quality AK is still around $500 and the ammo is a lot less than 7.62 x 51 or the 5.56. Most of your ‘action’ is going to be at less than 100 yards.

                There are still adjustable rear sights of East
                German manufacture available for a reasonable price that make the rifle much easier to zero. Otherwise get a Tapco front sight adjustment tool; the cheaper ones break all too easily.

                Enjoy your new friend.

              • Outlaw –

                Take a serious look at the AK-47; 7.62 x 39. A quality AK is still around $500 and the ammo is a lot less than 7.62 x 51 or the 5.56. Most of your ‘action’ is going to be at less than 100 yards.

                There are still adjustable rear sights of East
                German manufacture available for a reasonable price that make the rifle much easier to zero. Otherwise get a Tapco front sight adjustment tool; the cheaper ones break all too easily.

                Enjoy your new friend.

                • Sorry amigos; I have absolutely NO idea how the double post occurred.

              • Outlaw,
                They are tools, as such they both have a particular task they accomplish better,
                The 5.56 is handy, light,
                The 7.62, more horsepower
                Its like the difference between a Tacoma and a F150
                The good thing about the .308 is whatever you hit is a lot less likely to get back up!
                Personally i prefer the .308 still knock the legs out from under something at 300-600 yds
                But the ammo is heavy
                I really dont want to be playing Rambo
                Would rather reach out and touch someone, that said a .308 AR platform with proper brake and weight to it will be better than a bolt gun because you can take follow up shots way faster, plus if you are in a fire fight you can actually hold your own rather than fidgeting around with a bolt rifle,
                If you are partial to bolt guns the Ruger Gunsight Scout is excellent because it at least has a 10 round detachable mag, can reload faster by just swapping mags,
                Its also unter 1k whereas a real good ar platform 308 will be from 1500 on up.

                • Kula you need to check into the 5r 308 from remington. the accuracy is really impressive( 3 rnds in the pepsi logo at 300 yds) its a little pricey at a 1000. but wowee zowee it sure is fun to shoot.1000 yds no problem for that pop em an drop em attitude. with mine if there is more than 1 ragged hole it means i was shakin so have fun with it i know i do wildman out

                  • I have a LWRC REPR
                    Really like it

              • You can’t go wrong with either calibers but there is a reason the 5.56 is one of the favorites around the world. You can carry more ammo, it does the job, and the weapon has been found to be tried and true, it is well crafted, parts are available, and it is rugged. Go for it!

              • Outlaw,

                If you have a Gander Mountain near you go and pick up a Mosin Nagant. They sell them for around $180 and the ammo (7.62×54) is about $12 a box. They are old rifles, but I picked one up and do not regret the purchase. It’s a cheap effective rifle that you can buy tul spam cans of ammo for, if you’re good about cleaning because of the acidity, that has plenty of punch.

              • Make sure you have a silent compound bow. Why? At night… during martial law….you’ll need meat. SO… you take to the backyards and hunt rabbits, squirrels and any small game you can find.

                Also.. if we get invaded by the “UN peacekeepers” from Russia and China.
                Nice and quiet for homeland defense.

              • Never overlook the other 7.62 option in the 30.06….slightly more power than the .308 and more versatility in available type rounds.

            • I say operate in a 3-man team if possible. 2 carry 5.56 semi able to lay down suppressive fire for the 3rd man with the 308 to get the kill shots

            • We are still using them in battle to this day. No arguments there. They are a fine weapon.

            • Don’t have to…got several of each.

          • 7.62/.308. It stops, it penetrates barriers etc. I have a lot of time behind a 7.62×51 and not range time. Do it.

            • What kind of optics have you been using? Just curious what is the standard for a 308 battle rifle,

        • a shotgun … you don’t have to be accurate

          • Daisy, your best article yet.
            Short, concise, and very relevant.

            • Same reasons I suggested Mac call her…

              I still don’t understand why I was demonized for it…

          • Also less likely to penetrate your target and several walls beyond it into other rooms.

          • You don’t have to be accurate? Are you kidding me?!?!

            Its people like you that give responsible firearm owners a bad name and inexperienced people bad information.

            Keep your bad, stupid, information to yourself. It could save a life!!!

          • A shotgun is a very poor choice for the “one gun” It is a very short range weapon with low ammo capacity has brutal recoil with 00 Buck and Slugs, and is very slow and difficult to reload under stress. In the time it takes you to reload one shotgun shell into your fixed magazine, you could reload a 30 round magazine into your AR or AK.

            If you only have a shotgun the bad guys can pepper your location with AK, AR or M1A fire while safely out of range of your shotgun and wear you down even if they don’t hit you. With a high capicity rifle both you and the bad guys can fire and manuever (cover fire)

            I was involved in extensive testing of OO Buck and Slugs on vehicle windshields and they skipped off the windshield the majority of the time. They work great on side windows though. .223 tended to fragment and .308 was the most reliable for penetration. For side door penetration shotgun rounds did not penetrate and .223 rounds penetrated in fragments with little penetration of the plywood we had set up inside of the doors. The .308 went through both side doors and kept going. The cars were heavy American vehicles. I bet the shotgun and .223 would do well against gang members in a Prius though!

            My wife fell in love with her AR after the first lesson. She is 5’7″ and 115 pounds. She wants nothing to do with the shotgun.

            When it comes to .223 or .308 question, it is not black and white. You can carry twice the number of .223/5.56 X45 ammo as .308/7.62X51. The .223 and 7.62X39 platforms are much lighter to carry and are much faster to get on target in CQB fighting.

            The .308 has twice the range as the .223 and several times the penetration as the .223. If you are in an urban or suburban setting I would chose the AR/AK platforms. If you want to take our vehicles a distance from your front gate, the M1A/AR-10 platforms would be best. I have both .223, .308 and a shotguns, they all have their place.

            • Thank you Red Leader, very helpful info you have provided. Definitely makes me think. I sure wish I could pick up a 5.56 and a .308 plus ammo to go along, but that is not gonna happen right now. I guess its part of the reason I don’t already have one. Its hard to choose knowing that there is no “one choice”. I am looking to cover all the scenarios described above and know I cannot with only one and unfortunately it will be a stretch for me to even get one.

              • I was shooting steel plates at 500 yds with my LR-308 last week and the guy next to me was shooting a AR-15.

                He was ringing the plate and screwing 62 grain penetrators almost through mild steel 3/8″ . That showed plenty of energy to kill at that range. Don’t sell 5.56 short.

                I do agree that penetrating cover and shooting at over 500 yds. is the job of the big boys like .308, 30-06 and.300 Win Mag.

              • I disagree, A shotgun is the best choice, there will be no long range shots in an economic collapse, everything will be up close and personal, A single barrel shot gun will be one of the best weapons you could have, you just have to stock up on primers, the shells can be loaded with black powder several times , even home made powder if everything else is gone. you could load the shell with glass, pebbles, lead if you can get it ect. one shot, wound five and it doesn’t take much of a would to put someone out of action.

                • I love all the negs, it shows me that there will not be very many smart people to deal with, just paranoid idiots that have been watching too much TV

            • Out to about 100-150 meters (depending on barrel length/velocity) on soft targets 5.56 NATO and 7.62 NATO have about the same terminal effectiveness, approximately the same wounding potential.

              On hardened targets and at longer distances the 7.62 NATO takes the lead. Also, at longer distances only the highest quality sub-minute-of-angle (read “$$$$”) semi autos with high quality ammunition (read “more $$$$”) will reliably put rounds on target. You can also buy specialty ammo, including AP, API, and APIT.

              If you can’t hit your target, none of that matters.

              If you are a decent marksman and you practice, the “pass through” problem is considerably diminished—not eliminated, but diminished.

            • I want to get a .338 Lapua for that long distance stuff,
              Savage makes the 11/111 long range hunter, costs just under 1k
              Will punch holes in 1/2″ mild steel at 1200 yds
              Now thats a smackdown!

              • Kula,
                My LGS has the new Colt Tactical precision rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum. Big Price but one heck of a rifle! It’s relatively new , modern and definitely high speed looking.
                I think it could give an Accuracy international a run for its money for the reach out and touch capability.


                Semper Fi 8541

                • I gotta check that out, cool beans!

                  • I have a chance to learn how to repair SAs, and I don’t mean just installing store-bought replacement parts. The catch is, I have to supply my own “fixer-uppers”. I don’t even care if they even work, as long as they’re very cheap and not stolen (or bent into a pretzel).

                    Any Comments?

              • It is the cost of ammunition and/or reloading components that makes .338 LM so expensive to shoot.

                Highest quality factory ammunition (e.g., Lapua or Applied Ballistics) will set you back about $7/round. Reloading will save money over factory ammo, but even so, the components are still expensive. You will only get about 70 rounds for each pound of powder and the preferred Retumbo and H1000 powders are in very short supply.

                • I should also mention that, depending on how much you hot rod your loads, barrel life can be an issue with .338 LM (and 7mm WSSM), as little as 3,000 rounds (sometimes only a few hundred rounds with the 7mm WSSM) if you want to maintain 0.25 moa XLR accuracy. Barrel life is no issue if you will settle for 2 moa accuracy after thousands of rounds 🙁

                  That is a good reason to consider the DTA SRS A1. Changing barrels or calibers requires only a simple swap of a barrel (and sometimes a bolt) without any gunsmithing necessary. Four properly torque-wrenched bolts and a lock bolt—off and on in less than 1 minute, accuracy and point of impact preserved.

                  Further, you need to buy only one quality optic and clip-on NVD for your DTA chassis. A huge cost savings for a high-quality multi-caliber system.

                  • At my age, I am very happy with 2 MOA…hell hitting a pie plate at any distance is awesome with me and would terminal in most cases…

                    Especially when the follow-up from my FN AR is in that same pie plate.

            • @ RED LEADER; thanks for that info as it cleared up some questions I had concerning firepower vs quantity cause you need both in knockdown and speed of shots.

          • Got the shotgun dept covered.

          • Shotgun for home defense is imperative. Less chance of colateral damage to neighbors. I’m partial to the Mossberg 930 SPX. Semi-auto, 8 shots, double ought.
            Puts out a lot of deterent in minimal time.

            • “collateral damage to neighbors” is what worries me..

              Some Rambo wanna be shootin at the thugs putting rifle rounds thru my windows and walls cuz they have not been properly trained with such weaponry… add panic, adrenlin rush… Ppl just think b4 you shoot!!!


            • OLD GRINGO
              you have it correct my friend a shotgun is as necessary as a long range rifle, people who know how to protect them selves understand, and then there are those WHO think they know, every weapon has it’s use and place, me i like a CHEY TAC M-200, NOW there is gun that reaches out and touches someone!!
              if you don’t know about it look on youtube,

              • That is a badass rifle,

          • I have spent much range time disabusing people of the “can’t miss with a shotgun” notion.

            If you don’t practice, you CAN miss—even at across-the-room distances.

            No firearm is a magic amulet that protects you by its mere existence in your home.

            If you want to save your and your family’s lives, treat firearms as tool that require diligent practice and maintenance.

          • You don’t have to aim ? Have you been to the range lately,what are your spreads ?

            • I think most bad guys will want to evacuate the area, if it looks even remotely like a shotgun is pointed in their general direction. If the bad guy is some crazed, deranged murderer, you’ll have to drop him no matter what you’ve got in your hands. Be prepared to do so.

              Most people who find themselves on the business end of any gun, don’t stand there debating the ballistic capabilities of the weapon trained on them. At that point, the only thing that matters is the possibility of having a third eye popped in the middle of their forehead…at that moment, caliber is irrelevant to them.

              I think we give crazed madmen too much credit for thinking.

          • A great weapon to use to fire multiple shots accurately into an intruder. We have a couple of Mossberg Bantams that hold 5 shots each.

          • You best stay in the garden my friend.

          • That’s a funny digression, Mike. You gave me the courage to say that I’d prefer my .300 Win Mag. Hell on Trans-Pecos mule deer, better ballistics than any of the other magnum calibers, “has dominated .30-caliber, 1,000 yard shooting at the NRA’s annual Camp Perry matches” (Maj. Plaster in “The Ultimate Sniper”), and my friend since sixth grade has until very recently hunted with nothing other than a .300 WinMag.
            “It’s the Big Shooter(tm)”.

            • Wrong, I don’t know as I would want to
              be eating any of his produce either.
              The holes in the cabbages may not be
              from the bugs.

              • Well, at least he can hit SOMETHING…

        • If you could only have one? Well if your locked in a room with a pissed off bear and you can pick one 223 or 7.62×51 which one do you pick?

          • Outlaw, Mike, and Ronald, I do have some variety in my “ventilation team. Different calibers for different situations.

          • Ronald, actually the choice is which do you have the most confidence in and is the most versatile? Me, I feel most comfy with my 30-30 and my AK. Coming through my door, I’ll grab, instinctively, my .357 and have my wife use the AK. As she’ll have 4 additional mags, out comes my 30-30; which we’ve discussed already. Which is to have one of us constantly able to keep firing while the other reloads or rearms.

            • Don’t forget, most of our weapons usage will be very short range and mostly around the doors and windows of our houses. If you all have gas coming into the house, shield the fittings/pipes with plating and turn in off inside the house, if time permits

              • That’s a great hint, DRD5508. Shielding the gas pipes. Makes me start thinking of other things that could be penetrated, like propane canisters or the water heater. Or, of course, the next door neighbor’s water-bed!

                • if things are or get so bad that there’s shooting in and around houses, there will be no gas, all luxuries will be long gone.

            • Actually he asked which one. I’ve got others too (something like 43) but no 223/556 I prefer 7.62×39 (5)7.62×51 (3) ballisticaly identical to your 30-30.

          • Ronald, I would pick the 7.62×51, as it’s excellent for sniper purposes and/or hunting.
            A MosinNagant with the 7.62x54mm is excellent as well, with almost as much penetration power as a 30.06.

            • Got a Mosin Nagant also and agree with you on that.

          • Could I chose the Saiga 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun?

            I could throw a serious amount of lead in his direction, then run in the opposite direction.

          • I pick the lock and get out!

          • “If you could only have one? Well if your locked in a room with a pissed off bear and you can pick one 223 or 7.62×51 which one do you pick?”

            —an open door or window at close range…

            • I guess people don’t like the idea that the bear is trapped too, and that isn’t a good justification to kill him. I’d rather free both of us and go our separate ways. Killing is never my FIRST choice.

        • .308. Bolt-action AND semiautomatic. Use interchangeable ammo as much as possible.

          • You have to balance that advice with the need to cover different “mission statements.” For example, having two .308’s won’t help you with that 2,000 meter shot. Having a .338 Lapua or .375 CheyTac or .50 BMG fills a niche that the .308 can’t fill.

            There is much to be said for the newer high accuracy systems using interchangeable barrels. One of many possible examples:

            That said, there is no shortage of arm chair marksmen who cannot take meaningful advantage of such XLR (extreme long range) accuracy, because they have neither training nor practice.

            Then there is the matter of optics, including a variety of NVDs. Yes read “even more $$$$.”

            • Well said, thats where im at, most of my shots with my REPR or my bolt gun (both .308s) are pigs or deer and generally right around 100-120 yards, all of the rifles can shoot way better than i can. Always hesitate with the longer range shots ant try to sneak up, dont want to just wound the animal and have them run off, want to drop em and dress em.

        • .308 is awesome!

        • I can carry way more 223/5.56 than I can 308

          308 has more range and knock down power

          tuff choice, both will have their day..and it might be sooner then you think

          • True, you can carry more 5.56. But with 7.62×51, you won’t need that much.

          • To me, it’s a matter of need. The 5.56 is better suited for short-range multiple threats, while the .308 packs a bigger punch and is more effective at long range.
            In certain situations I’d instinctivly reach for the AR, while in others the .308 would have to be preferred. Neither are as useful as they could be without training, and either is better than nothing.

            Around here (western Colo.), SKS’ can still be had for $280-$300. Of course we’re limited to 15 rd mags now, but I hardly noticed. New laws did not impact me.

            • I’m partial to the 300 AAC Blackout (7.62×35) – more punch than the 5.56, yet lighter than the AK round with roughly the same ballistics. Actually, you can have both by getting a 5.56 upper and a 300 upper and swap them as needed (they both use the same magazine).

              Of course, with the ammo situation, you’ll probably have to do what I did and make your own.

        • Daisy,

          These are all good suggestions to get home safely and to stay safe.

          For the women (and men for the women in your life – wife, daughters, mother, etc.), make sure you have sensible walking shoes and socks in your backpack or trunk. I can’t imagine walking a long distance on rough terrain in high heels.

          • KY Mom,

            In defense of high heels (only when worn by the opposite sex), they can be used as very effective improvised weapons if push comes to shove. No pun intended.

            Not to mention, as a man, they have a very positive effect on my morale when in visual range 🙂

            • YH,

              LOL! I guess I should have worded that differently. 🙂

              What I meant was for men to remind the women in their life to have some walking shoes and extra socks handy.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              • KY Mom,

                You can’t go wrong with socks and comfortable walking shoes, but pack the high heels…just in case 🙂

          • KY. You really need to get a brain or eat some more grape jelly.

            • I have a brain.

              Hope you have a great day too!

        • So here starts a Ford/Chevy argument. I have both- but if I had to leave one behind, it would probably be the .308 that got left. Ballistics aside, if you place your shot correctly, the 5.56 will more than do the job, especially with the right bullet. I have the .308 for my “reach-out and touch someone” rifle, but my M-4geries are more multi-purpose.

        • With only one choice, I’ll run with the .308

        • .308 w/20 rd mags

        • Ruger 10-22

        • Outlaw,

          Hands down .308 Winchester or 7.62x51mm. If can bring down any game animal in North America, I have full confidence in it’s stopping power on a drug induced, dangerous, and highly motivated human threat.

        • Outlaw
          308. more range more knock down power.

          • M1 Carbine, .30 with 30-round mags.

            • Braveheart
              30 carbine is a great little round. My father told me that the N Koreans would fill their uniforms with tons of new paper and the rounds would hit them. The round worked great against the pacific theater, and against the Germans. I like it and have two rifles, and forgot to put it on my list. Damn that is two I forgot.

              • I’ve heard a lot of stories about the .30 carbine round bouncing off frozen or padded Chinese uniforms in Korea. A veteran told me the stories were mainly twaddle, shot placement was the issue, not the round itself.

                • Shooting .30 carbine(hardball) awhile back and it was going completely through at least 18″ of maple…told my uncle it wouldn’t do to hide behind a tree that wasn’t a couple feet thick, eh,it suprised me…impressive little round…incidently we were sniping woodchucks at 250 yards plus with a .17 bolt action scoped rifle with deadly results and no problems…another neat little round… 🙂

                  • The 30 carbine out penetrates ball .223 because the heaver bullet does not break up or tumble. It also has less hydraulic shock and less stopping power. A 30 carbine exceed’s a .357 magnum when one looks at projectile weight and velocity. The difference in diameter is insignificant. 30 carbine ball ammo is the problem as its shape creates a “clean” wound.

                    The 30 carbine served Audie Murphy very well.

          • Sgt Dale i have a 45/70 govt with a 36 in barrel that produces the best at long range plus the sound of the bullet coming so slow is really impressive. it also killed 1 hell of alot of buffalo. so i stick with what works for me. we have alot more toys. but ya never can tell when or where the threat is gonna come from so stay locked an loaded. time for some blackberry pie wildman out

        • That’s a loaded question. Bolt action, semi-auto? .308 gets my vote in both cases.

        • I love both, the 223 and the 308. We may not like the Government, but you can bet your last dollar, duh, you may not have to because the Gov. has already took it, but the military spent a lot of it doing test and research on the best ammo for war, so I think maybe the 223 would be the best.I personally would feel secure we either.Trekker Out. Run and Gun 223 Hold the Fort 308!

          • The answer to the question? .223 or .308 There is not a gun that will do it all….yet. The Best answer to that question I have ever herd was to get one gun and practice, practice, practice. Get to know your weapon and it will serve you. As you can see from all the opinions above there are many options and all of them are good options to defend your family and friends.

            The following are my reasons I have guns in both calibers. They both are military, popular, accurate, easy to reload, and each serve a purpose. .223 is good for stuff up to small deer out to 300 yrds. .308 is good on anything to 500 yrds. I dropped a large Elk at 300 yrds with a hand loaded .308/165 gr Nosler Partition. That combination .308/165gr gives me confidence to take on any wild game in North America.

            Bottom line. Find a gun you love and become proficient with that weapon.

        • OUTLAW…. only one? 18 inch .308. SA Scout Squad.
          Good longer range than .556 and thru armour better.
          Heavy but worth it.

        • 7.62 x 39

        • Outlaw go to youtube and look at the balistics of a 7.62 x 39 steel core. It seen one video where it went clear through 1/2″ steel and then another 5 inches into the stump. I see value in 5.56 and 3.08 but when SHTF I will have my saiga and my wife will have the AR. I would love an AR 15 though

          • Love an AR 10 not 15…. Hell I love anything that goes bang

            • Check out LWRC REPR

          • So many of these tests are conducted with milsurp ammo, which is meant for WOUNDING potential, and is intended to be more “humane” than say a good hunting bullet. You’re never gonna have one bullet that does the best job at putting down a critter (2 or four legged) AND penetrating armor. using the steel core bullet example above- while it may perform well at penetration, the same traits that allow it to have great penetration also make it a lousy “manstopper”. Point being, whatever your platform, whether it’s a .308, .223/5.56 or 7.62×39, using just milsurp FMJ’s are not going to yield the best results for stopping a person without body armor. They’ll do what they’re designed to do best, which is typically poke a hole through the person and keep on going, and largely wasting their energy. For every caliber you have, when possible- try to have a variety of different loads if possible. For .223 for instance, I’ve got everything from 64 grn. Sierra Gamekings to 75 gr. Hornady OTM’s. for .308, 165 grn. SGK’s and 169 grn. OTM’s (open tipped match- but alot of ppl call them hollow points by mistake). Point being- you can be shooting the “best” caliber there is, but if you don’t A) connect with your target where it counts, and/or B)use the right bullet for the situation/target, then you’re just losing potential. There’s no substitute for trigger time. Some guy with a 30 year old AK with lots of experience is more dangerous than a newb with a fancy $2k AR and all the bling. train and outfit for your most likely to be encountered SHTF scenarios.

        • Best one is the one you have right now.

          • …if you practice with it!

        • Close in city, mobs, alone, moving: No doubt 5.56, lower recoil, lighter ammo, lighter rifle; lots of advantages. Out in the more open country, with others. 308. There is no perfect Round. If there were we wouldn’t have all of them. Just like what’s the best vehicle. Not the same one if you wish to race at Indy or deliver cement.

          • You mean there is no such thing as a formula 1 readymix truck?
            Ohh the injustice!


        • Does it really matter? That magic round exists only in the minds of the fantasy scribblers. There are pros and cons for any round you could mention. My thoughts on the topic for what it is worth and I could be wrong.

          I will assume that the reader has or will do his reading on the topic. Just pick a rifle and or round that meets your needs and can afford. IF all you can afford is a surplus Mosin-Nagant then so be it. Learn how to use it and be damn good at it. Buy all the ammo and “stuff” you can afford. Remember a runt of a Finn using only a standard issue rifle made a lot of dead bad guys when his country was invaded.

          If you can afford a state of the art high end with all the cool stuff to on it AR platform rifle and 10,000 rounds to go with it, then more power to you.

          Just be good with what you have. Personally I think this or the other situation is stupid. Get both. BTW, when the S does HTF, I suspect there will be opportunities to “pick-up” a AR platform rifle as said owner will no longer be needing it (and maybe a few other items).

          • Indeed! Simo Häyhä made serious account of himself and his explanation for his success was not his equipment, but “Practice!

        • 5.56
          7.62 x 39
          7.62 x 51
          7.62 x 54
          All go the above!!

        • .308, does double duty as long range kill + tail rotor shredder for incoming.

        • .308, I have both but like the bigger bore better.

        • 7.62×51 ( .308) I prefer NATO rounds they stable in flight longer. This also covers you from 0 to 800 yards. Keep them away, and keep yourself moving.

        • Unless you plan on taking the fight to them, or hunting larger game, stick with the 5.56 or 5.45. I am assuming this is for defending the inside of your home. Less recoil, faster follow up shots and with right ammo you’re less likely to over penetrate. If you get hit, the 5.56 may be easier for your wife or child to use.
          That said, I live my FAL.

        • I have used both but prefer 5.56. Number one reason, you will be able to pick up ammo from the battle field. Plus nearly no recoil make placing shots on target easier.

        • No question, 0.308. Much more versatile…and dangerous.

          KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.S. military’s workhorse rifle — used in battle for the last 40 years — is proving less effective in Afghanistan against the Taliban’s more primitive but longer range weapons.

          As a result, the U.S. is reevaluating the performance of its standard M-4 rifle and considering a switch to weapons that fire a larger round largely discarded in the 1960s.

          The M-4 is an updated version of the M-16, which was designed for close quarters combat in Vietnam. It worked well in Iraq, where much of the fighting was in cities such as Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah.

        • Depends on how far I have to hump it. Long hikes I take 5.56, ‘around the house’ is 308.

        • we in my family actually have both. we use the 5.56 for moderate ranges and the 308 for the longer range kills and of course pistols for really close
          We have also set-up different guns for different purposes. THE 5.56’s we have are set-up with run and gun versatility and also some with long range scopes and acogs. the 308 we have set-up long range scopes flip down ability in case we need it for close fire. so in answer to your question, i don’t have a preference for either except for what purpose i will need which weapon for to use

        • .308 hands down. Up here we can get the Norinco and Polytech guns and they are well worth it even if they are made in China. I make no apologies for it, because why should I spend north of 2 grand for a Springfield when I can spend 400 bucks for the M305 base rifle and bring it up to par for there?

          But damn did I ever wish we didn’t have our stupid magazine capacity limits. Only 5 rounds of the caliber for which it is designed for a centre fire semi.

          Mind you there are loopholes, like the 10-round (maximum for a handgun in Canada) LAR-15 pistol mags that conveniently fit in my Bushmaster, Beretta 96 mags which can hold 13 or 14 rounds of 9mm (designed for .40 S&W) and fit in my 92 and my former CX4, or the AIA Enfield 20 rounders ( designed for a bolt gun) which will fit the M14/M1A/M305 mag well.

        • Both. 5.56 for run and gun type fun and .308 for long range kill shots. If you are a big guy stick with a true battle rifle, a .308 or 30-06 if you have one. .308 is preferred since it will use the ammo the government will have in murdering millions of Americans when the SHTF. For us smaller folks a 5.56 AR type rifle is good for about 300 meters. We can carry six mags loaded to 28 rounds and body armor and still move relatively quickly when needed (if you are in decent shape). So…both, it depends on you and your situation. I have both.

        • Depends on your AO and OF. Where I live, a 5.56 is okay as I have very little LOS over 200 yards. Maybe when all the leaves are down, I may have a mountain top where a .308 would come in handy. I have a bolt .308 for that. Close quarters and where you have to travel on foot, a 5.56’s ammo would be a lot lighter. If you need to stop a vehicle, a .308 would help…

          • I meant AO and OPFOR. Area of Operations, Opposing Force, and Line Of Sight.

      3. Interesting.. I asked my boss what did our company have as a plan in case of a major disaster. He didn’t have a clue. He quizzed me on it. I asked what was company policy on something like this? Major disasters, riots, SHTF situations etc. He still had a blank look. I had to break it down to baby steps. I asked him what does this company sell? “sporting goods, guns, ammo, freeze dried foods, fishing equipment, fur bearing traps, candy, snacks, camping gear, hunting gear.” Ok.. Now in a bad situation, what would the company do? Hire a security company, expect the employees to be armed and guarding the warehouses 24/7, what? You could see the cogs clicking in the back of his mind. I’m still waiting to see a disaster plan…

        My plan- show up with a small suitcase full of cash, crank out invoices for what I need, pay for it in cash, load and leave.

        • Thumbs up. ‘Load and Leave’ how true!

        • Where is the company located? I ask because I’d like to send them some plans and info we use at our location. No really… I do…

          Just kidding, last thing I want to do is go out exposing my back to grab stuff that doesn’t belong to me. I’ll be at home with blacked out curtains even though I’d bet my community would be just about the last one to go civil unrest. Too many good, employed, and armed households. Folks from the cities would have a 4 hour drive just to find a lack of any “easy” pickings.

      4. Shotgun and a pistol. Pistol is to get your shotgun back if need be.

        • If you have magazine fed Saiga, no need to try and get your 12 ga back.

        • A sidearm is what you use to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never dropped in the first place….

          • That is only partially correct. A rifle isn’t much use in a very confined space like a vehicle or so e buildings. Or you might need one hand available while still able to put out effective fire. I do not much care how good you claim you are, but operating a rifle without the benefit of a support hand is only marginally effective, unless you are using a bullpup which has most of its weight right at the butt end.

            And if your rifle malfunctions while in a tight spot (say moving while not behind cover) it will be faster to let your rifle hang from its sling and transition to your pistol than fiddlefuck with your rifle, clear the malfunction and then resume firing.

      5. Thanks for the article, Daisy. I have separate plans in place for bugging in and bugging out. If events overtake me, then I’ll have to bug in. I know, I know what that means, but I’ve been prepared for years for such a scenario. As far as I know, the USDA has NOT cancelled the order to the states to cut off funds for EBTs on Nov. 1. It’s possible that could still change and Nov. 1 will pass like any other day. If so, the NEXT key date will be Nov. 13 when the GRID EX II drill begins. I smell FALSE-FLAG in the air, most likely with GRID EX II. I have accelerated my prepping. I don’t like the way things are shaping up. braveheart

        • Don’t forget to pick up our buddies Joe and Rich on your way out, BH.

          • You misspelled “pick off.”

            • Funny

              • I try.

          • US, you don’t mean the trolls, do you? what would I want with trolls, other than target practice? OOOOO…..Ouch…..Bad keyboard! Don’t give me any ideas.

            • LOL. Everyone has a bucket list! Aren’t trolls on your list?

        • Braveheart:
          You are right you need two or more plans when the SHTF. I have two types of bugging in plans and two types of bugging out plans.

          As far as the Nov 13 date I hope you are not right it is our annual deer hunting trip (31 years) with my brother and family and good friends. But if it goes down I will have to stay home. THAT WILL REALLY PISS ME OFF ZOMBIES BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID. That is if I don’t get to go on my deer hunt.
          Smell a false flag. It smell like a skunk!!!!!

          • Howdy, Sarge. I sincerely HOPE I’m wrong. If nothing happens, we’ll make it into 2014. A few more months would be nice to get more supplies. the more we can get, the better our chances of survival. In any case, I’m not getting caught with my pants down. braveheart

      6. thankfully I wont have to pick my kid up from school, or pack shit in their backpacks..

        their school is safe, and has an armed guard on duty 24-7

        • Home schooling is priceless!

        • Good for you! Homeschooling is indeed the answer. I wish more parents would take that giant step for their children.

      7. I’d pick the one that is loaded and closest to me!

      8. My god you people are mentally ill and in need of at least medication.

        • Aw, you really spotted me there, didn’t you Dave?

          • yeh – you stand out like a jewish gun grab fake “shooting” hoax – lol

        • Dave
          If I’m insane to want to live through this with my family by my side, and my friends. Then so be it.
          I am ready when the Zombies attack. See deff. of what a Zombie is on 10/16/13 SHFT PLAN site.
          As for you my friend good luck you are going to need it. I think you might what to very close with your God.

        • Dave lighten up. Laughter and fun have no need of medication. Try it.

        • Dave this is just a scenario of what could happen. So come on, just join us for a day in Dreamland and tomorrow you can go back to reality. But in the meantime, Lock and Load. Trekker Out

          • I could use a vicodin right now. Got a firewood permit today and got my twenty dollars worth. I keep a 03A3 with me for elk, deer and those Fking chipmunks that give my location away.

            • I can think of things less appetizing than chipmunk stew. Throw in a few carrots, potatoes and onions and almost anything can be tasty.

        • Oh, and by the way Dave, what kind of medication do you recommend, and do you have any for sale. Trekker Out

        • yeah? How prepared are you Dave? Don’t show up at my front door having wet your pants due to fear and running in circles looking for Uncle Sugar.

        • Its just a good thing the scriptures say “he that lives by the sword will parish by the sword.” If it said gun we would all have to worry!

          • You really didn’t understand that passage did you?

            We don’t LIVE by the sword/firearm…but will use it in defense…

            There IS a difference…

            • Please explain to me the difference…..It seems like too many here are looking forward to the time when they can kill fellow humans without any guilt or lawful consequences. I am also wondering if the spell check works on everyone else’s computers or do you just ignore those tedious little facts as well.

              • Simply put…

                Those who force, by means of arms, their will upon others, are no better than the predator beasts of the forest…and will be dealt with accordingly… and their remains will be fed to the insects that inhabit the forest floor…

                They deserve no better…

        • Davey boy – I take medication every day. I take my Patriot pills which cause me to have a searing desire to blow traitors away. Gotta go – medicine time.

        • Funny….the same guy at work who was laughing at al my computer books…they were a prep to keep a job. Decades later…I’m running the place with my computer prepper books and the jerk was fired off decades ago for being dumb.

          Knowledge…that’s all this is… it’s a prep.

          Why people think it’s mentally ill to seek knowledge about self preservation.

          THAT means YOU are a brainwashed NWO slave.
          Your knee-jerk programmed response from decades of TV.
          You think how they want you to think.
          THEY are the NWO jews, Council on Foreign relations, Bilderbergers and Comrade Obama.

          The UN is a commie organization and they will use the Green bullshit excuses to control your life.

          Your grandkids will live in a high rise, no self protection guns, no car, no BBQ grill. Just a community bike, chipped and slaves to their masters. They will gratefully go to a converted fema camp, then turned into a manufacturing and human habitation zone for sustainable development and smart growth.

          IN SHORT…. SLAVES.

          Back in slave times… the slaves were not educated or allowed to be armed.

          Got it brain dead?

        • You mean more of the stuff you’ve been drinking? “Obamanade, it keeps you baaaaiiinnggg all day long!”. Go back to your Kenyan Sheep Herder sheeple!

      9. imo, you have just over a year. imo, obama; wants to keep things rolling along in 2014 to try and get the house and own the govt. if he does, he goes after all the riches money thru congress; if he doesnt; he goes on excutive order warpath.

        either way, obamacare is all in then, the US will be tipping its debt/having a time getting others to buy its debt and the ability of the govt to cover all those on obamacare,welfare and medicaid starts failing.

        my plan is to dig in as there are a lot better targets around me(better neighborhoods). they will be targeted first. imo, this isnt going to be a long reset. so many arent prepared to make it 3 days; that imo; in 3 months a reset will happen and if you have supplies and a pile of metals to restart with after; you’ll be okay. it may be martial law; but those who have the resources got a good chance. i know i’m in the minority here, but i just cannot see us going back to 1800s type living after moving so far from it.

        • Lena, EMP can throw us back into the 1800s.

        • “Reset” is a good term for it. The reset will be a global currency and we’re all chipped. Owning precious metals will be banned.

          Only the bankers will own gold.

          Ever observe the words..


          ha ha!

          You never hear.. “Hoarding stocks or Hoarding real estate”.

          Their language…”Hoarding” tries to brand those who buy metals as crackpots.
          Yet what the fuck do you think they have in their vaults.

          All I buy are metals. That’s it.

          I don’t want their paper.
          Fuck interest, fuck dividends, fuck compounding.

          Metals never fail….Gods money.

          Then when the reset hits in my old age…
          I’ll cash it all in…sell to a private investor…
          Then buy up rental property cheap and have the funds to fix it up..set it all up in a trust fund for the kid.

          At the time we are at in history…. get out of paper…then near the end…get into tangible real estate.

          It works like this…
          You buy real estate…a double or duplex when you are out of college.
          You spend 20 years fixing it up. Then you get a loan against it for your kids college…then let the rent pay on the loan. Years later… you are old and retiring…the kids are done with college and the loan is paid off.. you still have your house..all the while continuing to fix up the place. In old age..the rent buys you your meds.
          Then…when you’re dead….do NOT leave it to the kids. They just sell it and have fun.
          You set it up in a trust fund and have it professionally managed and audited by a CPA firm. The kids get a monthly check and the rent is allocated to project for repairs and improvements.

          GOT IT?


          The generations who do not plan for the next are sinful and fuck heads.

          • The only ‘chip’ I’ll take is a potato chip. Lays; betcha can’t eat just one.

            • Lays betcha can’t eat just one, Ha. you can wolf the whole bag down and be sicker for it. It is nothing but GMO’s. Zero nutrition and total garbage.

        • Going to 1800’s alright , the 1800’s BC that is

        • You are correct….millions upon millions will die. Over 90% of the U.S. population doesn’t know how to live without electricity. Millions of Americans can’t even live without their facebook and twitter accounts. They will withdraw into their own minds and die in a comatose state. Seriously though, the world NEEDS to be reset. I’m afraid to say but I truly believe a world wide EMP or CME is what the world needs to reset the planet and push us to a dark place where only the smart and the strong will survive. Plan now because something WILL happen and you must be prepared for it…or perish.

        • If the Dems win the house in 2014, don’t worry about your money, worry about the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment will be toast.

          White voters and gun owners stayed home in 2012. If you stay home in 2014 the America you know and love will be gone and your weapons will be confiscated!

          Engage the enemy everywhere but especially at the polls. 🙂

          • You poor soul. You’re just not going to let go of the idea there’s a difference between the republicans and the democrats.

            They’re two wings on the same bird of prey.

            Also, newsflash: the America we knew is already gone.

      10. What do I do with the bodies that will be piling up in the yard?? Fertilize the garden? Hang them on a post? Dress them up funny and put make-up on them ?

        • I like the last one the best, but fertilizer sounds good.

          • Sgt. Dale, not fertilizer. Like Carp: too many bones.

            • DRD
              Damn you are right!!!!!!

        • Basstard — lol

          Stack them up for a perimeter barrier.
          The sight and smell alone would be a good deterrent.

          • No…build a catapult and hurl them over the wall at the NWO boys… bio warfare..let them get nice and ripe. ha ha

        • @Basstard… That’s what back hoe’s and front end loaders are for. Got both. I’m ready. just saying

        • Bass, this may sound bizarre but so does the question, and this helps answer one of the earlier questions. Which is the best round? 223 might be best cause you won’t have so many bodies piled up in the yard, many will crawl off to die or nurse their wounds. And I doubt they would return for more. Trekker Out.

        • It is tempting to dwell on things like bodies in the street, what arms to use, etc. but my main worry is a Katrina-like scenario where the “official government people” come to disarm you. What course of action to take. My weapons stay with me is the plan.

          • @ NO the karina gun grab, after the us govvie scum blew up the dike on purpose, was really stupid for the pigs. All they did make make GD we ALL know that the next time, we mow them down when they come for the guns.

          • no justice, attempted gun grab is also my main worry. I think it will be feds and/or foreign troops trying it. All members of my “ventilation team” will be ready and on standby.

        • People will haul them away and use them for food. They’ll probably come back on a regular basis to get more fresh meat.

          • Do You mean like in 1930’s, Ukraine “HOLODOMER” event? When 7 to 10-Million white christian ukranian’s were Forced to Starve to Death in Less than 18 months, BY the Russian/ukranian Jewish Bolshevik Kommies?

            Those starved folks were forced to turn to canabilisim in an attempt to remain fed. By the end of it, about 1/3 of Ukraine POP were Dead. Caused BY master race jewish kommie bolshevik Mass Murderers.(yeah bless them jews eh).

            I wonder When usa fed govnt plans to Build a few Holodomer Museums for white christian ukranians, similar to the couple Hundred HolyHoax jew museums all over our nation?

            Oh wait! That will Never happen, as due to zionist jew infestations Our usa fed govnt is filled with folks who believe that Only They are victims, and only they need any permanant museum reminders of atrocities.

            Good thing we have a few Patriotic American folks whos memories of such events shall never be silenced, and who refuse to ever stop alerting others to some of these events they were never told of, in order to maintain that only one group is considered the worlds Victims. Some of Us intend to change that attitude. We only “Bless” those who deserve it. Mass killers and exterminators like jew kommie bolsheviks and zionists do not deserve any “blessings”. Do You get it Yet Barn Cat?

            • BTW, Half-wit idiots like you that see Jews as an infestation are why the Holocaust and Holodomor happened.

              • It’s the politics, not the race

        • Skulls and leg or arm bones could be used to make some killer tables and chairs….

        • Line them up as a warning, then when they start to stink too much, burn them. Cremation—a funeral fit for kings.

        • People looking for food/water can be used to drag away bodies or bury them. win/win scenario.

        • Burn them. Otherwise diseases will start and you will die.

      11. In case of any type of civil unrest you will find me on my 16 acres, sitting behind one of the biggest trees in KY with my arsenal and a few cases of homemade delight. I have crazy neighbors all around me that I am even afraid of that are the types to have handy in SHTF. Now getting there from downtown….

        • Infidel…care to say which county??

          • Sweet Bullitt county.

            • Okie–dokie; Logan County here.

      12. Hell I’ve been locked and loaded for about 2 years now. Its coming and we here know it. I just got done loading 300 more 223’s for myself and just started loading 200 223 for my brother. Next 200 rds. of 6.8MM. The perfect between gun for the 223 and 308. Finding ammo and brass is problem slugs no problem (270 slugs) stay with 115 grs. reloading spec almost the same as 300 rem.
        Last month picked up 250 more 12ga. slugs and 00 buck.
        The wife just got over 250.00 worth of canned good and dried food to add to the supply. Water purification system all set up, and so is my solar power. Still working on my wind generator.
        SO LET IT HAPPEN I’M READY. I will pray for those that are not!!!

        • You ought to look into casting. I have been casting bullets, slugs, and buckshot for about 5 years. Currently, I cast 9 mm, .38/.357, .44, 00 buck, and shotgun slugs. The 240 gr .44’s are used in my Black Powder rifles. Good rainy day fun.

          • Shootit
            I do 30 Cal 22 Cal 357/ 9mm cal. 8mm Cal 7mm cal 12ga. slugs 44 cal 45 cal. I’m right with my friend!!!

            • You guys are way light I cast 3# for my canons

              • Those welded-up WWI artillery pieces on the courthouse lawn are going to come in pretty handy someday. They’ll make a good muzzle loader.

          • I’ve been stockpiling lead tire weights. Both w/zinc and without. I’ve got about 100 pounds of each. I’m going to spend a day making making cupcake-sized ingots. If I do nothing else with it, I can always make 1/2 oz pellets for my wrist rocket…that shit hurts when it hits you!

          • Cast bullets good for most guns, but not for Glocks.

        • Silly, Just silly!

        • Sweet! 5.56 brass, bullets, primers, powder is readily available again. I just picked up 5,000 pieces of 5.56 brass for under $500. It’s Lake City so I’m punching out the primers & swaging the primer pockets. Follow that with cleaning out the pockets on an RCBS Casemate. Lube and trim and then load em in my progressive press. In the past year we have loaded over 18,000 5.56 with 62 grain SS109 bullets. .308 is in the same boat. .308 brass, 500 pieces for $89 delivered. Bullets, primers and powder also available. Shotgun shells have been available for the most part throughout the recent ammo “crisis” so that has never been a problem. One thing you may want to invest in is true body armor rated to stop .308/7.62X54R/06/etc. Good body armor with plates all the way around can be had (including the plate carrier) for about $250.
          Lock and Load!

      13. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, pass the ammunition and pray that everything ends quickly. Accept Jesus soon because you may not have another chance.

        • At this point, I am preparing to stand WITH Jesus, not behind him.

          It will take us all to send these bastards back to hell.

      14. Anybody know how to muzzle a 5000 watt gas powered generator so no one can hear it running? I think I can use it during the day to run fridge & charge ups then run fridge off ups at night.

        • If you surround it with walls, most of the sound will go up. That’s probably the best you can do if it doesn’t have a good muffler.

        • Bury it deep underground.

          • Turn it off..

        • Bad idea. It’s a waste of fuel. You’d be better off storing kerosene or propane for cooking and heating.

        • Build a box, sides and top of 2×6 insulated with rock wool batts, slip over it, exhaust out the bottom.

          Don’t move it indoors unless you want to kill yourself.

        • That’s an engineering problem I’ve wrestled with for years. Having been in the car manufacturing biz, it’s something I do know a little about. Unfortunately it takes a small novel to cover it all adequately. A few points:

          Exhaust noise is just the start of the problem. The cylinder fins and crankcase radiate a surprising amount of noise, and the carb intake also makes noise. First part of the plan is to get high grade generators that are engineered from the git-go for low noise. Your basic open-frame Harbor Freight cheapo is a very poor choice there.

          Set on the ground, not on a deck that will vibrate.

          Mufflers need lots of internal volume. Generator designers use mufflers that are much too small, except for the big inbuilt nat-gas types that cost $10,000 to buy and install. Add a couple of car mufflers in series to your generator’s exhaust system. When you lengthen any exhaust system use pipe that’s at least 3x the diameter of the generator’s exhaust. Don’t add back pressure or the engine will overheat. Black iron pipe is much better than thin sheet automobile exhaust pipe, if you can manage it. If you do use thin wall pipe, wrap it in fiberglss insulation to absorb sound.

          Forget diesels – they are mechanically much too noisy.

          Look for everything on the generate that jingles, rattles, vibrates, and tie it down using bits of stiff foam rubber and duct tape.

          Enclose the unit in a shed, but remember that it needs lots of fresh air for engine cooling. Mass and resilience working together do the best job of cutting sound travel through walls. A lot of cars used to use pads that were thin lead sheet bonded to foam rubber, which is then glued to the door and roof panels. There is a sound-absorbing type of sheetrock that might help.
          Cooling air intake and outflow should be aimed vertically. Use soft-wall heating duct if you can, it absorbs noise quite well.

          Figure out how to deal with the steam that emanates from the exhaust in cold weather; (the largest component of exhaust gas is water vapor). Either condense it, or lead it well away from your generator shed. Mine ends in a nasty briar patch.

          If this make solar look better than generators, you’re right. But I have my genset anyway. An new-old-stock Yamaha, that is pretty quiet to begin with. I’m out on a farm with only one neighbor within half a mile. Adamant non-preppers, I expect to have to deal with them early on.

        • There’s plans online to hook it up to a car muffler.
          A barrel with gravel is good too.

          Add a converter to allow it to run on gas – or propane – or natural gas, and you’re set. …Maybe.
          ericpetersautos.com has a great write-up about such a conversion.

          Also, convert a chest freezer to run as a refrigerator. It’s much more efficient, meaning you run your generator less often. The plans are online. Or maybe you can buy one already that way? I’d like one myself.

          • AJ
            buy a honda eu2000

        • Get a propane frig.

          Works well, uses very little propane and very little battery usage

        • You can get a few feet of muffler flex-pipe, you know, the flexible metal pipe you can temporarily repair holes in rusted muffler pipes with, from an auto parts place? A couple of muffler clamps and run your exhaust out of a dryer vent or something. The length of pipe muffles the sound before it exits. This allows you to keep your genny indoors.

        • If you can’t keep it quiet in a garage or out building you can attach the exhaust to an underground diffuser system. The thing is the underground diffuser would have to be long and have many perforations to allow the gases to escape over a distance and not cause excessive back pressure. It would be akin to installing a giant firearm suppressor on your generator exhaust.

      15. I do not and cannot have a gun. A heavy hammer, a handaxe and a sharpened cane are my intruder protection. They will not stop a bullet. If they are shooting bullets, I have not devised a plan yet.

        • Pitch fork or a compressor with a nail gun (home improvements?). Keep a shovel (sharpened) close by.

          • Aij
            Cross bow. get one that shoots around 300 feet per sec. use an good broad head. practice with field tips. If you use field tips head shots only.

        • Bow and arrows. Hunting sling shot with 3/8 or 1/2″ steel balls. Good to 100 yards+

          • I tried .50 lead maxi balls out of curiosity in my sling shot, just because they were the same size as the marbles that I was practicing with and they went right through the 3/4″ plywood that I was using as a backstop. So I bought several sizes and found that the best with my slingshot was the .45 cal balls. Much better penetration and power than the steel shot I had bought. A little more expensive than the steel but kinda neat I thought.
            Just my 2 cents.

        • Choices not good. But I can tell you a slingshot in the hands of someone who can shoot it, is deadly. Second, more than half of all problems are after dark; a good Ghillie suit in black and you get very hard to see and if they cannot see you they likely cannot hit you.

          • Bear spray or Wasp spray, that oughta do it..

          • Some good slingshot ammo are iron ore pellets also known as taconite pellets. You can get them cheap on eBay.

        • @aljamo=- make a homemade 50 ft range traitor toaster called a flamethrower.

          • Something about flame that makes you say, Holy Shit!

        • Al, go for Bear Pepper Spray. If it will turn a Grizzly, it will turn anything, and you can get more than one blast out of a can. then you can use your hammer or whatever! I know,we’ll hear about wasp spray, but that only works in the eyes, no so with bear spray. Trekker Out.

          • BTW look into Burglar Bombs. Pepper spray canisters that are triggered by pulling a string. You can empty a room without even entering it with one of those.

          • Starting to have problems wth the Bear pepper spray; seems the wetback bears like it.

        • Get in the bathtub and start hollering “Police!”.

          Or don your ghillie suit and the criminals will think you’re the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and they will run away. Because none of them have ever seen a ghillie suit…or a tomato in its natural habitat…or a cow-pie kicking contest, or a boar-hog caught in a punji trap.

          That reminds me…just set up punji traps all the way around your house. Your HOA will love you for it, trust me!

        • ALL OF THE ABOVE!

        • Get a shotgun if nothing else.

      16. Let’s not forget the humble .22 rifle. Many people are so financially in trouble that they cannot afford a much more powerful rifle. Something is better than nothing. The .22 rifle can be purchased for about $125-$200 new, and much less used. .22 LR ammo is slow in comparison to a .223 or 5.56, but it is the same size round. The LR usually travels about 1200 FPS, while of course the .223 and 5.56 is going 3000-3500 FPS depending on the brand someone purchases. This is what makes such a tiny bullet so much more lethal, the kinetic energy of the velocity. A .22 round going say 20000 FPS would have more destructive ability than a .50 caliber. Still you can get a little more punch for the .22 LR with my favorite ammo the Stinger which goes above 1600 FPS. A .22 in the head of someone likely puts them down, period.

        A shotgun is something that puts fear in most people, especially the zombies trying to take your food away from you. The old scatter gun is still very effective of installing some fear into people that don’t have much of a backbone to begin with. If they had a backbone they would be using it along with a mind to put away right what they and their families need. Many people like the 000, 00 buck shot for its take down power. The smaller shot such as Buck 1 through 4 should be considered though because there is more shot the smaller it is and might be better for a larger number of people trying to take waht you have. Check out the size of buck shot and the equivalent size caliber round:

        000 = .36
        00 = .33
        0 = .32
        1 = .30
        2 = .27
        3 = .25
        4 = .24

        As one can see even using Buck 4, getting hit with even one ball that is larger than a .22 will likely slow down or stop anyone. There are many more ball bearings in a Buck 2-4 than 000. Of course 000 is like getting hit with a 9 mm, and at close range no one of going to get up from a full discharge of something this size. on top of various size Buck shot, one should also consider the old shot gun slug. All one has to do is look at the slug inside a 20 gauge case and see what this would do to anyone. To see a slug in a 10 gauge is something to behold. Sabot slugs can get up to almost 2000 FPS and would end any threat with any a less than center shot.

        Hand guns are of course important. Revolvers may hold less much they are almost always dependable and can be counted on. I have known people with Glocks that have on an occasion jammed on them, rare but it does happen. I guess whatever works best for you.

        Other weapons should also be considered. A nice can of bear spray for example might not be such a bad plan if you don’t want to gun down your neighbors that are trying to get into your home for a bite to eat. Bear spray covers a large area as it is meant to stop a charging bear that is not easy to hit with a small cloud of pepper spray. Stun baton and TASERS are also a good idea if you want to use non lethal force to simply stop your neighbors or others. Again, whatever works for you. Just remeber your lifeline is worth you protecting it, because it is protecting you from immediately starving and suffering.

        • Mr. informed,

          Do you really think you are going to kill people??

          Almost all of you are living some Rambo type fantasy.

          If you put as much energy into trying to help Obama fix what is wrong as opposed to fighting to keep the status quo, this planet would be a better place for all!!

          • Now thats funny,
            Oh wait, you were serious?
            If the system actually worked the part about working with ooobummer might make sense
            The washington rulers dont want to or care to hear what we think,
            So my money is on bullets, beans, and bandaids!

            • Kula, don’t forget the Tannerite.

              Several friends have been “experimenting” with it.

              Their stories are “impressive”…i’m get some today.

          • First off, Froggy, the Halfrican Dictator IS what’s wrong, so helping him in any way would be throwing in your lot Satan. As Rush said in 2009, I HOPE HE FAILS.

            Sadly, if the Free Shit Army sends a tentacle to my BOL, yes, it’s likely to be killed if it threatens me even a little bit. I’m old, but I’m not ready to give up my liberty just yet.

          • So the dollar collapses…all the exec. orders King Obummer created are enforced.
            The police are not getting paid and say, fuck it and stay home to watch over their families. Then…the criminal gangs…gang bangers, biker gangs and enterprising folks come out to play.

            They think completely different from your hippy mentality.
            They would all sit around drinking beer having at your ass and watching.

            Be real…
            Being prepared to defend your family does not make you a murderer.

            YES…we all could kill someone trying to kill or harm our own.
            It’s called being an American and being a protective parent.

            Ever hear of the NRA?

            All the members are productive members of society.
            I once knew a cop who never had any issues with NRA members.
            When he saw the bumper sticker..he knew he was dealing with a polite, educated and respectful armed citizen who had the power to kill any fucker who tries to fuck with him and his own.

            Got it.

            “Rambo type fantasy”…. sound like you are the one in hippy fantasy land.

            Obama care was designed to economically destroy the country.

            it’s simple math.. the pie is only so big. Sorry…everyone does not get a piece.
            If you baked it…you get a fucking piece. Sure, we’ll toss some edge crusts around and give a piece now and then…but NO….earn it you fucking commies… I’ve been working for decades. When Monday hits…I’m a happy man… because I know I’ve earned my place and I run the show. But all the commie bitches want to take it.

            I’m currently planning a new business. It’s full automation and zero employment for Obamma commies.

            There’s your new racism. No commies/dems.

            Funny…the Obama nightmare has me more busy than ever. Everyone is scrambling to get rid of employees…. I automate things.

            Who don’t you go buy an NRA membership and learn how to shoot.
            cut your hair, take a bath and become a productive member of society.

            All commies are alike.

          • Hey Einstein, Obama isn’t trying to FIX anything. His mission is to complete our transformation into a third world country. And he’s almost done.

          • Oh great, another troll. froggy, enjoy that troll check while you can because it will be cut off eventually. Obama and co. are the problem, not us. we’ll be acting in self-defense of our homes, ourselves, and our families. We’re not the ones with bad intentions toward this country, Washington Dc is, retard!

          • BillyBobJumpingFrog your brotha the presidential primate Obama is destroying our nation. Because of that
            we are preparing to defend ourselves,friends and family.
            Perhaps you should move to North Korea,your kind of people.

          • Fix what is wrong? Please enlighten us as to what is wrong? What is wrong is the Kenyan Muslim usurping the Constitution daily and destroying this country. You are an idiot.

          • Sounds like you’re living in your own fantasy.

            Do a little bit of research on the progressives. I know that’s anathema to a leftist but here’s to hoping you’re not an outright idiot.

            They aren’t in it to fix it. They’re in it to subvert, usurp and destroy the Constitution in favor of something akin to global fascism.

        • Thank you BI, and good points! I have the .22 and shotty covered. Perhaps a rifle is not the best use of my limited funds at this point in time.

          • .22LR will go clean thru a 1/2″ pine board at 450 meters. That can be a lethal shot.

            • That I seriously doubt. First of all you’d have it HIT the pine board, which will require about 30 feet of holdover at 450 meters, and anything from zero to 30 feet of windage, too. Second you’d have to find a really rotten board.

              I just love the sight of keyboard commandos in the evening!

              • Old Coach, I’ve seen that done before so it is possible. But, yes, you do have to be a good shot to do so.

              • It will kill at a mile downrange.

          • @ Outlaw

            I just bought a nice diamondback AR 15 with 2 steel mags at wally on the 18 month no interest card. It was $847 + tax. Hell if they will approve you why not put it on 18 months no interest and spend the extra on ammo. I’m happy with it and yes its the only card I have because I don’t prefer credit cards.

            • It is a tangible item in your possession that will be far more valuable to you than a piddly amount of fiat that you paid for it.

              The future value and piece of mind that you have now is “priceless”.

              Let them come and collect wshtf.

              • Thats kinda how I thought about it. I was going to get one with my tax return but the 18 months no interest was too good to pass up and they only do it at christmas to get people in debt. It hasn’t been more than a week and I already got the card in the mail. Not that I plan to use it.

        • 12 guage Remington Accu Tips 3 1/2″ magnum. Close to same FPS as a .50 at 50 yards. May work to stop improvised armored vehicles.

          • Wrong
            Accutip is avg 1820 fps @ muzzle
            50BMG avg 2700 fps @ muzzle

            • I stand corrected. I was thinking Lightfield IDS Commander.

              Probably closer to a .458 SOCOM just at 1/2 the price per round and 1/2 or more price of the rifle.

            • LOL. No comparison at all. Most .50 BMG bullets are minimum 647 grains up to 750 grains. The .50 BMG bullets are also hardened and can be indendiary, armor piercing or any combination of the above. Slugs from shotguns are made of somewhat hardened lead and that’s about it. The Kinetic Energy from a .50 BMG is vastly superior to the Kinetic Energy of a 12 gauge slug.

        • Garlic tipped .22lr hollow points, even if just skims you, you still are terminated. Body shot will bounce around and rip internal organs to pieces. I know, a buddy of mine died from a dropped .22 pistol, fired up into his chest cavity, and nearly pierced every organ. Worst bullet to get hit with, goes in does not come out. I miss my friend…

          • I have long railed about a 12 gauge pump with high brass express loads for CQB situations, like someone lurking outside the front door. Boom, at the feet first getting him down and dealing with the rest later. I load my own shit and can come up with some real healthy shells out of a shooters bible. Taking of course safety and common sense first.
            Open the door! Fuck that, how’s about thru the door? Here catch this!!

            • Just shoot em through the door!
              Or up in the air! Better yet!
              Thats what joe said we should do
              Hes the vice president so he MUST lnow what hes talking about,

              Snicker snicker pfffft’

          • @ eppe, eating lots of garlic, I mean handfuls, then blowing hard at the threat is also very effective lol.

            • Keeps vampires away too…
              There are a multitude of poisions that can be mixed together, and placed in any hollow point, shot gun shell, or snake shot. Seal off with candle wax, now you have a projectile that is 10x more effective in termination. One shot gun pellet that is tainted as such, will make for a quicker death that a plain bullet. Look it up, the Mafia would rub bullets with garlic…
              But all you people should aready know this, Google is great for looking up stuff….
              I still miss my friend.

              • Caution!

                The use of agents to inflict injuries could have adverse effects on future attacks upon you. There is plenty of stuff you can mix up in the kitchen sink. Our opponents already have proven methods of chemical and bio weapons and their usage. Note that this would elevate your status of combatant to terrorist. Possible new rules of engagement especially if you use them first and become a prisoner of war.
                Think before you leap.

                • But if they die before you, you win?
                  Just being informed is ahead of the game?
                  My computer was attacked tonight, guess I am on the NSA radar?
                  We all are if we comment here?
                  I think it might be a good thing to stay low and off the radar?
                  I am thinking and am worried, I have others to think of, like you?
                  I wish the world was different place than it is now?
                  Think about what you are saying, they are watching…
                  Pray for the best, prep for the worst….
                  MAC; is there any way to check if we are beimg tracked?
                  If so, I will never comment again….

                  • Remember when I said to “kill them all?”

                  • eppe.

                    I have thought up some bad shit and would only use on defense. They have been tracking places like this site for years. Welcome to the club. Also they are not too concern with us. It is the ones out there with real frog ass tight opsec running around the countryside.

                  • sling:
                    No problem here, I know what you are saying.
                    I guess that I must fade into the background and never comment or visit again….
                    I have enjoyed the time here, but all “good things must come to an end”.
                    Thank goodness there are 10 others that use this email address, but I digress…
                    Mac, I have had a interesting time visiting, but OPSEC is a tricky thing nowdays…
                    Signing off….

          • Howdy, eppe. I personally know someone who was shot with a .22 and didn’t make it. He wen through something similar to what you described, so I know it’s possible. Graveyards everywhere have someone buried in them killed by nothing more than a .22LR. I like .22LR so much I have 3 .22s plus enough ammo for life.

      17. Can we get this party started please? I’d like 3 weeks off like the government workers.

        • With pay better yet and with a raise in january!
          Makes me want to go get a gov….. ….
          Oh wait thats right,,,

          • Life is good. Repubs caved and kicked the can with the dems. We all get turkey for Thanksgiving and pumkin/sweet potato pies.

            Now that i don’t have to worry about hoardes of welfare folks out on the interstate throwing rocks at drivers cars, hoping they will crash so they can loot; I’m letting the little woman treat me to a day of trout fishing on the Rez. (Cherokee that is).

            Turning 57 tomorrow and i thought I’d never live to see it. Sometimes I wish i hadn’t. But, I’m still here and trying to make the best of it while there is still a few months of travel left before the cookie crumbles.

            it could come sooner, but hopefully not cause i need to reload a couple hundred more rounds.

            My weapon of choice for sniper style killing is my Weatherby 270 magnum. At 300 yards, with a 130 grain ballistic tip bullet I can just about split a man in two.
            The bullet almost explodes on impact to the mid-section and will take out the heart and lungs, not to mention make a mess of the poot shoot.

            With a solid rest for the rifle, it puts every round in a three inch circle @ 300 yds. Off hand i can punch holes in a 9 inch pie plate every time, without flinching and have another round chambered before the sound of the blast stops echoing. Good enough to keep zombies at bay.

            Lock and load folks, time is a drawing near. Better to be the shooter than the shootee.

            • Happy birthday and happy fishing Bud!
              270 is real popular out here.

      18. C’mon,
        You guys have been screaming this crap for 5 years, and I am making more money than ever in the market. Your gold and silver hoarding and speculation is a fools folly!

        This is a time to celebrate. Obama has the economy on track for the most part, the wars are winding down, and most people are happy.

        I understand there are a handful of people that are still getting whole from the economic situation, but let’s be honest, most of them were not being fiscally responsible to begin with.

        Sorry chicken little, the sky is not falling, it is a bright sunny day, and the future is looking good for most of us.

        • Funny thing about PMs, no counter-party risk. Been stacking silver since it was $1.38 an ounce. I’m happy and sleep well. Peace.

        • You need to get outside the beltway. what world are you living in? there is a smaller percentage of the population working since the 1950s. Most new jobs are now part time and come with no benefits. They will be required to buy UNaffordable healthcare with premiums 2-4 time what is being paid now, They may get fined because they can’t get online to sign up. Both parties are responsible for our economic mess and inflation is getting worse by the day. It will hit you too,count on it. remember this…I told you so!

        • Wrong site BillyBob

          We think maybe you’re looking for the
          National Democratic Convention site.

        • Sure, BillyBob…and I believe in Sandy Claws and da Toof Ferry, too.

        • THE WATER is feeling real good today, isn’t it BBJF. In fact, you won’t even notice “your cooking in it” as the temperature rises.

          By the time YOU finally “get it”…it will be time to serve “BillyBobJumpingFrog” LEGS with our favorite condiments and sauce. Keep praising that pot of simmering water your in…I’m getting hungry thinking about the guaranteed end result.

          QUOTE: “Obama has the economy on track for the most part”. Hilarious on several levels. The “economic track” ends right around the next bend, courtesy of the nonFederal Reserve and the bankster gangsters. Obama is in the “caboose” of this train…leading from behind and damn sure not in control of “the lack of tracks” ahead of this kamikaze train track.

          Very humorous assertion that Obama, or any member of the District of Criminals has contributed ANYTHING positive to LIFE IN AMERIKA.

          • I recommend sauteing them in butter and garlic.

            Having abandoned the Ann Arbor MI area when I retired, I will miss watching the Froggys up there run around like headless chickens and eating one another of the fit hits the Shan for real.


          • yental,
            The water is fine. I am trying to help you.

            Studies have been done, and what is going on here and on many other “like minded” sites, is a form of “group psychosis” and mild mental illness.

            It is not healthy to sit around all depressed about things that have not happened and work yourself into a frenzy about boogie men and monsters hiding in the shadows that don’t exist.

            Meth heads?? Rouge bands of former military? corrupt police?

            The walking dead is just a television show people.

            There is no way the entire world will collapse into chaos and man against man…like you all rant on about.

            Go get some help, talk to your family and friends.

            Ask them if you seem to be a little bit or a lot off kilter.

            If so, you might consider it might just be you…

            We will still be discussing this 5 years from now, you will still be predicting utter collapse, and I on the other hand will be wealthier and happier.

            I think I will take the money I save and go on a nice vacation, you keep buying overpriced freeze dried food, bullets, candles, and toilet paper, and we will see who is happier.

        • @ Bubbabillybob – Can anyone get this guy some “wakeup” medicine? Anyone?

        • An impostor…I know BillyBob and he is not a blathering Marxist supporting idiot…definite case of ID theft…

          • Maybe BillyBob is related to nc joe.

          • NO….It’s ME!!

        • Hey, were prepared! Talking about being prepared, thinking about stuff we may want to be prepared for!
          Never said we were short traders gambling our HARD earned dollars to make a buck,
          The site is SHTFplan.com
          Not im a troll who likes to interject useless info and criticism into little conversations people are having about various subjects dot commm

          Freedom of speech though so whatever

        • BBJF.

          I am happy you are making money in the markets. Actually it is not your money till you sell the shares/claims or receive dividends. Am I correct?
          Also I wonder who are the people you hang around with because most would not agree things are on the right track where I come from and most do not make enough money to invest in the market. Poverty and the low income bracket are increasing or have you not noticed
          All in due time.

        • Billybob….you have GOT to slow down on the koolaid. You are talking crazy.

        • Frog, you mean you’re rolling in money from trolling, don’t you?

        • I hope you really believe this BBJF- stay comfy, make sure you keep your fridge mostly empty so that the food is always fresh-from the store where you know it will always be. Take your old clothes to Goodwill and only buy new when the season is right. You don’t need gun, the government will take care o you- give it to the police and they’ll give you a gift certificate you can re-gift got Christmas. take care now and don’t bother coming back to hang out with these backward folks.

          To everyone else, /sarc. 😉

      19. .223 or .308,really depends on it’s current use,imagine more .223 available from the dead then .308,that said,needed more ammo probably didn’t survive all the fire fights!As all I have at moment is .223,well,that’s my number along with .45/buck-slug/.22/5mm air rifle(great for silent small game hunting)/crossbow/compound bow!I guess would choose box # 3,all of the above plus more that I cannot at moment afford but working on.On a side not ,the EBT mess was great,woke up a family member who now has a 6 month supply of basic stuff as a start in just 2 days along with some other preps including now looter deterrent!As always,live and enjoy today while prepping for tomorrow.

        • Some nice 12 guage booby trap/trip lines out there. Combine with tear gas, blank, tracer or Dragons Breath for early warning. Or if strapped, old mouse traps with a nail welded on the trip bar and voila’. Normally can only use once tho. Can find cheap at garage sales.

        • Compound with broadheads, imagine the look on some fuckers face when his buddy who he was going to loot your house with falls in his lap with an arrow sticking out of his head! Priceless!

          • My Barnett C5 Wildcat will make a quick wall-hanging out of an intruder…I might need some help unpinning them, though, full-grown men are heavy.

      20. I’m a beginner to prepping. Novice is more like it. I’m looking for a website where I can find other preppers in my area that I can contact and discuss things with. Anyone know of such a site?

        I’ve read a lot of the articles that are on the web about prepping and have started with some of the basic items that are on the list like water, food, medical supplies, etc. I’m a female and purchasing these types of items isn’t that difficult. It’s other items that I’m not sure about, like water filters, etc. I would like to be able to talk to ppl in my area about things like this.

        If anyone knows of such a site I’d appreciate it.

        • J – Start with this: http://tinyurl.com/ld5ovjj – that is shortened url. Good luck.

        • J-Bird, welcome aboard. This site, for one, is a good place to start. we’ll be happy to advise you on anything we can. There is a link on the left hand side of this page to American Preppers Network. they’re also a very good source of information.

        • Check out Rawles Survival blog

          • Kulafarmer….Thanks for the website. I think I may have found some ppl nearby that I can join.

            • Luck to you!
              God Bless

      21. BI, AMEN about the .22LR. Most people get shocked when they find out what the venerable .22LR can really do. I bought my Ruger 10/22 back when they were $125 new in the box and still love it. You can get 25-round magazines for it. I tried one of the new 32-round magazines back in the summer and had some feeding issues. Never had that problem with the 25s. I’ve got more of that caliber stockpiled than my other calibers since I also have a couple of .22LR pistols. The .22 is what John Hinckley used on President Ronald Reagan when he tried to kill him on March 30, 1981. When Reagan was in the operating room he lost more than half of his blood. Hinckley also wounded Jim Brady, White House Chief of Staff. A .22 round severed his spinal cord and paralyzed him for life. Because of that ordeal, his wife Sara became a POS gun grabber. Go to Wikipedia and type in ‘Reagan Assassination Attempt’. Very interesting story on the incident. A .22LR WILL bring down someone as long as you shoot it in the right place. SHOT PLACEMENT IS ESSENTIAL.

        • Ive put alot of “government beef” in the freezer with a .22lr over the years…no problem dropping the hardest headed person alive with one…I plan on surviving not frontal attacks on trained troops…so Ill keep my .22

          • Multiple high capacity magazines in .22LR equals cheap, yet effective, suppression fire. A very under rated ballistic addition to the “armory” for many reasons.

            Lethal? Ask some ER and trauma doctors to “chime in”. I always “get-a-kick” out of firearms/ballistic comparisons and recommendations. Whatever caliber YOU can “aim small and hit with routinely” is the proper choice…PERIOD.

            I don’t need a firearm capable of “sniping” at 600 yards plus. Where I live, 100 yards is a very decent “line-of-sight”. Can I dispatch a “problem” at that range with a BI favorite (LR stinger.) Guaranteed! Is that my only firearm? NOPE!

            • Yental, my late beloved mrs braveheart was an OR nurse and saw numerous people brought in shot with a .22LR. .22LR will do the job. But I have to agree with Old Coach that it’s better to have some “heavier artillery” to stop the threat before it can do anything to you. I do have heavier artillery in my ventilation team.

            • Suppressing fire is right, buddy of mine has a 10/22 with a Gatling attachment, turn the crank, empty a 25-round magazine in two seconds. Three or four semi-auto .22s as part of your defensive team can put 200 rounds out in no time, aimed fire.

              Sure it’s a .22LR, but 125 ft/lbs in the elbow, knee, hand, neck, head, or internals is going to be very helpful to the centerfire shooters on the team.

              • Suppresive fire,
                Thats what that bushmaster with the lightning link is for,

        • Thing is, I can reload .38 Special for less that the price of .22 rimfire these days, and get a lot more versatility out of it.

          And while a .22 will kill a man if he doesn’t get quick, modern medical care, it will not STOP a man quickly enough to keep him from harming or even killing you, unless he’s not serious about it anyway. STOPPING THE THREAT is what personal defense is all about. In a real P.D. situation you will have virtually zero chance of shot placement good enough to disable with the .22 rimfire. If the situation DOES allow you time to make that kind of placement, you should not be shooting at all, unless YOU are the aggressor.

          BTW most real gun cranks now recognize that the .223/5.56 loaded with varmint-style hollowpoints actually does less over-penetration than your handgun and shotgun loads when used indoors.

          • TheOldCoach, 38 special will not STOP a man quickly enough to keep him from harming or even killing you either. Sometimes.

            That’s why the unitedstate army stopped using them after the war of conquest in the Philippines. There’s plenty of evidence and accounts to back that up.

          • With respect OC I have to say Ive killed a lot of deer and some hogs and even a few cattle with a .22 with one shot and the deer have often been out there a long ways…sometimes they run a ways but often Ive dropped them with one shot in the head where they stood…granted no round will do much good if a person cant shoot…Ive seen guys lose a deer after hitting it several times with .308 and 06…shot placement is everything…I have to disagree on the idea of a .22 not stopping a man dead in his tracks…

      22. The administrators at all of the schools in our area, private and public, just instituted a plan where the kids will go to a meeting place off campus and then be bussed to a pick up area where the parents can pick up the kids. This was put into place in the event of an armed intruder appearing at the school. I did not like this idea at all; but, it is hard to argue against it with the given premise. I am concerned that the plan could easily be implemented under other scenarios. Another concern is that the parent pick up place is an area with limited access and good line of site to see what is coming; this area can be easily controlled, before or after parents arrive.

        I will tell my kids to hustle to their grandmother’s when they get out of the building. Both my wife and I are nearby and will just meet them there.

      23. I hate to say this, but as far as I can see, it’s true. If society in America gets to a major shtf situation, then it’s basically over.

        Think about it: We the people have had the ability to freely move about, eat our food, organize, etc. We the people have had the ability and time to do a lot of things which could have effectively put a stop to tyrannical government in America, yet tyranny in America has steadily grown, and is now multiplying under the usurper Obama.

        What do you think is going to be the fate of most Americans in a shtf situation where martial law is imposed? Regardless of how many bugout supplies a person has or not, it’s over.

        If while the wood was green, we didn’t stop tyranny while we had the chance, do you think we will stop tyranny while the wood is dry? No.

      24. Daisy,

        Good article!

        But, imho, many comments were a bit heavy on topic of firearm use!

        We all need to remember that most cities have sophisticated acoustic detection systems that can point swarms of trigger-happy police to you and your home. [Remember Miles Kendrick (Walter Mattau) in the movie ‘Hopscotch’? Remember how the house was riddled with bullets?]

        As preliminary alternative to firearms, consider the lowly can of hornet spray. It’s very simple to keep an inexpensive can of hornet spray handy.

        Another consideration: A wireless surveillance system (e.g., Lorex Technology). At least (over your dead body) there can be digital recording of the intruder(s). Moreover, the surveillance cameras might even serve as an early alert.

        • “most cities have sophisticated acoustic detection systems…”

          You have a link to that?

      25. AR-15 gets my vote. My wife can handle it if necessary. Can carry a lot of ammo, plus the ammo is more affordable than .308. Another advantage is there will be a lot of AR-15’s and ammo available since many idiot, loud mouthed preppers have them and cannot keep their mouths shut about it. Plus, the AR-15 seems to give them a false sense of invincibility, so it will be very easy to separate them from their weapons and preps. I just love Rambo wannabees.

        • Well, ncjoe, none of us have any use for dickheaded trolls like you, so that makes us even, BTW, go f#$% yourself!

        • Your wife is a Rambo wannabee?

          You might want to discuss that with her, it’s a dead end.

        • ” My wife can handle it if necessary”

          being a liberal, I’m betting your wife can handle a lot more than that. *wink wink**

      26. Me = SKS
        Wife = AR 15

        We’ll have each others back in the bell tower.
        Zombie’s be aware!

      27. America’s new ‘economic guillotine’ is dead ahead


        ” Today, Credit Suisse data reveal that just 1% own 46% of the world, while two-thirds of the world’s people have less than $10,000 wealth.”

        thats right
        1% of the population owns 46% of the worlds wealth

        and we have people yelling and screaming about food stamps
        and people on SSDI !!!

        ha ha ha
        too funny
        we’re a nation of dumb asses

        TPTB are laughing themselves silly over our foolishness

        • Good point, as far as it goes. But the 1% are using the Free Shit army to guarantee the election of Halfricans whom they can control. Eliminate the FSA, and the middle class will get it’s groove back.

          • exactly right Coach

            the key word is USING

      28. As I stated yesterday at another site with this article…It reads like a condensed re-write of Dave Hodges better written article that came out previously to this one.
        Blah Blah more of the same ole stuff…
        Is the advertising business doing that poorly?
        Daisy doesn’t even comment any more on comments to her own articles.

        • Could you please submit the article that you wrote, for comparison to Daisy’s?
          Or are you doing anything? Other than criticizing others efforts?

        • Huh! you back off from Daisy. she has a whole community of people here to defend her. If you think you can do any better, let’s see you submit an article, retard!

      29. I,ll be adding another x-mas gun for underneath the tree this year again. Can never have to much key firepower at your disposal. Lets see one one the night stand, one at the door way,one on my person,always. And twenty more in the safe.

      30. ‘Don’t make fun of the US Government, it is already a joke’ – expert on US debt crisis

        US President Barack Obama early on Thursday signed legislation that ends a US government shutdown and raises the US debt ceiling. The US Congress has passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the federal debt limit, with hours to spare before the nation risked default. The Voice of Russia discussed this issue with George Koo, who specializes in relations between US and China, and business strategies for Asia.
        In his statement Mr. Obama made on the shutdown on Thursday he said that people are fed up with Washington. Do you agree with that?
        I’ve learned one line recently, I think it was coming from China, actually, which is – don’t make fun of the US Government, it is already a joke.
        Still, do you have an impression that people are more or less fed up with those crises or you think people just don’t care?
        I think most people who are aware of what is going on must care of the travesty of the so-called democracy that is in Washington. You have a minority of members of the House trying to dictate what the Government and what the country should do. It has been a joke, there is no way around it.
        If we look at this shutdown and the reasons of it, different people say different things. Some say it is just a matter of politics. Some say it is really a matter of fundamental differences between the two parties. What is your point on that?
        It is a fundamental difference but it is really not between the two parties, it is between the majority of the feelings of the people in Congress versus a minority of the so-called Tea Party members. The Tea Party members don’t really care about what is in the best national interests, much less what is in the global economic interests. They are just totally irresponsible, totally insistent on their point of view prevailing, even though they are a minority voice.
        Do you see any chance that before mid January, before February they will be able to somehow reach some compromise or we will see the same thing again in a few months?
        There is an old fable about the boy who cried “Wolf!”. And he cried “Wolf!” for three times and after that people completely ignored him. And my concern is that if Congress cannot come to a resolution (and they are supposed to come to a resolution by December 13th), if they don’t do it – that will be the third time. And I think pretty soon, if not already, countries around the world are starting to look at the long-term value of the dollar with a great deal of suspicion.
        And is that risky for the global economy – this weakening of the dollar?
        Long-term weakening of the dollar is one thing. And I think that’s started during the financial crisis of 2008. But to renege on the debt – that is catastrophic, because that would instantly declare the value of the dollar from whatever its worth is to zero, because it is worthless. And that has to raise a lot of concern all around the world and has to worry a lot of people. I think we’ve talked in the past about how China has begun these bilateral swap agreements to avoid exposure to holding too many dollars.
        But China is not the only one. Recently South Korea has entered into many of these same bilateral swap agreements just to avoid having to use the dollar as the settlement currency between the two countries in trade. Turkey has done it, India has been doing it, more and more countries are going away from using the dollar. So, eventually, dollar will cease to be. It is a long-term eventual, but eventually the dollar will cease to be the preferred reserve currency for the world.
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_10_18/Don-t-make-fun-of-the-US-Government-it-is-already-a-joke-expert-on-US-debt-crisis-8199/

        • It’s ironic that we now get more accurate news from Russia than from our own media. If you’d told me 40 years ago that this would be happening in 2013 I would have laughed in your face, and then had you committed.

          • Coach unbelieveable, better and more news on Communist China news channel than American MSM. Trekker Out.

            • I forgot to add- the Russian media also seemed to think that Bill Clinton’s dalliance with Ms. Lewinski was some sort of a romance.

          • You still shouldn’t trust the Russian news media. They are Putin’s trained dogs; any who get out of line end up dying of mysterious and never solved acts of gun violence in a country with strong firearms restrictions or of conveniently timed ‘accidents.’ Beside that, they also love sensationalism and don’t always follow up to verify facts.

            • “Beside that, they also love sensationalism and don’t always follow up to verify facts”

              I guess that means the difference between them and OUR MSM is, our media NEVER bothers to verify ANY facts.

      31. Don’t get out much, do you?

        This type of scenario exists only in people’s imaginations.

        To, unfortunately, too great of a degree, you all feed on each other.

        The realistic threat is the insidious creep of Communist policies being enacted by this Administration. For that, the only cure is conservative political leaders drawing the line, saying no and fighting politically. Beyond that, a military coup.

        The guys with the guns always win, and the guys with the biggest guns always win.

        • Hmm…Interesting philosophy about he size of guns…ever hear of Vietnam? Afghanistan (any war)?

          The biggest guys with the biggest guns do not always win…but that is how to bet.

          • Vietnam was not fought to win, and Afghanistan is not being fought to win.

            The Gulf War is the most recent war that was fought to win, and it was over in 100 days, in large part due to the mass surrenders by Iraqi troops.

            With all due respect and honor to those who fought the Revolutionary War, in today’s society a bunch of guerilla fighters roughly organized in regions or even smaller organizational units across the country will not constitute the same effectiveness of a U.S. military coup. The U.S. military are the guys with the biggest guns, both here and worldwide. They, and they alone, would determine the winners and the losers, if it ever came to that.

            Let’s hope this can be resolved politically. A good first step for Obama would be to exile Valerie Jarrett and renounce all ties to the socialist/communist elements in our government and society. But that would take a rather large miracle…..

        • Hey the trolls are really out today, guess the NSA went back to work,
          Nice to see the hard earned tax dollars going to good use!

          • They are downright disgusting on Breitbart. If anyone feels like playing whack-a-troll, that’ the place to be. It’s like an infestation of cockroaches.

            • Im convinced most all of the trolls on sites like this are associated with the government in some way, either they play on their computer at work or are nsa ssholes

        • The Viet Cong and Taliban say hello.

        • I dont know if your theory on gun size rings true, looks like more of a stalemate going on wherever the big guns are fighting the little guns lately,
          Just an observation,

        • Near as I can tell , capitalism , communism , socialism what the fuck everism. Eventually end up about the same.

          .1 % who own eveything
          .9 % who think they own everything
          9 % elite sycophants
          10 % enforcers guns , chains , clipboard rectal worms
          78 % obedient kool aid sheep
          2 % who have a mild to wild set of clues about what the fuck is really going on

      32. Number 16 of the precursor earthquakes that say a very large earthquake is coming. This one is right at the junction point between thew African, Australian, and Antarctic plate. When this exact spot was hit before 80% of the time a big earthquake followed. In Dec of 1979 after this precise point was hit an 8.1 followed in Ecuador. Other 7’s also followed after this, but the 8.1 shows that somethin massive is coming, way larger than the 7.2 in the Philippines, and the 6.8 or 7.1 in New Guinea that just hit. You would think that it would calm down a bit, NO. The areas match that other precursor quakes are pointing towards. 16 times it says at least a 7.5+ is coming, likely something bigger. The same areas mnetioned before remain quite hot.

        • Bi ,
          There is something going on, see how the Quake magnitudes are trending up .
          There seems to be a lot of potential energy locked up and not releasing .
          Looks like your predictions are uncannily accurate. You should really consider writing a paper on this for peer review. When I read your stuff it reminds me of Louise Alveres and his discovery of the KT boundary layer and theory of the end of the dinosaurs by an impact event some thing no one else thought of, but the empirical evidence pointed this to be a possible event.
          Sometimes looking at a puzzle in a different way enables one to see what others have missed.
          Many scientific discoveries have been determined by one individual with a different insight.

          What is your best guess to where the Mega Quake may occur, New Madrid ? North East US via undiscovered Fault line? Could the St Laurence River Basin / Hudson River Basin bear the surface characteristics of a buried Fault line?

          An event of a large Quake on the east coast would be unprecedented the impact would be catastrophic most of the structures are older and would not stand up well to severe seismic event.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • @ Nightbreaker. Right now a mega quake of 8.5+ is pointing towards the Cascadia fault zone, soouthern Alaska especially the Aleutians, Eastern Russia to the Kuril Islands, Japan again, India/Chinese border region, Ecuador to northern Chile. All other areas I mentioned before are below the 8.5 threshold.

            Even through the perceived earthquake from the New Madrid would feel like a 9 because of the dense rock underground, the actually energy released probably would be low 8 maximum. The St. Lawrence seaway actually worries me more than the New Madrid fault because of the closeness to the the horizontal V shape movement of the African, North American, and the South American/Caribbean plate to the south. You can see the splitting apart and pulling going on here with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and New Foundland provinces. The area around Quebec is rated as high in seismic energy potential as the New Madrid fault. Compare this with the Gulf Of California and it looks magnitudes more fragmented almost like the crust has been grinded to death. The energy is not at this time directed towards these areas for anything huge, thankfully for the time being. Not to say a 6 pointer could not hit, but not likely a more severe quake.

            • Damn man, now i wont get any sleep tonight! Be waiting to hear the tsunami sirens!

              • @ Kulafarmer. Check out the earthquake on the USGS map that is at the triple junction point of the African/Australian/Antarctic plates. This was the 16th time there has been an earthquake that has past records that show a whopper followed. With this one in 1976 a 8.1 in Ecaudor hit after this exact spot had a moderate quake on it. These percursor quakes already forecasted the Philippines earthquake of 7.2, I posted a comment that the percursor quakes showed something in the low 7 range and 8 minutes later it hit. That freaked me out. The New Guinea 6.8 or 7.1 was also forecasted. These movements point to something quite large coming.

                I thought that maybe after having two major quakes it might calm down. Then you have yet another one saying a huge quake is coming. I have looked at hundreds of these past earthquake records and you just don’t see these precursor divergent zones showing one after the other 8 pointers and 9’s that followed after these areas had their moderate quakes. It shows that energy is being tranferred to these less locked areas from something that is large enough to affect the whole planet. That means at least a 7.5, but likely something much larger. Most of the time these percursor quakes have major earthquakes following that are 6.5 to low 7. Not with this sequence.

                • BI hate to be critical, but did you ever hear of Jean Dixon, made thousands of predictions. Had one or two that came to pass and was hailed as a great seer. I guess that’s the way the game is played. Trekker Out.

            • Well, I guess that about covers it. Somewhere in the world, sometime in the future, there’ll be a big earthquake. Easy to be “right” when the “prediction” covers that much ground….. This is becoming a crashing bore, B.I. You’ve gotta do better than that.

      33. Enough is enough; we sit at our keyboards, text on our phones and expel hot air all the day long. We complain about what the government is doing now, what they have done, and what they are going to do. Has any of that stopped them NO.? Until someone stands up to take the lead, and we the people get the guts to follow him/her and take up our PDW’s, because that friends is the only way they will know that we are truly serious about taking back this country. If that moment ever comes and we shove our keyboards and phones aside, stand tall and start to physically take it back; nothing will ever change, because they get stronger and we get weaker. If the take back ever begins in earnest; make them fire the first shot. We are just fooling ourselves if we don’t get off our hind parts and start now! I for one am willing to go all the way.

        • Not everyone who posts comments is an armchair warrior…many here are doing things besides being ready to survive…do what you can where you are with what you have…encourage others when you can…browbeating people into feeling bad about not being able to do anything more than they can do isn’t really going to help…what are you doing besides being willing to go all the way?….how does that help unless you do what you are suggesting…Im not critizizing you but I see this type of post from time to time stating that no one else is doing anything but that they(the writer)are more than ready to do something…I say have at it then, whos stopping you?…good luck in whatever efforts you actually end up doing for libertys cause…

        • Perhaps there is an underground movement at a higher level that we are not yet aware of. I can’t believe the average person here and other similar sites are the only ones that take notice of the runaway train to hades. OPSEC is for a reason. Just food for thought, mabe wishful thinking at this late stage.

          • Interesting thought, On the path.

            It could be possible, but I’m still waiting for those “mass arrests” that were supposed to happen a year ago.

      34. We have guns and ammo. Extra gasoline for my stepson and his wife to get here if necessary. We don’t travel far. I haven’t been out of state in four years. And of course we have a year’s supply of food and water. A way to heat our home and cook our food. 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats to use as toilets, garbage bags to line them, and kitty litter to cover the smell.

        • cedar chips do a compost toilet maketh

      35. I think the question of 223 v 308 is moot. Remember, you are not a signatory to the Geneva Convention so you arent restricted to FMJ’s and frankly anyone who uses them in a home invasion/protection from looters/mob situation is a fool. Use a fast expanding soft point – massive energy dump without over penetration. A soft point does a lot of damage, even in a non vital area whereas an FMJ may still leave the bad guy able to return fire. Also, in this scenario we were talking about protecting your home, probably in an urban environment. In that case the distance will be measured in feet (and not very many of them!) not in hundreds of yards – if a looter with a gun is 300 yards away he is someone elses problem.

        If you are inside your house a shotty with any size shot at all will do, even trap loads. How far is it from your front door to where you would be waiting using a corner as cover? Ten feet? Fifteen? A face or chest full of skeet loads at 15 feet will take the fight out of anyone. Remember looters are cowards, working on mob mentality – if the first few guys leading the pack through your front door are wiped out in front of them by a determined guy inside with a shotty the guys behind will lose their evil intentions real fast, probably wet their pants and run like rabbits. What to do with the bodies? Leave them there, lets any others know you aint an easy target – they’ll go somewhere else.

        For home defense, from the inside, a shotgun is second to none. Handguns are a convenient way to have a gun with you at all times but should not be relied upon as your sole means of defense. Rifles come into their own as the range increases – the further away the possibility of engaging bad guys becomes the larger and more precise the piece needs to be.

        Also, effective fire is always more important than the number of shots fired. What will keep you safe and protect your families will be one well placed bullet into the centre of mass – emptying a few magazines from an AK wont save you if they all miss!


        • @ Aussie, great analysis. Speaking strictly for home invaders, my Sig P228 w/ laser gets me to my Rem 870 mag/speed stock/surefire 25 tactical. 870 mag = 8 shots – 7 dead – zero misses.

        • Excellent points, Aussie. By the way, apologies for the dumbass thumbs down you received. My fault. Apparently, I am highly uncoordinated.

        • Good points Aussie. The shotty has been and will be my go to weapon for home defense. When asking the question, it was general and not specifically related to the article. More specifically I am looking for something for the battle ahead of us, not against the golden hoard, but the tyrants. I hope that it will not be fought on my front lawn, within 15 feet range. Also hoped to start hunting next month with the future rifle. My buddy has one I can use to hunt with, but was just thinking maybe it is time to take the plunge. The reason I am debating between the 308 and 556 is because of the proliferation of those type of firearms in our country. Easy access to parts and ammo, etc. The other reason for the debate between the two is that I can only afford ONE of them. Otherwise I’d purchase both. 🙂
          Thank you for the input though, good points and spot on with the article!

          • Thanks Outlaw …..

            308. No doubt about it. Even though we cant have semi auto’s here anymore I’d be happy with a good bolt action anyway. Simple, rugged and if you get a BDM you can get 10 shot mags. Good second hand Rem 700 wont break the bank, put a good scope on it (Leupold?) and spend the rest on ammo. Ruger Scout looks like a good piece to me too. To simplify things stick to one brand/weight of bullet – 150Gr soft points will take care of anything from looters to deer and with careful placement game even bigger.

            Keep calm, shoot straight and we’ll make it out the other side.


            • RDU

              Rem. Model 700 3x9x50 with rings Luepold Vari lll. $1000.
              165gr. 30.06 3 rounds same hole 100 yds. Benched.

              • Slingshot – cant argue against that, I wouldnt like to be 400 yards away from you if you didnt like me 🙂


        • Aussie, that’s what I have “Bertha” for. If a mob comes to my place, hopefully taking out the first one or two with 00 buck with make believers out of the others and they won’t be able to get away from my place fast enough. “Bertha” will most certainly have a role to play in the defense of my humble abode. braveheart

        • Ah grass hopper,
          Excellent post

      36. What happened to Eisenkreuz?

        • Government shutdown turned off his computer in his cell.

          • Yeah, but he’ll be back.

        • Who cares what happened to eisen as long as he stays away from here. One less troll to deal with.

          • I care, simply because his dumbass comments made me laugh.

      37. Helps to throw some old clothes on the front porch and the front yard, making your house look like it has already been looted. You can also take your screen door and brake it down making it look more real.
        But IF they are smart they will look to see if your front door is still shut and locked, that’s the true give away that someone is home and they have something to hide. That means you have something to defend.
        Good Luck

        • Make your house look empty and you are inviting people who want to move in and live.

          Think community defense, keep ’em away from all of you.

      38. What works is what you got! And the will to use it! First one to decide wins !

      39. Oh just set up sandbags and let those charging handles fly! 😉

      40. Very good trailerpark , agree withyou

      41. BillyBobJumpingBullFrog. FORGET ABOUT NATIONAL OR EVEN LOCAL SHTF. Forget about it and let’s talk home invasion by your common meth head or other criminal. Obvious you are a pro-BO supporter that wants to disarm America. When Matt Meth Head comes into your home late at night and wants whatever you have to get their next fix, what do you do? When MM Head has a nice lead pipe or buthcer’s cleaver in one hand and is coming at you, what do you do? BO would say call 911 and 15 minutes later the police arrive to zip you up into a nice body bag.

        You seem to refer to everyone as Rambo here. NO, it is self defense of yourself, your family, your property, your lifeline that is your food and other supplies. It is not Rambo that people want to be fighting against some army. It is self defense the best way you can manage.

        I get so sick and tired of these libtards that want to take away everyone’s protection like that piers morgan bum crack and leave people without anyway of protecting themselves. This is what is evil and wrong, not people trying to protect what they have so their family has a better chance of making it through a SHTF. Everyone has a right to not be a victim, in calm times and turbulant chaotic times.

        You talk about fighting the status quo. What is that status quo? Sending the economic into a debt nightmare in which hyperinflation one day takes over? It has NEVER worked before to print your way out of financial problems, what makes you think it will work this time? BO in my opinion is either a total puppet of the elitists, calculating as a Hitler to drive the economy into toilet to install a military type of of economy under martial law, or a pure f’en retard.

        Listen BullFrog I can take a credit card and charge a whole bunch of labor and other work done on a property. It may appear that I am doing well financially with the upgraded home and all the amenities. It is still money owed that MUST be paid. Sure they can up the credit line each time, but the interest owed one day will be too much to pay each month. This is what is happening to the U.S. economy, people are living like they are and not eating out of dumpsters because of a 17 trillion dollar debt and bailouts all over the place. Jobs are shipped over to the enemy China and other countries.

        You talk about status quo. I want you to look at an E to the X expontential chart and see that it freaken matches the chart showing the national debt. Do you know what e to X means. It means eventually the debt will almost be a 90 degree vertical line right to infinity. Is that the status quo you are talking about, a debt that is mathematically exploding by the second. A better place for all is to stop that debt right now, and the GOP failed miserably to stop BO and other credit card junkie. You try to continue to multiple the debt by 2.718 a few times which is what E to X is and you will see what I mean about a true status quo.

        BO status quo working for the people is what is a fantasy.

        • Nailed that perfectly BI, well done. I doubt the simplistic libtards will ever get it though. Well, they will one day, when it kicks in their front door and they have nothing to protect themselves with except rhetoric, and I can really see that having an effect of a druggie. Still, the more soft targets there are around like BillyBobBonehead the better, it will be longer before the scumbags come to our places. And by then there will be far fewer of them through “natural” attrition.


        • Good post, B.I.

          • BI, once again, truer words were never spoken.

        • BI,
          Not to be mean, but you sound to me like a ranting racist.
          Why do all you people “need” guns. I can understand a shotgun, and maybe a rifle for hunting, but pistols and assault rifles? I see no reason other than many of you are insecure and feel violence will solve our problems.

          If we work together we can resolve many of the things that divide us.

          Mr. Obama is just a guy trying to do the best for the people of this country. I don’t understand the hate.

          I read all of the posts talking about all the evil things the “powers that be” and the different “Government and Banking elite” and yet this is all fantasy in your heads.

          I look around me and don’t see any of these things you rant on about week after week year after year.

          Hey if you want to waste your money on all this prepping stuff and prepare for the end of times, cool.

          I am not saying this to be mean, but many of you might benefit from talking to someone in the mental heath field so you might get a different perspective.

          Most of you are misguided souls that have been worked up into a frenzy by the “no we can’t” crowd, and just need to think for yourselves.

          The future is bright, just get up shake off the negativity, and live your life!!!

          • Let me put it this way, BillyBobJumpingFrog…
            What I own or why I own it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!
            providing I do the following
            1) leave other people alone
            2) leave their property alone
            3) spend my own money to pay for what I want.
            You got a problem with that?
            Would you please show just one major city here in the USA when a gun ban has worked as advertised? Gun bans have not worked in Chicago, Detroit or Washington DC.

            Oh by the way, besides banning guns; crime, poverty, drugs and war have also been banned. How well have those bans worked out?

            Please review 20th Century history, governments around the world have genocide against their populace just to keep the ruling elite in power. The former USSR comes to mind.

            To state that we “hate” Obama is a very simplistic and vapid comment. Has it ever occured to you that the opposition to Obama is based on prinicple?

            What evidence do you have to suport the statement that he is just trying to his best for the people of this country?

            We are not being negative, but rather facing some very ugly reality. One being that this country is broke and the debt some massive that it is mathimatically impossible to pay off. One can NOT continue to spend more money that what you make without having it biting you in the ass.

            Remember denial is NOT a river in Egypt.

      42. Just saw this on another website….
        Explains BO to a tee….

        A young man was walking in the desert and came upon a hole in the ground and heard a voice coming from within, saying HELP ME, HELP ME! get me out of here, PLEASE!
        The young man looked into the hole and at the bottom at arms length he sees a large rattle snake. Again the snake pleads, help get me out of here, I’ll die if you don’t get me out! Please help me!
        The young man tells the snake, your a rattle snake and I’m afraid of you and I’m afraid you’ll bite me if I reach in to get you out.
        The snake states; Why would I want to bite you when you’re saving my life by getting me out of this hole?
        Thinking for a moment the young man sees the snakes point and reaches in down deep and grasps the snake and pulls him out of the hole sitting him down on top of the ground outside of the hole.
        As if by instinct the snake strikes the young man on the hand biting him deeply.
        Shocked, the young man lurches back whimpering and clutching his wounded hand. Why did you bite me? You said you wouldn’t if I helped you out and saving your life. Why?
        The snake then stated; I couldn’t help myself, that’s what I do by instinct, besides you’re at fault as well.
        The young man says what do you mean, how so, how was I at fault?
        You knew I as a snake before you even put your hand in the hole.
        What did you expect?

        • @ Eppe. BO perfectly. Same story but with a fox that gives a scorpion a ride across a river because the scorpion promises not to sting him. The scorpion stings him as the fox in the middle of the river. The fox says to the scorpion you stung me and I can’t reach the other side and now both of us will die and drown, how could you do something so stupid. The scorpion says to the fox, I had to, it is my nature.

          • I was thinking of this the other day , with regard to that very same person.

        • Eppe, best description of monkeyboy I’ve ever heard. It can also be applied to all other politicians as well.

        • That started out like the one I heard awhile back… There was this guy walking down the road late at night after leaving a barroom and decided to take a short cut so he headed across a graveyard and likkity split he fell down in a grave what done been dug. He started hollerin “Help… me, I’m cold!!!!”, “Help… me, I’m cold!!!”. Soon, another man he come walking down the road and heard this screaming coming from the graveYard. He walk over to the big hole in the ground and look down and see this man in the bottom hollering “Help… me, I’m cold!!!”. He thought about this for a minute and looked down and said. “Of course you cold… you done kick all you dirt off you”, and walked away.

      43. I don’t want to sound like a know it all, but firearms are in my expertise.
        firearms instructor and range officer for almost 30 years. “FBI” trained when they were the Good Guys.
        This what I have found. If you can only have one rifle it would be M1A. 308 7.62×51 knock down power over the 7.62×39 and 5.56. Better accuracy. than the other two. US and NATO ammo, Still used by some special forces. The M14 M1A is used for sniper work, with the new stock close quarter combat in buildings with heavy barrier walls, long and short range field of combat. The 7.62×51 308 will kill almost every large game animal in North America. except maybe the Polar bear and Grizz.

        Not to say that I have see some very accurate AR’s and not to say that the 7.62×39 round won’t take out a man size critter it will. The AK is not that accurate. Not to say I dislike the AK, I like it because of its dependability.
        Saying all of this I will tell you what I have.
        These are battle rounds.
        7.62×51 (308)
        5.56 (223)
        These are my hunting rounds. (not to if the SHTF I wound use them as battle rounds)
        35 Rem.
        35 Whelen
        300 win mag (double duty) make one hell of a sniper rifle.
        44 mag
        45 LC.
        45 ACP
        You see the more the merrier. If you get into a fight and you win you will find all kinds of ammo and mags. This makes it nice to have something to use them in.

        When the SHTF and the Zombies attack 308/223/7.62×39/22LR/12GA/20GA. along with a hand gun for last resort is better that a rock, blub or a knife!
        Lets pray we don’t have to use them.

        This just my 2 Cents. Its my opinion, and opinions and belly buttons everyone has one.

        • Honest, man, these discussions have been going on since man learned how to throw a rock. If you can handle the recoil of a .308, and your AO is out in the open, great. If your AO is in a tight-packed urban area, something shorter and lighter may be better, especially for the non-expert. Are you expecting to be in combat against an enemy wearing body armor? Or just defending your BOL against thin-skinned zombies? Are you wanting a do-it-all round that you can load with cast? Then you want a rimmed cartridge to avoid shoulder setback issues. Do you need a round that can be fired in both a rifle and a repeating handgun? And on, and on, and on. Only opinion I have is that the .22 rimfire is not a personal defense round unless that’s all you have. After that, it’s horses for courses, IMHO. Whatever you pick, practice, practice practice. Remember the old, old saying: “Beware the man with only one gun; it’s likely he knows how to use it.”

        • Sgt. ever hear of dirty tricks. Someone is always making the statement I’ll just get my guns and ammo off the battlefield. Not always a good idea. In Nam, Special Teams would find VC ammo stashes and would plant ammo among the cache, that was loaded to super high pressure, after you saw a few of your headless buddies it would tend to make you suspicious evertime you got ready to cap off a round. So it is probably a good idea to try and stock up on your own ammo. Trekker Out.

          • M.T.
            Very good point. Yes I’m 60 years old and I remember Nam. The Japs and Germans did the same thing. With any dead body should be approached very carefully. With SHTF any thing is possible.

          • Mountain Trekker

            Technology has advanced post Vietnam and I’ll bet the the first tier countries will put RDF chips or some technological equivalent in service weapons because their so cheap to produce. You grab the weapon and take it back to your forces and a JDAM drops in on you.

        • Sgt Dale,

          I really appreciate your useful posts and lately my opinion on LEO’s has changed a bit. I like to watch Alaska state troopers and I realized LEO has to deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis so it has to get old quick. I got to talk with a Louisville detective and he was also very useful.. I guess its like anything else. There’s good and bad in everything.

      44. Have an Alamo plan.

        Some if not alot of us are faced with the issue of having a spouse and or a family that just cannot move.

        What do you do? Leave them?

        My spouse can barley walk to the mail box and back, non vehicle bug out is not an option.

        These are things we do not want to think about, but must be examined and planned for.

        Remember we all die, if we are lucky, we choice the time and place.

        • I have the same situation, my fiance’s mother needs specific care, and I have an aging grandmother that I will not leave behind.

          There’s no point in surviving if I abandon my family, because with them goes my humanity.

      45. Sorry about the typing errors.

      46. SGT. Dale.

        What! No 30.06? Hahahaha. Impressive. What is your opinion of using bayonets in close quarters. Eight incher on a M1 Garand for instance. Stab him, shoot him or club him to death. AK and SKS can be used also.

        • Slingshot
          Oh crap I forgot my good old 30-06’s
          “Bayonet” Only as a last resort. make sure you have at least one round in it if you stick a bone and you get it stuck. When you use the Bayonet you just turned your rifle into a spear.
          I love my little SKS, that is what I took my pig with. OI had to do a little work on her and now she takes duck billed 30 rd. mags. with a closed bolt.

      47. Firstly- great write up Daisy, short, concise, to the point. Thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone who may be seeing this info for the first time.

        A see a lot of this -vs- that discussion here on firearms and I’ll add my .002 cents worth as well.

        A lot of people place a ton of ‘trust’ in their weapon or weapons of choice. It’s nice to have the luxury of a well equipped and diverse arsenal at your disposal, but it’s not something everyone will have. Truthfully, it may be better to have only one or two weapons that you are very proficient and skilled with, than an amazing assortment you have little real training with. Also, each weapon should be matched to you, the user. If you are not comfortable with kick of a 12 gauge Remington 870 firing 1oz rifled slugs or 00 buckshot, you may not get time to fire a second shot if needed. You need to know everything about your weapon, use, takedown, cleaning, clearing and if required, quick repairs. The person proficient will stand a much better chance when the time comes. Practice, practice, practice. Repeat.

        In response to the Ford -vs- Chevy debate surrounding .223 or .308 the correct choice is the one you have that works for you. John Hinckley jr. (with no training)scored direct hits on then President Ronald Reagan and 3 other men. Six shots were fired in less than 3 seconds with a .22 caliber revolver. Reagan’s press secretary James Brady was the most severely wounded—he was struck in the head. A police officer was hit in the back, and a Secret Service agent was shot in the abdomen. Another of Hinckley’s bullets pierced one of the president’s lungs, narrowly missing his heart. The point is- Hinckley chose a fairly small caliber weapon, with low recoil and it allowed him to make deadly hits in only 3 seconds. And all that with *supposedly* no formal training, which I have to question. The .22LR round is small, fast and in the right weapon (a Ruger 10/22 for example) you can achieve dime to quarter sized groups at good distances.

        .308 and .338 Lapua are great long distance call makers as they shoot flat, and carry a lot of kinetic energy over long distances. That’s why the best snipers use them. Add a nice silencer to that with a ghilie suit and you are in business…and someone else is out.

        Us average folk will not be making 800 yard plus shots accurately unless you are a former (or current) sniper, period. Those are not the kinds of shots most people practice anyways. Chances are you will be dealing with CQB (Close Quarters Battle) anyways, so practice that… a lot.

        An AR-15 is decent for what it does- high capacity, fairly low recoil (almost none if you have a compensator)
        and fast hitting projectiles. A nylon tipped or SP round will shred internal organs pretty good and your target can bleed out quick if you don’t get a headshot on them first. The 69-75 grain rounds have done better for me over distance vs the ‘standard’ 55 grain FMJ rounds.

        Your sidearm (pistol) is your close range killing shot maker, or back up to your shotgun or SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). If you have one, are you proficient with both left and right hands? You need to be. Means reloading it fast too.

        The shotgun as far as I’m concerned is still the ultimate ‘close encounters’ weapon due to the massive projectile size, speed and amount of energy on target. If you load your shotgun with alternating rounds of 00 buck and 1oz riled slugs, for instance, you cover both wide area of impact with additional follow-up knockdown power. I have some videos of corpses that have all been hit by various weapons, and the shotgun hits are almost always the messiest.

        The one thing I haven’t seen anyone mention here…is body armor. The jack booted thugs (and even others) are going to be dressed out head to toe in the latest armor and protective gear. That means a lot of .223 rounds and smaller stuff are not going to kill on the first shot. Aim for the face or between the eyes and practice that. Why take chances and fire 3-4 rounds when you can save ammo and just fire one per target?

        In case anyone here accuses me of being an armchair ‘Rambo’ (which I see a lot of) I have a ballistics chamber at my disposal night and day. I have fired and seen a lot of rounds that penetrated amazing plates and objects. Your best friend against .308 AP rounds? Believe it or not, a 5 gallon bucket of sand will stop and capture a .308 AP round. For those that don’t know- AP means Armor Piercing.

        Maybe I’ll write an article up for Mac to share some more of this, I’ve rattled on long enough, sorry!

        • SOC
          Very good. I sound like you know something about firearms I would be happy to read some more from you.

        • Sand bags,

      48. A Safe Room = A Kill Box. Russians call them “convenient coffins”

        I agree with the author on most of the op-ed piece but not on the safe room statement. The best Preppers are those who are the “gray man”….OPSEC is crucial

      49. Socrates.

        Good stuff. I believe in Sandbags.

      50. I like to look at all the angles.
        Seems the govt. has stockpiled rounds of hollow point. Pick one..

        1. To use against it’s own citizen and provide the “Un Peacekeepers” (Russian and Chinese)
        2. To provide the average citizen when we default and Russia and China do invade.
        3. The NWO bought up the ammo factories and got the govt to buy from them in the name of money.
        4. The NWO are just prepping themselves.

      51. One thing to remember. There are FULL AUTO weapons out there. All Legal with papers. Knob Creek comes to mind.

        • Slingshot- FA is nice if you can afford the ammo and rate of fire. The one bad word you said was ‘papers’. All of those class II and III items are registered and in known locations. Seems dirtbag Harry Reid tried adding a line to a recent bill that mandated a 5 year prison sentence for ‘misplaced’ weapons. They will come for those big guns first, because they know what they can do- mark my words.

      52. Number 17 just hit the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge and this lights up like a Christmas tree when this area gets active. This is important as this is the third percursor quake that occurred in the same areas, different locations that hit before the 9 hit Japan. This is the second time that one occurred before the 8.1 in Samoa in 2008. A 7.7 in Chile hit in 2007 after the same area had a moderate quake. New Zealand was hit 3 times in the past after this point had a quake.

        This one is for you Kulafarmer. On Nov.26, 1975 this same point on the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge was hit, and three days later on Nov.29, 1975 off the coast of Hilo, Hawaii a 7.5 hit. This is now the 17th earthquake pointing to something very big, possibly something quite awful coming.

        Highest probability of getting hit:

        India/Chinese border region
        Kuril Islands
        Kamchatka Peninsula
        Aleutian Islands to Southern Alaska
        Cascadia Fault
        Southern California and northern Gulf of California
        Southern Mexico
        Central America to Caribbean
        Ecuador to Central Chile
        South Sea Islands to New New Zealand
        Central Indonesia

        Less probable, but still dangerous:
        Turkey to Greece
        Hawaii to Marianna Islands

        At this point a coin flip of a 8+, and about a 1/3 chance of a 9+. Too many previous outer plate boundaries that have been hit in the same spots that lead to huge earthquakes to discount as coincidence. Something big is coming.

        • Thanks for the updates BI
          Interesting stuff!

      53. In a situation, a time when you would need to live daily with a rifle in your hand. Weight matters, size matters, capacity matters, no one in my squad ever preferred to carry a heavier, longer rifle with less capacity.

      54. Sgt. Dale.

        Did the FBI teach anything on the Russian, Dragunov Sniper rifle 7.62×54. I know there were Chinese versions sold in the US.

        • Slingshot
          Yes the 7.62×54 rim is an excellent sniper rifle. They will shoot as well at the M14/M21 sniper. They have just a little more recoil and are heavier and a little longer than the M14.
          The 7.62X54Rim is equal to the 30-06.
          One of the problems with the rifle is getting the mags. I know at one time they were asking 100.00 for a 10 rd. mag.

          • Sgt. Dale.

            Have shot the Chinese Drag and was not impressed. Optics to me, were crap. Also the mags had feed issues. You would be better to buy a Rem. model and put a good scope on it.
            You have to be careful what you buy and be aware of Slam Fire. Some SKS have been know to do this. Those of you who may have these type Of MALFUNCTIONING weapons are asking for a disaster.
            This also includes those who Tinker with the trigger assembly to produce a full auto effect
            I had a malfunction where the sear spring had broke in two and had rolled/threaded within itself. When the spring reached a point that it did not engage the sear lock properly, it went full auto. Of all places, at the Range. Three rounds in a blink. Was it trouble with the Range Master. Took the weapon home an tore it all down to find the problem. Replaced the sear spring and all was fine. Did show the Range Master the spring. To further the warning on Slam Fire, you can run into trouble as the cartridge does not seat all the way into the breach and exposes the rear because the bolt is not all the way closed. Incorrect timing. You have one hell of an explosion in your face. I had that related experience due to a weak case.
            Also those who buy reloads from the Gun Shows. Be aware of the report of the gun. You can get weak and overcharged loads. It happens! Some do not feed due to incorrect sizing. Even those who use automation machines. So if you buy reloads, open the can and look at the bullets for deformities, cracked cases especially at the neck, discoloration and seating/deformed primers.

            So much info, too little time.

            • Good advice. I rarely buy reloads at the shows, unless the vendor is willing to tell me what the load in them is, which powder, etc. If they don’t have an answer, no sale.

              Unless it’s something I need to have, and at a good price, I prefer to purchase new brass and load my own.

              Some folks like to wear out their brass, then reload it one more time and sell it, rather than scrap it like they should.

              Inspect the brass and primer setting, and importantly, weigh each round on a scale. Toss out the ones more than 3 or 4 grains above or below an average, take ’em apart for components.

            • Slingshot
              The chinese are junk the Ruskies are nice. At least the one I shot was damn nice.
              If you don’t know what you are doing DON’T MESS WITH THE TRIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I have found with slam fire is not the gun its the ammo. even though I have found some guns with problems, like bad firing pin springs not letting the firing pin go back, bad recoil springs, just to name a few. Some of that real cheap stuff you get are very soft, and the primers are more like pistol primer than rifle primers. (Pistol primers are softer that rifle primers) Just a note.
              My nephew had a FN LAR that some one messed with the sears and now and again it would go full auto. HOOT to shot in full auto but ATF frowns on it. I replaced them and it works just fine!!!
              All the info you are giving and the cautions should be listen to.
              Thanks for caring enough to give out the advise!!!!
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      55. I constantly see advice about covering up your windows. There are very few instances when this would be to your Advantage. It seems to be accepted that it’s the right thing to do, because articles like this say you should. There is very little logic to it. Abandoned houses are going to be the first targets of opportunity. Looking like your house is abandoned, except in very limited circumstances is just not smart.

        • I’ve always said when it gets dark, just go to bed or sit around and talk. You don’t have to light up the night just because you can.

        • It would be nice to have one area, one room, attic or basement where the light doesn’t escape at night. there would be no real need to cover every opening in the house, so you can keep all the lights on. That’s not really feasible with limited energy.

          One small room blacked out would be enough, leaving the other windows clear for easy line-of-sight security. My whole house will be unlit, except for one room, as far away from pedestrian traffic as possible.

      56. @ The Old Coach. It has been months since you started on this. Do I have to go back and show you that these predictions accurately forecasted the Phillippines earthquake 8 minutes before it happened, right magnitude and right location, New Guinea yesterday, the one in Peru, the one in New Zealand, I missed the one in paikistan but I did get the right plate and about 40 others. I have calculated the odds of this by pure chance, and it is about the same as getting 5 out of 6 numbers in the lottery several times. It is not just saying that an earthquake will hit, it is giving a 15 day window AND the locations. Do you see anyone else on the internet doing this with major earthquakes ONLY 6.5 or higher. Last year this methid accurately forecasted the 8 pointer in the Santa Cruz Islands region.

        I could see your arguments if I was posting this on some Katy Perry fan web site or something, but I am posting this on a site called SHTF PLAN. Like I have asked people before. What has has killed more people other than disease, sickness, war, or natural causes in the 21 st. Century? Why, that must be the answer; earthquakes. You call the highest killer of people from any natural disaster on a site called SHTF boring?

        Let’s see now. How many people, real life breathing people live next to the New Madrid fault, San Andreas, Cascadia fault that communicate or just visit the site each day. Hundreds, thousands. How about those affected from a tsunami? You say it is easy to be right, then why don’t you personally try to give us some locations where the next major earthquake is going to hit, within a 15 day period, and the approximate magnitude. If you can do this over and over again, then I will say you have some method of doing so or you are psychic. Then I want the winning lottery numbers.

        Other than this, it is extremely selfish to call this boring when I spend hours trying to figure out from past earthquakes record and measuring energy lines on a globe to try to narrow down where the next big quake is coming. IF I bore you then there is always the down button. Ask other people the odds of forecasting earthquakes like this, there is some real science behind this and statistics with it also. This is one reason why I post the comment number and date of the previous forecasts, so all doubting Toms out there can see this is for real. I am a born skeptic and I have personally tested this quake forecasting method to try to make it fail, it doesn’t. Earthquakes follow patterns from the past because the plates have not moved that much even in decades.

        • Be Informed,
          It doesn’t matter if you use the computer “Deep Thought” or toss chicken bones to produce your earthquake predictions. It works! At least you care enough to spend hours and hours in research to try to warn others, in advance, when a major earthquake is headed their way.

          There are none so blind as those who will not see. There are many folks who thank you for all of your hard work. Your predictions might not affect me today; but, we are a couple of hundred miles from the New Madrid fault. One day they might have a great deal of meaning for us; and, thanks to you, we will Be Prepared.

          One more misquote and I will be done. You can lead a horse to water; but, you can’t make him think.

      57. “Put dark plastic over the windows.”

        This is a huge tactical disadvantage, one of the dumbest ideas ever. Instead, dim down your inside lights so you can see out and not be seen from the outside. Use lightweight partially translucent coverings. Partial obscuration works better than total obscuration.

        • 3M has a film you put over your windows that saves energy by blocking heat in the summer from coming in and keeping heat in during the winter. it has the nice side effect that when someone looks at my windows it looks like a mirror to them but i can see out at them quite clearly as long as the lights are out at night in my home. during the day it also works even with my lights on inside. it was very cheap to buy as well.

      58. @ The Old Coach. Okay for a skeptic I will try to show you something interesting. Before the 9.1 in Indonesia that killed about 300,000 people, injuried more than 2 million, and destroyed countless homes there were warning signs. 8.1 in the Macquarie Islands three days before showed massive strain building on the Australian plate to the south that was being transferred from Indonesia. The South Sandwich Islands was hit many times. Galapagos Triple Junction. Reykjanes Ridge. Carlsberg Ridge, south Mid Atlantic Ridge, Indian Ocean Triple Junction. These are all focal points of energy being focused away from the area so locked that it can’t move. All these were within 15 days of the 9.1.

        Other than the Carlsberg Ridge something similar is happening right now. Instead this time there have been 19 precursor locations, 17 that in the past have followed with a 7.5+. The Indonesian quake had 12, the Japanese quake had 15, and the Chilean 8.8 had 14 differnet locations. These locations are being repeated again this time, especially with the Japanes and Chilean earthquake.

        Now let me explain what I do. I narrow down these earthquakes on the outer plates to within about 25 miles of the current quake. Then I feed in the latitude and longitude to see what has occurred in the past to this same location. Dates come up when the precursor location has been hit before. Then I use these dates to see if there was a major earthquake within 15 days of this before. From this you get a listing of locations that have been hit before after one of these outer plate boundaries has been hit. From this you start to get overlapping major earthquakes. Then I take the energy lines, arcs, and follow them around the globe and you begin to get some degree of triangulation where the next big quake is going to strike.

        Most of the time it works almost perfect. The Pakistan earthquake of 7.8 showed that these energy lines were pointing to the eastern portion of the Australian plate, and instead the western section got hit. Still it showed the correct plate. There are 52 plates in the world. This is very time consuming and not just throwing a dart at a map. My method has been refined over and over again and it is getting better to narrow down smaller and smaller pin pointed areas. With massive earthquakes that have energy lines that are criss crossing all over the place it is far more difficult to give a specfific location in South America where a huge quake might be coming for example. If I was going to bet, I would say from northern Peru to Central Columbia, but Bolivia to Central Chile is also very possible.

        I could not believe the shear number of major earthquakes that occurred when the same area of the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge was hit before. What is really disturbing is this is the third location that has had an earthquake before the 9 in Japan, and the second one before the 8.1 in Samoa. These locations are pinned down to about 1/3 of a degree or less on a map. If you ever have played pool, the smallest change where you break will alter where the balls go. Same thing with earthquakes. One degree of latitude which is about 70 miles could mean an earthquake hitting New Guinea or New Zealand. I hope this better explains this to you and others how this is done. I would have to show this on a 3 dimensional scale on a video or live the more details on how it is further done.

      59. @be informed:

        excellent point.

        • Actually I have found him fascinating for a very long time. His methodology ties in exactly with a discussion I had with someone else a year before the big Chile quake.
          We had tried to use maps to pinpoint and we were getting the areas correct but had no idea how to figure the energies released. BI has apparently broken that little secret on his own and I feel that it is important that proper kudos go out to someone who not only does this on his own time but for the benefit of others. Shockingly it displays something that lacks in most modern people.
          Anybody can react. It takes an individual to act.
          Anywho enough brown nosing.
          Good work thank you, BI.

          • @ SCTV. Just saw your post, thank you for the nice compliment. One day I hope this will be the pioneer formula, one of many that accurately forecast earthquakes and warn people ahead of time.

      60. @ Mountain Trekker. Please ask Mac to verify that these forecasts have been not just one or two, but about 40, over and over again. Ask JustOneGuy, or others how well this works. These comments are public record and why I go back when the major earthquake hits and show that anyone that doubts this can go back to the comment(s) that forecast this before the event occurred and see that it was accurate. Many times I get classified as someone that says, “I told you so” that of a omment. I honestly have to also prove to myself that it works.

        Please realize this is NOT some psychic crap. This is science, the same type of science used in a different way to forecat in the future tornadoes and hurricanes. That a century ago would have gotten the same criticism that it is fortune telling. HARDLY. It is new science. You will find at first this system made a mistake or two. Now it it is 85-90% accurate. Again, this is not psychic Jeanne Dixon tea leaf reading. It takes hours to use science to figure this out. Plugging in statistics from past quakes. It is similar but more complex to what the Farmer’s Almanacs do to forecast future weather patterns but more complex. Trust me, no psychic voodoo with this. All science and math and three dimensional measuring and plotting.

      61. Use your 308 to get a five five six.

        Problem solved

        • Use your 556 to get a 308, a 45, a shot gun etc…

          many problems solved 😉

      62. @be informed:

        Do you have any website-links that I could start reading earthquake(s)patterns, I honestly don’t know where to begin with.

        kind regards.

        • @ dmitry. Unfortunately there is not really any site that has any earthquake patterns. There is a way you could look at this though. First get the latitude and longitude of one of the outer rim earthquakes on a divergent plate. A divergent plate is also known as a spreading center or plates that are pulling apart from each other. At the bottom of this site is a map that shows a key red for covergent plates, the common thrust, white that are divergent, and fuchsia color that are transform plates that gring against each like the San Andreas fault. Run the mouse over the white to find the divergent plates. These are usually the ones to look for that show energy that is being mitigated from a future break zone.


          When you find an earthquake that is over 4.5 occurring on one of these plate boundaries you can plug it in and see just what happened when the same area was hit months, years or decades before. Use this site:


          Lets say you have an earthquake on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge at 40.5 south by 17.0 west. You would enter the start date, use the year 1900, and the end day should already have today’s date in it. Then enter 4.5, or a higher magnitude if you like in the box minimum. leave Maximum blank. Then you would enter numbers in the geographic region. You can use the circular feature or rectangular boxes. Use of the rectangle is easier. Noramlly you want to add about 1/3 of a degree or so more than the actual latitude and longitude. I usually use 1/10 or 2/10 of a degree. For this use .3 of a degree. In the north box you would enter -40.2 as (-) is for south of the equator, and -40.8 for south. For west you would enter -17.3, as all west longitudes are also (-), and enter -16.7 for east. Then hit search at the bottom.

          From this will come up the dates along with other data when this place in the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge has been hit before with a 4.5+ quake within about 25 miles of that earthquake that just occurred. Write down these dates. Then use the same feature for seaching. Put in the 1900 year start date, and only use the minimum magnitude of 6.5 and leave everything else blank and hit search at the bottom. You will have the dates and magnitudes of every earthquake of 6.5+ for the past 113 years. From this take those dates from the earthquake in the Atlantic and see what earthquakes occurred after this same region was hit before.

          For the area I gave, you will find for example that on Feb.25, 2011 this region had a quake, then 14 days later Japan had a 9.0. Also on Feb. 11, 2010 you will find that 16 days later after this same area had an earthquake that Chile had a 8.8. Back on July 27, 1988 an earthquake occurred here and a 7.6 in the Soloman Islands region hit. You will find other major quakes 6.5+ that hit within 15 days.

          From all of this you will see that when a certain region is hit that the major earthquakes that follow within about 2 weeks that they follow the same patterns. During a pre major earthquake sequence on other divergent plate boundaries overlap of the same areas will be hit with other major earthquakes. Already in this sequence for example the same areas hit in the divergent zones have occurred in three seperate spots before the 9.0 Japan earthquake. Which means that the same energy patterns are going on as back then. Doesn’t mean that Japan is going to be hit again, just that the energy arc from the Japanese region is following a similar path. From all of this I triangulate these arcs to help better home in on danger areas. I also use the plate movements to help this process.

          In any case this will show you just how these very small pinpointed areas on these plate boundaries show where the future major earthquakes will occur. Again, these are tiny areas used that take up 1 hundreds or even 1 thousands of the entire plate boundary. Like playing pool this precision is necessary because as you go further away from a point, any change in direction distorts the angle more and more. I hope this helps you see what is going on better.

        • @Dmitry-

          Stan Deyo (besides BI here) is one of the leading prognosticators of Earth Quake Activity that I follow. He is very good with his predictions and his website a wealth of information as well. http://standeyo.com

          Also, if you check You Tube for a channel by Suspicious Observers http://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers?feature=watch

          You will glean a ton of information (and very valuable links as well) He also makes the direct correlation between sun activity and Earthquakes here on Earth.

          Between those 2 sites, you can learn much!

      63. After several months of reading articles and comments on this site and others like it, I have come to this conclusion. We are truly on our own, seems everyone is going to be defensive not offensive, we will fight only when they come down our street or road, but not before, that is way too late. So if we continue in this mindset of prepare and wait we are going to wish we had reacted differently. Hindsight is a great thing, but learn; from history first. A few decades ago the lesson learned was ALWAYS look at what is going on around you, and you are not likely to get ambushed, and be on the offensive all the time, not defensive, make them be defensive. The inevitable will happen and you will get ambushed, but you charge the ambush to defeat it. We can see that the ambush is being set up for us, our only question now is; ON DEFENSE or ON OFFENSE the choice is ours. Where do we stand a better chance of survival, be on defense or offense as a whole? As for mine; throw them off guard take it to them–OFFENSE–, we stand a better chance of banding together and getting the job done, than being on defense alone.

        I see on this site green or red thumbs are the rule of the day, so this will tell the tale.

        • READY.

          We are truly on our own. For months now I have been trying to do Pick 7 whereby you pick people up to seven and train. I have only four whom I trust. I am disgusted and know for sure we would last one fight.
          Offensive or Defensive, doesn’t matter. Oh, I hear the chatter what they are going to do. Don’t mean shit.
          Trust doesn’t go all the way.
          You really want to know how bad a shape we are in? Try Picking Seven. Then do some First Aid, Weapons Cleaning,
          Communication, Concealment and movement training. If you can get them to listen to you for more than a minute.
          I get the feeling that even as I am a good friend of them for YEARS, I am still a 60 year old man, spouting off at the mouth and not taken seriously. Hell, READY, they are not spring chickens either but I would like to get our shit together with some form of readiness.
          I would love to have a Marine Gunny in our group or a Doctor. I am sure there are many who feel they can do it but the reality is many are going to die.

          • Ready, don’t use the age as a differential in not listening or taking one serious about the coming collapse or civil unrest due to ____________.
            My neighbor and his wife are 65 and 66 and he has more guns and rifles than brains(obviously, not money).
            They are in a universe all their own.
            They have no idea what the shelves will look like soon.
            He grew tomatoes and gave away half bushels at a time to neighbors just to prove he could.
            Oh, he didn’t preserve or can or dehydrate them and may wish he did one day.

          • To “slingshot” up there: “We are truly on our own. For months now I have been trying to do Pick 7…”

            Years ago, during the height of the Cold War, I lived in the DC metro area, and we actually had a group of about a dozen who had talked about a plan to survive the start of that time’s version of WWIII. It was easier then, probably becasue the “enemy” was easier to identify, like the original “Red Dawn” premise. Sometimes we’d even have “drills”, as we attempted to game out the possibilities, and try out more realistic strategies of buggin out of town.

            I remember one time, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, when we split up and hiked along two different ridges, trying to keep visual contact and communicate with boy scout mirrors. Our only success was meeting at the rendezvous point. The only wounds were mild exhaustion.

            Anyhow, times change, people move, decades go by. Although I know Seven, they are all over the country. Worse, there is nobody to speak of in the neighborhood to count on beforehand. Sooooo…..

            We know that the revolution will not be televised. Or Pasteurized. But how do ya know when the revolution starts? One new revalation to me:

            Fireworks. The diversion technique of the next revolution.

            On Saturday nite (10-12), probably two ridges south of the Fornaro Compound, they were having a fireworks show. Lotsa booms, some flashes of light. Different kinds of booms too. Any number of cracks, some of which sounded like gunfire. I went out in the backyard, since one’s natural curiosity comes into play when hearing what could be a firefight in the neighborhood.

            Sometimes I could see the glow of fireworks, but they never shot above the treeline. Then things got more interesting than I would have preferred: There were flashlights in the woods. I could see two, possibly three people walking around in the woods. Then those unknown people discovered one of my tractor paths, and started walking up it to the house. Fireworks are still going on.

            That’s when I called 911, about 7:45 pm, and told the female operator on the first call who I was, and what I was witnessing. She asked several pertinent clarifying questions; I was standing in the back yard, watching the lights advance and reported as accurately as possible. She advised me to go back in the house, lock the doors, and that they’d send down a squad car to check it out. Would I like to talk to the officer? Yes, I responded.

            So I blacked out the house, and locked the doors, except when I stepped out of the back door to watch the events unfolding in the back woods. The fireworks stopped within a few minutes of the call to 911, and I also watched the flashlights turn around and go away. Soon, they were lost in the darkness.

            Around eight, I called back and asked for an ETA on that squad car. Almost simultaneously, the squad car went down the street. I popped on the front light and stood on the front porch, phone in hand, waved to the officers as they went back up the street, and told the male 911 operator what was happening in real time. I told him that the events struck me as weird, and actually made me a bit nervous. I did mention that I was hoping it was a slow night for them, thinking that the car would turn around and come back for a chat.

            That did not happen, and maybe at 8:15, I called 911 back and spoke to the first female operator, advising her that the fireworks had stopped, and the people had left, and offered thanks for the quick response. I didn’t mention that I hadn’t spoken to an officer, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be a crybaby either. The cops did a great job, although I would have liked to chat with the officer. I like to establish a personal relationship, however short, with law enforcement, particularly when they come to serve.

            After she got home, the uxorial unit chided me for being so nervous, but still, I got to thinking about what had happened, what could have happened, how quickly that could have happened, and what I could learn.

            If one is not backed up by a group, one is pretty much on one’s own, should the revolution start in one’s back yard. The big revelation was that even if you had a team, fireworks can provide a distracting diversion which might hide where a real attack could be coming from.

            The second revelation had to do with stealth. Not really needed. Come the revolution, there would no doubt be gang bangers and other orcs out there. They would not need to have night vision equipment more sophisticated than flashlights. If there are fireworks noises elsewhere occupying one’s attention, one might not notice the lights in the woods. In my case, they were a very short distance from the house, and it would not have taken more than another minute or two to arrive at the front door.

            One final note: On Sunday morning, there was a car (Red Sentra VA tag: XDF-5658) parked seemingly at random out on the street. It was gone by noon-ish.

            On the one hand, if you see something, say something. But who do you trust? On the other hand, whaddaya do?

        • Ready, The thing that is missing from the vast majority of Patriots, including myself, is this; very, very few of us are formed up and drilling. If each county [3,000 of them in the USA] assembled groups to drill, and created even thousands of cells, and/or tactically trained squads. the cowardly zionist enemy would REALLY think twice about any planed attack. We would then be in a viable position to bring it to these treasonous scum.

          We cannot fear the enemy trashbags at the alphabet agencies like the fbiSCUM, dhsSCUM, nsaSCUM. They WILL get what they got comin. Those MF insects BETTER FEAR US, though, b/c if and when the war does start, not a single one of those traitors will be breathing at the end of it. They are the walking dead, among many, many other traitors.

          I am moving to a safer area soon, but when I get there I will positively be proudly joining a local militia. I could care less what traitor scum has “infiltrated it”. That is the old ziojewSCUM tactic of creating fear. I used to feel this was not a good idea, otherwise I may be “targeted.” Well guess what: we are already ALL targeted – so what do I have to lose? Nothing. What d I have to gain by joining a militia or squad? Everything. This is my Country, my life and I have a task, an assignment, and a Constitutional duty, to take it back from the insects who stole it over 152 years ago.

          I cannot do that alone. I MUST form up ASAP. That is my Duty.

          My life is NOT spent enjoying life and liberty, or pursuing happiness. I am AWAKE. I cannot possibly feel innately “happy.” Those traitors who have removed these fundamental rights have committed treason against me. That is why I post so often about KILLING them ALL – I cannot wait to start that process, for the harm they have inflicted upon my own, me, and billions of Animals and people. But I would much rather be awake and not happy, than be asleep and just blissfully ignorant each day, unaware of what is happening, and what is coming.

          As far was becoming the killer who I know lives in me – I am that type who would not hurt even a spider, since I capture them and release them outside, although my Wife has other ideas. But for mutants like those who rule us, I will cheerfully and slowly execute them ALL. With a big grin on my face. Payback, exponentially with a factor of 100.

          So I guess we must all look to our own souls and/or whatever God or Force we may believe in for the answer and make individual choices, arm up, stay at home, prep and be lone wolves, or arm up stay at home most of the time, prep, and be part of a team/squad nearby ready to take them on. I need a team. I am getting one. This is no drill.

          Other than waking up at least 3 strangers each week [starting with the painfully obvious and incontestable chem[cancer]trails] forming up my my team, my cell, my squad will be the best contribution I can make to the Freedom cause.

          Lone wolves have a purpose, but when we all are LW’s we lose. With thousands of formed up groups with TC’s, and an actionable plan of implementation, we accomplish what we must accomplish.

          This is our time, our destiny, our Duty, our Honor, and our country.

          From my soul, PM out.

        • it is hard to join a patriotic militia with the NSA and other govt. agencies watching everything you say and write like this post but i think unfortunately when and if they declare martial law dissent will grow to the point they start organizing to go on the offence but i hope it is not too late then. most of my neighbors are out to lunch with what is going down and are still too interested in watching monday night football than learning they are losing their freedoms.

        • I wonder if this was another knock out club attack? they did not say what race was attacked and what race was the attacker.

      64. Here is one for you all.

        Ever think of a shell extractor? Nice little tool to extract broken cases in the chamber. Inexpensive around $15.00 in various calibers. Might never use it but would be nice to put your weapon back in service if it did happen.

      65. “Lock and Load: Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest?”

        Simple answer, no

        • A-MEN brother! this is not something to look forward too.

      66. It all makes sense. Almost everyone who is responsible realizes that we can’t go on with handouts for over 60 million people, hence they created a little emergency by interrupting thr flow of EBT funds for a few hours or days. This gave them an insight how of the public would respond. Note the MRAP’s in our local police departments, the superior weaponry the police all of a sudden has as well as ther tactics they are using. All points towards the potential of massive civil unrest. It will happen in the large cities first, where most people have maybe enough food for only 1-2 days. As the govt. starts cutting back on providing free food stamps, civil unreast will start. People have become too dependent on our govt. The FEMA camps will house those in need of housing, the homeless, as well as those who have been detained for causing civil unrest. If you want food you will have to comply with the orders of DHS. The many foreign troops currently in the USA will perform those functions our military will refuse, such as disarming Americans. I see no other options if we need to reduce the cost of entitlements. Most Americans will have no problems with the government’s actions as they agree that too many people are scamming the system. In fact most Americans would sheer if the govt. were to round up the free-loaders. This support by the people is essential for the govt. in order to remain in power. It all makes sense.

        • gunny – “The many foreign troops currently in the USA will perform those functions our military will refuse, such as [ATTEMPTING TO] disarming Americans.”

          Possibly. But there is a 100% chance that they will never see their families again. We will kill them – ALL of them.

      67. ***Alert – Alert *** I just caught on Fox news this
        a.m. – Time – ten minutes to noon, Eastern Standard Time. “Obama and His Administration Are Going To Target
        Blogs, Journals, and Radio Talk Show Hosts.” There were 3 people talking about it, a guy and 2 women. It was a very short clip. *** Here it is People. Obama is Thin-Skinned and is upset with the blogs, journals, and Radio Talk Show Hosts that debate his Administration. *** Heads Up to You Mac. Over and Out, Emily.

        • I wouldn’t doubt it. He’s more emboldened now that the republicans have openly and unconditionally surrendered. Watch out for more to come.

        • Emily: Please edit: ” I just caught on Fox news this”

          to read: “I just caught on zionist owned, lying scum, government propaganda mill, called Fox news this”

          Saw it on fix news? Then you saw a LIE in action. 100% of the msm is and has been for decades now, owned and run by jews.

          Of course the scum will try o intimate sites like this. If I were as despicable and genocidal as them, I would too. They HATE the web and the irrefutable fact that they no longer control the flow of information or the TRUTH, which will soon cause their “demise,” to put it nicely.

          • paranoid much???

            • sillyslob – Not half as much as you should be punk – since you are a walking dead troll. I may be the one who turns you into a red mist…

      68. @ Emily. Time to get the Constitutional lawyers out because if BO tries to censor people’s free right of speech using his little ass whipping executive orders powers there will be hell to pay. BO is resembling more and more a black Hitler wanna be.

      69. Hey all, I saw a movie once where only the military and police had guns.

        the movie was called Schindler’s List

        • VRF – schindlers list was jew [ who else] produced fairy tale propaganda movie to feed the MYTH of biggest hoax of all time: the holoHOAX, which if anyone who even mildly investigates the hoax, will quickly learn it never occurred. Speaking of “holocausts, let’s mention the REAL ones: 1. the jew bolsheviks DID murder over 65,000,000 in the last century, and 2. the 100,000,000 + Victims the jews killed by starting WW 1 and WW 2. No, unlike evrything you and I were taught in the jew-run commie schools for the past century, it was not the Germans, it was the jews.

          • Don’t forget they killed Jesus too.

          • Your out of your fucking mind. My Uncle’s US Army unit liberated two concentration camps. It happened.

            • at jewboykev – NO punk troll YOU are out of your fucking mind. Any IDIOT knows about the holoHOAX, jewloving scum.

              • You’re a MORON!!!

                • Not quite – troll.

            • OK I give up. My grandfather and a couple of bored Germans killed all 6,000,000 of the poor little jewscum.

              According to multiple jew “witnesses,” evil ole’ grandpa and about 5 of his serial killer pals, would line up precisely 2,000 jews into a tiny underground chamber 10 wide and exactly 20 deep. All the jews were happy to play the “sardine” game. Even if the floor was oozing with piss, shit and other body fluids from the last batch of dead jews. It was kinda fun and it reminded them of all the “railroad cars” rides they took to get to the “death camps.”

              Too bad the 2,000 soon-to-die jews never thought of using 2,000 panicked people to kill grandpa and the other 4 killers huh. But who knows? They may have had 5 guns, and every jew knows there is NO way 2,000 people could ever take down 5 guys with guns. 40 to 1 are impossible odds huh? Fuggedaboutit!

              Then they “gassed” 2,000 jews at at time. Next, according to the jew “survivors”, grampa and even some 1 or 2 scared jew volunteers, who agreed to help out with dragging the 2,000 corpses upstairs to the 5 small crematoriums, for a piece of bread every 2 weeks, had to drag 5 jews at a time into the elevator to take them upstairs to the “ovens,” to all five of the grossly inefficient crematoriums.

              Again, according to DOCUMENTED ON VIDEO jew “holocaust survivor” “testimony,” fortunately they figured out a brilliant way to quickly move dead bodies: the killers and jew co-killers volunteers, were all given little wooden CANES to hook around the fat jew necks to drag them easily to the elevator that held only five dead jews.

              Then the horrible killers like grandpa sent their wonderful bodies from the 2,000 jew quantity execution chamber, upstairs to the ovens. That was easy, it only took 400 elevator rides to get all 2,000 dead jews upstairs to the “ovens” per execution. Now of course, that was the most inefficient design in German history. But WTF do the stupid Germans know about engineering. Porches and BMW’s are the worst POS cars ever made, huh?

              Next they scrubbed all the traces of gas off the walls, which explains why when the underground FOOD STORAGE chamber, renamed “gas chamber” by the despicable lying jewscum, at Auschwitz etc was tested after the war, there was not a trace of xyklon B gas.

              There. I agree. Happy now? troll.

              For a good laugh, feel free to search online “fake holocaust stories” for more insanely impossible holoHOAX stories from the poor jew “survivors” online. Like the poor jew woman who survived 5 [WOW 5!!] “gassings,” but maybe she was a jew Cat or something.

              Now: GFY – jewtroll – see YOU at the revolution 4 sure…

              • CORRECTION: “Too bad the 2,000 soon-to-die jews never thought of using 2,000 panicked people to kill grandpa and the other 4 killers huh. But who knows? They may have had 5 guns, and every jew knows there is NO way 2,000 people could ever take down 5 guys with guns. >>> 400 to 1 <<< are impossible odds huh? Fuggedaboutit!"

      70. be informed & socrates:

        thank you for your replies, I will definitely start to study them.

        very much appreciated, thank you.

      71. REPOSTED…

        Howdy Daisy!

        Sorry I haven’t been able to be ‘direct’ as yet… things are a LITTLE involved with us here lately; Last minute preparations for the Winter…something with which you ARE well-familiar. 😉

        Tell everyone I said ‘Howdy’ Sweety, please. Also, there has been a definite ‘irregularity’ with the POC I had just been using…a secomd one will therefor be implemented shortly; PLEASE tell BB and CC that THAT one is ‘defunct’ as of NOW.

        As usual, an ‘immaculate’ piece my Dear. In passing, I think – perhaps – had you been born of the K-9 persuasion, that I am SURE theat the sub-sprecies here invilved would have been ‘Pit-Bull’… 🙂

        Till later Hon…you remain in my prayers.

        “Auf Wiedersehen Sie Mein Freundin!”


      72. Most of my coworkers derided talk of preparedness 20 years ago. Very few do so now. People with whom you work and share the same philosophy can provide a safer route home if they happen to lie along your path of travel.

        Set out as a group to the nearest home, ensuring the safety of all in numbers. And then the remaining move to the next home along the route as circumstances prove propitius. The group will have shelter and avoid unnecessary exposure during the most perilous times. Also, those who live closer to the centers of disturbance (most likely urban centers) will have additional manpower to deal with unruly mobs.

        During your travel, be aware that major roadways and frequently traveled routes may be blocked by authorities, mobs, or even vigilantes attempting to stem the spread of chaos. Be aware of alternate paths including forest service roads, railway right of ways, power company right of ways, logging trails, etc.

      73. I live in Eastern, KY. EVERY town I know of has recently “acquired” military-grade Hummers. I have contacts in several towns that have told me the city has received “grants” from the Dept. of Homeland Security for their vehicles. People, it is happening everywhere. Check your local Police office or Sheriffs office. The PTB is beefing up local governments because they know what is coming. Those that believe personal liberty and freedom is their God-given right has to understand that those things are now under assault by our own government. America is lost…..it’s time to prepare, hunker down, and defend your families.

      74. Daisy Luther! She wrote the article! I figured that out all by myself!

      75. The intensity of assertive presumptions… that a regent callously against law casually blames their intangible matter is not in working order. When cloaked old sources are inextricably revealed to joy’s inadmissible understanding, it is no surprise to a completed powerless being that the whole of the every culture and nation has been cleaned somewhere with a fine toothed comb, and the princely colorful world is held captive as one frog, with specific chop licking prioritization to boot. Salvation law has much more intelligently as unbiased considered their case and the impending merging of any future awareness of a lost white blind(ness), liberal atheist or not hope. They’re not conceivable by numbers and resources and mortgages and all necessary controls of faith. They killed an age in reduced to 7 year segments. My people have been so ignorant that even their worst organized enemies are also. Ten wizard libraries for every cathedral? How about one for them all. Lawyers in God’s country? Covered, or strained. What can they do? Automatically equalize crustaceans again? Beauty surpasses and might sustain with your anything. Don’t blame my people like that from the heart. I… still need to put them to some use of my own. Crudeness is… anywhich way. A savior’s prioritized sympathies would only stoke a betraying greed, even in the reform of that, which is why, a personal unfolding matters?

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