National Guard Deployed to Ferguson… Armed With Automatic Weapons… SWAT Teams Blanket City

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Headline News | 166 comments

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    …Protests and Riots have spread from Ferguson, MO to cities all over America… New York, Oakland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis… (Zero Hedge)

    …Police can be heard broadcasting messages across the city advising protesters that failure to follow their orders and dispurse will lead to arrest.

    …Missouri State SWAT Teams deployed around the city of Ferguson.

    The National Guard has arrived in Ferguson and they are fully armed according to witness reports:

    Live Streams

    Infowars Extended Coverage:

    Vice News Ground Team:

    Uncut Police Scanner Feed From Ferguson / St. Louis:

    Will police move to take control tonight?

    This seemed to sum things up… (Via ZeroHedge)

    Is America about to descend into chaos?



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      1. This is just a brief warm up for what it will look like when the food runs out.

        • OK, Choice between violent mob burning down cities, or military firing live rounds into the crowd. This time, I vote for the military taking on the brain dead, and protecting the sheep. The violence we are seeing now, all because of one piece of human garbage, is not acceptable. Fire away until the rioters are under control. I see no other real possibility of getting this one under control.

          Well, unless Obasturd asks the rioters to control themselves (rolls eyes)

          • Siege line. No one gets in no one gets out.

            Let them burn their shit down once again. Fine by me. No bailout afterward this time.

            • Gin Bottle…Free

              A fifth of gasoline…$0.80

              Bic Lighter…$1.50

              Proving the KKK was right by burning down your own people’s businesses…Priceless

          • Michael Brown was a thug. It is tragic that when he was 5 or 6 or 12 he had no mentor but based upon what you see going on you can see why he had no mentor. At some point the money and food will run out and then it will be an all out race war and from what I see they will lose and folks like us will win. These hood rats never protest when 20 people a week did in Chicago or Detroit or Memphis but let one white cop who was attacked shoot one … then we are on…. I live in the pacific northwest were we have are share of protest but bust out a store window up here you will get shot…. our country is spiraling into a second world country…. plan and prep for that. PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS.

            • Man on the inside, AMEN to your comments.

            • WWTI, that woman’s son turned into a POS thug because she didn’t raise him right and her mind is no better than her son’s. They’re both POS. Some, not all, but some black women have no business breeding. They should be sterilized first, then they can go screwing like rabbits.

          • And once that happens the military firing on citizens, it will never stop. Careful what you wish for you could be next for doing nothing at all.

          • 30 to 40 crisis actors were brought in to create chaos burning and all to blow Ferguson up. There was a dead guy found in a car with Illinois plates. The news media is not reporting this. Most likely a local shot the thug provocateur actor. Where was the national Guard when they announced this decision. Its all a big set up, to make more phony laws. Yesterday the commander in charge of Katrina comes out on a news canst and says this can;t keep happening at night. Watch the Curfew being installed for Martial Law and the roll out of Martial Law. Its all a stage, and the Media knows a burning building looks better at night than during the day. Obama is a Fraud, Al Sharpton in in on this race baiting, the Media is predictable, and the stoopid blacks volunteered to be the shills to protest. The Government wants Race Riots and civil unrest to justify Militarized Police. Remember the 125 DHS Vehicles at the Hotel discovered last week. Where were they? See its all a set up. The could have stopped all of this but they let it happen. Ferguson needs to sue the Federal Government for this staged event.

            • HERE IS THE SMOKING GUN- PROOF FERGUSON LOOTING WAS A SET UP AND HERE IS WHY – All to keep the War Tools flowing to Police Departments. GREED!!!!

              Washington Bails On Demilitarization After Ferguson
              WASHINGTON — Lawmakers vowed changes to the Pentagon programs that deliver military-grade equipment to local police after images of cops climbing out of armored vehicles with military-grade weapons filtered out of Ferguson, Missouri, in August.
              But months later, the chaotic 1033 program — which sends surplus military gear built for combat to local police forces with little oversight — hasn’t changed at all.
              The 113th Congress will end without substantive changes to the program. The White House hasn’t announced the results of its policy review. The flow of billions in technology designed for the battlefield to local police forces will go on unabated.
              “The fear is that this is some kind of moment that passed. It’s just another example of temporary interest in a crisis and inevitably things go back to normal,” said Radley Balko, a prominent expert on police militarization and author of the most cited book on the topic. “Looking at the history on this issue tends to make one cynical.”

              Complete Article:

          • You might get ur wish.
            Tuesday on CNN, retired lieutenant general and the commander of Joint Task Force Katrina Gen. Russel L. Honoré said if the riots in Missouri cant be controlled the next step is “the Insurrection Act.”

            • Anon, That is to instill Night Curfews, followed by Martial Law.

          • Yeah, I guess when our fore fathers threw all the tea over board and raised hell, they should have been shot dead by the British army as well.

            • Guess you never heard of the Boston Massacre, libtard.

              • Yeah southtard, YOU would have been cheering on the Brits. Just another licker of authority.

                • I have at least a two dozen ancestors who took up arms against your insane cousin George III’s tories, highlanders, and hessians. They chose not to be an “anonymous” licker against the evil bastards.

                  • It’s too bad YOU didn’t choose to be, or is your REAL name unreconstructed southron. Also, it’s obviously way too fucking easy to make WHATEVER claims you want to about yourself ANONYMOUSLY on the internet, isn’t it?

        • Protest Map:

          Even the Canucks are getting in on the action.

          • And which Government Power produced the Riot Map to invoke riots across the land?? And why is the government allowing this Riot map to stay live on the internet? They can bring down Iran’s Nuke plant but can’t take down a simple list of cities to loot and riot? Its a set up folks, they want rioting. Stay home, don’t riot, and watch the Police state evaporate.

            • Unfortunately the police state will not evaporate, it will get stronger and stronger with each of these false flag events. Watch for more Boston bombing style events, more “race” riots, etc., all to provoke the very reaction they need from the sheeple masses – to call for more police, more military gear, more machine guns, more tyranny.

              This is clearly their agenda. The MSM always shows so many snippets of sheeple crying, “where are the cops?”…. “where is the National Guard?”…

              Problem>Reaction>Solution=engineered tyranny, fed by the very people it will eventually destroy, like a huge parasite.

        • Big copy on that

        • The scum government has already allowed and orchestrated the burning and looting of this town, so why do anything now? This is all staged bullshit at it’s finest for the sheeple audience. USA is dead, sadly. The people that are actually awake must watch in horror as our country is destroyed. All I do know is when they mess with me or someone that I love, whoever I can put in hell that works for the beast will certainly go violently.

        • This just proves Ferguson was just a big stage and set up to let them loot and burn the first night. They already had the manpower there to stop all looting and burning but they were afraid they would have been called a militarized police state. So how d is all those building burn so fast. Its all a set up by thugs brought in from Chicago. One thug found dead in his car with IL plates. So now they let them loot and burn again and now they can justify Nat Guard. Just watch aoon they will impose a night cerfew and then all out Martial Law and Gun Confiscation. Its all a set up for a race war, civil war and disobediance and Martial law. And race baiter Obama tells the hoodies to stay the course. Obama needed looting and burning to justify Martial law and it all have been preventeted the first night but they let it happen. A big set up scam.

        • it will be worse than the average person can imagine, and or wish to see! but you notice they did nothing to stop the first night, well that is a mistake and they will pay for it, or should i say we will pay for it, the stupid being led by supposedly all knowing pyschologists! what a crock of crap!

        • Basically, this is a way for TPTB to announce to us that we now reside in a police state, the Constitution is no longer valid and all our civil liberties are now void.

      2. hey what ever happened to Ebola????

        • From 11/19/2014 – 11/21/2014, 206 new cases of Ebola have been documented. Multiply that times 2 and it is probably around 400.

          The rainy season is over in Liberia. It will start back up March 2015. If the virus isn’t eradicated by then, round 2 next year will be coming to a land near you. This thing ain’t no where near being over.

          From the WHO:

          A total of 15319 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of EVD and 5444 deaths have been reported up to the end of the 18 November by the Ministries of Health of Guinea and Sierra Leone, and 17 November by the Ministry of Health of Liberia (table 1).

          A total of 588 health-care workers (HCWs) are known to have been infected with EVD: 94 in Guinea; 341 in Liberia; 2 in Mali; 11 in Nigeria; 136 in Sierra Leone; 1 in Spain; and 3 in the United States of America (2 were infected in the USA and 1 in Guinea). A total of 337 HCWs have died.

        • Do not worry Boiled frog when all fails Ebola is just behind.

        • In NYC they call it ‘Travel Virus Illness’, or something to that effect. Problem resolved. Pay no attention to the woman who entered the beauty salon and dropped dead, bleeding from every orifice. It was a heart attack. Move along.

          • Has anyone noticed, they are only burning down their own neighborhood, as is the case all most every time. You’ll never see these folks going into the white suburbs with their violence because it would become an instant free-fire zone.

        • … and the millions of scum illegals too.

        • It want away with KY Mom. Where is she?

      3. Good it is about time.
        Protest is one thing burning and looting is another.
        If I had something there like a store or a house I would have heavily armed people protecting it.
        So goes the term!

        • The problem here is that it needs to be the populace heavily armed and defending their stores, not militarized police. Like the Boston Bombing, it will be used to normalize the police state. All part of the grand scheme.

          • Absolutely 100% spot on. This is a classic PRS; Problem > Reaction > Solution.
            Problem: stage the event to provoke the desired reaction.
            Reaction: the sheeple cry, “where is all the police protection, where is the National Guard?”…
            Solution: Police get funds and gear for militarizing, National Guard demand increases, all another step forward towards a nationwide militarized police state.

            I miss the days when the cops only carried .38 six-shooters.

            • Nobama, I agree. those days are gone for good. Nowadays, you better have more than a .38. It’s necessary.

              • When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile,
                If a foe from within strikes a blow at her glory,
                Down, down with the traitor that tries to defile
                The flag of the stars, and the page of her story!
                By the millions unchained,
                Who their birthright have gained
                We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained;
                And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
                While the land of the free is the home of the brave.


                Damn fine words by Oliver Wendell Holmes, unfortunately wrote in support of the Union ‘freeing the slaves.’

                • I’m always wary of “patriots” these days. Local gun shop was full of typical sheeple conservatives today, afraid of an impending attack by inner city youths. Of course they don’t actually care about their gun rights nor the necessary skill with a weapon all people should have. No, they’re either out to bag some kills or have had their frightened switches turned on by the MSM. Not much different than their controlled opposition, the leftist progs rioting in the streets.

                  The empire is in its death throes because its citizens are too stupid to keep it running. Once the cheap grain from Egypt- er, cheap goods from China stop flowing there will be hell. Remember to lynch a couple oligarchs as you get off the ride.

                  • Great post.

                    I notice that whenever, wiser heads try to prevail and post things like you and Satori….most people on this site ignore and move on.

                    It’s like YAWN posted……..”you can’t post truth here…we do not want to hear it.”

                    • BJ:

                      When you post things like “Wilson meant to kill that kid” it is hard to take your posts seriously.

                      So, rather than argue with you, most just move on.

                    • POG, without a doubt you ARE the resident expert on posts that can’t be taken seriously.

                    • BJ, we do have truth here already. we don’t need MSM propaganda.

                • A sixshooter.38 would not have brought down Michael Brown. And why everybody needs at least a 9mm with high capacity Mags 17+. Using just a .22 will just piss the thugs off, and one person on here chooses to arm his daughter with a pea shooter as his first line of defense.

                  • One of my good friends was killed by a single .22LR to the head. Caliber is important, but is always second to the topic of target area. A “pea shooter” in .22 Mag is a formidable defense weapon in the right hands.

                  • Wild Bill Hickok used a Colt 36 caliber 1851 Navy and never lost a gun fight. He had the composure to be calm under pressure and aim. Against an unarmed fool rushing Hickok it would have been careful aim and a single ball through the heart or head. Actually he could stand still while bullets went by him. Its been stated well with, “A hit with a .22 beats a miss with a .45”.

                    • Guesty, and Kevin2, NEVER underestimate what the venerable .22LR round can really do. It was made for extreme accuracy and it has so much velocity it can ricochet around inside the human body and damage organs and rip apart blood veins left and right. Google the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan where John Hinckley used nothing but a .22 revolver and wounded 4 people including Reagan. Very interesting story. BTW, in the operating room Reagan lost more than half of his blood as a result of what some people call “a puny .22. Get yourself shot with a .22LR and see what kind of day you have afterward. I’ll agree it shouldn’t be a first line of defense but I do have a couple of .22s for backup. I won’t get into the age-old debate about what caliber is best for self-defense.

                  • POG, braveheart takes your posts seriously because he can tell that you live in the real world. It’s BJ who is living in some fantasy world.

                  • anonymous troll, back off from Granny.

                    • Or what braveheart? Are you going to shit yourself and run a tube from your underwear to your nose?

        • The peaceful protesters are about to be overrun by the mob… and then the cops are gonna start blasting people. first with tear gas. Then bean bags. And if that doesn’t stop them, live rounds will.

          Guess Obama finally gave MO’s gov the go-ahead on sending out the big guns.

          • I don’t think a State Governor needs the do-nothing-in-chief’s permission to use his own State National Guard.

            • You are are correct. The Govenor is not required to seek permission of the POTUS to activate the national Guard of his/her State as long as the incident is contained within the borders of his/her State. i.e. Civil unrest (to include State prison riots), natural disaster or Humanatarian Aid .

            • No, he doesn’t, but Nixon is a Democrat, so Teh Dictatah can cut him off from party campaign funds. Trust A Democrat to put party politics above principle. (and the lives of his subjects)

          • I pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a gas mask. After watching Ferguson. Lets say you are bugging out and the tear gas is spewed on the road you need to cross. You put your mask on and keep driving through the chaos with fresh air. Or a house fire, you can at least breath some fresh air before you get out of the house. Also buy the Mask with the left side face canister with no canister on the right cheek so you can rest your cheek on the rifle butt when aiming, if you need to shoot with a mask on. Got to think about all of these situations. The Finnish Mask $30 a good mask with universal US Canisters. Canisters are like $10 each. Get this gear today. After I get it and check it out I may order a few more, in case I have others with me when evacuating or bugging out of under attack.

        • Good evening, Sarge. I’m also burning some midnight oil trying to keep track of this. Let the National Guard do what is really necessary. If some more “Michael Browns” have to be created, then so be it. We had some protests in Memphis earlier this evening, but no violence broke out here and they’ve gone home for the night. I just hope it stays that way here. Remember the story Mac brought about the black teen mob attack at the Kroger here back in September? Ironically, the protest was held in front of that same shopping center. I’ve started my .380 locked and loaded with me in the truck everywhere I go. Now I have my M1 Carbine locked and loaded laying on my bed in addition to the pistol on my bedside table. Like you say, aim small miss small.

          • dude why do you waste your time and money on a 380? What the fuck is that POS gonna stop? A kitten? Mouse, rat?

            This shits about to go live and Mr. Smarty pants carry a pea shooter. Yay for our side

            • Boiled Frog. eppe’s first line of defense is his daughter with a .22 He needs to Man up and get a real gun. Him and his family are good as dead in all out SHTF with that pea shooter.

              • Boiled frog and WWTI, I’m not going to debate anyone about what the best caliber is. If you ever took a firearms course you should remember being told that SHOT PLACEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF FIREARMS USE, NOT THE CALIBER YOU HAVE. AS LONG AS YOU CAN SEND THAT BULLET TO WHERE IT NEEDS TO GO, YOU’LL BE JUST FINE. ANY CALIBER WILL GET THE JOB DONE AS LONG AS YOU DON’T MISS. I do have some “heavier artillery” among my “ventilation team”. Plus, you must also consider that some people have physical limitations on what calibers they can handle. Not everyone can shoot say, a .44 Mag or a 12-ga. Those heavier calibers are very unforgiving in recoil and it’s more difficult to develop any degree of accuracy with them. Try out as many different calibers as possible to see what you feel comfortable with. Whatever caliber you feel you can handle the best then practice, practice, practice, until you develop the right degree of accuracy and you’ll have it made.

          • stay safe braveheart…

          • WOW Cuz, a big 380 pistola and a M1 carbine, you load for bear cuz, er I mean coon, don’t know if you could stop a gentle giant. You bad Cuz,you bad. No riots in Memphis? Unbelievable! Feed em some lead and brass nutrients Cuz.

          • A380. and 30 cal carbine might be good guns but there too small. In WWII a 30 cal would stop a scrawny Jap. However shoot a big german hopped up on meth with one and they kept on coming. So the 3006 Garand was brought out. Get yourself a 12 guage pump and load it with buckshot.

            • Ballistically a .30 Carbine Round is an edge up on the vaulted .357 mag. However the FMJ projectile that is almost ball shaped does not tumble (as a 5.56 / .223 does) nor does it expand. The FMJ loading is superior to the .223 / 5.56 on penetration because the projectile does not break up.

              Regarding using an M1 Carbine on Germans it was Audi Murphy’s favorite rifle.

              Sporting soft points significantly increase its effectiveness.

              If a mob is at your home with the intent of harming you 5 or so rounds a foot over their heads into something solid as a backstop behind it ( your responsible for that bullet from muzzle to destination) will give them an attitude adjustment.

              Legally, morally, ethically, psycholigically and economically the very last thing to do is shoot someone.

              • According to Dr. Marvin Flackler’s work on wound ballistics, a JHP out of a M-1 carbine is a much better round than a 9mm from a similar weapon.

                I wish Ruger would make a .30 cal Carbine version of the Mini-14

                • Sinner

                  Ruger makes the Mini Thirty.

                  It is 7.62×39 which is 30 cal. size bullet with more

                  Not interchangeable with 30 cal. carbine.

                  • Not sure if either Ruger or an aftermarket company has addressed the issue WRT the factory straight box magazines that the Mini-30 utilizes. The 7.62 X 39 cartridge was designed to chamber feed from a curved or “banana clip” style magazine. Due to the neck-down taper of the Russian cartridge, the use of a straight box magazine will result in mis-feeds and stove-pipe issues. Much better to just get a well-made AK-47.

                • Sinner, the M1 Carbine also does not require the level of maintenance that an AR does.

                • Sinner

                  All one needs to do is look at the numbers to validate that. 110 grain .30 diameter at 1970 FPS v 115 grain .355 diameter at 1500 FPS.

                  As I said it has an edge on a .357 magnum.

              • Kevin2

                I plan to use 6,7 and 7 1/2 shot to warn. Let them feel something from a distance to tell them to move on. Not going to waste good ammo shooting over heads. The closer they get, the more transfer of energy to the body.

                You can use rock salt too.

                • “Not going to waste good ammo shooting over heads.”

                  Your talking about saving $2.50 at 50 cents per round. An attorney will run you $20,000 easy just to keep out of prison. Blind someone that claims that they were not an agitator and only a witness (and you can bet they will all claim that) and you might not go to prison but I guarantee that you will be broke preventing it. You will protect your home only to loose it later through the legal system. Kiss whatever savings you have good by too.

                  If they have a weapon with reach be it firearm or incendiary device you have to stop the threat immediately.

                  • Kevin2

                    What you just stated is the reason we need a Civil War.
                    Always have to worry about being sued and a God Damn Lawyer doing you in financially because YOU have to determine on which side of the Law you are on with people who don’t care about the Law.. If you can not stand and defend what is yours, get out of the way and become a refugee in your own country.

                    Kevin2, I am sick and tired of all this pussyfooting around. The country is going to hell anyway.

                    Fifty years of Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and they want more and riot.

                    They can go screw themselves.

                    But what you say is true. A Damn Shame!

                    • slingshot

                      “What you just stated is the reason we need a Civil War.”

                      The aftermath would be decades of rebuilding, an extreme reduction in standard of living and if you think they all end well civil war brought Lenin to power. Actually they most often end badly. While the masses kill each other TBTB pull out the tops in bankrolling the victors they prefer. They will have 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice and “We The People” get no choice.

                      There is nothing more that TPTB want as to divide the masses into manageable groups. The British did this in the Middle East in the 1920s after BP found oil dividing it up so that it was unable to unify.

                  • I would rather be alive to bitch about them damned lawyers than dead after wasting time firing “warning shots”. The problem with the whole idea of warning shots is the same as “racking” your 12 gauge: it might work on a rational person, and scare ’em off, but MOBS ARE NOT RATIONAL. If anything, warning shots will more than likely embolden a mob, since they will see that you’ve fired but none of them is hurt.

                    It sucks that it has come to to this, but I didn’t make this world the way it is.

                    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • Kevin2, your points are well taken by me. I pray that I NEVER HAVE to shoot someone. If I can get a troublemaker to get away from my place ALIVE, I’m happy.

            • I carried a .30 cal carbine for years and loved it. IT will stop anybody just as much as the next gun. Problem is they are twice the price of a ar-15.

              • John Stiner, uh, last time I checked, most AR clones run at least $1200 and up. You can still find M1 Carbines for less than $1000. I got mine from a collector for only $400 in 2011. They’ve averaging $600-$1000 at the last gun show I went to, but still cheaper than an AR. A good WW2-era M1 WILL cost extra.

            • Old Guy, I do have a 12-ga. but it has a malfunction so it’s going to a gunsmith. Will be buying another 12-ga. soon.

              • Renegade, How about just take your 12g apart and look for worn parts. I inherited a 1947 Remington 12g pheasant shotgun. I took it apart, and replaced many worn parts on it, including the cartridge spring which weakens over the years. A new ejector and carriage, and now the shot gun performs like new. I suggest you break down all older weapons and replace the parts now while you can still find them out there. YTube has all the videos out on how to break them down and inspect them.

            • The funniest thing if you watch a bunch of Youtube Vids is people who’s first line of Home defense is a Mossin Negant. like try turning in a hallway with a 4.5’Ft Rifle.

              Make sure your first line of home defense is a gun shorter than your hall way is wide, like with a pistol grip 12g, where you can turn in a hallway with out scraping the gun on the wall. A pea shooter .22 with poison tips will just piss off any intruder. No brainer!!

              • A military full size battle rifle be it 30-06, 8mm Mauser or 7.62-54R hits the person your aiming at, the person behind them, the person behind that person and through the frame wall to hit the shopkeeper a half block away.

                • Love the 7.62x54r. The Mosin Nagant carbine is not much longer than a 10/22.
                  The calibers I have grown to love enough to standardize with are 12g 00, 8 shot, and slug, 44 magnum, 7.62×39, and 7.62x54r.
                  I still use 9mm, .45, 5.56×45, and .22lr and have squirreled those away also.

        • Sarge, Its all a set up, just like the Media set the stage to inflame the Blacks in Ferguson. Your Cousin was a victim as all he did was his job, and they turned this into a circus. All to create a mass chaos to invoke civil war and Martial Law.

          Your Cousin needs to sue the Media for defamation of character, and destroying his career. I saw the Stepenololis interview. Darren seems like a genuine guy. What a staged disaster this has become and he is a victim of the Media Race Baiting Trolls. Wish him well for us here at SHTF Plan. We all need to starve the beast.

          • Stephenopoulos is a Bildeberger.

            Saw Mikeys mom today say she didn’t think Wilson was out to kill HER son that day; BUT HE WAS OUT TO KILL SOMEONE.

            Sure thing you riot hound, sure thing!

            • He was looking to kill him after that punk had the audacity to touch him and even assault him inside khis own vehicle. I can’t imagine the rage he must of had after that. Adrenaline, pig attitude and rage from being assaulted and in front of witnesses. Yup, he wasn’t only looking to kill that kid….he did.

              Of course George is a bildeberger, why else would TPTB give such a nice interview? TPTB are loving this little trial run psyop.

              • BJ:

                No way was that officer wanting to kill that kid….

                Wish you would have been in that officers shoes and got to patrol the scum…

                Quite possibly you would have wanted to live past thug Mikey and go home to your famiy also.

                Officer Wilson did not have any intentions of starting this little trial run psyop…I only agree with you that they never let a good crisis go to waste.

                You think Mikey was advancing back on Wilson to beg forgiveness and ask for a friendly handshake?

              • BJ is mistaken and putting out MSM propaganda.

            • POG, Brown was a BOY trying to play a MAN’S game. He played with fire and got his stupid ass burned.

      4. What a bunch of morons. Imagine the Ferguson scenario in every city across the nation when the SHTF? They can’t even keep order in Ferguson and they knew this was coming for months!

        Stay safe SHTF people and God Bless,

        • NP
          Happy Holidays! Havent seen you in a while, but that could just be me bein blind,,,

        • Norse Prepper, good to see you again. I trust you’re in a “safer environment.”

        • they didn’t try to keep order, they were told to stand by while the looters and thieves carried on.

        • I am trying to imagine it, but it just isn’t happening.

          here in Houston, we couldnt muster up 50 looters in a city of 4 million. Get down here Holder, we need some help getting started !

          I sure hope obama and holder spend the holiday planning and have something set to go Monday or this just might blow over and not turn into the nationwide race riot that they’ve been hoping for.
          (i hadn’t even gone thru two bags of popcorn yet, really disappointing)

          • I like your satire on the Houston side of the protests/riots/looting thing.

            i like Houston, in fact it’s the only “big” city I would ever consider living near. Kansas City is my next choice in the lower 48.

            At this point and time, no city will hold my attention nor my preps, until I see what happens next fall.

            2015 is gonna be a game changer for 90 % of the people and about a 100% of city dwellers. Looting in the cities, will be a minor distraction compared to the big picture.

      5. hopefully the police aren’t STUPID enough to start gunning people down in the streets

        you think the rioting is bad now ???

        the government will lose even the appearance of legitimacy

        and then it’s game on

      6. UH-OH: Obozo won’t like this………

        • F#$% Obama!

      7. Time for the troops to load up the REAL ammo. Show the rioters what law and order means.

        • time to bring some freedom and democracy down on their ass’s

        • My Having lived through the times of Kent State, I would urge you to rethink your statement…The troops start shooting, it’s the start of a real shooting war, a civil war…A lot of dying…

          • Old Nam Vet.

            Too much to think over. Fifty years of this crap and they still want more and do not play by the rules. They will AMP this up till many cities are aflame. That is the only way they will feel they have taught Whitey a lesson. They do not even have a clue as to the power behind the scenes so why talk about it.
            I don’t give a shit. Bring it on.

            Yeah, like the stepfather of Brown said, “Burn it down”.

            Makes me feel it’s all right.

        • A poor decision by the authorities with too heavy of a hand especially killing someone that it could plausibly be claimed that they did nothing to warrant lethal force and you, “won the battle” but “lost the war”.

          Kent State Ohio in 1970 comes to mind.


      9. Young people leading the charge. Parents paying the freight for these kids to be lobotomized by left wing professors. If anyone has noticed, in foreign countries it is young people who have led the dismantling of governments.

        Van Jones, admitted communist, CNN political contributor, cheering on this mess.

        To you posters who thought this was just going to be a blip??

        • off topic:

          Do a search for Japanese sex androids. Huge advances in making them lifelike. Can’t help but be attracted to a woman with an off switch.

          • … off switch…lol…how many times would that come in handy….thank God I set my coffee down before I read that…classic

          • Imagine the software package.

            1. Sex check
            2. Clean House check
            3. Cook check
            4. Credit Card does not compute

            Bet the bastards will charge you more for the #4 option.

          • @Shithead,

            I just hope the Android doesn’t display the dreaded Windows Blue Screen when I’m just about to…..

      10. Everything that is happening right now is planned. Think about that…

        • I hear tell that this part of furGOson is being rezoned…
          Adds a new twist to “eminent domain” can’t buyem’ out… burnem’ out!

      11. Why don’t the news “shows” show the riots, just the peaceful protests out here in the Peoples Republic of California.
        Oh yeah I forgot.

      12. This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action…

        Monday night, the weak police response and absence of the NG allowed things to get out of control, with the result of extensive property damage.

        Now…the response is much heavier than would have been needed Monday night had the there been a stronger response.

        The weak initial response creates the demand for more draconian means.

        You never let a good crisis go to waste. Just keep that in mind.

        • Yep

        • Glad to see some people are aware.

        • Walt,
          Probably, but never underestimate the stupidity of people in charge. Could just be mismanagement rather than a conspiracy to escalate. The bunch trying to run this circus on the ground (Sharpton et al) couldn’t manage a wet dream. Either way, it’s going down

          • There was an article that the lieutenant hovernor said a stand down order was given by the whitehouse to NG and LE, ill find it and link it

          • Either that or the obvious fascist tactic which is use the opportunity to make your political enemy look like they are the problem.

        • Walt,
          You are exactly right. And it was a setup, an easy one they knew the idiots would fall right into and knew the media would show their ignorance to the whole world….which helps play into the people asking for a heavier handed response. Little do those people know, that before it is all saiod and done, the friend you think you have will be your enemy too soon.

      13. time ot make Daniel 2vs 44 to happen and not have man made Gov no more.
        Protestors should use their second amendment rights againgst dictators

      14. Assuming it wasn’t orchestrated… All they did was help out the police by burning their old cars, now they get to use tax money to get brand new Dodge chargers! (or whatever they use these days). They likely helped out the corporate business cause they have large insurance payouts. However with I think it was 31 businesses gone or looted that is at least 300 plus people without jobs now. Some stupid people in this world, I’d be more sympathetic if they had rioted for the right reasons….in this case they couldn’t care less about what happens to each other, they did it cause they could and they kind of got what they deserve. I do feel sorry for the ones who didn’t take the bait since they have to deal with this crap.

      15. Racist New Crimes specific to African American males inspired by Ferguson Reaction:

        Rioting while Black (RWB)

        Stealing While Black (SWB)

        Beating Up Police While Black (BUPWB)

        Committing arson While Black (CAWB)

        Jaywalking High in the middle of the road with stolen merchandise while Black (JHITMOTRWSMWB)

        Attacking White People While Black (AWPWB)

        • Leaking gray matter on pavement while black (LGMOPWB)

      16. What I find the most sickening is how it’s let the GOv come and take our guns well fight but when black people fight it’s oh let the GOv kill em.
        Hypocrits all and I’m ashamed to be a white man and Christain in todays’ sick America.
        TO me lets join them and help them fight this tyrannical GOv

      17. The sad part, the saddest part of it all, is that no one anywhere, not the politicians, not the police themselves, not the community, not the community leaders, not one of these people has stood up and said…

        This is the result of having private corporations hire our law enforcement, instead of an elected police chief.

        Anyone, and I mean anyone, can go online, usually Craigslist, and find the ads for law enforcement and there they can find that essentially two private corporations conduct all the testing. So you have to first get by these people, not get by the police chief and his staff, but by a corporation who’s objectives and goals are of no revelance what so ever to any human or any community.

        Not only should it be illegal, but it is a subversion of the rule of law and the rule by the people.

        You can also find that the selection process is now also eliminating anyone who’s IQ is over 100. Not my idea of an desirable quality, but hey who am I compared to the people profiting off the subversion of the rule of law?

      18. This is why everyone should prepare!
        Imagine, the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI has arrived.
        Stores empty of food and water.
        Magnify what is happening now by 100%.
        You better have GUNS and LOTS of AMMO!!!!!!
        Food, Water and Medical supplies to last a minimum of 6 months.
        They are rioting for fun, now.
        What happens when they have not eaten for 3 days?

      19. This is further proof of the inferior genetics of the black race. They are unable to think . They are unable to tell the truth. They are unwilling to accept the truth when told to them by whitey. I think that they would make a stronger protest statement if they refused to accept government charity. Stand on their own two feet. That would show whitey.

      20. National Guard is wearing “Intercepter” Body Armor.

        Does not look like they are wearing SAPI Plates in the vests.

      21. The government should stop all entitlement programs until order is restored in Ferguson.

      22. National Guard is wearing “Intercepter” Body Armor.

        Does not look like they are wearing SAPI Plates in the vests

        Getting a look at what you may be up against in the future.

      23. Whoever you are, change your moniker from David to something else…I’m the David on this site!

        That mouthpiece governor is a Obozo minon. I can’t believe the blacks in Ferguson are not demanding his head on a platter. Don’t they realize that Obozo is doing this to them intentionally to get them to respond like animals?

        When will you black people wake up? You don’t see Sharpton or Jackson in Chicago pleading with the killers and rioters there? Why not? Because these scum suckers WANT that happening so they can keep the blacks down.

        Unbelievable. Wise up black people. Those of you who think for yourselves are miles ahead of those that can’t see past their EBTs, Obozo phones, etc.

        • The Governor has been trying to walk a fine line, so as to keep the minority vote on his side, but he’s lost everyone else. Kiss him goodbye in the next election.

      24. The script is being followed…in stages.The rioters will go to the next faze followed by the Guard stepping up to their next faze. Marshal Law anyone? A merry xmas in a DHS compound in the near future.

      25. ———-This is a non politically correct remark——-

        Whenever I see any picture of the black perpetrator involved in the original fiasco here (even his graduation photo) I can see the “Fuck you lookin’ at?” glare in his eye. Dude had a bad attitude in general.

        Whenever I see any picture of the white aggravator involved in the original fiasco, I cannot help but think he was an actor as a child. He looks just like the grown up version of the kid in “Deliverance”. Didn’t he just get married? Was it to his cuz?

      26. There’s a riot in Chicago? …. where & when? …. couple of hundred college kids walked down the street for 1 1/2 hours Monday nite … the monthly PETA “riot” is bigger and more vicious

      27. Guys and Gals, I am tired. VERY TIRED. For 65 years I worked my tuckus off, served in the reserves, got my doctorate, provided for and raised my family, saved up a few shekels–and then, THIS is what I get:

        The DEATH of the RULE OF LAW.

        Drama and violence choreographed by a few social psychopath elitists who are dead-set on POWER and GREED. Ultimate power over every atom of my life allied with the corollary of we are taking all your assets–do not resist–go off and die early (less SSA to pay all you “useless mouths.”)

        As I say, I am TIRED. Very TIRED. I have seen my metropolitan area bulldoze beautiful houses and communities in the 1960s for free “Public Housing” projects; I have seen the vast welfare state metastasize like Topsy; Section 8 Housing, SNAP cards, free “Obama phones,” free utility vouchers (please set your welfare thermostats to 80*F plus–who cares–Uncle Sam picks up the tab; I could go on, but I won’t. I am TIRED.

        I spent a few years teaching public HS in the inner city. I was forced to disarm agitated minors carrying knives, loaded guns, and more. Seniors in “honors English” classes who could not put noun and verb together; when asked about Shakespeare, all they could utter was: “Who be ‘dat dude?” Honors class, mind you. I am TIRED.

        Every 15 APRIL my pockets and that of my beloved wife were picked clean by Uncle Sugar to support all this nonsense. I had no say in the matter. As near as I can calculate, roughly $17 Trillion of our tax dollars have been flushed down a rat hole since the 1960s. Nothing has changed. I am very TIRED.

        So–mountains of tax money, millions of hours of volunteer work and donated goods and services have produced this current culture of collective ARROGANCE and INGRATITUDE. Goodwill of decent people has been disregarded and now spat upon. Top off the dish with a “cherry” of violence. I am, therefore, tired. And, I see no “return of my investment” of the past 50 years.

        I regret to inform these moochers and takers, I see very little further I can hope to do for them. Therefore, I say: LET IT BURN. RIOT ALL YOU WANT. BURN DOWN YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE. LET VIOLENCE AND PILLAGE REIGN FOR A SEASON (it will be short, believe you me it will be–here in my state, over 700,000 deer hunting permits have been sold; men and women who are decent to crack marksmen–as I say, the violence will be short-lived.)

        Then we can press the RE-SET BUTTON, and re-establish our beloved country on its founding principles and in line with the U.S. Constitution.

        I am TIRED, but not so tired to defend myself, my wife and family, and my beloved America, and invest in its re-birth.

        A Song to the Lord Who Preserves and Prospers His People

        A Psalm of David 144

        Blessed be the Lord my Rock,
        Who trains my hands for war,
        And my fingers for battle—

        My loving kindness and my fortress,
        My high tower and my deliverer,
        My shield and the One in whom I take refuge,
        Who subdues my people under me.

        …good enough for King David, and his direct descendant, the Lord, Jesus Christ…good enough for me.

        • Well put. But… you need to finish well, brother. The Lord has not taken you home yet for a reason.

        • There will be no rest button. This is the norm for a long time to come. I saw this when integration was started and since. The schools cater to minorities and let them do mainly as they please and the non minorities must still conform to the rules. It’s been that way since the sixties and it will only get worse because it is what the communist teachers are now teaching. Whites have privilege and it must be checked at the door and they must accept the behavior of minorities.

        • Seasoned:

          Great post. Tired right along with you. I also read in Revelation that Jesus Christ is tired of what the destroyers have done to his America. He is coming with a vengeance. He has promised it. We will be there to see it.

        • That 17 Trillion bucks spent on this idiocy is just about equal to the National Debt.

          All we had to do was tell ’em to get a job. Just think about a country as rich as this one with no permanent public debt. We could do some amazing things with some short-term debt, like put solar panels on every roof in the country for just over a trillion dollars. Pay it off with a tax in a few years, then replace every aging bridge or span in the country with another go-round.

      28. OT…

        I see a bloodbath coming in the junk bond market when many of these tight oil players go bankrupt in the coming year.

        OPEC will let production as is tomorrow and the price of crude will continue to drop. Tight oil in the Bakken is very expensive and not enough cash flow will be generated at lower crude prices to continue to drill and frack new wells. Many companies will default.

        It seems that the Alberta tar sands will have the same problem with low prices. I don’t think Keystone XL will be built until prices go up again. Buffet is smiling.

        Demand in US and EU is crashing as the economies tank. There is more supply than needed right now.

        Will the prices go back up and supplies drop down to demand levels? Or will prices continue to fall as the world slides farther and farther into depression and demand continues to slide?


        • Thats the funny thing,
          ALLLLL these hugely costly methods to extract a drop of oil, then the Saudis say screw you
          We are Rich! Well just form a glut, drop the price, then wait your asses out!

          • That’s about it. The plan is to drive higher cost producers bankrupt, just as they did in 1986.

          • Funny thing is, we can print the money to buy Saudi oil, but they can’t make any more oil. They don’t have enough oil to wait out a printing press.

      29. But… But … He was a good boy. He was just stealing cigars to pay his way through vocational school so he could learn to be a rocket surgeon for NASA.

        • Fubar:

          Never in his wildest imagination would he have believed he could elevate his momma to such a status.

      30. The new mantra of the protestors:

        Shoot Loot Scoot


      31. Up here in MinneSoros, we run the protesters/terrorists down with our cars! (Just say’n)

        It’s snowing like crazy here today, so I’m certain there won’t be any more protests, because all of the little Commies are inside smoking dope, watching TV, and eating Doritos.

        Reason for the delay of on the verdict was to be sure all of the dumb college kids were out of school, and the “Brothers” who work, got the week off.

        • …. and wasn’t that carbon billionaire Al Gore I saw in Minnesomalia just this morning, shoveling all that white coloured faux global warming out from behind a car with more “lost” Al Fwanken faux votes in yet another car trunk???

      32. keep your eyes on the ball kids
        the riots in Ferguson are not the problem
        they are merely a symptom of a FAR bigger problem
        and NO
        its not entitlements
        I wish it was,then there would be a solution in sight

        Charles Hugh Smith has nailed it

        Prosperity Amidst the Ruins

        “It’s striking: as economies stagnate, the top tier is living even larger while the low-income masses sink further into marginalized poverty.:

        sinking further into poverty

        that’s US

        in this country a TINY group of people now control 90% of the wealth
        now check my math on this
        but I think that means that the other 300 million of us are left
        to fight over the last 10%

        “All the blather about “growth” and GDP is just propaganda to misdirect our attention from the real problem: the total domination of governance and finance by a class of vested interests and mega-wealthy cartels/oligarchies.”


        red pill
        red pill
        RED PILL

        • Kinda… only Jamie say “let them eat fake”

      33. Diary of a Protestor:

        My participation in the protest:

        9 PM: Gathered up 2 bricks and my ‘bic’.

        Kissed my little ‘woman’ goodbye, told her I needed to support my ‘brothers’.

        Hopped into my black Cadillac.

        Passed an empty cop car, threw a brick and flipped my ‘bic’.

        On to the liquor store, used my second brick

        Got my jug.

        Beauty shop/jewelry store next door. Time to grab an early Christmas present for my ‘woman’.

        Hurried home–had a few free toddies, you know, needed to relax, tired from such a night of protest.

        Ask my ‘woman’ “how much will Uncle Sam add to your monthly check if you add one more kid to your bunch”?

        “Really!” Well you know I’m always up for producing more revenue”.

        Lights out. What a successful night of protest! My brothers would be proud.

        • Pretty much captures the whole thing!!

        • Then go on disability from loot hauling induced back injury.
          Lootin hard work yo.

      34. What’s the bag limit?

        • You’re only limited by the number of rounds you have. Fire away.

      35. The protesters in Chicago occupied the 5th floor of City Hall yesterday. The Chicago Teachers Union spent $700 on pizza for the protesters. These commies are your kids teachers. Now you know why so many kids are screwed up.

        • the important thing is that the pizza conformed to Moochelle’s strict nutrition command ….

          unfortunately some of the accidentley ate the pizza boxes instead …

      36. Police officers, as well as all citizens, have a right to defend themselves from violent thugs who are violently attacking them.
        Police officers, and the National Guard, have a duty to protect the business and innocents from the braindead propagandized rioters wh are destroying life and property.

      37. 1. Very, very few people will charge coiled barbed wire. Lay some out in Ferguson to protect the businesses and homes, and also to funnel the rioters. The Feds have slinky coiled barbed wire that self erects from the back of a moving truck, they can do this quickly.

        Keeping the two sides separate will save lives. No one needs to die over this.

        2. The Bible says “without wood a fire dies out”, and without contact a riot dissipates.

        3. If you live in Ferguson with kids, and are staying, fill up pillow cases with dirt, tie them off, and stack them around where your kids sleep on the floor to protect against stray bullets. The military does this to protect their soldiers.

        • Yes, non-violence, as MLKing advocated, is really the only way.
          Nice suggestion about dirt in pillow cases as expedient way to protect from stray bullets

      38. I watched officer Wilsons interview with the George the greek geek. In my opinion His account does square with the evidence. However I can easily understand why many refuse to believe the facts. Look at how many people read the bible and they all try and twist what is written to fit a preconcieved brainwashed interpretation. That’s why there will never be peace. All the different races & religions see & interpet any given set of facts differently. I hate to burst the peacenick commies socialist bubble. The answer to Rodney Kings question (cant we all get along) is No. We are headed toward civil war – race war & ethnic cleansing. The public schools & colleges have brainwashed too many into believing the liberal commie socialist politically correct agenda. Now Ill admit im biased & racist and uncouth. So what? As long as I respect that a other persons counstitional & legal right,s begin where mine end,s . Its no skin off anyones ass.

      39. Totally agree with Seasoned Citizen. I too am tired – let them burn it down and kill each other. And I hope the National Guard goes.

      40. Off topic, but still fun, relative to the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and rich Hollywierd hypocrites:

        Apocryphal, but still a fun story: In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, etc.

        Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, VERY quietly whispers in Leonid’s ear: “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

        I was going send this email to Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, “Mr.Solyndra” George Kaiser, Jon “I lost your $1.6 billion” Corzine or any of Obama’s other czars, cronies or corruptocrats, but I don’t think they’d get it.

      41. This is just starting to get interesting…

      42. The response in south central Kentucky??
        WHO’S MICHAEL BROWN?? lol

        This should be the response for all blogs, forums, alternative news sites across the nation.

        This is the first AND last site I checked in about that thug–and I only posted, did not read.

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