Local Governments Want YOU To Pay For The Economic Terrorism They Caused

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 7 comments

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    Local governments want massive tax hikes to cover the costs of the economic terrorism they extracted on the entire population. Cities like Nashville, Tennessee plan to hike property taxes as much as 34% to cover the costs of their terrorism.

    Have you had enough yet? Because too many are still taking this on the chin. Historic job losses caused by government-mandated lockdowns that have fueled the downturn have also put the squeeze on city and state budgets. Washington sought to offset this with stimulus payments, additional unemployment benefits, business grants, and more, but now they want their money back in the form of massive tax hikes.

    Any push to raise taxes too dramatically could hurt the economy even more, not to mention cause civil unrest.  People are already living on the edge, and those lucky enough to still have jobs are living paycheck to paycheck. But, if the government can get away with it from a passive and sleeping public, they’ll do it.

    Planned “Second Wave” is Coming: The Terrorism Committed By Government Isn’t Over Yet

    There is no better description of what’s happening to Americans than terrorism.  The fact that we are being terrorized by our own government in far more disastrous ways than Islamists could have possibly imagined should horrify everyone in this country. Places thought to be “safe havens” from liberal lunacy have become epicenters for theft and forcing the public to pay for their own enslavement.

    In Texas, Dallas lawmakers were considering a massive property tax hike of as much as 8 percent but needed the city council to pass a measure allowing them to increase rates by more than 3.5 percent. In May, the resolution failed after a 12-3 vote, according to Fox News. 

    New York state lawmakers are pushing for income tax hikes for those who earn more than $5 million. In Seattle, a new measure approved by the City Council will add a tax on companies with at least $7 million in annual payroll. The “JumpStart Seattle” tax will tax businesses up to 2.4 percent on Seattle-based employees who earn more than $150,000. The bill specifically references the emergency conditions imposed by the pandemic. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy warned that if the state does not borrow more money, he would “have no choice but to raise property taxes,” according to NJ.com.

    Have you finally figured it out? It’s not republican or democrat. These tax hikes span across both red and blue states.  They are waging an economic war on us, and most Americans are rolling over and taking it, allowing these psychopaths to win. These people look down at the public and think of us as nothing more than tax cattle and we are doing little to show we are anything but.


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      1. What I believe must be done is a different approach to both the traditional capitalist and socialist prevailing ideologies, and that is to have a national homestead act. America needs to start elevating the individuals and families rights over both government and private sector institutions, in which one could say that the disease is more one of institutionalizattion, whether it comes from the public or private sector, it has a parastic effect on the individual and the family. All answers to all problems are met with institutional answers that serve the institution at the expense of and to the detriment of both the individual and the family. The individuals and families are forced to pay for and receive tremendously expensive services from public and private institutions, which erodes the well being of the individuals and families. 

        Federal, state, and local governments own 2/3 of the land in America. The majority of American jobs are now in the service sector. If the governments were to grant homes to people, it would significantly reduce their cost of living, and increase their independence, as well as overall security. In America, the sovereign are We The People, not We The Governments, or We The Corporations, or We The Bankers. This national homestead act would also assist employers because turnover would be much lower, which would reduce their cost and increase their productivity. It would also eliminate pressure on employers to keep increasing prices, in order to keep increasing wages, and could also have a containment effect of keeping a check on inflation for that reason.

        We need to start thinking outside the box, and leave the paradigms and parameters that have been indoctrinated into us as the only available choices.

        Obviously, many would be employed in the construction of homes, and we must bring manufacturing back to America from China, and this would enable us to do that.

        A nation of weak individuals, weakened by institutions has led to a weak nation, which is what America is suffering from – spinelessness.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. “Give us all of your money and just die quietly.” – the government has spoken. How well are all of those new cars selling? The gig is up fraudsters.

      3. The “JumpStart Seattle” tax

        They reeducated their civil servants against subconscious racism, even if they don’t want to be bigoted. (Could more money be taken out of this program?)

        A couple of signs of implicit, white bias, in their own words, was “objectivity” and “comfort”.

        How do you form an argument, or what would you say to convince someone, with no objective morality or expectations of a comfortable outcome. Can the person be bribed or punished, or what is the motivation.

        I am not seriously proposing euthanasia, per se. I am just being rhetorical. When would this happen. Hypothetically speaking, when the creature can no longer feel well or has no bearings on reality.

      4. Satans last hurra. HE LOSES

      5. To those governors and mayors….Not one dime to you for damage done during the rioting and incompetence of the politicians. My tax dollars need to go elsewhere,not to cover your lack of decision making and covering for Antifa and BLM. your local citizens need to turn you out in the street and replace you with sane and honest people to run your states and cities.

      6. “America has only one political party, it’s one party of war, it’s one party of oligarchy, and everything else is theater.”
        Jimmy Dore

      7. The idiot-mayors of New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and I could go on-and-on have failed to support POLICE in an effort to control thuggery. They were supported by equally-stupid Governors. Now you want law-abiding, tax-paying, CITIZENS to pay for the damage – GTFOOH.

        Keep voting for Demonrats and you can look back from your MAD MAX existence and tell your kids you voted for the insanity.

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